The Church of Scientology Itself Is a Front Group

There is some truth to some comments of late on this blog about the original altruistic motives of some church of Scientology affiliated groups.  Yes, the Delphi Academy started out as a cutting edge educational experiment until it was converted by Miscavige into a center to educate youth in mindlessly worshiping Miscavige as the second coming of L Ron Hubbard.  Yes, Narconon has done, and continues to do, some spectacular work in handling drug addiction.

But, for the most part church of Scientology affiliated groups such as Artists for Human Rights, Youth for Human Rights, Yellow Shirt Disaster Volunteers (a complete and utter betrayal of LRH’s intent and advices for Volunteer Ministers) and a host of others were conceived and promoted for one purpose and one purpose alone: Public Relations Area Control (increasingly meaning making David Miscavige more prominent and less accountable for his attempted hijacking of the Scientology religion for personal wealth and self-aggrandizement).

Of such priority is David Miscavige’s PR and safety that Front Group madness has even replaced the organizations (churches) of Scientology.  We have covered extensively the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars by Miscavige in creating ornate, inanimate institutions that repel people coming in to Scientology.  All building and no people; or as we say in Texas ‘all hat and no cattle.’

Now, I am going to violate a little personal policy that I’ve held to fairly closely to date: not providing links to Scientology Inc’s gaudy and lie-infused web pages.  Yes, those webpages that rank 54,715th in America (compared to our 24,008th) despite millions spent by Miscavige on design, building and search engine optimization (including paying bundles to Google, Bing, and Yahoo for even more preferential positioning).

The following links are to Scientology Inc’s video presentations of their last two Idle orgs.  Please note they are reduced to having nothing but non Scientologist leaders pimp for them.

Sacramento Idle Org Grand Opening

Cincinnati Idle Org Grand Opening

Scientology Inc cannot even speak for itself anymore.

It has become one gaudy, continually- orchastrated delusion.

It has degenerated to the criminal leading the clueless.


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  1. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of my child that I’m not allowed to talk to but it’s carefully orchestrated to not show anyone but non-scientolgogists. You’re right.

  2. Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and see no people!

  3. Marty,

    Here is a 5 April “PR Web” press release. It demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of the RCS — their “concern” over human trafficking in Southern California is a cheap PR stunt that really shows how brazen they have become:

    Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International Hosts Forum on Human Trafficking

    Published 03:00 p.m., Thursday, April 5, 2012

    The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International hosted a forum and fundraiser March 31 to increase awareness of human trafficking and its consequences in Southern California. Funds raised will go to support human rights education.

    Virginia Isaias, whose Foundation of Survivors of Human Trafficking (Fundacion de Sobrevivientes de Trafico Humano) is a resource center to help those who have escaped or been rescued from slavery, urged survivors to speak up to raise awareness of the plight of trafficking victims.

    Youth for Human Rights volunteer Cristal Logothetis, who organized the forum, explained why she became involved with this issue.
    “A few months ago, I was shocked to learn the International Labor Organization estimates as many as 27 million individuals are enslaved today and according to the U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report, every year 600,000 to 800,000 persons are trafficked across international borders.”

    The U.S. State Department also estimates 14,500 to 17,500 individuals, primarily women and children, are trafficked to the United States annually. Last week, The New York Times reported an estimated 100,000 to 300,000 American-born children are sold for sex each year. In its October 2007 Final Report, the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery Task Force noted that California is a top destination for human traffickers.

    According to Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna who hosted the National Association of Attorney Generals (NAAG) human trafficking summit in Seattle, Washington, March 28-30, 2012, human trafficking is a $32 billion global industry.

    At the March 31 forum, Tracie Parker, Human Rights Youth Coordinator of the Church of Scientology International, highlighted the importance of human rights education in fighting human trafficking: “Most people think this is only a problem in third-world countries, but it is happening right here. Raising awareness is vital. Tips to authorities from private citizens are a prime means of locating and freeing victims and apprehending traffickers.”

    The Church of Scientology sponsors one of the world’s largest nongovernmental human rights information campaigns, aimed at raising awareness and calling for governments to meaningfully support and ensure respect for human rights.

    For more information about the human rights initiative of the Church of Scientology, visit the Scientology website. For more information on Youth for Human Rights International, visit

    The Scientology religion was founded by author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. The first Church of Scientology was formed in the United States in 1954 and has grown to more than 10,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups and millions of members in 167 nations.For the original version on PRWeb visit:

  4. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Up-and-coming religious and civic leaders pimping for the cult in exchange for becoming allied with an organization they imagine will somehow further their own personal ambitious ends. It can only end badly for all concerned.

  5. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    LOL! I went to a tiny old village church in rural Ireland a few weeks ago. The most striking thing I noticed was there there was no security on the door! We just walked right in 😉

  6. Ughh, couldn’t even stand to watch more than a minute or so. Slimy and fake. Less than a thousand people in attendance for Cinci, and most of them brought in from other areas via planes, buses and carpools just to fill the seats.

    It reminds me of visiting the Applied Scholastics Spanish Lake building outside of St. Louis one time. It was empty. I was expecting to see the “hundreds of educators at a time” that the church/IAS video promoted, but there was nobody there.

    The wasted time, money and effort combined with the complete betrayal of otherwise well-intentioned people is sickening – and the church doesn’t even realize that their slime oozes from its seams while it is propped up for a video clip and a photo opp, only to collapse again when everyone goes back home.

  7. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Mike – I can’t read it. Can’t even get past the title without retching.

  8. Do you have any idea, Marty, how much DM paid, I mean, “Donated” to each of the speqaker’s causes to get them to pimp on stage? These types of endorsements don’t come free. There’s ALWAYS hefty palm-greasing for these personalities to show up and mouth-piece “THE AGENDA.” It’s like if you wanted access to a Republican Senator you’d maake a set “contribution” to the Republican Eagles and you’d be guaranteed a meeting w/in 24 hours if the Senator is town. What’s DM’s password/entry fee ? Any idea please?

  9. I have just watched the “rise” of Hitler, 1930 to 1936. He emanaged that with an extraordinary PR campaign, removing parliamentary control of democracy and instituting rules against all what we now see as human rights of German citizens, coupled with extreme fear of the forerunner of the SS, relentless and ruthless removal of voices opposing his rule.
    Does all this sound familiar? Good ole Dave, at about the same tone level as that crummy “politician”, busy only with self-aggrandisement.

  10. My goodness… not one mention of LRH nor the Bridge that a Church is supposed to deliver. Total, group only messmerizing.
    What about delivery of services?
    Delusion is what that they are all about and delusion is all they present.
    Geeze, what about auditors made and PCs audited?

  11. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”
    Daniel J. Boorstin
    And down from that ya got DM acting as his own public relations person…LOL!!!…a compounded colossal blunder!

  12. The Sacramento Org had a very tight invitation list. No public media at all were given any notice and the only announcement of any sort was that key downtown streets would be closed to traffic. Screens put up to thwart viewing. David Miscavige was there, but did not speak to any local reporters. The Church did have a very nice and friendly PR person who met with local reporters and, basically, told them that this was a private event for the parishioners only. The local news showed a shot from a neighboring building that showed the crowd, but there was no information given out to the public. No one knew who attended to speak at the grand opening. The next day there was a press release inviting the public to come down for a “tour” of the new building. When you drive down J Street at any time, day or night, the ground floor looks empty, except for the furniture and TVs. There is a security guy that stands outside sometimes.

    So the building is there. But as a tool of outreach into the community, it stalled due to decisions made about its opening, possibly to shield David Miscavige from any contact with “unsavory people”. It may have more of an effect on the existing members, helping to feel better about their religion.
    I spoke with someone who attended and the crowd was much more excited about the building, than having David Miscavige there. He spoke very briefly and seemed small and weary.

