The $100,000,000 Book Con – dox

Gabriel has come through with some documented particulars as to magnitude of the rape, pillage, and plunder of Scientology public by David Miscavige’s “Basics” scam.  Good timing my friend.

One Hundred Million

by Gabriel

After the release of the Basics, this email got posted on the notice board for all mission staff.  Nick Christensen was the mission sales rep at the time:

“Only $2,561,205 left to make $100,000,000 for the year in GBS!!!!!!
Inbox    x
Nick Christensen  9/19/07          

to ANCHORAGE, Aurora, Baton, Bev, bellevue, belleair, Brand, Buena, chicago, clearwater, Foothills, Houston, CAPITOL, Melrose, NEWJERSEY, neworleans, Scientology, MILWAUKEE, Palo, redwoodcity, riverpark, seattle, Sherman, sanfrancisco, siliconvalley, santamonica

Attention: All Mission Staff

Whoever opens this e-mail should make sure to print it out, make it known to the staff of where the mission stands, and then post it on any and all notice boards that you have to get the staff and your public pumped up to make their target.

Remember each Mission is to make at least 1 full package sale or 2 lecture upgrades. 

If your mission isn’t on the list that means I either don’t have an updated report from you or you are at zero which can and needs to be changed immediately for us to make the $6,000,000 target.

Right now we are at $3,438,795.00 so that is only $2,561,205 left to go!!!!

Here is how it breakdowns down in GBS so far:

1. Los Feliz – $11,363
2. Silicon Valley – $3,700
3. Beverly Hills – $3,500
4. Melrose – $3,000
5. Portland – $2,631
6. Palo Alto – $2,600
7. Milwaukee – $2,600
8. Halifax – $2,600
9. Huntington Park – $ 1,970
10. Lafayette – $1,950
11. New Orleans – $1,900
12. Redondo Beach – $1,775
13. Santa Rosa – $1,756
14. Belleair – $1661
15. East Toronto – $1,500
16. Champaign – $1,500
17. Brand Blvd – $1,500
18. Buenaventura – $1,500
19. Seattle – $1,463
20. Elgin – $1,127
21. Houston – $1,000
22. Riverpark – $1,000
23. Foothills – $800
24. Baton Rouge – $500
25. Sherman Oaks – $500
26. Albany – $450
27. Capitol – $255
28. Clearwater – $200

You guys can do it!! We are counting on you!


Nick and Marisa”

Bridge Publications only covers the Western Hemisphere.  So that’s $100 million just for the West in one year, not inclusive of whatever New Era was selling.

I remember reading this and getting a sort of electric thrill.  “Wow, it’s really happening.  Pubs is going to be able to market the hell out of Dianetics, now, and fill up the orgs and missions!  It’s just around the corner! TV ads, magazines, marketing galore.  We’re going to capture the fabled 5% of the world book market!  Sheer momentum and planetary clearing and all that!”

No marketing campaign.

Maybe there just wasn’t enough money in the “war chest” yet.

But let’s do a little math.

Each Basics Book and Lecture package cost $3,000.

Let’s assume a cost of $1.00 total production cost for each of the 280 lectures in the Basics.  This is actually very high but let’s just be safe in terms of including the price of the binders, supplements, shipping, pay for SO members, etc.

Here is a link that cites industry standard CD replication costs of $.50, and this is if you outsource:

Now let’s add in the cost of each of the 18 Basic books.  We’ll assume a cost of $10 per book, but it’s certainly less than this.  But we’ll wrap into this costs of shipping, etc.

So a full Basics Book and Lecture package costs a maximum of $280 for lectures + $180 for books = $460.

$460 is only  15% of $3000.  At least 85% of Basics sales are profit.

The way the discounts were structured, the distributors of the Basics (orgs and missions) sent almost all of their sales money up the lines to Bridge Publications.

So of this $100,000,000: about $85,000,000 was pure unadulturated profit.

And this was just the beginning of the Basics, in ’07.  This was before the endless libraries and the 16 sets for your garage.  Before Bridge Pubs started issuing official handles on the sales objection “I don’t have enough shelf space.”

No wonder DM could just never get enough.  No wonder nearly every Scientology terminal in existence has been pressured into becoming a glorified Bookstore Officer.

When you add this $85 million profit to whatever New Era has been selling, plus the millions each week that Flag is generating, plus IAS, plus Superpower, plus Idle Orgs, plus tithes, plus film licenses, plus plus plus plus, I estimate that it’s at the minimum HALF A BILLION dollars ANNUALLY funneling through the top.

And yet IAS reges incessantly pitch the newest emergency that requires the exact amount of emergency funding they feel they can extract from you or else the world ends.

The terrified vultures pick and pick and meanwhile high above them the Short Vulture is getting very fat indeed.

I’ll send more data when I can.


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  1. Damn !!!!

  2. Very well done Gabriel! I wish Nancy Cartwright would read this – she’d have a cow.

  3. Gabriel, outstanding investigative reporting.

    The IRS, in the late 70’s, I was told, was suing the Church because they believed that the Church was just one big operation to sell books and was therefore a “For-Profit Organization”. Back in those days LRH practically pleaded for us to sell books to raw public. He even wrote it in a new HCO PL that was designed for “Remimeo” but DM deep-sixed it and made it :”Management Only” distribution. In this PL LRH says:

    “But regardless of these factors, there is no excuse to almost disseminate, almost market, almost run orgs. We must not continue to omit the sector of planetary dissemination.

    “The cycle currently-and omittingly in vogue-is only to do those things that immediately affect the org GI.

    “Admittedly this is vital. On this planet the only real crime is to be broke. But the shortfall think is affecting this GI and reducing it very greatly.

    “There is a correct sequence-it goes: planetary dissemination, org procurement dissemination, high bodies in the shop and service and resulting GI. By varying or changing or omitting parts of that sequence, trouble is made for an org.

    “We have seen orgs only sell and not deliver. Their GI fails at last-they crash.
    Well, there are other ways orgs can be crashed.

    “Suppose one sells books only to people who come into the org. Well, this is backwards. If you sell books to raw public, a certain percent will walk into the org. Another example-Pubs Orgs market to in-org public. If they do only this, their market shrinks-and they can do this in several ways-by omitting to publish basic books is one.

    Until its publisher (Grosset & Dunlap) was gotten onto lately, DMSMH paperback was not in most bookstores. Yet no one noticed. The best ambassadors to the raw public are books and cassettes. Sell enough of them to raw public and a percent will come into the org. Yet, aside from an occasional DMSMH or radio or mag ad (very small), there is no Pubs Org or Management push on books to raw public. Not only this but a black PR item has been put out and believed that “a radio ad for DMSMH is too expensive. It costs $20 of ads to get a person into Div 6.” What a mixed outpoint! DMSMH was not even in many wog bookstores. But it indicates that the think was that the only value in selling DMSMH was to get bodies in the shop at once!

    “DMSMH is not an org come-on leaflet. It was written to begin the clearing of a planet. And it has made some progress.

    “But let’s look at this-here Dianetics and Scientology sit, a total monopoly on effective handling of the mind and spirit-no other even close rivals or competitors at all-and a group is selling to in-org public? Preposterous.”

    That’s right, LRH said that selling books to “in-org public” is preposterous. But Davie knows best. Now do you see why Davie hid this HCO PL from view? Sure, he knows how to make money right now. Never mind planting the seeds and growing a large crop and expand for real. If Davie were a farmer he would have sold the farm off without growing any crops. He really has no sense of business. My two grandkids can make money the way DM is making it. All you have to do is throw money at it and the money can be made. But to make an organization grow? That takes real skill and mangement and Davie has none of it.

    ML Tom

  4. Getting fat indeed! The Short Vulture needs to go on a diet!

    I too believed that planetary clearing was just around the corner, just within sight and just about to happen, despite all evidence pointing in the opposite direction. Yes of course I wondered why the cost of the Basics B&L were so high considering that we now had our own publishing facility run by Sea Org members that could produce these at cost but I drank the “The Basics are much cheaper now than they have ever been and they have to be this price in order to pay for planetary clearing” flavour koolaid.
    So now we know the real reason for the extortionate cost of the Basics – money for the dwarf.

    Time and time again Miscavige reveals he’s a sneaky fkr. Well it looks like his sneakies are out!

  5. VWD as usual. Keep the truth flowing out there constantly and continually. The being always knows when something is wrong and eventually will seek to find the truth. The more that is out there and exposed, the easier it is to find the truth. VWD.

  6. Whaddya mean, “no marketing campaign”? There was a five person team responsible for marketing all the books and lectures. Surely, they could have come up with a campaign.
    Oh, wait. First, I blew. Then Mariette blew. Then Jeff Hawkins left. That left Cebron Walker and Gerti Wagner to carry the load. I guess it died there. I was a tech guy, Mariette an admin person and Jeff was (and still is) a marketing guru supreme. He is the guy who got DMSMH to the top of the NYT bestseller list 37 years after it first appeared there. Naturally, DM did not want anyone creating thunder off his own initiative and intelligence and so Jeff became a target for DM over the years. Yes, there could have been a marketing campaign, if not for DM.

  7. Thank you, Gabriel.

    Truly sickening. It could remotely be justified if the money raised was being used to forward Scientology. Nah, nothing justifies this vulture culture.
    Scientology would forward itself if it were delivered and applied standardly, and there were no barbecues or bake sales or IAS of any kind.

