The Way To Happy Profits

by Mike Rinder 

Here is today’s example of Corporate Scientology blood sucking.

Dear ******,

I just received the following announcement from the Bookstore Officer AOSH UK and wanted to help back this up:

“This year the Olympic Games are going to be held in London, England –        starting 27th July, ending on 12th August. There will be an estimated 6.5 million people in attendance  from over 200 nations.

“In 2010, at the Football World Cup in South Africa, copies of the Way to Happiness booklet were distributed throughout the crowds resulting in it being proclaimed as the least violent World Cup ever.

“To achieve the same effects in London, introducing L. Ron Hubbard’s Tech to millions and creating calm, donations are needed for bundles of The Way to Happiness, which in turn will be handed out during the Olympics.”

“All you have to do is keep that booklet flowing in the society. Like gentle oil spread upon the raging sea, the calm will flow outward and outward.” – LRHfrom Ron’s Journal 33

As I am sure you will agree, this has massive potential to reach a truly international audience!

Staff and public volunteers are being mobilized right now and will be in prominent locations around the Olympic events passing out The Way to Happiness to everyone!

The target is to distribute a minimum of 2 million copies!

To help back this up, we are sending over a shipment of TWTH bundles from Bridge this next Monday and I wanted to give you the opportunity to contribute to this motion as well.

Each bundle contains 12 booklets. Please see below to select the size of your donation:

Make a donation of $100 (5 bundles) << 

Make a donation of $250 (13 bundles) << 

Make a donation of $500 (27 bundles) << 

Make a donation of $1,000 (55 bundles) <<

The Olympic events start in just 7 days so we want to have this arrive before then!

Note: Your donations are fully tax-deductible and a commendation will be issued to anyone who contributes!

Also, when you make the donation on-line, we will give you access to download the Way to Happiness eBook!

Thanks very much in advance for your assistance!

(For more information on the 2012 Olympics go to

Patrick Howson
Mail Order Manager
Bridge Publications
(323) 899-1034

Now, let’s analyse just what is so wrong with this latest begging email.

First, if this were a true “humanitarian effort” to help the people of the world, one would imagine that the RCS would be making every effort to get as many of these booklets into people’s hands as possible. Their objective of course would not be making a profit.

Now, I know in the context of the RCS this is utterly ridiculous, but if you believe in this so much, and believe it made a safe World Cup, why not spend a few of the billions ALREADY collected by the IAS for exactly this sort of thing? Even assuming the ridiculous cost of $1.67 per booklet (more on that later) it would still only be $2 million which is less than 0.2% of the accumulated cash of the IAS (assuming they only have $1 billion which is a LOW estimate).

Dave, you should declare me SP for that one suppressive idea alone!

But, here is where the rubber really meets the road. They want you to pay $1.67 per booklet!  Oh come on Dave, you have shown us the massive, state of the art printing facilities that can turn out millions of items in the most cost effective manner possible. You told us this Dave. But your guys are trying to sell these booklets, that couldn’t cost more than 20 cents to print on your sooper dooper, whizbang, state of the 20th century communications equipment for a dollar a piece?  That doesn’t seem right?

Now, it’s funny, but partly what prompted me to write this is that right after I got the email there was a knock on my door.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses handed me TWO four color booklets (The Watchtower and Awake!) and they didn’t ask for a penny?  Yet the cost of printing their booklets is more than a WTH booklet? I guess they haven’t realized that giving stuff away isn’t a good business model if your objective is to make money.  But then I looked on the internet (OMG, addendum to my declare for daring to look at the internet).  The JW’s claim 7.5 million adherents not counting those “inactive” – and that is anyone who has not turned in their monthly report of their public ministry actions for 6 months. So, they have 7.5 million people that write reports on their activities EVERY MONTH!  They also have 109,000 places of worship and there are 3 within 5 miles of where I live (there are NO Scientology activities in that range here in the “largest Scientology community on earth”).  Dave, maybe they aren’t as dumb as you think? And they even shun people and don’t do blood transfusions and everyone thinks they are nuts too.  Maybe they are actually trying to disseminate instead of making money?  Or maybe they are sincerely trying to help people?  OMG — add another page to my declare….

Now, one might well ask: “Isn’t this sort of thing THE JOB of the IAS?”  Believe me, at the IAS event in the UK in October they will promote the “enormous distribution” of the WTH at the London Olympics (making this the safest/calmest/most successful Olympics ever, ever in all of history). So, does anyone want to take bets on whether the IAS is ALSO begging for bucks to “fund the most massive campaign in this history of the universe….” I just haven’t been to one of their crush reg events for a while so I don’t know what their latest scam is.

Now, to add just a couple of final nitpicks.

Why offer “discounts” for bulk purchases if these are intended to be given away on the streets? Why not just a flat price (and I guess it proves that there is in fact a profit being made as they all cost the same to print….)

The distribution of WTH outside the US is the job of New Era Publications and their sooper dooper, 20th century printing machines. Not Bridge. Shipping booklets from the US to London rather than Copenhagen to London sort of sounds like the old adage “don’t ship coals to Newcastle.”  But you know, you gotta try to make a buck any chance you get. (Even if its 7 days before an event that has been announced for 10 years — so they will send them using the most expensive means possible in order to get them there in time)….

And even funnier, the campaign is being “spearheaded” by AOSHUK. They are supposed to be delivering higher level training and auditing.  Dave, you spent $10 million plus to open the “new” “central Ideal Org” on that deserted street in London. It is supposed to be the central point for the dissemination of all tech into society. The Olympics are occurring right down the road from the empty palace on Queen Victoria St. So why is AOSHUK doing this?

Things seems a little confused in Miscavigedom. But I am sure you will set it straight soon – believe me, when you discover this sort of thing has been going on, you can use it to announce another brilliant evaluation and handling: “The crooks were leading the suckers” and springboard into the “Golden Age of Registration” to put an end to all criminality. Everyone will be required to put their credit card information into the central computer and it will automatically be debited whenever funds are needed for a new campaign. No humans will be required. And the ideal scene of the Ideal Morgues will be another step closer to being made a reality.

Just one final thought Dave. Why not start selling indulgences? You could tie it right in to the central computer system. As long as you keep on paying, you have “ethics protection.” Why bother having any auditors at all. You don’t need to even do 6 months checks any more — just debit their cards for a couple of intensives of sec checking at Class 9 rates and send a note to the MAA that they are “OK to carry on.”  It would save a LOT of time and effort and people paying for airfares and stuff and you could suck all of that wasted money in too. And you would no longer need auditing rooms and you could rent them out as the latest, state-of-the-art “mini storage” facilities.

OK, add a few more pages to the addendum.

I wish the sarcasm wasn’t so close to the truth.

261 responses to “The Way To Happy Profits

  1. Honestly, Mike, I am truly surprised the Runt hasn’t already thought of selling indulgences. But, of course, then he wouldn’t have all that handy blackmail material gained from sec checks for when his sheeple shear the wool that covers their eyes.

  2. Robert Earle

    Mike , that’s real cute , the links on the packages are active so we can order if we want. Are you getting book commisions on all the orders we do? LOL
    I do have to register a complaint. By my calculations I’ve got to pay from $1.50 to $1.67 per booklet depending on the package I choose.
    Thanks for the interesting update and analysis. Bob

  3. Why don’t they just buy an ad in the Super Bowl for $2.5million, have people come to the website, see what they believe and decide (one way or the other)
    if the want to join? Am I being too logical?

  4. LOL! Mike’s on a roll!

  5. Jean-François Genest

    Greed, greed, greed indeed
    I feel sorry for the poor souls who will be out canvassing and handing out the booklet after all the recent media whirlwind.

  6. Mike,
    12 booklets (not 20) per bundle X 5 bundles = 60 booklets for $100. That’s $1.67 per booklet. The outpoints were tumbling out at you, so you probably missed noticing this detail.

    I actually like the idea of passing out TWTH booklets at the Olympics (if they are unedited LRH)! My first first thought was…Nice idea! But you are oh so right, why on earth ask parishioners for more money for this project? If anyone really cared, and if the IAS were really a social outreach organization, this would be a nice and appropriate use of all those golden diamond status monies. (Got a laugh out of the statistics comparisons with Jehovah’s Witnesses).


  7. Jean-François Genest

    # 2
    If the booklet will be handed out “free” to people in the streets and Olympic venues, then WHY, WHY, WHY does someone need special “access” to download the eBook electronic version, eh?

    Quote: « Also, when you make the donation on-line, we will give you access to download the Way to Happiness eBook! »

  8. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    When there was the European Soccer Championship in Switzerland/Austria (2008) management made a big hype about it..1 Month before it started (other were already organized 2 years in advance).
    2 months before it started Walter Kotric held an Event in Switzerland and was bragging about that the SO will put up tents, make about 2000 first starts, booksales and a special edition of the way to happiness will be printed that can be donated to.
    The problem was they didn’t get any Oks for tents as all organisations taking part had already secured their places 3-4 years in advance and the Scientologist with their Ot-ablities thought they’ll get oks 1 month before the championship.
    Nevertheless I donated a small amount for the Twth booklets. I never got them. They were printed and shipped after the championship was over (who cares, a product is a product, also when it isn’t one) and the org had 10 000ds of TWTH booklets that were printed for the Soccer championship and were worthless.
    Also I decided to help on body routig the millions of people. I was there only for 2 hours and left in disgust. The people on the street were fans that were mostly interested in drinking beer, singing , having fun and looking soccer games. No spiritual interest, what I could understand. Totally wrong public. No first starts done but lots of money donated for TWTH booklets that weren’t distributed as they didn’t exist.

  9. Thanks Leonore. I will fix my bad math!

  10. VVWD Mike + 1,000,000 for JW’s
    One note “Where the rubber meets the road”
    David Miscavige Declared that Suppressive years ago,
    we should be driving cars with Cement tires on Rubber roads,
    (not released yet ). IN GAT 3, I can hardly wait.!!!!!

  11. Brilliant analysis, as usual, Mr. Rinder.

    I just think it’s cruel to expose miscavige’s modus operandi so meticulously. I mean, how’s a con artist supposed to keep fleecing his flock if more and people find out the intricate details of the con he’s pulling?
    How’s the Pope on a Box supposed to demonstrate his superiority over his minions if they find out he’s just ripping them off?
    What’s going to happen to all his magnimonious power when his sheeple figure out that his level of exchange is nothing less than criminal?

    I’m just sure he’d bitch slap you right now if he only could.

    Message to miscavige: Read and apply A-E for suppressive acts.
    Message to sheeple: You get the condition you fail to assign.

  12. Puzzles me why online access to the booklet is offered, but only if you “dumbnate” money to spend your time handing out for free what you paid for? Why doesn’t the Co$ just post the booklet on the web, then anyone and everyone could read it for free? Oh … wait ….

    I met some Jehova’s Witnesses long ago. Nice people. They came to my abode, so I offered them coffee, and we talked for an hour or so. I mentioned I was a Scn and their eyes lit up with the desire to save me. They came back the following week (by invitation). I discovered they would not change their minds, and they discovered I wouldn’t change mine. I wasn’t bright enough to ask, “Oh, I don’t know about that! When was the last time you felt the world was coming to an end?” We parted company very civilly (I gave them back their booklets, with thanks), and I never heard from them again, unlike the Co$, which will chase you down even if you move into the Tierra del Fuego lighthouse, and refuse to take NO for an answer (unless you lean real close to their nose and make this low, gutteral-sounding rumbling in your throat, roll your eyes around, and show them your canines, then they think you’re an SP – one day I’m going to write a book “How to Have Fun With Your Local Scientologists”.)

    P.S. Mike, You are indeed declared. Thing is, different people declare you different things (some of them good, and sincere). The Co$ is utterly incapable of sniffing out an SP, but really good at “declaring” the best auditors around,

  13. Hi Mike,

    in essence i agree with your post – the massive regging to force book sales is a joke. It is also important the public be kept informed but if you really want to create an effect, you are gonna ahve to change your tone. It is too easy to refute claims of a bitter defector ranting about something or other. Remember new readers to this blog are a bit careful and scared, daring to read “SP” material to understand what is really happening to their church. A rant is not credible to these people.

  14. The Golden Age of Registration?!? ROFLMAO!

  15. Cheaper to just offer each prospect $100 to come in.

  16. Frank — I dont think anything is “credible to these people” whether a rant or in the wrong tone or whatever else. If they are here on this blog they have already overcome the thought stopping of “they are just claims of a bitter defector ranting.”

    But that’s just my view. You may be right.

    Start up a blog and write whatever material you think is going to work. The more people communicating the better. Seriously, go for it and good luck to you.

  17. The most ridiculous statement of the letter is:
    “In 2010, at the Football World Cup in South Africa, copies of the Way to Happiness booklet were distributed throughout the crowds resulting in it being proclaimed as the least violent World Cup ever.”

    Yeah, this booklet is so powerful, just reading it, calmed down the whole crowd, in such a powerful way that it was the least violent World Cup ever!

    I remember when I went to an event, during the Bosnia-Herzegovina war, and DM announced a big contribution to make peace: they opened a mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I thought to myself: Is this guy nuts? Does he really think that opening a mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina will have such a big impact in the war?

