Tom Cruise – Hunkered in Miscavige’s Bunker

The Vanity Fair affair is not going to be pretty.   As folks are preparing for the Cat 4 or 5, I want the record to be crystal clear that I put Tom Cruise on notice more than three years ago that this was coming.

Tom Cruise Put on Notice in August 2009

You can check the history of this blog to see that I gave him every opportunity to consult his conscience and choose an ethical course.  Instead, he chose to hunker down in David Miscavige’s bunker.

A little word of advice to Tom from L. Ron Hubbard: paraphrased, it is never too late to trim your sheets.

Nazanin Boniadi represents the tip of an iceberg.


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  2. Wow, Cat 4 or 5 as an appetizer to the cold harsh winter.

  3. In the Los Angeles Times on-line, Paul Haggis mentions other women, some famous, afraid to come forward regarding their own audition process due to Scn Inc’s terror machine.

    Seems to me that these women are more safe now than ever because for the church to go after them is to admit that the audition process for Tom Cruise actually did occur. Too bad for Tom that his camp has already blatantly lied and denied any wrongdoing.

    To Tom Cruise: You CAN’T do this type of thing to people. You can’t herd young women in like sheep, lie to them, use them (even sexually), toss them to the curb and punish them because they missed your withold about it being an arranged relationship. And if you DID treat people like this…’re going down.

  4. Do you have the link to the Paul Haggis L.A. Times article? Thanks so much.

  5. The heat is going to be raining down on POB as well as TC.

    The end of their wonderful union is going to come when POB decides that their interests are no longer mutual. At that point, POB will scramble like a rabied rat to save what he thinks is his reputation, and he will throw his BFF under the bus. That day is coming. It eventually happens with everyone who has ever been close to Dear Leader —

    His most trusted lieutenants: the list of them is long and sad from Norman Starkey to Marc Yager and many who has left the SO. Just watch as he throws Greg Wilhere to the sharks — “the mutual friend who introduced Naz to Tom” — even though he was being run hourly by DM/Shelly on every step of this degraded “Mission,”

    His “friends”: JT was dumped earlier, there are plenty of others who thought they were friends with the almighty one,

    His family: his wife, his father, his mother, his brother, nephews and niece.

    The desire for wealth and power drives Miscavige. The fear of losing it is the most powerful motivating force there is. Everyone is expendable as he increasingly withdraws from reality.

  6. So Tom hit an affluence in the 2011-12, got himself to #1 on the Forbes ranks. Appeared to be doing well, nice photos with some pretty ladies around him. Then crash.
    (By the way he was ranked 10th the previous year. Number 1 for 2010-11 was Leonardo Di Caprio with 76 million.)
    Affluence formula miss applied on this one perhaps?
    Biting the hand that feeds?
    Trust is what I mean by “the hand that feeds”. Honest relations with those you should give love, respect and understanding to.
    And the crash is rolling out…

    Gotta watch that false data Tom, you managed to come back after the Oprah sofa deal. Only to crash again.

    In the end its yourself you need to answer to.
    Life is a grind for everyone around DM, including you.

  7. In most of your writings about Tom Cruise, you’ve encouraged Tom to wake up to the reality of his situation and to leave the cult. But in watching this latest “flap” erupt, I’m left wondering about the possibility of something else happening. What if, at some point, Miscavige decides that having Tom Cruise be the most visible Scientologist is not good for the corporate organization, and declares Tom to be an SP?

    The case could easily be made that Tom’s publicly observed behavior going back to the Oprah “couch jumping” appearance, the spat with Brooke Shields, and the release to the Internet of the internal IAS video (which ultimately “pulled in” Anonymous as a powerful force in opposition to the corporate organization), plus the award of a special IAS medal and praise that de-motivated the long-suffering Sea Org folks, all have done significant damage to the Scientology organization. More recently, consider the impact of the tens if not hundreds of thousands of news stories globally about Tom’s divorce from Katie Holmes, the overwhelming majority of which mentioned Scientology in a negative light. Now, the Vanity Fair article says that Tom couldn’t even meet a girl without extraordinary help from the organization. And the details of what they did to the “losing” candidates are just appalling.

