Drop Kick Me Through The Goalposts of Life

Heads up people!  David Miscavige has taken a giant stride toward replacing L Ron Hubbard lock, stock and barrel in Corporate Scientology.  Please see the  emailed message to the Flag OT (Operating Thetan – highest spiritual state attained in Scientology) Committee members.  It comes from a prominent member of a once wealthy family (until they ran into Corporate Scientology Jaws), Kathy Feschbach.  She has the chutzpah to promote a new IAS book containing nothing but closing addresses by Miscavige as “inspirational.”

The level of intelligence demonstrated by opinion leader members of Miscavige’s cult has slumped to around the mid double digits zone on the quotient scale.  If anyone finds what she quotes inspirational, I’ve got a less expensive alternate route recommendation for you.  That is, tune in to daytime TV game shows.  It won’t cost you a cent, and actually, the drivel coming from the automotanic hosts is far, far more intelligent and entertaining than Miscavige’s Shermanspeak.

Really, Corporate Scientologists, the world sees you as sick cult members for a reason, and it is something you exert a cause on effecting.  It is your slavish, ludicrous pimping for such an obviously sociopathic, automaton in a tuxedo.

The evidence:

Dear Flag OTC Members,Yesterday the IAS printed out in booklet form – The Closing Addresses from Chairman of the Board RTC from 2007 to 2011.When you have a chance, please come in to the AO and pick up your copy – they are very inspiring.

Here is the end of one from Maiden Voyage IAS Event 2008 – COB

If you ever dreamed of playing on a global court for the highest stakes imaginable, then your dreams have now come true, because this is that game, and you’re now on the field.  Accordingly, you must be competent and you must be committed, both as individual Scientologist and as members of the IAS collectively, because that’s the only way we’ll eventually kick one through the goal posts and straight into eternity.

Beyond all that, there may be speculation, and playing of other games, but right now we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud.  

Ml, Kathy Feshbach

I think he might have been inspired by this little ditty:

183 responses to “Drop Kick Me Through The Goalposts of Life

  1. maybe they’ll do a pocket edition, just like Chairman Mao’s, ”the little red book…”

  2. Their kids are in the Sea Org. Kathy and Matt are owned by the cult.

  3. Inspiring? Oh good grief!

  4. Tony DePhillips

    I find this much more inspirational:

  5. Thanks Marty,
    This email has me completely speechless at the latest PR antics of David Miscavige – kicking some OT Asses through his goal post indeed!

  6. Astonishing!

    And this is being used as a gimmick to get people to come in to the IAS Offices before the end of the year so the vultures can tear away at any flesh remaining on their bones.

    Kathy Feshbach should be ashamed of herself, but of course, she doesnt see anything wrong with this. To the clubbed seals this IS inspirational. Utter gibberish and it “inspires” them.

    Soon there will be photos of Dear Leader in all orgs. He was installing offices for “Department 21” in Ideal Orgs and a huge suite in the Super Power building for himself (no doubt bigger than the LRH Office).

    Watching daytime game shows is certainly for higher IQ individuals than this. The only parallel I could think of would be for someone to transcribe the RONCO ads (Vegomatic and such) and put them into booklet form. RonCos “closing pitches” 2007 to 2011 — at least it has the word “Ron” in it so its a step up from the IAS!

  7. DISGUSTING!!! But then, there are NO LRH references for the IAS so I guess he needs something for the reges to use. Ever since the Wake-up Call, I’ve noticed he puts more and more significance on his pontificating.

    Once again grateful for my release from all of this. Would hate to be assigned to M-9 that crap and I’m sure that will happen to the unwilling.

  8. Oh my God…just when you think you’d seen it all…it just keeps getting worse. Pretty soon there will be a bust of DM in every Org or his portrait on the wall.
    The only thing I could be inspired to do with this book would be to light my fireplace with it.
    I wonder if the people who put together that book had to M9 it? God rest their souls.

  9. Gosh, if only these were his closing addresses………as in the final ones with no more to come.

  10. martyrathbun09


  11. LOL!!

  12. Another ‘gag me’! I could be clever and I could be mean …. bottom line more stupid gibberish promoted to those who are easily fooled by gibberish and stupidity ……

  13. markthehungarian

    IF Miscavige was really inspirational or exuded any charisma (other than what is forced upon the sheeple who have to listen to his shit and then applaud like robots), then he would use his power/influence and do some interviews on national TV, e.g. CBS, ABC, etc.

    Surely if he was, in any way, influential, then he should be putting it to good use.

    But he’s not. Not at all.

    He can’t speak with anyone outside of a forum where he imposes the rules because he knows the only result will him be crashing and burning for everyone to see. He can’t communicate so he can’t put himself in a situation where free communication could take place. That in itself is depressing considering the CoS claims to be the #1 in communication.

    I’ve read that he likes to call himself “the Pope” of Scientology. Fuck that. The Pope gives audiences to all comers (you just need to write in advance). The Pope also gives sermons regularly in St Peters (and abroad). The Dalai Lama also gives interviews and answers all questions. The same goes for all the major Rabbis around the world. The same is also true for the most senior Imams. Just pick a religion and you will find a leader who can discuss, debate and be honest. That is not the case with DM.

    The leaders of lesser known religions – like the Raelians for example – can’t do that because they understand that if they’re in the open and subjected to any questioning at all, they will come across as cultish, weird, or just plain nuts.

    As for this book of inspirational speeches, who in their right mind would buy this shit? The CoS should stick it on Amazon.com and see where it will match up in the inspirational books category. But no, they won’t do that because that would be a measuring stick and the CoS wants nothing to do with that.

    For all the CoS’s love of numbers, graphs (love the exploding graphics, honest), everything that comes out of his mouth is badly processed garbage.

    That said, I want to get my hands on a copy of that “book,” if only for the freak factor. I can always use the pages, in an emergency, if I happen to run of toilet paper.

  14. Just add a Mr. Microphone and you too, can spew Shermanspeak!

  15. You guys would have more insight than I, but I can’t help thinking this IAS booklet is a spoilt brat, big sulk reaction by Miscavige to the softcover book you guys put out last 4th of July!!

  16. DM is the ultimate figurehead for the group he heads. He has the act down pat. He has done well for himself; the most rapacious parvenu of our times, slashing and burning while the victims eagerly feed the flames.

    If I was a casting director and was searching for someone to play a Gestapo chieftain, I would point to DM and say……”Yep, that one.”

  17. Yvonne,
    Maybe better with some background music while they sit and read.

  18. I was running this morning, listening to music on my iPod, and Jackson Browne was singing “come down from your ivory tower…and know how I feel” I immediately thought of David Miscavige. He has little understanding of how people like me feel, or think, or see, or how we live. With the way he lives, I doubt that he even feels, sees or understands his own staff, public and people in the broader world. I quote David, “we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud” I don’t think this is true. I think that David doesn’t know, or refuses to know, how people feel about disconnection, abortions, abuse of staff (including children), crush regging, threats and fear mongering, and physical violence that is woven into the culture of the Church of Scientology. He’s crazy to think that he holds some sort of leadership position in the world.

