Miscavige: Hubbard’s Worst Enemy Part I

In late 2003 I came back to the Scientology Inc international headquarters near Hemet California after eighteen consecutive months away on a variety of missions. I have described the experience before as like having returned to the set of Apocalypse Now.  David Miscavige was well on his way toward complete madness.  Already he had all International Scientology Managers engaged in marathon group confession sessions.  Already he was beating people physically almost daily and by then had at least a dozen lower level executives doing the same to their staffs.

Miscavige would go into several hour rambling rants (sort of like Al Capone meets Colonel Kurtz) with all of international management required to sit attentively around a table watching and listening to him.

Re-enactment of arrival – starring Dennis Hopper as Dan Sherman

Don’t get me wrong, a lot times Miscavige’s soliloquies would cover imporant lofty issues like “enthusiasm” and “teamwork”.

Kinda like this.

But, a seed that had been sown years before was beginning to take root in my mind by late 2003.  That was a forbidden thought which began to come off suppress the more violent and insane Miscavige’s suppression became.  That was, after Miscavige had literally accused every executive on the base of “black PRing L Ron Hubbard” (saying or doing something that conveyed the idea that something just wasn’t right with the man), after having offloaded many dozens of staff to gulags for having allegedly committing that crime, after enduring dozens of multiple-hour “conferences” – punctuated with sudden, unexpected violence – where Miscavige rambled on that theme, the truth began to crystallize.

The truth became even more clear when I saw what Miscavige resorted to during his occasional, fleeting moments of fear of losing his terror grip on the group of international managers subjected to his sick fantasy.   When I saw that fear flash for a moment in his eyes, he resorted to words to this effect:

“Yeah, you sit there in your filthy, motivator-infested blackness thinking ‘LRH wasn’t like that’.  I’ve got news.  I am mild compared to L Ron Hubbard.  And if you have a little evil-purpose festering along the lines of ‘I don’t have to take this shit from COB’, think again.  Think this, what is LRH gonna do when he finds out how you’ve been fucking with COB?  Because L Ron Hubbard is coming back sooner than you might think.  And I can guarantee you of one thing, LRH is not going to be nearly as reasonable and merciful as I am.”

At that moment the truth became crystal clear: the fellow who had destroyed the lives and reputations of hundreds by hanging them with the alleged crime of “black PRing LRH”, was engaged in the most effective black PR campaign imaginable against LRH.

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  1. As I said on the previous thread aside from being derranged and psychotic David Miscavige may actually be suffering from a brain disorder.

    While this wouldn’t necessarily explain his behavior (that I feel is just unchecked bad behavior) it would explain his reported inability to string more than five words together and make sense without a script.

    As I said before I’ve seen cases with certain types of dementia where the person can read and quote text but they cannot string words together to make sense, though they seem not to notice so it makes sense to them.

    It may be a form of early onset dementia but I may have other causes. Long term alcoholics tend to be rather incoherent. He may also be alright when relaxed and his problem may on flare up when stressed. I wonder if Tom Cruise has noticed any gibbering?

  2. Incidentally I recall reading somewhere that when LRH was alive David Miscavige suffered quite a lot because he could never get anything right.

    How real or imagined the suffering was, and there is much evidence David Miscavige really isn’t right in the head, but it was reported that he’d seen on more than one occassion curled into a fetal position wailing his heart out for some reason.

    Clearly he got it together enough to seize power at the opportune moment but what ever demons were created in his mind as a young man are clearly getting the better of him.

    Can anyone confirm or deny these early reports of David Miscavige wailing and blubbering while LRH was still in charge?

  3. Now that is one prime example of OT H8.

  4. David Miscavige is classic. This anecdote and his seething hatreds are that idea of “coffee shop” attempts to electrify others with tales of “past lives” and who was/is who that are merely restimulation of case, both sides of that conversation.

    Threats of “LRH is coming back” are just that for this malevolent being as he has NO idea what that even means. How could he? He hasn’t moved in any auditing session for decades and the whole concept of being able to be, as a Static, to be exterior to a body, to have an “out-of-body” experience or to be able to maintain it with a viewpoint, is not only foreign to him, it is anaethma and completely on the level of terrorized by imaginary beings who are “ghosts”.