  8. I guess tanning sessions and G-strings cost more than I thought.

    Seriously though, I don’t get it. What, really, does POB think hoarding so much cash is going to acheive? I mean, I know all the PIs and snooping missions are expensive, but does he seriously believe that having a $ 1 billion + in the bank is going to assist him when push really comes to shove, as it inevitably will? Or, and I just thought of this, is he still making regular jaunts to Vegas spending time at the High Rollers tables in Caesars Palace?

  9. (In my best Mr. Burns imitation) Excellent.

  10. This is nauseating!!! I left the church 2 years ago and still confronting the organization I was a part of for 7 years. I know Nick he tried to recruit me for the SO, nice guy. It pisses me off to know the level of Ponsi scheme that is revealing when there were so many good hearted SCN who really wanted to help others and entered the church with a simple pure hearted intent to improve their lives and the lives of those they care about. The evil is staggering. I have been auditing in the indepedant field for 2 years putting humpty dumpty back together again and currently on NED. Some day soon I will tell yet another heart breaking story about dealing with the CO$ while trying to recover from the worse natural disaster following a girl named Katrina. I am coming up to the level that I can

    actually tell it!!!

  11. You are correct Gabriel when you estimate a half a billion annually. When the IAS regges showed up at more door (unannounced of course) in early 2008, Annie Cunningham ( IAS reg)told me that the Basics campaign has sold 500 million since it’s release.

    500 million!

    Yet they were there because of some impending doom occurring in Europe and needed some financial help… to which I was dumb enough to give to.

    The Library campaign is just further proof of how corrupt the organization is; If we as a “church” really wanted to help people through the dissemination of books into libraries, why wouldn’t management just get a donation for the cost of books instead of the retail price?

    The answer is money. Money has always been the drive of the “church” and is still the motivation behind it all. I can’t tell you how many times my wife asked for help with the chaplain and she was told that she was “wasting time on these trivial family issues and was dev-t to the staff that had more important things to do.”

    Really?… more important things to do??

    Like extract library dono’s from good-hearted parishioners who are just flushing their money down the toilet because over 50% of libraries don’t even carry the set of basics (many were sold for a $1 a book at the libraries store [the librabry store sells books, DVD’s and CD’s that no longer get checked out ] due to no one checking the materials out).

    Truth in advertising should apply here so I took the liberty to write the new creed for CO$.

    The new Creed of the “Church” of Scientology:

    Get Money and then Get more Money, and when all else fails, extract every last dime from your most trustworthy parishioners even if they have go into hock to do it – these are the Aims of the Church of Scientology.


  12. martyrathbun09

    Great post Tom.

  13. Powerful truth forges ahead! Thank you Gabriel.
    DM even took away staff book commissions! So there is no longer any exchange for the staff member who sells books.

  14. other thoughts…. when I started NED over the summer.. WOW I was blown away i am just loving this auditing..handling things never thought possible .. I realized this is what I got into SCN for to deal with engrams and had a cog about WOW how many stops and crazy vias I dealt with while in the church causing uneeded struggles to get to NED. it is true the bridge is still the bridge and the church has long left the purpose of helping people reach higher states of awareness.

  15. The Aims of this Church of Scientology is zeroed in—right on your little cracker ass.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  16. Gabriell, thank you. This is truly SICK. To those of you still in and still spending you owe it to yourselves to find the truth!

    This has sure been a week of giving ( lots of truth on the lines ), Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  17. Tony DePhillips

  18. Tony DePhillips

    Good song.

  19. Clearwater Lawyer

    Gabriel, thanks for sharing this with us. It really provides a focused insight into the intensity of the push for sales of basics, not to mention the pressure that mission staff had (has) to face. The complete absence of the religious or benevolent intentions behind the push for sales speaks volumes! It is a vulgar demand that staff extract more money from public. It appears that at this point they had cast aside any attempt to present it as a means of furthering sprititual goals. Great analysis and I especially loved the “16 sets for the garage” comment – all garages should have at least 16 sets!

  20. All I can say is how very sickening, and I agree a lot more people need to know about this CON Oh I mean COB!

  21. In the late 70’s I personally knew the staff member who found the Why for Grosset & Dunlop not having the paperback DMSMH in bookstores. Once this Why was handled, DMSMH very quickly went to #1 on a bestseller list for the first time since 1950.

    The Admin Why had to do with mis-coordination of the activities of Bridge, G&D, and the bookstores. Basically there were big ARC breaks between Bridge on the one side, and G&D and the bookstores on the other side. The Ethics Why behind the Admin Why was that Bridge was running the Non-E formula backwards. They were TELLING the wog publisher and the wog bookstores what WE needed and wanted from THEM, rather than ASKING them what THEY needed and wanted from US. When a proper Non-E formula was done, the problem dissolved very quickly.

    This was before DM had much influence. The Ethics Why was rooted in the “Sea Org serv fac,” that said that wogs know nothing and have to be ordered around like juniors, rather than served like the customers they really are.

    In my opinion, this serv fac is at the root of almost all the problems the Church has ever had. It’s lack of respect for the self-determinism of others, from an organization that exists for the purpose of restoring self-determinism. Looking at the out-of-control prevalence of this serv fac as the Situation, the Why is the fact that Admin was allowed to become senior to Tech in the Church.

    The staff member who was able to debug the G&D/DMSMH matter had acquired tech training and a tech viewpoint before getting on an admin post, and wasn’t dramatizing the staff serv fac.

    Every out-point I’ve ever seen in the Church can be traced down to “admin omitting or bypassing tech.” If being an interned Grad 5 auditor had been a requirement for exec posting, DM never would have risen to a level where he could make a negative impact. After all, he’d flunked out of his Class 4 internship in the early 70’s. If he’d been barred from accumulating organizational power after that, he probably would have gotten frustrated and left staff altogether.

  22. Martin,

    You cannot make sense of insanity. Whatever the computation he is operating on, it is not sane. Probably some crazy engrammic command like “I have to have money to be safe” and so the more insecure he is feeling, the more he has to demand money.

  23. Right on Tom. As I recall these were Marketing Series 17 and 17-1 plus 18 – the Planetary Dissemination issues. 17-1 and 18 are completely missing from my 1991 published edition of Management Sries 3 where it should be. LRH also says that the proportion of resources put towards raw booksales vs in-Org public should be about 100-1. In other words, there should be 100 times more money and energy put into new public booksales than to In-Org public. Also from Marketing Series 17: “It is peculiar to Scn markleting that you have to push hardest at the lower levels for the upper levels to come off….Doing it enevenly, one gets booms, depressions and INSTANCES OF CANNIBALIZING” (emphasis added).

  24. Public been convinced their bridge and whole sale clearing are a matter of finance. Books, IAS, Ideal Orgs etc. Upper levels will not be released until, Ideal Orgs exist and other conditions are met. These public now, buy, sell, buy, sell endlessly in an attempt to “pay the costs” of their bridge – “do what you have do”.

    It would be revealing to divide the annual grade chart completions (auditing and training) into the total annual Scientology collection figures. All forms of collection would be included as every Scn function (if proper and needed) is designed to move people up the bridge.

    This math would give the average amount of money collected per Grade Chart completion. It would be a staggering figure – It would show their supposed “cost of freedom” and would ALSO show that increased collections are not resulting in more bridge.

    Though money is not my point.

    I think LRH’s statement on the price of freedom has never been more fitting and literal than it is now.

    “The price of freedom is constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back, there is no other price”

    Until they pay the “real price of freedom” they will have none. Those who want the bridge, yet fall short, will come to understand ……

    1. They weren’t alert.
    2. Those who were alert didn’t fight back.
    3. Money was never the problem, nor the solution.

  25. Kassapa,

    You hit the nail on the perverbial head.Indeed execs should have been auditors first. At St Hill, in the early days they were.

    But by the late 80’s CSI had the squirreliest management setup ever seen on this planet, the comm planet, Mars or the admin planet. We had trained FEBC EDs being run by uneducated DBs who knew nothing of managing, had “study bugs” and on top of their lack of education and saavy were being run and ordered about by 13-year old messengers who joined the Sea Org because it was “fun” to do. Because I used to supervise them on course, I knew that only a few of them knew how to read, how to add or subtract and had no clue what an engram was or what to do with one if they happened to stumble on one.

    It was the most hideous, macabre management organizing anyone could imagine – even if one tried to design the worst possible managing scenerio after he took the best Window Pane Acid in the middle of Haight-Ashbury district on a Saturday night. And I tell you, from experience, it was much like a really bad acid trip at middle management. A bad acid trip that you would have to go to the Hog Farm to handle.

    I used to get insane orders from WDC to unmock working installations in order to handle some blanket order. I actually made my own “Orders Query Of” forms and had a stack of them in my desk because I had to write on every day just to keep my orgs alive and functioning.

    I could go on for a week here on this subject.

    ML Tom

  26. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant Don. Just plain brilliant.

  27. Gabriel – an excellent write up. It clearly shows that Miscavige personifies the 7 Deadly Sins . I wonder which sin is his favourite. Hmmm.

