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Flag Services Org Inc v. Debbie Cook

David Miscavige has ordered Flag Service Organization to sue Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten in order hide his own crimes.  The suit is summed up competently in a story just released by the Tampa Times, Flag Service Org Inc v Debbie Cook.  Also see Village Voice coverage.

I predict the litigation will make clear that the sole intent of suing Debbie is to stifle the revelation of just how David Miscavige authored and dictated compliance to every off-policy action protested in Debbie’s 1 January email.

Miscavige had virtually all of the OSA (Office of Special Affairs, dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Corporate Scientology) Network working feverishly for the first 26 days of January to destroy Debbie’s and Wayne’s business and to deplete their finances so that he would have an easy, broke target.

There is an evidentiary hearing set for Thursday 9 February 2012 at 9 a.m. in the Bexar County 150th District Court in San Antonio Texas.  At the hearing Scientology Inc will be attempting to make the restraining order, obtained with no notice to the defendants, valid until the end of trial on the merits.

I have it on good authority that Debbie and Wayne are not backing down to the Scientology Inc muzzling machine.

They have established a legal defense fund of their own at Debbie’s personal website – Debbie Cook Baumgarten, see top right column of home page.

All donations made at this blog will be transfered to Debbie’s defense fund.  All future donations to the defense of Wayne and Debbie should be made directly to Debbie’s site.

Thank you to all who donated in advance here. I believe it is doubtful that this matter would have made it to a full, public airing absent the contributions that you all made in advance.

Disdain For A Valuable Human Life

I have just examined the death certificate of L Ron Hubbard’s closest friend, Ann Marie Tidman.


The certificate indicates that the manner in which Miscavige treated Annie and her family was far worse than originally reported here on 14 January, Ann Marie Tidman In Memoriam.

Please examine line 107 “underlying cause” of death.  It notes “Non Small Cell Lung Cancer” with a “time interval between onset and death” as “14 Months”.

Given that her date of death was 14 June 2011, that puts the onset of the lung cancer as mid April 2010.  That means when John Brousseau learned of her lung cancer it was right at its onset, since JB left the Int base in the last week of April 2010.

Our efforts to inform Annie’s family on her condition behind the walls of Miscavige’s prison began immediately upon JB’s escape.  That was because I predicted to JB that Miscavige would keep this matter a secret until her death so that no one would have an opportunity to hear the truth from her last years with L Ron Hubbard.  We agreed that the only chance for her recovery was for Annie to be as far away from Miscavige as possible as he had a vested interest in her passing quickly and quietly.  And that is why we set the machinery in motion immediately.  That is also one of the reasons why JB and I traveled to the Int base on June 5, 2010, see post report The Citadel.   Before we made the loud, overt approach reported in the post, we attempted to call Annie’s cell phone to inform her we were in the vicinity to assist her to escape.  Annie did not answer the call.

That Miscavige prevented family knowledge of the disease through and beyond her death is inhumane.  The felony is compounded by the death certificate which tells us that Annie was ordered by Miscavige to withhold her condition to her family from the onset; a point in time where cure was clearly possible.

Next, please note line 26, name of informant.  “Catherine Fraser” is the Port Captain for Miscavige’s prison camp known as the International Headquarters at Gilman Hot Springs California.  The Port Captain’s first and foremost duty is to obstruct the discovery of and cover up any crime committed by David Miscavige.  But, here is the damning part – look at the four letters by Ms Fraser’s name DPOA.  Wikipedia defines DPOA as follows: DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY: Under the common law, a power of attorney becomes ineffective if its grantor dies or becomes “incapacitated,” meaning unable to grant such a power, because of physical injury or mental illness, for example, unless the grantor (or principal) specifies that the power of attorney will continue to be effective even if the grantor becomes incapacitated. This type of power of attorney is called “power of attorney with durable provisions” in the United States or “enduring power of attorney” elsewhere. In effect, under a durable power of attorney, the authority of the attorney-in-fact to act and/or make decisions on behalf of the grantor continues until the grantor’s death.

With malice aforethought David Miscavige had Annie (in who knows what state) sign over her right to make decisions concerning her own life to the Port Captain Gold (who is an unquestioning Miscavige loyalist; if you doubt that see Ms Fraser’s performance on Anderson Cooper’s Mar/Apr 2010 series Scientology: A History of Violence).

Finally, please see line 1 place of death “address”.  It is marked “1830 N Bronson Ave, Los Angeles, CA”.  That is the address of the apartment building for Celebrity Center International staff directly across the street from the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center.