    I got news for you Dave; LRH has already been back and he ISN’T happy about what has been done to the technology and he’s especially pleased to see independent beings who have experienced the value of that technology working here today to get it applied.

    You Dave, unable to perceive the actual and distinguish it from your delusions, have missed the “appearances” and while you run around looking at weird patterns in glass, and over your shoulder for “spooks”, we calmly proceed forward, comfortable in the knowledge of what a thetan, and theta and how this all really works and manifests.

    (NOTE FOR DAVE: Hey, remember those special auditing sessions with Annie? I’m sure you do. Too bad you didn’t really get what was going on there Dave. Oh yeah, BOO!!!)

  5. I ask because such reports of him wailing and blubbering a lot tally with his perception of LRH now, a tyrant and a monster.

    This doesn’t mean LRH was such a person but it seems Miscavige seems to think he was. David Miscavige might have been rather a sensitive young man desperate to earn Hubbard’s affection but never able to feel it, a young man constantly distressed at how he’d let the old man down or how he simply couldn’t get (feel) any affection from the old man.

    It’s possible David Miscavige’s mind was disturbed so his expectations of affection exceeded or were perhaps completely different to what LRH showed him, even though others would have said the old man did show him a lot of affection – how people perceive affection is a subject for a book though.

  6. Benjamin Cisco

    POB followers will say it’s Kawasaki Syndrome.

  7. That scene from The Untouchables is probably Art Linson’s best film. Jenny Devocht Linson is Art’s daughter in case anybody did not know. The irony of that is rich indeed.
    Marty, I remember DM saying things like this about LRH; it never computed with me because while LRH could blow sky high farther and faster than anyone I have known, the cloud would pass and the sun would shine again. With DM, the sun never shines. A good day around DM is when it is simply overcast but not raining blows and abuse.

  8. DM uses whatever “leverage” he can to keep these executives in line. This includes his “hidden data line”, that DM was the only one who knew what LRH’s intentions and orders were when LRH died. Therefore DM must be listened to.

    What he is using against these dedicated Sea Org Members is their love and devotion to LRH. That usually is the final objection to long time Sea Org members finally leaving. They feel like they are committing a big overt against LRH by leaving and that they should tough it out and stay. I have talked to many former Int Staff who left years after I did and when I asked them why they continued to stay so long, it was because they felt they had made a committment to LRH and therefore had to stay. Especially those who had known LRH personally and worked with him.

    As you rightly point out Marty, DM uses this loyalty and twists it to keep people under his control.

    However in my opinion, if LRH is indeed back among us on planet earth, I believe he would be on the side of these independents exposing the truth and trying to salvage the damage done to his tech and legacy from the outside and would probably be wondering why we hadn’t started much sooner.


  9. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Marty. I didn’t know that the psychopath overtly disparaged Ron Hubbard to Int Staff in that way. That is truly sick indeed. The guy’s staying power is just about exhausted. A few more months? And then, one way or another, he will be gone.

  10. Marty — You are spot on with this (and there is a lot more on this topic, I am sure you will cover it in part II). I heard this little speech about how “mild” he was compared to LRH many times.

    It is one of the reasons why Miscavige felt threatened by those who HAD worked with LRH. They knew it was a lie. Even then, Miscavige tried to use the hidden data line trick: pretending to have had secret, highly laudatory communications with LRH about what “Dave” was doing. And operating on secret directions to Dave about what was to be done — repeating like a mantra “I am the only one who is doing what LRH wanted” (I heard that nearly as often as “I am the only true friend of LRH” which in turn was about the same number of times as “You are black PRing LRH.”).

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  11. ROFL – but seriously… 😀

  12. Mark — snap. I just wrote a similar comment about the hidden data line and then read this one of yours!

  13. My god, that’s just sad, if true.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, you might recall how he went thermo-nuclear on many occasions when he catch wind of Diana Hubbard, John Horwich, and Fred Harris sayings like, “this would never go down on LRH’s watch.” That was a crime more severe than “black PRing LRH” in Miscavige’s book.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Agreed on all counts.

