Miscavige Wants to Traffick In African Americans

I have written before about Miscavige’s disdain for and patent attempts to pander to African Americans in a bid to make his Human Trafficking operations “hip”:

Clear African Americans Convention

Funeral for a Friend – (see essay attached The Church of Scientology is Dead.)

In the referenced essay I told the story of how Miscavige announced to Scientology public in 2003 the imminent opening of what would one day be the Inglewood org:


Miscavige told the audience that Black America was considered hip, that ghetto Blacks were the trend setters in music, fashion and more. He said that made investment in the ghetto very much worth Scientology’s while. It would make Scientology hip. My stomach ached as I heard him cherry-pick Isaac’s (Hayes) secret pitch to a profit motivated management and have the arrogance to announce it to the “elite”, well-heeled followers he had carefully cultivated.

He had unilaterally decided to take on the situation in the most audacious possible manner. He announced that the Church was working on two new magnificent, “showcase” Churches: one in Harlem and the other in South Central Los Angeles. He showed the audience grandiose design plans for both. I uneasily imagined how Isaac felt about seeing Miscavige take his report, and have the temerity to talk about Black America like a thing that need be conquered for Scientology’s aggrandizement.

Miscavige withheld from the audience that he had spent the past five years personally blocking efforts by Scientology management to implement a Hubbard advised finance system that would make the subject affordable to common folk. He continues to do so to this day.

Eight years later, Miscavige finally got around to opening the Inglewood org, announced at the 2011 IAS event.   The lag in delivering what he promised alone demonstrates his lack of sense of urgency about doing anything for Inglewood – or as he put it in 2003 and again in 2011 for “Blacks”.  Multiple countries were opened from scratch and expanded into dozens of orgs in every eight year period prior to Miscavige’s coporatization and bastardization of Scientology.

What is more mind-boggling is that eight years later, and a year after I called him out on his creepy, exploition  attitude toward African Americans, his 2011 announcement is – despite his best efforts to sound propitiative – as racist, arrogant and condescending as he was in 2003.  It was inappropriate for Miscavige to speak of African Americans as “them” in 2003.   To continue to do so in 2011 exposes a person who is something far more sinister than clueless.

As far as the over-the-top shrine-to-his-God-the-physical-universe Inglewood org  goes, it is a brazen slap in the face of those it purports to serve.  What could have been done in that community for the price of Miscavige’s $15 dollar museum over the past eight years?   Who in the community it purports to serve can afford to train or be audited there?   Who in that community would trust a “church” dressed up like a Wall Street firm drunk with stolen billions?

That he wants to exploit African American culture to his own ends is not so deeply encoded in passages such as:

So, talk about a pervasive culture.  Talk about a permeating and penetrating culture.  Or to put it another way, most white folks wouldn’t have a clue what it means to be cool if it weren’t for Black America.  

Why is he even having to justify the opening of the org there for a segment of society he clearly refers to as “them” in the first place?

Make no mistake, that multi-million dollar community center serves one purpose for Miscavige, and one purpose alone. Lure a bunch of African Americans in for free events so that they can be video taped for some future event; with an over-dub by Miscavige himself talking about overwhelming acts of kindness to salvage the inner cities.  Mark my words.

If he cared about Urban Los Angeles, with the money he has spent on this glitz center he could have opened a couple hundred missions across LA over the past eight years.  As for the Idle Morgue – beyond serving as a free-service, free-fall facility for his buddy Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam followers (designed of course as a loss leader to drive more unsuspecting African Americans in to serve as extras for his event videos) it will die on the vine just like virtually every other ostentatious, gaudy Idle Morgue he has wasted parishioner donations on to date.

Inglewood residents beware of the little back stabber bearing “gifts.”

Those are my views.  I’d love to hear yours.

192 responses to “Miscavige Wants to Traffick In African Americans

  1. I just watch the video — I’m currently in a brain freeze.

    Will return later.


  2. Marty,

    The grandiose, over-hyped condescension in this performance is enough to make a cardboard cutout puke.

    Of course, as you note, the money flushed down the Staubach toilet could have done so much good. How about a SINGLE Mission being opened? Or a group in the area? This is POB personified — spend money on MEST and think you will buy acceptance.

    For all his false praise about cultural trends and the wonders of the “black” community, his actions show him to be no better than the old colonial masters of the British Empire. To soothe his conscience (more likely to soothe his concern that he would be criticized by Alfreddie Johnson for not opening the org there and Alfreddie is the main line to NOI) he gives them a “magnificent” building. It’s like the grandiose train stations they built in India and Africa — “gifts” to the people in order to “civilize” them, but really monuments to the pompous rulers bringing their “civilization” to the savages, and with their buildings, constantly reminding them who is boss. Check out that empire now — once they stopped providing any valuable exchange/trade and began substituting “rule” and domination the empire crumbled. But POB doesnt learn from history, in his arrogance, he truly believes he is creating history and there hasn’t been anyone as smart as him who has come before (including L. Ron Hubbard).

    What utter head up his ass arrogance.

  3. Where are the missions that will support this org? Did I miss something?

    As for the Community Center, what does it do for the community?
    Can the kids go there to hang out after school? NO
    Can the teens go there to play basketball when it’s cold out? NO
    A pool so the kids can learn how to swim? NO
    A daycare center for working moms? NO
    Can the seniors go play cards and visit with each other? NO
    It’s really just a big f’ing museum and not geared to servicing the community in any way.

  4. Marty, I just read your Introduction Essay for the first time. Wow!

    Though our line of work and experience has been and is very different, both inside and outside of the Church, we both came to the same conclusions and spiritually went through a similar transformation.

    What you say about Hip Hop, American history and modern political agendas, Isaac Hayes, etc., are in my opinion VERY spot on.

    I say you got plenty of acknowledgement and comments on that Essay, but I just wanted to say that though we are very different personally, we think alike in many aspects and my admiration for who you are and what you do keeps growing!

  5. Sorry, I didn’t really comment on the subject matter at hand, but what I wrote was the first thing I thought of. The compassion of one man followed by 5 minutes of POB and the only thing that stuck was what I read before I watched the 5 minutes of schizophrenic semantic diarrhea.

  6. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if that building had actually been put there by an Inglewood Org with their own reserves built up from so much delivery? I dream.
    If DM were as serious about bringing Scientology to that community he would open the doors and deliver as much free service to the community as it cost to put that gold elephant there.
    I think that any black person watching that would be insulted by DM’s ass kiss about blacks contributions to American “cool.” I wonder what Cornell West would say about that.
    More and more, DM reminds me of Citizen Kane.

  7. Pat:

    “Did I miss something?” No.

    The problem with their “Community Center” is that it MUST be used as a “dissemination” center, so POB cleverly included the FART displays and seminar/course rooms. How quick do you think word will get around the community there that if you set foot in this fake baroque palace you will be cornered to buy something? It will sit as empty as the “Community Center” at the old (empty) Tampa Org (now moved to their new 3X sized premises due to their explosive expansion).

  8. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It apparently did not resonate with a lot of folks the way it has with you. We are gonna have some interesting times when we finally meet again.

  9. I find the whole emphasis of his speech rather sad. This was an wonderful opportunity missed. The people of Inglewood have very real needs and far more pressing concerns at present than glittering chapels, VIP lounges and “our own signature gold meters”.

    The Church of Scientology had a great chance of enhancing its image in this community by just forgetting for a moment its balance sheet and offering practical help including free auditing. One can only assume that the Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center has forgotten what L Ron Hubbard wrote in 1957 in ‘Scientology: Clear Procedure – Issue One: “The work was free. Keep it so.”

    Of course any organization needs money to survive on a day to day basis, but a sensible one sees that sometimes altruism today may reap great dividends in the future. Ron knew that and well understood the balance between outflow and inflow.


  10. Could you comment on “..efforts by Scientology management to implement a Hubbard advised finance system that would make the subject affordable to common folk.”

  11. Never thought I would see the day when Scientology followed down the well traveled, cynical footpath of using the African American issue as a political football. Its been going on since the days of the slave trade and I see Miscavige is continuing the point scoring tradition and picking up where so many other users have left off.

    One of the biggest crimes of the slave trade was to deny the slaves education. That motif has been carried forward to modern times. Scientology had a real opportunity to buck that trend and do something useful. If Miscavige really wanted to help these communities he could have and would have opened up education, grief counseling and auditing centers overnight with prices affordable for that area. Another example of Miscavige squandering and destroying Scientology’s assets and opportunities.

    I was struck by the gold e-meters. Really? Is that meant to signify bling? Why?

    My roots are in a working class northern English town. If RCS opened up a couple places like that in my old neighborhood they would be eyed with utter suspicion. Seeing right through the false facade, some would see an opportunity for a little under the counter trade in second hand audio visio equipment. .

  12. I couldn’t tell the difference between the “community center” and the Org. Where are the basketball courts? How about a somewhere to play music or dance? The community center in my tiny town has two full size basketball courts, ping pong tables, a couple of meeting rooms and an activity coordinator. What is doesn’t have are indoctrination videos and over priced plastic wrapped Scientology books to sell.