    While Miscavige is insane in many ways, he’s certainly got a sharp instinct for self-preservation. Why doesn’t he conclude that Tom is a liability, and jettison him, just as he has jettisoned so many others in the past? I had previously thought that there was some deep personal friendship between TC and DM. But a recent Village Voice interview with Jon Brousseau contains a quote by Mike Rinder saying that while Tom worships DM, the feeling is not exactly mutual. Mike said, “If Miscavige felt that Tom Cruise was no longer able to provide him things he wants — access to big names in Hollywood, money, expensive gifts and star power — Cruise would find himself in the same category as a Geoffrey Lewis or Michael Roberts, rating a polite, camera-posed handshake and ‘Hi, how are you’ when Miscavige visits Hollywood Celebrity Centre once a year for their annual ‘gala.’ No more ‘insider’ briefings or hanging out together at Telluride, no more special birthday parties and expensive gifts, no more Sea Org slave labor projects, no more staying in Miscavige’s personal guest quarters at Int Base or using Dave’s tanning bed. Tom would become like all the other pieces of gum on the bottom of Miscavige’s hand-made John Lobb shoes, someone to be tolerated as a cost of doing business, but generally looked upon with disdain.”

    That was an eye opener. I wonder just what it will take for DM to cross that line and cut Tom Cruise loose, if Tom doesn’t wake up soon and cut the Scientology organization loose first.

    Does TC know stuff that DM doesn’t want revealed? My impression is that celebrity members live in such a bubble that they may have no idea of the abuses going on in the Hole and elsewhere. So what kind of “goods” does TC have that he could spill? I would think that the stuff that Tommy Davis and his wife know would be far more dangerous, as you and Mike Rinder commented on in response to one of your posts a couple days ago.

  8. Mike, my first thought was – “Tom, meet Bus!” It’s coming.

  9. This would also be a good time for Sea Org folk to come out and talk about all of the PERSONAL work, unpaid, they did for Cruise and the other stars under the guise of the tax-exempt church–just to make them feel coddled and kept in the fold. As well, Miscavige used his slaves for outsourcing everything from personal assistants to PR folks for celebrities–all why spying on them. What a sick manipulator.

  10. Once you look at all the material and multiple reports on the acts of Tom Cruise and his friend Miscavige it becomes difficult to have sympathy for the beleaguered actor. There are too many bodies in the hallway. (I don’t mean this literally.) There are too many people who have been close to Tom Cruise that received the introverting security checks and mind bending ethics programs for minor or major failures whether real or perceived in the service of ‘Mr. Cruise’.

    ‘Mr. Cruise’ has been protected from more reports and press regarding his treatment of former friends and employees because they are or were Scientologists and feared losing their family, friends, livelihood and foolishly their eternity. Too many have been scorched by him and too many have seen him treated very differently than other Scientologists. Unfortunately for him, he spent too much time having fun playing demi-god and cherry picking a useful technology for ways to control others and make himself right rather than learning how to be a truly compassionate and enlightened being.

    Marty put him on notice 3 years ago. He should have listened or one of his underlings should have had the courage to show him the article. As more people leave the church and learn that NDAs are worthless pieces of paper, that POB’s and ‘Mr Cruise’s’ brand of philosophy is betrayal, and that no one controls another’s eternity; more stories will surface.

  11. It is long past due time that DM’s head was Put On A Pike.

  12. Correction, DiCaprio earnt $77 million previous year, $37 this year, thats $110 million. Cruise $75 million, $22 million previous, thats $97 million.
    And Johnny Depp may get paid $115 million just for Pirates next movie.
    Depp, by the way, had $75 million in 2009-10, Cruise came 8th with about $20 million.

    Lots of numbers, but the bottom line is Cruise is close to the top, but he aint the king of the hill.
    And being hated for, basically, being the scum of the earth is a nice guarantee that isn’t going to change any time soon.

  13. There will be gnashing of teeth….

  14. I have not said anything in a while. But, make no mistake. I still check in here daily, sometimes multiple times.

    Hey Vanity Fair, and the rest of the news media. We have all known about this for years. YEARS !!!!

