Update in Cook v Scientology Inc


Turn to Tony Ortega’s Runnin’ Scared for the latest update on the litigation.


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  1. Saint Peter

    Cook’s attorney, Ray Jeffrey is one sharp guy. It seems like all the ex’s live in Texas and the ex’s are going to get some payback.

  2. Good luck to you all in this Marty, Mike, Debbie etc.

    “Only a free person can be a happy person.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

  3. call me what you will

    Now if only certain individuals could be called to testify… Heber, Leserve, Shelly, Yager, Ronnie, Norman, etc.
    Even those who initially try to corroborate POB’s veil of innocence will crack and utter the truth (how ironic would it be if the words “YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH” were used – TC and POB facealm). Maybe the witnesses will even come straight out with it knowing that they can go straight to Casablanca from the courthouse.
    Stranger things have happened.

  4. Hmmmm, let’s see who might be able to supply the information requested in the first filing. Maybe Warren McShame or Lyman Spurlock. For certain the little big man himself could answer everything. Speaking of which, he is probably aging like Dustin Hoffman throughout this process. With Hoffman, however, it was latex. For DM it is the real deal. Legal pressure and vanity to not mix well.

  5. Ray and Debbie are really going to town on this now!
    All of the points he raises about the very specific relationship of various terminals in relation to this case including Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Kathy True, and David Miscavige no less!!!

    Go, Ray and Debbie, go!

  6. Thank you Marty

  7. Brilliant….I don’t see the crims walking away from this one!!!!

  8. Tom Gallagher

    It seems an entirely appropriate coincidence that the the Notice of Deposition stipulates that the deposition will commence on Monday, March 12. Sure looks like LRH is going to be receiving a very nice Birthday present this year at POB’s expense.

  9. George M. White

    “The secretive Church of Scientology is renowned as a vexatious litigant. In fact, the Church of Scientology is the top vexatious litigant listed in Wikipedia.”

    This aggression on the part of Miscavige must also cease. It is time to take him down – no one is above the law.
    As a taxpayer, thank you Mr. Jeffrey for including this.


  10. Thar be dragons ahead, Davey boy.

  11. perhaps Mr Jeffrey could find out:

    1. What is the purpose of video taping a witness statement as it bears no legal significance. Is this a common practice? Why?

    2. If parity is being asserted, why wasn’t Debbie given independent legal advice? Was she given an opportunity to seek her own counsel at church expense? (lack of bargaining position = duress)

  12. from “The Way To Happiness” (a common sense guide to better living) by L Ron Hubbard, a book distributed world wide to from school children to adults,
    7-2. “Do not bear false witness. (in bold)
    There are considerable penalties connected with swearing or
    testifying to untrue “facts.” It is called “perjury” it has heavy penalties.

    The way to happiness lies along the road to truth.” (also in bold)

    I only hope the people who are deposed follow the same teachings taught to school kids and distributed world wide.

  13. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the update Marty!
    I pray for success for Debbie and Wayne and all the Sea Org members who have been abused by dm. He is a repugnant troll who must pay his debt to society.

  14. DC’s discovery request looks long, comprehensive and very painful for CoS and DM. Everything in CoS conduct so far has been to avoid the very thing that must now be inevitable if the summary judement fails – full disclosure. My guess is they would rather withdraw and pay defendants costs than risk that. The CoS lawyers should study the McLibel case VERY carefully – even if you win you lose as the ‘world famous magical clown’ can attest.

  15. I read the filings carefully. I noticed that Mike and Marty will “be present” at the deposition scheduled to be taken next Monday. Not as witnesses, but presumably as advisers. I have to believe that the Church witness will have to think twice about lying with M&M on either side of Ray Jeffery, Debbie’s attorney. After every question, they can whisper to him, “he’s lying and here’s what to ask next to catch him at it,” or “he’s telling the truth.”

    That’s a major positive development in litigation against the Corporate Scientology, since lawyers in the past probably have not had the benefit of “self-propelled e-meters” to call bullshit on the Church’s witnesses in real time. They may not have had the experience to spot lies as they happened. Since it’s hard to go back and re-depose a witness, they then lose lots of chances to attack the credibility of the Church of Scientology, which hurts the odds of success. But now for the first time, real-time lie detection. That should be a game-changer.