    And what local religious leader would consider even visiting the VIP lounge? None.

  13. Haydn,

    “I was struck by the gold e-meters.” Me too. Nutso.

    Pondering a little further about what makes this whole thing so repulsive, I realized that this whole scene is so over the top “we got it and you don’t and so we are going to give you something that WE think is cool that you don’t need or want because we know what is good for you.”

    HEre is what really happened: Miscavige saw a picture of Lil Wayne at the Emmy’s and had a fake gold front tooth made for himself to be “cool” with the “black people.” He wears it for his meetings with the NOI. That became a motif for his new Idle Palace and hence the special gold e-meters.

  14. Thanks for the clarification, Mike.

    What you describe so well in your second paragraph is one of the most convoluted service facsimiles I have ever heard. I think you hit pay dirt with that description. This is all about make wrong, dominating and hindering the survival of others while making self right …

  15. Haydn,
    +1. The entire scripted statement was bad enough. The building was not what was needed and wanted. The instant he said and showed the “signature gold” meters, I thought WTF. His disdain for the citizens of that area are to the point he beliefs he will impress them with some gold bling. The homeless would see that as an outpoint – added inapplicable, to the stated purpose of the structure.

    The community center is really just a front name for a testing center as shown with other “ideal” org buildings. A space for seminars, group processing, book 1 co-audits, sports, etc is what would have been a good community center. The stupidity of thinking other groups from the area will want to use this “community center” which is full of your own displays promoting just a fixed viewpoint.

    Reminds me of the new management style of “evaluations.” Decide upon the handling and make up a situation and why and force the acceptance of that sit and why as reality. This community could have used a nice community center and 10 real learning centers stressing study tech and that would have helped so many people on the road to greater independence and better lives for all. Add some missions and get a real boom town.

    I know, that ideal does not match the preconceived answer that these ignorant people don’t know they need. This shows there is NO reality on the common ordinary day person, no matter what race, language or country. Suppression of a simple road out for these people is a major overt. A day of reckoning is getting closer.

  16. top of the vale

    I wonder what those gold meters will go for on the street? Cause that’s where they’ll go for all the good they will do.
    And how about that ‘photo shopped staff’ waving in front of the org with some well placed Blacks just for show in the front row?

    Reminds me of Bill Frank’s running the org in D.C. with his ‘NO N. . . ER’ policy in a city that was/is 90% Black.

    With DM’s true viewpoint in this area how long will it take before The Black Community really finds out his true back office viewpoint of the Black Community.

    Is this community center really going to spell ‘spiritual freedom’ for the Bloods and the Crips in Inglewood?
    You’re right about the lack of swimming pools and basketball courts! The event openers recently have included a lot of ‘Rap’. Chilly B etcetera! Is this so that DM’s events are now COOL?

    This blog will truly expose what little Bill Franks and DM have in common. They both needed/need to be either drunk or on drugs to occupy the same space with Blacks.

  17. The video is has a confusing ending as what seems to be a group shot of the Idle Org staff is in front of the Community Center, what ever that means. I’m assuming that the center would not need that much staff to run.

    Is that a new DM Class org not delivering the usual training of auditors and clearing people? In reality it is just another glitzy building perhaps just selling coffee and renting auditorium space to pay the rent.

  18. Tony DePhillips

    I have to admit that the facilities look impressive to me.
    But so did the Rome Idle org and all the others that largely remain empty.
    While missavage glibly speaks of the “grand opening” lots of “scientologists” are suffering financial ruin and cannot even go up the Bridge. Especially since it has been sabotaged.
    Miss Savage is the 1.1 of all 1.1’s.

  19. Jethro Bodine

    This whole thing seems totally OUT OF TOUCH with the actual conditions in an “inner city” or “hood” environment. For instance, what about the heavy GANG presence in the area? What about getting hit by a stray bullet just by being an innocent bystander? What about dealing with all the drug dealers in the area selling crack to kids? Do the most upstat drug dealers get to use the “VIP lounge” to watch Sunday football?

  20. That’s right, Mike, repulsive.

    Inglewood is populated by real people with real problems. I heard a program on troubled cities in California recently. You have about twice the chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Inglewood than in California on average (that average which was set way askew by only 3 cities: Inglewood, Oakland and Stockton). There are about 1/3 more people living below poverty level than in California on average; there are more than twice as many old people in Inglewood below the poverty level than in California on average. All in all, the population of Inglewood need serious help. So what do they get? Some self-absorbed, gaudy, showy bullshit building full of nice furniture probably all made by slaves (ha!) at PAC mill.

    Additionally, black Americans set the trends in fashion, hairstyle, music and sports because they rebel against the establishment. The building they got is done in the worst traditions of the establishment: posh, pompous, wastefully expensive, soulless but with a lot of audio-visual equipment to limit live human communication in full conformance with the times.

    What they needed to start with is an outreach program operating from some EXISTING Boys/Girls club or YMCA or community center with steel-solid lines to EXISTING police and churches programs, integrating with extensive TWTH program and live Scientologists going actively into the community, distributing TWTH, pushing the current police strategy of getting the community involved and creating a zero crime tolerance non-violent environment, conducting TWTH and PTS/SP very basic seminars and occasional Dianetics Seminars and Therapeutic TRs course. Something like that. Then opening a normal looking mission, staffed by humans instead of TV screens would be the next step. That’s how I would approach it. That would revert the entire city stats in a year. It is a relatively small city, would probably take less than a year to handle if anybody at Int or in LA were interested.

  21. Tony, the facilities look impressive but would the locals find them appealing enough to visit? Would they feel comfortable? In other words, do the facilities match the havingness level of one of the poorest cities in California? Does the posh, AV saturated decor match the rebellious nature of Afro-American coolness? I am not even talking about the criminally exorbitant expense of creating such a facility in a poor place where money and effort could be spent a hell of a lot more responsibly. This retarded King Dave and his zombies just piss me off.

  22. My questions is who is going to staff these two “centers”.

    If you know LA, you know these are rough neighborhoods. Who is going to commute every morning through LA traffic to Inglewood? For 21/2 – 5 years?

    They have enough trouble staffing the Pasadena Org in plush Old Town Pasadena.

    Did they get a bunch of SO for that photo in front of the Inglewood Org? All to be bussed back to the Complex after the photo shoot.


  23. Freakin implant center more like it. I’d like to see a group of homies show up to hang out. The contrast between Miscaviges cold calculating reptilian qualities make it hard to even envision any soul running down those halls.
    This IS NOT a community centre in any sense of the word. If I still lived in LA I’d love to stand right in front of that ugly looking bank of a building and just survey the neighbourhood. Bet I’d get an earful. What an asshole.

  24. You know I grew up in a mostly black neighborhood in Detroit and I can tell you right now that this whole discussion might have missed the forest because of the trees.

    Just like opening up an “Org catering to the needs of Swedes in Minnisota” would piss off the Swedes more than anything, this Inglewood Org has got to piss off the Afro-American community completely and they will stay away in droves because of it. This is because opening an org to “cater to blacks” is just more discrimination. “Black” people are people. They go to the same orgs we go to, not “their own”. This is like having “Colored Only” bathrooms in Macon Georgia.

    I mean there aren’t going to be Chicano Orgs in LA and there aren’t going to be “Dego orgs” in New York so why would there be a “Black Org” in the LA area??. Oh man, his hatred of “black” people is just shining through on this one.

    It’s fine to open an org in Inglewood. Just make it the same as any other org and without the “Bling Meters” for Christ’s sake. Treating “Blacks” differently is saying that they are different. This is the lie and the whole engram they went through in the South.

    ML Tom

  25. Mother of Grendel

    How far up his ass does PoB have to insert his head before he chokes on his own shit? And how much Kool Aid must the OT Asses consume to buy any of this crap? I’m less amazed at what PoB sells than that there is anyone left to buy it.

  26. Tony DePhillips

    I see what you mean Michael.
    Maybe it is a bit too much, but I do think that people in that area would utilize those facilities. If all the other out-points didn’t exist I think the facilities would work.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Separate but equal – 130 years behind the times.

  28. You certainly have good reason to feel affronted, Marty.
    It is sick the role Miscavige plays.
    It is hard for me to imagine you doing “good roads and fair weather” handling with Miscavige.
    So, kick ass.:)

  29. OK. There is just so much here, I don’t think I can hope to describe how off base this all is. First, I find the whole idea of “white people not knowing how to be cool if it weren’t for Black America” concept really offensive. David Miscavige may not be a racist, but again he is clearly OUT OF TOUCH. Culture envy? He clearly has biases and it is clear that he views the community through what he sees on TV and media. Black America is cool! “They” are good at music and fashion. He would also probably feel that “they” are good at sports. It is such a narrow and clearly biased viewpoint. I can’t tell you how damaging this is for people – to be defined in such a manner. I have to question my own biases on a daily basis and work to not define people by how they look or the body they have, so David is not alone here. However, no one is calling him on it and it is just plain embarrassing. To offer this community a gilded cage to lure them into Scientology, apparently in an effort to make Scientology “cool” is just such an embarrassment. I shudder to think what kind of org he would come up with for the LGBT community.