    M & M, keep doing what you are doing.

    Narconon is an hour from me. They have shown there true Scientology Cult selves here, thinking in this day and age, you can just bully reporters and investigators.
    As I have been pointing out since I first heard of Scientology, the internet killed the Current Co$. The cat was out of the bag, its the information superhighway and more and more people are using it.

    As the current Co$ & Hitler – Esque Miscaviage enter into its final death rattle. I ponder the casualties. No. Not Tom Cruise career or the Non News of Travolta being gay. (Im in Oklahoma and I know this and no one gives a damn) Im talking about real causalities. How many live will be literally lost, when the CoS becomes so toxic, that all of its lobbyists are blacklisted. Everyone is tired of being bullied into line. The old ways are not and will not work anymore.

    Yes, the internet killed the Co$ / CoDM.

    Yes it has taken years and it will probably take years more. DM is done for but does he literally take his own life as well as the life of his closest partner? Will TC literally give up his life for “this thing” (almost sounds like the mafia) ?

    I have been asking that question for years.

    tick tock tick tock

    Jager Shots and Crown XR straight up

    still waiting on Mary and Mosey to show up.

    done wanna waste em, guess ill take them myself

    Cheers !

    B M O

  15. reaching nuclear, critical mass, temperatures…

  16. Marty, you are so right about the “trim your sheets” comment. Americans are quick to forgive people who come totally clean and get honest and straight. TC’s best hope, even at this late hour, is to publicly end his friendship with Miscavige and detail the corrupting influence DM had on him (including what TC himself got out of it). It wouldn’t be easy but carrying on his life of dishonesty will be much, much worse and will not end well for him.

  17. “…..using Dave’s tanning bed.”
    Ewww. The visual on that makes me cringe and then I cracked up laughing.

  18. Marty and Mike,

    I’ve always believed your warnings about Tom Cruise and the public hurt he is long overdue to receive. Too bad for Cruise he hasn’t heeded them.

    The only thing that might save his ass and his soul at this point would be for him to get honest and clean about the crimes he has helped commit. I’m not talking about those fake, on-camera, P.R., crocodile tears, celebrity mea culpa that everyone recognizes as “help me reboot my career” bullshit.

    Tom Cruise, as you stare into your dark night of the soul, think about how you could begin to make up the damage you’ve done to others. Start by tossing out the idea that you are superior to others on Planet Earth. Start by respecting everyone you’ve ever known as your betters. Could you do that?

    Just Me

  19. Was Nazanin Boniadi in the Sea Org? If not, I don’t get the part about her being sent to do MEST work, cleaning toilets and stuff. Thats usually not something a public Scientologist would do.

  20. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes, John P. & going by LRH’s one of many defns. of
    insanity;—– “the overt or covert, but always continuous
    intention to harm or destroy!” Even TC will not escape
    that DM compulsion. Silly & deluded TC remains……
    Such is the insidious nature of the beast!

  21. Hmmm………..

    Miscavige and Cruise.

    Caligula meets Nero?

  22. Tara, like!!!! bye, bye TC!

  23. Instead of cowering, the Hollywood celebrities should all crawl out of their mansions and get together to decide what their position is as regards DM and the Radical Church Of Scientology. They should then publicly announce their Independence and expose DM for what he is. Wishful thinking? Probably.

  24. I have to say I’m loving every minute of this. Good work and well done to all those who worked hard to get this process of exposing the truth started.

  25. Tom Cruise will eventually do what he has done before: get off lines. Cut the cord as it becomes too much to handle. He will blame the church, though not publicly. They will not try to stop him.
    5 or 10 years after that break he will quietly find his way down to a sleepy coastal texas town. Thats my best guess on all this.

  26. I asked this exact same question in an earlier thread. I never heard of a public Scientologist being made to do this kind of thing and/or why she just didn’t/couldn’t leave.

  27. No Nazanin was never in the Sea Org, and yes public do at times get assigned to Mest work in special circumstances. More often they pay the Church $ when they “get in trouble” and do lower conditions.