  28. Martin/Mike,

    If you do try and make logical sense of the actions obsessive wealth accumulation, etc., together with the new this-year refusal to process refunds, there is only one logical assumption or conclusion:

    1. DM is trying to build a “Church” with such accumulated wealth that it can last perpetuity without public. Grand monuments that can be maintained, lights on, automated div 6s, some bodies in nice uniforms, but do not have to deliver a single course or hour of auditing. Wealth interest paying all expenses and creating even more wealth. Granted, may have to consolidate staff and remaining public into the ideal orgs along the way, because it doesn’t make sense to the image and ego to finance a shit hole in Calcutta. But if one in four remaining staff relocated and stuck it out, there is enough money to even pay smaller staff minimum wage in smaller number of orgs right now.

    2. DM is trying to repatriate as much of this money as he can personally, in case things go really bad for him, he can buy a small country and be King. It would not surprise me if he had hidden accounts, personally, with 50-100 mil + in them.

    I can think of no other conclusion that makes sense of the individual and combined actions.

  29. one of those who see


  30. “The Why is the fact that Admin was allowed to become senior to Tech in the Church.”

    If this is the real Why and it was known and debugged in the 70’s, it would have led to a handling and we wouldn’t be in such a mess. The mission holders wouldn’t have run out massively but simply reversed the Admin/Tech authority.

  31. Probably some manic implant like:
    Clears and OT’s are very dangerous and I must totally control all of them all the time and must render all of them completely broke, ill, foreclosed, cowered, criminal, degraded and incapable of original thought to be safe.

  32. Good post Tom.

    In essence, everything Miscavige sells is sold “at the point of a gun”.
    His gun is the MAA and squirrel application of ethics tech.
    The bullets of his gun are: Disconnection, withholding of one’s bridge and OT levels and the threat of oblivion.
    Threat, humiliation and extortion are his tools of choice.

  33. I think you are dead-on, Tom. I think that most of the people managing RCS have no idea what they are managing. It would be an entirely different world if the auditors were in charge. But there is such a shortage of auditors…because it takes forever to train them…and then they still can’t audit…

  34. Thank you, Luis! You are a very brave individual and should be proud of everything you are doing in the name of freedom. You’re right about Scientology forwarding itself if delivered and applied standardly.

  35. He also tricked missions and orgs through the pricing structure into not getting much exchange, period – not even to the missions and orgs, let alone the individual staff members. Almost all of it goes to the top. More on this later.

  36. Isn’t it wild how simple and straightforward going up the Bridge is without the insane price tags and uber arbitraries? Glad to hear you are winning.

  37. Happy Thanksgiving. This year I’m giving thanks for all of you Indies.

  38. New requirements for solo auditors:
    2 Quantum Mark VII Supers
    16 Basics Sets in the Garage
    Patron Gleutimus of the IAS Trophy
    5 Superpower Cornerstone Bricks
    1 Expandable Spiral Staircase / Bookshelf for 500 linear feet of ACCs + all future releases
    100 Leatherbound DMSMH
    75 Ethics Folders
    1 American Express
    Must be under 5’5″ to ride.

  39. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1!!

  40. You are absolutely right, Don. This is brilliant.

    Scientologists have been pushed to the point where they really think that making money is the solution to planetary problems. They really feel that money is the “needed and wanted” of the church.

    Of course this is diametrically opposed to the creation of auditors. How many people could become full-time field auditors while trying to scramble out from under crippling credit card debt all racked up in the name of FI Deal Orgs?

    No, the message has become “Money is what is needed to clear the planet.” And the run-of-the-mill Scientologist has bought into it wholesale.

  41. Good going, Kye. Best to you. Lynne

  42. Most garages DID have 16 sets!

  43. Kassapa !
    Great post, so much truth in it ! 🙂 🙂

  44. Absolutely the truth. Many thanks for this post Tom and Kassapa.

  45. This says it all:

    “But let’s look at this-here Dianetics and Scientology sit, a total monopoly on effective handling of the mind and spirit-no other even close rivals or competitors at all-and a group is selling to in-org public? Preposterous.” LRH – FOUNDER

    This should be everywhere.

  46. Tom and Kassapa, excellent.

  47. Li'll bit of stuff


    Pardon, there is no “he” there, just an “It”. REPTILE, maybe
    but definitely NOT HUMAN,(just resembles one,unfortunately.

  48. Thanks Gabriel and Robin,
    The LRH policy alterations, destructive quotas and musical chairs of every staff being a book outlet yet not being rewarded shows the Chairman of Vultures true and vivid colors! Reverse tech application of a game where only he wins!

  49. I think you are right, Mike. Making money can become an addiction like anything else. There will always be someone with more money than you and therefore, the logic goes, more potential survival. These folks need the Super Power Rundown that asks, “Where would you be safe?”

  50. Shortness.

  51. Why sell service (which they’d then have to deliver) when they can profit so dramatically by forcing book packages down the throats of their public (victims) while collecting 5-15% in book commissions?

    On $100 million book sales, that’s some pretty hefty “bonuses”!

  52. Don very well stated.

  53. Li'll bit of stuff

    And just come up to being able to CONFRONT EVIL!!!!!!

  54. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi all,

    Can’t recall the LRH tape involved, where he says something like; ” I don’t know who FIRST took Hitler SERIOUSLY, but it was A MISTAKE!!!!”

    In our current situation , is THIS (cumulatively) where we all went WRONG ????

    I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my part in this, Li’ll bit

  55. Yes. All the great mission holders wiped out by DM in the early 80’s were Class 6 or 8 auditors. They’d become affluent with large financial reserves because, whatever their minor outpoints, they knew how to deliver real wins through Standard Tech.

    Meanwhile the Sea Org, top-heavy with an absurdly high admin-to-tech ratio, was starving for cash. So DM got some thugs together and they went and stole the missions’ reserves. As LRH says, SPs “have a poor sense of property. No one really ever owns anything.”

    A mission holder friend of mine, who’d been paying his 10% to the Church faithfully, was Comm Ev’ed for “embezzlement” simply because he HAD reserves. The Finance Police were even calling chiropractors squirrels and diverters of org income, because the adjustments those doctors delivered to their patients relieved somatics so that auditing was no longer needed!

  56. Clearwater Lawyer

    Unbelievable! It would be great to organize an effort to get all those with extra sets to return it to COS at or around the same time and place. It would show those still in how absurd the sales push is; or those at Bridge Publications the absurdity of printing more sets. Birthday gift for DM? Near the coverage area of SP Times.

  57. good comment, Tom.

  58. JHC!

    And who says that the Church of D-Mestology isn’t a success?

    Just count all those greenbacks! Actually, this could be one of L’il Davey’s new stats for the next Birthday Game Mega-Event – “And if we piled up all the dollar bills I, er I mean WE made in the last 12 months, it would reach all the way to the top of the Empire State building!” [waits for thunderous applause while looking very smug]

    Truly disgusting – obscene amounts of money being ferreted away god-alone-knows-where while staff live on hand-outs and have to take second jobs to make ends meet.

    Obviously this money will never be used for achieving the aims of Scientology, but where DOES it go?



  59. Scientology has been money hungry since day 1. It’s no surprise to me they continue to scam, swindle and deceive people at every turn.

    It’s all about the money and stats and it will ALWAYS be that way so get used to it!

    They find creative ways every day to extort money out of anyone that comes there way.

  60. I sent a PC of mine about 5 years ago to a Scientology Chiro. my PCs husband had a sh*tfit when he saw the bill-it was over a $1000. I called the Chiro to find out how this could be. She told me that when she went to Flag, not only did she get a regular sec check, but also one designed for Chiros and certain techniques were considered suspicious. So, she ended up doing way more testing on her patients than she had ever done before-her certainty on her own tech was no longer there!

  61. SCN will take advantage of ANY opening they can. If u r in GET OUT now,

    RUN FOR THE HILLS a SCN is coming a SCN is COMING. LOL

  62. In theory, yes. Actually when the Basics came out they cancelled the bookseller commissions. Later this was tweaked, etc. Either the 5% goes to the bookseller now or to the overall salary sum. Not sure. But no mission, org or staff member that I know of really benefits personally to any marked extent from Basics or other LRH materials being sold, regardless of the vast sums involved. It’s set up so that it all flows to the top (BPI, etc.). The major benefit for the staff member is that their stats go up. For the Sea Org member, I think the major benefit is that he or she gets to sleep or eat normal food for the week or gets to actually do his or her post.

  63. Mike Rinder has such a smooth and cogent comm cycle.

    I can see why he was PR head– I bet if Miscavige just let Mike communicate and be himself while he was in– the church would be in 100x better shape than it it today.


  64. Oh my.
    Another example of business as usual for the RCS.
    The RCS must be completely allergic to the truth. I hope this writeup manages to impinge.
    Nicely communicated Gabriel – thanks

  65. As one Don to another, let me add my kudos for your post; it’s a brillaint summary. Your points resonated with me enough to prompt a response.

    1) Alertness: despite my semi-advanced tech and admin training (Flag trained Grad V in the late 70s, LRH TR video reviews, fully hatted Cram Off & Snr C/S, etc.), I was oblivious/unwilling to actually see what was going on around me for over 30 years, even when my certs were cancelled after the release of the Golden Age of Dreck – which effectively ended my C/Sing and the willingness to do so. This failure of obnosis has become especially introverting and a point of self-deprecation since I “woke up”.

    2) Fighting back: although I wrote a few pointless KRs and was an occasional “troublemaker”, my solution (along with so many other staff) was to route off and gradually decrease my participation as a public to the current state of nada. Thus, I was no longer contributing to the flow but it was not fighting back – more like succumbing.

