Daily Archives: December 10, 2011

Miscavige’s Idle Fraud – Taiwan

by Mike Rinder

Some of you may recall the Taiwan “Ideal Org” building, purchased by the IAS in 2005 accompanied by much fanfare and hoopla from POB himself about this being the first org in China. You may recall the CGI fly-through showing the grand lobby and the courserooms and auditing rooms.  100% smoke and mirrors.

Below are some shots taken within the last month of that building.

Not only is there still NO org, the building has sat empty since it was purchased 6 years ago.  And every year since then the IAS has paid the taxes on the building because the Mission cannot afford to pay them. Does anyone think the money they give to the IAS is being used to pay taxes on empty buildings?  Is it possible to even contemplate how much hard earned cash is flushed down the toilet in the name of POB having something to show at an event that maintains his pretense of “massive expansion”?  This huge building (far larger than what could possible be viable) was bought when the market was high for an org that did not and still does not exist (and POB personally ordered that Kaohsuing Mission was NOT eligible to be turned into an org in spite of months of work by a lot of people under Guillaume Lesevre’s direction to try to make it happen) and 6 years later they have still not even started the renovations.  It is NOT because there is a lack of available cash in the IAS.