    It’s been made quite clear in these last few blogs as to why Nazanin fell out of favor with Dear Leader and Mr. Cruise.

  28. I’ve been thinking about that myself, Marty. You gave the man fair warning. You’ve been very fair. It’s all up to him.

  29. That was part of a quote from Mike Rinder. I don’t want to appear to be taking credit for a really skeevy visual image, though I wish I had written it. I thought it was pretty funny in a sphincter clenching kind of way, which is why I left that part in.

  30. Yes read the Haggis on Cruise article and it was well done! Thank you Paul Haggis!!!!! Cruise you are so gone. You should have listened to the warnings and moved on, but NO you had to be right!

  31. Chris — the closer one is to POB, the closer one gets to insanity. And that extends to him issuing orders “put the c*** scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush” and that is then exactly what is carried out by his blackshirted minions in RTC Clearwater. They know their duty is to comply. He “knows” he has the power of life and eternity over everyone who believes Scientology is valuable (and can only be obtained in his empty palaces). So, makes no difference whether someone is SO or not — if they upset Dear Leader, they suffer the consequences.

  32. plainoldthetan

    It’s pretty obvious to me that the secrecy and manipulation that Niscavige et al put into the clandestine Tom Cruise prearranged wedding fiasco is what is going to be another rake-handle in the face for Scientology Inc. If there had been the usual Hollywood cattle-call in some movie industry rag calling for auditions of young women to fill a role that would make Scientology Inc’s next glittery production result in $87 million in profit, then the maidens so auditioned would have had a chance to see what was going on and make up their minds.

    But the inevitable outcome of doing this Miscavige’s “secrecy computation” way was what actually happened: it would fall apart like a house of cards…in the press.

    Well done, Davey. What are you going to mess up today?

    (The “secrecy computation” is discussed in PAB 13 1 November 1953 ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR)

  33. After I was declared in 2007, I then began to read things on the internet about Scientology. I was amazed at what I didn’t know had been going on for years. In any case, in that research that I began in 2007, I read that Tom Cruise had wanted to leave the church and DM stopped him. Does anyone know what happened that made TC stay?

  34. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    TC is too busy “ruthlessly putting ethics in on himself” to bother with all this.

  35. Not this time Vicar. Getting off lines will be the equivalent to ‘going down with the Titanic’. And as Marty noted, Naz is only the TIP of the iceberg.

    TC has only two options. One is to come clean, own up and take responsibility for his own actions after he gets himself located. Two is to go the way of all burning embers………..hold on tight until the last bit of glowing light is snuffed out by the horrific reality of the situation.

    Interestingly, he has the opportunity RIGHT NOW to set the situation straight by telling the TRUTH about what he knows and what he has done on all four flows to his worldwide audience. He has a unique opportunity to salvage himself and what is left of the CO$ by getting into action.

    Personally, having experienced this process on a personal level as well as crosssflowing the current scene with others ………… I say with a somewhat saddened heart that it does not seem likely that the latter option will prevail.

    But now I must get over that and continue to intend the best possible outcome.

    So I say to you Tom Cruise …………….. SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!

  36. Given POB’s track record for managing Cruise’s career and life, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Tom’s comeback movie will be a updated remake of the 1935 classic, “Bride of Frankenstein”.

  37. The church, as usual, is shooting itself in the foot.

    They are coming out with their expected indignant denials and attempted character assassination of Naz and Paul Haggis. But they have not yet read the WHOLE story and they are going to look even more stupid than they already do….

    This is the church comments reported in US Magazine (no doubt arranged by TC’s publicist/CAA telling them they had better give them some coverage of they won’t make any of their other stars available to Us):

    “The entire story is hogwash. There was no project, secret or otherwise, ever conducted by the Church to find a bride (audition or otherwise) for any member of the church,” the Church said in a statement. “The allegation and entire premise of the Vanity Fair article is totally false . . . We have been denying this ridiculous tale now since it first appeared in print four years ago.”