    By the way, I just wanted to mention that gang bang recruiting cycles aren’t that much more pleasant than the recently described dono regging. Even us poor blokes with no cash left were not excluded from the church’s “pleasantries”.

    3) I agree that money was never the solution; however, I have to disagree that it was never the problem – contibuting to the point where I was wiped out financially and have no retirement savings IS a problem 😉 (I do know what you meant).

    I’m not really interested in a Doubt announcement and haven’t even decided if Scientolgy is part of my future, but the Miscavage cluster fuck needs to end and if including my name helps (I’m not a “big name” by any means), then that’s what I’m willing to do even though it’s an opportunity for the church to screw me over yet again. I have nothing but admiration for you whistelblowers and will give thanks for your bravery as part of my Thanksgiving.

    Love to all, including my dear friends who are still “in”

    Don Cramer
    Former Snr C/S Philadelphia and DC Day

  66. Or a thorough run of that section of OT-2 that deals with it.

  67. Tom M — Thanks for bringing up this policy written by LRH and deep-sixed by DM. It’s fascinating and a lively, informative, discussion has followed.

    My favorite part is the mention of “shortfall think.” I can think of a number of times when this condition has gotten me or someone close to me in some kind of trouble. Recognizing this has really opened my eyes.

    Regarding “The $100,000,000 Book Con,” the current topic, I find it absolutely mind-boggling. The numbers are staggering. If I thought my personal examples of shortfall think were bad, the shear magnitude and disastrous results of this shortfall think is almost incomprehensible. Almost…

  68. I get so many emails from the Church on seminars for making money. Then, of course, I get many from slimey Grant Cardone-here is one that is particularly disgusting. He has a 4 year old doing his bidding.

  69. just scroll down a little bit.

  70. Gabriel

    I really doubt that if after all the work and effort and expense of becoming an auditor, anyone is even allowed to be a “Field Auditor” anymore.

    I have a very good friend who was apparently “comm-eved” and had her “permanent certs” removed because she would not join staff. You see, being a field auditor is suppressive, as it takes income away from the local Orgs, and, by extension, David Miscavige. And besides being a “field auditor” is a first Dynamic activity, (say wot?) and you are not supporting the third Dynamic. ( again… say wot?)

    You know that the “church’s” heart has stopped beating when AUDITING in the field is considered counter intention to the purpose of Scientology. ( the increased awareness and ability of ones fellows)

    Of course we are not talking about L.Ron Hubbard’s purpose here, we are talking about David Miscavige’s purpose. ( suck them dry of every cent until you have sucked the very life and soul out of them, then cast off the useless husk), It becomes easy to understand if you make that very important distinction.

    Go all you independent field auditors go, you lovely beings all.

    Eric S

  71. Right, properly trained tech terminals almost automatically expand. The SO was set up by LRH to safeguard Standard Tech and the most highly trained auditors were SO. Davey’s handlers made him rip off the missions (and LRH) and that had nothing to do with SO but to the contrary, radical reversed SO, destruction instead of expansion of freedom.

    We already figured out that field groups should have autonomy but Tech should still be safeguarded somehow, as we know what a group will do to Tech if left to its own. LRH solved it by the SO and that is the best solution to maintaining upper standards. The SO is not dead, it’s just not very big; Marty wears Tech, Mike wears OSA, Steve wears marketing and that’s about it.

    Autonomous franchise was the solution to expansion but “mr. Power is Assumed” would never make it as a tech terminal and thus changed the authority and admin/tech ratio and mixed SO authority with franchises. The field should be handled by PR, not ethics, RTC, orders, legal, nazi youth, or anything but PR. Tech is safeguarded in higher, more select groups that also train VI and VIII.

    Scientology expanded in the 60s and 70s through training and only collapsed when that was dropped due to arbitraries introduced by Mr. IQ himself. Reinstating Tech and thus the birthday game among franchise (Indy) groups, could be a start. To prevent stat push, GI should not considered a big deal; only auditors made.

    Making auditors is the only thing that can safe Scientology. Marty, Karen, Trey, Pierre and a couple other power houses could waste all their time auditing all they can and not clear one city TL. Then the upper knowledge would be gone with no way to regain it. No matter how many (altered) materials are found on the internet, training on the levels and BC is prerequisite to safeguarding the Tech.

  72. But,isn’t their real exchange brownie points?

  73. Just remembered a funny one. An event in Seattle, and I presume it happened everywhere, where Kurt Lustig was on a video showing how he had stepped up to the plate and given over a million, maybe three. So the idea was that it was supposed to make everyone else feel like a piker, ashamed to have given so little, and make them cough up the dough. However, it backfired. The general feeling in the audience was, “See there, someone will come through with the big bucks and I am off the hook.” ROFL all over again.

  74. Amy

    Yes, but they actually have that one handled too.

    You get regged for your bridge, and since they cannot, or will not deliver it, you ask for the money back. Guess what? Yup. You cannot even get the money back that you have not even used. The church’s “money back guarantee” be damned. David Miscavige is not going to keep that promise without threats of a legal or PR battle.

    Eric S

  75. lol, the real thing is better tho 😉

  76. Gabriel send me an email at I would like to tell you some things privately. Thanks Kye

  77. Hi Kassapa,

    Yes your absolutely correct. In fact many “wogs” as were, and perhaps still are called, are extremely capable and more so than many scientologists.


  79. martyrathbun09

    Gabriel, I have no idea who kye is.

  80. Can someone give an online fair use link or citation of the HCO PL “Building Fund?” I wasn’t able to find it in my 70s vintage OEC/Management Series (did I miss it?)

  81. martyrathbun09

    You are not a little name to me Don.

  82. Merchant of Chaos: Definition No. 1. David Miscavige, aka POB, Shorty, Dwarf, Psycho Boy, Helmet-based anti-Christ, Wannabe big shot, BFF, Loser.

  83. Also Slappy.

  84. Miscavige was/is other-determined.

    I have a commcycle ready where I can insult you like hell but you walk out smiling like you own a million dollars

    but thats in ral live and it’s fading

  85. Erwin,

    Yes, the most highly trained auditors were in the SO, but the vast majority of SO members were NOT trained auditors, at least after the first year or so. The admin-to-tech ratio in the SO grew to ridiculous, expensive-to-maintain heights, while the quality of new recruits dropped and dropped. The original purpose of the Sea Org was terrific, but the real world implementation of that purpose failed. DM had nothing to do with getting this trend underway, even though he made it monumentally worse in the end.

  86. Well, in my imperfect world history education, my guess is that this still is a Scientology subject first, namely it’s the all time single year “vanity publishing” record in terms of monetary sales of any particular subject’s books.

    The books are not in NEW people’s hands and NEW people are not being enlightened in droves.

    At best, new people are seeing LRH’s name on the fronts of lots of books, which has its own kind of impression. That’s LRH proving he was a thoughtful enough individual to write a lot of books, and that has an impact.

    I’m happy they are fixed up, and paragraphs returned and put in correct sequence, etc, etc.

    But anyone reading the old books won’t learn anything they didn’t already know by reading the revised typographic error free books.

    The most talented Scientologists did fine with the old imperfect editions.

    Official Scientology needs such major reform, it’s not funny.

    I hope you independents and freezone Scientologists succeed in your efforts long range.

  87. Independent field auditing must be miscavige’s worst nightmare

  88. disgusting indeed! this child was totally spoon fed this crap!

  89. Rory

    …”Scientology has been money hungry since day 1.”…

    When was “day one” for you?

    When I got into Scientology in the early 70s that was definitely NOT the case. Professional auditing was $25.00 per hour, and the Comm Course was $20.00. When the prices prices doubled, our Mission Holder refused to raise her prices until she was forced to do so, or lose her franchise. Also, at that time, the Mission was making money, and the staff were paid a reasonable amount for their help.

    At that time it was all about “helping others” at a reasonable amount of exchange.

    Eric S

  90. Our chiropractor, Nancy E. was really good at observing things. But since she got onto OT 7, I think she started getting blasted for knowing what she knows (for example, sometimes she would run out a standing wave or something just by touch, which the church might consider mixing practices…) Well, she finally quit her business, and I sort of suspect it has to do with trying to be “good” for the MAAs.

  91. Bravo, Don!

  92. Don,
    Thank you! You don’t know it but you were once my C/S. Thanks for all you did and for the right purposes and with good intention. The “cluster f…” will end due to the actions like this blog, Marty, Mike, etc who merely push through the BS and crap and communicate the truth.

    The truth is that hundreds/thousands had good intentions to help their fellow man with a workable tech. Someone (DM and support) comes along with the intention to alter that game and has forced himself into the position to be able to carry out that intention.

    To simply remove your support is admirable. That simplicity, if done by all active onlines public who honestly KNOW that something is wrong, would speed up the demise of the chaos and destruction. No, we cannot change the past. Yes, we can make and ensure that the future is more honest, more ethical and more representative of the truthful purposes, intentions and solutions spoken and written about by Ron.

    Don, your “size” is not your name. You have far more impact that you give yourself credit for. You are one of the honestly and truly tech trained people who is wide awake and aware of what is at stake. Whatever you are currently doing you have my good intentions. Hope to continue to see you on these pages of truth. VWD on posting!