    I’m thinking you guys can really mess with the witness by randomly whispering stuff in Mr. Jeffery’s ear even when the witness is telling the complete and accurate truth — he’ll be going crazy wondering what lie you have caught him at even when you’re just talking about who you think will win the World Series this year.

    Even funnier: a court filing last week published in the Village Voice included a demand that the court forbid Marty and Mike from serving as witnesses in the case. That’s a ridiculous demand that Miscavige undoubtedly ordered the lawyers to include as part of his rabid campaign to deny the Cooks any sort of defense. I remember thinking at the time that it was strange since Mike & Marty were out before the Cooks left in 2007, so they wouldn’t have any direct knowledge of the events at issue in the case. So now it appears that DM got his wish: M&M won’t be witnesses after all. They will be advisors! That’s a way more dangerous role for them to be in. Remember that old saying about, “be careful what you wish for — you might just get it”?

  16. Mark Fisher

    Amazing Attorney on Debbie’s side! Though I also suspect based on some of the actions he calls for, he is getting some real expert advice!

    DM is going to have to cry uncle at some point. He will never go through with a deposition.

    I love JP’s analysis comments on the Village Voice web site as well as here.

    Good luck to Debbie and Wayne!

  17. So, as I see it, the Movie will be not about David Miscavige in particular but rather about the case where his ass was kicked by a Lady.

    David Miscavige could be played by Daniel Craig (if DM wouldn’t be so small). Well, Daniel will need to walk on his knees in this role.

    Jimmy Kimmel: “is it great to watch yourself … beating people up in a movie?
    Daniel Craig: (laughing) “I don’t get a big kick out of it

    I’m curious what the screenplay write of “Million Dollar Baby” would think about this idea.

  18. correction above: screenplay writer of β€œMillion Dollar Baby”

  19. A very nice piece of work Mr Jeffrey. Be prepared to see even more, underhanded operations, lying, dodging, abuse, T & I, perjury, spying, etc. including your personal staff. Be sure to debrief them to the various actions to which they will be targeted in their personal lives. There is no low to which the Miscavige will not reach and there are several below even that.

    Go Debbie.

    Of course the church will produce nothing in discovery. So expect the need for sanctions against them for compliance.

    This fight is only beginning.

  20. Once the lawyers representing Scientology get over their belief that they can rush this to judgement, expect them to start “churning the file.” Delay, avoid, dodge, extend will be what they will begin to do. This could go on for years. We will need to keep up the good fight and be prepared to fund Debbie’s lawsuit to the end. It will be up to Mr. Jeffrey to try to cut through all the crap and keep it moving along. It will be up to Marty, et al, and other information sources to keep it in the public view. Ray Jeffrey is a very smart man in keeping Debbie’s supporters well informed. In the end, there will be no point in any settlement or judgement that has a non-disclosure clause attached. As an American, I am truly pleased that Debbie has legal representation; something she should have had that day when she signed that incredibly unjust and unfair agreement with the Church.

  21. Cured Robot


  22. Please Davey, keep going; you’re doing doing yourself a favor!

  23. Note to Davey’s assistant, Lou…….

    Better dust off little Davey’s booster seat for the witness stand. Won’t he look cute up there?

  24. Sugar Ray Jeffrey is biggest star of the entire battle and campaign!

  25. Holy Bat Team!
    I sit here alone, miles away and when I read this stuff and about all the progress being made, it truly feels as if I’ve just walked out of the HGC.



    To be expected, all points (and then some) are covered. I found myself saying : YES!! after reading each of the items on the List for Production. Way to prove DM has nothing to do with running FLAG, holding people against their will and having them hunted down when they run off, eh?

    The thought of protecting DM on the basis that that FLAG is a separate entity and he has nothing to do with FLAG operations & management is simply absurd.

    Heck, If we were to gather up the total amount of paper used in printed (telexes/emails only) sent from RTC to FLAG while Debbie was on post and wall-papered the Grand Canyon with it, there would be paper left over.

    Best described by Tony O:

    “three new court filings that promise to make the discovery process a painful one for David Miscavige, Scientology’s leader.”


  26. Somewhere the ghost of JP Morgan is smiling down upon the leader of Corporate Scientology for just having spent a billion and a half dollars on copper!

