Debbie Cook Tells the Hole Truth

ABC Nightline Special Edition 29 February 2012

Village Voice Critique and more Scn Inc v Cook News

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  1. The ABC link doesn’t go to Debbie’s interview but some program about Tigers…

  2. March — roaring in like a lion …

    How sweet it is.

    Thanks Marty for the update. Interesting to watch Diane Sawyer slightly stumble on the word Scientology – I’m betting those reporting are moderately nervous to do so.

    Brave of them and how heartening to see Miscavige’s reign of terror on the world begin to get mainstream exposure.

    Who will be the first celebrity to stand up and be counted? We should start a pool 🙂


  3. Way to go Debbie. Speakin’ truth to power…

    Good job ABC news. Keep it up and the whole truth will come to light.

  4. Still think You’ll buy Your way out of this “PR Flap,” You cancerous little gnome?

    Tick, tock, Davey Boy – critical mass has arrived.

    It’s called Kharma.

  5. Well one of the “responses” of the Church of Miscavige in the video was acusing her of being inacurate. I guess they like to hear a blow by blow (no pun intended) of the events.

  6. Brian Lambert

    It’s unravelin. Thank you Marty, Mike and Debbie and everyone else who put there ass on the line for truth. There is a feeling for me of relief after 30 years. This drama is friggin riveting.

  7. threefeetback

    Time for other holees to file suits?

  8. I watched Nightline tonight and all I can ask is didn’t David Miscavige learn anything from Bill Clinton? Didn’t he watch Bill Clinton’s denials chum the waters of hungry journalists looking for juicy stories? The bogus advice Clinton got told him to keep denying. And it got him impeached. (The impeachment procedure allowed him to dodge the Senate trial for his misdeeds. But he was still impeached.) So go ahead Mr. Chicken. Hide. Don’t answer any questions without a lawyer or three. Your actions are making you look as guilty as Satan. Remember that LRH’s advice is to fight lies by telling or showing the truth, not the constant stream of name-calling pouring out of the RCS’s PR arm.

    And read HCOB 5 October 1961 CLEAN HANDS MAKE A HAPPY LIFE before you go to bed tonight. It won’t help you sleep better. But it may remind you what the Founder of Scientology says about the travail you’re causing yourself by failing to operate with clean hands.

  9. I just noticed the Church Attorney referring to David Miscavige as “The Boss” in the video. Amazing what the lawyer will do for a paycheck.

    I don’t think David is cleared of abusing women. He orders others to do it knowing they will. Totally 1.1. domestic abuse. If he can’t get an answer to a question he needs to retread the TR’s course. Slapping and breaking fingers to get an answer to a question, is Q and A!

    If it is true they have dispensed with “the hole” , and released all of the people imprisoned there, that means this movement has been able to effect improvement from the outside.

    Marty, Mike, Karen, Debbie, Jim, Scott, the others and all the rest who have thrown whatever power you can into this court, you may very well be saving lives.

  10. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    It appears, the church has ruined as many lives, as it has saved by now. That´s not good! – It´s certainly NOT the reason why I joined Scientology.
    I fully understand why the “church” is so frantic about scientologists reading on the internet – even sec checking on it. This will cause a mass exodus around the world. The “church” needs to realize that ordinary honest, hardworking people just won´t put up with this kind of deceit anymore. We are ALL reading about you David Miscavige, and we are all going to be staring at you at the next event shaking our heads in dismay at all the lies and all the glorious stats you present. – And I´m really pissed off that you are spending my hard earned donations on lawsuits against other scientologists, who have dedicated their whole lives to serving the church.
    I´m beginning to wonder, if you can trust your own lawyer?

  11. Debbie,
    A bit of an unconventional entrance. To start with and I had serious doubts about what you were doing but hell! – you’re an Independent Scientologist through and through!
    Fighting the suppression head on where it’s at, refusing to back down, refusing to throw LRH under a bus to protect Miscavige and doing it in your own way and on your own terms.
    Welcome to the family!
    xxx ♥♥♥

  12. Debbie,

    your interview was so authenic.

    Truth and beauty are close together.
    You’re true to yourself, true to your friends and true to Ron.

    And most important, you are very well skilled in the teachings of our philosophy and you understand the rules of a game.

    I attatch a you tube video. I post it although I don’t understand any single word of the song. I just feel that’s the right aesthetics to describe how I feel about you – and I am sure I am not the only one.

    (Deebee Mistreatwitch, don’t push play – you can’t stand it.)

  13. When DM’s days in the sun are over and he is sitting alone, I wonder if he will remember with chagrin that he was taken down by a woman who wasn’t even sure she could do it. DM is all huffing and puffing, bravado spewing every which way and here is Debbie saying on national television (something DM has not done in more than 20 years) when asked if she can succeed, saying “I don’t know.” That is probably going to sting. DM, what you are seeing there is a genuine person. Genuine people sometimes don’t have TOTAL CERTAINTY about things but they move forward nonetheless. You are up against the most frightening thing there is (in your world): a real person.

  14. scilonschools

    What cac i say but RESPECT>

    (I loved DC’s response to the question “Disd you ever think you were in the wrong Church?”
    Answer ” No , but I think someone else was in the wrong church!!!”)

    Priceless Integrity in my book!!!

    I remember some time back making reference on this blog to Mr Rathbuns ‘survival energy’ level off the scale as besides protecting himself he was defending others that he felt had been wronged and ‘his’ version of Scientology (LRH INDIE STYLE),his spiritual welfare outweighing his physical MEST safety brequirement.
    In my view this has created an ‘unstoppable’ force, I am pleased that DC seems to reflect those exact sentiments!!!!

  15. I clicked the first link and got:

    “The page you’ve requested either does not exist or is currently unavailable.”

    Could be maintenance or an angry gremlin messing with tha intrawebzz

  16. It continues to boggle my mind that David Miscavige’s utterly abusive and bizarre behavior occurs in an organization that calls itself a CHURCH! This is all occurring in a CHURCH! My god, these types of activities would probably be grounds for a successful lawsuit if they took place in a maximum security prison. Have to agree with Debbie – this CAN’T go on forever.

    – Ron Matlock

  17. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a POPE WITH HIS WITHHOLDS MISSED.

    In order for Debbie Cook to remain resolute she is going to need support. Her counter claim coming to pass will present, on public display, some witnesses and parties to the suit that will certainly be revealing.
    If this doesn’t come to pass, this is just another legal incident in a long and tumultuous history.
    My advice is that whatever $ is possible to be sent, be done. And remember, while I certainly hope there’s some thoughtful and well-funded people out there, it’s many times the ordinary people, united together, that consummate the deal.
    If you think that is persuasive talk, think about those poor schmos who are dealing with those ass wringin’ reg cycles right now. DM’s only PR move is his “expansion” of churches and hot air stats.
    (And Lord knows, he doesn’t want it to be any of his stash.)

    You’ve helped to redefine a word/term: PR.


    To my Catholic friends,
    My reference to pope is the parody of a manchild whose eyes are bigger than his stomach.

  18. From Hubbard’s PR Series 7 :

    “Outright protest PR, based on facts, is a legitimate method of attempting to right wrongs.

    It has to be kept overt. It has to be true.

    Protest PR can include demonstrations, hard news stories and any PR mechanism.

    Minorities have learned that only protest PR can get attention from politicians or lofty institutions or negligent or arrogant bosses.

    Where protest PR is felt to be a necessity, neglect has already occurred on the issues.”

    Perfect application, Debbie !

  19. markthehungarian

    Just epic.

    I hope that Cook and Baumgartner have the moral strength to see this through to court. I know that “everyone has a price” is a cliche (and that it’s not always true), but I am worried that David Miscavige will soon realize he has unleashed a shit storm that will destroy his image and standing forever. When he does, he will do what he usually does to make a problem go away… namely take money donated by parishioners “for the good of the Church of Scientology” and throw it at the problem – a problem for him and him alone – until it goes away.

    Some guy got a $7 million settlement at some point from the CoS (not sure if he actually ever got paid though) for something far less damaging to DM personally. How much of other people’s money is DM willing to spend to save his ass this time. $10 million? $20 million? $50 million?

    How much of other people’s money is DM willing to throw away to save him from taking the stand in court? How much of other people’s money is DM willing to throw away to save him from losing face, and to save him from jail time?

    My gut feeling tells me he is willing to spend ALL of other people’s money to save his ass.

    November 13th can’t come quickly enough.

  20. Michael Fairman


    Couldn’t open the above link to Nightline.
    Here’s another


  21. George M. White

    ABC – great reporting, great video editing. It took some time to get the Debbie Cook story on national news in America and Ted Koppel should be proud of this one.
    David Miscavige, this is your great opportunity to pass Tom Cruise in name recognition.

    Dave, you need an inward review. Your instructions; take heed:

    “In inward swift review
    Strictly sift the false and true?”