  19. First we gotta hear it. Then we gotta read it too?!

    Aah! I get it! Not enough people went gibbering insane at the events, now it will be pushed in their faces to get the full EP!

  20. top of the vale

    WOW, Bridge Publications is now selling its stock of LRH busts to the public. Next we’ll see them selling busts of Dear Leader to the staff and public for a special price of $……
    Staff can now have a bust of DM in their orgs and their dorm rooms and one on a pedestal(required) in the entranceways.

  21. My guess is the COB bust they put in Inglewood will have a gold tooth.

  22. Marty (and associated moderators) you can leave this in the queue if needed – but I wondered what you had heard about Jessica Feshbach, (Kathy’s niece) and Tommy Davis’ wife, being in hospice, terminally ill with leukemia? It’s been reported that proper medical care wasn’t sought for Jess until it was far too late and the cancer had spread throughout her body. I’m sure with either with the connections you all have or the people on this blog would know the truth of the matter. I only bring it up since yet since its obvious her aunt is still firmly in the grip of DM, even while her niece may be dying due to his neglect and lack of decent standard of care or life for SO members.

  23. For what it’s worth the ED of Kathy’s Mission died of cancer a few years ago and one of her top auditors was battling cancer the last time I ran into her a year or so ago.

  24. P.S. The auditor had been on OT VII forever. The ED was either on OT VII or a comp.

  25. Bingo, spot on and LOL! “New, from COBCO! The amazing, which is to say, phenomenal, straight-up-and-vertical, Flag-only Case-O-Matic! … It slices! It dices! … Fun for the kids – a hobby for dad – and it really, really sucks!”

    Clubbed seals – perfect. Glazed eyes and all – from all the off-chart sec checking, bypassed EPs and 15-minute, wrapped-in-a-blanket, sell-the-Examiner-an-F/N “exams.” Hmmm – but should it be bitch-slapped seals? No, you’re right – that’s reserved for “top executives.”

    Hey, you mean they still have LRH offices at all? How magnanimous. And surprising, since with his comprehension of the tech, Dave no doubt considers [hopes!] LRH is dead.

  26. Lol! Yeah – the final address: “Now I must be gone – the Feds and Bubba are waiting for me”.

  27. Li'll bit of stuff


    Yet another pathetic example of the tenuous ‘stranglehold’
    the ‘sociopath’ has on his minions, this time Mrs.Feschbach

    The making of ‘slaves’ has been his penchant, whether in
    the form of staff or public and you have touched on this often!

    Modus operandi observable :

    (1) Invalidate
    (2) Instil FEAR
    (3) Dominate
    (4) Cause to submit
    (5) Create dependency and thus a SLAVE

    This appears to be POB’s ” enslavement formula ” in use !

    Any comments Marty?

  28. mrinder, I truly never considered Kathy very bright. I remember when she started on her journey in scientology at the Los Gatos Mission. For her to consider anything out of the mouth of DM as inspiring…well that says it all!

  29. Wow … big word! Parvenu “one that has recently or suddenly risen to an unaccustomed position of wealth or power and has not yet gained the prestige, dignity, or manner associated with it.”

  30. martyrathbun09

    Add to that “forbid education”. See Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the life of an American Slave.

  31. martyrathbun09

    I heard it and it is a crying shame if true. We could do something about it were she and her husband not zombified beyond power of choice.

  32. Not to be cruel and certainly not the first to bring it up, I wonder how the bike-ride related fatal heart attack of 55 year-old, New OT8, Joe Feschbach went down in the DM camp?

    55 year-old OT8 DM bots ain’t supposed to drop dead while out exercising.

  33. MarkTHungarian, I wouldn’t be surprised if this little booklet did appear on Amazon .com someday, particularly as a Kindle edition. I noticed just last night that there are 3 or 4 people who are writing short books about various aspects of Scientology and publishing them as Kindle books. And selling them at $10 a pop! Just search “scientology” on Amazon and you’ll see a bunch of them.

  34. The instant term that flashed reading this was ‘dog vomit’
    I think that pretty well sums up the Kathy Feshback & Miscavige love affair.

  35. Add medical neglect to the list of things woven into the culture of the CofS.

  36. I think I just sprayed my coffee all over Jim Logan’s cat!
    That is too funny!

  37. The Pontiff speaketh…ugh.

  38. The IAS is a squirrel group in and of itself, and has been since day 1. It bears no resemblance, except as the polar opposite, to the Membership group (HASI) LRH described in his policies. For that alone POB is the King of the Squirrels. But he has over the years carefully positioned himself as the zealot of KSW, and sold this unbelievable lie to too many parishioners. He is truly the “Squirrel in KSW Clothing”. Beware.

  39. FYI Readers:Kathy’s Mission is the Belleair Mission only a few miles from Flag. Marty made reference to Belleair a short time ago with reference to the Birthday Game. There’s only a handful of staff left and their stat’s are in the toilet. Also I’ve read in financial publications that the Feschbach business has fallen on some very hard times.

  40. Hey Russ,

    Why don’t you quit beating around the bush tell us how you really feel?

    What is amazing is how the clubbed seals still clap when COBCO throws them a stinky, rotten fish carcass and tells them its Dover sole. And as soon as they have swallowed it the clubbings resume.

    Nice to hear from you — especially with such biting sarcasm that had me laughing out loud. 🙂

  41. The Belleair Mission has been taken over by Carter and Anne Manierre (they apparently also run the “Clearwater” Mission) and do joint events with the “Ocala” Mission (which they promote as the first IDEAL MISSION!!!). Going to stop by Ocala one of these days so I can get a peak at what an Ideal Mission looks like. Probably paid for by JT (as he lives near Ocala). The Belleair Mission IS empty. So too the Clearwater Mission. Recent visitors to both have reported no public.

  42. He leads everyone he can grap literally into Earth. Davey, the great earthificator, is working on the mud theory; from Earth you’re born and to Earth you shall return, so Earth can be proud!

  43. “CobRtc’s Closing Fibs” … would be instructive in an introductory logic class to show students how to lie with a straight face.

  44. A disgusting display from someone who claims to be a “scientologist.”

    More concrete evidence that the “church of scientology” is absolutely not co-terminal with the “religion of scientology” or the religious philosophy of scientology.

    More concrete evidence that CST is 100% obligated to purchase the copyrights and trademarks back from RTC and CSI and refuse permission for these miscavologists to use them. Talk about a squirrel group.

    “If you ever dreamed of playing on a global court for the highest stakes imaginable, then your dreams have now come true, because this is that game, and you’re now on the field.”

    Hey Dave…how about doing a standard FES on Flag’s PC folders and correcting the actual out-tech. You might want to start there. The only global game you are playing Dave is “how to make every person on the planet laugh at your ridiculous antics and think poorly of scientology and LRH. “

  45. Thanks for the up-date Mike. You’re right about Clearwater Mission. When I drive up N. Belcher Rd. most days I see Carter’s beat-up Volvo and no other cars in the parking lot.

