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L Ron Hubbard’s Worst Enemy – Part II


Miscavige: Hubbard’s Worst Enemy Part I

Ortega Calls Bullshit on Miscavige

Here is the promised rundown on Tony Ortega’s report of this year’s annual L Ron Hubbard Birthday Celebration event from Clearwater Florida.

It is just about the thirtieth anniversary of my introduction to the strange case of Gerry Armstrong.   Armstrong was the LRH archivist who left the church in 1981.  That year a tremendous amount of attention had gone onto how the church was promoting L Ron Hubbard to the public.  That was because the church was confronting a) the top eleven officials of the Guardian’s Office (including Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue) were facing lengthy jail sentences, while b) a rash of lawsuits had been filed naming the church as well as L Ron Hubbard as defendants, and c) the central claim of each suit was fraud, more specifically alleging that the church lured them into Scientology based on false claims as to L Ron Hubbard’s super man biography.  Essentially the claim was that if L Ron Hubbard was not an engineer, nuclear physicist, wounded and crippled war hero who was miraculously healed by his own brainchild Dianetics, and he was not the model of perfect virtue since then, why, then they were defrauded into spending money and devoting years to Scientology.

Now, this is a very short-handed summary of a history that was not clear to me for many years after the facts – notwithstanding my personal involvement in some of it – , not even totally clear until very recently.  The whole story will arrive soon enough.

Armstrong pointed out to L Ron Hubbard’s messengers that something had better be done about the representations the church was making. He based that concern on having worked tirelessly to provide David Miscavige’s Special Project (of which I was then the files man for) with material to prove the claims about Hubbard to be true, and coming up empty handed on many counts.  David Miscavige’s handling for Armstrong’s origination was to send Norman F Starkey down to the Commodores Messenger Org International to give Armstrong a Severe Reality Adjustment (SRA – loud verbal brow beating) for being “disaffected.”   Armstrong then blew, with a few boxes of LRH archives with which to defend himself.   In response to being hounded by Miscavige directed PIs for several months, Armstrong reacted by devoting the rest of his life to proving that L Ron Hubbard was a fraud.

As was Miscavige’s habit, he continued to pursue Armstrong as the devil incarnate while at the same time taking Armstrong’s advice, just ignoring the source of it communicating as if it were his own.  No more representations about LRH went out without my authorization – which was backed by an extensive fact-checking process.

We sued Armstrong for theft of the archives documents.  The trial occurred in early 1984.  We had two very competent trial lawyers doing a yeoman-like job putting on the plaintiff’s case for several weeks.  By the time the plaintiff’s case rested I had the unenviable task of informing Miscavige that the attorneys wanted authority to enter settlement negotiations before the defendant’s case was presented.  The attorneys demonstrated that while we could do significant damage to Armstrong’s credibility,  at the end of the day we did not have answers for the far more important and relevant issues – that is, the truth or falsity of representations made by Hubbard and the church about the life of L Ron Hubbard.  What’s more, they explained that by a number of comments by the judge (this was a non-jury trial) it was clear the judge was focusing on that lack of evidence . The attorneys reported that Armstrong’s attorney was amenable to settlement – and that this was a short window of opportunity to protect the image of Hubbard and the church; that once Armstrong’s side had the podium we were in for weeks upon weeks of medieval style Inquisition on L Ron Hubbard (all to be covered by the media).

Miscavige, in his inimitable style, called the attorneys “pussies” (his word) and worse and threatened to fire them if they so much as entertained the thought of “settlement”, let alone mentioned it, again.

The attorneys – and their back up staff – did everything in their power, short of being dragged out of court for defying court orders, to keep a lid on the evidence admitted.  They also did an admirable job of attempting to discredit the witnesses and evidence they entered.

But, in the end their prognosis turned out to be quite conservative.  The judge issued a ruling about Hubbard who of course was not there, finding as a matter of fact that he was a “pathological liar” and “paranoid” and  “schizophrenic.” Not only did L Ron Hubbard’s life history get annihilated by the world wide media – it continued to be for thirty years, with only lame denials in response, as Gerry Armstrong was right all along in this respect: the church had little to no to counter documentation for the claims the church had loudly trumpeted about L Ron Hubbard’s life.  Fact of the matter is, the church’s lack of ability to document many of the claims has been such a given fact that it has bred the type of disbelief expressed by Tony Ortega in his most recent article.   He can’t believe that that church is not only focusing on the claims, but thirty years later they are exaggerating them even more.

Some of the representations covered in this year’s March 13th event – such as the alleged Oregon sub chasing incident was “regarded as among the most regionally famed encounters of the war” – are so easily discredited that those in the know have to wonder: are the people making such representations attempting to set up L Ron Hubbard for a fall?

It gets worse.  The “L Ron Hubbard Biographer” attempts to position LRH as saving the world from “evil” scientists bent on blowing it up.  A five minute google research project (for the culturally or historically illiterate who don’t already know it) would show that those “evil” scientists allegedly plotting to destroy earth were engaged in precisely the opposite activity – they were the original movement to demand “conscience” be incorporated into science because of the destructive power of what they were discovering.

To position Richard Nixon with Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein is about as credible as trying to position Adolph Hitler with leading members of the German underground anti-Nazi movement.

It is pure insanity that is issuing from the lips of Dan Sherman and David Miscavige.  It is madness.  I would write it off as only such if I were not aware of the fact that David Miscavige is acutely aware of who ultimately takes the brunt of this.

What is more a travesty is the overall technique of Sherman and Miscavige.  They are attempting to literalize L Ron Hubbard.  As any intelligent student of Scientology knows, one of Hubbard’s virtues is his story telling ability.  He can lecture for one hour on the subject of a simple principle; and he can tell a number of colorful stories and anecdotes to get the audience to view it from a number of angles to the point where they can understand the principle conceptually.  Of course, we also know that Hubbard has done that literally thousands of times and it was all recorded for posterity. So, Sherman and Miscavige come along – take an anecdote out,  alone, bereft of any context for what principle it is being used to illustrate, and tell the public:

a) Every word is literally true.

b) That “a” is of utmost importance, or why would they be conveying it with such ostentatious implant a/v technology; and thus

c) L Ron Hubbard ought to be viewed and treated like a God, and not as the thinking and living out of the box kind of guy he was, and thus

d) Scientology  is really about belief, and not observation and workability, and thus

e)  David Miscavige must be viewed as the Pope, infallibility and all.

While this madness is clearly intended to up the mushroom treatment (being kept in the dark and being fed manure) of captive cult member audiences – David Miscavige is well aware of what its long term effect will be, more years of dragging L Ron Hubbard through the mud publicly as allegedly making false claims as to his history, qualifications and competence.

I keep asking, and I keep meaning it when I do, how can it get any darker than that?

Miscavige: Hubbard’s Worst Enemy Part I

In late 2003 I came back to the Scientology Inc international headquarters near Hemet California after eighteen consecutive months away on a variety of missions. I have described the experience before as like having returned to the set of Apocalypse Now.  David Miscavige was well on his way toward complete madness.  Already he had all International Scientology Managers engaged in marathon group confession sessions.  Already he was beating people physically almost daily and by then had at least a dozen lower level executives doing the same to their staffs.

