Another PR Crisis?

ABC news dubs Miscavige’s abuse and torture as Another Scientology PR Crisis.  (Good Morning America coverage).  Ya think?

More in depth coverage is scheduled for tonight’s ABC Nightline.

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has published a bunch of Cook litigation related documents, at Inside the Alamo.   The last letter that Tony posts is a not so subtle threat toward Debbie’s counsel Ray Jeffrey.  Standard operating procedure for corporate Scientology: when the law doesn’t support you – argue the facts, when the facts don’t suport you – argue the law, when the facts and law go against you – destroy opposition counsel by any means necessary.  Dave apparently missed the memo, the Cold War ended for everybody else a couple of decades ago.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

I have a feeling that exposure of Miscavige’s sickness is going viral today.

UPDATE 8:08 a.m.: Battered Woman Syndrome. Marc Yager is the unidentified individual who wrote to ABC denying that Miscavige beat him. Over the past 2 1/2 years Yager has been doing little other than writing statements denying Miscavige beats him. He may yet turn into the most curious and widely studied case of battered woman syndrome.

UPDATE 2:02 pm: On Yahoo News top stories.

UPDATE 2:49 pm: coverage

UPDATE: 4:52 pm: Jonathan Hurley weighs in.

UPDATE: 8:48 pm: UK Daily Mail.

UPDATE: 9:40 pm:

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  1. Good Morning America had Debbie Cook on in their first hour, between 7:40 and 7:46. They noted there will be more extensive coverage on Nightline tonight.

  2. Robert W Conrad

    David Miscavige is apparently unfamiliar with the Streisand effect.

  3. I just watched Debbie on Good Morning America. Fabulous!! My brother phoned me at 7:30 and said, quick, turn on the tv. Loved every minute of it.

    Hey dwarf, it looks like another exec is taking her hat back and you can’t stop her! Who do you think Scientologists are going to listen to; Debbie or you?

    note to Ray Jeffrey: There’s a typo in #46 of the Interrog posted on the Village Voice. The number of years was left out. .

  4. Is that typical behaviour? The bombardment of threatening emails/faxes/letters to opposing counsel not to mention being ‘lectured’ about the law?

    It’s all covered under the civil procedure rules, I would have thought.

    Unless one enjoys firing off letters to attorneys who will just charge the client. Weird.

  5. “But the real importance of her filing is to have CSI and RTC added to the case, so that there will be no question that David Miscavige is relevant to the lawsuit…. ”

    Yes! Let’s see you up on the stand Dave, tell the world directly “it’s all lies”. C’mon, do it!

  6. This and Debbie Cook counter suing, this week gets better and better.

  7. Marty

    As I read the docs from the Counter-claim, my DA just rises and rises. I can see how the Cook’s have to position themselves, the path of arguments RCS is taking, the fight that insues.

    And then I realizes how important this blog is as means of communication to the world of our side of the story.

    Thx. Your work is appreciated.

    “….pressure and time…”

  8. I think David Miscavige has an effect that’s on a different level to Striesand.

    The Miscavige effect is a more comprehensive harming of one’s position such that not only do the actions make the undesired situation worse they also spawn more undesired situations. Or something like that.

  9. Marty,
    Quite funny that the media is taking over your duty and are writing the news for you.
    Ortega surely has a win about reporting before you at all wrote anything .
    You and Mike know how to play the piano.
    The speed the whole scenario is turning around is amazing and I nearly can’t keep up with the news as I still got to work.
    I love it !

  10. Marty,
    I hope this post is not too off topic, I’m posting it at the sugestions of Steve Hall.
    I will be following every step of the new developments.


    (we come back)

  11. martyrathbun09

    UPDATE: ABC Link now shows Good Morning America segment coverage,

  12. I wonder how many times the word ecclesiastical will be used in the replies, as in “this question is of an ecclesiastical nature and not subject to the court.” Or similar bs.”

  13. martyrathbun09

    Why don’t we save this for a day when we can have people’s attention better focused. Today Miscavige’s meltdown is going viral.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Phase II.

  15. markthehungarian


    Does this mean that David Miscavige could be put on the stand? I imagine the Church of Scientology (or RTC, or whatever acronym that the CoS uses for its countless subgroups) will do everything in its power to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    But… if the suit goes ahead this will be a disaster. Their only hope is to buy off Cook & Baumgartner, which is likely impossible. And if news of this suit filters through the ether to others inside the Church who are fed up with what is happening, maybe other “witnesses” will come forward.

    My favourite part is #13… “Forcing Scientology employees to lick floors is a religious practice of the Church of Scientology.”


    What legal moves will Miscavige and his high-priced team of lawyers pull to make this go away. If someone is called the stand, who can David Miscavige throw under the bus this time? Who “pulled it in?”

    Does this make it more likely that those in the Hole will quickly be released and rehabilitated into “good standing?” Will those double-wides quickly disappear? Will Heber Jensch get a chance to redeem himself (in Miscavige’s eyes) by taking the stand and saying that spending years in the RPF and years in the Hole were decisions he made, and he alone?

    I don’t think popcorn is in order just yet. But I am going to fire up the barbeque and get ready to make steaks.

  16. As all events have come to this point of light that shines in a sea of darkness, I hereby proclaim Debbie Cook as “Lady Liberty” with the torch of Truth held high and tech of Freedom held secure close to her heart.

    Behold the workings of Truth.

    FREEDOM is at hand for many thousands.

    My best to all.



  17. One of my step-daughters texted me about this last night. I watched the segment this AM at the gym. But not before sending money to Debbie’s defense fund.

    Thank you again Marty et al for everything the has been done to date to bring us to this incredible moment of David Miscavige’s coming out party.


  18. Well Marty, I’m delighted by this morning’s breakfast. MMMMMMMMMMM!

    Deep fried midget. DEEEELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  19. martyrathbun09

    Update: Battered Woman Syndrome. Marc Yager is the unidentified individual who wrote to ABC denying that Miscavige beat him. Over the past 2 1/2 years Yager has been doing little other than writing statements denying Miscavige beats him. He may yet turn into the most curious and widely studied case of battered woman syndrome.

  20. Bravo for Debbie, just posted a comment to ABC to the effect of…it’s about time America started exposing DM crimes!!!

  21. Mr David Miscavige CoB PoB GoD is ecclesiastical and so is protected by the US constitution which clearly states the state, as represented by the court, must not involve itself with religion. This clearly means the court cannot have any contact with Mr Miscavige or visa versa.

    Have to ask Marty, how come David Miscavige is melting when the ovens barely warmed up? 😉

  22. martyrathbun09

    Has nothing to do with ovens. The spot light has been focused and warming for 2 1/2 years now – held steady despite a lot of efforts to knock it flat.

  23. The ABC story is now linked on the Drudge Report, which has a massive international readership. Viral indeed.

  24. Oh, the pitiful nonsense oozing from miscavige’s bank!
    It’s wonderful that these letters and documents are available on Tony’s site for all the world to see. The days of ‘Shut up, or else,’ are drawing to a close. What a relief!
    It is also interesting to see in the letter from Spencer dated 25 Feb, that:
    “Ms Cook is now openly aiding and assisting Mr Rathbun in direct breach of her October 19, 2007 agreement.”
    Direct breach? Miscavige is just making this up as he goes along.

  25. I wonder how they will play this, will they polish off all the holies and put them on the stand or will they deny the hole exists.

    On the one had they could make a fantastical claim that it was voluntary on the other they deny a lot of other people who personally witnessed it.

    I wonder what will happen if the holies are question about conditions, about their knowledge of the outside world, about protestors on the perimiter of their prison demanding their release. I wonder what benefits they will say this treatment gave them. I wonder how they will explain their motives. I wonder if one of them will break down and spill their guts spectacularly.

    So many possibilities. I really hope this doesn’t settle out of court, though I expect it will at the last minute and another gag contract. In the mean time /popcorn

  26. martyrathbun09

    They don’t know if they are coming or they are going. A week earlier they accused Debbie of being a pawn of me. I gotta ask ’em, “how do you want to leave it?”

  27. Ah. Well if he’s melting now what happens when the the full unfiltered glare of the light hits him? As in when he’s put on the stand and asked to explain things.

  28. Marty,
    I totally agree with you.

    And i have to say after what I have read and hears so far today:

    GO DEBBIE GO! You have Mr david Miscavige by the short and curleys. Don’t let him get away. You have gone this far, now go ALL THE WAY.

    Well done and trust the TRUTH will win.


  29. EISM,

    Drudge is considered the largest Net news aggregation site in the world. The stats for the last 24 hour period are as follows:

    “VISITS TO DRUDGE 2/29/12

    030,856,494 IN PAST 24 HOURS”

    Of note, the links are also featured as top billing, i.e., top left.

    Viral, indeed!

  30. Debbie – Well done and great interview! And looking better and stronger each time we see you on the air.

    Hey Dave Miscavige – Debbie Cook IS a Scientologist! Plllllltttttt!

  31. martyrathbun09

    Viva Zapata!

  32. Finally the American media is getting on line. Took bloody long enough. With Nightline’s production tonight, hopefully not a fluffy piece, tomorrow should be an interesting day …

  33. I just had a thought about this case. DM’s attorney is Spencer, located in Texas. Yet the Village Voice has a letter written to Debbie’s attorney from Gary Soter out of Woodland Hills, CA. Where’d he come from? Is he also on the case via Spencer? Or is Miscavige not too happy with Spencer and he’s bringing someone else in?

  34. Marty I have to agree. The counter suit documents and especially the admissions are brilliant and a joy to read. The inevitable “tipping point” we discussed back in 2009 has arrived in just 3 years. Can you believe it?

    One of the things I learned at the Int base was a lesson on the subject of power. It is vital to realize when you have power and it is vital to use that power when you have it, that means actively connecting with others (refusing to disconnect) and leading the way. The odd thing is, sometimes one is assigned power by default irrespective of rank, irrespective of declarations, irrespective of who holds the purse strings, irrespective of gold braid, irrespective of cruelty and brutality, irrespective of belonging to any official organization. Sometimes the assignment of power comes to one by default, assigned by the circumstances. Sometimes power is assigned through the mutual cowardice of others, i.e. when the line is drawn and duty calls, they run and hide. In any event, it comes down to considerations and integrity, refusals to agree with conditions that are wrong, and loyalty to the rightful group to whom we once pledged eternal support.

    When a self-assigned dictator takes it on himself to destroy the means to greater freedom, and those entrusted to guard against that action fail to act, the power to do something about it ultimately falls to those who see what is going on because they are the only ones who can do anything about it.

    There are the blind and there are the eyes of tomorrow.

    The first skill learned by any real Scientologist worthy of the name is that of confront. He is trained to Look, not think. Everything in Scientology revolves around looking. Every fear that is erased in auditing is vanquished through the act of looking. Confront is the keynote of everything Scientology. If our technology is not about throwing aside “what you were taught,” dogma and false pretense to see, finally, what IS, then there too is no water in the sea.

    No, no. Looking, seeing and understanding compose the only route to better living and better living is the mission of Scientology. Looking, seeing and understanding are the only solution to entrapment — I know, I studied the LRH lectures by the same name and used that knowledge to escape Miscavige’s grip.

    Those with the power to shatter their chains are those who know what eyes are for.

    Our power stems not from membership to a church or corporate body. Our power stems not from knowledge, because many others have the same knowledge but do nothing. Our power stems from loyalty to, membership in and harmony with a greater family, an entity oft maligned for its many failings, but when you actual consider who the human race really is, their history and collective efforts toward survival and how far they’ve come in such few years (my grandmother traveled west with her family in a covered wagon): there is greatness and we stand with them with pride.

    Who can look and who can see. They are the ones with power.

  35. Marty,

    While some might think this somewhat humorous, it is in truth very poignant. Marc Yager is a horrifying example of a beaten, cowed and sick individual in the presence of severe, unrelenting suppression.

    Yager is a very smart man. One of the best managers and evaluators in the history of the church. Unlike Miscavige, Yager was very much on management lines and would take the weekly stat reports to LRH personally and be hatted by him on how to run the international Scientology network.
    He was once very competent. Today, he is a groveling wreck, desperately trying to figure out how to do something, anything to please Dear Leader so he can get some relief from the oppression. He and Guillaume Lesevre have been beaten by MIscavige more than any other persons I know. And in turn, they have done whatever they can do to try and avoid continuing their dismal fate — beating others, lying, writing “confessions,” doing A-E and writing affidavits and letters to the media.

    The endless denials that anything has ever been done wrong has worn out its welcome with the media. More letters from Yager or “the wives” or anyone else is only serving these days to convince people that there is something REALLY creepy going on inside the RCS. The over-the-top denials are simply confirmation. The media are now using the CHurch responses as a sort of proof of what they are saying. The church INSISTS they publish their nutty responses and the media is happy to oblige — because they know that the responses are confirmation of what they are reporting on.

    Miscavige would do well to remember that the BIGGEST backlash of pub lic opinion is always reserved for those who have been exposed of committing some socially unacceptable acts and have tried to deny it in the media, only to be ultimately exposed as liars. Those people are NEVER forgiven and NEVER recover — whether a sports figure, a politician or a “religious leader.”

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  36. Deebie Cook is not backing down. Miscavige is pretty worried now. I would not want to be in his vecinity these days when his castles made of sand are crumbling to the ground.

  37. Dean – The assumption that any ecclesiatical leader is in any way above the law is false. That’s all there is to it. What is necessary is for someone to file charges and pursue them.

    The fallacious assertion that the Church is “exempt” from the laws probably has roots in medieval Europe, times when the lack of separation of Church and State led to horrible felonies: vis if I a citizen, seized and tortured a woman, I would be stoned to death, unless I was acting as an Inquisitioner, in which case it was perfectly OK and furthered the social good and I got paid for it. That is the “clear and present danger” of giving power of law to a religious organization. THIS is the foundation, the reason, the wisdom, and the practicality of the FIRST Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, not the second or third, or tenth – the FIRST. And please, make no mistake about it! We have a great country where Jews and Buddhists and even Scientologists can believe what they want to believe, but CANNOT act any way they please. Let’s not trash it with meritless hearsay.

    In surfing the net I’m beginning to gather the impression that the Co$ has “lost” virtually every lawsuit they’ve been involved in, or has “settled” out of court. In our justice system there are mistakes made, but for the vast majority of cases, truth does prevail. – Carcha.

  38. Marty,
    Re; Mark Yager, poor guy. Who would have thought that such a nice kid when I met him at Flag all those years ago would become an empty shell incapable of thinking his own thought…very sad indeed.


  39. Just saw the good morning america clip, loved it. Debbie you were awesome!!!!! This p–ck is done, finished, garbage. My neighbors, in-laws and friends all watched it. DM you are so over. NO ONE WILL STEP INTO ANY OF YOUR IDLE MORGUES. Words cannot explain what others think of you. You are trash. You can deny all you want, NO ONE hears you.

  40. I told ya Dave, the PR thing is over. It can now never be repaired or manipulated. The world knows who you are.

    It’s over Dave.

    No money, no postulate, no sense of “big thetan-ness”, no magic can cover up that which is being uncovered on a world wide basis.

    Dave, it’s over.

    Now maybe the good people, the decent people who love and follow Scientology for the sake of helping and freedom can do so without the fear of violent reprisal from your personal problems.

    It’s over Dave.

    And may you remember who you truly are, beneath all of this valence that is not you. It won’t serve you anymore. It never truly has.