  93. Hello Tom.
    Please, can you tell us the date of the HCO PL.
    Or where we can find this letter (if it still is somewhere to find).
    Where did you find it?


  94. Whoa! Cute kid! And that patter is amazing! Not gonna take no for an answer, is he?

  95. True enough; to wit: Current SO Execs. If any.

  96. Tom,
    Please do. I can’t get enough data like this that gives me insight as to why life on staff was so god-awful difficult. Write until your hand just can’t write anymore.

    Dave Fagen

  97. one of those who see

    I won’t be on the computer tomorrow, so just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans!!
    I am so thankful to have everyone here in my life.
    I will toast to the free people.
    And a hug and a big Thank you to Ron.

  98. Damn is right? Where do these books go? Are they for sale somewhere? I never see or hear of one person in miles of here buying or reading even a Dianetics book! Where in the hell are these books going? In my opinion, they are either getting stacked up in people’s basements or garages or just thrown in the garbage to keep the church fatwah’s on post. Unbelievable. They have to be being bought BY people, not missions or churches, because the mission that USED to be by my house, that is no more, mentioned elsehwere on the web, I am pretty sure Gabriel that in about 6 months they pulled in $35.00 of service delivery.

  99. I am sorry, I meant Crusader not Gabriel, but I also mean to include Gabriel as well.

  100. Welcome, Earl!
    If you were thinking of doing a Doubt formula for the church – forget it! The church has no ethics presence, authority, standing, worth or value.
    There’s no light at the end of the church tunnel, just despair. Their stock-in-trade is HURT.
    Scientology, on the other hand, is an extremely worthwhile and fascinating study.
    Best wishes, Rich

  101. Kassapa,

    Excellent point you raise. Totally agree with you.

  102. Excellent comments, Tom. Thank you.

  103. Ozymandias

    by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)
    I met a traveler from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  104. Clearwater Lawyer, a friend of mine sent back a huge amount of packages and it was acknowledged by Bridge that the packages were received and he is still waiting for his money back on these packages.

  105. Marty and Karen#1 and Just Me — could you check your hushmail accounts to see if you have something from me? I just checked and it says that it was last checked by me yesterday in Danbury CT.

    Odd — I checked it today from my home and I don’t live in CT — nor was I there checking hushmail.

    Thanks very much.

  106. Absolutely correct. And all forms of “having to have before one can do”, I might add.

  107. What the video shows to me is how robotic his “handlings” are.

  108. Not sure if you’re looking for “Building Fund Account”, which parts of it is quoted on this site (HCO PL 18 Jan 65 “Financial Management, Building Fund Account”)

  109. A couple of years or so ago Miscavige ORDERED that Los Angeles come up with $10 million for IAS in one week.

    It was one of these “straight from COB” orders.
    Come off post, drop your hat, free for all gang banging for $$$$
    All Hands to the Helm !
    There was a super frenzy.
    Regges descended like vultures on one and all ~~ pcs arriving for sessions in LA met up with wolf packs hungry for your last dime.$$$
    COB said $10 million must be gotten in 7 days, to hell with LRH policy !
    Staff were lying in wait in the Canteen, parking structures, everywhere to shark frenzy feed on the Los Angeles public for another $100 million in 7 days.

    The target was met. They got their money.

  110. She told me that when she went to Flag, not only did she get a regular sec check, but also one designed for Chiros and certain techniques were considered suspicious.

    The new religious world order.

  111. Clearwater Lawyer
    The Fund-the-library scam has been reported for some YEARS on the internet. I myself have reported it a dozen times.

    Because the scam of it all has been read by OSA and the “CHURCH” continued to do it in the multi-millions since the scam was resoundingly reported, shows that they wilfully, and on-purpose continue to FRAUD the public even when their FRAUDULENT actions are and have been exposed.

    This is the scam, one more time.

    The Public are told it is COMMAND Intention to have every library in North America FILLED with the BASICS.
    After the shark feeding frenzy of enforcing sets of basics on one and all, a new ploy was devised.
    1) We need to have EVERY library in the US have a set of Basics. And so it began. Regular shark feeding extortion for more $$$$.
    Sea Org members were on SLEEP DEPRIVATION and not permitted to go home to sleep until their quota was met. In empathy, I purchased some sets so that they could go home to sleep.
    2) Incessant regging occurred in the new game to “flood the US Libraries with the basics.” However we live in a digital age. Internet transparency and more and more posters were finding out the US libraries did not have the books that “Church” members took out loans and maxed credit cards to pay for !

    ++++++Librarians get fed up with huge boxes of unsolicited donations and dump them on Discard racks for $1 a piece outside the Library in Library garage sales.
    ++++++Some Librarians would not even open the packages from Bridge Publications and “Returned to Sender.”
    +++++++The $1 sales caused random folk to pick them up and sell on Ebay or Amazon for $1-$5 each.
    ++++++$3000 Basics available for $50 on Ebay ! Less on Amazon !
    ++++++But the “Church” relentlessly kept this up. Extorting $3000 for what you could buy for $50 and pretending they were “flooding the US libraries”.
    +++++Even when multiple exposes were on the web, and the Church knew their dishonesty was being revealed they kept selling the BASICS for USA libraries.
    +++++Finally, after it became all too obvious that US libraries were available on line for content and the Basics were simply NOT in all the US libraries, they changed their tactic !

    3) Shark Feeding Frenzies now to flood 3rd world Countries with the Basics ! Cough up your money NOW so the poor people in Wogga Wogga Africa can read LRH ! And so it began again…..extortion of more $$$$.

    True story.
    I was on lines pressured for $$$$ 2 years ago while these sales pitches were thrust on me.

  112. Rory,

    You have made several posts to this blog in which you have failed to differentiate between Scientology the subject and the Church of Scientology the organization. You have been corrected on this at least a couple of times, yet here you are persisting with the same A=A=A attack. It’s time for you to declare you intentions so there is no mistaking them. Are you against just the Church of Scientology or the whole subject? Do you believe that Scientology practiced by well-meaning people outside the Church of Scientology can benefit people, or not?

  113. This kid is already a better auditor than most of the zombies on staff in the Church!

  114. martyrathbun09

    Got something allegedly from you. Did you not send it?

  115. Mmmmmmmm …. the buck.
    NINTH DYNAMIC, 1. “the buck.” (5203CM05A) 2 . aesthetics. (PDC 2)

    I will not always be here on guard.
    The stars twinkle in the Milky Way
    And the wind sighs for songs
    Across the empty fields of a planet
    A Galaxy away.
    You won’t always be here.
    But before you go,
    Whisper this to your sons
    And their sons —

    “The work was free.
    Keep it so. ”


    A Thanksgiving of Freedom tomorrow.

    The Freedom from FEAR.
    Fear self-created.
    Fear that is the reverse of BE, DO and HAVE

  116. Right Brian. Fortunately for us, Mike decided to come back as PR head of Scientology. He took his hat back in Ireland and will go down in history as PR head of Scientology.

  117. Chuck

    Hi, just going to make one point here.

    When I look at the books that were published during LRH’s time, I figure that I am looking at the books the way LRH wanted them. Sure, maybe the odd proofreader errors, but not paragraphs or the order of things.

    I am NOT one for taking an approved LRH book and altering the contents at all, unless he gave specific instructions to do so. What gives David Miscavige the notion that he knows better what L. Ron Hubbard wanted to write or publish than L. Ron Hubbard himself.

    Has anyone here NEVER edited one of their comments in order to make it briefer, more understandable or more accurate?

    I personally grant L. Ron Hubbard the privilege, and the RIGHT to EDIT his original manuscripts any way HE chooses, for whatever reason. I accept his “approved editions” as a reflection of what he INTENDED to publish in that work.

    I DO NOT grant anyone else the authority to alter LRH writings in any way. One can use them or not use them, that is up to each person, but don’t go around saying “this is what LRH REALLY meant” and permanently alter his approved written works to satisfy one’s own dramatizations.

    Eric S

  118. On the eve of this Thanksgiving 2011, I would like to wish all here a heartfelt “THANKS!” Thanks for being here and helping me realize that I was not alone in my beliefs that David Miscavige is one crazy MoFo’ (who is out to ruin your family structure – and take all of your money while He’s at it).

    ‘Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

  119. Thank you all for your kind words.

  120. Thanks for telling us about that. It helps connecting the dots and understanding the situation. Heck, why don’t you write a book about it. I would buy it and I know other people who would. Maybe you already did. Oh wait, I go and have a look.

  121. Leonore, It’s in your vol 3 OEC but I don’t believe it is in the Mgmt Series of that time period.

  122. WW-Its wonderful being a field auditor out of the RCS-so much fun-For any of you considering this all i can say is jump in, the water is fine.

  123. By the way, from the sounds of the various accounts on this blog where people have described incidents of IAS regges using emergencies as an excuse to reg — it is clear to me that most so-called “emergencies” were not emergencies at all and the monies obtained not ever allocated (except perhaps some occasional paltry sums) to dealing with said non-existent emergencies.

  124. Mr. Rinder in Ireland was a beautiful thing.

  125. Welcome! Thank you for your help.

  126. Eric,

    You’re right. I think the amount of disagree that an aspiring field auditor would need to outflow in order to accomplish actually becoming a field auditor would throw him into the infinite sec check hole. In my years as staff of RCS, I did not hear of any new field auditors – and definitely never met any aface to face.