Miscavige would go into several hour rambling rants (sort of like Al Capone meets Colonel Kurtz) with all of international management required to sit attentively around a table watching and listening to him.

Re-enactment of arrival – starring Dennis Hopper as Dan Sherman

Don’t get me wrong, a lot times Miscavige’s soliloquies would cover imporant lofty issues like “enthusiasm” and “teamwork”.

Kinda like this.

But, a seed that had been sown years before was beginning to take root in my mind by late 2003.  That was a forbidden thought which began to come off suppress the more violent and insane Miscavige’s suppression became.  That was, after Miscavige had literally accused every executive on the base of “black PRing L Ron Hubbard” (saying or doing something that conveyed the idea that something just wasn’t right with the man), after having offloaded many dozens of staff to gulags for having allegedly committing that crime, after enduring dozens of multiple-hour “conferences” – punctuated with sudden, unexpected violence – where Miscavige rambled on that theme, the truth began to crystallize.

The truth became even more clear when I saw what Miscavige resorted to during his occasional, fleeting moments of fear of losing his terror grip on the group of international managers subjected to his sick fantasy.   When I saw that fear flash for a moment in his eyes, he resorted to words to this effect:

“Yeah, you sit there in your filthy, motivator-infested blackness thinking ‘LRH wasn’t like that’.  I’ve got news.  I am mild compared to L Ron Hubbard.  And if you have a little evil-purpose festering along the lines of ‘I don’t have to take this shit from COB’, think again.  Think this, what is LRH gonna do when he finds out how you’ve been fucking with COB?  Because L Ron Hubbard is coming back sooner than you might think.  And I can guarantee you of one thing, LRH is not going to be nearly as reasonable and merciful as I am.”

At that moment the truth became crystal clear: the fellow who had destroyed the lives and reputations of hundreds by hanging them with the alleged crime of “black PRing LRH”, was engaged in the most effective black PR campaign imaginable against LRH.

Ortega Calls Bullshit on Miscavige

Tony Ortega has done a comprehensive article critiquing David Miscavige’s latest Scientology Inc L Ron Hubbard Annual Birthday Celebration.  While I don’t particularly cotton to Tony’s anti-Scientology tone and joking and degrading digs, he has done a splendid job of chronicling the fraud and insanity that pass for Scientology Inc events.

Later today I intend to complete and post an article on why Tony’s work is so skilled and important. I am going to connect some dots on how it evidences that Miscavige is L Ron Hubbard’s worst enemy. In the interim, I highly recommend people read and watch and listen to Tony’s presentation.

Ortega Calls Bullshit on Miscavige

By the way, thanks Tony.  I have a copy of the full event too, but get nauseous watching more than two or thee minutes at a any given time, and finally just chucked the thing in the trash.

By By the way, someone just pointed out to me that Scientology Inc has been circulating the following statement about me this morning:

 Rathbun knows that his back-and-forth with a third rate hack, Tony Ortega, who profits from pimps engaged in sex trafficking, tries to make it appear that Ortega is an unbiased reporter when in fact Ortega has made vile statements about L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology religion which shows him to be an anti-religious extremist.

I guess they didn’t want me linking to Tony’s article.  Too late, and had I seen this infantile OSA statement beforehand, I would have linked earlier.

An Idle Scientology Org Story

One of the problems for Miscavige with the Independent Scientology movement is our persistence.   Massive black propaganda campaigns, phalanxes of private investigators, lawsuits, Facebook Nazis, buying off the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you name it – Miscavige has tried it.  But, we keep on thriving and expanding.  And with that the truth continues to out and becomes corroborated, and thus more and more credible.  Today’s post is a case in point.

Newcomers may not have seen Dan Koon’s article from August 2009 on Steve Hall’s, Thoughts on the Ideal Org Program.   Dan had the opportunity to drop in on David Miscavige’s then-latest fraud,the Malmo Sweden Idle Org.  Dan, with his decades of experience with LRH, Int Management and David Miscavige was able to divine that there was no intent to deliver Scientology services in Malmo by just a short, aborted tour of the place. 

Of course, Miscavige counting on it just “going away”, put a couple of nasty, defamatory publications out on Dan and carried on with the fraud across the world. 

Now, meet Phil Bruemmer, former Malmo Idle Org staff member.  Phil shines the light on what was going on inside from Malmo’s opening up to the present.  As you will see Dan was right.  Though, I have always contended he gave Miscavige far too much credit for speculating it was all a real estate scam.  It is a scam.  The level of fraud that Phil reveals is astounding. 

Welcome Phil.  And thank you for shining the light of truth.

An Idle Org Story

by Phil Bruemmer

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1971.

I am a “new OT IV”, Class VI C/S and an OEC/FEBC grad.

I am also a course supervisor, professional word clearer and trained Cramming Officer.

Posts I have held include, Director of Communications, HCO Cope Officer, Basic Courses Supervisor (that’s Basic Courses Supervisor – NOT Basics Courses Supervisor.) I ran the Comm Course and HQS, before they were suppressed out of existence), Word Clearer, Cramming Officer and Executive Director.

That was all in San Francisco Org.

I held the post of Senior C/S, and later, auditor in Stockholm.

Around 2004 I went off staff and audited in the field under the “control” of I HELP for a few years, during which time paid I HELP to annoy me.

I went on back on staff to be the Senior C/S of the soon to open “Ideal Org” in Malmö in April 2009.

I left Malmö in August and sent a farewell letter to IJC, CJC and RTC (the Justice Chiefs as I was under comm ev). Below is the comm which I sent in while waiting (& waiting, & waiting…) for the Findings and Recommendations:


To: International Justice Chief

From: Phil Bruemmer                                                                                                            RTC Reports Officer                                                                                                                                                                       RTC Rep EU                                                                                                                                                                                   CC: Cont. Justice Chief EU

Re: The Church of Scientology

My name is Phil Bruemmer.

I have been a Scientologist since 1970 and most of that time I have been staff.

I am a Class VI C/S (mostly non-GAT), OEC/FEBC, MCSC (1978) interned, PWCC and Cramming Officer

Some posts that I have held throughout my staff career are:

External Comm Flow Officer, Internal Comm Flow Officer, Dir Comm, HCO Cope Off and HAS, Basic Courses Supervisor (HAS course/HQS course), Word Clearer, ED, Cram Off, auditor, C/S and Snr C/S.

On 11 October 2011 I had a committee of Evidence, which was held on me at CLO EU. It is now 17 December and I have not had any word on the findings and recommendations.

This is too bad as I had wanted to let the cycle complete. However, I am disinclined to wait any longer.

The”church” in its present state has departed so far from the church that I joined as to be unrecognizable.

The Technology and the Administrative technology have been altered beyond workability in some cases or the misapplication renders it mostly unworkable.