  22. This is the one. This is the fight.
    Debbie’s fight is where we stop the madness.
    This is the opportunity.
    I know many have supported this fight far more than I.
    That is admirable and I validate it.
    I have supported it a bit financially and, to a greater degree, morally.
    Now is the time for everyone that disagrees with insanity in the Church of Scientology, no matter the source, to do want they can to help Debbie prevail in court. If Debbie wins, the way is open for reform.
    Debbie, if you need more funds or support of any kind, please come here and ask. I hope I speak for most of us when I say, “We are here for you.”


  23. I guess Miscavige is about to discover that Karma is a Bitch.

  24. moneca ryane

    Clinton “it all depends on what your definition of “is” – is”. The nail in his coffin, he lost the respect of the American public.
    With DM it is the definition of truth. With his every word of denial, using high impact adjectives he is looking stupider and dumber by the word. ‘He who protesteth to much ‘ —-
    All the sensationalistic verbiage adds fuel the fire,,,,, burn baby burn – you are igniting your own funeral pyre.

  25. disinfected

    Well, I think Debbie should take enough money to buy a nice building, staff it, and open an “Independent Church of Scientology”. And she should get written guarantees from RTC and CSI that they will not bring action against her for the practice of Scientology. Or for “calling herself a Scientologist”. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? 🙂


  26. disinfected

    “Who will be the first celebrity to stand up and be counted?”

    William S. Burroughs?
    Van Morrison?
    Jason Beghe?


  27. disinfected



  28. disinfected

    “I loved DC’s response to the question”

    I know. Me, too. And she is such a sweetheart (and a real Scientologist) that she backs away from that statement and just says he is in the wrong position. I am sure she believes he can be salvaged.


  29. Under Radar

    Interesting point!
    I doubt Debbie is for sale, though.
    I’m sure Marty and Mike aren’t. (Without whom, let’s
    not forget that, Debbie wouldn’t be happening.

  30. I can’t understand the Church… How can they lie ? this is an overt…… Oh yes I remember one guy… Captain Jon Lundeen stating that it was OK to do so as it was for the greatest good and sometime it is OK to withheld stuff 🙂 lol

  31. Tom Gallagher

    What came across for me from the ABC report is that POB has been likened as a MISOGYNIST. DM takes on a new meaning. DAVID MISOGYNIST.

    What a creep. POB is now positioned with someone like Ted Bundy.

  32. I have the feeling that no matter where Miscavige goes now and no matter what he does, his own minions are begining to doubt his capabilities.
    He feels everyone who looks at him misses his withholds for even if they are not aware of where the counter attacks are coming from (as they are not allowed to watch TV or the internet ) they sense something REALLY WRONG is going on.
    Could this be the catalyzer needed to spark an internal revolution?


    Members of the Church of Miscavology (staff and public),
    Please WAKE UP!!
    Allow yourselves to be what your Native State IS= A Being of Light, Truth and Love for yourselves and fellow human beings. Look into your Soul, which is an immortal being and cannot be killed or harmed and ask yourself if what you are doing (covering up for/supporting, a truly Suppressive Person)
    is what you want for the Human Race. Understand that, if in your mind you are protecting Scientology from being harmed, you are actually doing the exact opposite by agreeing with an individual who has not only destroyed the Church of Scientology as it used to be, but has clearly used your fervour and Loyalty to LRH and his desire to make this world into a better one for us, our families and future generations, to forward his own purpose of being materially wealthy and living the good life while also exerting control over those who follow him. DAVID MISCAVIGE IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY.

    If you are being motivated by FEAR of you Oppressor, if you are benig quiet because you are under a OSA gag, fear no more because such gags are illegal and will not be accepted by the law of the land. That is a fact and it has recently been proved in court.

    If you feel that withdrawing your support of the current Church of Scientology will make you wrong because you have paid a great deal of money for your GAT services and the new buildings that are actually virtually empty of public, realize that what you have paid for is NOT LRH’S SCIENTOLOGY. You have been paying David Miscavige lots of your hard earned money, money that HAS NOT CONTRIBUTED TO THE EXPANSION OF SCIENTOLOGY for the last nearly 30 years. You have mostly contributed to the expansion of David Miscavige’s bank accounts. Don’t take my word for this. Poke your head out of the bottom of the 10 meter hole you have been made to be in by forcing you to remain blind to Reality and you will find a great deal of Truth you have been cleverly instructed to NOT SEE.

    And if you afraid of losing your Eternity by reviving you natal Integrity,
    realize that such belief is nonsense because YOU as Thetan are Eternal anyway.
    Home > Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary

    n., pl., -ties.
    Time without beginning or end; infinite time.
    The state or quality of being eternal.

    The timeless state following death.
    The afterlife; immortality.
    [Middle English eternite, from Old French, from Latin aeternitās, from aeternus, eternal. See eternal.]

    Nothing in LRH’s original Scientology calls for the loss of your eternity if you don’t agree with Scientology, him (LRH) OR David Miscavige.

    David Miscavige INVENTED such threat to have control over you and your loved ones, who are already IMMORTAL BEINGS. Do you see? Scientology DID NOT GIVE YOU YOUR IMMORTALITY and therefore CANNOT TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU.

    WAKE UP, come out of the deep hole you have been ordered to be in and LOOK AT THE TRUTH about your leader and his “church”, please.



  34. martyrathbun09

    POST Updated with, Village Voice Critique and more Scn Inc v Cook News

  35. Robert Earle

    Remember Dave this is thursday and only 2 weeks to LRHs Birthday. You will need to get your name in the press more this coming week and the next to be upstat for LRH Birtday.. Don’t be a stat crasher.
    How about a huge flurry of newly conceived lying press releases.
    I hope you don’t let us down.

  36. Debbie won’t sell out.
    She’s made it perfectly clear by her actions already that her soul isn’t up for negotiation.
    Which leaves Miscavige – up shit creek without a paddle.

  37. Who would be an angry gremlin … surely you’re not implying that the most ehtical people on the planet …?!! That would be .. unthinkable!

  38. “David Miscavige, this is your great opportunity to pass Tom Cruise in name recognition. ”
    Daivd Miscavige! You’re famous! Now’s your chance to step out onto a bigger stage. Come now don’t be shy 🙂
    Remind me again – where exactly is ‘can’t hide’ on the tone scale?
    Talking of Tom Cruise… wonder how he feels about being publicly linked to his BFF right now? Hey Tom – damage control needs to begin round about…. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just sent Tony an message validating him for his uncompromising integrity and ability to stick to the truth. What a standup guy!


  40. George M. White


  41. Tony Ortega added a comment I emailed him to his report on Nightline and it expressed my brief views about this, but there are two inter-related points I feel are worth expanding upon:

    1. Debbie’s demeanor is sincere, real and unrehearsed. She doesnt have perfect canned answers for everything because she speaks from her heart. She is there speaking and letting the world judge what they see. And make no mistake, the viewing audience does not miss her sincerety and honesty and they will largely believe everything she says. While most won’t articulate it, they inherently sense that she has no motive for making up these horror stories.

    2. Miscavige’s responses are confirming 1. above. He is so terrified HE will not even make a written statement in response, let alone agree to be interviewed. Yet the whole story is about HIS abuses. It’s not about whether Scientology is weird or L. Ron Hubbard was a charlatan. It is focused entirely (and correctly) on HIM. He is not only too scared to respond himself (he fears that any response will be used to cross examine him on in deposition), he now no longer lets the church respond in person either. No doubt there isnt anyone he can trust to not fuck it up as every possible “spokesman” KNOWS about the Hole and about Miscavige’s abusive behavior. So, he has voluminous letters sent denying everything. And even trots out his brainwashed POW to sign a public statement that he has never been touched by Dear Leader. Believe me, Marc Yager is NOT going to be good on the stand.

    There is no face of Scientology other than the scowling images of Miscavige.

    He would be better off having Erin Banks (the young woman they send out to do the Ideal Org opening media) be interviewed and make a fool of herself as she knows nothing, but at least doesnt look unfriendly or vicious. But he is terrified she might slip and admit to something on video. Pretty soon she isnt going to even be able to do local TV interviews for their “Grand Openings” as every reporter in the world knows it may be the only chance they have to get a statement from the Church on camera so they are going to start asking questioins about Miscavige to her and anyone else left like her.

    This is truly a PR nightmare.

    Dammit, where is Heber when you need him, eh Dave? Oh shit, can’t put him on TV as he might slip up and admit the beatings he has suffered, or worse yet, use it as an opportunity to let loose and GTFO.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  42. Let me tell you the Request for Admission from Debbies attorney, that is PRICELESS. Finally, someone that may be able to do something about Miscaviage.

    Marty Or Rinder: After reading those questions. Any idea how they will fight having to answer those questions?

    My thought, is that the “church” will drop the lawsuit once Davey finds out he can’t win without revealing himself.

    But, where does that leave us, if DM decides to drop the suit?

    I hope you understand what I am asking


  43. George M. White

    My guess is that it will be a celebrity with financial problems and the most to gain by jumping ship.


  44. Robert Earle

    Well stated Sam.

