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Scientology Inc “Justice”

The following is what L Ron Hubbard had to say about the state of the United States Department of Justice’s investigative arm in 1979.  Irrespective of how exaggerated his rancor might have been about the target of his wrath, it seems to me to be a rather chillingly accurate description of David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc in the year 2012.

The FBI charter mews about safeguarding the populace but hides and is utterly disregarded by an organization whose principles are carefully planned wholly on terrorism and conducts itself more lawlessly than any criminal it ever listed as Public Enemy #1.  Who is Public Enemy #1 today?   The FBI!  Its obvious target is every opinion leader and public-spirited group in America!  To the FBI their own charter is not only a subject for mirth but the Constitution itself which they are sworn to uphold is just garbage which impedes their headlong terror zeal.  In the name of “justice” and even calling themselves the Justice Department they practice every conceivable perversion of injustice.  With their terror tools, preferring lies to fact, they have created a police state in which no man, woman or child or even a politician is safe, either from downstats or the FBI. To the FBI all men are guilty and can’t be proven innocent, and behind her bandaged eyes, Justice herself weeps.  In the name of “justice” they have condemned this society to death.  – HCO PL 25 March 1979 A New Hope for Justice

UPDATE 4/12/12:  A number of people took issue with my having had the temerity to characterize L Ron Hubbard’s words as “rancorous” and “exaggerated.”   When I replied to some comments with context that LRH wrote this while the church was desperately attempting to position the FBI as a Nazi organization that had desecrated the Constitution by raiding a church – when that church had committed serial, document “heinous” crimes over many years, some took issue with my use of the word “heinous.”

In my opinion, you kids are demonstrating that the cult think, thought stopping that membership in the church of Scientology can create can also have continuing effects even after discontinuing membership.

My use of the words “exaggerated”, “rancor”, and “heinous” are automatically challenged apparently on some stimulus-response basis.  I carefully chose those words out of respect for and so as not to attack the character of the author of that which I was commenting upon.  I could have used far more judgmental and critical terms and still been 100% accurate.

Here is your context.  In July 1977 the FBI conducted the largest raid in U.S. history of the Guardians Office offices in LA and Washington DC.  The church spent the next two years frantically litigating to have the raid declared illegal, so as to suppress evidence collected in the raids. By March 1979 L Ron Hubbard had secluded himself from all but a handful of messengers.  He only ever saw his own wife on a couple of closely guarded moments for the rest of his life because of the security measures implemented to keep him safe from the controversy surrounding the case of United States vs. Mary Sue Hubbard, et al.  (indictment issued when it became apparent that the validity of the raids would be upheld by the courts)

Mary Sue Hubbard and the other eight high level Guardians Office members indicted all agreed to be judged by a judge on the charge of Obstruction of Justice on a stipulated record before a judge (they agreed to the facts upon which they were ultimately convicted).

All the while church members were being steadily indoctrinated continually that the entire controversy was solely and utterly about the US Department of Justice and the FBI executing an attempt to destroy the technology of Scientology.

The following link describes in time, place, form and event fashion – most of which was taken directly from documents obtained from Guardian’s Office files – what crimes it was that the Department of Justice and FBI were investigating and for which they convicted church members:

The Sentencing Memorandum

If after having read that document in full, you still want to argue about the intent and accuracy of the quoted paragraph at the outset of this post, my response to you is that you are still in denial.