    I only went to 2 events in my whole life because as a system analyst I recognized that there were too much omitted information. They were only showing affluence graphs, and the real data about the whole situation wasn’t available. These events, instead of cheering me up, cheered me down. I recognized that these kind of presentations conformed to the pattern of fraudulent situation presentations. I thought to myself: these presentations are for (stupid) people (audience) unable to do good system/situation analysis/evaluation.

    What I didn’t know at that time, is that these events were really fraudulent sales presentations, and the situation was much, much worse than what I expected.

  18. This guy could be recruited to host the international events and it would be an improvement over David Miscavige. As long as this guy is wearing Ringmaster hat David will never have a chance at being the best.

  19. Frank…really? Anyone who “dares” to read the blog has already passed the point of at least ranting to themselves about the insanity and idiocy that they see within their “Church”. In my opinion, this validates what they already know. It is totally appropriate for the circumstances.
    Thank you Mike for another gem.

  20. Mike,

    If you want to speed the delivery, take the MEST out of the line.

    Instead of shipping (airfreight at this point) paper from LA to England… How about giving all olympic attendees the link to the download? Millions reached for little cost.

    Patrick Howsen (BPI Mail Order Manager and Bridge have used this scenario for years..find an event In the public eye, reg for donations. Fact is they will get some dono’s. FP will not approve airfreighting TWTH to England a week before the event, so some TWTH will be dug up locally. Photo shoot passing out some books next week.. 5 billion reached through TWTH campaign announced at next event.

    Patrick has to say 2 million will be distributed or will go to ethics for being small think.

    I am so glad to be out of that insanity…

    Mark McKinstry

  21. Very funny!LOL!

  22. Brilliant Mike! I LOVE sarcasm!!
    The funny thing is, it’s not far from the truth. If dm could just debit people’s accounts and not sec check them he might just do it. Except that he uses the sec checks to manipulate and control the poor bots and he can’t let that go.
    Fun post. I enjoyed it.

  23. Hi Frank,

    If people who come here are that afraid that some sarcasm could scare them off then they haven’t gotten out of bot mode enough to make it out yet.

    Anyways, even if that were true that sarcasm “scares” them off like little frightened rabbits, there are plenty of other comments at “mild”and “conservative” tones that they could read.

    To make it out you have to be able to evaluate data.

    Nobody is going to get their hand held and walked out of the cult I am sorry to say.
    It takes some awareness and guts to do it.
    It’s a tough universe.

  24. Another thing struck me in what you wrote Mike.
    It’s the constant state of franticness that is always created in the cult.
    This used to bother me when I was in the cult. Now I just realize that since dm is a merchant of chaos he actually prefers things to be chaotic and too little too late fits in perfect. When People are freaked out worrying about the “time deadline” it is much easier to get them to cough up money since now it is an “EMERGENCY”. Dm is a real schmuck.

  25. Tom Gallagher


    It sure looks like this asthmatic dwarf, a Hemet-based wannabe anti-Christ, is caught up in a classic cash-flow problem.

    $1.67 per copy!?!?!?!

    You forgot to mention that “It sucks to be Miscavige”. Your sin is forgiven….

    Bill is in the mail.

  26. “Just one final thought Dave. Why not start selling indulgences?”

    Great. You’ll be the one to blame if/when he does.

  27. “Nobody is going to get their hand held and walked out of the cult…”

    Right on, Tony.

  28. Yeah, Frank, and how do we know that Mike didn’t already buy a dispensation for the “sin” of publishing this letter and his sarcastic response to it (written in the tone of Cheerfulness, by the way).

  29. You hit it on the head Tony, LRH covered this in HCO PL 28 May 1971 I PR Series 8 “TOO LITTLE TOO LATE”.

  30. Mathematically your service…. You were probably thinking 20 per bundle, which is fairly typical, and you would have been right!

    Anyway, with a little one fast on the way to elementary school – you can start refreshing yourself now. You’ll need to do so in this day and age! Baby algebra in primary grades. (No, it’s not a dead science – it’s a language and system for taking the known of the physical universe and figuring out unknowns such as – how does one calculate trajectories to Mars if one has not recently been there?) 🙂

    Really liked your analysis of the too much, too little, too late too WTH campaign.

  31. Whenever I do research, I look for reliable information.

    So, when I did my internet research to figure out the CoS situation, I was, too, looking for reliable data.

    I classified as my primary reliable data: Robert Damn (OT V), Pierre Either (Class XII), (old site of) Geir Isene (OT VIII), Friends of LRH, and high consistency of reports of CoS’ out of ethics (Int Base, DM, etc)

    This post, in this blog page, shows how I analyzed CoS before my internet research:

    When I came to this site, during my internet research, I classified it as unworthy for my research, so I decided to not waste my time reading the rest of the site.

    Nowadays, in this site, I have a lot of fun with sarcasms and jokes.

  32. A great way to happy profits. Here is another way. I was abused by family, bullies and school faculty when I was growing up. I tried to seek help from the Church of Scientology believing it to be a new way anyone could successfully better the world. I found out I was wrong about at least one thing. The subject of Scientology by itself may be worth looking into, however I learned that any Church of Scientology anywhere would be totally the wrong place to do it regardless of what their name may imply. The Church of Scientology taking adavantage of an abused youth to make money? Aren’t they just swell? 🙂

  33. BTW – I was looking to see what was on ‘first page’ ‘trending’ and The Master Official Trailer (2012) came up. Over 106,000 views already and it doesn’t come out till Oct. Sounds like a profit shift.

  34. I guess it never crossed the minds of those who put together this little caper, that there isn’t a single on lines Scientologist who hasn’t already donated to the IAS, whose sole purpose is supposed to be the implementation and execution of these exact kinds of outreach programs and events.

    What about those Scientologists who’ve donated tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the IAS? What do you imagine they’re thinking, reading this email?

    I know what I’d be thinking, and it wouldn’t be kind.

  35. I wonder if all those Basics library dono’s from a few years ago, made it out to all the libraries of the world?
    I heard a lot about needing dono’s, but not much about basics packages making it into libraries.
    My local library didn’t get a set or if they did, it didn’t make it to the shelves.

  36. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are outraged by the slanderous accusations that we would try to profit from selling copies of TWTH. In the interests of financial transparency, here is our cost breakdown of the $1.67 for each copy of TWTH:

    1. Cost of one TWTH booklet: .08 cents
    2. Fed-X to London per booklet: .04 cents
    3. Sec Checking BPI personnel: .10 cents
    4. IAS excise tax: .12 cents
    5. COB Enhancement Fund: 10.00 dollars
    6.Tom Cruise Gift Fund: .30 cents
    7. Legal Defense Fund: 1.00 dollar
    8. COB Gift Fund: 5.00 dollars
    Total: $ 16.64 per copy of TWTH

    It becomes quite clear that the Church is in fact losing $14.97 per copy of TWTH. Yet, this is a loss COB RTC must and will incur in order to ensure that the Olympics are the least violent ever.

    COB so very much cares that he ordered the distribution many years ago to the London Olympics. However, several people in RTC blew and so the order was never complied with. Hence, it is the fault of bitter defrocked apostates that the London Olympics were in grave danger. It is to the credit of COB that he remembered the Olympics when he saw a show in the Golden Era Salon as he was being shampooed and coiffed.

    None of the massive wog security forces at the Olympics can really keep things safe. Only the Church of Scientology can safepoint the Olympics. Please donate today to avoid disaster tomorrow.

  37. Too bad the booklet wasn’t title Way to Freedom. Then we could call it the WTF campaign.

  38. During some experience with a scn nieghborhood group I saw and handled the continual stacking up of boxes filled with TWTH along with other sets of training CD’s, PR DVD’s, etc from all around the country with peoples names on the boxes that they apparently bought and thought were going somewhere else other than store housed at a private residence’s storage building. I couldn’t believe it, was stunned. However, I did notify someone about it before I left to at least give them a chance to know that I know about apparent overts on members. So they may have handled, but doubt it.


    This tends to confirm that at least, Heber is alive. Hooray! Probably been in the more “VIP” section of the Hole in the last year, with actual eatable rations, etc. (but still under strict supervision and direction) since JB escaped, reported Heber in the Hole up through 2010, and DM knew he might be exposed for elder abuse. Scientology Inc. can only react now, like this, albeit very ineptly, as too much toothpaste (truth) has gotten out of the tube. Kudos to Tony Ortega and Heber’s brother, David! But especially to all who have been keeping the light trained on the cockroach who has infested the kitchen now for way too long. It REALLY sucks to be David Miscavige!

  40. Joe Pendleton

    And next up …… just wait ……. the dono crush for CCHR after the recent movie theatre massacre …. the Facebook posts have just started in mass … yes, you guessed it … it was all because of psych drugs … should we get active and start training as auditors to get rid of the reactive minds that keep getting restimulated? Don’t be silly. What you need to do is DONATE MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Church of Scientology needs more MONEY !!!!!!!!! (and I guess any on lines Scientologist would consider himself lucky now if he can get out of the org with just donating one hundred bucks). My own way to happiness? Well, one step anyway …… keeping these folks’ hands out of my wallet, keeping my money in the bank and staying out of debt.

  41. the libraries don’t want them, i’ve talked to some libraries about it and if they do receive the books they usually put the books on the sale rack and sell them for a dollar or two at most. It’s a complete waste of members $. complete scam.

  42. Joe Pendleton

    Palehorse, you don’t seriously think the CoS would have missed out on that, do you? I was made to pay $10,000 for book donations to make up for my sins when I was on an ethics cycle …… and then I was told that that wasn’t NEARLY ENOUGH and the crush started for ALL my money (so I wouldn’t “lose my eternity” I guess). At that point, after 35 years, I almost RAN out of the org, never to return. So, yeah, buying your future in heaven is alive and well in the CoS. Personally, I’m having a much happier life spending my money in other directions now (actually I figure that the total crush demand for the 10 G’s and for everything else I had has saved me about TWO HUNDRED thousand dollars, at least, in the long run, so I really should be thanking the two young Nazi Youth …. er, I mean MAAs).

  43. I hear you loud and clear.

  44. “– one day I’m going to write a book “How to Have Fun With Your Local Scientologists”.)” – Carcha

    Now THAT is a book I would break my piggy bank for to distribute it publicly!

    P.S. – off-topic: I wish we had better terms to distinguish between Church Scientologists and Independent Scientologists.

  45. Mike Hobson

    Algebra won’t get you to Mars. You need Calculus for that 🙂

  46. Whats really ironic is I got a call from Tampa Org on Friday regging me to give donations for TWTH booklets for the Republican convention thats suppposedly happening in Tampa in Sept. Must be a new campaign to fill the coffers.

  47. Wow, this is brutal and so true Tony
    “Nobody is going to get their hand held and walked out of the cult I am sorry to say. It takes some awareness and guts to do it.
    It’s a tough universe.”

  48. Captain Bob

    Thanks Mike Rinder.

    but I just can’t donate to the TWTH cause because I need 3K to donate towards my next bridge action intensive, I’m in the middle of Grade 3 and I really need to finish that.

    But thanks for the update. Please, I’m telling the truth. Please leave me alone, I can’t donate to that cause. Please I only make so money, I want to go up the bridge. Please, no I can’t borrow money from another. No, please my credit cards are max’d. I need to go up the bridge. Please.

    But you need to be OT to go OT, Where is the money JAck?

  49. Tony DePhillips

    “I wonder if all those Basics library dono’s from a few years ago, made it out to all the libraries of the world?” ~dan

    Answer is NO.
    This was covered awhile back on this blog, don’t know how to get you to it. I went to the local libraries to find them and they weren’t there. Lots of others did this too.

  50. I’ve read that lots of libraries turned those books away, or even gave them away. Nearly all of those book packages were donated to them, unsolicited.

  51. Yeah, well, I agree the tone level could be improved. How about this:

    The Church of $cientology is so fucked up that the nitwits who dreamed up this completely fictional promotional scheme accidentally presented a fairly accurate impression of what’s actually going on in the cult — those idiots couldn’t plan, organize or execute their way out of a paper bag.

    Fixed it for you. 🙂


  52. Frank makes a valid point. At the same time, our freedom of speech has been censored ruthlessly by the Co$ to the point of being obliged to take offense at the slightest ribbing. There are tomes of posts on this blog that take a more serious and gentler tone for the new reader. (I am personally only at the tip of the iceberg in reading and learning from them, as well as reading Marty’s new book.)

    Take to heart Mike’s suggestion to start a blog. I do not think he meant that to reject your thoughts and ideas, but rather, as he states, “the more people communicating, the better.” Truly, it is easy to find blogs and sites antagonistic to all Scientology as a whole, but a dearth for those who are fed up with the Church but do not wish to deny the validity of the subject.

    Meanwhile, undestand that Mike is an Aussie. It is part of his DNA structure to take the mickey out of anyone and anything that gets too serious. Am I right, Mike?


  53. Flexible Flyer

    Way To Happiness–no one cares about this corny bullshit.

    WTH Real World: find a job, health care for family (#1 cause of bankruptcy), the cost of dental care, keeping down property taxes, using low-cost energy, going off-the-grid, affordable housing, lower tax rates, eliminating gang problems, funding standard drug rehab (it works, no one cares), electing the indie, and many others.

    And the Number thing to the way to happiness if I were to live in Texas: How to get the Mayberry law enforcement to care about stalking, which is: a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them (wiki quote).

