What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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  1. What is successful here is that INCOMM graphic artists (does incomm even still exist?) must have studied the art series and at least somewhat been in tune with current pop culture. But yeah I know, I’m being a Pollyanna here.

  2. Human Rights and PR? Really? If this were held by ANYBODY else, it would actually be pretty cool – 10 nights and all that for $1850 (great deal) BUT how about sending all the SO members holed up – show them some human rights? Gonna teach somebody how to make slimy websites and dish up their own comments too? Ludicrous!

  3. Tom Gallagher

    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    Answer: Where’s POB’s mug shot.

  4. LOL!!! Religious Freedom for all unless your an Indie then your a squirrel or an apostate or an SP etc. Dave your an A-HOLE!!!!!!

  5. The Price tag? More exploitation. It’s exploiting blacks, too, for cash.

  6. How about deceptive advertising, for starters?

  7. What is wrong with the picture is that NO ONE: staff, SO or Public really have any human rights and the other thing I noticed is that once again, we all pay ($1,850) to learn about human rights so we can spot when we don’t have any then we CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

  8. Here’s a recent email from the Freewinds. Note the tone of desperation. I almost (but not quite) feel sorry for the poor dude that put this together and sent it out.

    Dear Scientologist,

    Wherever you are on the Bridge, the Freewinds New OT VIII package is a real opportunity that you might want now, to put the top of the Bridge there for you. It is $17,307.50 and includes New OT VIII, 2 intensives and 5 weeks of shared accommodation. To help you to take advantage of this package please answer the following questions.
    Would you like to take advantage of this package?

    Would you want to at least start to make advance payments for it?

    Do you have a question about this package or anything concerning the Freewinds?

    Thank you, Michael Sander Advance Scheduling Registrar

  9. There is the obvious – the convention is being promoted by a group that violates human rights every day. “Aboard the Freewinds” while people are being held like slaves in the bilge. The first photo on the top left being the ship Commanding Officer who must be aiding and abetting crimes against humanity holding people against their will on the ship.

    Having attended many such events and having spent way more time on the Freewinds than I want to admit, I guarantee those attending will not get away with $1,850 convention package. The attendees, along with anyone else who is on the ship for whatever reason will be hounded mercilessly to purchase bulk copies of DVD’s published by the church. They will pay about $12-$20 apiece for a DVD that cost the church about $.50 to produce. Then the church will turn around and talk about the 10’s of thousands of DVD’s that got distributed as if the church donated them instead of profiting from them.

    Shall I go on…?

  10. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Yvonne, for starters…

  11. Hypocrisy also comes to mind.

  12. Wow, this looks great. Only $1850, until you get trapped on the ship and regged without mercy. That’s what happens when you don’t LOOK. Of course a planetary assault on the reactive mind would be much more effective, but that is only being done outside the church.

    I totally agree, make human rights a fact! Let’s start at Int Base.

  13. Wood Dragon

    I don’t get it. Is there something wrong with this?

  14. “as if the church donated them instead of profiting from them” Good point; Well said!!

  15. While it would be easy for OSA to claim that we here don’t agree with human rights and are thus SP’s, the deeper problem begins with a little issue called “Incredibly awful church PR”.

    Said PR centers mostly around the abusive MISTREATMENT of HUMANS by the church’s leader.

    Resolve THOSE human rights abuses and maybe we’ll be getting somewhere.

    I’m sure as I read more comments here, I’ll be enlightened as to a myriad of additional things wrong with the above picture…

  16. Don’t forget the once a week IAS extortion event. Attendance is manditory and resistance is futile.

  17. The brochure advertises:

    “Do you want religious freedom in your area and country for all?”

    and at the bottom is says about Scientology religion:

    “Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world EXCLUSIVELY by licensees of the Church of Scientology International with the permission of the Religious Technology Center.”

    No freedom here… at least the course should start with RCS itself, the biggest offender (not defender) of human rights outside North Korea…

  18. Well ….let me take a shot at it. Human Rights? Why yes of course…. unless you are SO at Int. Base or are within 100 yards in any direction of David Miscavige at any other location in the universe

  19. Let’s see…no photo of LRH…no reference of where the LRH quote came from…and WOW! What a place to hold a “Human Rights” convention…on a prison ship…LOL.

  20. Random Stranger



    1) The right to be punched, kicked, choked, slapped, spit on and thrown to the floor by COB.

    2) The right to purchase the same materials, slightly altered each time, over and over and over again.

    3) The right to be lied to.

    4) The right to be in debt.

    5) The right to keep COB in his luxurious lifestyle.

    6) The right to be verbally abused.

    7) The right to do the same services over and over and over again.

    8) The right to attend events.

    9) The right to be disconnected from your family members.

    10) The right to be sued.

