The Reppens Rip on March 13th

A fitting post for March 13th.  Before L Ron Hubbard wrote LRH Executive Directive (ED) 339R he did some serious research.  As many of you know the ED was all about the question of what LRH wanted for his birthday.  He  answered  the question: big, booming Scientology organizations.

 He formulated a game for Organizations to play with one another that would encourage them to expand from year to year to achieve that.  Part of his research to make this game work included surveying staff across the world about what it was that they most wanted as a reward for achieving the target he had set for them.  The answer was overwhelming: to make it up the Bridge to and through the OT Levels.  And so, LRH ED 339R was anchored on that reward.  It was THE  incentive to get org staffs to go the extra mile to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly toward expanding their organizations.  The sabotage of that reward was not minor.  It was a betrayal that marked the beginning of the end of the LRH Birthday Game.  Mike Reppen and his wife Betsy tell in some detail how that sabotage was achieved.   Their story parallels what happened to virtually every org that achieved the target of the Birthday game in the 80’s and 90’s.  If you wonder about Miscavige’s motives for carrying out this sabotage look no further than HCOB 10 May 1982 OT Levels.   – Marty

A-E Declaration: I have seen enough

by Mike Reppen

Hello Friends,

For you Scientologists who have been in theChurchofDavid Miscavigesince the 1980’s or before, I have to ask you a question: Have you ever scratched your head and wondered whatever happened to LRH ED 339R and the Universe Corps?  Whatever happened to Old SH size Orgs?

I was a Universe Corps Auditor from 1990-1997.

LRH ED 339R was issued in 1982 with words from L.Ron Hubbard to all Class V Org staff that if they actually expanded their Organization 5.4X to Old Saint Hill Size, then he would make good on a promise. That promise was that International Management would in exchange send a team to the org to get the staff up the Bridge and deliver them the OT levels. Incredible concept, eh? In my opinion this LRH ED 339R was a major stimulation for theChurchofScientology’s statistics upward trend in the 1980’s; it certainly motivated staff.

I have for decades had a soft spot in my heart for CL V Org Staff.  Having done 50-60 Sea Org Missions from 1978-1992 to such Organizations around the world, I know from first hand experience how hard it is to survive in that world.  Having been in the Sea Org for 25 years, I knew at least I would be given a bed to sleep on, 3 meals a day (even though it was beans and rice often) and 2 1/2 hours study each day. CL V Org staff, believe it or not have it much harder.  They do not get these “luxuries.” Their pay will often be lower than a Sea Org member’s, and they have no “berthing” covered and no medical. And BTW, they usually have to eat Spam, Raman Noodles and/or peanut butter sandwiches. Most of them moonlight to get by. I used to know a former Executive Director at San Francisco Org who drove a taxi as a moonlight job.

I am Mike Reppen, husband of Betsy Reppen, and son of the late Claire Reppen.  And I hate David Miscavige, literally.  In fact, I believe he was a major reason for the decline of my mother’s health and eventual fall to breast cancer in 2001, after he RPF’d her for refusing to call 3 swing FNs with his bogus “Golden Age of Tech.” You can look at Marty’s website from April 2010 and see a memorial blog about Claire, and a disgusting KR written on her when she was fighting for her life by her caregiver.  In fact I was the one who saved that KR for 9 years in a file folder and provided it for this blog. (Sorry, OSA, you missed that leak.) That was the start of my disaffection, though there are several earlier beginnings.

Now, the so-called IJC has declared and expelled my wife and me jointly.

I joined the Sea Org in 1973 and lasted until 1998. I have been RPF’d 4 times, Comm Eved at least 10 times, and even given a “provisional declare” in 1997 by the then IG PAC in an RTC EO. People ask me the reference for such, and my answer is, “There isn’t one.” One of David Miscavige’s many inventions. In my 25 years in the Sea Org, I did have a lot of good times and was able to train to CL IX (Ned for OT’s level) in 1990.

For those of you who may have run into me over the years, I was on the Apollo in 1975, at FOLO WUS afterwards.  Through most of the 1980’s I was the CO CTO WUS, where I also wore the hat of Athena Cram Off for the WUS Org execs and staff. I also audited most of the CMO PAC and CLO WUS staff.  In Nov 1989, my wife and I had our only child, so I was shipped to the Universe Corps, and Betsy left the Sea Org. I served in the Universe Corps first at Stevens Creek Org and when it was determined they falsified their stats, I went to Orange County Org UC.  Today I still live and work in Orange County.

In the 1990’s Jill Graham (RIP) my co-worker (C/S) and I made more OT’s inOrangeCountythan any other Universe Corps.  I believe we made around 100 OTS from 1991-97. Despite being constantly pulled up to CMO IXU at the HGB building onHollywood Blvdfor handlings of being married to my “disaffected ex-SO wife” and being told to divorce her, I managed to use my production record to fend them off.  Things were going quite well, I was able to have a normal life outside the bubble of madness ofPAC.

In 1996, another major incident occurred, which was the beginning of my demise.  GAT came out and LA D went Saint Hill Size (supposedly).  As there were no personnel to put together a Universe Corps at LA D, Jill and I were placed there.  What this meant was that I would audit in the daytime at Orange County Org then drive up to LA and audit at LA D in the evenings. As I had been out of PAC for almost 6 years, I distinctly remember how different PAC had become, much more militaristic. Jenny DeVocht’s infamous “Masturbation Mission” was there and it looked like everyone on the PAC Base was running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. The RPF in PAC had grown to around 200 +.  The stress of driving every day 50 miles each way back and forth between OC and LA D and auditing up to 10 pcs a day in 2 cities plus the bullshit of GAT was getting to me after 2 years.

In January 1997, I was ordered by CMO PAC to Sec Check the ED LA D John Woodruff, because he didn’t want to re-sign his contract.  I was told I better find 2D abberations such as having sex with dogs. I knew this was going to be trouble. The Sec Check went on and on for months.

Now, here is the answer as to what happened to the Universe Corps, literally overnight:

On May 30, 1997, the OC/LAD Universe Corps (UC) was wiped off the face of the planet.  The UC was called to PAC for handling and little did those CL V staff know that this was the end of their hopes of going OT while on staff (that they worked so long and hard to get).

The entire OC/LAD UC got eliminated over a single isolated auditing flub without any prior gradients of correction taken, no cramming.

The SP (COB RTC) wasn’t physically at this event however he obviously orchestrated it as he does with everything currently, especially something of this magnitude, as LAD was his pet project.  His juniors in RTC/CMO carried out The SP’s orders of injustice and violations of LRH policy that resulted in a huge contraction of LAD/OC.  They are nowhere near the size they use to be, despite all the Ideal Org baloney.

HCOPL 7 Apr 69 ORG REDUCTION OR ERADICATION, “There are several ways an org can be collapsed or closed…18. Use ethics suppressively.

The Universe Corps posts of OC/LAD eliminated overnight without Committee of Evidence were:

1.  Mike Reppen, OC & LAD NOTS Auditor – RPF’d with a “probational declare” by RTC EO.  There is no policy covering Probational declares, another squirrel policy by David Miscavige.

2.  Jill Graham OC/LAD CS & NOTS Auditor – RPF’d – died of cancer while on the RPF, she was segregated from her 2 young children for 3 years and it is my belief that this alone probably escalated her death as LRH says cancer has to do with 2D losses.

3.  Judy Ferguson LAD UC I/C – RPF’d – last heard has M/S.

4.  Bridget Sheriff, OC staff auditor & C/S – offloaded w/ no F/L debt, now public in OC drinking the proverbial Kool-aid or maybe she’s lurking…

HCO PL 17 Mar 65 – RIGHTS OF A STAFF MEMBER, STUDENTS AND PRECLEARS TO JUSTICE, 6.  …  HCO justice prevents wrongful disgrace, demotion, transfer or dismissal and protects the staff member’s reputation and job from being falsely threatened.

For further details of how this went down, see my wife’s declaration of the events from her perspective. Also there are further policy reference quotes on her declaration.

After a year on the RPF, I managed to “route out” on May 31, 1998.  I vividly remember signing the same type of documents Debbie Cook signed in that video, and nodding my head up and down like she did (meanwhile thinking that I would sign anything to get the hell out).   I’ll never forget the moment I finally walked out of that horseshoe entrance onCatalina St, with no guard next to me, and feeling so damn good. I also firmly decided I would not seek employment with any Scientology Wise group. Very smart decision.

For many years, I just moved on with my life, and was being “a good boy,” although I had no intention of paying my $150,000 freeloader debt nor getting back on lines.  I then decided to attend the 2007 Basics event at the Orange County Org’s Idle Morgue, which has been sitting there untouched since it was purchased in 2005.  At this event, I sat there listening to Miscavige ramble on for hours how LRH’s basic books were never edited, etc.  Once again my radar went up, everyone else in the audience was acting like they were high on crack. Privately I thought, “This absolute bullshit.” I exited the event before it was over; 2 hours of listening to Dave’s rant was enough for me.

Nevertheless, OSA Int was starting to get aggressive in recovering me. They almost cut a deal with me to reduce my freeloader debt to pennies on the dollar, but I held my ground and said I wanted an RTC BOR on my RTC Provisional Declare first. Of course, since Anne (then) Rathbun wrote this issue, I knew they would never do the Board of Review.  Thank god I didn’t go for the bait.

Then, in 2009, I was reading the LA Times like I do every morning and there it was an AP wire story that David Miscavige was beating Int staff execs.  That did it for me, which led to the Tampa Bay Times “Truth Rundown,” to Marty and Steve’s blogs and to further associating with “SP’s.”  I knew a lot of these Int staff members, but I am proud to say I probably got at least 5 people to get their heads out of the sand and start researching the Internet, and to stop giving Dear Leader and his minions $.

My point declare issue says that nearly 15 years after my RTC Provisional Declare, I never re-canted.  My response is I will never re-cant with theChurchofMiscavige. Similar to a disconnection text message I received from my nephew a few weeks ago, I am “done” with the  Church of Miscavige. Goodbye.

The declare issue is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I finally feel free of all the crap that infests you when you are a member of the C of M.  It’s a good thing I left in 1998. Reading so many testimonies, others have had it far worse than me.

I hereby join the group of Independent Scientologists,

Mike Reppen

Betsy Reppen’s Story

If you’re wondering what right do I have to talk about the annihilation of the Universe Corp, 1st of all, if I hadn’t agreed to be offloaded from the SO in 1989 when PG and bear the brunt of all the expenses of having a child, Mike would not have been allowed to stay in the SO and the UC.  2nd in order to keep him in the UC, I wasn’t allowed to have other children, (suffice to say it caused me huge grief for a long time).  3rd I carried the burden of raising our 7 year old daughter alone when he was RPF’d.  She was not allowed to see her father for 11 months (a once a week phone call was all that was allowed).  I did get permission for him to come home for the day at Xmas which was miraculous as other RPFers are not allowed that.  (Mike took full advantage of that and blew for a week, letting them know he’d return to route out).  I had to lie to my parents and his family that Mike was inFlorida training as they couldn’t possibly even begin to comprehend why a father wouldn’t be allowed to see his young daughter; even people in jail are given better treatment.  Our daughter cried her eyes out over the loss of her father, I had to do an assist on her which helped and I even bought her a little dog to help her cope.

As you will see, the destruction of the UC was done callously, deliberately and purposely by DM. If he had any kind of heart he would have seen that Mike got corrected standardly while the rest of the UC was held in tact.  There was no need to wipe them all out over Mike’s miscalling an FN.  Yes – YOU – could have still been going OT, but DM destroyed it, confront that bit of evil.

HCOPL 20 Jul 70 CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF, “Any and all trouble occurring in orgs during a long period of heavy enemy attack on them was traced not to the enemy BUT TO THE LOSS OF TECH MATERIALS, REDUCTION OF THE USE OF TECH (as in quickie grades) AND IGNORING STAFF CASES.”

Prior to being RPF’d, Mike was Sec Checking John Woodruff for 5 months as John was not re-signing his contract as ED LAD.  Mike miscalled an FN on video (didn’t meet the def of the DM squirrel 3 swing kind) and was assigned a Liability condition, this was the only prior ethics gradient taken on him. (Also there was no qual correction). Our Declare says that 15 years ago he was given a Probational Declare for squirreling and never recanted, what a crock of lies.

HCOB 16 Aug 72 FLUBLESS C/SING:  “3. The C/S follows a very standard handling of auditors: A. 1 error of any Kind—instruct by reference to HCOB.  B. A second error of any kind—send to Cramming and get the Auditor crammed at once, without any loss of auditing time but before the Auditor is allowed to audit further. (This is 2 hours, not 2 days!)  C. A third error of any kind—RETREAD, wherein the Auditor’s weak areas are located and the Auditor has to M7, M6, M4 and restudy the materials of that area. This takes the Auditor back to Step A.”

Starting on May 30, 1997 the following occurred:

1)    Mike reported to the RTC AO office and 10-12 RTC & CMO Execs, Security, & Snr C/S AOLA were standing in a semi circle in front of Mike in full SO regalia with that dressed to kill look.  Imagine reporting to your Sec Check and 10-12 people standing there staring at you in an intimidating way while your Auditor is Sec Checking you?  Mike was told to sit down and pick up the cans and R-factored by IG Ethics that he had 3 minutes to get off his crimes or he would be declared and he put his watch on the table to time it.  Mike gave off a few overt’s which weren’t good enough and was told to get out of there, Mike walked to his car thinking he was Declared.  Jesse Reiss then D/IG MAA PAC recovered him as he was walking to his car.  Mike was put under 24/7 security watch and additional metered interviews ensued with Gianni (CO CTO/WUS) and Hans Suli Stahli standing as witnesses during the “Sec check”.  O/W write-ups were also given.  During this time Mike was physically abused twice and was taunted that he had better give up his crimes or else.  The pressure was so intense that Mike started making up OW’s to satisfy them.  HCOPL 29 Apr 65 ETHICS REVIEW, “The above is a rough guide to the severity of discipline.  Note that none of it carries any physical punishment or detention.”

2)    During this 1-2 week period Jill Graham (C/S, CL 9) from the Universe Corp, as well as Mike a CL 9 scrubbed toilets around PAC.  Mike was a 24 year SO vet and trusted tech terminal and a good producer making OT’s out of OC/LAD staff.  A complete waste of highly trained tech terminals, and complete disregard of their production/stats. Note there is not a single Universe Corp left and OC/LAD are a fraction of the size they were.  HCO PL 17 Mar 65 ADMINISTERING JUSTICE “11.  The only overt in handling justice is not work for the greatest good of the greatest number.”

3)    After 1-2 weeks I was called up and R-Factored that Mike would be going to the RPF with bare few details as it was “Confidential”.  Mike was censored in his communication with a “guard” present and I was dumped with raising our 7 yr old child, handling our debts and moving our household.  The financial hardship this created was enormous but I persevered. I was promised by these CMO terminals that if I ever needed help to just call, and when I did they ignored me.

4)    I found out later that this RPF assignment included a Probational SP declare – there is no such LRH policy, more squirreling.  There were no gradients of correction on these valuable tech terminals such as cramming, retread, retrain, Courts of Ethics, Committee’s of Evidence, etc, more squirreling.  Mike went from a Liability condition assignment to Probational Declare and RPF’d.  This violates HCO PL Ethics Review and a High Crime per this reference:  HCOPL SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS. “8. Running any organization on squirrel “policy” or third dynamic administrative or management procedures that are contrary to approved policy.  11. Acting in any way calculated to lose standard Scientology policy to use or impede its use or shorten its materials or it application.”

5)    Mike’s RTC EO #1101 RPF assignment/Probation Declare issue contained generalities and misinterpretations which blew it out of proportion, such as Mike coached John Woodruff on how to handle his situation in between sessions.  The truth is while taking John on walks to get his metab working, John discussed his huge debts; Mike suggested that maybe he should request an LOA to handle it, a standard handling if one cannot make it on staff due to heavy debt overload.  Note that not a single High Crime was listed.  It is my understanding that John Woodruff is still groveling to DM for forgiveness.  HCOPL 2 Jun 65 WRITING OF AN ETHICS ORDER, “Don’t be unspecific or you leave people in a huge mystery.  Ethics Orders are supposed to run group engrams out, not in!  …Ethics Orders are issued on real data, not opinion.” 