  13. Thanks for the new buildings all of you street citizens that paid for them and renovated them. Hey, I didn’t see any of your faces on the videos! I don’t suppose any of you is holding the deed to the place? You wouldn’t have a landlord now that you paid for the building and renovated it would you? No, that wouldn’t make sense would it? Of course not! So who is this “International Landlord” dude?

    A person who rents land, a building, or an apartment to a tenant.

    I’m sure you guys are not paying rent for a building you paid for and renovated right? Of course you wouldn’t have a landlord right? You are not tenants anymore right? I know how any Church structures their assets. I know they do not charge rent. Don’t be paying rent on a place you paid for! You are not renting anything! You bought the place! If there are any class 4 org staff out there that raised the money for one of these buildings and has been hit with some demand for a rent payment, please explain it over here.

  14. Mike,
    Is not funny at all this people is promoting human rights and against human traffiquing and modern slavery when is EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO. Recently CIS sent it’s lawyer to threat Bluehost and Fastdomain because they are afraid what has to say to everybody I will link the legal issue here and the article after that.
    Legal issue against Bluehost and Fastdomain for hosting Xscientology:
    This is the article about it is on spanish but you can use googletranslate for it if anybody want to read it.
    Really Davey is trying to get his PR raised with fake meetings around the world about human rights….. Right………..
    Rafael Gómez this is my personal blog is a news portal for all latinamerican people.
    Lame CSI was trying to hide human trafiquing threating Bluehost.

  15. “It has degenerated to the criminal leading the clueless.” Wow… if there was ever a sentence that clearly summarizes the current scene into one concise description, this is it!

  16. it’s a really interesting question, namely those who contributed monetarily to the Ideal Orgs building funds, whether this is an equitable/ promissory estoppel? Maybe an equitable interest? I don’t know, but depends on what was discussed.

  17. Hey, David, you guys thought of everything except the new prison! Those funky trailers are causing some scandal! You need to buy a proper prison!
    Here, you can pick up a battle plan from this fella:

  18. These poor, misguided souls fall under one of my favorite quotes from Dylan:
    “I can see that your head has been twisted and fed with worthless foam from the mouth.”
    Minimally, embarrassment awaits them and they will eat crow.

  19. “All building and no people; or as we say in Texas ‘all hat and no cattle.’”

    “Much bleating and little wool” (dutch proverb)

  20. Hey David, Geeze Christ I just had a cognition for you! All of this heat you have been getting on money and finances? What is plaguing you now? FINANCE POLICE! Yeah! Think about it! You have become the effect of your own creation! Geeze I hope this blows some charge for you Dave. That was too easy right? Now you are on the other side of the finance police! I have a feeling if you would just vacate, all of this animosity towards the CofS would just vanish! I know you care about the Church right? If you could detach yourself from it and take the heat with you, you would be doing a lot of folks a huge favor. Please take Jenny with you.

  21. Michael Finley - retiredfromthechurch

    A word of caution. I have found through ‘Malwarebytes’ and other safety measures in my computer that even being on a site installs a trap door on one’s computer which links one into something ‘MALICIOUS ATTACK’ which appears in red across the screen. AVG isn’t very happy about it either.
    Just a suggestion.

  22. The same old LDW

    The last thing in the world that the miscavige administration wants is public access to any of these events. No shouts from a roof top, “has miscavige stopped beating the crap out of his staff yet?” No pesky reporters asking real questions like, “how much money does an Int base staff member make and how many hours of free labor do you bilk out of them before you allow them to leave?”
    If the people in CCHR who do actually care about human rights ever got wind of what miscavige does to imprison his own staff…well…that just can’t happen.
    It’s pretty amazing the lengths to which miscavige will go to glutz PR his own image and to con the party faithful into believing that any stat other than “donations extorted under false pretenses” is actually up.

    Having failed utterly (and deliberately in my opinion) to expand scientology by delivering excellent quality tech, miscavige resorts to teleprompter pronouncements by dupes who have zero clue about what’s happening in the Co$. Riding on the backs of a little bit of good work done in the past by some actual dedicated people in various ABLE groups, miscavige makes it appear that he and his cult are the good guys. Though the truth is that 10X more good work would have been done without his infernal interference.

    Everything said by those speakers “could” be true but will never actually come to pass as long as a suppressive person keeps his jackboot foot on the throats of those who are capable of doing good.

  23. Interesting, very interesting. Just read this blog and then watched the RCS video of the opening of the so-called Cincinnati Ideal Org which took place just a couple of months ago.I say interesting because I happen to be in Cincinnati right now. I am auditing people who were once a part of the Cincinnati org and will now have NOTHING to do with it. Frankly, and regrettably, though I will audit five different people on this trip, I can’t handle all the demand. There will be people I cannot get to, there are just enough hours in the day. But I know they would rather wait for my return than go to the org because they would rather do ANYTHING than go to the org.

    I had dinner with six Scientologists here, a couple of nights ago. All six were ex Cincinnati org staff. All six had the same horror story to tell. Same theme of abuse., the same broken promises.

    Though the speeches at the “grand” opening are full of high minded platitudes, I can tell you from being on the ground here that they are completely empty and void of truth.

  24. The same old LDW

    One more idea. One good act from one scientologist = 150 glowing press releases sent out by OSA to aggrandize miscavige.

  25. Globetrotter

    There is some sincere truth i it:

    “Most people think this is only a problem in third-world countries, but it is happening right here.”

    Yes, we know. They should also provide some photos of the Int base so that all those people who thought it was “only a problem in third-world countries” can see how naive they were.

  26. Altruistic in intent or not, what is the basis for your assertion that Narconon has done / does “some spectacular work in handling drug addiction”?

    The current 70% success rate it claims is demonstrably false and there is also documented evidence that the Purification Rundown can be harmful to people with impaired liver function (like many drug addicts).

    I’m sure some people have gotten off drugs under the Narconon program, but is there evidence that its success rate is higher than other programs or even than the rate of “spontaneous remission” / self treatment?

  27. Thanks Marty
    It’s easy to miss the obvious. These are obviously not Scientologists. These are people who have been duped and/or paid to speak… Where is Int management? Or Church seniors like Heber Jentzsch, Diana Hubbard, etc…??? Where are Scientologists like Mike Rinder and other prominent faces of Scientology that used to be out in front??? They have all disappeared. Only DM, the clapping seals and the “paid for” public dupes are left to dedicate an empty building. A very sad state of affairs indeed.

  28. Tom Gallagher

    Regards David Miss Scab Age and his Smarmy Cult:

    “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”
    Robert Heinlein

  29. “The criminal leading the clueless” – brilliant. Nothing describes it better.
    One could add the “wilfully” clueless…

  30. The purpose of these videos seems to be to “prove” to those still in that Scientology had broad acceptance. “See all the community leaders attending our events. We are expanding, believe it.”

    Just don’t look inside.

    Getting a local politician to speak in front of a large cheering crowd is about as difficult as getting a hooker to say yes to cash.

    Who buys this crap?

  31. What is it with the annoying background music in these videos? It reminds me of the events. What does any of this have to do with spiritual improvement? And the confetti – what litterbugs.

  32. Thanks Haydn, for the real story. Very well done on keeping true scientology working.

  33. And I’d bet that you are getting more WDAHs than their new “Ideal Org”.

  34. Sunshine disinfects

    This awful loud background music feels like an implant station. Maybe it is meant to be! Thank goodness I never have to sit through this again.

  35. “…one gaudy, continually- orchastrated delusion…”

    The above is a mis-spelling. What Marty really meant was “castrated delusion.”

  36. Tom Gallagher

    The music furthers the implants.