  46. You got it in one, Mike. It’s a gimmick to get people to visit the office, otherwise known as a snare.

  47. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, yes, you featured this reference earlier. Its on
    my Xmas shopping list. Thanks again

  48. FCDC Class of 1974

    Shock but no surprises. The only reason that Davey and his minions have the double digit IQ is that they have enough on average by numbers but that will dwindle to expose the single number eventually. I have a lifetime HASI membership and when asked why I did not join IAS I responded that Hasi was the group responsibe for doing all that IAS espoused. I was cautioned , no threatened with a sec-check. I will always be proud to adhere to Ron’s original purpose and principals that made HASI a great group. IAS is a wolf in regs clothing..

  49. Mr. Microphone – PROFESSIONALS USE IT!!!!

    Whew, I stopped gagging enough to be able to type. DM’s inspirational speeches. I know I just wrote that, but it still makes no sense. It’s Shermanspeak (r). It has to be, since these words otherwise don’t go together.

  50. Yvonne,
    The thought of M-9ing DM’s inspirational speeches. Raaaaalf…
    Please…STOP!!! Oh no, admire this, admire this…retch…

    OK. Be there comfortably… there. Burp. Sorry.

  51. Holy crap Mat, that is so freakin’ funny I can’t laugh. A gold tooth. How about a bandaid and I’m Going to Sssst On You as his latest inspiration.

  52. My cat ran away. Screeching, and I don’t mean that Newfoundland Rum stuff, I mean scrrraaawwwweeeeaaaaaiiiieeee.

  53. Bryan,
    Subjected to the complete Reverse Scientology that awaits for those on NED for OTs…

  54. “If you ever dreamed of playing on a global court for the highest stakes imaginable, then your dreams have now come true, because this is that game, and you’re now on the field. ”

    I’m not sure if it’s a good example of inspiration, but it’s definitely a textbook illustration of mixed metaphors. Sounds like there’s references to soccer, basketball and football all thrown into the blender and put on puree!

  55. While we are on the subject – I was recently told by a decent source that Shelly Miscavige has also been getting cancer treatment at a hospital in southern CA. I haven’t verified this for myself. If true, I wish her the best.

  56. +2 LOL!

  57. Stan,

    That’s because Dan Sherman doesnt do soccer, basketball or football. Not erudite enough. He is more the croquet type.

  58. Setting himself up as source will backfire, I’m sure. This will be too much for those on the edge. It will be just enough to push them over. This is the worst yet.

  59. Quote from DM above: “Beyond all that, there may be speculation, and playing of other games, but right now we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud. ”

    He probably had the smirk on his face when he said that one.

    The basics I’d like to see applied by his worshipers are the Obnoisis drills and a reading of the unaltered Science of Survival book with a study of the chart of Human Emotion. That is LRH!

    I see another income stream being developed here. Books of DM’s quotations being the next Diamond Age of Alter-is, opps I mean Ego or uhh doublespeak or . . .

    The “. . . playing of other games, . . . ” is being done by DM and is quite simply the destruction of LRH and the worshiping of DM’s ego.

    Thank you Marty for not posting all the Closing Addresses.


  60. While we can simply laugh off this compilation of “Quotations from Chairman DM,” you can bet that the staff at Gold/Int are being made to read these over and over. Maybe even M9 them so they get with the program and cease stopping Scientology. The New Years Event is in full nightmare mode right now (how do I know, not having set foot on the base since this time in 2003?–because it was a complete nightmare every year from the time DM started putting on these dog and pony shows in the 1980s until I blew–that’s how I know) and the crew is probably being beaten with this booklet to inspire them to stop obstructing what COB RTC is singlehandedly getting done and contribute to the event. These poor saps probably have study orders to Patter Drill them to a pass. Whatever I can dream up about this, it probably is not far enough out to match what is really happening. (Let’s have a moment of silence for the poor folks at Int/Gold. Though, if they really wanted to leave they could, any one of them. They have extracted themselves from worse messes on the whole track, right?)

  61. Let’s not be too harsh, people. A lot of commenters on this site are constantly saying, “I can’t understand what he’s saying” or “he’s making no sense at all.” So Marty’s community of readers might really benefit from a Shermanspeak — English dictionary, which seems to be exactly what this little volume might represent. At least we don’t have to go through the nauseating process of listening to that synthesized echo-enhanced nasal whine for hours to transcribe the subtle nuances of nothing that DM spouts in all those hours of bloviating drivel. 🙂

  62. The DM busts will be presented to IAS members as achievement awards. DM’s will be unique as they will have blue eyes. He’ll make sure of that.

  63. Dan — Absolutely 100% accurate. Sadly.

    I hear the big push is to collect money to get LRH books into all libraries in Iran, and some other Arab countries. At least that is what one of the begging emails being widely distributed says.

    And according to other promotion being sent around this is going to be the best event EVER! In history. Unsurpassed. Incredible and amazing. (No doubt it will be a “recap” of the astronomical 70X expansion Scientology has experienced since last week…)

  64. Hi Marty, I started writing and this is what I got. It’s kinda long and if you want to edit it down feel free to do so.

  65. David — you have outdone yourself this evening! 🙂

  66. LOL, I thought you were going to say “polo.”

  67. This is what one would hope Laura. So far, the clubbed seals have shown a remarkable ability to swallow shit that is fed to them and tell the world they are eating hot fudge. It sort of defies rational thought. You know Kathy F would never consider this to be an outpoint — she is simply flowing power to his royal highness, the savior of mankind and the smartest man on earth. She and so many others over the course of time have lost sight of LRH as POB has gradually become their craven idol.

  68. Mike,

    I think it is funny, actually, DM didn’t even write those speeches or closing statements, it is all the brilliance of the LRH biographer who, full time, has been unable to complete the biography in 25 years. It is honestly hilarious!

  69. No, polo is for barbarians. Dan is far too genteel to ride a snorting beast of a horse and wear a short sleeved shirt….

  70. Russ, great point re LRH offices. It’s just a matter of time… in a year or two, DM announces that his “straight up and vertical” wave of “unprecedented expansion” means that floor space is so tight in the Idle Orgs that they’ll have to turn all the LRH offices them into some other sort of implant station cutting-edge A/V technology facility. “We’re bursting at the seams around here!” He’ll cry a crocodile tear and promise everyone that when LRH returns in his next life, they’ll give him those offices back Real Real Soon.

  71. Mike,
    Yes, you’re quite correct about the suite in the SP Mecca building which I saw plans of over a dozen years ago. From what I remember there are definitely special features for the suite or wing as a better description.

    = Private elevator from the basement parking.
    = Conference room
    = AV listening/viewing room
    = Office for personal office staff and assistant
    = Dining room
    = Galley area
    = Area in the main Galley in the basement for Personal Chef’s food preps and material storage
    Rendered Image of “Dept 21 Office” is on this page: http://www.xenu.net/archive/spb/

  72. When’s DM gonna put ethics in on Wall Street?

  73. Michael,

    You are totally right.

    Imagine, words of inspiration, not from the mighty Wizard of Oz, but the Wizard of Odd’s puppetmaster, as it turns out the Wizard is in fact a ventriloquist doll (correctly included stature) and there is an even less impressive man controlling the Wizard doll.

