Daily Archives: December 30, 2011

Top Ten Posts of 2011

I have provided a list here with links to each of the top ten most visited posts of 2011, counting down from number ten to number one.  If you have a few moments you might want to peruse it. It gives an interesting overview of the past year of activity.

10.  A Letter From The San Patricio County Jail.  September 17

9.  Grant Cordone: Turnaround or Turncoat King.   June 20

8.  Scientology Spy Network Exposed.    June 14

7.  Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Corpus Christi.    April 18

6.  Michael Fairman.  January 23

5. Journalists Beware of Scientology Inc Spy.    February 15

4.  Exodus.  June 23

3.  An Open Letter to Tony Ortega.  September 28

2.  The New Yorker: Miscavige and Cruise caught lying.  February 10

1.  Corporate Scientology Targets South Park. October 23