  37. After reading a few pages on the CoS website, I am in complete shock and awe about their marvelous ultra-stellar achievements :

    quote: “Under Mr. Miscavige’s stewardship, Scientology-supported social betterment and humanitarian programs have touched the lives of billions.”

    ‘Billions’ (plural) means, of course, at least 2 billions. Right now world population is estimated to be 7 billions. So at least close to 30 % of the people in the world have been ‘touched’ by their programs.

    How strange that I never noted that …

  38. Knowledge Report

    DM the real estate investor

    DM took over the Int base and with whimsical planning of spectacular office building for himself, mansion for the memory of Hubbard, and other whimsical ideas, poured millions upon millions of dollars into the Int base with custom whims that devalued the property overtime into a real estate elephant and made its value go DOWN! Between a funky looking castle, a ship, trailors and all sorts of other mess that do not harmonize use wise, this asset has been made non transferable for valuable exchange. It is useless to anyone but David Miscavige.

    Look at this mess and tell me who a buyer would be:,-California-92583_rb/#/homes/for_sale/San-Jacinto-CA-92583/96926_rid/33.8356,-116.976741,33.830386,-116.993714_rect/16_zm/1_fr/

    He recently poured money into a movie studio in California and several Idle Org buildings that sit empty or unfinished because, well, he does not read the paper, get out much or understand conditions.

    There is a MASS EXODUS leaving California right now. Only one in six people are paying tax. The market has CRASHED and will continue to crash as the cultures who do not pay taxes, will not pay taxes, can not pay taxes because they are illegal continue to expand. Hospitals have gone bankrupt. Goverment workers are on furlough, the state could not pay tax refunds and sent out IOU’s! 3000 people a month are spilling over into Las Vegas from California alone! Creating the largest real estate buying frenzy Nevada has ever seen in the last month! The largest city in California (Stockton) just filed for bankruptcy! Some counties have laid off police force / sheriff protection and citizens wait minimum of 45 minutes on a 911 call for someone to drive from another city. The vast population of Scientologists is also bailing from So. Cal!

    What is DM doing? Buying a movie studio! More buildings! Some sitting for years crashing in value with the trend. Type in the address of any Org in California and look at the value graph on .

    David Miscavige has pilfered away millions upon millions of dollars destroying real estate value or sinking funds into real estate investments that have gone south. He has zero hatting in real estate investments, property improvements, that increase the value. Investment portfolios or property management. He has no business turning Scientology Orgs into fundraising centers for his real estate investment portfolios! He has no business pouring money into California real estate when the stats have been crashing for years and the state itself teeters on the verge of bankruptcy. He has made the Int Base where he lives devoid of value! And he spent millions to do it!

  39. Marty you note-

    “The following links are to Scientology Inc’s video presentations of their last two Idle orgs. Please note they are reduced to having nothing but non Scientologist leaders pimp for them.”

    while this is true. Please realize, readers, that many scientologists from the local area were called in to attend. And that includes many existing staff members from other orgs/missions in the area. So the big crowd in those Ideal Org openings as shown in the video’s links is nothing more than all members from all around the area whether or not those people in the big crowd would go to that local ORG or not.

    The correct way to “view” the crowd shown in those two video’s would be to have an actual stat of how many people local vs how many people from other orgs to CREATE the crowd effect. Like, what if in that crowd at Sacramento opening of the ideal org, there were only 5 people from the local org there, and there where 500 people from the surrounding orgs and missions there. Now that is a stat one can compare data which to evaluate. But those stats are not provided, thus it is PR Area Control. And the PR Area Control is based on untruths, no real stats. I believe most people see this or feel it but not-is it to a certain degree.

  40. Public relations control.
    Step 1 = alter the tech slowly.
    Step 2 = pr control it. OL’s are good for this, especially since you have a billion dollar money savings account. see Debbie Cook face book email of 1-1-2012.
    Step 3 – add in front groups such as way to to happiness, narconona, human rights, etc.

    But, only problem is lots and lots and lots of people have seen this coming, hence the first leaving of members in the 1980’s take over by DM, and now are seeing it again. Oh, the PR Area Control that is needed.

    But yet, no auditing PC results, and where are the auditors?

  41. They open all these churches, all this fanfare, music, dancing, celebrity cameo appearances, speeches from the Senate and yet there is no true tech going out to anybody in any one of these places and of course DM shows up all smiles and knows how proud everyone is of him. It’s worth a laugh but not a dime! 🙂

  42. I guess I forgot to complete my thought. So my question is. Has the church forgot about what it is supposed to do? Do they clear people of aberrations so as to lead a better life? Or is it just Public Relations?

  43. I realized at one point that all the PR- all the events and these pr campaigns are not even to get new people into Scientology- they are intended only for the captive public. When VM’s go to Haiti for photo-ops etc, it’s not to help anyone. Maybe they help a few people, but thats not the “command intention” at all. The intention is to maintain PR control of the captive public. Everything- all the “releases”, videos, programs, campaigns, EVERYTHING is intended to control the captive pubic

  44. I might have to look up “touched”

  45. Good point Robert. Who does DM have left who can speak? Virtually no one he can trust not to blow on the way back to the Hole after the event is over. DM encountered the same problem with the tech films. Staff served as actors, but they started to blow frequently after DM took over. So he got professional actors who were also Scientologists. They also started to jump ship from DM’s sinking Titanic. That leaves non-Scientologists public dupes.

    But it also seems to me that these know nothings would have zero credibility for the general public. It’s so painfully obvious most of them know nothing about Scientology. They even say it. So how stupid can DM get? The whole thing simply tells the world, “We are masters at duping people to cover DM’s ass.” It’s all just fuel to the fire.

  46. Sort of off subject but you physicists out there have got to read the book recommended by Marty: Scott Tyson’s “The Unobservable Universe”. I am reading it now. The 3 page chapter: “Big Bang, Not” was just perfect. I always hated the Big Bang theory. Stars and galaxies billions of light years distant from us, but the universe is only a few billion years old. What rubbish!

  47. Mike

    …..”The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International hosted a forum and fundraiser…” Ahhh yes… who would have guessed it would be a fundraiser. David miscavige seems to be interested in only three things… covering his own ass, getting money any way he can, and looking good in public. Seems this little gem covers everything important to him.

    Well.. I guess it is time to send out some truth on David Miscavige’s stats on his personal trafficking activities to all the groups that are aligning themselves with him. It would only be fair to inform these groups who they are “in bed” with. I suspect when they get wind of the “church of Scientology’s” current and well documented trafficking activities they may well decide to quickly distance themselves.

    I am wondering if David Miscavige throws a little money to these other groups (like “chumming the water”) in order to buy their sponsorship or support. Wouldn’t put it past him.

    I really doubt if these groups are going to be too thrilled with being set up by Miscavige,

    As a side note… I loved this line… “Tips to authorities from private citizens are a prime means of locating and freeing victims and apprehending traffickers.”
    Sounds pretty good… but has proven totally ineffective in getting ANY action against the Church in spite of significant documentation.

  48. Very well put.

  49. The videos are no “Triumph of The Will,” but Nazi propaganda nonetheless!

    Dang, that music is UNFORTUNATE. It’s just WRONG.

  50. so very true dfb99, and guess what, those captive public are supposed to get new people in. This in the long run is free labor to get new people in, or people working for the “Church” for free. Round and round it goes. And the captive public do not even know what they are feeding as it is all under the guise of clearing the planet, but yet no OT9/10 or Super Power.

  51. scilonschools

    “PR stunt that really shows how brazen they have become:”

    It is that brazen behavior that gives that air of ‘make or break’ about DM’s current handling of his PR nightmare that continues to spiral into the Pit.