  21. The Freewinds has a golden arch over it and did not get permission from Mcdonalds?

  22. martyrathbun09


  23. martyrathbun09

    The right to grant no rights to others.

  24. Robert Earle

    I have to say Marty there is it least the obvious confession that the Real experts on Human Rights aren’t at RTC or other staff . They’re someone in the field. Although whether these individuls are the experts on this topic may or may not be .
    Of course there is the obvious out point of current CofS attempting to educate on human rights. That’s akin to hogs discussing importance of keeping a clean mud hole, and the proper diet to keep ones weight down.

  25. I think someone is going to be punched in the face or RPFed when the quota for sales on the “Human Rights” event does not get met.

    An irony? No, just full-blown Miscavology applied.

  26. “The time is now for all men and women to work shoulder to shoulder for peace and freedom against racial, religious and ethnic hatred the price is a world of peace and sanity where the pursuit of happiness is possible”

    “Do you want religious freedom in your area and country for all?
    Are you tired of the human rights infringements?
    Do you feel that something should be done about it?”

    My answer: Yes to all!

    Church of Scientology answer: Yes, for $1,850 you can learn what is otherwise broadly available (may Eleonore Roosevelt rest in her grave.) As part of the seminar you will also attend special IAS fund raising events to further contribute to keeping human rights abuses concealed. You will be drilled on how to buy bulk orders that fit right on your garage shelves of Human Rights DVDs (we have to get rid of overstock to make room for the new stock of COB Tribute video being released on March 13th).

    There has been some controversy as to the standardness of New OT VIII and with Marty’s blog gaining popularity the 6-months sec checks have extended the time on New OT VII a bit so the Freewinds, your own lovely ship, needs an additional source of income as OT VIII arrivals are down. Convention admission fees are now a major GDS of the FSSO and this can help us win the SO league Birthday Game!

    We will also conduct a special work clearing session where you will re-clear the word “all”. KTL has been cancelled and COB has personally taken the time to lay out the correct definition for y’all:

    all: (noun or adverb) referring to all those who rides COB’s coattail and donates money to the IAS or in any other forms contribute monetarily to the Church – the ne plus ultra protector of human rights. It does not include those who think freely or are the subject of an “open mind” or engage in “free thought”. It definitely does not include any who may be critical of or disaffected with anything relating to COB. Those who fit this definition can be included in “all”.

    We will also hold evening courses in retention conducted in the engine room conducted by our highly trained security staff to increase your skill in detaining and converting anyone in your local area or country that doesn’t fit within the established definition of “all”.

    Captain Napier will personally check you out so you fully understand what gaining human rights acceptance for “all” everywhere really means.

  27. What I see is 4 blacks, one white and an award winning executive. Unbalanced promotion – to whom I wonder?

  28. Also, “the Colonel” is being called a “he”, but I am pretty sure that’s a young woman pictured.

  29. Their guest “foremost Human Rights authority” is from Columbia?

    Isn’t Columbia home to the world’s major drug supply?

  30. Ummm….


  31. David Miscavige is creating all the main headaches the church is currently having to endure.

    If he had clean hands, the scene would be entirely different.

    I’d guess there will be many empty chairs at this seminar…

  32. LOL “foremost Authority on Human Rights in Columbia”.


    “Colombia’s armed groups are among the worst violators of international norms against the recruitment and use of child soldiers, Human Rights Watch said today. The Colombian government should ratify and implement the United Nations treaty prohibiting this practice.”

  33. Scientology Lawyer Tim Bowles is an authority on HUMAN RIGHTS!? I sat in an 8-hour meeting with him once (and Monique Ding-dong) and all he talked about was how to get around the law regarding the tax/corporate structure of the ABLE sector (so money could flow into church reserves from all of ABLE’s secular entities). How is HE now an authority on Human Rights?

  34. First of all, Human Rights are already a fact..on the outside world of Scientology. And that fact is only news to people who are not kept locked up and “in the dark”. You don’t need a 1800.00 trip on a boat to find this out. Just stay home.

    Yes… hypocrisy is an element here with all that is going on but it’s MUCH lower toned than that. t’s got CYA written all over it.

    ” Gee….let’s put a girl on the front. We can make her 3 x Larger than the others on the the page so so when people look at it they can see that she really IS a girl!! Heh..heh? Know what I mean? Oh!! you know what else? Let’s find a a BLACK one!!! That’s even better than a MEXICAN !!! OOoooh I’m on a roll now. It’ll be like BAM…IN THE FACE to those Mo fo’s accusing me of being prejudice, destroying women by belittling them, locking them up, breaking their fingers, feeding them slop, putting them in garbage cans, calling them slits or c**ts or having my dog spot their withholds. I’ll show them with this promo piece that none of ever happened.”

    Marty and MIke are actually O.L.s for DM. They are playing his piano.

