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Miscavige Wants to Traffick In African Americans

I have written before about Miscavige’s disdain for and patent attempts to pander to African Americans in a bid to make his Human Trafficking operations “hip”:

Clear African Americans Convention

Funeral for a Friend – (see essay attached The Church of Scientology is Dead.)

In the referenced essay I told the story of how Miscavige announced to Scientology public in 2003 the imminent opening of what would one day be the Inglewood org:


Miscavige told the audience that Black America was considered hip, that ghetto Blacks were the trend setters in music, fashion and more. He said that made investment in the ghetto very much worth Scientology’s while. It would make Scientology hip. My stomach ached as I heard him cherry-pick Isaac’s (Hayes) secret pitch to a profit motivated management and have the arrogance to announce it to the “elite”, well-heeled followers he had carefully cultivated.

He had unilaterally decided to take on the situation in the most audacious possible manner. He announced that the Church was working on two new magnificent, “showcase” Churches: one in Harlem and the other in South Central Los Angeles. He showed the audience grandiose design plans for both. I uneasily imagined how Isaac felt about seeing Miscavige take his report, and have the temerity to talk about Black America like a thing that need be conquered for Scientology’s aggrandizement.

Miscavige withheld from the audience that he had spent the past five years personally blocking efforts by Scientology management to implement a Hubbard advised finance system that would make the subject affordable to common folk. He continues to do so to this day.

Eight years later, Miscavige finally got around to opening the Inglewood org, announced at the 2011 IAS event.   The lag in delivering what he promised alone demonstrates his lack of sense of urgency about doing anything for Inglewood – or as he put it in 2003 and again in 2011 for “Blacks”.  Multiple countries were opened from scratch and expanded into dozens of orgs in every eight year period prior to Miscavige’s coporatization and bastardization of Scientology.

What is more mind-boggling is that eight years later, and a year after I called him out on his creepy, exploition  attitude toward African Americans, his 2011 announcement is – despite his best efforts to sound propitiative – as racist, arrogant and condescending as he was in 2003.  It was inappropriate for Miscavige to speak of African Americans as “them” in 2003.   To continue to do so in 2011 exposes a person who is something far more sinister than clueless.

As far as the over-the-top shrine-to-his-God-the-physical-universe Inglewood org  goes, it is a brazen slap in the face of those it purports to serve.  What could have been done in that community for the price of Miscavige’s $15 dollar museum over the past eight years?   Who in the community it purports to serve can afford to train or be audited there?   Who in that community would trust a “church” dressed up like a Wall Street firm drunk with stolen billions?

That he wants to exploit African American culture to his own ends is not so deeply encoded in passages such as:

So, talk about a pervasive culture.  Talk about a permeating and penetrating culture.  Or to put it another way, most white folks wouldn’t have a clue what it means to be cool if it weren’t for Black America.  

Why is he even having to justify the opening of the org there for a segment of society he clearly refers to as “them” in the first place?

Make no mistake, that multi-million dollar community center serves one purpose for Miscavige, and one purpose alone. Lure a bunch of African Americans in for free events so that they can be video taped for some future event; with an over-dub by Miscavige himself talking about overwhelming acts of kindness to salvage the inner cities.  Mark my words.

If he cared about Urban Los Angeles, with the money he has spent on this glitz center he could have opened a couple hundred missions across LA over the past eight years.  As for the Idle Morgue – beyond serving as a free-service, free-fall facility for his buddy Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam followers (designed of course as a loss leader to drive more unsuspecting African Americans in to serve as extras for his event videos) it will die on the vine just like virtually every other ostentatious, gaudy Idle Morgue he has wasted parishioner donations on to date.

Inglewood residents beware of the little back stabber bearing “gifts.”

Those are my views.  I’d love to hear yours.