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Scientology Mission Network – The Stats

The latest is in from Gabriel.   He provides actual statistics of the Mission network.  The uncooked facts demonstrate that you have been reading quite a bit of truth on this blog if you have been following for a while.  Corporate Scientology, it seems, has become little more than an expensive lie production and dissemination factory.

Attached you’ll find the Mission LRH Birthday Game standings as of 11 February 2010:

Mission LRH Birthday Game Standings

Each mission in the entire SMI Network is shown on this grid.  The three columns show the missions’ scores for the week, for the quarter, and their cumulative totals for the year.

This document corroborates Mr. Rinder’s “Smoke and Mirrors” blog post.

A little math tells a big story, one that DM doesn’t want Scientologists to know.

First,  that most rudimentary of mathematical exercises, of which DM appears incapable: counting.  There are 376 missions on this list, a far cry from the 488 touted by Lesevre “from International Management” at the Birthday event a year later.

Now it gets a little more complicated, but hang with me.  While we can’t scope out the OIC’s of all of these organizations, these numbers DO tell the story if we take the time to decode them.

The way the Mission Birthday Game works is you get points based on three-week trends.  Affluence gets you three points and Normal gets you one point.  In 2010, there were approximately 22 statistics that counted for Birthday Game points.

These 22 statistics measure the success or failure of the organization in any given week, and its growth or lack thereof over time.

The way the Birthday Game works, if you were to just run a flat-line organization (Emergency Condition), with statistics fluctuating back and forth randomly but ultimately remaining level, you would score points on about half of your stats.  That is because about half your stats would be going up some while the others go down some, back and forth, etc.

Half of 22 = 11 stats scoring points.  Let’s assume that six are affluences and five are normals, counteracted by six dangers and five emergencies.  And if you scored like this every week, you’d have no growth.

That comes out to 23 points in the Birthday Game for the week.

With 22 Birthday Game stats that can score, a 23-point week = stagnation.

So here is the way to read these numbers, without being able to actually see the graphs:

66 Points = Affluence across the boards

More than 23 points =  growing

Less than 23 points = contracting

By dividing the cumulative numbers by 50 (the number of weeks into the Birthday Game we were when these standings were posted) we arrive at the average number of points scored by each mission each week throughout the game.

During the 2009 – 2010 Birthday Game, ONLY 16 MISSIONS AVERAGED OVER 23 POINTS PER WEEK.



Also, nearly 200 missions averaged only 10 points per week or less, which indicates non-existence.

I thought this might be of interest to Scientologists trying to inspect statistics as part of their Doubt formulas but unable to glean anything from DM’s flashy, exploding implant affluence graphs.