6)    Hans Suli from RTC told Mike that he knows he is not an SP as he makes TA.  In an effort to get Mike to do the RPF (Mike was refusing) Hans Suli told him that after he took over the Sec Check on John that he agreed to re-sign his LAD contract.  Mike felt responsible and agreed to do the RPF which turned out to be a lie to manipulate Mike as John didn’t re-sign his contract, and in fact shortly thereafter left staff.  Mike was told he could complete the RPF in a year – after 6 mos and after still not having a single session, Mike decided to route out of the RPF (he already hated the RPF from prior bad experiences). 

7)    The Jun ’97 RPF assignment (RTC EO #1101 written by Ann Rathbun) Mike’s hard earned certificates were ALL cancelled (not just suspended) without a Committee of Evidence, another huge squirreling of policy.  HCOPL 7 Mar 65 CERTIFICATE CANCELLATION, “All other offenses where they concern certificates, awards and classification changes are handled by suspension of certificates, classification or awards or reduction to a lower certificate or award by Committee of Evidence.”

8)    Mike’s RPF assignment was read aloud to all of PAC at their muster which damaged Mike’s good reputation.  If this were to be a “head on the pike”, the wrong head was picked, Mike’s stats were up and he was working from 9 am till 11 pm daily auditing OC/LAD staff along with the other UC crew and creating lots of OT’s out of staff members.  HCOPL 1 Sep 65 ETHICS PROTECTION, “In short, a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can’t sneeze without a chop if it’s down.  To do otherwise is to permit some suppressive person to simply ethics chit every producer in the org out of existence.”  Sound familiar? There are untold thousands of good staff/SO/public that have been pounded out of existence.

9)    In Jan 98 I was ordered to Sec Checking at my own expense to see if I was trying to pull Mike out of the SO, which I was clean on.   In April ’98, (while Mike was on his Leaving Staff RF) I was called by Snr HAS PAC and told that Mike would be declared if he routed out of the RPF/SO and that I would be to, if I remained connected to him. (More squirreling as there is no policy on declaring someone for routing out). I would not disconnect, as Mike is not an SP, and I was not given any proof as it was “confidential”.  I was told that he may not be suppressive on the 2D but he is on the 3D.  I decided to take the SP declare for the sake of our daughter as I wasn’t willing to take her father away from her.  After Mike left the RPF we waited for about a month for our SP declares to come down, The Snr HAS PAC said the SP declares were dropped, so much for the bogus lie on our current SP Declare that Mike never recanted 15 years ago. 

10) Despite repeated attempts to get a BOR on this UC cycle from RTC; Mike’s communication(s) were ignored along with my Things That Shouldn’t Be Reports over the years.  LRH would have corrected this cycle within months of it happening.  It shouldn’t take 15 years for a blatant injustice to be corrected. LRH would have never left such a valuable tech terminal dormant in the field for this long in light of the “urgency” to “clear the planet”. HCOPL 23 Feb 70 QUALITY OF SERVICE, “Failure to strenuously act to clean up an “ARC broken field” shall be deemed a high crime for the Executive Council.”

11) In the fall of ’08 Mike was called by OSAI and told that if he bought his Basics it would expedite his F/L cycle, we did but nothing happened.  Then in Jan 09 another OSAI call from Mick McFarland said that if we buy the Congresses it would expedite his cycle as Mike was #2 on the list in getting his F/L debt handled.   I told Mick “no as we were told that before and nothing happened, and when something finally does occur, we’ll go forward from there.”  Mike submitted his BOR request again & then again in Apr 09, nothing happened and no ack.  Buying books/tapes was never a requirement by LRH to get standard justice applied.  Mike told Mick that he wants his RTC BOR done first; of course we now know that DM would never have allowed this as RTC would have to correct their injustice. OSAI kept saying they have sent the request to RTC, but nothing would ever happen.

12) Mike left with a $150,000 F/L bill which we have in writing, yet Bridget Sheriff his co-worker was offloaded with no debt (in 1997).  It’s a capricious arbitrary organization where very little is standard anymore.  Mike was not there for 24 years and 11 months to get free service and leave.  For the 0-$50 a week allowance he received, he delivered far above and beyond that in terms of millions of dollars worth of VSD, we have the WDAH records as proof of delivery.   It was $7.399 million, just in UC production alone, not including his other many years of auditing prior to UC. We also have a complete list of people completed on OT Levels.

I almost don’t want to go into all the policy violations as there is no hope of standard LRH policy being followed anymore in Davey’s nutty cult like world but it just shows you how far off course the ship has gone. I’ve been told that the OEC Volumes aren’t even sold anymore.

HCO PL 17 Mar 65 – RIGHTS OF A STAFF MEMBER, STUDENTS AND PRECLEARS TO JUSTICE, “6.  …  HCO justice prevents wrongful disgrace, demotion, transfer or dismissal and protects the staff member’s reputation and job from being falsely threatened.

HCOPL 29 Apr 65 ETHICS REVIEW, “A staff member may not be suspended or demoted or transferred illegally out of his division or dismissed without a Committee of Evidence.” 

HCO Exec Ltr 18 Mar 65 JUSTICE,  … “Under the Ethics Codes nobody can be demoted, transferred or dismissed without cause and must be reinstated if wrongly treated.”

HCO PL 4 Jan 66RA PERSONNEL STAFF STATUS, ‘’A PERMANENT STAFF MEMBER may not be demoted, transferred or dismissed without a full Committee of Evidence being held.”

HCOPL 25 Mar 79 A NEW HOPE FOR JUSTICE, “We must safeguard against unjust practices and make haste to remedy all injustices.  We must be academically committed or we will never make it.”

HCOPL 23 Feb 70 QUALITY OF SERVICE, “Failure to strenuously act to clean up an “ARC broken field” shall be deemed a high crime for the Executive Council.”

 HCOPL 23 Feb 78R BOARD OF REVIEW, “The function of a Board of Review is to look into injustices, technically incorrect findings and instances of flagrant injustice or out-ethics actions which are destructive to stats.”

HCO PL 12 Apr 65 JUSTICE, “The purpose of justice is to clear the organization and the environment.  One cannot make Clears in an uncleared environment.  Justice is the auditor of the group.”

HCOPL 17 May 71 JUSTICE – CORRECT APPLICATION, “But injustice recoils on those who deal with it.”  “To make the problem worse, the omission of enforcing truth and justice can damage many and can be itself a severe overt.”

HCO PL 24 Feb 72 INJUSTICE, “It is injustice that destroys discipline.  When you indicate the wrong bypassed charge on a case, the case caves in.  When you accuse wrongly and punish unjustly, the group caves in.”

HCOPL 7 Sep 63 COMMITTEES OF EVIDENCE SCIENTOLOGY JURISPRUDENCE, ADMINISTRATION OF, “Justice should clarify.  Good justice in effect runs out group engrams.  Bad justice runs them in.”

HCO Exec Ltr 18 Mar 65 JUSTICE “You are entitled to recourse from injustice.” … “All we have to do, each one of us, is insist upon our rights under and the uniform enforcement of the HCO Ethics Codes and we will achieve expansion and achieve as well dominion in the society.”  We tried but this is an impossible task with DM at the helm.

I haven’t been seriously involved in the CofS for 15 years (because the above left me raw and scared of my own Church) but have always left the door open a crack in case things would change.   I opened that crack for a brief 5 months in 2009 and didn’t like what I found so slammed the door again.  But opened the door wide open to the internet and the real deal going on from those people laying their hearts and souls on the line of what really went down behind closed doors in the CofS.  This started with reading the Truth Rundown in the St. Petersburg Times Jun ’09 (link below) that helped me to understand the deeply imbedded suppression that contributed to my withdrawal.  However, I still kept the door open a crack for the sake of a few comm lines that I knew the CofS would sever if I shut it completely.

Well the crack ended on 2/22/2012 after finding out we were declared because I forwarded an email Debbie Cook sent out to Scn’s on 12/31/11 exposing off policy actions that the CofM is perpetuating.  I also associated with people who have been blowing the whistle on DM’s physical/spiritual brutality, out tech/off policy actions that have been occurring in greater and greater magnitude since LRH died in 1986.  You won’t find these kinds of specifics in our Declare, so I’m speaking out as the CofM certainly won’t publish any truths.   HCOPL 2 Jun 65 WRITING OF AN ETHICS ORDER, “Don’t be unspecific or you leave people in a huge mystery.  Ethics Orders are supposed to run group engrams out, not in!  …Ethics Orders are issued on real data, not opinion.” 

If you want more details on the things that DM has done, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, go to Marty’s blog  there are tons of testimonials, or Steve Hall’s site, which contains tons of articles written by many people, here are a few that contain a lot more details of what’s going on:

For more information on the torture/physical violence go to:

True to his word, LRH says it takes 3-10 days to destimulate from an incident (Declare).  It’s now day 11 (March 2, 2012) and I’m over it, the handful (3) disconnections weren’t so important after all.  That should give hope for those of you who are worried about suffering the same fate, there is a whole bright wide world out here and quite frankly it’s opened doors.  My stats are already in affluence. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’M NOT PTS ANYMORE.  No more hiding, it feels good to pick up any phone call.  You Scn’s who are still connected to the CofS know exactly what I mean, not wanting to take those phone calls or just plain ignoring them, not answering the door, hiding…..  Finding excuses to avoid events for fear of what might happen at those events as you might get squeezed for every last dime for off policy donation campaigns.  In apathy that you will ever go up the Bridge as its expensive enough – then add in all the required donations, it’s simply out of reach for most except for the 1%.  Cringing at the thought of going into the CofS, the mirage of lies enacted to explain/justify why you aren’t active as a Scn.  It’s really PTSness, I can see that clearly now that I’m out, it’s been a long road out and it’s come off in layers; it’s amazing to be experiencing it.  I’ve read this from others, but it wasn’t quite real to me till now. It’s like the 2 ton gorilla came off my back and the Elephant in the room has gone. To say the least of which, the tone level that I had to occupy to maintain that façade, I feel so much higher toned, in valence, and my batting average on closing deals is way up. DM tried to crush us, but instead he’s helped us, as the shackles have come off and I feel set free, honestly and truly!

FYI, I got in Scn 12/1/77, CLV/SO staff for 9 ½ yrs, OEC/FEBC, numerous HCO hats, the favorite of which was MAA CLOWUS for 4 ½ yrs.  Lastly, I’m happily resigned from the CofM and hereby join the Independents! By the way, LRH’s philosophy is alive and well out here and you can avail yourself of it at a fraction of the cost and its standard, not like the squirrel versions being delivered up in the CofM, more of the squirreling is covered in detail by others.  No more constant hammering for off policy donations for IAS/Super Power/Ideal Buildings/Basic books and being assigned lower conditions and KR’d out of existence if you don’t give.

Wishing you well on the confronting of evil process, hang in there you can do it.

“HCOPL 7 Dec 69 THE ETHICS OFFICER HIS CHARACTER, “Suppressive reasonableness is a common trait.  It comes from THE INABILITY TO CONFRONT EVIL.

“Evil takes a bit of confronting.

“People who want desperately to “have no trouble: often won’t confront and handle trouble.

“Murder is murder.  It occurs.  A murder is not a frightened wish it had not occurred.  It occurred.  Somebody did it.  There’s the body.”


Betsy Reppen

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  1. Welcome out! Thank you for the amazing stories.

  2. Michael and Betsy, Wow, Happy Birthday LRH INDEED. Awesome write-up and I know what it took for you guys to finally say enough! You were an extremely dedicated SO member Mike. Betsy, after you left the SO to raise your beautiful daughter you truly stood by your “Man”!! The time you spent at the Stevens Creek Org was was a “Gift” . I will never forget the time you tried to talk me into flying to Los Angeles with you to meet with the WUS in-charge of orgs to try and convenience me to become the Executive Director of that org! The look on her face when I told her “I would fire all of them, train them, get them in better physical condition and then reopen!!! She was not going to have that!

    Claire would be proud of you for standing up and saying Enough!!!
    Love Carol and David

  3. Very well done Mike & Betsy! My track with you didn’t begin until Claire’s memorial service at Flag. You see, I loved your mom and was keeping tabs on how she was doing. When she passed I got a call from Carol saying you won’t believe what’s going on now! I decided to see what I could do.

    My heart went out to both of you when I saw the positively cruel treatment you received courtesy of our “church”. For any not familiar with the story, the service was held outside at the Sandcastle. Our “church” wouldn’t let Mike indoors because he was a freeloader. It was a blistering hot day and we all had to sit outside, in the sun, because a freeloader wasn’t allowed in the hallowed halls of the Sandcastle despite the fact that his mother had just died! You can’t make this stuff up.

    Mike, what you didn’t know at the time was that I was already OUT. The good part was that nobody at Flag knew it either so I could come & go whenever I wanted. On that day of the memorial I tried to make things easier for you but it felt like I was swimming upstream. Way too much suppression for one person to make much of a dent.

    As for that freeloader bill, it sounds to me like they owe you money and a great deal of it. Maybe $150,000.

  4. martyrathbun09

    All of it.

  5. Well done Mike and Betsy!!!

    The damage caused by Miscavige never ceases to amaze me….

  6. Mike and Betsy, I’m so proud of you both. (feeling teary eyed) You are heroes. Maybe you will be at Marty’s party! Les and I would love to meet you!

    Anita Warren

  7. Mother of Grendel

    Dear MIke and Betsy,

    What a great present for all of us fighting the SP that is David Miscavige!

    And an absolutely amazing write up – answers so many questions and clarifies so much that has gone on in and around PAC for years.

    We have been aware of each other for many years, but the waterfall of KoolAid has made it impossible to truly get to know each other. Now an old and valuable one-time ally of yours is in great trouble, and I hope you have it in you to reach out to him one more time. I’ll email you about it separately.

    Thanks for this, and well done for taking back your lives!

  8. Question With Boldness

    Wow! Thanks Mike and Betsy for telling your story and for speaking out! You both followed the rules and still got yourself declared! Welcome to freedom!!!!

    It is soooo great that you stayed together as a family after all the C of S drama and pressure on your family.


  9. haydn (T Paine)

    Mike and Betsy,

    Wonderful to see you out in the sunshine!!! Great write up — you guys came out swinging.

    I was swapping notes with another old Sea Org buddy over the weekend — Tom Martiniano, and he filled in some blanks for me on what happened in PAC from ’96 onwards. I wasn’t there at the time because I was still banished to the UK.

    It seems that after Miscavige came out with the Golden Age of Out-Tech, based on his none-eval eval, org stats crashed, and, since PAC was very productive prior to the release, the crash was particularly bad there.

    In his usual style, or rather lack of it, Miscavige pointed the finger at PAC and said the whole place was CI and out ethics so they were making him wrong for the Golden Age of Out-Tech. That led to the first ethics mission from Jenny D (there was another to which you refer). It was run by Miscavige and it was savage, with daily RPF aassignments.

    Miscavige was right about one thing, the place was in varying degrees of revolt about the mountain of tech arbitraries. Of course, rather than admit the truth and cancel the Golden Age of Out-Tech, Miscavige just kept ratcheting up the gradients and savagery and that led to a whole new wave of heavy ethics, injustice, endless metered interrogations from guys who couldn’t use a meter (because they couldn’t get them through the course) but who couldn’t stop without “finding the crimes”, gang bang security checks, instant declares, cert cancellations without recourse, “provisional declares” whatever they are, etc.

    Basically, everyone but the real who became the who for stats crashing. And, its still rolling forward to this day.

  10. Mike and Betsy,

    What an incredible write up! Thanks so much for sharing this information and shedding light on what happened to not only you but the Universe Corp.
    Mike, I’m proud to be one of those “SP’s” you were talking to. I’m proud to call you a friend!
    Betsy, I’ve heard behind every good man there’s a good woman and you sure have proved that! I really look for ward to meeting you!!
    I just realized, this week marks a year since I was declared. I can’t think of two people I’d enjoy sharing the anniversary with more.
    Welcome into the sunshine!!
    ml, Laura Ann

  11. Dear Betsy and Mike,
    What an interesting and informative writeup…Knowing you both personally, I can clearly see all of what you said. Thank you.
    There are certain people we meet along the path, and Mike and Betsy are 2 that I have always remembered and admired. I spent various visits with Betsy and Mike at CLO WUS. Mike came to our Org as a Missionaire on more than one occasion. I always appreciated their desire to ensure Standard Tech and Policy was applied, with care and interest for the individual no less, so I am not surprised to see them here. They are both A1, and it only goes to show that the “Church” is so off the rails that they would get rid of 2 such powerhouse and capable beings.

    I am happy that you both are finding the freedom that you have worked so hard for. I’m sure I will be in comm with you soon.