  30. Me too! Watched it twice and couldn’t get past the first two sentences without going into a complete daze. It’s fast-flowing words thrown at you without any sense of meaning. The only time it stops is when you hear Miscavige take a panting deep breath and then it’s back to the onslaught. Very discomforting. Very insane.
    I don’t have any idea what he is talking about.

  31. Big fancy buildings have big expensive running costs. If you stay in a fancy hotel, you expect to pay high prices. Only affluent people stay in such places. That’s how the costs to purchase and maintain such buildings are covered.
    The only reason Miscavige has to ‘invest’ in a big fancy building is for the same reason any corporate entity would do so: To keep swanky paying customers in and the worthless riff raff out (unless they can be used for a good photo op).
    That’s what I get out of it Marty – although I could have been thrown off somewhat by the fact that 90% of it was completely non-sequitur .

  32. I believe what we are witnessing is the ending cycle of something other than the more traditional method of a body dying.
    All groups, governments, countries come to pass over time and how they end is not really the question, it is why they end. DM is just another example of how one person can gain control by treasonous acts and then have their personal goals enforced into a system so completely autonomous it is blind to see its own demise looming on the horizon.
    Somewhere I think Hubbard wrote that the lack of a Qualifications Division in a groug will eventually bring it down no matter how powerful the organisation.
    The fact that Scientology now has someone like Miscavige in control is tragic and is one of the greatest crimes in the history of life. His bizarre and well concealed evil is finally coming to light but his damage has been broad.
    Yet it is the actions and good intentions of a few individuals who can rise above the effects of maniacs like Miscavige that give hope and a path for other such hardy souls until they too can stand independant of the insanities.
    I loved the quote of Mahatma Gandhi that “You may be a minority of one, but the truth is still the truth.”
    Scientology technology fundamentally returns self determinsim to the individual, what you do with self determinsim is a good question.

  33. He wears a fake gold front tooth-whaaaaaat!!??

  34. Well, alright. Hopefully, somebody will come along who’d turn this building into a real asset to local humanity.

  35. Now we know there are sadists and masochists in the world. But it’s not socially acceptable.So they suppress their natural tendency. But if you create a situation where it is socially acceptable then these people are in “hog heaven”. They can dramatize their predilection and justify it for some lofty purpose.

  36. Micheal – I posted that as a reply to your comment. I agree. The people of Inglewood (the people of any State or nation for that matter) need real help – not fancy buildings.

  37. “Them” must be sooo proud that David Miscavige has come to saves “Them”. Maybes David is hoping that they will make him look ‘cool’.

    David Miscagive is too far out of touch with reality, and his fellow man.

  38. I always thought it was Norwegians that brought hip to the white race-well, what do I know.

  39. I would be insulted.
    It translates to:
    “Yeah. ‘Blacks’ – Don’t know much about ‘them’ – but they think they’re kid of ‘cool’ don’t they?”
    It’s really bad public relations not to study up on the culture and background of a group of people before you decide to make them the central theme of your campaign. Otherwise you come off looking fake and desperate (and kiss ass).

  40. Pat, my thoughts exactly. This little man has done nothing to be part of what is really going on in the world. He is an arrogant piece of shit. I will bet those contributing to this will not even question what is really going on here.

  41. Yes and if DM wanted only the swanky paying customers, he could have invited all 9 of them for lunch and save a couple of million dollars for some real Scientology.

  42. Mike, are you serious about the gold tooth? I know your sense of humor, and… well. This is the most comical thing I have heard about POB, and that includes the copper rods!

  43. As far as “differences” between blacks and whites is concerned, I have observed that black people from different parts of the world are quite different in their attitudes and behaviors. From the U.S. we get a mix but an awful lot are still in the suppressed mode of actually thinking they are lesser and trying to prove they are not. Many have escaped this old way of thinking. From the Bahamas, we have blacks who know they are great people and sometimes look at you with scorn because you are kind of dumb in the ways of the world. From the Ivory Coast we have blacks who are very French in their viewpoints. In Zimbabwe we have blacks who want to take everything away from someone else, we have blacks who just wanted to keep their jobs on the plantations but were dispossessed by the others… And on and on.
    Now look at the types of white people or Asian people around the world and you will probably find as much variety in attitude, circumstance, way of living, etc.
    In other words, trying to decide for another group what their “buttons” etc. should be is pretty chancey. And I think most groups around the world would resent you for telling them how good you are going to be to them based on the needs YOU perceive they have. The Christian missionaries had plenty of trouble with that all through the ages. LOL

  44. The thing that struck me was the murals of images of Jazz and other cultural references – with the Dianetics symbol on one side, and the Scientology symbol on the other.

    Mr. David Miscavige is going to turn these symbols into symbols as reviled as the swastika the way he is going.

  45. Remember the video of Izzy Chait talking about Inglewood with you at the airport. A reposting of that with this post would show Izzy’s Jewish slang terms for African Americans and what the general sentiment of “that ilk” really is toward projects like this. They feel superior. It’s complete arrogance.

  46. GH — just speculation, no evidence to support it…

  47. The core principle of Scientology is that we are spiritual beings, not bodies, with the follow-on that we have been around for quite a while in a number of existences and circumstances. This is a very liberating point of view, for none of us are fundamentally of a certain race or even sex. None of us are fundamentally US vs. some other fundamental THEM. We are all beings in this together.

    This has been abused by the completely unscrupulous – kids who have “trillions of years of experience” being put on jobs they are not ready for this lifetime, and, of course, abortion as a tool since, hey, it is just a body.

    But, it is also very empowering. In the ’70s when Women’s Liberation was in full swing, the strongest women executives I knew were Scientology staff.

    The realization that we are beings and not a “race” has been liberating as well – we are, as I said, all in this together, and there is no exclusion. Some of us have “white” bodies, some “black”, and some of us are “creamy” and some “mocha.” At core, we are static.

    Diversity as a subject is currently used to indicate diversity of social groupings, but to be real, diversity should mean diversity of individuals. We are all individually unique, and have unique viewpoints and unique contributions. This lifetime we may be The Man – big and white, but next time? A farmer in Equador? A singer in a cabaret? A Chai-walla in India? Whatever game we play, Scientology fits because it is fundamental to all these valences and roles.

    To have POB do this – this is ridiculous. This is an abomination. It is cynical, and completely ineffective. The gold meters are insane. What are these people thinking?

  48. Exactly right. What a complete farce.

  49. I cracked up loud and long when I saw the bit about “signature gold e-meters”. Anyone who’s tried to use the metallic meters offered by Gold finds out in about 12 seconds that they show fingerprints and smudging noticeably. They require constant cleaning and polishing to “pass inspection”. That’s why the metallic meters almost always show up in a glass case in the reception area of some OT VIII’s business. They’re useless for actual auditing, but great for making money from a “donation”.

    But maybe I’m ranting about the fingerprints and smudges unnecessarily. It’s pretty obvious to me that no one will actually be USING the meters. They’re just showpieces.

  50. Uh yeah and actually, you don’t call them “blacks” either. They’re African Americans.
    The guy hasn’t a fucking clue.
    Hook up with the people who are trying to revamp the education system in the L.A. area, provide professional teachers who give a shit. Summer learning programs, after school tutoring and fun programs…there’s a whole slew of real activities those millions $$$$ could supply.

  51. Tom, having lived in a community adjacent to Inglewood for 30 years, it seems to me that a flashy org and meeting-room-laden community center is meant to impress leaders in the Inglewood community, not the community itself.

  52. Don’t you get it?
    He’s talking about bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla…..bla bla….bla bla bla and then some….. Exactly the same fairy tales he has been preaching from the media pulpit for decennia, never changed a single iota. Next speech will be bla bla bla bla bla bla, just for variety and to communicate on the same level as his sheeple.

  53. If Sam can’t make sense of it, I’m doomed. So, thank you Sam. I’m not watching that bullshit. I’m pissed enough just reading comments of what he said. That arrogant fucking asshole.
    WTF does he know about educating anybody for survival in the real world?
    He’s been busy squashing the desire for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment in every thetan he possibly can. And enforcing the death of any new bodies he possibly can, before a thetan can even get to it.

  54. Utter Nonsense;
    That he talks about that the black race is superior to the white race is just to please the leaders of NOI as their gospel is that the black race is the choosen and superior race.
    Also he never listened to Music of Beethoven, Mozart, the Beatles or Qeens. Neither has he ever been in Milano or Paris to see the newest fashion creations and trends. And the people that injected coolness into our society are the Italians, the Irish and the Scotts !
    One could go on for days fabricating such nonsense ideas.
    It seems he is fixed on mest (bodies) and thinks people are mest, black, yellow or red people
    Fortunatly Scientology doesn’t handle bodies. We are auditing thetans !
    I never have seen a black neither a white Thetan.
    Scientology is handling the spiritual being !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    His whole speech has nothing to do with Scientology but is just some weird ideas of a man gone mad.

