The Case of Sergeant Grischa

A little story from L Ron Hubbard:

There was a wonderful book written one time called – I think it was The Case of Seargent Grescha or Grischa. It had to do with the fall of the German Empire.  The fall of the German Empire was postulated to have occurred with the German army’s arbitrary execution of a Russian soldier by the name of Grischa.  He had not sinned against the German state in any way.  It was totally unjust that he was executed through the indolence, incompetence of various German officers, so forth.  And it builds this whole thing up into the whole rhyme, “For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost, for want of the rider the battle was lost and all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”

Well, interesting example of the state forgetting or overriding the rights of one human being with terrific consequences because the death of Grischa, by the way, was historic – World War I – it evidently actually occurred — and I know that it did cause riots, not amongst the Russian soldiers, but caused riots amongst the German troops.  And a lot of smoke occurred through the death of one person who was wronged.

— LRH, Personality, 14 August 1951, Wichita Kansas

In my opinion we have yet to hear of Miscavige’s Seargent Grischa.  But I have a strong premonition we will in 2012.  And it will be our several year collective emanation of truth and energy that will make the reaction possible. I am preparing for the fall out.



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  1. First Principle

    Just mentioned this book to a friend last night!
    Picked it up on eBay and will be reading it shortly.
    A great preview for Miscavige’s tipping-point to come.

  2. Wow, I just got a cold shiver after reading this.

    I think I know what you are conveying. Someone high up, who holds the esteem of the field, will have been killed because of the savage treatment of Der Maniac. And the news of this will send shock waves.

    Just my guess.

  3. Marty,
    I’ve certainly got a list of candidates.

    Perhaps several Sergeant Grischas. A cumulative effect maybe.

    Certainly I’d put Dede on the list. LRH put that woman on post as CO CMOI and when Dave, in collusion with Annie, removed her on the false premise that LRH was OK on it…well let me put it this way; LRH was waaaaaaay unhappy with Annie.

    Years later, Annie acknowledged the cycle and her own motivator of accepting being removed by DM – her JUNIOR.

    The Gang of Five report on Scientology-cult goes over what DM did with Dede.

    Another candidate – the preclear he ASSAULTED in session way back in St. Hill when the little “genius” was the “wunderkind” auditor he claims.

    Or perhaps some two year old child he attacked when he was a teen? ( Just speculatin’ Dave, just speculatin’.)

    There is a line of bodies strewn on his time track. Maybe one actual dead one in this life?

  4. Sorry, I must be stupid … I don’t get what this means.

  5. Last Thurs, having a C/S 53 (wrong items), well Suppressive Person was a wrong item, LFBD, line charge, persistent FN. That combined with the Tues release of our declarations, the layers of suppression have been coming off. Today, a week later tried to go back in and wrap up that 53, couldn’t, needle still persistently floating. Life is Good!!! And even more spectacular when you get the suppression off. I think this is going to be great year for all of us, the Riders of the horses are disappearing in greater and greater numbers, goodbye Miscavige and Co.,

  6. How about his wife?

  7. Just talked with Cowboy Poet. Seems some OSAfleas have infested his web accounts. Laughably futile.

    Here’s his latest:

    Song 23

    1. I am beyond any of your attempts to bribe or buy me off; I shall not want.
    2. With my integrity intact I have peace of mind and experience green pastures and have a calmness that is like still waters.
    3. This restoreth my soul and leadeth me in the right direction.
    4. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of your lies and injustice I will fear not your evil for my cause is the cause of justice, right and proper.
    5. A competent team has been laid out on my table so that our righteousness is plentiful and true and you shall soon find it runneth abundantly.
    6. I have complete confidence in my actions, my faith, and my friends and I know that Truth will prevail forever.

    I’ll be clickin Paypal today. 🙂

    – RussW

  8. Marty,
    Just curious, are there any other senior execs other than Mi$cavige who have resigned from the Sea Org?

  9. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I already gave up all my deep dark secrets Davey (as you well know).
    Quid pro quo…. Your turn! 😀

  10. Tom Gallagher

    My sister and I have long speculated that by the time POB’s reign of terror ends, relevant authorities will be searching the Int Base with cadaver dogs.