For the last several months of Annie’s life her family tried to reach her by phoning International Headquarters.  The phones were answered by staff whose handling of such calls is closely monitored by the Port Captain (Cathy Fraser) who told Annie’s family that Annie was too busy working there to be bothered with them.  The family, out of respect for Annie, and for her eighty-one year old Sea Org member mother at Scientology Inc’s Clearwater Florida center, respected “Annie’s” wishes (ordered communicated no doubt by her DPOA under the micromanagement of Miscavige).  All the while Annie was dying in Apartment 336 smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles, where a visit from her family could not possibly have bothered the tyrant’s security or privacy concerns or even distracted him from the innumerable other cover-ups consuming his busy day.

As a last macabre note, see line 40 – location of delivery of the body cremation remains – 19625 Gilman Hot Springs Road, Gilman Hot Springs California, Scientology Inc Headquarters compound – right into the hands of Miscavige’s designated DPOA.  It was not until six months after Miscavige personally disposed of any remaining trace of the body that Annie’s family even knew of Annie’s passing – and only then because we made it known.

This investigation is not over.

Thanks again to Karen De La Carriere for her deft deployment of  investigative resources.

Indies Day 2012

by Christie Collbran

Plans for the 3rd Annual Indie 4th of July Party are well underway.  This year we will gather in a State with more miles of waterfront than Hawaii, California and Florida combined, location of the largest Mall in the United States, state where waterskiing was invented – the land of 10,000 lakes: Minnesota!!

It will take place over the weekend following the 4th of July (July 7th & 8th). The weather in Minnesota in July is party perfect!

We have chosen a wonderful facility for our event this year. The specific details will be sent to you by private invitation. Here are just a few of the activities that will be available:

Swimming in a lake or a pool

Relaxing on the beach


Paddle boats

Ski boats




Bonfires with Smores





and much more…

If you plan on flying, book your flights to the Minneapolis St. Paul airport (MSP). Arrive and depart when you like, but most activities will take place on Saturday July 7th and Sunday July 8th.

Invitations with more details will be sent out soon. The event is being hosted by the irrepressible Natalie Hagemo, with the help of Christie Collbran.

All Independent Scientologists, and supporters are welcome. The only qualification to be invited is your public announcement of your independence or departure from corporate Scientology.  OSA and company can hold their own party all by themselves.

If you would like to be invited and you have not received an invitation within the next two weeks, please send an email to Natalie and Christie at:

Miscavige’s Religious Freedom Crusade

Remember the Religious Freedom Crusade in Portland Oregon in May 1985?  When a 39 Million dollar hit for having the temerity to try to help a woman out with a Comm Course got Scientologists’ backs up and they did something about it? Back when Scientology men were men and not mice, and Scientology women weren’t walking down the street dragging their knuckles on the pavement?  After a lot of good folks sacrificed valuable time, energy and resources over several decades, Scientology finally was recognized as a religion and has been provided relative immunity from attacks intended to destroy the right to peaceably practice it.

Well, compare those days to today.  Some may recall that David Miscavige sent down teams of 4 to 6 people at a time to overtly harass my wife and me in our driveway, at restaurants, on the beach, virtually every where we went for 199 days, see His Town by Jason Sheeler.   The publicly stated intent was to prevent me from practicing Scientology. It was doomed from the outset; sheer lunacy to attempt to strip me of a right I fought my entire adult life successfully to exercise, which not so incidentally allowed every Kool Aid drinking Corporate Scientologist the same right.

Well, let us take a look at how David Miscavige is spending that hard fought, religious freedom capital these days.  The letter below, in the name of Norman James Moore III but clearly written by the late William C Drescher III (long time in-house counsel for Corporate Scientology), illustrates just how low the Corporate Scientology machine has come.   Aside from taking on the patented Miscavige characteristic of playing the perpetual victim, take a look at the charges of religious discrimination.  Does it get any sillier or more pathetic than this?

Miscavige vs Marty: An Unfair Fight?

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice just published an interesting piece, Scientology vs Marty Rathbun: An Unfair Fight?

He opens with David Miscavige’s epic film on a guy he calls Kingpin Rathbone. It took millions of dollars in production costs to mock up this character that is so bad ass he apparently has David Miscavige shivering in fear in his high desert compound.

As Tony astutely points out Miscavige is so obsessed with fighting long-ago settled issues, he apparently has no cognizance of the tide lapping at the threshold of his bunker.

By the by, I don’t think the fact that Miscavige rushed to get his “production” out on the day that Texas Monthly exposed his sorry cult was lost on anyone.