  54. That would be, “Mathematically at your service,” and “too much, too little, too late WTH campaign.” Argh!

  55. Same reason Co$ is legally a church: so that employees – OOPS, I mean, uh, CLERGY – can take a “vow of poverty” denying a multitude of their human rights for the greater good of the coffers – OOPS, I mean, uh, CHURCH!

  56. Oh, I don’t think there is any confusion at all. Howson is the Mail Order Manager at Bridge Publications and he has a statistic that he has to get one way or another. He gets no statistic if the IAS gives the books away.

    But more importantly, I am guessing that Bridge is charged “wholesale” prices so that the new printing facility can make lots of money by charging the orgs and groups they print for. Printed items they don’t need but are ordered to purchase and sell. Just like the idle orgs. Just like being billed for “missions” being fired to the local org.

    Not only are these programs parasitical on the public, they are parasitical on the orgs, missions and groups they supposedly serve.

  57. Sadly, I wish this were not true. If we only knew how, we would escort dear Heber out of that Hell Hole, along with the rest of the elders who are incarcerated along with their memories.

  58. Mike, love your post…however, I think perhaps you are wrong on one point….regarding “indulgances”……if i’m not mistaken, DM has been selling those for a long time….i personally have known a number of “OT’s” who have committed such minor things as fraud, spousal abandonment, stock manipulation, insider trading, and outright theft, and other gross things which in the real world are called “crimes.” Yet, when admitted to the Cof$, instead of their ethics programs requiring restitution or fairness to their victums, the main resolution to their messes seemed to have invovled massive (in one case several million USD) “donations” to the IAS. Alas, others who in similar situations didnt see a massive payoff to the IAS or other church organ as part of the handling to their particular mess have been summarily declared. Perhaps you meant that DM should just be more overt about it all? Maybe some glossy promo pieces and videos? An exciting announcent at the next global simulcast mega international event with the Spiritual Dictator announcing the Golden Age of Ethics where the purchase of Indulgances from Department 3 obviates the need for those pesky and time consuming ethics handlings for all Corpratologists?

  59. Dan, you might appreciate this article:

    By the way, I remember a similar campaign in the early 1990s.

  60. When you think about it, its rather silly to pass something like TWTH out at any sporting event….whenever some do-gooder has handed anything to me at such an event, i hold on to the thing long enuf that i’m out of their line of site, then the thing goes to the garbage. I’m sure i’m typical in that regard….who’s going to read, let alone hold onto something like that at a game?

  61. Great sarcasm Mike!
    This brings to light the fact that money is the object of DM’s affection. He sits on a pile of cash and makes the Scientology “peons” grovel to add 5 cent Chiclets to his pile of booty. Gimme, gimme is his mantra.

  62. ++ Tony

    Frank, recall the last time a Reg or Ethics Officer worried about the negative effect they may be having on you?

    Mike’s sarcasm is an issue… r e a l l y ?

  63. Something for everyone! That’s my motto. Lol.. Good one Jm! 🙂

  64. I heard some were thrown in the dumpster if they weren’t sold at their book sale for $1.00 a book. Really.

  65. Funny. Been there and done that. (many times)

  66. Hi Moonshot,
    Yes it’s funny how a person at Flag is made to do ammends for some personal cycle by buying stuff like books and such without ever taking responsibility for the actual overt they committed.
    The “MAA’s” can use the justification that buying the eighty basic packages is “delivering an effective blow to the enemy” but I think that is quite a stretch

  67. True! But first things first. 🙂

  68. You can say that again – “Well, one step anyway …… keeping these folks’ hands out of my wallet, keeping my money in the bank and staying out of debt.”

  69. Moonshot — yes, I meant that Dave should come out of the closet and be overt about what he is doing. Glossy promo, videos and free trips to The Hole for any who don’t comply quickly enough.

  70. Ummmmmmm, I thought my last level was gonna make me more money … before that the level was gonna make me more able …. before that … I would be irresistible … before that.. When’s I gonna do better so I can make more money and be more able ? (Gosh Darn It)

  71. Nancy — I would say that is a fair generality about Australians.

    But that aside, I can be sarcastic when I feel it makes a point I want to make. And I was serious about Frank. If he has a way he thinks will communicate, then he should do so, not waste his time telling me I am doing it wrong.

    Because there IS one thing that EVERY Australian really enjoys — a good ser fac. And what better way to get a good ser fac rolling than to tell someone they are wrong… 🙂

  72. Yeah, I like it…. But I am a sucker for smart women!

  73. Absolutely correct Ronnie.

    But it won’t stop them collecting money for more “library campaigns” because their objective isnt to make books available to the public (if it was, they would be available soft copy on the internet) — its to make money.

    Just like the too late, too little WTH “campaign” that is the subject of this post.

  74. Yeah — everything in the RCS these days is a gimmick to suck money out of people.

    1. The people at the convention could certainly use the booklet.
    2. It would be wonderful to distribute it to them and is a great opportunity.
    3. They’ve got enough money to be able to do it.

    But those three data don’t ever connect. Because they don’t align to a purpose to make money. They only align to a purpose to help people.

  75. Joe, unfortunately, I hear you loud and clear. When I left staff I was hounded incessantly and ultimately declared an SP.(DAYAM, I am in STELLAR company!) Once I brought in my then-fiance who was a retired magazine editor (celebrity=$$$) my A-E steps miraculously disappeared – well, except for my Freeloader Debt, of course. He considered that a dowry to buy my freedom from the church. That was back in 1991. Alas, by the time my then-finance/husband and I finished our giddy spending spree of his inheritance/retirement, it had cost roughly $350,000 to get to Clear for me (he never came up with the right cog), plus KTL/LOC and the Ls. I am glad you made it out wiser and not poorer.

    I must say, if I only knew then what I know now: two simple prescriptions (one for depression and one for ADD) completely handled my eternal ruin that kept returning after every Success Story write-up.

    Disclaimer: the above comments only represent my personal experience and are not meant to evaluate for those who also experience depression and AD(H)D. There is no clinical evidence that suggests my success with psychiatric medications equals or outweighs another’s success with Scientology processing or other methods of caring for similar unwanted conditions.


  76. Joe — Actually, there’s nothing to worry about as according to CCHR, they are VERY close to eradicating psychiatry. This IS what they are promoting….

  77. Randy — Agreed — Kudos to Tony Ortega and Heber’s brother, David!

  78. Careful with the sarcasm OT Grrr8. You are in line for an attitude readjustment…

  79. Ronnie — there you go again. Hit the nail right on the head. The problem is that you CAN think. They cannot. So, they don’t think anything about it at all. It makes perfect sense to them because it its what they were told by by Big Brother, er… COB. It’s “Command Intention” and that means it comes straight from the lips of God himself and is not to be trifled with.

  80. Thanks Leonore — I am usually good with math. I graduated taking calculus as two subjects in High School… But I got flustered with the outpoints and carried away on a wave of sarcasm and lost track of reality. I think its probably the “much too little, too late but asking for too much for no good reason WTH campaign.”

  81. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nancy, nice posting on every count, and great to see
    you stepping out. Do you intend making an announce-
    ment sometime soon?
    Calvin B.Duffield
    Declaration Mothers Day !2 / 13 May 2012
    Indie 500 list # 301

  82. Ahhhh, free trips to The Hole….perhaps if Dave does come out of the closet, then when he departs this body to complete his researches into Black Scientology, the Cof$ can put a mock up of The Hole next to every LRH Office in every Ideal Morgue on the planet……

  83. Mr. Rathbun; will you or anyone else please comment on the death of Stacy Dawn Murphy? She died on Thursday at the Narconon Arrowhead center in Canadian, Oklahoma. The poor girl wasn’t even a Scientologist.

    The police went in and found that some of the patients who had entered voluntarily were being kept against their will and being forced to read Scientology books!

  84. HannibalTheFirst

    Nah. I had fun reading the story. I did not see a “bitter defector ranting”. It was more a entertaining insider making me laugh.
    Frank, lighten up. Miscavige and his deeds are bad enough, let us at least have some fun with it as well.

  85. Yes, also funny how the only lower condition write-ups that ever seem to get “approved” (jeez, i had always thought conditions and ethics were a personal thing, oh well) by Flag MAA’s always need to have the phraseology “i join that in-ethics group of Scientologists that…..” wether or not the original overt or ethics sit comes within a dozen light-years of other scientologists or the church…..i guess if anything you ever do slightly wrong on any dynamic is also a defacto attack on the sactity of the Cof$, then it naturally follows that money products are properly part of any ammends for such sins, great and small.

  86. Maria, I was going to write an article on how this is all driven by stats, but you nailed it. If Howson can get his GBS (gross book sales) and NBSRAW (new books sold to raw public) stats up, then he’s a happy camper. That’s the primary motivation behind that email, imho.

  87. Don’t forget the other relevant datum: Thetans love Hill 10s. I am source for that, however, not LRH.

  88. Same scenario of “wrong public” over and over and over.
    Jeff Hawkins in his e-book describes it so very well.
    The “little one on the box” does not want to learn, does not want Scientology to expand.
    It’s all a waste, way below “HAVE”.
    Mike, I’ve always liked your style, please keep it up!

  89. Ed Zachary, Mate!* (read “mate” disclaimer at the end of my post)

    Your sarcasm makes me giggle, and I REALLY duplicate your point. At the same time, I know very well you were serious in your comments to Frank about starting a blog.

    I cannot pretend to know Frank’s intentions whether he simply meant to suggest moderation or whether he meant to impinge upon you that you were wrong. I am a naive sorta sheila, so, giving Frank the benefit of the doubt, I assumed Frank only wished to voice a concern for new readers without intending a side-effectual communication that such concern would imply that you, Mike, were doing it wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!! (Eww, I just had a fleeting moment of Miscagiveness impinging on my !!! button.) Hell, you have endured the ultimate inhumanity of being convinced that you were WRONG, no matter what. I do not wish to perpetuate that horrible experience.

    Now, about that Aussie ser fac thing – thanks for the insight! My Aussie husband always finds a way to make me wrong about ANYTHING including the weather. Goddamn ser facing FUCK! ROFL! 😀

    * -ok, here’s my “mate” disclaimer… 1) I realize that Americans rarely understand Australian mateship, 2) I used the term “mate” to acknowledge the deep grounding of mateship, firmly realizing that I (as an American sheila) am not totally privy to enter into the agreed upon terms of mateship, and yet, in using the term I intend 3) to simply say that I wish to extend my best efforts toward the duplication of mateship with the hope that you will accept my gesture, however clumsy.

    P.S. My husband is from Jerilderie.


  90. Gah, I am so embarrassed that I fell for that; yet, you know why we did (thank you for understanding.) Yes, I willingly DID NOT THINK because to do so would have been Counter-Intention.

  91. Frank, sorry (not really!) to disagree. Satire, sarcasm and irony are all fair game but it’s a shame it has to be explained to many Americans who often just done get humour as a way to convey a serious message. Google or read “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathon Swift (1729)
    For Preventing The Children of Poor People in Ireland
    From Being Aburden to Their Parents or Country, and
    For Making Them Beneficial to The Public

    His suggestion was to kill them and eat them, or sell them for food for the English colonists. While preposterous to the Irish peasants, who didn’t read his books, the English colonists were not amused. Humour is very powerful.

  92. Jehovahs Witnesses who are they?
    A) They are at your door to recruit you for their watchtower society corporation,they will say that *we are just here to share a message from the Bible*… this is deception right off.
    B) Their *message* creed is a false Gospel that Jesus had his second coming in 1914.The problem with this is it’s not just a cute fairy tale,Jesus warned of the false prophets who would claim *..look he is here in the wilderness,or see here he is at the temple*.
    C) Their anti-blood transfusion ban against *whole blood* has killed thousands.
    D) once they recruit you they will *love bomb* you in cult fashion to also recruit your family & friends or cut them off.
    3rd generation Jehovah’s Witness Danny Haszard
    FMI dannyhaszard(dot)com

  93. Right on Mark. You can access much of the Vatican library on line. Meanwhile the COS is on a megaselling mission for their books. Books that have long since made millions for the church that wants to “clear the planet” (ha!). But the Dear Misleader still wants to pulp more out. Why would I buy Dianetics when it is to be had in just about any garage sale for 10 cents? Probably I might even get the unexpurgated version as a bonus. Bridge Pubs is probably sitting on a fortune in unsellable paper and pulp.

  94. Mike: I’m very curious to know how your Oz sense of humour (which I love) went over with DM when you were inside? I’m thinking it probably got you through some days when others would have torn their hair out.

  95. That’s right. Also the chances of anyone being allowed into the Olympic site without tickets are about nil. This will be the tightest controlled Olympics ever, with hundreds of CCTV cameras watching. Anyone found canvassing anything that isn’t an official sponsor will be politely escorted away. The security is unbelievable. I was on the Isle of Dogs the other day doing business (about a mile from the Olympic site) – there was HMS Ocean just outside the apartment block, fully armed and with half a dozen armed helicopters ready to go. There are thousands of army personnel, and many plain clothes special services. If I want a safe Olympics and have to choose between the SAS and a clubbed seal handing booklets I think I’ll opt for the SAS.

    But going back to your main point, if the Co$ is so keen to distribute TWTH, why, there are at least 10 million people in London on any given day when they would be MORE receptive to receiving it. This event is a poor choice for distribution.

  96. Susan Meister

    You might also want to come up to present time. Its the 21st Century now.

