Top Ten Posts of 2011

I have provided a list here with links to each of the top ten most visited posts of 2011, counting down from number ten to number one.  If you have a few moments you might want to peruse it. It gives an interesting overview of the past year of activity.

10.  A Letter From The San Patricio County Jail.  September 17

9.  Grant Cordone: Turnaround or Turncoat King.   June 20

8.  Scientology Spy Network Exposed.    June 14

7.  Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Corpus Christi.    April 18

6.  Michael Fairman.  January 23

5. Journalists Beware of Scientology Inc Spy.    February 15

4.  Exodus.  June 23

3.  An Open Letter to Tony Ortega.  September 28

2.  The New Yorker: Miscavige and Cruise caught lying.  February 10

1.  Corporate Scientology Targets South Park. October 23

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  1. I think the thing that impresses me the most, with regard to the last 2 posts and all of the incredible data in the articles named, is that each of those posts have helped to validate the perceptions that I have had for so many years. On one hand, I did not want them to be true… yet on the other hand, I knew I was not wrong about what I was gradually observing over the last 20+ years. The past 2 years of visiting this site, almost everyday, has been enlightening and I have regained so much certainty for myself. I really appreciate that this blog is here and the people who have helped to enlighten and validate my perceptions. Thank you…it has meant more to me than I have previously expressed…as I value that the truth is exposed.

  2. Marty —

    Thank you. You posted your position, “The Great Middle Path” an eon ago, or so it seems.

    You have remained true to it — even under circumstances which would cause others to waver. The analogies to LRH, not identities, are remarkable.

    There are others who join you. us, in that. But this is your blog, so I address this to you, not slight to them in any fashion, for their actions are essential, but simply because this is yours.

    And that, is what enables me to be here. Had you wavered, had I, or others wavered, we’d not be here.

    And for those who may not know or understand, here is a location from which the possibility to move on up a little higher is a very real,available, option.

    The future is bright. Thank you. And all you others, contributing, THANK YOU.


  3. George M. White

    The South Park story is a classic and I remember
    hearing it discussed by a group of high school students.
    I’m not surprised that it drew so much attention.
    You have the Xenu story combined with Tom Cruise.
    One can almost imagine Tom flying in the DC-8 vehicles.
    You also get a reaction by corporate Scientology in the
    form of trying to covertly penetrate the South Park organization.
    Many people know of ‘covert hostility’ in Scientology so they
    can make a real connection.
    During the last year, I have had several people try to explain
    Scientology to me from the information on the internet.
    They usually focus on every detail of the Xenu story and
    then say that this what Scientologists ‘believe’.
    Thus the public gets a very distorted view.
    I am surprised that some of the earlier narratives in
    Scientology are ignored and that the Xenu story is so
    often repeated. History of Man contains other stories
    such as ‘trapping thetans’ which don’t seem to get much
    attention. In addition, there are narratives in the early tapes
    which have been forgotten and would make great satirical material.
    I think the Xenu story was a real departure from earlier
    narratives because it was told in such great detail and
    because it was ‘showcased’ in the OTIII level. In addition,
    it was positioned as a ‘call to action’. Then South Park came
    along at this point and the entire narrative was ripe for satire.
    It was also brought to my attention on this blog that the
    original narrative stories associated with OTVIII were
    removed by Mr. Miscavige and that the level was altered.
    South Park is probably in the hunt for a new Scientology story
    but they will be hard pressed to top Xenu. It could happen.
    These South Park people are very creative. It is going to
    be a very interesting year on the story line. This blog
    could really hit a peak like the ‘yellow volcano’


  4. It is hard to say what are the “Top 10 Posts”. They are all good. I have learned a lot, more than I anticipated from reading this blog. Because I live in New Jersey I would have to say “An Open Letter To Tony Ortega” would be my choice, after living and working in New York City myself for a long time, and because the article hits so close to home. If I am not around for the next few days, Happy New Year to all! 🙂

  5. Bela,
    +100. So very well written of how I feel. I was disgusted to view the razor fence knowing well intentioned SO staff were held behind it. For those who haven’t see this you can go here. ( The entire world can see the truth – only the current church member is forced to remain blind to these facts.

    This blog is not only exposing truth it is a place for those who wish that the dreams of so many, the potential benefit to all, the bridge to a better life, were available as it was intended. We are not blind to, nor have we forgotten, that there is suppression and alteration of the tech, an attempt to make the family of LRH vanish from history and an attempt to force so many into servitude to a new hierarchy. I think most of can agree to the concepts of this song.

    And now, let us all continue on moving on up a little higher. Our future is before us and I see a great new day dawning.

  6. I want to say thank you Marty and Mosey (and Mike) for your continued actions on this blog. The number of comments and number of visits to your blog show the success and effectiveness in bringing the truth to light.

    So many people have been left in a dark place by Corporate Scientology, and through your postings and the platform the blog provides, people are finding their way out of dark and confusing places and able to find help, real facts, friends and of course, standard tech.