  45. BMOC — someone else posed this question yesterday. Debbie filed a counterclaim. Miscavige can drop his suit, but it doesnt get rid of the counterclaim. Debbie and her lawyer decide what happens with her counterclaim, not Miscavige.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  46. I was disappointed With Clinton over his filandering, but taken the context of the relentless attack by republicans i can understand his attempts to dodge questioning about his personal life. I think Americans lost more respect of Congress. David Miscavige cannot be compared in any way with Clinton.


    A PR nightmare just like this one:


  48. threefeetback


  49. Robert Earle

    t just did a google search “cook scientology” postings in the last hour and can report that at least the ABC video is getting posted on a good number of local media sites. Such as AmarilloTx, San Diego,Ca, Fall River, Mass, etc. So you are in the limelight Dave. Or is it the headlights.

  50. There a technical film called “The Art of Communication” wherein there is an org being built from scratch in a city. Then there is a section where the ED of the org (Michael Roberts) goes to the Chief Registrar who is on the phone calling public to come into the org and he asks her something like “How are things going?” and she replies something like “I am having a hard time getting people to come in…” “The squirrels really messed up the area”

    I would, to immortalize Miscavige change that part to “The Miscavige Era really messed up the area”

  51. Great job Debbie!

    To DM: It’s later than you think. Sadly later than you think. Far, far later than you think.

  52. threefeetback

    Time to double, triple or quadruple down on the offensive with a batch of suits by other former Holees?

  53. There’s no need. The best offensive is the self-destruction of the other side. Miscavige is pulling that off in grand style. He can’t help himself. As long as he refuses to admit ANY wrongdoing, his plight is hopeless. And even if he now started with full confessions and admissions of his abuses, the self-inflicted wounds are probably terminal.

  54. Sage words Mrs. Paine.

  55. I guess you did not see this:

    Agustin | February 28, 2012 at 11:07 pm | Reply

    Hi Victoria,

    That is an interesting comparison. He is like a mini-Bush.

    Can`t talk without a telepromter
    Destroys everything he touches
    Says he cares about people but couldnt give a damm
    Lies to the media right in their face only SOB COB does it on a via
    Has people totally dupped into thinking “this is the right course”

    What a shame Miscavige.

    Windflier | February 29, 2012 at 3:24 am | Reply

    He is like a mini-Bush.

    More like a mini-Obama, if you ask me. Two peas in a pod, those two.
    Agustin | February 29, 2012 at 4:04 am | Reply

    I can see the comparison there. But you have to emphasize the “mini” part there to make it real.
    Agustin | February 29, 2012 at 4:38 am | Reply

    Now that I think about it, I think the shame is on Bush!

  56. Stealth Ninja

    For those having issues viewing the video, it’s been uploaded to YouTube (it’s still processing as of this posting, but should be available shortly):

  57. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

  58. Brian Lambert

    To all those who are monitoring this site for Miscavige: jump ship and join the winning team. Help Debbie, Marty, Mike and all the rest to help heal Scientologies wounds.

    You guys know in your heart that something is wrong with Davey.

    Just ask yourself, “how do I feel when I’m around him”? “How do I feel when I just left him”?

    If you are honest with yourself, and answer correctly, you will feel a sense of relief.

    These people here on this site will welcome you with happy, accepting, friendly arms. You won’t feel terror anymore.

    Please think about it. I know you are there.

  59. Well it is mandatory to do when it is imagined to be for the greatest good for the greatest number of David Miscavige’s dynamics, if they can be called that anymore.

  60. Rory Medford

    once DM is OUT the integrity of SCN will come back and the enormous amount of suppression DM is putting on the staff and members will fade away and SCN can once again can regain its glory it had in its heyday until then SCN is a corpse and something that is dying on the vine. The PUBLIC now knows and its time to rid scn of the pests and SP”s at the top! As it was said in the movie the greenmile, he is a bad man referring to Miscavige

  61. First time ever I am happy with the crashing stat of “unprofitable images found”, especially on Thursday.

  62. yes, but it is possible to join counter claims, for instance if a case could stand on its own merits.

    just saying…

  63. Welcome the “Golden Age of Media”

    Excellent work on Debbie’s part on the interview, nothing like the truth.

  64. Of the Scn mega-celebrities, my bet is John Travolta will be the first to jump on board with Debbie.

  65. Ulf, it appears to be on some kind of loop – you just need to skip through it I think.

  66. happybaby89

    That was a very good interview with Debbie. She definitely comes across as a sincere and believable person and miscavage and his cult as wackos. I especially liked that TC was positioned as his best friend. I personally don’t think TC is a compassionate individual and that is why he was pushing miscavage’s Scientology in the past. He is capable of change though. He did apologize to Brooke Shields. Whoever was able to convince him to do that needs to do it again regarding miscavage. I do thing the next round of flaps will be celebrities comming out and that would be almost the end.

  67. George M. White

    I think Anne Archer could be a candidate especially if Tommy Davis is in captivity.

  68. happybaby89

    Correction. I do think TC is a compassionate individual. Friggin autocorrect!

  69. Debbie is VERY real, believable and well spoken in the interviews.

    Miscavige delighted in exposing an individuals “misdeeds” to hundreds.
    Now hundreds are exposing his misdeeds to millions.

    The other evil things he dished out like breaking up marriages and families, confining and restricting ones movements, hurting others physically, mentally and spiritually, making someones life “a living hell”,
    they all seem to be coming back on him in a BIG way.

    Miscavige is becoming internationally known and not in a good way. The statistic of # of people buying his PR, bullshit and illusion is straight down.

    To be fair – his “Square footage of renovated spaces” statistic is up. Maybe COB should stand for Chairman of the Buildings.

    Some how I don’t think a jury will be impressed…….

  70. threefeetback

    David the Terrible, ever get the feeling?

  71. Brian Lambert

    To all those monitoring fo Miscavige Part 2

    Davey is not Scientology. Scientology is a subject, a study. Scientology teaches freedom. Davey teaches suppression of freedom of finding out for yourself.

    Investigate on the internet. Freedom of investigation is part of being a free person. Free people come to their own conclusions by their own free investigations.

    Aren’t you intelligent enough to reach your own conclusions about facts you freely investigate.

    If you are commanded to not investigate, is that freedom?

    Why would someone bar you with fear of excommunication?

    There can be only two reasons:
    1) the internet is so dark and evil that your whole being will be swallowed up forever in a paralysis of eternal damnation. We all seem to be fine.

    2) Someone is trying to hide something from you about them.

    Be still, be relaxed, feel safe and ask yourself: which seems more reasonable?

  72. Cindy Pinsonnault


  73. Re: Tony’s article and the surveillance of Debbie and her attorney, especially her attorney, the former mayor, I sense another footnuke being armed and timed for explosion.

  74. Yes, indeed she is applying KSW by the letter.
    It is what LRH wanted us to do, having a independent viewpoint and do not agree with the group-think.

    ” An individual must rise above an avid craving for agreement from a humanoid group to get anything decent done.
    The bank-agreement has been what has made Earth a hell-and if you were looking for hell and found Earth, it would certainly serve. War, famine, agony and disease has been the lot of man. Right now the great governments of Earth have developed the means of frying every man, woman and child on the planet. That is bank. That is the result of Collective-Thought Agreement.

    “Thus each one of us can rise above the domination of the bank and then, as a group of freed beings, achieve freedom and reason. ”
    – LRH, 1965, Keeping Scientology Working #1

  75. Tony DePhillips

    I think Debbie Cook comes across as honest and sincere.
    I think it is great that millions of viewers found out about david Miscarriage.
    Having said that, I thought the show was fairly weak. I think Tony Ortega’s critique was about right. ABC came across like they were in fear of the cult a bit.

    At least they aired it. I count my blessings for that.

    Debbie Cook is a brave woman.

  76. Debbies perfect wu-wei.

    Between Heaven and Earth. Around 20,0. Perfect game conditions.

    Mistreatwitchs TOTAL CERTAINTY is a no-game condition.
    And he is not pan determined in THIS game either.
    Go, find your MUs David. DO something.

  77. ThetaPotata

    Nightline Story – Too bad they didn’t glue it together with the numerous other execs that have come forward about the punching and the existence of the hole. How about the official response “The Hole doesn’t exist” – I guess they try blatant Not-isness but shit like that has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass. They probably would have done better with Alter-isness making it sound like a “Retreat” to reflect on one’s own transgressions. Either way,as this data gets out to the faithful it will chip away at the stable datums that they hold so tight.

  78. Well Cowboy, that my friend was well stated!!!

  79. +10000000000000

  80. It is amazing that last week staff were making phone calls to invite people to IAS events and when they decline to attend, staff were cutting to the chase and just asking for a donation.

    I believe that David Miscavige has so corrupted the culture of Scientology, that even with him gone it will take some effort to restore Scientology to civil and respectful community that is connected to the outside world in a relevant way. The harm done by this man is just so great. Removing him is a start.

  81. The statistic of # of people buying his PR, bullshit and illusion is straight down.

    Would you say stright down and VERTICAL?