  27. I’m so taking you with me next time I wind up in court πŸ˜€

  28. Sara — 1. Yes, its common. So it can be brought into court to “prove” there was no “duress” because it all looks friendly and civil…. and 2. because if she had independent legal advice any attorney would have advised her not to sign the agreement. Mike

  29. On behalf of a beautiful friend, no longer with us…I am going to post the words she would have said if she were here…
    “David Miscavige…you have gotten yourself into an interesting position…either way you bend, you’re F%$@#D.”

  30. I have been interested in the trials and tribulations of your church for quite some time (thanks to the Tampa Bay Times), and I finally decided to post a comment. Even though I am not a scientologist, I feel like I have come to “know” a good many of you, and have been empathetic to your cause for some time now. This is a HUMAN Rights abuse situation, and should be of interest to ALL fellow humans, not just to those who practice Scientology. I just wanted to say that thanks to Marty, Mike, and sooooo many others involved, I believe that scientologists, and non-Scientologists are moving closer and closer to accepting eachother, regardless of each individual’s religious beliefs (horrible things like this tend to bring caring human-beings together, regardless of race, creed, religion…etc.). I believe there is room for all of us to co-exist, harmoneously, in SPITE of Mr. Miscaivage. I find myself checking Marty’s blog, and the Village Voice several times daily…..to see the latest turn of events. I have to say that I am very excited that this tyrant (who is responsible for the bad PR related to your religion, and MANY crimes against your fellow parishoiners) is about to CRASH and BURN! I just wanted you to know that there are plenty of us (non-scientologists) out here that are whole-heartedly routing for your success!! Like I said, through your many posts, we have learned that you are all caring, warm, smart, and loving individuals…who have set out to right a wrong (or several wrongs for that matter). Again, I just wanted to let you know that you have the support, empathy, and utmost respect from ALOT of non-scientologists too!! I wish this mom of three could do something to help more, but I thought I would at least “vocalize” my support, and will certainly continue to pray for your success in this case, and for the restoration of you church, as it was before the dictator took over. Best of luck to you all!! πŸ™‚

  31. Lol!

  32. Wow. Thank you, mom of three.

  33. OMG-All these discovery requests from the most vexatious litigant around-I love it. I’d like to see the Kathy True reports and the surveillance videos-well all of it. DM is cranking up his lie machine full tilt boogie now-He needs super power along with his scotch and copper rods.

  34. Very nice comment!

    It feels good to watch karma play out. So many of us have been waiting for the day when the bully gets his just desserts. The little stinkin’ rat is cornered and he can’t bluff his way out, can’t scream his way out and can’t bully his way out. He’s cornered and he did it to himself.

  35. Dear Empathetic Fellow Human,
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and with it entirely, for being and communicating what you have here.

    Jim Logan

  36. I’m relishing the thought of David “Hollywood” Miscavige’s reaction to being in the ring with a good ole boy attorney from Bul-f***g-verde, Texas. Mister Sophisticated Fancy-Tailor-Suited Miscavige thinks he is so superior but he is about to be bested by a man who is pure of heart and overflows with basic goodness – and probably buys off the rack. Being the bigot that he generally is, Miscavige most likely assumes all the IQ points gravitate to the east or west coast – wrong again.

  37. Thanks Empathetic- for all all your prayers.

  38. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    Thank you very much for your support!!

  39. Thank you so much for this very sincere, heartfelt communication. Thank you for your support of our cause. As a mother of one, who recently got her son back from the tyrannical forces of the Church, who had persuaded him to disconnect, I want you to know how much your comment means to me. It’s good to know there are wonderful people like you rooting for us.

    Much love,
    Catherine Von ach

  40. Thank you very much. I wasn’t sure if I was out of line for posting here, but as I said…..I just wanted to let you know about ALL of the support (which is continuing to grow) that is out there!!. πŸ™‚

  41. That’s funny, I had the same feeling. Cute how running a PT 3D engram has such an effect. I thought I was personally not really affected but being connected on a 3D level, it does impinge and distance is no part of it.