    I have been a little distracted of late from the daily postings, and have not been as visible or as verbal as I was in late 2010 and the earlier part of this year. That has been, in part, due to local attacks and small battles here on the home front. My lack of communication and visibility was a temporary thing, and with expert advice and some great back up, the cloud down here is clearing and there are no fatalities on my side of the battlefield at all.

    I am currently embarking on my professional auditor training (watch our Mosey — gonna catch you up!) so we have another auditor to help pick up the broken straws and patch people up after they are spat out by Corporate Scientology in Australia.

    Wishing you all the best for 2012! And what a year it is going to be!

  7. The year in review. Score: Truth 100 Miscabbology -0

    And more highlights from this year, tragic they may be, but a relief as truth comes to light.
    Squirrel Buster Arrested

    After Miscavige ordered his prize “OT Ambassador” Ed Bryan and others to stalk and slander the Rathbuns in their hometown (the 199 day seige) impersonating a documentary film crew — he then knee-jerk dispatched Bryan with a group of 8 other Miscavige OSA (Office of Special Affairs) operatives to Miami.

    They were flanked by Miscavige shill Jim Lynch impersonating a reporter for Freedumb Magazine along with yet another crew.

    ( For more on Lynch and his shill status see: )

    Their Mission: Attempt to disrupt a trade convention attended by Mike Rinder in an effort to destroy his livelihood.

    The result?

    Jim Lynch’s hired camera crew abandoned him after they were told about Bert Leahy (the admirable camera man who got wise and was true to his integrity, and exposed OSA and David Lubow). So Lynch lost his composure and busted his way into a nearby hotel meeting room. Apparently, he didn’t notice the hotel had security cameras. Jim Lynch was thrown out, hotel security called the police and they cited him for assault. He had fled the premises by the time they got there.

    But there is no doubt what happened next in Miami. Ed Bryan was arrested for TRESSPASSING and failure to pay entry fee at the convention center.

    Ed Bryan also made several appearances elsewhere impersonating a documentary crew. Mission: Harass, stalk, introvert, defame, destroy. Here is Ed Bryan in Ingleside on the Bay, before getting arrested in Miami. He was stalking the Rathbuns. This video has the classic juxtaposition, Monique Rathbun calls it like it is: “Yes he’s in there auditing while you’re riding around in a golf cart.”

  8. I know this is not a survey (that might be interesting too). But I have to say the two most compelling stories this year for me, was:

    1. Marty and Mosey going to Germany and reaching out to build that bridge. 2. Mike Rinder talking in Ireland.

    Those made me cry. Those gave me a real sense of victory. That was beautiful, human, and illustrated the overwhelming power of just caring about the guy in front of you. Those gave me great pride in being connected to Scientology. Those made me love all three of you.


  9. South Park is basically a household name. DM pulling OSA tactics in that arena is highly interesting. Embarrassing and unbelieveable…..but highly interesting.

  10. The “Church” is dressed up like Scientology but it’s not Scientology.

    Ask a Christian, are you a Christian when you kill people?

    Are you a Scientologist when you put people at effect intentionally, and try to damage, harm and introvert as the number 1 go-to “handling”?

    As for the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) tactics to smear and denigrate and disparage and ruin reputations with lies and fabricated confessional information, has anyone recently looked up the definition of Cyber-bullying?

    The first formal definition of Cyber-bullying is: the use of the Internet and related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.

    Okay? There is distinct difference between free speech (opinion, whistle-blowing, discussion) and calumny. The Corporate Scientology machine specializes in calumny.

    There are many support groups that should be notified of the OSA blogs and calumnious cyber-bullying, stalking, etc. There is legislation underway to protect people’s human rights against bullies.

    Read more about Cyber-bullying here

    The same way the Scientology Corporation was banned from Wikipedia editing because they abused it, they should be investigated for the fake blogs and fake Twitter accounts impersonating people to defame them.

  11. New Year festive Party Ideas for DM

    In the wake of DM and OSA’s creative team tied up with extreme fire fighting measures, and the obvious fear of his ‘in house’ catering staff to originate anything that might bring on DM’s retribution in this season of goodwill, I have been working on a few ideas of my own for his New Year party. Listed below are ingredients.


    Trementina 2012
    One quart Scotch
    One pkt Cherry Kool-Aid
    Generous dash of Almond essence

    Main Course

    Bébé Corbeau en croute
    24 Baby Crow
    Pie dish

    Bon Appetit 🙂

  12. Marty,
    Some days ago you posted some of your production relative to auditing. I would say that these statistics certainly indicate some production.
    (And to think you pulled it off with no carbon footprint! LOL!!)
    You’re kickin *ss!!