  11. What about all the aborted babies? All that 2D loss and resultant cancer for the would have been parents, grandparents. Not to mention the folks that were trying to come back to Scn parents.

  12. ‘Cause he’s the funniest son of a gun in the valley!

  13. There seems to be no doubt regarding the massive dysfunctionality of DM.

    What insights does Scientology have to offer as to
    1. the core source
    2. the growth
    of this dysfunctionality?

  14. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Ha ha! Indies got a serious lice infestation going on.

  15. Not able to post, try again. Seems I need upgrade on Safari. It shows my name below but cannot sign in. Sent comment to Debbie direct.

  16. Um … after reading some other posts here, I think I’m starting to understand. But there is already quite a bit of blood on DM’s hands, so I’m guessing someone very, very high up the food chain has to die?

  17. Now this went through on this page, crazy. Please delete above earlier and this and will get back and try again to post. thanks

  18. Hi Debbie, Keep up the good work. Check is in the mail for you.

  19. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    We’re getting hacked.
    If you’ve been locked out of your wordpress account you’ll have to log in and ask for a new password to be sent to your email account to get back in.
    If that doesn’t work start a new account and make your password harder to hack.

  20. I am sick of this drama. Where is Heber? And if anyone even suspects it might be him, then why are we waiting.
    Where the FUCK is HEBER?

  21. Victoria. Are you waiting for something? Don’t wait.

  22. Thank you Marty

    I am not going to get all wrapped up in the mystery “Sargent Grischa” . If we keep our eyes and ears wide open we will see soon enough.

    But the rest of your statement, “I am preparing for the fall out.”

    Wise advice for us all.

    To me that does not mean “dig in”, or “don your armor”.
    To me that means “prepare to deliver on an unprecedented order of magnitude.”
    It means to reach out further and more effectively.
    It means to use our various skills toward turning the resultant chaos into renewed Theta.
    It means that when the suppression of considerable amounts of Theta is removed, take that flow as an affluence, and contribute to it’s motion.
    It means to apply the best of what we know of Scientology with all our hearts.

    Eric S

  23. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who dies, in my opinion, just someone who has been severely wronged for no apparent reason within the ranks, someone who is very well respected currently or who has been recently.

  24. Blue,
    You’re absolutely right. There is blood.

  25. red,



  26. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Or as the Brits like to say…

  27. Dave,
    My password is viagra. No, oxycontin. I mean, SSRI. No, wait, boobies. Umm, lemme see…oh yeah, cretinous eunuch statue at St. Hill of Dave. Yep, that’s it.

    Hacker. That’s a kid we wouldn’t let play road hockey since he just hacked at your legs with his reaaaaally expensive stick. Ordinarily he’d end up tied to the next bumper and sliding away up the ice road screeching “I’m not going to play with you EVER!”

    We always enjoyed that last line.

  28. Neil
    …”What insights does Scientology have to offer as to
    1. the core source
    2. the growth
    of this dysfunctionality?”…

    In a word… ABERRATION. There are various nuances to the specific nature of his dramatizations, but it all boils down to aberration.

    Scientology actually has the tools to handle the entirety of the aberrations that he is dramatizing, but in order for these tools (auditing and Ethics technologies) to be effective, the person has to be availing himself of them on a self-determined basis. Since David Miscavige is totally unwilling to take advantage of these tools, and until he does, he will be unable to make any serious advance in his sanity, or his spirituality. In fact he will continue to spiral down into further depths of insanity.

    It is not a pretty picture. I would wish it on no one.

    Eric S

  29. That does not sound good at all. Hoping it doesn’t have to go that far before the brat bully is removed.

  30. Take a look at the Code of Honor materials. Stuff on the primary denial of a thetan, himself and what begins the dwindling spiral. Also, the materials on the Dynamics, the overt-motivator materials from e.g., the Technique 88 lectures and how the fundamental Dynamic, the life thrust, the manifestation of theta as ARC, embraces all of life – the “bell tolls” idea.

    Hope that helps.

