Life Is So Good

I’ve added another book to the recommended reading section. It is Life Is So Good by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman.  Dawson was 101 years old when he worked with author Glaubman to chronicle his life which touched on three centuries.  Dawson had become somewhat famous after having checked into Elementary school at 98 years of age to learn to read.

This book will be of particular interest to those who bought into Dianetics or Scientology out of concerns for health and longevity – two things the subjects have consistently promised to better.  In a way the book validates the core reasons the subjects posit as the primary causation of ill health and early expiration.  On the other hand, it might help free one from the misconceptions the Corporate Scientology culture hammers into one about the alleged importance of becoming superman and lording over people and things.

It is a wonderful exercise in ‘problems of comparable magnitude’ (a Scientology concept that if you view a problem you are having against ones of greater magnitude than your own, your problem won’t look so nasty any more).   Worried about starting a new life outside of the cult in your forties, fifties, sixties or seventies?  Read George Dawson’s story.

In either event, it is a simple, enjoyable, and educational read.   It is a view of the 2oth Century from eyes that simply observed with no jaundice, no agenda, no disappointment, no justifying.

It also a great study in the Tao. Though Dawson never references it and presumably was never aware of the writing Tao Te Ching, he certainly understood and lived in accordance with the Tao.

44 responses to “Life Is So Good

  1. Impartial English Girl

    Oh wow – great recommendation, I’m definitely going to read that one. Mr. Dawson looks like SUCH a nice man; dignified and respectable.

    I was really glad to read the recent post from Debbie Cook as well – she is such an inspiration; not just to women but to all who are being bullied to keep schtum about what they know is wrong.

    Have been reading the posts but not commented lately as have been busy. Off work today though because I have cut – yes, CUT – my right eye. 😮
    As painful as you would imagine – but it still doesn’t annoy me as much as does the foetid weasel DM and his slavish acolytes… 😉

    Have a great weekend everyone. Keep smiling!

    IEG xxx

  2. A book on common sense, I agree on this.

  3. Globetrotter

    Thanks for the recomendation. Will definitely check it out.

    I just found something written by “Leroy Stick” (a made up name for a whistleblower who runs the @BPGlobalPR Twitter account with 150k + followers. It is an anonymous Twitter acount exposing BP’s destructive behaviour vs. its “we are so environment friendly” BS PR). The similarities between how a polluting, environmentally destructive, greedy corporation and the so called “church” handle their “PR” are unmistakable. Here is his advice to BP (but it could be for just as well for Dave…):

    “The point is FORGET YOUR BRAND. You don’t own it because it is literally nothing. You can spend all sorts of time and money trying to manufacture public opinion, but ultimately, that’s up to the public, now isn’t it?”

  4. Maybe a good choice for my book club. I will check it out.

  5. “…the misconceptions the Corporate Scientology culture hammers into one about the alleged importance of becoming superman and lording over people and things.”
    That sure is manic, isn’t it?! It has taken me a while to get out of that manic obsession I took on while on staff.
    Looking forward to reading this.

  6. In fact, I’d dropped that manic obsession when I left staff and really had nobody in my life dramatizing it, but when I hooked up here, it came back – in me/with me and was super obvious to me all the sudden! Another group dramatization bites the dust. 😀

  7. martyrathbun09

    Yes, a mania to be sure.

  8. “…the misconceptions the Corporate Scientology culture hammers into one about the alleged importance of becoming superman and lording over people and things.”

  9. haydn (T Paine)

    A great recommendation for living.

    Having supposedly removed mental or spiritual barriers,and with the basic skills the subject of Scientology makes available — everything from how to study and how to improve communication skills to Data Series and the ability to look at things with a different perspective or from a different angle, perhaps more than anyone else, Scientologists have the wherewithal to live, truly live, a wonderful life, unless of course the very leader and the organization that supposedly provides these benefits also invalidates the living daylights out of one and all.