  41. In the midst of “Miscavige Meltdown 2012,” I want to remind everyone the days of getting your name on the Indie 500 list are narrowing to a close. The Indie 500 list is the official list of those with the courage to bare their chests to Miscavige in the days when his tanks still had live ammo. If your name is not yet on the list, please send the following information to me at
    1. Your name
    2. In Scientology since (year)
    3. Auditing level
    4. Training level
    5. Years on staff if any and perhaps where
    6. Any “status” or recognitions from the CoS
    The purpose is to break disconnection (and more) the only way it can be done: by standing up to a practice that is wrong.

  42. George M. White

    Go Debbie, Go.

    Mr. Miscavige, here is a description of you after the Alamo:

    “Like a coward fled the field;
    He hath forged all unaware
    Fetters his own neck {now} must bear!”


  43. Debbie Cook you are a special envoy dispatched straight from the heart of LRH!

    Well done on your current mission orders and please carry on to victory-the removal of David Miscavige as COB and the return to LRH command intention.

  44. haydn (T Paine)

    Debbie (and the subject of Scientology) received visible, tangible respect from the media because she had the courage to stand up, tell the truth no matter how unpalatable while also sticking to her personal convictions regarding Scientology — no matter how much she was abused at the hands of Miscavige.

    This is an important lesson for those Scientologists who don’t make a move or say anything for “fear of hurting Scientology”. Miscavige would have you believe that to criticize him or his abuses is to criticize Scientology or bring damage to it but nothing could be further from the truth. This morning’s media demonstrates that the world respects those that tell the truth , it respects those that stick to their convictions, and it especially respects those that take a stand against oppression.

    Miscavige has trashed the Church of Scientology. The way out is the way through. It’s time to tell the truth.

  45. Steve, I think a better name for you even than Thoughtful is Insightful. You come up with some of the most brilliant analyses of things.

  46. Pat — See earlier post from Marty. SOter is the puppet in California who does the dirty work when none of the big, “reputable” lawyers will do it. He sent the original threat letter to Debbie. He was in court in Texas sitting at counsel table typing on his computer full time — essentially providing a “live feed” to California so his highness and his minions could experience real time hitting the iceberg.

  47. I had someone call me this morning who saw the GMA bit and correctly wondered if The Hole is also where other disappeared execs wound up.

    Sooner or later the turns of the maze wind up all to be dead ends, Dave. Pack it up, you sadistic punk. Now it’s just sooner.

  48. Thought to all those lawyers and helpers in covering all of this up: is it worth your reputations and careers to be on the side of one who beats people in the name of religion?

    This story is going big time viral and your names WILL be revealed.

    Take a moment and think. Remember thinking for yourself? It feels so damn good. You can do it.

    Your spiritual salvation is not taken away from you! That’s a distorted way of control and personal attack on your own free thinking.

    Behind the gates at INT is a Potemkin Village.

    Do you stand for truth, happiness, freedom?

    Or violence, suppression of facts, indency?

    How will YOU be remembered?


  49. LOL 🙂 !!!!!

  50. Debbie, you are phenomenal. Thank you for standing up for what is true and exposing David Miscavige’s crimes and lies.
    Yes, Marc Yager is a classic ‘battered women syndrome’ case, MIght as well call it “SIBS” or Scientology Inc Battered Syndrome. As it affects more than just Marc.
    I concur with Mike that Marc Yager is an intelligent person and I had once complete respect for him as CO CMO Int. If he and Guillaume and others would only snap out of their PTSness for just a second and escape from there.
    I will also bet that there was a major project (all night or several all nighters) getting rid of “the hole”, removing the bars from the windows and locks from the door etc. Miscavige is quick to cover his tracks.
    All I can say is Debbie Cook is a true Scientologist.

  51. I never had the opportunity to meet Marc Yager but I did get to see him in many events. One thing that stood out is that he was the only speaker at internetional events who would always have stumbles which I did not see with the other speakers at Int. events.

    Now it makes sense that being under the most severe supression that anyone has endured that this could occurr.

    But since the true intention of the supressor is to unmock we see that not only is Marc Yager long gone from the public eye at events but so is everyone else.

    Guillaume Lesevre had one opportunity to escape during the CNN interview with Anderson Cooper but “blew it”.

    It is unthinkable to me that Guillaume Lesevre would not have taken the oportunity to escape during that CNN interview last year which probably was the ONLY opportunity he had to be on the outside world I am sure.
    When you see the group entering the CNN studios it looks like it is only the “Desperate wives” and Starsky and Lesevre. But it is possible that there was an “insurance mission” of vicius dogs on the look out to ensure they arrive and do what they were told and get returned “safely home”

    It is good to see that David Miscavige reign of terror is coming to an end and Debbie Cook will have played no small part in presipitating the demise of his corrupt activities.

  52. Mike,

    Let’s start a twitter thread #itsuckstobemiscavige – do you think we could get it trending just to add some fuel to the fire?

  53. Haydn — I could not agree with you more. Miscavige has convinced the sheeple that if anyone says anything bad about him, they are attacking Scientology, as after all, he IS Scientology. The ONLY people in the world who believe this are the clubbed seals that still give him standing ovations at his phony events. He has also convinced the seals that it is a crime to go to the media, and often you hear their refrain “you should handle this internally.” And anyone who has tried is crushed like a bug. Debbie’s original email is proof of this.

    So, let’s see:

    1. You are supposed to handle it internally, but if you express ANY doubts or reservations, anything short of undying love, respect, admiration and devotion to Dear Leader, at minimum you will be required to pay for the pleasure of being sec checked, if a staff member you will be removed from post and assigned to the Hole or something similar, and at worst you will be declared, expelled and sued, and we will work to destroy your life, cut you off from friends and family and business associates.

    2. If you handle it externally by going to law enforcement or the media, you can skip the “lighter” gradients and go straight to declared, expelled and possibly sued, but we will definitely tell everyone you are a liar no matter what you say, we will expose whatever we want from your priest/penitent files and we will work to destroy your life in any way we can.

    Miscavige loves the idea of this “Sophie’s Choice” as he thinks it iunsulates him from exposure of his crimes.

    But there is one thing he cannot think with. It just doesnt enter into his twisted R6 mind.

    Some people never compromise with their own reality. They consider their self-determinism and their honor are more important than their immediate lives and that their integrity is more important than their body. They don’t fear to hurt another in a just cause, don’t desire to be liked or admired and always remain true to their own goals. These are the people that inevitably and always break the back of suppression and oppression. And the more the oppressor seeks to suppress, the more like-minded people join the ranks in support of those who stand up to the oppressor.

    Miscavige cannot observe the world other than through his own twisted and perverted sense of “I am right.” And he will be right to his last breath as he finally sits alone and reviled without a friend in the world.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  54. Steve, “Who can look and who can see. They are the ones with power.” completely agree, well stated.

  55. Si Senor, y Viva la Revolucion!!!


  56. Awake — sorry, I am a neanderthal. Never have used twitter. My pinnacle of technical skill is being able to comment on Facebook and sometimes it shows up where I think it is going to be.

  57. Hell yeah Debbie, way to go! You were made for the tele…you look beautiful and you are looking stronger and more confident with each new video. We’re all with you on this.

  58. That was special, Steve. Very special.
    Those qualities that you describe are the qualities that exceptional people have possessed since the beginning of time.

  59. Mike: For some background that others might not know I think it’s important to point out, as Alex has done in the post below yours, that Marc was a young kid when he joined the SO. About 15 or 16.

    Fran Harris then Captain of the FSO was his legal guardian as he was underage and his parents were not SO members.

    I don’t believe he ever married, but perhaps he did. In any case, here’s a bright, happy, young man with a very promising career and yet not, as many before him and after, REALLY being a young man — in the biblical sense 🙂 —

    Those activities being utterly banned from SO life UNLESS you get married. And any self-engaging activity was deemed serious out ethics and an ethics offense.

    My point is simply that as bright and promising as he might have been and become, his maturity was thwarted in certain areas making it EASY prey for Miscavige. Yager was accused often and openly by Miscavige for being gay.

    As human beings I challenge one of us to come forward who does not have a shadow side, some rough edges or secrets they would rather not have blasted in front of their peers. Once someone becomes the object of group derision and is unable to blast back for WHATEVER reason, that person is putty in the hands of the suppressor.

    Miscavige’s crimes against humanity grow by the day as well as the world learning about them. The tipping point is near.

    Yager I hope will recover some day. It might take years and years but human beings truly are resilient.


  60. Again I say…..Ronny Miscavige please contact United Airlines and get on the next available one way flight to Ontario Airport! You are David’s older brother and you may be one of the last few individuals who can convince your brother that he is going to fail in a very painful and public way. Family is a strong button and communication from an older brother might work where all other avenues are failing. Convince David to retire and disappear into seclusion for his and everyone else’s sake.

    When the Church has recovered and the stats are booming as they surely will then there will be the time and the luxury to offer even David a route to personal recovery. The door can be left open just a crack.

  61. Mike,

    I completely agree with you re: Mark Yager. In my day he was a respected Messenger because of his constant application of LRH’s intention and Tech. Hard to believe what became of him. How could he lose his balls, deep knowledge of Management tech and unwavering loyalty to Scientology and the Old Man in such a drastic way?

    As for Gullaume Lesevre, I met him first in the mid ’70s when me and Sam Licciardi went on mission to FOLO EU to replace the CO. I personally went to the Vienna Org, which was the one very successful EU Org where he was the CO and brought him back to FOLO EU to become the CO and within a short period of time he boomed the whole of EU. He was ALIVE, he had power, he was ethical and could motivate people. Then I believe it was Miscavige who made him ED Int and that was the beginning of the end of Guillaume, the great Frenchman who brought the EU Orgs back from crashing stats to Affluence and above.
    I have a hard time reconciling what he was then and what he is now, goddammit!

    By the way, Mike, what happened to Sam Licciardi? He was such a hot shot evaluator and a good friend.


  62. AMEN Gunner!

  63. I am fascinated by the last letter on Tony’s posting, the one where the junior attorney demands that Debbie Cook’s lawyer, Mr. Jeffery, promise not to put Marty & Mike on the stand, and where he threatens to have Mr. Jeffery disqualified.

    It seems to me that David Miscavige is obsessed with preventing Debbie and her husband from mounting an effective defense. This has showed up several times. It first appeared in the text of the Temporary Restraining Order, which prevented Debbie from attempting to hire attorneys. It came up again in the bizarre statements in the hearing on February 9 where the CoS sought to prevent the Cooks’ attorney from making an opening statement (a bizarre move that only served to alert the judge that the plaintiffs were extreme in their positions).

    And now it’s back in the threat to pursue having Mr. Jeffery disqualified as the Cooks’ attorney, and possibly subject to disciplinary hearings for alleged misuse of privileged information. Incidentally, the cases cited appear to deal with misuse of privileged information from a given case in that same case so they wouldn’t apply to the circumstances they’re trying to engineer here. I sincerely doubt that Mr. Jeffery is quaking in his cowboy boots over the threat.

    It is just bizarre that Miscavige is directing his attorneys to spend so much time trying to prevent the Cooks from mounting a defense that they’re entitled to under the Constitution. He apparently has no concept that the judge will notice these unusual tactics and will (correctly) read them as attempts to distract from the facts of the case, ultimately backfiring. In other words, he’s so distracted by these small battles that he risks losing the much larger war.

    Is there something I’m missing here?

  64. Debbie Cook is one person who never compromised with her own reality.

    At the begining of 2000 Event though things were pretty ugly at the FSO internally with shoutings “stern confrontations”, “too gruesomes to confront” (which I agree should be used in EXTREME sitiations NOT as an “everyday routine”) so much that the President of the FSO Mary Shaw had to call for an internal campaing to “calm things down” because it was too “out-PR” and the public was noticing it. With all of this going on I never saw anyone hitting anyone thats why when Debbie said she was horrified to witness Miscavige beat someone for the first time, I believe her. It must have been a shock. Can you imagine “the pope” beating someone or wrestling them to the ground? (I know it is not a good comparison but Miscavige likes it)

    But you could feel the presure and the presence of Miscavige`s influence in the air which in my opinion made things worst. And was most likely what created that air of tension and stress in the first place.

    One person who would stand out as the best forwarder of that air was Jenny (ex-DeVoch). She would forward “command intention” (unmock everyone) really well. She would make public cruzifictions of the staff by letting the whole organization know at the evening muster in the auditorium “the other fish to fry” (her favorite phrase) from other staff members. I was one of them one time that`s why this stands out for me.

    Here is another DM product. Per LRH policy a comm ev is a gathering of information but the whole procedure was so twisted that just the fact that you were receiving one meant you were bad. It was not anymore “we are gathering information to arrrive at the truth of the situation” it was “we are gathering information to see how we are going to nail you”

    So NO. Under the current DM regime it is IMPOSSIBLE to handle things internally. It is Not an exageration to say he corrupted the most basic principles of ETHICS, TECH and ADMIN of Scientology.

    Karma is coming after you Miscavige and you can not buy her off.

  65. Beautiful! Perfect! +1,000,000

  66. Beautiful !

  67. WH: THanks for the addition. Marc joined the Sea Org when he was 12 or 13. He came to the Apollo as a kid. He was married to Michelle Jaramillo, but Miscavige disliked her (she was one of the nicest people you would ever meet and was a favorite of LRH) as he dislikes Mexicans (he always refers to them as “wetbacks” or worse) and ordered Yager to divorce her. He did and it broke her heart.

  68. Defender of Theta

    Marty – my continued admiration and validation. And, if anyone knows of anyone with bigger balls, please let me know.

    You referred to the Miscavige Administration’s assertion that Cook (supposedly) cannot call herself a Scientologist; you correctly said, “Good luck on that one.”

    Here is the source data that supports your statement.

    In the By-laws of the Church of Spiritual Technology, LRH differentiates between the RELIGION of Scientology and the CHURCH of Scientology. He EXPLICITLY says that the RELIGION of Scientology and the CHURCH are not necessarily “co-terminal:”

    Exact quote:

    “Religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” shall not necessarily be coterminal.”

    This distinction by LRH is THE KEY DATUM to all evals and strats in this area.

    We once again see that reference to LRH MATERIALS is the guide in a confusing situation.

    In the current battle:


    These LRH materials show how to defeat the tyrant.


    Why else has the Miscavige Administration NEVER informed the executives of CSI, and staff, let alone the public, of these LRH materials? Could it be that they show that:

    – LRH intended for one-man-rule to end at his death?
    -LRH set up seven independent boards to govern Scientology after his death?
    – That the chairman of the board of RTC is merely the admin at any board meeting of RTC, not a supreme dictator?
    -That LRH did not provide for, let alone authorize, any so-called “Ecclesiastical Leader” of Scientology?

    These materials are devastating to David Miscavige.


    Only widespread ignorance of LRH’s intentions allows David Miscavige to continue to rule Scientology.

    This tells us that:



  69. Thanks Alex. I actually made Guillaume ED Int. I was on a special project and reported directly to Annie to find the best executive in the world and get them replaced and to Int to replace Kerry Gleeson. Sam Licciardi is a public. He left the SO and married Denise Miscavige (she moved on from him some years ago now).

  70. That’s right, I forgot about Soter being in court. I guess he has to send live feed to the dwarf because he’s too cowardly to appear.
    I can’t wait for the day when DM is ordered to court. Even DM has to know that time is coming.

  71. Tony DePhillips

    I can envision Mark Yager being on the stand in court and fianlly breaking down in tears that the was beaten many times.
    What a pathetic freakshow that would be for the world to behold .
    The dysfunctional cult on full dress parade.
    I know it needs to be done.
    dm is like the drunk abusive father that finally gets the shit kicked out of him by his own kids. Figuratively speaking…

  72. +1. Fantastic, Steve.