  31. there is a tape where LRH admits throwing a book at a pc. it is posted on esmb. if dm did it richard or cala would know about it, the i&r of the time has passed away

  32. I agree, Soothsayer,

    Since the start of your 6 million visited blog and since the oft referenced St Pete Times Truth R/D article, the light of truth has been beaming brighter and brighter into the dark underbelly of the Cult of Miscavige…. 2012 is the year the other shoe will drop and everyone will notice because the light is shinning so brightly.

  33. I don’t understand why the FBI hasn’t gotten there already.

  34. Rory Medford

    most likely they are in cahoots with DM

    the deal they made with DM

    alter the tech just enough so OT’s are not made but just enough to keep them coming back to fill DM’s coffers

    sounds crazy but not far from the truth

    DM the deal maker

    thats why he is protected on many fronts and he has a shitload of moolah

  35. Son of a gun. Looks like I’m having posting trouble too. And I don’t even log into a WordPress account to post here.

  36. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Because you don’t send in boys to do the work of men.

  37. Betsy that’s fantastic!

  38. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Or Indie women 😉

  39. Wise words.

  40. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  41. TroubleShooter

    This story for me speaks to what has and is happening to Debbie. Together with Wayne they are in the fight of their life, for Scientology’s future. If people who are under the radar, who know of the suppressive goings on uplines, who were held in high regard by the public at large, who gave of themselves in order for the technology to be used far and wide…if no when those people too came out it will be a bonus. For me the war is winnable on this field with these players so if the news grows from here it’s going to be a runaway ballgame and we win!!!!

  42. Your observation and knowingness have been right on thus far, Marty. I bet you’re right-on about the other shoe dropping this year.

  43. Jail Miscavige

    Jail Miscavige

    ……..for crimes against humanity
    …….. and open the door for freedom to practice Scientology

    Miscavige has committed crimes against humanity and is guilty of genocide, as defined in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG).

    Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as:

    “Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group children of the group to another group.”

    According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights it can simply also be known as the intent to destroy a group, in part or in whole.

  44. Betsy, awesome, truly awesome! XOXO

  45. The book is a semiautographical novel; A satire.

    [..]The Case of Sergeant Grischa (1927) is a war novel by the German writer Arnold Zweig. Its original German title is Der Streit um den Sergeanten Grischa. It is part of Zweig’s hexalogy Der große Krieg der weißen Männer (The great war of white men). It was part of the so-called “war book boom” of the late 1920s, during which many veterans of the First World War turned their memories and experiences into semi-autobiographical novels. The first English edition was published in 1928.
    The first film based on the novel was created in 1930 in the USA, a second one was made in Germany in 1968. The East German television aired a mini-series based on the novel at 1970.[..]
    “The book is a satire, focusing on the way in which innocent men are sacrificed in war, one irony being that the authorities spend more time and energy on the niceties of Grischa’s case than they do on trying to save their own soldiers from their fate.”

  46. Committee Against Torture, Geneva
    Under Optinal Protocol Committee Against Torture
    Office of the High Commissioner
    Committee Against Torture

  47. Poor Lisa McPherson was certainly a candidate at one time.

    Maybe Heber-poor soul.

    Interesting post Marty.

    (Still can’t post w/o logging on the W/P)

  48. A good quote could also be ” Accounting for enough of the innocent will add up to a particular number and the remainder will go into another category or place not fully explored ”
    Well at least we can tell who they are by the brand they wear on their heads.
    Merry Christmas And
    Happy New Year
    And Happy 2012
    And More Happiness

  49. The same old LDW

    Seems to me that miscavige sicking all his high-priced lawyers and OSA goons and PI’s on Debbie for the horrible crime of writing a standard KR is sufficient “blood” to spark an all-out war.

    Imagine for a moment putting Debbie and dave side by side and holding a democratic election on staff and public. “Who would you rather work for?”
    being the only question.

  50. TheWidowDenk

    VBMax – sorry – got bumped off commenting along with the others. I expect I remember you!

  51. Okay this is pissing me off. We should all send WordPress our most sincere complaints and have them report what and who is at the bottom of this.