  97. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yeah, Mike, I have the Aussie blood in me too!
    Marty,(may the Xenu-bashers ever recoil from him!)
    (( I presume it was Marty doing the moderating?))
    deletes the heavily “expleted” comments I make,
    while attempting to deliver a rhetorical “uppercut” to the jaw of some of the more obnoxious assholes on this blog ( you know THOSE individuals too well!)
    Even our marsupials know how to out-box these walking, talking,puckered anal openings, right mate?

  98. Frank I agree with you. The ironic comments don’t make us move forward. they make us look like anti Scientologists. it is not the spirit of the blog isn’t it? All the nicknames given to supressives person who’s run the Church make us look like them.

  99. Tory Christman

    Good post, Mike. I’d like to ask you—when you were “in”…what was your take on Way To Happiness? To me it always seemed a bit scammy, even when I was “in”. I’d hear these Doctors get regg’d, and they were hit HARD to pay up, ‘To Help their Community”. From what you’ve written, it sounds as bad as always, if not worse. What would you suggest is the best way to educate the Olympics that this is NOT what they say it is? Any tips?

  100. I endorse Mike’s assessment of Australians 100% — must have overts of my own 🙂

  101. Li'll bit of stuff

    + 10, Tony!

    Even better, pull an Israeli style gate-crash, and
    just ass whip the captors, to their knees, where
    a couple of cable-ties will keep them quiet, till they
    can be frog marched off to some sessions of court ordered “de-programming.” (Jonestown & Koresh
    massacres come to mind as definite and ominous
    precedents, to where this whole Miscavology cult
    is headed, led by it’s psychopathic leader,DM!!)

    Debbie Cook’s shocking court revelations made
    world headlines, and it would be gratifying to
    have some information on just where the FBI currently stands, after the Justice Dept’s some-
    what ambiguous statement given, in response to the qualified; “Petition to investigate the crimes of
    the CO$” delivered to them late last year.

    Please correct me if I am wrong here, but is it not
    against the law, to incarcerate people in the U.S,
    without at least being charged for being a
    suspect in a statutory / criminal offence?

    How does “religious freedom” equate to permission
    to “religious incarceration” in the constitution of
    the USA?

    Loopholes? Dupeholes? Stupeholes? in the law?
    Wake the F ## K up! ASSholes, in the Justice
    Dept., this is not just ominous, what’s happening,
    it’s CRIMINAL what you’re NOT doing about it!!

  102. Also:
    The entire action can be predicted to run into a different Reality: People who want to watch a sports event. So you will have minimal positive response, maximum refusal, maximum waste paper, maximum waste of money.
    Also a violation of PR-Series 39, Individuals vs Groups.

  103. Mike — thanks for this. So accurate.

    Between 2005 and 2010, after my offload and declare, I was called 4 – 5 times regarding doing my A-E steps and getting back into good standing.

    I had a call from Int Justice Chief, two more calls from Deputy Int Justice Chief, two calls from OSA International staff, and one from the local Cont Justice Chief.

    Every phone call was an effort to a) collect information on what I was doing and b) to reg me to pay for library donations, for basic books, for The Way to Happiness Books, or some other publication campaign.

    When I would point out that my next step was for me to do amends, I was told that donating money was suitable as amends (?). There was no interest in the justice cycle (or should I say injustice) and there was no interest in actually applying the policy letter for persons declared suppressive.

    I was briefed that “everyone” was regging basics, and all staff had quotas and I was being contacted so that I could contribute and donate as part of my amends. It was so screw ball and so off-purpose and weird. At one point I said I would be interested in donating money for books for my local libraries — and I would go so far as to getting them into the National Library of Australia, the 3 main University libraries and also all Public Libraries in the national capital. I was informed that that was not possible. I could donate money and state where I would like the books to go, but I was not permitted to actually take action to get books into those libraries myself (?)

    I stopped taking calls after that. It was so nutty and obviously off-policy, I knew it was hopeless.

    I found out, during the same time, that my folks, who had been on-lines in the early 80’s, and not done services for more than 20 years, were being contacted every 3 months by the IAS and would be coerced into donating $2000 or more each time. They had donated over $50,000 over the course of 10 years, always for the war chest and the latest campaign and 3rd/4th dynamic handling. They were putting it on their credit card, and paying 27% interest on the never ending debt. They were meanwhile not contacted by any org staff or ARCX Tour, and were considered “disaffected”. But not disaffected enough to keep the IAS regges away. And when I questioned my folks on why they continued to pay money, they said it had been their solution to keep the Church away from their home and out of their lives. Just pay them to stay away. When I arrived, that all ended. My folks were called by the IAS reg, I took the phone and explained that my folks weren’t going to be donating any more, and that I was home now, and as I was a declared SP, they (the IAS) had best stop calling. They did. There were a few org staff in ANZO who then called my folks to “alert” them that I was an SP, and should not be living here, and they were told to go jump (sometimes in more nasty terms).

    Anyway… I just relay these stories as more of the same that have been well documented on this blog over the last 2 years.

  104. Is Miscavige Church running out of money? All the money that comes in goes probably straight away to the consiglieri’s and security people. I bet whole lawyer firms are thriving on their one big client. It’s good for employment.

  105. Jethro Bodine

    What no Honor Status for those who donate the most money? What a huge omission. Don’t they know that honor statuses are en ethics particle’s best friends? Allow me to suggested a few:

    1) Other Fish to Fry Fan Club – $0
    2) Spectator Valence – $1000
    3) Happiness is Good Club – $5000
    4) Other People’s Moral Code Crusader – $40,000
    5) Conned Contributor with Honors – $100,000
    6) Double-Mortgaged Easy Marktorius – $500,000
    7) Supremus Meritorius Ignoramus – $1,000,000
    8) Double Diamond Douchebag – $5,000,000
    9) Biggus Dickus Platinum Excalibur – $10,000,000

  106. Apparently what Rinder predicted is already being done here in Italy by Padova Org. I received an e-mail asking me to forward my bank account numbers so that they could charge me every month for the ammount I decided to donate. Sort of a fixed tax to the dark midget. Isn’t it odd?

  107. Li'll bit of stuff

    Who said the Indies don’t have a QUAL Dept?
    WE can fix any parts of ol’ Dr. Frankie’s monster,
    ( and we have fixed it so well, recently, that it
    now wobbles aimlessly all over the place!) But at least we’ve managed to tweek it’s homing
    device, so it’s actually headed straight back,
    (arms outstretched) looking for it’s creator!!

    Sleep well….li’ll davey….sleep….well.

  108. One of Ginger and Nicole’s (the two IAS terrors in the UK) favourite sayings was “This is NOT business as usual”. In other words this ___ Germany, the latest psych conference – fill in the blanks – is a screaming emergency and entire future of Scientology depends on you cracking out your credit card RIGHT NOW!!!

  109. I’ll bet a pound to a penny there were handlers on the line ensuring Heber didn’t stray from the party line.

  110. Dear Mr Rinder,
    Perhaps I may alleviate your ‘curiosity’ somewhat.
    Approximately last week (my knowingness told me to save the messages therefore I did not) two text messages were received by myself and therefore many others in the UK.

    The first, in great urgencey, advised that onky so many thousands of GBP’s were required to purchase so many millions of TWTH booklets for the Olympics. A donation was required instantly to meet that target before midnight.. Later that day another text message arrived with greater urgency, stating that just so many thousands of GBP’s were needed to raise the required amount before midnight and that the target was nearly met ! Make of that what you will.

    Further to your comments, just a few years ago some of the GAT folders in the course rooms at AOSHUK were in a bad state of disrepair and one member of the public, a devout and upstanding fellow, offered to purchase replacements from the wonderful new facility that was especially constructed to produce any number of any books in any language.. It took six months of nudging to discover that the wonderful printing facilities in both America and Europe could not produce any replacement GAT folders !

    Regarding the Olympic event; more than 50% of the population of East London are muslim and non-English speaking. Observation and government anxiety would indicate that the native Britons are not over impressed with the games and are unlikely to attend, also as a majority of attendees are likely to be non-English speaking or reading and interested mainly in the specific events for which they will have to pay exhorbitant amounts to watch, English language booklets will niot be a great priortty for them.

    Finally, it has long been estimated that a ‘false flag terror attack’ is scheduled to be launched at the Olympic games (Scheduled is the correct word). the catastrophe of G4S in handling the security opperations, the drafting in of thousands of British troops, including anti-aircraft missile emplacements on top of blocks of flats and most telling of all, the drafting in of American personel to run security at airports, would all tend to confirm that.

    Therefore be prepared to finance tjhousands of VM’s (and booklets) to arrive at the disaster scene long after the event.

  111. (Even if its 7 days before an event that has been announced for 10 years — so they will send them using the most expensive means possible in order to get them there in time)….

    You don’t need to look further than the simple understanding of ‘dropped out time’ for the intention – dishonesty, shams and the RCS are brothers in arms. What a disgrace they are and will be until the curtain falls.

    Nice effort Mike.

  112. Irony of ironies.

    I am but a simple soul, but if I understand it correctly, Miscavige Crime Church is sending out booklets on How to live a life without Crimes, for that asking money from their followers, in order to be able to pay their lawyers who have to defend the Church for the Crimes it commits?
    Or: you have to pay us so that we can continue our Crimes and in return we learn you how NOT to commit Crimes.
    I am lost.

    We could also send all our own booklets back to the Crime Church and stop sending any money until they stop committing Crimes (like closing down the Goulag).
    Wouldn’t that stop this crazy crime cycle?

  113. Theo Sismanides

    Mike, sarcasm is what works here! One week before the Olympics, hahahaha!! They must be kidding…

    But as this subject refers and has to do with the printing and selling of books and it has to do with Europe too, I want to throw in a bit of stuff on the Translations and the Tape Course Series HCOBs that were never applied.

    MIscavige and his sooper dooper, whizbang, state of the 20th century printing equipment have replaced LRH on translations and the HCOBs that would give the world, Academies with Courses on Tape (cheap courses as LRH said they should be) so that all the people of earth could avail of the tech.

    The old translated materials on Tapes were banished because they were OPs as they were not done as LRH laid out in those HCOBs (the Tape Course Series). I worked in the translations unit for many years and never was there ANY language expert, much less a UN caliber Sight translator as LRH says in

    Issue II

    Tape Course Series 1

    A “sight” translator is one equally good in 2 languages who can hear one
    language and speak the translation into the other language without hesitation. (They are employed in the UN.)

    So around 2000 an eval was done on the translations to find the arbitraries which were many. What nobody found out was those HCOBs! Now you can throw in ALL the sarcasm you want…. I was left speechless, being the TU Director and not being able to apply the very tech of translations (LOL!!!)

    No matter how much I insisted on their application no one did anything. 12 years after this and many years since the abolishment of those HCOBs the World is going down as there are no real Training Centers in Europe and other parts of the world where english is not their native language, delivering Tape Courses done by Sight Translators who can deliver a fine translation of each course. It’s not a surprise that there are more Jehova’s Witnesses centers. They circulate those booklets for free as you are pointing out correctly in order to do something. We couldn’t even apply the translations tech and deliver cheap courses in the Academies so we can train auditors in high volume. The Way to Happy Profits, indeed! Miscavige has no intention to help the Planet, he has other purposes, one of which is to control Scientologists.

    I guess those who are not privileged and patient enough to learn good English are banished from the Tech. They will NEVER make it as the language barrier is big.

    I don’t know how many materials have now been translated and in how many languages but I can tell that the BIG thing about the Tape Courses was the Aural Character in Training.

    LRH in the same HCOB says

    “Learning rate in an aural society is much higher than in a society accustomed to print.

    Even an illiterate person or a slow reader can be taught such a means.”

    And the big problem now on planet earth is that we are dealing with many illiterates or semi-literates.

    In the next HCOB of that Series

    Tape Course Series 2

    the last 3 paragraphs are the famous ON SOURCE quote:

    LRH says:
    “It will be found in all countries where Dianetics and Scientology and orgs have been successful that a key part of the success was keeping the subject “on source”.

    The public at once distrusts persons or groups who alter the materials or “use some of them” or attribute them to others. This is quite factual and the public is right.

    All great and lasting successes have been made by orgs that were on source and whose materials were straight and correct and used that way.”


    What an irony for Miscavige when he quoted on the Maiden Voyage Event of 1999 (I think it was), the Going Global one, that very Quote (On Source) from LRH and I was on the decks because I was insisting for the application of the whole (lol) HCOB! Well, he quoted that very quote but didn’t apply the thing itself. I knew it right there watching him on video quoting that quote from that very HCOB that the guy was an SP. I laughed and said to myself, there is your proof man, the guy “uses some of them”!!!

    Now Miscavige wants to tells us that with the Way to Happiness one week before the Olympics he is going to help create Peaceful Olympics when he sabotaged the very thing that could give Planet Earth this Technology in a very palatable and Standard way.

    Miscavige is guilty of the High Crime of not applying HCOBs and using some of the materials when and as he pleases and finds fit.

  114. After reading Marty’s book and getting an understanding of how thoroughly DM has undermined the entire bridge I have a different viewpoint about this type of project. I remember back in the early 90’s while I was on lines at the Orange County Org, the ED invested in a hot air balloon that promoted Dianetics while he was unmocking Div 6. His reasoning was that you needed to create big effects in promotion to clear the planet. This bothered me because I felt they were undoing the actions that made the org so successful, which included handling individuals one at a time with good TR’s. Anyone who opposed this action was a small thinker and obstructing the clearing of the planet.