The altered material which is called, “The Basics” is one example of this. The training of GAT auditors who robotically learn and who “audit” over their own out basics is another. I can’t believe any of them, or their C/Ses, Supervisors or Cram Offs, ever bothered to listen to or duplicate the LRH lectures on Level 0. It seems this would apply as well to the members of the RTC who pass final videos.

I personally experienced some of the out-tech being run on OTs at AOSH EU within the past year (running NED on Clears, squirrel sec checking). From research I have done since, I have come to the conclusion that this sort of squirrel tech is practiced throughout the world in the “church.”

I have also become aware of an inordinate number of persons on, or completed on, OT VII/VIII who have lost their bodies due to cancer.

In 1989 I lost a wife to cancer. She was a Class VIII C/S who was bogged on VII for years. Apparently, there was no tech to debug her (or no one cared) and she later got cancer, suffered for a number of years and finally dropped the body.

There were some others who got cancer at that time and I have recently learned there have been many more, even in recent times. It makes it seem the tech not only does not work, but that its unworkability is extremely hazardous.

I do not believe for one moment that LRH would release a tech which was so dangerous. I can only conclude that the original LRH materials were altered.

Currently the training of auditors is a non-existent activity – with the exception of a few know-best GAT robots that are being trained in the squirrel technology of the Chairman of the Board RTC. These robots train and then intern through auditing other robots on the training lineup. When they hit an HGC they are totally unprepared to audit public, particularly public treated to 20 years of out tech who now expect Miscavige brand “Scientology” tech to salvage them.

I am not going into detail on the quickie Grades being delivered at Flag at this time and the fact that lower Grade Chart actions should be delivered in the orgs (maybe the orgs can’t be depended upon to quickie them fast enough to suit the SP who is running this show).

Much to my embarrassment, I let myself get sucked in to helping to open the “Ideal Org” in Malmo. I watched the 4 man CMO Int Mission putting the org there. I can say it was a bunch of squirrel know-best that got the result of no org.

None of these Missionaires had done an OEC, much less the FEBC. I remember well the scorn and derision leveled towards the subject of the OEC (has to be recompiled by COB) and the FEBC. I shouldn’t have to point out the degrade of LRH admin tech. I learned that the FEBC is no longer being used to train execs.

I’ve seen the new “admin tech” that is being used and there is no tech in the new tech.

After 3 years the SO has had to move into this “Ideal Org” where a number of SO members are working to keep it going. There are CLO staff as ED, HAS and at least 3 SO full time on recruitment. There might be others now. From what I’ve seen none of them are OEC/FEBC. Even if they are, they won’t be allowed to do what Ron says as their seniors in the Ideal Org Unit won’t allow it. Applying correct source is not popular in the church these days.

What I see is going on is that the Church of Scientology has been taken over by persons of ill-will who are altering the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology for their own purposes. Either that or they are extremely stupid and can’t study or duplicate source. Or both.

I see a denigration of Source as a standard operating basis by such persons.

I see misrepresentation of Dianetics and Scientology.

Where was the vaunted Religious Technology Center which is stated to “exist to ensure the purity of the Scientology religion” when all this suppressive alteration was occurring?

The purpose of RTC is said to be; “to ensure that the religious technologies of Dianetics and Scientology remain in proper hands and are properly applied”.

Yet, stated purpose notwithstanding, RTC has enforced the study and application of squirrel technologies in Scientology.

My last “hope” as a staff member was that the COB would wake up to what was being done under him and take steps to remedy the situation. Well, that was the last bit of theetie-wheetie in my universe. I came to the realization that the situation is exactly what the COB has ordered.

All of these squirrel “Ideal Orgs” are COB orgs.

They are David Miscavige orgs.

Well, COB RTC, is NOT Source.

COB RTC is not even a trained auditor. He never made a Clear in his life (or a release for that matter).

He is not a trained administrator.

The proof is in the pudding.

I joined up to help LRH clear the peoples of planet earth. I did not join up to help some SP destroy Scientology.

I won’t dwell here the extreme bad PR which the church has at this time, or the fact that the OT levels are available to anyone who wants to read them, complete with misunderstoods and out of context out gradients.

This all occurred under the watch of the Chairman of the Board and the Religious Technology Center.

The Church, under David Miscavige and the RTC, has become a suppressive group, by definition:

SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS, are defined as those which seek to destroy Scn or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or damaging their cases or which advocate suppression of mankind.”

That is straight out of the Technical dictionary.

I am not a member of that group.

I am a Scientologist.

Phil Bruemmer

I guess my comm was a bit wishy-washy because, instead of declaring me, I got this email from the Cont Justice Chief:

Cont Justice Chief Europe
*To Phil Bruemmer
Dear Phil,
I  have been in receipt of your letter today and I also learned that
you  have not yet been in comm with the Chief Public MAA, despite her sending  you several e-mails and the fact that I mentioned it to you in my  e-mail 3 days ago.
However, I sent you personally a copy of the Findings and Recommendations of your Comm Ev, along with a letter, today. Though I sent it in Prioritaire, due to the X-mas week-end, you might receive
it only on Tuesday or Wednesday, per indication from the post office.
At this point, you should get prepared to arrive to AOSH EU very fast in response to the Comm Ev Recommendations, in order to terminate your cycle. Let me know when you will have it in hand and let me know what will be your arrival date to AOSH EU.

I expect rapid origination from your side upon receipt of my letter.  

Ml, Arnaud, CJC EU

My reply:
Dear Arnaud,
First of all I want to tell you that I have received no email from the Chief P/MAA since the 26th of October.
I have checked my email daily (in fact several times each day) & there has been no email from her or anyone regarding my comm ev Fs & Rs.
Ask her to show you the emails she said she sent.
(Note: I _did_ receive an email from her _yesterday_ via xx, who is up here on a tour.)
I appreciate your sending me the Findings and Recommendations of my Comm Ev, however, as far as I am concerned the cycle is done.
You can see my communication of 17 December 2011.
I am going to be very blunt here;
I am no longer a member of the church of Scientology.
My 17 December communication to you should have made that very clear.
I do not want anything to do with the church, its management or any of its affiliates.
I do not want or expect any harassment about this.
I am done and I want to be left alone to get on with my life.
I _will_ go legal if my life is interfered with by the church, or any SO units, or by anyone connected to the church.
There are individuals in the SO that I still like and admire – as individuals. However I want nothing to do with the corporate body.


Phil Bruemmer

“THE NEW MALMÖ IDEAL ORG!!!” is a disgrace to the concept of a Scientology Organization.

One need only read HCOPL The Ideal Org and compare it to the existing scene at Malmö (or any other “Ideal Org”) to see that it is NOT an ideal org.

CMO Int, the Ideal Org Unit, RTC and what currently passes for the Sea Org are a disgrace.

When Malmö opened it opened with a new squirrel org board. Then, even this org board was not followed.

All staff were put on a minimum of 2½ hours per day “Basics Sales” during which they were on the phones harassing people to buy the Basics. Mind now that people on an orgs mailing list are also on other lists and get call at all times of the day or night from around the world. In addition to all-hands Basics sales there were all-hands “Book-a-thons” and other all-hands.