    It goes hand-in-hand with the day-late-and-a-dollar-short expensive advertising that is occurring for the first time ever simply to prove Debbie wrong. It’s not about getting in new public. Never was.

    Looks like Debbie’s not the only one running things from the outside.

  35. Looks OK to me. Human Rights IS just a PR activity, isn’t it?

  36. If I had to chose a metaphor: Nazis holding a conference on “How to end anti-semitism” at Auschwitz.

  37. Captain Bob

    There is NO EXCHANGE FOR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES to be trained as an auditor or receive auditing

  38. I have a good friend in West Africa, who has a very strong reach for Scientology. He got some Sea Org vm people, who do the yellow tent events to come to his country.
    Two vm’s were there a week with about 2,000 attendees.
    My friend sent an e-mail and said the event was very well recieved. The attendees were divided between Moslems and Christians who did not get along well. He was amazed that the intro lectures on ARC triangle produced actual affinity between the two sides. Enough that he’d felt he needed to tell me about it. He has called me several times reaching for the tech.
    Anyway, this event did alot of good and probably cost less than a few thousand $-mostly travel.
    Imagine the people,you could reach if real money were spent on raw public dissemination ie proportionate marketing policy.

  39. 12) The right to be terrified to the bone.

  40. Captain Bob

    The LRH quote is out of context. We do not know what the quote is from which PL or HCOB or tape?

  41. Captain Bob

    I like in RED print, sign up now, act NOW. Very robotic. Red is from the art book denoting urgercy, must act.

  42. What’s wrong with the world mama
    People living like they ain’t got no mama
    I think the whole world’s addicted to the drama
    Only attracted to things that will bring you trauma
    Over seas, yeah, we tryin’ to stop terrorism
    But we still got terrorists here living in the USA
    The big CIA, the Bloods, and the Crips and the KKK

    People killing, people dying
    Children hurtin’, hear them crying
    Can you practice what you preach
    Or would you turn the other cheek
    Father father father father
    Send some guidance from above
    ‘Cause people got me, got me questioning
    Where is the love

    Whatever happened to the values of humanity
    Whatever happened to the fairness and equality
    Instead of spreading love
    We spreading animosity
    Lack of understanding
    Leading us away from unity
    That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
    That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ down
    It’s no wonder why sometimes I’m feelin’ under
    Gotta keep our faith alive ’till love is found

    Black Eyed Peas feat. Justin Timberlake
    “Where is the Love?”

  43. – The right to be kicked in your ass after 17+ years of dedication

  44. Oracle that is hillarious…..thanks! I am seeking advice from you on humor from now on.

    or·a·cle/ˈôrəkəl / Noun:
    1.A priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.

  45. Doc Holiday

    Let’s see how the attendees like their on board human rights when their passports are confiscated and held under lock and key.
    Oh! That’s right. There’s human rights and then there’s Scientology management rights. Talk about diametrically opposed dichotomies!

  46. A couple things wrong with the picture that I am aware of:

    1) There is a run-on sentence about 2/3 of the way down. They say “The time is now for all men and women to work shoulder to shoulder for peace and freedom and against racial, religious and ethnic hatred the prize is a world of peace and sanity where the pursuit of happiness is possible.” Good thing this is not a flyer for any event attended by Ecclesiastical Leader David Miscavige or the newly refurbished Hole would have a few new residents tonight.

    2) What’s a Church of Scientology human rights event without CCHR head Jan Eastgate? Her trial date for those child sexual abuse charges in Australia is in May, so she has more than enough time to do this event before heading off to Sydney.

    3) That’s not the only convention on the FeeWinds that week. They’re also hosting:

    * “OT Havingness & Expansion” (better than “losingness” and “shrinkage,” with shrinkage being a problem my wife complains about a lot now that I’m pushing 60);

    * “Dissemination and Closing” (so you can learn the secrets of those reg’s that have been smelling your blood in the water since you came on board, and

    * Idle Org conventions for LA, Salt Lake City and Bratislava (capital of Slovakia). This last is just baffling. There are 17.9 million people in the LA “combined statistical area.” And there are more Scientologists there than anywhere except Clearwater. For the record, there are 2.2 million people in the greater Salt Lake City area, and 0.7 million in the Bratislava metro area. Incidentally, I can only find a mission in Bratislava, not an Idle Org, so I’ll leave it to you to guess why they’re calling the Slovakian wingding an “Idle Org” convention. What this tells me is that they’re so afraid that they can’t fill maybe 200 slots on the boat with people from LA, the second biggest concentration of Scientologists in the world (maybe the biggest), so they have to hedge by trying to find people in Salt Lake City. And if, out of the 20.1 million people in those two areas, they can’t fill a couple dozen slots on the boat, then working the phones for weeks in Bratislava will put the stats into “Affluence.” And then for a Plan B, we’ll have the International Super Duper Human Rights Festival, to let us draw people from all over the world.