  42. As I said before, David Miscavige is just beginning to find out what he’s up against: a courageous strong woman, backed up by a courageous strong husband, and a courageous strong group, all willing to use L. Ron Hubbard’s wonderful technology of communication, ethics, justice, administration, public relations; AND willing to use the Justice and Ethics procedures of the society at large, specifically, the Texas Court system.

    When will you learn?


  43. Oh, I almost forgot, YEE HAW!

  44. Ok, get ready for the Church litigation dog and pony extravaganza. They will fight every discovery request tooth and nail, no matter how reasonable. When do finally produce a witness, they will refuse to answer half the questions requiring team Debbie to go to the judge to compel answers. They will unleash the most outrageous and burdensome discovery demands of their own. The purpose is to grind team Debbie down and cost outrageous amounts of money, hoping Debbie will be oppressed into giving up and settling on terms the Church likes. As I said in an earlier comment, it will be scorched earth squared. This is meat grinder city. However, I have a feeling this act will not play well in San Antonio.

  45. “Pure of heart”.
    I haven’t had the opportunity to see him in court, as you did, Mrs Schick, but this is the impression I had of this man.

    “The good go free!”

  46. Great!
    Thanks to you very much!

  47. That’s right! YEE HAW!!! πŸ™‚
    *I was going to do it for you in reply to your post but you posted first!! LOL

  48. This is not federal court where you can churn a case for years. State court judges, particularly at the trial level, do not have the patience for that kind of crap. If Co$ stalls too hard, or plays too many games with discovery, they are likely to get sanctioned to a level up to and including default judgment against them. This is a new experience for David Miscavige and I cannot believe he is happy at all right now – even though I believe it was almost certainly his idea to hit this particular hornet’s nest with a 1-foot stick.

  49. EFH, well said and thank you for being you.
    I also feel that in a way a lot of man’s integrity is on trial here. Deep down every human being has an inkling of what natural justice is and what it can do – it especially motivates people like Miscavige to hide his crimes any way he can. Honor and integrity don’t need the borders of any religion to exist or being defined by. You are a good person to say such things and that is enough to be regarded as a friend of human rights. One’s actions in life are the only true test of one’s intentions.
    Best of luck to you too.

  50. “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression , come from what source it may.” Sam Houston

  51. Debbie, Ray Jeffrey, Marty, Mike, et al, and even all the churchies who, know it or not, need disconnection from the out-ethics scene within their church… The Force is with us all.
    Thank you, Debbie! You are a truly a leader.

  52. Empathetic fellow human,

    Thank you for your communication and for letting us know about the support. Sharing here your observations and thoughts is very much appreciated.


  53. Mother of three “Empathetic”, thank you for your comments. Not out of line at all. Social beings have social responses to madness.

    Disconnection and destruction of families is status quo for DM.
    I am a father of three. Thanks to the Church and David Miscavige’s tyranny of misapplication of Hubbard’s works, I haven’t seen or heard from any of my children in over a decade. It is more painful than if they were dead. At least then I would know why I don’t hear from them. I may know they’re alive but nothing to affirm it. No pictures, no communication, no “how are you dad?”, nothing! It is a pretty creepy feeling for anyone to endure. This law suit may change the reason for all that insanity by ousting DM and his minions and bringing sanity back to SCN. Isn’t it amazing that one individual can make total hodge-podge out of so many lives and care nothing about the effects created. Worse yet, the realization that many of us have actually given our hard earn money to DM (AKA – the church) to turn around and destroy our families. Arrgh!!

    Thanks Debbie, M & M, Tony, and all truthful commenters on this blog for keeping the candle burning brighter.

  54. The Church has succeeded in keeping cases churning for years in State courts, too. On the other hand, it has been burned in both state and federal courts when employing this strategy as well. As I said before, I don’t think the scorched earth litigation strategy of every tiny point in this case is going to play well in the San Antonio court.

  55. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for that, you very nice empathetic human! πŸ™‚

  56. DM`s secretary on the stand:
    Debbie`s lawyer: Did you ever witness Mr. Miscavige beat people up?
    Secretary: NO! It`s not in his nature! I know every inch of his body and he never had any bruises on his knuckles.