    The London Olympics TWTH campaign must have the ultimate goal of creating good PR for Scientology and bringing people into the orgs. But after 20 plus years of unmocking the successful actions that expanded Scientology and repeatedly taking these types of actions that result in nothing as far as real stats that matter, I can see that it’s no accident. I believe DM is using these actions to divert attention from his ultimate goal of changing Scientology. Considering the fact that he’s insane, it’s kind of like have a blind person driving a crowded bus through a city. There’s no way you’re going to arrive safely.

  115. Hey Mike – thoroughly enjoyed this post! I (living in Johannesburg) was regged telephonically from LA a few months back to donate to put TWTH in South Africa schools. I thought it odd that I was getting regged from overseas when the local SO were incessantly regging me – this seemed like overkill of overkill. When I mentioned that South Africa had been announced as a “done” on this score and we were onto the next African country – oh – no he didn’t know that and then later came back with data that the “done” announcement was wrong! Hmm on their own version someone is not being truthful…. He claimed that TWTH was the reason that there had been a peaceful transition of power in SA after the collapse of apartheid. No, I said, more likely it was that Nelson Mandela had exercised restraint and a huge amount of natural ARC that he has that facilitated the peaceful transition of power. No argument from him on that score. What’s happened I asked? Has California dried up that he might be interested in my ZAR (1 rand being worth about one eighth of a USD!) Change of subject…… hmmm. Gotta wonder if things are not a LOT worse than we imagine. A bit later I got an email invite to the Buffalo Org refit re-opening in June just passed. Did they invite everyone? I have never even been in the US for services!

  116. Frank,
    I got your point. But In my situation the sarcasm didn’t blow me off, but was causing release of charge – DM, “the untouchable”, was suddenly not
    untouchable anymore. After many years of thought-stopping, it had the revers effect; somehow like redirecting a stuck flow, loosening it up and getting thought flowing again.
    To have a “negative thought about COB” is handled like a high crime in the cult of Miscavige. What he is doing has never to be questioned. Even worse: your eternity is at stake! This is acting like an implant!
    When I was already out, sb was telling me again and again about his observations of how DM was mistreating his staff. I mentally blocked – despite that I had experienced mistreatment myself! It needed the story of musical chairs at Int and the shock of that cruelty perpetrated by DM on the Int staff to break through the thought-stop to get me to LOOK! (Thank you Marc Headley!)
    How could I know that it was the truth what I found out on the Internet (besides that there were just too many reports)? The charge BLEW when l was reading the stories. I was remembering the data: “You see, truth must exist before lies and truth blows the lie away as it is later on the chain.” – RJ 37
    Strangely the satire had the same effect. But then, I always liked good satire. It is a formidable weapon used against dictators (You ever saw “The Great Dictator” from Charlie Chaplin? And the reactions of the dictators toward these people shows its effectiveness. And no, Mike Rinder should not change his tone. His “rant” was always credible for ME – and I was one of “the new readers” and one of “these people”. – Karola

  117. Just checking with my JW friends if they pay for their magazines and if so how much, bear in mind theirs change each month which incurs additional costs to a fixed publication. But TWTH is just another rip off either way.

  118. At least this time they actually reduce the unit cost, down to $1.51, the more you buy. This has not always been the case. Still waiting for my JW friends to reply. 🙂

  119. “And what better way to get a good ser fac rolling than to tell someone they are wrong… :)”

    I don’t know, Mike, maybe shove a stick up a hornet’s nest?

    I always look forward to your posts but when you go sudden, I just want to yell, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!”

    Vic K.

  120. I guess it’s ok to dream..
    I will stick to the world as it is.

  121. You missed the sarcasm? How ironic after Frank made such a big deal about it?

    I am in present time, its Dave the Destroyer that is stuck in the past.

  122. Yeah — it often didnt serve me well. More problematic was my tendency not to get too worked up about anything, causing Miscavige to routinely accuse me of “not caring.” While he was popping veins and yelling and screaming, I was usually more analytical.

  123. Hey Martin,
    It sure is nice knowing their suppressive operating basis now.
    Boy how I wish I could go to another IAS reg event now!! heh, heh, heh.

  124. Thanks for the info Danny!!

  125. Dan — I think you got it slightly wrong in the translation from Swedish. I think its “Regges love a Hill 10”?? But I could be wrong….

  126. Fair enough Nancy. (A catch all Oz agreement with what you just said).

  127. Tony — spot on. As a loyal reader of this blog, you know I take credit(?) for being the source of “pie face”….

  128. Great story Lana!

    I think dm is trying to line his coffers with book sales and Idle Org scams as this is the safest way to do it. If he actually tried to deliver his squirrel miscovology people would die and commit suicide and so forth and that would shine the light on him too brightly.
    So he concentrates on these mest goals to feather his nest.
    His castle is crumbling and it’s only a matter of time that his last bastion of safety topples and spills him crashing to to Earth. Crushed by his own Idle Org bricks. I think it’s dm who needs to read the WTH. He should practice what he preaches.

  129. Theo Sismanides

    I dedicate this video about Stalin to those Kool Aid Drinkers to remind them how ONE MAN can ruin a whole nation…. ! Our Stalin (=Man of Steel), Miscavige rules the same way and prevails. Congratulations! To you Dave the Man of Steel in Scientology. Our Stalin!

  130. Theo Sismanides

    It is interesting to see how Stalin like Miscavige eliminates all his rivals. Now that I watch the video and get to hear all those details, how he would do away with his comrades I get to see how our Stalin acts…. A totalitarian regime like in Stalinism.

  131. I got through the whole post without laughing, then couldn’t hold back. You are soooo funny! ” And you would no longer need auditing rooms and you could rent them out as the latest, state-of-the-art “mini storage” facilities.” — but from what I have heard recently, it is sad that it is not far from the truth. From what I understand, the current event that is going around with the ‘ Freewinds Maiden Voyage event ‘ – The entire event has absolutely NO RESEMBLANCE at all to Scientology before 1982, absolutely nothing what-so-ever. I was talking to someone on facebook that went to the event, but that was his last straw, – he will now be joining us in our small Indie auditing group. He said the entire event was DM talking on a video to raise money for buildings, no mention of what his next step is on the bridge, no mention of even how to get on the Freewinds and move up there, basically no mention of Ron, he said there was only a strategic photo of LRH driving a boat with a bar across the front of him, as if to block him out completely. He said he even noticed a couple public people in the back shaking theirs heads a bit in disgust. So, given this, it sounds as if there are more people waking up. That fact that a lot of us are gettting older that were ‘ in ‘ before the takeover, this complete bottom of NO RESEMEBLANCE to Scientology at all brings me to thinking that we cannot just contiinue to audit ourselves successfully outside of the church ( which has been fantastic ) but, to also really think about how the next generation can carry the truth on, train propertly the younger people etc. With absolutely no resemblance left, there really is a need to safegaurd the tech and have it known to the younger generation to carry it on, for all of us. I feel fantastic about our small little indie auditing group and all our wins, but the passing on, to make very good top trained terminals is truly something to work out and how that can be done.

  132. Theo Sismanides

    see how Stalin does away of his comrades. A very teaching video as to how Miscavige does it like Stalin did. Fear is the word!

  133. Theo Sismanides

    Miscavige like Stalin has a Grand Strategy: Liquidate anyone at any level, on any pretext who is capable of resistance.

  134. It all works to the common reality of all these drives. The point is not dissemination it is that the “donations” come in. The same is true of the library campaign and the super power building the point is simply to attract donations and the pretext of doing something.

  135. Jean-François Genest

    How about the management and members of the Hcruhc of Scientology Incorporated actually putting the precepts of The Way To Happiness into practice *THEMSELVES* first, before begging members for donations, and before hypocritically handing out booklets to preach at the world, eh?
    For example:
    4. Love and Help Children (forced abortions? disconnection?)
    6. Set a GOOD Example → rotten example indeed
    7. Seek to Live with the TRUTH → (Daah! Hello?)
    9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal → GUILTY !
    13. Do Not Steal → GUILTY !
    14. Be Worthy of Trust (Not worthy of trust at all)
    15. Fulfill Your Obligations → Deliver LRH STANDARD Tech you morons!

  136. Jean-François Genest

    For the blog readers who may not know, these are the 21 precepts of the book/booklet The Way To Happiness (TWTH) written by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard as a non-religious, common-sense moral code that one can live by to be happy in life and cause happiness to others and their environment. It is such a no-brainer that the current Radical Church is obviously NOT able to apply it.

    1. Take Care of Yourself
    2. Be Temperate
    3. Don’t Be Promiscuous
    4. Love and Help Children
    5. Honor and Help Your Parents
    6. Set a Good Example
    7. Seek to Live with the Truth
    8. Do Not Murder
    9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal
    10. Support a Government Designed and Run for All the People
    11. Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will
    12. Safeguard and Improve Your Environment
    13. Do Not Steal
    14. Be Worthy of Trust
    15. Fulfill Your Obligations
    16. Be Industrious
    17. Be Competent
    18. Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others
    19. Try Not to Do Things to Others that You Would Not Like Them to Do to You
    20. Try to Treat Others As You Would Want Them to Treat You
    21. Flourish and Prosper

  137. My JW friends tell me they do not pay for the magazines rather they make a voluntary contribution to production costs depending on what they can afford. I didn’t asl how much peer pressure there was to “pull their weight” but I imagine guilt alone would force them to donate as much as they can.

  138. Hi Picanin,

    A fellow Joburger, hello! Yes, I also live in Joburg, and there’s something really funny about these TWTH stories.

    How many booklets did you see in ’94 on street? Errr, let’s see, if your experiences are like mine it’s none, right? How many people do you know that ever got one anywhere? How many did you ever see in the dustbin at the road of the road when was handing out a bazillion of them?

    None, right?

    World Cup two years ago? None?

    That’s right folks, through all these events, someone who actually lives in the area never saw a single booklet, or ever met anyone who got one, or knows anyone who got one. You’d think that in a city of max 5 million people, handing out 2 million booklets would make them kinda visible.

    Oops. Did I just open my big mouth again?


  139. Jean-François Genest

    → When the book on David Miscavidge is written and comes out, the front cover needs to have 3 pictures side-by-side:
    Stalin on the left – David Miscavidge in the middle – and Adolf Hitler to the right. All 3 at their podium.

  140. Jean-François Genest

    Dear Captain Profit$,
    « You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. [Matthew 7:5] »

  141. Surely the most devoted church of scientology adherents will see any critical comment however couched as “anti scientology”. Those who lurk here who are not OSAbots probably aren’t the most devoted and I suspect for them the subject matter rather than the style might be more relevant; an attack on LRH, such as a suggestion he was merely a mortal man with faults who came up with scientology and dianetics, might be more of a turn off than say a not so sarcastic article on the way to happiness scam, mainly because such drives go against LRH teachings anyway and my understanding is a lot of public are fed up with them.

  142. Questions: Does Miscavige or any of the church leadership still have to undergo auditing? Or does that stop once you\’re clear? Is there no mechanism within Scientology whereby leadership is held accountable as to \”ecclesiastical\” and/or tech matters? If other members of the leadership can be declared \”out ethics,\” why not Miscavige? Has he reached some elevated godlike/messianic status, and if that\’s the case, what support is there in Scientology materials for such a concept? Anyone care to speculate on what would happen within the church and its orgs and missions were church leadership to rebel and toss Miscavige into the Hole, citing some LRH scripture to support their move? Obviously a non-SCN here . . . just now getting up to speed on all things SCN. On a personal note, I\’m stunned and thoroughly horrified by the myriad stories of abuse and criminal activity . . . and the fact that this has been going on for DECADES. As well, I\’m thoroughly disgusted (but not surprised) that the media is too dense/lazy/short-sighted to have been properly investigating and reporting this total racket to the public. How embarrassing to be a journalist these days. On a positive note, it\’s very encouraging to see the ex-scn and indie communities forming and providing support to those who want to leave or pursue the tech in a moral fashion, and to help educate the public. For those still struggling, I wish you much luck, courage and success. For those who have righted their ships, how uplifting that you\’ve found your way and that you continue to weave a network of trust and support for those who think they\’ve not got a friend in the world. This comes to mind: \”Once we’re thrown off our habitual paths, we think all is lost, but it’s only here that the new and the good begins.\”

  143. Great article, thank you Mike.
    Q: have you experienced with Miscavige or in his vicinity, through out the decades, also some ease relaxing times, even if for a short time, you know like sitting at a table enjoying a 2 way comm, drinking a café in the nice office? Just curious, if you don’t mind.

    Second, I´m kind of missing yours and Marty´s fishing and storytelling videos. 🙂

    Have a great sunday.

  144. OK, here goes…

    Me: I, Nancy McPherson, hereby uphold my middle finger to the Church of $cientology, declaring myself free and independent from their slimy grasp!


    OSA: Who the fuck are you, and why should we care?