  52. @Michael Finley,
    Are you Michael from SFO who used to be married to Janet?

  53. I don’t agree that having non-Scientologist at the grand openings is wrong, if fact, it gives credibility to the ‘fact’ that Scientology is accepted as a religion and, more importantly, as a community power source. The brown nosing crap that the Mayor and others spew can be quoted. Furthermore, it puts the politiicans where they want them, and politicos love the attention. It is a win / win. Staff and public need the affirmation that they are doing something for mankind right in their own backyards. Thus, the delusion is complete. The outpoint is the missing Scientologist from INT.

  54. SpecialFrog… I don’t know about pt stats, but as of 6 years ago, Narconon Int was having a problem with promoting their stats as they did not have accurate counts and records. They were actually attempting to straighten this out. They use to promote 85% and then it went to 80%, and now you say 70%…who knows. The program is good, but they don’t take insurance up front. People have to come up with the cash, and then see if their insurance will pay them back. The reason Narconon needed accurate stats is because it is non-traditional, and so insurance companies don’t want to include it under their accepted programs. The other thing is that the program uses exaddicts as ‘execs’ , and sometimes this has led to major problems.
    Furthermore, each Narconon does not have a Doctor on staff.

    It is a shame that the Narconons (ABLE, that is CofS) won’t just put out the bucks for a full medical staff at their facilities. Dr. Megan Sheilds and other Scientologist medical persons are not much of a help in the public eye because of the obvious religious connection, which those who attack Narconon (ie: scientology/LRH et al) are only too happy to reveal, thus their credebility is lost. It is very sad that as soon as a piece of tech is known to be from LRH/Scientology, it is instantly dissed. Can’t say I blame people, but it is sad nevertheless.

  55. Billions, yea right. I got some promo awhile back that was all about prime time tv ads (which I never saw) and one of them said “4.4 MILLION NEW PEOPLE EACH YEAR” Really? Each year since….? Well, with those stats the whole damn planet will be cleared, no problem, in my lifetime. yippie.

  56. @ORACLE +1 Brilliant summary.

  57. There is a MASS EXODUS leaving California right now. 3000 people a month are spilling over into Las Vegas from California alone! The vast population of Scientologists is also bailing from So. Cal!

    You, my friend, are more well-informed than the average bear. What you say is the absolute truth. Pouring millions upon millions of dollars into real estate holdings that can’t generate a profit (because ol’ Davey abolished the product) is a recipe for total financial meltdown of the church – especially in such an economic disaster zone as SoCal, which is losing it’s upstat producers by the train load.

    It doesn’t take a genius to do the simple arithmetic here. The church is headed for financial collapse, and soon. They’re relying on donations from an ever dwindling base of die-hard believers, who are becoming more tapped out by the day. They’ve priced their only exchangeable goods and services far out of reach of the economically depressed market they’re after, and as I said above, have gone into criminal exchange, vis a vis the product itself. It no longer works, therefore they won’t be making any more pre-OT cash machines anytime soon, as newbies fall straight off the lines due to no results.

    As others have said, it’s like watching a ponzi scheme in action. It’s becoming clearer by the day that the operator is a crook, or a complete and utter incompetent. Either way, he’s an abject LIAR, because nothing that he’s promoting is true, as can be seen by anyone willing to simply LOOK. Just as the upstat producers are fleeing the broken state of California in record numbers, so are the sane and honorable people fleeing the hopelessly broken Cof$.

  58. threefeetback

    Someone, such as Donald Trump, would buy the entirety of Scn Inc at rock bottom prices, sell off most of the properties, and keep some of the best land and properties for redevelopment. Kind of like what happened to the Crystal Cathedral of Garden Grove, California, but on a larger scale. The renaissance of the actual application of Scientology would occur on a grass roots basis. The original works of LRH need to be preserved. Another 2012 nightmare for the Saboteur of Corporate Scientology: President Romney, successful businessman.

  59. Sorry, friend, but I think you have some errors there about California. For instance, “The largest city in California (Stockton) just filed for bankruptcy!” Stockton is the largest city in California? And the IOUs thing was 3 years ago. Those are just for starters. Not saying we don’t have problems here, but you might wanna recheck your facts. Basically the state has a huge budget deficit — same as Federal govt. Difference is that when the Feds have a deficit, the Fed (eral Reserve) just creates money out of thin air, which a state can’t do (thank god). As for Miscavige being an idiot about real estate, you are probably right. Sounds like his idea of renovation makes him a contractor’s “money is no object” dream customer, so it seems like he would lose quite a bit of money if he tried to sell any of those properties.

  60. This is really good data… It has some similarities to Madoff in that there were a lot of people that pointed out major outpoints in Madoff’s operation and yet he placated enough people to keep the scam going for years. The problem with all scams is there is eventually “tipping point” where the group has a cognition. Things seem to be accelerating on so many fronts and in so many ways, DM makes Madoff look like a choir boy. DM is fueled by an evil insanity that permeates every facet of Scientology, he will truly go down as a whole track SP whereas Madoff was a con artist who just wanted to keep his scam going until he died (perhaps the greatest con artist of all time). I just can’t see DM getting out of this, his ineptness on so many fronts i.e. Real Estate decisions, the Tech and use of Black Tech, Management by abuse and Complete inability to deliver what was promised.

  61. + 1 for definitely functional and correct. Careful documentation is necessary. Which documentation would you suggest using?

  62. All the comments and article made some excellent points. The opening graphics on the videos are interesting. IMO these links will be taken as a gracious gift from you. “I am going to violate a little personal policy that I’ve held to fairly closely to date: not providing links to Scientology Inc’s gaudy and lie-infused web pages.” Who suggested policy change.

  63. Cheap sitcoms!! It reminded me of annoying background music of cheap sitcoms to pep up the lame stories.

  64. This post is so spot on!

    I couldn’t help but think of what this event would be like if everyone who ever was in the hole, everyone who worked on the basics or any other over the top production project gathered together outside the event with signs like, “I had only three hours of sleep per night for over sixth months working on the Scientology books project.” or any other similarly stated sign indicating the specific abuse.

  65. “But it also seems to me that these know nothings would have zero credibility for the general public.”

    I wasn’t sure if you were refering to “Scientology” general public, here. If so, I’d like to add, if you think like a koolaide drinker, these non-Scientology figures equate to Scientology’s global acceptance as part of the community. The fact that they are non-Scientologists is a good thing. The first time I observed this response was after Heber had worked with Alfreddy and at that time it was a genuine reach into the community creating a safe point. As Les mentions above, the COS is riding the backs of the good guys.

    In many ways, all the gains made in the area of honest public relations by Heber have been corrupted from altering the PR series with these glitz and glamour campaigns. I doubt that any of these public figures will be given the time of day now that the event is over. Just another example that KSW is no longer being applied.

  66. By “general public” I mean non-Scientologists. DMbots will slurp up any recognition from outside politicos.

  67. I always thought the Big Bang theory was total rubbish. The cycle of universes runs from perfection into chaos. Not the other way around.

  68. Talking about the MEST universe, it is funny to see that there is a geometrical pattern in “the chaos” and chaos itself is just a lack of a stable datum of the viewpoint.
    The MEST universe is not able itself to observe. Thus, chaos is just a consideration / agreement.

  69. Insurance companies are right to not want to pay for Narconon. Its lack of credibility isn’t really because it comes from Hubbard but the fact that its program has no independent evidence of either its efficacy or its underlying scientific basis. Medical insurance is never going to pay for things that are not evidence-based.

    The fact that it funnels money and recruits to the Church of Scientology is just an extra reason to give it a wide berth.

    If they took the money going uplines and spent it on improving medical facilities and funding research to attempt to validate the medical claims and success rates they would be in a much better position, particularly if the organization was reconstituted as a non-profit that really was separate from the CoS.