    Bald-faced denial, but also trying to make this sound like “old news.” As usual, Miscavige arrogance trying to tell the media what they should and should not report on. He loves doing this. He always knows best.

    Scientology’s rep also criticized filmmaker and outspoken former Scientologist Paul Haggis, who wrote a September 2 email corroborating the Vanity Fair report and defending his friend Boniadi, 34.”

    According to the rep, Haggis is no more than “a status obsessed apostate who exploited a tenuous connection with Scientology to grab headlines via a publicity stunt whereby he ‘resigned’ from the Church where he had not been an active parishioner for decades.” And now? “He is doing the same again — attempting to grab headlines and falsely slander his former religion. No Church members were ‘used,’ nor were they punished, nor silenced. This is totally false.

    Now that is really convincing. POB — Mr. Status Obsessed Apostate himself — is calling Academy Award winner Paul Haggis “status obsessed”. Like it’s a real status symbol to get involved in a gutter story about DM and TC. Dave, your vanity knows no bounds. You think that because Paul Haggis stepped up to defend what Naz said, that he is trying to cash in on you and Tom’s fabulous celebrity status. Get a clue man, nobody wants to associate with you.

    And as for “nobody was punished” and “nobody was silenced” ha ha ha ha ha. That’s really amusing. Sort of like the Nazis claiming “no Jews were harmed.” Good luck getting anyone to believe that….

    And then in the final “attack the attacker” moment, you resort to the gossip merchanting you complain about so often — based on a “google search” you imply that this is just some sort of conspiracy because Paul and Naz are having or did have a relationship. Utterly irrelevant, but all I can say to that is “If its true, good for them, and at least it didnt require some creepy Miscavige project to get them together.” And Dave — your sour grapes are evident for the world to see.

    It sucks to be Miscavige — or anywhere in his orbit.

  38. While it is “popcorn” time as this fantastic movie, “The tiny tyrant death voyage”, rolls on, I am thinking that in a matter of months there will be a flood of awaken robots that will behave again like Scientologists and will give and receive auditing and courses. Imagine all those new Indies and Orgs DELIVERING |
    wow.. floating TA

  39. I would say VERY few men or women on this earth would have cut Tom as much slack as Marty has. “Fair” doesn’t begin to describe it. Marty has shown unbelievable restraint in my opinion, and I barely know a fraction of the full story.

    It was fasciniating re-reading the August 2009 blog posting – one of the first I ever read – and seeing how Bert Fields and by extension TC was made VERY aware of the bones of the situation with Tom and his guidon, David Miscavige. (Also how cute that that posting got 33 responses! My, how times have changed).

  40. Tom, you are now standing at the most important crossroad in your life. The paths before you couldn’t be more different. It’s not possible for you to stand still and refuse to choose. You must, and will, set foot upon one of them. The fate of your career and your reputation as a human being rests upon which path you choose. Even more important, your personal honor and integrity to yourself will be either lost or restored by the decisions you make now. I suggest you choose wisely.

    Path A: Remain in the Miscavige bubble with your blinders on while the entire ugly facade comes crumbling down around you.

    Path B: Grant yourself permission to step back and take a hard look at every facet of your relationship to the corporate church, Miscavige, your fellow Scientologists, and the philosophy itself. Expose yourself to the honest reports of thousands of your fellows and apply the Doubt formula to what you’ve found.

    There are only two real paths ahead of you, Tom. Depending on which one you take, you’re either going to be a hero, or a zero. Stay in the bubble with your eyes glued shut, and you’ll be paying amends for your complicity for eons. Take the righteous path, and maybe you’ll just earn that medal Miscavige hung around your neck.

  41. David Miscavige wears hand made John Lobb Shoes ?
    learn something new everyday, I dont know whether to
    laugh or cry.

  42. Have an misunderstood. Cat 4 or 5? Hurricane? Let me know. Thanks.

  43. Yes, they go along with his custom tailored bespoke suits, shirts, pants, tuxedos, Hermes ties and cashmere topcoats, Panerai, Omega, Patek Phillipe watches and anything else you might see an image obsessed celebrity wearing or owning.

