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The Church of Scientology Itself Is a Front Group

There is some truth to some comments of late on this blog about the original altruistic motives of some church of Scientology affiliated groups.  Yes, the Delphi Academy started out as a cutting edge educational experiment until it was converted by Miscavige into a center to educate youth in mindlessly worshiping Miscavige as the second coming of L Ron Hubbard.  Yes, Narconon has done, and continues to do, some spectacular work in handling drug addiction.

But, for the most part church of Scientology affiliated groups such as Artists for Human Rights, Youth for Human Rights, Yellow Shirt Disaster Volunteers (a complete and utter betrayal of LRH’s intent and advices for Volunteer Ministers) and a host of others were conceived and promoted for one purpose and one purpose alone: Public Relations Area Control (increasingly meaning making David Miscavige more prominent and less accountable for his attempted hijacking of the Scientology religion for personal wealth and self-aggrandizement).

Of such priority is David Miscavige’s PR and safety that Front Group madness has even replaced the organizations (churches) of Scientology.  We have covered extensively the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars by Miscavige in creating ornate, inanimate institutions that repel people coming in to Scientology.  All building and no people; or as we say in Texas ‘all hat and no cattle.’

Now, I am going to violate a little personal policy that I’ve held to fairly closely to date: not providing links to Scientology Inc’s gaudy and lie-infused web pages.  Yes, those webpages that rank 54,715th in America (compared to our 24,008th) despite millions spent by Miscavige on design, building and search engine optimization (including paying bundles to Google, Bing, and Yahoo for even more preferential positioning).

The following links are to Scientology Inc’s video presentations of their last two Idle orgs.  Please note they are reduced to having nothing but non Scientologist leaders pimp for them.

Sacramento Idle Org Grand Opening

Cincinnati Idle Org Grand Opening

Scientology Inc cannot even speak for itself anymore.

It has become one gaudy, continually- orchastrated delusion.

It has degenerated to the criminal leading the clueless.