Scientology Inc. Internet Nannies

Scientology Inc. is providing a ‘service’ to assist corporate Scientologists ‘keep undesirables off your lines.’    It promises to ‘clean up’ everyone’s email lists so that there is no one on it that is not a fanatical, kool-aid drinking Miscavige devotee.   In true Orwellian style it is being offered by the “IHELP” branch of the corporation.  Here is the pitch being distributed from the management building at Hollywood Blvd and Ivar Ave:


Please read the below and follow the directions.  This is an
important cycle of action and will help keep undesirables off your
lines as well.


We are in the process of cleaning up all email lists to make
sure you are not inadvertently contacting some terminals who are no
longer in good standing with the Church. We have set up a line so
this can be done easily and a service will be provided for you to
keep all lists clean on a regular basis.

Follow the below guidelines to provide your email list for list
cleaning. Be sure to include any lists you use, e.g. your contact
list, email address book, email mailing lists, etc. There’s no
limit to the number of lists you can send in. The point is – send
them all!

If you are using Outlook, Thunderbird or another similar email
program to manage your lists, then these programs typically have an
“Export” function with which you can export your email list.
For example, in Outlook, select your Contact list, choose “File”,
then “Import & Export”. From the “Import & Export Wizard”, choose
the option to “Export a file”. Choose the file type called “Tab
Separated Values” (Windows). You will be prompted to choose a file
name. Save the exported data.
Otherwise, provide your email list in a comma-separated, tab-
separated or Excel spreadsheet file with one email address per line
in the file so that it can be processed easily.
If you have questions as to how to export your email list using the
software that you have, you can send an email to for further instructions.
Send your lists to
Let me know once you have sent in all your lists.


287 responses to “Scientology Inc. Internet Nannies

  1. Creepy. All I can say.

  2. Perhaps an enclave in Guyana might better suit their needs?

  3. Freedom Fighter

    “Let us help you cleanse your comm lines of any ‘undesireables’. We must keep the Reich — uh, I mean church pure of any untermenchen. Heil Dave! Oh, and as a side note: it helps us expand the list of people we can try to financially rape and pillage…”

  4. CO I HELP WUS……you HELP ??????? Yes,… destroy the church !!!!!!

  5. (sniff) there is a mild scent of panic in the air, I think.

  6. Big Brother is watching you !
    They’ll instantly know with whom the Scientologists were and are in contact with !
    Precious Intel !
    If members of the church of Scientology are willing to play that game they’ll be under full control.

    And this term “Undesirables” is weirder than weird
    Soon they ‘ll get “services” for their Bank accounts or taxes…………
    Unbelievable that such “idiots” do exist !!!!!!!!

  7. Tom Gallagher

    They’ve shit-canned the concept that ‘communication is the universal solvent’.

    What a paranoid cult….

  8. Lot of heat being generated from the little man behind the curtain to try to curtail the endless stream of “leaks” that keep appearing in the form of RCS emails saying stupid things. Funny how they are SO worried about keeping what they are doing “secret” when they should be disseminating to the world.

    The doors to the outside world are being pulled closed from inside the bunker. “It’s safe in here. It will remain safe as long as we don’t come in contact with the outside world. Onward and upward to make a cleared planet.”

  9. This is truly breathtaking. What percentage of active cult members are going to send off their e-mail distribution list for this helpful, handy entheta-proofing service? While this is worded as a request, what happens if you don’t? Will you get a visit from OSA? It’s hard for me to believe, as a non-Scientologist, that people would fall for this, but those of you who have been in for decades and who understand what that’s like would have some insight to share.

    It looks to me like the cult gets not only proof that you’ve got SP’s on your e-mail list but they also get an updated list of all your friends. That’ll help them in sec checking in the future — aren’t you supposed to disclose all your friends? And if you don’t, do you get sec checked even more for the omission?

    So this almost sounds like an excuse to sec check everybody in the organization and make a ton of money doing it, not just hunt down those few people who are actively and intentionally communicating with known declared SP’s. This will not only take in the “guilty” but will take in relatively innocent people who simply don’t understand how to maintain their e-mail lists and delete people whose names are stuck in there but they either forgot about or they don’t know how to delete.

    This also suggests a very effective hack that Anonymous types could use to tie the church in complete knots. Starting with a database of known Scientologists, such as the list of 12,000 recipients for Debbie Cook’s e-mail, generate fake e-mail distribution lists for each of those genuine cult members, with a mix of genuine member e-mail addresses and of SP’s. It’s easy enough to forge an e-mail return address, so it would be very hard for the OSA to determine which e-mail address lists are valid and which ones are spoofed. Thus, DM would have to haul in every single member to be sec checked, or none, if he couldn’t tell which address lists are genuine and which ones are bogus. And if he hauls in everybody, the chances are high that some appreciable number are going to decide this is the last straw and blow. So this would be a great way to lob a bomb of suspicion into their already paranoid ranks. Technically it wouldn’t be hard and the payoff could be extraordinary. As the Anons say, time for popcorn and “caek” to sit back and watch the show.

  10. Forgot to mention: if they’re asking for your contact list today, they’ll probably be asking for your password tomorrow, “to make sure you’ve done it right,” but also to be able to snoop through all your e-mail at their leisure forever.

  11. FCDC Class of 74

    Tundal: re: a mild scent of panic… No I think that is fear, and I do feel the melt down gets creepier by the month. This year will prove to be decisive for all.

  12. This could also serve another purpose — to provide Central Files with a new mining operation.

  13. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    This is exactly what made me start waking up. I was told, I wasn´t allowed to look on the Internet. What……??? Am I not allowed to look on the Internet? Is this North Korea…..or DDR? I can assure you, I´m allowed to look on the Internet and read anything, I damn well please! It´s a Human Right! And I´m allowed to comment on anything to anybody. It´s a Human Right. And I have Hubbard´s word for it.

    The fact that other scientologists and targeted groups are labelled “undesirables” by the church is outright disgusting! – Where have we heard that before?

    If the church has so much to hide, instead of telling us not to read about it on the Internet, it should come clean. Do conditions, announce their transgressions publicly and make up for the damage. If someone want´s to control you, you just know, you´re being lied to. So a start for the church could be to stop lying…….Hm……..with time it becomes compulsive. You get so caught up in your own lies that you just have to continue. Tight spot to be in! So don´t look on the Internet!!! You´ll be declared “suppressive” if you do! – That´s got to be the solution.

  14. Since at least one DM pimp has kept me on his email list, I used this as an opportunity to reply to his message. This time I selected the 31 Factors as my content.

  15. Just when you think things could not get any more absurd. Radical Scientology is admitting that there are such a large number of disaffected members who have woken up that they can hardly keep track of them all.

    They are also admitting that they are very afraid of these “undesirables” spreading their message of truth to the remaining 23 devoted members. On my best day in the cult I would never send them my personal email list for vetting. They truly are their own worst enemy.

    I guess it goes to show that Dear Leader is sweating like a whore in church.

  16. Harvesting of emails is illegal.

  17. This will backfire Dave, as any other action you will do.

  18. Tres creepy. But aside from the sheeple, I suspect this egregious ploy may indeed serve to hasten the cog for a few more that something ain’t quite right here or that it’s time to depart. So perhaps just another shot in the foot. Not many toes left me thinks….

  19. Best yet Dizzy Mizz Lizzy! “What……??? Am I not allowed to look on the Internet? Is this North Korea…..or DDR?”

    And this old Moody Blues lyric came to mind:
    ” First Man:
    I think…
    I think I am.
    Therefore I am!
    I think…

    Of course you are, my bright little star…
    I’ve miles and miles of files
    Pretty files of your forefather’s fruit
    And now to suit our great computer
    You’re magnetic ink!

    First Man:
    I’m more than that
    I know I am…
    At least, I think I must be

    Inner Man:
    There you go, man
    Keep as cool as you can
    Face piles of trials with smiles
    It riles them to believe
    That you perceive
    The web they weave…
    And keep on thinking free”

  20. There are just too many slimy things about this whole email!
    Starting with “undesirables”…omg! What does that mean?
    And…do they tell you who they removed and why? Obviously there are too many people leaving the Church and Declare orders being written and not shown…or not written at all…so now the Church just wants to delete people from your life as “undesirable”.
    And yes…the “leaks”…how dare someone forward something from the Church that is lame and expose their idiocy. This will solve the problem!
    Another thing…I never hand out an email address without permission of the person to whom that address belongs. And now the Church is wanting access to your whole address book!

  21. Azul Celeste


  22. Gee. Next they’ll offer a cool new Golden Era of MEST Standard Financial Service. You send them the IDs and passwords for all your banking and other financial accounts, see? And they routinely (you know, every 15 minutes or so) check up on all your accounts to ensure you aren’t sending any money to “undesirable” or “unnecessary” or “out-ethics” recipients.
    Like silly, irrational, (bleeping off-purpose, dammit!!) little holiday gifts to your close family or friends (instead of paying for another intensive of Sec Checking).

    Or payments to Amazon, for books other than [ cue the choir ] another set of THE BASICS (mostly/kinda LRH books, as heroically corrected by Dear Leader).

    Or a payment on one of your mortgages or maxed-out credit cards, instead of donos for one of those slick and flashy buildings (clean, pure and utterly uncontaminated by staff, or public receiving services – eew!). That’s right – the ones Ron talks about over and over and OVER, in policy letter after policy letter, describing them as utterly, indispensably, ohmygawd VITAL to any and all future expansion. YOU remember those policies, DON’T YOU???? Just a minute…here: Gaze upon this bright, shiny, flashing stat graph video with the jarring explosion and flash at the end… There! NOW you remember, donnnn’t you. Suuuuure you do! You DO remember!!! You WILL remember!!!!!!

    By the way, when is that new revision of the Keeping Scientology Working policy coming out? You know, the one that includes the material Awesome Dave recovered, after the drooling SP Mimeo Typist cunningly omitted it. That’s right – the Eleventh Point of KSW: “Buying the correct glittering palaces for the technology.” I shouldn’t worry, though. I’m sure the revised version will be out before the new dictionary.

    Anyway, it’s thoughtful of Dave to mandate this sort of service! Way cool!!

    Heyyyyy. Maybe all this time, Dave has just had a simple misunderstood on the word “service”!! Sure! That would explain everything!!! Ya see, he MEANS well. It’s just that he thought that when Ron said “service the public,” he meant the kind of service a stallion gives a mare! Whoa. I’m having a blowdown.

    After all the Kool-aid, I guess the mares have gotten used to it.

  23. I can just see it now: This has probably already become the “required” action (voluntarily manditory) to get onto and through the next level. I can hear the young MAAs saying “Have you sent in your Email Contacts to IHELP yet? You will not get OT level eligibility until that cycle is completed. We need to be sure you will make it through the level and any contacts that are not preselected by us must be removed.”
    Six month checks, liability formulas, A-E or A-J steps will all now include this action. Checksheets for the PTS/SP and Ethics Specialists course will now have this step as part of the superduper golden age of cosmic knowledge that requires no contact with anyone in the universe but the Cult of Dave.
    This sure seems the hard way. Why don’t you just start publishing all the Golden Rods on us SPs Dave? Or are you afraid to let those “in” know just how many are fleeing your sad, sick game?

    All indie auditors need to get prepared to deliver as this is just another in a long line of Miscavige FOOTBULLITS that will wake people up to just how outrageous this nutty group has become and send them running for the doors and outside into the fresh air of independence. Anyone putting up with this BS deserves what they will inherit.

    Is it getting hot in your cosy litlle cave of one, eh Davie Miscavige? Are you having any fun yet? It has got to be tough being you.

  24. one of those who see

    Right. I will follow these instructions just like I followed the instructions to turn in all my “old” basic books. What did Charlton Heston say “…when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

  25. This appears to be a new twist on an old scam. In the 70ies we were urged to hand over a list of all our family,friends,and aquaintences; and if we did lost all of them we were told in that case they were not friends anyway ever.
    That did not sit right with me then and it certainly does not now. Besides I never ever hand over my central files of contacts over to anyone. There is policy on that which the kool-aid drinkers should know about!
    Or is someone hoping that years of Scientology intdoctrination has made enough people stupid and dull enough to let somemone else run their lives and then have the audacity to call that self-determinism and freedom.
    What more has to be done to those sheeple to wake up and smell the truth?
    WOW, what an evil way of generating income. It will be justified with: But we are auditing the people.
    What? Sec Checking is now auditing? I can hhear it:” I am not auditing you! Everything you say can and will be held against you in the kangeroo court of the Church of Scientology.”