  13. A great summary of what this blog is about and the people who make it such a special place.
    I have evolved these past 3 years. I am stronger and happier than I have ever been before.
    Slushy and sentimental warning: I don’t know where I would be without all of your love and support. Thank you for a magnificent few years. I look forward to an incredible 2012 with all of you and many more to come.
    To all of you and all the people we love both in and out:

  14. Mine too.
    I had the great privilege to live both of those posts and experience Marty and Mike in action.
    A clear example of sanity juxtaposed to DM’s savage trail of destruction.
    Scientology is in safe hands.

  15. ‘Carwash’ was by far the funniest.
    Spirit of play 🙂

  16. 100% agreed. These two actions of 2011 did the most to establish real Scientology, and show how bereft Mr. David Miscage and his enablers are by comparison.

  17. What a year it has been, and 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year.

    The ship of Miscavige is definitely taking on some real water. Even my own family is beginning to see the light.

    Mr. David Miscavige is not a Scientologist. Thanks, Marty and Mosey and Mike and all who contribute here for putting up with the abuse and making this fact very, very clear.

    Here’s to a grand 2012!

  18. That was the funniest!

  19. SA – just picked up your emails on hush – I’m a bit behind. Will get back to you in a day or two.
    Happy New Year!

  20. +1
    It is a matter of living the tech and applying it as we know we can and should do. We don’t need approval to live life or set good examples. There is never a win in arguing about the tech with someone who is blinded by DM. The answer is simply to live it with certainty of knowledge and integrity to self.
    One of my favorite policies is “Orders, Illegal and Cross”, where LRH states:
    “If one is too timid to outright refuse to comply, there are other ways. The easiest is to say “yes sir’ and then just don’t do it.”
    I have a feeling that most of the people here are far from timid…but I like the attitude of ease that LRH puts forth with being able to just do what one knows is right, as that is what counts.

  21. I thought the Super Power Rundown was due for release 2011. In last years commemorative IAS mag issue did it not say that 2011 would see released tech of which Earth as never seen the likes?

  22. This past year in review reminded me of the battle scars that many of us have aquired in our search for truth while inside the church. Loss of friendship, business associates, financial security and even familial connections over the last several decades have taken its toll on those who only seek enlightnment and a desire to help one’s fellow man.

    Despite the genuine pain inflicted upon our lives we continue to forward the tech LRH so graciously left as his legacy. Despite all the alterations, fundraising, outright torture to any who tried to apply it, etc. the workability and power of the tech still emblazened on the forehead of many, has given us the strength and courage to transcend the church corruption, the group agreement and blind faith of a demented leader. I will always think of Safeguarding the Tech when I see the church erecting another one of its guilded orgs. They may be pretty but it is not the way out of the labrynth.

    The whole Texas seige has been a prime example of how the church is not Scientology. How koolaid drinkers are truly brainwashed into doing DMs bidding and if they could only get exterior for a minute they would see how ridiculous they have been acting, get over their embarrassment and start forwarding real Scientology. And mostly, how unkillable Marty and Mike really are and that you should never underestimate Mosey who showed more sense and rationality in her few words than all the veteran squirrel busters put together.

    This year, more than ever, the truths revealed in this blog made me realize that I was a stranger to all of the people that I thought I knew over the last 30 years. It reminded me of the 80’s when Mayo left and several mission holders went with him (including mine) resulting in a complete upheaval of every staff and public in the bay area. The result was that every one of my closest friends went with the mission holder and I was all alone standing by LRH. I couldn’t understand why people would walk away from LRH. Eventually I forged new friendships and went on about my life applying the tech, helping others and going up the bridge, too. It was then that I was able to perceive that what was going on in the church, particularly management which used force and punishment to demand compliance, the concept of ARC totally abandoned. It was NOT Scientology…even if it called itself that. Breaking from the church I disappeared and felt once again that I was alone with LRH and I realized that I didn’t need a church to practice my religion.

    In re-reading some of the earlier “hot topics” I ran across a comment Mike Rinder made about Mayo that really stood out. He said, “BUT, the decisions he DID make certainly disprove the notion that he was a “champion” of standard tech and somsone to be listened to on the subject. Those who still place him on a pedestal as a model of technical know-how are ignoring the fact that he WALKED AWAY from the entire subject. IF he really knew the route to total freedom, and was dedicated to it, do you think he would have walked away for ANY REASON? LRH didnt.”
    In many ways this same statement could be said of Miscavaige who has been running an overt campaign to alter and destroy the tech for a few decades. Though he makes his body present at the org events (which he created to glorify himself to Scientologists around the world), he WALKED AWAY from the tech a long time ago. Anyone still allowing themselved to be deceived by his smoke and mirrors routine will surely be led down the thorny path of more financial ruin, disconnection, blackmail…black Dianetics.

