You Are Not Alone

On March 13, 2012 Moving On Up A Little Higher received its sixth millionth (6,000,000) visit.

People from 107 countries have tuned in so far this year.   I have included below a list of the top fifty countries in order of rank by number of visits.

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for participating in the conversations. And thanks for letting others know about the Scientology blog that never sleeps.

Top fifty countries in order.

United States 1
Canada FlagCanada 2
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 3
Germany FlagGermany 4
Australia FlagAustralia 5
Sweden FlagSweden 6
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 7
Italy FlagItaly 8
France FlagFrance 9
Denmark FlagDenmark 10
Mexico FlagMexico 11
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 12
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 13
Austria FlagAustria 14
Norway FlagNorway 15
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 16
Hungary FlagHungary 17
Japan FlagJapan 18
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 19
Ireland FlagIreland 20
Portugal FlagPortugal 21
Belgium FlagBelgium 22
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 23
Philippines FlagPhilippines 24
Spain FlagSpain 25
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 26
Thailand FlagThailand 27
Poland FlagPoland 28
Finland FlagFinland 29
Israel FlagIsrael 30
Peru FlagPeru 31
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 32
Singapore FlagSingapore 33
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 34
Romania FlagRomania 35
Greece FlagGreece 36
India FlagIndia 37
Croatia FlagCroatia 38
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 39
Ecuador FlagEcuador 40
Turkey FlagTurkey 41
Guatemala FlagGuatemala 42
Serbia FlagSerbia 43
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 44
Iceland FlagIceland 45
Slovakia FlagSlovakia 46
Lithuania FlagLithuania 47
Brazil FlagBrazil 48
Argentina FlagArgentina 49
    Pakistan                                              50

221 responses to “You Are Not Alone

  1. Super stats Marthy and TEAM . SMILES from United Kingdom “!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the six million visitors! This blog and forum is outstanding, fantastic.

  3. TroubleShooter

    Holy Cow, I knew I wasn’t alone but I honestly had no idea just how not alone!!! How very cool to know.

  4. George M. White

    Very well done to all 6,000,000+
    May all beings on this planet be well and happy!

  5. Marty, I know this post is not about you, but congratulations on 6 mil visits on a simple blog you created. It shows your skill and understanding of the subject and forum and writing that, despite criticism, it consistently stays in top rankings and is reaching many people, impacting many peoples lives on a global level. Few people manage to do this, especially on this subject, create a sustainable environment.

    This does take skill and competence, consistency and a hell of a lot of hard work. You should feel good about what you have done here. I am proud of you.

  6. Awesome. I imagine some of the 6 million can be the same person coming back (like me) but that’s a good stat in itself (if it were 6 million unique individuals who just came once and then crossed the site off their to-do lists, that would be a bad indicator as it would mean people did not like the site enough to return). So good on that aspect to of repeat customers — something all websites strive for!

    The breadth of the countries from which visitors come is amazing. That’s an overwhelming majority of the nations on earth.

    And guess what — no ideal org had to be built, no staff had to live on rice and beans to deliver a safe space to think and speak, people have been able to sleep and live and not be suppressed, no one was RPFd if they did not toe someone’s idea of where the “line” is, LRH’s concepts are cited in a standard way, and the dictator at the top of corporate CoS is increasingly shown in his true character as someone who does not value people — people being the true generator of energy and success for any organization.

    Imagine the sort of services that could have been delivered all along if people — especially staff — had been paid a livable wage, helped with standard insurance protections including retirement, allowed to eat, sleep, and exercise, not been required to do insane stats pushes and fundraising, been given their own training and services, worked reasonable hours, been given recognition and rewards, and on and on.

    Why, if nothing else, CoS could have been seen as a viable employer during the recession, and could have created a non-Scn job corps of the huge number of very well qualified and educated persons who might have been fine working for a church as long as they could be _free_ to adopt it for themselves or not. If CoS dropped the lunacy that the whole world is suppressive and truly became open, the world would come for lots of reasons beyond free light bulbs.

    By focusing on stuff (MEST, like buildings, money) instead of people (life, theta), CoS became so far off the tracks that it can no longer see the tracks and may wonder just what the heck a writer like me is even talking about.

  7. Random Stranger






















  8. This is incredibly good news, INCREDIBLY good news!!
    Even Lithuania is on the list!!!
    Very soothing and calming indeed, sets my mind at rest knowing the hiding is over after all these decades.

  9. That is an incredibly SANE stat!

  10. cool, thought so small alone, now have lots of others the same ideas great, but did not see usa. or did i miss it, well done peoples well done.

  11. FCDC Class of 74

    Now that’s a birthday present. Somebody is listening. Super stats, congrats Marty and all the 6,000,000.

  12. Wow!

  13. Dear Marty,
    You are on the correct path.This Blog carrys truth.
    May All Beings Attain Peace
    Prayer said by Buddha about 580 B.C.
    carved in stone on many temples and tombs
    said by Fighting Monks prior to Mortal Combat

  14. Rory Medford

    Wow you are the six million dollar man! Keep on truckin! Great job!

    Thanks for waking people up and thanks for confronting evil. Awesome awesome.

  15. Wow, what a stat!

  16. Tom Gallagher


  17. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. To clarify, it is not 6,000,000 people. It is 6,000,0000 views. Could be 6 people a million times each. It is clearly not either of those extremes.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, Dad.

  19. As a newbie to this blog it is inspiring to know how many of us are
    out there (or is it in here?) 🙂

  20. +1

  21. E.g. I usually visit this blog about 15 times/day.

  22. Yep – it looks like we got us a convoy. I do miss Farrah, but at least we got that great poster with the red swimsuit! Thanks again Marty for your hard work.

  23. Marty, your blog makes for a very interesting read by a non-scientologist. I’m sure in that 6 million views there will be many in the Church that dare not post anything. Pretty impressive stats, congratulations!

  24. Gratz on the 6th Millionth visitor. As David Miscavige would say: “or to put it another way that’s 6 times 1 million over 60 different time zones and if they all stood end to end it would span the globe not once but reach the moon and that’s the train going full steam ahead straight up and vertical an unstoppable force not 3 feet upside their heads for global access to all which is why we need your donations”.