  82. Robert Earle

    San Antonio Current doing a good job of reporting as well. Yesterdays post includes the stuff posted by Tony. (countersuit docs etc) as well as the PIs following Ray etc. ,

  83. The organizing board must be put back in.
    By removing COB, LRH can be put back on the top of the organizing board as active terminal (COB removed him virtually and reduced him to a symbol).
    Then reinstall the Reform Code (I think it would be a great Idea to establish a RCA – Reform Code Association). Composed of Scientologists no matter if “Intependents” or within the Church. Forwarding the 3d Dianetics Session and rekindle the intentions of the original Founder and Goal Maker.

    Postulates, postulates, postulates.

  84. +1 — yeah, I also thought that was an impressive bit of honesty, totally who Debbie has always been since I first met her in 1984.

  85. Mike:
    “He would be better off having Erin Banks (the young woman they send out to do the Ideal Org opening media) be interviewed and make a fool of herself as she knows nothing, but at least doesnt look unfriendly or vicious.”
    Yes, she was very cute and as I saw her, it reminded me of what Debbie wrote to Tampa Bay Times:

    “I have been a Scientologist for 36 years. My experience of meeting and working with Scientologists all over the world is that they are truly good-hearted, ethical and caring people.
    The staff of Scientology organizations work very hard, long hours to service and help anyone who walks in their doors.”
    – Debbie Cook, Tampa Bay Times

    That’s why David Miscavige needs to go.
    And why he will be gone soon.
    Then the correct Tech terminals will compile a 3D Kool-Aid Rundown and all your combined efforts will be worth having been done.

    I am F/N’ing and rekindling my purposes 5x a day. Minimum.

    “There is a Tech.” – LRH

  86. Mat, Great points. The “misdeeds” Miscavige reveled in exposing to hundreds of Int base staff were generally only misdeeds to Miscavige — i.e., not getting a speech or video or building or something done that was itself part of Miscavige’s 100% off-policy agenda to PR himself. It’s hard to remember any “misdeeds” that were actual misdeeds since virtually no one was allowed to work on anything but Miscavige’s own bogus agenda. I.e., everyone was already off post and off purpose to start with, and their misdeeds only related to the bogus project they were assigned under penalty of death. For my last 6 years I was not allowed to leave the Int base because I was “too valuable” since I wrote all Miscavige’s videos — despised the job and said so continually. I was harangued daily for not getting DM’s scripts done fast enough — but not a single one of those videos or films was in proper character for Scientology. They were only in proper character for David Miscavige — a psychotic, rampaging sociopath who’s sole trick was to overwhelm everyone he came into contact with, or otherwise beguile and manipulate them into cowed adoration, like he did with Tom Cruise.

  87. I personally don’t think TC is a compassionate individual and that is why he was pushing miscavage’s Scientology in the past.

    I don’t normally care enough to comment on Tom Cruise, but having spent a bit of time around the man, I can tell you that he’s a good and decent guy, despite his association with the SP, David Miscavige.

    I was once setting up a huge wooden track for our Cub Scout pack’s annual Pinewood Derby race in the parking lot of the local Boy Scout hall. It was 90+ degrees outside, and the work was tough. All of the boys’ parents were in attendance, and most were sitting in the shade nearby – including over half a dozen dads.

    They all saw what I was doing, but not one of them saw fit to lift a finger to help me. Just as I was beginning to have some nasty thoughts about those lazy dads, up steps Tom, who asked me what help I needed (his boy was in our pack). I told him to grab the other end of the section I was trying to couple, and he jumped right in.

    You should have seen how fast the rest of the dads suddenly appeared to pitch in and help. My opinion of Tom improved because of that incident.

  88. Robert Earle

    Kind of reminds me of the story with Br’r Rabbit fighting the tar baby. Each time Miscavige trys to take a swing at Debbie he’s gets further stuck in the tar.
    He’s almost at the point to apply the feathers and then we’ll have the finished product.

  89. Well, at least the situation got some US exposure.

    I kinda figured it would be fluff.


  90. Cowboy Poet

    May I contribute to the creek anology? I think he oughtta make like a salmon–swim upstream, get f*cked and die.

  91. Windflier. That was a mistake by the autocorrect of my stupid phone. I posted a correction within seconds of my posting of the original message. I met TC myself and do think he is a good guy. If you reread my post with that correction it will make sense. I am not obsessed with celebrities myself but I do understand the impact of him or JT comming out and I am rooting for that.

  92. I found that the other segments are pictured at the right so I clicked on the Debbie segment no problem.

  93. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi again Carcha! Lots of desirable motion occurring on
    the Scientology “T / A!!! intrawebs, angry gremlins ? This
    concept factors out quite nicely, if you throw in a few
    additional items, recently mentioned on this blog, such
    as 800 lb. gorillas and today, the onset of possible
    extinction of the Sumatra TIGERS, and only because
    they’re now turning to the hunting of humans as their
    ever shrinking supply of habitat and natural source of
    prey, is being forcibly stripped from them by “man”
    in his insatiable compulsion for owning and exploiting
    to satisfy that imbalanced consideration…..” I WANT ”

    Back to tigers. I’m sure that you and many other readers
    have sat in disbelief, your heart pounding in your chest, whilst watching a live circus act featuring a bunch of huge, snarling, growling lions and tigers being put through their paces by a “fearless lion tamer”, “safely” inside a circular cage! Maybe, you wondered what would happen
    if the cage broke open, or a lion managed to climb over
    the top and get to the audience?? I did when I was a kid!

    I wonder how many persons have thought to themselves
    just how easily any one of those ferocious cats COULD
    have torn that tamer to shreds in an instant. The only
    thing that can and does prevent that happening,( he
    hopes), is FEAR! Fear in the minds of the big cats that
    is supposed to inhibit it’s impulse to attack and kill the
    two legged “meat” with a thunder clap (whip) trying to
    dominate them and mostly, succeeding !!

    There is a point to all this! Its simply to realize what
    Marty has emphasized over and over in his (always too
    brief) posts ……..”There IS NO danger, folks!” This is
    of course, totally true IF one can fully confront the
    object of “fear”. or even to fully confront the idea of
    “fear” itself.

    Lot’s of TR-O and playing with “dangerous” critters,
    (and even messing and comming with “dangerous”
    people!!) kind of gets one’s viewpoint shifted enough to be able to get what it takes to be CAUSE over danger!! (and therefore fear!)

    From personal experience, just my 2 c. worth!!

    Li’ll bit

  94. I truly believe the shame is on all of us. If we had not opted to have a “messiah” in the form of a president who promises he will handle all our woes, or a church leader who promises he will “guide” us to the promised land if we only obey implicitly, we would not be having to handle the situations we’re faced with. We have all taken the easy way out so many times that it’s our habit to slide backwards out of any situation and say, “Well, let’s let George do it!” I am not blaming anyone for this, I am just pointing out a fact.

  95. Thomas More

    Brilliant report, and was glad to hear Debbie point out that it’s not Scientology, it’s not Hubbard, it’s Miscavige. Nothing like a right indication of a suppressive (some in the Church who watched probably are LFBDing big time), and super that Debbie continued the work of disassociating the actions of DM from the subject of Scientology in the minds of journalists and the public (as Marty, Mike and others have done in interviews). Thank you again Debbie for your enormous courage and persistence. I hope CNN and other outlets pick up this story and keep pulling the string.

    I confess it’s always nauseating to see Tom saluting DM, and giving him a gushing tribute. To me it looks like some sort of track military dramo, with Tom thinking he is wingman for another P-51. Look closer, Tom. You’ve been flying cover for a nasty little Messerschmidt.

  96. Dear Dizzy Miss Lizzy–got a great image from your post:

    Flag Sec-checker asks if guy has been looking at the media. Guy says, “Yeah, I read about Debbie Cook being abused by David Miscavage.”

    Sec checker says to self, “WTF, this is the fifteenth person who believes this shit!” But when he goes to lunch, the wheels are turning in his head–“but that was Debbie!” Pretty soon he cannot keep his hands off of some kind of media search–at the Clearwater Library, at an internet cafe, wherever he can sneak away for an hour on his libs while he’s supposed to be cleaning his quarters–and he finds out the truth.

    That’s how you can’t stop truth! People crave truth. They will “pull it in!” ROFL

  97. Sam, +1. And isn’t it interesting that we in the Indie field are rooting for Debbie to have her right to continue her religion in the Church even though many of us are NEVER EVER going back there? I am reveling in the freedom we have here to be what we want to be.

  98. This is dedicated to Debbie

  99. Great fun–don’t know the language, but the emotion and beauty come through just fine!

  100. Li'll bit of stuff

    Alex, as always, to the “heart” of the matter, thank you!

  101. If you google: Debbie Cook Scientology, top return is an ad, by the Church.

    I’ve seen a couple different ones now just in the last few minutes (different buttons I suppose, surveyed?…lol), but still at the top. I wonder how much they’re paying for those “per click”… ?