    Wow, what a disappointment. No wonder the clubbed seals don’t want to wake up…

  74. And a full bathroom with shower as I recall…

  75. Kathy Feshbach: “you must be committed, both as individual Scientologist and as members of the IAS” To which institution?

    Where are these over two hundred idle org staff gotten from for the Idle Org which never opened? There was no ribbon cutting footage as per usual and no broad public announcements and events other than announcement at IAS event.

  76. I’m not so sure. In August or September 2010 I was at CC Int and there were banners hung around the place with quotes on them from previous IAS events. They were not LRH quotes – they were COB quotes. I was so shocked I got the hell out of there and fogot to get pictures.

    Last time I went to that implant station.

  77. The banners were hung to promote the upcoming yearly IAS farce.

  78. Really sad. But I guess most former Co$ members could add other “church OTs” getting severe sicknesses or accidents or economic collapses or worse. I could easily name half a dozen of these victimized “OTs”.

    Some natural healers believe that cancer is triggered by a traumatic experience, half a year to 2 years before the cancer appears.

    Well, Co$ members have every chance to encounter traumatic events, from severe out tech … to introverting attacks by “ethicks” … to reckless regging giving them harsh financial / survival problems … to losses of loved ones due to disconnection … etc.

  79. He already did 😉

  80. RussW, I love the way you talk!

  81. top of the vale

    Gotta fleece all the stock brokers first!

  82. Mike Rinder: “I hear the big push is to collect money to get LRH books into all libraries in Iran, and some other Arab countries.”

    Thus no Co$ member will be able to verify where the collected money went …

  83. Can you see where this is going?

    Now we are gonna get SPAMmed by the hour with “COB Quote of the Week!” from the SO Hitler youth.

    For the love of god, don’t buy Miscavige’s book.

  84. Croquet! Of course. Just like in “Alice.” With DM as the Duchess! “Off with his commander bars! Chop off her communication! Declare the SPs, or I’ll slap the shit out of your pasty pie face at once!!”

    But wait. Real grass might stain the boat shoes. Hm. Can’t have that.


    How about Wii croquet!? You know – played on an extravagantly over-sized, top-of-the-line 3D screen, right there In his bigger-than-all-the-Int-exec-offices-put-together working space, in the never-asked-for-or-ordered-or-advised, mortifyingly overcostly mansion COBCO built “for LRH” (you betcha!). But ONLY on days off, of course. In between micro-managed-down-to-the-comma rewrite sessions on the when-we’re-talking-about-big-we’re-talking-about-seven-unprecedented-straight-up-and-vertical-volumes biobarfry, which is to say, the shamelessly twisted, nauseatingly overblown, LRH-would-soil-his-trousers, sure-to-have-unspeakably-hideous-negative-impact-IF-it’s-ever-(God forbid!)-published hack job of LRH’s life.

    [Please note: The foregoing rant has been toned down, since this is an open forum. Have a theta day. 🙂 ]

  85. George M. White

    like the music.
    Grateful this holiday season to have walked away from
    David Miscavige more that 23 years ago.
    I could never have tolerated the worship of him.


  86. Mike,

    LOL, loved the visual, the Wizard of Oz reference made me think about how to describe the circumstances to my non Scio friends. It is actually a perfect analogy, the lies, the fake stuff behind the curtains, convincing people of his super human nature, etc.

    Without our emotional experience, the is this: A self proclaimed Pope (superior to the real Pope in importance and power) narcissistic little man, a high school drop out, in his shoe lifts, standing on an apple box, behind a podium, with two story gold painted Styrofoam pillars reading off a teleprompter speeches written by a biographer hired to write the life story of the Founder over 25 years ago with no success, to grand accolades from people that don’t actually understand what he is saying. Did I miss anything?

    How do you keep a biographer on staff for 30 years at hundreds of thousands of dollars a year that can’t complete a book?

    How do you fire the LRH biographer who you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for 30 years knowing he has gotten no product along the way?

    How do you actually take seriously a little man in shoe lifts standing on an apple box in front of two story gold gilded Styrofoam columns reading speeches off a teleprompter, written by a failed author, translating from a language he doesn’t speak his personal accolades from an individual wearing 30 lbs of imported Chinese gold braid?

    Absolute Wizard of Oz in every way.

  87. Hey, Mike!

    Just a minute while I tryyyyy to as-is this persistent mental image of clapping clubbed seals (in uniforms). “Orrt! Orrrt! Orrt! (clap-clap-clap-clap) Orrt!”

    (deep breaths, deep breaths)

    Whew. All right then – next time I’ll leave the gloves off and stop being all circumspect and reserved.

    You know, if a film were ever to be made of this whole sick saga, it would have to include an Int Event sequence. That’s “Int” as in “INTroverted over obvious falsehoods,” “INTrospected over serial wrong whys and wrong indications” and “utterly INTeriorized into mest”. And it would have to include some clubbed seals phlumphing their way out onto a stage and clambering up onto ridiculously gaudy little platforms. (SHORT platforms, mind you – so the seals don’t appear too tall….) Once in place, they’d clap on command, bark earnestly (carefully scripted barking!) receive shiny awards they didn’t really earn and don’t understand, and finally flip out over being tossed spoiled fish. Hm. I wonder if the Coen brothers would be interested.

  88. Exactly, John. And imagine LRH’s response. Ohhhhhhhh, my.

  89. Freedom of Religion, C. M

    No question to the world observing David Miscavige: “an obviously sociopathic automaton in a tuxedo.” Succinct and bang on description, Mr. Rathbun.

    We clearly see Miscavige and his OSA Fair game operations that are so contradictory to the image he wants the world to buy. There is a distinct chnage, how can he “trademark” a brand he has polluted. Wouldn’t they fire a Coca Cola Chairman of the Bored if he violated the secret ingredients formula and threw in his own things? Why not do that with Miscavige.

    The day Earth culture and civilization looks anything like the inside ranks of Scientology, Inc. is one sorry sorry day — and one that will never happen. Instead, the people of the Earth (about whom Miscavige has no clue) will be using Scientology that is disinfected from a manipulative not-so-bright parasite’s pudgy paws and pompadoo hairstyle.

  90. Freedom of Religion, C. M

    Trying to duplicate spin is a spinny state of confusion. David Miscavige speeches makes no sense … except to the confused and uneducated. How many members are actually in Scientology?

  91. I can confirm that the Clearwater Mission usually has no more than 2-3 cars in their parking lot at any given time. Quite often the parking lot is empty.

  92. top of the vale

    And you heard that where?

  93. Freedom of Religion, C. M

    Perfect. Parvenu Parasite parvenu. Juts like the “new money” of Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes, and others who try to act as though they are elite …because of money. LOL. Sad state of “value”. Parvenue … perfect. Parasites. World, wake up to the hoax. I sure as hell don’t pay or endorse people to strut around acting better than me or anybody else. Not my idea of celebrity.

  94. This book is online free. Here is link. I started the book a while back and was in tears on page one, so I went ahead and finished the book.