  57. Nice to know you are out there. Your vocalized support counts.

  58. John P. – who told you that Mike Rinder and Mark Rathbun won’t be called as witnesses ? I very much doubt that either of them or Mr. Jeffrey told you so.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  59. David Miscavige in his infinite wisdom has likely trumped common sense Lawyer advice by bringing this “religious” matter into the Law Courts.
    No longer does media of the world have to worry about “libel” and Church retaliation. They can publish whatever they want, whenever they want that was part of court records, in testimony in live court proceedings and this will go viral as the media of the world descend on San Antonio.
    I believe David Miscavige wants a Committee of Evidence as run by Marty and Mike as Miscavige himself has custom designed the current scenario , so that the ongoing collection of “Knowledge Reports” will explode all over the lines.

  60. Not out of line at all. You are always welcome.

  61. HN: Yes, its about to begin. Objections to discovery. Protective orders. Refusal to respond. Ridiculous discovery requests on the defendants (you can see it coming — give the names and addresses of every person who has given you money or sent you an email, all phone records, passwords to your email accounts, doctors records etc etc. Somehow George Spencer is going to be issuing nutty discovery requests and further destroying his reputation (or he will be off the case). Don’t be surprised if the church moves to admit one of their California lawyers and Spencer and Co become windowdressing. It’s all so predictable.

  62. You’ve just expressed, Sherb, what I wanted to say – but better than I would have said it. It is really a case of man’s integrity being on trial. This case is capturing the imagination of the general public such as the wonderfully erudite empathetichumanbeing ITT partly because a more intense battle of good vs evil, right vs wrong could not be imagined. The players in this drama have a great responsibility, the stakes are high. Very high. The very existence of a justice system in a civilised society is to cope with moments like this, and see reason, truth and sanity prevail. I have every faith that truth WILL prevail, and justice will be done, though it may be a long and tough struggle. The will of the good and the decent always, in the end win.

  63. Words of wisdom from a Texas hero. Thanks, Laura Ann.

  64. I love Ms Cook’s lawyer. The notice of deposition and request for production were fun to read. He’s like a shark who smells blood in the water and is now circling the sinking boat…I hope for the best on Monday!

  65. Another Layer

    Thank you! It means so much that you would reach out as you have, and that you care enough to share your support. Your children are blessed to have a great mom like you, concerned and making the world a better place for them.

  66. MR: Yes, I am sure the lawyer team will be beefed up with some LA muscle. Problems for the Squirrel King and his scorched earth team are: 1) As you say, how predictable they are; 2) Their best staff talent is no longer on their staff, but on the other side of the case opposing them; and 3) Squirrel King is their glaring weak point, in every way – both all the evidence that concerns him personally, which is devastating to them, and the sad fact that he will run the dog and pony show and probably reach new lows of insanity in the act of doing so.

  67. Random Stranger


    Dave: “If I get subpoenaed I’m going to be so unbelievably pissed off there’s no telling what’ll happen. I see death and heads exploding. I’m afraid of myself. Quick, where’s my copper rod? Maybe I should go on vacation.”

    Tom: “Easy, Dave. I could just become you and go to court for you.”

    Dave: “Wha??”

    Tom: “Yeah, Hollywood make-up job, I take a couple inches of shoe lifts out, a little plasticine, a wig, we’re good to go!”

    Dave: “What about the voice and…you can do my mannerisms??”

    Tom: “Easy. Watch this, ‘Hey youz, shuddup! Dis and Dat and Joisey! Smack! Whoa! My dog smells out-ethics! Slap! Spit! Stupid slits!! Kick! Pow! Where’s my lobster tails?? Oh! You can’t handle the truth! Aaaahhh! Lisp! RPF! Expelled! Lisp! Where’s Heber? I feel the need to slap him! Where’s my scotch?? I’ll teach that bitch a goddamn lesson! Lisp! Gimme dat Eternity you rotten criminal SP @#$%!!!’ How was that, Dave?”

    Dave: “Next year I’m pickin’ somebody else to be the most dedicated Scientologist I know.”

    Tom: “Ah, come on Dave!”

  68. As usual, the OSA sockpuppets are trying to control the comments on the Village Voice article – at least one sock appears to be a fake Anonymous. I could use some support dealing with this over there.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  69. That’s why DM should hang his COB/POB hat in Tennessee.

  70. It is interesting that some religions consider that truth is a value, but it is fine to lie to “outsiders” — some types of Islam do that too. Shame.