    On the other hand, those seeking to become enlightened through training and auditing have only to look towards the independent field. LRHs legacy is alive and well and being preserved just as he intended! Once again proving the unkillability of the tech. It has passed the test of time despite DMs every attempt to destroy it and will continue to live and grow with the support of the Indie Scientologist. I can honestly say that I no longer feel alone with LRH as I am surrounded by people who truly love him and his gift to mankind. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to express what I think and listen to others express their thoughts in this blog. I have grown so much as a result of this interchange and through the multi viewpoint system have regained a certainty of my own viewpoint. All of this because of the simple technique called 2 way comm and the willingness of others to share their knowledge and experience on this blog.

    Just like the old days of Dianetics, the Independent Scientologist is a grassroots movement still in it’s early stages. I am sure it will get even more exciting in 2012!

  23. Dear Sam, you are a very beautiful thetan and i love these spanish translated videos, thanks. Have a very happy new year.

  24. “Squirrel Buster Tech” was released to the world! Earth has never seen the likes of these jabronis.

  25. Feliz Año Nuevo querido amigo!
    abrazos, besos y buenos deseos

  26. The Internet and South Park, A deadly combination.

  27. That term, “we come back”. That’s an SO term isn’t it?
    I was staff but I use to wonder what that meant. In reading these blogs I’ve come think that it means no matter how how the tech is manipulated, altered or the subject taken over for supressive purposes a core element will always strive to reserect the core values of the truth and workability of Scientology..
    Truth is a static and a test of that is observed in all of Miscavige’s actions,every last one of them has followed the procedure of; time, place, form & event. Every one of them will surrender to the truth. Sometimes you just ‘gotta punch that truth home.’
    Below all this blogs, postings and comments by those who apparently are true “SO” members are being pulled together under one purpose – to keep a static a static.
    One could get all philosophic about this and I won’t talk for others but I had a good taste of what Scientology actually is and does, and for the life of me, it’s so damnable to see such a wonderful thing being treated so terribly.
    This site is the vanguard as I see it and it’s communication lines must be a horror for Miscavige and his band of merriless followers.
    I shake my head in disbelief those who have sold out their enternity and that of countles others for a handful of gold.

  28. Li'll bit of stuff


    Your words echo my own feelings as I watched those three
    videos over & over again, picking up more & more each
    time through—hate to sound ‘cliche’ — but this definitely
    is like the old ‘phoenix’ rising from the ashes—-again!!

    Off topic, T.O, but, as promised, I really want to thank you
    for stepping in to the overheated kitchen when you did.
    Bringing in your Ethics, Justice, S.P detection presence
    just when needed , effectively handled a psycho warfare
    specialist who thought he could win. Your great skill in
    applying this powerful tech, was not lost on me.

    In addition, your code of honour;( no1) never desert a
    comrade in need, in danger, or in trouble, was asserted
    firmly, effectively and with an ‘ethics presence’ that the
    perp’ could not ignore! Brilliantly done

    I learn so much more every day, about what it means to
    be a REAL Scientologist, through the ARC/KRC power
    shared by genuine, caring, fearless, persons like You
    and all the rest of the ‘gang’ of Independents here.
    We all have certain strengths, talents, and abilities to
    share and help each other through good times & bad

    Looking forward to returning the favour, Man
    much appreciation, luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  29. Good to hear the dust is clearing for you Lana.
    We consider you our close friends and we wish your whole family a fabulously flourishing 2012 – may we meet again sooner than later.


  30. Excellent Menu design – and it aligns perfectly with the appropriate ethics condition for the Church’s Chief Cook & Bottle Washer – [Miss Cabbage] to be applying. Go ahead – cook up a storm !

  31. The whole e.t. attack (Zenu etc.) started because D.M. couldn’t confront it on his first (and last) TV interview.

    He was not confronting the data and instead of telling the interviewer some acceptable truth (and that similar data are everywhere trough the lectures from the 50’ies and also History of Men for anyone to see) he denied the whole thing.
    (see 2:40 and 5:30)
    What you can’t confront you will pull in, right?
    He forgot the old good dianetics jingles: if motion comes in, use it and win.
    Instead he went downscale and lied.
    This was the biggest PR flubb and the basic on that matter.
    I saw another Interviews with then spokespersons of Scientology and they did the same, and I suspect that they could not do any different (because it would discredid the POB). And they’re still lying in the TV. Even the “Hollywood Scientologists” where forced to lie on that (and many of them are OT III and beyound).
    D.M. can’t imagine how much he discredited Scientologists and Scientology and how much harm he created with his not confronting the data.

    He shouldn’t have cancled the 1980 revision of the TR’s bulletin, than maybe he would know what TR’s are and what they are for. And make some use of it himself. Poor devil.

  32. *facepalm*

  33. I want to give a big acknowledgement to both Marty & Mike for what you have done to hold your position[s] in space in 2011. You have, by doing that, helped us ALL to hold OUR positions in space just a little bit more stably.
    I am definitely faring better for what you have done in 2011, and I feel very positive about what 2012 holds for the rebirth of LRH’s legacy in a safer, saner space. [yes – out in the open, in plain sight, rather than the scuttling, cockroach-like antics of the short one that just plain sicken me…]
    To Mosey & Christie, thanks to you both for keeping our warriors safe and tending their wounds when the dust of the day’s battle has settled.
    To all of you here: I wish for you a wonderful new year, full of the joy of life as LRH so rightly puts it: “There is no substitute for an all-out, over-the-ramparts, howling charge against life. That’s living.”-L.R.H.