  12. Way to go Mike and Betsy, welcome to the Indies! Thank you for documenting another huge difference and chasm the size of the Atlantic between the Pope of Scn David Miscavige and LRH.

    LRH cared for his staff and public & DM is just reverse – the dark black side.

  13. PS: It’s very appropriate day get your story out. Happy Birthday LRH!

  14. To all those who are secretly reading this blog and sitting on the fence:

    Allow yourself to think freely

    Don’t be afraid of losing eternity( how can something forever be stopped, thats ridiculous)

    Free investigation in any area: books, internet, speaking etc. is what free people do.

    Allow yourself to be outraged.

    The growing field of Independent Scientologists are your true friends because they are trying to establish Ron’s original intention.

    David Miscavige is destroying your church.

    Being asked to choose between your personal integrity and those you love is one of the most evil things I can imagine. HOW DARE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ziba Feulner

    A very warm welcome, Mike and Betsy!!! 🙂

  16. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Mike and Betsy!

    Beautiful! And I join you both in that toast!


    — Jackson

  17. TheWidowDenk

    Welcome Mike and Betsy! I love the way you have communicated. My favorite reference you have listed is: HCO PL 12 Apr 65 JUSTICE, “The purpose of justice is to clear the organization and the environment. One cannot make Clears in an uncleared environment. Justice is the auditor of the group.” Each of you, in your own individual ways, as well as as a team, have helped to clear the environment. Wisely and beautifully. L, Rachel

  18. Hi guys. It’s good to see your smiling faces here and learn more details of your story.

    Of all the atrocities committed by that evil little runt-in-a-tux, perhaps the worst is the destruction of the Universe Corps. If anyone deserves spiritual freedom most it’s those who dedicate themselves to providing it for others. What a brilliant idea of LRH to motivate and reward staff. And talk about investing in service facilities!

    OC was a hopping place under the leadership of John Woodruff. Just a few short years from Mission to Class IV Org to the first Class IV Org to go Saint Hill size. They had chiros, dentists and other businessmen from everywhere coming in to do training and start on the Bridge, and most evenings if you wanted to park in the lot you better get there an hour early.

    No doubt Miscavige saw Woodruff as a potential rival and therefore a threat. What to do, what to do? Well, transfer John to LA. Transfer the number 2 man Dave Petit too, just to be sure. Put in Ed Dearborn as ED, who technically wasn’t even eligible for an HCO post because his dad was CIA. Cross-order a successful action and restrict OC outreach to just Orange County residents. And the coup-de-grace? Siphon all the money out of the field to buy an old building in downtown Santa Ana, where nobody wants to go at night, and then continue to bleed them for never-ending renovations. Viola! A collapsed Org and a sidelined competitor.

    Looking at the whole pattern, these are not just bad management decisions. They are deliberately destructive decisions, and they achieved the intended result.

  19. You guys are awesome. Thank you!

  20. Theo Sismanides

    Mike and Betsy! Thanks! Having read the first part of your report and write-up here (which I will continue to do during the day), I am happy, very happy about one thing today:

    That through my efforts also and the efforts of so many here, we give today through your write up and first hand experience this answer to Scientologists and such a gift for LRH, called restoring Truths. Restoring Truths about the LRH Bday game, in this case.

    Thanks for communicating and being around. We do good now! Happy Bday to LRH and a big salute to all teammates fighting now a (very) good fight, hahaha, all around planet Earth!!!

  21. Dear Mike and Betsy,
    your stories made me cry. I left the church long ago. What amazes me the most is how the terror and suppression of DM can continue for such a long time. So many good people had to leave. The destruction is unbelievable. I know that in the vicinity of an SP people tend to become automatons.
    But it will end. Just like the reign of Hitler did. Hopefully the justice system of the USA will deliver one final blow.
    May the independents prosper and blossom! That will make the SP shrink eventually, if the doen’t go stark raving mad in the meantime.

  22. FCDC Class of 74

    What a fitting gift for Ron and to yourselves. I felt the air rush into the room. I reiterate the welcome of all the indies.

  23. Mike & Betsy, Wishing you both the very best.
    Love, Amy

  24. Mike and Betsy, I’m so happy to see these write ups by the two of you! Well thought out and articulated. You’ve given LRH quite the birthday present this year. Here’s to the brighter years ahead for you both.

  25. Thank you Mike and Betsy for giving us all the background data.

    David Miscavige, we see you!

  26. Mike and Betsy, your story is overwhelming. I think it’s fitting that it was published today. You’re definitely striking a blow against the enemy who is destroying all that LRH and countless staff members built. Very, very well done.

    I have a feeling that this is about to go viral in the Indie community, and will even seep into the corporate community. People need to know the ugly truth of what’s been done to our religion and our church. This indictment cuts right through Miscavige’s armor plate steel of darkness and lies.

  27. The money quote, from Betsy’s note: “Well the crack ended on 2/22/2012 after finding out we were declared because I forwarded an email Debbie Cook sent out to Scn’s on 12/31/11 exposing off policy actions that the CofM is perpetuating.” Not to say that I wasn’t moved and angered by the details of the abuse they suffered, but this particular quote sparked a thought.

    After decades of devoted service and personal sacrifice (foregoing having more kids strikes me as perhaps the most extreme sacrifice someone can make for an organization short of laying down their lives), the Reppens got declared for forwarding a single e-mail. One e-mail apparently outweighs thousands of hours of dedicated hard work.

    If I recall correctly, Marty predicted that DM would hack into e-mail accounts and do whatever else was needed to track down and declare anybody who forwarded Debbie’s e-mail or had any contact with it. The Reppens can’t be the only ones who have now been declared for doing that. My question is, does anybody have any insight into the actual number of people declared as a result of Debbie’s e-mail? Could it be 100? 1,000? More? The fact that the “goldenrod” has only the vaguest generalities of the “offenses” involved makes me wonder if the IJC is printing them as fast as they can.

    At this point, if you have only 25,000 active members in the US, of which perhaps 5,000 or 6,000 are SO/staff, losing 1,000 members has to hurt economically, to say nothing of the psychological effect it will have on the rest, who haven’t been declared but know exactly why so many others were. Even the most loyal CoS member has to know that if a huge wave of people are disconnected for something so small, those who remain will never be able to adhere to the standard of perfection implied in the Church’s actions, and it is only a matter of time before they are inevitably hauled off and shot. The fear must be getting unbearable.

    So if they really declared 1,000 people, could this be the tipping point in the decline, where it accelerates rapidly? And if it’s less than 1,000 people, how many more do you think must go before the tipping point is reached?

  28. Kool on the block

    Way d’a go boss and bosset! You guys shed more light on David Miscavige’s crimes against LRH. How he wiped out the Universe Corps and all but destroyed the Saint Hill size momentum which LRH spent years building up. You have my utmost admiration. We have to continue to secure Scientology for the future, and get it away from the little megalomaniac.

  29. Mike and Betsy- What a birthday gift to Ron that you have just given him by coming out and with this incredible write-up! Can you imagine if staff really did get auditing??!!??

  30. Dear Betsy and Mike,

    I love your write up. You two stand out under 1000ds of Scientologists that you didn’t let it happen that your marriage gets destroyed. Well done !

    I can understand your wins fully, and I can assure you, this is just the beginning. When all the ptsness is gone you’ll have any wins you ever had fully rehabilitated and you’ll be that OT you always dreamt of and the wins will be stable as rocks as any any Invals will be gone.

    Welcome in liberty !

    Roger M.e.i.e.r

  31. Mike and Betsy, I long waited for this day because it is two powerful nails in the Miscaviage coffin.

    Mike, we’ve chewed some PAC Earth together. We launched the Universe Corps at Orange County Org with you running that show. Stats continued to go up and up with staff there going OT. They deserved the OT sections and they got it.

    Dave later sailed in, moved John Woodruff over to LA Org, bullbaited the crap out of John and then declared him an SP! John was the only person in PAC who stood up to DM and he paid dearly for it.

    Anyhow guys, welcome out into the sunshine. Great writeup.

    Love you.

    Tom and Linda

  32. WHEW!!!

  33. Lisa Hamilton

    Mike and Betsy,

    Wooo–hooo! These are very well written. You know if you need any help from me, where to find me.

    See you guys soon.

    Love to you and your daughter,


  34. Dear Betsy & Mike, Glad to know you and have you as my friends. Beautiful write up. Thank you! Much Love,

  35. Kathy Braceland

    Excellent expose’ of what went down…beautifully stated. You two rock!!! xoxoxo

  36. Interesting point John P. I bet quite a few people have been declared and they don’t even know it. I know we didn’t know, until a friend under the radar told us.
    Point being is that declares are pointless and have been for probably 30 years at least.

  37. Dolphin Play

    Stellar! Excellent for getting through all that, thank you for the Hubbard references!
    “Provisional Declare” is a pathetic but signature Miscavige fabrication, sticks people in a permanent maybe.
    One more not-quite-bright David Miscavige mish-mash slipped in to pose as Scientology.. The guy has lost his ability to create hence the parasitism.

  38. Shhhh, it’s a secret. Only people that are vocal and aren’t good little soldiers (aka insist on KSW) get ratted out as to their SP states. Most just disappear, trying very hard to do it the right thing, trying to get the injustice handled, trying to get back in good standing, not realizing who it is they are trying to get back in ‘good standing’ with.

  39. Congrats and thanks for the OT’s you created and will create.

  40. Finally the story about what happened to John Woodruff begins to come out. We were told that he was “removed” due to contraction of LA Org. Supposedly there was some ethics order and someone told me that he “had heard” of various bad things John had done.

    If John is still begging for DM’s forgiveness, that fits what I have seen with others. DM wipes them out and they go on a campaign to prove to him that he was wrong about them. LRH talks about this phenomenon in the PTS/SP materials.

    Persuading John Woodruff to move to LA Org from OC fits the pattern of removing a successful or powerful person from a position of power and then putting him/her in a position where they will be wiped out.

  41. Mike I just want to clarify one thing in your report here about Jill. I was on the RPF with Jill. She did in fact get breast cancer while on the RPF. She was FBed at that point but she refused to leave. In her own words she was not going to come back next lifetime and start out on the RPF. So she actually finished the RPF. She graduated. Then she was made to stay at PAC, not a part of the RPF or SO just linger there until there was approval for her and her twin to be released. After 6 months she was let go finally and she went home. Now mid way through her finishing her RPF she actually beat the cancer. Yep. She was going through Chemo and radiation and still auditing her twin or being audited daily. The woman was truly super human. She was in a dorm on the 6th floor of main building. She had the whole room to herself as she needed access to a bathroom since the Chemo and radiation make for a lot of throwing up and she needed to rest constantly. This was approved through RTC for her to have this. Then one day some SO member, who was never named of course, got a bug up their ass about an RPFer living next to them and that there were other RPFers, people doing awful things like bringing her nutritious food and giving her assists, that were “Enturbulating” them. So Jill was forced to move from there to literally a converted closet right outside the RPF film room on the 2nd floor main building. It had no windows and no ventilation. And probably tons of asbestos just like the rest of main building and all of PAC. How do I know there was Asbestos in those buildings?? I removed it. So after being locked in her closet for months and finally graduating and being released her cancer came back and spread to, you guessed it, her lungs and then everywhere. She died at home with her kids and husband at her side.
    I know what LRH says about Cancer and the 2D. I disagree whole heartedly. Jill was one of the sanest people I knew on any dynamic. She was murdered by the PAC buildings just like everyone else there is. It isn’t advertised that PAC was once the Cedar Sinai hospital before they moved to Beverly Hills. AOLA was the Cancer ward. Yep. All those OT’s there are just being exposed to left over radiation and chemo treatments. The space that was made for the UC, which the RPF built was the Cobalt room when they used Cobalt for Radiation treatment. EVERY RPFer that worked on the project became mysteriously ill. We were all of course PTS so nothing else was done. And additionally Main building where all of PAC sleeps at night was the HOSPITAL. So every diseased, sick and dying person slept and died there. And since the building is pre WWII it was made with terra cotta tiles that absorb every cough, spatter and fluid it can. EVERY time we did renos in the main building EVERY RPFer on the project would get sick. Again we were just evil SP’s PTS to ourselves so it didn’t matter and nothing was done. When we got sick after illegally removing two gigantic containers of Asbestos, nothing was done again. Jill was there for years in PAC being exposed to all of that. As were a number of other great people all of whom have perished from Cancer. It can be partially a spiritual thing. I acknowledge that is part of it, but if you are sitting in a uranium mine all day every day I don’t care how OT you are your body is going to die. Something has to be done to prevent more people from coming down with unnecessary Cancer. Honestly think about how many people you know who are Scientologists who have died of Cancer. Alright, now how many of the were on lines in PAC? If this was a school with kids the news would be doing a story on a Cancer cluster and the place would be shut down! Jill didn’t EVER have to get Cancer and she should have lived once she beat it. But thanks to totally suppression and the building that is filled with toxicness she is dead. More people don’t have to die.

  42. Michael and Betsy- great to have you here. Terrific write up.

    My Ex-wife went into the UC and was shipped into Mexico where she was alone but doing much good. So naturally, she was terribly 3p’ed and confidential p/c folder data was “FAXED” to the Org there and passed around. Not long after she left the S.O.

    Another job well done by Miscavige, who is on the wrong side of normalcy.

  43. Mike and Betsy, your write up is beyond words. Thank you so much for all the data. Each bit that comes out in the open reduces the effect of the suppression.

    It must be annoying to Dave that his SP declares just result in more people speaking out against him.

  44. Thank you Mike and Betsy for your shining truth. Your mom was the best! I always admired her and thought of her as the example of a kind and gentle auditor only interested in her pc going free. Her auditing was like water being poured on a parched land.

    I just heard on the grapevine that my husband and I have been jointly declared SP.

    I think that stands for Special Person doesn’t it? Some insider friends are going to fight it for us. (They can’t believe it.) But we all know where this will end up. It will be very interesting to watch. One place this “fight of injustice” might end up is the insiders becoming enlightened on the true depth of out tech and off policy inside the C of M.

    Until then I’m putting my money on Texas justice. We just donated to Debbie again and will continue regularly until DM is hung high without his boots on.

    I’m so happy to see you out.

  45. First congratulations to you Betsy and Mike. What a wonderful story of survival and following what one feels/knows to be right. On the Golden Age Of OutTech. One of the mental pictures that will always stick with me is the Flag Class12s walking towards the Internship entrance in the Flag garage escorted by RTC Reps to push them trough the GAT training program because they were not getting through on their own. Their faces radiated a new tone level, Unexpressed Protest. I was not trained myself but it was clear to me that there is something really wrong here.

  46. Hey, that’s a hell of a detailed write-up !

    Full of eye-opening informations.

    And 2 more fine products from the “church” : 2 SPs, i.e. self-determined persons ! Welcome 🙂

  47. Mike and Betsy, Welcome to the sunlight! Great write ups from you both. And, Betsy, you really put it in perspective for those whose spines are still straightening. In light of what DM has done to destroy the Birthday Game, I think LRH would appreciate your gift to him today on his birthday more than what DM will do at the dog and pony show this weekend..

  48. Wow. That is horrific on many levels. Very sad and outrageous simultaneously. Did not know these stories.

  49. Mike and Betsy, what a treat to read your V W D write ups on LRHs birthday.

    It was exactly five years ago, on Ron’s birthday, that Anita and I gave Dave and his cult the big middle finger.

    I just got back from doing my L 12 with the very gifted Trey Lotz. The wins were literally out-of-this-world. Anyone who thinks their immortality is somehow linked to Dave and his pretended monopoly is very seriously mistaken. The best of the best tech terminals have left Dave’s ship and are here on dry land creating miracles as usual…just like Ron hoped for.

    Happy birthday Ron.

  50. Tom Gallagher

    Mike & Betsy,

    How apropos for the delivery of the ‘Reppens’ Rip’ on this date. The wrecking ball, aka POB, is more fully exposed as the sociopath that he is.

    Like LRH wrote, “Psychotics deal with doing people in. Their whole mission in life is destruction.”

    Never-the-less, that which goes around comes around. For Miscavige, it’s coming back in spades.

    Yeah, it sucks to be Miscavige.

  51. Thanks for the Clarification on Jill, you’re right she did graduate while having breast cancer, I was already gone. I really think if I had stayed on the RPF I probably would have died of cancer too, and in my reality it would have been to the 2D losses. But I get your point. Eerily my mother Claire Reppen’s and Jill Graham’s memorial were performed on the same day (albeit one in California the other in Florida).