  16. I’d like to see Miscavige at the next disaster site giving an assist to someone with no money. That would be great and probably inspire the church members more than anything … based on what you guys say the odds of that happening are zero.

    Marty– I also want to thank you for recommending “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” on your list of suggested reading.

    Truly epic. I had read it once in college for a comparative religion course my freshman year. It didn’t impact me nearly the same this time around.

    Everyone on this blog should read that book.

    Thanks for communicating as always Marty. Looking forward to meeting you this summer.

  17. David Miscavige is the biggest victim ever. EVER.

    You should be able to see this with his personal ability to handle the current seen. His omission from, and enforced vias upon, the scene is glaring.

    ref the PAB article “On Human Behavior”

  18. Wow, making LRH’s return seem like something THREATENING. Yeah, sure. Threatening TO MISCAVIGE. Says it all as far as I am concerned.

  19. Almost everything Miscavige has done since LRH departed would have never gone down on LRH’s watch. He is like some juvenile deliquent bully criminal who is suddenly free of adult supervision. He is a walking one-man Lord of the Flies.

  20. Marty – thank you for this chilling account showing the diabolical way David Miscavige degrades LRH. He is one sick dude.

  21. one of those who see

    Marty wrote:”At that moment the truth became crystal clear: the fellow who had destroyed the lives and reputations of hundreds by hanging them with the alleged crime of “black PRing LRH”, was engaged in the most effective black PR campaign imaginable against LRH.”
    The bitch is one would really need their TRs in and have some space to see it. Well done Marty.

  22. I contest the “dementia” theory.
    Miscavige knows exactly what is doing. It is unlikely that someone with Dementia would run the show for this long.
    Marty mentioned a few days ago on this blog that the repeated question Miscavige asked him every morning was
    “Who blew?”
    Miscavige anticipated and expected that Sea Org would flee the atrocities every 24 hours.
    It is this fact that most likely ended the renting of apartments in Hemet and moved the entire INT BASE SO members to be in lock down, held against will behind the guard gates and razor fences.
    The descent into increasing madness and violence is a common denominator between all violent despots and criminal thugs ~~ the more terrifying they were, the longer they held power
    Kim Jong II, Al Capone, Stalin type examples ~~ they became increasingly paranoid and vindictive on their own each successive year and “mental illness” does not cut it. It is the hunger for power and sociopathic conduct that cannot hide behind any kind of “illness”. Of course it is insane, but does not absolve accountability.
    Miscavige has a lust for $$$$, hence turning every single staff member into a 2 and /12 a day Registrar to suck out more $$$$ from Parishioners (so well confirmed and described by Phil Bruemmer. yesterday) David Miscavige’s inner circle, his lawyers, PIs, and expensive lodgings all cost $$$.
    We will all remember for a very long time ~~ how the highest priority in this Church changed to ~~

  23. I sometimes wonder if Miscavige is so crazy, malevolent and violent due to the fact no matter what he does the official CoS continues to shrink, wither and die under his leadership.

    There’s some interesting research done on what happens to groups or cults when the original leader or prophet dies – it’s kind of a make or break moment for a group. If the next “leader” or “prophet” fails to make the transition after the original leader dies then the group is pretty much doomed.

    Miscavige has failed and I think deep down he knows it. He can see the real stats – he knows the size of the group today is a shadow of its glory years. He knows the orgs are empty. He is furiously trying to keep up a false facade, because if he doesn’t he will be seen as a huge failure.