  73. KF — Sorry to disappoint you, but David Miscavige listens to nobody. He would treat Ronnie with the same disdain he treats everyone around him. His father is right there and he certianly doesn’t listen to him! Ronnie after all is ex-SO so by Dave’s dictionary he is an “apostate, squirrel, liar, thief who just wants his money.”

  74. Tony DePhillips

    Oh Yeah…Go Debbie go!!!!

  75. The line has been drawn between the wheat and the chaff; the Scientology and the crim. The focus is working. Many ecclesiasticals have been prosecuted by the law.

  76. Que viva la Libertad!!!

  77. John P: Is there something I’m missing here? Only that David Miscavige is drunk on his own self proclaimed power and therefore issues insane and bizarre orders. “Get a court order preventing them from speaking” and then “Tell them the court has no jurisdiction.” “Sue the bitch for a million dollars” — “She is only doing this to get my money.” etc etc

  78. I like to modify that last sentence a little bit:

    Karma and Debbie are coming after you Miscavige and you can not buy them off.

    There! Pllllllltttttttt!!!!!!!

  79. martyrathbun09

    Sad, but accurate.

  80. martyrathbun09

    No, you aren’t missing a thing. Good eye.

  81. martyrathbun09

    I have a dream of Yager coming down to the Casablanca and de-stimulating for several months simply fishing and taking long walks by the shore.

  82. That`s something. Take it one step at the time.

  83. Defender of Theta


    I love you.


  84. haydn (T Paine)

    It does suck to be Miscavige, Mike. And I think it now really sucks to be anyone associated with him too.

    Watching the latter stages of the Oscar’s, I couldn’t help but notice how muted the applause were for Tom Cruise. Billy Crystal gave him a roaring introduction as the super star celeb who would announce the most prestigious award of the night– best picture. You would think the audience would be jazzed on a number of levels and burst into unbridled applause. But as Tom took the stage his peers gave him only a spattering of applause. Muted is the best word to describe it. It spoke volumes. Tom Cruise’s peers spend part of their money and spare time trying to do something about abuse in the world. Suddenly, along comes Tom Cruise, taking the stage, the best friend and bosom buddy of a serial abuser. It is clear many in the audience were well informed. It is clear the word is out there. And I know how hard you, Marty and others have worked to get the word out there. So good on ya mate!

    It sucks to be Miscavige and its only going to get suckier.

  85. MIscavige is a first-class Drama Queen, pretending that he’s the Battered One in court, while burning loads of parishoner cash on legal and PI harrassment to bully and silence his critics. However, to his fawning (and dwindling) public with their well-scrubbed minds — “L’Miscavology, c’est moi” — he’s the little Sun Pope.

  86. Mike, you are a constant source of insight. Yes, it would be easy to make jokes about Mark being COB’s biatch. And although he is aiding and abetting, Mark is literally a prisoner of war and is subject to the same psychological effects as other long-term POWs, child abductee sex slaves and the like (Stockholm syndrome, etc.). It is literally sickening.

    My only personal point of reference was being put on the “Decks Project Force” in New York as an outer org student in the 80s for wanting to route off staff believe it or not, which was horrifying and degrading (although I ended up as the C/S for both NY orgs and the CLO for a time so Lesl Schuster and Debbie Indursky could go to Flag for some enhancement – go figure). I would imagine being a captive at the Int base is infinitely more traumatic and only you, Marty and others who went through it can fully appreciate the horror. All of you guys have my utmost respect.

    To me, the whole subject of “the hole” and the long-term psychological manipulation and torture will be what draws the most ire from the public and will break Miscavage’s back. I think everything that can be made public about the abuses at this time would be very helpful. IMO, it is NOT just a civil case but a matter for the International Criminal Court (although the U.S. has withdrawn their participation to my knowledge) or other international body if the U.S. justice system will not act.

  87. Yes, we love the smell of napalm blasting midgets in the morning!

  88. +1000,000


  89. First of all – Thank you to Debbie and Wayne for continuing to take the ball and run with it and bringing the heat to David Miscavige. Also thanks to their Attorney Mr. Jeffreys.

    Second – Thanks to Marty and Mike for your continued support for those coming under attack by DM and his team of robot, Kool Aid drinkers.

    Third – Thanks to ABC News for being the only major news outlet in the USA
    to have the confront and balls to actually report this story on a national basis
    and not be shuddered into silence by the barrage of pressure placed on them by DM and his bottom feeder Attorneys which has silenced several other major media outlets. The Village Voice and the Australian TV News media have been leading the exposure, but it is nice to see a major US network stand tall for a change.

    ATTENTION – Warning to all the good citizens of San Antonio, Texas –

    Be on the lookout for a short, tan, Patron Meritorius of the Hair Club for Men who is extremely vain and violent showing up in your great City for the next couple of years, while he attempts to micro manage his way out of the
    shit storm he has placed himself in.

    If history is any barometer, he will be moving himself and his entourage down to your fair city in the very near future, just like he did in Portland in the 80s and Clearwater in the late 90s.

    If you see him, give him the big “Fuck You” he deserves from all of us.

    Don’t mess with Texas Dave! They take no prisoners down there!

  90. Debbie seems to have a very good lawyer. I suspect that he finds that Debbie is a good client. Her message is consistent and sincere. There is no embellishment in her statements. Her manner is warm & friendly, yet professional. This is how I remember her when she was the Internship Supervisor at Flag and I am happy to see that she is still that person.

  91. Yeah, me too. Side by side with Guillaume and Heber.

  92. No, not humorous – sad, very sad. 😦

  93. Got it Mike. So you took him off CO FOLO EU before PoB fully took over. I was still at Flag when that happened. I saw Guillaume walking towards the FH one day and I was a bit shocked that he completely ignored me. That would have been late 1980 or early 1981, before I blew. Now I wonder if the post of ED Int quickly went to his head? Oh well.

    So Licciardi is public? As in Koolaid addict? Just curious.

  94. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I hear ya.

  95. Defender of Theta

    Spot on again, Mike.

    It’s not so much the original crime that gets one of these fellows, it’s the cover up. Examples:

    – Martha Stewart’s insider trading. Standard justice on a sit like that would have been a fine. Instead, she lied about it and wound up in prison, for obstruction of justice.

    -Richard Nixon’s situation with Watergate is a stellar example.

    Yes, coverups postpone the day of reckoning. But, when it comes, it is worse. Much worse.


  96. Incredibly true, Steve. Wow.

  97. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, goes hand in glove with the definition of power: “the ability to maintain a position in space” – LRH, PAB 131

  98. I made a postulate in 2009 that Miscavige would be brought to justice before I turned 50. It’s my 50th tomorrow. What a great birthday present! Well done Marty, Mike and all other truth seekers and those who dare to confront. This is the most inspiring, most insightful and most insoucient group I have had the pleasure of associating with.

  99. George M. White

    Mark Fisher said:
    “If history is any barometer, he will be moving himself and his entourage down to your fair city in the very near future, just like he did in Portland in the 80s and Clearwater in the late 90s.”

    I need to reserve the biggest video camera at my broadcasting school to get this coming event recorded. What great material for a documentary!

  100. LOL

  101. Wow, If you miss a week of coverage you miss a lot.

    I’d have to think this is messing with Dave’s “mojo” while preparing for the up-coming March 13 event.

    When he is looking into the camera, and scanning all the faces in the audience the missed withholds have to be excruciating. I can just see him asking himself, “who has read the all the articles on me? Who believes them? What are they thinking about me (DM)?

    While these are the least of his real worries – it has to be painful!

    Have Dave, I have some friendly advice. Come event day you could keep all those nasty little eyeballs off of you (the ones that miss your withholds) by holding a “pie face” in front of you while speaking at the event. I’m sure a large part of your audience would appreciate it too.

  102. May be apropos at some point to reference Marc’s mom, Vivian Zegel, and (former) father in law Jon Zegel, who were early victims of Miscavige at the time (81-82) he was honing his terrorist tactics. The rumor was that they (the Zegels) were forceably restrained by RTC goons at one point, that it actually got somewhat violent as they attempted to escape. At the time, I bought into the line that they had turned SP a la Mayo. But by now I’m wondering if perhaps, like Mayo, they were early opponents of what few at the time recognized as the opening salvos of Miscavige’s impending coup de’ etat.

    There may well have been very early unrecognized heroes in this struggle whose reputations deserve rehabilitation and whose courage deserves acknowledgment at some point. Not saying this is true either of the Zegels or Mayo; but it is at least within the realm of possibility.

  103. Sorry, missed off the disclaimer: (allergy warning the previous statements may contain farcical concepts, sarcasm and were written while the authors’ tongue was firmly in cheek.)

    The funny thing is despite that the argument as presented is no different to the other nonsense spouted by the church of scientology which is why it perhaps caught you out.

  104. I can confirm that there was at least once instance of physical abuse (punching) at Flag by a senior to a junior at Flag (yes, Kathy True, I expect you know what I’m referring to). However I believe this occurred after Debbie went uplines.

  105. Come on, Yager,

    Stop being a punching bag for the midget.

    Just find a 3′ high fence and use it. That should give you lots of clearance to get the upper hand on the petite pope.

    Nobody is buying your coerced statements. Even Mr. Rinder initially denied the beatings, but if called to testify today, under perjury, we know he would truthfully admit that they did occur and that he lied to cover for the church and Mr. Minimooch, just as you are right now.

    Why don’t you stand up for the ol’ man and get out of there? You are in a position the take down the dictator. Imagine if you and Mr Leserve and Herber were to leave now, and tell the truth about the neurotic Nero? That would even start the doubt formula in Tom Cruise’s little head.

    You won’t be alone. If you are reading this blog, you can be very certain that you will be supported.

  106. Boy, talk about climate change!
    The corridors of the RCS must be an errie place, best suited to ‘that hunted feeling’ no doubt. It sucks to be Miscavige alright but his rank and file are about to have one hell of an aberrated stable datum shaken and very much stired.
    The media feeding frenzy is gaining momentum with stats straight up and vertical, interesting year for history 2012.

  107. martyrathbun09

    Mike, this reminds me of a conversation we had in June 09 upon hearing of the wheel barrow full of affidavits by Holees that Miscavige had dumped on the St Pete Times (in response to Truth Rundown). We concluded back then that it would continue to get progressively worse for Miscavige as long as he refused to take even a small measure of responsibility.

  108. Windhorse,
    I know you want to be UTR, so I only have one question: did you and I ever crossed paths while in the SO? It’s the nature of a thetan to be curious…


  109. Agustin, boy that’s true! “we are gathering information to see how we are going to nail you”
    Apply this in any way, shape or form you like…

  110. LOL!!

  111. Well it is just a matter of time until CNN catches up and does a follow up on this now that there is new material coming forward. Remember that they did a very comprehensive coverage back in 2011 called Scientology: A History of Violence. I just hope Anderson Cooper was no cowered by litigation and the scare tactics of Miscavige, which I really doubt.

    But yes many other media outlets should get on the bandwagon.
    Don`t they like controversy?
    Don`t they like scandals?
    Dont`t they like to show the darker sides of our society?

    Well, Miscavige is a fruitful source of news material to cover.

    So have at it!

  112. Wow, another Mexican going down the pan. So WTF is he doing opening Morgues in Mexico??

  113. I’m so overjoyed, I’m bouncing off the walls!!!!!! The truth is finally being exposed big time!!! There is justice after all!!! DM is probably having OSA pump out those goldenrods in volumes in desperation to stem the flow of defections to the Independent Scientology field. Going for a long walk in the mountains to exhale! FU Miscaviage you absolute most horrible freak of nature, if I ever see I’ll scratch your eyes out. You are going to have to watch your back for the rest of your life while we’re all free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Brilliant. Thank you!

  115. Is there a possibility that Mark Yager could be subpoenaed to testify? Seems that makes him a bigger target for DM to annihilate.

  116. Miscavige has gotten himself into a really bad situation. The church has never won a jury trial and Miscavige wouldn’t have a hope in hell in this case. His only hope is that Debbie won’t be the first person he hasn’t been able to pay off.

    This reminds me of the final scene from the 1987 movie “Wanted, Dead or Alive”. A bounty hunter goes through hell to finally capture an evil international terrorist. At the end of the movie the terrorist has his hands
    cuffed behind him, there is a hand grenade stuffed in his mouth and the bounty hunter is leading him by the pin in the grenade. The bounty hunter hesitates in thought for a moment, says “Fuck the bonus”, pulls the pin and walks away.

    I’m hoping that Debbie says “Fuck the money!” and pulls the pin.

  117. I would never sit and clap in front of my keyboard for an article but the opening paragraph announcing Debbie’s countersuit had me doing just that. Hurray Debbie!

    And it just got better from there on down. Those questions to be affirmed or denied will just fry DM. I can only hope that he doesn’t offer Debbie enough money to get her to go away. (I’m not saying she would or wouldn’t take money. Some say we all have our price, but I think she actually is more interested in fixing the church…)

  118. I deeply believe that if reverse Scientology can break Marc Yager, then real Scientology can fix him up. Just take the SP out of the picture and everybody can make stable case gain.

  119. Ooops. (Yes, it caught me out.)

  120. martyrathbun09

    It is not Anderson who has any back off. It is the suits who run the joint and are dictated by the bottom line.

  121. martyrathbun09

    Takes a smooth criminal to keep up that act in the light of what has been coming to light.

  122. The Interrogatories are wonderful! It would not be surprising if the original lawsuit gets withdrawn, rather than have the Church of Scientology answer the questions. It puts them on the spot and legally accountable, with perjury provisions, if they lie on the answers to the questions. Debbie and her lawyer have the Church by the cajones! They are damned if they do answer the questions, and damned if they don’t. I loved the fact that they will have to officially admit, in writing, in a court of law, whether the Church does or does not practice DISCONNECTION!!! Since they denied it on Anderson Cooper’s show, saying there is no Disconnection policy, other than self-determined disconnection, it will be very interesting to see what they say in writing, as they have already put out a statement that Debbie is expelled, never to enter a Church again. There is abundant proof, all over the place, that disconnection is in fact practiced. I sent proof of this to Monique Yingling, and called her out for her denial of disconnection. My guess is that the lawsuit will be attempted to be withdrawn, although legally, with a counter-claim, I don’t know if that is possible.

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  123. martyrathbun09

    Happy Birthday Martin!

  124. “At the time, I bought into the line that they had turned SP a la Mayo. But by now I’m wondering if perhaps, like Mayo, they were early opponents of what few at the time recognized as the opening salvos of Miscavige’s impending coup de’ etat.”
    Re: Mayo – I am sure that there is still lots of data underneath the group-engram charge. Many of his issues regarding TRs where canceled and then reissued as HCOBs (allegedly written by L. Ron Hubbard) with the same wording.
    (I don’t buy into he developped the Solo NOTs Materials, but there is more about Mayo than that.)
    Some TRs HCOBs are gone without any replacement – nowadays in the “new” HQS Course-Pack we have the very old TRs LRH revised over and over again trough decades (without TR0 BB and TR 2 1/2 – indeed).
    Tell me about failed Objectives…

  125. Would be great to send a limosine to the front gates to pick them up, as the hole (must be relocated by now) is being raided by law enforcement.

  126. Marty — you are right. But of course, taking responsibility is not Dave’s strong suit. Nor is humility, integrity or truthfulness. He IS however an absolute paragon of vanity, righteous indignation, asserted rightness and only-one-ness. Those he has in spades.

  127. That would be beautiful.

  128. Catherine,

    Dave has a problem now. He can withdraw his lawsuit, but that does NOT get rid of Debbie’s counter-claim.

    This case will continue until Debbie and her lawyer, or a jury, decides it ends.

