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Opinion Leader Cyber-Lynching by Scientology Inc

The insanity that Scientology Inc has become is playing out LIVE on the internet.  Angela LeMay, an Opinion Leader that corporate Scientology should not be messing with, is being subjected to a modern-day, cyber-lynching by David “Bull” Miscavige, cyber-mobs and all.  Check it out below. We’ll keep you posted.

Here is Angela’s communication alerting me to the situation:

Marty & Mike,

FYI, I received notice from a friend on FB that they received a
call from OSA informing them that I have been Declared SP along
with Marsha Friedman and Guillermo Colin and to unfriend us all.

I have not heard anything at all from the church directly, but,
rumor has it that I have been declared because of my connection to
my ex-husband Brett Haugen – declared in 2010. Another friend said
they heard it was because I had posted anonymously on a squirrel
website and forwarded entheta comm. My friends list has decreased
by 300 in the last 72 hours – their loss.

I have attached images of one of the FB post stating that I am

Also, I have saved images of numerous other similar FB messages
over the past 2 years urging me to disconnect from “SP’s” on FB.
Let me know if you would like those as well.

Your Friend,


For those who do not know why I consider Angela an Opinion Leader, her imminent declaration of independence will make that clear – or least my introductory comments will.

Scientology Disconnect & Facebook Nazis

Scientology Inc has denied that they are behind any disconnections that its parishioners may wish to participate in.  They say the latter are only engaging in the protected, voluntarily activity of exercising their religious right to “shun.”   They contend in court and in the media that Corporate Scientology has nothing to do with the process and does not advise nor participate in advising, let alone ordering, anyone to disconnect from anyone.

Well, meet Veronique operating from churchofscientology.net:

From: veroniquel@churchofscientology.net
To: (removed for personal safety)
Subject: Your facebook
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 04:59:31 +0000

Hi again,Did you get my last email? I thought it might have bounced.I wasn’t sure if you were aware of it or not so I thought I would alert you. But you have a declared SP currently on your facebook account. Her name is Debbie Jean Cook. If you want to remove her and need any help getting her off your facebook account don’t hesitate to ask. Just email me back and I will assist you on this.ARC, Veronique