  55. This is SO wrong on SO many levels.

    First off, i somehow missed your earlier posts on the African American convention and I think you are spot on with your observations.

    But this whole thing reeks with a condecending attitude that I find offensive. If it is so cool to be African American then WHY now are you setting up a facility for “them” after how many years of Scn’s existence? If they are so hip why are there virtually NO people of color in Int management and your personal circles? DM – at the end of the
    day you are not fooling anyone. You are so clearly bigoted. Your Inglewood org is nothing about really helping a community- it is a PR smokescreen to show how much the CO$ “cares” for “them”. I am sure you are grabbing up staff members who were instrumental in utilzing LRH tech in the community – the likes of Frank Zurn, Rev Alfreddie et all who went in with true intent and desire to uplift this community and playing upon their help buttons to forward and give credibility to your self-promoting PR campaign. But make no mistake DM is a bigot. Just like the many white racists who will help people of color as long as they are kept “over there”.

    And his commentary about how the “black culture” permeates society just demonstrates his lack of knowledge and social ignorance. What aspect of socio-economic African American, Jamaican or Haitian cultures is he referring to specifically? He is talking about ghetto brothers? Is that what permeates society? What about the gentility and religious southern African American society that sprung the likes of trailblazers such as Dr Martin Luther King? His generalities and flash (figgin gold meters- gimme a break!) just mock the true richness and value
    of African Americans. That’s what I think.

  56. “I shudder to think what kind of org he would come up with for the LGBT community.”

    That will happen on the day hell reaches 31 degrees. Dave openly hates gay people with a passion; he makes no secret of it in conversation. You would be shocked to hear the way he describes homosexuals. On that front he’s probably the most bigoted person I’ve ever come across.

    I’ve heard a lot of speculation as to why, but the phrase “Methinks thou doth protest too much” comes to mind…

  57. Implant center rings a bell. It looks so much like those I’ve run into so many times unknowingly. Almost like I never learned.

  58. +1 Exactly it, Tom.

  59. Mike, you are joking about the tooth, right?

  60. Michael Fairman

    Exactly. The mural behind the reception desk of the “Center” depicting “Black Culture” has a sax player, singer, violinist and, and I guess, chorus of singers. What about the giants of Black culture??? King, Marshall, Douglass, B.T. Washington, White, Baldwin,Parks, and on and on???. No just music. Could it be because in Miscavige’s eyes African Americans, or Africans in general all “got rhythm”? What a sickening display of narrow-mindedness, elitism, lack of knowledge, pomposity and just plain old stupidity!

  61. PS. Abortion is a huge problem in the African American poor population, meaning a sort of genocide is being enforced on them by it. So that is actually where David Miscavige’s reality may lie.

  62. “Uplifted at last! Uplifted at last! Thank God Almighty, I’m uplifted at last!” — apologies to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    (Does the Church have any technology to “uplift a neighborhood”? Or is it accomplished by uplifting individuals? Seems to me that the process of freeing individuals was entirely omitted in this Inglewood Org presentation.)

  63. martyrathbun09

    Good eye Michael

  64. martyrathbun09

    Great post.

  65. Yeah. How about adding Nelson Mandela to the mural? – just for starters.

  66. Michael Fairman

    No Ingrid, it was us hip-hoppin’ Jewish folk.

  67. Tom Gallagher

    Watching this video all I see is a lunatic dressed up like a penguin. About the same height too.

  68. Notice he has a different agenda for the black community? Way to Happiness and tutoring? Of all the blunders….. Makes me wanna holler.

  69. POT,
    I think these are just regular gold colored, painted meters similar to the red FSO editions, Orange OC editions etc. and not the gold plated special numbered editions which cost $10K, some years ago.

    The Utra Mark VIII meters are still sitting on the shelves for years though, not sure if DM is formulating a Golden Age of Warehouse in order to release them!

  70. By the way, David Miscavige is a trigger happy policman.

  71. Why didn’t DM put the f^&(#$g SUPER POWER BUILDING there instead of a “Community Center to Implement “social programs” (Baby books and tutors to help people get through it) ?

  72. Everybody knows that the poorest people love to hang out in glitzy spaces full of the most expensive luxuries that so totally fit their havingness. The hood will love it as well: no need to go up town for the loot!

  73. Davey must have seen that video!

  74. Where’s the f%#@*%g L’s HGC?

  75. These new “centers” “strategically placed” for Miscavige “world domination” are getting more bizarre and obvious. This one in “Inglewood” targeting (literally) the “cool folk” is First Class Contrived & Manipulated …smacks of CHEESE on a MOUSE TRAP! Starting with that gawdy mosaic in the reception area that is supposed to pander (“build (fake) Reality”) to “cool folk”.

    Sincerity is not only out the window with the “Scientology Church” Operation, it is sucking for blood so hard we can hear the cold whistle of parasitism. Officially INVERTED.

  76. Tony DePhillips


  77. DM does not believe in Bridge flow – Missions to Orgs to AO/SHs to Flag to Freewinds concept, made very obvious by heavily promoting grades at Flag.
    Perhaps the community centers are some kind of a substitute, supposedly feeding people interested from ABLE, TWTH etc. activities into the org.

  78. MISCAVIGE Narrates
    “As is now a signature in all our Ideal Orgs, the themed mural reflects the surrounding culture of this community”
    :::shudder::: the targeting manipulation on trusting souls narrows in.
    BAIT them with Fake, Contrived Reality.

    (4:46) MISCAVIGE Narrates (droning)
    “And as you can see, Academy theory and practical reflects the same DEAD serious intent.”

    No kidding!! dead is right…

    MISCAVIGE Narrates (droning continues to lay in his implant)
    “…Meaning, these communities require auditors in abundance…”

    Say what? Don’t all communities benefit from auditors in abundance? He betrays his own condescension.

  79. Well I could only manage 2 minutes of the video, but what I realised with this series on the IAS event is that nothing, sadly, surprises me any more about this cat, “Captain” Misc. And, depressing as all this info is, it IS necessary to keep this data line going. To me anyway it’s important to remember that every single day some one, somewhere, has had the courage to find their way to this blog, or Steve’s site, or Friends of LRH or savescientology. It’s well known and proven that this blog reaches more people than the entire scientology.org implant site, and who knows how many lives have already been salvaged? How many have already moved on up a little higher? I reckon it’s in the thousands – but even if it was only half a dozen it’s energy well expended and time well spent. IMHO.

  80. He might really need one one day – now wouldn’t that be irony.

  81. I’m on L11 and see no reason to run a “can’t have” with these simple , elementary , conversations. This is BULLSHIT! THIS is what needs to be happening at STREET LEVEL! NOT the BABY BOOKS! UNDERESTIMATED and it is reflected in DM’s condescending street offering. BLIND! DEAF! DENSE! Time for some RIGHT ITEMS on this list!

  82. Where was that quote from LRH about a person walking by a fancy building then going in to check it out then ZAP the person is knocked out and implanted? It goes to show that little dave does read some LRH. What a POS!!!!

  83. Many have had that thought I suspect. I referenced a clip from American Beauty the other day showing self-loathing Col Frank Fitts who, having beaten the crap out of his own son for possible gay activity then makes a move on Lester Burnham. DM’s well documented foul-mouthed rants to Guillaume and Marc Yaeger about their supposed “relationship” documented elsewhere on this blog came right to mind.

    Also makes you wonder, just how much does DM really hate himself?

  84. Sam,
    I started out in the much less fancy buildings and got great gains-there seems to be a correlation between fancy and gains stopping in the RCS. dm exchanged theta for MEST.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Good eye

  86. Might I ask who is moding and filtering at this excact moment ?

    Your’s sincerly, Niels Martens

  87. LO, good comments.
    I cannot speak first hand on what the church is doing with the rest of the tech but i can see that survey tech has been totally abandoned.
    Money would have been better spent on some missions and community support for job training and soup kitchens and other real life needs.
    In Egypt one sees the Islamic Brotherhood winning the day at the polls because of their community work. BE-DO-HAVE.
    In Pat’s earlier post she listed all the things that matter that this community center does not address. These facilities are grossly self-serving.
    Black america teaching white america how to be cool as their highest contribution and the reason to get them on board is just not worth commenting about.

  88. Good point. That mural targeting “African Americans” is pure CHEESE.

    In the video, the oily David Miscavige describes it: “a signature in all our Ideal Orgs, the themed mural reflects the surrounding culture of this community”

    What next, garlic and tomato sauce for Italians! LOLOL!

    A cardboard man, a cardboard understanding … that is the way of David Miscavige’s Self Importance Institution”

  89. martyrathbun09

    Me. Your video of the NOI guy without some context could and would be misinterpreted by many.

  90. Yup. Plus, a mural showing the great leaders mentioned above would ratchet Miscavige’s thong even tighter; he would have to see LRH as one of them … and Miscavige just can’t quite seem to bear that.