    4) “Are you tired of the human rights infringements?” should not have the word “the” in the middle of the sentence because they’re not talking about specific human rights infringements.

    Did I win the prize? Or do I have to remember to point out that putting the Church of Scientology in charge of Human Rights is about as smart as putting NAMBLA in charge of babysitting?

  47. Yvonne,
    Included is a “Basic Book and Lectures or Congress course.”
    As you and I know, this means the person is required to pick, start and complete a course while there. This is in addition to the convention and all the rest.
    It almost seems like stats have taken on a life of their own.

  48. Doc Holiday

    Hey Random, this is a good one! This should be widely disseminated to all the Indies – as it’s totally relatable.

  49. Wrong with picture? There is an unidentified hand clutching a podium just to the right of the podium with the books on it… is this Waldo’s hand? Or one of DM’s reincarnated 4 arms in this photo?
    (magnify by clicking on picture, then hold “Ctrl” key down while hitting “+” key 4 times.)
    Also, the script on microphone girl’s dress are instructions for running OT IX, but written backwards. Freewinds is missing staff and any passengers. A ghost ship? That’s all I got.. have to wait for morning to get answer…. Golden Arches? Really?

  50. Yet another LRH quote without reference aside, Human Rights, seriously? Isn’t that interesting timing… actually somewhat pathetic given the current state of affairs.

  51. I had a cognition, thought I’d share. 🙂

    When you go into debt, you are agreeing to enforced communication (not to mention enforced beingness and enforced doingness, because there are things you may not be able to change when you’re in debt) for a period of time. If you weren’t in debt, and you were in the CofS, you’d be pressured (more enforced communication) to get into debt so you could give money to the current CofS cause of the day.

    I’d never really quite identified why I left, but it really was the continuous insistence upon enforced communication in various forms, which is so different than what I thought the CofS was supposed to be about.

    I wasn’t free, not at all, and I grew to resent my self-imposed shackles very much.

  52. The date is wrong…it should read April 1st, as in…”Ship of Fooled”.

  53. What’s wrong with this picture? Lies in PR.

  54. LOL!

  55. plainoldthetan

    What’s wrong with the picture is suggests you do something — make human rights a fact — and then cleverly doesn’t provide the obvious solution — Miscavige’s resignation!

  56. Real marketing professionals ask questions that are upbeat, exciting and that everybody can answer “yes” to. Only after you get people revved up about what your offer might do for them do you ask for the order. Like “Do you see several areas where you are stuck in life that expanded OT powers could help you in?” Or, “How much happier would your sweetie be if you were like an unchained tiger in the bedroom?”

    The questions on the e-mail are so sad that I am not at much risk for whipping out my credit card and signing up in a big hurry. Your first question should never be to ask for the order as they do here.

    But it gets worse. It’s especially clever to ask, as your second question, “Would you be willing to send us money for this super-duper package before you figure out if you’re actually ready to do it so we can keep our stats from crashing this week again?”

    And then the third question basically means, “now that I’ve done everything else backwards by asking for your money first, do you have any questions I can answer so you can figure out whether you actually want what I’m trying to get you to pay $17,307.50 for?”

    No wonder it’s straight down and vertical. They are desperate because the stats are crashing, for 1077th week in a row, and they have absolutely no clue why.

  57. Bill Straass

    We should go to the ship whereever it is and peacefully march on the dock to protest the human rights violations which go on there just like MLK or others. I would be happy to go.

  58. Well, my first thought was to check out Lt. Colonel Javier Alberto Ayala Amaya since the Colombian military has not been the bastion of integrity over the years. However, he seems to have good credentials.

    Therefore, I think what’s wrong with the picture is that David Miscavige is not a required attendee for what should be a mandatory training by true human rights proponents. Perhaps he can receive a certificate of accomplishment after he quits rock slamming.

  59. “The time is now for all men and women to work shoulder to shoulder for peace and freedom and against racial, religious and ethic hatred the prize being a world of peace and sanity where the pursuit of happiness is possible.”

    Two sentences spliced together. Where are those “superliterate” graduates of Study Tech? Mistakes happen when someone is under suppression.

    What a freaking joke . . . . . . .

    Not to mention the obvious irony with regards to whose human rights are being denied . . . . .


  60. Polyanna – I’d rather play the “glad game” than the Birthday game any day . . . . . . .

  61. Isabelle Prunkl

    I thought I saw the tiny little TM next to the McIdeal Bldg…

  62. That is logo theft, copyright violation.

    The Golden Arches are the symbol of McDonald’s, the global fast-food hamburger chain. Originally, real arches were part of the restaurant design. They were incorporated into the chain’s logo in 1962.