    “Invalidation: 1. Any thought, emotion or effort, or counter-thought, counter-emotion or counter-effort which denies or smothers the thought, emotion or effort of the individual. 2. invalidation is force applied. You apply enough force to anyone and you’ve invalidated him. How invalidated can he get? Dead!”

  10. Impartial English Girl

    I just ordered it from Amazon – they have plenty of used copies if, like me, you’re on a tight budget. x

  11. Dear Impatial English Girl,
    I trust you have seen the eye doctors /surgeons.
    Good news is that the eye heals more rapid than any other organ of the body. Laser is very good. Vitamins and minerals for the eye and touch assists, self touch assists with eye lids closed.Get an Independant Scientology auditor and complete OT 5.

    You will be fine.

    Doctor with Backpack

  12. Yes globetrotter I was affected with my business and so many others in the BP spill and I would watch the pr crap on tv and yet listen to horrifying stories in my area. The claims process on damages is similar to trying to get a refund from the church. Unreal. Thankfully we have a fed judge in new Orleans that is pushing ethics/justice on the scene.ll

  13. Random Stranger



    David Miscavige

    1) You can hit more people and get away with it.

    2) It will make you feel taller than most other people.

    3) You can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    4) After a while you get a cape and some red boots.

    5) It’s easier to fight SPs if you have super powers.

    6) It takes positive thinking to a whole new level.

    7) You don’t have to worry about those pesky lifetimes.

    8) You can be a comic book hero, just like you wanted when you were a kid.

    9) The perks that accompany being a super hero are amazing.

    10) The uniforms are nifty.

    11) Celebrities go gaga over super heroes.

    12) You can use your x-ray vision to see if there’s any kryptonite hidden in the gift boxes you receive.

    13) If anyone pulls a weapon on you it’s so much fun watching the expression on their face while you bend the barrel of the gun or snap their knife in half.

    14) If they put you in prison you can crash through the concrete wall and fly away.

    15) Everyone is so much more cooperative.

    16) It’s way fun flying through space without a spaceship.

    17) You can have super-sex with other willing super-heroes.

    18) You can cut in line any time you wish.

    19) This is an opportunity to eventually have your own comic book or even a cartoon about you.

    20) You can take money from anyone who has less super-powers than you.

    Hurry, sign up now before the rush!

    David Miscavige
    Supreme Rulah

  14. Tom Gallagher

    21) You can get rid of your wife without filing for divorce.

    22) You can commit multiple felonies without fear of prosecution and prison.

    23) You can spit on people with the super-human force of a fire hose.

    24) You can Sherman-speak for 30 minutes without taking a breath.

    25) You will look really cool wearing a custom-tailored extra small thong.

  15. Sounds like a good read.

  16. Thank you Marty. Inspiring stories remind us to “never regret yesterday, life is in you today and you make your tomorrow”

    Buddhist teachings remind us that things are not fixed, that in essence there is NO permanent, independent self but that we are interdependent and IF we are free from solid conceptual habitual thought —

    Anything is possible. Including, as the ancient sages were able to do – leave footprints in rocks …

    I’m just trying to figure out how to drive my truck through gullies of mud 🙂


  17. Ahh yes, the “winning valence”.

  18. 21) You can be a Nazi but this time in a frock. I love that cloak of holier than thou, it’s so, so, well so damned righteous.

  19. “’I am just trying to figure out how to drive my truck through gullies of mud”.
    LOL, Windhorse, just do it while knowing you can not even try to do it. You are a wonderful being 🙂
    Li Po
    AKA OlivierGilet

  20. “Move” was for “Love”, but it’s good too…

  21. Random Stranger

    26) It’s good practice in case you ever decide to become the Devil.

  22. Sounds great! Thanks for the recommend!

  23. plainoldthetan

    You can talk Sherman-speak for 3 hours without telling a truth.

  24. Life is really good….nice post, thanks for the recommend.

  25. Tony DePhillips

    27.) The thong selections are much more colorful!!