  91. Mike Rinder
    Miscavige hypocrisy:::::

    Here’s Jesse Prince reporting racial slurs on his color directly from Miscavige on a Radio show.
    JP [Jesse Prince]: You know, and it’s also ironic that they would target the African-American community because the current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, is a racist, a racist in extremis, as well as his South African companion, Norman Starkey. I was the only African-American that I know of that ever achieved a high position within Scientology. And even then, I was continually subjected to racial slurs by David Miscavige and, um, Norman Starkey to the point where we nearly came to blows about it.

    HOST: What kind of racial slurs?

    JP: “Nigger”, “dumb nigger”, this kind of—constantly.

  92. 😆 Sinar – Golden Age of Warehouse! That’s where this creep lives.

  93. Because baby books are a band aid and they don’t deliver the horsepower juice. The impostor “Church” uses just enough real Scientology imixed in to keep people coming in (because they have wins from it). But when it comes to delivery of the big boosts… the HGC, the Life Repairs, Grades, OT levels etc …. aren’t the results the biggest no-no’s in Miscavige’s personal nightmare? NON OBEDIENT (no robots) beings who can observe and evaluate and determine and create?

    Of course, if Miscavige’s personality/spiritual profile is in fact what all his actions and behavior point to, then —> he will not in a gazillion years admit it because he would believe beyond any doubt that he is doing the right thing. That is what is most chilling about real evil. .

    The David Miscavige “ecclesiastical leader” schtick uses a little bit of baby Scientology because even a little bit gets people so excited.

    Think about it. The Miscavige ordered Sceintology-Institution spun calumny blogs, the stalking, the harassment tactics … these things Miscavige employs against artists and powerhouse former executives is slam-dunk evidence he is terrified of of free culture, free beings, BIG beings.
    Creative big beings ….? Nothing will make evil spring sweat like bullets faster.

  94. Marty, what a serving of common sense from you again. Thanks! 🙂

  95. +1000000 Grasshopper!

  96. I stand down and you are absolutely right Marty.

    I was franticly searching for the video of the fellow that was trying to bullbait Anonsparrow in submission but settled for seconded best. It just shows I have to keep up quality and not settle for second best.

    You keep excellent quality controln Marty.

    You keep this Cat sharp.

  97. Please post this

    God I am such a looser sometimes. 😉

    I love you all

  98. Misha for Mayor! Excellent approach, Misha.

  99. I’m a Jazz fanatic and jazz is no doubt America’s greatest cultural contribution to the world, being the most uptone music as well as a meeting point for European and African rhythyms (my opinion after thousands of hours listening to Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, etc). It has largely (but certainly not exclusively) been a creation of Black Americans. I’ve spent enough time in Italy where I can make an arguement that the Italians may be the “greatest” of all cultures in world history (considering science, painting, music, religion, architecture, etc). But I’ve also spent a lot of time in Ireland, England and throughout Asia. Let’s not forget the contributions of the Jews and the Arabs.

    African, Asian, Irish, Jew, Italian ….. and if I keep going, I know I’m still gonna leave out a lot of ethnics groups and their accomplishments (and “Asian” by the way is almost like saying “human”, there are lots of subsets in Asia from India to Japan and every country in between …. and there ain’t even ONE India, believe me).

    This is the great diversity of our planet and one of the things that makes it so much fun really. Singling out ethnic groups to “appeal to”? That completely misses the boat, friends (besides being racist in nature). Scientology missed the boat years and years ago in appealing to the great majority of people on Earth when it focused on charging large amounts of money for religion. That, by the way, is NOT the way Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity or Islam spread like wild fire way before there was ever such a thing as a printing press. Of course all those religions did ask for mest from its members and built many beautiful structures which can still be seen throughout the world today. But they were all extremely eager for people to fully participate, money or no money. But Scientology went for “customers.” And so now has had a Mafia Don type running it for 30 years. Best estimates are about 30,000 or so active IAS members in the whole world. Not so many. BUT I don’t think Miscavige is that concerned about that. Do the math on an average of $10,000 a year times 30,000. And that’s a low estimate of money per person annually (all courses, auditing, IAS contributions, 6 month checks, accomadations, etc). Geez, the COS could shrink to 10,000 or 5,000 even and Miscavige&Co would still be taking in a mint each year to add to the coffers and real estate holdings. I understand that Ron needed money to establish Scientology. Unfortunately, it’s now a money making racket. Frankly, I think Black Americans, as well as all OTHER Americans are just gonna be too smart too smart to get involved in it. Give up your money AND your self determinism! What a deal! Scientology will spread widely the day that it delivers to people spiritual enlightenment not based on their ethnic or racial background or the size of their bank account.

  100. Ingrid,

    They did if lutefisk is your definition of hip. Oh, wait… was that the Swedes? 🙂

  101. Miscavage was brought up by Scierntology parents in isolation from the world as it is.
    To evaluate the situation requires an undestanding of how things were before Miscavage.
    Scientologists were individuated and LRH used the term “Wog” to describe non-Scientologists.
    I see Marty placing all the blame etc. on Miscavage but Miscavage is just the goon that walked in at the right time. If he hadn’t been there then Broeker might well have taken over and perhaps things would have been even crazier. Or Mayo could have taken over and we’d all be indoctrinated into the Zen of windsurfing.
    I consider it disrespecful of LRH to suggest that another is the “who”.
    I never met a man comparable to LRH. If he were here today then I think he would look over the scene and evaluate what he did wrong, take responsibilty for that and detail a handling.
    All this focussing of attention on DM just feeds his craving for attention.
    For a being that low on the tone scale, any attention is better than no attention and even attacks against him feed his depraved craving.

    I have read the tech volumes through a couple of times and seen that LRH would admit mistakes and just carry on.

    Miscavage really does not deserve this much attention. He is the carrion feeding on the corpse he has made of LRH’s creation.

    There is nothing remotely comparable to Scientology on this planet.

    When I audit people I see remarkable changes.

    Let us put Miscavage on ignore and get on with applying LRH tech.

    Let him have the buildings and the money. We have the tech.

    I have carefully gone over the Solo NOTs checksheet of 1983 and compared it to write ups of what is currently being delivered.
    There are a couple of small improvements and a lot of added inapplicable garbage in the current version. The garbage is enough to ensure that no-one could get anywhere close to OT with Solo Nots.

    DM wants to make sure that no-one could possibly become more powerful than himself. Destroying the tech is a requisite for that.

    But we have the tech and the 1983 Solo Nots is floating around and available to all.

  102. The fact is that if the Dwarf really wanted to help the Inglewood community he would have opened a store front center and charged $1 for any service. In other words, give it away for free to get the tech into the hands of the community. The problem is that the Dwarf has no workable tech so he has nothing to give, free or otherwise.

  103. First hand, should hit the LOOK, SEE , REPORT BACK WHAYOU SEE MARK

    burrry me if I am wrong

  104. one of those who see

    This is ridiculous. Opening up palaces in Inglewood. For what? It’s like Valentino or Ralph Lauren opening up a store there. Except most dresses at Valentino or Ralph Lauren are more affordable than an intensive at DM’s Church! People who are still in – really if you are not banging your head against a wall , I don’t understand you.
    Groups and missions, learning centers would be great. Lots of co -auditing going on. VM’s going in to help with various programs. Way to Happiness Clubs etc.. would be great.
    And I don’t like this singling out of African-Americans. It’s creepy. Got a racist feel to it. Communities are all different and you just need to be in ARC with the people there.

    Also, just for info. Here are the demographics of Inglewood as of 2010:
    The 2010 United States Census[23] reported that Inglewood had a population of 109,673. The population density was 12,062.1 people per square mile (4,657.2/km²). The racial makeup of Inglewood was 25,562 (23.3%) White, 48,164 (43.9%) African American, 751 (0.7%) Native American, 1,484 (1.4%) Asian, 350 (0.3%) Pacific Islander, 28,860 (26.3%) from other races, and 4,502 (4.1%) from two or more races. There were 55,449 people classifying themselves as Hispanic or Latino — 50.6% of the population.

  105. one of those who see

    Not having to sit through DM events….priceless! Really, persistent F/N type stuff!

  106. On March 12, 2004 I left the Int base, stopped for gas at the AM/PM at State Street and Ramona Expressway, about a mile down the road from the Int base. A lot was going through my mind. I drove east on I-10 across California and into Arizona and from there into New Mexico. I crossed the border into El Paso, Texas about 6:30 AM, just as the sun was coming up. And I kept going. I wanted to put as much distance between me and that hell hole as fast as I could. So I didn’t stop for sleep or even food until 6 PM the next day when I arrived in Odessa.

    I saw a lot of country. A lot of towns. A lot of cars. A lot of people. And not one damned trace of anything Scientology from the Int base all the way to Dallas. (And I never saw a trace of anything “Scientology” at the Int base either for that matter.) Mile after mile after mile, there isn’t a shred of anything Scientology. Not a sign. Not a word. Not an org. Miscavige is a Total Failure. His organization is not even up to the condition of Non-Existence.

  107. Shouldn’t that be baa baa baa then?

  108. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………Wha…what? What was that????’

  109. Lutefisk is a mutual insanity among the Scandinavians.

  110. mark mckinstry


    Spot on.