    The get out of town quick train left the station and Dave was standing on the platform watching it go while he was getting a manicure and a foot massage to relieve the pain of kicking the cat.

  129. Happy Birthday Martin and you may be just lucky to see what comes out of this . /

  130. Just… Happy 🙂

  131. martyrathbun09

    When you choose to dance with an 800 pound gorilla you don’t stop dancing til…

  132. Love that picture!
    All former top execs in The Shack.

  133. Davey, Davey, Davey … this is why people hire smart lawyers … to keep them out of legal cul de sacs like this one.

    Oh … wait … never mind.


  134. David Mismanage. It is time for you to take your golden bars, your bitches( lover and dog) and leave to one of the few countries that wil take you in. Take this from someone who has a this lifetime experience of participating in a revolution that resulted in the overthrow of a dictator that was really good at his job. He was better equipped than you. He had an army and secret service with live ammunition and the borders locked down. He still could not stop the will of the people and had a sorry ending. He realized too late that he must leave the country and when he finally attempted it it was too late and got cut. All you have is some crooked lawyers with some smoke and mirror tricks and their nature is such that they will drop you and act like they never even knew you once you become to inconvenient for them.
    Why am I telling you this? Well I decided for the first time practice the religion I was born in, which is the same as yours and preach forgiveness. May your sins be forgiven by the Almighty.

  135. But the point is, for sure he was an upstat but nevertheless the germs of his fanaticism was already growing in his innerside in 1978. I was present at a Staff meeting where he told the crew, when it would be up to him he would cancel all missions and make Orgs out of them. In the way he told that I could sense hate about the success and independency of missions. I never forgot that staff meeting, myself being 20 years old and just had big open eyes as it didn’t make any sense. Finally he did it in 1982 together with DM, having found somebody thinking along the same line.

    Nevertheless I met him again in 1984 and he was full of Arc and once in the 90ties when I wrote to him about Fsming and the ripp offs that remote regges were doing, he wrote back that it seems we 2 are the only ones on this planet that understand LRH Pol. about Fsming and some months later all fsms working as remote regges were gone.

    The people helping DM must have some basic agreements with him when they are still there.

  136. This reminds me of that wonderful scene in “Animal House” where the marching band turns into a blind alley and then just keeps marching, marching, marching up against the wall … until complete destruction and delirium ensue.

    Rats! I can’t find a video clip of it to post here.


  137. True. Miscavige beat Yager instead of me — told everyone I was out ethics, made a big point of it staring me down, then walked 5 feet and without a word, started beating Yager in the face, knocked him out of his chair, papers flying everywhere, arms flailing. Total Battered Person Syndrome. Very sad but true. And everyone there knew that Miscavige ordered Yager to divorce his wife.

  138. Tony Dephillips


  139. The world is beginning to narrow in on THE target. No mention of LRH, no mention of the philosophy, no mention of upper level materials, no mention of anything but THE target’s own behavior and the growing brouhaha surrounding his behavior. Brouhaha, a word I am using advisedly with emphasis on HAHA!

  140. Happy Birthday again!

  141. If they play thier cards right, they will get a bonus for pulling the pin.

  142. Wow-We really get the inside poop here!

  143. Actually, KF, DM is probably the only person in the entire world who actually resents and hates Ronnie Miscavige. Ronnie is the diametric opposite of his little bro. A social personality in every respect. DM HATES social personalities especially if they might restimulate him in some way, however inadvertently. Ronnie’s affability and easy going demeanor probably bring out the Dr. Strangelove in DM by simple restimulation.

  144. I have no idea how Miscavige and RTC will attempt to distance themselves from mamagement of the orgs.
    With RTC reps in every org running programs, sending daily reports etc, it’s a little too obvious.
    Also, I can’t think of a single ‘Ideal Org’ opening where ED Int or the President of the CofS were present.

  145. Love it! 🙂

  146. Davey bit my finger.

  147. Looks to me like the MIscavige strategy is “scorched earth squared” and when that doesn’t work, it will probably become settle at all costs.

  148. LOL!

  149. Is this the best link/ editing job in history? (from ABC report)

    Tom Cruise: “I have never met a more competent, a more intelligent, a more tolerant, a more compassionate being [than DM]”

    Cut to Debbie giving testimony: “I witnessed Mr Miscavige punching [a senior executive] in the face….”

    From the Tom Cruise “New World Order” dictionary:

    Competence: Beating people to cause the maximum pain with the least physical evidence
    Intelligence: Assaulting execs so that others watching “know who is boss”
    Tolerance: Having to (reluctantly) beat certain execs over and over “for their own good”.
    Compassion: Caring enough to not just beat them repeatedly, but to humiliate them, destroy their spirit and their integrity, all in one’s own time.

    No wonder you are idolised by millions Dave. A true inspiration.

  150. Yes all that you say about where Guillaume makes me smile
    I remember many a time while visiting Vienna Org he was there. I use to reg for the Vienna Org to help them out there when Guillaume was ED.
    I was in Tours EU and are network assisted in Local Org registration cycles.besides regging for Aos’ and Flag.. Guillaume was dynamic and strong and a do GUY. I had the best times working with him and I was lucky to follow him to EU , where I was posted and he became Folo EU and had him as My Boss. I was assigned Power by him and the rewards that went with it, and I still have that ED he wrote about my status whilst he was CO FOLO EU/. I recall many a time with him.
    One special coffee time with him he told me. I am going !! I said where ? why ? It pissed me off no end , specially when he told me where he was going, even then my heart was pumping /I was worried what the hell will happen to him once he hits USA, I then found out from him what he would be doing, we stayed in touch. and then lost com . If its correct He took over from Gleeson as ED INT is that right ? Who I thought was a hard liner and I personally didn’t like Gleeson style at all to much a mucho man for my test and giving me Pr stories how broke the Church was / and how it was so so important to make sure the income was this and this much this week , giving me stories of how little reserves their were. I didn’t beleive half of it / I told him I’ve been around a bit longer to see things and such Pr tales to regges to beleive half of what he said / and told him I ‘d ask LRH about this / or resources to obtain some facts . Of course I knew I was saying the wrong thing. I knew he was on his Mission to EU AOSHDK /FOLOEU . Observing that he was trying to look good to get targets ,but and at same time pressuring regges. which he did and those under me .
    After time I told him a few home truths and for that landed in ethics being spoken to by Jean Tideman , under some Managment order.
    Put to mest work , until the income was in shit street again and then I would get pulled out to save the bacon for the week,and then I am all of a sudden a good person again. Until the next time like indefintite .
    It would be either Gleesson or some other pusher that knew sweet F A about regging trying to think big ,came along with a load gobble about how Regging should be done and me saying NO LRH didn’t say it was like that ( speaking with some experience of 2o years at it.) and referring to LRH Policy how I learnt how to talk to people. I think I said enough on Gleeson for now.
    I also knew Sam at FOLOEU exellent guy and great fun/ I wish to see
    Guillaume saved.. I hope this happens soon, he has my support
    if I can help him. I know him for what he was. / but now Who is he now and in Who’s Valence ,Need I say more. But I care about him regardless He needs Help and Heber / Sam ( where ever he is ) and many others though Guillaume has a special place in my heart Others may have other opinions. on him.

  151. I never heard of it but I don`t doubt that some did occurred. Specially for people on Income Lines (Miscavige`s ONLY INTEREST) the presure was many times over more than for others. I had never heard before the term “rip him a new one” until I overheard it by accident from two executives in income lines. Mind you this is a Church.

    Good Job Miscavige you really went to town. Now you are going to hell.

  152. Big LOL!

  153. martyrathbun09


  154. Makes sense Marty. But they did DO a very comprehensive coverage back then. May be they just need a little bit of PURPOSE REKINDLING?

  155. We are the Indpendents and WE STAND TALL and are always willing and ready to assist the troubled individual to explode the self imposed prison doors of their existence and stand in the power and beauty of their true self.

    We are the Independents and form a true Scientology Third Dynamic.

    What a wonder to see, here and elsewhere, individuals of high personal integrity, working toward the ultimate goal of truth.

    I am honored to be part of this great Theta Group.


    Theatwise, keep grabbing Napoleon but the balls and squeeze hard.

  156. LOL! And I don’t feel guilty for laughing! Marty, you’re a riot!

  157. martyrathbun09

    No – per highly placed individual they likely will never touch Scientology again – the church cost them that much in harassment. A two day production turned into a 1/2 year nightmare.

  158. I have a dream of you guys getting back on stage and wearing your hats to encourage us all to get Auditor training.

  159. Happy Birthday, Martin!

  160. Tara,
    The facts are that any and every witness or person beaten could be subpoenaed. Each and every staff member that wrote pay checks to people such as Debbie when she was working at Int (contrary to the lawyers statements that she had never been at Int), or all records of flights, etc of DM to and from the org’s and the events. There is NO way for the attorney’s on the side of DM to stop the damaging testimony and evidence. Some will be in discovery, some in interrogatories and some from witnesses.

    The shift of the Cause point in this is all on the side of Debbie and Wayne. The line in the sand was drawn in San Antonio. Arrogance and evil intentions to get even were behind the suit against Debbie. The dike had a hole blown in to it by the very side hiding behind the dike. Now we merely have time and motion on our side. As certain as we are that the sun will rise tomorrow from the East and set in the West, we can know that the days of demonic control and enforced degredation, hiding under the guise of religion, are fairly quickly coming to an end.

    It really sucks to be on the team of lawyers that are supposed to prevent the inevitable. No matter what they do they will be blamed for the loss – even though the circumstances and evidence allow no other outcome.

  161. Kool on the block
  162. Yes the sun is shinning and the birds are chirping.

    For Miscavige a bell is tolling and the idiot is asking “Who is it tolling for?”

    Wake up Miscavige: It is tolls for thee.

  163. Hold on……things are moving too fast……I need to microwave some more popcorn!

  164. *thumbsup*

  165. apu:

    Accelerated Processing Unit?

    Advanced Payments Used?

  166. I think the heroes of the House-Cleaning are going to be known by their actions, not as names on a list.

  167. It’s off Drudge’s page now. It’s somewhat unusual for a link to disappear from Drudge’s page so quickly.

  168. Awesome to watch the GMA show this am. The best part is that it bypasses the “don’t look on the internet at the “entheta”” rule. As will the Nightline show tonight. Good chance for the fence sitters and others to get some facts about Miscavige behind the scenes. Even if those still in the Church don’t watch I’m sure various friends,family, etc will and ask about it.
    As far as Tony O’s story with the details of the counter in the court case I can only imagine what it would be like to be anywhere near or on the lines of the Pope on a burning box.
    I can only wish for the nightline show to include all Tony’s story but not likely.
    Guess I better get busy connecting the two in the comments section on the ABC stuff.

  169. Well at least Miscavige CAN say that he scared CNN off.

  170. Happy Birthday! I like and agree!

  171. Yeah!!

  172. Very acurate observation. You also notice that most comments here and other blogs are also pointing sharply on the right target.

    He is cornered and has no clue how to get out of it. Whatever actions he takes from here on is just another step toward his demise as “the leader”. HAHA! (delusioned loser)

  173. News flash: CoS lawyer files lawsuit against any and all persons who expressed the hope that Debbie Cook would file a countersuit–obviously these people were aiding and abetting Debbie in her GROSS violation of her CONTRACT to keep her mouth shut. All persons questioned must give the names of every person who stated such a wish.

    I’m laughing as I write this but it’s no more far-fetched than what they’ve pulled so far.

  174. martyrathbun09

    Came off Yahoo News for a couple hours too. He’s likely getting over the top phone calls from white shoe firms in LA and DC – we’ll soon see if Drudge has got a pair.

  175. martyrathbun09

    as per usual

  176. KFrancis,

    Paragraph one–this would be great! As if.

    Paragraph two–I must say that when you mentioned the door being left open just a crack, I immediately got a visual of that “Shining” type pic that I’ve seen somewhere of Marty with his face sticking through the door to greet him.

  177. Sorry, but most friends and family have been well-trained not to utter one peep to a Scientologist about negative newscasts. They’ve already been through having the person go ballistic and threaten to disconnect, or worse yet, the “nice little discussion with the DSA” to show them how nice we are and why we mustn’t have bad news brought to us. My husband’s parents did not utter one word for nearly twenty years because they’d been “handled” early on by OSA. When we told them we were out, the dam burst and boy did we hear it all! LOL (But now we are in SO much better communication for having let them say it and get it off their chests–sort of like auditing, you know! )

  178. Oh and I’m assuming that means he would actually be welcome “again” inside a Church of Scientology and would be “allowed” to call himself a Scientologist? How very thoughtful of you. What is it that you are on KF? LRH policy? Whatever it is I want some. 🙂

  179. Thanks Sapere. The definitely opens the doors of possibility BROAD and WIDE!

  180. Yes Tara, what you just said is a VERY LOUD message to all of those still-savoring-kool-aid-from-the-leader to take heed.

    Your ethics folder compromises you.
    Your PC folder compromises you
    Your treasury accounts compromise you
    Your OW specially compromise you.

    Anything you say will be used against you if you refuse to continue to drink the kool aid.

  181. yeah, well maybe he can be called as a witness for the defence.

  182. It’s not just a name on a list, they are the individuals in open defiance of CoS’s false declarations and excommunications. Someone has to stick their necks out first so there is someone to re-connect too. Can you imagine what it would be like if Marty had never come out in the open? Would Debbie be out now?

    There are plenty of big names left in Scientology who have never uttered a peep about what is going on. Ronnie Miscavige is one, Marketing Exec Int for 10 years, and DM’s own brother and a good man. Where the fuck is he? Where the fuck is his wife, Bitty, long time Sea Org vet who should also be blowing the whistle? Are they in hiding? Bought off? I have no idea.

    Every person on that list was told you have no right to call yourself a Scientologist. We are openly defying that illegal order.

    We were ordered never to connect with any other Scientologist. We are openly defying that illegal order.

    The 500 list was created when we estimated about how many Independents we’d need to flip the balance of power, so that connecting with us was more attractive than connecting with a bunch of cowed PTS “Scientologists” in hiding. What does it take to get here? Paying the price of freedom. For Marty it meant enduring everything the CoS could throw at him. Same with Mike, and Mike also had to say goodbye to his wife and family, children, brother, mother. I lost my 16-year marriage thanks to the CoS. “Friends” disconnected from me. Karen de la Carriere lost the connection to her son, Alexander. Haydn James and his wife were fired from their job working for a Scientologist. And have since been harassed by CoS toadstools who have twice torpedoed new jobs by investigating the employers finding some dirt on them and threatening to expose them unless they get rid of their brand new employee they adored. Many of us got our own hate websites spewing the most outrageous lies to discredit us. And the list goes on. Samantha, Lana, Action Jackson, Amy, Dan, Sinar… everyone with their name on that list has done something honorable and something to be proud of. Putting your name on that list IS an action. Get it? Furthermore it is a signed declaration of war and a commitment to Scientology’s common defense and that includes coming to the defense of all those who for whatever reason haven’t put their names on the list.

    LRH said “Why is your neck so precious? MIne’s not.” Those on that list have stuck their neck out.

    No offense, but it’s not just “names on a list.” But I thank you for the comment which enabled me to clarify the list’s value.

  183. UPI is now carrying the story. I’ve already commented refering to Tony’s story. Have a nice day Dave.

  184. I think Miscavige feels that he is “3 feet back of society`s head”
    I`d say Miscavige: Get you head out of your ass!

  185. I have a questions for the OSA Dupes. With all that you see here and the media, aren`t you enturbulated enough?

    Well then stop following a moron!!!!

  186. Enjoy your Birthday Martin!

  187. Happy Birthday Martin.
    You were the first Indie to stand up and be counted in the UK and you set an example for others to follow.
    Hope you have a GREAT birthday.