  26. I guess some people need to learn the lesson of being stupid for awhile by surrendering their sovereignty.

    We’ve all done it to some degree.

    Then you get sick of it and reclaim independent thinking when the strait jacket doesn’t fit anymore.

    “oh my, I think I’ll stop punishing myself.”

    Perpetrator and victim is one weird ass tango

  27. And if you don’t want this valuable service we are providing then we just have to ask what are you hiding?

  28. This is so wrong in so many ways!

    I can see it now, new sec check question. Have you turned in all your contact addresses? Followed by lower conditions and full handling with evidence required. Anyone who complies with this is a genuine Jonestown style koolaide drinker. There is genuine concern felt for these people and their safety. On the positive side, those who still think for themselves, despite the potential dangers may take this as a “last straw” action and jump ship altogether. My vote is for the latter group.

    I have been reconnected with more “in good standing” Scientologists since I went public as an Indie. I am sure this is happening with others as well. I’d say the church is doing another footbullet.

  29. This made me laugh. Those lists will be getting smaller and smaller.
    Time for all DM robots to read/re-read Orwell’s 1984.

  30. Haaahaaaaaaaaa.

    I wonder when some bright koolaid drinker comes up with the same idea regarding everyone’s bank accounts.


  31. Bert Schippers

    Wow, insane! Let us clean up your comm lines, wouldn’t want you to talk to an undesirable.

  32. This post is just disturbing… Who even thinks to do this kind of thing? And who in their right mind would agree to it?

  33. Miscavige era is very near the end like the late communist world. One more opinion leader speaking and DM will be history. He already has no control over scientologists, I think more than 50% want him out.
    To anyone from the church reading this blog :
    To stay loyal to COB is a very non survival idea, at all level. Get rid of him, the soonest the better ! There is still a chance to save the church : fire Miscavige.

  34. The time these morons spend on this crap, in order to cover their own asses could be spent on actually applying the true technology….Gawd, what next a prison term? Oh, they are already in prison!

  35. Freedom Fighter

    Maybe the keeper of the bunker will do mankind a favor and meet with a similar fate to the bunker dweller he seems to want to emulate. He certainly seems to be on a similar path.

  36. By the way, are any of you harboring Jews, Gypsies or homosexuals? We just want to protect you from ‘undesirables’. For your own good.

  37. TheWidowDenk

    In addition to the comments above which are oriented toward disabusing the action of I HELP as a helpful action, feel for the corporate Scn who actually follows this line of think: “… an important cycle of action and will help keep undesirables off your lines as well.” Good grief! Rachel

  38. Dizzy Miss Lizzy, I agree with you 100% but you are too sane for the Church of BS relate even remotely. Maybe some day the rest of the cool-aid drinkers will start understanding LRH basics and asking questions.

  39. We have a dog that goes on a leash wherever we take her. In spite of that, I think she has more freedom than DM Scientologists today.

  40. Yes a Bunker in Germany comes to mind but in reality DM’s bunker is all in his little mind and he cannot close it as he cannot control it.

    Co-pilot to Pilot – “You’ve stalled the machine!! Reduce the angle of attack.”
    Pilot to Co-Pilot – “Fuck you. I know what I’m doing to those non-believers.”
    Co-Pilot ” You’ve gone into a deep stall!”
    Pilot – “NO way. Those Ideal Orgs are making me more and more money. Nothing is stalled. This is all according to my Grand Plan.”
    Co-Pilot – ” We are in a Spin. Ease off the throttle, opposite rudder. Reduce the angle of attack!”
    Pilot – “I KNOW BEST. You are just another SP on my lines.”
    Co-Pilot – “Oh Shit. We’re going in!!’


  41. Creepier by the month, yes. Looking for a possibly positive ending to this mad circus, and I can see nothing but absolute disaster.

  42. Angela LeMay

    “undesirables”…that blows my mind, what a dramatization… on so many tracks.

  43. LTC Forever

    Wow. Just when you thought it cannot get any crazier, here it comes! Instead of getting the ethics in where they are needed, the Church is pioneering a system of a new world order mind control. What will come next? I wonder when will the Sea Org members start facing the truth and start confronting their Orwellian management as being grossly “out-ethics?” Don’t the SO’s take an oath of some sort “to get ethics in on the planet” when they get initiated? LOL. Or does the true Scientology management reside outside of this planet? There are theories that such is the case.

  44. This email has my curiosity up. IHELP, Afaik has the task and jurisdiction of controlling Field Auditors which gives this CO authority to order silly orders like this in the West US, potentially cutting the number of clients of these practitioners in the field and their bread and butter.
    How many field auditors actually exist, willing to comply at this point?
    This is after David Miscavige has:
    1. Forced GAT down their throats, declaring those who refuse
    2. Lengthed runways so it is almost impossible to train
    3. Statistically only a handful made by Idle Orgs in the past few years
    4. Horror stories by OOTs (outer org trainees) at the Mecca such as Brad yesterday.
    I hope this serves as a Big Brother wake up call to any Field auditors still sipping that over-sweet sugary beverage!

  45. Was this email sent to orgs and/or individuals? If people are leaking information, they obviously won’t be following orders.

  46. All I can say is, My God.

    Send them all your contacts, and the cult will decide who should or should not be on your lines.


  47. Tony Dephillips

    I want you to turn over all your lists or YOU will be an undesirable!!

  48. Tony Dephillips

    This kind of looks like an Int event.

  49. Fascinating move.

    At first glance this seems to be yet another step in the disconnection saga of abomination. And it is. But closer study also reveals it is a totally defeated, retreat from Moscow, “save as many remaining members as we can”, last gasp effort.

    The key is the fact that it does our promotion for us. It “promotes the flap broadly to the field”. Something done only when it is universally understood that “the flap” is of huge proportions and there is nothing else for it.

    And of course, the fact that the further invasion of privacy is yet another, unavoidable foot bullet.

  50. Doesn’t surprise me. Years ago scientologists were given a disk, ostensibly to be used as a virus protector. It was called at least in passing — net nanny.

    What it was INSTEAD was a disk which didn’t allow your computer to search any antagonistic sites. Those who installed it didn’t know they couldn’t find “everything” on the internet. It had been “cleaned”

    They do this in China … not all sites are available. Nothing for example regarding Tibet, the Dalai Lama …

    Truly it must be extremely painful to continue to be a Corporate Scientologist — just remember when you say — they are drinking the kool-aid that life FOR a Corporate Scientologist is confusing/painful/thought stopping/sad —- there isn’t any joy when your mind has been stolen.

    Continue to have compassion for each of them.

    ALSO — as an aside — I found Sheryl Ronhaar – Weigand – Liccardi — on Facebook. Sheryl is Class XII that went “missing” — Hy Levy back in December 2010 told me she had been ill. I’ve been looking for her on and off — then after Hy passed I got an “inspiration” (message from HY?) to have someone check death certificates in Clearwater — one of my friends found her. Is her FB page bogus? Don’t know — she has not responded to my friend request but perhaps doesn’t remember my maiden name which I now use. Perhaps someone in Clearwater could check death certificates.


  51. Do you suppose they’ll do a better job with parishioner’s email lists than they do with their own mailing lists? As far as I can tell, addresso is pathetically inept, at least 10 years out of date, and using a broken system. My mother (dead for 15 years) still gets mail. Good luck to anyone witless enough to buy into this latest insanity.

  52. Wildly Clapping Seal

    Christmas Card List sent to IHELP

    1. Charles Manson
    2.Ted Kazinsky
    3.John Wanye Gasy
    4.Lee Harvey Oswald
    5.Adolf Hitler
    6.Al Capone
    7.Lucky Luciano
    8. Pablo Escobar
    9.John Dillinger
    10.Carlo Gambino

  53. Any suggestions for those who may wish to edit their email lists and files before submitting them?

    For those outside with high profiles and heavy traffic, paranoid about being hacked, you can secure all your lists using a USB flash drive (then wipe your HD). The capacities are so high you can carry your entire HD around in your pocket or purse (about the size of a lipstick, and less expensive).

  54. This has gotten to be so Nazi, that anybody who cannot see it is either a complete zombie, or has so many overt that he/she is completely stupid.

  55. Ronnie Bell

    Chilling. This is like something the Stazi or the KGB would do. It’s nothing more than a naked attempt to squash freedom of communication among its members. For now, it’s a ‘service’. How long until it’s a requirement for continued membership? Not long, I’d say. The Mad Hatter needs to know who everyone’s been talking to, and he’ll stop at nothing to find out.

    I would hope that every churchie who gets this email reacts with due disgust and horror at this Orwellian attempt to control their comm lines.

  56. 1) Export a file to yourself. Save it. Then go back to the original contact list / addresses, delete names of friends, and export the edited file for review..

    2) For existing text emails, get a new email program, import all into it, then go back to old email program, delete name folders, sort “inbox” and “sent” folders by name (recipient and sender) and delete friends’ names. Export edited file for review.

  57. Most likely.

  58. There are doubtless many opportunities for LULZ with this one.

  59. I’m guessing that this was sent by IHELP to missions (and maybe other groups), not to invidual Scientologists. The RCS is likely getting a bit embarrrassed by all their emailed promo being forwarded out for ridicule. However, assuming that the recipients cooperate with this “request”, it won’t do any good. Too many people are still under the radar. The only thing that will work is if they take everyone off the list with the exception of the Facebook police types.

  60. Perfect!

  61. Mike/Marty,

    This is a stunning revelation. One of the last projects I worked on in RTC was a computerized index system for charting connections, creating electronic fat files where you could pull up any names and see who had most connections, it worked from every angle, at that time was a highly sophisticated piece of software. It was being designed to identify those friendly, neutral, connected, supportive of Mayo/AAC, or other 80’s independents and “dissafecteds”. It was not actually fully developed and in full use when I left RTC.

    Following through the logic of what would happen now, were I a member, and forwarded all of my contacts, I can see the following being used not only for intelligence purposes, but also to control me if I later decided to leave:

    All of my business contacts Scn and not
    All of my personal contacts Scn and not.
    All of my contacts with government agencies and personnel
    All of my media contacts.
    The type of circles I “travel” in
    Who has emailed me in the past (software like outlook keeps that)
    Scope/depth of my reach into society, what types of comm lines I am on that the COS might like to harvest.
    All of my personal and professional email accounts.
    Possibly last contact times with people.
    With enough other contributing sources, all different email addresses that all people in contact with me use.

    It is actually frightening. I later decide to leave, they know my friends, my customers, my professional contacts, my family and can within minutes send DA packs to discredit me and throw my life into chaos.

    The bright side is that knowing how well they manage internal church mailing lists, I doubt they can effectively manage it. But WOW!

    It is actually frightening.

  62. Also, I notice they are not offering to tell the person WHO the undesirables are, just removing them from email addresses!

  63. Interesting – would you elaborate a bit, please, and save me some Googling time?

  64. Blue Seagull – Yes. As an IMPORTANT NOTE to other readers and posters: as Napolean said, never disturb the enemy when he is busily making a mistake. I see various foot-bullets. This is so much popcorn!

  65. what does harvesting mean?

  66. Nevermind, I made a stupid comment.

  67. Nice style David. Very evocative. And accurate!

  68. 🙂

  69. Li'll bit of stuff

    Surely this can’t be a toe dipping into another JONES TOWN??
    LRH postulated “infinity valued logic.” Literally applied, one could
    ask: What is the most extreme degree of insanity ever manifested?

    New Psychiatric term ——– ” Davidmiscavigeindieophobia ”
    ( prognosis.completely incurable.requires full institutionalization.)