    It’s like handing the keys to a Porsche over to your 16 year old, with no hatting on how to drive. The underlying message is “don’t scratch it or mess it up” or there will be hell to pay. “Look what I have done for you”.

    It’s actually more about serving the needs/ego of the person giving the “gift” than what is needed/wanted by the people receiving it.

    All window dressing.. no substance.

    Now its up to the folks on the ground to figure out how to buy gas, pay the outrageous insurance, etc. I am glad I don’t work in CLO WUS with the orders to make it all work so as not to upset COB.

    A complete waste of time and money.


  111. Thank you, Dan, for your vote! Chicken in every pot and everybody gets their ruds flown once a week!

  112. I’m sure DM is afraid of African Americans enough as is. The last thing he probably wants to do is empower them with something that will make them stronger and more able.

    DM probably really can’t see that body color just doesn’t matter.

    And, of course, neither does height. But, I’d wager that it’s a factor in his entire hatred of Martians and FBI agents.

  113. Just a sideline… but not to forget that David Miscavige’s concept of the “Ideal Advanced Org” in Canada is a “retreat in the woods”. Besides being another totally useless edifice that is in the middle of nowhere, it also points to DM’s view of Canadians.

    The fact is that DM is prejudiced toward EVERYONE. He is not in Present Time, so of course he relies on having “preconceived” viewpoints.

    As was pointed out earlier, he has no idea at all about “what is needed and wanted”. He assuredly considers himself above all that.

    What people need, in his opinion, is what he will give them, and if they don’t like it, they are simply “counter intentioned SPs”.

    I can hear him yelling…. ” I don’t give a rat’s ass what THEY think…I do not have the time or the interest in “finding out what THEY think”. They will think what I tell them to think, and do what I tell them to do, and have what I decide to give them, and if they have any other ideas on the matter they are simply ungrateful c- -k sucking SPs. End of discussion!!!. Now get your sorry ass out there and make it happen you…… @*&&%$^# #%$@….


    Eric S

  114. Not normal Norwegians perhaps.

    If I remember correctly it was boatloads of barbaric rapers and pillagers, (or beserkers ),… (the “hip” of Norway at the time I suppose), that brought their “culture” to the world by force.
    (Berserkers (or berserks) were Norse warriors who are reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk.)

    Not totally unlike “David Miscavige and his Flying Butt Monkeys”, in some respects.

    Eric S

  115. Miscavige is a patronising prat. But that would be giving him credit.
    He’s got a ton of money to spend but hasn’t got two brain cells to rub together: no survey, no Volunteer Ministers on the groung, no pilot programme, no mission to see how the land lies, no connection with local people, no paperback campaign, no presence in the local community, no local leader to head up a dissemination strategy, no contact with city hall or educational or social groups. In fact no gradient approach at all. So far so good – if we were talking about a fool.
    But I fancy the root is more sinister, and that is, his effort to ridicule Scientology.
    By appearing to promote LRH technology he is in fact bringing the whole subject into disrepute with this farcical display of MEST superiority and play on symbols.
    Truth is, miscavige doesn’t have the OT’s to man up his implant stations, and he knows Inglewood is doomed from the start.
    Maybe he hankers for the Nobel Peace Prize, or an Academy Award, or the Pulitzer, or maybe just for someone to ack him.

  116. Ugh. “Fashion, music, you name it…” Might as well have added basketball, tap dancing, and fried chicken cookery. What a racist moron. And he probably thought he was paying African-Americans a compliment.

  117. one of those who see

    Hi Ralph, Point well taken. I appreciate your comments because you have been Independent through both exoduses.
    I read many of the newsletters you have on your site. Listened to David Mayo’s talks. It seemed that most AAC people and other Indies were very interested in keeping the tech standard back in the day, including David. I found the AAC journals and his talks really sane and theta. And it seemed like the Indie movement was growing very quickly.
    I have some questions:
    What exactly caused the AACs to close?
    If people were free back in the 80’s to deliver straight Scientology, do you think that would have prevented the squirreling?

    It seemed that the emphasis back in the 80’s was on delivery and somewhat ignoring the Church which they thought was going under anyway.
    But the movement eventually failed with many exceptions like yourself. Is it possible that the change in operating basis that Marty and others are engaged in is a good idea? Meaning, keep delivering. Don’t open huge centers which would be targets until it is safe to deliver outside the Church. Expose and take out the Who – the SP with the goal of the elimination of enforced disconnection and freedom for all who want to deliver and take services outside the Church. What do you think?

  118. Theo Sismanides

    Just came to my mind that the President of the US is an African American! Is this just a coincidence that Inglewood org opens us NOW? I don’t think so… So DM wants to please the African American President for one thing. And then I will agree on your points Marty about how far away he is from Real Life.

    There is no reason for such extravagance… come on Scientologists… are u all blinded by the High Priesthood?

    What this building has to do with a place which as i hear is so poor and down trodden. 20 missions yes…. This is correct action. But it would take real Scientology to do that. And the people left alone to create, create, create… there is no creation anymore in Scientology. Everything is so made up and robotic.

    That building gives me allergies… i prefer the humble Academy in my old mission in Athens where i started Scientology. But they couldn’t make 20 missions there. This is the amount of effort needed and wanted. Not that Ideal Morgue.

  119. Well, he certainly can twist the facts….I am from Inglewood, so have a little bit of a perspective on what he is saying…

    #1 – Where the building is is NOT in the center of downtown Inglewood. Even an elderly relative of mine who still lives in Inglewood wondered why they put it in a part of town with little foot traffic. Yes, Market Street itself runs through downtown Inglewood, but that building is not centrally located.

    #2 – He misrepresents The Forum. And while the Forum USED to be the home of the LA Lakers and The Kings, it has not been since 1999. From 2000 – 2010 the Forum building was owned by the Faithful Central Bible Church and could be rented out. All the big sporting events and concerts shuffled over to the Staples Center. It appears to be up for grabs now, but it is NOT what it used to be AT ALL.

    #3 – He ignores the fact that Inglewood is composed of 50.6% Hispanics, 23% Whites, 43.9% Blacks and other ethnic backgrounds comprising the rest. He just ignores the fact that the majority is of Hispanic background.

    But that is just what he does — ignores facts and just spouts robotic statements. He does not even sound like he believes himself anymore.

    The same elderly relative says the building looks nice, they can see a lot of books that he is sure they want to sell, but it looks empty.


  120. Scientology is a figment of dms imagination.

  121. Steve, you are right. Where I am, in San Francisco, the same thing, there is no trace of Scientology anywhere except some occasional negative media. Of course, CIS is below NON-E on the 3rd and 4th dynamics. In my opinion, the Enemy condition for any SO member and Scientologist should include being a part of the community on 3D and a part of the human race on 4D. That understanding of being a part of the community has always been missing. Of course, people are just wogs so who wants to have anything to do with that trash. With the Enemy condition never done, the misapplication went on up to Liability where DM would turn out to be our greatest friend. We see the results.

  122. Flandersfields

    I feel sorry for the poor souls who worked on the renovations and building of these piles of useless shit. Not to mention the poor souls who financed it. What a waste of money, hard work, time away from family and friends.

    What makes it even worse is the presentation by fuckface. If you take all that ass kissing away, whats left is pure racism.

    It was truly agonizing to watch.

  123. Very well stated Misha! That is exactly right.

  124. Great data, Lisa!

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, yes, same old modus operandi, different
    location! ( to THAT monotonous,hypnotic,
    incantation,calculated to get ALL within audible
    range, “mentally prepared” for the ‘ implants ‘
    of choice! DEADLY COMBO (kool-aid & POB)
    delivers “Black” Dianetics, here, literally!!!!

  126. Ah. Mr. Rinder, your humor is as dry as a martini – I can totally see the gold tooth and the “bling.” 🙂

  127. Li'll bit of stuff


    I’m sure I speak for ALL indies, in thanking both you and
    Marty, for being THE “insiders” OUT!!! Knowing this little
    creep, from all possible angles,in addition to the actual
    modus operandi,used, to achieve his destructive “mest”
    goals, permits “us” to remain “cause” vs.confused.

    Thanks again y’all fo’ this “COB dissection class” Li’ll bit

  128. Well, maybe some of the Inglewood’s residence could be able to afford just a few basic courses, but not the expensive training/processing. Most likely they will end up being recruited into the Sea Org and promised that they would go “free” by joining the SO. Then POB will use them as slaves. Inglewood org is only a trap. That is what is going on in the midget POB’s head. I think.

  129. Li'll bit of stuff

    Raul, this is a nice reflection on what I think most of us
    feel and admire about Marty! And how about his TR-O?
    I think a whole bunch of us might have gone totally
    ‘ballistic’under just a fraction of the provocation, to
    which he and Mike have been subjected to;”in & out”

    JEEEEEEEEEEEEZ DM ! wotalot you gotta answer TO!!

  130. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sinar / Tara, —– GOLD!—-’tis all he dreameth about!