    I don’t think Miscavige is very intelligent (cunning & manipulative, yes) and his thinking is totally inflexible. This is a big problem when it comes to LRH because though LRH is very specific about some matters, it seems DM thinks the way to run things is not to have fluidity and creativity within LRH’s structures and advices (Re: Admin stuff) – but to nail them down into some black and white, absolute that must be followed (to what he thinks is) the letter 100% of the time. It’s doomed to fail. Also the amount of bureaucracy with Scientology is insane. It might have been needed if the group was very large and if there were no computers to streamline things. However, currently the cult is very small and computers can do a large amount of clerical and technical functions that make a lot of paperwork within CoS totally redundant and time consuming. A real leader, with vision, could adjust the spirit of LRH’s ideas for the current times and technology – but DM has no vision. He seems to think if he just keeps beating a dead horse with more fury, anger and violence that it will eventually get up and start winning races!

  24. The same old LDW

    miscavige KNOWS with no uncertainty that he must hold his position or die. He knows that anyone else taking a position senior to his own would result in his total destruction. He treats people the way he does because in his warped, delusional mind, he is positive that others would treat him much worse if they could. He knows he’s much more tolerant and benevolent and understanding than anyone else on the planet. He knows that HE is the only one who knows what is going on and we are all usless fodder. We are also potentially destructive with evil purposes ready to strike him down at the first opportunity. So his vigilance is directed at destroying any semblance of theta or self-determinism in his vicinity…to strike first, and decimate opposition with ferocity.

    miscavige has no idea that most of us are just good guys and gals having lots of fun helping others improve their lives and become more self determined and stronger and happier. He can’t even vaguely fathom such a concept beyond scoffing at what a theetie weetie con job we’re pulling.

    The idea of getting along and co-creating a great civilization with truth and ARC is nowhere near miscavige’s reality. Sadism does not recognize real love.

    There are moments where I actually feel sorry for the pathetic little runt. They are fleeting moments of little consequence.

    What a weird game you play, davie.

  25. I at one particular time got to read a lot of comm that Miscavige was sending to a particular terminal, and that was exactly the impression I got – he was a big, fat, complaining, whimpering victim – who had no business running the Church. It was truly disturbing comm and a horrifying glimpse behind the curtain and it certainly accelerated the process of my departure.

  26. This is my problem with understanding David Miscavige. The reports are 3rd party, obviously he’s not divulged anything to me.

    What I have are witness statements, the perception of another that can have many influences, not least their own agenda resulting in lies.

    3rd party reports need cooberation and reliability checked even though they tally with existing confirmed data which in this case they do.

    All help appreciated.

  27. This is great. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Al Capone movie piece. I finally started breaking through a leaving comments on this blog. I feel like I’m moving out of communism into democracy. DM will go down in history book as the biggest fraud the world has ever known. What he has done to the Church and its loyal members would even make corrupt corporate executives out in the wog world cringe.

  28. In reference to Miscavige’s mental condition, I think a big factor is that he is a life-time asthmatic and has in all likelihood been using drugs to control/manage his asthma for nearly 50 years. He was asthmatic as a little boy and to my knowledge continues to be such.

    Inhalers, oral medications, and injectable drugs were and are used to control/manage asthma, and all those used today and in the past have the potential of severe side effects on the body and the mind, including severe mood swings, weight gain, facial puffiness, loss of impulse control, possible psychotic episodes and more.

    I see David Miscavige, in addition to whatever character problems he began with, as being a product of the chronic long-term use of medical drugs used to manage his asthma.

  29. We are all victims and perpetrators, the question is balance.

    We all respond to stimulus differently; while one person might take offence at a comment another may laugh it off.

    In many ways our responses are governed by past experiences but each of us as precondition tendencies at birth. Some are quiet and introvert and others are loud and extrovert for instance.

    This is necessary because if we were all the same we’d die out; take any one personality type and imagine everyone the same and if you think it would work, you’re wrong.

    Seriously can you imagine a world full of L Ron Hubbards?

    Personality variations are necessary; we can’t all be creative or individually driven or a follower.

    The question is what did David Miscavige start with and what cards was he dealt and what experiences could have made him different to what he is?

    It’s very complex and while I abhor murder, rape and other crimes I’m still against the death penalty.

    That said, perhaps perversely, there are fates worse than death. I’m not completely benevolent.