  95. Email promo sent around by Carter trying to persuade people to come to the Belleair Mission. Why do you ask?

  96. He do that right after sorting out the finacial situation in Europe.

  97. Mismanage has been talking himself up, accepting plaudits, and now this? Sheesh, his self-esteem must be at an all-time low.

    Maybe he’s hankering for a mega book signing tour, lights, photographers, big news, crowds lining the streets, garlands, ticker-tape, interviews on the TV, celebrity guest appearances, a visit from the ‘other’ Pope – he’s given us Earth people a culture of which we can be proud…He’s even bigger than TC!

  98. SSSHHHHHH. Man, don’t announce that to everyone, you will ruin the caper! You must be one of those damn prostrates I keep hearing about!

  99. “Thus no Co$ member will be able to verify where the collected money went …”

    The M.O. of COB and POB and RCS since the doze-off call.

  100. top of the vale

    And that promo infers that they have taken over the Belleair Msn? Those guys and KF are peas in a pod.

  101. martyrathbun09

    I’d like to post this gem as its own post. I emailed you from sthtexlensman@aol.com

  102. …Hundreds of paid extras to cheer him at his appearances too! Just like his BFF

  103. George M. White

    Correcting typo below:

    I like the music.
    Grateful this holiday season to have walked away from
    David Miscavige more than 23 years ago.

  104. Tony DePhillips

    I’m sure the stress associated with being around missavage isn’t good for the health…

  105. Yeah — there is no mention of Kathy, only Carter and Anne.

  106. Well at least they are not begging money to put LRH Books on the Moon – yet.

  107. Just to be sure you got all the words of the CORRECT song above:

    Drop kick me Dave through the goal posts of life
    End over end neither left nor to right
    Straight through the heart of them righteous uprights
    Drop kick me Dave through the goal posts of life.

    Make me, oh make me, Dave more than I am
    Make me a piece in your master game plan
    Free from the earthly tempestion below
    I’ve got the will, Dave if you’ve got the toe.

  108. Is it possible that all of these Cancers are coming from spending time on the asbestos laden Freewinds?

  109. This doesn’t particularly surprise me that Kathy Feshbeck would send out such a letter.

    She was the figurehead and money behind the Belleair Mission but definitely not the brains, the brawn or the dedication.

    She got the glory, kinda, but never had to break her fingernails to do it.

    When her ED got too sick to run the Mission, doesn’t surprise me she bailed and gave it to the Manniere’s.

    Kathy is an “Opinion Leader” of the Kool-aid drinkers ONLY because of Matt and the Feshbeck money. And OTHER kool-aid drinkers think IF they follow her “lead” perhaps they too one day will have money.

    The sad thing about kool-aid drinkers is they are completely incapable of seeing cause and effect.

    Their ability to observe is zero, they live their lives exclusively by — OH — that’s what the kool people are doing — I’m a gonna do it too.


    Another life lost.


  110. And, and, and…don’t forget the “gadgets”, the li’ll sacks, full o’ beans…for the “cleansing”.

  111. DM Basics. That’s next. He’ll have to declare all the transciptionists, then re-issue it one mo’ tine. This time it’s REALLY POB, not that mis-semi-colon (not THAT colon Dave) stuff.

    Buy DM Basics TODAY!!! And donate to all the libraries in the universe, so they can recycle too. How about the Dave Hill Special Briefing Course – able to be done in 56 minutes, by the clock. (Auditor training sold separately, batteries not included.)

  112. Kathy Feshbeck was never in touch with “the people” — ie — most of us involved with scientology. Working stiffs, auditors, Sea Org members, mission staff or org staff.

    Kathy was part of the monied elite. When her daughter went off into the SO, she was given a gold or platinum Am Ex card. Same with Jessica Feshbeck. Having PLENTY of money in the SO, makes life much less harsh.

    Like Pilar Saldariaga. CO CMO CW for years. Or Sonja Jacques. Top Flag Registrar.

    Money, not ability, not compassion, not auditing skill, not talent, is GOD in dmology and those WITH PLENTY of money are lauded and lionized and are dms personal disciples and saints.

    What is not understood is that money doesn’t travel life time to life time. What DOES travel – if you subscribe to lifetimes – is ABILITY, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM as well as habitual patterns of behavior, past harmful and positive deeds which leave an imprint on the consciousness of the being.


    Have never crossed lifetimes.

    Someone should tell Kathy? Oh, she won’t talk to us?

    Her loss.


  113. Sinar, did you happen to recall noticing whether the plans include the wiring diagrams for copper rods under the conference table, or will that be a design change that is rushed in later at an expense of hundreds of thousands of dollars?

  114. And you can you imagine him being perceived by some as “the most in ethics, in tech, in admin” being in the universe? It can’t be real. It makes one stressed. 🙂 There are remedies. Tony, I will stand out in front of the Church of Scientology in my area tomorrow looking and acting normal with a huge sign that says “DM. You stay the hell away from me and my family!” I wonder if I will win by doing this? In any event, DM *IS* stress causing in spite of my humor about it.

  115. Hm! That’s a thought, Cindi.

    Seems unlikely though (medically, at least) unless the majority of the deaths happen to be from mesothelioma (the sort of cancer that’s linked to asbestos exposure – usually affects the lungs). Haven’t been paying terribly close attention to the subject, but there hasn’t been mention of that type of cancer in what I have heard here and there.

    Also, from what I’ve heard, a high percentage of the cancer deaths have been among public OTs (and not necessarily OT VIIIs). If it were the ship’s asbestos at the root of the problem, it seems we’d hear of more cancers among Freewinds crew (OT or not).

    My guess (strictly a guess, not having adequate stats and other data – but not entirely uneducated, either) is that it’s linked to out tech in the handling of these upper-level cases.

  116. I heard this as well. That on top of Joe Feshbach dying while riding his mountain bike in Idaho this summer of an apparent heart attack. My god you would think somewhere this family would fucking cognite on what the suppression is and where it is coming from, unbelievable. But no, Kathy is pushing dear leader’s new IAS book with 150 glowing photo’s (low ball estimate) of dear leader. Thanks to the individual who leaked this “despatch”.

  117. Average adult IQs associated with real-life accomplishments by various tests:

    MDs, JDs, or PhDs. IQ =125+
    College graduates. IQ = 112
    1–3 years of college. IQ =104
    Clerical and sales workers. IQ = 100-105
    High school graduates, skilled workers (e.g., electricians, cabinetmakers). IQ = 100
    1–3 years of high school (completed 9–11 years of school). IQ = 94
    Semi-skilled workers (e.g., truck drivers, factory workers). IQ = 90-95
    Elementary school graduates (completed eighth grade). IQ = 90
    Elementary school dropouts (completed 0–7 years of school). IQ = 80-85
    Have 50/50 chance of reaching high school. IQ = 75

    Average IQ of various occupational groups:

    Professional and technical. IQ =112
    Managers and administrators. IQ = 104
    Clerical workers; sales workers; skilled workers, craftsmen, and foremen. IQ = 101
    Semi-skilled workers (operatives, service workers, including private household). IQ = 92
    Unskilled workers. IQ = 87

    Type of work that can be accomplished by lower IQ Adults:

    Harvest vegetables, repair furniture. IQ = 60
    Domestic work. IQ = 50
    Mow lawns, do simple laundry. IQ = 40

    There is considerable variation within and overlap between these categories. People with high IQs are found at all levels of education and occupational categories. The biggest difference occurs for low IQs with only an occasional college graduate or professional scoring below 90

  118. Mother of Grendel

    I noticed in one of the last few issues of the Scn News that the only image of LRH to appear was in the background behind POB at the podium! Dozens of images of his puniness, but only one of LRH – and not even featured. That’s when I realized that he was pushing out LRH and taking his place.