    Wish the CoS had to swear in on their sacred honor as a Scientologist too.

  71. Mike, it is all so predictableindeed!

  72. Christ, now I’m thinking about moving to Texas… seems to be where all the action is ! lol

    We could put together our own band of renegade cowboy investigators to follow the RCS goons around… that could be fun !

  73. this comment just gave me the laugh of the day! So funny to mock up the look of a booster seat with Dave sitting in it on the stand crying like a big baby.

  74. I am thinking the easiest way to put David Miscavige at effect of you, is to oppose him. He doesn’t even realize he has gone effect at this point. Hubbard himself said anyone you depend on, you go the effect of. Sure, there are people in the Church that have depended on him and gone effect of him. But it works both ways. He has depended on people too, he depended on people to go away and keep their mouth shut. He depended on people to obey orders. He depends on people to lay down and not fight back. He depends on people for a lot of things. He depends on everyone around him for whatever power he has. He depends on the public for whatever money he gets. He is so much at effect now, that all one has to do to consume his attention is oppose him. He has in fact, gone total effect of Debbie. He has gone total effect of Marty. Of Mike, Karen, the others that with hold their approval or oppose him. He has gone total effect of all that oppose him. He has gone total effect of all of us. And the numbers grow. The only way to be in a position of power and not go the effect of it is to SERVE others with that power. The mere fact that he has to attack and respond is evidence of him trying to crawl out from under the effect. He has gone the effect of his “power” , which in fact, is something only granted to him by others. All one really has to do to put the guy at total effect, is oppose him. All the power he has, comes from the approval of others.
    He may sit at that desk job another 50 years wrapped up in our opposition.
    But for every one of us that pulls our power away from him, he becomes weaker. And it keeps us at cause and him at effect.

  75. Robert Earle

    Hey look Dave ! You can be next in line. Texas justice.

  76. “It is fascinating that blackmail and punishment are the keynotes of all dark operations. What would happen if these two commodities no longer existed? What would happen if all men were free enough to speak? Then and only then would you have freedom.

    On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.” – LRH

    One day one of my Acadamy Sups came in to see me after having lunch with one of his students that had not been onlines for some time. He wasn’t doing so great and looking rather pale. He sat in front of my desk, extremely concerned about something while wrenching his hands and twisting in the chair.

    He had tears in eyes and asks” “What if we, as in (you and I), along with other staff found out that THIS church (pointing to the floor) was not the “real” Scientology and all of our hard work, dedication, sacrifice was actually supporting a squirrel group and not the “real” thing as LRH intended?” Then he says “I think I’m going to be sick.”

    At that point, we had about 15 minutes until his course room started up and I needed to do a quick muster and come up with a temporary handling to get him doing better and stable.

    I said: “Wow. That would be just “freakishly wierd.” I don’t know what I would do. I really don’t. But you should write that up please! Write down your concerns & why you think this and if this is something that you and _______ talked about at lunch, then write it down.” He confirmed that the idea had actually come from ______, at lunch then says “Man! he just pissed me off but I sort of believe him too, I don’t know what to think.” Then he says “I don’t feel so well”. He ran into the Purification area and “tossed his cookies”.

    Honestly, my main concern at that moment was to handle him so that he wasn’t so upset. His students were arriving and he would be supervising them soon. We did a locational and even got him laughing about fish tacos before course time.

    Obviously, I was in disagreement with the fact that this person picked up one of my staff members for lunch, upset him and then dropped him back off in such a terrible state.

    Six years later, I now realize that this (ex-student) was right and that he was only trying to help.

    Back then, NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have known that today I would read an LRH ref. about “dark operations” dealing in punishment
    and blackmail and associate it directly with The Church of Scientology, itself.

    Freakishly wierd, it is.

  77. Isn’t today the anniversary of “The Alamo”… nice harnessing;)

  78. Robert Earle

    New article in Tampa Bay Times just out.

  79. Tom and Mary Beth Gallagher

    Mike and Marty ,

    Would you not agree that while POB has played ‘Checkers’, a game of ‘Chess’ has been played? And isn’t this check-mate time?

    Since POB, as a documented, ‘stage four’, sociopath, is so predictable, isn’t he, figuratively speaking, saying “Hang Me (Please!!!).