    “You’ve heard the News, now get the real story”… takes you to the CSI official statement to ABC, complete with highlights and further links.

  102. Marty-you have been coming up with great titles on your posts-the”hole” truth-love it.

  103. Depends what’s in their PC folders that can be used against them.

  104. It’s over Dave

    The haircuts, cars, gourmet meals, being worshiped and feared, the booze, the jets, the suits, the shoes, shiney new motorcycles, the servants, lavish gifts to celebrities, events that wheel out your guilded gage through which bars you seek approval that you are some Greek God and savior.

    Materialism, that is your true philosophy. A not so cleared gorrilla.

    It’s ok, one day you will remember who you are. Let go Dave, all this is an atomic dream you have cooked up. Like evaporating water once wet and liquid, all of your clingings to matter are evaporating.

    All things not based on the laws of truth will bring you pain. That’s just how it works Dave.

    May you find happiness:-)

  105. Yes, aesthetics – the universal language.

    Does anyone know if the man singing with Elena is a Scientologist too?
    The song is from around ’95.

  106. You would think. However, it will be because of his captivity that she’ll NOT speak out. Just watch. I can see her now siting with the Desperate Housewives” crowd, screaming at the top of her lungs,”Leave David alone! He’s a good man! Better than my (*insert lost family member here*) every was!!!”

    I do know one thing, John Travolta will go before Tom will. Tom won’t go. He can’t. He’s too vested. John, on the other hand, got burned by DM on Battlefield Earth. When he finally puts 2 and 2 together, he’ll be more than happy to throw Davey under the custom made bus.

  107. Funny… thought you were talking about Obama.

  108. It’s just a matter of time now. DM is facing a formidable foe. I sometimes have to remind myself of key facts. I have to remember who Marty, Mike, Debbie and others are. They are highly trained and skilled people with detailed knowledge of their foe – his tactics, habits, tendencies.

    DM is fighting a battle in which every move he commands his army to make is known ahead of time; predicted, anticipated, known. It reminds me of the battle of Antietam, where General McClellan had a copy of Lee’s battle plans – but this time, unlike history, he acts decisively and strikes a fatal blow. And this time, it’s not McClellan, but Rinder, Cook and Rathbun who are not about to hesitate to command bold action of themselves.

    DM is facing a foe that for all intents and purposes may as well be right next to him in the next office. He has lost all advantage. He has no reserves to put into the fight. Those reserves left long ago to join the other side.

    He must be a very lonely, miserable soul with an emptiness inside him that can only be filled by some very deep and meaningful amends to LRH. I think such amends would exhaust most men, and I am quite sure DM is not even going to attempt it. He will go down in flames defending himself.

    DM, look! There is a signpost up ahead! It reads: WATERLOO. And this time, you are the little guy on the horse.

  109. Beautiful! Just PERFECT, Ingrid!

  110. Robert Earle


  111. Thank you for letting us know this. I really appreciate this.
    Tom was misled as the most of us.

    He should assign and follow the correct condition immediately. There is only a small frame of time to do that thing.

  112. +1
    yes indeed, nice wordplay

  113. George M. White

    You are now Miscavige’s new tailor.
    Swap out the black suit with the NFL shoulder pads for a red sportcoat and white lace at the throat.

  114. Tony Dephillips

    Great post Dan.
    I never liked the “total certainty” stuff. Absolutes are unobtainable.

  115. Tony Dephillips


  116. Tony, I think ABC are bending over backwards to be respectful and “fair and balanced”, as Fox News would say. This is not a bad thing as long as they continue to publish both sides.

    We are, of course, impatient for the whole story to be told and all the facts to be laid out at once, but I think we have to allow them the gradient.

    I think it’s great they took the story on at all, given what I’ve heard CNN suffered from the “Church” after they ran their story.

  117. Perfect reference!

  118. Ulf, it was “blacked out” on their website until the appropriate time after Nightline was shown in that time zone. I noticed the same thing.

  119. I sent $ the day I learned of her counter-suit.

    Here’s her web address which has a very easy to donate paypal button OR address to send $. To those who are nervous about anonymity – go to the post office and get a money order. You need not put your name on the money order.

    No amount is too small and certainly no amount is too large!!


  120. Valkov — Agreed that it is good they ran the story. But I would not call what they did “fair and balanced” I would have called it “scared and weak.” They could do with some spine reinforcements. The ONLY reason they ran this story is their legal nannies told them they were safe to base a report on a legal proceeding. Otherwise even that would not have aired.

    Oh how I wish Steve Cannane and Bryan Seymour would bring their entire show (including their legal department) over here….

  121. I have this quote, (courtesy of Bruce Q Hammond | February 28, 2012 at 4:02 pm) from LRH:

    ‘All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.’
    “Scientology Zero” 10 Dec 1963

    I think it sums it up.

  122. HannibalTheFirst

    Well, I guess there will be the need for some serious review on how a determined brutal dictator was able to take over the church. There are enablers in the church and abuse and twisted technology that made this all happen. As well as some serious non application of ethics and integrity on the part of public and staff. I do not think Davie crawling back into the hole he came from is the end of it and it will be all peaches after that. I do not think a monolithic and monopolistic church is the best guarantee Scientology will make it back. There is a lot to be done. The biggest task is most likely to rehabilitate the Sea Org robots that were made in large numbers and bring them up to a level of understanding and and the ability to reason. Then org staff and sheeples need to be rehabilitated the same way. If the “church” is going to survive it has as an entity make serious ethics amends for all the damge it has done to individuals. Do anything it can to fix destroyed families, ruined lifes and bankrupted people. So far Scientology as religious philosophy has produced better conditions for people,- if it was applied correctly -, and was the honey that made people stick to the church, by pretending the the church is the technology. The church by itself has produced a miserable series of overt products against individuals and the society as a whole. It is so far down the drain that it will be a very difficult and slippery climb out of it.
    I believe the salvation of Scientology will become the responsibility of the Independents. Those people who had the integrity to see and the strength to do something about it. They are the only ones left and they will have to answer the call once the time comes.

  123. When John Travolta comes out, I think it will boost his career and popularity with the public a whole bunch.

  124. Wow, Mike, that really is chickenshit. Are they afraid of libel/slander? For gawds sake, there have been shows and articles and this blog with all this information on David Miscavige (Squirrel King) going since 2009 and not one libel suit so far.

  125. I agree Mike – it was weak and scared. My point is just that it’s better than nothing and I want to validate that. A basically obscure case is brought to national attention, that’s something.

    Tony over at VV has a great summation which points out everything reference ABC omitted – including their own previous story from a few years ago.

  126. Davis Miscavige has elected Debbie Cook his executioner and Debbie Cook has taken the challenge and said “OK”

    In the Ethics Book the reference JUSTICE says:

    Scientologist have been completely right in objecting to the idea of punishment. Punishment is just another worsening of the overt sequence and degrades the punisher.

    By this account, what does that make Miscave?

    It goes on to say:

    People get right down and beg to be executed. And when you don´t obligue, the woman scorned is sweet tempered by comparison.

    I think that goes hand in globe with the situation.

    You see… deeeeeeeeeeeeep dooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn Miscave is a good guy.

  127. Martin Padfield

    “Unfortunately, Scientologists will continue to hide behind the First Amendment in the United States and it will be a case of “he said, she said” until the victims are taken seriously and a true, congressional and FBI-led investigation is launched. It would be impossible for a journalist to go undercover and document these behaviors due to the years of study and genuflection that are necessary to gain access, therefore law enforcement must look at the increasing list of claims and act accordingly. If the church wishes for its reputation to be cleared, then David Miscavige should welcome such an investigation, because nothing short of it will suffice at this point.” Amen

  128. Yes, as in being “Bubba’s Bitch”, perhaps.

  129. Plus!

  130. Han,
    Scientology, effectively applied, WILL and IS handling the Church of Scientology. Just like it says. Dave didn’t see it coming. He isn’t a Scientologist.

  131. Well, yes and no. We did not elect him. He elected himself by the only TECH he is a MASTER of deceit and chicanery.
    Once in power he showed the world his other fine ARTS: Punching, Slapping and Kicking

    So it has taken the experience of many fine people who saw through the deceit and on whom he made undelible marks for which I doubt he will ever be forgiven: Marty, Mike, Jeff, Debbie, Dan, and about a million other people.

    Too much damage has already been done but I am glad to see this movement has come this far. I can actually envision the end of David Miscavige days as The Tyrant Of The Church of Scientology.

  132. Saying that she is inaccurate is the same as saying that what she is saying is basically correct, just not accurate.
    Accusing someone of being inaccurate without specifying what it was that wasn’t accurate is very weak defence and is as such only a form of putting up a smokescreen. (“Don’t look at us, SHE is the one who is inaccurate,” [she has been too mild in her descriptions, it was actually even worse]).

  133. Random Stranger




    From now on when I banish someone from Eternity, the following penalties shall also apply, no exception:

    1) Loss of one limb, your choice.

    2) Loss of the right to breathe through your left nostril.

    3) Loss of past life recall.