The result of this was that key posts were often unmanned (Course Admin, Tech Services, D of P, Examiner, etc).This led to slows on service lines and resulting injustices on staff for bad service and low stats. But the stupidities continued to be enforced, as it was “Command Intention.

In short staffs were held responsible for posts that they were prevented from holding by the Senior Execs who were “establishing” and “stabilizing” the org.

The org was manned up with disaffecteds from other orgs and by people from other countries who spoke no Swedish. For example, the Public reg personnel were German, Russian or Romanian. The Basic courses supers were Russian, Swiss and 1 Swede. The public disseminators were mainly Hungarian with poor English skills and no Swedish.  It is disgraceful to not have Swedish people at the entry points for new public.

The HGC opened with: 2 Hungarian auditors who were rushed through their Flag training for the opening of Malmö. They were borrowed from Budapest for 3 months, 1 Swedish Class IV who was borrowed for 3 months from Denmark Day org & 1 Class IV from Croatia.

Later on there was I Hungarian V Grad, 1 German V Grad and the Swede and Croatian IVs.

The D of P was a Hungarian and the OES was a V Grad from Hungary.

Qual consisted of an Israeli Qual Sec, Israeli SSO, Senior C/S was an American and the examiner was German.  (That was the final-line up in Qual, not the opening line-up).

There is more. Much, much more. I know folks like long interesting stories but this would be too long. It is also not all that interesting to me. I was fascinated at times by the sheer insanity being perpetrated on what used to be Scientology and I did learn how to survive being constantly under threat and duress while maintaining some integrity, that was interesting at times J

The point of this missive is to point up the fact that this “Ideal Org” operation was never intended to follow LRH policies regarding Scientology organizations and was doomed to failure from the start. It was intended to fail. The CMO Int Mission first and the Mission second were rewarded for this successful failed mission with promotion to the Ideal Org Unit.

The org board then seemed to work like this (after the dis-establishment mission left):

Ideal Org Unit I/C (Lucky Story, or her junior, Smith) issue orders to LC (The Office of LRH is now the Office of CMOI. CMO I enforce Source usurper’s squirrel dictates). LC bypasses anyone and everyone to carry out her duplication of what is needed or wanted.

(“I’m Lucky’s right hand in the org” – Monica Röhrig, CLO EU SO member, LC Malmö & junior sp in charge of ensuring suppression of anyone insisting on standard policy application)

There is another bypass line to the FR, who also bypasses anyone or everyone on the org board.

The FR’s major function seems to be Product Officer of the org, who batters staff to get products for posts they’ve been cross ordered off and to ensure they do the actions they have been cross ordered off post to do.

Go ahead, try to make that logical!

These 2 also are run by CLO to bypass.

The other line used to bypass is the Exec ESTO who, using squirrel ESTO tech, creates dis-establishment. The squirrel ESTO tech is held in place by LC EU and ultimately by RTC, who refers any reports to LC EU. Working with the LC and FR he helps to create an atmosphere of fear and confusion (Note that LC at the time and E/ESTO were handpicked by the CMOI mission.)

CLO, under CMO I run a permanent recruit “project” in the org. This recruit project uses “ethics”, rollback, has in the past gone through pc folders to get data on prospects, etc.

In one instance an HGC pc was 2d flowed to get him under the domination of a female SO recruiter. I went to the I/C directly on this one and it was stopped.

Folders of prospects were taken out of the org and given directly to the Senior C/S CTO who programmed for actions to help with recruitment. This of course is a permanent bypass of HCO and Qual, not to mention the Exec Council and Ad Council.

Dapper Dave “Supreme Squirrel For Life” Miscavige, has managed to install a thoroughly corrupt hey you org board which extends from his very own self all the way down and throughout what used to be Scientology.

In April 2011 I announced my intention to leave when my contract was complete.

I was put on a sec check. Not a leaving staff sec check per the policy (HCOPL LEAVING AND LEAVES) but, a sec check to ensure I didn’t leave. Or maybe it was just to punish me. Or maybe it was both.

I realized this when, after completing the end ruds I was told by the MAA that I had more to do.

This went on for 5 intensives. I had to borrow money to pay for this in the NOTS HGC at the AO.

I get 700 US bucks a month retirement pay for all my years on staff, and my church, which I gave all those years to, bleeds me for whatever it can get from me. And makes me wrong in the bargain! Staff pay in an un-Ideal Org does not cover auditing in the NOTS HGC, even at half price.

It used to be that trained OTs could co-audit, but some sp put an end to that as it messed with his income

(Oh Dave, the fires of hell are as cold as ice compared to where you are going to end up)

(You stupid, suppressive little prick, all the money and all the shyster lawyers in the universe can’t help you beyond this lifetime).

Somewhere along the line I realized they were not going to let me go. I would have to cave-in and submit and become a stupid, soulless robot, or be killed or blow. Or find some other way out, so I ceased to cooperate. Having spent 2+ years in an Ideal Org and dealing with the current crop of what is laughingly called the Sea Organization I had learned the benefits of being 1.1. I slid out and out the door (“just slip out the back jack…”)- Okay, I still got a comm ev but, by the time it was done I was well versed on the scene both inside and outside the cult. Plus I was out of there and out of control J

I wasn’t going to put this up on this blog as I considered my experiences in the Ideal Org to be very small potatoes compared to other stories I have read here. I also observed that the Ideal Org scam is no secret and therefore felt my posting would be redundant. Then some friends pointed out to me that my telling about Malmö might be of some benefit in getting others off the fence and /or out from under the radar.

Maybe so.  Maybe my friends have it right, but I am on the fence about that.

With all that has been written on this blog,,,, etc., and with all of the LRH quotes cited on this and the other blogs and, with all of the LRH references which have been referred to here, with the all the published wins from the application of Scientology technology OUTSIDE the cult church,  I doubt this latest complaint is going to reach anyone whose personal integrity is so lacking that they would help that disgusting, degraded, perverted suppressive to remain in a position of power.

That is what your silence and inaction is doing – propping up another suppressive dictator.

This particular dictator is working to not only ensure NO ONE makes it out now. He is also working to ensure that there will be no tech to EVER get out.

If not for a handful of real Scientologists Davey would have already wiped out any chance any of us have of going OT. If you think he is so powerful and smart think about this: He is killing the only chance he has of getting out.

How smart is that?

No, your silent acquiescence is merely prolonging the inevitable.

There is not going to be any miracle that will save the church from the suppression. It has gone too far for too many years.

The guys who could have handled it didn’t and they are either dead or out here keeping Scientology working. It is over. The church is dead. R.I.P.

You are observing the death throes of the snake.  It can still bite, still inject its venom, but it is dying.

It has destroyed lives, families, hopes. It has tried to destroy any hope any of us had for a better world, for our chance of being free. You want to sit on the sidelines and let this go on until it finally ends?

You can’t deal with an sp. Look at the definition of Suppressive Person in the tech dictionary. (Do it now, before he changes the definition!)