  52. Wow, love to hear it!

  53. Quentin, this is how I duplicate it as well and I, too, can think of a long list of possibilities — some more internationally impinging than others. But there are many and a number of significant ones.

    The concept is exciting, acutally!

    My other opinion/reality is that LRH foresaw a number of potential scenarios, this just being one, and wrote about them so his TRUE followers would know what to expect. Another example is everything he wrote about Black Dianetics — fits David Miscavige to the bill.

  54. Jim, you are way off. Get dirtier — nastier — where’s the C word, where’s the B word, where’s the D word, where’s the F word …. now mix them up and now you’re getting close.

  55. Brian Lambert

    Every single person unjustly punished by Miscavige is that sargeant.

  56. Tony DePhillips


  57. Tony DePhillips

    Cool. I debugged my wordpress problem!!
    That is quite the mystery sandwich Marty. I hate mysteries…. 🙂

  58. Yep. Obviously the case.

  59. Thanks Eric. I’m presuming aberration has a specific meaning in this context ?

  60. Random Stranger


    1) “This bathroom floor looks like it hasn’t been licked in ages!”

    2) “Who let Heber out of the Hole?”

    3) “Take my wife, please.”

    4) “Who the hell is L. Ron Hubbard?”

    5) “Did I slap you yet today?”

    6) “Whose turn is it to be punched?”

    7) “Do I have to get Tom to come in here and punch everyone in the head?”

    8) “Where’s Tom?”

    9) “No, I ordered seven shrimp, two lobsters, caviar and creme brûlée. I only see six shrimp, two lobsters, caviar and creme brûlée.”

    10) “Did anyone masturbate today?”

    11) “How many Battlefield Earth posters did we sell today?”

    12) “Where’s Tom’s helicopter?”

    13) “JT, can I use your jet?”

    14) “Why does this podium seem so high?”

    15) “Where the hell are my shoe lifts?”

    16) “Where’s Tom’s gift?”

    17) “Who haven’t I humiliated today?”

    18) “I need to hit someone. Where’s Yager?”

    19) “This caviar isn’t as good as yesterday’s.”

    20) “Where’s my really good scotch?”

    21) “Who starched my thong?”

    22) “Where’s Tom’s thong?”

    23) “I don’t care if she is dead, I told you to go break her fingers.”

    24) “Ron is dead, I’m taking his house.”

    25) “Ron is dead, I’m rewriting his books.”

    26) “Ron is dead, I’m taking his ascot collection.”

    27) “I made Mary Sue cry and quit.”

    28) “I kicked Mitthoff in the ass, punched Yager in the eye, elbowed Leserve in the gut and ear-clapped Heber all in one move I learned from Tom’s stunt coach.”

    29) “Where’s Tom’s grounding rod?”

    30) “Make a list of who I haven’t hit yet. I want to hit them.”

  61. Of course there’s MSH. Annie and many others. It’s quite a list.

  62. Unfortunately….Yes, it “sounds crazy” but this is probably a whole lot truer than it sounds.

  63. Interesting post, Marty. You’ve been spot on before. I do think Debbie has tipped the scale so greatly that RCS cannot recover from that fall out and strongly hope that it will not be the actual death of someone dear to all that causes the final push. That may not have been what you meant at all, I’ve just been wondering lately.

  64. Who *exact name(s) and job titles* would “they” be, please ?

    “The Banksters” is not a terminal, neither is “The Psychs”.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  65. re: LRH’s statement in the story of Sargeant Grisha: …..”interesting example of the state forgetting or overriding the rights of one human being with terrific consequences…..” .
    Each and every human being is important.

  66. The end is nigh – that’s for sure. In the span of eternity, DM is but a blot.

  67. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Yeah, Debbie Cook sent in a standard KR and David Miscavige was stupid enough to take the bait – and that was the end of his regime!

  68. Hey "D.M." !

    “For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost, for want of the rider the battle was lost and all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”

    Fast Forward winter 2012;

    For want of the PERFECT gold thread – to monogram a gold lame bikini was lost, for the want of a gold lamé monogrammed bikini brief with the PERFECT gold thread -the ecclesiastical leader of the Corporate Church of Scientology was lost. All for the want of the PERFECT gold thread to monogram his gold lame bikini underwear….All so he could be the perfect man.

