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Scientology Order or Disorder?


Scientology Inc Creating Independents

From HCO Policy Letter 7 September 1963:

There can be no personal security without easily accessible, swift and fair justice within a group.  The jurisprudence employed must be competent, acceptable to the members of the group and effective in accomplishing good order for the group and personal rights and security for its individual members. 

Justice used for revenge, securing advantages for a clique, increases disorder.

Justice should serve as a means of establishing guilt or innocence and awarding damages to the injured.  The fact of its use should not preestablish guilt or award.  Justice which by its employment alone establishes an atmosphere of guilt or greed is harmful and creates disorder.

Justice should clarify.  Good justice in effect runs out group engrams.  Bad justice runs them in.

I have been working for some time on a system of justice acceptable to Scientologists and have evolved one in “Committees of Evidence.”  These work excellently by actual test and satisfy the requirements of justice.

I require that full use be made of these committees at once in all matters relating to Scientology organizations, groups and concerns.

I do not recommend that individuals in authority act in disciplinary measures or capacities without employing Committees of Evidence.

– L Ron Hubbard, Founder

The following occurred yesterday at the Mecca of Corporate Scientology.  It is typical of what has been happening just about every day at the ‘friendliest place in the world’ for the past several years.

My name is Uwe Stern, I am German and I am what you would call a pretty normal Scientology parishioner. I joined SCN in 1987.

I did not do much major courses, just the old HQS and a student hat (twice because of GAT) and got audited to Clear. I was a staff member at a Munich Mission (Scientology Mission of Nymphenburg) from 1989 to 1999, this mission is now  closed down because of financial irregs caused by a) the finance police and b) a corrupt mission holder afterwards (long story spare me the details). I was on staff for that mission for 10 years as a Treasury Director (I know, not very exciting, but someone has to do it and I am a number cruncher). I never was much interested in a technical post, admin is more my thing. During this time I had my share of weird management decisions of the church, handlings of the tax offices of Germany and OSA, the latter on a nearly daily basis.

Then I was posted for 2.5 yrs as Treasury Director at Munich Org finalizing 7 balance sheets under heavy (INT) pressure.

Because I also was on the board of the Mission Nymphenburg and per legal law of Germany the Board Members can be hold responsible for financial irregs and the Church did not move fast enough to really protect us, I decided to move to the US, my country of choice anyway (long story too) and arrived with my family (wife and daughter) in Clearwater in 2002.

Uwe Stern

 Long story short, because of lack of funds we never really took any major steps on the bridge since. End of 2010 I found out about the weird stuff going on in the church. Not that I had no hints before that. Like being denied to leave the parking lot at Ruth Eckard Hall after the 2007 release of the basics event (buy or die, I nearly ran the car over that SO member stopping us). Or like seeing the flashy stats ALWAYS going up (no stat is always going up) on events I attended. Or like ……

But it still came as a surprise! How could I NOT have seen this earlier. Dumbass me.

This was followed by a 2 month full time research and ended with me quietly resigning from the Church. Of course there my marriage went, as I was not able to bring my then wife to see it too.

Fast forward to PT. I got a call from the Chief Student MAA of the coachmen. I was seen with an SP, Angela LeMay, at Starbucks. The MAA said someone had written a report. Me asking why I don’t have a copy of that report the MAA paddled back, saying it was a Things That Should Not Be report because the person reporting did not know for sure if I was how I am. Crap, she knows me very well, right  Desiree Lutz? (Ohh, that’s how it is done, label it TTSNB report so you don’t have to send a copy, laughable). I asked to see the declare and we made an appointment to meet the same day (did only wait for 10 mins, that’s a record).

I asked the MAA to show me the declare, which he did. On my question to get a copy the answer was “It is church property”, me asking if I can take a picture of it, same answer : no., no copy. The accusations in this declare were very vague. Just, she is connect to a squirrel group and ensnarled another church member with entheta (not the wording used, out of mind).