Two days ago I learned from a friend that my wife and I have been declared suppressive since 19 February 2012.

We weren’t surprised. My wife had a sort of “yeah, well didn’t your friend have anything interesting to say?” attitude. It was another alter-is, of course, they didn’t send me my certificate!

So far I have re-done OT I, which was, of course f….d up in the cult. Now I’m working on II and doing just fine and dandy, thank you. Then I’ll re-do III and go on from there.

A word to the wise: You are NOT gonna go OT on altered tech delivered by someone who is determined there will be no OTs.

I am grateful for having worked in one of Davey’s Ideal Orgs because all of the tech on PTS/SP has been made very real to me and will stand me in good stead throughout my eternity. Indeed it ensures that I will have a better eternity, no matter what happens here and now. I have good experience on four flows J

So, thanks Dave.  I know you intended to burn the house down, but you ended up watering the carpet!


The Friedman’s Break Free

Some of you may know Marsha and Steve Friedman, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a little information about these two new independents. 

Marsha became a Scientologist in 1969 and introduced Steve to Scientology in 1973.  They are well-known as Scientologists in the Clearwater community, where they moved in 1989.  They are also well-known as successful business people who own and operate a national PR agency, founded by Marsha 22 years ago.  The firm, headquartered until recently in downtown Clearwater, represents professionals, high-profile individuals and corporations in a wide range of industries. Their staff is comprised mostly of media professionals, and each month they arrange an average of 160 radio interviews, 20 local and national TV appearances and millions of potential readers in offline and online print. As well they market online, with Marsha having 70,000 friends and followers on the various social networking sites.  She is also the author of the book, Celebritize Yourself, and is co-host of a recently launched national talk radio show airing weekly on Sirius/XM.

– Mike Rinder

Here’s Marsha’s story in her own words.

Dear Friends,

As I don’t know where this post will wind up in the wild world of the Internet, consider this an “Open Letter” to friends I know and those I don’t, people in the church or on the fence, public and/or staff.

While writing this letter might seem as evidence to those within the church that we have gone “to the dark side,” I’m actually writing this for the purpose of telling the truth and filling in the vacuum of data for the friends and family who have chosen to disconnect from me and Steve, and others who might become new friends.

To start, I’d like to share a little of my background. I became a Scientologist in 1969 and joined staff at the Miami Org as Marsha Ulan.  I have fond memories of being on staff during that era, and can vividly recall those exciting days when new HCOB’s and HCO PL’s were released.  Whenever this happened, we always stopped whatever we were doing to read LRH’s new breakthroughs.  The energy and excitement were beyond compare; we knew we were part of a great new movement.

While still on staff in 1973, I introduced Steve to Scientology and shortly thereafter we got married. (We were raised together in Queens, NY, and have known each other since we were 7 and 8 years old.)

I finished my contract and left staff in March of 1974 to have our first child together. We’ve now been happily married going on 39 years in May, and are the very proud parents of 2 sons, a daughter, 3 grandchildren and a new great-grandson (whew…even hard for us to believe!).

In 1989 we moved to Clearwater to be close to Flag, and while I never went back on staff, I always volunteered for OSA whenever called upon.  Over the years, we did a lot of services at Flag, including auditing on OT 7 until about a year ago when we routed off the level.

I had no idea when I routed out of the Flag AO last year that this journey would lead me here.  And, quite honestly, in a strange sort of way, I have my auditor and FSM to thank for finding my path to this portal.  You see, when Steve and I chose to route off of OT 7, it wasn’t conceivable to anyone in the Church that we could have made that decision without being influenced by people we were told are “the enemy.”  Our instantaneous response was, “What enemy? Are we in some kind of war?”

Then we were accused of being associated with “friends of LRH.”  We thought, “How strange, of course we’re friends of LRH and, yes, that is who we associate with.”  And this wasn’t said tongue-in-cheek at all, even though it may seem that way.  Truly, we were the best of soldiers.  We didn’t dare read anything on the Internet about Scientology.  We were told it was evil, enturbulating and could cause us great harm.  While neither Steve nor I believed anything or anyone had that kind of power over us, especially considering we were OT and armed with ethics and PTS tech, we chose to simply follow the rules and do as we were told.

But, after routing off services and being free to think, read and experience whatever we desired, I decided to look and see who those “enemies” were and what exactly was meant by “friends of LRH.”

Once I started to look, I anticipated finding a volume of success stories and well publicized good works of the church by independent media coverage.  However, the only pro-church coverage I found were press releases the church wrote and paid to have distributed by PR distribution services.  But most important was what I found from independent news coverage – the harrowing stories of people who had been on staff, and the violation of their human rights.

After doing a lot of research online, when Debbie Cook’s email hit my inbox at the beginning of this year, I found myself in complete agreement with the points she raised.  And, for the reasons listed below, on Tuesday, February 28th, I learned the church was planning to issue a declare on me and Steve.  This was told to me over lunch by one of my closest Scientology friends of twenty years.

My crimes?  Since I’ve received no communication from anyone at the church, or OSA, I can only speculate on their reasoning:

1.  On January 2, 2012, I forwarded Debbie Cook’s email to 3 people with whom I had a close relationship: my brother and two friends.  My brother did not respond to my email nor did he call or try to engage in any conversation.  Rather, he sent me a Knowledge Report in the mail and after a 60 plus year relationship, he just disconnected from me.  My sister-in-law disconnected shortly thereafter.

The initial response from my two friends was to say that while they didn’t agree, they still loved and treasured my friendship and would like to just agree to disagree.  However, they have both since disconnected.

2.  On February 8th, after receiving an email from two Scientology business associates asking to contract my company for services, I sent them a response letting them know of my agreement with the points Debbie Cook raised in her letter.  As lines in the sand were obviously being drawn at this point, I felt it was only appropriate they should know my feelings, in case they preferred not to engage my company for this reason.   (I never heard back from either person,      even though one of them was someone I’ve known over 30 years.)

3.  Around this same time, I got about 5 or 6 messages on Facebook, stating I was Facebook friends with Debbie Cook and requesting I un-friend her.  I didn’t un-friend Debbie Cook; I un-friended them instead.

The close friend, who over lunch told me of the declare coming down, said he was meeting with OSA’s Kathy True that following Saturday to “right this wrong.”  He said he would contact me after the meeting to let me know what occurred.

I never heard from him again.  After a very close 20-year friendship, he has disconnected from me, un-friended me on Facebook and had all of his family do the same.

At that point, I assumed a declare had been issued.  Then, a couple weeks ago, I learned about a Facebook posting below, by someone I don’t know, which resulted in a lot of FB disconnections from Scientologists.

Russell Posyton

1:07am Mar 9

“Marsha Freidman and her husband Steve Friedman have been Declared Suppressive, I know this as a fact. This Declare can be seen and verified with any MAA or OSA terminal.

“As your Facebook Friend, I would most appreciate your removing them as your Facebook friend ASAP.