    Are you really happy that D.M. is in ABSOLUTE control of over 1 (ONE) BILLION DOLLARS – FREE AND CLEAR?!? Are you really going to let him bankrupt YOUR morals, why does he ask YOU for money that you can ill afford? D.M.and the C.O.S. has OVER – ONE BILLION DOLLARS – IN THE BANK! No Debt! No load! David Miscavige is a con. David Miscavige is milking YOU like a dairy cow – if you produce – he, and his minions, will continue to tug you teets until you, boob, run dry.

    ‘Learn the Truth – and avoid the Noid…

  69. Whew! At first I thought this blog title read: The Case Of The Secret Geisha.

  70. scilonschools

    Very appropriate story Marty thanks!!
    Mohamed Bouazizi (29 March 1984 – 4 January 2011; Arabic: محمد البوعزيزي‎) was a Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire on 17 December 2010, in protest of the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation that he reported was inflicted on him by a municipal official and her aides. His act became a catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution and the wider Arab Spring.

    It only takes a spark when you are living in a powder keg (to quote Bonnie Tyler), and DM + RCS is certainly ‘Giving out Sparks!’

    DM this song is for you… 🙂

  71. scilonschools

    “It means to apply the best of what we know of Scientology with all our hearts.”

    Nice one E

  72. Sorry for the off-topic: — FOREIGN LOANS KEEP IRISH BRANCH OF SCIENTOLOGY AFLOAT, I think this would be a general situation, not just in Ireland.

  73. I agree. Also prepare to take in and help all the SO members who will soon enough find themselves with no group. And for those who have done nothing else for several decades and have no professional qualifications, no bank accounts, no driver’s license and no relatives (because they already disconnected from them all), they can expect to become homeless with no hope of making a living. Some could become suicidal. Hate to paint such a dark picture, but it’s coming sooner or later. This is when such people will find out who their friends really are. And aren’t.

  74. martyrathbun09

    I hope not too

  75. Interesting article. It shows further decline which we all know but the cult continues to deny. When you look at the numbers cited in the article, taken from the cult’s own filings, any sane person will draw only one conclusion: Death Throes.
    But even Ireland has it’s own Baghdad Bob who says their membership continues to grow. They may be growing but they sure aren’t buying.

  76. Surely, it’s time again for David Miscavige to throw someone else overboard so he can “explain” to the Co$ faithful who the current SP is who’s suppressing him.

    Come on, David Miscavige, throw someone overboard, please, so they can swim to safety.

  77. Joe Pendleton

    I guess the point of LRH’s story is that folks will be so outraged by how one of their group is being treated that this outrage will have great consequences for the power behind the injustice. Well, yes, OUTSIDE of the CofS, we usually DO feel great outrage and a number of intense emotions when we hear about what happened to very dedicated people like Karen DLC for example (or the couple who posted the other day; and not only the sec checker of John Woodruff, but John himself, who was a very dedicated and upstat staff member for decades). But ….INSIDE the CofS….. dream on if y’all think that’s gonna happen. First of all, you can look at almost any totalitarian regime from history, and 99% of folks stay silent and compliant no matter who or how many people the power abuses, tortures or kills. And religions are among the worst of the lot. In the CofS itself, all we have to do is look at the history under Miscavige. NOBODY protests the most insane actions perpetrated on their fellow dedicated staff members. Disgusting lack of courage and guts and integrity. “OTs” do not seem to have the certainty of self or confront needed to even see and handle what is happening right in front of them. And we know from Marc, Amy and Jeff”s book that people didn’t even have the confront to communicate to their SPOUSE about these things!!!!

    Before Miscavige? How about the List 1 RS witch hunt and purge which happened when Dave was in his mid teens? Who spoke up or did fucking anything when folks disappeared into the RPF for nothing more than a reaction on a piece of MEST?

    This is what happens as a result of religious zealotry/mind and thought control. It has been happening in Scientology since the mid 60s and in its essential methods of handling people is not much different from that of the late Soviet Union.

  78. Joe Pendleton

    Victoria, Heber is exactly where he decided to be. He was given a few “days off” a couple of years ago to visit his son and returned to his prison on his own (or does anyone wish to invalidate his case state? or his level of personal responsibility/cause or knowledge of PTSness?).

    Ditto Shelly M and Tommy D if anyone is concerned about them (I have about ten thousand plus more things to be concerned about myself). No one forced Shelley to stay married to her nutso husband for so many years or forced Tommy to front for him so long – he was on the road often and certainly could have called up mommy at any time, both he and his wife have money. Certainly no one is invalidating Shelley and Tommy’s auditing gains or their training, are they? Cause theyve studied PTS/SP dara and as Ron has written, when someone knows the tech of something, they can’t be the effect of it. Right?

  79. martyrathbun09

    Good point Joe.

  80. Random Stranger



    “FOREIGN LOANS KEEP IRISH BRANCH OF SCIENTOLOGY AFLOAT – Revenues have continued to decline at the Irish branch of the Church of Scientology as it remains deep in the red, figures show. Membership of the worldwide church – established in 1954 – includes movie stars such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The Irish Examiner says that interest-free loans from abroad are propping up the Irish branch, which is €686,723 in the red, according to its latest accounts. However, the non-executive director of the Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin, Gerard Ryan, said yesterday its membership continued to grow last year and “our church in Ireland is definitely here for the long haul”. Financial documents lodged by the Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin Ltd with the Companies Office show revenues fell 14%, from €193,509 to €166,086. This followed the church’s revenues more than halving in 2009 from €484,070 recorded in 2008. As a result of revenues further decreasing in 2010, the church’s operating surplus dropped 98%, from €68,292 to €1,391. This compares to a surplus of €271,804 in 2008. The accounts are for the 12-month period to the end of Apr 2010, but were only signed off by the board on February 20 of this year.” RTE NEWS IRELAND

  81. Random Stranger




    1) It worked for Pavlov.

    2) People comply better.

    3) I’m short, I need to feel big.

    4) I like the sound of smacking flesh.

    5) People listen when I hit them.

    6) It’s too illegal to shoot people.

    7) If I don’t hit people the world will end.

    8) I’m trying to get someone to hit me back so I can practice my Karate on them.

    9) Tom does it in his movies.

    10) I’d rather have people dead than incapable.

    11) I’m only trying to help by reminding people who the boss is.

    12) Ron said I should help people by giving them black eyes.

    13) It demonstrates my unreasonableness.

    14) I love hitting people.

    15) I love watching others hit others.

    16) It gets people more in present time.

    17) It’s only meat.

    18) In the beginning was the decision and the decision was to hit.

    19) Life is basically hitting.

    20) It reminds people to go free.

    21) Hitting is more expedient than ARC.

    22) Slaves work harder if you beat them.

    23) No one has stopped me so I just continue doing it.

    24) It pre-punishes people just in case they ever become suppressive.

    25) I’m just preparing everyone for the big fist fights that are going to happen when the Marcabians land.

    David Miscavige
    Supreme Rulah

  82. Random Stranger




    “The Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, parent organization of the Church of Scientology International, was arrested today and led away in handcuffs, his head covered by a T-shirt with ‘IAS’ emblazoned on the front. David Miscavige, collapsed leader of the Church of Scientology was arraigned in court today in Los Angeles on charges of kidnapping, torture, battery, human trafficking, conspiracy and first degree murder after an anonymous whistleblower informed authorities that Miscavige had been secretly killing people with sudden karate blows to the neck as punishment for having an expression on their faces.

    So far, 127 bodies have been discovered buried in the desert just outside of Hemet where the Scientology International management base is located. Initial autopsy results show that they were individually killed by a severe blow to the neck. DNA evidence is pending.

    The names of the 127 victims are being withheld pending notification of their families, but an anonymous source has told us these people disappeared several years ago when they entered the Rehabilitation Project Force, a form of slave labor and punishment camp.

    Our call into the Church of Scientology went unanswered, as did the call into the Office of Tom Cruise, the unofficial second in command of the Scientology empire.”

  83. Yep, and I also fondly remember poker at Jim’s with your hubby on a couple of occasions 🙂

  84. Tony DePhillips

    Oh yeah!!

  85. Neil

    Oops, sorry about that. I have gotten so familiar with the use of that word in a Scientology context that I totally missed the possibility that you might not know the definition.

    So… Here it is… (I am not going to give you the entirety of the definition here, unless you would prefer that.)

    Aberration, 1. a departure from rational thought or behavior. From the Latin, aberrare, to wander from… It means basically to err, to make mistakes, or more specifically to have fixed ideas which are not true…
    Aberrated conduct would be wrong conduct, or conduct not supported by reason. … 3. Mental derangement, any irrational condition…

    Aberrations are caused by ENGRAMS. For a definition of Engram, as we use it, just “google” it. Under the first entry there is a sub-entry called “Engram (Dianetics)”. That should give you the idea of what we are talking about.

    Hope this helps.

    Eric S

  86. Laughter!

  87. 2FF!

  88. Thanks for the info, RS

  89. Genius, Random Stranger!

  90. FCDC Class of 74

    Marty it is no secret that DM’s condition has molded him into either the largest liability on the planet or at least in the top five. I wonder , has your former position as number two made you privy to things that would motivate this particular blog or are you stirring the muck to see if some nasty secret will emerge? I am not even surprised any more when some new atrocity comes out. I do agree that the more that is exposed the more interest in the little worm make it difficult for him to hide.

  91. martyrathbun09


  92. Hi Joe

    Here’s what Marty’s post has me looking at.

    Those Scientologists outside the control of David Miscavige’s Church, though very effective in exposing David Miscavige’s crimes and corruption to the world, are actually not likely going to be the ones to deliver the “final blow” that brings David Miscavige down.

    It is seeming more likely that what will ultimately brings David Miscavige down will be something internal that is so shocking to those “still in” that a large number of them will suddenly wake up from their hypnotic complacency and take action.

    Because David Miscavige has fairly effectively blocked communication of the truth into, and within his cult, it will have to be something that happens internally. It will likely be something that seems quite innocuous to David Miscavige, enough so that he will probably brag about it, but it will communicate deep into the tone level that his “faithfull” are stuck in, sufficiently to exteriorize them enough to cognite on the situation they are in, and how David Miscavige has betrayed them.

    Then methinks we’re gonna see some real fireworks!

    Eric S

  93. Joe

    One important addition to …”when someone knows the tech of something, they can’t be the effect of it. Right?”

    I believe that line would more accurately be…”when one knows the tech of something, AND USES IT, they can’t be the ADVERSE effect of it.”

    I find that much tech appears to have been “learned”, a lesser amount has been fully duplicated and really known, and an even lesser amount is apparently actually being used.

    These people that you have named may have achieved the first part, they may have even achieved the second, but it seems highly unlikely that they are doing much of the third, or I wouldn’t expect to find them in the conditions they are apparently in.

    I imagine that they have heard the line… “Solve it with Scientology.”

    If what they are doing is not making themselves and others around them more self-determined, then it is NOT Scientology. (Check out “Q” 1 and
    2 of the Scientology “Q”s)

    If they are making headway in making themselves and others around them more self-determined, then their conditions will be improving by their own actions, and by their own standards, and I whole-heatedly congratulate them on their successes.

    Eric S

  94. It is the black magic with the stillness of the Heron, who waits until the fish forgets he is there to move forward. Only to be snapped into the long bill and used for personal eating habits. It has no name or face, only an intent to disturb or harm by making nothing out of something. Heh heh, it always recoils off you and back onto the source. The Gods favor Shugun.

  95. He heh, The Gods plague Shogun’s enemies.

  96. Eileen Clark

    Like your new moniker, certainly is apt…laughing a lot.

  97. Eileen Clark

    “Interesting post, Marty. You’ve been spot on before. I do think Debbie has tipped the scale so greatly that RCS cannot recover from that fall out and strongly hope that it will not be the actual death of someone dear to all that causes the final push. That may not have been what you meant at all, I’ve just been wondering lately.”

    The earlier post came out as Anonymous, but it was me posting.
    Eileen Clark

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