  34. For me, it is not just the topic of the post but who is commenting. My jaw dropped when I saw Richard Behar commenting on the blog. At least I hope it was him. I agree that Scientology is the most compelling story of modern times and the complete story may never be told. Anyway, I love the blog. It has really helped blow charge.

  35. Squirrel buster tech! That’s funny. Follows hot on the heels of kick-the-cat tech and foot-bullet tech. What a year Dear Leader has had! Looking forward to much, much more in 2012.

  36. Li'll bit of stuff

    Karen B, Beautifully summarised and presented here from someone who has seen and experienced so much on a personal level. Yes.undoubtedly, there has been so much pain and destruction vented on so many who had been
    trusting of the continuance of the ‘Church’ they knew and desperately wanted to believe— still existed—-but alas, it all became just a distant memory.

    However, the collective strength of such an overwhelming
    number of truly courageous, skilled and capable people
    assembling here now, with excited anticipation,, is so palpable
    you can readily sense it. ( The Restoration of LRH SCN )

    Roll in 2012, and may we ALL stand, unafraid in the light
    that results from the simple application of real ARC and
    two way comm between beings that DO care for one another, to move on up a little higher. We will ALL be
    happier and freer at LAST. Happy New Year Luv, Li’ll bit

  37. Hi Ax,
    The feeling is mutual. Sooner, rather than later, sounds great.
    I have my DM-buster t-shirt ready. 🙂

  38. Thanks, Marty, for this great site. It’s been addictive. Not just your news and views, but also the eye-opening viewpoints of the many great people posting here.
    These top stories were great, but I was also shocked by the OSA tactics in LA, mounting the curb in speeding cars, internet and phone hacking, and so on.

    Stand-out events were Germany and Ireland – big pleasure moments for me.

    Maybe the thing I enjoyed the most was to see so many fine folk coming out into the open and announcing themselves here, with real ARC, like Mike Fairman. So many beautiful and fearless souls leading the way! That was was really heartening, and it showed that the site and your actions are working for the good. Well done, Marty!!!

    Love, Rich

  39. I heard that. Sounded like Tshhh!

  40. Samantha, you are a Dear Heart and I would never dare to consider you as slushy or sentimental.

    That song however…

  41. Good on you, Lana! Hope the indie field in Australia has a great New Year!

  42. I beg to differ! Seeing the guys first show up at Marty’s door with that dorky gear on their heads was the funniest for me.

    It’s nice that DM decided to entertain us so well in 2011. Hope he’s able to laugh at himself so he can enjoy it all too.

  43. LOL. You KNOW he can’t!

  44. LBOS you never answered my question: have you ever been a Scientologist?

  45. Re: recipe for baby crow–I would rather see him try to eat OLD crow and wash it down with the Trementina 2012.

  46. Happy New Year to all you disobedient rascals.

    I couldn’t put a “this is my favorite” on any of these top posts.

    I do, however, have a favorite cognition from all of this. It was the complete conceptual understanding of the magnitue of Help becoming betrayal and the insidiousness with which an SP like miscavige can manipulate and misdirect. While shouting “find their crimes,” from the roof tops. “See here?? LRH says those who attack scientology have CRIMES. So you usless little pricks, go find their *&%*$#* crimes.”

    The maliciousness with which miscavige pretends that we are attacking scientology, the religious philosophy. When in fact, we are simply pointing out that he is a failed auditor who is himself the SP behind the curtain. The deftness with which his glowing, but false reports of supposed up statistics are jammed into the faces of good people and make them feel intimidated, ashamed and then either reluctantly or zealously obedient.

    I get the concept fully, but probably never would have were it not for the truth posted here by the very theta, disobedient souls who have had the courage to speak out.

    Thanks to you all.


  47. Definition of BRAINWASHING
    : a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas
    : persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

    The stock and trade of Corporate Scientology has become the exact opposite of Scientology.

    Scientology itself is the opposite of brainwashing. Every piece of tech, the definitions, the processes born of empirical research and Hubbard’s life time of dedication to undercutting gradients to make epiphanies achievable for all , these are all tools a person can apply to chisel one’s self out of all that is not purely his/her self.

    Now that light is being held out as a bait, a carrot on a stick, to further an arbitrary and evil agenda. The word “freedom” as used by the Corporation that hijacked Scientology is false advertising. This entire year has spotlighted and documented clear and irrefutable evidence of the real agenda of David Miscavige. The world at large and Scientologists have gotten a good look at the “best” that the fake Church trot out as “OT Ambassadors”, (O.T. Operating Thetan, a nomenclature, to paraphrase in layman’s terms, Thetan for Soul, and Operating as in the Soul is functioning…not other things). It’s painful to see them, especially when one knows what is achievable, and when one understands and has experienced both personally and for others what Hubbard intended to contribute.