  145. Yes, indeed.

  146. Your humble servant


    Thank you for your apt remarks and the video about Stalin. It is remarkable that there are still apologists for a being who brought about the murder of millions of people. It is also remarkable that in the Church of Scientology, where Ron’s tech about suppression is taught and supposedly known, that tech is not applied at all but only misapplied. We have in the guy known as David Miscavige a real suppressive person of the worst sort, just as Stalin was. The promoters and adherents of DM cannot see it, do not want to see it, and will viciously attack anyone who suggests that it may be so. This is why the organization is corrupt and ineffective down to roots. This is why it is failing. Although failing, it is still doing tremendous amounts of damage to individuals, families and groups through misapplication of tech and what is called “ethics,” through bankrupting people and families, and through depriving the world of the truths of Scientology by smearing the reputation of the subject so that it cannot and will not be studied and cannot and will not be correctly applied.

    The basic idea of SP tech is potentially tremendously valuable. The idea is simply this: That beings do exist whose intentions are simply to harm and destroy, that such beings are not amendable to normal “treatments” and “education,” and that such beings must be effectively recognized and kept from positions of influence and power where they will harm others. (This is the very same topic as the study of psychopaths in psychology). Most of the woes of the world can be seen to have been brought about by such beings and their adherents. Unfortunately, in our first go-around with this, in the first 26 years in Scientology since Ron’s departure, we have utterly failed to apply this subject correctly and effectively.

    Very ironically, there is now a true SP at the head of the Church of Scientology and for the past 30 years (even before Ron’s departure) he has been wrecking the place, destroying people, and doing his best to destroy the subject of Scientology with abandon. Using the methods that SPs use–overwhelm, terrorism, the advantage of shock and surprise, bold exercise of power, the clever use of PR, favoritism toward friends, ruthless extermination of perceived enemies, and effectively taking credit for anything that is good, he has consolidated his influence and power.

    Yet, as with Stalin, you will find people saying he is wonderful and doing a good job. These are people who cannot observe and who do not understand–what is called “theetie weeties,” or “potential trouble sources”, if they are not SPs themselves.

    DM will not be around forever. Following his tyranical rule there will be an opportunity for social personalities to undo the damage he has done, for there to be a free exchange and expression of ideas, and for apologies to be given to all persons who were wrongly told that they were “suppressive persons” when that was never true at all.

  147. With all the bad press regarding Scientology at this time, it seems to me the people getting these will look on it like passing out booklets on the virtues of farting.

  148. “1. Cost of one TWTH booklet: .08 cents
    2. Fed-X to London per booklet: .04 cents
    3. Sec Checking BPI personnel: .10 cents
    4. IAS excise tax: .12 cents
    5. COB Enhancement Fund: 10.00 dollars
    6.Tom Cruise Gift Fund: .30 cents
    7. Legal Defense Fund: 1.00 dollar
    8. COB Gift Fund: 5.00 dollars
    Total: $ 16.64 per copy of TWTH”

    9. being called a bitter, defrocked apostate: priceless

  149. Mother of Grendel

    Off topic here – does anyone know what the big release/announcement/scam was at the 1st MV event? I thought about going for the espionage value, but in the end couldn’t stomach the idea.

  150. martyrathbun09

    Welcome Nancy,

  151. That is something that must make you smile. Knowing that you caused dm to burst blood vessels over your pie face!! Hillarious!

  152. BAHAHAAAA!!!

  153. Lol!! You have a way with words. 🙂

  154. Excellent observation Tessa.
    I have been feeling this and you spoke it so well here.
    Thanks, I needed that!

  155. Hello Nancy! Thanks for stepping out. The more the merrier….

  156. Harry Potter

    Firmly disagree Frank. Best post ever. I just sat there after thinking Mike should quit his day job if he has one and write full time.

  157. Hi Lana, I love your posts. They always interest me a great deal. I really hope one day you will publish your full story. Clearly you were at the coal face and know things that went down. Please do consider it.

  158. What a theta guy and video. I’m going to add it to my YouTube favorites! 🙂

  159. And woe be to those who are simply too aware, and can’t help but think rationally when confronted by such outpoints in the church. As long as they feel held hostage by threats to their eternity or family, they dutifully go through the motions, so as not to make waves, all the while violating what integrity they still have by continuing to feign support.

    If they’re lucky, a slow process of increasing disillusionment sets in, and they find themselves inactive, and drifting into an orbit on the outer fringes of the cult.

    Oddly enough, that reduced ARC is a right and proper response to the madness, and has saved some people from being the recipients of reverse Scientology inside the orgs.

  160. I spent in a week in your wonderful city back 07′. Truly fascinating place, and I drove and walked about and learned as much as I could during, including some incredible recollection from my friend and others of apartheid. Then we went on to spend a week in Kruger… simply incredible, indescribable. In spite of the troubles inherent in such a broad stroke of freedom (spearheaded and persevered by one man’s courage), you have an amazing country… truly amazing.

    By comparison, we find this self serving lie from the only “Church” that can salvage our eternity: “… TWTH was the reason that there had been a peaceful transition of power in SA after the collapse of apartheid.”

    You surely must have developed a leg jerk over that one.

  161. Too true, Mike. Like nearly everything else in the cult today, it’s all about designing every campaign and activity to make and maximize profits. The ultimate VFP is now money – pure and simple.

  162. Mike, I don’t know if this is already mentioned in comments, but all this reminds me of the hoopla over the Goodwill Games in Seattle in the 90’s. It was going to be the start of a massive boom for the Seattle Org. They moved to quarters they couldn’t possibly afford, and invested everyone’s time and money to dispense promo to people who were NOT interested and couldn’t care less. The result was like putting a cake in the oven and pumping it up with hot air and then jumping at the wrong moment: left the whole thing flattened and sunk and impossible to digest. Just one more fiasco from DM’s great PR machine.

  163. Hi Alan – yes you are right – I have not ever seen any of TWTH or anything else being handed out on a large scale, nor heard anyone mention that they had seen it.

    Do I know you Alan? I am Wendy Munro, ex Joburg North (Randburg) public, Now dead filed as of last weekend. I gave my FSM a copy of the Indie 500 list and a copy of Luis Garcia’s letter. He told OSA and it seems OSA no like. The attempted handling of me was futile, so now I am out. If you don’t want to say who you are – no pressure – i just thought if you gave a first name you may not have any considerations on the rest.

    One of the issues I had with the CofS is putting three ideal orgs within 50 or 60km of each other (Joburg Day/Fdn, Pretoria, and Joburg North). Three ideal orgs in Gauteng, while there is only one ideal org in New York City. Compare populations, and per capita income….. its madness to try and force a “one size fits all” solution in every country.

    I had a chat with The most senior finance person in Africa – Elmien Lochner – and together we estimated that to complete the ideal org programme in Africa would require at least R160 million (USD 20 million) over and above the R100 million already squeezed from the field. There are apparently less than two thousand scientologists in Africa who are “on board”, and that number is diminshing. Then if they want to pay 100 staff in each org a minimum wage equal, say, to a security guard, the montly GI would have to be close to a million rand for each org. This in a country with less than 7 or 8 million individual taxpayers. No-one is interested in re-thinking the plan to make it workable.

    I would have continued to try, but Debbie Cook’s email intervened and then ……….I looked, I saw, I conked out.

  164. Flytrike, DM can appear charming and relaxed when he’s onstage at an international event, but behind closed doors, he’s anything but. I worked close by the man, or was only steps removed from him, for almost a decade. I never once saw anyone breathe normally around him.

  165. Joe – What happen to you is a real good example of perhaps the biggest problem in the World of Corporate Scientology. The incorrect application of tech in order to extrapolate more funds from parishioners. Marty lays this out real good in his book. If the terminals you were dealing with would have ensured you got the wins and abilities that were promised, you probably would have been begging them sell you the next service or at the very least you’d feel good about being regged for the next service. Instead, you are treated like a criminal who is forced to pay restitution. Who wants to continue to be involved with a group that would resort to such tactics? Well done on getting away when you did! And thanks for sharing that experience.

  166. Wow, if the booklet works so well maybe a few copies could be thrown over the razor wire at the Int base.

    As a note the Jehovah’s Witnesses just had a get together in my area. They rented the Tacoma Dome so all 15,000 members could attend.
    Just saying…..

  167. I guess being an old timer has its benefits. When the church turned every staff member into full-time regges, I noticed, and was turned off, big-time. When they’d try that stuff on me, I’d just tell them that I didn’t have the money, and no, I’m not putting my house in hock to get it, either.

    The only time I ever bit on the hook, was when I really did want to do a service, and really did have the money to pay for it. Towards the end, though, I was sorry that I did. I received weaponized counseling in return for tens of thousands of my hard earned money, and still bear the scars.

  168. Picanin, get yourself dead filed (at least)… it’s an amazing relief. Just reply to a few of the random “donate donate donate” emails to fuck off, after years of asking off, that’s what I finally did and it worked!

  169. Hi Seacricket, and welcome.

    In short, LRH did in fact, create a sort of checks and balances; however, DM has systematically destroyed that process by throwing all of the executives into the Hole. He has successfully implanted himself into the role of dictator. Anyone from within who has dared to call him on the carpet for his crimes has been excommunicated or tossed into the Hole.

    Historically, the media or anyone else who dared investigate and speak out, have been endlessly harassed and terrorized by the Church to the point of being afraid to take them on. As you continue reading up on Scientology, you will find countless episodes of this. Google “Paulette Cooper” for a horrifying story that is typical of the lengths the Church will go to in order to suppress the truth. Ironically, the good news is that there is so much bad news these days that the Church cannot hope to keep up! The media are becoming more emboldened and thus, less likely to be intimidated by the Church. Tony Ortega of the Village Voice has worked tirelessly for several years exposing the crimes of the Church. More and more people are listening. Thanks for your interest.


  170. Lana,

    This story is a good illustration of how early on the Vulture Culture was established by David Miscavige and how diabolical it had become by the time your parents fell victim to it. He saw how quickly the IAS raised over 10 million to purchase the Freewinds back in 1986 – a scant two years after the establishment of the IAS itself. With the death of LRH earlier in the year and the purchase and renovation of the ship fully funded, Miscavige was now left with a firmly established fleecing machine.

    What to do? What to do? Like all tyrannical despots of the past, Miscavige knew that in order to continue fooling the public, he must continue to create and promote an endless series of crises to menace them with. All of the “Battles”, “Crusades”, “4th Dynamic Campaigns” and “Ideal Org Programs” that have followed and the untold millions fleeced from the Church of Scientology parishioners to “fund” them are a testament to the effectiveness and treachery of this method of betrayal.

    Combined with Miscavige’s alteration and subsequent re-issues of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology, his misinterpretation and misapplication of LRH’s organizational policy and his personal reign of terror at Scientology’s International Base near Hemet, California, David Miscavige’s treason ranks among the greatest betrayals ever foisted upon mankind.

  171. Interesting report M. Share. So apparently the Midget couldn’t confront showing up? If that’s confirmed it is indeed very telling.

  172. At a press conference one time, someone asked Khrushchev why he didn’t speak out about Stalin’s atrocities while he was alive. Instantly, Khrushchev barked in a cold, bloodcurdling manner, “Who said that?!?”

    A wave of terror suddenly gripped the now silent room. The tension was palpable as Khrushchev calmly looked them over and said quietly, “Now you know.”

  173. Thanks for the welcome, Marty and Mike. I love that video – hadn’t seen it before. 🙂 Damn, but it’s good to be here. I have been out for years, but have missed having people to talk to about Scientology – the good, the bad, and the ugly. My husband has never been in Scientology (not the same guy I alluded to in my earlier post) and really doesn’t get the total mind fuck that I went through, and it was nothing in comparison to what you two have endured. Thank you both for your bravery, honesty and good will.

    Oh, Mike. This is off-topic, but I thought you might enjoy this little song from your homeland:

  174. TWTH is embarrassing, because it is not like members of the church practice ANY of it.

  175. I was interested in WTH after watching TCs Freedom Medal of Valor Video. Tried to find it online, couldn’t, lost interest.

    Am currently reading the Bhagavid Gita. That I found free online. Fascinating stuff. Also read the Dhammapada and the Tao. Free online.

    If you want to compete with the big boys, you have to play big boy games…

  176. You’re my first order. I’m going to hand it out for free. One day there’ll just be Scientologists.

    h) walk into any FBI office and ask to speak with a Scientologist.
    i) When the FBI tells you you’ll have to go to a Church of Scientology to speak with a Scientologist, go to Int Base and tell them you want to talk to Miscavige – the FBI sent you.

  177. Le Rossignol

    I WANT AN INDULGENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Li'll bit of stuff

    H – E – Y Nancy! You Beauty ! THAT’S the shortest
    comm lag ever. BANG! BANG! Welcome out!
    Sheesh! the slime never even saw it coming!

    OSA, OSA, OSA you Do know don’t you, that li’ll
    davey’s “unsinkable” Satanic, has sprung yet another
    huge leak in the portside bow, and she’s taking a lot
    of strain in the mid structure. Heavily listing and with the
    two lower fore decks completely submerged, its now
    just a matter of time before the water will be lapping
    at your shoes.

    Wake up OSA martyrs, your li’ll midget captain never
    gave a fig for your sorry, overworked li’ll asses, and
    now, he is going to expect YOU to go down with “his”
    sinking ship. If you stick around any longer, you’ll
    miss out on a place in the last of the lifeboats. only
    to be recorded as a nameless forgotten statistic!

    There’s still time to bail , but only if you scramble NOW!!

    There, Nancy, for what it was worth! Proves that
    on the other side of the F— U’s we still have some
    compassion. And BTW, Nancy, Life will just keep
    getting better, and better, since you’ve just gone
    and reclaimed YOUR power!!!