  25. TheWidowDenk

    A beautifully written comment which puts it all in perspective. “We the people … .”

  26. TheWidowDenk

    USA is number 1 on the list

  27. ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Very Well Done Marty, Mosey and other guys helping with this.
    It’s succeeding much in the below tone despite the entheta of the situation. Thanks!

    “When a man loses his Spirit of Play, he’s dead.” “… a guy will tell you, ‘Well, I had some illusions when I was a kid, but I’ve lost all those. I’m practical now. We’ve got to face this thing practically, and what we are doing here is very serious.’”
    “You want to know what seriousness is? Seriousness is solidity. You ever hear of a ‘solid citizen?’
    “There’s nothing that succeeds like insouciance*. Plain flippancy** will actually get more done in less time than anything else you can name.”
    “And the more seriously you take the game, the less chance there is of winning.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    (I believe from a policy letter named ‘Spirit of Play’)

  29. Gee, offering Scientologists (former, current and independant) a safe place vent and get informed with doses of truth. It’s such a simple concept, no wonder your numbers are doing so well.

  30. Brian Culkin

    I have some of the Iceland clicks

  31. Congratulations — shows the intense amount of interest to discover the truth about Scientology.


  33. Hah! We’re third. Eat that Australia!

  34. Thank you for creating a sane place to find out the truth.

  35. Erm 4th.. whatever

  36. Congratulations Marty! You definitely exceeded 5.4X here on this blog!

    I think LRH would be very proud of all that you have done and are doing.

  37. Firebreathing Frog

    You right. Visiting this blog once and never come back will be a huge outpoint.
    This blog hooked me on my very first visit.
    So much truth, so much sanity.

    How much hits on this blog will it takes to reverse the insanity and lies spread by David Miscavige?

    My hat off to all of you.

  38. “People from 107 countries have tuned in so far this year.”
    I just spotted this line. That’s just in 2.5 months. Impressive!

  39. Firebreathing Frog

    Yep, “straight up and vertical” (Any Resemblance to Existing Moto and/or Persons is Purely Coincidental.)

  40. Davey, it’s over

    We know who you are

    We know what you are doing

    I know you are extememly upset Davey. I know it Dave

    I can see you

    Wishing this would all go away

    But it won’t because you made this all up Daveypoo

    With your choices and actions

    It’s power to consume you, is fueled by your evil actions that harmed others

    Be well, take care and prepare yourself for a very big life change

    Love Always,

  41. Your humble servant

    This is an amazing achievement and one that would have been hard to conceive of back in 2009–only three years ago!

  42. That’s a great birthday present to the Old Man. Thanks, Marty for putting this here.

  43. Most excellent!!!! Hey y’all! 😀

  44. Well thats a very important stat, along with miscavige crimes revealed, tech unveiled, integrity asserted and the grade actions-clears-and-OT’s made, THIS is where ED 339R is occuring.
    (admittedly its mostly negative gain, but thats what is dealt with when the group was in a lowered condition on average, nothing disparaging about that, I went through severe confusion because I bought the line “the people at the top know whats going on, must be my abberations… soooo confused…”. BUT THE MOST SURVIVAL AND SANE CONDUCT IS TO CONFRONT THE ISNESS AND COMPLETE THE FORMULAS).
    Moving on up a little higher, 6,000,000 individual postulates to know more, interact more, align more, push more. Whether thats from 10,000 or 50,000 people, its putting a hell of a lot of reality into getting Miscaviges ass out of the way.

  45. I cannot help but think that Marc Yeager, Heber, Guillaume, and others so suppressed were among those 6,000,000. And not just because they were spying on the blog, but because they have the natural instinct to be curious about those who are free Scientologists.

    I bet years ago nobody at Flag would imagine Debbie Cook working with independents to expose DM. I bet even now nobody could imagine those three aforementioned execs leaving and joining our ranks. Yet, I strongly believe it will happen.

    I refuse to believe that those three men are lacking the intelligence to know what they are caught up in. And I refuse even more to believe that they will not act on such intelligence, if they really consider themselves Scientologists.

  46. Wow Marty. Look at all those countries! Awesome!

  47. Thank you, Marty & Mosey!

  48. Marty, Mike, Steve and everybody else who contributes to this blog I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Figuratively speaking this endevour started off as a Silicon Valley startup. Little resources, big heart and with lots of honest work it is changing the landscape of Scientology and it is turning what has become unworkable under a suppressive CEO into Scientology 2.0 where everybody winns for real.
    The other day I was listening to an interview with the author of a book about wistleblowers. The author is Eyal Press and the title is Beutyfull Souls. He interviewed the biggest wistleblowers from the last decades, corporate and government, and the common denominator was that at one point they all felt completely isolated. They were being attaked by the entity they were exposing, mostly by legal means, and we’re getting no help from anyone. They were on their own. That really explains the power of this blog and community. It makes it safe with the support it can provide to anyone who wants to speak out. Debbie would have been squashed on her own. The title of this blog says it all You are not alone.

  49. Random Stranger


    MARTY: 1


  50. Dear Marty,
    Happy Birthday to LRH!
    You, Marty and Mosey, and all the Independents have put Scn on the comlines of the world. In so doing, make Planet Earth a better place. LRH would truly want this birthday present as he has always wanted this for mankind. You are the true meaning of what is a Scientologist. Every one of us that has followed your blog for the last two or three years can see that you have been there for us. We can now help each other, handle the suppression of DM and help the individuals of Planet Earth. What a final valuable product for you and all of us!
    Much Love,

  51. Clearly, there is a thirst for data as to what happened and is happening to the CofS and Scientology.

    Does anyone here have any comm lines to any Scientologist in the area around Ottawa, Canada?

  52. Felicitas Foster

    Awesome – congratulations!!!!

    Good that you published my stats before yours …
    I take the win of representing the top foreigm language country. 🙂


  53. Marty, I see my comment is still being moderated. Is it not understandable or wierd? I didn’t mean it to be. If you think it is please just delete.