  52. Mike and Betsy, Thank you so much for your write-ups that put more pieces of the puzzle together. I had wondered about what was going on with the Universe Corps and what you wrote in your posts makes it all the more clear– David Miscavige is in utter FEAR of anyone getting more able and will do anything to insure this does not happen. I have read about and personally met many victims of his version of the tech and my heart goes out to them. I just hope that anyone who has been a victim of DM’s “theta-reduction” tech comes to realize that the result they experienced (or are experiencing) is his intention and is a result of the invalidation and evaluation they were subjected to, it was/is NOT their “case”.

  53. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike and Betsy, first off a huge thank you for sharing what
    is now becoming crystal clear, every single day…….woe to
    all Scientologists who fail / failed to heed that DIRE warning
    LRH gave so many years ago …….”..Never let Scn fall into
    the hands of a monopoly…” Daily, we are witness to the
    horrors, having been inflicted by this raving mad psycho
    path. These painful accounts of torture, deprivation and
    utter callous depravity, evoke in most reasonable persons,
    feelings of utter disbelief and revulsion.

    If it weren’t for the loopholes created by lawyers and the
    blanket declaration of “all” being protected by the so
    called “human rights”, the likes of Miscavige, would have
    been exterminated from this earth long, long ago !

    Miscavige, know THIS for certain ! YOU cannot escape
    the consequences of your life of unrestrained evil. Your
    pain WILL intensify further, with each passing day..YOU
    have managed, through your depravity, to engender a
    karma, that you TRULY deserve.

    You and you alone, have guaranteed it. Rot in HELL
    you asshole!!!

  54. Hi Mike and Betsy!
    Welcome to the party 😀 😀 😀

  55. Regarding, “Well the crack ended on 2/22/2012 after finding out we were declared because I forwarded an email Debbie Cook sent out to Scn’s on 12/31/11 exposing off policy actions that the CofM is perpetuating.”
    What really strikes me again and again that Debbie’s email was a KSW-message. Condensed in a sentence the content was “don’t squirrel”. And all the attack she receives from the CofS is because she dared to say that people should follow LRH-Policy and LRH-Tech. What an out-point!

  56. Jethro Bodine

    >> Imagine reporting to your Sec Check and 10-12 people standing there staring at you in an intimidating way while your Auditor is Sec Checking you? Mike was told to sit down and pick up the cans and R-factored by IG Ethics that he had 3 minutes to get off his crimes or he would be declared and he put his watch on the table to time it.

    There were 10-12 people watching Mike get sec checked? That sounds pretty horrific to me. Is there any LRH reference for this???

    Told you only have 3 minutes to get off all your crimes or you’ll be declared sounds pretty evaluative to me. It also adds an incredible amount of duress. It sounds more like the Spanish Inquisition than it does Scientology.

    Who was IG Ethics back then?

  57. Mike and Betsy,

    Great to see you are out and surviving. I can not believe the number of competent capable beings “tossed” away.

    Welcome to the Independent movement!

  58. Happy Birthday LRH!
    Great gift you are….. Mike and Betsy.

  59. linda mccarthy

    Mike and Betsy,
    VVVWD. I’ve really been looking forward to this as you know.
    Terrific write-ups from from both of you.
    And yup, Mike said (while still under the radar), that he helped others “get out”. Too true. The day before the truth rundown came out in the St. Pete times, he called Tom and I and said “Tomorrow, log on and read the article in the St. Pete Times.” So we did, and the rest is history.
    So, again, thanks Mike.
    I remember seeing you in the old days as the Athena Cramming Officer. Thanks again for your help. And Betsy, yes, I saw you as trhe E/O back then for something or other.
    And yes, both “cycles” were super and helpful.
    Onward and upward. We are even stronger now.
    Linda McCarthy

  60. Happy Birthday Ron!
    Here’s my birthday present to you – help to re-build the broken comm lines of your friends so they can unite and help to fight back against the destruction of their religion:
    Message to UK radar flyers!!!!
    Can you talk to each other please?!
    I did a head count and there are at least 20 of you sitting in hiding and those are the ones the big bad SP Sam has found out about in various ways. I also know which of you are reading this blog (ha ha! My intel is way better than OSA’s).
    That means if you’ve spoken to someone recently and you’re quietly ‘out’ chances are you could be one of the people I already know about.
    Each of you are sitting there thinking you’re all alone and yet you’re not.
    If I have discovered the identity of 20 of you then how many more of you are there who are too afraid to say anything to anyone?
    You’re being VERY silly!
    If you would like help networking then you can email me on and I will hook you up with like minded people you can actually talk to. I can also hat you up on what to expect from OSA and how to deal with any fall-out but if there are enough of you and you talk to EACH OTHER you may find that your fears are completely unfounded!
    Some of you have contacted me and yet you still won’t talk to each other!
    Silly silly thetans! LOL! Email me if you are under the radar. Wouldn’t you like to know how many of your friends are actually only pretending to be in the church just like you????!!!!
    I’ll keep everyone’s identity confidential and cross check for plants before hooking you up but this idiocy needs to end now.

  61. Welcome out, you two. Now the question needs to be answered: what are your WDAH stats like, now? Where are you going to hang your “In Session” sign, and how can I get in line?

    I’d love to finally have a chance to sit down with a Universe Corps Auditor, honestly. Consider this a big reach.

  62. Tony DePhillips

    Yay for Mike and Betsy!!!
    I knew them both when I was in the Cont TTC. Mike was known as the “Dirty Harry” of the Sea Org.
    Calm and good looking and always kept his TR’s in and he had the best looking girl on the PAC base.
    This song is dedicated to Mike and Betsy:

  63. Tony DePhillips

  64. OMG, I knew Jill and I loved Jill. Very good auditor and she loved her family and friends. She was up in the San Jose area for awhile and stayed with us. This is beyond the beyond for me personally.

  65. Bert Schippers

    Wow, wow, wow, what a write-up. Thank you Mike & Betsy for speaking out and congrats on your freedom!!!

  66. A minor correction: to my best recollection (from having them as my dorm cleaning station), the floors in Main Building were made of terrazzo with the surface being continued up the walls to form baseboards. The substance is extremely non-porous and makes terrazzo floors very easy to clean and disinfect, which is why they are very common in older hospitals.

    On the PAC Base renovations, I had to try and destroy some of those terrazzo floors with hand tools and they are nearly indestructible, too.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  67. Good points JohnP.

    There is also another subcategory here. There are Exs who were quiet and kept drinking their Kool Aid rations intending to pay their Freeloader debt and keep their nose “clean” as an apparency. These also went Indie with Debbie Cook and could not see how she was such an SP as DM and his flying monkeys say she is. The waves generated by the 1st of Jan 12 email tsunami is larger than one would think.

  68. Here’s an extra little flourish on the PAC reno story. There was a duct that needed cleaning that was too small for an adult to really move around in. Fortunately there was a young girl hanging around and helping while her SO parents worked on the building, so somebody had the bright idea of sending the girl through the duct wrapped in rags.

    To shorten the story, she blacked out, had to be fished out somehow, taken to the hospital, and lived through it all by the skin of her teeth. I’m not sure what shore story was told at the hospital. And the girl, now an adult, of course, is OT VIII and highly intelligent, but still as boxed in as ever.

  69. Mike, you lived the dream with much courage.
    The biggest dream is ahead in the post Miscavige era.
    Well done for a standup preformance we need more
    like you.

  70. Wow! Your write-ups are very powerful. Thank you for communicating your stories. I can attest to the wacky crap injustice because I too had a provisional SP declare held over me for a few years (starting in 2003 – I was staff not SO). And despite long since having completed the F&R amends as dictated by my squirrel Comm Ev, it remained.

    I had to petition to get it (provisional declare from CLO WUS) canceled and finally did because I applied the whole “letter a day” out of the Shawshank movie and basically bugged people until they didn’t want to hear from me anymore. I fought for about 5 years to get the OTHER injustice on my Comm Ev cleaned up but it was always swept under a rug and deemed too unimportant to handle. The IAS fundraisers and reges all seemed so concerned about it as they showed up unwanted to my house to reg for more ideal org funds or whatever craptastic thing was being pushed that minute (do I sound annoyed?). Of course nothing ever happened. There was a tremendous PUSH to get it handled from this end and even with a few good hats locally, but the amount of CI to correcting injustice was apparently greater. (A Talk to WW & SH E/O’s rings a bell).

    A few years ago someone wanted to re-recruit me to staff and offered to use their position to get my Comm Ev looked at because of their apparent influence uplines. But I wasn’t about to rejoin a group that allows squirreling on justice lines to go on for years despite the extensive files I have proving how long I attempted to get terminals (IJC, Senior blah blah CLO WUS, etc) to DO SOMETHING! Useless people; for following a higher ups SP orders to keep justice screwed or useless because they were on their post but not holding their post.

    My cognition after staff was: the higher up the org board you go, with a production record, the faster you will be subjected to whimsical injustice in that group. THIS is a fact, I’ve seen it in others, I’ve seen it with myself and I STILL see it happening (I have many comm lines into “Ideal orgs”). And it’s become very apparent from the people that have conglomerated here: SPs sure like to get rid of good staff members.

  71. “So if they really declared 1,000 people, could this be the tipping point in the decline, where it accelerates rapidly? And if it’s less than 1,000 people, how many more do you think must go before the tipping point is reached?”

    Good question.
    If all the churchs and AO’s had a master list of all the announced (and unannounced) golden rod SP declares, and the list was hanging on the wall for all public to read, does one think the public will start to put one and one together? yep.

    And if the list had completed case level and training level for each person, would the paying public start to put one and one together? The old timers would. The newcomers can’t see the changes.

    It appears that list is coming together here.

  72. Mr. Koon,
    I can’t not say that, force of habit. But yes this is really just the tip of the iceberg with the horrors that go on inside of the PAC RPF. Jill was a magnificent lady. Just one of the best all around and it is so sad what happened to her and what is STILL happening at PAC due to the carcinogenic conditions there. I am so happy to not be there but it makes me sad to know that many people who I still care for are there every day.

  73. Mike & Betsy,
    Words don’t come so easy after reading such write ups, except hello, my name is Keith and I hear what you say. I hope life looks a lot better now and you’ve got your feet back on the Bridge.
    Mike, thank you for your recognition of the Staff Member. It isn’t seen often and much of their plight and dedication is very difficult to acknowledge. I guess confront of them is a difficult thing from certain viewpoints. I did 10 years on staff at a CL4 (5) Org and I have never witnessed such poverty, degradation, bad teeth and misery like it before is a western society. But it all held together in the name of hope, 339R was very real to many of us and for years we thought the enemy was out there. Some still do but most have simply gievn up and drifted off to God knows where.
    Your words brought back a lot of that scene and the SO Missions and uplines orders which eventually (for me anyway) became the enemy. To read and supervisor the words of LRH and then have exactly the opposite emposed by those in authority sure creates an unsavory& degraded situation. There is nothing worse than being hungry with no money and then suppressed again and again.
    Treason is rampant within the Church’s sphere of activity.

  74. Mike
    That is weird that the memorials were on the same day. I am glad that you did leave and that you don’t have cancer. So far, knock on wood, I don’t either. But I know there are many more like Jill out there just hushed into the hospice down the street from PAC to be forgotten and then given some bogus memorial. It is so gross to me.

  75. Thanks so much for that write-up. It really as-is’s things for me, big time.

    So, do we have a new high crime that will be put in the next new ethics book:

    No call 3 swing F/N is automatic declare.
    No donate to the IAS is automatic declare.

  76. Mike & Betsy,

    Wonderful write up. I know it was a bit of a long runway, but it was worth the wait! Good job. You have added to the ever expanding list of highly respected people who have stood up and said “Enough.”

    That’s a stat that truly IS “straight up and vertical” — testimonials to the insanities and destructiveness of David Miscavige.

    Welcome to the blog under your real name. And thanks for the help you have provided over the last year behind the scenes.

  77. VERY Interesting!

  78. Unfortunately Tom, Woodruff ended up doing a Liability Formula for Dave for years afterwards. The last time I ran into him at a Starbucks about 7 years ago, he told me that DM finally approved his Liability. Last I heard he was still trying to get onto VII. With his 2 sons in the SO, he is firmly entrenched in hell.

  79. Someone I know at the Seattle org was horrified to find that her folder data from LA had been sent to a bunch of terminals in Seattle and broadcast around–and it wasn’t any big thing either but was “interpreted” as horrendous. What a bunch of nutcases!

  80. Yes, many of our families didn’t survive the turmoil. VWD to you both for supporting each other through the insanity and external pressures.

  81. Thanks Carol. I’m so glad we got re-connected in Apr 2010. You had literally fallen off the face of the planet, and I thought you were dead. Any best friend of my mother’s is a best friend of mine for life.

  82. “…without his boots on…” that conjures up a picture of little red-and-white striped socks, too long in the toe. Oh, add “dirty” and “holes in the heels”… Sad!

  83. Pat, What you say is so true. One thing about the memorial for Claire was that no staff attended other that one or 2 people, and I had to pay for it! For a person such as my mother to dedicate 36 years of her life to freeing beings and have only handful show up at her memorial, still pisses me off to this day.

  84. Hayden,

    Thanks, you coming out opened my eyes more,as I knew you back in the 80’s. In fact I think I Sec Checked you a few times. Hope I wasn’t to hard on you.

    I didn’t know Jenny D did 2 missions into PAC.

  85. Bela,

    Look forward to meeting up again, you know where to email me. I’ve noticed your posting for quite some time now.

  86. Good post, Sam. There are also more people in the Pacific NW, USA who are quietly under the radar and could gain by hooking up. One called me last night but still needs to work some things out…

    The church here is Seattle is obviously hurting BAD–they’ve actually bought airtime radio ads (sickly sweet) AND a billboard with Tom Cruise’s picture on it. Shows how desperate they’re getting.

    P.S.–the radio ads are airing on a station that mostly Anon-types listen to. Good luck with that! LOL

  87. There are people arise amongst us with gifts. These gifts are added to, to make the world a better place. Or turned into weapons to destroy. Take FACEBOOK, a few weeks ago there was a double murder in Tennessee because someone got defriended on FACEBOOK. I myself, attacked because someone thought I posted something negative on a utube channel ( I had not).

    See Scientology, and what people have made of it. Some have created universes of exploration, freedom, understanding and new possibilities. Others have used it to either torture themselves, or others.

    We have made the best of these gifts. You see what David Miscavige has done with Scientology.

    Then there came the internet. While we use the internet to inform and learn, as we used Scientology to become informed, inform and learn. The internet recoils on David Miscavige like napalm. Future gifts will also turn on him like a virus. These gifts all have a life of their own and will turn on people that misuse them like abused pets. Science and reason will escape people who are driven with the purposes to harm others. Technology will turn into a poison to those that misuse it.

    I was a friend of Claire’s and I loved her. She used everything at her reach to make the world a better place. I can see by the life you have led, that you have too.

    I am sorry for the treason you have faced in these purposes. Only these words of reason comes to mind to explain our misfortunes:

    “The greater the obstacle , the more glory in overcoming it”. Moliere

  88. Dear Mike and Betsy, Wonderful writeup, answers so many questions, especially about the Universe Corps. I know a Seattle staff person who was waiting for the UC to put him to OT. He is still waiting…

  89. Agree Sinar, completely. Some day in history, Debbie Cook will go down as THE tipping point in Dave’s downfall.

  90. The Anons will have ’em for breakfast!!!
    If Tom Cruise signed off on continuing to be the poster boy for the cult after the disastrous PR positioning with Muckcabbage so far he’s a lot more stupid than I gave him credit for.
    Or maybe Muckcabbage didn’t ask for permission? I DO hope it’s the latter, haven’t had any popcorn for a while….

  91. Dear Mike and Betsy,

    Good bye to your “provisional declare” and welcome to the permanent world of the free and awake. Your stories are heart wrenching, you have suffered much, but you HAVE MADE IT!

    Lots of love and a well deserved congratulations to both of you!




    What a wonderful, complete, informative write-up!

    Mike, we have known each other for a long time, though not in communication for many years,until a year or so ago. Your Mom’s (Claire Reppen) memorial on this blog brought us together again. I loved Claire; she was my examiner at AOLA and later at Flag for many important attests, including Clear and I believe, Clear OT. I cared about her deeply, and was grief-stricken when I heard the story on this blog of her passing. She was/is so dedicated to LRH and the technology. She is truly a star in the sky of the history of Scientology.