  26. Here some mass to it:
    “Ode of Joy” sung by a thousand people in a station in Leipzig to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the wall. Look at the emotions ! 🙂

  27. Random Stranger

    28) If you become superhuman enough, you may qualify to hold DM’s rod.

  28. Thank you Marty for putting in the positive. Because when it boils down to it life is wonderful!

  29. Per news I just received, WordPress made a system change yesterday, that requires one to be logged in, in order to post.

  30. Life is so Good——

    I agree. I don’t know. I remember when I was a kid, oh I guess 8 or 9. I was walking down the road with my buddy to the neighborhood swimming pool, in a suburb in USA. I was just keyed out at the time I guess, because I says to him, I want to live forever. Life was a joy for me at the time. I guess. I just really remember saying that to him. No doubts whatsoever for me saying that, none, no uncertainty at all I said that to my buddy.

    I don’t know. What 42 years later do I say that to myself or another? Yes, I do, I still want to live forever. With the friends I have and have known. And new friends to meet.

    What a game if we are allowed to play it.

  31. it’s all viewpoint if you ask me. How you are viewing some scene. What data do you have at hand to make decisions. Do you just have a clean viewpoint to view, and just look, just look at the data.

  32. Define Love———-

    What if you were a STARMAN coming to earth. And you you didn’t know the definitions of words. What do you do? You get them defined. Until you understand them.

    Define LOVE. Define Shit. Scientology as it is pure – love. Scientology as defined under DM = shit.

  33. Hi Marty & Mozie,

    I look forward to reading your recommendation & know I’ll love anything that echoes the Tao Te Ching.

    It’s been awhile since I been here, although I think of you both often and can’t wait to get back for more auditing (and I might add-of the best auditing I’ve ever had!)….in the meantime I’ve been reading some good books myself-by the ol man (on Solo 1) with great enthusiasm, and am amazed I ever read them before. As there are days my feet never reach the ground I’m so joyful & exterior.

    So, I want to thank you for rekindling my quest for the truth.

    PS loved Debbie’s post, whata tiger!

    My love to you both, Midge

  34. Bringing life back to life———

  35. You’re referring to that BFF stuff, of course.

  36. Tom Gallagher

    You are referring to that BFF thingy stuff, right?

  37. martyrathbun09

    Hey Midge. Great on Solo One.

  38. 😆 LMAO at all 28 of those!

  39. Tom Gallagher

    Holy Shmolly Anonymous, we’re like twins separated at birth.

  40. Impartial English Girl

    Thanks so much Tango23 – I really appreciate your advice. 🙂 I’m already feeling much better. I really ought to know by now that I shouldn’t rub my eyes if they’re itchy… However, it’s amazing how attractive DM looks when one cannot actually see…. 😉 Thank you again. xx

  41. Your humble servant

    I am now reading this wonderful book, and it really takes me back. I find myself full of admiration for, and envy of, George Dawson and the life that he led. Here is a man that was full of love, patience, and charity who had an incredible capacity for long hours of hard work. He was born just a short 114 years ago, and yet his life in rural Texas was so fantastically different from what most American kids are experiencing today they would have a hard time conceiving of it. He was honest to the core and really knew what it meant to earn your way in the world. His description of his parents and loving family is tremendously inspirational too.

    Thank you for this recommendation, Marty. I could recommend it to anyone.

  42. It seems that a day does not go by where I don’t see an article on the Internet about another person who has lived to see one hundred years of age and beyond. So I am convinced that the new age paradigm is “one hundred years of age is the new sixty-five years of age”. I suspect anyone alive today who is sixty and under will see one hundred years of age, assuming they take care of themselves.

    I very much want to see one hundred years of age and your book recommendation is just one of the tools I need to keep me motivated that I have a shot at achieving this goal.

    Thank you for the recommedation, Marty!

  43. martyrathbun09

    No problem Derek. It is great to hear from you again; been a long time.

  44. I was really glad to read the recent post from Debbie Cook as well – she is such an inspiration; not just to women but to all who are being bullied to keep schtum about what they know is wrong.

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