    Well, the staff member doing the art work was probably hungry.

  63. As Hubbard stated-whats wrong with this universe is the reverse vector. Yep so right-The very people torturing and abusing others are putting on an event on Human Rights. Utter criminal lunatics will state they are the most compassionate wonderful people and someone who really is wonderfully compassionate can tell you how much better they can be and please forgive them for all their flaws. it’s a crazy universe.

  64. Captain Bob

    if you do this service, are you going up the bridge, or down the bridge? Which side of the bridge would that be- training or auditing? Will you learn how to audit another thus helping another up the bridge? Or will you receive auditing thus allowing yourself up the bridge? What is the purpose of orgs?

  65. Falsehood church pretending to be in favor of Human Rights while in fact preventing Human Rights for many.

  66. Sapere Aude

    I shall go on for you… How about Tim Bowles (as in what was Bowles and Moxon law firm) and attorney working in the field of human rights in the same sentence? The same Tim Bowles who, along with Kendrick Moxon, both working as general counsel to C of S Intl for years when human rights abuses were happening right in front of them.

  67. Cindy Pinsonnault

    What’s wrong? ha ha ha You’re a funny guy, Marty. What’s wrong, indeed. Human “rights” and on the same page Church of Scientology. How about the “FREE”winds. ha ha Don’t make me laugh any more. I just choked on my water.

  68. Um … it made me open my mouth in disbelief? There’s a line in the remake of the movie “The Thing”, starring Kurt Russell as McCready. The plot is about an alien invader that can, at a cellular level, mimic the exact physical form of the living being it invades. One member of the Arctic expedition so ‘possessed’ is on an autopsy table, and ‘the thing’, sensing danger, detaches the head, sprouts crab-legs from the gory neck, and scuttles away screeching. McCready utters the immortal words: “You gotta be f***ing kidding me …!”

  69. Ouch! Spot on!

  70. A slave ship.

  71. Chris guest


    And the rest.

  72. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    It’s a misprint…… It should read Human/Animal Rights Convention because the Opinion Leader in this field is pictured front and center….. TIM BOWELS!

    He’s the OL that is coming to you speaking on his direct and first hand experience. He will tell how his legal partner, Moxxon, lost his own daughter to human rights abuse and she lost her pet squirrel in the event.

    I bet Tim will finally tell the world the specific’s of how it was DAVID MISCAVIGE’s own hands let the handling of Moxxon’s daughter go so far off the beaten track, she kills herself not more than 500 yards from where Dave sleeps. He will tell how DAVID MISCAVGIE himself had the last communication to her father (suicide note) destroyed by Marion Dendiu.

    For free I can have attend the event, the first person (Sea Org member) on scene to this tragic event AND the Fire Fighters who responded to the incident. They can tell how the incident was the worst they had seen in their 15 and 20 year professional fire fighting careers.

    I wonder if he will leave time to tell how he has abused the legal system to gain human rights abuse protection for DAVID MISCAVIGE and the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL!


    Oh…. and the promo piece itself looks like crap. I don’t see how AVCI could approve such a piece! Oh wait…. that’s right, AVCI doesn’t exist anymore.

    — Jackson

  73. And the only way you can avoid those reg cycles is straight over the side….

  74. Well, I also gotta say that is too much verbiage. Make your point and impinge. If you need a list, use bullet points, but don’t oversell like that!

    Oh, you mean the irony of all that has been mentioned above? Yes. Plus the fact that you become a sitting duck on board for being regged for the Sea Org too, without even the recourse of taking a walk to think things over. I know, it happened to my son. (Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.) (Oh, those lifetimes of Catholicism are coming back to me….)

  75. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Absolutely turns my stomach.

    Has anything been asserted?

  76. Where to begin? Let’s see, they are going to get lectured by Tim Bowles, Pasadena lawyer of Bowles & Moxon fame. best known perhaps for his role in the takedown of the old Cult Awareness Network. And his “human rights” experience is what? He’s the ED of “Youth for Human Rights International” whose total contribution to the subject is handing out literature. And totally ignoring the human rights violations within the Church of Scientology. And they will also hear from a young Liberian man who may be a nice kid but is another member of the “Youth for Human Rights” front group, virtually unknown outside of OSA’s press releases. And a Colonel from a country with one of the worst human rights records in the Western Hemisphere, Colombia. And they are going to learn Scientology’s PR technology, which is working so well for them. And all of that costs only $1,850. Wow, sign me up. (Not)

  77. Wood Dragon

    Oh I think I get it now. It could go one of two ways.

    The poster should read either:

    “…Human rights violations must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream” DM

    Learn how to do it RIGHT from the MOST EXPERIENCED & BEST in the field….