  70. Actually it’s The Church of Traumatology

  71. Good point – but the size of the crowd at the grand opening does not really matter, and who constitutes it does not matter. What matters is how many were at the org a week later? None.

  72. I have to say that it impressed me that the first gentleman who spoke at the Cincinnati opening had such a great win on the Purif. You can see that the gain was genuine, and that he was impressed and touched by the result, and that he knows it works. This is a good thing.

    I am not one to invalidate what Scientology can do, and herein lies the rub: Corporate Scientology is still around because even it can deliver life changing wins occasionally, and this sinks the “hook” – people know Scientology works, and therefore the church must be awesome, and people who talk against the church are bad, because look at what good I got from the church. It truly is incongruous that a group that can save people’s lives and deliver such life-changing wins can also be the group that locks people up in “the hole,” forces staff members to have abortions, has leader whose language can make a sailor blush, squeezes every last future penny earned from its members, and, in actuality, squirrels the very technology that you know works.

    That’s what makes the mission hard, and that’s what keeps “COB” Mr. David Miscavige in power.

  73. The transition edits with the cross swooshing across the screen remind me of a cheap late night infomercial.
    I haven’t really been connected to anything Scientology since early 80’s. It seems to me that instead of being philosophy driven, Scientology is glitzy image driven.
    I guess that’s what happens when the head of a church is more of a tweeked Cal Worthington( used car salesman)

    Situation that’s been nagging me: Is it possible that this whole Miscavige problem is really the fault of Ron not writing up the Power Change formula. He put so much emphasis on the responsibility of power. Why didn’t he pass on the mantle? I can almost see that one omission as the source of this whole mess. On the other hand, in studying some of the underhanded financial goings on at that time, it seems not being caught by authorities was priority.

  74. Haydn,
    I’m finding the exact same situation in my travels. Those who have been through the org, Freewinds, Flag, and come out the end without having handled what they wanted to have handled and now sitting there wondering if Scientology works, is it me, and various other issues, some looking to find some body of work, some piece of tech from some place that will handle what they are aware isn’t handled and should have been.

    The orgs are empty because Scientology is NOT being delivered. OT VIII’s emerge with the remnant BPC of being interfered with throughout NOTs, and now instead of doing what LRH said to do (the ORIGINAL OT IV RD to see that everything up the line is fully addressed and now fully handled before going to the ORIGINAL OT V and VI ( and then some of the real OT processes developed from the early/mid 50s), they are not only not being helped, they are targets for donations, posts in the “Ideal Orgs”, and harassed continuously.

    The orgs, at best, are an “irreducible minimum” of Scientology training and processing. Unfortunately, largely it is worse, they are reverse Scientology with inval, eval and suppression the rule rather than the exception.

    No wonder these buildings are empty.

    (P.S. I talked to an OT VIII who told me they FNed the Flag gauntlet of Sec Checks to leave Flag by envisioning being away from Flag.)

  75. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “it gives credibility to the ‘fact’ that Scientology is accepted as a religion and, more importantly, as a community power source”
    True. However if the church was factually credible it would have no need for outside validation and reassurance.
    “Never desire to be liked or admired” should hold true to a group as much as for an individual. Pandering for affection rather than being effective has never been popular.
    It’s ‘be do have’ ass backwards as they’re not ‘being’ a Scientology Organisation, they’re not ‘doing’ Scientology and already they’re looking at what they can ‘have’ for themselves in terms of power and acceptance in the community.
    In other words – it’s a load of bollox.

  76. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  77. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Jim – Re your PS:
    I managed to complete a course while I was ‘under the radar’ at Saint Hill. I was a bit worried about getting through the exam as the ‘Basics Books Regurgitation Course’ I had just completed was.. well… pretty crap actually. However, when the examiner asked if I would like others to have the knowledge I now have I thought about Marty’s blog and said I most definitely would. F/Ned right away 😀

  78. : )

  79. scilonschools

    Following the current trial of Anders Breivik, his rational and methodology does seem chillingly familiar.

  80. Carcha

    Here are a couple you could start with….


    Headline: “Scientology’s Shocking treatment of Children Held Against Their Will In a Suburban Labor Camp.”

    Headline: “Scientology Held Woman Aboard the Freewinds For 12 Years Against Her Will: Aussie TV”

    Also see: Valeska Paris Guider on ABC Lateline:

    When you search this site alone, through Google, you get 703 results for “human Trafficing” in the “church” (that alone speaks volumes!)

    Take your pick.

    Eric S

  81. Richard Royce

    Here’s the rub. No one is invalidating the tech. When it is applied even poorly one gets some results. Hence Ron’s statement, “any auditing is better than no auditing”. This dispute is between two people on the same side of the tech. The argument is the Tech’s vehicle has been hijacked by an anti social person who not only has altered the tech and admin as much as he could get away with but he authorizes human trafficking, physical violence and engages in enurement for himself and his cronies at the expense of the people who he is supposed to be serving and whom he keeps ignorant by forbidding access to free exchange of information.

  82. Good messege Brian,
    Yup,Cal Worthington and his dog spot. Which was every kind of animal on a lease except a DOG, Lions, tigers,elephnts, seals, you name it.
    With Micavige its Golden Age of just about everything that produces insanity, also on a lease.

    D.M. took charge of Scientology from inside, The Book “Sociopath Next Door”
    gives insight but the authors second book ( with a big switch on its cover) describes the exact mechnics on how little Davey got to where he is today. Matha Stroud is the author on both texts, highly recommeded for conspiracy theorists about Who Took over Scientology.


  83. scilonschools

    “In his writings Breivik displays admiration for the English Defence League (EDL), expressing an interest in starting a similar organisation in Norway, and writing that he had advised them to pursue a strategy of provoking overreaction from “Jihad Youth/Extreme-Marxists” which in turn might draw more people to join the organisation.”

    Bull Baiting Anyone?

  84. I just heard the cos bought a 45,000 sq. ft. building in Phoenix. There were hardly any people in the other , much smaller, one.

  85. Phoenix now has a 45,000 sq. ft. building the cos bought. The other small one didn’t have more than a handful of people. Interesting.

  86. Corporate Scientology is still around because even it can deliver life changing wins occasionally, and this sinks the “hook” – people know Scientology works, and therefore the church must be awesome, and people who talk against the church are bad, because look at what good I got from the church.

    Your post highlights something that has been a real problem in my universe for decades. While I struggled more and more to get even a little gain from contact with the church, I watched others make claims of astounding wins on the Bridge.

    Of course, this interiorized me to a great degree, and caused me to wonder just what the hell was wrong with me. Over time, I couldn’t help but conclude that it was my fault that I couldn’t seem to get substantial wins through auditing.

    Whenever I’d approach the concept that perhaps it was due to out-tech or ineptness on the part of delivery terminals, I’d always wind up backing off and giving them the benefit of the doubt. I never would have done so, had I known how horribly corrupted the tech had become in our orgs. I now have proper as-isness on that point.

    In truth, there are people who still manage to ‘hit the lottery’ in corporate auditing, and their wins are what keep the other sheep in the pen.

  87. This was in response to part of a comment above:

    quote: “Under Mr. Miscavige’s stewardship, Scientology-supported social betterment and humanitarian programs have touched the lives of billions.”

  88. Is it possible that this whole Miscavige problem is really the fault of Ron not writing up the Power Change formula. He put so much emphasis on the responsibility of power. Why didn’t he pass on the mantle?

    He did, but David Miscavige buried that hat turn-over and proceeded to bully his way into the position of Supreme Dictator. Others here may chime in with the details of how he did this.