    That said I know who and why I am and constantly review my motives and actions. I could have started my own religion (church) but consciously decided it was wrong to manipulate people like that.

    Churches manipulate and people need to evolve, like you independents, to deal with spiritual questions for yourselves.

    For the record I had a religious past. I’ve done various denominations of christianity. As a child I was the subject of an exorcism, my parents called to local lay preacher because they thought I was possessed. It failed of course.

    My religious studies teacher, who I should visit sometime, use to wind me up because he said it encouraged me to think; I argued a lot. Despite the fact he’s a christian and I am an atheist I have to credit him with him encouraging me to question everything.

    I am an atheist. I have friends of many faiths. We all get along because we respect each other. I will happily discuss theology, life, the universe and everything with anyone. Indeed my local Jehovah’s Witnesses love me because when I’m able I will chat with them for hours. All credit to their stats I believe.

    If you want to know the basis of my religion email me at difox@live.co.uk (go ahead OSA) and I will happily indulge you with my unified theory of creation that unites science and religion and almost has an answer for everything; it even explains the existance of God and all other gods as valid. 😉

  30. Exactly David Miscavige is free from oversight. Since LRH died (dropped his body or exteriorised) David Miscavige, having seized control, has been unchecked.

    Imagine how that can corrupt even a normal person, when no one counters anything you do or say. That is reinforcement enough but the loving he gets from the speeches. He can do no wrong because no one in his realm dare punish him.

    Yet he’s aware of realms where he would be punished, like the real world, and seeks to avoid them. With that in mind he knows right from wrong so despite all other evidence of mental aberration he’s legally up for trial.

    I don’r believe in the death penalty unless someone harms one of mine so I’d like to see him institutionalised; I guess he’d prefer prison to a psychiatric unit. Actually I still think he should be the onlt RPF’er after thia is all over.

  31. Just so the truth is known, I have never seen him take drugs for asthma. I have not seen him suffer asthma attacks. He said he handled it with DIanetics when he was a kid and I believe that.

  32. Brian I agree with you completely. DM wouldn’t be caught dead giving an assist or applying some basic Scientology to a disaster victim. Or helping some 3rd world country fight disease or literacy problem with his own two hands.

    It pains him to even have to talk with public Scientologists at events lest they say something he does not agree with or have them make some sort of request of the leader of Scientology.

    He is by no means a “Man of the People”.

  33. Alcohol induced dementia is a real situation. Mostly under diagnosed because people are reluctant to mention that granny drinks as much as she does and has for years. Of course dm would NEVER get diagnosed with this as he doesn’t go to drs etc.

    The situation is grim though — a high school girlfriend’s ex husband, who I knew well — is currently in a nursing home with dementia caused by years of heavy drinking. He was a college grad, brilliant, came from a top family in the north shore of Chicago AND a well known mystery writer having won an Edgar Allan Poe award for best novel presented by the Mystery Writers of America. His books on Sherlock Holmes has been in print for over 35 years.

    In other words — this was a smart man. No longer. He doesn’t recognize his wife or kids … alcohol dementia.

    dm didn’t start with as many functioning brain cells —


  34. … “I’ve got news. I am mild compared to L Ron Hubbard.”…
    There is no real comparison here, having been personal Chef for both for years. It was not easy street working for LRH and one of the stable datums was change, one has to be flat on that as his striving for higher ideal scenes was a rapid and constant demand.

    I’ve not met a more powerful being than LRH personally. Miscavige is a wussy and depends on his entourage or assistant and the rest of the org board to gang up on you. I messed up on a cooking and serving cycle one time in La Quinta which really upset LRH as he thought it was a deliberate act. He got up from the dining room table, came into the galley and yelled at me, inches from my face. The intensity & force was simply unbelievable. I don’t really remember what he said exactly as the force pushed me back about 10 ft away behind my body and outside the building, but I really got the intention and it was well deserved. I think I was in shock and had to go outside for a little bit. There was no physical bruising abuse. Definitely changed the rote operating basis I had which was needed to be changed. LRH didn’t seem to remember or hold what I did against me after that and carried on as usual, acknowledging and praising good work. LRH is as described in his PL Ethics Presence and with him when the sun shines, it really does shine! His personal handwritten notes (confiscated by the RCS Gestapo) and dispatches alone were treasured items imbued with his pure theta.