  54. Patience….. Busy but working on it. 🙂

  55. Marty, The day you decided to make a stand and communicate, was a VERY bad day for Miscavige. A very bad day……

    Well done to you and all those who are not afraid to look, think and speak freely. A lot of people gave their lives to make and keep that freedom available….

  56. Speaking of numbers of hits, I notice that the Cof$ is peppering the online news with paid “press releases” left, right and center, to offset all the “entheta” news items.

  57. You have done an outstanding job, Marty.

  58. I think we will double that in the next year alone.

    ML Tom

  59. That would be Mrs Davey Crockett!

  60. That’s really impressive Marty. Keep up the valuable, good work.
    Nice to know the planet is here sharing.

  61. Wow! Truly global.
    From humble beginings, a Scientology rebuild…

  62. ED 339R remind what it is Please again ?

  63. Yea He is going to smile !!!!

  64. VBMax,

    You remind me of me when I started here. That’s the wonderful thing about this blog and the people here, there is no weird and not understandable even if we don’t agree. It’s ok to have a viewpoint and there are as many viewpoints here as there are people. And you never know what piece of truth might pop up that sheds that ray of sunshine into your life that might change things for the better forever.
    That is why I appreciate every person who comments here. Whether we think alike or not, you have all helped me better my life and I respect you all for that.
    That is also why I continue to support Marty and Mosey. They spend much of their time and lives creating and running this blog and doing the other things they do to simply help others. They never ask for anything in return which makes it all the more easy to back them up.
    Congratulations, Marty and Mosey on your 6,000,000th visit!!

  65. I’m pulling for the Swedes at number 6. Where on earth is Dan Koon? :>)

  66. martyrathbun09

    You were there man.

  67. Michael Fairman

    That’s great Marty. Congratulations. The truth is a powerful magnet. Long,long before the next six million, we’ll be celebrating the exodus of the little dictator. And what a post that will be!

  68. martyrathbun09

    I thought so.

  69. martyrathbun09

    I thought so; but by the numbers reported from there, there has to be at least several more folk.

  70. One Point Won

    Thank you very much, Marty, for the stats! And thank you all for being here too and for communicating — from all over the world! Hopefully, I am not interrupting the flow here, Marty; but below is a link from today’s Village Voice by Tony Ortega. It seems harmless enough, but it actually reveals the sluggish “tone” for the C of S during LRH’s birthday week in Clearwater. You can almost taste the apathy depicted in Tony’s story, in the short video and even in the two the photos of children shown in his article. What: this is Flag on March 14th? [This is my first post, so I hope this is a correct way to post a link. I will identify myself very soon, but for now, I remain — One Point Won!]

  71. TheWidowDenk

    We are “out there.” We meet “in here” to Keep On Moving Up a Little Higher.

  72. Laura Ann,
    Thanks for that!

  73. Freedom Fighter

    OMG!!! I should have waited until I got to the bottom of this list to clean my computer screen off. ROFLMAO!!! You’ve outdone yourself on this one!!

  74. Marty and Mosey,

    I’m so proud of you both. For the last 33 months, your consistency, persistence, patience and focus have built this blog and kept its drumbeat thrumming around the world. It’s a huge accomplishment and a powerful force that has produced big and positive results.

    This blog delivers the Truth Rundown 24/7.


  75. Freedom Fighter

    Whether 6 million unique visites or 6 million visits total, this is outstanding!! There’s no way the Radical “Church” of Scientology has anywhere near this on all of it’s sites combined . . . unless, of course, they were to put together one of their famous stat pushes, but even then I doubt they could muster that many visits (images of SO members chained to computers constantly hitting refresh on their browser come to mind . . .).

  76. Well, it looks like the millions of Scientologists are here. Glad to be one of them since 1979.
    Wow. Wow. Wow. Woooooooow!
    I said it before, the true Sea Org members are here.
    Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart!
    I have coined myself, outside of being an Independent Scientologist, a “Traditional” Scientologist. I study, use and support works written by L. Ron Hubbard, Source; not works “based on the writings of” L. Ron Hubbard.
    Mike and Marty, could you please clarify what the hell THAT means, legally, that that madman has rewritten?

  77. fly on the wall

    Uptrending power stats. Off the chart. Time to resize that graph. Other than that, I wouldnt change a thing.

  78. Kathy Braceland


  79. UK is ranked 3rd??? Where are you all????
    Thanks Marty and Mosey setting sail and bringing us all home safe xxx
    At the very first Indie Party I kind of joked that pretty soon we’d be needing to take over the Fort Harrison we were expanding so fast in so little time.
    Reckon next year we’ll have to. Or would you all like to make it over to Saint Hill to pull down the ‘IAS’ (Miscavige) statue and replace it with one of Ron and his family?
    😀 Beware Miscavige – my postulates are VERY strong.

  80. Richard Royce

    If what you suggested above were true I doubt that any staff member would ever have left and the C of S would truly be the fastest growing religion.

  81. haydn (T Paine)

    No matter how the visits break down, 6 million is a staggering number, its huge. And its an indicator of the blog’s quantity and quality of truth.

    Its no surprise that USA and other English speaking countries are high on the list but for Canada and UK to be number two and three indicates they are very tuned in and a hot bed of revolt against you know who and his Idol orgs.

  82. Red Van Dyke!
    If you’re tuning in from Canada email me!

  83. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    (gasps to take a breath of air)

  84. I actually heard that in full stereo 3D Miscavige. OMG that was SO funny!

  85. I” take the win of representing the top foreigm language country.”

    Canada? I know they speak funny up there, Aaay, and although not proper English they give it a go. :>)

  86. Marty and all those wonderful people who have supported you, not the least your wife, I want to thank you with all the affinity I can flow, and say that this website has facilitated the complete rehabilitation of my own beingness, which has been lost for a long long time.
    This has come about by connecting with and spending the whole of yesterday with one of the most amazing Indies, who allowed me to confirm for myself that I have always been and will always remain a part of the most amazing group of beings. I cannot recall a recent time when my level of affinity for all has been so high, a level which I have NEVER managed to achieve in 46 years since starting in Scientology.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and are doing to bring together those with similar intentions to create a better world for all.