  188. WOW ! Mike I don’t think you’re a lawyer but I can’t believe you would state the above unless you knew it to be true. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL FOR THE MIDGET TO ESCAPE THIS COUNTERSUIT. WOW !

  189. I think as a potential witness, Marc’s life could be in danger now. Texas officials could work with California authorities to take him out of the compound and provide witness protection for him. For me it is a concern that David’s secretary is trained to harm people on command, and David is known to hoard firearms. How many there will follow orders to off the witness’? If they will torture people on command, are they capable of drawing any line not to be crossed?

  190. P.S. It is a self confession anyway of wrong doing that David wanted two people paid after being tortured and imprisoned , not to reveal their experience. That in itself is a confession.

  191. Marty, I suspect too that MIscavige has Legal Aide and CO OSA Int running legal out of the Hole or Quasi-hole conditions. “Scorched earth squared” in this case seems even more whacked than usual. There is definitely quite observable deterioration happening on those lines.

  192. Well give Tom a break. He was drinking kool-aid and was under the influence. Oops I think he still is but ….

    Tom was probably missing one important word in his vocabulary:
    “cunning”. The things you don`t know you don`t see even if they are right before your eyes.

    COB is a cunning SOB. Remember that Tom.

  193. retired, extremely dangerous

    Without Marty and Mike, where would we be?

  194. Def. 2- Apu is the proprietor of the Kwik-E-Mart, a popular convenience store in Springfield, and a friend of Homer Simpson.

  195. Thanks Mike. When I was the Senior Writer for the Church, I realized that hat was really to be the “voice of Scientology” — an incredible privilege, but also one Miscavige made impossible to wear since he would only approve his own pieces for his own propaganda straight from his agenda to cement himself as “New LRH.” PoB never gave a crap about dissemination, getting people up the Bridge or making anyone better and sabotaged every genuine effort to do real marketing and PR (as you know). Real marketing would be as different from anything we have ever seen Miscavige do as night is from day. And if anyone wants a demonstration of that difference, go look at a lifeless “Ideal org” and then go look into the face of an auditor just after he has uttered, “This is the session!” or a father just after learning he has a new son, or a wife just after she says, “I do.” It’s the difference between a monument of sheet rock, and the experience of meaning and love. The mission of a writer is indeed to deliver insight and that is a mission I’ve taken to heart. Obviously, one cannot bring insight to others without he has it first. So I became unusually industrious as a student of the philosophy — I burned the midnight oil for years at the Int base, studied, learned and put Scientology to the test in the worst-case scenarios to find out what it could really do. And that’s from where certainty comes. Whence (unlike Tommy Davis, RIP) it becomes child’s play to answer any question on the subject honestly and to correlate any part of Scientology to any other part, or to any practice or idea in the outside world. I’m know you’ve had the same experience. I never cared about being a leader of Scientology. I leave that to others. I wanted to be its voice. And so, by the grace of the world, and a pair of boots in the sky, I refuse to relinquish the hat that knows how to explain Scientology’s relevance to the world at large.

  196. TO — You are very right. The payments, contracts, lawyers, videos serve ONE purpose only. To try to keep a lid on the abuses and atrocities of Miscavige. After all, “The Boss” sent his personal messenger boy with unasked for checks to Wayne and Debbie because he wanted to ensure there were “no hard feelings.”

    His motivations and actions are so transparent he might as well be shouting them from the rooftops.

  197. Well, I’ll bet the Hole is getting new carpet installed today and the food is being improved also.

  198. Well stated Haydn. The only Scientologist who will ever be respected by this world is one who stands up and does right no matter the consequences. Only then does being a “Scientologist” have ANY meaning. Doing right confirms honor and integrity. There is only one road to truth and that road is not paved with acceptable truths, half-truths, untruths, failed to tell the truths. The very people hurting Scientology the most are those guilt-ridden nincompoops who refuse to make a move or speak up. Hell, we know — we used to be that so speak from experience. Thank goodness we saw the light, learned our lesson and came to our senses. Perhaps if no one in Scientology was afraid to speak up Miscavige would never have happened; thus it follows keeping Scientology working has something to do with everyone.

  199. Kevin, Why protect the guilty? Relate the specifics. This is Miscavige culture exported to Flag.

  200. When Ronnie ran Central Marketing Unit in the late 1980s, it was the most on-policy and theta example of how truly wonderful an org could be since probably LRH ran St Hill. Anyone who was there can affirm this fact. Ronnie was as different from David as right is from wrong.

  201. As I’ve said before – You are focused like a laser.

    Thank you.

  202. one of those who see

    Love your dreams, Marty.

  203. Mike,
    Visualizing the “live” ‘hitting the iceberg’ is just too funny.
    Thanks for a great laugh!

  204. one of those who see

    Brought tears to my eyes.
    Found an old CC Mag the other day. Opened it up and there were pictures of Ray, Heber, Guillaume and I couldn’t see the face of the last guy too well, but I think it was you Mike. This was before everyone was in house arrest. We, the public really do love you guys. Huge ARC. Therefore, Miscavige HAD to lock you away.

  205. Bring lawyers guns and money – the s**t has hit the fan! – Warren Zevon.

  206. I noticed that Debbie looked great, also. It reminded me of the first time I listened to Marty on the Truth Rundown and Mike when he talked to the media. Every single one of the have such a clean space, so free of dramatization that I knew they were speaking truth.

    Just one more opportunity to impinge on those still in the church!

  207. You might be missing that David Miscavige NEVER spares any form of attack, never holds anything in abeyance. If there was any remote possibility of getting Ray disqualified, Miscavige will try it anyway no matter what Ray does. When Miscavige comes after someone it is with every gun, every knife, every bullet, every club, every insult, every deceit, every affront, every dirty trick, everything in his arsenal. He wants not just to win, but to beat you so badly you will never recover. Every means is used for his purpose; he spares no expense. Overt harassment, covert intelligence, sifting through garbage, collecting shredding, background investigations, buying people off, blackmailing authorities, setting out bait for entrapment, getting people fired, betrayals, turn coats, operatives, bluffs… you name it. And one of his pet tricks is to pretend to be willing to withhold his biggest knife IF you only cooperate. In truth, that is the knife he will most certainly stab into your neck the moment you capitulate. Rule #1: Miscavige never shows mercy.

  208. I volunteer to testify against Miscavige any time, any where.

  209. martyrathbun09

    Jason Beghe has a really good answer to this: The solution to a bully is to not be bullied.

  210. I love this dream Marty and Mikes as well.

    The more of us who see this – the more it will become reality.


  211. Jesus Christ, I had totally forgot that Vivian Zegel was Marc’s mom. I worked with Yager when I was on staff at Flag, before I was moved out to LA with the Archives project – he (and we) built out the boxes that carried the LRH masters to LA in 1977. Jon Zegel was my first course sup when I was a kid on the comm course and HQS course.

    I can attest to the enthusiasm of Marc Yager back then. We were both about 16 at the time. It is too bad to see that he is in this state now.

    There IS a world out here, Marc, and you DON’T need to put up with this crap.

  212. He de-friended Debbie Cook — so I would say — kool aid or heavily under the radar.


  213. Mr. David Miscavige, you are served.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the counter-suit admissions/questions. Absolutely BRILLIANT. “Is it a religious practice of the Church of Scientology to make someone lick bathroom floors.”

    And, even better was putting in the code and the creed in there. BRILLIANT!

    I am in the mid-west currently on business, and the subject of tornadoes came up in a meeting. One of the guys who lives here said that you don’t need to worry until you hear the freight train – the sound a tornado makes is like a freight train. If you hear the freight train, get down and get ready!

    Mr. David Miscavige, you are hearing the freight train!

  214. And I thank you for creating the list so I could be on it!
    aka #212

  215. LOL! 🙂
    You are too much Mike!

  216. Dear “Thoughtful,”

    What you said is very clear. I didn’t miss that point about “Miscavige the Merciless” at all; it was very clear from the time I started reading the stories on Marty’s blog.

    The part I was having trouble with is that Miscavige, in his zeal to unleash every single weapon in the arsenal at the beginning of Round 1, ends up doing something that hurts him more than it helps. The idea that the Court will toss out every shred of principle and fairness and 200+ years of Constitutional precedent and say that, “yes, we agree with you sir, we do not believe that Debbie Cook has a right to mount a defense to your charges, and thus we’re granting all these things you’ve asked of us” is preposterous. It might frighten someone unfamiliar with legal battles a little bit at first, but I am sure that Debbie’s attorneys were merely scratching their heads in the face of all the crazy. I doubt they felt cowed into submission.

    It is the speed by which this particular knife turns into a boomerang that is what interests me, and why I thought I might have missed some aspect of the tactic. Judges are not dumb. If they see someone behaving so counter to basic principles of justice as this, they will bear that in mind throughout the case. Mr. Spencer is apparently a well-regarded local attorney who has presumably shown a reasonable degree of professionalism in the past. The judge will thus quickly figure out that it is the client, not the attorney, who is the problem. And this will influence the direction of the trial, not in favor of Mr. Miscavige. I would have to believe that every judge in the world is good at appearing to be fair while still driving the trial in favor of the party they believe is in the right, if they are provoked. And these cheesy tactics are going to do just that.

  217. I love this post and the many comments. Sometimes I am at a lack of words to adequately express how deep this all touches me and how grateful I am for everyone here, each doing their part. Thank you one and all.

  218. I just realized the Int mentality drifting down the org board has been going on for quite some time.

    Every single derogatory comment you gave, “rip him a new one”, “true gruesomes” and “other fish to fry” (used often if one was doing anything that wasn’t directly helping the org), all of these were heard often at my local class V org even in the early 2000s and continued through 2006, when I left.

    I recall hearing the PES ripping the face off of one of her juniors in an area where any Div 6 public could hear. I had just decided to join staff and was embarrassed to hear and see this occuring. My thought at the time was that my joining staff could help. She was not the only one who favored “force” in her comm cycle but was the most obvious and publicly visible one. Eventually I became one of her targets and after 6 years of it, I had enough.

  219. One matter that could be addressed in court, is that if people will slap and torture on command, they will also lie on command. I have a feeling the man forced to lick a bathroom floor has been stuffed in one of the vaults.
    It is a shock only to watch the people who move forward to protect and support this man against the backdrop of evidence, and willingly obey his orders to harm others. I had no idea people could be so fragile. Especially Scientologists.

  220. Brilliant, Steve!

  221. There have been so many outstanding comments that I have to stop and just acknowledge what an awesome blog post this has turned into.

    I really appreciate all of the info that has been relayed on the Int Execs and Mike, Marty and Steve, and Hadyn, and Windhorse and Alex…your contributions today have been stellar.

    Just having a win being part of such intelligent beings with hearts that stick out through their chests! Thanks for all you do and have done in the past!

    Okay, now I feel like I can continue reading …

  222. Of course we all know that you’re speaking metaphorically when you say you hope Debbie says fuck the money and pulls the pin; the literal translation being Debbie does the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and refuses to settle out of court even when Miscavige tells her she can have $10m and be free to spout her “lies” as long as she says he won. (Never happen).

    There are all manner of reasons why Miscavige would want to avoid court, not least being he won’t be in control. Also he’s crap at interviews, he can only do canned speeches. He’ll be prepared no doubt but I’m confident that his inner demon will out.

    Am I right in saying Miscavige contradicted himself in two affidavits? Sure I remember seeing documentation of sworn statements. Have to check on the archieve sites. (Objection, relevance! Goes to credibility your honor. Over ruled.)

  223. It is a very sad day for David Miscavige. People would have hoped or thought that he would have breathed some new life into the church rather than kill it this way. If you have ever been inside of an org or mission lately the entire atmosphere leaves one feeling as though the actual tech is evading one somehow but the place is so nicely furnished. It screams of “Give us money!”. DM lives off of people’s ignorance as THERE ARE, whether people know it or not, people, who when they see him at an event are under the impression he is trained in ALL of LRH’s tech, he is not. And that is a sad thing. I am not sympathetic towards Debbie Cook, I am understanding towards her, end trusting, because she is a person I have always liked. So, I am listening here to what is going on. That’s all.

  224. I wonder if with the right line of questioning, the right stimulus, Marc could be made to feel that he has a real chance of redemption and leaving the living hell he’s been in for so long. Obviously there will be a lot of questions as the various holies get to compare notes.

  225. If she IS your pawn then you successfully used her to get them to blow up THEIR OWN case in their faces. Pretty impressive work. They must really credit you with some SERIOUS capabilities.

  226. I recall reading somewhere on this blog that Tom Cruise offered to go to Int and kick ass for DM?

  227. TroubleShooter

    AMEN brothers, AMEN to that. I share that vision.

  228. Yeah, fattening up the cream of the crop for strategic public appearances. Maybe to be used as witnesses who might end up spilling the beans on the stand.

  229. Have a wonderful birthday (I’m sure it will be a great one)!

  230. The funny thing is about David Miscavige hiring expensive lawyers is that, as Marty and Mike have pointed out, the tone of the communications even couched by legal counsel still suggests the origination of the communications are David Miscavige.

    So he’s paying expensive lawyers to translate his desired actions in to legal actions. So “make her stop” becomes “I respectfully request your client cease and desist her flagrant violations…” Or something like that.

    Legal counsel meanwhile, knowing a gravy train when they see one, sit back and invoice big time to just basically do what they’re told as best as possible; any lawyer should be able to do that.

    Of course I could be wrong because a great lawyer is one who can find the discrepancies and act on those to win the case. Like the OJ trial – his lawyer did the work, questioned the minutia of the evidence, played to the jury and won.

    Miscavige has many issues but even if the trial becomes a show, like OJ, he’s not a likable person really being associated with an organisation that most feel is creepy; he’s not going to get cut any slack. Also the court, correct me if I’m wrong, for this kind of trial works on balance of probabilities not reasonable doubt.

  231. Marty,
    Thank you for stating an incredibly powerful stable datum re “When the law doesn’t support you, argue the facts.
    When the facts don’t support you, argue the law.
    When the facts and law go against you, destroy opposition counsel by any means necessary!” That 3rd option is exactly what we are seeing here.

    I am sooooooo happy that Debbie counter-sued the “church”= cause, a much better position to be in:)
    The RCS lawyers are so late on the chain with trying to stop a wildfire. It is pathetic! Gosh, don’t they feel the strong winds that make their efforts futile?
    This is ‘truth versus money’. Let’s not have any backing down or settling!
    May sunshine disinfect it all, once and for all.

  232. Way to go Dave! How anyone as bright as some think you are, could paint yourself into this corner is simply laughable. Actually I have had several bouts of uncontrollable laughter recently concerning your self induced predicament. I really do appreciate a good laugh and you have been providing them with this monumentally stupid action against Debbie & Wayne.

    Keep it up. You wouldn’t want to loose face. Eerrr, loose more face. Good luck with your up and coming event. No one in the audience will know how stupid or how pitiful and base you are. Really, they won’t. Besides you already know how stupid they are so go ahead and go. If you didn’t go they would suspect something so you have to go. I know you want to go and bathe in their adulation of your greatness but your instincts tell you to be careful, so maybe you should send in live feed from somewhere safe. Let’s see, where can you be safe? Shit not many places these days. Why not ask yourself repeatedly, “Where am I NOT safe?”, that way you could figure out where NOT to go. Brilliant! Start!