    4) Loss of present time.

    5) Loss of what’s after eternity.

    6) Loss of garbage.

    7) Loss of the right to call yourself a being.

    8) Loss of the right to attend any event anywhere for anything.

    9) Loss of cable TV.

    10) Loss of any hope of ever having lunch with Tom Cruise.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  134. one of those who see

    Great info on the money order. Will do!

  135. one of those who see

    Wow Han!!! Great Find!!! LRH totally backing her up!! Thanks. Noting that one down.

  136. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Spooky to be Davey!!!

  137. Ingrid, nic———————–e

  138. What’s the significance of November 13th?

  139. Not to hijack this post but I just watched a new video the Tony Ortega has up. It’s of Sharon Weber hawking the Freewinds for a convention. What’s interesting about it is that around the 1:04 mark there’s a picture of a galaxy. On top of that galaxy picture are rapidly flashing words and they’re not twinkling stars. One of the words is FREE and it’s flashed more than once and it’s in a larger typeset than the other words. What is this, subliminal messaging????

    Leave it to DM to inject a message in someone’s head that things are free as they’re about to fleeced. Unbelievable. What skunks.

  140. It absolutely sucks to be famous and have the name of David Miscavige; having your picture all over the media. Hiding behind written statements isn’t going to cut anymore and attestations from your flock doesn’t work either. The world is seeing who you truly are; a vicious, mean evil little person and legend in your own mind…. you should look in the mirror.

    Debbie did an absolutely wonderful job!! She was truly genuine and exact in her statements. I do not think this could have gone any more perfect!

  141. Theo Sismanides

    Lynne, that’s exactly what i used to do backs in the 90s and there was no Debbie Cook then but there was an internet. Way to go! Find Out For Yourselves, Indeed!

  142. Theo Sismanides

    Nice critique by Ortega…. the major point Marty is the title… just a PR Crisis? Ortega is wondering in his article. This and many other good points by him as to ABC being in some fear about litigation and Scientology. good points anyway, worthwhile reading the article.


    I have been following this blog.

    I would like to ask Mike Rinder a question. I am a Flag Public that was fleeced out of 800,000 from this ‘church’ over the past several years.

    My husband and I are willing to sue Miscavige personally for our loss PLUS damages.

    Would this be an appropriate action? We are willing to file suit ASAP and have already made introductory calls to counsel.

    And OSA– wait till you see what’s coming at you……. You pushed us over the limit for the last time


    Lets not give McClellan too much credit here 🙂 He was a pretty bad general and even worse leader overall.

    (I’m a huge civil war buff)

  145. Theo Sismanides

    We are now Hundreds of Scientologists finally agreeing there is… something wrong. And someone is in the wrong position if not in the wrong church (go find another church DM).

    We are getting stronger and stronger without even doing so much. Now is Debbie’s turn to come out and what a big and broad coverage she gets. She is an OT and as many more around is now doing her thing.

    In that fight we can all contribute and many here contributed financially. I wish i could have done it too and maybe i will be able to in a needed situation in the future.

    But all of us contribute by being of ONE mind. There is someONE wrong in the church. And now we all POINT at HIM.

    David you have been exposed.

    And as I say for the SPs governing the world and putting so much suppression now for many years on the populace of this planet, and all this under the cover of “Democracy” and “Human Rights” waging wars around the globe or financially suffocating nations and their natives, ONE thing they did WAS HIde… Tone Level on the Tone Scale… Hide.

    Now though we enter an Era of Light and that Hide cannot serve them anymore. As they cannot and will not go up (we know an SP who remains an SP can’t move up) they will go down.

    And down they have gone, you too DM, to Can’t Hide… in the Era of Light!

    A new Era is dawning on Planet Earth… and the SPs make their last efforts to keep us down. But this is not going to happen so easily now. The people are revolting at least on the Internet. And they communicate and agree with each other on those views they have and thus affinity is going higher.

    Somehow we have made it possible to come closer together through the Internet. If great enlightened people like the many there are will also get people together and get them to work closer with each other applying their know how.

    Because this is what LRH did after all. Got us all to work together under the banner of Standard Tech and Admin. A big safe platform to work upon. We are here carrying on now that big responsibility.

  146. This is not a “go button” for JT.

    However, I agree that John is the best man to have in the 3d Group Auditors Team as a voice. Definitley.
    He is a respected Person around the world.
    I consider that this is a hard time for him.

    Mike Rinder is right, it sucks to be Miscavige.

  147. Unfortunately you are right. But with a tsunami of ppl leaving the church amid the increasingly serious allegations of human and financial abuse, why would anyone care about what affairs or other deviations from “norms” an ex scientologist has or had? I suspect the few loyal servants left are too busy secretely checking the internet out instead of fulfilling the Dear Micromanager’s every whim to produce this information. The tsunami is overwhelming DM and his big priority now has to be saving his own skin.

  148. Mike, I do not understand why they (abc) should be more scared or careful about repercussions/getting sued than the Village Voice and the Tampa Bay Times which are continually reporting about what is going on regarding Church of Scientology. Shouldn´t be bigger, national news outlets be in a better position to fight off threats than local press like the Tampa Bay Times? I don´t know much about the press in the US, but somehow it doesn´t make sense to me.- Karola

  149. +1 It sucks to be Miscavige.

  150. Ryan – I have noticed the same thing. The aberration of: 1. Shake the prospect down until every last nickel falls out of his pocket and 2. No matter what he offers to donate “ask for more” has been embraced even by public that are volunteering to help fund raise. It’s become part of the culture and along with many other things, will be hard to change. I remember when your donations were in exchange for a product or service and there was the concept of “exchange” – those concepts seem foreign now. I’ve even seen it put forward that there is a magical “Donation” side of the bridge that the more you donate the more OT you will become. Has anyone checked to see if DM was PT Barnum in a previous life?

  151. martyrathbun09

    No, the bigger they are the more cowardly, money-motivated, they are.

  152. Tony DePhillips

    “You see… deeeeeeeeeeeeep dooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn Miscave is a good guy.”

    Maybe…but maybe he is a dead thetan. An animated hunk of flesh that is all circuitry and no real Being there at all. Like lower than an animal. I actually think dogs have more dignity than this guy.

  153. Pefect quote.
    That’s what he is doing. He just has not enough balls to go off the box without external help. And when he will be executed by her guillotine and his head lies on the earth he will still mumble: “Look at her what she is doing to me!”

    We see you Miscavige!

  154. one of those who see

    LOL!!!!! Love #7 cracked me up.

  155. Be merciful of the guy. You paint such a HORRIFYING and PAINFUL picture for him which is TOO GRUESOME TO CONFRONT.

    But which, nevertheless, HE IS BEGGING FOR.

  156. This is very OFF TOPIC:
    CARTAGENA (COLOMBIA), 09.09.2011. Members of the Special Forces of the Colombian Navy [along with US Marines] , Friday September 9, 2011, made an anit-terrorist drill and a rescue in a cruise ship in the Cartagena Bay (Colombia). In October begun the 2011-2012 cruise season that touch the port of Cartagena. EFE / RICARDO MALDONADO

    The cruise ship used in the exercise was THE FREEWINDS. I wonder if the Sea Orgs on board were told this was just a drill. And of course the COS was paid handsomely for the use of the ship.

  157. Hey Mr. DePhillips, that´s my quote and I can joke all I want! 🙂

  158. Dave,
    When you deny, deny, deny it is resistance. What that does is set up a difference of potential. If there is any connection, any line that goes in to form a route between that difference – shabang, across comes the flow.

    You don’t get this. So you keep building up the difference and the lines DO go in. This is all explained in Scientology Dave. But you aren’t a Scientologist.

    Of course you don’t realize that in order to deal with this, you’d simply have to handle the difference. In other words, confront the facts, as they are. Take full responsibility for both sides of this, both terminals. But that means what you’ve done and you aren’t there yet…so, shabang down comes the current straight back at you and the smell of your hair burning is getting stronger by the moment.

  159. The admittedly slightly better than remote possibility that we might see the church of scientology corporations in court thanks the courage of Debbie and those prepared to back her has got me thinking.

    I’ve just come from another place dealing with issues around corporations being recognised as people so they can gain protection under the rights humans have. Interesting discussion. Bear with me, this goes to very long term strategy And doesn’t have anything to do with the current situation other that it and another situation got me thinking.

    Thinking laterally if we grant people personhood then surely we can start treating corporations like people. They have to post bail or suspend activity when arrested.

    If convicted of a serious crime they can be liquidated, the death penalty (not that I support killing people, that’s another argument). Failing that they can be subjected to terms where they work under administration and all profits, as determined by the independent administrating authority, go to the government and any directors are paid fixed salaries and are not allowed to leave nor is the company allowed to restructure. The same as going to jail.

    Corporations could be made to do community service, compulsory charity work which the directors must do.

    It would be interesting to see how the church of scientology would fair under such a regime.

    BTW the church of scientology has been used as a kind of “worst case senario” in debates over certain legislation in the UK Parliment. Usually in the form of how would they abuse this and what can we do to prevent such abuse. .