  87. Richard Royce

    Just a reminder Marc Yeager, Heber, Guillaume are imprisoned in the hole with no access to computer, phones, newspapers.

  88. I believe the technical term for that is ‘pissing in the wind’

    has it in full. It is the “Birthday Game” for orgs.

  90. Wow, little Switzerland on place 7! That tells a lot about the field here.

  91. 6m visits is more visits than active members of the IAS by a factor of 600. That means there are 600 times more visits to this site than there are current IAS members in the world. 600x

    That means that there are more people interested in this blog and presumably Scientology than all the Orgs, Mission and Groups combined.

    That means that this blog captures the interest and attention of more people interested in Scientology than ALL of Miscavige’s P/Ring and advertising (whatever little of that there is) Globally.

    That means that Marty’s blog reaches more people interested in Scientology than even the infamous Cruiser. (Gagging sounds)

    That means that this blog creates more; interest, communication, cognitions, de-PTSing, re-connection to friends, re-connections to the Tech, Rehabbing of failed purposes, rekindling purposes and by statistic Bridge interest and progress than ALL of Scientology World Wide.

    That means that this blog is a huge success and is helping to create a new era of expansion outside of the constraints of the Suppressive Group calling itself The Church of Scientology.


  92. Hello! Congratulations on your first post 🙂 xxx

  93. Amen.

    This blog is but a fraction of the valuable efforts and production of these dynamic individuals.

    What Casablanca means, especially in context and in total, will not be fully understood for quite a while, if ever, imho. It’s catalytic, considerable, formidable and just simply monumental.

    Thank you.

  94. Well, it’s a fairly good results but we are still a minority. If I count that I connect this blog about 4 times a day, every day. Makes for 2 years about 25 000 connection. Now if you say this is an average, makes only 250 regular attendees on this blog. Let’s say there is 25000 scientologists in the welt, you get one per cent of the whole scientologists on this blog. Now let say that the average connection is not 4 times a day but less, then we get a higher percentage, we could go up to 2,5 per cent. Which is the right number for SP’s like us! (no, i’m not a troll!).
    You see, in KSW LRH talk of the mob dominated by the bank who would apply the tech as incorrectly as possible and only swear by it.
    This is a live demo. Makes a fascist like DM right : democracy is no good! It’s possible that if scientologists could vote freely they would vote for DM, the morons!
    But even if we are still a minority, the effect we are creating is far beyond.
    In order to fire DM, we would need a couple more of OL who joins the Resistance. TC, JT wake up!

  95. Or as the man on a box would say prepare yourself for a SRA (Severe Reality Adjustment) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Sorry mistake! Shit calculation. It doesn’t make 25000 connections but an average of 2500. So we are not 2,5 percenters but 25 percenters!
    We are not so much a minority!
    And if we were to vote the little dictator would go to hell. Our stat is straight up and vertical! (if you add site like “leaving scientology”).

  97. I wonder if using “In private browsing” means that visits don’t get counted. What about anonymizers? I would think that there are lots of people who use such things.

    Also, isn’t there another stat of unique visitors that weeds out the repeat visits in a day?

  98. LRH ED on Birthday Game

  99. Richard Royce

    One point Won,
    Thanks for your post! I went over to the Ortega article and see what you mean.

  100. Canada #2 🙂

  101. TroubleShooter

    That’s an average btw of 4890 visits a day, every day starting on 23 July 2009 till 13 March 2012; 1227 days averaging 4890 hits A DAY!

  102. Whoops, I should have said relative newbie. I’ve posted a couple of times before.

  103. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson


    Let’s not forget…..



    APPELBOX GOOD SAMS CLUB ( for those who travel alot)


    I also think he’s currently funding for creating a new App for release on his birthday called “Shit I, David Miscavige, Says”

    That’s it for now…..

    – Jackson

  104. Widow Denk, I do believe I was your KTL pilot sup way back when.
    (I was also a patient of the good doctor)

  105. B,
    I wanna go Atlantic Salmon fishing in Iceland. I will teach you how. I’m a licensed Professional Guide. Pleeeeeaaaaase!!! ICELAND!

  106. Great stats!!

    Canada #2 !! Wow!

    I know a few Indy’s within Canada, but with such a small population, this is BIG !!

  107. You nailed it!

  108. TroubleShooter

    oooooops it’s better than that – math error above sorry

    That’s an average of 6231 hits on this blog every single day since 23 July 2009. Days had to be corrected to 963 days.


  109. Hey, I’m half Canadian!! I DON’T say “eh”, eh! The beer is good, the snow is white, the stars are clearly viewed and the Loonie is the thing, eh. Oops, there’s an “eh”. Nevermind that.

  110. 🙂

  111. I almost pissed myself laughing at that one!

  112. Great stats from an accredited source, Marty! Way to go! The stats of 30+ imitation sites from the RCS backs this up.

  113. RD. another rough estimate I came up for myself a couple of weeks ago is the following. There seems to be about 2-300 regular posters on this blog in any given time. One can ad a zero to that and get the number of people who rarely or at least once posted. That is about 2-3,000. Then add another zero and get the number of people who just read it. That is 20-30,000. That is in the same ballpark number as yours.

  114. Pure speculation RD. I know my wife and I and at least 7 of our friends have only been coming here, albeit daily, for a couple months. It all counts, and all of us one day will be counted.

    Happy Birthday Ron !!

    … and congrats Marty ! So many countries, so many of our friends, and friends of friends yet to come !!

  115. Right here, but currently in the good old U.S. of A for the time being. Cannot do much to raise Sweden’s ranking at the moment. Australia, Sweden is coming for you!

  116. Right time, right place, right man. Thanks for everything you’ve done to create Independent Scientology, Marty. The subject would have been lost forever if not for you.


    This Blog is the beacon.
    Lots of ships were at sea in random motion or desperatly trying to find the way back home, a lot found it thanks to all of you at Moving On Up a Little Higher.

  118. Marty & Mosey;
    VWD…..high 5 to both of you. I had to laugh when I read the response from hoop de doo….”E.g. I usually visit this blog about 15 times/day…Could it be that POB is hoop de doo? How does he find time to run is shrinking empire.
    Your blog has helped so many reach for the truth. I am honored to have met you and Mosey and I am so glad you and others spoke to the Tampa Bay Times so Truth could be revealed.