    So, we have PoB’s Source (basics), PoB’s tech (GAT), PoB’s ethics (none if you give enough money to the IAS, PoB’s expansion (real estate, but no auditors).

    PoB’s fraud and destruction.

    All hail PoB.

  119. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Is the toilet totally ant-proof? I heard that was a problem for him at Int once. (If only it’d been Fire Ants.)

  120. Li’ll bit,
    You can get the Kindle version, Nook version or pdf at:
    Always free from California digital library. I thoroughly enjoyed that book far more than I thought. Grateful thanks to Marty for bringing it to my attention a while back. Xmas can come early my friend.

  121. Tony DePhillips

    That’s great Lawrence!!

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Here is some of dm’s magical pr at work in Israel…

  123. Here’s what LRH had to say about cancer:

    The reference is a lecture called “The Scale of Havingness” given on 29 Nov 1956 in the series “How to
    Present Scientology to the World”.

    “Cancer is not caused – never has been and never will be. It is not a caused mechanism by the external
    environment or some physiological activity. But certain cells of the body individuate and try to build a
    body when the second dynamic genetic line is blocked. They say, ‘We cannot go on from here. We cannot have
    any babies. There cannot be any more of this. And therefore we, completely independent of the body and its
    activities, must create a cellular entity.’ And they proceed to do so.

    “It always requires a second dynamic or sexual upset, such as the loss of children or some other mechanism
    to bring about a condition known as cancer. This is cancer at the outset. I have examined too many cases
    not to have recognized this, because it is present in every single case that had cancer that I’ve ever
    examined – real wild curve on the second dynamic.”

    Given the 2D scene in the CoS, especially in the Sea Org, the suppression of the 2nd Dynamic, the abortions and the enforced disconnection and separation of partners as well as children, too, and the basic disconnection created on Flow 0 (self to self), the CoS may well be considered a carcinogenic environment.

    Dm hates bodies, and like the guy who tried to train his horse not to eat by giving the horse one less piece of straw a day, and just as he was about to have the horse trained, found that the “damn fool horse up and died” – DM keeps running a can’t have on everyone he can reach, for anything and everything needed to live and have a future. And as far as he’s concened, he thinks “Just when I’ve about got them trained to do without the MEST universe, the damn fools up and die on me, and I have to handle everything myself!”

  124. HereNow, I call the IAS the International Association of Suppressives. It has done more harm to Scientology orgs, staff, and public than any other group in existence, essentially by robbing all of them at the same time while pretending to represent and protect them.

    It is a quintessential 3rd party, 5th column, divide and conquer operation.

  125. Han, see my LRH reference on cancer, posted downstream on this thread.

  126. JIm, the DM Basics will just be a foretaste. After that, I’m betting on the release of The Golden Age of MEST.

    This would be the launch of the Miscavige-Erhard Seminars Training line-up. Or perhaps Miscavige Enhanced Seminars Training, as he doesn’t like to share any credit.

    The introductory sessions of the MEST will deliver the Basic State of OT in two weeks. Advanced MEST will deliver the Enhanced State of OT in a similarly short period of time.

    The Idle Orgs will finally be put to use delivering these seminars and all pretense of delivering an LRH Standard Bridge will be gone, except that DM will spin these seminars as being put together from long-lost tech notes by LRH he found in those vaults he has referred to in the past when briefing his most trusted OT Asses.

    DM will acclaim himself as the first and only one in history able enough and smart enough to decipher them, of course.

    These seminars will solve the OT IX and OTX problem for him, too, I think. As well as providing him with a source of pre-indoctrinated “raw meat”.

    I’m a little surprised he hasn’t already done something like this but maybe he just doesn’t have the cojones to really go all out squirrel like this, or maybe all that Scotch has just taken too many of his brain cells.

    Then again, maybe because he, as anyone, is basically good, he just can’t bring himself to commit that kind of ultimate overt act? Is it possible he still tries to think of himself and pretend to himself that he is actually trying to forward LRH’s vision and LRH’s goals?

  127. “Give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud.” I can’t help but see the image of John Allender with his idiotic camera on his head when I read that! We are soooo proud of you, John!

  128. In fairness to the Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center, I must point out that not only has he increased the square footage of Church premises astoundingly, but he has also got more Teddy Bears on the Bridge than all the Independent Scientology groups combined!

    As you can see here in this picture from the Moscow Org:


  129. “And this is being used as a gimmick to get people to come in to the IAS Offices before the end of the year so the vultures can tear away at any flesh remaining on their bones.”
    Awww. And there was me thinking it was an early Christmas present!
    Drag those clapping seals to the torture chambers!
    No-doubt some will wake up with a shock when confronted with the latest piece of glossy self-aggrandizing Pope pulp and cognite that they would be better off handing their money over to a soup kitchen than imagining that their ‘donations’ are actually going to be used to help anyone other than Dear Leader himself.
    Sickening. And an insult to anyone who has chosen to call him/herself a Scientologist. This has nothing to do with LRH’s tech.

  130. Come now Mike – you know that the pope has to have other people write his speeches because he doesn’t have time to do it. He is too busy cleaning up the mess that LRH and his friends have made for the Church of Scientology.

  131. M9, M4 and * rate.
    I’d rather have an enema.

  132. Keep going Jim. The way out is the way through (and put the cat out)

  133. So that the pope can poop in private… OK, maybe Tom Cruise can poop in private too.

  134. Li'll bit of stuff

    Underdog? (no ways!! you,re pretty pan-determined
    if you ask me! I get the handle though!!!)

    Thanks so much for your online alternative. Li’ll bit

  135. Mike-You need to take yourself on the road-you are so funnjy.

  136. Oh yes, a little booklet of DM’s most inspirational speeches. Nice. But what are the grown ups supposed to read?

  137. I for one am glad you brought it to our attention.
    More evidence that Miscavige’s brand of ‘Scientology’ (pure, un-diluted suppression) is not only criminal on a financial level, but also spiritually devastating.
    My postulates/prayers/affinity go out to Tommy and Jessica. However misguided they are, I’m sure they’re going through their own personal hell right now.