  160. Another statistic that’s growing is square footage of org space per church of scientology staff or public or OSA. That’s a stat that’s really booming.

    Some say if it was one room and everyone stood equally distant from each other they’d need megaphones to chat to their neighbours and binoculars to see them. 😉

  161. Li'll bit of stuff

    Agustin, Thunder, days of, whatever. It all just rolls off
    into the distance, eventually, just like the noise called

  162. [she has been too mild in her descriptions, it was actually even worse]).

    No doubt!

  163. Misogynist, with a bit of Troglodyte. Partial descriptive definition:(wikipedia) “Expressions such as “living in a cave” have become cultural metaphors for a modern human who displays traits of extreme ignorance or uncivilized behavior.”

  164. I’m an outsider watching cause I believe in the right thing, and I see justice or maybe karma
    about to happen, There are a lot of brave people in this world, you know who you are!!

  165. No, more like “I-punch-you-in-the-nose-and-kick-you-in-the-nuts” type of bitch.

  166. Defender of Theta


  167. Yeah “no effect on self”, he not-ises potential effects on self too, I think, “Wont happen to me, I am INVINCIBLE!!!”, yup right up to the point he gets put in a rubber room (like how General Thades went full retard mad after they trapped him behind that bullet proof screen at the end of “Planet of The Miscaviges”, err typo, “Apes”. Wish I could find the vid for that).
    Chart of attitudes: Cause-Full effect – ANGER: I’ll make an effect if I have to destroy everything. OBEY!
    The Hubbard Chart of Human Emotion: Command over environment-Anger: Smashes or destroys others or environment. Failing, may destroy self. Fascistic.
    FAILING, MAY DESTROY SELF – In progress.

  168. Karola,

    The bigger the corporation the less likely they are to operate strictly based on news and the more likely they are to answer to bean counters.

    Tht TBT is somewhat unique in major papers as they are owned by a non-profit entity dedicated to forwarding journalism. And they have two EXTREMELY well versed reporters who know more about the subject than most of the people in the church, so they cannot be fooled by the hype and/or threats.

    The Village Voice has an Editor in Chief with real courage and real smarts. He has recognized that IF Scientology were ever to sue him (not likely — it would be worse than the bloodbath at the ALamo) it would be the biggest gift to his paper in history. And he is willing to bet on that. Corporate bean counters are not. It’s easier for them to say no than risk being wrong by saying yes.

    But let me add one important point that I was thinking about just now concerning the value of the coverage by ABC.

    The Church has OFTEN used the line that “Only the St Pete Times (and Village Voice) reports these lies, they ignore the facts and no other “reputable” media run the stories.” It’s a somewhat effective D/A line. And it just got D/A’d.

  169. Firebreathing Frog

    TO: David Miscavige, what a good present you are offering to LRH…
    all your crimes being exposed on prime time TV, and the real reason why the church of Scientology has a bad name and failing since your are “The Leader”.

    That’s a straight “up and vertical” you can be proud off.
    Doing everything possible to prove the world you are the real criminal.
    I don’t know anyone who could do this better than you.

    To: Mrs Cook, Marthy, Mike, Jeff, Steve, Mr Fairman, Amy, Dan, etc., etc.
    LRH Birthday’s just around the corner.
    It will be the best LRH birthday ever, and wherever LRH might be, I am sure that, on that day, he will feel your love and care to get Scientology back on track.
    Love you all.

  170. Tom Gallagher

    Hey POB! Have another ‘oh shit’ session.

  171. OneFlyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    Maybe TC or JT have tried to talk to Dave. But guess what, Dave has the goods on them and other celebrities. Dave has the confessional data to be used against them if they open their mouths. Now there is some Code of Honor to be applied by those individuals. They have to do a debbie cook email thing.

  172. Tom Gallagher

    Martin and friends,

    A cut and paste of the definition I intended:

      [mih-soj-uh-nist, mahy‐]

    A person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.

    (For example, where’s his wife?)

  173. GetTheConcept

    That squirrel group….

  174. OneFlyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    pretty amazing. It just takes time. Let the old guards go away, and train the new recruits into proper fund raising. And before you know it, it’s the norm, that’s how we do it, and nobody new questions it.

  175. Tom Gallagher

    #10 split my rib.

  176. Just some creative processing ; – )

  177. The Oracle, In his world the end justifies the means. He couldn´t care less about the Tech.

    If he can get his secretary to submit to doing the most atrocious tortures, I am sure he could and has gotten her to do you know what in the bedroom.

    This is the ethics level of this bird.

  178. Tom Gallagher


    This is just another unusual solution to a ‘cash flow’ problem.

    Miscarriage at his best.

  179. Well spotted. Just keep pointing it out, pointing it out, pointing it out.
    If you point it out clearly and enough others will spot it.

  180. That’s right, Mike. Miscavige is in a ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation. He can’t afford to admit any error, not even the tiniest one.
    Yet he must know that blanket denial is tantamount to an admission of guilt, at least in the public eye. And it’s public adulation he so craves the most. The adulation of his own church members is worthess, since he can stamp all over them.
    What makes it even more irksome for him is that, as an SP, nothing is ever his fault anyway. The slightest blemish on his character would open the floodgates to all manner of FBI agents, martians, severe illness…
    He is both the irresistible force and the immovable object: a primed explosive.
    If Spencer has never dealt with someone like davey boy before, then he’s in for a shock! The sheer depth of stupidity from miscavige, and the force with which it is delivered seems to have already baffled Spencer (don’t worry mate, you’re not the only one), otherwise he would take the hit and walk. Or turn state’s evidence, get up before the judge and say, ‘My client’s a nutter, ma’am.’

  181. Tony DePhillips

    🙂 !!

  182. 8-8008

    A being who cannot withhold anything, or lie, is just as crazy as one who feels he must.
    Self determinism is the key to that prison.

    Eric S

  183. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    ““Thus each one of us can rise above the domination of the bank and then, as a group of freed beings, achieve freedom and reason. ”

    OK. Something is awry here. Present people in Scientology, I don’t know how many clears and OT’s. But you would assume these people are cleared of the bank. Thus would arise above the domination of the bank and then, as a group of freed beings, achieve freedom and reason. And that would be Scientology leadership you might say.

    So here’s the awry – why isn’t this at least happening in Scientology, it’s own group members? Who are clear and OT? Why are those who have been on staff for so long speaking out now about the truth. IE Debbie Cokk, Marty, Mike, Jim, many others. It only means KSW has not been employed for a while now. When is that point in time?

  184. Yes he is in a total check mate.

    Now he is gulping buckets of his own reverse Scientology:

    Dammed if you do and dammed if you don´t.

    It does suck to be in his shoes.

  185. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    “How much of other people’s money is DM willing to throw away to save him from taking the stand in court? How much of other people’s money is DM willing to throw away to save him from losing face, and to save him from jail time?”

    It will be spinned as we are being attacked from SP’s who do not wish to clear the planet, donate more money NOW.

    It is the perfect ponzi game all hidden under religion.

  186. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    why not, what have you got to lose.

  187. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest


    “I just noticed the Church Attorney referring to David Miscavige as “The Boss” in the video.”

    The BOSS in any business is the one who holds the cards, the one who controls the money flows, the one who controls the bank accounts. The boss has the power to fire anybody, to give a raise, to give them a decrease in pay.

    Is there supposed to be a BOSS in Scientology? Of course you know the answer. All anybody has is ones willingness of another, oh how that can be mis applied. When you lose that willingness———-you ain’t got nothing.

  188. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    I am self employed. I take no orders from anybody. For most of my working life I worked for others and gave them my all. I am willing to help others, I am willing to self sacrifice to a degree to help others, based on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Betray my willingness, I no longer help. Rip me off, I no longer help.

  189. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest


    “It appears, the church has ruined as many lives, as it has saved by now. ”

    I believe the truth may be the other way around. The church has ruined more lives than it has saved. It is important to looks at stats as you know.

    How many ex SO staff are there compared to PT SO staff? On that stat, how many of those ex SO staff are doing bridge services, are they on-line church services? What percentage?

    How many ex – local org or mission staff are there compared to PT? On that stat, how many of those EX staff are doing bridge services, are they on-line church services? What percentage?

    What is the actual percentage of people going into an org and continuing up the bridge? From ex staff?

    Think about it?

    Take a look at when things changed. There was boom in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Is there still a boom now? Are orgs empty? Or are they full with students and pc’s? Or is the so called boom in PT only advertised in Scientology magazines?

    What is the truth? The truth is only in stats. And only need to look.

  190. Thanks, yeah it works now.

  191. For trial watchers, here’s a summary of some of the arguments presented in the Headley case appeal.

    It gives one an idea of the intricacies involved in church-related cases.

  192. martyrathbun09

    Don’t confuse Headley v C of s with Scn Inc v Cook. They are very, very different cases..