    People rag on Hubbard, and they rag on Steve Jobs as being “demanding” and prone to get angry …well…what did they get angry about?

    These “products” from the so-called Scientology Church, the people we see speaking to the media and camped out in front of the Rathbun’s home for months, babbling like homeless people stuck in mental circuits, these people who have reduced Freedom Magazine to the credibility of a paltry sharpie lies scribbled in a urinal, these scowling snarling OT ambassadors speak to the truth in this matter.

    People who have never experienced Scientology done properly may not have that experience by which to compare. Thanks heaven there are enough who do know the difference!

    The Scientology Corporation is not Scientology, it has become the opposite. It is using implant (Brainwashing) techniques on its members and on society.

    No more brainwashing! Human Rights are a RIGHT, not a charity. It’s the law.

    Brainwashed in our childhood
    Brainwashed by the school
    Brainwashed by our teachers
    And brainwashed by all their rules
    Brainwashed by our leaders
    By our Kings and Queens
    Brainwashed in the open
    And brainwashed behind the scenes

    God God God
    A voice cries in the wilderness
    God God God
    It was on the longest night
    God God God
    An eternity of darkness
    God God God
    Someone turned out the spiritual light

    Brainwashed by the Nikkei
    Brainwashed by Dow Jones
    Brainwashed by the FTSE
    Nasdaq and secure loans
    Brainwashed us from Brussels
    Brainwashed us in Bonn
    Brainwashed us in Washington
    Westminster in London

    God God God
    You are the wisdom that we seek
    God God God
    The lover that we miss
    God God God
    Your nature is eternity
    God God God
    Your are Existence, Knowledge, Bliss

    The soul does not love, it is love itself
    It does not exist, it is existence itself
    It does not know, it is knowledge itself

    How to Know God, pag 130

    They brainwashed my great uncle
    Brainwashed my cousin Bob
    They even got my grandma
    When she was working for the mob
    Brainwash you while you’re sleeping
    While in your traffic jam
    Brainwash you while you’re weeping
    While still a baby in your pram
    Brainwashed by the military
    Brainwashed under duress
    Brainwashed by the media
    You’re brainwashed by the press
    Brainwashed by computer
    Brainwashed by mobile phones
    Brainwashed by the satellite
    Brainwashed to the bone

    God God God
    Won’t you lead us through this mess
    God God God
    From the places of concrete
    God God God
    Nothing’s worse than ignorance
    God God God
    I just won’t accept defeat

    God God God
    Must be something I forgot
    God God God
    Down on Bullshit Avenue
    God God God
    If we can only stop the rot
    God God God
    Wish that you’d brainwash us too.
    (George Harrison)

  48. ““How does life become totally painful? By total retreat. Total noninspection becomes total pain.” – L. Ron Hubbard

    Marty and Mosey Rathbun, everyone who has helped and who lives for justice, thank you for helping people and the world LOOK.

  49. Ah … 2011 was an Epic Year for Human Rights.

    Thanks for the stats to review.! These dialogues with the world are a catalyst for change. Thank you for this blog, for this forum that distinguishes between Scientology the body of knowledge and practice, and the cult buffoonery that is using religion as a front. The later, Scientology Inc., is officially radical cultist zealotry. Pay attention. And have fun!

    And let’s not forget

  50. Pony Expressive

    2011 was also the Year of Gur Finkelstein

    “The motive for the Scientology attack was greed. According to Ynet, police say Gur Finkelstein, Scientology’s legal representative in Israel (and, according to Ynet, worldwide, as well) ordered the building blown up:

    …Police surveillance discovered that the man who ordered the “hit” on the Scientology center was none other than the Scientologists’ very own legal representative in Israel and worldwide, Attorney Gur Finkelstein, who stood to benefit from the future reconstruction work, due to a close connection with the building contractors.

    Police said that the suspects – including the Nizar Bakher, the Bakher family patriarch and his son Abdullah, as well as Finkelstein himself – have admitted their involvement..…”

  51. Concerned Catholic

    Obviously there is something tragic going on behind the walls of the Organizations, they are very different from Hubbard’s day. Even a casual observer can see the difference in attitudes and tone of the people who profess to follow the faith. It looks like a whole new breed of cat now! I used to think they were a cheerful lot. Now they seem dark and sinister, like they are hiding, even the spokes persons for Miscavige are not personable.
    I do like the photo of Marty Rathbun on Wikipedia, there is a sparkle of live soul and genuine presence there, then again, that is how I recall the overall presence of Scientology was when Hubbard was overseeing the practice.
    But I was very concerned to read in 2010 about the person who was counseling himself in the incorporated organization (the official “church”) Advanced Levels under the guidance of the new leader David Miscavige, I am referring to Rex Fowler, the man in Colorado who was convicted of murder and he was undergoing counseling in Scientology — a mess of pressure, financial duress (brainwashing). There’s a story about it on Catholic Online.
    Then that same year, in 2010, I read that Nancy Cartwright’s fiance Steve Bracket killed himself over money, his company folded. Both Cartwright and the fiance are affiliated with the post-Hubbard Organization of Scientology.
    I thought to myself something is dreadfully wrong inside that “church”. Dreadfully wrong.