    DM will constantly bring up incidents or weaknesses or what he perceived as amusing with you as the butt of the joke in the past in order to control and put you in place. His reward was to bring you along and bask in his company of the perks he got such as going to the movies, concerts, sporting events, fine dining etc.

    If there is a comparison as such it’s pretty short – LRH cared about you and the dynamics. DM does not.

  35. Hi Brian — if you are still in US — call — can’t get through —

    And I agree — Autobiography of Malcolm X is epic.

    See you this summer or perhaps before.


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  37. Wow, Sinar.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    : – )

  38. Thanks for that feedback, Mike. I remain open to either view, because many of the medications available today are long acting and can keep asthma under control for 12 hours at a time. No-one need know if he pops some of those first thing in the morning.

    However it is pure speculation on my part that medications play a part in his case. Maybe he is just crazy all on his own!

    The fact is, David Miscavige is “crazy” by any definition of the word, whatever the cause of it.

  39. Does Miscavige use steroids?

  40. I wonder if Miscavige actually hears LRH’s voice praising him and telling him various secrets told to no-one else. Just as Lombar Hisst heard the angelic choir and then presumably the voice of God giving him instructions, in the Mission Earth series.

  41. As a public I was always struck with the fact that David Micavige never shared a win he personally experienced in auditing or training in order to inspire and motivate those of us in attendance at events. In an age of “We must have 10,000 Scientologists auditing on OT 7” why then wasn’t the “leader” of the church setting the example and getting himself up and through the OT levels and sharing his wins all along the way? Would that not have been real leadership?
    No,… it is now pretty clear DM could not chance picking up the cans. The e-meter of course has no agenda or opinion; it merely reports the truth of the state of the case. Auditing is simply not a viable activity to a man who wishes to hold power if all there is to be seen on the other side of the meter is a needle wildly banging and thrashing about.

  42. Thank you for the balance Mike. I know and have known numerous asthmatics and none have been psychotic. If David Miscavige suffers from asthma I think it irrelevant to his mental condiction.

    I’ve no idea where David Miscavige’s asthmatic dwarf reputation comes from.

  43. David Miscavige has no need to pick up the cans. He is what you aspire to be. Now bow down and pay your dues to him as an example to all of you, BTW YSCOHB.

    Allergy warning: the previous statement may contain traces of attempts at humor: a somewhat alien concept to us British with our humour.

  44. This is what I’d like. I’m interested in anything on David Miscavige’s perceptions, more precisely perceptions of his perceptions.

    I’ve decided it will be interesting to deconstruct him, his position being somewhat unique.

  45. Marty, you’ve shown very clearly how DM has set LRH up as the big Satan. It’s interesting that, in order to avoid LRHs wrath, one takes the lesser punishments of his ‘messenger.’

  46. Beautiful post Sinar. Thanks for that.

    And as for Marty’s post, I can definitely attest that in 2003, “David Miscavige was well on his way toward complete madness.” Although to put that into perspective, DM was always an true SP and a genuine bully from the word go. So he was mad from the start, but by 2003 was totally unhinged.

  47. Dean,

    The story I read is that Miscavige was asthmatic as a little kid and his parents specifically sought out Dianetic auditing for him to solve it. The auditing reportedly did solve it This information can commonly be found online, on Wikipedia or ESMB, for example. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t looked very hard, IMO.

    Also, I did not say I thought the asthma itself caused his mental derangement, but that some of the drugs used to treat and manage asthma can, over time, have adverse personality and physical effects.

  48. Also Dean, the fact that not most asthmatics are not psychotic does not preclude the possibility that some psychotics are also asthmatic. It would be a logical fallacy to conclude that because you haven’t met any psychotic asthmatics, there are none.