  193. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    and of course I agree with you fully Dizzy. 🙂

  194. I agree Marty, they should not be confused. I hope everyone reading realizes this is a different case.

  195. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    for one’s own safety, I do not advocate doing HCO sec checks, then they got the goods on you.

    “I fully understand why the “church” is so frantic about scientologists reading on the internet – even sec checking on it.”

  196. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    it’s so well hidden.

  197. OneFyingAtTheCuckoosNest

    sorry, forgot to mention that I believe this is not what LRH intended.

    “It is the perfect ponzi game all hidden under religion.” This is DM though.

  198. Ya. Some very witty possibilities come to mind as to what the private interludes in his life might entail. Just let me forward this.

    David, for 50 grand you can slap me TWICE, DIRECTLY, and even throw in a spanking!

    Sorry, I wouldn’t do sleep overs in the hole, but I think that would be risky . Just knowing I am sleeping out there at night and willing to
    bargain could burn a hole though the pocket of the I.A.S..

    If we can work something out, have your people call my my people.

  199. I don’t know Tom Cruise personally but I have met him on several occasions as well as worked on his projects. My brief impression of him is that he is a genuinely nice person and a very hard working person.

    He knows a lot of the inside dirty laundry and behind the scenes stuff but also realize that he has been made privy to all of this through DM’s own well-crafted tactics. It is my own view that Tom Cruise respects hard working men and DM has done everything in his power to portray this image of himself to Tom. They would go through the Freewinds or Gold or some org and DM would routinely point out how this and that person “fucked him” in front of Tom Cruise and how DM is now having to handle it himself. The person who was being talked to of course is going to say nothing but “Yes Sir!”. Outside of some social comments or social pleasantries, Tom didn’t directly interface with many Sea Org members at such moments except DM so he only got DM’s version of what happened. Of course Tom interfaced with Toomy Davis, Melissa, Yvonne and many other Sea Org members for his personal logistics, but I severely doubt any of them would do anything but parrot DM’s ways and directions.

    I believe Tom genuinely cares for DM as a friend and I believe he also sees many things as wrong or “could have been handled better” but out of his own admiration for this “hard working man” and their long friendship and because of everything DM has done for him, Tom will stick up for DM just because I don’t believe Tom abandons those he calls friends.

    What he will do when the evidence of DM’s criminality is overwhelming is something I cannot even speculate on, but there you go – just another perspective.

  200. Hahahahaha………..that made my day. LOL

    Yes, he was a terrific organizer, adept at fantastic feats of logistics, but without the spine to use such forces with the intention needed to crush Lee, who had divided his forces and could have been crushed by little Mac.

    Of course, this is not a civil war blog and out of respect to others I will not drone on about Antietam, but my point was to compare the fact that Marty and company will not hesitate us use intel that they posses whereas Mac did not.

    I agree with you, and Mac should have been placed in lowers and never returned to active command. A review of his letters to his wife which highlight his natter about his superiors certainly prove he was no higher than Treason.

    Lincoln should have had him shot on the spot for not boldly acting at Antietam.

  201. martyrathbun09

    Howz about ole Stonewall at the Wilderness? Maybe one of the most brilliant military moves of all time; followed by a foolish venture apparently inspired by religious zealotry that cost him his life. War is hell.

  202. Random Stranger


    Proof #1A: He keeps a failing, downstat flunky like Debbie Cook on post for twenty years. Everybody knows you’re not supposed to keep someone on a post who’s failing. What an idiot.


    Proof #1B: Debbie Cook is a competent, high-producing executive. Everybody knows you’re not supposed to remove a competent, high-producing executive from post. What an idiot.

    Either way, David Miscavige is a short, stupid idiot who’s painted himself into a corner.

  203. Random Stranger


    He says he wants to expand the Church of Scientology, but he routinely promotes that Scientology does not work.

    Ethics Tech: Does not work because SPs go undetected in management for decades.

    Auditing Tech: Does not work because it doesn’t handle the evil intentions and aberrations of those he sentences to Sec Checks, as proven by the fact that he throws them back into the RPF or The Flunky Hole time and time again.

    Administrative Technology: Does not work because those who learn it and apply it cannot get the stats up satisfactorily for David Miscavige, COB, RTC.

    Wow, for someone who says he wants to expand and promote the church and save the planet he sure spends a lot of time and energy countering his own objectives by constantly exposing the fact that he manages nothing worthwhile, really. I think he needs to punch himself in the face.

  204. Random Stranger


    Church of Scientology executives who’ve been in the Flunky Hole for eternity have something to look forward to from Miscavige, the loss of their eternity.

  205. I understood, I was defining troglodyte. I meant a knuckle dragging women hater. The only thing following him after this will be those knuckles, lol.

  206. Working out how to embed….

  207. Well that didnt work either…

  208. People beyond the Church are getting pretty savvy:

    “At the core of the psychopath is a deep-seated rage which is split off (i.e, psychologically separated from the rest of the self) and repressed. Some researchers theorize that this is caused by feeling abandoned in infancy or early childhood. Whatever the emotional or psychological source, psychopaths see those around them as objects, targets, or opportunities, not as people. They do not have friends, they have victims and accomplices-and the latter frequently end as victims. For psychopaths, the ends always justify the means. Thus there is no place for feelings of remorse, shame, or guilt. Cult leaders feel justified in all their actions since they consider themselves the ultimate moral arbiter. Nothing gets in their way.

    Cult leaders live on the edge, constantly testing the beliefs of their followers, often with increasingly bizarre behaviors, punishments, and rules.

    Psychopaths are unable to empathize with the pain of their victims.

    Like small children, many psychopaths have difficulty regulating their emotions. Adults who have temper tantrums are frightening to be around.

    12. Irresponsibility/Unreliability

    Not concerned about the consequences of their behavior, psychopaths leave behind them the wreckage of others’ lives and dreams. They may be totally oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they inflict on others, something which they regard as neither their problem nor their responsibility.

    Psychopaths rarely accept blame for their failures or mistakes. Scape goating is common, blaming followers, those outside the group, a member’s family, the government, Satan–anyone and everyone but the leader.

    Conversely, there is often stringent sexual control of the followers through such tactics as enforced celibacy, arranged marriages, forced breakups and divorces, removal of children from their parents, forced abortions or mandated births. For psychopaths, sex is primarily a control and power issue.

    Cult leaders change their image and that of the group as needed to avoid prosecution and litigation, to increase income, and to recruit a range of members.

    Hiding behind the “mask of sanity,” the cult leader exposes feelings only insofar as they serve an ulterior motive. He can witness or order acts of utter brutality without experiencing a shred of emotion. He casts himself in a role of total control, which he plays to the hilt. What is most promised in cults–peace, joy, enlightenment, love, and security are goals that are forever out of reach of the leader, and thus also the followers. Since the leader is not genuine, neither are his promises.”

    From the following linK

  209. John Travolta was the first celebrity to speak out. He had no back up at the time and was he squashed fast.

    Ann Archer is a CLASS 8. Far beyond a “desperate housewife”. I hugely doubt she has been charmed.

  210. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I love your letters, Random Stranger! They make me rise on the Tone Scale. Always looking forward to them!

  211. The thing that stood out to me in this whole thing is: DEBBIE COOK WENT TO HER LAWYER’S OFFICE TO SHOW THEM HER PUPPIES.

    How neat is that. I’ve seen videos of Marty and Chiquita (his dog, I hope I spelled it right). I have a little Puggle, Bella, that goes to work with me every day and makes everybody’s days lighter and more theta just by being there, happy to be alive, always ready to play.

    Congratulations, Debbie. If you’re a first time dog owner, it can be a challenge, but it will bring so much theta to your life. If your lawyer recommended you get yourself a dog (or two), my opinion of him was already sky high, but then it would be in the stratosphere.

  212. Bodil,

    Debbie’s German Shepherd, Tessa, had 10 puppies. She also has another full grown mixed breed. She is definitely a dog lover and not a first time owner.

  213. Yes,

    You are correct that this event took place near the wooded area called “Wilderness”, but history denoted it as the “battle of Chancellorsville” where Stonewall decided to ride too far in advance of his lines at night and was shot by his own troops while trying to return.

    And yes, Stonewall was a true zealot….a devout, pious, blue-eyed killer, completely untroubled by the idea of dying. He got what he postulated.

  214. LOL your pun gave me a chuckle.


  215. Good policy!

  216. Ronnie Bell

    Hey Happy,

    I realized that you’d made a typo right after I posted to you. No problem. It kind of stimulated the conversation anyway. Thing is, Tom’s a good guy, and needs to do some serious review about his close association with Miscavige. At the end of the day, he’s just another public, and is subject to all of the same brain games and mental manipulation that the rest of us have endured. Even worse, since he’s in direct communication with the SP.

  217. My opinion of Debbie was already sky high, now it’s in the stratosphere.

  218. Ronnie Bell

    Brian, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Your post above provided a basic framework for the intro to my recent write-up, which is posted here and at

    I would have thanked you much sooner, but I had a devil of a time finding this post. I’ve been wanting to thank you for days now. Much appreciated, mate.

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