  70. TheWidowDenk

    When the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests were at Bridge Publications, later 1986+, an S.O. member associated with the contests and working at BPI, offered the Illustrators of the Future mailing list to a non-Scn public person who published a fan magazine in exchange for her mailing list. I said “no.” That was a case of unhattedness on mailing list policies. I really don’t know why the same policies would not apply in this particular case … oh, wait, I probably do know why. Rachel

  71. Problem is that he is so blinded by his own magnificence that he perceives a backfire as the rush of air that comes from massive, wild, unstoppable applause for his genius. He lives in an unreal world of sycophants and self-stroking, mirror-gazing adulation. He is a real life Dr. Pangloss. As a result, the world will continue to be exposed to the insanity of his vanity as played out by the clubbed seals who leap to please his every whim.

  72. Is anyone surprised? What is surprising is that anyone thinks they can get the toothpaste back into the tube and keep it there. Not going to happen now or ever. Huge waste of time and resources. Internet and e-mails are constantly changing. The next e-mail (address) that gets auto-added to your contact list will be the one that contains that truth which opened someones eyes. And thats the list that never gets forwarded. This program in itself will open up more eyes than it could ever keep closed. Its so extreme one wonders if it was done with another purposes in mind altogether.

  73. Actually, IHELP is field auditors, primarily, as far as I know. Maybe including volunteer ministers.

  74. Ziba Feulner

    Tunedal, that was exactly my perception too…Someone is in panic that their little sheep might wake up and smell the coffee…

  75. Your humble servant


    That’s how it struck me–just one more of those weird things that is likely to stick in people’s craws and make it more likely for them to wake up. Actually, no one ever told me I wasn’t allowed to look on the internet, but for years I avoided reading critical articles about “Scientology” on the internet because I knew it would just be entheta. When I one day happened to find the St. Pete Times truth rundown (I had actually been searching to see what had become of the “disappeared” Mike Rinder), I was pleased to see that it was not attacking Scientology but was exposing the abuses of David Miscavige and present church practices. That is really what thoroughly woke me up. However, several people have said they were told they “weren’t allowed” to look on the internet, and it is hard for me to understand how anyone could accept that.

  76. OMG soooo very true. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Anyone would be an absolute fool to send them anything; they will use it against you.

  77. Rory Medford

    invasion of privacy at its best!! In due time they will be monitoring every penny you make and which front group is best to fund. Or do they do that already? This will only continue to add to their shrinking membership people are running for the hills and getting out at a rapid rate. They just dont know what to do to STOP the mass exodus. What is their next trick?

  78. Ronnie Bell

    It just occurred to me how ludicrous this is. I’m as above the radar as one can get, yet I still get email from a dozen or more church entities every day. The little Nazis really are incompetent, aren’t they?

  79. Ronnie Bell



    Yes Mike, That is exactly what is happening. I’m most saddened by the fact that except for the auditors that have left and are practicing, there are no goals of Ron’s being accomplished – in fact the goals achieved in the past from the hard work of us all are being demolished. I would say I’m sorry to Ron for letting that happen but without a team it was impossiable and Ron would agree with that and would not blame any of us. We just got to get our ‘team’ together and train and audit like Marty & Friends keeps saying to us. It has taken me since June 30, 2010 when I read Amy’s book a dear friend sent me. The 30 yrs of brainwasing has been comming off in layers. The list of the false data inlaid into my tought pattern is 2 pages long. [I’m thankfull I learned a bit of tech her and there in my 20 years of admin posts].
    The gains are incredable. I got back my wins from OT III. I got back my FPRD rundowns wins (the tech on these RDs were invalidated after I had long completed), the ability to remember in time sequence the events
    of my 20 years (77-96), and now – every day – I recall more of my childhood.
    The solution is to train and audit and help others and make a better world. The church is freaked because they have leaks and the ship is sinking – oh who to trust, oh who to trust ~~~~
    [PS I’ll be on that indi 500 list in just a few more months! I want that gold cert]
    I can’t tell all you Marty and Friends enough ~ thank goodness for all your work. I’ll be there pitching in soon. I’m on my ‘project prepare’ 🙂

  81. Tony that is funny!

  82. Richard Royce

    Ya see, he MEANS well. It’s just that he thought that when Ron said “service the public,” he meant the kind of service a stallion gives a mare! Whoa. I’m having a blowdown.

    That is too funny!

  83. Big brother will know all about your business. For sure they will turn all info over to the little kid and his osa clan. Talk about intimidating and extreme control!

  84. WindWalker

    It may well come to the point where all public are demanded to comply to this order, however, chances are good that, due to the source of the communication, it was only sent to IHELP members, and it is regarding their
    Scn. data base rather than their personal data base. Seems likely though that the other front groups are doing similar things too.

    The orgs have had their address data bases in the hands of some senior data base for years.

    One glaring outpoint with this offer is that the place where these lists are to be sent is “”. If this is the same “terminal” that handles the church’s international data base, then I will pretty much guarantee that it will be totally ineffective in carrying out its stated purpose. I know this because I am a card (golden-rod) carrying SP for nearly one year, and I still get mailings from Flag. Besides this, whoever handles the main data base for the church cannot even correct your address when you send it to them directly. They have been working on a project to correct the data base for years now, and as far as I can tell it is still in pretty bad shape.

    Since it is unlikely that any of the declared Scientologists are looking to get onto church connected field auditor and group lines, it is my guess is that they are likely looking for any “new names” that they can add to beef up the international stats, and to bypass the groups and steal their clients.

    Eric S


    I did not get the email 😦 I successfully ‘removed’ myself from those. I’m on a bunch of church mailing lists and that bunch of promotion has been hot and heavy just since Debbies e-mail. I even got a IAS ‘Grants News’ flyer ‘Edition 26’ – I’ve never seen editions 1-25 & I’ve been an IAS member since it’s beginings (AOLA bought them for ech staff member)- well I received it on 7 Feb 2012 and it is dated Dec 7, 2011. The last line: “And with IAS support we ring in the New Year!!”. I’m confused strike that – LMAO

  86. Yes, and what do you think will happen when the clown considers himself trapped in a corner?

  87. Jethro Bodine

    Did they really use the word “undesirables”???

    The Undesirables was the name given to the people whom the Nazi’s thought to be inferior.

    These were the Jews, the homosexuals, the travelling community, the disabled, the communists, the trade unionists, the Polish and the Soviets.

  88. Yes, I agree Mike. DM has ordered his staff to get the public closed into the same bunker along with him and them. But, Scn public must use the internet and social networks because it is part of the fabric of their lives. So, sooner or later they discover DM’s past suppressive acts and his stupid Ponzi scheme. The point is, you can’t effectively manage a cult or a Ponzi scheme in the internet age! It does not work. There are so many “leaks” of damning information about DM coming from so many directions that no public Koolaid drinker can be completely protected or isolated from this information.

    For staff, it is different, they are more isolated. But staff ARE connected to the public, so they too eventually start to see the discrepancy between DM’s glowing bullshit PR events and reality.

    Being a cult leader in the internet age is like trying to build a boat out of screen doors. All the bullshit is the world is not going to make your boat float.

  89. Harvesting: you know when you get an email forwarded joke and everyone’s email from the originator in Zimbabwe to your mate and all her work colleagues is in it from all the times its been forwarded. Harvesting is a process of extracting all those email address so they can be spammed. Single best source of valid email addresses is the chain email and the reason I don’t forward and if I do I strip off the email addresses.

    Not relevant to getting people to send in their email addresses. I hear tell that over 3500 email addresses were harvested from a scientology org that left its server open to the public.

  90. E.J. Croughs

    Use those wonderful lines to send copies of this blog. Real fun!

  91. I have only one suggestion. Don’t do it. Tell them that this is the US and not nazi Germany. It does not matter who you are, If you give your contacts to ANY organization, you are an idiot.

  92. “…it won’t do any good. Too many people are still under the radar” Couldn’t agree more. Forcing people to disconnect from family and friends (and this is just another undeniable example of it) and harrassment of Scientologists who distance themselves from the RCS, is what has driven some people underground! This is part of the reason I am still under the radar. So they create their own unseen “enemy”, which is monumentally stupid actually. But what can we expect from the leadership who consistently operates below 2.0? Reminds me a bit of a reg cycle I had once – the SO guy offered to take over and manage my finances! And I naively thought he was a lone nut. Oh and he wanted money for IAS – it was not even to help me up the Bridge. Now I see it is “group think”. “Tell us everything, then give us everything, do what we tell you to do, comm only with people if we give you permission, don’t look at anything unless it is pre-approved, and don’t complain or we will destroy you!” This is the dwindling spiral. And as Dlingen said…….. “SPLATTT”

  93. Marty

    I realise this is off-topic but do you have any commentary on the character assassination of John Travolta? Is this potentially DM making an example of JT to scare off others who might speak out about the church?

    Perhaps JT hasn’t been playing the game lately?

  94. The contraction continues. This is actually very good news. They are closing down their comm lines, a sure fire method of making the group smaller.

    I wonder how an email address gets on the list. An as often as some addresses change, how will they keep up. Oh my!

  95. The melt down is really in progress. I know some of those people from here in Germany which has recently left the church. This process is going on quietly, those people do not announce it in the publicity

  96. LTC Forever

    Yeah, but an action like this is likely to come up in a sec check as a withhold, and then you’ll be stuck in ethics forever and probably spend thousands more dollars on additional sec checks… etc. Not worth it.

  97. Phil Bruemmer

    Phil Bruemmer
    I’m an undesirable & I don’t give a hoot because I don’t belong to the cult.
    Now I’m gonna confess to my ignorance of the org board here: why is
    I (don’t) HELP running this (ha!) program?

  98. LTC Forever

    Man… at the end of the day who will be left? I don’t understand how the church plans to get new people in who have grown up in the Internet age and have probably already seen a lot “entheta” (lol) before even stepping into the church. It seems like the higher ups are totally out of PT and out-reality on how things work out in the modern world.

  99. I see from your list your have quite a few undesirables.

    We need you to come in today to see if you have been corrupted by these contacts and need to be declared…

  100. John, this is brilliant. Creating a set of lists of “undesirables” and sending them in to OSA (er, I mean IHELP) under the names of prominent Scientologists would effective nuke this little plan. This is something Anon could do with both hands behind their collective backs.

  101. Wow. Marty, your “Orwellian style” comment is surely apropos. I am rereading Animal Farm at the moment and the number of times I have stopped to notice a parallel between the head pig, Napoleon (Stalin) and Dear Leader is dragging out my reading time considerably. With his pack of attack dogs (Jenny Linson, Lisa Schroer and Barbara Ruiz, if she is still around), his very infrequent forays into public, penchant for alcohol, bullshit expansion statistics and much more, one wonders if the book isn’t his Bible. In my mind I have a new name for Int/Gold: Animal Farm.

  102. Good one, Tony. :)))

  103. Considering that certain employers and schools are already doing this, it will definitely happen in the “Church”. If someone is in Ethics seeing the MAA or EO, what right-thinking MAA would NOT not demand their Facebook and email passwords?

  104. Ronnie Bell

    I must admit that I’m tempted to do so. A reply with my Declaration of Independence in the body of the email just might do the trick.

  105. As for me, when the “net nanny” came out, I absolutely did not install it. It was none of their business. I did not make a big deal about it – I just did not do it. Just like I would never send my email lists to the Church. If anything, I would ask for the list of “undesirables” and do the work myself.

    They would never send the list out to people of course – too many people would see their friends on the list!

    By the way, has anyone here actually installed the “net nanny” when they were still in the Church?

  106. Dan — Once you are done with that, take a re-read of 1984. That is even more chilling. If analogies to DM slow you down with Animal Farm I suspect you may never finish 1984….

  107. Sounds like the government, wanting to monitor all transactions!


  108. The key is to have reasonable enough lists with mostly “good” names but each list poisoned with a couple of SP’s at random. It’s about subterfuge, not about obvious mockery. They’d know it was a joke if they started getting 12,000 lists with Mike and Marty’s e-mail addresses at the very top, followed by Jason Beghe, Paul Haggis, etc. And yes it is something that Anons could do trivially. It would take an hour or two to build a script in the “perl” programming language to do this. Been a long time since I had a programming class in school, but if I were more current, I’d be volunteering to help.