  138. Good point. Technically the IAS is a splinter group who’s suppressive acts are covered thus:
    “…Organizing a splinter group to use Scientology data or any part of it to distract people from standard Scientology; organizing splinter groups to diverge from Scientology practices, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else;… seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or “to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology…”
    – L. Ron Hubbard

  139. The last time I was at Bellair Mission ALL of it’s public were students who had been refused services at Flag because they had ‘non-standard schedules’ (this was 4 years ago when Flag cancelled part-time course schedules because ‘that reference doesn’t apply to Flag’), or they were PCs who were not eligible for Flag auditing.
    There were NO new public going into the mission. Just the cast-off students and PCs from Flag. That’s what kept Belleair Mission going.
    All it will take is some genius at Flag to realize that the mission is cannibalizing on the OTs that Flag should be delivering to and take their public (and their money) back and that mission will collapse like all the others.

  140. To clarify – when I say ALL of it’s public I’m talking about approx 10 students a week and 2 PCs. That was 4 years ago. I’m sure it’s worse now.

  141. “Beyond all that, there may be speculation, and playing of other games, but right now we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud. ”
    Who else but Miscavige could get away with contradicting LRH with his own policy???!!!
    Yes Ron said that… but…

  142. ‘prostates’

  143. I found an interesting reference relating to cancer in the tech vols which states the following:
    ‘…When a body is over x-rayed it ceases to create sexually and creates on a cellular level in a highly irresponsible way. This is cancer…’.
    – L. Ron Hubbard
    HCOB 3 June 1957
    That’s the only reference I could find relating to cancer although I have been told there is mention made in another reference regarding 2D upset and cancer. If anyone knows of such a reference I would be interested to know what it is so I can verify it’s existence or put it down to rumor line. Meanwhile I find the above reference very interesting in light of the suppression on the second dynamic as currently practiced in the cult.

  144. ‘Having PLENTY of money in the SO, makes life much less harsh.’
    Less harsh? Understatement.
    When I was at CCInt Tommy and his wife Nadine had their ‘berthing’ torn up and re-designed from the bottom up – I understand that Tommy’s mother paid. Karen and Alan Hollander and Susan Watson lived in the Manor Hotel while the auditors, supervisors, chaplains, C/Ses (and other such low-lifes) slummed it in overcrowded, filthy conditions at the Wilcox. The ‘elite’ were also treated to gourmet meals at a ‘special’ table in the crew dining room while the rest of the crew looked on longingly, sucking on soggy overcooked spaghetti as a daily fare.

  145. And Kathy may never find out. The Internet is far too dangerous a place for OTs to visit in their spiritual condition.

  146. That should read ‘delicate spiritual condition’ (yes – sarcasm).

  147. Li'll bit of stuff

    P13c & HR , Yes & yes! Speaking of which, brings just
    a smattering of (previously noted)AKA’s, to mind, which “could” be added as ‘nice’ ( 1 . 1 ) ‘warm & friendly’, bracketed,nick names to the promo of such events :-

    COB,POB,Bard of Bullshit,Dwarf,Midget,Deformed One, Mismanage,Miss Cabbage,Mad Cabbage, 5O’s Macho
    Man,Prince of Darkness, Psycho, Sociopath, Ponziman
    Adolf,Goebbels,Hitler, Little Dictator,Creature from Hell,
    Imposter,Parasite,Madman,Dramatizing Psychotic,
    T.C.Wannabe,Untouchable,Nazi Leader,Gestapo leader
    The King of Slaves, The Only One,The Founder of
    Miscavology,LRH Messenger,LRH Successor,Master
    of Deception,Evil One, Etc Etc (okay! enough already!)

    This Catalogue probably stretches to ETERNITY !!!!

  148. I tried to moderate my statement as I was getting way too SUDDEN!! 🙂

    Money is god IN the SO and out. I know the Wilcox — it was HARSH back in the 70’s — by the 2000 it is probably on the condemned list BUT $$ has prevented that from happening.

    Someday we’ll share Wilcox stories or Susan Watson stories, or Ann Archer stories etc.

    We ex-SO have abundances of stories. Might make good reality TV. Any backers?


  149. martyrathbun09

    This is why Independent presence and involvement in informing the press and the world about the current state of the subject is so important. Lack of it results in a show such as this.

  150. Wouldn’t it be nice if DM cared for the staff and public as much as he loves himself. I guess that’s a pipe dream I have.

  151. Pingback: Tim Swanson Delivers Straight Talk | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  152. Li'll bit of stuff


    You’ve posted a vital question here,which I’m convinced
    needs to be “TR-O’ed” calmly and fully, by anyone with
    continued “survival” in mind.
    While the research into the subject of cancer,pre & post
    LRH’s data,is certainly divergent as to causes, there
    appears to be broad agreement in one area; Strength
    of one’s immune system plays a crucial role.
    ref. The Prevention of All Cancers–Hulda Regehr Clark
    Ph.D.,N.D copyright 2OO4

    The Esteemed Doctor and Researcher has Discovered
    an alarming increase in toxic chemicals,heavy metals
    and certain PARASITES,to be causative in cancers.

    The Totally irresponsible creation of an average of
    (at least) 64 New Chemical compounds, globally, per
    week, being released into our Earth’s atmosphere and
    environment is no comfort for our delicate,primordial
    little immune systems,trying ‘desperately’ to protect our
    bodies from mostly ‘invisible’ harmful aggression.

    For example, who would suspect that ‘perfectly acceptable’
    water additive ‘chlorine’ AKA bleach, (JIK) ??
    It is capable of Killing the AIDS virus within IO seconds
    of contact!! Is it ANY surprise ,then, that it not only CAN
    but DOES the same thing when absorbed by your
    Immune System ??

    Dr. Clark makes no refs. to X-Ray’s (per se) being a
    causative factor of cancers, especially in view of the
    (treatment’s) efficacy in Medical diagnosis and
    Treatment regimens. A Study of fatalities linked to
    those Professionals in Radiological Treatment may
    answer your question. Also consider the (hidden)
    data line on the “widely accepted” use of MICRO
    WAVES ,used unavoidably in All cell phones and
    Linked Air wave global communications
    {Check out the secrecy behind ANY Service
    Providers Clandestine Micro Wave Installations.
    There’s a REASON for secrecy !!)

    Anyway, my interest in all this is motivated by
    my former profession in the Sports,Strength and
    Health field. As a closing note, I can Definitely
    Confirm this; YOU and your Loved Ones Can
    live a LOT longer IF you avoid consuming Tap
    WATER, favouring,rather Natural Spring Water
    and keep that Cell Phone out of contact with
    your head as ‘much’ as possible

    Hope this sheds some light! Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  153. You nailed it, Mike. Perfect analogy that’s oh so obvious from the outside.

  154. I cannot even imagine trying to read that crap! Listening to small clips of that drivel is torturous.

  155. Speaking of personal hell, I’ve been there and done that. Wasn’t really going to comment on this thread as so close to the topic, but after your comment, Sam, I must.

    Yes, far better to rehabilitate the human spirit in all aspects of life rather than follow “Miscavige’s brand of ‘Scientology’ (pure, un-diluted suppression) which is not only criminal on a financial level, but also spiritually devastating.” Rachel

  156. Sam — When Dr. Denk was ill, he was given a pack of LRH references by (I believe) the MLO Gold. These all dealt with the subject of cancer, sort of like a hatting pack. Can’t remember how many references but perhaps more than ten. He read the pack and I only glanced at it, then it was returned. I suspect the pack was put together through time from SIR (Source Information Retrieval) and, perhaps other references.