  127. I believe it.

  128. The materials are bought by people. They fill up garages. They get sent to libraries. There is a flood of them. The supply far exceeds the demand. The orgs and missions stock some on their shelves. Some people are much better stocked than the missions or orgs. Damn is very right.

    Currently to open a DM mission you must purchase a massive book package. Not much that’s said about needing to be a classed auditor, though, or able to deliver auditing, etc. starting out. But the book package is a must. So give the guys some credit. $35 in six months is pretty good.

  129. WH
    See my response to your hushmail and my hushmail coaching as well.

  130. windhorse, have you perhaps not noticed that “checked from Danbury, CT” before? Possibly you live close enough to CT that maybe your ISP is located there? It may be that your IP address is assigned to a NOC (Network Operations Center) in CT that serves you in an adjacent state.

  131. As I remember, SO member originally was supposed to be a trained auditor and OT-3. It would make a team of OTs that do now Tech. But now days the SO members are being recruited off the street, hardly even scientologists. Why would they care for the Tech or anything, but seeking the MEST power? The value system in SO is off purpose. Members have no time or desire for training and auditing. They are overwhelmed with mest problems to have no attention left to face and handle the real ones. I will give examples. At the SO time, personally mine 3 main of everyday problems to solve where 1) how do I get enough sleep to be able to keep TR0 in session, 2) how do I get rid of the sweat after spending hours in the closet size room with no conditioner? and 3) What do I do with my single pair of shoes to make sure they stay dry and do not smell? So for 1) I often would stay overnight in the org and sleep on the floor in my auditing room – I had a blanket there and that gave me extra 3(!!) hrs of sleep to bring it to 7 – 8 hrs total. 2) I would use the showers on the floor that were in some bathrooms – not supposed to, but that was the best moments of relief 🙂 . And for 3) I would use the napkins that I’d put into the shoes to cover holes and change them frequently, or take a shower before session and walk in with socks on only, no stinky shoes. That were only 3 of many mest problems that my attention was held on by inappropriate treatment. It was not easy to keep working and studying while living under such conditions. But I heard the stories of much worse. That is been done on purpose, I think. By depriving SO members of sleep and food, their attention is held on the “how to handle body out-ruds”, and not “on the top of the hill” of spiritual advancement. I would not expect much of SO members who still go daily through such invalidative routing.

    The point I was trying to make is that PT Sea Org is by far not the same it was dreamed to be and used to be at the beginning.

  132. windhorse, is this perhaps the first time you noticed that “last checked from ” before? Possibly you live close enough to CT that maybe your ISP is located there? It may be that your IP address is assigned to a NOC (Network Operations Center) in CT that serves you in an adjacent state.

  133. Clearwater Lawyer

    Robert, good point. He represented scientology to an audience outside the confines and strict controls of the COS. In other words, he represented it to the outside world – which is what a PR head or spokesperson should do. Lately, the COS “spokespeople” are just sending out written (and non-responsive)replies that reiterate the same “apostates” / “lies” story. It has been some time since I’ve seen the COS actually send out a PR person to speak live to media or the world outside the “church”.
    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving !!

  134. Tony Dephillips

    You’re right Cat.

  135. Yes — I sent it — just making sure you did get it. Wasn’t able to get in touch with JM, so sent you something.

    Thanks for checking.

  136. Tony Dephillips

    You’re a good man Don.
    Come out and tell us your story. It will make you feel better.

  137. I’ll tell you a funny story about the “Help” button. Back in the day, I was being regged heavily by an IAS reg who was really pushing that “help” button.
    I had already been regged broke and so I said, “Of course I’d like to help. I could lick stamps or stuff envelopes. What kind of help do you need besides money? ”
    This reg gave me a look of complete and utter disdain, turned and walked away from me. It was so rude. The mask dropped immediately once I called her on it. And what was left was pretty ugly.
    Another time, a very young Sea Org member was pressuring me to see the Sea Org recruitment film. It was after course, it was late, I was tired, I had seen it a million times already. Every objection I came up with, the Sea Org member tried to handle. Finally, I said, “Look, do I have a choice here?”
    The Sea Org member blurted out with a decisive, “No!”
    Silence followed. He knew this was wrong and backed down. It was sad in a way. I felt sorry for him. He was just a kid, with a quota to fill. But I held my ground and the truth came out. Regges are trained to treat public like they don’t have a choice. They HAVE TO buy, or go to some film or briefing. And I thought SCN was about restoring ones self-determinism. It is such bull. The Church does not walk the talk. It is very disillusioning.

  138. ditto

  139. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Kye,
    I would love to hear it when you are ready.

  140. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1000!

  141. It states there:
    “All great sales people understand that the close is the only step in selling that the sales person gets paid for. All of selling boils down to this one ability.”
    Thta’s the greatest nonsense about selling I ever read, but the COS is exactly doing that.

    Any salesman that approaches our company using this kind of technic is instantly thrown out as we know them to be dishonest !!!!!

  142. Sinar,
    Yes, I believe that is the one, but the section quoted is only a small part of the whole. I would really like to re-read the whole if someone has a link for it.

  143. Karen,
    The celeb public at Flag might be interested to learn where their library packages went…
    Directly to a storage unit in Clearwater along with the 20 sets that we had already purchased (our garage was already full).
    We were told by the President at Flag that once we had purchased them, they would help us to get the book packages re-sold or re-distributed or sent to designated libraries. Never happened. We even offered to personally deliver the packages to libraries if the org would supply us with a list of such. Never happened.
    The President’s Office continued to reg their VIDs (Very Important Donors) and then shipped the packages directly to us – on a number of occasions without even asking our permission.
    They had no-where else to send them!
    To my knowledge these ‘library donations’ are still rotting in some storage unit in Clearwater unless my ex-husband has stopped paying the monthly storage fees. In which case, my best guess is they were all destroyed.

    “In handling men you can put them in an hypnotic, automaton state by posing rapidly a series of factors they then see they cannot of themselves
    evaluate, then getting them to a point where they are in an anxiety for you to make the decision. Depress them low enough in this wise and they obey like robots.”

    My opinion is, that making money is a secondary goal.
    That would be somehow a positive and creative goal.
    The primary goal is to destroy.
    He uses money to destroy as he uses every other vehicle only
    to destroy people.
    Making robots is only for amusement. He wants to crack them.

    Look at the various definitions of the word “evil”. I think many of them miss the point and are somehow reasonable about defining evil.
    I would add to the definition:
    evil: intentions or actions to destroy or make less of life or life force or anything animated by life.

  145. Yeah. People going free. That wasn’t part of the plan!

  146. Hi Don!!!
    Lovely to meet you!

  147. Eric
    The only field auditor ‘authorized’ to audit within a 25 mile radius of Flag is an OT VII called ‘Shauna’ (don’t recall her last name at the moment). After a year of appeals, she managed to get a ‘special CSW’ approved and is the one exception to the rule that: All field auditing is expressly forbidden within a 25 mile radius of Flag as as it ‘takes PCs and income away from Flag’.
    Not quite sure which LRH policy this is based on… (sarcasm).

  148. PCs are also forbidden to go and get auditing in Mexico as too many off-lines public the had discovered that that they could actually afford to move on the Bridge again if they went to Mexico instead of paying extortionate prices at Flag.
    I think there’s an LRH policy that covers that one too… ummmmm…

  149. +1
    Don, So glad you are here!

    Gabriel, Thanks so much!

  150. Gabriel,

    I agree.

    A recent study shows that people making 50K a year are in the top 10 percent of wage earners. Yet an individual making that money STILL would be hard pressed to ever pay for their bridge.

    If the intention was truly to drive huge volumes of people through the bridge every effort would need to be made to deliver it as close to “cost” as humanly possible; thereby putting it within reach of the masses.

    No fancy buildings, instead, clean, efficient inexpensive ones.

    No expensive repackaged materials or emeters these should be sold close to cost.

    No huge “war chest”, instead, scholarships and grants to help people get their bridge. etc, etc. How many auditors could be made with the JUST a fraction of Scientology assets?

    Do not tell me that RCS is trying to move the masses up the bridge.

    What we have here is the creation of a boutique religion designed to cater to(fleece) the top 1% of wage earners – The “spiritual wall-street”.

    I would have a hard time supporting any group or individual (independent or otherwise) making anything other than modest financial sustenance through or with Scientology. Scientology should be a “pay it forward” type of activity conducted to help – NOT FOR HUGE PERSONAL PROFIT! The financial business model should similiar to a charitable organization,

    I’d like to a see a Scientology where a migrant worker is able to walk into a room with a “loner emeter” and co-audit. Sign me up.

    And to the people like the Garcia’s; who out of the kindness of their heart (not pressure) put in huge amounts of money. They deserve a report back.
    Mr and Mrs X,

    Do you see this bare bones room with folding chairs and used material?

    Well, we used this room,,and your donation, to get 500 people co-audited through clear.

    Here is a binder that tells you about each and includes their successes. You have help change their lives forever Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    It can not be free, but you have to make it affordable to the common Joe if you are serious about volumes of people auditing.

    I like Marty’s system…. pay what can and I’m going to do everything I can to try to make it happen for you…

    Maybe I live in “fantasy land” but I believe this type of group would be supported financially and other wise. Even those who disagree with the theology would not be “haters”.