  119. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, mentor of few words, the truth is… never really
    need ’em….cause your laser sight, observation and action
    speak way louder, than words ever could, way, way louder!

    Congratulations, to you on 6,ooo,ooo visit to your blog
    and for providing what’s especially needed and wanted by
    all disillusioned Scn’s and Ex’s who have seen their faith
    corrupted and perverted by COB.

    ” Moving On Up A Little Higher.”……THE ANTIDOTE …to
    an otherwise fatal disease……The Church Of Miscavige!!

    Hip, hip, hooray!

    Marty, may we raise our (cyber) glasses as a toast, in
    celebration of the fine, courageous work you have done
    and continue to do, in the relentless quest to restore our
    gift from LRH, to it’s former glory and rightful place in the
    world, for ALL those people seeking freedom and TRUTH!

    To our host, Marty Rathbun………..

    Li’ll bit of stuff

  120. Brian Culkin

    Marty – I turned on so many people to your blog in Iceland … You’re well known around the artic circle now, bro … if any polar bears try to fuck with you … we got your back 🙂

    It can’t be just me … I’m only there once a month or so ….

  121. Yes Sir!
    This are very good stats for the little CH.

    Congratulations. 🙂

  122. I remember Red. Great auditor. Last I knew years ago he was promoted to – what? Senior C/S ASHO? I didn’t know what had happened to him.

  123. Ziba Feulner

    This is great news! Thanks, Marty!

  124. Karla Zamudio



  125. +++ Germany is number 4 on the list! +++
    What a great power country! 🙂
    This blog is a real 3D auditing room,
    which IMHO moves more and more into the 4D.

    Thank you M & M and M & C and all the other
    great bloger and visitors for the great work and free communication.

    And to you Ron, *** Happy Birthday***!

  126. Dear Mike Rinder,
    Thank you for being on the comlines of the world safe pointing scn and LRH and the betterment of mankind. Your life long service brought us to this moment. You and Marty as a team have depts handled a 3rd engram around the world revitalized our individual purposes brought sanity back to our group of scn. We can now start to create on our own individual purposes and zones of responsibility. Make LRH and Scn a safe point for the world. We may not have won all the battles but we have won the war. Naming DM as the SP has brought sanity around the world, for scn, and each person as a Scientologist.
    Thank you Mike and Marty again for bringing of the troops home. Now we can continue to create the New Civilization no longer an us and them. Our individual actions as a world wide group can create a New Civilization.
    My purpose for coming to planet earth is to help individuals know they are a spiritual being. LRH states in fundamentals of Thought that we all come here with a purpose. (sorry don’t know the exact page somewhere around page 100 and some) I had a thought that this may happen in my life. I am deeply moved and appreciate this moment in time. I believe we as Scientologists are soul mates. Today’s blog post made it very clear to me that we as a group can help mankind. Mike, again thank you for all you have done and will do. I am hoping that we can create a memorial for those who kept in their honor code in and gave their lives for the cause.
    Much Love,

  127. Six million visits is fine but lets have some real stats here! ……how many million square feet of empty fancy buildings do you have? None? – I thought as much.

    Probably the Dear Misleader is busy counting the hits on his faux Rathbun sites and calling them enquiries from new members of the COS.

  128. Karla Zamudio

    Here’s a win….

    I love it when Scientologists who are “in” reach out to me for help!

    I told Mosey about one staff member who blew thanks to me and the help of another ex- scn. And just recently 2 more Scientologists have reached out to me, knowing that I’m an “SP” and supposedly “declared”.


  129. He was declared around 1991 while he was KOT Int and vanished somewhere with Black PR from Miscavige’s cult hot on his tail. Most likely his biggest crime was attempting to apply standard tech and build a strong KOT network – that and being a genuinely kind and theta being. Last I heard he was in Canada somewhere. I would love to find him.

  130. plainoldthetan

    Back in the late 80s I received a printed Declare about Red. Given that RCCS was already operating under David “mini-me” Miscavige, who knows if it was valid or not.

  131. Reckon it’s already happening here quietly Haydn. Brits have a history of being sneaky buggers.
    We’re getting reports back that OSA is going just a little bit bonkers.
    Nervous Chaplains busy running around offering their public ‘interviews’ and off lines PCs suddenly being informed ‘Oh my goodness! We found some hours in your PC folder! You must come in and have some auditing!
    Ha ha! Give it up OSA!!!! Those doors are being politely slammed in your faces because the Brits aren’t stupid! They know the game you’re playing… and if they didn’t… oops!.. well… they’re reading this blog aren’t they? hahahahaha!!!

  132. Beautiful story XE1
    Thank you for sharing x

  133. And all that simply by word of mouth 🙂
    LRH was right about that. Will dig out the reference unless someone else a fraction less busy cleaning up OSAs footbullets can get to it faster

  134. Another example of “move ’em up and then wipe ’em out”. Miscavige’s way of neutralizing the good guys.

  135. Here’s a clue for anyone who doesn’t get the full picture. Anytime you’re being offered a ‘service’ without emptying out your bank account in the reg office first it’s about getting you on the meter to find out:
    1. What you’ve been ‘looking at’
    2. Who you’ve been talking to
    3. Who has been talking to you
    4. Which member of your family could be PTS enough to get you back under control.
    Incidentally if any radar-flyer finds themselves in a position where they can’t avoid such an ‘interview’ don’t worry. The nervous 16 year old conducting the interview generally doesn’t know how to read a meter anyway so it’s a piece of cake to bull-shit your way out of it even at that point.

  136. Nicely said XE1. You sound like the kind of being I’d like to hook up to one of these fine days….

  137. Tony DePhillips

    If you divide 6231 by say 5 that gives you 1246 different individuals per day or divide by 10 gives you 623 individuals. That is awsome! My guess is that there are over 1500 people out there that check this blog. considering that there are only about 50,00 acive cult members that’s not a bad percentage. WE are the upper percent of the crop that can see the truth.
    Thanks for keeping the flame of freedom lit Marty!!