  157. See the blog topic “The Mad Mind of Miscavige” posted on October 12, 2010. This is adult fare all the way!

  158. Li'll bit of stuff


    Amazing ! My wife and I were just discussing this very
    topic yesterday and VOILA ! Neat & succinct! Thanks!

  159. The Denver field’s greatest notoriety comes from OT VII Rex Fowler killing his business partner. Yet they’ve also had 2 OT Executive Directors die on post over a 6 month period- Mike McDonald and Bob Behren (not sure of the spelling of his last name). These among other public persons in Denver who’ve gotten ill and died in recent years.

  160. WH
    I look forward to sharing stories 🙂

  161. Rachel,
    I know what you’ve been through.
    You survived, you’re here, and I’m very glad of it.
    Look forward to chatting over a cup of tea some day

  162. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sapere Aude,
    Thanks,two, have already devoured Chapter 1 with very subjective reflections. I grew up in old Apartheid South Africa and Struggled to get
    “acceptance” While attempting to bring different
    cultures to “accept each other” Scientology had
    an enormous impact on me,personally in seeing
    how “granting of beingness” and two way comm
    cracked almost ANY barriers ( except the most
    bigoted attitudes ) Thanks three, to Thee, four
    to Marty “incredible” Rathbun and Last but Not
    least, OUR OL’ MAN, who made it all possible!
    Y’all have already given me Xmas Blessings
    with your THETA comm. Thank YOU, my friends

  163. David L

    Of course I do not have any idea where he is going to distribute these “treasures” since any books not written by L.Ron Hubbard have been banned from being sold in the Orgs for some time now.

    Just another one of those policies that will be conveniently swept under the rug, and if anyone dares to suggest that this seems to be an outpoint, they will be accused of being Counter Intentioned to COB.

    David Miscavige is withholding real LRH tech and altering his written works, but you can bet that David Miscavige’s verbal diarrhea (ghost written by Dan Sherman, of course) will be promoted “Front and Center”.

    Just had a thought… It is going to be interesting when DM demands that they print it in 2700 different languages… They can’t even get it to make sense in English!

    Eric S

  164. HereNow

    Oh Crap… Really?
    I am pretty sure I donated to that one…
    Ah well… At least we can be sure it will be put to some other similar, absolutely vital cause… Right?…..Right?


    Eric S

  165. Valkov

    I think you may have something there. I suspect though, that there will be a new “WHY” proffered first. “THE BLIND FOLLOWING LRH” .

    Since COB has made more money altering LRH and pushing COB Basics, COB OT levels, COB ethics, COB Ideal Orgs, COB IAS, etc, then that unquestionably PROVES that it is actually “the use of LRH Ethics, Tech, and Admin, that has been hindering the unrestricted forward expansion of The Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology”

    COB is a GOD!… COB is a GOD!

    Let us pray….

    Eric S

  166. Sam and Li’ll Bit,
    I don’t wish to derail the subject so email me at 44sapereaude@hushmail.com. I know a fair bit on this subject as my field of study is human healthcare.

    There are case factors, chemical (toxin and nutritional deficiency) as well as physical stress which can kick a cancer into motion. In the broad picture LRH’s statement as well as Li”ll Bit’s are both correct and not in conflict. Hope this helps.

    some info at:
    the video Introduction to FIVE Biological Laws at:

  167. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I can just see all the little COBots lined up for their inspiration!

    Like an assembly line: shermanspeak gobbledygook in one end, wallet out the other.

  168. Thanks, V! I read that one years ago, but only roughly remembered any of it – good to have it again.

  169. I would also recommend this book: The China Study.

    It seems that China’s Chairman Mao once had a friend who died of cancer. Mao was grief-stricken. Being the absolute dictator of a large country with a lot of resources, he ordered a study be done, to assemble every bit of knowledge that could be derived, about the possible causes of cancer.

    From the website above:

    “The research project culminated in a 20-year partnership of Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, a survey of diseases and lifestyle factors in rural China and Taiwan. More commonly known as the China Study, “this project eventually produced more than 8000 statistically significant associations between various dietary factors and disease.”

  170. Valkov,
    Thanks. I have read the China study. There were flaws in how the study was done but it doesn’t really change the basic outcome. Chemicals – either the addition of incorrect ones (toxins) or the lack of proper ones (nutrients) are both factors. There are also case factors and genetic factors. Cancer is a condition and not always the same specific thing. It always results in uncontrolled cellular activity which ultimately destroys the host.

  171. Thanks to you too, SA. This little sub-thread really broadened my understanding of what “2D” really is – it is reproduction of cells in any and all forms of organism. It includes what biologists call asexual reproduction.

    To tie this in with the quote of LRH, suppressors to the healthy and orderly reproduction of the cells of an organism can result in the development of any of the many forms of disorder we call “cancer”. The suppressor(s) may apparently be on any level of action – toxins, scarcity of nutrients, emotional incidents(loss etc) and the resulting decisions made to cope with them, etc. Thus cancer can be understood as an organism’s “solution” to a perceived problem or a response to a perceived threat to continued propagation of the lifestream of protoplasm.

    Frantic, compulsive procreation in the face of the approaching cessation of life.

  172. Valkov,
    You and I for the most part agree. I would make the following distinction that it could be the organism’s “solution” or it also could have been a falsehood entered by genetic mutation (think xray, toxin, etc) where an unknown and unwanted genetic code change is now being operated on. Either way once this new bio-command is being acted upon you have created either a direct effect (cancer, etc) or an indirect effect.

    Indirect is a change in the cellular background playing field allowing the cancerous agent to manifest, immune system failure or omitted observatioin and action. . Yes, ultimately the compulsive cellular activity starves the host of energy, oxygen or both. The death is always due to respiratory failure. Respiration being an exchange of blood gases in the lungs or at a cellular level of oxygen for waste. Destroy the blood supply, fill the carrying capacity with toxic cellular debri, etc and ultimately you bring about a respiratory failure.

  173. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sapere ( & Valkov ), not to be rude, deraillitive,
    or to interrupt some really interesting points of
    view,but haven’t we overlooked something or
    rather, someone important ?……..Sam ?…??

  174. Li’ll bit,
    You aren’t rude. I put down my email for her to contact me. I have read that reference. The same idea is covered in the video I referenced from medical research showing losses and trauma (case, engrams, etc) and actually details which cancers are related to the 2D and which to other areas of upset/loss. I can always email Sam to see what her further questions are. I don’t know if she is still following this stream of data.

  175. ATTENTION ANNONYMOUS: Please help by safepointing all areas around the Idle Morgues with the “Inside Scientology” by Janet Reitman (if you can find one – most of them are checked out at the Libraries and you have to order them cuz they fly off the shelves at the bookstores)

    “Inside Scientology” by Janet Reitman. Every home and business surrounding these funeral homes should have one.

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