  109. Mike,
    Pretty wild move. It seems like a, improved and adapted for the sheeple-wolves-connections.

  110. Carcha,
    Thanks for the computer lesson. Very appreciated!
    If one doesn’t know such one can go in a spin spending hours trying to figure it out.

  111. HannibalTheFirst

    OMG and I thought it could not get any more disgusting.
    This is just a scam to keep I Help associates under control.
    I think a few already spelled it out. By having access to all email lists (notice they ask for “all”) they have a complete network of anybody in I help and can make risk assessments based on the contacts lists. This is not about the “undesirable” this is a plot to gain complete and utter control over “I Help” associates out there. I personally know “I Help” groups braking apart in numbers, this is preventive damage control. It gives a nice priority list on whom to work over next to shore up the sheeples.
    It is already mind boggling that the Sea Org even thinks of this crap, actually executing this is beyond any decency and shows they have no regards for individual Scientologists. They are just cattle that needs to be counted, herded and milked or butchered.
    If it needed any more proof that the Sea Org at its very core is a criminal self-serving organization, here it is.

  112. TheWidowDenk

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall the “net nanny” became available to those who “enrolled” in the Scientologists Online evolution. Does anyone rememeber it was “MANDATORY?” We (Gene and I) wouldn’t enroll so didn’t get the “net nanny.” Rachel

  113. Soon to be Independent in the open

    Buying off Debbie Cook from exposing crimes …. 100,000

    Fair gaming Larry Wollersheim and paying the price …. 17 million

    Becoming an IAS Diamond Super Meritorious … 25 million

    Miscaviage behind bars — PRICELESS

  114. Grasshopper, some employers, colleges, and government agencies currently currently demand social media passwords.

    However there is a strong movement building to disallow the practice. For example, the California Legislature is currently considering such a bill.

  115. Another Layer

    Excellent point! The whole list-out-of-control mania would be laughable, a tempest in a teapot, except for the fact that it is happening in real life, and people are going along with it!!! Self-abnegation in spades.

  116. Path of Buddha

    For over 20 years, I’ve been asking corporate scientology
    to stop sending me brochure mail and e-mail. I have also asked them to stop phone calls
    and unannounced visits to my home. Finally, I sent a letter to them
    suggesting that they can only contact me if they desire information
    about Buddhism. This seems to have partially worked as it
    stopped the personal letters and home visits at least.
    Perhaps with this new scientology policy, they will eventually wake up
    to the fact that the brochures are a waste of postage. A lady at the
    post office asked me to keep the flow of scientology material because
    it would at least help her retain her postal delivery job.

    May all undesirable beings on e-mail lists be well and happy!

    George M. White

  117. Hey! This one might do it! The order goes in to I HELP, products are demanded, then threatened. Then personnel will be removed from post, RPFed and/or declared, which sets in panic on the remaining I HELP staff so all staff will be put on getting this order done (when not selling Basic Book Packages), pulling them completely off post, therefore crashing stats. FUN!
    Heck! They’re doing all the work for us! Sounds like a “nobody sleeps until” order to me. I really weep for those guys still on staff. This stuff is painful.

  118. Really revolting. How can anyone get a request like that and not see a red flag?

  119. Li'll bit of stuff

    Soon to be…

    Now THAT’s the SPIRIT (pun & no pun)!!!!
    Please order yourself a double whammy whisky, on my
    behalf , by including your Indie 500 # number if & when
    registered. Just TR-0 + step out of Darkness = Sunshine!

    Calvin B. Duffield
    Indie Declaration 13 May (Mother’s Day)
    Indie 500 list no. # 301

  120. Tony,

    Yours may be the public event version, but this one is closer to his private briefings at int:

    I love Ramstein.

  121. Ronnie Bell

    Whoever thought of this will probably get promoted to Int. level, and DM will surely instruct them to add this to the six month sec check program for OTVIIs. Ought to add an easy $5,000 extra to every OTVII extortion cycle, don’t you think?

  122. Dave Miscavige,
    Well, I’m going to do this right away!! I’ll also send you “lists of withholds” for all my auditees of course. Ooops, sorry about that last one, I don’t actually KEEP “lists of withholds”, well not like you like them anyway. I’m such a lousy Stenographic Auditor, that I only get FOR the auditee not for you and well, again, sorry.

    So you want my email contacts for all my email accounts? Umm, those lists are pretty big, so I’m wondering if I should just send you my closest contacts.

    Tell you what Dave, read this blog today and cull the names. There you go. DONE SIR!!!!

    P.S. I’ll have my financial info to you shortly. I just have to get it back from that Nigerian fella.

  123. morelivesthanacat

    Now that’s good!m

  124. morelivesthanacat

    (“m” was just a typo).

  125. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    As usual, you make the most crystal clear spot on conceptual synopsis of what Dave is all about. So, thank you once again.

    Further, for those who STILL DO NOT BELIEVE the church can do ANY WRONG DOING, let me help give the “lurkers” , the “I’m only looking here reading MARTY’S BLOG to confirm he is the biggest SP Scientology had and will ever see as I’ve been told he is by OSA” people! ; a look into the inside as to what goes on during one of these “flaps”.

    You see, if I were still on post as the Security Chf Int Base, this Cook E-mail problem would of required immediate and full time action of mine to resolve. I would of not been the only one but for sure I would been a very busy dude. Compare the compulsion, man hours and efforts by all middle management, lower org staff and public that went into the selling of the BASIC’S, for as long as they did and still continue to this day and double it. Any previous INT Base Staff would agree how taunting of a task this would become simply to satisfy the master thong wearer.

    Now mind you, right after he would of performed another one his classic stomping onto the apple box and giving his next highest level of BASE WIDE BRIEFING ass chewing and soul raping down in MCI, he would go right back up to his “NeverLand Paradise” at the Villa’s, pop open a bottle of irish wiskey, picked up an Xbox controller and played Xbox for the rest of the day.

    You see, Debbie Cooks e-mai that hit the – uncontrolled and uncontrollable by DAVID MISCAVIGE himself – WORLD WIDE WEB at the stroke of midnight 1 January 2012, set the next greatest wildfire Scientology has even seen into motion.

    Everyone below him of what is left of who is considered an INT BASE STAFF MEMBER would have their bone chilling fever kick in of the fear at being caught by him of their not doing something effective to resolve this flap of magnitude.

    The soul raping and bone chilling fever is real. The “abused housewife” syndrome really exists. You would only believe it once you’ve lived it and boy have I and others lived it!

    Now, Mart’y exposure of CSI’s latest effort to cleanse its parishioners
    “to make sure you are not inadvertently contacting some terminals who are no longer in good standing with the Church:; is jargon for OSA to successfully obtain (legally obtain mind you because he who does comply keep’s it “legal” in OSA and Abelson’s eyes.

    You see, people like myself, Kirstin, Ben Shaw, Kurt Weiland, Pat Bugelwitz, John Busby, and others would of thought to our selves, “Shit, of course this is a good idea! It’s such an obvious thing to do for the survival of not only the individual but for the group.! Why didn’t I THINK OF THIS BEFORE from my position as Security Chf Int Base, Dir External Security, INCOMM Security Ops, etc, etc…

    This truly is school yard bullying, soul raping, abuse of the house wife reality in progress with in the current Church of Scientology people!

    I wish I was a fly on the wall watching Craig Jensen read and react to his e-mail directive on this and then having the tragic dilemma settling in of not only doing this for himself and Sally but executing it upon all the mixed in Scientology staff he has on his pay roll enough so that for all those he didn’t cover and comply to on this order will NOT come up during his sec-checking and thus starting another massive and uncontrollable wildfire in his own life!

    You see, this order coming from CSI Management places all those who are to comply into a massive problem. Dammed if you do ( complying creates satisfaction for the ever loving CSI and yet complying yet again to another obvious insane order but I don’t have the specific’s as to why hidden data line) Dammed if I don’t ( my personal friends, business contact’s and social way of life are expendable compared to the wrath to be issued by CSI if I do not comply) .

    Come on lurkers, under the radar flyers and MY NECK IS TOO PRECIOUS readers of this forum, WAKE UP! How many f-ing times does one need to touch a hot stove before they stop touching it!
    ( It’s really laying on a hot grill nowadays )

    The only solution to the ever lingering problem is continuation at exposing the truth!


    BTW, this is just ONE of the many insanities attached to this “handling” created by CSI, OSA and David Miscavige.

    You all do see the repercussions for all those who do comply to this order, right? It not only is yet another implementation of having the wrong condition assigned to MANY good people dedicated to their church, it is yet another economical stimulus benefit to the church as this will for sure create tens of thousands of revenue for the church confessional hours applied to those who are discovered to still have GARY JACKSON MOREHEAD on their “friends”, through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend etc.. list if they knew it or not!

    It’s actions taken like this by CSI upon their sheep that motivates ME to do yet ANOTHER action towards exposure of truth. We I’m gonna use my “undesireables” to get the word out about CSI’s latest HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION.

    Imagine Intel, Microsoft or even McDonald’s enforcing this crap upon it’s staff.

    Sorry for this getting a little long winded Y’all.

    A tip of my hat to all the good folks out there reading!

    Except to you Dave, for you I’m off to drop a deuce in your honor!

    — Jackson

  126. Unfriginbeliveable! Stupid is what stupid does – the RCS!

  127. We of the church believe that all our members are free to communicate with those we approve of.

    We of the church believe that all our members are free to read what we approve of.

    We of the church believe that all our members are free to do what we approve of.

    We of the church believe that all our members are free to think what we approve of.

    We of the church believe that all our members are free to spend their money as we see fit. Should any member run out of money and credit, we will dedicatedly work to increase your credit by any means possible.

    We of the church believe that your children are a potential asset as thus rightfully belong to us.

    We of the church believe, that you had better believe, the above is your Route To Freedom.

    Hip, Hip, Horray…….

  128. Thomas More

    Great description! It brought this scene to mind:

  129. that was based off an event where Heber asked the audience to write the names of the 3 most influential people they knew.

  130. This is just amazing and I can ONLY think with it if someone -yeah we know who – is trying to destroy Scientology (RCS + Indies) as a whole completely.

    FREEDOM Mag used to attack groups that emulated the 3rd Reich tactics of labeling people as “Untermenschen” to make it more justified for their attack dogs to carry out their eradication programs. Meanwhile they must have CLOSED TERMINALS completely with such groups AND the 3rd Reich’s SS.

    In the Non-Existence formula expanded (INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTOLOGY ETHICS page 107) LRH states: It is really and factually not up to anyone else to round up his lines for him any more than it is up to others to do his breathing for him”. If anyone accepts this “helpful offer to clean his/her email lists” he/she is a untrained idiot.

    Maybe DM is trying to reintroduce the Hindu Cast system. I believe there is still a lower rung below the “Undesirables” and that would be the “Untouchables”. Am looking forward to what DM is coming up with next.

  131. Your humble servant


    You are right. I always thought it was odd and a little disconcerting how the church people routinely talked about “servicing” the public rather than “serving”. While there might be room for their usage in a sense that was technically correct, I do not believe that usage was ever broadly agreed upon in the society at large. Hence, the choice was odd. Now I understand. This usage has been a sort of “freudian slip” or hidden meaning. To “service” the public really meant under the surface what you are saying, and I imagine that people in the church of the likes of DM and his sycophants were well aware of and enjoying this private joke. No wonder you felt a blowdown (sudden disapation of mental charge, for you non-Scios).

    I actually don’t recall Ron himself ever using service as a verb, although he may well have done so on rare occasions. He usually spoke of “serving” or “giving service,” which do not have the same connotations. For example, the famous quotation, “A being is only as valuable as he can serve others,” and HCOB 15 January 1970, Issue II, Handling With Auditing: “Service and HANDLING are the same thing. When you give service you handle.”