  233. Yes Karen, that is an inevitable consequence of the contact between upper orgs and lower orgs.
    For the record it has to be mentioned that LRH does make mention of certain terms that some people hearing them out of context would take as “look I told you he was nuts” but if policy was really being used as intended these types of outnesses we are all discussing here would not happen or would get CORRECTED. LRH devised CORRECTIVE MEASURES for outnesses discovered. One of the most valuable tecnologies is the technology of the Data Series which if it was used would have corrected many of the outnesses we see. But being that we have an SP “at the helm” and at the very top chunks of tech have been neglected. Today no Eval Corps. No Universe Corps. No Exec Strata, WDC (Watchdog Commeettee) turned into whatever Miscavige feels like doing with it creating fake titles like “WDC for Ideal Orgs” which shows a total misunderstanding for this network or more likely an overt effort to destroy it.

    Miscavige never understood ethics presence and so corrupted it.

    Without in any way softening your approach, you should know that real force is dependent upon ARC, and the mayor threat is the interruption thereof. HCO PL ETHICS PRESENCE 4 oCT 1968 iSSUE II

    And his crashing MU is the part about “ARC”

  234. Tony DePhillips

    Smells like…victory.

  235. Teaser for Debbie’s story — coming up on ABC National News,

  236. Steve,
    Those boots are on you. You wear them so well. Absolutely beautiful. Plus a total gazillion, bazillion!!

  237. Tony DePhillips

    Brilliant Steve!!

  238. They do, I was in communication with one a month or so back. She said she had no problems with the church of scientology.

    She had a family and her daughter had a none scientology boy friend.

    She said she didn’t read most of the sales stuff the church of scientology sent and only donated to causes she felt just, like CCHR.

    As for regg’ing she never had a problem. She quoted LRH policy on not borrowing what you cannot see affording and they backed off politely.

    She said your problems were your own fault and you were just bitter; anyone who mortgaged their house when they couldn’t afford it was a fool.

    Had to “disconnect” due to a stupid faux pas on my part that made further communication untenable. Sad really she was alright.

    Basically according to her she was too far removed from the big issues; public at a distance from Flag etc. Also, according to her, She had a natural resistance to borrowing insane amounts of money to fund training on scientology; she said she was on OT levels.

    So rather than seeing the church of scientology as abusive for exploiting the fact most people can be readily made to part with their money if you know the tricks she felt it was awesome and y’all problems with it were your own.

    Alas there are probably a few people out there like her and more who still borrow shed loads of cash to fund their church of scientology “habit” but manage, just.

    The staff in remote orgs are also insulated to the worst abuse. Sure their targets get tougher and they nose dive stats but they believe that’s their problem, not the church of scientology’s.

  239. Tony DePhillips

    True Steve.
    ARC, Tony #124

  240. She said she did not donate to “fancy buildings” – those that did, well that was their problem.

  241. Aired virtually identical story and footage to GMA (though Nightly News has much wider audience) and promised “much more” on Niteline tonight.

  242. Hi;

    I added my name. I didn’t know the list existed. Looking forward to the time when everyone I ever knew in the CofS is on that list.

  243. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1,000!!!

  244. In the hole.

  245. Tony DePhillips

  246. MR- I’m guessing that those few commercials that aired the last time Debbie was viral in the news will be aired again?

    What happened in between? (rhetorical) I guess the flood of new people in caused them to have to stop the add campaign. (heavy sarcasm)

  247. Personally I can’t wait to see more 20 year old footage of Miscavige and Ted Koppel.

  248. David Miscavige CoB, PoB, GoD, PAoH is the patron scientology saint of Haiti. As such he is an ecclesiastical figure outside the jurisdiction of the USA. He is not only protected by the US constitution because he is a saint but he’s also protected by international law that restricts the jurisdiction of US courts to the USA.

    (Allergy warning: the previous statements may contain traces of utter nonsense.)

  249. Mike — Actually it was Dave that offered up Tom. He told the assembled prisoners in the Hole that if they didnt give Guillaume, Yager and some others a black eye he would “have Tom come down there and do it, so they had better act before he needed to bring in his BFF.” And you can imagine what followed. Jenny/Lisa/Angie organized a “Black Eye Squad” to punch these guys in the face so they could provide evidence to Dear Leader that they had “taken care of business” and Tom wasnt needed. This is the level of insanity that the Hole that doesnt exist (Black Hole maybe?) descended into.

    BTW, nice to see you posting here under your given name and to see you and Betsy added to the Indy 500! Welcome! Hopefully you will tell your story in full soon.

  250. Another great thing about the news stories online is each one usually has a half-dozen links to related stories just below.

    It may be easy to deny one story as “entheta” but when there are a bunch more related stories……

  251. Ann — Yes, pretty soon the media are going to catch on. Air a story about David Miscavige and you will sell ad time to the Church of Miscavology.

  252. Shannon,
    DM’s probably got The Hole redone in polished marble, plush carpetting and First Class Suites for each exec’s berthing space. He’ll do a fly through and show the Executive Paradise, gourmet meals and not only aren’t there any ants, there are Sheepdogs and Poodles for any who so desire them.

    Or maybe DM thinks this will all blow over if he just sues the world for aiding and abetting Debbie Cook to violate her “contract”.

    Sucks to be Miscavige.

    P.S. Steve H, I’m with you, how about it Ronnie? Bitty? Jon? Norton?
    I’ve known you Bitty to actually give a shit, to do the right thing when you could and to have integrity. You too Ronnie. Come on. Buck up. THIS is when your Code of Honor can go back in and you can pick up the pieces and move forward.

  253. Bit off topic, but some more evidence of how it sucks to be Miscavige.

    This just in from Sandy Springs (this is a very remote suburb of Atlanta)where Dave is trying to get a new “Ideal Org” going and has sued the city:

  254. “Without in any way softening your approach, you should know that real force is dependent upon ARC, and the mayor threat is the interruption thereof. HCO PL ETHICS PRESENCE 4 oCT 1968 iSSUE II”

    Completely agree and I have actually experienced this flow and was completely blown away, even went exterior!

  255. Random Stranger

    Let me get this straight, Miscavige orders people to get a divorce and then they do it, based on that order?

  256. John P,
    I understand the question and wondering whether or not David Miscavige has some plan, strategy or overall coordinated view to his current legal tactics via Mr. Spencer. Surely there must be method to this madness.

    No. There is only madness with David Miscavige. That is why this makes no sense. It is insensible. He is run amok. If he were capable of Mad Cow Disease it would be somewhat of an explanation, but he isn’t, he is a pig.

  257. Yep — and that happened more than once. At one point he issued a blanket order that nobody in RTC could be married to anyone who was not in RTC, and that even if they had been married for 20 years they had to get a divorce. It was purely an exercise in flexing his control “muscles.” He is an evil little despot.

  258. I would not have a problem with a settlement between Debbie and the entities involved that would strip DM of his power.

  259. I know I dreaming but stranger things have happened.

  260. Random Stranger

    I wonder if Leserve and Yager themselves hit people currently? Or if they’ve done much hitting?

  261. Yeah John P, I duplicate you. As Dan Koon says, you can’t understand aberration.

  262. Frank,
    Also note in Mr. Jefferey’s response to Mr. Spencer, and the Counter Claims, that Sherman Lenske is the attorney notified FOR RTC. Sherman Lenske is on the Special Directors of CST, that supposed to be exterior , non Scientology board, that is to maintain the role of CST to buy back the rights to use Scientology, should circumstances as exist by the very lawsuit filed on Debbie Cook come to be.

    Sherman Lenske has a Trust to uphold to L. Ron Hubbard. Here he is in quite possible Breach of Fiduciary Duty to that Trust, by acting for RTC, in quite possible conflict to his role as Special Director of CST a legally separate entity to RTC. Could it be that the materials on are shown to be accurate in this simple fact – Sherman Lenske is DM’s lawyer. He was supposed to be LRH’s.

    Quite possibly, it’s going to suck to be so close to Miscavige pretty soon. And in Mr. Lenske’s case, as a member of the bar, suck hard, financially, in his very own pockets. He’s got no protective wall of religion for his so very secular position.

  263. “Religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” shall not necessarily be coterminal.”

    This datum shows how foresightful LRH really was.
    And it shows that he didn’t want a full monopoly to “the few” after his passing.

    BTW, Debbie Cook is a Scientologist.

  264. martyrathbun09

    They weren’t allowed to hit as of January 04. It was a one way flow. Mike?

  265. Funny — the city won’t allow the CoS to expand their Idle Org building because of limited parking and traffic access… if there’s one thing we know about a Miscavige Org: it will never have any traffic.

  266. Defender of Theta

    True, Robert

    The correct action would have been for DM to drop the whole thing, right after he got toasted by Debbie’s testimony at the Preliminary Injunction hearing.

    I was sitting on pins and needles hoping he wouldn’t.

    I could not believe he didn’t.

    I guess the impulse to dominate and “win” won out.


  267. Random Stranger

    I wonder how many people in total could truthfully state, “yes, I saw Miscavige commit violence” or “ordered others to commit violence”? Is it dozens, hundreds or thousands?

  268. Said it before, if David Miscavige had a gram of integrity or decency he’d give all the money back to the various orgs and go on a Scientology voluntary retreat (aka RPF) for the rest of his days.

  269. martyrathbun09


  270. The Zegal family was mentioned here. Below tape transcripts from Jon Zegal, some of the most important documents of the early Freezone. Tape 4 was apparently under coercion from
    CO$ and Jon didn’t think anyone would take it seriously.

  271. 🙂 funny!

  272. Happy Birthday Martin!

  273. Haha haha!
    “3 feets back of societies head”.
    I think it’s 3 lightyears and totally out of touch with anything on this “nice blue planet “(as Jettero Heller used to say).

  274. D’oh!

  275. As “The Hole” is getting unprecedented international media attention, I want to lay out some observations of mine about it. I was at the Int Base through it’s inception until April 2010 when I left.

    The hole was exactly as Debbie Cook and others have described it. 80 to 100 former high level executives and staff held in a set of double wide trailers that was converted into an actual prison with locked and barred doors and 24/7 posted security guard inside the only accessible entrance. Slop type food delivered 3 times a day, people sleeping on the floor and allowed to leave once a day to communal shower facilities across the property in a controlled fashion marching in file two abreast with a security guard heading and following up the rear.

    I know because I saw it. I was never in the hole as an occupant, but I was the guy who actually screwed steel bars across the doorways by order from DM when the hole was set up.

    Group confrontations in order to extort salacious “confessions”. These involved insane activities such as incessant slapping, screaming, ridicule and outright torture such as those involving wearing demeaning signs and having water poured or sprayed on one.


    Did you know that date coincident with the Truth Rundown series being published conditions in the hole suddenly and inexplicably improved?

    The occupants were issued uniforms.

    They were suddenly allowed to go down to the staff dining hall for their meals.

    They started studying 2 1/2 hours a day just like the rest of the staff.

    They moved into the staff berthing buildings and no longer slept on the floor.

    All this happened very abruptly shortly after the media coverage.

    I saw it as I was there.

    Mind you, they were still heavily guarded and spent their daily working hours in the double wides. They were very segregated from the rest of the base staff. Their sleeping quarters were grouped and segregated from other staff at the base and they had a security guard posted while they slept and the corridors outside their rooms were under video surveillance. Everywhere they went, whether for meals, to and from their berthing or to study was still two abreast with ever present security guards watching their every move.

    But now with Debbie’s recent descriptions and the church via it’s attorneys denying that the hole exists, I imagine DM has had those trailers completely removed.

    Now would be a very, very good time for Angie Blankenship, Greg and Debbie Hughes, and any other ex Sea Org hole occupants to chime in.

    And if Guilliame or Yager or Norman Starkey, or one of the “desperate wives” who appeared on AC 360 were to pipe up and speak the truth…

  276. They were certainly able to hit others as part of “wearing their hats” as good “Hole Members” (in the Hole that doesnt exist) through 2006. The problem was they were often on the inflow side, and didnt have a lot of opportunty to outflow. Neither of them are very aggressive or vindictive people so they never tended to be ringleaders in the beatings. Not like Jenny Linson, Russ Bellin, Dave Bloomberg, Lisa Schroer and Wendell Reynolds.

  277. It is also listed as under “most viewed” in the CBS videos, has been all afternoon.

  278. Correction, ABC not CBS.

  279. Yes, it is nice to see this in action and Debbie Cook set a perfect example. It is no exageration that she embodied what Scientology is all about. She will always have my respect and admiration and I was honored to have worked under her.

  280. Thanks JB. Good to hear from you….

    There are a few eyewitnesses to the madness of the Hole [that doesnt exist] — and all describe it EXACTLY the same way.

    You, Debbie, Ulf, Tom DeVocht, Marty, Claire H, Amy and me were there and saw it. Is there anyone I have missed?

  281. How do you use the parking issue to keep an Idle Org from moving into your neighborhood? Simple: pretend the Church’s bogus stats are literally true then use the numbers against them. In the case of Sandy Springs, here’s what you do:

    1. Look up the population of the Metro Atlanta Combined Statistical Area on Wikipedia. That’s 5.8 million. Total US population per Census Bureau at end of 2011 was 313.1 million. So 1.852% of the US population lives in the greater Atlanta area. Let’s not complicate things by thinking about whether the proposed Org would pull from all of Georgia and a few other places as well; let’s stick with the smaller number.

    2. Take the Church’s number from the recent commercial — Scientology “welcomes” over 4.4 million people per year. Assume half of those are in the US. Assume then that three years’ worth of people “welcomed” stick around. You get 6.6 million Scientologists nationwide.

    3. Assume that the number of Scientologists “welcomed” in step 2 are evenly distributed across the US. Then 1.852% of the Scientologists will be in the Atlanta area. Multiply 6.6 million by 1.852% and you get 122,232 Scientologists in the greater Atlanta area.

    4. Look on the Web site for the Atlanta org, and read that they have a Sunday service every week at 11:00. Assume that half of the 122,232 Scientologists in Atlanta are going to show up for the “you bet your eternity” preachin’ and prayin’ session.

    5. Panic when you realize that your sleepy suburb will be overrun with 61,116 people looking for parking spaces once a week.

    You don’t even have to engage in any value judgment of the organization and thus risk being accused of religious bigotry. Just look at the size of the “congregation” that all that “straight up and vertical” expansion will be bringing in the door.

    What, sir? You mean you lied? Your org only has 122 “parishioners” in all of Atlanta, not 122,000? OK, well, as soon as you can sign a sworn affidavit to that effect, we’ll be happy to approve your occupancy permit. Sorry about the confusion… Welcome to the neighborhood!

  282. Jeff Hawkins.

  283. Defender of Theta


    Yes, Debbie’s attorney’s questions were brilliant. He is trying to get around a “religious exemption” argument OR, force DM to say that ordering congregants to lick bathroom floors is a religious practice of Scn.

    What is amazing is that DM HAS made assertions close to that, for example, arguing IN COURT that Fair Game is a “religious practice” of Scientology, AFTER LRH had cancelled it.

    As many have pointed out, DM seems to be willing to throw anyone – including LRH and the Church – under the bus, if he thinks HE is at risk or if he thinks he might not win.

    How does his behavior stack up against other religious figures of other churchs? Many Catholic saints stayed true to their Church, refused to denounce it, and were martyred as a result – some burned at the stake. Smart or not, that is Personal Integrity.

    DM is a reverse saint – seemingly willing to martyr the Church, rather than experience any heat himself – not even personal embarrassment, let alone and burning at the stake.

    The contrast is sharp. The saints were will to and did die for their church. DM is willing for the Church to die for him.


  284. OneFlyingInTheCuckoosNest

    yes Dean, nobody can force another into going into debt. What’s missing is the intense pressure and PR, save the world, going clear, going OT. And I mean intense pressure. It is hard to fight. And of course people do not go into debt, they hold their own.