  49. So DM would comment on what would happen when LRH returns. I did a parody on just that topic some years back.


    Elron Is Back to the tune of My Boyfriend’s Back

    (speaking part)
    He went recluse and you took over,
    Alter-ising everything Elron said.
    And when he finally dropped his body,
    You were thrilled that he was dead.

    Now Elron’s back and your gonna be in deep doo,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    The RPF bosun’s gonna have his way with you,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    Your condition’s treason ’cause you alter-ised the tech,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    So look out now for a nasty gang bang sec check,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)

    He knows, the intrigue you’ve been weavin’,
    He knows, the money you’ve been thievin’,

    He’s been gone for such a long time,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    He’ll rid the church of your kind of swine,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    You’ll wish your mommy had a Dave Miscarriage,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    Cause out of you he’ll kick the Marcabbage,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)

    He knows how you’ve been supressin’,
    Now, you better start confessin’,

    What made you think you could stand his power play,
    (Wah ooh, Wah ooh)
    Just like the old days you’ll carry his ash tray,
    (Wah ooh)
    Wait and see!

    Elron is back to save the church’s reputation,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    You’ll be in club fed on a permanent vacation,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)

    Hey I can see him comin’
    Now you’d better start a runnin’

    (Wah ooh, wah ooh)
    Wait and see!

    Elron is back to save the church’s reputation,
    (Hey la, hey la, Elron is back)
    Yeah, Elron is back.
    Well he’s back now
    Well I can see him comin’ so you better start a runnin’ right now.
    Elron is back.

  50. Mike,
    Man oh man, Miscavige is a sick puppy. I’m so glad you and others don’t have to listen to that garbage from him anymore.

    DM’s hidden data line trick that you talk about makes me wonder: Do you think he might get desperate enought to recruit some 9 year old kid, maybe with the help of his almost unlimited ability to buy people, and do a big con introducing such a person as “LRH having returned a little early”? (With the child and the family all agreeing, etc.) You know, a special event with lots of Shermanspeak and Hollywood direction to make this his biggest con ever. A con to make his Basics con look like child’s play. (I have to go now as I’m making myself sick. 🙂 But, do you think he might?

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  52. Very good points, what ever might be wrong with his brain that prevents him from being able to talk sense it doesn’t seem to affect other faculties like dementias tend to do, he does seem to have a handle on what he is doing.

    That said I’ve worked with people who seem quite normal conversationally. One dementia manifestation affects how you do things more than your memory; you know what you want to do and the steps necessary to achieve it but you can’t remember the order. A person with this variety might butter the bread and spread jam on it before putting in the toaster.

    Miscavige has serious behavioural problems that are doubtless exaccerbated by the fact no one checks them. His inability to talk sense when stressed or without a script suggests some kind of brain abnormality.

  53. Quite correct but is not unreasonable to conclude that there is no causative link between psychosis and asthma, which is what I meant to say.


  54. Thank you for the clarification. I’m not familiar with the long term effects of some asthma medication. I’m not a doctor.

    I do work in a clinic that deals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, which is a fancy way of saying people who have chronic breathing problems which includes asthma, which how come I know and have known a fair number of asthmatics.

    We provide physiotherapy led exercise regimes and training to help improve such disorders and so improve the quality of life for our patients. We have health care professionals but the only things we prescribe are medication to help give up smoking; patches and the like. The medical treatment regimes are handled by general practitioners. Being an NHS service it’s free and the prescription of the medication to stop smoking (safer forms of nicotine) makes them much cheaper than buying them over the counter; prescriptions have a fixed charge.

  55. (Quoting insight from Matt Pesh’s post herein: “Another point is that Miscavige has all his verbal dribble recorded, transcribed and put into binders. There are Sea Org members who have the full time job of doing this. All the binders from years of dribble are kept on shelves, in order, in a large secure room – like they are the Dead Sea Scrolls or something. Tom Devocht told me that Dave took him to this room and bragged that he had created more than LRH”…) This is remarkable and yet utterly congruent with the Miscavige psychopathic nature.