  132. They are the same people who are paying for the “pleasure” of being sec checked every 6 months to interrupt their Bridge progress. Who take out mortgages to give money to a building that has been overfunded by 3X and in order to deliver a service (Super Power) that LRH said would be delivered at the SH’s in 6 weeks in 1979. They also buy numerous copies of books they already own, etc etc etc

  133. Those are both excellent books about the totalitarian environment. But an even more disturbing book with deep insights I think anyone here can relate to is Eric Hoffer’s 1950s classic “The True Believer”.

    From Amazon’s review: “A stevedore on the San Francisco docks in the 1940s, Eric Hoffer wrote philosophical treatises in his spare time while living in the railroad yards. The True Believer — the first and most famous of his books — was made into a bestseller when President Eisenhower cited it during one of the earliest television press conferences. Completely relevant and essential for understanding the world today, The True Believer is a visionary, highly provocative look into the mind of the fanatic and a penetrating study of how an individual becomes one.”

  134. The Oracle

    I think it’s hysterical! Demanding people surrender their email lists and demanding compliance! I sincerely doubt anyone, even the most fanatical, would willingly do this. There is no LRH reference on monitoring public address books first of all. Second of all, it is non sequitur in a manner such as it is actually putting every Scientologist under investigation. That is an ethics gradient. The notice might as well have screamed, “Every Scientologist is now under investigation!” That is way too funny! Management is tripping!

  135. The Oracle

    They have already taken Life Repair off the grade chart in the Church. I see them magically making grade zero disappear next! Clearly they DO NOT want people being ABLE to communicate to anyone about anything!
    The latest grade chart, people start with sauna and sec checks! No life repair! The animosity towards public is obvious! No wonder they are all under investigation now!

  136. Ryan Kelly

    This is just plain weird. I am so happy that I am no longer an active member of this weird Church.

  137. The Oracle

    Oh, and did you notice on the new grade chart it goes up to OTXV?
    This is blatant fraud! The Church has no OTXV!

  138. E.J. Croughs

    Undesirables of RCS are way less in number; only the Indy’s, everybody who audits, all OT’s, all Psychs, everybody who’s ill, the pharmaceutical industry, all European Governments, everybody who’s broke and can’t donate anymore, the IRS, everybody on the Internet, everybody who communicates freely, thinks an original thought, all bankers, everybody who uses Policy, asks for LRH references, the military industrial complex, all Freezoners, all the media, everybody that doesn’t donate to Super power, libraries, idle orgs, basics, bridge, sec checks, the FDA, everybody that doesn’t mortgage his house for the 3rd time to donate, the FBI, everybody criticizing Davey, the Church, management, everybody that doesn’t answer his phone when the reg calls, all the Martians and everybody else.

  139. We of the church of miscavology believe that we have the inalienable right to dicate who you talk to, what you say, what you think while you are saying what we tell you to say, and when to shut the f_ _ _ up!

    We of the church of miscavology believe that we have the inalienable right to emulate Adolph Hitler and decide for everyone on the planet and in this universe who is and who is not an “undesirable.”

    We of the church of miscavology believe that we have inalienable rights to your mind, your soul, your bank account and your email address lists.

    Considering that there are possibly 2 1/2 percent of the population that is truly insane (suppressive); and considering that there are perhaps 30,000 lost souls still in the church of miscavology world wide; and considering that miscavige has already gotten rid of the best and the brightest thetans, It is a relatively safe assumption that there are minimally 600 real SPs within the church of miscavology. These are people who completely agree with and avidly support his agenda.

    I believe we can add the author of that letter to the list.

  140. Rory Medford

    do it! it will set u free that much more

  141. Rory Medford

    DM and his henchmen has crossed the line a long time ago. DM is sooooo full of himself he has sh****t coming out of his ears eyes and mouth, gross but so so true

  142. Just out of curiosity, I checked the Scientologist Online list to see if they had removed my entry. Yes, they had. But I also saw 7 names in Texas that I know are listed as independents and/or declared for such activity. That is just the Texas list. Their admin sucks. They can’t even keep us “undesirables” off their own list. Definitely creates the impression they perhaps have a different agenda than the one stated.

  143. No deaths listed for her under any of those surnames through and they are usually fairly quick to post deaths. She is listed for other things, just not deaths.

  144. +1
    Excellent write-up

  145. Joe Pendleton

    Facism continues to grow and grow in the CoS. But… but ….but… unlike Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, there are no soldiers at one’s door with guns or prison camps waiting. Each individual Scientologist asked for his “lists” has the option of saying “no” or simply ignoring the request. We will see how many are truly brainwashed and turn over this information. I do have to say that although this continual attempt to completely control parishioner’s lives is getting worse by leaps and bounds each year under Herr Miscavige, it is an old story in Scientology and really is a matter of degree of what it has always been like. Back in 1970 when I joined staff, I was also a teenage college student and the fact that I was still in school was something that was addressed by a number of staff members, who wanted to make my life decisions for me. As the years went on, my sex life was always something that could be questioned at any time and of course it became SOP by the mid 80s to ask how many credit cards I had and what were the limits on them. By 2005 I was simply asked by senior SO members how much money I had in the bank (and was told by a very high up ethics person that I had to turn it all over to the church to prove I was now committed and in ethics). Of course by 2005, every single detail of my sex life was up for “discussion” and as far back as 1987 I was questioned by the ASHO DofP as to any comm lines I had to former SO members or anyone who was not “with” church any more. And the beat goes on. So, individual Scientologists have LONG agreed (way back to the 60s) that the church could invade every part of their life (LRH even wrote a policy about probing boldly into people’s lives while handling them; I heard the ASHO CO read this policy to staff during a muster and he quoted it to me as well when “handling” me) and play a part in determining what they did in each of these areas. It is one of the WORST aspects of religion, this feeling of “entitlement” that churches feel they have over the most intimate aspects of their parishioners’ lives. So, now the CoS is making another attempt to control one of the VERY most intimate and powerful parts of a person’s life – their comm and their comm lines. Big suprise!!!!! So, how many of the long time brain washed will agree? (I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that the mind controlled have ALREADY agreed to a great deal of their lives being controlled by the all-knowing church, so I will not be suprised if they continue to do so; Unfortunately I myself agreed for many years, though not any more of course).

  146. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, it may not be generally known, that a key ingredient in Misfit’s brand of Kool -AId, happens
    to include deodorised, de-flavoured formaldehyde!

    This is to preserve the brain tissue of the zombies
    who somehow manage to masquerade as Scions,
    yet are completely oblivious to their DM implanted
    circuitry.” Sheeple” is a kindly description of those
    that are destined to be completely fleeced before
    being sent to “IMA(never)GEDDIN”(outta here!)

  147. Joe Pendleton

    Except, Richard …… the mare at least gets SOME pleasure from the experience!!

  148. Joe Pendleton

    Jerry, I think you are right on. I suspect this will also include one’s facebook friends and any number of other comm lines which will be developed. Where I disagree with you is that I do not think on the whole people will “wake up.” I would say that the vast majority of folks on this website (not all, by the way) only left the CoS when they were personally so abused and/or shocked by what they were going through, that they could no longer stay. But most folks just give in to the next “piece taking” of their self determinism and go on, spouting cliches about their “eternity” (??) and clearing the planet and handling the psychs, blah blah blah …. circuits on a continual loop.

  149. Angela LeMay

    And…aside from the insane idea of letting the church control and dictate your comm lines; what business person – with half an attention unit – would let ANYONE just arbitrarily remove their comm lines without even a explanation???

  150. Errr… a KoolAid drinking clubbed seal perhaps?

    After all, many of them also go heavily into debt and destroy their businesses in order to fund Dave’s follies (Super Power building, or …)


  152. Back in the mid 90s, the church had the bright idea to “out create entheta” by having all these scientologists put up a cookie cutter template website. Also “required” was installation of a program to “block entheta” or some such. I said right out I wasn’t going to install any program but I’d do the damned website because they kept bugging about it.

    This latest attempt is soooo naive. I can’t imagine many people doing it, unless it is mandatory, and that will surely kick up the cognitive dissonance to a new level: having to surrender privacy completely to a church sensor so that you can achieve “total freedom”.

  153. The help button should explain step-by-step, program specific. Do NOT “format” your HD – when I said “wipe” your HD, I was joking (it’s very unlikely you’ll ever have anyone recovering data by reading your HD – overwrite them with a couple of your fav pictures). Just delete files. Patience with the help button is the secret, or try Miscrosoft’s “knowledge base” on-line. It’s easy stuff, really.

  154. Miscavige is working, incrementally, to remove absolutely all the privacy rights of his followers. As others in this comments sections have mused, the next thing you know he will be asking for email and Facebook passwords. How far will he take this? Perhaps demand webcams in everybody’s bedrooms to make sure all the parishioners are having sex only in the missionary position with no “perversions”? Excessive sec checking has already driven many parishioners out the door. DM is now taking this to the next level and the next level after that. This will push the rest of his followers right to the edge, and that will be the end of the game. There will be so few parishioners left it won’t even be possible to hold his events as there won’t be anyone sitting in the audience except for SO members or a rent-a-crowd.

  155. Off topic, but by the way Mosey and Marty, thanks for your good works. Our contribution made to the ‘Cook’ campaign is being sent back to you via another check and its intent is as you see fit. (An AP?)

    Thanks again for all you two do.

    (Further note to POB: May you enjoy your rot in hell.)

  156. OK, I’m pissed. I haven’t read anyone else’s comments yet. But I want to say quite loudly that for a group that was originally designed to improve people’s abilities to communicate, confront and create — this is fucking nuts! (Apologies for the F word, but this is an F-ing situation!)

    Anybody who’s a real Scientologist — who EVER imagined that Scientology was about communicating, confronting and creating — who complies with this bullshit is an F-ing sub-atomic idiot and ought to just turn in their souls.

    And now that I’ve paused to take a breath, I realize that this stupid-ass program is actually a good thing: It will drive any freedom-longing Scientologist out of the cult into the fresh air where they belong and where they can actually fill their lungs again.

    David Miscavige, you really are the stupidest fucking man alive!


  157. Captain Bob

    thanks Joe. Reminds me of this by Jeff:

    from above post by Marty:
    IHelp opening paragraph:
    ” to make
    sure you are not inadvertently contacting some terminals who are no
    longer in good standing with the Church. We have set up a line so
    this can be done easily and a service will be provided for you to
    keep all lists clean on a regular basis.”
    Some terminals who are no longer in good standing with the church would of course be SP’s. Now it’s interesting they say “some”, well how many is that nowadays? And to boot, the church DOES NOT want any existing members to know who are declared SP’s, these most powerful beings in the universe, so they will completely block them SP’s from communicating or attempting to communicate to one.

    I guess everybody here is a powerful being who when they walk into a crowded room, the people then cower into the corner. And when somebody posting here is walking down the street in a busy city, why the people just scatter like cockroaches when a light is turned on in a dark room at Flag. .

  158. Like!

  159. Captain Bob

    “but ….but… unlike Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, there are no soldiers at one’s door with guns or prison camps waiting. Each individual Scientologist asked for his “lists” has the option of saying “no” or simply ignoring the request. We will see how many are truly brainwashed and turn over this information”

    Now this reminds of what LRH describes in what new slant on life I think it is. You know the story, the shadows are used to control the fish without using nets. Shadows in the mind.

  160. Angela,
    How many people would be willing to disconnect from someone the have known for many years… without an explanation – therein lies your answer.

    I’m just saying – it’s not that far-fetched for these robots to turn over everything – lord knows we have all been guilty of turning over our money for the “greater cause” even we did have not have it.

    So maybe if we “cleanse” ourselves from possible “suppressives” on our lines – we can finally be free!

    This is not an uncommon thought process unfortunately.

    In the words of Jesus, “Father, help them, for they know not what they do.”

  161. The Oracle

    Next they will be asking all public to surrender their passports.

  162. Gary,
    Wonderful description of a whole new level of celebrating A=A=A!

  163. Nerdy – geeky here, and hypothetical, but it just occurred to me that the lower levels of awareness -16 Shock could be *the* restimulator and the descent started from there, ending up currently around -30 Disassociation. E.g. the infamous 1982 Mission Massacre, e.g. Monopoly On Spiritual Freedom”. A weird inverted-duality-parallel-universe-creepy justifying overts with “greatest good”. “‘Pooky!” as I used to say.