    Betsy, I’ve gotten to know you over the phone and consider you a dear, dear friend. I am so happy that the two of you are out on the trail with the posse, and able to help us round up more Independents for the big trail ride to Total Freedom! You both have been a big help and comfort to me while I was handling the situation with my son, grief stricken as I was; your moral support and advice and comforting words helped me through to the time when I was finally reunited with my son. Thank you both so much for this, I will never forget it.

    You have been through so much, and it is so wonderful to see you here. Your love, compassion and caring for individuals and mankind are a tremendous asset to the Independent movement, as are your technical and administrative skills. I know both of you will continue to use these skills to bring greater freedom to more individuals, and to help build the New Civilization!

    Two more brightly lit candles on LRH’s Birthday Cake in 2012!

    Much love from Austin, Texas
    Catherine von Ach

  93. I think that’s quite right. Let’s hope so.

  94. Yea, SPs do tend to get rid of the best staff.

    Best wishes from all of us here. Hope you all are doing well.


  95. Thanks Dan, you were the first “SP”, I invited to my house. It turned out to be a very smart move indeed. Having you on my comm lines has really helped me a lot over the past few years. Thanks,

  96. Michael Fairman

    Mike and Betsy
    Thank you both for another piece of the mosaic that pictures Miscavige’s purposeful destruction within his church, of whatever was good about LRH’s Scientology Yet another betrayal.


  97. “Wow. The room seems brighter!”

    Good stuff! 🙂

  98. Absolutely second all that. It’s often said that Brits do best in a crisis, and thrive on a challenge. There is NO mileage left in hiding behind the justifications and reasonableness. If you haven’t made a stand you are implicitly supporting suppression. Sorry but that’s just the way it is. If you are in the UK and lurking, just ask yourself what makes YOUR neck so precious? Contact me or Sam as above in complete confidence. There’s a party starting and you’re missing out!

  99. Moving Forward

    The whole cycle to bring Woodruff to LA Day in 1995 in the first place was a massively unusual solution; in fact, LA Day was a morass of unusual solutions. Even the ED of Mountain View was ripped off for a short time to ‘get LA Day to St Hill Size’! The org was apparently DM’s pet project at that point and it was a total mess.

    When John was ‘recruited’ to be the ED, a major obstacle was that he couldn’t afford to live on the LA Day pay and so some special pay arrangement had been made for him by ‘someone’ at Int in order to get him there in the first place, and I heard he was later busted for said arrangement, though I don’t know the details.

  100. Moving Forward

    Mike and Betsy, Thank you for sharing your stories.

    I was really sad to hear about the fate of the “LA Day” UC personnel, I had some interaction with all of you when you first when to LA Day and I know how much all of you cared for the staff and worked so hard to get them up the Bridge. I share your love for the Class V staff. I was SO for about 10 years but dealt a lot with Class V orgs and always thought those staff had it harder because we SO members at least didn’t have to worry about the crushing pressure of paying rent, food, etc., on almost no pay at all.

  101. I am not talking about the floors. Yes the terrazzo is lovely. I am talking about the walls in Main building that we demoed as to make more dorms. They were all terra cotta, very porous and filled with toxic left overs from all the patients that were there. They are all pretty much demoed out and replaced now with the exception of the structural ones on the outside and a few load bearing ones there. But trust me I carried that out by the wheel barrel full. I know what was in the walls.

  102. I well remember when I first heard that John Woodruff was transferred out of OC to become the CO LA-D. My initial thought was, “Wow, how crazy and seemingly off-policy is that?! There must be an awful lot I don’t know about something.” Looking back on all that now, it seems clear, that’s how DM’s insanity and degradation of LRH spreads. The crazier Int Management (David Miscarriage) gets, and goes unhandled, the more it erodes one’s own sense of what’s right.

    And, as ex-Cram Off of CCI under Dave Petit, I’ll have to relate a few stories there, someday.

  103. That doesn’t surprise me at all. We had all kinds of creative ways of getting things done on the RPF. And I am not just talking about pulling ridiculous all nighters, that is mild. It never ceases to amaze me how the public will ohh and ahh at these new buildings and how shiny all the custom furniture is and all that. It is made with SLAVE labor on the backs of children and elderly people that get paid nothing and are working in conditions that don’t exist in anywhere else in the world outside of the third world. It is a crime what Scientology does in the name of “Expansion” they take talented craftsmen and enslave them for years to keep them making furniture and trinkets for the super elite. All of those fancy wood boxes that you bought your limited edition Dianetics and other books in? Yep made by slave labor by someone imprisoned on the RPF. I wonder if they would label the fancy box, “Made by a slave on the RPF” if people would still drool over it.

  104. We couldn’t ask for better friends than you and David. Thank you for your hospitality last August, loved the peace and theta in your environment.
    love, Betsy

  105. Pat, you were the one piece of theta in that insane environment. You reminded me of my people back in AK, they take care of their own when there is a loss of a loved one. The providing of food, etc. The horrific car accident my husband had on the day of his Mom’s death is a direct result of the suppression we were under there. Anyways, you made it a more welcoming environment. Thank you for what you did.

  106. Several F/Ning touches of truth here. Thank you. What hit me strongest was the, only a matter of time until I get declared, syndrome. You have to know that there are yet many still on staff who are living with that one. And what is their “suppressive crimes?” Enduring with some kind of certainty in LRH policy and tech.

    Well…, I have here one disagreement with LRH policy that says always leave the door open a crack. For David Miscarriage, maybe, but only maybe, after a billion trillion years, or after the last thetan is cleared. Maybe then.

  107. Wow, I think I remember Les, wasn’t he a C/S or something at ASHO? Hopefully we can make it to the party.

  108. Yes it was a tough road and we almost didn’t make it but thanks for our love of a most incredible daughter, she helped to keep us strong, which is why DM forbid SO members from having children.

  109. Thanks Laura, others have always said this “Welcome into the sunshine”, after coming out. My question was “Are they being facetious?” Well, it really is like that! The suppression is insidious that until this happened to us it then became very real as to how palpable the suppression was effecting every aspect of our lives. It’s a reality you cannot enforce but has to be experienced. Brings to mind the 2 rules for a Happy Living.

  110. Bela, thank you for the kind words, hope to meet up with you again someday and trust that we will keep exposure in the utmost confidence as others kindly did for us 2 1/2 years while we were going thru our gyrations.

  111. Thanks Sinar, you were right about the Hang up Doubt B/S! LOL, just couldn’t have it,I had to be right and you wrong! LOL

  112. Mike & Betsy — Y’all have a good and proper show I tell ya! Quite the track. Thank you for your efforts both back then as well as now. This is some opening salvo. Much, much obliged and appreciative.

    How far down does this rabbit hole go? – a rhetorical question I have from time to time. Well, from the data to hand, y’all’s and the preceding, it goes all the way to hell, pauses, and continues further down. Thank you for the illumination.


  113. Mike & Betsy Bienvenidos!! Is great to see you here, is good to know that you are free from miscavige church, no more suppresion from them, very well done.

  114. Thank you! Loved your posting!

  115. Thank you! It’s been a long time coming.

  116. Thank you Rachel! Its a held down 7 there, if the vast majority of people instead of only the 1% want to go Clear, they are going to have to get the hell out of there.

  117. Erm…, not buying all the evil asbestos and radiation stuff. Sure, it must have been there, sure, breathing into the lungs a substantial amount of asbestos is unhealthy, sure, radiation poisoning can happen, but you are making a lot of claims with little to no statistical analysis, comparative or otherwise.

  118. Yes, very cleverly masterminded. HCOPL Personnel Troubles, “PERSONNEL TRANSFERS CAN DESTROY AN ORG”.

  119. Thank you Theo, hopefully more and more people can experience the resurgence of power I’m experiencing having gotten out from the suppression, actually forced out, LOL, but thank god for that.

  120. Tessa, yes I hope these many people can dePTS and experience the resurgence of power I’m experiencing. Thanks to Marty and others for paving the way.

  121. FCDC, you’re perceptive, the rush of air into the room has been going on all day!

  122. P.S. Have you ever noticed on Suppressive Person declares, there is never a name of a person who was suppressed? Shouldn’t one person who has actually been suppressed be named as a victim of the suppressor? It’s like charging someone with assault when nobody is compaining they got hit.

    Looking at this one, names of the persons issuing the declare are now omiited also. Maybe it came from a computor and the judges also remain nameless and faceless, so the only one really spotlighted in the justice arena is the condemned.

    As an aside, if you can get to Kinko’s Copy center, you can buy a ream of golden rod, take it home, open it, and just do a contact with it. It’s myserious power to enflame, control or terrify will will flee from beneath your finger tips.

  123. This write-up started as a KR in 2009, and morphed into this blog. If I’d only sent it back in 2009 I would have been declared SP then, LOL, be as it may just wasn’t ready then.

  124. Your welcome, some truth on the line.

  125. I have a very, very, good friend who is on the Seattle Org lines, Clarke Balcom. It was he who turned me onto Dianetics back in the late ’60’s. I believe he is still drinking the cool aide. I’m sure he has to be looking at all the outpoints in the current church. If anyone in the Seattle area knows and has comm-lines with Clarke, please help me rescue him.

  126. Ronnie, you wrote a very powerful declaration that I referenced in my posting. You’re a brave man, it didn’t take you long from Debbie Cook’s posting 12/31/2012 to see the light. No Q&A. Your ability to observe the truth and act like lightening speed is commendable. Glad to be in your presence.

  127. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1,000!!!

  128. John P, our email didn’t have to be hacked into, I accidentally included my husband as a cc: on the email:, haha, that did it, a good mistake eh, or we might still be hovering under the radar in suspended animation. But yes, it’s still rediculous. CofM is trying to scare others into beaten dogs. An interesting note the girl that outed us Maggie Bell, responded to my email in a screaming fashion, “YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ARE LOSERS!”

  129. Your the Man!

  130. Welcome Mike and Betsy, and as I said before, Congratulations on your “permanent declare”. And what a beautifully planned release, on LRH’s Birthday. He’d be very proud of you both I’m sure. Thanks for telling your whole story, what happened, and your pro survival decisions.

  131. Ingrid, Woa, that would be incredible, but ain’t going to happen, they’ll have to go to the Indie field. If DM is gotten rid of, there is a long, long road of clean-up, not going to wait for that one!
    Love, Betsy

  132. as Betsy stated above in her write-up:

    “Mike coached John Woodruff on how to handle his situation in between sessions. The truth is while taking John on walks to get his metab working, John discussed his huge debts; Mike suggested that maybe he should request an LOA to handle it, a standard handling if one cannot make it on staff due to heavy debt overload.”

    “John discussed his huge debts”


    Here we go again, money, debts. First of all is it an out qual to go on staff if one has debts that could pull him out. How many times has that been violated.

    And then there’s what LRH says – don’t ever borrow money. But that gets twisted around like your new service will make you more able thus you can the handle the debt….

    Jesus christ already. Dam, just pisses me off. And then you go into debt, and something happens, then ethics happens, then a a whole mess is created, and the Church person who got you to go into debt is long gone……where’s responsibility for everything in the whole matter. But, I know one will make it go right and you are told to make it go right, but the next release comes announced at some event, and you must get it, but you got debts to handle. And because doing the bridge is so expensive and the carrots are their, oh, just the next level will do it, on and on. The public on a wheel in a hamster cage.

    But, oh, a person thinks to himself, I can’t make money like the big boys, the 1%, or I don’t know how to start or run a business. Why I’ll join staff, and join the winning team, and get the Universe Corps and I to can go OT. But where is that now?

    Round and round.

    But, at the bottom of it all, is don’t ever borrow money.

    I wonder if staff did not have to worry about paying back debts that they agreed to do, to get the next best thing, and had no debts, or signed on and had no debts, (but one can’t do it alone on staff, the spouse must make enough money for two or the family). Would they be a well & happy person?

    I wonder if paying public the same, they just paid cash for everything. No worries about debt, would they be a well & happy person? Just getting services as they earn money and set aside.

    I know I would. My only money problems are because of debt, those damn plastic demons or bank loans, and only when I got into the church. Remove those, and all the gains are possible.

    It’s like to got to be OT to just say NO, no more debts. But that doesn’t work either, look at John Woodruff. Time and pressure as Andy says.

  133. Z,

    I hear ya. When we heard the declare rumor, it briefly stunned us. But we then QUICKLY prepared. One of the reasons I made my announcement was my declare was such bullshit, (a one page boilerplate issue full of generalities) and I wanted to tell my side of the story. Well here it is. I think judging by the responses I made the right decision. If you are declared, don’t fight the CofM on it, you’ll never win. Best of luck.

  134. Mike and Betsy, I am privileged to be able to include the two of you as friends. Mike, when I first joined staff at the Toronto org in 1971, I vaguely recall your send-off to the SO. And I very much recall how your mother was talked about in the org with tones of honor and respect. Then when I joined the SO and went to LA, I recall talk from other staff members of their respect for both you and Betsy, and the confidence all felt that if they were sent to the CLO for ethics or cramming, they’d surely come out the better for it. No fear that they were given to your care; none. The consensus was, that it was a relief, a learning experience, a reward, to be sent to cramming and/or ethics by Mike and Betsy Reppen. And yes, I too got to experience that pleasure.

    Thank you for coming out from the darkness of Miscarriage’s suppression. And it is good to see that nothing has changed from the two of you.

  135. Roger, it wasn’t easy to hold our marriage, trust me. But it’s happening, I feel a resurgence of power, like unbelievable, LRHs PTS tech is really some powerful shit if applied correctly.

  136. Tom, you and Linda were the brave ones, taking a stand and paying the price. I’m glad you are doing so well now.

  137. Sad for John. He is a good guy. I look forward to the day he is out from under that suppression.

  138. Different Drum

    Great writeup, M & B … and on Ron’s birthday!

    I just checked the Indie 500 list and it’s up to about 300 names. Wouldn’t it be great if there could be 500 names on that list by POB’s birthday (April 30)? That would be a great birthday present for him. I’d love to be ready by that day, giving him the finger and telling him to kiss my big white a**.

  139. Lisa, thanks for your help, the fall out from the disconnections was minimal, more people are looking than we realized and more people are unwilling to fall for a piece of paper of one day you’re ok and the next you suddenly turn into a green eyed monster. The SP declare are becoming so commonplace that they are just loosing their power.

  140. Feelings mutual. Looking forward to having some of your delicious hummus again someday soon!

  141. The truth shall set you free!!

  142. Scott Campbell

    Way to go Mike and Betsy!

    Wow, those are some write-ups. I’m so happy that you’re out. We need guys like you in the Indy field.

    P.S. I literally hate Miscavige too (even though no one is beyond redemption, some people just aren’t worth it).

  143. Scott Campbell

    Omniscient as ever, Oracle.

  144. Yes he plays a pretty sick game!

  145. Richard Royce

    Dear Mike Reppen,

    Great post! I also wanted to tell you that your mom was my auditor on Nots and I loved her. There was always a twinkle in her eye!


  146. Betsy-
    “which is why DM forbid SO members from having children”

    See now that point cracks me up on outpoints. If everything was on the up and up, why Scientology would automatically expand by Scientologists having kids and those kids having kids and so on. We are talking the 8 dynamics here. Why on earth would a staff member not be allowed to have kids? I believe some groups on the planet say they take care of their own, I think the mofia says that as well. Look at the company GOOGLE, they take care of their own. Any guy would give their left nut to work for them.

  147. Thank you for the filler on Jill, we always loved her, she was a jewel. Hope her kids and husband are okay, she was a big loss. I tried to tell Mack some stuff back in 1997 but he couldn’t confront it, too much evil to confront and he shut me out, that’s how it goes with those on the kool-aid, it’s a long road for some.

  148. yep.

  149. davemessenger

    Has anybody that has left ever issued their own declare on Miscavige and his Church of Miscavology and published it? It would be nice to see.

    It could be accompanied by a Free-Loader bill for services not rendered, since the current Church of Scientology is essentially free-loading off its public by not delivering any VFP in exchange for the huge amounts of money it receives. All official CoS services are now actually squirrel.

  150. +100000000

  151. Isn’t that how it goes, take anyone doing good but has some outpoint that needs correcting, blow it out of proportion and beat them out of existence so they no longer have any power, that’s DM.

  152. Tom Gallagher

    Utterly unforgivable. POB makes me want to puke.

