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Drop Kick Me Through The Goalposts of Life

Heads up people!  David Miscavige has taken a giant stride toward replacing L Ron Hubbard lock, stock and barrel in Corporate Scientology.  Please see the  emailed message to the Flag OT (Operating Thetan – highest spiritual state attained in Scientology) Committee members.  It comes from a prominent member of a once wealthy family (until they ran into Corporate Scientology Jaws), Kathy Feschbach.  She has the chutzpah to promote a new IAS book containing nothing but closing addresses by Miscavige as “inspirational.”

The level of intelligence demonstrated by opinion leader members of Miscavige’s cult has slumped to around the mid double digits zone on the quotient scale.  If anyone finds what she quotes inspirational, I’ve got a less expensive alternate route recommendation for you.  That is, tune in to daytime TV game shows.  It won’t cost you a cent, and actually, the drivel coming from the automotanic hosts is far, far more intelligent and entertaining than Miscavige’s Shermanspeak.

Really, Corporate Scientologists, the world sees you as sick cult members for a reason, and it is something you exert a cause on effecting.  It is your slavish, ludicrous pimping for such an obviously sociopathic, automaton in a tuxedo.

The evidence:

Dear Flag OTC Members,Yesterday the IAS printed out in booklet form – The Closing Addresses from Chairman of the Board RTC from 2007 to 2011.When you have a chance, please come in to the AO and pick up your copy – they are very inspiring.

Here is the end of one from Maiden Voyage IAS Event 2008 – COB

If you ever dreamed of playing on a global court for the highest stakes imaginable, then your dreams have now come true, because this is that game, and you’re now on the field.  Accordingly, you must be competent and you must be committed, both as individual Scientologist and as members of the IAS collectively, because that’s the only way we’ll eventually kick one through the goal posts and straight into eternity.

Beyond all that, there may be speculation, and playing of other games, but right now we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud.  

Ml, Kathy Feshbach

I think he might have been inspired by this little ditty: