Update from Debbie

There has truly been a river of warmth, kindness and support!

I just want to say thank you for your caring communications in answer to my post as well as through emails and Facebook messages. I have been quite amazed to receive literally thousands of such emails and messages. 

I would like to make a point about all of this – if it wasn’t for the unbelievable support we have gotten from so many this entire quest for truth and justice might already have been squashed.  What has given us strength and resource has been the fact that so many people have come with support – information, brilliant ideas and funds to help with the legal defense. We have even had some help in getting more clients for our marketing business after losing many of ours. All of this has served to give us the strength and organization to be able to present the truth. And it is the truth that can pierce through 16 inch thick armor.  And remember “truth is the only thing that can go through 16 inch armor plate steel.”

We have an attorney team that truly is incredible. They often work longer hours than Sea Org members and they are in it for the cause of justice. On top of that, they are absolutely brilliant. And they know they are up against deep pockets that can pay for the most expensive counsel.  Independents have been there every step of the way since the TRO and suit were filed with support in every way. 

It is a real shame that parishioners’ hard earned money is being used to cover up the crimes and gross human rights violations being committed by the “leader” of Scientology.

Anyway, it is I who owe you the thanks. Those who have come through with real help to win this battle. Whether it is being done to help salvage Scientology from ruin or to protect human rights or whatever drives you – your help is the only reason we are able to have the strength, resource and skill to fight this battle and have any hope of winning.

As has been covered on this blog, we were served with a 34 page motion for summary judgement. In a nutshell, on May 7th, the Church of Scientology will walk into a hearing with a judge, and demand that Wayne and I are found guilty without trial. If they can prove none of the facts that make their case are in dispute, a judge can simply bang down the hammer and our case will never go before a jury.  The work that is ongoing to prepare our answer to this is considerable.  

To deal with this we are asking for your continued help.  And please be assured, no information will be divulged by us as to the source of any donations or otherwise. Any and all information will remain completely confidential no matter what pressure is brought to bear. You can donate to the defense fund here: www.debbiecookbaumgarten.com ;

Maybe my new nickname should be THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS NEST! And it is a hornets nest of out ethics at the top. But it can’t be allowed to just go on. It has been going on to the extreme detriment of many good people and to the detriment of a movement that would otherwise be thriving, helping others and protecting and preserving human rights.

If only the last 30 years of real stats for Scn orgs internationally, like Auditors Made, Grade Chart steps completed, Releases, Clears, OTs made, bodies in the shop, etc. could be laid out on graphs. The decline would be shocking. If only the public saw those real stats instead of the BS that they see at the glitzy events, maybe it would break the spell and they could see that we aren’t in Kansas anymore. 

Deep down you always believe that truth and good wins in the end, but when you look around in life that often doesn’t really seem to be the case. Those who can afford top legal defense certainly have a way of getting away with murder. So we definitely have our work cut out for us.

Thank you again for your support. We have a ways to go to win. But it can be done!

– Debbie

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    Thanks for the update and Very Well Done thus far. Karry and I will contribute what we can to your “Kickin” fund.

    Best to you two,


  2. I just sent you $20, Debbie, and wish more than anything it could have been a lot more. Good luck!

  3. Damn Debbie, I hope that photo is recent… you’re lookin’ good !! 😉

    Keep up the fight, as I’m sure you and Wayne and your team of indeed brilliant attorney’s will, and we’ll do what we can for you on our end. I know the fight isn’t over, hopefully barely begun. We’ve donated once, and will again, and again, as we can and as need be. I for one feel a personal indebtedness, as your email brought me here… back to the truth. And now, several of our friends who were just as PTS to the scene as we had become are here too, and some of their friends, because of your courage. So, thank you !!

    Our coming out is mid cycle but indeed started (big time), and likely to raise all manor of hell, but so be it, more on that at the appropriate time.

    Anyway, yes indeed, you have our support through to the end.


  4. That Hyatt Guy

    Debbie great to hear from you again! As I have said before I completely believe in you and more support is on the way.

    Backing you is being on the right side of this battle!

  5. Is good to see that are people of goodwill out there like the team of the attorneys you and your husband have.

    People that will fight for justice and don´t shrink in the presence of a unstoppable force.
    As we know the only thing that can fight against that is an unmovable source.
    If this fight is won, and it will be so sooner or later, it will be because of the combined efforts of you and your husband, Marty and Mosey, Mike and Christie, (always inside a big win is our darling supporting us) the team of attorney and all the people following this blog whereas they are scientologist or not they are brave human beings who don´t stay freezed in the shadows.

    With each postulate, with each communication, with each donation; we are getting a little more closer to achieve the real goals of Scientology.

    To the attorneys: Please stay strong and remember the reason you start on this long time ago: true justice for all. Your children will appreciate that you contribute to a saner world.

  6. Clan Bell will be sending a donation to the cause just as soon as we can scrape it together, Debbie. What you are doing is historic, and deserves every ounce of support we Indies can muster.

    Together, we WILL win back our church.

  7. Debbie, you look radiant. Another donation is on its way.

  8. “It is a real shame that parishioners’ hard earned money is being used to cover up the crimes and gross human rights violations being committed by the “leader” of Scientology.”


    There you go, what a statement. It’s more than a shame. I’m god damn pissed.

    And current staff members and current public THINK their donations are going towards preserving the tech from the SP’s and squirrels or CLEARING the planet. It’s UNBELIEVABLE that DM gets this money, donations, to fight the battles he created. What a ponzi.

    Thanks Debbie and Wayne.

  9. Debbie, you are very beautiful! 🙂 You are one of the few people I have seen in life whose ambiance shines through no matter what.

  10. Debbie, beautifully written and indeed we will win!!! Love Carol

  11. outpoint——-

    more and more donations for the IAS, and for the other groups, but no mention in the promo to donate towards your bridge, no mention of doing advanced payments towards your bridge. I just got a recent 1 month ago promo piece from the IAS for setting up an automatic bank account payment every month to donate to the IAS for my next level of Patron. Automatically give 50 bucks or whatever. Every month. But, what about my bridge services? But what gets me, I was declared several years ago. How’s that for current CF. Unbelievable. A “wog” company has a better CF.


  12. Tom Gallagher


    Thanks for this timely update. You can be assured that MB and I will happily forward another contribution to your defense fund and this time directly. We’ve never had anything to hide.

    Some quotes come to mind…

    “You know my friends, there comes a time when people get tired of being trampled by the iron feet of oppression …”

    And further:

    “True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.”

    Both quotes are from Martin Luther King.

    Thanks again for all you are doing.

  13. Debbie,

    You have been an inspiration to so many more people than you may ever know.

    Just yesterday, I was contacted by an old Flag public of mine because he read your email. I knew that he had seen it all already firsthand so I asked “But there wasn’t anything she (you) wrote that you didn’t already know…right?” His response was “yeah but hearing it from her confirmed that what I knew was true really was true.” Basically you’re taking people “out of the matrix” where the illusions are so strong that someone had to say “What you are seeing is really the way it is.” Confront of evil can be tough. You made it easier for people to get their own personal integrity in “on what they have observed”.

    We have to add a new entry to all dictionairies to define the qualities you exemplify. Guts, courage, strength, fearlessness, all fall short as descriptions of what you are exhibiting. No matter the final outcome of this battle, which I am certain will be victorious, you will go down in the history of man’s fight for freedom as a real live hero of justice and human rights.

    It has been my extreme pleasure to know you and to serve under your command.

    Now let’s go kill the bastards!

    Hy Levy

  14. “HELP is the button the world spun in on a few million years ago. It’s where we find our pc. “HELP IS BETRAYAL”, so there is no way out.” HCOB, “How HELP became betrayal”.

    “Help is evidently so deeply ingrained in every being that only when it folds up and YOU SHOW the individual conclusively, or he HAS been shown that he is not helping anybody, does he fold up as a being.
    Up to that time, he’ll function. It’s when he loses that last one that he’s gone. And anybody who is severely neurotic or insane or extremely ill or anything of that character has had THAT happen to him. He has had it demonstrated to him conclusively that he can’t help anything or anybody”
    … …
    “Now, wherever – wherever you see the HELP button gone, you’ve got a gone dog. You’ve got a very, very gone dog [sucks to be Miscavige-thats not in the lecture]. That’s the end of the road.
    You might say everything or anything IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE will HELP if it could be shown wherein or HOW.”[http://www.debbiecookbaumgarten.com/]
    … …

    “There are awfully good people in Scientology and actually, if you look around, there are awfully good people in the world. But you have to look around to find this out and you have to do an awful lot of understanding, maybe, to FIND OUT HOW somebody IS good, but if you look real hard you will make it.”
    Lecture HELP, 7 July 1960, London Open Evening Lectures (prior to The London Congress on Dissemination and HELP).

    Debbie, personally, I FUCKEN LOVE YOU!!!!

  15. Saluting you with great respect, admiration and gratitude.

  16. Debbie, you are more than welcomed.

  17. Ok, I had trouble leaving a comment, I was using mrmartingibson@gmail.com, and it asked me to log-in?!, but thats not linked to anything, so I am now using my facebook email, saccan@hotmail.com….

  18. Debbie and Wayne,

    You are the heroes in this whole story. Our check is in the mail. Every time you ask there will be more to come. It’s more important you win this battle than anything we can think of that our money would be invested into. We are with you until the end of this battle and we have the means to back that up.

    Love and good luck to you, Paul and Bodil

  19. thomasjefferson8008

    Debbie…we are all VERY proud of you and Wayne for what you are doing. The pressure must be immense…I can’t even imagine. You are doing the RIGHT thing and working for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. I know I’m preaching to the choir, and I know that you are already aware of that. Just wanted to give you a FULL ack on the sheer integrity of what you are doing for LRH and the rest of us. I only hope that more people who went through what you did will step up to the plate and apply LEGAL justice the way you are. Application of legal justice from outside the “church” IS the only way to expose what is going on in a credible enough way as to open some eyes on the inside. Again…from the bottom of my heart…and I speak for the entire Scientology world…WELL DONE!

  20. Robert Earle

    It is my opinion that you most certainly deserve the support as does your legal team.

  21. Debbie,
    I’m so proud of your efforts and glad you have found the strength to see this through. I’m very happy you have a great legal team and hope they will continue to stand up to the nastiness of the church’s side. I know you were dedicated and hung in there for the longest time possible and I’m very glad you broke free of it and I am truly hoping you will push all the way through to criminal charges against Miss Cabbage. Stopping short of that means more abuses. Please do whatever you can. Best of luck to you and Wayne!

  22. This is a David and Goliath situation and I believe most of us see it that way.
    I loved your lawyer opening up with nailing the Miscavige team as “Vexatious Litigants” (Great Google definition)

    One can never have “too much money” while in litigation. Never.
    Thanks for nudging all of us to step up to the plate in this important trail blazing case 😆

  23. Thank you for this Debbie. I can say only for myself that your thanks is appreciated but unnecessary. It is you that are on point here and uniquely positioned to bring the reign of terror of Miscavige to an inglorious end. To pop the pimple that is Miscavige. Or maybe it’s a boil.

    I support what you are doing, as I’m certain most here do, because it is in alignment with my dynamics. It is not a help flow but a power push which is dynamically aligned. A survival thrust.

    Many have worked to bring this positioning to this point but it is you that holds that point position.

    The subject of Scientology will survive Miscavige, if not within the CoS then without, in the independent field. There is no stopping it now. Miscavige has no hold on the technology except as he continues to pretend to those not yet looking. He has already lost. He is like the beast, shot through the chest but not the good sense to fall dead.

    The downfall of the evil dictator is the removal of the stumbling block of his suppression. A boost to us all. A clean up of the out ethics and out tech will follow his demise. It is already occurring, outside of the church. As more and more people realize that Scientology is available outside of the CoS, realize that the tech is standard, standard because people with integrity and understanding of KSW keep it that way. That is all that ever made Standard Tech Standard, those people.

    No building, uniform or gold braid ever made standard tech. It is made by individuals and they can be wherever they please to be, in a church, at home or in the park.

    Yours is the battle that will make all of this a simpler road to travel. A worthy objective. Thank you for doing it and for accepting the support pouring your way.

  24. To Debbie, for being an angel:

    To the folks still “in”… It pays to LOOK! Then it kinda gets obvious…

    To David Miscavige:


  25. Hy, when you can’t talk to anyone about what you observe, you start to doubt your own reality or perhaps have fallen into the “you pulled it in or you deserved it” trap, which makes you doubt your own reality, too. No communication, lessened reality, enforced affinity…trap.
    Just having Debbie, who so many people do have a shared reality with, communicate openly and out loud, brings up ARC…obviously!

  26. Hi Debbie;

    Yes, we can and will win. Not so long ago any who found themselves in your position stood alone. Now, thanks largely to Marty and Mike, the old guard, the anons and others, that is no longer the case.

    Military history is jammed packed full of examples where forces of far superior equipment and superior training are defeated by being overwhelmed by lesser trained and lesser equiped forcres but with greater numbers and greater dedication. DM and the OSA goons will fall just as Hitler’s Tiger tanks and air force fell, destroyed by sheer numbers and dedication. When there is great wrongs being done, and when right is truely on your side, the notion of ‘duty’ glows bright and tall, and is a beacon to thinking men and women everywhere. Just look at this blog as an example, 6,000,000 views! Who’da thunk?

    Looking forward with great anticipation to any more comm from you.

  27. Thank you for this Debbie. I can say only for myself that your thanks is appreciated but unnecessary. It is you that are on point here and uniquely positioned to bring the reign of terror of Miscavige to an inglorious end. To pop the pimple that is Miscavige. Or maybe it’s a boil.

    I support what you are doing, as I’m certain most here do, because it is in alignment with my dynamics. It is not a help flow but a power push which is dynamically aligned. A survival thrust.

    Many have worked to bring this positioning to this point but it is you that holds that point position.

    The subject of Scientology will survive Miscavige, if not within the CoS then without, in the independent field. There is no stopping it now. Miscavige has no hold on the technology except as he continues to pretend to those not yet looking. He has already lost. He is like the beast, shot through the chest but not the good sense to fall dead.

    The downfall of the evil dictator is the removal of the stumbling block of his suppression. A boost to us all. A clean up of the out ethics and out tech will follow his demise. It is already occurring, outside of the church. As more and more people realize that Scientology is available outside of the CoS, realize that the tech is standard, standard because people with integrity and understanding of KSW keep it that way. That is all that ever made Standard Tech Standard, those people.

    No building, uniform or gold braid ever made standard tech. It is made by individuals and they can be wherever they please to be, in a church, at home or in the park.

    Yours is the battle that will make all of this a simpler road to travel. A worthy objective. Thank you for doing it and for accepting the support pouring your way.

  28. I had a similar posting issue. Marty, A policy change?

  29. Debbie love you as just, ” THE KICKER ” !

    Hope you don’t mind me shortening it up. Reminds me that girls kick really hard- got nailed a few times back in Catholic school. DM is due for a few of his own.

  30. Bruce Q Hammond

    So many people are really proud of you, THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS NEST and
    I am certainly one of them!

    Here’s to finding a big can of RAID


  31. Go Debbie. Just sent a dono through Marty.

  32. Still getting the hang of these sharing things.

    To the folks still “in”… It pays to LOOK! Then it kinda gets obvious…

    To David Miscavige:

  33. Thank you Debbie and for all who have stood up and held their ground, Thank You!

    tom Price

  34. In light of all that Debbie, Mike, Marty, and Debbie’s lawyers are doing, this seems rather appropriate:

    Mayan elder says world won’t end

    When the current Mayan calendar cycle ends Dec. 21, the world will not cease to exist, says a Mayan elder.

    “There is a lot of information of what is going to happen on that date. The scholars say that the Mayan calendar ends, the world ends. But we, as Mayans, don’t know anything about that,” Elder Miguel Angel Chiquin said speaking through a Spanish translator Monday night at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

    “The great teachings that our ancestors have left us over the centuries, the 21st of December, we will be moving over a cosmic bridge of light and hope at the great event of our fifth sun.” Chiquin, known as “Abuelo Maya” (Maya Grandfather), spoke on the implications of the ending of the current Mayan calendar to a group of about 50 people Monday in the Occhiato University Center.

    A native of Guatemala, Chiquin said when the current calendar cycle of more than 5,000 years ends Dec. 21, a new one will begin.

    The event, which Chiquin described as being one of the biggest events of our cosmic lives, is something the Mayan people are looking forward to experiencing.

    “The message we come to share with you brothers and sisters is that this great event of the fifth sun, the great event of the 21st of December 2012, is not only for the Maya Pueblo, it’s for all humanity,” he said.

    He said the cosmic bridge that all humanity will start to travel Dec. 21, is going to help make for a better world.

    Mayan elder says world won’t end

  35. I agree……girls in pearls…that’s always nice.

  36. And Debbie and Wayne, please remember that some of us are no longer being coerced/fooled into giving “high roller” amounts to the IAS and Ideal Org Funds. Love to see a portion going the right direction instead, so don’t hesitate to ask from time to time! LOL, Lynne

  37. Debbie and Wayne, thank you for your continued strength to confront David Miscavige’s suppression head-on, seek truth and the salvation of Scientology. You have the Kimoto family’s continued support.
    Shannon & Hiro

  38. Amen, Debbie enough is enough.

    Mike Reppen

  39. Eileen Clark

    Despite attempts, there is just no way I can top what you said. Ditto to it all.
    Now, over the ramparts, full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes!!!!

    Debbie & Wayne and Jeffreys & Company….you ROCK!!!

  40. Eileen Clark

    Debbie, you do look simply terrific, like you used to when you were kicking butt at FSO, feels good, doesn’t it?? XOXO

  41. Right on !!

  42. Enough Already


    Wonderful update as always. We’re behind you every step of the way!

    As far as somebody printing up graphs of declining STATS FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS, I’m happy to say that IT’S ALREADY BEEN DONE. At least for the single most important stat in Scientology: TRAINING. You can find it here:


    Go to “Topic” (page) 3 in this article– it’s all there. The writers of this website have actually drawn up BAR GRAPHS comparing the number of auditors made in the 1970s vs.currently, from Dianetic Auditors all the way up to Class VIIIs. They also PROVE it with reprints of org mags showing LONG lists of names of auditor course graduates in the old days, and then they compare them with the teensy-tinsy lists of auditors made today.

    Like you and many of the posters on this blog, I’ve been very frustrated with so many old friends (and even a few family members who should know better) being unwilling to stop drinking the Kool-Aid long enough to LOOK. But I will say that once I found this site a couple years ago, I’ve had more success with using this one article (especially page 3 of the article with all the stat comparisons) than all the talking and reasoning and coaxing and trying to convince and trying to persuade that I’d been doing up to that point.

    I’d love for somebody to do the same thing with Pc Completions that these guys did with Auditors Made– but in the meantime, this Auditors Made (Training) stat goes along way in getting through to people. Especially when they see the names of the completions for themselves.

    Please check it out:


  43. Debbie,

    We can bear wars. This isn’t the first and it will not be the last.
    I want to give you a tip and state it here for others to know as well. As soon as I became aware of the fact I had been used unwittingly in criminal activities working for the Church, (money received for social causes not forwarded to the cause, but into CofS bank accounts (fraud), This was a while back but I can guess it is still going on in this century. I approached the F.B.I. to take whatever responsibility I would need to in the matter. It was within days after I realized what was going on and I did not want to have the PTP of wondering about my future if it might include becoming a part of the legal system.

    As a CITIZEN, you can also go with your attorney to the F.B.I. to make a statement / official report as to any knowledge you may have about any crimes you witnessed as a formal witness for the government. This also might bolster your position in this arena being a CITIZEN going on record as a witness and being forthcoming with the authorities about any knowledge you have about David Miscavige personally. It is possible you were used unwittingly on programs and projects that looking back, might not have been exactly squeaky clean from where you can view now. With more and more knowledge coming out on the net about DM’s financial whims and demands (he is very high maintenance) , situations come to light.

    Thank you for your courage and for coming forward in a manner that brings hope to everyone for a better tomorrow.

  44. It has been bought to my attention very recently, that giving any branch of the Government a false report, is a crime. It would seem with all of the straw men DM has hidden out back, or wherever the new “hole” has been moved to, listed as phony people on all of those corporate records, he might have some personal and private matters to explain.

  45. A long time coming! Get that SP!

  46. I really kind of doubt the church will go all the way with this, but IF THEY DO, they are gonna get smeared. But isn’t that the way it always works? The thetan will think up the most dramatic idiotic things to cave himself in. Works every time! You don’t need good luck, Debbie. You already got it!

  47. Debbie, Well done to you and Wayne for showing such courage and personal integrity. You both have my deepest respect.

  48. Debbie,
    Good to see you smiling.

    Great message and I’m sure this is all going to work out. I’m here, there and wherever I can be to help.


  49. Regarding: ” Basically you’re taking people “out of the matrix” where the illusions are so strong that someone had to say “What you are seeing is really the way it is.”
    Another way to formulate this is: “Find out where you are!” 😆

  50. Debbie,
    you are the super hero of our time: for Scientology, for planet earth and more…
    Ml, Gottfried

  51. Dear Debbie and Wayne,
    This is not only your battle but ours. You are in front and i am backing you with $$ and postulate.
    Thank you for the update

  52. Go Debbie & Wayne,
    I have a meager income at best, but I wll contribute what I can because I want you to continue to move forward and keep exposing the fact that the Emperor is not wearing any close.

  53. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    It is indeed extraordinary that most of DM´s time and energy is spent on pressurizing unknowing parishioners to donate and donate and donate and donate again and even blackmailing them to donate to the IAS and then spend huge amounts of this money on harrassing fellow scientologists and take them to court and sue them, with the intent of “squashing them like a bug” for insisting on Standard Tech. And when he´s not in court fighting his now world famous fights against fellow scientologists, he´s declaring his own people as SP´s left right and center for insisting on Standard Tech. It appears that more and more scientologists are becoming aware of his TREASON and are leaving the crumbling “church”. People just won´t put up with dictators anymore. They want FREEDOM from oppression worldwide. – It´s in the air!

  54. oops…I meant to say ‘clothes’.

    On another note….a friend of mine was visited unannounced by an AOLA class 9 auditor/reg and she asked pointed questions like…why didn’t my friend who was an OT8 not get helped with her cancer and die, and my other friend who was an 8 died of cancer ? etc…And THE RESPONSE WAS THAT THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED AND THERE HAVE BEEN SOME QUAL OUTPOINTS AND NOW IT IS ALL BEING HANDLED, AND THAT MAKING PEOPLE GO BACK AND DO ALL THESE OTHER ACTIONS WHILE ON THE OT LEVELS ISN’T HAPPENING IT BECAUSE IT WAS WRONG…AND SO NOW IT IS OKAY TO COME BACK…AND THEN OFCOURSE HE GOT TO THE REAL REASON FOR BEING THERE WHICH IS THE HUBBY NEEDS TO GET ONTO HIS NEXT SERVICE AND HE NEEDS TO HAVE 50 G’S FOR 0T5. She asked if there would be compensation for people being given wrong auditing etc. Of course the answer was NO.

    Unbelievable….a QUAL OUTPOINT???…HOW ABOUT A MAJOR SITUATION CAUSED BY THE SP DICKING AROUND GIVING ORDERS AND RUNNING EVERYTHING (INTO THE GROUND) IN AREAS HE KNOWS NOT WHAT OF!! This is the standard DM MO…mess it up, blame on someone else, then ‘make it all better’ and you get to pay for it…OVER AND OVER AND OVER GEEEZE

  55. Great respect and admiration to you Debbie and Wayne!

  56. My sentiments exactly Hy.This looks like Karma to me; Debbie’s many years of selfless service to help thousands get up through OT under almost impossible conditions is being acknowledged now in the most apt way with an avalanche of good wishes, support and funds by those who do give a damn. According to the Vedas, if one sows goodness, one will reap goodness; if one sows evil, one will reap evil. Simple really.

  57. “and I speak for the entire Scientology world…” Yes, you do (those left “IN” clinging to the wreckage are not, by LRH definition, Scientologists. A Scientologist is one who can and does CHANGE CONDITIONS FOR THE BETTER).

    It’s no exaggeration to say this is a historic battle, and Herculean challenge that you, Debbie, have shown through actions have the courage and integrity to pull off. I’m proud to be able to help, even if only a little.

  58. Very well done indeed, Debbie and Wayne!

    And thanks for pointing out that the stats went down for 30 years,
    a thing a lot of people (even on this blog) don’t seem to know!
    How could it be otherwise, SP takes over, stats went up!?
    And thanks, of course, to Marty, Mike, Steve, et al., without whom
    all this wouldn’t be happening.
    Contribution is in the mail!

  59. Jethro Bodine

    I can already see the headlines:

    “Brainwashed and abused cult members from the controversial “Church of Radical Scientology” with shaved heads and grey boiler suits and orange arm bands and hypnotized glares were marched into the court room today. They testified that their charismatic cult leader David Miscavige who’s also a Reptillian Predator and High School Drop Out was nothing but nice to them, and that this thing called “the hole” does not exist. Shortly after being marched into the court room, they all drank vodka cocktails and waited for their space ship to pick them up. They did this out of faith.”

    Thank God none of us are no longer in that evil cult. May Truth, Justice, Jethro Bodine and the American Way prevail. Praise the lord, Old Man River:

  60. Dear Debbie,

    With your post you are now officially an “Indie”. WELCOME !

    I sent you some support and will send some more.
    Marty reported about what you endured in the Hole 1-2 years ago, and many Indies were postulating that you’ll join and finally you did and since then many other too.

    So, I suggest that Marty reports about the Hubbard Family
    what they are enduring and perhaps they’ll join too and forget about fearing David Miscavige because of all the papers they signed and giving all their God given Rights away. DM can’t take their right away to speak the truth.

    If anyone of the Hubbard family is reading here please come forward and come out !

    You, you may say
    I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one (from Imagine J. Lenon)

    A Swiss Guy

  61. martyrathbun09

    No, must be technical glitch or we’re just too consumed with a lot of interesting randomities.

  62. Debbie,
    Thank you for asking for help 🙂
    I sent a donation to you yesterday as did one of my radar-flyers and have forwarded your thanks.
    The idea that you were trying to do this alone was torturous to me. You need your group as did LRH.
    A reminder:
    “I went off by myself into southern Africa to see whether or not an OT would make good, singly and all alone, without any assistance, against the environment around him. And I found out that he would not do too much good. But a group of OTs would be entirely irresistible, and are necessary to carry off this type of operation. So OTs do best with OTs…
    …From here on the world will change; but if it changes at all, and if it recovers, it will be because of the Scientologist, it will be because of the auditor and his technical skill, it will be because of the organization and the organization staff member and his dedication. In all the broad universe,there is no other hope for man than ourselves. This is a tremendous responsibility. I have borne it too long alone. You share it with me now. This is however he game in which everyone wins, no
    matter which Ethics action is taken, no matter what activities go forward; in the ultimate, everyone will win. I am very thankful that you exist. I need your help. I need your support. And no matter what you are doing in Scientology outside or inside organizations, you are are helping
    me, and you are helping us, and you are also moving forward to the resolution of aberration, war, and dismay in this universe. An essential difference between us and those who make mock of such efforts is we know where we’re going, we know what we’re doing, and we’re moving
    forward on a very positive, laudable, decent track. We are doing our jobs. That cannot be said for others.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Ron’s Journal ’67

  63. By the way – It seems I’m unable to post comments from my existing email account. Anyone else running into the same problem?
    I’ve set up a new one but just checking to see if I’ve got OSA lice running interference or it’s just an isolated glitch. xxx

  64. Looking forward to the May 7th “event”, small donation made for the legal fund… 😦

  65. Mercury retrograde? (astrology hold over from my hippie days)

    I have the same problem will try a different email …


  66. Perhaps THE single most disturbing fact of dm’s regime is DISCONNECTION.

    It destroys families. It creates children who DID NOT KNOW their parents because one parent stayed in, the other left.

    It has caused numerous people to “disappear” into the gulags of the RPF, hidden around the world.

    One mother – recounted on Tony Ortega’s blog yesterday – disconnected from a disaffected son, certain that ONE DAY he would come to his senses and they could reunite. Instead he was killed in an accident. SHE has now left dm’s regime but the reuniting will never happen.


    EVERY kool-aid drinking Scientologist KNOWS disconnection is real. It’s used to keep them in line. AND dm gets away with it because ONCE it was policy.

    BUT let me remind anyone reading this — when I got in to Scientology in 1972 NO ONE was told to disconnect from parents or children who hated scientology. In fact you got INTO ethics trouble if you took the COWARDS way out with parents, children.

    ALSO — to get DECLARED???? Unheard of. NO ONE got declared. NO ONE. I don’t remember seeing a golden rod declare on anyone until some time in the mid-80’s.

    I will continue to send what I can to support Debbie and Wayne WHICH IS actually supporting all of us. THIS lawsuit is a means by which our collective voices can finally be heard.

    Act today — while we make our tomorrow, none of us knows if we will be here tomorrow.


  67. HEY!… Idle Morgue’s PTS victim…

    Is There Anybody Out There?

    NO…It’s over…THE CHURCH IS DEAD…It’s a FACT!

  68. Freedom Fighter


    Thank you and Wayne for having the courage to not only kick the hornet’s nest but for coming at it with a Louisville Slugger! LRH says that the price of freedom requires a constant willingness to fight back. It is because of this willingness in you and in others that we will win. David Miscavage and his deadbeat band of SPs and SP wannabes don’t stand a chance. Throughout history, SPs have never been able to complete their destructive cycles of action despite the carnage they’ve left in their wake. You will win. There simply is no other outcome.
    Thank you for what you are doing. My donation to the cause will be end route later today.

  69. Truth always wins in the end. Seems like that only occurs on Merlin series 4

  70. Debbie, yesterday I made a comment to point out how one person’s actions can have a ripple effect on the world. You certainly have demonstrated this quality both in and outside of the church.

    I have been on this blog for several years wishing someone could do something on the legal front and this year that opportunity came into being. Although this month is not a great month for me to send a donation, I consider this cause to be far too important to let slip through for lack of support. I’m not sure how, yet…but I’ll find a way to back up that support, just a little trick I learned along the way. I have always been fond of trouble makers, especially ones who caused trouble for the right reasons. 😉

  71. I repeat this comment from a previous post for Debbie and all you great beings who move forward and are Cause in thequest and reality of Human Rights and Freedom:

    As all events have come to this point of light that shines in a sea of darkness, I hereby proclaim Debbie Cook as “Lady Liberty” with the torch of Truth held high and tech of Freedom held secure close to her heart.

    Behold the workings of Truth.

    FREEDOM is at hand for many thousands.

    My best to all.



  72. No problem here Sam. OSA can do nothing to a Great Theta Being like yourself.

  73. moneca ryane

    Debbie, is like Ali, greatest fighter of all time. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    Your ‘stinging now!

  74. Women rule! Funds to follow but please don’t tell anyone. LOL! 🙂

  75. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    LOL – I found the problem. Some twat logged into my wordpress account last night, changed my password and then logged me out effectively locking me out of being able to post on the blog. Same thing that happened to my email account last month after I forwarded 2000 of Debbie’s emails. Juvenile and desperate!!!!
    Seems every single variation of my name or email accounts has been ‘taken’ meanwhile.
    I had to set up a new gravatar account while I get it sorted out. There was only one username I seemed to be allowed to use for my temporary account so it will just have to do for now. Hope y’all like it 😀
    I promised Debbie I’d send a donation everytime OSA pulled a stunt – this is getting expensive now! 😦

  76. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Phil and Janet – curious – are you still on post? Do you have an Int mission running you or something? Because the plant activity in the UK has gone up a notch or two and it seems you’re asking a lot of questions about what your ‘offlines’ public are ‘doing’
    It all gets back to me you know 😀
    Heads up UK radar-flyers. OSA is getting VERY industrious. Watch out for new ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ asking innocent questions.

  77. Nice handle Sam… You could have used “everyoneSHOULDbescaredofsam”, I dont think that one is taken. I might change mine to “iamscaredofsam” 🙂

  78. +1 😀

  79. Debbie,
    We are a powerful group. Donation just sent to further that power!

  80. Thank you for kicking the hornet’s nest and defending Scientology.
    (What’s going on? I’m having trouble trying to post the last two days.)

  81. I may need help, I guess I have the same thing going on. Could you please explain what I should do?

  82. “The deeper you penetrate into hostile territory, the greater will be the solidarity of your troops, and, the defenders cannot overcome you.”
    -Sun Tzu

  83. I ‘reset my password’ for the email address I was using. I never set a password. I didn’t have to set a password for this other email address. Kinda suspicious….

  84. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Ah I can’t take all the credit. Reckon there are enough names missing on the roll-call lists at the Saint Hill and London Orgs for it to be dawning on Miscavige that he’s been rumbled and he has every reason to be more afraid of them now than they are of him:
    Hell hath no fury like a Scientologist betrayed.

  85. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    When you attempt to log in just push the link for forgotten passwords. You’ll get a new one sent to your email account so you can log back in. Change your password regularly and log back out of wordpress after each post.

  86. Sam,
    Same problem here with my account. I tried resetting my password. We’ll see if it works.
    It didn’t work.
    Trying a different e-mail address.

  87. Signed in. Does it work now?

  88. Hi, Debbie. I’m so happy that you did what you did. For years (since 1984) I was outside of the COS wondering how those inside couldn’t see what was happening to the COS under D.M. management. I had such a strong wish for enlightenment there. I even wrote a book, Scientology vs. Scientology(tm)
    to show what little I knew to be true. This was in 2005 when freezoners weren’t feeling very safe yet to come out and state their views. The book was based on what LRH said as a guide and what I observed either directly or indirectly was actually being done in the COS. And when I wrote the book there was so much missing data–the area surrounding LRH’s death was a bit of guesswork, but I came close.:)
    So thank you for speaking out although I realize you did not expect the type of consequences you received for your simple action of trying to make things go right.
    As I saw on Facebook today a little wish: May all your weeds turn into flowers.:)
    It makes me feel very relieved in a way that others

  89. Ronnie, didn’t you know? That Dec 21 date is the end of DAVEY’S world. This is the day he blows because of the previous three days of deposition that exposed him as the rat he is.

    ML Tom

  90. “The more we confront the enemy the smaller and less important he gets”. – Tom Tsoo.

  91. FCDC Class of 74

    Thanks you guys, nobody said personally “send money” I figured that since I had some money toward my bridge sitting here that it would help me in the long run to help you. I was right the flow was effective I moved up a little higher on the bridge.

  92. As a technical note: I use LastPass with a nice long passphrase, and then use it to store passwords on sites, including this one. This allows me to have nice, long, unbreakable passwords, and not go crazy trying to remember them. OSA, have fun trying to break into my account(s).

    Oh, and OSA, breaking into email and related accounts is illegal. And traceable. Yet another stupid illegality by Mr. David Miscavige.

  93. Sam, the good news is that you’re under the Met Police in terms of jurisdiction and they have a dedicated cyber crime unit, so they will be able to trace the source.

    I have spoken to them and it’s a police matter.

  94. Hey Debbie – Thank you.

  95. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Fabulous. I’ll give you a call. There are a few other matters I’d like taken care of in that case x

  96. You are looking good Debbie! My wife and I will donate more 🙂 This is a real chance to get the church back in the hands of scientologists.

  97. Indie-saurus-rex

    Debbie – thank you, simply, for going forward with all of this. I just really can’t express the gratitude I feel.

    Others – I have no desire to highjack this thread but I have a question that’s been burnin’ in me for a while and plain and simple, just don’t know where to ask it. So I’ll ask it here and maybe someone can easily answer it or suggest a better resource:

    My question is in regard to the Research and Discovery Series. My understanding is that during the LRH era, about 10 volumes were published. During the DM era, another 6 were published, making for a current total of 16 volumes. It is also my understanding that there are like 50 volumes or so as a grand total but that only the first 16 have been published… so…

    What I’m wondering is how much alteration has occurred with these R&D volumes since DM took the helm? Did he go back and make changes in the first 10 volumes? Are the subsequent 6 volumes released since LRH’s death DM-squirreled? Or are they worthy of tracking down? I’ve read Dan Koon’s report on compilations but he doesn’t really get into depth about the R&D volumes.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated!

  98. The same old LDW

    Donation on the way, Debbie and Wayne.

    But you have to listen to my win. After finishing L 12 with a most competent auditor, Trey Lotz, I’ve found myself re-evaluating all my dynamics. I’m re reading the data series and for the first time I find it effortless to duplicate the material. There were out-points in my thinking that have vanished.

    There is so much true data available now, that was not available prior to the many websites now exposing miscavige’s crimes and suppressive actions.

    One of the most dramatic “omitted” items in dave’s cult is, “omitted THETA intention.”

    So, as much as I am able, I’ll be sending both money and theta intention to get this job done. And those of us who wish to, can get on with the very rewarding job of freeing theta without dave’s mest getting in our way.

    Les Warren

    PS. I also got an error stating that “you have to be logged in to comment with that email address”

  99. Karen B,

    “Debbie, yesterday I made a comment to point out how one person’s actions can have a ripple effect on the world. You certainly have demonstrated this quality both in and outside of the church.”

    Beautifully said both yesterday and today! +1

  100. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Martin – see my post above.
    Reckon we’ve got OSA lice.
    We’re getting logged out with our passwords changed.
    Press the W symbol on your wordpress account and click the link for lost passwords. You will be sent a new password to log back into your wordpress account.

  101. I gotta say, if the experts were so “hep” on interpreting this Mayan calendar, how is it that they either a) only JUST discovered it (2-3 years out of several hundred is a very tiny time slot) or b) only JUST decided it was important enough to broadcast. If there were any major significance, it would have been brought up twenty-five or fifty years ago so that mankind could actually prepare or repent or whatever this latest DOOMSAY implies we all must do.

  102. Who this time are the many who will carry the stone to the head of the Goliath.

  103. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hey! OSA! Kevin Tighe just sent money to Debbie Cook!
    Oooohhhhhh! Sorry Kevin! Tsk! Me and my big mouth!

  104. Jewel, Hear! Hear! Precisely!

  105. miscavigeisscaredofsam

  106. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I had to set up a whole new account (with very tight password security) – everything has been fine since then.

  107. Love your new monicker, Sam. We could all get pretty creative couldn’t we?

  108. Thank you Debbie and Wayne for fightin’ the good fight. I am thankful that so many felt inclined to help with money, information, postulates and theta. Keep up the good work, and we will keep up the flows!

  109. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Any chance you can add a link to the side bar for Debbie’s fund? Every time I have a notion to donate (like when OSA is playing games) I have search back through the posts to find the link.

  110. But remember, “This is OUR territory, the enemy only thinks it is his. He will find out otherwise.” –LEH, 2012

  111. ROFL–Tom, I did not see this before I did a similar thing above. Yes, we are philosophers, warriors, poets, kings. Love ya!

  112. It’s there under the “blog roll” Sammie 🙂

  113. FCDC–since the bridge is supposed to be increasing our self-determinism and pan-determinism; and since the OT 7’s are being moved in the opposite direction (all other terminals telling them whether or not their ethics are in, giving them unethical assignments “for the greater good” etc.) then your progress is infinitely greater than theirs! Applause to you!

  114. Marty, if I may ask… Is it possible to publish how much (even roughly) is needed by Debbie to keep her going? If not, is it possible to publish what percentage of the amount needed has been accomplished?

    Would love to know how well we are doing getting the donations into Debbie’s hands.

  115. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  116. martyrathbun09

    Yes, but you’ll have to ask Debbie. They wanted to handle their own dono’s and I respected their wishes by posting her link.

  117. martyrathbun09

    It is on the blog roll.

  118. Another note to compare notes here about how whistleblowers are regarded.
    Yesterday a disgruntled Golman Sachs ex-employee, Greg Smith made similar statements about GS that ex-S.O. members make about their ex-seniors and GS’s response was that. ‘Oh he didn’t have much responsibility and was just a junior director.” Note that in New York GS has 12,000 vice presidents. Greg worked there for 12 years and this was his job as “junior director:
    Smith was an executive director in London, a title equal to vice president in New York. The firm employs almost 12,000 vice presidents, and most said in a recent internal survey that “the firm provides exceptional service” to clients, Blankfein and Cohn said in the memo. Smith, who sold U.S. equity derivatives to clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, didn’t respond to calls seeking comment.
    Sound familiar DM, care to comment?

  119. Hi Les.

    After finishing L-12
    “I’m re reading the data series and for the first time I find it effortless to duplicate the material.”

    Right there with ya. :>)

  120. one of those who see

    Debbie as Captain you were a hero for good and freedom and here you are again as a hero for the same. You are an inspiration, truly. More $$ coming soon.
    I think of Ron. Having seen the disaster Miscavige has created out of his work…but, then to see the lights of bravery, truth and goodness popping up all over the world. The intelligent, brave and aesthetic beings coming together, leaders of the movement coming forward once again to make things right. He must be thinking… I was right, there is hope for these earth people. And he certainly has a hug waiting for you!

  121. This is a watershed moment for all of Scientology and those both in and out.

    Debbie will prevail and I will help.

    IT’S the END for DM.

  122. Freedom Fighter

    Don’t these OSA idiots know that tracking these hacks are child’s play. Keep breaking the law, OSA. Keep breaking it. Sooner or later it’s going to catch up with you.

  123. The anticipation of impending battle can be rough sometimes, especially in the quieter Ist Dynmaic momemts. This is where group support and comfort accomplish the most. We support you both, more energy on the way.

    Miscavige does not know love, it’s impossible, his crimes against others won’t allow such affinity and soul exposure. He’s not only scared of you, he’s as jealous as can be. The true magnitude of what he has done and is doing even he cannot confront – rub his face in it, we’re got your back.

  124. ps: Thanks also for clarifying your position about the discovery of all who have donated (unbelievable all by itself). I don’t care, but there are many who still need cover, for any number of reasons.

  125. If I do Red it will be for my fourth donation

  126. Wish I had a fiver for every time I had heard some version of “Yeah, there were tech outnesses – but it’s all being handled now… you just need to pay for…(again)… and it’ll all be fine and dandy…”

  127. There was an earlier call on this blog for those who could write affidavits to do so.

    Is this action still needed to help, in the latest developments?

  128. ISR,
    The first series were as you stated, 10 volumes in the early 80’s. Then a new set began publication I believe in the mid 90’s with additional chronological writings of LRH and possibly a bit larger typeset, so the new R&D volumes 1- 16 were larger with more pages. My understanding is that there would be at least 100 volumes containing all of the writings regarding Dianetic & Scientolgy from LRH’s, his first articles to his last HCOB, PL etc.
    I did not notice alterations in those first 16 volumes but that maybe why it was halted. DM may have taken the opportunity at that time to re-write Scn. by creating the illusion (HIDDEN DATA LINE) that all the books and recording were altered and thus amassing $$$ and power via all new everything.

  129. Oops, this was suppose to be in response to Indie-saurus-rex’s post above

  130. Not sure what’s happening with the reply to thread not following correctly, but Ok lests try this again, this was suppose to be in response to Indie-saurus-rex’s post above

  131. As a side note, and an indicator of the quickening momentum toward the ouster of Miscabbage and the restoration of our church, the Indie 500 at Steve Hall’s site is now up to 300 names.

    I’m proud to be # 276.

  132. Martin Gibson

    Got my user name and password back working again!

    Messing with log-ins on a blog?! Sheesh!

    Now, I can’t be sure if it was just a technical glitch, yet, but I reset my password with wordpress, got an email from them, whacked a password on it on now its secure.

    So if that was actually OSA or whatever, eat shit…

  133. Indie saurus,
    You should be fine on those R&D Vols. I have the first 10 and they are. Track them down, get them. You’ll be allright with that material.

  134. Martin Gibson

    Ok, to prevent this happening again. If your email address gets that “you need to log-in to use that address”, just click on “login using wordpress button” (just below the reply box), then in the pop-up box type in your email address and click “forgot password”, hey presto a link is sent to your email account and you can reset the password.
    I suggest doing that for your account, its dev-t handling that kind of childish harrassment.

  135. Debbie does look fantastic, doesn’t she? I was just saying to someone that she’s simply glowing with love and happiness in that picture. I guess living with the truth will do that to a person, huh? 🙂

  136. Martin Gibson

    Great minds think alike eh?
    I worked out the same handling.
    Haha, see below, I wrote it before I read your reply.

  137. Hi, Sam. Cowboy Poet just gave me a call – he’s having the same trouble, so it looks like your glitch isn’t a one-off. I’ll be posting a little something on CP’s behalf, down below.

    Laughable that the OSAoids think they could really have much effect. Might just as well stand on the beach and say “No!” to a tsunami.

  138. Les

    Good win there.

    Yes L 12 is a goodie. Congratulations!

    And data evaluation… you know how I feel about that.

    And isn’t it absolutely wonderful when the complexities fly off of something and it suddenly easily aligns with your own Theta intentions and truly becomes yours.

    First, accurate perception, (I am thinking that this was at least one of the areas that Ron was targeting with “Super Power” perception processes)

    Then, correct evaluation of the data perceived,

    Then the working out of a handling that will actually HANDLE the situation, (includes having a “bright Idea”, another “Super Power” rundown it seems)

    And then the decision and action to make it happen.

    “The same old LDW”…. Well.. yes…I suppose… but then again….

    Love you guys…

    Eric S

  139. Simply Revolting

    More help will be on its way…

  140. Just talked with Cowboy Poet. Seems some OSAfleas have infested his web accounts. Laughably futile.

    Here’s his latest:

    Song 23

    1. I am beyond any of your attempts to bribe or buy me off; I shall not want.
    2. With my integrity intact I have peace of mind and experience green pastures and have a calmness that is like still waters.
    3. This restoreth my soul and leadeth me in the right direction.
    4. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of your lies and injustice I will fear not your evil for my cause is the cause of justice, right and proper.
    5. A competent team has been laid out on my table so that our righteousness is plentiful and true and you shall soon find it runneth abundantly.
    6. I have complete confidence in my actions, my faith, and my friends and I know that Truth will prevail forever.

    I’ll be clickin Paypal today.



    – RussW

  141. I’ll try this page again, had trouble signing in.

    Hi Debbie, Keep up the good work. A check is in the mail.

  142. Theo Sismanides

    Debbie, we are on your side! Truth will prevail!

  143. one of those who see

    Windhorse, so well written! We need to keep pointing out the evil of enforced disconnection. I agree with the viewpoint of the 70’s that it’s the coward’s way out. Perfect.
    Debbie is fighting for our Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech.
    I marched around that courthouse for days shouting Religious Freedom Now! We march again.

  144. Well done Les! Hurray!

  145. TroubleShooter


  146. Truth-the ONLY way!

    Thank you so much for fighting for the truth! Your fight validates what I’ve felt for years and caused me to disconnect from the church. I’ve always supported the truth of LRH, but became extremely disenchanted and disappointed with the system. We are on your side!

  147. Glad to donate toward a REAL goal that could mean all the difference. I think of all the IAS bs I used to buy…. sheesh!!!

  148. scilonschools

    Debbie you epitomise ‘Unstoppable Force’ 🙂

  149. Randall Cook

    For me, you are the Sister That Kicked The Hornet’s Nest! Keep on kicking it and we will all support you. 2012 is the year that this Hornet’s Nest DIES!

    Its nice to see that so many others are totally behind you and helping out where they can. Thanks for the update and keep on kicking!

  150. Thanks, Debbie. Keep it up! Glad I could do my little bit to help.


  151. Very Well Done KF! That’s something to be admired, Truly!
    Thank you for backing her up!

  152. Kool on the block

    Debbie – Every time you speak out, there are thousands more of us who echo your sentiments. It’s a very large ripple. Keep it up.

  153. Ziba Feulner

    Debbie, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for doing what you are doing!

  154. Looking good, keep up the good work. I know one little angry hornet is not happy.

    March 9,10 and 11 alsoo on Youtube

  155. Just found it shared by the Dalai Lama:

    Although violence and the use of force may appear powerful and decisive, their benefits are short-lived. Violence can never bring a lasting and long term resolution to any problem, because it is unpredictable and for every problem it seems to solve, others are created. On the other hand, truth remains constant and will ultimately prevail.


  156. I posted this on Facebook as well:

    Solely with regard to issues with Marty’s Blog (and any other wordpress blog) suddenly demanding one be logged in to post: this is/was a WordPress site-wide issue according to this thread at the WordPress.Com support forums:


    Please try to be less hasty and investigate such problems a bit before decided OSA is at the bottom of it. Evidently WordPress.COM updated their site software and this glitch manifested.

    Michael Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  157. Eileen Clark

    Hansueli Stahli and Mike Sutter were spouting these and other lies last year. It is all bullshit lies to lure people back into the net, there is NO GOOD INTENTION behind it at all, only Lies. Look, don’t listen.
    You have been warned.

  158. Excuse me, but *nobody* speaks “for the entire Scientology world”, especially not some pseudonomous identity on the Internet.

    I can bloody well speak for *myself*. I don’t need or want anyone else presuming to do it for me.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  159. one of those who see

    Hy, Perfect!!

  160. one of those who see

    Hi Tim,
    Love what you said here, worth repeating:
    “As more and more people realize that Scientology is available outside of the CoS, realize that the tech is standard, standard because people with integrity and understanding of KSW keep it that way. That is all that ever made Standard Tech Standard, those people.

    No building, uniform or gold braid ever made standard tech. It is made by individuals and they can be wherever they please to be, in a church, at home or in the park.”
    Do you have a hush mail account where I can write to you?

  161. I am aware that Debbie is not permitted to talk about what she has seen at Flag for so many years. She might get into trouble as she has signed a paper.
    However – if in a civil court case dealing with a different person at Flag Debbie was asked to testify – would she have to refuse or would she have to speak?

  162. Martin Gibson

    “Please try to be less hasty and investigate such problems a bit before decided OSA is at the bottom of it. Evidently WordPress.COM updated their site software and this glitch manifested.”
    Well… I agree with being certain. I dont agree with the “advice”, just because I don’t need it. I prefer getting my data “straight”.
    It is true that falsely targeting OSA is a bad move and makes for murkier water, meaning, it looks a little looney. BUT it was such a unexpected randomity the “alert” should have been sounded.
    Just mentioning that because OSA is in such a lowered condition even if it “sounds like” they “could have” sneezed, they should still get a stern look.

  163. Having been through a recent SLAPP lawsuit myself as a defendant, not by Scientology but by someone who certainly has a great deal more financial resources than I do, by someone who tried to silence my speaking out via the internet, I know what it’s like to fight a David and Goliath battle. I too was fortunate to have support from people who care and managed to get it dismissed early on, but I know what it’s like to live with that kind of uncertainty and imagine the worst case scenario of injustice prevailing. It does really help to have a good legal team and glad you have found one. For additional help, if you haven’t already done so, you might want to connect with the resources of Harvard’s Berkman Center who offer much help and support to people who are hit with lawsuits that involve the internet:
    You might also want to add your case to their Legal Threats Database.

    In the meantime, I will be following your case closely and my thoughts and wish you the very best possible outcome!

  164. ‎27:40 (disconnection is cancelled!!!;)
    [audio src="http://​ia700402.us.archive.org/34/​items/​LRonHubbardAudioLecture/​1968.mp3" /]

  165. Indie-saurus-rex

    Jim – thank you for the assurance!

  166. Indie-saurus-rex

    because – Thanks for your thoughts on the R&D series. I wouldn’t put it past DM to alter those although they’re not really where the money is, so the time and effort to concoct a bunch of BS might not have been deemed important by everbody’s favourite Suppressive. Still though, it would be nice to have 100% certainty on what may or may not have been altered with the volumes, especially the newer 6 volumes. You’d think there’d be someone who had worked on the newer 6 now living in the independent world.

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