    Mr David Miscavage. POB, Usurper, SP, Psycho and fully hatted Human Rights violator. If you want to learn something then you should always look to the best in the field for your inspiration.

    LEARN: The 12 antisocial characteristics and how to correctly apply each.

    GET: Practical actions to make all your associates into cowed excuses for human beings.

    STUDY and DRILL: DM hatting on Black PR, Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology so you can violate human rights everywhere you go.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get hatted from the master. Subjects covered include: how to correctly spot the wrong target. It is easy to spot the right target but spotting the wrong target requires much more work and drilling; the gentle art of the surprise attack; physical violence, including moving physical violence from phase I to phase II; how to take over a religion and use it for your own personal ends; how to cloak yourself as a Human Rights defender while actually violating those rights.

    By the end of the convention you should feel hatted and drilled to become a despot and be able, in very little time, to take down any big being and make them into a subservient slave.

    A must for any would be dictator.


    Or the other version:


    “…Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream” LRH

    Learn how to defend Human Rights by crashing through a razor wire fence with the strength of numbers.

    This convention will be held outside the Int Base. The purpose will be to crash through the gates and free all those entrapped inside.

    Everyone is invited whether they be: current members of the Church of Scientology, FreeZoners, Independent Scientologists, Anonymous or just concerned citizens. The press should come too so we have independent coverage of what is unearthed and the whole event is documented.

    The date for this convention is 13 March.

    There will be no speakers just the combined will of the just in settling an injustice.

    This is the only convention a Scientologist can go to where they will make human rights a fact within their religion.


    Now a disclaimer: This is a fantasy there is no convention outside the base and violence isn’t a solution but sometimes it is good to dream.

  78. What’s wrong with this picture?
    It’s a dichotomy.

  79. “…human rights must be made a fact, not a idealistic dream.” – LRH

    As every Scientologist knows, when referring to an LRH datum or quote, one must always provide its source. To do otherwise is to open the door to alterations of the technology!


    HCO P/L 15 February 1979
    KSW Series 24, Verbal Tech: Penalties
    (OEC Vol. 0, p. 24)

    From Friends of LRH’s Blog

  80. davemessenger

    The “Human Rights Convention” poster contains this one sentence:

    “The time is now for all men and women to work shoulder to shoulder for peace and freedom and against racial, religious and ethnic hatred the prize is a world of peace and sanity where the pursuit of happiness is possible.”

    This was written by a super-literate graduate of a Golden Age of Tech course?

  81. Under Radar

    I DO feel sorry for him, as I felt sorry for the Birthday Game I/C of L.A. Foundation yesterday.
    Desperation is the word!

  82. Exactly…but the hypocrits on the ship won’t stop with dvd’s. Remember, the IAS lives on the ship…lurking in the shadows always ready to come into the light to pounce on a new victim, or suck the money out of an old reliable victim. And lets not forget the lawyer…yea, a real ‘savior’ of human kind..please.

    On a different note (sort of), I just heard that San Francisco Org is trying a second time to purchase the building across the street from current their “ideal org.”
    And, “the real exciting news” is that “it is all going be high tech with screens etc for new public.” Implant anyone? Who needs live communication anymore? This is all being order from ‘the big guy” I heard the person say…lol, the ‘big guy’, but she wasn’t laughing, she was dedicatedly serious.

    The current ‘ideal’ org building is way smaller than the old org,(that was so empty it echoed), and although it is pretty on the first floor and outside, it is not big enough for a proper div 6…no chapel! You know who designed it, complete with wall panels. The really stupid thing is that the div doesn’t pull in enough new people to fill the small div 6 as it is, and the org is not making the income or the delivery (from what I can gather) to support yet another building! Of course, they didn’t have the stats the first time either, so what the hell. Make the public pay for it, so DM can line his pockets. What a formula…get a building which is smaller, then make the public buy another one across the street which is larger, and then tell everyone how much the SFO is kicking ass on SF. Yea, that’s crazy expansion. yawn.

  83. Theo Sismanides

    Human Rights for me too as an SO member or public that i want to practice my religion the way LRH laid it out in HCOBs and HCOPLs which should stay unaltered.

    Human Rights for me too as an SO member who wanted to have children while in the SO and couldn’t for fear of forced abortion by the church seniors.

    Human Rights for me too as an SO member who worked as a slave only to find myself declared a Suppressive Person.

    Human Rights for me too as a Scientologist who instead of being excommunicated should have been helped here in Greece to help Scientology and my Country which is undergoing a big crisis united with other Scientologists.

    Human Rights for Scientologists who see their religious freedom being shuttered to pieces by the very church management.

    Thanks to Ron who stated the two rights of a thetan: the right to his own sanity and the right to leave a game. Leaving a suppressive game is therapeutic.

    Human Rights in the church is PR, PR, PR…. the church has become another one of those corporations or government agencies around a world under Globalization and Suppression by the real SPs.