“Thanks in advance for your action on this,


Lastly, I learned from my son who works for a Scientologist (and former friend) of some false things being said about me by the church:

1.  That the church has been trying to “handle” me for a year but I refused to take any calls, return any calls or speak to anyone. 

This is completely false.  No one from the church ever called, emailed or even stopped by my office (located until recently a few blocks away from Flag) to talk to me about any problems they had with me.

In fact, it’s quite to the contrary. This past Christmas I was very involved as usual in an event the church is associated with.  In 1989 I founded a group that I later established as a non-profit called Cherish the Children Foundation, which championed for abused, abandoned and neglected children.  For 22 years me and my organization sponsored a Christmas party for these foster children in which the church played a role as a co-sponsor.  This past year was no different and one of OSA’s staff even attended the event, without one word spoken to me throughout the planning or at the event itself.

If perhaps this statement was referring to “handling” my husband, the situation there is that when he turned in his confidential materials and said he would no longer be auditing, both his auditor and FSM (at different times) visited him at our office.  His auditor was furious about his decision, yelling at him in the driveway with accusations that he’s been “influenced” by enemies.  His communication was nasty enough that he called Steve back later that same day to apologize.  Then, two MAA’s called Steve (on the phone at the same time) yelling and threatening him about what would happen if he didn’t come into the Org to see them.  Well, if you knew Steve, you’d know he doesn’t take kindly to being threatened. Without raising his voice, but with tons of intention he told them their threats were meaningless and they wouldn’t be seeing him. They hung up the phone on him and he has never heard from anyone at the church since then.  So, if no longer wanting to audit on OT 7 is a suppressive act, he’s guilty.

2.  That I broadly spread Debbie Cook’s email.

Completely untrue. I sent Debbie Cook’s email to three people.

3.  That my FSM came to my house to talk to me but my husband slammed the door in her face.

Completely untrue.  My last home in Clearwater that we lived in for two years was very close to Flag and my FSM had never seen it.  It’s a high security condo building.  No one can even enter the building to get to our unit to have the door slammed in their face.

What did occur was our FSM stopped by one day at the office while we were working.  She arrived unannounced and went into Steve’s office.  He was not happy about a prior conversation where she called him an “a-hole.”  He told her that she didn’t have an appointment and asked her to leave.  He never left his desk to close the door or slam it in her face.  She got up and walked out and it was apparent she was upset.  Right or wrong, I asked him to call her afterwards to apologize.  He did and she accepted his apology.

To date, Steve and I have still have not heard from anyone from the church about a formal declare.  Nor do we know what other untruths have been said about us in a goldenrod, which we understand is apparently available at Flag.

So, after being an upstat, loyal and dedicated Scientologist for 43 years, my journey has led me here.

It’s been very difficult at times to confront the lies I believed for so many years and the aberrations that exist within the church at the most senior level.

During this journey, I was so careful not to speak to my friends in any great depth of what I found. I was concerned it would enturbulate them and I didn’t want to create that effect.  While I was being so careful to protect those I loved, they disconnected from me without any thought or reason when they were told the church had declared me a suppressive person.

If any one of those people were asked what they thought of me a few months ago, they would have declared me not suppressive, but rather their sister and friend, whom they loved and cherished.  Yet with nary a question, they have disconnected because they were told we have gone to the “dark side” and are now suppressive people.

As I didn’t take the opportunity to speak candidly with friends before our declare, and had I known they would have disconnected from me so easily without even a question, let me say, here and now, what I should have said to them when we were still speaking.

To them I would say, honestly and truly, the only “dark side” that exists is at the senior level of management of the C of S and OSA.  The entheta embroiled in the activities of disconnection and declares becomes very apparent when one is on the other side and subjected to disconnection and being declared.

But, like an auditing session – where you blow chunks of charge and see the world as bright and shining – that’s what it’s like to be on the other side, where suppression is non-existent.  I’m talking of the suppression of being told who you can and can’t talk to, what you can and can’t read, what you can and can’t think, what you can and can’t do, where and how you spend your time and your money.  Now that we’re on the other side, that suppression doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the most wonderful freedom Steve and I have experienced in a long time.  The sad part is that until the suppression came off, we didn’t even realize how other-determined we had agreed to be.

We have personally experienced the off-policy regime that currently exists within the church.  The following are just a few specifics that speak for themselves.

1.  Steve and I have been declared but we never received any communication from the church about this status.  Instead, we have heard only rumors that we have been declared – with NO prior ethics or justice actions, or Committee of Evidence held as clearly defined in policy.

2.  Parishioners have disconnected from us, some who are directly in comm with the MAAs office, even though the policy on disconnection was cancelled in Ron’s Journal ‘68, (an LRH lecture of 1968).  The existence of this LRH reference is completely ignored by the church.  At the same time they have reported to the media that disconnection is not practiced.  Is it really okay for any person or entity to force you to disconnect from those you love, be it family or friend?  What kind of a church does this?

3.  We have been “crush-regged” for the IAS and for fundraising for Ideal Orgs.  Yet there are numerous LRH policy  references against fundraising, many of which can be found on  Can anyone truly deny that crush regging exists?  We’ve all experienced it.  On many occasions I have been regged by my auditor after finishing up at the examiner, by my D of P, Board I/C and examiner.  Finishing a checksheet cycle in qual was usually accompanied by a reg cycle with the Cram Officer, Qual Consultant or MLO.  And, the bigger reg cycles usually included the D/ED and MAA, and oftentimes an FSM (other than our own) or an OL in town.

By no stretch of the imagination could we be considered wealthy.  But we gave when we could – $100k to the IAS and thousands more to library donations in addition to the hundreds of thousands for bridge cycles over the years.

But the reg cycle that took place in the last quarter of 2010 turned the corner for us.  After being detained for over 3 hours with a host of people, some using verbal force to try and close us to take out a $100k second mortgage on our home (to no avail), we realized we were no longer giving because we wanted to; it was now being demanded of us.  I was told the donations were necessary because the church was building a “war chest.”  The irony is that while one of LRH’s stated aims for Scientology is “a civilization without war,” money is being accumulated for a war, which flies in the face of LRH’s intention.  When I finally got to look at this, I asked myself, “What war is the church fighting?”  I know what I was told by the Church powers that be, but I didn’t feel I had enough data to really understand what I was told.  When I started looking, I saw the evidence to support the fact that, yes, this church IS at war.  But unfortunately, I found that the war is against anyone who dares to expose the off-policy injustices and crimes being perpetrated.

Debbie Cook is just one example.  There are many, many other individuals who have come forth with similar or worse stories of their own.  And these very well documented stories all live online.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “What if? What if any of these reports of abuse at the highest level of the Church are true?”  When I asked myself that question, I realized I could never stand proudly and look myself in the eye, if I didn’t do something to expose the dirty secrets that are very well-known to the rest of the world, but unknown to those on the inside who choose not to look.

To those still in the church, think of LRH’s essay on Personal Integrity.

“Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.”

And, think of the Code of Honor which says: “Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.  Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.”