  89. one of those who see

    Hi Bluebonnet. There are so many of these disconnections that we can sometimes read about one and just read on. But, I wanted to stop and scream that ‘THIS PERSON IS NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO THIER CHILD!!!” This action by the church is up there in the top echelon of evil. I hope we have a speedy end to enforced disconnection so families, friends and business associates can mend their relationships and so the rest of us can have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to assemble.

  90. Mike-This is the old trick of an SP-pointing to others as guilty of the crimes they are committing. Its intended to disperse the attention away from them to its “everywhere”

  91. The same old LDW

    Hi Ronnie. The violation of C/S series 95 FAILED CASES is at the top of my list of “why the Co$ is a suppressive implant station.” It’s violation is also relevant to why yourself and so many others felt that way.

    C/S Series 95…”There are no failed cases. There are only failed C/Ss and auditors.”

    The rampant denial of responsibility and shifting of blame onto the PC is out and out squirreling by the Co$.

    At the end of the bulletin, LRH says, “So do not send to find the real who when cases bog or “fail.” Don’t blame and repair cases. Repair the auditors and C/Ses.”

    One of the most egregious areas of squirreling is when the PC names an org exec as his PTS “item” (LFBD F/N) and the org C/S denies the PC his item. I personally witnessed this at Tampa Org.
    Let you in on a little secret. There are a LOT of org execs these days who ain’t no white-hats and who are suppressing the hell out of their juniors and public.

  92. Boy, do I resonate to that comment. I well remember the big blow down I’d feel every time I walked OUT of the org during my last battery of auditing at ASHO. How f*cked up is that?

  93. Thank you for pointing out the error Bob. I meant to say the largest City to file for bankruptcy (Stockton). Glad to hear the IOU system was temporary. I cashed out of there for the most part when I got my IOU, didn’t stick around to see what would happen next. I didn’t mean to invalidate the whole state. There are too many great things to say about California to write them all here. I only mean to point out DM’s real estate endeavors are hap hazard and not the best choices. For more info on the exodus:

    “Perhaps more accurate way to see if outflow demand is real is to look at one way u-haul rates for their cheapest truck:

    LA to Dallas $1998
    Dallas to LA $669
    LA to Kansas City $2139”
    KC to LA $260

  94. No one is invalidating the tech. When it is applied even poorly one gets some results. Hence Ron’s statement, “any auditing is better than no auditing”.

    If ‘auditing applied even poorly gets some results’, then I must have had the very blackest of Black Scientology applied to me in my last auditing. I didn’t get anything close to a win, and was nearly driven insane by it.

  95. plainoldthetan

    What you’re noticing is an outpoint that LRH called “Omitted Scene”.

    Omitted Scene is the giant outpoint hidden behind the Idull Org operation.

    Since Miscavige decided that Idle Orgs were the solution to the carefully hidden Omitted Scene, he didn’t need to admit that running the individual Ideal Org operations was Out-Sequence — something done in the wrong order. What he could have or should have done is to choose a Church’s field and work to bolster its attendance, followed by making a Church big enough to service the now-burgeoning field.

    The Phoenix 45,000 foot Idyllic Org is the cart that is being put ahead of the horse.

    Right now the “missions” being thrust into the Phoenix field are working to try to recover lost students and preclears, to fix up the sadly disordered Central Files, and to try to get enthusiastic kids on staff before they realize they can’t use their staff pay to buy XBox games. The “missions” are doing a brush-off action of revitalizing the Phoenix Org field because they aren’t actually taking the time and effort to repair the ARC-broken Phoenix Org field — especially the part of that field that’s in Tucson.

    And everybody’s apparently working their butts off around the clock to get all this work done by the Miscavige-mandated June opening date.

    The “missions” think they can, by using the phone and a lousy non-duplicative comm cycle, “repair” people into coming to the Phoenix Org from over 120 miles away. Those people have already been alienated from the Church of Scientology, and it’s going to take a lot more than quickie one-shot actions to get the Phoenix Org area fixed up so that the Phooenix Org is packed with people newly-revitalized about Scientology and eager to spend thousands of dollars for pig-in-a-poke processing and/or training.

    The Idull Org scheme also contains “promises” from CSI that when the Idle Org opens, the area surrounding the Idyllic Org will be “flooded” with ads that will drive public into the Org.

    By actual reckoning, such what occurred in the Dallas field, When the Org opens, a few weeks of sparsely-run ads occur that then disappear inexplicably.

    And the public “driven in” to the org apparently drive themselves out as rapidly as they were “driven in”.

    This is why, for example, that the “stats” shown by Miscavige at Int Events show that large numbers of people show up at the newly-opened Idle Orgs, but those people showing up don’t do a service or buy a book.

    It’s all window dressing.

  96. P.S. This link will take you to an interactive migration map with migration stats. You can see where people are coming and going to.

  97. Click on any county to see comings and goings.

  98. Black lines indicate net inward movement, red lines net outward movement.

  99. C/S Series 95…”There are no failed cases. There are only failed C/Ss and auditors.”

    The rampant denial of responsibility and shifting of blame onto the PC is out and out squirreling by the Co$.

    About five years after the disastrous auditing I received at ASHO, I’d finally come up to being certain that it was the fault of the auditors and the C/S. I also realized that my greatest responsibility in that tragedy, was that I didn’t stop it when my gut instincts told me to.

    Those realizations walked me into a new kerfuffle, which was realizing that I would probably never get true justice from the orgs for the ordeal I’d suffered. No amount of ARC break sessions will ever make me be ok with the fact that I was financially ripped off by ASHO, and was injured by them.

    That sort of injustice sticks, and is very tough to unglue. It also causes one to be somewhat PTS to those who’ve committed the injustice. I had to quit looking at the incident, because I couldn’t see a way to fight back effectively, or to gain satisfaction for what had been done to me.

    A nasty bit of business, all around.

  100. Click on Los Angeles County for a visual reality.

    AND! Tell me who the hell is going to buy those million dollar vaults? That is cash that can never recouped. WHO is going to use those vaults?
    He is converting real energy into unwanted basements! WHO in their right mind entrusted with valuables and treasure would convert cash into
    projects that can never be transferred or exchanged again for value?

  101. I understand that Davey took advantage. But how can one little guy fool the one man who is saving the planet? The man who wrote Simone Bolivar.

    Please understand I’m not trying to be disrespectful of Ron when I reason along these lines. I can’t help myself, I love trouble shooting mysteries.
    I think that’s why I get into trouble from time to time in groups. 🙂

    I allow myself to question anything.

    If Ron was the greatest man to have insight into human nature, how is it that he let this uneducated young man manipulate his transition and the entire future of Scientology and thus the entire future of everything? From a Scientologist’s point of view.

    If passing on the salvation of the whole future of all the beings in the universe was Ron’s job, how is it that Power Change was not secured beyond question, beyond excuses? With failure not being an option.

    It seems to me, the securing of such a baton passing should have been as locked in stone and prepared for as the sun rises in the morning.

  102. Please read WHAT YOUR DONATIONS BUY by L.R.H.!

    Savvy million dollar office building in the middle of a compound for DM?

    Mansion nobody lives in?

    Underground vaults to bury the tech?

    Hotel rooms for Squirrel Busters?

    Add to this ridiculous list!

  103. martyrathbun09

    You are making critical comments about a dead man who probably accomplished more in any single day than you’ve accomplished in any year of your life.

  104. 250,000.00 birthday party aboard the Freewinds?

    All of this from the notorious author of the FINANCE POLICE!


  106. BB-Complete insanity-I feel for you.

  107. “why the Co$ is a suppressive implant station” – That is really friggin descriptive! Marty/Mike’s recent revelations about DM’s personal hand in the death of Lisa McPherson certainly backs up the practice of spinning PC’s in on themselves and using black tech to crush and gain control of individuals. That’s not far away from setting up full blown implant stations. Perhaps that’s why the SuperPower Building is taking so long they’ve got to perfect the chair and the image chamber just right.