    REALLY sucks to be miscavige, though!

    ML Calvin.

  179. P.S. One day “being a Scn” will be viewed as just a transition period.
    Your sense of humor is better than mine. You really are very witty.

    g) walk into any org, pick up a book, and ask them if Hubbard wrote it.

  180. A Different View

    The concept of peer pressure with regard to financial donations is non-existent as the topic is considered inconsequential in many ways. Members are encouraged to give what they can (with attention given to Christ’s commendation of the widow whose heartful donation – which could not even buy a small bird – was worth more to God than the donations dropped off from those to whom it was obligatory or an after thought) but there are no tally boards of who has given what; nor is tithing practiced.

    Donations are usually made to one or more of three funds: Local (which covers operating expenses for the local Kingdom Hall), Kingdom Hall Fund (used to fund the construction of Kingdom Halls round the world, particularly in countries with limited resources), or World Wide Work (used to cover all expenses involved in the Bible education work including the cost of printing, paying stipends to volunteers at Branch offices, traveling educators, disaster response, and other operating expenses.). Donations collected at larger public events are used to defray expenses of the events, with the balance being remitted for inclusion in funds o the World Wide Work.

    Prior to the 1990s, literature was usually placed for a nominal printing cost (e.g. $0.25/magazine, $1.25/book); prices varied over the decades as costs increased. The amount asked was the amount paid by the JW; the exception being a slight discount given to those volunteering 90+ hours/month to help support their ministry. A change was made in the 1990s so interested people could receive whatever literature they wanted to read at no charge. People receiving literature may be given the opportunity to make a donation, but it is not a prerequisite or receiving anything.

    Currently, the and sites offer current educational materials used in their ministry in upwards of 500 languages; all at no charge.

    Of final note, Witnesses are encouraged to simplify their lives and to avoid focusing on being financially successful to the detriment of their spirituality; the focus is to receive the rewards associated with the restored paradise earth. They are encouraged to focus on their needs vs. wants, to be content with those things that make life worth living not distractions. Hardly the basis for financial peer pressure.

  181. Hi Nancy and welcome.
    Nice nudge Calvin… 🙂

  182. Yes. Every single email I get from the multitude of orgs I get mail from is trying to sell me something.

    I really amazes me, by the way, that the so-called “Maiden Voyage” event (when the ship is old enough for menopause) is actually three events.

    Now that are promising “Elephant Cards” (discount cards) to attendees of the event at Hollywood and Highland. Hey – get discounts at Hard Rock Cafe! and Fossil! Insanity.

  183. Thanks a lot Ronnie.
    I suspected, this will be the answer.

    DM is an SP to the bones. 😦

  184. Mike Rinder ~~
    Very well written. This ploy to suck out $$$ has been rampant for the last 20 years.

    Example : Earthquake in Haiti, Give us your $$$$$ so we can give the poor earthquake victims “Way to Happiness”

    “No ! NO ! NO!” I would yell back on the phone. “They are in shell shock, they have no water to drink, they have no food, many are illiterate and you want $$$$$ for Way to Happiness distribution ?”

    Same with Hurricane Katerina “give us your $$$ for Way to Happiness for the New Orleans residents”

    You could not even access the victims after the levee catastrophically failed.

    “Oh really?” I said with sarcasm “Are you going to rent canoes and paddle out to the people aloft on rooftops to hurl The Way to Happiness at them ?”. But I was a kool aid drinker and I gave Bridge Publications $1000 anyway.

  185. Li'll bit of stuff

    Picanin & Alan, Hoe gaan dit met julle mense? ‘n bietjie koud hier by ons in Durban.Brrr! But at 20 degrees C.,
    you probably haven’t a clue what I’m complaining about,
    hey? Truth is, we DON’T really know about icy conditions
    since we’re actually spoilt living as we do on the east
    coast. Yeah, back to your topic; my wife Dorothy gave
    out thousands of the WTH, to her incarcerated students
    over the 6 year period she counselled them as their
    Criminon Supervisor. This WTH was the ref. material
    upon which their checksheet was promulgated, and
    the students who made it through, had life changing
    wins and cognitions that would bring tears to even
    the most hardened persons eyes. Pure LRH genius,
    at work, no mess, no fuss, just RESULTS!

    Hey guys we had our very first Indie get together
    a few weeks back with 8 people assembled
    for a huge braai (barbecue) and the inevitable
    comm. release and high tone antics thereafter.

    Hope you guys can top that!
    Best, with tons of ARC,
    Calvin B. Duffield

  186. “Weaponized counseling”. Ronnie, that’s very good. Like the viral software programs that download trojans and other malware, only into your mind an soul!

  187. Li'll bit of stuff

    Say Wendy, your reply to Alan was through moderation
    while I was busy doing the reply below. Hearty congrats
    all round, and thanks for all the earlier comm. to date.
    Certainly just keeps getting better as a fully fledged
    Indie , you’ll see.
    ML, Calvin Durban.

  188. Today, while waiting in line at Wal-Mart – I actually got out of line and read every tabloid and entertainment mag (i.e. People, Us etc) — ALL of them (recent editions) had Tom/Katie on their covers.

    One of the more inflammatory was “Tom’s secret plot to get Suri back” (or something like that. So far, none of the media has warmed to the “poor heartbroken blindsided Tom”. Speculation that a new wife is in the background. A younger woman (27) whose parents are scientologists and she’s taken courses since she was 13.

    BUT — to tie in to Mike’s piece — the Enquirer told about a secret conference call between dm, Kirstie Alley, Travolta, TC, Jenna Elfman, Leah Remini,Juliette Lewis where they pledged to stick with TC but more importantly were told there is a 25 million dollar campaign in the making to let people know about the REAL scientology.

    Is this the same campaign as the Olympics. Or another. Doesn’t matter — there is plenty of money to continue to be milked from the sheeple.


  189. The Volunteer Minister scam makes me furious, especially as applied to Haiti. The last of the 21 things in TWTH is “Flourish and prosper.” Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and is poorer than many African countries. Its GDP of $7.4 billion, spread among 9.7 million people, is close to what Microsoft, a single company with about 97,000 employees (1/1000 of Haiti), sells in a single month.

    How would you feel if you were a Haitian, a citizen of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, lying under a tarp while waiting for medical attention for a broken leg and some well-fed white person in a clean t-shirt walks up to you and instead of giving you a pain killer or scheduling you for medical care, hands you a booklet where the last thing it says is “Flourish and prosper”? I am surprised that angry citizens didn’t kill some of these idiots. If that happened, I would have said that was a case of “justifiable homicide.”

  190. The IAS Direct Debit form

  191. Perhaps off topic, FYI
    I did an online survey question yesterday
    “Is Scientology a Religion?” you vote yes or no and get the results
    67 percent voted “NO” 38 percent voted “YES”

  192. Li'll bit of stuff

    Jeez, Tony, talk about SPEED of PARTICLE FLOW??
    Looks like we’ve got a veritable she-rocket in our
    midst. Not going to be easy to top that one, but I
    have a sneaky suspicion some femme fatal will try!!

  193. Jethro Bodine

    ” Speculation that a new wife is in the background. A younger woman (27) whose parents are scientologists and she’s taken courses since she was 13.”

    Not to be too cynical, but she sounds like the perfect Stepford Wive for Tom. Nicole and Katie had minds of their own and weren’t easily moldable, in spite of Miscavige and his handlers best efforts (like Jessica Feshbacb/ Rodriguez/ Davis/ whatever). I’m sure she will tow the party line and be appropriately deferential to Tom, as any egocentric man would want a subservient wife to be.

    Then again, if Tom wants a young wife he can completely mold and have complete control over from an early age, why doesn’t he just hang out in the maternity ward of his local hospital? I mean, who wouldn’t want their daughter to marry Tom Cruise?

  194. Jethro Bodine

    Just came across the perfect description for Miscavige, Narcissistic:

    Symptoms of this disorder may include, but are not limited to:

    Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation

    Taking advantage of others to reach their own goals

    Exaggerating their own importance, achievements, and talents

    Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance

    Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others

    Easily becoming jealous

    Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others

    Being obsessed with oneself

    Mainly pursuing selfish goals

    Trouble keeping healthy relationships

    Easily becoming hurt and rejected

    Setting goals that are unrealistic

    Wanting “the best” of everything

    Appearing unemotional

  195. Hey Wendy… re my comment below – sorry to be so presumptuous… lol.

    And congrats !!! 🙂

  196. BillyJackIsBack

    2 questions:

    1) Is The Happiness Rundown still being delivered?
    2) What training and auditing has DM actually done?

  197. theo Sismanides

    YHS, thanks. It is interesting to see that Stalin survived anything and no matter how big a monster he was, he was acknowledged as the leader of a nation by other leaders as well.

    I am re-reading the book of Ralph Epperson, the Unseen Hand and I get another look of all this history we have been fed.

    I am afraid it’s the same thing here. How can DM survive all this if not backed up by the powers that be? After all he does a perfect job on their behalf. Just makes Scientology fit their purposes and evil goals. To control people. No surprise he is still there. I am sorry though for us and those who were given the chance by LRH but didn’t have the acute mind and courage to see DM as who he really is, a tyrant who misapplies Scientology. And oust him out.

  198. ROFLMAO! 😀 Thanks Tony and Calvin.

  199. Hi Wendy,

    I think we might know each other – your name is familiar but I can’t quite place it… My name is Alan McKinnon and when I was on-lines my org was Pretoria. It’s been about 10 years or more since I was last on-lines in earnest though. I don’t post much here on Marty’s blog anymore (I sorta ran out of things to say) but read it at least twice a week.

    Thankfully I don’t get reg calls anymore – I just changed my cell number and no org has my current address (the irony is that JBGN is about a ten minute walk away) so I never had anyone to send a resignation letter to and no-one to receive the Declare form. Oh well, I can live with that 🙂

    I remember Elmien well, I’ve know her almost since the day she first stepped into an org. He’s she doing? There’s a real firebrand spirit inside that redhead, I hope there’s at least some of the real Elmien still left there. How about Candy and Peach? Last I heard Peach was Ideal Org I/C and Candy was something or other in Finance. They’re another two ladies I do care about.

    I’ve had a long-standing offer to SO and staff in Doubt that I repost every now and then, this is a good time to TR2 it:

    I’ve met many South African SO and staff members in my time, all of them good decent human beings, and many of them I still consider a friend despite no communication for many years. If any of them get to read this and have decided it’s time to walk but don’t know where to turn, look me up and I’ll do what I can to help. I have a nice house and a spare room where you can decompress, all-you-can-eat internet and the lady of the house is half-Greek so no-one will run a can’t-have on food on you.

    It’s a serious offer – Google knows how to find me

  200. Hehe! I love it!!! 😀

  201. Hi Ronn,

    It was more than a leg-jerk, more like a whole-body spasm….

    TWTH had absolutely nothing to do with the ’94 transition going smoothly. It went smoothly because several million people had had enough, were sick and tired of fighting and because whoever was doing the 3rd party’ing wasn’t doing it anymore. So people’s natural ARC came to the front and millions of us did what comes naturally. It wasn’t one man either – Mandela was certainly the one out in front speaking and setting an example, but it was everyone else who bought into his ideals and did the heavy lifting. Nelson Mandela is a truly great and compassionate man, and I think, like all great and compassionate beings, he’ll be perfectly happy with that description.

  202. Ron predicted a potential Frankenstein monster (the “Church” of Scientology is today);

    “Now, we in Scientology today, all of us, are setting up something. You realize that? This thing has probably more horsepower than anything that’s been put on the track for a very long time. As long as we play it straight to set people free, its okay. And as long as we make sure that it goes on in that tradition, it’s okay. But the moment it doesn’t, every one of us is guilty of an overt act – not just me. Get the idea? Because it becomes a Frankenstein monster”.

    – LRH Tape of 27 Nov 59 “A Brand New Type of Auditing” 1MACC-29 (original title “Clearing up the whole track”).

  203. Well, Paul, I always did feel that John Woodruff was full of hot air. I was at OC during those years. I had forgotten about the balloon.


  204. Tony-I have some good chapters for him to read such as:
    #11Do Not Harm a person of Goodwill
    #6 Set a Good Example
    #7 Seek to Live Wih the Truth
    #8 Do Not Murder
    You know what-all of it

  205. Uh-oh. Some people voted twice to come up with a total of 105%! 😉

  206. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC wish to point out that it is a high crime to make The Way to Happiness available for free.

    Each copy of The Way to Happiness should cost at least $1.67 per COB.

    We in RTC look at it this way: COB’s 12,000 foot long Mouse Table will not build itself for free. The money has to come from somewhere. With its projected cost of $400,000,000 we in RTC need to move 240,000,000 copies of TWTH just to pay for the Mouse Table.

    And then there is the $1.8 billion it will take to build the 20,000 foot long Mouse Table Pavillion.Where does that money come from? It certainly does not come from free downloads of TWTH!

    MEST costs money. That is the reality. So do lawyers, PI’s, and payoffs to keep DBA’s from talking.

    We in RTC have this as our stable datum: It is money, and not the Tech, that will set you free.