  151. Karen,
    A Flag Exec called me a few years ago to sell me 2 basic sets to be sent to a library in Cuba. She said the basics had been translated into many languages. I said I would be more interested in sending the sets to Vietnam as I have family there. She said, sure we have that and can do it. I bought 2 sets. About a month ago I recieved an e-mail announcing that the basics are now translated into Vietnamese. I really wonder where my money went.

  152. I’ve done (an do) my fair share of introverting over it as well; I can relate.

    You cared about people enough to dedicate a huge part of your life in an attempt to help – there is no shame in that.

    The really shame is that so many good people were burned and left to pick up the pieces, plot a new course and move forward.

    Hopefully we all move forward in peace without losing the instinct to help that brought us together to begin with.

  153. martyrathbun09

    Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  154. You too brother,

  155. Correct observation. The purpose of the SO was to set people free and now it’s to implant the most aware beings that can’t be implanted any other way and prevent all beings from going free.

  156. TroubleShooter

    Humble as usual Don,

    You have dear friends who are here reading this blog and who feel the way you do. Just goes to show you that you never know whose reading this blog and benefiting from process – it could be your senior, your junior, your neighbor or your best friend, you just never know. The tone arm action just keeps on coming and thanks to Marty and this blog this process just keeps running! I’ve wondered if you were still under the suppression or not. Today I will give thanks for your bravery too.

  157. Thanks Bob — yes, it was the first time I had noticed “checked from CT” —

    I’m not next door to CT but not far either.


  158. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    The ASHO web site used promote Field Auditing as a career.

    The web site is gone now, with just a dummy test page. (And I doubt the physical ASHO is in much better shape.)

  159. Mike,
    DMs needs his scheme to run long enough to get him through this life.

    He wants the lifestyle he has created for himself to last, though he probably already (personally) has the money to do that.

    Fear is what keeps him there more than money. He needs the churches protective umbrella to shield and defend him from any personally potential legal liability . If he was out on his own he would feel hunted.

    I believe ideal orgs are intended to create an exclusive boutique “church” that lures in, appeals and caters to the wealthy. DM (like Teryl) hates dealing with “riff-raff”

    2000 donors paying 50K a year could keep his scheme going endlessly. Smaller level donors being a bonus.

    He can make up for attritiion by picking up a realitively small number of large donors each year and also be subsidized by interest on massive reserves. He doesn’t need a large number of people. He needs a small number of wealthy people.

    He is big game hunting – Ideal Orgs are his bait.

  160. Sam,
    Thanks for that information. It helps me make sense of things. 🙂

  161. Your humble servant

    That is true, Rory,

    Whatever you have been in the past, you are now sounding like a demented troll. In earlier years, Scientology services were very reasonably priced and there was NO regging for any donations beyond services paid for. Something has to be charged for services in order for staff to live, premises to be furnished. Ron used to gently upbraid auditors for not charging enough for their services to survive.

  162. top of the vale

    Are you forgetting Mace-Kingsley?

  163. Don — I gotta say you are on a roll. Your comments are right on the money and very incisive. Thanks for taking the time to add your insight into the equation, it is very valuable. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your boy.

  164. Your humble servant

    I am pretty much with on this one, Wind Walker:

    1. Correcting punctuation: possibly o.k and desirable in some instances, along with correcting typo’s

    2. Changing the order and headings of chapters and paragraphs:
    Only justified if the original dictaphone records or other evidence clearly show that the earlier book layout was improperly done. Should be done, if at all, with circumspection and caution.

    3. Omitting or changing actual words and paragraphs in LRH works or publishing writings supposedly written by Ron that he didn’t write:
    Extremely destructive and downright criminal. Anyone, like Dear Leader DM, who would order paragraphs omitted from LRH recorded lectures, is behaving in a criminal fashion.

    It is extremely important that people are able to have confidence that what Ron said is what he said exactly and that no one has high-handedly edited and altered his works. I now have low confidence that anything I am reading in any of the new books has not been altered to some degree. I just don’t know how much. It gives me a very unsatisfactory feeling about all of the newly published books.

  165. Laura,

    Good question.

    Whoever got your money had that as their product: “gotten money.” The “libraries in Cuba” or “people of Vietnam” are merely a sales tool. As with everything else in the RCS, this is totally ass backwards. The product would obviously be the books into someone’s hands and the tool would be the money to get them there.

    Every “product” in Scientology (books, training, auditing, helping people, a world without insanity,) is today no longer a product, it is a sales tool. If it WAS the product, you would see POB spending money to get the products instead of taking money in the name of getting the product and then spending none of it to make them a reality. The only spending happening is to buy marble palaces — that is because he HAS TO in order to not run afoul of the IRS and because it is still a tangible asset in his control, and most importantly because he has convinced the sheeple that this is proof that the product of Scientology IS being attained (he tells them its completed courses and completed pcs now rolling out of these palaces in mass volume, but that’s a lie, the product of the RCS today is MEST).

    Just be thankful on this Thanksgiving that you (and Mike) are givers and not takers and that you are free from the trap. Today is also a celebration of those who left religious oppression to make their way in a new, free world.

  166. Nope. I’m talking about auditors auditing out in the field independent of missions or field groups.

  167. Don Jason — En fuego! This is no fantasy. This is what a REAL 3rd dynamic is all about.

    If POB was really interested in moving people up the Bridge, why is he refusing to apply the Planetary Clearing PL? His excuse is that it is wasting money to drive people into orgs that are shitholes. Then its a waste of money to drive them in when Div 6 wastes them. Then its a waste of money if all the Intro services arent done. ANd then its a waste if there are no basic courses. Then a training line up. Then Intro auditing. Then Grades, Then, then then…

    It’s always another thing that he has to PERSONALLY handle that is stopping the scene. And there is ONLY ONE of him…

    I mean, how could Dianetics and Scientology possibly have expanded in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s without all these things? I think he has convinced himself and is working on the sheeple, that LRH really didnt have a clue. I have seen the orgs that LRH set up or visited in DC, London, LA, Phoenix and St Hill. I have seen photos of Joburg. Nothing resembles his new palaces of 80’s ostentatious opulence. And as I have said before, if he really believed this was the correct strategy, he could buy buildings and glitz them up for every org on the planet. And if he really believed the hype he spews about the IAS he could give all his money to them. And if he honestly believed in the ABLE programs, he could fund them to deliver to millions FOR FREE for a hundred years.

  168. SKM, I am so sorry. I forget things like titles and stuff. If you have an earlier set of OEC Vols you can find it in the Marketing Series. But here it is:
    Orgs and Mgmt Only
    Marketing Series 18

    Send me an email to loveto61ATliveDOTcom and I’ll send you the whole pl.

    ML Tom

  169. Hey Mike,

    Thanks. My son and I are off to a family get together.

    Food, Family and football! – GO GREENBAY PACKERS!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  170. Definately, Eric, “the books the way LRH wanted them.” And that includes style, font, size, format and the rest. Take for example, the difference between old and new FOT. The new one is clumsy, oversized, overweight, and, together with those grotesque pictures, has the lightness of text and overall aesthetic removed altogether. Miscavige has turned an introductory book into a quasi-scholarly tome, reminding me of LRH’s comment about the US navy having to ‘practically raise the level of the Pacific’ before a ship could be sent on mission. You can’t just pick this book up and have a wizz-through. You read it expecting depth and detail – but that was never the intention.
    Or 0-8, The Book of Basics has been turned into an assortment of technical trivia suitable for a quiz night rather than a handy reference. It contains 5 versions of the Auditors Code, two versions of the Axioms, seven variations of the Know to Mystery Scale, five variations of the Tone Scale, and so on. These are added-in inapplicable data. An outsider could be forgiven for thinking LRH couldn’t make his mind up!
    The ‘Basics Books’ clearly reveal that miscavige hasn’t grasped that Function is senior to Form.

  171. I have read now almost any blog or book about Corporate Scientology I could get my hands on but some of my main questions are still without answer.

    Does Miscavige have full access to all the money and reserves?
    How could he manage to get it? I mean in fact, in real life. There must have been account numbers and access codes and security checks and so on… I cannot believe that Ron just turned it over to him without additional security arrangements. Could he persuade Ron into handing it over or did he get it by other means?

    As I see it now, it must have been DMs main goal from the beginning to get his hands on the money and we still don’t know if and how he did it.
    Maybe some of you upper level “apostates” can shed a light on it?

  172. WW, yes the way the books were in LRH’s time. I remember sometimes sking the course sup in the 70’s how come there was such a discrepancy, it had to be something was mixed up, and of course I was told that I should look for m.u.’s. Already disallowed to do any thinking for ourselves.

  173. Awesome Tom, a whole new layer of DM crimes uncovered here, changing the priority of LRH issues!
    You seem to have a copy of it at hand. Can you give the name and/or date of that LRH HCO PL?

  174. Martin,
    Try R2-68 INCOMPREHENSIBILITY from Creation of Human Ability.

  175. Li'll bit of stuff

    Don, great job! From now on it just keeps keeps getting better. You’re amongst REAL SCIENTOLOGISTS again!
    No cliche here,but “trust me”, THIS is where you,my friend will rediscover the THETA, FUN atmosphere that USED to be part and parcel of ORIGINAL Scientology. To our REAL
    genuine,’powerbrand’ HOST,Marty, thank you sir, for going through HELL to make this all possible! Yet still MORE POWER to you and THE POWERHOUSE GANG of INDIES!