    I do remember seeing CMO Messengers following Das kleinen Fürer around while religiously transcribing every jewelled utterance that fell from the lips of the mighty mouse; in fact a very close friend who was the DCOI CMO UK at the time would spend the whole night typing out such transcripts then call me to pick her and drive her home to Walsh Manor for a few hours kip before starting all over again. We had such fun when the great dictator was on base…

    Throughout my Scientology career I struggled with the glaring outpoint that incredible changes and positive effects had been seen to have been achieved through application way back in the 50’s and up through the early 1970s of the same tech that I was ostensibly having applied to me and seeing applied to others.

    I saw around me a lot of people making what I would term ‘wishful’ gains. A fellow got up on stage after completing OT 3 and went on about finding just the right car at a 2nd BMW garage. Didn’t sound like an OT kind of gain to me… kind of thing ‘wogs’ were quite capable of doing thank you very much… Conversely, I met many of the original class viii people and some the like of that all round gentleman Reg Davis and his sharp witted and proud partner Murie Cheshire the kind of People who were there at the beginning of the whole adventure. Even David Gaiman, who many didn’t like, and yet these seemed to be poised, people who had achieved something tangible; something substantial as opposed to the mental masturbation that I witnessed around me at Saint Hill, AOLA, CC Int and even Flag actually. I saw a lot of ‘WEE!!!, Oh my God!!!, Wow!!! Kind of win, (a term I distrust now). Like Tom Cruise’s empty drivel during that d***k su****g 2004 black-turtle-neck video. Lots of Pow!! Wow!!!, but no substance. (bit like his films really).

    I felt that people ‘made the grade’ because they felt under pressure to do so rather than honestly gaining a result from a carefully thought out procedure. That is the Miscavige legacy, cream puff gains, social pressure, fear and, well, stupidity.

    So, I spent 22 years slaving for the imposter Miscavige. How different could it have been I wonder? If people did that, stayed grounded, didn’t buy pr, and didn’t swallow silly stories. I think Ron actually was curious as to the degree people would swallow an outlandish story, not from malice necessarily; I think he was genuinely curious. I often wonder if he didn’t become quite disenchanted with ‘followers’ and the speed that people might suspend and subvert their own critical faculties and become worshipers and believers rather than individuals who intelligently think about and apply techniques.

    The Golden Age of Tech seemed to be about mindless robotic learning, mindless recantation and regurgitation as opposed to, well, something else. You tell me.

  56. “Another point is that Miscavige has all his verbal dribble recorded, transcribed and put into binders

    Do you suppose that in 30 or so years time there will be a blog “straight up and vertical” where Independent Miscavologists* will discuss these words of wisdom and say that the stories of David Miscavige beating people and lying about his height may be true but what”s really important and relevant are the records of his words of wisdom from which all things can be properly dealt with if applied properly?

    *those who have broken free from the tyranically run church of miscavology.

    No, guess your right, perhaps my imagination is running away with me now. 😀 ha got ya, y’all were ready to flame on.

    Some very interesting comments as well. Thank you John.

  57. John Anthony Duignan wrote:
    “I think Ron actually was curious as to the degree people would swallow an outlandish story, not from malice necessarily; I think he was genuinely curious. I often wonder if he didn’t become quite disenchanted with ‘followers’ and the speed that people might suspend and subvert their own critical faculties and become worshipers and believers rather than individuals who intelligently think about and apply techniques.”

    Exactly 🙂

  58. BillyJackIsBack

    To DM:
    This is the session!
    Are you reading this blog or do you have some puppets read it and they then brief you? The whole world is watching you, DM. Many are laughing at you. Others just have observed for themselves and have written about it. How long do you think you can hide? People keep waking up, the ones you have hit and the ones who have watched you do it. Your concept of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” is perverse, at best.
    If you have ANY cahones, answer this: Where is your wife? Where is Heber? Sorry to pull withholds out of session, but how did you justify that and all the other crap you have done? Have you done the megalomania rundown? Here is another: don’t you find it embarrassing to promise Super Power and then it doesn’t happen? Who did you hit regarding that and how did you justify that?

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