  108. Does anyone else find the background music annoying? They use this same background music for all their promotional videos and at events.

  109. Thanks, I understand that and agree, my point being is that DM would probably take it as a win, as it violates “never forward an enemy line in PR”.

  110. Gotcha! Now I understand your comment, thanks.

  111. See “Other people’s with holds”.

  112. Truth!
    I can only suggest 2 other factors at work regarding those “winning”:
    1. 20% get gains on almost anything
    2. Tacit consent or Mutual out rudiments

  113. I have another tune for you. Not undescribing all of the text but hey I get it.

  114. Hello my favorit Nemisis, how art thou.

  115. In her defence. She is not to blame. Blame the church.

  116. Brian,
    At the end of the PL you refer to is the data on moving off a point of power. Covered in the reference are the difficulties of such a move. And here you are, some 30 years later doing exactly what it says – snarky, armchair criticism of a man that hasn’t been there for all those years.

    I like Teddy Roosevelt for this one.

    “It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

  117. She was able and willing to do the work but thrown of miscaviges troika of death with poor information.

    SHE deserves a Freedom Medal more than Tom Cruise.

    This girl is a humanitarian. She does not deserve to be degraded or ridiculed.

    She deserves an Independant Scientology freedom Medal.

  118. one and ingrid,

  119. Just Curious

    Just do a little research on who the building belonged to, prior to obtaining it; who the lender was for the previous owner, and how the church actually acquired that building.
    Search public records….title records, foreclosure/auction records, tax records, etc.
    Follow the paper trail.
    Purchased? Maybe not.
    Reimbursement? Maybe.

  120. I was there about 8 years ago. It was almost empty. I was told everyone was on spring break or something. Duh. I fell for it.

  121. Brian, O.K. look at Facebook. Some people use that tool to stay in communication. Someone else turned it into a double murder over defriending. Hubbard left the advice. What people have done with it can not be blamed on Hubbard. Some have used it in good methods and results and others work to use it to harm attack and suppress other people. Are the people in India blaming Ghandi for present day problems?
    This isn’t about Hubbard, it is about the person in front of you. It is about taking responsibility. I am not saying Hubbard never made a mistake. He made mistakes. He also made a lot of problems go away. And new problems to out create his solutions were mocked up. Some people take the motion that comes in and they use it to win. Others do not. That isn’t about Hubbard.

  122. Actually Ryan anyone could walk up and attend if they knew where it was and when. I was not asked for my invitation, only that I sign up at the site, and no one checked my ID. I was dressed appropriately and asked security “where do I go?” and they directed me to the entry which was through the mall. And I am a known ethics particle and while not declared, not in totally good graces.

    (the people arguing with security about the closed sidewalks were given a less friendly greeting)

    Yes miscavige did look small and his entourage was scary dumb police types. He also had just flown back from Int with ex NBA player and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who spoke and gushed like the dumb fuck he is. Johnson got the wine and dine and pr line direct form “source” at Int.

    Actually the people around me WERE very excited about “COB”, almost to the point of tears of emotion seeing him. I felt that he was well practiced but very artificial, and my theta perception was of a very very dense heavy being, almost solid metal.

    Funny thing is, the building is not at all grand, just an updated old hotel. It was no more fancy than many commercial and retail buildings downtown, and certainly not as cool as an apple store! I walked unimpeded through the whole thing, only rooms off limits were the universe corps, the chapel and cafe, (where miscavige was doing photo ops with the donors), and the executive spaces in the basement, where important people were doing important things.

    Sadly the purif space was down there so no one got to see it. But its a nice, servicable building and not out of line with what Ron would approve of, not really glitzy or grand. Makes me wonder where the 17 million dollars for renovation went…

    It was interesting going, I went mostly to see miscavige in person, I am no longer really associated with or support the church, but I wanted to see for myself.

  123. I’ve met Cal Worthington, he’s a decent guy, and quite smart too.

    The TV ad persona you see is just an act.

    Regarding Ron, he wrote up plenty and passed his hat more than once.

  124. I think we all wish that Ron would have spotted young Mr. Miscavige as an SP so many years ago, there is the old saying that Power corrupts and I don’t think it can be denied that DM has grown more suppressive and insane in proportion to the cementing of his power structure against all those who would challenge him. But irregardless of that there was quite a structure in place that should have prevented what DM has done. He managed to dismantle an incredible organizational structure a brick at a time or more correctly a terminal at a time.

  125. That’s a great idea and I know someone in real estate who can do that easily. Thanks. 😀

  126. >Just Curious

    Thanks. That’s a great idea and I know just the person who can easily get all that information. 😀

  127. >PlainOldThetan

    Great points. I’ll see if I can dig up anymore on their plans for it, etc 😀

  128. That is totally true Marty, he has accomplished more than me. Though our relative accomplishments are not at issue.

    If am an accomplished brain surgeon, the best in the world, and one day I make a mistake, it doesn’t invalidate all the years of good surgery. And all the years of good surgery does not give me license to not look at my mistake and seek to remedy it.

    I just find my question of worthy of note. If Power Change were done standardly a Miscavige would not have happened. That would be standard application of tech.
    If I show you a bad can of beans on a shelf of many good cans, my pointing out the bad can dows not invalidate the rest.

  129. LRH wanted 100% gains. Standard Tech. This has been corrupted to no gains, to you need to pay more for more auditing to get the gains (next level), to we made a mistake (which is not disclosed), to you just need to get more auditing, pay more money, On and on it goes.

  130. Guys, I understand your loyalty to Ron. I honor the virtue of loyalty.
    It’s just that with so much at stake, the future security of that which was so important seems to have been missed.
    An orderly transfer of power is something businesses, governments, religions etc do,

    I can’t help but consider that  the omission of securing Scientology’s future falls on it’s founder.
    On the other hand, maybe more good will be brought to people without the organization. But that is not my point.

    My questioning comes more from intense curiosity more than the need to be negatively critical.
    It is not too far fetched to consider the out point of Ron not applying the proper condition.

    Ok, maybe I was a wee bit snarky before Jim, I did not mean to be:-)

    Haven’t you guys ever asked the same question regarding Power Change? Is it not a reasonable question?

  131. Eric – Thanks, nice selection from amongst so many choices. -Carcha.

  132. I think there is an assumption here that might not be true, or I might have gotten the wrong idea from my online research of various affidavits, write-ups, etc. My impression was that Ron did not annoint DM, but that he handed the reigns over to Pat Broeker who became sick. Then DM swooped in without any opposition. Also, I have read one report about Ron’s death, a needle mark, presence of a psych drug in his system, plus DM’s nonchalance at his passing. Perhaps Marty or Mike could clear up exactly how things went down (or link to a previous post where you discuss this)? Thanks!

  133. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    And how many people have they brought into Southern California from overseas on bogus visas, taken away their passports, kept them isolated and used them as slave labor?

  134. SO VERY TRUE! So sad, too.

  135. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    From time to time, Christian churches split off from their parent organization, and it’s by no means clear cut who ends up with ownership of the building.

    In the case of an Ideal Org which was bought and renovated with local members’ money, all upkeep and bills were paid by the local organization rather the parent .. I suspect that they’d have a strong case for ownership even with all the Building Management Services smoke and mirrors.

    Davie would have a stroke.

  136. “Delphi Academy started out as a cutting edge educational experiment until it was converted by Miscavige into a center to educate youth in mindlessly worshiping Miscavige as the second coming of L Ron Hubbard”

    I haven’t heard about this – last I knew, and this was quite a few years ago, Delphi was pretty good about keeping the SO recruiters and Scn in general away from the kids. What’s the story these days, particularly vis-a-vis making them think the Midget is the Second Coming? I’m curious if it’s really degenerated that far.