  207. Oh but it is good to be
    Foot-loose and heart-free
    And not have to pay a penny to the Cult!

  208. Theo-great post and interesting quotes

  209. Sunshine Disinfects

    +1 and a huge welcome Nancy

  210. Mike,
    Calculus in HS! That’s respectable, downright impressive! I hear so many justifications from Scientologists who have short-circuited a modern education whether for themselves or their kids; there are lots of ways to short-circuit, too. It seems a shame we don’t have more Scientologists in substantive leadership positions (and I do mean leadership positions, not rich and famous). It is especially a shame as LRH laid down an awesome study technology that allows one to overcome the most daunting study barriers, and that includes learning to cope with and navigate the imperfect current system until it can be reformed! The Scientology culture needs to be re-set, IMO, and let’s drag out “What We Expect of a Scientologist.” That would have gotten the subject a lot farther into society than a million booklets distributed to non-English speakers at sports fests who chuck them into the next trash bin.
    Glad to hear you’ll be able to help with the homework, at least! 🙂

  211. Mike said, “I wish the sarcasm wasn’t so close to the truth.” That is the realization when you finish reading. Mike makes us smile while he pokes a little fun at the inmates running DM’s asylum, but we all know it’s awfully close to the actual scene.

    As to the tone of this post: I think maybe the tone level IS off a bit — it’s way too high toned and playful for anyone left in the church to duplicate.

  212. Sorry, but that’s a demeaning generality. There are still a lot of good people inside corporate Scientology who do their best to live up to the ideals of the religion, while being victimized by the current blood sucking management.

  213. One day “being a Scn” will be viewed as just a transition period.

    “A transition period” to what?

  214. Hugs, really loved your data and ‘conk’ LOL

  215. Wow, DM a no show for MV ? Wow

  216. This comes to mind: \”Once we’re thrown off our habitual paths, we think all is lost, but it’s only here that the new and the good begins.\” Thanks

  217. Ron mention all those references in the basics. I ordered a copy but have not yet read them.

  218. Jenessa flynn

    It’s true. Jw don’t know who gives what, it’s a small box they put money in when they want, they do not report whether they give or not. It is their conscience believing its between them and God if they give, how often, how much. They are reminded throughout the year contributions make their literature, buildings, and assemblies function, simply as a reminder. No pressure , as they believe giving without Joy is futile. Alot different then this money making shame.

  219. Nancy,
    I wasn’t referring to John. I was referring to Ed Dearborn. I’m sorry you felt the way you did about John. Just keep in mind that he created 2 St Hill size orgs and had major contributions to others. I had the highest opinion of him.

  220. A Different View

    Interestingly enough, their position on blood has helped to not only advance the development of medical solutions to meet their religious beliefs but to benefit others as well. Whether use of non-blood volume expanders, low/non invasive surgical procedures, blood recovery devices (e.g., heart/lung machines, cell salvage, etc.), or blood free major surgery (e.g., open heart, knee replacement), their individual adherence to their beliefs have helped millions worldwide who choose bloodless medicine for other reasons (e.g., fear of disease -HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, etc. – compromised immunity, etc.).

    For more information (from non-JW sources) check out:

    or Google “bloodless surgery gold standard”.

  221. Li'll bit of stuff

    Safe, wow! Well spotted too, thanks.

  222. Correction, that was 67 percent for NO and 33 percent
    for yes.

  223. Palehorse–thank you for the kind welcome and your reply. That certainly makes sense about the checks and balances. It’s not like Miscavige need fear the IRS. Or the FBI. Or law enforcement, generally. Except maybe in Oklahoma . . .

    Thanks for sharing the suggested reading. The Paulette Cooper story reads like Poe in its utter perverseness. So many of the stories are just scary and tragic. Thankfully, there’s an increasingly well worn footpath for others to follow out of the church. Tony Ortega has done a great job on his blog introducing key players and issues and balancing perspectives. Marty’s blog is essential to understanding how the indies view themselves and current events. Caliwog is another distinctive voice in the mix. The Gay Pope–a jester in the classic sense. But the ultimate for me is reading all the comments. While perspectives can be generalized, grouped and categorized by outlook or objective, they still remain individual, nuanced, and beautifully human. It’s compelling.

    As an aside, you may be interested to hear about my somewhat embarrassing path to this website, if only to give some idea of what might be working in the market to capture public interest. It was commentary on Celebitchy (don’t judge, lol!) that made me aware that all might not be well in the land of COS. Given the source, I treated such information largely as gossip. Shit got real, as the kids say, when I read the Haggis article in the New Yorker, at which point I figured it was only a matter of time before it became front page news. And then The Divorce happened. And the way it went down left no doubt in my mind that something was up. That there was a strategy involved was clear, and where there’s a crafty strategy, there’s a formidable opponent (or at least the perception of one). I decided to do my own research and get myself ejumicated. And oh boy. Scientology — it really is always worse than you think.

    Anyway, my view from the peanut gallery fwiw, is that the community is making real progress, both in terms of individual contributions and group effect. Miscavige’s fear is palpable to even an outsider and he is making costly mistakes. He has many enemies, and if they don’t bring him down soon, time will. Let’s hope they broke the mold. Meanwhile, I’ll do what I can to spread the word and support the cause. Blessed be the internets.

  224. Tory Christman

    Jethro, LOL! Good ones 🙂 Speaking of Cons—Did you know the phony “church” of $cientology is now making the “FSM’s” pay back their % if people ask for their money back? I learned this because apparently Barry Klein sold his home in Burbank, bought an “RV” and is out on the road–due to creditors after him for various scam cycles. If you’re “in” this organization, I’ll say it again: BAIL WHILE YOU STILL CAN. I’m NOT kidding.

  225. Awesome, Nancy!

    I’m shocked that it cost you $350,000 just to get to Clear. For many years the figure of $360,000 has been used as an approximation of the cost to get to OTIII. My, how times have changed.

  226. Indie-saurus-rex

    @ M. Share:

    This is exactly my concern as well, regarding the Indie Movement. I fully support independent Scientology and the overall dismantling of Corporate Scientology, however, as a younger person myself – one with little training and processing – I too wonder how LRH Tech will continue to be made available into the future.

    For me, the only options are to board a plane, travel far and wide into other countries just to (maybe) find an indie Scientologist that is willing to help process me up the Bridge or help train me to become an auditor. Right now, there is such an intense focus on rehabilitating the OTs, ex-Sea Org members, etc., that for those at the start of the Bridge, it’s not a very accessible reality to go up the Bridge indie-style. I mean, yes, I can indeed fly to somewhere in the U.S. but to do that means that I have to take weeks, if not months off of my work schedule in order to make it go right.

    What this means is that there is a need for developing something more than a “free market” indie community. There needs to be some sort of entity pushing for a modicum of organization, to ensure that Scientology is accessible not jus to those that have good relationships with ex high-level auditors, to ensure the future rehabilitation of LRH Tech… also to ensure that things such as LRH materials are safeguarded and have a secure home.

    Things got really out of hand with DM and corporate Scientology but as we all know, “A” doesn’t always equal “A”. It should be possible to rebuild – rebuild something better and to make sure that this type of Miscavige awfulness doesn’t happen again.

    In my opinion, it’d be nice to have a small branch that acts as an organizing body – a go to for resources and coordination in support of a healthy and thriving independent community.

  227. Oh dear, my apologies. For the sake of accuracy, the $350,000 figure was for both my then-husband AND me for Clear, KTL/LOC and the L-Rundowns. This was early 1990s.


  228. These days $350,000 may get you through a redo of your Objectives after you have been undeclared Clear and had a bunch of sec checks for failing to pay enough to the IAS.

  229. Karen and John, thank you for spotting the obvious stupidity. If scn tech had any relevence to the Runt, these idiotic orders would have been cancelled due to the obvious OUT-GRADIENT of reality and understanding.


  230. Paul, I did have a great deal of respect for John Woodruff, until I learned through others his crude and inaccurate assessment of me personally, and that he gleefully shared his opinion among his cronies. Of course, if the end justifies the means, creating 2 SH size orgs may outweigh the denigration of a staff member who was also contributing to the same goal?

    Just curious, were you on staff during that time?


  231. Dear Seacricket,

    Far be it from me to judge how one comes upon knowledge, wisdom or understanding! I appreciate and respect your path. It brought you here. Rather, YOU brought you here. The path is not as important as the one who walks it.

    I would argue that the Dwarf SHOULD fear the IRS, FBI, et al, if, in fact, they are able to do their jobs. His crimes are clear. It is the red tape and loop holes that temporarily provide his percieved immunity. He counts on these barriers as well as his own deceitful manipulation. And, oh yes, it is always worse than you think! (Who coined that phrase for Scn – was it John P.? Or was that just where I first heard it?)

    I am glad you are here. 🙂


  232. Mike, baby, if $350,000 would get me a fishing trip with you and Marty I’ll write you a check on the spot!

    Um, you don’t mind if it’s a rubber check, do ya?


  233. LOL! It took me awhile to get used to this non-reaction from my Aussie husband. It never occured to me that he was just listening and confronting my communication. I later learned that I often effected the same frustrated reaction. Of couse, when I did, I really and truly did not give a flying fuck. Ya just never know…

  234. So, does that mean you will declare me an SP and call me a bitter, defrocked apostate???

    I would pay good money for that honor!

  235. To being oneself with full KRC.

  236. That’s great Tory!!
    I always thought Barry Klein was a smug SOB.

  237. Thanks Ronn – yes it is wonderful to be able to answer my phone on a Thursday and know it is a work related call. Simple pleasures in life are the best ones. Thanks for the ack 🙂

  238. Hi Alan and Calvin, no I don’t know either of you (I thought perhaps another Alan) I googled you but nothing seems familiar – and I found nothing at all on Calvin – do you two know each other? You have both been off lines for so many years. What brought you both to the fork in the road and down this path?

  239. Thanks DarnIt 🙂

  240. Thank you for this insight, most intriguing. I recall being asked to pay a donation of 25p for a copy of the Watchtower back in 1984 by JW callers. As I’d just received a book of mormon, colour plates, leather(?) Bound, golden edge paper and size of a small bible for free from the mormons a few days earlier I questioned the value of watchtower, without missing a beat the JW responded “ah but ours is worth reading.” – all credit to him for that retort.

  241. So they don’t get nightly visits by “regging angels” who remind them that only fully paid up JWs can return to new Earth to live for eternity after the apocolypse… How does their church do so much better than the church of scientology… 😉 please note I’m just joking in support of sarcastic wit.

  242. I saw “scientology: it’s worse than you think” on early Anonymous protest signs, no idea what inspired it. Probably sprang in to existance the same as “down with this kind of thing”. Catchy phrases spread having been caught on video and spread on YouTube or general media.n

  243. Nancy. Were you the reg at oc org?

  244. Love your blog, Marty, keep up the great work!

  245. Nope, that was Nancy Phearson. I audited for a while, but was mostly in the course room as a word clearer.

  246. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi Wendy, See my declare Mothers Day 12/13 May.

  247. Just funny. I hope Miscavige hears about these blogs. Does anyone know if he is kept apprised of it. But they are probably afraid to bring him something like this because they know they would get put in the hole for bringing him suppressive information. Maybe they just slip it under his door and wait for the screams to emerge.
    Either way, please keep this up. It is just hilarious.

  248. Hi Wendy,

    Yes, there is another Alan – a WISE consultant last I heard – but that’s not me.

    My road to this place is a little different to most. I work in IT and have more than just a little of the stereotype IT person in me – I mostly don’t give a flying hoot what anyone thinks of me and I do my own thing as and when I want to. Hence the nickname I’ve used for many years – splog – Snarky Pedantic Lazy Old Git! I admit – it’s self-deprecating and showing off. But it’s funny too and people who know me get the joke.

    When people told me I shouldn’t read the internet because there is BAD_STUFF on it, I tended to tell them where to shove that idea. Then I would go on at length about how the Internet is the most awesome, most powerful communicating machine humanity every invented. it makes printing and the telephone look like baby toys in comparison. All followed up by a 30 minute lecture on how me and 1000s of people just like me built the internet in the first place, so the EO can take his stupid ideas and put them where the sun don’t shine.

    End result: most people left me alone rather than put up with that, and I eventually drifted away and one day found Marty’s blog. A month later I was done, out, blown for good.

    So there you go, that’s my story.


  249. Tory Christman

    Mike? Did you read this or not? Just curious. “Communication IS the Universal Solvent” remember. 🙂

  250. The JW pamphlets are sold at cost plus a substantial markup to those JWs who come to your door and give you the pamphlets for free. Publications, including those giveaways, are a big profit center for the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. With TWTH, David Miscavige seems to be applying JW Dissem Tech.

  251. That doesn’t surprise me, althought my JW friends claim donations are what you can afford and other commentatoers here say donations are anonymous and so the only person accountable for the amount is the individual; there are no Gold Meritous JWs I gather.

    Your link suggests they play on individual guilt by saying without donations the third world countries would suffer and babies would die.

  252. A Different View

    There are no charges to anyone, inside or outside the organization, to receive publications from the Watchtower society. If it were intended to be a money-making scheme, it is the most poorly devised one ever.

    Anyone who claims otherwise hasn’t been in touch with how they work for some considerable period of time. Last I saw, there is an explicit statement in their literature that it is not for sale and is supported by voluntary donations.

    You can’t have a mark up for something that you don’t charge someone to receive.

  253. Pingback: Criminon Success Story! | OTVIIIisGrrr8!

  254. Natalie Mendez

    This is one if the most idiotic posts I’ve read so far!!!

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