  138. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1!!

  139. Tony DePhillips

    13 and 15 resonated with me!! LOL!!!

  140. 6 million is sure impressive – but what is REALLY cool is that the ranking of this blog AND the number of page views CONSISTENTLY out-ranks despite the almost unlimited marketing budget, occasional TV Ads, banner ads on anti-Scn sites, press releases etc etc. for the full picture

  141. Tony DePhillips

    21.) Dwarfs who brandish thongs International Club.

  142. It could be that POB is hoop de doo, but he isn’t. He probably just lurks. It would be too scary to actually communicate.

  143. It’s funny that this is the post for today. I had spent last evening contemplating this renaissance of theta, this restoration of the tech (davey’s was always a fraud so doesn’t count) and I couldn’t help but think about how so much of this blog came into being because of Mosey.

    Mosey, whose love was so great and unconditional that she was able to pull Marty out of the precipice of death and give him purpose once again. Because of that Marty was able to be the instrument for this blog and within a short amount of time there was a network which included other people who were openly communicating, sharing, telling truth and as-isness was taking place.

    People talk about coming to this blog several times a day, originating being addicted to it or feeling that they found a sense of home or friendships within the blog and I think that really occurs because of all the as-isness they experience while here. It is a place where one can communicate about Scientology allowing ARCU to occur, quite the opposite of the RCS which cuts affinity lines, destroys reality and refuses communication.

    Thank you Mosy, for being the catalyst of this blog. I’m sure you never had a clue at the time but you were saving more than Marty’s life at the time. That act of love has rippled through the universe. It keeps growing and growing. It is infinite. Mankind is better because you were here. I point this out, not to give you a big head or to embarrass you, but to show this an an example of how one person’s life can affect so many others in a far more desirable way than DM could ever imagine. People talk about laughter being the best medicine but I think there is one better and that is…love.

  144. RS- You do it everytime-I can’t stop laughing……

  145. I’m visualizing the clink of the Champagne glasses right now…

  146. David Mis-who???

  147. I nominate this as comment of the day. LOL!

  148. Thank you Karen B! That was quite an ack!! 🙂

  149. Unbelievable stats!!!!!! DM is drooling-And I ‘m very happy Norwegians are in there contributing-Ja Ja !!!

  150. Go Hungary! Hajra Magyarok!

    Go above the oppression of the tirant Miscavage!
    Ne hagyd hogy az elnyomo Miscavage feletted aljon.

    The official Church is corrupt. It is true. Look outside of the Church and find your way in the Independent Movement. Make your own way. This institution
    has been stolen by a mad man who only given propaganda. He has his own people tortured and imprisoned, he does not care about us.

    A hivatalos Egyhaz korrupt. Ez mar igaz. Nezz korul az Egyhazon kivul es talald meg az utad a fuggetlen mozgalomban. Jard a sajat utad. Ezt a szervezet egy orult ember ellopta aki csak propagandat arul. Ez az ember a sajatjait is kinozza es bezarja, es nem torodik velunk.

  151. I’m proud to have contributed to that statistic! Great job, Marty and Mosey!

  152. Thank you for this communication. It is exactly how I feel as well and I am sure that many others would also agree with what you have posted.

  153. Hong Kong is #26! Anyone else outside of me? Write me an email at

  154. + 10000

  155. It takes courage to join the side that is losing.
    It takes a lot of vision and commeraderie to turn that into the side that is winning.

    Marty, Mosey, Mike and Mike, Karen and all other allies, I think expansion wins this tribe the Birthday game.

  156. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson


    Let’s not forget that of those 623 a day, 1 of those is DAVID MISCAVIGE and if it’s based on
    hits well then, that depends on
    how many times
    he hits someone
    and then runs to
    do a “safety
    check” and see
    if it was posted
    and talked about
    here OR…. You
    can count a “hit”
    from DAVID
    each time he
    “hits” the scotch
    bottle OR Lou’s
    ass for that

    I love this place! Thank you Marty!

    Love to you brother!!

    — Jackson

  157. Awesome! I am so happy for you!

  158. martyrathbun09

    If it weren’t so cold…

  159. Whaaattt group iiiiss the mossttttt nnnnnerrrvvousss aaaabbout …err….DM?
    1. DOGS

  160. Its actually from the PDCs but as I am not at home I can’t tell you which one.

  161. Congratulations to Marty, Mosey and everyone else who has contributed. Thank you all so much!
    Possibly you have not known it, but your blog has made it at times even into the waybackmachines. (as also is).
    Their intro: “If you were a K12 (archiving program) student which websites would you want to save for future generations? What would you want people to look at 50 or even 500 years from now?”*/

  162. Just looked up the German Indies blog and found they are in it with one snapshot. And guess what, with which article?
    The “31 Factors” from Marty in German!

  163. What a great birthday present for LRH.


  164. Theo Sismanides

    Sam you are right on tricking them with the e-meter. It can be done if the person does not agree to co-operate for obvious reasons. I did it and my then wife did it and another person did it… And it was fun to see the e-meter F/Ning without telling them anything that would put me in trouble. I am so happy about the Brits!

  165. Theo Sismanides

    What this blog did for me is to put back the R into the world of Scientology.

    The Church and its Management became unReal to me at a point.

    This blog put the Reality back for me no matter how unpalatable it was for many to view it.

    Then with great communication and affinity by Marty and all the rest this blog kept pouring more and more Reality and Light into the Scene.

    I am not by any means saying that this blog has covered ALL the story about what happened or happens in SCN. But it definitely was more OBJECTIVE about my philosophy. It said the bad things that happened there and acknowledged the mistakes. So it kept going. And more people came in and they also communicated Truths. More Truths were coming in.

    Then more people kept leaving the church and becoming Independent.

    This blog gave them a safe place to talk from. We got to read their stories and thank them and get acks from them. Those cycles were kind of pending in the theta universe and now As – Isness occurred through communication through this blog. So we got moving a bit higher and higher and higher each time.

    For Marty I have to acknowledge his writing skills and also his free spirit and all the inspiration he put out there. I think that also kept the blog going. Many times we read threads about many great people and thetans who also contributed a lot to this world. We read about the Middle Way and many other things.