  131. Actually abortion is not a “huge” problem in the African-American community. The actual problem is manipulative, right-wing nuts think they can use the issue, with fear mongering propaganda, to try and create “one issue” voters in the black community and keep them from voting for liberal democrats, who they’ve traditionally supported. The problem is sleazy political operatives using women’s reproductive healthcare and using hysterical scare tactics to create a political wedge issue and keep the black community from voting as a block – which increases their voting power and influence.

    I’m not sure if you read the article you posted but they interviewed Rev. Carlton Veazy, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Rev. Veazy runs a strongly pro-choice group of religious leaders and has been dealing with these sleazy propaganda campaigns in his community, and other black communities across the country.

    The groups prey on some legitimate fears and concerns in the African-American community about white society or leaders plans and attitudes towards them – they implant the idea that reproductive choice for women is actually some covert genocidal scheme, and in turn, try to them get them to vote for anti-choice republican politicians (who I guarantee aren’t looking out for the best interest of the AA community). The fact is far more non-black women get abortions in the U.S. There’s even more irony when you consider the fact that lack of family planning and reproductive choice and healthcare is far more damaging to the black community than access to safe, legal abortions.

  132. I think the reason it is hard for me to ignore him, is because he is like a wrong item on a list. He is also a wrong Who. He presents and indicates himself as the person worthy of the Scientology trust. He is the wrong item and the wrong who for that trust. What are we doing, but working to move a wrong item off a list? Not for us. He is not in my way. It’s not about me. It’s a corrective action for mankind.

  133. Scott Campbell

    I’d like to see what happens if some of the locals decide that this place is a comfortable hang out that they would like to establish their anchor points in. Will they be perceived as “overstaying” their welcome in the new Community Center?

    What will the Churches response be? What shall they provide to satisfy the needs of those “among the most brilliant people on Earth”? Will it be freedom, or just another tonic to patronize the important and placate the hoi polloi – while the church gets on with its dirty business?

  134. Li'll bit of stuff

    thetagal,I share your view wholeheartedly, have also been
    castigated by a few on this site for being “too vociferous”
    about it! I say WAKE THE F- – – UP! Why waste ANY of
    your time attacking the ” WRONG TARGET / S ??????

    This is the “CYBERPLACE” where one can “detox” from
    the O/Doses of mind-control perpetrated by “The Lord
    Of ALL HE ASPIRES TO” The Ring Master of The
    Greatest (CON-JOB)Circus EVER (believe it!) seen on
    the face of Earth !!

    Attagal ! Thanks for staying focussed and aiming at
    the “correct” target Lots’a luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  135. Li'll bit of stuff

    Classic Windwalker perception and response,

    LOL Li’ll bit

  136. Superb post.

  137. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sherb, Thank YOU, for a clear, “Timeless” and clinical
    view of the future, as you see it! Just like to include the
    datum “MOTIVATOR” (as applied to DM) fits in nicely
    with your essay —VWD !! Li’ll bit

  138. Abortion is a huge problem in the Sea Org too thanks to David Miscavige.

  139. I’m afraid DM doesn’t have a lot to answer. If I’m guessing right there couldn’t be anything worse for the little man than admiration flown toward someone other than him, especially his public enemy #1. The only “answer” would possibly be a cardiac arrest, or maybe a psychotic hissy fit which he then has to take out on some other wrong-targeted soul that happens to be near, and of course another article of the same-old on the anti-Marty site, which by the way must be the worst “DA” attempt ever made.

    This is a hint OSA and DM – what made me finally make up my mind about you wasn’t Marty’s site – it was your own anti-Marty sites which are so obviously managed by a few hands and so obviously lacking any real comments and so obviously over-defensive and over-attacking, I simply felt embarrassed to ever having been connected to you.

    Shame on you!

  140. Marty,

    No apparently it didn’t resonate so well with certain people, other than those few trembles emanating from the behind when they’re shitting their pants after reading your blog 🙂

    Yes, it would indeed be interesting times to meet up, and Mike should stop by as well, and maybe that Brian Culkin guy who seems to be of the same intelligent fiber, and Gabriel, Luis, and… hell a lot of people here with whom an interesting time with seems inevitable and unavoidable.

  141. My family had not much money. We could eat every day. Bread with sugar, potatos, one glass milk a day, fruits we collected sometimes in the near woods. No compare to really poor people. But at least poor enough to have a reality on that. Now I consider those that struggle in life to go into those rooms and look at an „enlightenment display“.

  142. “In my opinion, the Enemy condition for any SO member and Scientologist should include being a part of the community on 3D and a part of the human race on 4D. That understanding of being a part of the community has always been missing.”

    Michael and Steve,
    This is so true. Yet, isn’t this what LRH says in “What We Expect of a Scientologist?” Robbing Scientologists of their wealth by pushing ridiculous competititve IAS status levels and requiring every spare moment and attention unit only on “Scientology” (DM) approved projects isolates Scientologists and makes them irrelevant (at best) in their communities.

    It would behoove management to take a lesson from the Mormons on this. Despite some pretty heavy baggage and some controversial philosophy, they have gained much acceptance in many communities because 1) they work hard for the general good as well as group good – and don’t constantly brag about it 2) they participate actively in community groups and organizations where hard work earns them respect and leadership positions 3) they involve themselves with the general population as well as keep a strong group identity 4) they require only a fixed % to the church (not every spare dime) 5) they do good deeds without a constant ulterior motive and expectation of adulation in return 6) they have a moral code that respects other people 7) they grant beingness and do make reform ) they recognize the value of the family and future generations. This has been my experience, and I think it provides us some model of how to salvage the reputation of LRH and Scientology.

  143. Li'll bit of stuff


    Thanks a Zillion for this post, it sure started another
    avalanche! Ye Gads! this creep has more “blood” dripping
    off him than ALL the world’s scariest serial killers in history,

    This has gotten me back to a question I’ve been meaning
    to ask you, to PLEASE answer, (if you be so kind?)

    In terms of GAMES, knowing the ” weaknesses ” of one’s
    OPPONENT’S, Would you be willing to share some
    details of the Prince of Darkness’s SECRET LAIR ?
    ie, Tunnels, actual bunkers,counter-attack installations,
    air-raid sirens, “David Koresh,or “other” type contingency plans or whatever, actually exist ? (assuming you’re savvy
    to this info ?)

    Who knows, sharing this information may start yet another
    wave of “HYSTERICAL” (damaged) damage control
    measures, to “settle” an “unsettled POB”.

    The very least it MAY cause, is a mad flurry of shuttles
    of heavy earth-moving equipment, concrete mixers, etc

    Will you do the honours ? Li’ll bit

  144. Yes, and I was wondering about the predominance of staff with high melanin content in their skin. Did Miscavige have every Sea Org member with some African ancestry rounded up to be on staff at this org? If there hasn’t been an org in this community, where did these staff come from? I would take great offense if I were cajoled or “assigned” to this org because of my race, and surely some staff may feel that way.

    Also, the faddish novelty of and fascination with rap, gang, and ghetto has faded in popular culture, in my observation. May I also point out that African ancestry does NOT equal ghetto black rap culture.

  145. Li'll bit of stuff

    Michael, You may be closer to Dan’s post nomination
    than you think!! Are you READY??

  146. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the facts Lisa.

  147. martyrathbun09

    “Placing all the blame”. Flunk on obnosis. You are not looking or listening.

  148. I just reread HCO PL 12 March 1975, The Ideal Org. At no point does LRH mention an ethnic group or what a given ethnic group will bring to the equation of an ideal org.

    He in fact defines: “The ideal org is the image one builds toward. It is the product of the causative actions of many. Anything which is short of an ideal org is an outpoint that can be put right. The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization already on its way.”

    This policy gives a dynamic definition of an ideal org and, I guarantee you, it is not a building established in an area of an ethnic group. It’s far, far more than that!

  149. Gracious, gracious comments.

  150. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, agree with you! Zero obnosis ! Happy to credit
    LRH, while NOT prepared to Locate the ACTUAL WHO,
    behind the “mess” that this “who” made of the original
    COS. Suggesting that you may have been “wrong
    targeting” is SO FAR OFF the mark, it’s pathetic !!

  151. The whole goal is to get exterior to this MEST mess…

    Black bodies, White bodies, etc. What the F#$&….

    It is crazy.. I have noticed DM talk like that before. He is very MESTY..

    What we really want is to blow all these idiotic cultures based on Myths, misunderstanding and victim-hood.

    We would have been a real force if we promoted more auditing in a converted bedroom than in a Ritz-Carlton. Hell with the Internet we could have case supervising off site. Even training. But DM wants all the power..

    It really gets to me when the Orgs advertise for auditors. Hell if you paid them 50 to a 100 per hour you would get all the auditors you wanted. Hell even at 25. I really don’t know what do Auditors get???

    Sigh… It really bugs me when see all the opportunities being missed.

  152. Yes – great point. Calling the Stupor Power building in CW “The Mecca,” for example, is frankly insane. He is taking an old marketing phrase for Flag, pre-pre 9/11, and insisting on it being THE NAME of this monstrosity. DM’s is a fictional universe.