  52. I agree Grasshopper.
    If there is one thing I have learned from this blog, it is the cold hard reality of things as they textReally Are within the “church” as opposed to the hype and pretense and outright lies.
    The never ending predatory regging continues to increase !
    The shameless regging for their pretended causes and scams continues in spite of all the internet revelations!
    But the deep and dark malicious retaliation against old veterans are really something else to behold. It is Vengeful, it is retaliation, it is tabloid and it gives an ongoing image of Mafia like thuggery while they crave recognition as a “Church”. A “small handful of SPs” doesn’t cut it anymore. Atheists are more popular than Miscavology.
    2012 will bring its own unravelling of more truths.
    We will all witness what effects “small handful” of us who read this blog can
    Happy New Year to ALL !

  53. “Happy New Year to all you disobedient rascals.”

    In the words of one of the more influencial and uptone characters of the 20th Century – Bugs Bunny – “ain’t I a stinker!”

    Happy New Year

  54. George M. White

    Thanks for the video. I watched it again in a new unit of time. Miscavige
    is lost in space in this interview. As you say, “he went downscale”.
    Miscavige is the wrong person to represent Scientology. He is full of nervous energy and he can’t calmly answer a single question. I also
    notice that he has no real understanding of faith or truth.
    Miscavige has no clue of the purpose of the narratives in Scientology.
    He is trying to defend by attacking Ted Koppell. This interview and the video with the “old men with cameras on their heads” also prove that Miscavige has not matured in over 20 years. I get the impression that Dave has memorized a few key facts about Scientology which he uses as the basis of his personality. In reality, he does not understand the wide range of the subject. Probably why he gets rid of people. He can’t tolerate anyone with a broader perspective.

  55. It is written on the comments of the previous post that he has been involved for 40 years and has had quite a bit of auditing. I assume from that he is a Scientologist.

    I recognize this voice. I’ve heard this voice before. I’ve heard this voice many times as I worked with public for years and years and years. I understand some others do not recognize this voice. But I’ve heard this voice before. This someone that has been on lines at a mission mostly.
    Probably in So. Cal. .

    My favorite line from Marty’s blog this year is when he said we will all make it through this. I can believe that. But we are going to have to start giving one another chances, space, trust, encouragement, and clear the way to make it through this, for one another.

  56. The voice of LBOS to clarify.

  57. I also know someone from the New York area that fits this voice, who is a fitness person who worked to get his wife up the bridge and get her trained as an auditor. He has been around about 40 years also in social circles. Not staff and has never been to an A.O. Enormous ARC.

  58. Happy New Year 2012, LRH, and all. May the true power of love and understanding come to reign on this planet, eventually, individually.

  59. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi SKM Your’e spot on here, nicely highlighted.
    BTW, do you,or any one else posting here happen
    to know DM’s actual, “certified” qualifications and
    levels supposedly attained. It could help by just
    putting behaviour in proper perspective Thanks

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes, Lynne, for 40 YEARS! Clear enough to you?

  61. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, LYnne, I have never tried to attack, harm,
    invalidate or suppress any single one of you
    Can you show me otherwise ? * facepalm “

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lynne typo– that last should read -*facepalm?*

  63. Little bit, Cheers and mutual good tidings. Most assumes I am a man. I’ve had people stand still when being introduced face to face to find I am not. I don’t get it, it but I guess someone does so their know can cover my not know. I’m just a simple person that doesn’t fix things that are not broken yet. I would rather see someone go free than wrongly convicted. Injustice is exactly what we are protesting about. You have to walk the walk to talk the talk. I believe we are the best of Scientology, right here. If we say we are on higher ground we need to be. I’ve been around the world with Scientology and people adapt it to their culture, they do not adapt to it.
    So I begin to hear the many different voices in this culture. I blanket trust anyone who does not come across in an enemy condition. Yes I know a condition can change swiftly but I can see that too.

    We are all in an enemy condition towards David Miscavige. That is part of the virus he spills. We become this way to remain sane and focused on what we are called upon to do by our own conscience. Yeah it’s kind of a drag but hey, the Scientology is worth fighting for. In fact, it is an overt not to.

    Frankly, I think enough blood has been spilled from innocent bystanders. And in my book, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. 2012, you will see the Int Base raided and David Miscavige arrested. Then these tensions will ease up and people will rise to a normal condition and above, carefully and one step at a time. That is our WHO, even if you were sent by him.