    We reached thus a higher point of Reality, such a level that attracted more and more theta beings. The more theta that poured in, the stronger this group became. We also pulled out quite some actions together which was another major win. This blog started being a group, a true group.

    This blog gave back to me the pride of being a Scientologist. I may not anymore “serve Mankind” from the Ranks of the Sea Org but as I had postulated before leaving I can now do it really and truly from another place through this blog. And I can do it for those thetans first who deserve it the most. Those vigilant and aware beings who would win or die in the attempt of Keeping Scientology Working. And it does work now again. Thanks guys, to all of ya!

  166. sunshine disinfects

    ++ 10000 !!

  167. Off topic — It looks like DM has set up another gay cover story on John Travolta in the Enquirer. “John paid me for gay sex.” except when you read the article and John’s quotes, they don’t sound anything like JT and everything like DM dictation. Maybe JT wanted to leave after Debbie’s email??????
    DM is crazy if he doesn’t think his machinations won’t come out.

  168. Congratulations, Marty, Mosey, Mike, Steve, and all others who have contributed to and viewed this blog. It has helped me (among many others) to once again stand tall for personal integrity & for the preservation and most of all, DELIVERY of Ron’s tech.

    And, if “anyone” asks you to quit viewing this blog, just send them this, from 2001 a Space Odyssey:

  169. “The hole does not exist.”

    At least not anymore; it was most likely moved to a new location.

  170. Hi,
    Congratulations to Marty, Mosey, Mike and countless others contributors behind.
    Greetings from #38 place Croatia. Few of us is lurking and watching this human drama from far away, and almost daily. I would like to see this story of human suffering under pretend of Church over. I was wondering: Anyone have a clue what is “worst” case scenario for miserable human called David Miscavige? What will he do when it is done? Really done. Where will he hide? Will he take a fortune with him which stolen and kidnapped? Who will be by his side then?

    It really really REALLY SUCKS to be David Miscavige at this time.
    Best Regards

  171. Sadly Columbia is not on the list. McCabage has been putting a lot of effort there and some suspect he might even flee to that country if things get to hot for him here. What thoughts do people have about reaching out to government agencies and public NGO’s or others to educate them on what is going on?

  172. Congratulations! What an accomplishment. This blog is part of may daily life. I check in to my email, my Facebook, and Marty’s blog. I watch some other blogs, many are very valuable, but I can count on Marty to have the most immediately wanted information and the family of commentors to have the most valuable (and entertaining) responses.

    My appreciation to Marty and Mosey.

  173. Very impressive statsitics gathering Marty. I am wondering if Argentina has the least amount of Scientologists or information about C of S abuses is just beginning to leak there or both. Interesting science. 🙂

  174. Mike Laws could not have said it any better. This is a wonderful , freeing blog!!!!!

  175. Robert Earle

    It’s now the new “Ideal hole of Hemet”

  176. +

  177. martyrathbun09

    Hey Markkus! Thanks for checking in.

  178. Tom Gallagher


    You are the theta mama!

    For example:

  179. Jackson, I like your idea of “Shit DM says.”… Let’s see, that would be:

    Needless to say…
    Do I have to do everything myself?
    Expanding like never before.
    Straight up and vertical.

  180. one of those who see

    Dean, OMG!!!! Perfect!!! LOL……….

  181. Tom Gallagher

    Let’s not forget one of those cathartic moments like when this video was released onto the world. POB experienced his ‘oh shit’ moment and it was with a ‘bitch slap’. Utterly out-manned and out-maneuvered, he’s of course now a stage four psychotic in retreat.

    MY thanks to all you good folks for one of the most enlightening (and entertaining) years of this life!

  182. Congratulations, Marty, on hitting 6,000,000 views! Given that this site hasn’t even been in business that many years, that’s really saying something. As someone suggested upthread, ‘Moving On Up A Little Higher’ is quite likely the number one source for news and information about the subject of Scientology nowadays.

    Can’t say that I’m surprised, though. You’ve made this place into an oasis of safety and sanity for any and all who seek it. It’s as though you raised a rallying flag in the wilderness, to beckon every soul who’s been battered by the criminal regime in our church, to find refuge and welcome. And we have. Thank you so much for being there, and for communicating.

  183. Looking forward to that post, any day now…

  184. Statistical WORST case scenario: Assuming that the total of 6 million visits counted are since the blog began in 2009, that would be 6M divided by about 750 days = an average of about 8000 separate visits per day over that period of time. Assuming that EVERY ONE of those visitors checked out the blog on an average of twice per day every day (unlikely), that would still be 4000 beings who check out this blog twice per day as a WORST CASE SCENARIO. Take it a step further: Assume that only 3/4s of those checking out the site are Scientologists. That would still be a ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 3000 Scientologists who are checking out this blog twice per day. The HIGHEST estimate I have found for the number of Scientologists (yeah I know, Dave, milliions and millions) is about 40,000. So, if you divide 40K into 3K it turns out that at the absolute ridiculously bare minimum, nearly 1% of all Scientologists are checking out this blog an average of twice per day. OR, maybe its really that 7% of all Scientologists check it out every week. And this is a VERY conservative estimate, Miscavige. Whichever way you slice it, the truth is getting out.
    Someone on this blog used to say “tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…….”
    Well, try this postulate on for size: “TIMES UP!”

  185. PS:
    Thank you for being our “Spartacus”

  186. good questions. keep them coming as I have the same.

  187. “Anyone have a clue what is “worst” case scenario for miserable human called David Miscavige? ”

    He is trapped in his own creation. lack of arc, lot of knowledge. He is trapped in his own web.

    Soon, no others will fly into the web, thus he cannot feed on them.

    My concern, is those still trapped in the web.