His Town by Jason Sheeler


The latest, and probably the last, chapter in the “Squirrel Buster” drama has been published in the February edition of Texas Monthly: the national magazine of Texas:  His Town, by Jason Sheeler.

The link will take you to an excerpt of the beginning of the article.  If you register below that (it is free), you can get access to the rest of the lengthy article.

For those who might have missed it, Corpus Christi Caller Times readers voted  the SQB saga as the story of the year, and it too did a wrap up article a couple of weeks ago, Squirrel Busters Leave Ingleside on the Bay.

God bless the Orrs, the Isbells and the rest of the good people of Ingleside on the Bay Texas.

‘Nuff said.

To Those Suing or Considering Countersuing the FSO

I’ve got more than one hundred and fifty million reasons why Miscavige ought to watch his blustery, threatening step.

The following information gives the state of reserves of the Flag Service Organization Incorporated, as of December 2009.  It is written by its highest ecclesiastical officer at that time.  It was sent, as a similar report is sent weekly, directly to David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center (the organization that is alleged not interested in stats or money in the slightest, but only in the purity of the application of the technology).

Please let us know how they respond to discovery as to what the FSO’s liquid assets are; their ability to pay back what they hold for you; and perhaps in other contexts what the value of your services to them might have been worth. We’ll provide you with more reports on how these balances changed over time along with unimpeachable witnesses to corroborate the information.

I anticipate the FSO will be claiming (perjuring itself) in court that any number of these accounts do not belong to or are not in the control of FSO.  Well, technically, they’d be right – the guy who controls them is the guy who receives the direct report each week, David Miscavige (and that would seem then to justify roping him into deposition to find out why he is withholding your money in trust when he’s got 150 million to play with).  But, legally they’d be wrong – this report is generated every single week by the highest ecclesiastical officer in the Flag Service Organization Incorporated to the highest ecclesiastical officer in all of corporate Scientology, certified weekly as the RESERVE ACCOUNTS OF FLAG SERVICE ORGANIZATION INCORPORATED.

Just getting prepared.


10 December, 2009


The following was added to reserves:

                                                This week        Added in:    Disbursed:         Balance:

SUPERPOWER accounts:

Superpower funds              $60,395,201   $44,626                                 $60,439,827

Org Reserves accounts:

FSO Reserves                           $679,532                                                       $679,532

FC Reserves                              $438,194                                                       $438,194

Total Org Reserves:            $1,117,726                                                       $1,117,726


SOR Accounts:

BFA FC                                     $562,750          $15,744                                $578,494

GLF FC                                      $1,090,806       $15,744                                $1,106,550

BFA FSO Accounts                    $3,114,524       $129,084                           $3,243,608

GLF FSO                                    $37,679,781    $140,054                            $37,819,835

Other SOR accounts at Flag      $6,369,020                                               $6,369,029

(CMU, Property)

 Total SOR accounts:            $48,816,881    $300,636                             $49,117,517


HCO Book Accounts:             $39,270,463    $242,324       $141,013    $39,371,774

TOTAL IN ACCOUNTS:       $149,600,270   $587,585      $141,013 $150,046,845


Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten Update

While this group is still a bit amorphous to the liking of some, it is damn effective.  In just about twenty-seven hours you all contributed what I predicted we would likely collect by Friday.  And that figure is what I thought it would take to reverse the vector of attack from Debbie and Wayne and re-direct it back onto her tormentors.

You all acted nearly spontaneously from fourteen different States of the US and six countries.

I estimate that the amount we have to work with is about 1/20th of what Miscavige has already spent in legal fees alone in mounting his attempt to crush Debbie and Wayne.   But that is one major difference between corporate scientology and Independent Scientology.  The business of attempting to kill and bury truth is one heck of a lot more expensive than is the activity of purveying and nurturing truth.

Our first point of strategy is simple, taken from the Tao:

Men are born soft and supple;

dead, they are stiff and hard.

Plants are born tender and pliant;

dead, they are brittle and dry.

Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible

is a disciple of death.

Whoever is soft and yielding 

is a disciple of life.

The hard and the stiff will be broken.

The soft and supple will prevail.




Debbie Cook Defense Fund

I have received credible inside information from corporate Scientology sources who have been right on the money in the past.  Here is the word.  Miscavige’s larger firms, with reputations to protect, flat out refused to go after Debbie Cook on David Miscavige’s direct orders to bury her for alleged gag order violations.  Hence, Miscavige was reduced to using  his  safety valve in such circumstances; the perpetually Kool Aid drunk Kendrick (unindicted co-conspirator in US v Mary Sue Hubbard, et al) Moxon.