    But, you see, it’s the intense pressure. And because you are not forced physically, the Church always has an out. One of them being you agreeed to go into debt. It’s not our fault. And nothing is written, nothing can be proved. It is all HARD SELL beyond belief. And you are told, just do the next step and you will make more money to handle the debt.

    But LRH says never borrow money, keep credit as a second cushion. But the Regges totally turn this datum into just doing your next step, round and round and up and up one goes. Now that is from the viewpoint of a worker, who lives month to month to pay bills.

    Now the viewpoint from somebody with a cash cow business, why that’s another story.

  285. Yeah, sometimes I think he drinks his own kool-aid and cant differentiate between reality and his delusions.

  286. Tony DePhillips


  287. If Jon is still around, it’s time for him to speak up – specially as he is Marc Yaeger’s stepfather.

  288. Tom Gallagher

    Note to dwarf:

    Universally, we don’t hate you

    However, we just won’t be sad when you die.

  289. Knowing Miscavige as a sadistic f”#$%&/ he probably also set up cameras inside to record all that was going down in there. Late at nite he probably takes out one of these 1K wiskey bottles (courtesy of the IAS) and watches and laughs his ass off looking at how ridiculous it all looks and basking in the glory of the mysery inflicted to those unlucky enough to have ended up in there.

    Does anyone know if there were in fact cameras set up in there? That would be an interesting fact to know.

  290. OneFlyingInTheCuckoosNest


    “When I was the Senior Writer for the Church, I realized that hat was really to be the “voice of Scientology”

    OK, to be the “voice of Scientology” why that means you are communicating to the existing public (members) and to potential new members. To communicate to potential new members you would have to know something about the their world in the wog world. So how can any Scientologists do this? How can one do this if they are in the Sea Org with all communications cut-off to the general public? What a little confined world of Scientology Sea Org members. They get only fed data as the leader sees fit. And all members are not allowed to research the internet. And if they do, why look out, you are out-ethics.

    There is even a question on the OCA personality test – it goes something like “do you keep up with current affairs in the world?” So I guess every Sea Org member has to answer that question as NO.

  291. Defender of Theta

    Good observations. And, KEY observations – as always, by the Master of Qual.

    Publising DM’s abuses is vital.

    This, however, LRH’s actual intention for the governance of Scientology after his death, is DM’s Achilles Heal. It is the “entry point to the case.”


  292. Yes Marty. You’ve held the spotlight steady and focused for a long time. Your cul de sac in Ingleside on the Bay was GROUND ZERO for the future of Scientology. We’re seeing some of that nice future now.

  293. Cindy Pinsonnault


    “Marc Yager is a horrifying example of a beaten, cowed and sick individual in the presence of severe, unrelenting suppression.”

    Thank you for this. It’s easy to forget sometimes that many of those still in COS are there only because of the extreme suppression. I like Marty’s idea of getting Mark to Casablanca to watch some sunsets in freedom.

  294. Happy Birthday Martin !
    Have a good one.
    Rejoice that things dear to our hearts are in full play

  295. Tom Gallagher

    Note to POB:

    Another witness?

    Another ‘Oh Shit!’ moment?

  296. OneFlyingInTheCuckoosNest

    Unfortunately they are not reading this blog nor anybody else in the SO. They are cut off from communications. All of them in the Sea Org and even Cl 5 orgs and Missions are cut off from communications. Some will poke thru, no doubt. All these folks have reduced ARC so they cannot think with any data as they are missing data. Protesters do not provide data for a proper evaluation as they just state Scientology sucks or some such nonsense.

    A “fifth column” is needed about now. Google it.

  297. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Marty —

    On a day like today, your computer must be attached at the hip. Thanks to you and the other bloggers and commenters who keeping the information flowing. ❤

  298. Defender of Theta

    Well said, SKM,

    I don’t need to say it, but LRH was a friggin GENIUS in the way he set it up. Talk about being unreasonable. His system has more checks and balances than any I have ever seen.

    The outpoint is that LRH was in seclusion and seemingly depended on DM to carry messages and carry out things.

    After the system was worked out and the documents signed, DM should have let all staff and public know what LRH’s intentions were. He didn’t.

    That left the door open for DM to seize power. The staff and public simply did not know that DM’s assuming the traditional “one-man-rule” role in Scientology was COUNTER to LRH intention.

    We were used to one-man-rule, so DM’s continuation of one-man-rule did not look like such an outpoint!

    I am convinced that THE situation, then and now, is that Scientologists just did not/do not know what LRH’s intentions were and are for the governance of Scientology – that one-man-rule was to end at his death. He clearly said it in the Bylaws of the Church of Spiritual Technology.


  299. Ziba Feulner

    So, how is Miscavige going to come out of this one? Will he commit perjury when under oath??? Would not surprise me…

  300. Might be just a coincidence, but the latest promo I got today from CoS is about “A Course for Every Citizen of Planet Earth” — the PTS/SP course, so you can detect and handle SPs and PTSness.

    The mailer has a short, 15-question survey asking things like: “Are you the effect of rumor mongering?”, “Do you have a chronic problem or problems that never seem to solve [sic]?”,”Frequently make mistakes?”, “Someone who won’t let you have the things you want?”, “Someone around who pokes fun at you or others?”, and so on.

    I’m thinking I should forward the promo to DM. He may find he checks most of the boxes.

    This promo strikes me as possibly part of a new campaign to proof up people who are “in” against all the “SPs” currently attacking CoS. It is different than my usual mail of why I should join the SO, latest issue of The Auditor, and so on. If there is a connection to events with Cook et al and a campaign to bolster SP/PTS handling, that might imply that the impact of the Cook and other matters are sending tendrils deep into CoS membership.

  301. Sheer poetry, Steve. Reminds me of LRH’s “Boots in The Sky”. That’s a real keeper.

  302. Random Stranger

    2 0 1 3 M A R C H 1 3


    I, Marc Yager, swear the following to be true:

    David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, did in actual fact personally enact violence on my body on numerous occasions in the form of punches, kicks, choking, slapping, spitting on and throwing to the ground, as well as other various martial arts, boxing and wrestling moves over the last twenty-plus years.

    David Miscavige personally wreaked verbal and emotional abuse on me in the form of accusing me of being homosexual, having bug eyes, having sex with the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology International, Guillame Leserve, committing continual crimes, not understanding basic Scientology, being bald, etc.

    David Miscavige personally ordered other management personnel to blacken my eyes, which they did.

    I have witnessed David Miscavige commit these same acts on others, such as Heber Jentzch, Guillame Leserve, Ray Mitthoff and others.

    The answer to the question was I lying before or am I lying now, is that I was lying before.

    Thank you,

    Marc Yager, Defendant

  303. “…but I think she actually is more interested in fixing the church…)”

    I regard her a person of enough integrity to actually do the right thing. And all evidence points to what her actual intention is.

  304. yes, but not only do you have to maintain that position, why you also have to allow energy to flow between terminals or you no got power, and if you don’t allow the energy to flow, you just have potential. You have to hold the terminals apart, but you have to allow energy to flow otherwise no turning of the motor. PDC’s I believe.

  305. I agree. If it is insane, it means it is insane, or not understandable. There is no understanding. How can one try to understand it, because it doesn’t make sense. 1+1=2, totally understandable. 1+1=3 doesn’t make sense, but yet people try to make sense out of it. Go figure, lets call it some name, some aberration.

  306. Tony DePhillips

    Good postulate!!

  307. re: Yager coming to the Casablanca…”side my side with Guillaume and Heber”.
    Yes. It’ll happen. Marty built it (the Casablanca). They will all come.

  308. “I noticed, in the ABC interview with Debbie Cook, that the letter quoted from the C of S, stated that amongst other things, Debbie Cook can no longer call herself a Scientologist.”


    Now if you can only get Debbie Cook to state in national news that there are independent Scientologists going up the bridge as there is really no monopoly on the tech as you are forced to be informed by the official Church of Scientology that they have the only source of tech.

    Now that would be something.

  309. Tony DePhillips

    I’ve noticed that when it comes to Scientology news on the Drudge Report that it usually vanishes fast.

  310. if it comes to trial, if it comes to depositions, if it comes to witness stand for all those still on the inside,

    you need a lawyer that can question and can break them down to really confess. But because these folks have been so abused, so black dianetics and black scientology, why it is a question. We are talking BLACK here, we are talking implants. It is scary no doubt.

  311. Thoughtful

    I would add a few other things to you statement… “Looking, seeing and understanding are the only solution to entrapment “. Those would fall under accurate perception, without which a being has very little chance of success. However, what happens next is pretty important too. What does one DO with those perceptions. To actually affect change, one now has to DO something.

    This is where data evaluation comes in. One must be able to accurately sort through his perceptions, and memories of past perceptions, and then employ “reason” and various technologies, to affect changes that bring his perceived into better alignment with his concept of an “Ideal Scene” for that data set.

    This aligns with your observations on the use of power. It is in the DOING that power is achieved.

    Just some thoughts.

    Eric S

  312. oops…

    …”that bring his perceived SCENE into better alignment with his concept of an “Ideal Scene”….

    Eric S

  313. I will give Tom Cruise a break

    He returns his “Medal of Valor”
    as a symbolic gesture, by registered mail with a note

    that he can no longer “PRETEND” that Miscavige is the greatest thing since Apple Pie.

  314. it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. While progress is being made into the evil one and all outpoints are exposed.

  315. I would add:
    when pays back the slave labor favors from DM and apologized to those he did this to.

  316. Seriously…. I do not know how he is able to do it and not cave in. Mat P once told me that DM, having to live within his own mind, is a cruel punishment in itself. I would agree.

  317. Yes, Steve, Looking. Extending a point of view. Truly, the world begins with TRO!
    And it was your website that was my own ‘tipping point’ for leaving the church.
    Thank you.

  318. Random Stranger

    Thank you M & M.

  319. Random Stranger

    Holy Moly Mackerolee.

  320. Yvonne Schick

    I’ll come help with the accommodations and meals.

  321. Quote :

    My favourite part is #13… “Forcing Scientology employees to lick floors is a religious practice of the Church of Scientology.”

    Yes, it was PRICELESS.
    I see a “checkmate” here.
    Miscavige screams 1st amendment and the word “VOLUNTEER” not employee.
    It is no much better for one’s bank balances to not pay a “Volunteer”

    So let’s get this right. The word “Employee” is fiercely challenged by the Church ~~ they are not Employees !! They are Religious Volunteers !

    You volunteer to be locked behind razor fences, video cameras, security guards.
    You volunteer to be captured back as in BLOW DRILL.
    The very word “BLOW” is used because you as a VOLUNTEER have no rights to leave.
    You volunteer to have sleep deprivation. You volunteer to be punched, beaten, assaulted, sleep on the floor in lock down.
    You volunteer to never take an annual leave, never have a day off, permit security to search your berthing for “contraband” such as your own cell phone which will confiscated on the spot.
    You volunteer to be ordered have your baby aborted
    You volunteer to eat rice and beans and Oliver Twist Slop.
    You volunteer to give up your most confidential secrets in auditing in order to have them read out the entire crew and mocked.
    You volunteer to sign your life away on video camera and you volunteer to never speak a word of your time track in the Sea Org to your parents or Doctor or any professional.

    Volunteer indeed

  322. The whole thing becomes “curiouser and curiouser!” as Alice in wonderland would say and DM must feel like falling into the rabbits hole right now.

    We see you Miscavige!

  323. Very True and excellent observation. It has narrowed to the correct target.

  324. Mike,

    Your second sentences totally nails it! Miscavige’s coup was not really the take over of management in the late 80s. The real coup was how he has systematically convinced people that HE IS SCIENTOLOGY. He gradually created a culture were his word carrys more weight than LRH.

  325. Copper flavoured Kool-aid mixture bottled and shipped in Scotch cases.

  326. martyrathbun09


  327. Actually yes…. “leave the door open just a crack” is from LRH although It’s not exactly stated and I can’t site you the reference but I’m sure some here may recognize it and could.

  328. He already has – many times.
    Google for his depositions and also read Larry Brennan’s ebook, “The Miscavige Legal Statements: A Study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection”.

    Click to access LHBvol1a.pdf

  329. martyrathbun09

    Just updated with this link from
    How about this pithy little line from it?:
    “The church insists that Cook is a bitter ex-member making up lies, but this routine defense is beginning to wear thin as the line of ex-members telling similar stories gets longer and longer.”

  330. Jim, MOQ…how do I get an email to you?
    Sorry this is not on post…

  331. Holey Moley is right!The 2nd D is already charged-He takes the aberration to a whole screamingly crazy level-I would like to know what his current 2D scene is-is he seeing someone?

  332. Marty — you just made me smile. I too have the same dream. Marc, Guillaume, Ray and Heber — not to forget Russ Bellin. They all need some good fishing time, long walks and a chance to find themselves again.

  333. Himself, in the mirror. And he is very in love….

  334. threefeetback

    Always thought of “Mission Earth” as a thinly veiled Knowledge Report on planet Earth.

  335. Lauren Moccio is on the ball.

    She also noted that a COngressional Hearing and/or FBI investigation was needed and that if the church had nothing to hide they should welcome it.

  336. “It must be noted however that no matter how severe the case we never close the door entirely. As stated in HCO PL 16 March 1971 Issue II IMPORTANT – AN OPERATING STANDARD RULE:


  337. OMG-Most of the ones you list who like to beat people up are women!!???

  338. Steve-You so poetically express what I am thinking-Thank you !

  339. Happy Birthday Martin. GREAT postulate!

  340. Love it!

  341. Steve-One of the things I have duplicated about DM is there is NO LIMIT to his evil ints. It is so hard to confront this and that has been way to his advantage.-hardly anyone can believe what he has done.

  342. John P,

    The only thing that would make some semblance of sense to me is that David Miscavige is going for winning the case against Debbie at any cost, even that of further exposure and bad PR. If I understand him right (if there is such a thing as “understanding him”) he must be banking on using total denial, total eradication of evidence, coupled with sworn (and forced) affidavits that no such place as the Hole ever existed and no abuse ever occurred (except for that by people like Marty). No matter how bad and unbelievable this may seem, it is the direction they are heading and in the past they have mainly succeeded in using such tactics.

    Fairly reliable information is telling me that the Hole was cleaned up earlier this year but not sure where everyone went.

    The end goal would be not only to ruin and silence Debbie under law, but to set a president in a court of law which will give them the right to go after every one else who has violated the contract. Once this is set up they hope to somehow repair the bad PR generated in the meanwhile, while hoping it will blow over as other “SPs” no longer can speak out due to the court results and their fear for being sued.

    They have plenty of money to bribe and buy off and those on the inside will in most cases cooperate out of fear and DM is banking on this.

    It is a very bold move, a move so bold that it can’t but backfire but the above is the only thing that I can make any sort of sense of in analyzing their “strategy”.

    As Mike Rinder states: “It sucks to be Miscavige!”

  343. Defender,
    Here’s an irony for Dave; his FAILED Mission All Clear has come back to haunt him.

    In one of the final cases to wrap, after LRH left in 86, the “government” acknowledged that it was unlikely that LRH was going to avoid them, the IRS/FBI, as he was in a unique position of being the author of Scientology materials. He set up the early 80s structure with a FOR profit ASI and Bridge for the purposes of royalties from his works, yet, if he had any contact with any Scientology organization, including these two, then it was considered as in a “managing agent” capacity and therefore the royalties paid by NON profits, the various Churches, could be seen to inure to the managing agent’s benefit.

    LRH’s Estate Planning laid out the way the entire structure would function and not be construed to inure to the benefit of a single person and with LRH gone, that would take away the case of inurement from the IRS/FBI.