  188. Well said, Sam: today’s CoS is nothing if not devious.

  189. “I believe the technical term for that is ‘pissing in the wind’”

    ….. into Sam ….. into …. 😉

  190. Random Stranger




  191. Random Stranger

    2) SHEEP




  192. Random Stranger


  193. Random Stranger


  194. That goes for me too, Yvonne.

  195. Tim

    Hmmm… Actually we consider that WE speak english. I’ll bet that what you speak even you call Ammurican.(sic). Ahhh well, let’s not fight about it. After all you might do well to remember that the last time America tried fight Canada and take it by force of arms, they lost miserably, but I guess that is just rubbing salt into old wounds eh? ( I will bet that 90% of Americans have never been told that part of history.)
    ( also notice how that clever little device, the “eh?”, is capable of turning any regular statement into a question, eh?)

    Enough of that…

    Oh… just for laughs… Did you realize that the second largest French speaking city in the world is not even in France? Yup, that’s right… It is Montreal, Canada. How’s that for a bit of international curiosa? (eh?)

    Eric S

  196. Marty,
    Congrats big-big. This is very exciting, and I am sure that you had no clue when you began how this thing would roll out. That’s part of the fun of dealing with all of these different viewpoints – you just never know what’s going to happen next.

    I just wanted to point out that Australia, as usual is holding its own very nicely in the rankings – particularly if you are a statistician like me – if we adjust the rankings for hits adjusted for overall population, I think you’ll find that the Aussies are number one ! (I haven’t done the maths mind, but we Aussies are kinda used to being out in front once you do the maths on population – take a good look at the Summer Olympic medal counts and we stand tall every time 🙂

    All the best to you & Mosey, and a big ack to the rest of the team – for I am sure that the blog has become somewhat of a team sport these days, with the comment frequency getting to be pretty ferocious. I know for sure that Mike spends a chunk of his time moderating too, and no doubt there are others behind the scenes that provide support and air cover for you guys. So to all of you, whomever you are, your work is much appreciated.

    All the best,

  197. Fabulous achievement, Marty, Mrs Rathbun, Mike Rinder and all the folk who have helped.
    Thank you for making this the best comm line on the planet.
    6 million hits? Think of all the F/Ns, cogs, rehabs and case gain, friendships restored and new friends made. Brilliant! ARC and U that’s not possible in the CoM.
    Especially, Marty, thank you for your persistence.
    Richard Kaminski

  198. Anonymizers are just another IP address to hide the source from view – they count just like any other.

  199. Karen B

    Truly beautiful my dear, truly beautiful.

    Eric S

  200. Wow, this is fantastic news Marty. You are a complete “upstat”. Thanks to all your hard work and dedication, you have created a safe haven for people all over the world to visit, unite, find truth, learn, be able to communicate or not, contribute or not, ask questions, find answers….. etc.
    Once again, my hat is off to you 🙂

  201. Eileen Clark

    Nice stats. Very well deserved by all concerned.
    Funny how RCS can only come up with whatever der midget or his clones think up. As I recall, that is called ‘False Stats’. Isn’t that an outpoint?

  202. Marty et al

    I just wanted to mention another “stat” that may have gone somewhat unnoticed by many. That is the number of new posters.

    Within every new blog posts comments there are on average 3 to 5 new unique posters. Also,almost once a day, and sometimes more, we get people posting under their real names… no fanfare, just contributing their voice and/or their name to the theta that is being assembled here.

    I am pretty certain that I speak on behalf of the majority of us here, when I offer a heartfelt WELCOME and THANK YOU!

    Although you may have spoken quietly, it did not go unnoticed, and you are part of the theta that makes this blog as incredible as it has become.

    Please do not think that any contribution you may make would be inconsequential. In this Third Dynamic De-aberration, every viewpoint holds a part of the is-ness of the whole picture.

    Besides that… Theta thrives on communication….It is what measures aliveness… Splurge on it!

    Eric S.



  204. Congratulations Marty and Mosey. 107 countries now in your living room (this blog) is awesome.

    And Happy Birthday L. Ron Hubbard.

  205. Love that Reply from AKA Jackson!

    Well Marty, I just have to say thank you ,because I was ‘hooked’ when I happened upon this site. It is so good to have a SANE and INFORMATIVE place to send people. There are other sites which I would not recommend to those who need to wake up. I do what I can.

    Also, how great that you don’t have to use irritating audio at 10x’s the volume necessary ,matched with flashing lights, while giving DM’s FALSE STATS. Your list of countries really gives the big picture!

    Also…is anyone in comm with John Nunez. I emailed him but haven’t heard back.

  206. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I´m kind of surprised that so many from Denmark are tuning in. – Wonder who it is???

  207. When you say the ” Hole ” as its know does not exist anymore .Are you saying the actual structure of the building itself is gone? If so when did you see that removed or the proof its gone,.and might one add where then is its New location along side the prisoners within ?

  208. Surpose to be a joke Ha?

  209. martyrathbun09

    Yes, good point Eric. Thanks.

  210. martyrathbun09

    You gotta factor in that the numbers are steadily increasing over that entire time.

  211. I’m just sayin’ it as I see it. From day one, I have always considered you to be Marty’s Manuela.

  212. Canada rocks.

  213. Well, there is a gift of expansion!!!

    Happy birthday LRH!!!

    “…pressure and time…”

  214. I’m not a scientologist but at the age of seventeen during the 1980s I was hugely impressed and inspired by reading ‘The Science of Survival’. Thankfully I never approached CoS, my expanding horizons at the time also included chaos magic, surrealism, transgressive literature and all manner of bohemian weirdness.

    Your blog is always interesting and you put a great deal of work into it, I’ve been a regular visitor for some time now. From an outsider’s point of view it has been fascinating to see how those critics of CoS who support LRH’s work have proved more effective than the likes of Anonymous in bringing down what is increasingly recognised as a hopelessly corrupt organisation. Best wishes and congratulations!

  215. Simon

    Thank you for your interest and your support.

    Anonymous has played an important role and has laid important groundwork for what has followed and continue to do so.

    Various media entities have been instrumental in forwarding our message. It has made our struggle more broadly known, and garnered much support.

    And there are many others who support our cause.

    We are truly wealthy in friends and allies.

    Eric S

  216. sorry for the misunderstanding of the usa being number 1, i did not see the flag, ha maybe the flag is right here in the survival of the 4 dynamic, keep trucking?

  217. 13th, my lucky number

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