  164. and ….It is the only possible way to save the planet and your eternity you know and………….think of how hard all of the dedicated staff members are working just to keep $cn there for you ……… you irresponsible piece of s%#t!

  165. This could possibly violate some privacy laws as most people do not want their email address given out especially to cult as controversial as the CofM. This could lead to lawsuits IMO.

  166. happybaby89

    I can just see the wonderful WWP boys ang girls turn this into the biggest nightmare for Herr Miscavage. So much potential. Please have funn at it.

  167. one of those who see

    Hi Mat. Exactly!!

  168. Just a thought, if it were leaked to the press that Scn Church goers are now being asked to do this that it’s potentially a violation of privacy laws. Some of you legal eagles may know more about this. In my field of business its absolutely forbidden for me to disclose any information about my clients without their permission.

  169. The viewpoint of Miscaviage that you are able to portray having been in his space is truly hard to have in that there are so few true 2-1/2 % ers around that it becomes mind boggling how one as whacked as DM could end up as the head of the CO$.
    But your descriptions of the insanity fit the observable outcomes to a tee. That said, I can only expect that we will see a bronzed golden thong being displayed in our new Idle Morgues once the autopsy is complete.

  170. It does not make any sense, really. If someone requested that from me, I would delete from my list all addresses I do not want to share, and then put them all back on the “sterilized” list. Sounds like a huge DevT though, but doable to get around it, avoiding the possible conflicts, if you needed to complete the course, for example and have no choice but to cooperate. Does not sound like a decent solution, but how can you be decent in the indecent environment without opposing it? I’m glad I am not there. Because I would simply refuse. I would be out right then by getting into the fight over not complying. 🙂 I remember what my simple refuse to give them my home or cell number created! It was a really horrible scene. We should expect a new wave of independents flowing into the field from the corrupted church thanks to this “smart” move.

  171. Mike Laws
    Great posts.
    Excellent write up.
    The Cult of DM’s Radical Taliban Scientology.
    Divisiveness. Split up children from Parents.
    Order spouses to divorce, Break up existing families, demand and order
    KRS so everyone reports on everyone.
    Turn in your address books ! Unbelievable.
    They do not understand that the INTERNET is war that cannot be won.
    Not even in the medieval ages did Churches carry on like this.
    I found a great quote on a Google search. In essence it said that the Mormons have some crazy beliefs. They also send out “Missionaires” for 2 years stints. They want 10% of everything you make, yet hardly anyone distastes them and yet Scientologists are found to be distasteful, lunatic fringe abusive and that “church” is a hated cult.
    I believe some of these conclusions of the public come from savage and malicious retaliations such as the Squirrel busters, the campaigns against Marty and Mike, their over-the-top Hate websites and the kind of revelations that dribble out such as Debbie Cook’s testimony on the stand.
    Not every Church indulges in beatings and bashings and SP holes and enforcing people to lick the bath room floor to clean it.

  172. A bit of levity …

  173. Jeff Siebrand

    The Senior CSWUS came to the San Diego Org and flat out told us not to look at the internet because it was all “entheta”. This turned out to be shortly after Marty launched this site.

  174. Thank you.

  175. Just Me, “Anybody who’s a real Scientologist — who EVER imagined that Scientology was about communicating, confronting and creating — who complies with this bullshit is an F-ing sub-atomic idiot and ought to just turn in their souls. I would have to say that about sums it up!

  176. Well so stated Jackson, couldn’t have been a better rant.

  177. Mike Laws, good one! with TOTAL Certainty I would have never made it up at Int. The drama makes me laugh!!!

  178. Not long ago this guy in Germany got people he thought were
    undesirables sent to special camps. A great number went against thier will
    and precious few survived.

    We are watching you David Miscavige

  179. The Creed of the Church of Miscavige.

  180. The Oracle

    I have to disagree. He is smarter than the staff that support him! The staff supporting him seem like the stupidest to me. They are making his wild stupidity possible!

  181. mimsey borogrove

    From an earlier post: “It is actually frightening. I later decide to leave, they know my friends, my customers, my professional contacts, my family and can within minutes send DA packs to discredit me and throw my life into chaos. ” Are you saying they don’t already have enough in your PC folders, KR’s, reports ad naseum, and this little bit more worries you? Let me point something out, if they don’t have what they want, they will fabricate it

  182. The problem this these guys are rote. Ron said “it is not the quality but the size of your CF that matters” or some such, and so no one is allowed to delete a name because it would be “against policy.”

    The problem with policy is that it requires someone to actually think about it. Actually, that is not a problem, it is a given with any policy. It is not just “per LRH” that purpose is senior to policy, it is an obvious fact. The ONLY reason for a policy is to help guide the team (or person) correctly along their purpose toward their goal. If is does NOT do that, it is destructive.

    And yet you get people who keep you in the CF. This is by definition a “held down 7” (or five, depending on when you read Evolution of a Science) – some old solution that no longer applies.

    So what we have are people dramatizing, in person, that they have NO IDEA what Scientology is, just because of their actions. Policy is senior to purpose. That is crazy.

    But, it has been a long time that following policy is rewarded even if it does not apply, even if it is destructive, because to NOT follow policy is so damn painful to justify that following like sheep is easier than not only thinking, but forcing others to think as well.

    So, the only way to break free of this vicious cycle is to break completely free of the Church, minimally by just not participating, maximally by saying “cuss you” and leaving.

    Considering how dour the stats are, I am betting there are a lot of people who are quiet, but not participating. That is a very dangerous place for Mr. David Miscavige to be.

  183. It would be so nice and comforting to say, ah hell, Marty is just making all of this up. It’s on posts like this one that the information is so extreme that I find that my immediate response is — no way — can’t be true — disbelief sets in. This horrendous invasion of privacy and arrogant high-handedness is the last thing on earth I could have ever envisioned the C of S doing as I worked so hard for so many years to support the C of S. I struggle to even comprehend the mindset involved and I shudder at the consequences of it. So much heartbreak for so many.

  184. Yes, perhaps robotic. MUST get those Letters Out stats up.

    I still get mailings wanting me on staff at Stevens Creek Org in San Jose California (where I was staff 35 years ago). I live in San Antonio Texas now and must be on some disaffected lists. After all I walked out of an IAS fundraiser once and gave them my name as I left and I won’t disconnect from my declared friends. But I suppose the biggest sin would be to Audit and help people. It’s been too long for me to sit behind the meter again but lately I’m looking at how I can do that.

    David Lingenfelter

  185. Thanks for that legal point.

  186. What is omitted from this cycle is how they intend to make sure the old lists are wiped and the new lists are imported and maintained. Which indicates to me that
    A) this is a fishing expedition first and foremost; and
    B) OSA\DM is unable to spot “source” for the downward spiral they find themselves on.

    Note to OSABots: SP’s are incapable of self-reflection.

  187. Good one Mat.
    Hip hip hooray!! Hip hip hoooraaay!!!! Lol…

  188. I think there’s another agenda — rip off names to count in their stats and to send promo too. I.e. a DM method to artificially jack up NNCF — New Names to Central Files.

  189. Angela LeMay

    Brett and Mike,

    Point made. I guess it is easier to see the stupidity when you’re out and awake ♥


  190. Reminds me of this video: (Police — “Every Breath You Take”)

    The enforced aversion to entheta is in my opinion a cult control mechanism. Unfortunately, that started pre-DM, though this latest nanny-ness reaches a whole new low. For crying out loud, if you can pass TR-0 bullbait you can tolerate different opinions.

    I think posters above are right. This is a somewhat desperate move, but it reflects some sort of deeper strategy to map out leaks, relationships, probable trouble sources, and so on — sec checks and later leverage if you decide to leave by messing up your life through your social networks.

    So — where is this in policy?

    On the bright side, lots of people got promoted from DB, PTS, SP, you name it, to just be undesirable. Sounds we need a new goldenrod — you are hereby declared undesirable.

  191. Watchful Navigator

    Loved it! Rammstein rocks.

  192. WH
    Sheryl Ronhaar / Liccardi / Weigand had a brain tumor and was not allowed on base for PR/embarrassment reasons. Someone said she was warehoused with the older SO retirees in Clearwater. No data if she is alive or not.

  193. Watchful Navigator

    Another auditor back in the chair would be a wonderful thing. I love to see that happen. Best of luck to you!

  194. About 80% of the world’s best businesses use the internet for about 70% of their business. The level of ignorance the church revels in is tone raising. 🙂 If someone from the Church of Scientology were to say to me “Don’t go on the internet, because there is all kinds of bad stuff on there” I would probably say “Get a life” back. 🙂 Wouldn’t anybody? 🙂

  195. Harvesting: the gathering of, to accumulate a store of………………….
    So by collecting all of these e-mail addresses the church is in fact harvesting them, to add to a database somewhere to be used for whatever purpose they choose {i.e. SPAM them, FAIR GAME then, sign up for pornography with them, place immoral ads on the web etc. etc. etc} in this context. 🙂

  196. Li'll bit of stuff

    When the time is right Picanin. I know you read my
    reveal. and you are feeling the pressure to do same.
    One simply needs to handle those things that are
    holding you back, (boils down to that glitch—fear!)
    Li’ll dose of TR-0…out from under the cloak…then,
    ….into the sunshine!! I await in patience, buddy!

    Calvin B.Duffield

  197. Watchful Navigator


    As usual, the insane order for this is off-line. The CO IHELP WUS is soo wrong source. Part of the NO-AUDITING scene in what little is left of the church-controlled field.

    But something else struck me considerably more odd than all that. Why would anyone be worried about e-mail addresses??? The modern church “Scientologist” does not communicate! They certainly do not express their views in “broad” e-mails to their readership. Only the orgs do broad e-mails because they are pushed to do it, and a whole lot of SPs by report, can’t get off these lists!

    Sometimes they forget to bcc the list and then their public get bombarded with “entheta” from an alert indy. Maybe this is what they are now, so late in the game, trying to “prevent.”

    Correct me if you know different, since I do not pretend to have been on all the lines, but the last one who did any mass e-mailings of much volume was Dennis Clarke. And his communications of late have dried up. For one reason, his e-mail list was somehow “lost” in the move. And another, he’s been languishing under “OT Committee” watch in a Clearwater nursing home.

    To my knowledge, there was a “thetanet” e-mail group, but you could only get “in” with a recommendation. Dennis was on it and constantly having to handle ridiculous things like promoting voting for warmongers as being less “psych-friendly,” than the other guy, who later turned out to be just as Dennis pointed out, serving up Eli Lily with all the TMAP government-program students they could drug.

    Was he the ONLY one watching the 4th dynamic? Where, I often wondered, was OSA Social Reform? Freedom Magazine??? How do 2 jets bring down 3 steel-frame buildings? Were PDH’d pilots really the end of that story? Were 2 of the longest, most costly wars in history not enough of a “Wake-Up Call” to corporate government corruption???

    There are one or two Facebook groups but the comm is sharply limited to “wins” and you cannot bring up “disconnection” or other “entheta” subjects (See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil…), let alone social issues, without getting shouted down or ignored.

    So the reality is, once again, that there is NO SENSE to this order and its compliance. A handful of the most zealous kool-aid drinkers will oblige a mid-level exec with a couple of short lists rushed out just before Thursday at 2, to demonstrate “compliance.”

    This is actually just more evidence that David Miscavige is truly in his “final bunker days.”

    Back just a few years ago, when I was on staff and having a hell of a time getting acknowledged that I was Clear (with my attention on the 4th dynamic and the accelerating process of “losing civilization”), true to my burning purpose as an OSA staffmember to be part of the “long enough lever that would move this planet,” I was practically freaking out that Freedom was doing non-sequitar, “safe” (attacking no “special interests” outside of the nebulous “psychs”) non-articles while two bogus,costly wars were going forward into full motion.

    Dennis Clarke was the ONLY voice out there in my e-mail InBox that ever came to my awareness, actually, really, against the war, with LRH quotes and all. Getting shouted down by warmongering kool-aid drinkers and holding his position, anyway.