  153. Thanks Ton, nice song, though the studio version is better. One day I will have to tell a funny story how Tony and I hooked up again after 20+ years. And it was before he made his announcement. Amazing what the internet brings people back together (this was back in the day when everyone was using “pen names”).

  154. Steve Hall told me that every piece of the story helps in auditing out this 3rd dynamic engram, so we are glad to help.

  155. But each of us is free to analyze and evaluate these claims. Better to have the data thrown out to public view, than shut down because some of it might have errors.

    Beyond the claims of chemicals and asbestos, I am willing to bet there were plenty of unhappy beings who had died within those rooms and didn’t know to go get new bodies. I found some of those at CC Int, stuck in the walls and such. Some were confused but appreciated the R-factor to go to a hospital and pick up a new body. One was very entheta, sending chills through people in the room, and all I could do for the room was to push him further back into the wall so he couldn’t affect people.
    Yes, my statement is purely anecdotal, no scientific proof, except that the other people in the room at the time observed that the chill-flows ceased.

  156. Do not count on standard justice, or maybe wait, just to make us wrong they might actually do it. We tried for years to get standard justice to no avail. Once you piss off the little midget it’s over. I’m not into groveling anymore.

  157. Mike,
    Thanks. It took awhile indeed, but it was the RIGHT time.
    I believe I said this before but a key turning point for me was when I heard you blew in 07, it was shortly after I went to the BS Basics event, and then I was done. I have always respected you. Thanks for being a friend.

  158. Sex with dogs? I was wondering how DM’s dogs were awarded their rank.

  159. It appears that John does not know their is an indie field. Or a choice. He is, you might say, in the hole.

  160. Tom Gallagher

    All this has got me thinking…………

    What’s POB’s freeloader bill?

  161. FOS–Yes, when someone wants to recruit you for staff and offers to handle a bogged cycle which should have gone through on standard lines already, it’s a good time to ask them, “So, you are offering to put standard tech in for me if I join staff? How come it’s out in the first place?” LOL

  162. +1000000000000

  163. Dan, when you came to our house for a visit, 2010? I was helping my daughter’s boyfriend & family in purchasing a new car, I was secretly hoping it would go on for a long while so I wouldn’t have to meet you, (you big bad SP). Well it didn’t and I met my fate, had to come face to face with you and WOW, I was so surprised, you were just being there comfortably confronting, your TRs were amazing, I’d get auditing by you any day. I thought there is no way this guy is an SP, they got it all wrong. So glad to have made your acquaintance and your artwork is phenomenal!

  164. Betsy,
    I do agree with Maggie you guys lost a lot of: unneeded baggage, out tech, arbitraries, uneeded crush regging, second mortgages, countless re-dos, uneeded six month checks, no idle orgs or SP buildings to donate to, endless calls and visits at all hours, redoing the grade chart and top vintage Kool Aid. She can keep winning and keeping all that stuff for herself!

  165. I was on the PAC project that did the metered rollback interviews after Family Time was cancelled. I look at this task as a tipping point for myself, hearing all the motherly and fatherly plaints of being disconnected from their children. I justified my actions at the time as cleaning up off-line and enemy-lines, which is to say, natter. But the individual stories of those I interviewed, to my mind, made complete sense, and left nagging and engulfing black hole in my trust of Int Management. I don’t have the exact quote, but somewhere LRH had mentioned that a society that abandons it’s 2D is on it’s way to an utter fail.

  166. you got it. Sounds like the same style as the Mission Holders conference back in 1982. See friends of lrh on the left here above.

  167. Right on, there is so much squirreling going on in the CofM, you can’t hope to get standard tech, its really a shame as it could have been a true juggernaut for spiritual enlightenment. Let alone trying to get any tech in over PTSness. That being said, all Auditors need to be crammed and corrected, I hope that there is that availability here in the Indie’s one day. I’m sure it’s coming if it isn’t already available, maybe it can be called, LOL

  168. Yep, for anyone lacking mass on what an SP is, well we got it, up front and center, no need to do a clay demo on that one.

  169. Enjoyed our conversation last week and like you the ones that disconnected, I’m over and glad to not have that kind of falseness on my lines. Hopefully they can come into themselves eventually. A year ago, my husband deleted all his kool aid drinking Facebook friends, the start of our own disconnection (I didn’t have a Facebook then) that was liberating in itself, so if the Facebook police went to work, we heard none of it, and I’m sure many were disappointed to find that he wasn’t on their friends list to delete, LOL

  170. I mirror you passion, “ROT IN HELL ASSHOLE!”

  171. Thanks Sam!

  172. “Shawshank movie”

    I dedicate this to you all. One of the best movies ever made.

    I hope to see my friends. I hope. I am crying.

  173. DM was in charge, don’t forget that ever.

  174. Hi Lucy, you and Hayden are part of the brave ones to step forward early on, glad to be your company.

  175. Yes Happy BDay LRH and so sorry that an SP has wrenched your wishes away from you but know that there are us out here in the field that will see forward those wishes.

  176. George M. White

    Mike and Betsy,
    Your stories illustrate to me
    two very courageous individuals.
    Congratulations on your freedom!
    Miscavige is ignorant and deluded
    and has no power over anyone’s
    spiritual eternity.

    Message to Mr. Miscavige:

    “Measure not with words
    the immeasurable, nor sink the
    plumb of thought into the fathomless!
    Who asks doth err,
    Who answers errs. Say Naught!”

    The Buddha Gotama


  177. Am so glad we can be openly “acquainted” now, LOL. Being de-PTS’d is the bomb!

  178. Tom Gallagher


    But how about an animated clay demo of that sawed-off nutter:

  179. “but somewhere LRH had mentioned that a society that abandons it’s 2D is on it’s way to an utter fail.”

    Substitute society with group, and there you go. Now I say what group, or business in society nowadays won’t let you have a family. The USA has a family law now. One is allowed to have family time for having a kid.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. ROTFLMAO, that is so troll like, expose yourself.

  181. Thanks Tony! LOL, I’ve heard those comparisons about Mike, of course, the little midget could not stand any praise and accomplishment of others and had to do his best to destroy except where it draws glory to him via the celebs whom he nourishes, all others your doomed. Also he nourishes those SO members who carry out his beatings and torchering are in favor always until they turn. It’s a very messed up game.

  182. Thank you, it’s has been a long road…..

  183. +100000000000000

  184. Thank you for the kind ack, Betsy, and I’m honored that you chose to cite my write-up in your own.

    I’ll tell you why I spoke up so quickly after Debbie Cook sent out her email. It’s because I was something like a house loaded with flammable gas. All it took was the right spark, and BOOM.

    The outpoints I listed in my write-up had been weighing on me for years, but stayed stuck in a holding pattern just outside the reach of my ability to as-is them. What I was missing was the source and common denominator of everything that had gone wrong with our church. When I read Debbie’s email, the source was revealed, and when I came here to Marty’s blog, all of the loose ends became tied to their common denominator – Miscavige.

    It also didn’t take me long to realize that a great many good people had been independently fighting the good fight for the rest of us for years, and that one of the primary reasons they’d been slogging for so long, is that there weren’t more people standing in the light with them. Knowing that this cause is righteous and just, I couldn’t do anything but go public, and stand with them. After all, why is my neck so precious?

    There’s also the ‘strength in numbers’ aspect of stepping forward. Every time one of us does that, it makes it that much easier for the next person to do likewise.

    So what are you waiting for, fence-sitters and radar flyers? Are you immortal or not?

  185. Jethro Bodine

    I remember being debriefed on the infamous “Hands Off” briefing (part of the “Masturbation Mission”). I was debriefed by two young adult males who had recently joined the Sea Org, but were forced to route out. They even were threatened with SP declares for “excessive masturbation”. I think this whole focus on masturbation obviously shows that DM runs his case on other people. Or more exactly, per HCOB “The Criminal Mind”:


    I was told that every male Sea Org member in PAC Base, regardless of their marital status, regardless of their case level, and regardless of their training level, regardless of their ethics record, regardless of their length in the Sea Org, and regardless of their production statistic were forced into Lebanon Hall by Commodore’s Messengers to listen to Jenny DeVocht lecture them about the sins of masturbation and what a “crime” it is. Masturbation is a “crime”? Really???

    Anyhow, after Jenny’s anti-masturbation rant, and the missions’s Reverse Scientology use of ethics technology, there was no more “straight up and vertical expansions” ever to be seen around PAC Base ever again. DM killed even that.

  186. Honestly, we could have fought harder like you… but too beaten up and raw and scared….just didn’t have the fight in me most of the time, but did make some attempts…failed purposes, wrong indications, et al, no acks, etc. It has been a long road out, was safer IMO to stay in hiding, I was a coward too…no more.

  187. Pingback: The Golden Age of Mutant Birthday Games

  188. Keith who? Where were you or are you still under the radar?

  189. Awesome, glad to be of some help, albeit small, it all ties together.

  190. probably not very much…seeing as he has no real tech or admin knowledge, and… he has not been in session, as he is seething with overts and withholds. Altho, I wonder how much they charge for copper rods?

  191. Jesse Sword Mouth Prince

    Dear Mike, my old twin/friend thank you for bringing this to my attention. I understand a lot better what happened to you. Don’t know what to say about your declare besides congratulations. For some reason I’ve never seen or heard of a declare on me with all of the ass whoopin I’ve levied against them. I’m sure someone from OSA will contact you soon about your declare. Would you please be so kind as to mention my missing declare to them, thanks and welcome to the real world.

    Jesse Prince
    Sword Mouth

  192. Mike, I didn’t get this at first what you said- ” For a person such as my mother to dedicate 36 years of her life to freeing beings and have only handful show up at her memorial, still pisses me off to this day.”

    And you paid for it.

    This is really crazy.

    So much for service in the SO and on Org staff.

    This is so disgusting to no end as Ingrid says. We are just bodies, to be used and used and used to forward what?

  193. Although I have never personally met you other than crossing the hallways in the Fountain building, I hold you in the highest of esteem, you are a warrior to be contended with…not one that I would engage in but one I would join to save my own ass (joke).

  194. Amen Brother!

  195. VWD, Mike and Betsy for coming out and telling all.
    Thank you for the detailed write-up, policy references and history.
    A real eye-opener!
    The Church of Miscavige is just a deluded mess; your testimony is helping to bring it down so that others may be spared.
    Richard Kaminski

  196. agreed Ronnie, but what also opened the doors, is the unknown fact that their is a choice. There is no monopoly on the tech.

  197. …Cured Robot…glad to know that was you, Betsy. 🙂

  198. Luis, you’ve been a true friend, thank you for your support despite when “some” others thought we were plants, I can understand that and understand and I’m sure we’ll have to keep our radars up for the same entrusions. Already spotted one on this blog today….oh well such is the Price of Freedom, “Constant Alertness, Constant willingness to fight back, there is no other price”.

  199. OMG, thank you Catherine. DM squashed us to smithereens, but here we are alive and well and coming back to life to help. Looking forward to the day we can meet you and the many other wonderful caring beings that have love and compassion in thier heart for humanity.

  200. Michael Fairman – one who’s eyes could see -tis a rare quality – but you had them, thank you for your ack, means much.

  201. Welcome Mike and Betsy. You are both wonderful people. I am sorry that you and so many others have had to endure such suppression. More and more people are leaving the cult every day. Miss Cabbage will get his appropriate reward one day soon and we will all eat caek.

  202. Well done to the Reppens. Both Clarke Balcom and I were on staff at the Toronto Org with your mother Claire back in 1970 to early 1971 when she left for SO. I knew Clarke back in college and high school, and later when he was a student of mine in college. He got me on staff at the Toronto Org.
    Claire was a great woman to be admired for her love of life and dedication to LRH. Good to know she had a son and his wife of such stellar abilities!
    Did you not also have a sister who was at the toronto org back in 1970 as public?. Is she okay?

    If someone can help Clarke to see the daylight like the Reppens did, please do. Best wishes for a bigger future and a Standard Bridge.
    Frank Davis

  203. I don’t get it?

  204. You said ———–“I was a coward too…no more.”

    and before “we could have fought harder like you”

    I disagree big time. You do not need to belittle yourself. You were being cause. You was being cause, OT, to the degree that you had info, data.

    and you said ” It has been a long road out, was safer IMO to stay in hiding”

    Betsy, this is a causative viewpoint. It is OT to do something or not do something with the data at hand.

    One of the definitions of responsibility is being able to withhold.

  205. Rocio, beautiful wonderful gentle being. Am so glad to know you. Yes, no more supression, alleluia! Thank you for the wonderful dinners you have hosted!

  206. Wow! Such a powerful communication. Thank you for your courage to persist through such an incredible injustice. Then, thank you for writing this up and posting this announcement. So much here I had never heard before. More of the pieces of the puzzle now fit into place.

    I’m confident you will enjoy your new life and your new circle of friends. You will discover an atmosphere where people can respectfully disagree with no loss of affinity.

    Wishing you all the best.

  207. ROTFLMAO….so true…you’d think my daughter would be doing horrifically in life (since we’re SP’s) …but no she is a Phi Beta Kappa (sp), has scholarships galore, never had a moving violation in her life nor an accident (knock on wood) never engaged in drugs, despite going to “public H.S.”, has the same stable boyfriend for 6 years, hello people wake up, shouldn’t she be failing in life if we were SP’s? Connect the dots…..

  208. in the new ethics book to be released next year:

    It is hereby decreed that masturbation is a high crime as means immediate SP declare.

    So random stranger, I couldn’t resist.

  209. “male”

    that also applies to FEMALE. My wife told me so, she confessed. And I sent her to the hole. She has another few months to confess for a few more crimes, I know she has done them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  210. it’s really serious I tell you.

    FU DM.

  211. Those were the days when it wasn’ squirrel and we used the ethics tech to help rise people to greater heights and the ethics tech was miraculous to say the least. I feel honored to have helped so many with it. Sorry to say it’s not the same now. People confided in me so many O/W’s which I hold inviolate to this day and will never disclose and since I read so many thousands of pages can’t remember them all anyways but even if I did I hold it sacred. Unlike DM I used this tech to bring people to greater heights and don’t care what they did other than the fact it brought them relief….big difference.

  212. one of those who see

    Reading this wonderful write up. Thank you Mike and Betsy. The Great Mystery of the Universe Corp. My goodness have I had some charge on this! Still mid reading your data. Really, thank you.
    Got to this and had to stop for a moment: “Jill Graham OC/LAD CS & NOTS Auditor – RPF’d – died of cancer while on the RPF, she was segregated from her 2 young children for 3 years and it is my belief that this alone probably escalated her death as LRH says cancer has to do with 2D losses.” YOU DON’T SEPARATE PARENTS FROM CHILDREN. This is only done by evil dictators. 3 years!! I have no words.
    Will keep reading.

    And wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON. Another 2 people are working to make things right. Thank you for all you have done to free beings. I hope for your birthday, you got to see Vistas Never Dreamed of. My eye is on the mountain Sir.

  213. Mike and Betsy,
    Yours is a heart wrenching story but it is obvious that both of you are stronger for it. I wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

  214. Yes, isn’t that weird that it would be an order to discover? Woodruff is no where near that sort of aberration but then why would it be ordered down the lines???? Overt does speak loudly in accusation? What sort of aberration are we talking about here DM??????

  215. George, you are right on that, he has not hold over us.

  216. Wow that is pretty sick! Imagine how many peope got totally inverted on that one.

  217. Lynne, Oh yeah. Ran into a VERY evil one in the old Manor building in the very early 80’s. Traumatized our baby son and made the lights over the hearth flicker.

    And when the Toronto Org moved into an old mortuary, several staffers go sick touring the empty premises. So yeah.

  218. Yep, am a Cured Robot still and always, wasn’t an easy road.

  219. It’s karma….

  220. What?! No way! I have been told by several people, notably Zack Smouse, that Frank Davis died over 2 decades ago. What gives? Clarke was never actually on staff at Toronto. If you went to college with him, you will remember me. Are you for real?

  221. Yvonne, you are a rock in an otherwise unstable world. Thank you for what you have done, we all together help each other in this horrific battle against the suppression of David Miscavige. That being said, a bright new world has opened up to us!

  222. I’d heard but one mention of this mission, and to my shame, shrugged it off. Frankly, I even doubted the validity of the rumor; how could that be true per LRH data? Many learning experiences have ensued. I no longer doubt the insanity.