  44. Tom actually has a lot of options. Most likely his PR people will choose to make “new news” to feed the sharks. Any day now you will see news of Tom with some other woman. Probably an arranged date. The conversation will change. That is what good P.R. people do, change the conversation. They do not deny the truth, that is actually OUT P.R., The sad thing is, is that it will be another fixed and pre meditated lie to thrust upon the curious. Running from the truth can be exhausting and expensive. Think of how much of the Church’s resources David Miscavige has blown through to cover his tracks on domestic abuse. Think of the hours alone spent on financial abbracadabbra so David can use Church resources for his own personal benefit only with real estate, food, clothing, transportation and a host of other personal gain and not pay gift tax or income tax on it. The elaborate schemes manufactured to go from day to day un noticed and un checked are like a reactive mind of social machinery in social intercourse. This is how David has chosen to live. Tom Cruise is just another fixture in David’s reactive mind and David’s reactive livingness. I would like to know myself, how Tom sees David with power of his own. His power comes from those that support and provide for him. Those people have power of their own, not David Miscavige, who is wholly dependent on the Sea Org and the public who gift his beggars. And, the power he does gleam from them is ill gotten and dishonestly obtained. That isn’t really ” power” at all. That is a “system” flowing through a circuit board.

  45. Yes, that’s what its referring to. If you live in the hurricane zone (Florida and anywhere on the Gulf) its very familiar terminology.

  46. Laughter!

  47. I’m hoping Tom can introduce the Midget to a bus of his own……………stay tuned for the next adventure of ‘IT’S THE BUS OR US!’

  48. T.O. — You are right, this is what a good publicist would do. Change the story.

    Unfortunately, its more likely to follow the Miscavige book of PR as he will dictate how the “handling” is to be done. Possible CAA or Paul Bloch will get something going independently (set Tom up with one of their other clients for a photo op) but more likely they will be ordered to do the following:

    1. Deny everything.
    2. Claim all sources of information are liars, cheats, thiefs and “bitter defrocked apostates” just after money/fame.
    3. Attack the writer of the story as a bigot/incompetent, and finally
    4. Accuse them of missing the “real” story — the incredible expansion of Scientology “proven” by the “new” churches opened by Mr. Mismanage himself.

  49. Thank you

  50. When I Google, “The Church of Scientology denies” , page after page after page after page ….infinitude…

    “Deny” seems to be circuit for social intercourse with the outside world.

    The opposite of admit cause. No responsibility. No responsibility. They keep pushing the same idea, “The Church of Scientology is not responsible for anything”.

    Sadly, it is true. That is why they are never held accountable by the society beyond their walls. They are not responsible for anything.

  51. Interesting. Especially now that he has a daughter in the Sea Org.

  52. Sad but true. Resulting in more out P.R. as they come across as viscous. The “responses” since you have left only sound like something from a bitter defrocked X wife.

  53. Who has a daughter in the SO?

  54. Tony, that sounds more effective of a PR move than the old and worn out line of denial, it didn’t happen and it’s all lies ( the now standard, as per usual, David Miscavige response):

    Cruise has denied the claims.
    “Lies in a different font are still lies — designed to sell magazines,” his rep said, in a dig at Vanity Fair.

  55. CAA doesn’t dare go after Vanity Fair. It’s a powerful magazine that promotes it’s clients. Going after a blog is one thing, but Maureen is another. CAA’s clients getting blacklisted (no more covers/cover stories)by VF would be a publicity disaster.

  56. TC – so-called news reports week or so ago that his daughter was about to follow her boyfriend and sign an SO contract

  57. LOL at the church never did any auditions. Everyone knows that Greg Wilhere was running the project and had the guys in video editing working on it. Geisler could probably give you a list, but most of the other girls who participated probably are paid off or won’t talk. Such as who was another one like Naz.

  58. Bwahahahaa! 🙂

  59. There were reports recently that Isabella Cruise’s boyfriend joined the Sea Org, implying that she might join with him, since Sea Org people are forbidden from being in a relationship with non Sea Org… I think that is what Lisa was referring to.