    I sent out “mass” mailings, once in a while to my “list” (I’ll bet they wish I would turn it in!) Many of these were “forwards” – all challenging people to wake up and get active on these 4th dynamic issues (carefully non-political, but not afraid to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption of either side of the political aisle).

    Those who offered any response at all, I have found posting here on this blog. What does that tell you?

    Those who “asked off” or gave negative comments are still drinking kool-aid and religiously obeying their “priest” (NOTs DofP or C/S) as their “highest authority” and “opinion leader(!)” (what happened to the “founder”?)

    One day, I’d had enough. I sent out a survey far and wide (bcc of course!) and asked who was being asked to “re-do” their Objectives. I was shocked at the number of responses. People did care about the blocks on their personal Bridge. And I gained a valuable perspective that pulled me completely out of Doubt as to how criminal the mighty midget had gone in totally blocking the Bridge. I was not the only one by a long shot! Everyone else was just “too afraid” to speak up.

    With horror I realized that there was no real way to handle the out-tech (I had long since reported it on the RTC reports line) and that e-mail was the only remaining line (especially hailing from Costa Rica, as I was at the time).

    I began speaking out about the new, non-LRH, no-Comm-Ev, streamlined, “SP declares”. And I later got to figure out who turned me in to HCO, because while they swore up and down they didn’t know who turned in the e-mail, I could tell from the comm cycle and what was said, who it was. I really wanted to know who my friends were, since the tech in the church was now completely gone for me, for us, for mankind. What more did I have to lose that I hadn’t already lost?

    More importantly, I picked up a number of allies now in various stages of getting the real LRH Bridge outside the church along the Underground Railroad.

    And I learned just how small the “straight-up-and-vertical” world of remaining “Scientologists” really was. Small, PTS, ineffective, blind to the obvious alignment between Miscavige’s takeover of LRH’s Scientology with subsequent utter neglect for effective 4th dynamic social reform, and the tailspin the culture and civilization has been in that has not reversed (and will not, until Independents have done their job and the church is reformed).

    Then came the latest “Freedom” magazine! Who can look at that cover and not feel sick to their stomach??? As a 10+ year, dedicated DSA, I know I surely could not!

    Any sane person would have opened the floodgates and unleashed any auditor of any training level whatever, on the problem, taking care of its staff and letting the field flourish without interference. That is what LRH would do, that is what LRH many times DID do!

    This letter you see above IS evidence of a very last-ditch, insane assault on auditing and communication, the core of authentic LRH Scientology. It kind of, actually, makes me cry (and then get up and active again).

    Besides recently being one of the few or only, left “inside the church” who would dare to communicate, I got SP declared for “doing something about it” (the ONLY public Academy student on course in the Dallas “Ideal” Org!) – auditing friends and family without fee (and yes, without a C/S – just like LRH says to do in the Intro auditing release packs he ordered done in the early 80’s!)

    I’m not saying that the mass exodus in Dallas right now has had much of anything to do with some of my friends and I e-mailing the field these last few years, and the desperate “handling” you see above, but I wouldn’t be surprised. We’ve also had a great deal of help over the years from this and Steve Hall’s site as to what’s going on up there and what to do about it.

    To repeat, there are few or no people left in the church who will actually communicate – who will e-mail anyone about anything but the OT Committee meeting with “volunteer hours” as their stat.

    But I can tell you knowing our history and knowing the current scene like no Management terminal collecting e-mail addresses for DM ever will, that Dallas will not rest until the invasion of Miscavige-bots has been thoroughly repelled. Head CMO DM exec, Angie Blankenship, was just one early and major casualty to DM, of our inside work to straighten things out around these parts.

    This line is not original with me, but WE COME BACK for our friends. And then if they want auditing, we audit them. We don’t find excuses not to.

    Why? Maybe because we have cleared up our misunderstood words, church-implanted confusions and LIES about why not to do it!

    And the best of veteran Dallas sups and auditors are active in the field, with “volunteer hours” that are not counted on Thursday. They are the hours of auditing being delivered, sooner or later and rapidly so, beginning to surpass org hours of delivery, never to look back.

    (our “iHELP” = Independent HELP)

    They are real products.

    And they are on e-mail lists that we won’t share be sharing with the “registered trademark” group from fraudulent, no-auditing organizations.

    Scott Gordon – DSA CCDallas, DSA Costa Rica

  198. Random Stranger

    Excellent list.

  199. Ronnie Bell

    I knew that sort of crap was going on, even though my S.O. nephew has claimed otherwise. Ha!

  200. “This video is not available in your country.” (Germany)

  201. Ronnie Bell

    It’s been too long for me to sit behind the meter again but lately I’m looking at how I can do that.

    I’ll bet it isn’t much different than riding a bicycle. It’ll all come back to you with a bit of drilling and practice. Besides, real auditors are priceless. Hardly any have been produced in the near-thirty years that DM has been in control, which makes every one who went through the pre-Miscavige training line-up, invaluable.

  202. Subterfuge? Aw, hell, let’s go for obvious mockery! Bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha! OMFG, what a bunch of screws. I’m so glad I’m the fuck out. I feel sorry for my old friends who are still in this bullshit.

  203. Jethro Bodine

    The funny thing is that the “church” doesn’t need to do to anything to push their stats since Miscavige will just false report at his next PR event anyways – why steal when you can lie?

    Scientology International could have made zero clears and OTs in the entire year, yet at the next mandatory international event DM will say that stats are WAY up – straight up and vertical – more expansion in the last year than the previous 50 years combined, which is to say, DM is one lying sack of shit. Add some flashy computer-generated imagery from the slaves at Gold, a large dose of Shermanspeak, a painfully loud sound system, some R6 end words, some nauseating ass kissing of Miscavige from a third-world dictator, and you have the makings of another successful implant of the clubbed seals. It’s pathetic what Radical Corporate Scientology has become.

  204. Gern Gaschoen

    Its called Bony Finger, and its an Advice that LRH gave to Foster Tomkins and the other execs dealing with computerization of the Org lines. LRH intended to use the FOAF (friend-of-a-friend) technology being researched at the time (70’s) within the Intelligence-Gathering activities to keep the Church lines free of enturbulation from plants, which were (and are) a real threat.

    However, as usual, DM is using the policy for suppressive purposes. This action won’t do anything but reduce the comm lines of existing on-line Scientologists to a smouldering, festering heap of garbage.

    Scientologists should be communicating *MORE* with the undesirables, not less. Trained Scientologists can do so with even the most flagrant foam-mouthed detractors. But of course, we know that the only real trained Scientologists these days are out in the Independent field, wearing those big boots in the sky ..

  205. Gern Gaschoen

    I also worked on the Bony Finger mission. I really regret it.

  206. OSA could also use contact lists to determine the actual name connected to an email address or moniker. Like, who is Califa? Harvested nicknames from this and other sites could be run against the contact lists to ascertain identity. Cute.

  207. The “church” *isn’t* getting people in who have grown up in the internet age. They are stalking the children of the few remaining members – that’s all they have left. The “church” is dying and Miscavige, that little bucket of puke, knows it.

  208. E.J. Croughs

    I have to disagree. Davey is sly, much more than the staff that supports him. But he is the epitome of evil and that is the ultimate in stupidity.

  209. Gern Gaschoen

    >You see, people like myself, Kirstin, Ben Shaw, Kurt Weiland, Pat Bugelwitz, John Busby, and others would of thought to our selves, “Shit, of course this is a good idea! It’s such an obvious thing to do for the survival of not only the individual but for the group.! Why didn’t I THINK OF THIS BEFORE

    Those guys have all read the LRH Advices on computerization that is supposed to guide Scientologys’ use of computers to expand delivery.

    Expand. Delivery. That is the *only purpose*.

    Delivery? What delivery? Any INCOMM staff can see, for themselves, that There Is No Delivery. WDAH stats on a 20-year trend? Non-E. Auditors made on a 20-year trend? Same.

    Fact is, INCOMM has FAILED to do the job given to them by LRH, which was to computerize, computerize, computerize, so that the Duke of Chug known as DM would never manifest itself again. Too late! FUCK!

  210. CO I HELP WUS? I say GOD HELP US!

  211. Dennis Mulroy

    David Miscavige equals “Nazi Germany for 5,000 Alex…”

  212. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    What does OSA want with everyone’s email list?

  213. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Not that I’m worried. They’ve already got mine.
    This might be to smoke out the ‘SPs’ but it will also smoke out comm lines and radar flyers and provide good hacking opportunities.

  214. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    ‘Suppressives’, ‘disaffected’ and now ‘undesirables’. The C OF $ shit-list is expanding.

  215. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Bang on Mike!

  216. Cassandra.

    Various people have made comment concerning the possible uses that miscavige may have in ‘collecting’ names, addresses and other data about individuals.

    Some little time ago I received, as did many others, a request to complete a full survey that included my location and personal status, and full c.v., to a ‘recruitng department’ of the S.O.

    Not only were many of the questions irrelevant to a recruitment office but that office was in the American colonies, not my own country.

    It was, and is, my consideration that as miscavige is undoutedly a tool of the New World Order, via the American Government, it would be very foolish to allow ones personal details to be included in any data base that could be used in selecting which individuals should be removed to any of the concentration camps, already constructed for that purpose, within the United States of America.

  217. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Difference is I would actually feel completely safe giving a list of all my email contacts to certain Anons voluntarily. But the sheeple being ordered to hand them over to OSA is another matter entirely.

  218. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “Tight spot to be in! So don´t look on the Internet!!! You´ll be declared “suppressive” if you do! – That´s got to be the solution.”
    Doing what DM is trying to stop people from doing is ALWAYS the solution.

  219. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  220. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Better not try to pull that stunt in the UK. Sara will be all over it 😀

  221. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hey Sara! We have to meet up. Lots to catch up on 😉 x

  222. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Poetry Jackson. Sheer poetry.

  223. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Must add that to my reading list. I bet I could learn a thing or two.

  224. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Curious. Is IHELP still ‘run’ by Chaz Kember?

  225. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Good one Tony!
    This one’s my personal favorite:

  226. getcommunicating


  227. getcommunicating

    And I think there is another purpose as well Steve — to see who is connected to who, and to trace connections and use this to declare more people who are under the radar and thinking they are not being observed or known about. Having done a number of years in RTC Internal Affairs — this has all the hallmarks of an OSA/RTC operation.

  228. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  229. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I’m never surprised by the level of insanity but I’m always surprised by the sheer stupidity.

  230. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I recall that being a program for Flag Public. At the time it was a voluntary program but strongly urged so that ‘entheta’ could be filtered out of our computers automatically. I didn’t sign up for it because someone warned me that it could install spy ware onto my computer. Same with the free screen-savers in the UK the church was trying to get us to install from their CDs. Since when does the cult give away anything for free???

  231. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Still no photo?

  232. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Surely only DM could have thought of something THIS stupid?

  233. If Scn Inc cuts more and more commlines, the state of imploding is coming faster and faster.

  234. File, smile. Rename the file exported for review “withold” – then you won’t have one.

  235. Do you want to find out who RCS considers undesirable? The list is confidential. But you can guess who might be on it. To find out if your guesses are right, send them to, and see which names get deleted.

  236. Another theory (tinfoil hat may be required)… RCS wants to search public Scientologists’ contact lists for names of SO members who may have called an outside friend or relative. Field auditors’ contact info might reveal an SO member’s unauthorized secret cell phone or free webmail account. Despite internal crackdowns, communication persists; so maybe they’re trying this new way to seal the leaks.

  237. Harvesting may have been the wrong word to use. Bots also harvest from sites though.

    If someone has not given their email to an organization, and that organization ask for it from someone else ( also questionable ) then use that email, that is illegal. Can only use email that was voluntarily given to an organization by the owner of that email.

  238. scilonschools

    Yuk!! (Looks like the RCS are adding extra E Numbers to their Kool Aide Mix!!)