    Dave, in his impudent “wisdom” decides he’s going to be LRH. He unmocks the structure and becomes the “managing agent” of CST, RTC and CSI and…the FSO. He’s in all those event videos acting as this faux LRH. He’s on all sorts of dox, all sorts of thisa and thata, as MANAGING AGENT.

    Dumb as a bag of hammers. As stupid as a pound of Newfoundland Steak (bologna). As smart as my arse Dave is.

    Soon to be in Court, answering up for the past 30 years or so of his “managing agency”.

  344. I completely agree Karen. By the way I read your blog today. Very informative. Miscavage must go!

  345. Mat-That was great!!! I’d love to see that.

  346. Thx Mike. You are one of the reasons my radar went way up . When I heard you left in 2007 from Ronite Sorroco a “domina” FSM in So Cal, that got my head out of the sand. Dealing with some aftermath drama but our story will come. I guarantee it.


    P.S. I’m back in LA next week, ready to deliver and specializing in Solo auditor training for Solo One and through OT III, plus NOTs training for both a co-audit and Solo. Plus all sorts of other stuff. I’m filling in my book so write me if you need something I can provide. I only use verified LRH materials. None of that Dave Tech ™. Yuck.

  348. I just watched the new Debbie`s interview video again and one of the statements made by the Church of Miscavige is that “Her account is anacurate” Sure it is. Wait until she decides to tell THE WHOLE STORY!

  349. Parrishgolfer

    F/Y/I…Great investigation going on the last two days about a Pinellas County Charter School that has been taken over by Scientology in the Tampa Bay Times. The Pinellas County School Superintendent has decided to revoke the schools charter. Sorry, don’t know how to input a link here…

    Hi OSA!
    HI Davie!

  350. They simply don’t take “no” for an answer. Even a firm “No”. Even an angry “NO!” And if you do give a little $, they come back in a few days for more. If you give a lot, they show up at all hours, day and night, at your door hounding you for more.

    The only “solution” is to either violate your integrity and pretend to be broke. Or stop answering the phone and/or door. I chose the latter. And then eventually bumped into The Truth Rundown.

  351. Mark Fisher

    Thanks JB. I agree with you. DM is probably bulldozing those trailers if he hasn’t done so already. Once he is called on his shit and exposed, he tries to cover it up in case the Feds decide to pay a little visit to see the Hole.

    So in that regard, all of this exposure at the very least is resulting hopefuly in better conditions for our friends still held captive.

    My prediction is that we are going to see more of them heading for the hills and getting the hell out the first chance they get.

    I bet that Tommy Davis is already out and paid off to keep his mouth shut along with his OSA wife.

    I also wouldnt be surpised if there isn’t an increase of captives being sent to the Freewinds to keep them away from Debbie’s lawyer and possible Fed investigations.

  352. Ulf — Good analysis. This is exactly where he is heading.

    Having just watched Nightline and its even clearer. And BTW I wholeheartedly agree with Tony Ortega — how ABC can fail to mention all the other testimony about the Hole and make it seem like this is just Debbie making claims and the church denies them all is astonishing.

    But they reported that Gary (Lurch) Soter wrote a letter to ABC saying the Hole doesnt exist and NEVER HAS EXISTED. Of course, he would definitely be an authority on that, not having even set foot on the property!

    It’s clear, they are going to keep denying and denying and saying EVERYTHING is a lie. Marc Yager has NEVER been beaten by Miscavige. None of the events Debbie testified to have ever happened. Debbie was never a senior executive and is uninformed. etc etc etc

    But what Miscavige is NOT thinking about is that his blatant denials will result in more people coming forward. People who know the facts. Who are prompted into action by their conscience as they see him lie and lie again and apparently get away with it. He has a huge problem. His arrogance and the fact that he felt he could get away with anything, went to his head. So, he became increasingly vicious, but also increasingly indiscriminate. Now there are a lot of people out there that he has to worry about on top of those who have already spoken up. AND he has to worry about all the people who are still there. And while he gets them into mutual out ruds situations with him (they ALL deny the Hole has ever existed…), one by one they decide they cannot continue and they get out.

    So, watch out for the new bombs that may come out of nowhere Dave. It’s like there are drones up there watching and waiting and you just never know when another bomb is going to land in your boudoir.

    And then he has another new factor. Sworn testimony under cross-examination.

    It’s easy to sit at a computer and write a letter or an affidavit and send it off to the media. It’s a different ballpark when you are questioned under oath and face possible perjury charges if you don’t tell the truth. And there are a lot of people that can be subpoena’d in a court case, especially where the church keeps claiming that EVERYONE is lying and NOTHING happened anywhere, ever.

    Yes, Miscavige can try and bluff his way through with bald faced lies that deny even the existence of the Hole, but this is a strategy that succeeds ONLY in his little bubble of unreality.

    He is drunk on the wine of self-delusion and self-righteousness. He is going to have a hell of a hangover when he has finally stumbled down the stairs and landed face first in a pool of his own vomit. His drunken behavior is clear. He is routinely spewing vomit. Looks like there are some pretty steep stairs in the Beixar County Courthouse…

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  353. Yup this is just the beginning. I just watched Debbie on Nightline and she looked great — hair professionally done, very nice outfit, her look was totally put together. Maybe ABC had something to do with that, but they get it and Debbie gets it – we are a media saturated society and aesthetics are important for getting a message through. And people read body language. The indies look good and can speak freely. The Int people, not so much. DM is being outsmarted at every turn and all the money in the world cannot save him.

  354. Michael Fairman

    David Miscavige, has the CIA or the FBI begun speaking to you through your television set? Unsettling, isn’t it?

    Regarding not allowing Debbie Cook to call herself a Scientologist: By the power of the Screen Actor’s Guild, I hereby forbid you to call yourself a human being.

  355. Kat
    I do not have a blog
    I did post significant threads on the ABUSE on OCMB and ESMB..
    is that what you mean ?

  356. Scientologically SPEAKING...YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN SP WHEN ...

    You KNOW YOU are a SP when:
    1. You like to remain solvent.
    2. You prefer to have a nice and strong 1st and 2nd dynamic in good shape.
    3. Use logic and common sense: Debt = NO POWER, Abuse = not spiritual.
    4. Don’t agree with ineffective dissemination ie: Ideal Orgs at the cost of cannibalizing it’s membership to obtain huge, beautiful buildings with glossy panels, big course rooms to handle the -0- public that come in due to the nasty, litigious reputation that is THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY
    5. You feel embarrassed to tell anyone you are a Scientologist due to the CRUSH regging stories your friends tell you they have experienced.
    6. You feel embarrassed because you are broke and look like an idiot to all of the “people” you tried to get to come to the ORG for services. It did not work for you and THEY were right and stayed away. But they looked and you did not! DAMN
    7. You prefer to stay married and have a home for your family.
    8. You like to have reserves and not spend them on new BUILDINGS for DM stats.
    9. You are upset because the public stay away from your ORG in droves and you did not know why. “They are all CRIMINALS hiding crimes against humanity.” OR they are “PTS to the middleclass” (thanks to crush regging over the past 15 years and helping people completely cave themselves in financially) there is no middle class…so that has now been totally handled and the EP has been obtained and this does not sit well with you.
    10. You were told your donations would handle the cost of dissemination and legal woes and new buildings yet “give me your money, give me your money, give me your money, give me your money, give me your money, give me your money, give me your money” is the only communication you receive from the Co$$$$$$.
    11. There is no interest in getting anyone up the Bridge really…and you find this strange. You just receive comm re: Fundraising activities for: Ideal Org, IAS, Ideal Org, IAS, Ideal Org, IAS, CF file (work for free as they sit on their $10 million reserve account), Ideal Org, IAS, CF file (can you come in and organize our files that we have not organized for the past 60 years and give us your paycheck to come and do it in the basement with the mice and roaches..oh, no heat…can you pay for that too?

  357. The mainline media certainly took a long time to pick up this story (perhaps worried about being sued). Better late than never.

  358. Here is the link regarding the school. It sounds like they were syphoning off money too:

    BTW — Where does DM get his “Security?” Where did the “two big guys” who came through Debbie’s window come from? Do any of them come from the Scientology programs that were in the California prison systems? Because their parole officers would be very suprised if they knew their parolees were doing jobs that included force.

  359. Anyone can be a voice of Scientology. It requires an honest non-delusional understanding of both sides. Being in any particular group is not a requirement thanks to the Internet, and being in the Sea Org at this time would make the job impossible. The only “voice” allowed currently would be to be the voice of David Miscavige’s reactive mind.

  360. I got curious when I hear you had a blog and I checked it out.

    Very good material good on your successes.

    I found a particular story which I found fascinating. I did not meet the participants here in the video but the whole scenario described rang a big bell.

  361. Good one.

  362. martyrathbun09

    Over an hour. If there are sections you want to direct people to, please do; but don’t put up an 80 minute movie.

  363. Pingback: Debbie Cook Tells the Hole Truth | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  364. I have 275 pieces of written evidences. Marc Yager never existed. This identity is completely fictional and invented in an evil attempt to throw dirt at David Miscavige. One of the affidavits is even from Marc Yager himself, so it must clearly be true.

  365. There has been so many lies told that truth cannot even be an ingredient in further actions from them. The only choice they have is to use more lies to cover up their earlier lies. It has become an inverted 8-8008 – from infinity with zero lies to an infinity of lies…

    I wonder what the dozen or so hired professionals think. At least the audio/music professionals work right around the corner from the Hole and they have all witnessed the double wide trailers and the marching to and from the Hole. I don’t know on how many occasions stood with one or two audio professionals outside my studio watching Warren McShane marching a group of at least 60 people, two abreast, and sometimes Angie Blankenship at the back and sometimes the RTC Investigator Chelsea at the back, right in front of the audio professionals.

    They may admire David Miscavige but that is mainly for the handsome paychecks they are given (way above what they would make working for another studio in LA) and they do watch the news and they do read the internet. They are also not subject to the fear campaign which is applied to staff, though some of them are actually being sec checked and some became Scientologists, at least supporters of it, but still they are not subject to the pressure put on staff. It will be interesting to see if they have any social buttons remaining when they read the 100% total denial in the news while knowing it is true. At least 5 and most likely more do know about the Hole, including fellow colleagues they used to work with who are now in the Hole (or was as of earlier this year.)

    If any of them came out they pose an even bigger threat than an ex-staff member if they decide to speak out. I bet you the pampering and kick-backs are ever increasing. The amount of gifts from DM personally (paid out of parishioner’s money) used for gifts and pampering to DM hired professionals amounts to close to $100,000 per year and it is probably double that now.

    How long can you keep buying loyalty? Some of those professionals are pretty decent folk and they may have more integrity to stand up for what is right despite their lucrative pay check. I guess time will see but I wouldn’t want to be in DM’s shoes having to worry about all those hundreds or thousands of factors which lurk right around the corner which may expose his crimes.

    It truly must suck to be David Miscavige!

  366. Interestingly, in all of the official denials by the COS, I do not see one statement from Miscavige, expressing incredulity or personally denying that he did any of these violent acts. That would be a NORMAL reaction from someone unjustly accused. All we see are official organizational press releases blandly denying the accusations, repeating the same words over and over deriding those “bitter, defrocked apostates”. Bitter, defrocked apostates. Well, Debbie Cook, Marty, Mike and the other accusers have obviously not denied their Faith. They respect and venerate LRH’s Tech. So they are not apostates per my Websters 2nd Collegiate Dictionary. And, they don’t appear bitter either. More like they are fighting for a righteous cause. And about the de-frocking, an interesting choice of an archaic term – I’ll leave that one alone. But if anyone is having his “frock” lifted these days it is pretty obvious who that is.

  367. Totally understand, the tactics used are abusive and coersive. Unfortunately this woman wouldn’t accept that fact.

  368. Wouldn’t put it past that they have beaten others . Leserve wasen’t like that when I knew him. Most certaintly NOT.He would have had to grow
    and get bedded into doing exactly what Dm does,Totally outof ones own control. being another other than himself .Somethink like cloned.
    They aren’t in their own state of mind, own thinking ,or are they being themselves . Be who they really are.In my opinion the same applies to Mark Yager who I knew and any one else stuck andaround that Nutter.

  369. Who knows for sure if the Hole is dismantled yet ? and if so whats there to replace . and where are they that were held in there ? Any one past the authorities a staff list.

  370. I wonder if they will claim it was Debbie who did all the slapping and that’s why David “the gentle dwarf” Miscavige had to get rid of her.

  371. Random Stranger

    Lanyard envy.

  372. Random Stranger

    He met himself on

  373. We’d be thinking we’re the ‘only one’ to feel this way/be in this situation. Only one=suppressive.

  374. 🙂

  375. Have to laugh at this one Karen , Smiles !!! Very well put.

  376. Wow, brilliant. +1

  377. God On so well put I must sayand what a world you enter !!! what can you say.

  378. In addition to Jeff, there was myself and Marc Headley of course. Possibly Janela Webster, Carrie and Peter Cook, Shelly Corias, Jimmy Yeow, Steve Young, Russ Williams, Dan Koon and there are many more I can think of who’s names I won’t mention here. CMOI was forming into a prison throughout 2003 — people corralled there 24/7, everyone busted off post and assigned interminable “amends” by Miscavige such as continually working out the “new posting” for the base, being marched down for showers in the morning at the garage. Everyone was already off post in CMOI in 2003. DM was having meetings there, some of which I reluctantly attended. Meetings to sort out the Basics and the Milestones, Int base postings, sorting out who was going to be off loaded, and of course writing speeches for the next event — which is what most top execs spent the majority of their time doing from the late 1990s onward, wouldn’t you say, Mike?

  379. It sounds like you were on lines at Celebrity Center New York and New York Org!! — But, then, from what I’ve learned, this is the Co$$$ that the majority of public has come to know. SO SAD!.

  380. Wel if Miscavige personally denied that he would actually look like Bill Clinton denying Monica Lewinsky

  381. DM’s behavior didn’t occur in a vacuum. Obviously there were witnesses, even if the only witness in each instance of abuse was the person the DM’s behavior was perpetrated against. Those witnesses who remained in the church year after year from the first time they were witness to abuse consented to the treatment they themselves and others received, as well as validated DM’s behavior. Consent that is inferred from signs, actions, or facts, or by inaction or silence is – implied consent. Every single person, public or staff, who has witnessed abuse by DM, including the trickle down abuse by other execs, who turned a blind eye or deaf ear and did nothing in an attempt to stop it, by their silence gave implied consent and handed their power over to DM and those execs.

    I spent about 10 years in the church. My last few years, I and many others as staff, SO or public witnessed and reported the abuse of tech, policy, and people that resulted from the trickle down abuse originating at Flag. As a result of our reporting we, in turn, were targeted, so many of us finally chose to take a stand and withdrew our consent of the bad behavior by literally and openly resigning from the church in the early 80s, I’m sure many remember that schism.

    Sadly, there is a chance the abuse will continue even after DM is gone. It will be propagated by those execs who take his place, that have or will model themselves after him to a greater or lesser degree. At first the behavior will go into covert mode until this wound appears to have healed or been forgotten. Slowly but surely it will progress evolving again into the horror it has become . . . unless, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, INCLUDING ATTORNEYS, WHO AIDED DM, BY THEIR ACTION AND/OR INACTION, IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND DEALT WITH.

    I think what Debbie is doing is highly commendable, courageous and a long time coming; I see it as the culmination of events that had its beginnings in the early 80s, The First Wave – Recognition and Confrontation, hopefully followed by The Second Wave – Accountability and Reformation, leading to The Third Wave – Restoration and Liberty.

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