  137. That is so preposterous Jewel. In 10 years 3.5x the popluation of New York City is on the Bridge? The ignorant dumb dunce that is the current head of the church that has no high school diploma even in spite of 1,000 pairs of shoes he owns, most likely word cleared the promo people that sent this to you in the mail on how to do mathematics.

  138. That is so preposterous Jewel. In 10 years 3.5x the population of New York City is on the Bridge? The ignorant dumb dunce that is the current head of the church that has no high school diploma even in spite of 1,000 pairs of shoes he owns, most likely word cleared the promo people that sent this to you in the mail on how to do math and get away with. DM should author a book called “How To Rip People Off And Get Away With It In 10 Easy Lessons!” The first lesson which would be DON”T BUY THAT BOOK JEWEL! 🙂

  139. @Thomas, it seems to me, that the whole mystery to why all this is happening in Scientology lies in the final weeks, months, days of Ron’s life.
    There has been a cover up. I personally have no doubt about it. And in the revelatory evidence of those final moments will be the sunshine of unbiased truth that will question faith or verify it.

    Where are all the personalities that were there at the final moments? Where is Dr. Denk? Where is Broeker? Why does this all smell of crime?

    And why did the most enlightened man in the universe not see who and what was around him?
    That one question will irritate some and cause my personality to be in question. But attacking a questioner for asking a question, says more about the attacker than the questioner.

    When the book is written the movie will be made. That is, after the Church doesn’t have enough money to rape it’s opponents through black legal weaponry.

    On the other hand, may loving decent auditors continue to help souls free themselves from suffering.
    May all beings be happy:-)

  140. I think you ask legitimate questions, Brian, but when you frame them calling Ron “the most enlightened man in the universe”, this smacks of disrespect and sarcasm. Ron was enlightened on many subjects, he was the source of auditing tech (without which there would be no auditors), but he was not the source of life or of the universe; he never claimed to be other than a man. God had Satan, a fallen angel who said “I will NOT serve”, Christ had Judas Iscariot, etc., etc., so it is possible for any of us to be fooled or disobeyed.

    I think you may be right that there is some data not known, but without facts it is just speculation. Dr. Denk and Pat Broeker are no longer with us, so it is up to others to come forth if they can. Certainly it may have been possible to cut Ron’s commlines, to alter other people’s comm to him, to drug him, etc. Even if Ron was effected by old age and illness, it would take nothing away from his main discoveries and contributions. I would like the facts to be known, to be able to understand what happened, but ultimately, it is we who are responsible for whom we choose to follow or obey.

  141. I agree Thomas with your take.

    Regarding “most enlightened man in the universe” comment. In all my years as a Scientologist, in Scientology, in the Sea Org, as a student, it was always understood that all other spiritual teachers were inverted 8th dynamic, only keyed out, stuck in an implant, had partial answers etc.

    The certainty of superior knowledge was not just implied it was part of our understanding that Ron was the only being in the universe to find all this hidden knowledge. And because of that, He was the last and only hope for mankind.
    It is obvious to me that anyone who claims superiority in spiritual matters over all others is claiming “most enlightened man status”. It is axiomatic.

    It is my hope that by talking about the dangers of “only way” mindset, people will realize that there are teachers out there that are amazing.

    One of the reasons I do not talk of my personal path on this blog is because the hard sell and only way attitude that existed in Scientology and many other isms gave me an intense aversion to discussing it unless it’s in a personal setting.

    It took me a little while to think my out of the narrow confines of spiritual elitism that does exist.

    But, for the first time, out here in Free Scientology Land, I feel the elitist condescension of “we have the answers and you don’t” melting little by little.

    This view of mine is an obnosis not based on a need to be snarky, judgmental etc. I know how Ron felt about various spiritual practices and spiritual adepts.
    And the minuscule acknowledgment in the Science of Survival of other thinkers was quickly neutralized by the stunning questionable revelation in the upper levels.

    Yet, Ron was a genius who saved lives and added great understanding to the body of human knowledge. But I think it went off the rails in the upper levels.

  142. Exactly what I thought too. What they think is a good opportunity to network and spread their love. Wrong! It makes for good video for the church.

  143. Great visual. Outgoing MUCH higher than incoming in LA County.
    As compared to my parish (county) where there’s more incoming than outgoing.
    Excellent KR.

  144. dfb99, touched…what a fabulous spin word!

  145. Brian, you are misinformed and riding on a service facsimile. IMO

  146. Houston is one of those places where more people have arrived than left… Texas is on fire!

  147. Simple truth. The CofS itself is a front group. Period.

  148. HAHA you got it!

  149. This is a good 7 page article!

    This quote, from the article, of Karin Pouw reminded me of the “good old days” of the Soviet Union:

    “From the church’s point of view, people like Martiniano are “perverting” church scripture and Hubbard’s teachings. Martiniano was expelled from the church for twisting Hubbard’s procedures and “refusing correction,” Pouw wrote to New Times, adding that he’s “anti-Scientologist and anti-L. Ron Hubbard.”

    We could always tell from the Soviet’s public statements and accusations of others, what they themselves were up to.

    “The overt(s) speak loudly in accusation.”

    David Miscavige, aided and abetted by the likes of Karin Pouw, has “perverted church scripture and Hubbard’s teachings”, has “twisted Hubbard’s procedures”, has “refused all correction”. By his institution of destructive programs like the IAS, Ideal Orgs, GAK and GAT and numerous others, Miscavige has clearly demonstrated he is “anti-Scientologist and anti-L. Ron Hubbard”.

  150. Perhaps some definitions of “enlighten” will bring some realistic perspective to the subject.

    en·light·en (n-ltn)
    tr.v. en·light·ened, en·light·en·ing, en·light·ens
    1. To give spiritual or intellectual insight to: “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day” (Thomas Jefferson).
    2. To give information to; inform or instruct.
    en·lighten·er n.

    enlighten [ɪnˈlaɪtən]
    vb (tr)
    1. to give information or understanding to; instruct; edify
    2. to free from ignorance, prejudice, or superstition
    3. to give spiritual or religious revelation to
    4. Poetic to shed light on

    It does not mean “superhuman”, “all-knowing”, “omnipotent”, and qualities of that ilk.

    It means simply a human being doing the best he can to dispel some ignorance by providing more accurate information and insight on some subject.

    And there is no doubt that the CoS has tried to paint LRH with super human colors, to the detriment of everyone (except Miscavige, who uses the situation to control people and line his own pockets.

  151. My take is, Miscavige was anticipating taking over and busily subverting the Power Change process back in 1980 and probably before.

    Dictators do not simply pop up one day. I think usually, they have been postulating the possibility of taking over continuously.

    A “complex and continuous effort……”

    Such a person has a one-track mind and is continuously aware of who is with him and who is not, who can be brought into compliance and who cannot, and sees those who have “other ideas” as enemies to be neutralized or eliminated.

    It’s basic “politics”, not in the best sense of the word.

  152. My two cents is Get Over It. Move on. Remember the old line “what you put your attention on you get….or become?” Ron did what Ron wanted to do and Davie is doing what he wants to. You each did what you wanted to and if it didn’t work out, oh well. What are you doing now? Looking for another leader to be led by? Grow and learn and move on is the best advice I think anyone can at least consider. 😀

  153. Yes, Tara, the CoS is now a front for Miscavige’s greed and operations for political power and self-aggrandizement. It’s original goals and purposes have been subverted and nullified; all that’s left is a pompous shell that is nothing more than a “front” for his vanity.

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