    Then again, he, as a nutter, IMHO, is blind to the consequences of his own overts and criminally psychotic mind so that he is now finally flailing about out of control.

    You know, it’s very sad. There have been so many victims of his ‘black shit’.

    Anyway, on a lighter note, this is turning out better than a John Grisham novel. You two, please just keep up the good work. Debbie and Wayne are such good folks, more than worth defending. This defense is historic. Enough said…………..

    MB and I are sending a donation via the PayPal button above to help defray some of your expenses. We know you two aren’t some paid hack lackeys like the ones you’ll have to depose and confront.

    From the bottom of our hearts, “Thanks”.

    Justice will be served. Onward and upward.

    Tom and Mary Beth Gallagher

    A song that strikes the moment:

  80. I wonder if skidmark reads all your scenes and says to himself, “Nein! I never thought of doggy being out-ethics! You’re suppressing my 5th dynamic! Where’s my punching bag??? Yeager get in here!”

  81. I totally love the way Debbie and her Defense team are handling this case(s). I think Mr Jeffrey and and his team, assisted by Mike, Marty, and a lengthening list of external supporters and advisers, are doing a totally amazing job.
    It is actually a thing of beauty to watch as it unfolds. I suspect that this case is going to get a lot of notice in various legal and other circles, due to it’s various twists and turns, and the attempt by the plaintiff (The Church) to abuse the law and the legal system at every turn, and by the defendants’ determination to uphold it.
    This may well turn out to be a landmark case in handling this kind of “legal bully.” (the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology)

    My hat is off to all who seek real and honest justice in this matter.


    Eric S

  82. What Marty, Mike and Team Debbie are doing is exactly that! It’s powerful, to say the least πŸ™‚

  83. +1 !!

  84. Jeffrey and team are doing a great job! Sounds like it’s time to donate again….

  85. Geeze. Have the major players on the good side of this have the foresight and intelligence to have made sure this happens in Texas in a state court? That’s is _not_ a criticism or innuendo — it is a “yee haw” and “kudos”! VWD! Or if it is just serendipity — the yellow rose of Texas still smells sweet.

    With such an organized posse on his tail, DM might be feeling a little like the Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy when they keep thinking they have lost the pursuers only to find them tracking at night with lanterns, over rock, you name it.

    Maybe DM is starting to ask himself, like Butch and Sundance did, “Who _are_ those guys????”

  86. “Squirrel King”! The illegitimate son of Howdy Doody!

    I love it. The polar opposite of the Lion King.

  87. That was moving. I wish I could introduce you to a few people.

  88. Indeed Martin & thanks. The battle is at hand. The real trick is being around afterwoods no matter what the result; something the evils ones cannot concieve of… a future without themselves in their present form.

  89. moneca ryane

    I wondered why I am always so interested in this blog. It is the first thing in the morning I open up on my computer. It is my daily dose of 3D case handling by inspection. The beauty of this, as I see it, is as we handle the CO$ Engram it will get enough charge off the case so that we will desire to reach for the bridge again. Of course it is the Independant bridge and not the aberrated CO$ version.

    Thanks Marty the case gain from this blog is priceless!

  90. I wish I was as good as you as expressing my interest but you hit the nail on the head for me as well..not a scientlogist but want the same as you do, and check daily several different articles including this site. Good luck to all, I feel you are definately winning and you have my support as basically “an outsider too”

  91. First….thank you ALL for your kind words, but more importantly…. Thank you for so graciously accepting our support. There are plenty more of us (non-scientologists) that want Mr. Miscaivage’s injustices to come to an end.. I find myself enlightening others (who are ignorant on the issues) each chance I get…and have been pleased with the responses of the majority of them. Most of them are appalled, and very sympathetic….and let me know that they will pray for your cause as well. πŸ™‚

  92. Pingback: Sugar Ray Jeffrey | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  93. bob.common@aol.com

    Just had an idea … I think this is an excellent plot for John Grisham. Right in his wheelhouse, honest, hard working local lawyer, big corrupt organization, impossible case. Perfect.

  94. If it hasn’t been said before (and it is impossible to read ALL the posts) Debbie has a Dream Team!

    Go Debbie!

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