    America opened the doors to all peoples of the planet seeking refuge at one time. There was a creed that no person would be rejected as a wrong item. This made America great. Marty has been a symbol of refuge and safe haven. Many people have stepped out because of this. He has a monumental statistic , the best yet, of being a safe haven for people to step towards. I just like to help keep the atmosphere in the spirit of the man who is making this possible. He is auditing out a situation here and, is the room alright? We need to keep some basics in right?

    Having just finished L11 I just want to say I have been able to give a blanket amnesty to anyone that has ever harmed me. See? I mean I really have not been harmed at all. That is all pretense. I have been lifted . And I am really cool with lifting everyone else, because that is very real.

    I really wish the best for everyone on this forum for the new year. And your pets too. And your plants too. Even your mailman.

    Feeling the love, T.O.

  64. Davey had a very productive year with the release of many new Technologies the world has never seen:
    Paddle Boat Tech
    Golf Cart Tech
    Ambush Tech
    Golden Rod Tech
    Golden Teeth Tech
    Sprinkler Tech
    Trash Diving Tech
    Grounding Rod Tech
    Barbecue Tech
    TD Tech
    Lying Bitch Tech
    Pinnoccio Pouw Tech
    Hip Hop Tech
    Freedum Tech
    NOI Tech
    Bankruptcy Tech
    …..and many more to be released soon… don’t miss out next year!

  65. martyrathbun09

    Thanks DJ. Sweet.

  66. I had a wonderful and very rewarding year. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your posts, so thank you guys for the contributions! The thought of real Scientology being available is very inspiring to say the least. I had many cognitions and connected many of the missing dots to gain quite some understanding of the complete story, thanks for releasing all the missing data! I’m usually very keyed out after auditing and I’m looking to a new year full of promise and prosperity for all my dynamics. I’m happy to have gotten to know some of you disagreeable real Scientologists, I didn’t know you still existed but am glad you do and let us know so!

  67. Oh! When it comes to dreadfully wrong, I wouldn’t stop with the Co$! This is Earth! In Afghanistan (I think) a woman was sentenced to be stoned to death for being raped. Over here, a woman had to pay half her income in alimony to a former husband just sentenced 25-to-life for spending all her lifetime savings, then trying to kill her to collect insurance. Dreadfully wrong is par for the course! The only dull moments available here are waiting for someone to return your call. The Second Coming has come and went, and 98% of the world missed it. As Randy Newman sang, “That’s why I love Mankind … you really neeeeed Me.”

    I hope that in the Freezone we are back to what worked originally, a bunch of amateurs with a love and a will to live, swinging for the fences (not even really even knowing where the fences are).

  68. The Oracle of Delphi was a woman.

  69. Li'll bit of stuff

    T.O. One thing comes over to me very clearly!

    That something is that YOU live and breathe, the essence of what REAL Scientologists are meant to be. Freed from the harmful effects of ignorance, prejudice and the dictates of the reactive mind.
    Therefore, with increased awareness as a gain,
    are able to discern and differentiate between
    good and evil intent with ease !

    Add to that, the benefits of a thorough basic SCN
    training and in addition, getting the low down about
    mankind’s other nemesis, the S.P and the various
    methods and tech the Ol’ Man developed to
    detect and effectively handle this character.

    Apart from this, I feel that anything else I need to
    say, has been pretty well covered in my last couple
    of posts, and further repetition is just pointless.

    The real reason I’m here is to connect with persons who,through hard work & application of LRH’s tech,
    have come to a point where they are comfortable
    with who they are, genuinely enjoy life and helping
    others achieve the same.People like you, & Carcha,
    Wind Walker, SKM,Windhorse,George M.White.
    Califa,Rachel Denk,Plain old Thetan,Michael Priv,
    Once Upon a Time and all others on this site who
    share this inherent love and goodwill to others.

    Lastly, my deepest love and appreciation goes to
    our Hosts and frontline warriors who have shown
    me just HOW the confront and destruction of EVIL
    is actually accomplished. Marty, Mosey and, yes,
    you too, Mike R. You’e all just amazing,in my eyes!

    Hey, gang, 2012 is almost upon us, so time to wish
    ALL the Independents a “Happy” New Year, Please?

    Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  70. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha ( mah teacha,) Sharp as evah! Thanks

    appreciative Li’ll bit of stuff & Happy New Year

  71. Li'll bit of stuff

    T.O. Gender? Schmender!!! It doesn’t matter a hoot
    to those that REALLY matter —-genuine friends !!

  72. scilonschools

    “Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.
    When the pie was opened the birds began to sing,
    Oh wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king”

    Just love all that bird song!!

  73. “Go ahead – cook up a storm !”

    She certainly has, hasn t she!?
    God blress Debbie!!!

  74. “Go ahead – cook up a storm !”

    She certainly has, hasn t she!!

    God Bless Debbie!

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