  239. scilonschools

    Decode for non European readers
    E numbers are codes for food additives that have been assessed for use within the European Union (the “E” prefix stands for “Europe”)[citation needed]. They are commonly found on food labels throughout the European Union.Safety assessment and approval are the responsibility of the European Food Safety Authority

  240. This is classic censoring in totalitarian-regime manner with the purpose to cut communications and trying to prevent that the truth about what is really happening can be seen – just not open but covert (1.1).
    And with the demand to report compliance, I guess, that if the members reject the “help” offered to get rid off the “undesirables”, they get “handled” by the “ethics” personnel (interrogated and put under pressured to disconnect from the “undesirables” – including business associates, friends, family members).
    Is “I HELP” with the “Church of Scientology” to afraid to publish the long, long and steadily increasing list of “SP´s”, now called in Church-newspeak (see Orwell´s 1984) “undesirables”?
    How is the stat of number of “SP´s” looking? Straight up and vertical?
    Yes, it looks strange if that list has (nearly?) more persons on it as there are members, specially when there are many opinion leaders, highly trained persons and long-term public and staff on it.
    Or afraid that central files have also to be updated and “to be cleaned” from all the “undesirables” with the weired ratio of current and ex-members of the Church of Scientology?
    The attempts to further censor and cut communications will just backfire!
    I am looking forward to see many more persons choosing their freedom and independence and the application of un-perverted Scientology over the suppression that the Cult of Miscavige is perpetrating.

  241. Here is an example of what they are trying to prevent. This email was just sent out by the CO WISE Int (why the CO WISE Int is sending this to people all over the world is a little strange):

    From: “”
    Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 3:19 AM
    Subject: From CO WISE International: GRAND OPENING IN BUFFALO

    I am writing to you personally as a Scientologist and WISE member about a happening that I believe you will be very interested in.
    On Saturday, 16 June 2012, is the ribbon cutting for the newly renovated Ideal Org of Buffalo, New York.
    They are located at: 836 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202.
    You can R.S.V.P. at (716) 856-3910.
    I wanted you to know so you can make plans to be there and tell other Scientologists to come along as I don’t think any WISE member or Scientologist will want to miss this!

    Sincerely yours,
    Scott Waldroff
    Commanding Officer
    WISE International

    Of course, when this gets out beyond the bubble, everyone is going to laugh at Miscavige once again. And that drives him more insane than anything on earth.

    He is going to have ANOTHER Grand Opening in his failed “Ideal Org” in Buffalo — Really Dave? The place that has no staff, can’t pay its bills and hasn’t made an auditor or Clear in years? MORE money to “upgrade” the FART displays? Really Dave? (As a side note, I just heard that one of his other palaces, the “Ideal Org” in Berlin can no longer make outgoing calls because they haven’t paid the bills and the elevators no longer work as they haven’t paid the service contract). I would bet dollars to donuts that the Mayor of Buffalo won’t be speaking at THIS non-“grand opening”. And in spite of sending every Sea Org member from New York and Toronto and every public from any org in the US and Canada, they won’t have 25% of the people they had for the first Grand Opening — even after 9 years of the model Ideal Org straight up and vertical expansion. Surely if Dave’s “straight up and vertical” Ideal Org strategy was the success he claims it is, Buffalo ITSELF would have 25,000 active public in the local area after 9 years. That’s only about 50 a week or 7 a day? 7 new public a day….

    It is more proof of the insanity of this guy — keep doing what failed before and pretending its a success….

    That’s why he doesn’t want emails like these going to “undesirables.”


  242. Definition of UNDESIRABLE:
    Someone applying Keeping Scientology Working in the manner described and intended by L. Ron Hubbard.

    I aspire to being labeled an UNDESIRABLE.

  243. markthehungarian


    How exactly can you “clear the planet” when you are unable to set foot on the planet? Is this a case of just “close your eyes and the big bad monster will go away, honest…”?


    How can those inside not see that something isn’t right. Fear is one thing. Becoming paralyzed by fear is another thing entirely. It seems to me that the Church of Scientology is *just* paralyzed by fear, and nothing else.

    This is madness.

  244. Interesting to have a “service” that continually nulls the list of undesirables. With repeated nulling over the years it will undoubtedly produce only one item that stays in; that would be, “David Miscavige.” I’d like to indicate your item is David Miscavige.

  245. markthehungarian

    I think under DM’s wrath people realize they have to come up with “something” otherwise they’re likely to get fucked over by the CoS even more.

    This might not be DM’s idea, but someone else’s.

    I see this move as a temporary pressure release valve for someone. Very temporary, may I add.

  246. The Primary Rundown is listed as a training course ‘(when released). Another degrade yet to arrive from david miscavige the Master Destroyer of tech and Scientology aka SS POPE (Senior Suppressive Person of Peoples of Earth)

  247. The only stat up and vertical in those Idle Orgs is the HE&R of staff and public before, during and after the “Grand Coveting”.

  248. The way to quickly get off an e-mail list is to start a comm cycle with whoever sent it. In the comm cycle, tell the terminal what you think of cob.
    You will soon be told that you are un-subscibed from their list.
    I personally prefer to stay in comm with the terminal so that I can perhaps help them.

  249. markthehungarian

    That’s my feeling also. I might be paranoid, of course, but the law suits closely followed by the cross-dressing photograph “expose” seem strangely connected.

    I don’t think there’s too much more dirt the CoS could bring to light about JT. The Church of Scientology can only threaten to reveal so much before there’s nothing left to reveal, methinks.

    And the sad part is that 99.99999% of the world couldn’t care less what JT does or with whom. But they seem to have him on a leash, a loose one mind you.

  250. markthehungarian

    Animal Farm bears more than a striking resemblance to communism a-la eastern bloc circa 1980.

    1984, IMO, is a glance at the other, far-right, end of the spectrum.

  251. And here’s another one from TODAY — a request from the IAS sent to an “Undesirable” to provide them with a write up. I hope every undesirable does provide a write up giving their view of the value of the IAS.

    I think Dave should concentrate on his internal mailing lists before rushing out to try and do his ethnic cleansing on the mailing lists in the field. Just a suggestions Dave.

    From: Carol Bragin []
    Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 8:29 AM
    To: Xxx Xxxxxx

    Dear Xxx,
    I am emailing you because you are an IAS Patron with Honors. I design and write the IAS promotion and am right now doing brochures on IAS Honor Statuses. I would like to include some stories from people like you.
    Please take a few minutes and tell me why you decided to donate to the IAS and why you think it is important for others to become Patrons (or higher).
    People listen what other Scientologists have to say – as I am sure you know.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you and thanks in advance for your help!

    Best regards,
    Carol Bragin

  252. +1 🙂

  253. People listen what other Scientologists have to say – as I am sure you know.
    Sure, we know that.
    That’s what Dave is afraid most of.

  254. Dear Carol,

    I became a Patron because of the extreme high pressure tactics and intimidation that your husband, Ted Bragin, and his comrades, used on me.
    Thanks for asking.

  255. No question about that. It’s also interesting from the standpoint of CDEI — the scale is running backwards from curious, to desire, enforce and inhibit. Now they are firmly stuck in inhibit — the last ditch effort of failure. Their enforcement failed, now they are trying to inhibit by screening everyone’s contact list. That is so DM — you can tell this literally came straight out of his Abby Normal brain. He’s trying to stop what he’s creating himself.

  256. Path of Buddha

    “The problem with policy is that it requires someone to actually think about it.”
    I have also noticed that somehow scientology manages to get the most junior people to make the outgoing calls. These individuals are incapable of really communicating.

    May all Grasshoppers be well and happy!
    George M. White

  257. Just had a thought:

    You know your Ideal Org is in trouble when your disemmination / fund raising email list is returned with one name, and it’s yours!

  258. Path of Buddha

    sounds like a good plan.
    May all un-subscribed be well and happy!

  259. Watchful Navigator

    Chillingly, diabolically, accurate interpretation of the modern creed…

  260. Tony Dephillips

    Hillarious Sam!
    Good luck on him getting that refund.

  261. Tony Dephillips

    It sucks to be dm…
    OMG!! A new renovation of Buffalo Idle org!!?? WTF!!!

  262. Tony Dephillips

  263. Li'll bit of stuff

    Gary, of course you’ve had a most valuable
    viewpoint all through these years. Most “in”
    but now, thank God, OUT!!!!! Thanks for
    so vividly sharing what it was like, something
    the mind – numb Kool-Aid’ers need to hear
    from the guy who saw it ALL!
    Kudos, mate! You did a great job here!

    ARC, Calvin

  264. Karen #1 — when I was in CW back I used to go with Sheryl to her alternative type Dr appointment — it was pretty secret cause she really wasn’t supposed to be hanging around non-SO friends.

    In any case, she IS on Facebook — doubtful that she’ll friend any of us — I’m determined though at some point to find her.

    She’s such a good girl !!


  265. Li'll bit of stuff

    But..truth be told, the Seer sees what the Seer sees.

  266. Li'll bit of stuff

    I gave up trying to get stuff through on hushmail acc’s
    so have now done this on a via. The photo? should be
    with Marty as we speak.

  267. martyrathbun09

    You all can trade comm directly. I don’t have time to act as you communicator..

  268. Ronnie Bell

    DM probably didn’t have to think this one up by himself. The Stazi – KGB valence has now permeated the management structure of the church, so I’m sure that ‘great ideas’ like this one pop up all the time. My guess is, he just signs off capers like this, and monitors them to see who effective they are in helping to achieve his suppressive goals. If it works, he’ll export it to every other outward facing org.

  269. Captain Bob

    Maurice, how this high pressure tactics as well———

  270. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for your origination.

  271. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi XE1, Just to let you know I got your comm thanks,
    Sent you a reply but my server doesn’t carry thru to
    Hushmail acc’s. Will resend to you via our local copy
    ARC Calvin.

  272. It’s not only what they are removing from the computer. What are they placing on the computer to further “lock in” paying customers to the cult.

  273. Is this another example of Sci Inc. going PTS to Independent Scientology?
    And cult public who comply, going more PTS to the cult.

    By the way, any attachment sent within an email may contain a malicious intruders (trojan, rootkit, etc) that enable the sender to spy on your files…

  274. “… didn’t have to think this one up by himself. The Stazi – KGB valence has now permeated the management structure of the church” – Sad, but apparently true!

  275. Thomas More

    : )

  276. Li'll bit of stuff

    You’ve just gone and outdone yourself Les,…….SIR!

  277. Tory Christman

    “Help”??? The phony “church” of $cientology loooooong ago has forgotten (or given up) actually helping people. They are now in the mafia+real estate business, period. This is just one more of those actions. Sad…and true. Tick Tock, Tick Tock…..:)

  278. Russ you have outdone yourself. +10

  279. And the Co$ will continue to fire foot-bullets.

  280. Jean-François Genest

    “Any management which operates as a censorship or a propaganda medium will inevitably destroy itself and injure the group.”
    LRH – HCOPL 9 Jan 51 An Essay On Management (OEC Vol. 7 p. 567)

    ► I look forward for Scientology Inc.’s management to destroy itself.

  281. Dear CO IHELP or whatever… Please send me all the contacts you pull out of all those contact lists. I’d like to correspond with people who aren’t sheep

    I swear, I’m really having trouble avoiding contempt for anyone still involved with this ridiculous excuse for a “church.” I feel like anybody who is still in is really stupid. That includes the celebrities. I’m trying to be understanding, but it’s difficult. Wake the fuck up, people!!

  282. Definition of undesirables:

    1) Has out tech on their case and is making some noise about it.
    2) Protests being regged continuously for more out tech that is the current norm in the C of S.
    3) Is not in agreement with the out exchange, out-admin, invented fundraiser’s for supposed expansion that line DM’s pockets daily.
    4) Has been disconnected from by one or more friends or family members for trying to get them to see the truth.
    5) Has either thrown in the towel on SCN, after one too many wrong indications or aligned with the “independents”, discretely or overtly.
    6) Has realized that DM is a psychotic criminal and not longer willing to support his insane suppression leveled at every layer of the Corporate Church of Scientology, from field auditors (if there are any left) to the top of the bridge at Flag or the Freewinds.

    7) A true undesirable is the thetan that is awake, aware and has his/her TR 0 in and is confronting WHAT is REALLY going on in the dying Radical Corporate Church of Cultology.

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