Me asking the MAA if she got a copy, him saying that he thinks she got one. I then confronting him with the fact she did not; it ending with him uttering something like “that should then be reported”. Me forgetting then to say that she probably did not get one as it is Church property.

Anyway, I also asked to see the report on me, never got to see it.

Now the juicy part. Me asking to see the comm Ev held on Angela, him answering that he does not have it nor has he seen it. Me then asking why she did not get one or at LEAST a phone call before hand. To which he had nothing to say. Me then confronting him with the fact that she knows about the report from facebook and that that would be a case of libeling; he could only utter “that should be reported”.

 I then compared this to the Third Reich where there were “Blockwarts” (people assigned to a block to watch what other say and do to turn them in to the Gestapo).

He then wanted to know who enlighted me to the “dark” side (In fact I find it lighter) I just replied,  “I look and don’t listen.” Like reading the freedom mag from 2009 and the St. Petersburg Times and coming to the conclusion that the only thing both sides come to agree to is that there were beatings going on in the upper management of the church for ten years. I mean, if that would be any other corporation they would fire BOTH sides and control the damage and this Church is doing nothing for 10 years? Another reason for me I told him is the fact that the parishioners should spend their money on the bridge not on real estate. All comes down to the fact that the church does NOT live by it’s own policies.

Since I was not in the church for over 1year, I told him so. He then showed me the Suppressive Acts Policy on my question what would happen now to me. Saying that I could talk to everybody but that the policies would cover what would happen then. Which means there will be a Golden Rod issued on me as I am not disconnecting from anybody that I don’t see fit, That Golden Rod I probably never get to see. He also said I would by leaving the church and not be protected by policy. I can fortify that easily if policy obviously is not lived by the church.

I don’t regret my time within the fold, there were fun times too. I don’t know if I will continue with any Scientology services, but I have to say there is specifically at the lower end of the bridge a lot of truth for me in it. I am still operating on all the finance policies I studied. And, I will certainly not be doing ANY services in this organization.

Right now I am more into living life and enjoying life than anything else. Things I could not do previously because of lack of funds.

And I hope the Church as it is presenting itself now will die soon. The Tech should live on in the hands of the independents and made available to everybody who wants to use it for a fair exchange. But, I might not be part of that.

If you want to contact me you will find me on facebook or email me at uwe@mrwebwiz.com



Scientology Inc Creating Independents


Scientology Disconnect and Facebook Nazis

Opinion Leader Cyber-Lynching by Scientology Inc

Here is the latest from Angela LeMay in Clearwater.   Scientology Inc is actively creating Independents by the minute.  

Earlier today my housemate was called by the MAA regarding a report
that he was seen downtown(Clearwater)with a declared SP – me.

The MAA was seeking agreement that he would just disconnect from me
as a result of the phone call, but instead my housemate demanded a
meeting to see the Golden Rod.

My housemate said the issue stated I was declared for en-snarling
another Scientologist in entheta and being a member of a squirrel
group but when asked the MAA had no other specifics.

My housemate informed the MAA that I wasn’t aware of the declare
and asked if a Comm Ev had been convened, the MAA didn’t know and
said a Comm Ev didn’t have to be done as I had committed
suppressive acts.

As I did not join a squirrel group and as far as en-snarling
another Scientologist in entheta – I hadn’t a clue who???.
At first, I thought this all came about due to my refusal to
disconnect from “Declared Sp’s” on FB and the Church just wanted to
put a head on a spike and mine would do nicely.

Then I realized, wait a minute… for the last 24 years, I WAS part
of a suppressive, en-snarling, squirrel group called:
the Church of Scientology – led and being run a ground by one David

I have come to my senses and have recanted. I am no longer a part
of or support that group of mis-guided individuals who blindly
support and robotically practice injustice, out-tech, off policy,
crush regging, glutz PR, suppressive acts, etc…
More of my story to come… and my housemate is typing his
announcement this very moment…stay tuned.