Moxon has enlisted his ‘arm’s length’ litigation attack dog Gary Soter of Woodland Hills, California.  Soter has been representing a couple of process servers in a suit against Jason Beghe.  Soter has shamelessly been defrauding the court by acting as if he is in there pitching for a couple of hapless, penniless victims who were devastated by some big shot celebrity.  And he is in there pitching every single abusive, expensive legal maneuver known to shysters in an effort to destroy Jason financially.  Of course, Soter does not let the court know that he is taking daily orders from Kendrick (unindicted co-conspirator) Moxon and being paid wheelbarrows of cash to make Jason’s life a living hell.

Now, Soter is being used to threaten Debbie Cook Baumgarten and her husband Wayne into shivering silence.  David Miscavige, who pulls Moxon’s chain, figures he can shudder them into silence by the sheer financial strain of threat of litigation.

Well,  ain’t gonna happen on our watch.

We are already organizing a fearsome legal defense team.  A small group of us are shouldering the initial financial outlay. Whether Debbie and Wayne choose to utilize the formidable array of legal talent we are assembling or not is not completely under my control.

However, ‘constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back’ has served us well these past three years –  and has served Scientology well since the dawn of its discovery.  We know where Miscavige is going and we know what needs to be done to prevent his train from suppressing truths that when shared will save untold numbers of individuals and families from a lot of grief;  and ultimately will even help guarantee the free, peaceful and sane future practice of the religion itself.

If anyone is interested and able to contribute it will be much appreciated by us and I am fairly certain by Debbie and Wayne, and ultimately by a lot of folks who will be saved a lot of grief by the truths Debbie has to share.

As I have done in the past, I will account for every single penny collected for the defense fund.

Something David Miscavige and his corporate Scientology crew just can’t seem to understand is the most fundamental truth upon which Scientology’s workability stems, “truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails”

Donations can be made here,   Please designate Debbie Cook Defense Fund with any payment.

As Sweden does, a small group using good intelligence tactics, with good technology if well organized can hold back enemies of  great size. 

– L Ron Hubbard 2 December 1969



In my view, what we are dealing with for the most part with corporate scientologists is denialism.  I came across a very clear description of the phenomenon in a book by Michael Specter, Denialism, Penguin Books 2009:

We have all been in denial at some point in our lives; faced with truths too painful to accept, rejection often seems the only way to cope. Under those circumstances, facts, no matter how detailed or irrefutable, rarely make a difference.  Denialism is denial writ large — when an entire segment of society, often struggling with the trauma of change, turns away from reality in favor of a more comfortable lie…

Unless data fits neatly into an already formed theory, a denialist doesn’t really see it as data at all.  That enables him to dismiss even the most compelling evidence as just another point of view.

It helps to understand the phenomena all of us have run up against – the shock of old friends and associates acting deaf, dumb and blind to hard, cold, documented facts.   No need to fret about it when as you can see it is a phenomena so common that popular thinkers are writing about its prevalence in society at large.

Specter goes on to describe how in an ever increasingly complicated world with steadily declining educational standards, people are desperate for easy answers.    The not-so-bright desire big labels that can easily ‘explain’ complexities that they don’t have the confront, or discipline or inclination to investigate and evaluate for themselves.

Denialism can lead to extremism, a subject well-treated with respect to current American politics in Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America, by John Avlon, Beast Books 2010. Avlon writes that:

Wingnuts [defined as extremists to the far right or left] offer their fellow travelers the false comfort of rigid certainty in a changing world — dividing our country into good versus evil, us against them.  Fundamentalism has a powerful appeal for people who feel powerless, especially when it gets dressed up as ideology or attaches itself to a party label.

But when you pull the curtain back on Wingnut politics, behind the all-or-nothing demands, apocalyptic warnings and the addicition to self righteous anger, you’ll see that fear is the motivating factor: fear of the other; fear wrapped up in the American flag; fear calling itself freedom.

I’m just sharing some food for thought.  I think the parallels to the Scientology world are apparent.  I think we can learn some lessons by understanding denialism and extremism or fundamentalism.  They are isms that are systematically inculcated in corporate Scientology.  I think it behooves us to recognize remnants of them in ourselves so that they are not perpetuated.  I think it also helps to understand that when you are aggressively confronted with this mind set by corporate scientologists, you recognize that you are looking square in the eyes of fear.  Something worth remembering given the tactics of aggression and threat corporate scientologists have become adept at covering their fear with.