    Human Rights to Debbie Cook to have a fair and decent trial.

    Human Rights to all Scientologists to get back their religion and its principles as laid out by LRH.

  84. It’s a lie.

  85. Yea I have to agree with the hounding, as a simliar event here in london had been held some time early this year and it had been witnessed of rounding the people that attended up before they left to have an interview to pay money in. A friend of mine went there to see exactly what is done
    and also went through the rounding up process for an interview
    ,and said I don’t have any money. Some were upset at the tatics used repeatly being asked to stay and hear of whats on offe. Saying the advertisning was weird/ promotion handed out misleading.

  86. Fresh coat of golden paint for a crumbling facade which is covering the rotten enterprise of a vile dictator which is practicing the opposite of Human Rights. A golden age of golden paint for Goldfinger – GAG?

  87. Unrepressed CA Native Not Impressed with D.M.

    The scheduled guest speakers, Tim, Joseph (Jay) and the Colonel are all under the oppressive “Religious” control of one Mr David Miscavige, all- the- while touting the virtues of “Religious Freedom” – while aboard the prison ship.


  88. scilonschools

    Well I like the way they have the words ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ in an eroded type face, freudian ? 🙂

  89. Duh! Marty! That’s easy!
    The answer is ‘everything’
    Now give me a hard one 😀

  90. Hi all, I haven’t posted before, but I am a regular reader and supporter. I knew Tim Bowles very well up at Delphi Oregon and he wouldn’t know a human right if it hit him upside the head. The only human rights he knows are those he is paid big bucks for and that feed his huge ego. What a joke and a scam!
    Thanks, Marty, for all that you do.

  91. Wait. Bowles? That is rich. Representing employers against employees is fighting for civil rights how, exactly? Especially since he had the Scn lawyer practice doing same on behalf of the church.

  92. oooh, I love these games! Let’s see, Tim is speaking because Rick is in the Hole?

  93. They say “make human rights a fact”, as if human rights are not a fact without the magical involvement of Scilon PR tech.

    It makes the Scilon base ship seem the only hope of getting human rights in to the poor little Scilon drones. Where the base ship profits at 3 times market rates for a cruise.

    Bowles, of Boles and Moxon is the hero teaching others how human rights must be implemented through PR.

    Once again proving history wrong that people don’t need to fight for their own freedom, every sacrifice made, every life lost, every drop of blood or sweat shed for human freedom and rights was unnecessary because they just needed to go to the Freewinds for a week for a couple of grand. Besides, no one other than the Scilons have ever done anything for human rights really, they are the only ones that can help … really. Remember Tom Cruse KSW rant; “WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN REALLY HELP, THAT CAN DO ANYTHING AND MEAN ANYTHING!”

    Sorry, I have been watching Battlestar Gallactica on BBC, nearing the end of the series, and am amazed by some of the parallels.

  94. George M. White

    That is more than a 65% price decrease from 1988. If you consider inflation,
    Miscavige has added no value to OTVIII with his wild truncations and changes.
    Even in 1988, Miscavige was the great “unbundler”. With Miscavige, you never get a ‘bridge’. You only get small, confused pieces.


  95. I thought that – this is KSW on poster…

    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  96. It’s another attempted mind control operation. From inspection it can be noticed the “ship” standing out as a picture and, disconnected below, the high value price of $1.850. Now the connection is made. So Much for Human Rights. In graphics you can see the other elements that add up to parts of pictures and words of implants and in a specified format, then the whole ad has a thick border covertly transfering the effect of a picture like a picture on a wall and the effect of a picture of the mind- a facsimile. We all can see that.
    It can also make one think how much goodness there is and can be.
    Let’s hope the ship has a better trip than the recent Mediterranian Cruise Ships or The Titanic as we watch from the Level Of ——–
    The “extenuation” of Viewpoints ——–
    ‘ **O00O** ‘

  97. Joe Pendleton

    Jewel, you’re not talking about the building across the street to the east, are you? Cause that the Transamerica Pyramid, which would be big enough and cost every Scientologist in the country every cent they have and could borrow…. and when turned over to the IAS make up for all the lost contributions this year. Hey, I’m just kidding. I think the staff at San Francisco should all probably do a “cement demo” of HCO PL Bean Theory… talk about “cap in hand”… how about PRODUCING before you hit up the public for more money. BOTTOM LINE? If you can’t have the game of making auditors in any number to keep the staff doing something, then you gotta have another game and the old standby in the Miscavige years is……. no suprise……. RAISE MONEY!!!!! (sounds like fun, there’s two years of events and all sorts of activity). Of course I can make light of all this as I don’t live in or near Baghdad by the Bay.