  223. Jesse, Last I heard you were anti-LRH. Has this changed?

  224. Mike and Betsy,
    Thank you for such a detailed write-up. This clarifies many things. I also wish to thank both of you for what you did while on staff and for all the help you gave others. You truly are what LRH expected with the study and application of the tech and policy. Welcome to the world of the Independents. The beings who know that “I am I” and “You are you” and don’t just think we are cog’s in someone else’s machine. I am honored with your contribution to bring truth and sanity to a suppressive situation of the LRH legacy having been hyjacked and altered. Thanks guys!

  225. Or maybe take that goldenrod and write your own declares. Hmmm, who might be a person to start with? Ultimately any declares you decide to draft carry the same weight and importance as the CoS’s declares, maybe even more.

    If the Swedish Trumpet Players Association wrote a declare, who would care? If the CoS writes a declare, who cares? It is only important if you consider it is. They have no authority outside of their shrinking game. The remainder of the world and the universe cares not a wit about their petty paper issues.

    Just sayin.

  226. …what also opened the doors, is the unknown fact that their is a choice. There is no monopoly on the tech.

    Agreed, Cap’n. That is one of the bigger factors that holds fence-sitters back. They just need to give themselves permission to look, and they’ll soon find out that real Scientology is outside the cult of DM.

    Good call.

  227. BOOYAH!

  228. Robert Earle

    Hello Mike and Betsy.
    Wonderful present to LRH.
    I don’t know if either of you will recall but I did have the pleasure of meeting you both on Athena cramming lines in the 80s.
    It’s a pleasure to have you here.

  229. Eileen Clark

    Mike & Betsy,
    What does one say in response to such outpourings? Outrage is what such things prompt, at least in sane and honest people. I am so glad that it has all come to a head and you guys can simply continue on without holding back or trying to protect or explain things away to people who have no clue. You both are such great beings. Feels really good to let all that out, doesn’t it? Mike, you said to look out for it, but this was even better than I anticipated. It will help others to face the truth, not everyone, as we’ve discussed, but it will help. Glad to hear about your nephew. Good on you both and Welcome to the growing Independent Field!!

  230. Got to thinking, couldn’t have been Zack. Maybe it was Murphy, when he was still married to Bart Simpson. Anyhow, I’m hoping you aren’t dead and you are you.

  231. Point being is that declares are pointless and have been for probably 30 years at least. ~ Mike
    Indeed so Mike. Used to mean an end to some madness, as was it’s point, but included a way back as LRH intended. It was an Ethics/Justice tool of absolute last resort.
    Now, far worse, a living hell (and I suspect the biggest reason for many more than we realize to lay dormant) at the hands of one man, it now includes cut off from immediate family and life long friends.
    Sad fucking deal.

  232. Cheers and well done, both of you. I worked as a junior to Mike for years and it was all a good experience. NO BS and just get your job done and all was good.
    When both of you were on post, the WUS was in a much different state both in size and spirit. Thanks for all you did and best wishes for your future.

  233. Eileen Clark

    This is truly what the LRH Birthday Game is all about.

  234. The term “Enemy Line” just plain needs to go away. Give me a cussing break. “Oooh! I listened to Enemy Line. I just lost my thetan!” What BS.

    And to think of doing Roll Back to see why people might be bitching about the loss of family time. Talk about going into the valence of the opposition. “This person hates being in prison.” “Well, that just won’t do. Give him thorazine and ECT until he likes it.”

    Abandoning the 2D quote was in Science of Survival, and elsewhere.

  235. Yes! It took me a few years to destim from that scene, to get healthy again physically and mentally. That great saying, “get busy living or get busy dying” was the stable datum I had after I learned there would be no correction of injustice within the church. I walked away spiritually with that stable datum and I learned that I needed to live for myself, not the church. Today, I am in a new place. I think I understand LRH so much better because my view is wider than it’s ever been. These poor staff are spoon fed such propaganda about LIFE and society that they develop tunnel vision. I know I was one of them. LRH never intended cultish tunnel vision.

    Thank the Indies, those openly out and those working within the shadows, for affecting a positive change. Keep delivering, is probably the one thing I think LRH would expect of us. Keep using his tech and bettering ourselves and those around us. Thanks for posting that video!

  236. What sounds crazy to me is that Sea Org are staffing the Class lV Orgs.
    Show me the L.R.H. reference on that one. If they had any value as managers they would not need to be down in class lV Orgs. DM wiped out the mission network to sabatoge the Class lV Orgs. On top of that they have the Sea Org staff “managing” them from the top.

    MacDonald’s restaurants have expanded while the C of S has all but folded. MacDonald’s has more staff than all the staff in the Scientology combined. People would rather eat a hamburger than find out about Scientology.


  237. I’m not sure the Universe Corps of your era overlapped with David Graham’s tenure at OC:

    Nice to see more OC folks out!

  238. threefeetback

    This should be the basis of a huge class action suit of all former staff and public. Failure of DM to use the actual body of knowledge known as Scientology and the Works of LRH. Failure to hold up his end of the deal on all contracts, transactions, donations, etc. Substituting instead his own crap.

    DM’s Modus operandi is to overwhelm of his imagined enemies. To actually turn the tables, he needs to be put in overwhelm at this point. Debbie and her husband need to start demanding large ammounts in their counter suit; at least 500 Mil each, with saber rattling of huge class action suits and additional individual suits to break the back of the C of M.

    M&M should insure that the actual LRH Copyrights, Trade Marks, etc. are transferred to them as a small portion of the total ammount owed by the C of M. Then the LRH intended system and organization of checks and balances should be implemented by M&M.

  239. one of those who see

    Your write up is a perfect summary of the insanity wreaked by the Dictator who stole our church. Enjoy your freedom. You both have certainly earned it. Thank you for all you have done and still are doing to forward the Aims of Scientology!

  240. Detective Bill Summerfield

    In the early 1980’s, I remember seeing several sets of fire doors at the Complex locked from the inside with a heavy chain and a pad lock. No one ever said anything except that they had to be removed if LAFD inspectors showed up. The implication was clear: In the event of another FBI raid, there were going to be obstacles.

    There was plenty of old asbestos-covered electrical wiring all over the complex. When they gutted the old nursing consoles in the early 1980’s to put in new phone cables and data lines, they ripped a lot of asbestos out of one of the central maintenance shafts. This was not any kind of formal abatement., This was just people yanking old cable to put in new cable. This was a piss poor hatchet job done with no care for worker safety. People were told that asbestos, like cigarette smoking, would not harm the body. I would not be surprised to see a longitudinal cancer cluster associated with working in the Complex from its purchase in 1977 to PT.

  241. Wow and good for you.

    Every word was intriguing, informative, and illustrative.

    As a person who makes a living as a manager and administrator, this quote spoke to me on many levels of personal and professional experience:

    HCO PL 24 Feb 72 INJUSTICE, “It is injustice that destroys discipline. When you indicate the wrong bypassed charge on a case, the case caves in. When you accuse wrongly and punish unjustly, the group caves in.”

  242. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Happy Birthday Ron!

    L. Ron Hubbard
    LRH ED 348 INT
    Birthday RJ
    13 March 1983

    And thank you for your good wishes on this 13 March 83.
    I am well and doing very fine indeed and I sincerely hope you are the
    same, and, believe me, earnestly, that is the only reason I have done
    the work Ifve done this last half century.
    If at a breath I could wish the whole universe right as you too may
    have dreamed, it would be wonderful. But it takes a lot more than
    breaths or wishes to accomplish that and it requires that you also do
    your part in it if you and those dear to you are going to make it fully.
    So I have a Birthday gift for you to return the flow of the avalanches
    of good wishes and remembrances that you send me. And as I accept them
    gratefully, so I hope you will accept this legacy.
    It is the tech.
    You see, despite inferences to the contrary, this tech has not been
    available before anywhere and was not even known.
    I say this as no boast, but with something of amazement for you see
    researches by most others in the past have not been aimed at bettering
    man but making him more suggestible and obedient.
    As a proof of this, any trouble Dianetics and Scientology had is
    traced to those who engage in suppression of individuals and man.
    They use numerous ways to attempt the eradication of this tech.
    Denying it is the first. Invalidation is the second. Corrupting it is
    the next. But all these efforts in whatever guise, boil down to just
    one thing: to prevent people frnm achieving and enjoying freedom.
    Those who attempt to suppress our tech do not themselves have the
    faintest clue of how to better anyone. This they cannot do. And this
    is your ace in the hole.
    You see, truth must exist before lies and truth blows the lie away as
    it is later on the chain. And any suppressive person or group seeking
    to dissuade you or invalidate you deals only in lies. These lies are
    quite easily spotted if you know the Data Series.
    Most people get so confused by all the lies around, they come to
    believe anything theyfre told and thatfs the reason the suppressive
    lies. But with the Data Series, one can spot bad data so easily it is
    itself a sort of relief to know it.
    And as you burrow your way down through the layers of lies, you come
    to truth. And truth blows the lies away.
    So we come to this legacy of tech. It is the route, which if purely
    used, uncorrupted and unperverted, will bring you at last to the vast
    free vistas of freedom and truth and the glory of being really you.
    But this is not all, and this is my true message to you this Birthday:
    You do not even have to believe it works. If you really know the true
    tech, no one and nothing can hurt you or demean you in the ages to come.
    So it is not just freedom that is the goal; it is the maintaining of
    it one must assure.
    Those who do not let you have it, twist it, invalidate it and pretend
    it is something else thatfs meant, are seeking to deny you not just
    the road out but the armor of knowledge that will guard you.
    So this is my gift to you this Birthday in return for all your well
    wishing: the legacy of tech.
    The policy is there to guard and deliver the tech as well as to help
    make a better society and this is also yours.
    It means of course that you yourself must more than whiff at the
    bouquet of tech. It means hard and earnest study and precise
    application for only those will bring it into full bloom in your life.
    It is true that paths are sometimes rough and that travel can be
    tiring and long. But wait!
    There are vistas never dreamed of, there are joys never even known,
    there are glories no past glory ever surpassed.
    These wait for you but only if you accept my legacy and help bring
    these things about.
    And in the years to come and the ages that follow, the hosannas will
    be for your Birthday, not mine.
    My Love,

  243. I have two family members to go to extract out of the Church. I fly a little low but I gave my word to keep my name off the lines until all avenues are exhausted to get some sense drilled into ’em. I’m in ANZO.

  244. A song for DM, on horns, Tex-Mex or Chicano low-rider style:

    (For non-speakers of español, cucaracha means cockroach; gives new meaning to COB)

  245. Thank you what a nice ack!

  246. Hi Betsy,
    I was the Deputy Commanding Officer ASHO day for about a year.

    Funny thing is that one of the major tipping points for me was when the WUS execs and the CO ASHO tried to get me to go to NY for a permanent posting and leave my lovely wife behind.

    I thought it was stupid then. I think it’s stupid now.

    Funny that those of us who actually love each other get declared on the same goldenrod. At least they recognize that we’re a real team.


  247. Helllllooooo Mike and Betsy!!!

    I’m happy the bullshit “provisional declare” is over. Finally that wimp took himself off your lines. You realize that you will NEVER be in his group again don’t you? Yep, that’s about the bestest thing Dave is capable of.

    See you in a couple of days 🙂

  248. Jethro Bodine

    I know that, but it doesn’t change the fact that individuals are responsible for their actions.

  249. Welcome, Mike and Claire, and very well done on coming out the other side in one piece.Thanks for shedding some light into some dark corners as well.

  250. Wonderful write ups! I agree, trying to get LRH style justice applied in the current church is impossible. Thanks for all those pertinent references.

    I got into Scientology in 1971 in Vancouver Mission. After being on mission staff for ten years and org staff for three, I can attest to the dedication of many, many good people trying to make it in the face of very high odds – both staff and public.

    When I read about the 1982 Mission Holders’ Conference on the internet in 2008 I felt like I had finally, finally found the answer to contraction of Scientology in Vancouver, and indeed world wide. When a friend sent me an article by Steve Hall in 2009, that clinched things – of course, there’s a WHO.

    My wish for David Miscavige: isolation, a kick ass XDn auditor and a stable C/S, neither of which are going to buy your lies and justifications and dramatizations. We definitely don’t want your crap on our future track.

    Thanks to this incredible blog and all the wonderful people who post here, read here and learn here, we are all part of a true reality show unfolding as the days go by.

    Happy Birthday Ron!

    Bernie Strudwick

  251. one of those who see

    Love that phrase Luis, “the free and awake” !! How true!

  252. Sorry, that should be Mike and Betsy. I was thinking how sad it was that there were so few at Claire Reppen’s memorial after so many years of service and that Mike had to pay for it, and the words got scrambled.

  253. Ex-R,
    That makes a lot of sense!
    I’ve always had horror of the main PAC building and this would never go away. While on the RPF we also got a good dose of X-rays when tearing out the walls of the place where INCOMM is now. That used to be the X-ray facility.

  254. Hi Mike and Betsy,
    Well done on your blow against DM’s cult by bringing your individual story to light and welcome in this great group!
    OC UC has been killed same as me (C/S) in UC Zuerich and just wiping that UC out as it suited DM’s suppressive urges.
    BTW, what was the name of that UC C/S stationed at AOLA who came down to OC at times? (Elderly guy who then blew in ’89).
    I’ll send you an emaiL shortly.

  255. Sorry. I do make references that don’t communicate from time to time. The rabbit hole? A reference to the alterations in the church that have led to places so far removed from the goals of Dianetics and Scientology and the way it was done to maintain allegiance so that others support that corruption. Your’s and Mike’s story adds yet another light into what has become a chasm (endless) which is the antithesis of those goals. I vented my frustration and disappointment with that realization.

    I am very pleased that another pair of beings, y’all, have extricated themselves from the chasm and are helping to handle it.

    Better, Mrs Betsy?

  256. Happy Freedom Anniversary Laura Ann 🙂

  257. Hey Mike –

    I don’t think I’ve seen you for 26 years now…since the decks in 1986, if memory serves me right…we didn’t know each other that well, but you helped me get through Esto Series 14…you were theta in a tumultuous environment and I appreciated it then and still do. Am happy to see you have unhooked yourself from the ugly tangled web of deceit (known as the RCS) and spoken up. As each person adds their truths to this muck…it unmocks a bit more of the 3D engram. And there really is nothing anyone inside the RCS can do about that but watch it unmock. Am very glad you are alive and well.

  258. “as ex-Cram Off of CCI under Dave Petit, I’ll have to relate a few stories there, someday.”
    Fire away the KRs Bruce. Dave Petit was every bit the dramatizing DM valence at CCInt as was Harvey Jaques at Flag. All three of them share the same tone-scale indicator… Apparent theta, vicious intent.
    Got my own stories on Dave Petit – when the time comes 🙂

  259. Mike and Betsy – compelling, heartbreaking and yet another story of massive injustice and abuse — showing over and over the horrors of the corporate church.

    I knew your mother but not well. And don’t you also have a sister? Married or was to Gene Juss?

    But I have friends who adored Claire and I’m sending your email and her tribute from Marty to them — something needs to wake them up.

    I knew John Woodruff very well as we both were close with Diana Hubbard and together did many things for Diana — most getting us in deep trouble as she was an original pirate and bum 🙂 — I used to stay at the Woodruff’s home when on Mission for Diana. His sons were toddlers.

    I can imagine that he’s horribly conflicted about his boys vis a vis dm. John is a good heart … I believe our only hope for people with children IN the SO is to continue to expose the current scam. It will topple …

    And Jill — equally sad. I knew her when she came on lines at CCLA — her mother was a TOP Hollywood agent or manager, none too pleased that her daughter had found scientology but Jill persisted.

    I hope her children are well.

    Thanks for sharing with us your story. You just can’t make this s*** up.


  260. Sorry, don’t mean to invalidate you if this is for real, FYI, there are no WDAH stats, can’t say what the future may hold though, we’re busy in our financial & retirement planning business.

  261. Random Stranger

    I guess DM is the only one allowed to play with his rod.

  262. The org’s Director of Special affairs uses the Death story for the popular but dissaffected persons.
    My father-in-law a Founder of a Class 4 ORG was reported to other long time staff that he had died. When my spouse and I walked into the Org some 15 years latter the ED gave my spouse her condolences but was shocked to find out he was alive and doing very well. The look on their faces was as if the man had risen from the dead. Pretty crazy.

  263. Mike and Betsy,

    Welcome and congratulations for breaking free from the suppression.
    And thank you for your great and informative write-ups.

    It disgusts me every time anew when I hear of stories like yours, the vile treatment people are subjected to and specially the systematic elimination and destruction of auditors and C/Ss.