Another important reference is an LRH quote from 9 Dec. 1952 PDC tape called “What’s Wrong With This Universe:” LRH says, “Man’s degradation always stems from his first desertion or breakage of really the Code of Honor.  He breaks the Code of Honor and after that he starts downhill and he gets worse and worse and worse and worse because his trust in himself is worse and therefore he can’t trust what his own energy is or anything else.”

If anything I’ve said resonates even to the slightest degree, then you owe it to yourself to do as LRH says, “Look, don’t listen.”  Even if you decide the data you find is not true for you, at least you’ve taken responsibility to “know.”  The other side of the coin is to not know, and that’s when you mess with your integrity.

Personal integrity is the one thing no one can ever take from you.  Only you can give it away.

While our SP declare was intended to negatively impact us, it’s actually been a very freeing action for both of us.

Our lives are good.  Steve and I feel very fortunate that we’ve never been solely dependent on Scientologists for friends, employees and clients.  We have a successful business with a wonderful staff and a great stable of clients.  And, thankfully our business is doing well.

I know many people who have experienced disconnection from the church are not as fortunate as we are in this way.  But, just as we have created close friendships and business relationships with people outside the church, from all walks of life, we know others can do this too in time.

At the end of the day, Steve and I have chosen to maintain our Code of Honor and our personal integrity.  We’re able to freely enjoy our family and friends, to keep our business flourishing and prospering, our clients happy and to live our lives to the fullest, all while contributing to the happiness and survival of others.

In summary, due to all that has happened and the off-policy regime that exists, we’re happy to announce our formal resignation and disconnection from the current C of S.



Anybody Have a Viewpoint on Scientology Front Groups?

Ref:  Conscience – Scientology and Human Rights

Lisa Hamilton does, and allowed me to share our email conversation on the matter:


Hello.  I needed to write to you about your most recent posting.  And perhaps I am missing data, but it seems that what Mary Shuttleworth (who is not an SO member, but is public) is doing is a good thing by traveling around the world promoting the Declaration of Human Rights.  If this message is something that does get across it could change how people are being treated on the planet.
I knew Mary for many years in PAC and maybe this is why it struck me odd.  Mary has been traveling for many years.  I am guessing that she is at least partially funded by the IAS….I do remember her having trouble with funds.  I do know she is very passionate about her work and about Human Rights.  Having been on the road for so long and being so concentrated on Human Rights, it is very unlikely that she knows much about what is going on with DM.  Maybe she does.  If she doesn’t and she is doing good things for the planet, then she should be supported.
Yes, if DM gets credit for Mary’s hard work, that is disgusting.
It seems like a bit of a dilemma…if someone IS still associated with the CoS proper and they are doing good works and helping people I am not sure why we would speak out against what they are doing in order to harm DM.  If what Mary is doing is making a difference, she should be supported.  Unless she has changed drastically, she is a good and social personality.
In my mind, the right thing to do would be to expose the bad and support the good.
Maybe that is what you are saying to do.  The article seemed so full of hatred that I could not see it.
What you are doing for, in and with Independent Scientology is vital.
However, I do believe that there is good being done for the planet by people who are unfortunately still in the CoS.  I don’t think we should blanketly condemn them and their good works while we get rid of the real SP.  Yes, expose the suppressive, but don’t harm people of good will doing so.  Maybe this violates the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, but in Mary’s case anyway, she creates good effects across many.
I did not send this to your blog as it is just a comm from me to you.  It is my observation and of course you can do what you want with it.  However, I would appreciate your viewpoint on what my thoughts here are.
   Hi. Yes, it is a dilemma. See the follow up post on Tony Ortega’s article.  The Human Rights campaign is being big-time funded by the church these days – using incredibly sophisticated a/v products, flying dignitaries around the world to attend events, hosting the same at lavish events at Scn celebrities’ homes.  All date coincident with Truth Rundown original series, summer 09.  Bless Mary for her work.  Pity her for being used as a tool to unwittingly be used to cover for the most heinous human trafficking operation in recent American history.  As a note, I am not trying to harm David Miscavige. I am working to prevent the continuing harm he visits upon others, and from my perspective, because of his position, all of humankind.  I’d love to post your email to me and my answer, if you believe that would be helpful.
Thanks a lot for your answer.  This indeed was a helpful perspective.  I did look at Tony Ortega’s posting and that made sense too.  I am so glad that any Independent Scientology individual can share and discuss their viewpoints and work together to make the world better.  It is so very different from being within the organization (and especially in the current Sea Organization) where you are afraid to say what you think or you expect to be put on the meter for an Ethics Interview to FIND YOUR CRIMES if you express an idea/opinion that may question what was said.
Feel free to share this with others. Thanks for being there.
Take care,


Conscience – Scientology and Human Rights

Re: Last night’s post, Scientology and Human Rights.

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has posted a follow up article to one we linked to a few weeks ago about the Corporate Scientology sponsored Writers of The Future contest.

The new story is about a contest winner named Carl Frederick.  Frederick has decided to cut ties with the contest.  Tony’s reporting created the effect I was suggesting be created on the “church’s” Human Rights propaganda campaign front.  The article gives an inside look at what goes through the mind of someone supporting a corporate Scientology public relations program when he is informed about the criminal activities such a program seeks to create a cover for.

Frederick speaks of the corporate Scientology love bombing:

“You’re never treated anywhere in your life as a writer better than you are there. Tuxedos, parties on rooftops — there were evenpapparazi. They give you the whole works,” he says.

Frederick speaks to the question of why continuing to engage in such an innocent sounding activity would be an unethical choice:

“I had blinders on. Self-fitted blinders. I didn’t want anything to get in the way of my appreciation of the contest,” he says. “I still think the contest is a good thing. But once you’ve gone through it, you should probably leave. It’s the long-term association that I have a problem with,” he says. “It implies an acceptance of everything.”

Of course in this case, “everything” would include the atrocities of David Miscavige.  It would also indirectly support them by making his torture chamber matron, and Executive Director Author Services Barbara Ruiz – the sponsor of the contest, appear legitimate.

He also talks about the moral dilemma attached to such decision making:

“I feel good in my mind that I did turn this down, but I am conflicted about it,” he says. “They really do a lot for us. I’ve had nothing but niceness from these guys.”

Ortega’s article is your inside look at deconstruction of the propaganda front activity.  A great primer for anyone inclined to do something about the Human Rights propaganda activity of Miscavige discussed in last night’s post.

Scientology and Human Rights

David Miscavige has Corporate Scientology buying and defrauding politicians right, left and center in a systematic scheme to cover up his human trafficking operation with Human Rights.  Check out Senator Harry Reid’s latest endorsement.

Here is another Opinion Leader in the field unwittingly pimping for the biggest, most blatant human rights abuser in recent American history:

Mountain View Human Rights event.

The longer David Miscavige gets away with such fraudulent activity, the longer he is enabled to run his torture camp activities.  In order to put period to this blatant travesty I believe it is incumbant upon us to expose it.