  98. Joe Pendleton

    Bottom Line? The “churchies” will pretty much believe anything handed down to them. Yeah, there was the “Story of a SquirreL” about Mayo, but when there was cheering during the absolute preposterous story of LRH’s leaving his completely healthy body to explore the stars (with no turning over his hat program or any good-bye to Scientologists – natch), Mr. Dave knew that the true believers were in such an anaten state, they would believe anything. Human Rights event on the Freewinds? Sure, the IAS needs more bodies in the shop ….. so hand over your passports, kids. I’m guessing the only folks who attend this seminar (and there will be enough I’m sure) will be those folks who are so directly on reg lines, they probably won’t be able to say no.

  99. You’re right.
    The same is being done with all the “Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard” Materials (Life improvement courses for instance, but not limited to them).
    What a mess.

  100. Excellent! I am glad to hear that there are stories of the tech working! I know that a lot of the VM stuff is PR and for show, but nevertheless, “Scientology Zero” is so full lof fabulously workable stuff!

  101. Moving Forward

    No, the building in question faces the secondary entrance on Columbus. Almost immediately after SF moved into the new building, they were told to start raising $$ to buy that building because the one they just moved into ‘wasn’t big enough’. I can’t tell you how deflated people looked when they heard that news. I know I was floored.

    I haven’t been in that org for months, but earlier last year it was virtually empty every time I went. I think 1 public was in the Div 6 area (which is already filled with screens…) over 4 trips and a maximum of 5 people in the Div 6 courseroom. The 3rd floor (Qual) was entirely empty every time.

  102. Now that’s the real deal, Jackson. The truth behind the pictures. I read this story before. Thanks for keeping the truth alive so I’m never fooled by the pictures!

  103. Ah, it should read “HUMAN RIGHTS ========= CONVENTION”, the missing word is “VIOLATION”. The attendees will definitely cognize the real meaning of “freedom from ___ (any human rights violation)” as soon as they get off the ship.

  104. “Human Rights Convention on Board the Freewinds.”

    LOL, a human rights convention on board a vessel where slave labor is imprisoned against their will. I guessing the invites to this event to the RPF’s RPF’S assigned to the engine room or bilge cleaning duty will somehow get “lost.”

  105. moneca ryane

    Oh here is a biggie and totally off policy. One of the first things any promo piece is supposed to have is ‘time, place, form and event’.
    If you look closely this has dropped out time …… NO YEAR. So this could be happening next year or already happened.
    This would be a big hand slap, but CO$ is so out tech, I guess this doesn’t even matter.
    AND the whole piece plus two facedness of the CO$ make me want to barf.

  106. What’s wrong with this picture?

    The idea that the church of scientology proposes that people should come to them to learn about human rights. Kinda freaky that they will put their own twist on them too.

  107. Human Rights and the Church of Scientology?
    Must be a joke.

  108. DM — No, I think it was carefully constructed by an attendee of last month’s “Shermanspeak Hypnotism Cruise.” The entire cruise ($1850 for 3 days, plus you must sign up for a minimum of 6 hours of IAS Reg target practice on you) consisted of watching Miscavige speeches, one after the other and then doing “GAT” drills to memorize some of his most remarkable, unpunctuated sentences. Now that was a “cruise” from Hell.

  109. Jethro Bodine

    Well, for starters, “The Freewinds” should be called “The Jailwinds”…

  110. Sorry, it’s not McCready who gets the line. Here’s the clip:

    The resemblances are interesting, in particular, the general “feel” of the, er … transmutation.

  111. Reminds me of the “Russian cruise liner” example in the Data Series.

    Human Rights, Freewinds, RCS all in the same sentence. Can’t get any more contrary than that.

  112. Another Layer


  113. Another Layer

    Mr. Almblad,
    Thank you for pointing out the laughable contradiction in terms present in that piece of “promo.”
    What a bait-and-switch awaits conference attendees! Being taught religious freedom by the unfreed and enslaving … gaaakkkk (hmm, GAK?). But the best part is that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is readily available on the internet (http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/), for let’s see … $0.00. One could stay in town, word clear the Declaration, read what LRH has to say on the subject, and for mass, locate the local RPF, or even visit Int Base.

  114. Another Layer

    ##) The right to keep one’s head firmly planted in the ground, and have the above rights served upon one’s posterior.

  115. I just got Gateway #402. It’s a black and white issue – zero completions – two tabloid sized sheets folded and stapled. About as low end as you can get.
    Pretty sad.
    Also got a one page flyer saying Kathy Rensberry was joining the S.O.. I can’t imagine why since she’s almost 60 now.

  116. Moving Forward

    Interesting. I’d like to have seen that but it seems I don’t rate getting the Gateway anymore. Just had a staff member swear to me upside and backwards that the org was ‘doing great’ and ‘servicing more public than ever!’

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