    Wish you all the best in your new and happy life in freedom.


  264. Wish you the best in that. It’s why we hung in there under the radar for so long.

  265. Yes!! Good analogy.

  266. LOL, right on!!!

  267. Thankyou!!

  268. Yes, it’s a mess!

  269. It’s going to be like gaining a new family, but one that won’t turn on you.

  270. Thank you, I hope this gives some as-isness.

  271. Thank u!

  272. I vaguely recall, you name is familiar, from what org did you come from to Athena?

  273. Thank you, it’s so much better to go thru life with eyes wide open, then eyes shut.

  274. Yes, Mike has a sister, Chris Juss, her husband died of cancer a few years back. Chris has her blinders on, lives up in Ill with her boyfriend, also with blinders on. Maybe they’ll figure it out some day, then maybe not.

  275. LOL, ain’t that the truth, it’s the best thing Dave has done!

  276. Jesse Sword Mouth Prince


  277. Betsy, you are so right in saying about Dan “there is no way this guy is an SP”. Let me punch that one up: NO WAY!

    Dan Koon is one of the very cleanest, most transparent beings on this planet. Any management team that had devolved to the point where Dan could no longer tolerate it, a management team that would rather declare him SP than correct itself, was a management team that must have gone very far off the rails indeed.

    It was when I found out Dan had blown and been declared that I started “looking” in earnest, because at that point I KNEW something had gone terribly wrong at the highest levels inside my Church.

  278. Let me also add, a management team that would allow that beautiful being, Claire Reppen, to suffer for ONE SECOND with the agonies of cancer, is a management team that deserves to rot in hell as far as I’m concerned.

  279. Jerry Brady D.C.

    This clarifies “the rest of the story for me.” I spent a small amount of time tending to Jill in her last days, trying to offer what little relief I could from my healing hat, at her home with Mac and the two boys. I hope that Mac gets to see this, as well as Chaffee and Houston, so they have a full and clear idea of what Jill went through prior. I suspect they haven’t yet fully discovered the “who” or if they have they are so entrenched they cannot come out yet.

    In our chats, I never heard Jill blame anyone for her condition. She was a spiritual stalwart while enduring tremendous discomfort without a wimper. I was most impressed and cried when I learned of her passing as I have seldom met anyone who impressed me more in such a short period of time. Her children are now grown up and I know she’d be proud of how they have turned out. Mac is responsible for much of that. He is a tremendous individual. I do hope he can see the truth generated from all you fine folks who tell your story. It has really helped to complete my understanding of what I went through as a public at ASHO, AOLA, Hubbard College, during this same period 1997-2004.

  280. Clarke is in the Portland org community and is an attorney. He and his wife were some of my wife’s and my closest friends but they are drinking the kool aide still. They even shill for OSA a little I believe, as Chris (Clarke’s wife) tried to play a role for OSA with my wife upon our departure. (Clarke was part of the earlier GO). They still think we will come to our senses. They don’t realize we already have. That is why we are out for good! You can reach Clarke easily in Portland business directory. He has his own law firm. We still love them and hope one day to reunite as friends (which we still maintain in our hearts, even if they can’t). The truth on Miscavige will need to be known before that happens.

  281. Hi Bernie

    Welcome out into the light of freedom and truth. Good to have you here with us.
    I agree with your sentiments regarding the dedication staff, and also the wonderful people who post here.

    And I also want to say Happy Birthday Ron, wherever you are.

    Eric S

  282. Jerry, thanks. Yes, Portland, not Seattle. Clark Balcom and his wife, Chris came and visited here with me in mid-state, Washington a couple years ago. They knew then that I’d been declared and after now having learned from Marty’s blog, their visit could only have been a CSW’d “book cycle.” Nevertheless, we had a wonderful visit. Before the subject of books came up they asked me if I’d contacted IJC. I told them yes, I had; many times. And the only reply back fro the IJC was a phone call that was all about and ONLY about me buying a book package. They at least understood that it would not wise to turn their visit into a book cycle. We left, still good friends, but a few days later I did get their disconnect email.

    While here they gifted me with a couple of TWTH tapes and a tape of “Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity” with you-know-who’s picture on the front. I just pulled it from the shelf to make sure I got the name right…, and read inside the front cover, “No matter what the future holds — and it holds a lot — in all the years to come, we’ll look back on THIS date as to what made that future possible.” Must be Miscarriage’s little joke, because he got this one right; and I can add to his message (that gives LRH no credit for a future), AND WE WILL KNOW WHO TO BLAME!

  283. Welcome to the land of the free, Mike and Betsy! Thanks for the detailed reports. This is not only a good thing for you but for people like Debbie Cook, who can use all the support she can get! Hugs! ML, Theresa

  284. Hmmm Why don’t you just add up the number of people that you personally know that have died of Cancer. And then ask yourself the key question, how many of them were on staff or on lines at PAC. I know of 10 personally. All affected by the toxic conditions there. And it would only take 5 to be a cancer cluster. Try opening your eyes. This is serious. Good people are dying horrific deaths. Most of which are preventable and treatable. But since most Scientologists don’t believe they ever get sick they don’t go to the doctor till it is WAY too late. 8 out of those 10 people I know didn’t go to the doctor until they were at stage 4 or 5 of Cancer and at that point there really isn’t a treatment for them. So instead of help, they get put in a hospice to die of a morphine overdose, which at that point is nice compared to the misery and pain they are in. Have you ever seen someone in the last stages of cancer? When it has ravaged their body and there is absolutely no hope of recovery? I have. It is just horrific. HORRIFIC. So don’t prattle on to me about statistics. The dead are the statistic. Confront that!

  285. I couldn’t have said it better about Jill myself. She was one of the greatest women I have ever known. She is truly and inspiration to everyone. She had a huge heart and a firm hand. She knew how to tear you down when you did wrong and build you back up again with love and leadership. I guess that is what made her a great auditor and a great Mother.
    Her boys are a tribute to her and Mac and I am sure that one day he will stumble across this small tribute to her and see the truth. It is too hard especially with everything that she went through to think that she, of all people could have been mistreated this way. It just goes to show you that there is no low the church will go to . Even locking a cancer patient in the closet.

  286. Of course Asbestos won’t hurt you, duh. That is just false data put out by the AMA to suppress you so that you will fear it. Ummm yeah I guess that is why people are dying every day from Mesothelioma? Because it is healthy! What a CROCK!! Yeah the doors are still there. On the second floor where the RPF is there is the Course room. Which is an illegal shack built outside of one of those doors. A fire inspection came through one day. We covered the vent on the door so no light would come through and instructed the students to remain quiet while the inspection was going on. There we were 75 students crammed into a 1000 sg ft with one tiny A/C that was off so we could be quiet and fool the Fire Department into thinking that we hadn’t built a non permitted, fire hazard extension of the building on the roof of something else. Brilliant. I thought the point of the RPF was rehabilitation and becoming honest. Not learning how to deceive government officials. Maybe I missed the point!

  287. Finally had time to put my attention on this fully. Just read your part first, Mike. It’s tragic to see such competent and highly trained people, the ones who can apply the tech and DO…get creamed. But, completely characteristic of an anti-social, suppressive personality. Glad you got out! Love having you here and independent!

  288. Good point!

  289. I think DM had two dogs. It could have been a menajahtwa.

  290. Wow Betsy! Your write-up is great. Every point so clear as you take out all the noise and distraction – aka BS – out! Kudos for keeping your family together! Great to meet you and love that you’re here!

  291. As a proof of this, any trouble Dianetics and Scientology had is
    traced to those who engage in suppression of individuals and man.
    They use numerous ways to attempt the eradication of this tech.
    “Denying it is the first. Invalidation is the second. Corrupting it is
    the next. But all these efforts in whatever guise, boil down to just
    one thing: to prevent people from achieving and enjoying freedom.
    Those who attempt to suppress our tech do not themselves have the
    faintest clue of how to better anyone.” It’s almost as if this were written for DM.

  292. Your humble servant

    Same word that came to my mind–HEROES. (Everyone loves a real hero!).

  293. Well I do not know you as Pazooter, And Clarke was on staff at toronto. He and I did theater together at Kokomno High school. He was a year behind me, class of 1968. Once in a play we did of Alice In wonderland, he was Dweedledum and I was Dweedledee anc Carol was alice. His father was a Kokomo chiropractor. Zach smouse was the younger brother of Murphy, who last i knew had been married to Barb Oliver when he lived in Indianapolis. I had studied some dianetic theory while a psych major at IUK, and when I left the IU main campus I was teaching Social Psychology 401, last of August of 1970. Clarke had went to Toronto to join staff. i was giving up on the psychs having any USEFUL data so I went to find Clarke and the only address he gave me was the Toronto Org at 116 Avenue Road. I went there and was greeted by Herbie Strawn, Carke was on fulltime training at that time so she got me a reg and I did the start of my HAS, then back in 2 weeks to do my HQS, and 3 weeks after that to join staff, which was opposed by a nutcase EO, Otto wWilkens, who said i was an evil shrink implanter. When emile, Fred Bryan and the rest went off to do the first FEBC, i took over for Dorothy Anderson as Dissem Sec and sheila nagy was temp ED. When i left toronto I went bacdk to USA and got5 married, only came baqck to do aqn ethics cycle which involved theft of pr4operty of mine by a GO staffer and Otto, then off to Saint Hill, and from there to St Louis Org. But enough, this is too much like hijacking a thread. Got and lookup Midwest Tech Center and let us get re-aquainted as i have way too long been out of comm with a lot of folks. and yes i died in 1986, shortly after LRH. I know it was true, after all it was in the Auditor. If it was there it is True…so they say.
    I loved Claire as a friend and many others from there. i recall Mike just vaguely. I knew Chris and was once asked to keep an ey on he3r by her mom at a few of the parties. One in particular at 50 N. hHayden.
    Good famuily, glad they are out and wish Chris, Clarke and many more were. Sorry for the length, but my “deceased” wife will tell you I do tend to talk at times. More than i used to. I recall when Scientology was fun and we could party and shop and when I was a reg I NEVER crush regted anyone…yet my stats were high, because I let someone have a win and when they were ready I regged them for what they wanted and needed.

  294. Your humble servant

    I always value your comments very highly! The people in the lower eschelons had no idea how things worked up above. They didn’t know that Miscavige was a brutal and uncompromising dictator who would crush anyone who didn’t go along. Therefore, the appearance was, to the public and staff in orgs, that the highly trained professionals above them were all in agreement with the “Golden Age of Tech.” They had no way of knowing that any disagreement would be ruthlessly suppressed, so they imagined that GAT being a good thing was broadly agreed upon. They would not learn of the “varying degrees of revolt.” Anyone trying to make that known would have been exterminated.

    In reality, certain aspects of it might not be bad, but there is no question that overall it is a serious ALTERATION of the tech that Ron developed, and it does NOT produce high quality auditors who really understand what the basics of auditing are all about. (granting of beingness, staying in communication with the preclear, getting and keeping a pc in session, not invalidating or evaluating, not overrunning, repairing a pc in trouble, getting the pc winning, etc.). Nor does it produce new auditors in volume, as Miscavige promised it would do. The truth is (now that we know and understand Miscavige) he didn’t know ANYTHING about auditing. So, it is not surprising that the so-called GAT was a compete bust.

  295. Robert Earle

    I was there from the Denver Org. If I recall correctly I saw you (Betsy) as MAA somewhere around the mid 80’s.(when I got a chance I was down in Cont mimeo searching for issues I couldn’t find elsewhere. Which came in handy later ).
    The later was a cramming cycle with Mike in 88 . I was trying to make sense of my top priority program as an LRHComm. The program was LRH ED 236 Reg Program #2. My difficulty was that the LRH ED listed all the Big League Sales Series as refs, yet all those issues had been cancelled as not LRH.( I was involved in CSWing their cancellation while Dissem sec Denver in 78). Mike was very helpful but we had to try to find original material and unfortunately the guys over at LRH comps in the old Biridge bldg didn’t want me over there digging around for that. You handled my cycle perfectly up to where we got.
    As a follow up for you Mike. I ended off with you only due to routing onto ITO lines for PR training and I insisted that the first point on my program was to complete the cram we started. So after two very lenghtly cramming cycles, lots of trips to cont mimeo and two different submissions up to RTRC with a reply from GI exec int. on the first one. It finally was corrected in the redo of the OEC volumes So my cycle beginning with my CSW in 78 finally finished in the early 90s OEC issue of that LRH ED. PHEW!

  296. Hi, Ronnie. You aren’t by any chance related to a Gorden Bell, who was an old time Scientologist.

    Patricia Krenik
    Founding Scn. 1951

  297. Thanks for the reply, Frank. Sorry at having called your existence into question. I am now thoroughly convinced. You were in fact my first auditor, having delivered an assist on me in Peru one evening, ca. 1970. Unfortunately the assist was on a screaming migraine headache. It didn’t make my headache go away but sure did turn on some psychedelic (and painful) implants. Nevertheless, it was very soon after that I left for Toronto to do a 2½-year contract. I know neither you or Clarke did a full contract; did they have weekly contracts back then?

    Anyway, use my pazooter handle to send an email to my gmail address. Again, good to hear you’re alive!

    Bruce Clark

  298. Gordon “Mystic” Bell is now the perhaps the most extremely rabid anti-Scientologist and anti-Ron Hubbard critic to be found on the Ex Scientologist Message Board (ESMB). He was also deeply involved in Capt. Bill Robertson’s Sector 9 Galactic Patrol and squirrel “Excalibur” nonsense when CBR was forming up what is now the Ron’s Orgs.


    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  299. Betsy and I wish to thank you all for your responses to our announcement. Truth be told, I want to say personally that here and now that at this moment is all about Debbie Cook’s current situation. I tip my hat off to her and Wayne.

    We have been getting a hell of a lot of emails from our announcement March 13th, and I wish to say I have not been able to get back to all of them. We are working on it. Thanks once again.

  300. rob,
    I do recall that moment. LRH ED 236, intereresting. Thanks for the flashback/.

  301. chuin,

    Would love to hear from you. Please email.

  302. Thanks for the comm line. i had wondered whatever happened to you.
    Neither Clark or I had “weekly” contracts. I was on staff there from Sept5 1970 thru end of May 1971, when I left and went to Saint Hill, UK. Was there thru original OT7 and SHSBC. Then back to USA. I had no idea that Clark did not finish there as i did not see him again till 1980s and he was driving an 19 wheeler then and my wife and I found him pulled up in the next lane, so we all pulled over at a Big boy restaurant and visited. Last time I saw him.
    From there we went to St Louis Org as staff and in late 1974 to the Denver org (hello Bob Earle I recall you as a good terminal there!) , spent 1976 at ASHO and AOLA, then back to Denver. Was working for the FEDs after that and volounteer work doing review auditing for a mission and other stuff i won’t go into here.. Retired from Feds 14 years ago and been auditing and training people since then (I got a lot better…the touch assist I did on you in 1970 was after I had done my HQS.)
    Glad to know about ,and the Reppens. Good beings are not hard to find…just to keep track of.
    I will contact you

  303. Phil Bruemmer

    Mike & Betsy,
    Welcome out!
    I was crammed by Mike in the 80s and always had winning cycles.
    I had ethics from Betsy and always had winning cycles.
    I love you both and am happy you are out of there.
    Live long and prosper!

  304. Phil, my God, I have wanted to talk to you forever email me.

  305. What can I say Betsy but RIGHT ON and thanks for all the truth.

  306. Phil Bruemmer

    Hi Mike.
    Can you send me your address?

    You can send it to

  307. Your welcome Colorwheel. Feel free to email us anytime, it’s listed at the bottom of Mike’s declaration.

  308. Thanks Tara. You and I know a friend. I appreciate your comment.

  309. Absolutely not a troll, I am very sincere. Sorry you felt that way, didn’t mean to get that tone across – absolutely, I mean it: you’re trained Auditors, I was merely hoping you were Auditing in PT. Sorry to hear thats not the case.

  310. Nonono, don’t give up, email Mike separately and we’ll see where this goes.

  311. Thank you for posting the video clip, it’s truly a beautiful statement indeed and represents the gloriousness of coming out from under the supression of DM. Moved me to tears.

  312. Am sorry for you Jesse, as the tech is so fabulous and can help so many, you can’t understand a man till you walk a mile in his shoes, but I do not wish to walk a mile in your shoes as I’m not willing to turn to ice.

  313. Disgusting. This was really because your mom is a Saint and those guys know but can’t confront it. Cognitive Dissonance.

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