    Keep movin’ up y’all Li’ll bit

  176. Gabriel, I’ll say. For a moment there I was wondering or not if the mission stats might go into power and top the $100.00 mark. 🙂 Take into consideration one or two things though and you still come up with the same facts. 1. 85% of the people in Elizabeth, New Jersey are hispanic, more than half of which don’t speak English well. {Great area to promote NED right?] 🙂 2. The mission holder {former mission holder} lives in like a $3 million dollar house in Warren, New Jersey so “Of course he can afford to buy these books!” But it still does not put this tech in the hands of anyone that can use it to better anybody. Hence, Independents. Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. I am too! )

  177. $100,000,000 total gross sales / $3000 per copy = 33,333 copies sold.

    If an average of one set were sold per Scientologist, that’s a total of about 33,000 Scientologists in the world.

  178. The reason “it takes forever to train auditors and then they still can’t audit” is that the training has been done incorrectly in the Church. I won’t go into detail here about that. But back in the 70’s good auditors were being trained fairly quickly. When I say tech needs to rule admin, I mean STANDARD tech, in both auditing and training. As for “the shortage of auditors,” back in the day almost every staff member was on auditor training after his or her first few months. It can be done. It’s just a matter of Standard Tech and “doing the things that won before.”

  179. Thats true. Book commissions now go to staff pay sum instead of to individual staff members.

  180. HereNow

    You have heard L. Ron Hubbard talk of “the merchants of chaos”? Well David Miscavige is “all over that”. He has sold billions of dollars worth of CHAOS. He hasn’t spent much time actually “handling” any of his created emergencies, beyond having to deal with all the money he is raking in.

    He has effectively destroyed the tech of Scientology by his insane alterations, so all he has left really is selling “emergencies.” He has gotten pretty good at it really. Catch is that if you play that card too many times people are going to wake up to the deception.

    He is “the little boy who cried WOLF! ( read “SUPPRESSIVE!”)
    The time is coming when no one will listen to him any more.

    Eric S

  181. Spot-on, Mike.

    I think this is the only stat that Lil Slappy McSavage can actually “control” and raise – everything else about His “organization” is in freefall. So He’s keeping “upstat” in the only way He knows how – brutally.

    And He just has to look at “His GI” stat to see how well He’s doing “on post.”

    Tick, tock Lil Davey Boy – how is life at the bottom of that bottle these days, eh?

  182. I sent mine back only after the moment banks accounts showed that money had been returned. It comes first, then you send the materials back. I was dealing with Bridge on that matter about 2 years ago.
    I support your friend intention to not drop the cycle but see it through and complete.

  183. A priest who I have known for about 12 years was put on trial here in my city, it was found out he was stealing money from people he asked to donate to help the less fortunate. He was caught when he started taking money to the bank for deposit and it was always just under 10 grand each time and he did it many many times. The investigation showed he had almost a million bucks stashed in his room at the rectory he lived at.
    At trial, this man told the judge that he stole the money because he did not feel “safe” without having all that money around him while he slept.

    I think maybe the same thing about DM. He cannot feel safe without having all that money around him that only he has total access to. I think that he needs to keep it coming in at all costs even to the total ruin of the church, with all the money he spends every year in private investigators. He NEEDS to know every second of ex members lives, what they do at all times so he can feel safe in his little world. It is mind boggling to see and read about the things he does to people just because they no longer want to be under his complete rule. I think he knows that more and more people are leaving and he wants to get as much money out of the ones who are left as he can. But will he get to keep it all when the church is no more, and everyone is practicing the religion without him? It seems that money means more to DM than anything else and he will keep doing things to make more and more because the more he has, the more “safe” he will be.

  184. Dear Eric,

    Two points. Remember the Pat Broeker talk at the LRH memorial, if not, it’s on YouTube and worth viewing and re-viewing, despite any personal flaws in any of those speaking at that event. Broeker tells of the project to “separate the wheat from the chaff” etc, etc. Even though he was guilty of unknown alterations himself, Broeker’s overall point about reviewing LRH’s raw writings and output, to ensure the “timeless tech” was extracted, THAT POINT IS LRH’s!

    The Hatting Course Hat for the “Compilers” at Int, Dan Koon and Russ Williams will vouch for what I contend, it is in the long selection of L. Ron Hubbard orders for how to compile his despatch traffic, his taped comments traffic, all forms of anything he uttered or wrote, LRH spells out how to compile it.

    And there were mistakes.

    Example, the reason the Phoenix Lectures book is not republished, is based on LRH comments, and Dan and Russ I think will remember more. Steve Cook has a good memory for the orders relating to the revisions of the books even in the end of the 1980s, that whole evolution to fix books. Steve Cook has good recall on “The Book of Case Remedies” for instance, Steve tells of finding the LRH manuscript, or someone in the CST/Archives project finding it, or however it was found, and then the newly issued “Book of Case Remedies” was released.

    There are standing LRH “timeless tech” orders on even how to compile LRH’s work.

    I’m a broken record on my overall most wished for wish, which is to release ALL of LRH’s private writings, in all forms, to the public, so that Scientologists themselves can go over it all, as a group and decide.

    The best that can be done, I feel, is coax peole like Dan and Russ, get them to parties, get them drunk and jogging their memories and telling the details of what they witnessed in the whole history of compilations, and Steve Cook, and whoever else hasn’t surfaced but is lurking.

    A lot of confusion would blow up, were all of LRH’s full cannon to be made public, but that is what I think would best resolve questions like what versions of his books are “better.”

    The principles in the earlier editions are the same as the “transcriptionist error-free” editions just released.

    Use any books you have, it’s the same principles.

    I myself, like the “Dianetics Today” book as a pretty compact single volume example of the Dianetics tech of Hubbard’s, even though it is NOT New Era Dianetics tech, the “Dianetics Today” book contains most of the basics on how to train up a Scientology therapist!

    Anyways, Dan Koon’s written about the compilations history.

    The people in CMO International in the 1980s were sitting on untold numbers of long outstanding still to be complied with orders from LRH, and those orders were “command intention” and fixing up the books, Dan and Russ can tell some of the story, and you can search Dan’s writings on Steve Hall’s site.

    To me, bigger problems, I agree with, are Miscvige has unmocked the top of the movement, and that’s what I think we all agree needs fixing.

    I’d release ALL of LRH’s full writings and lectures, free, to the public, personally, or set up a library like the Library of Congress where people can go to, and read on the premises and make copies of any part of the full Hubbard cannon.

    When I worked in INCOMM, the computer part, at the various computer sites, Int, LA and ASI, CST, were the computer libraries of the full Hubbard cannon. THAT could all be easily made available on computer to resolve all questions relating to everything in Scientology history.

    Jim Lewis, the religion academic, said it is up to the religion, to write their own history, and evolve a class within itself that studies it’s scriptural legacy. That’s a big fallen between chairs “hat” also, that causes untold resentment against official Scientology.

  185. Interesting quotation.

    Makes me think of the fates of these very young children at Flag today, getting on and off the buses, particularly the 6 minute mark of this recent video from Flag:

  186. I gladly answer the repeat questions, email me,

    It’s a long answer.

    How DM rose to the top, the “Gang of Five” postings on Steve Hall’s site tells how he did it.

    I’ve posted here on Marty’s blog what I recall from LRH’s traffic to ASI, at the time of the early and mid 1980s, when ASI was sort of the “top of the heap”, and LRH did have despatch traffic with DM, and there are about 2 dozen despatches with the actual title ‘COB ASI” which was DM, at the top.

    Read the Gang of Five posts on Steve Hall’s site.

    DM by brute force of personality, and coming off of the “Int/S Mission I/C” position and some other details I can’t recall, he just assumed the top dog role.

    The people on the first corporate boards have commented over the years how he’s done it, and it was acknowledged by those living through that early 1980s period, that he was justified at that time, even as brute violent as he was. No one questioned him and stayed around. Question him, and you were gone.

    He manipulated people directly around him so as to back everyone off from the “big britches” he was assuming. He’s had that attitude, “Do you think you can do a better job?” I recall one story of him, in his office, getting up from his chair, and mockingly offering his chair to the dissenting (and far wiser and a CMO Messenger I have way more respect for, and wish she’d have taken him up on his mock offer to her) to assume his seat in his gloriously overworked and stressed out role as the top decider.

    DM “mocked it up.”, DM’s role as top decider, “The buck stops here” final arbiter of all major decisions to do with everything major and minor, in the movement.

    Because it is NOT in LRH’s writings, and my broken record wish is we get Hubbard’s full writings publicly leaked to prove it.

    Read Gang of Five, and google search “Int/S” in relation to Scientology.

    And google “ASI writings by LRH” or similar.

  187. 100% true. Getting up the Bridge is simple when you take out the complexities and barriers the church of David Miscavige has injected into it! Congrats on your NED wins! 🙂

  188. Lafayette Parish Library system (10 branches) has 24 LRH books in their entire system & 21 of those are his fiction works. There’s a current start for ya!

  189. “current stat”

  190. Don, that just gave me a LFBD, FN & some VVGIs! 😀

  191. A little late, and I hope some people see this. Here’s what happens when your local library is caught putting a set of the Basics on their shelves instead of throwing them out immediately upon receipt.


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