Each time Miscavige puts out a “PR wire” press release or holds an event on Human Rights using prominent folk to front for him, I suggest that constituents, and industrious non-constituents, of such used personages expend a little time getting the truth to them about how they are being used.

You can inform them with the abundant available links about the only legitimate Human Rights work that is going on in the world of Scientology at this time; that of Independent Scientologists attempting to shut down Miscavige’s personal house of horrors at the international Scientology Inc headquarters.

It might seem oxymoronic at first  glance that this should be the important first step in correcting Scientology’s public identification with Human Rights violations.   But, if you read the Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology I think you’ll understand that to bury the truth and allow lies and crimes to continue  will result in persistence. Until the continued perpetration of the crimes and continued perpetuation of it by such false propaganda as we see above is exposed and ended, the rights violations will proliferate unabated.   Ultimately, unchecked Miscavige’s cult lunacy and cruelty will create destruction of such magnitude that he will forever destroy the name under which he is performing them, Scientology.

The lives of the people continuing to be adversely effected by David Miscavige’s insanity are worth the effort to educate.

Here are two suggested primer links to begin the educational process on the types of human rights abuses these opinion leaders are perpetuating and protecting in the name of Human Rights.

The Truth Rundown

Debbie Cook tells the Hole Truth 


Kudos to Aida Thomas and those who assisted her in discovering and exposing the Office of Special Affairs (OSA, church of Scientology dirty tricks and propaganda wing) operative who publicly slimed her friend Silvia Kusada:

Aida Thomas Opens Up A Can of Whup Ass

In my view Aida sets a wonderful example of what friendship really entails.

As for Neil Roger Woods – aka Tim Higgs, aka truthseeker, the OSA operative very active in attempting to disrupt and destroy the lives and reputations of Independent Scientologists – he had his fun on this blog for a spell in 2010.  That was until we noted that his creepy comments indicated he was an OSA troll.

This Woods message was a dead give-away:


Mr. Rinder,

Have you ever been on the other end of one these “gang ups”? If so, was it just once or more than once? If a man spends years of his life shooting others, should others feel sorry for him when he gets shot?

Should we feel sympathy for someone who was once on the cause end of something like this but is now on the effect end?

Didn’t you and Marty Rathbun help to build the Frankenstein monster over the last 20-30 years we are now having to deal with?

Isn’t there a word for things that happen like this?

Isn’t that word “Karma”?

It is David Miscavige attempting to export the Hole right into our living room – the tell-tale “I am going to take your treasonous act of coming clean to make you guilty until you cave in and shut up”.

Woods ought to be exposed to the point where societal peer pressure forces him to confess and repent.   “Oh”, the OSA trolls will rant, “but you are proposing to do just what OSA does!”   No, I’m not.  I have published OSA programs straight from their greasy files that direct the spreading of black PR (not fact) to ensure that folk of our ilk lose their jobs and any possibility of a livelihood.   Examples, Tory Christman Program,  OSA War Against Independence. That is precisely what Woods has been involved in, going on for years now. Mr Woods does not deserve to earn a red penny from anyone until he makes good on what he has been doing to others at the behest of Miscavige’s OSA network.  To allow him to continue to harm people of good will is ethical bankruptcy.

Thanks again to Aida for not only demonstrating what  a friend is, but also for helping to put Ethics in where sorely needed.

Independents, now and then

Thanks for the responses to my post of 20 March, Council for Spiritual Integrity.   A lot of the initial information shared serves to confirm datums that I have already found to be true and have based my actions over the past three years upon.  Among them:

1. The eighties leaders were different than current leaders in that the former ultimately were bought.  I knew from the outset that David Miscavige was acutely aware of the fact that most everybody had a price.  So much so that his ENTIRE, blanket strategy for dealing with exposure of his crimes can be summed up in two parts: a) Leverage: created by intelligence, black PR, and legal to put the target into a more amenable frame of mind, followed by b) buy off, and that means literally – nobody settles with David Miscavige whom Miscavige does not own to one degree or another.

That is one reason why I have stayed true from the beginning to the vow never to accept money from anyone that carries with it any attempt to influence my direction or behavior.  I have turned down large sums of money that have been offered to get me to go in certain directions; and I will continue to refuse such in the future.  People donate when they see fit – presumably by their following the chronicle of where I am going as memorialized on this blog.  Monique can attest to the trend – and how no matter how lean things become on this end, I have not and will not pander or attempt to please to make a living – to me that is not living; that is the route to dying.

2.  Among today’s crew we have a number of folks with a far higher confront of evil and experiential track on how to deal with it.

While I am studying all this in far more depth and intend to share more of my findings, one  more recently recognized truth can be added.

3.  The pioneers of the past were far more invested in terms of active involvement.  They met,they rallied, they demonstrated, they worked hard (far more than is necessary now with the internet) to collect information and get it published and distributed.  Almost perhaps to a fault.  Many critical ones devoted so much time and effort to the cause that they were forced out of the game entirely by financial necessity.

I have noted a number of times over the past couple years that much of what I do I consider to be “ethics” actions; and that we as a movement are following the Scientology sequence of ethics, tech, admin.   I find it to be necessary in order to assure that tech and admin can go in.  That is why when engaged in ethics activities I continually promote that others not directly involved get real busy with tech and admin; because a) that is the only reason for the sacrifices in the ethics band – to make it possible to get tech in, and b) enough proliferation of tech will be the final ethics nail allowing a move into the admin band.

The past few months have been almost completely consumed with activities falling into the ethics band.  The amount of kicking and screaming from the ethics-challenged beast has been horrifying during this period.

I have likened the struggle with the Corporate Scientology organization to the American civil rights struggle and the South African civil rights movement.  On the latter, I have noted that the most effective measure in ending appartheid was making those who profited from it no longer profit from it. And that was accomplished by making those who supported the profiteers understand they ultimately empowered the slavoracy; and by persistent exposure of that empowerment made those ultimately supporting the slave-masters no longer support them.

I think on this score, we can learn from the pioneers; both of the civil rights movements and of the earlier Independent movement. I think we ought to learn from them a higher level of personal involvement.  I am asking people to step up to make it uncomfortable on those who are perpetuating Miscavige’s character assassination network.  I am not suggesting in the slightest that anyone engage in anything resembling harassment, Corporate Scientology style or otherwise.  I am suggesting that the likes of Joel Phillips, John Allender, Ed Bryan, Joanne Wheaton, Norman Bates (whatever his real last name is), Iz Chait, Dave Lublow, and other known agents of Corporate Scientology’s domestic terrorist network be called to account for their months and years of domestic terrorist work.

Miscavige, being the 1.1 coward that he is, has polluted the internet and American neighborhoods by having OSA volunteers and PIs serve as an “arm’s length” domestic terrorist network.  Please do what you can to help disinfect this sickness with sunshine.

Get hold of Steve and/or Karen with your website building skills, your ability to  investigate and inform those who ought to know about the domestic terror network and its actors.

A wise man once noted that if one knows of out ethics and doesn’t do anything about it, after a while of doing nothing about it he becomes an accomplice.