  153. That does sound like a lot of fun!

  154. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe cob will issue a gold emeter that comes with a 40″ long gold plated chain and a $ sign hanging off of it for the Inglewood crew…

  155. Unfortunately, David Miscavige would sprout antlers or grow a third ear before he’d ever take example from Mormons or from any other church. He knows that Scientology is 3 feet behind the society head, wherever that head is, not in the rank and file. Also he can’t look and see as is. He is crazy. He looks at a cat and sees a confirmation to his idea that everybody around is an SP and he is the overworked and unappreciated hero, genius and Messiah.

  156. What you are missing, Lill anon is that a “Who” is not a “Why”.

  157. +1 Lisa. One large establishment in Inglewood is Hollywood Park, a horse racetrack which is totally omitted from the speech and it is more “live” than the Forum.

  158. Li'll bit of stuff

    Of course! And YOU supply the Vodka, ok?

  159. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Rachel,

    Thanks for the reference and simple LRH honesty, he
    used to describe it’s end product. To any assigned trolls’
    doing their reconnaissance, READ the above post,you
    morons and DUPLICATE the REAL Source, for once!

    Thanks for your TRUTHS and contributions, luv, Li’ll bit.

  160. But what you seem to be missing Ralph is that for every Why there IS a Who. Don’t know what Why you would be operating on for the roughly worded situation “Despite having a workable tech to help mankind, Scientology is reviled, ridiculed and becoming completely irrelevant to the world.” My why would be something along the lines of: “The subject has been perverted and reversed because Qual was subverted and prevented from performing its function.” Very rough, but that’s along the lines of what I am operating on. And I see a very clear-cut who that must be handled and a very clear-cut need for the review and correction function to be performed on an international scale to salvage the good and workable tech of Scientology.

  161. Well, thank you Li’ll bit.
    Yep, DM is a walking inflow & boy, doesn’t he deserve a motivator flow and more. Sooner that clown meets a grisly demise the better.
    Have a wonderful festive season – cheers 🙂

  162. “Well, he certainly can twist the facts…”

    See: “Alter is and Degraded Beings.”

  163. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thank you too, Sherb! and a most joyous time to you and
    yours. Here’s to great new friendships ahead! Cheers.

  164. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, it “seems” Ralph just can’t have this “who”
    (cause) behind the “why”, so mebbe it’s just self
    caused, huh? Whatever!

  165. I would take it earlier. The Qual div never had to authority to perform it’s role and was ever subject to the whims of higher execs.
    If there has to be a who then it cannot be anyone but LRH.
    He set up a system that allowed a vile monster like DM to take over.
    People seemed to expect perfection from LRH. He did have his blind spots and he made some mistakes.
    DM just walked into the spot which was left there. He could be labelled a the “Who” but that would miss the earlier Why and leave things open for the next power hungry dictator.
    Looking for and labelling “THE SP” as a solution has been shown so many times to be an unworkable practice.

  166. Ralph,

    So what IS the “earlier Why” you are operating on?

  167. Sure! You know your basics!

  168. With so many LRH basics out (survey tech, conditions, purpose of Scientology etc, etc) thanks to DM’s insanity, this new real estate is obviously not going anywhere as far as what they’re supposed to deliver.
    There is a good possibility that a criminal minority will come in to see what could be stolen and then come back and help themselves.
    I wish some of us could open a group/mission nearby and deliver some REAL Scientology so the Inglewood inhabitants would get a comparison and see what Scientology really is.

  169. Tony, I can totally see it. Bling-a-ling. A big fatty!

  170. Only read part and frankly, just picked the 1st link. Liked the graphic too.
    Yes, it’s a huge problem in Louisiana where I live. I don’t much care for the politicking part of it. I only care about abortion being “enforced” as the only/best option. Personally, it’s a right I wouldn’t want women to lose but a choice I hope they never make.

  171. What is my view, Marty???? I put watching that video on par with getting a root canal done with the numbing effects of the novacaine shot rapidly wearing off if not totally gone. Furthermore … and nothing whatsoever against blacks … I don’t need to be told by that moron that I couldn’t possibly be hip without the influence of black culture. Each to his own, I prefer old fashioned twangy bangy country music from guys like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., and especially Slim Dusty. I guess I am just not trendy enough for today’s Cof$.


  172. The earlier WHY is the legal take over by tax autorney’s that wound up owning the trademarks. The earlier WHO is their boss, the dozen banksters that LRH pointed out, who now have taken over America and are working hard on Europe.

  173. My observation is that whenever LRH moved off the lines then others would enter crazinesses.
    Over the 20 years before his body death LRH seemed to be individuating.
    That predates the arrival of Miscavage.
    A tentative Why could be “The Source of Scientology progressively moved away organizationally from his creation leaving a vacuum to be filled by a sociopath”.

  174. As I see things the AAC squirrelled and denigrated LRH. The 80s Independent collapse was caused by squirrelling. The CofS and DM had little to do with it.

  175. I did not read any comments so this is my gut reaction, untainted as they say.
    I understand a business that might select a demographic of the population and refer in conversation to “them” although it’s a poor choice of words. But then, Miscavige is illiterate.
    However when one enters into the realm of a faith-based organization—a church, it’s a handy idea to bring yourself up a notch or two and operate with a higher purposed viewpoint than “penetrating” a market…although people in marketing might occasionally be there by the nature of what they’re doing every day.
    I would agree that if he really wanted to do anything more than just another real estate shakedown, you’d have lots of missions out there. (I mean, duh, that’s what feeds an org)

    African Americans being the trendsetters of cool? Miscavige is soooooo gonzoes. No more than any other group. There’s probably 10% of any group that as far as I’m concerned are the ones who make this world move. They’re the cool ones—and they come in all colors/sizes/cultures/religions et al.

    You’re absolutely right about that new film, edited down to a fine edge. You got a snort out of me on that one!
    Good call.

  176. martyrathbun09

    Cut down LRH and Mayo, defend DM. I totally get you now Ralph.

  177. A correct WHY opens the door to a solution, please expand……

  178. Ralph — I think you need to brush up on your DS. That Why does not open the door to a handling other than “get LRH back”? The ONLY handling relevant to this “{why” would be “remove the sociopath”…

    But this interchange has shown something. You are certain the “Who” for your unknown “Why” is L. Ron Hubbard.

    To each his own.

  179. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike,you & Marty lasered in,pretty “close”,as always! Obnosis does
    the job,very neatly, thank you !
    Another little cluster of GEMS:-
    SCN Axioms I8 — 22 fills any
    remaining gaps ( er..game’s over!)

  180. Thanks Sinar, you are right. Many years ago I worked at Hollywood Park walking horses every morning during their spring racing season. The horse races travel from track to track, so not even always at Hollywood Park. They would have to go WAY out of their way or be lost to even see that the new building exists. There really is not anything around the building that would draw car or body traffic. The building used to be a Gold Mart. Hmmm….

  181. Marty – cut the clueless crap please and start to read.
    I said that the collapse of the Independent delivery was due to squirreling.
    I said that the AAC denigrated LRH. How the F do you twist that around to saying I was cutting down LRH??????????
    You don’t get anything Marty – learn to read please!

  182. Mike – LRH was the only being around with enough power to be a who.
    Miscavage is a dramatizing psychotic – just a depraved machine that fell into a slot left by LRH.
    If someone leaves the door open and a rotweiler comes in and mauls the kids is the rotweiler the who or the guy who was in charge of the door?
    DM is just the rotweiler. I do need to brush up on my DS but I am not the only one.

  183. martyrathbun09

    Ok, Sonny. You are gonna start taking responsibility for the drivel that issues from your mind, or you can find yourself another forum to attempt to enturbulate. Read the thread, and if you don’t acknowledge the truth of what I pointed out in your words, adios muchacho.

  184. Depressing to see this glitzy useless building placed in a town that could really have used the money expended for basics such as medical care, child care, and job training.

  185. David Miscavage is honest in one thing. All of the footage of the empty ORG’s is not only accurate but it is want he is trying to achieve. Most businesses want to show you advertisements where you project yourself in to their world and that means things like happy faces and people using their product, service or location. Here we see what Scientology is truly selling, ISOLATION. They are selling a lie of epic proportions but they are not even aware that truth is coming through every time they make their pitch. Gone are the days of the old Scientology videos, where people were walking around in the background looking all busy and full of purpose. David Miscavage’s plan is almost complete, empty ORG’s everywhere! This is not a joke, anyone can see the shift in imagery in the videos in the last decade. I truly believe it is a reflection of the mental state of Scientology and its leader’s dementia. He exhibits a behavior that is reflective of wanting to purge his cult of everyone he perceives as imperfect and is trying to build a image perfect utopia that he can bring homeostasis too. It will just be David and his perfect looking buildings with his loyal officers waving to the cameras in front of empty ORG’s at the end.

    Who would buy in to this lie? Clearly people that are just as lost as Miscavage. With all the problems in the world, for someone to believe that marble walls and titanium cans on an Emeter are going to save the planet are just absurd. They only way one can project themselves in to these images, is alone.

  186. To see posting you here, makes up for blocking me on Youtube so very very much.

    AnonKat aka KittykatSpanker

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