  60. “The entire story is hogwash,” The Church of Scientology echoed in a statement to ABC News. “There was no project, secret or otherwise, ever conducted by the Church to find a bride (audition or otherwise) for any member.”

    So being, The Church would not be in possession of this right?:

    “Boniadi signed a confidentiality agreement with the Church regarding her relationship with Cruise.”

    Of course not, not if the entire story is hogwash. There would be no confidentiality agreement, would there? If there were, the Church and Tom through his rep, would be caught in a lie.

  61. must be tough to dress a dwarf! ROFLMAO 🙂

  62. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    “Are Tom Cruise and David Miscavige (self-proclaimed “one of the greatest religious leaders of the 20th Century”) conniving predators who used a “church” to funnel unsuspecting women into Cruise’s bedroom? ”

    It says all !
    I’m speechless.

  63. Good point T.O.

    They sort of overlook these inconsistencies in their rush to deny and accuse….

    You can bet some smart media people will pick up on this.

  64. I discovered this site only a few weeks ago.

    Actually my presence here comes from a mistake. I have seen on the Internet that the independents were ready to deliver in Casablanca. That was odd, as Morocco had just expelled 70 Christians and does not seem friendly to other religions. And I was searching for the address in Morocco. It took me some time to discover that it was the name of a villa in Corpus Christi, Texas. I have crashing MUs, sometimes 🙂

    The situation in the CoS seems to be much worse than I previously believe.
    That sounds unbelievable, so much corruption at the top. Where is the truth, especially over the Internet? What eventually brought some sense of reality about it was the testimony under oath from Debbie Cook. I feel she could not lie under such a situation. She was really tortured by David Miscavige !!!

    She said also that was just the tip of the iceberg. So what is at the bottom of that iceberg? Unfortunately she was muzzled before having time for telling it.

    It remains to be known whether the head of the CoS is a madman, or a crook, or a “spiritual vampire”, or if there is an elaborated plan to crush the CoS, or …

    By spiritual vampire, I mean someone trapping spiritual beings in order to suck their “spiritual blood”.

  65. Marty,

    Do you think that there are “interviews” for potential new mates happening as we speak? Also, how do you think the VF article will affect TC and his future endeavors for companionship?

    Im sure everyone TC dates from now on will looking hard for signs of a screening process.

  66. 🙂

  67. I’m guessing Sumner Redstone can’t be too pleased what with Jack Reacher coming out in the next couple of months. The publicity machine is already underway. Surely the last thing Paramount would want is another Cruise fiasco. Wife flees with child. Cultic bride auditions. Hollywood actress scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush. How much more sinister can this get? Just the sort of PR you’d want in the run up to a film about a man famed for his “absolute moral clarity defending victims” (wiki).

  68. I think this is where the element of brainwashing and/or indoctrination comes in, i.e. why people allow themselves to be abused like that. They also are shamed and degraded into believing that they deserve that sort of punishment. And these people are also probably shown or know about LRH references on using MEST work for people in ethics trouble (RPF for example), which of course DM has to make as humiliating as possible.

  69. Whoever said “good things come in small packages”?

  70. As I read the Vanity Fair article I found it utterly incredulous.

    Surely, even an SP like miscavige and a prima donna like cruise could not be that: stupid; arrogant; narcississtic; corrupt; insensitive; demeaning; destructive or so utterly decency.

    Bert Fields!!!!! How come you aren’t suing the liars for making up such a despicable story?
    For that matter, how come you never sued the Enquirer when you said you would?
    For that matter, how come you haven’t sued anyone for claiming that Tom’s best friend Dave beat the crap out of people?

    Tom and Dave…your contempt for Truth, LRH and the tech is despicable.

  71. Major channels picking up this story. Chanel 2 at 5 (east) The Secret LIfe of Tom Cruise. It is starting.

  72. MR: The Church has so discredited itself with its “all lies” from “shilling/bitter defrocked apostates” denials, that if there ever is a story that actually is all lies, it will be believed solely on the basis of the Church denying and decrying.

  73. And here is one that is a little more worrying for the BFFs in the Guardian (UK).

    Its headline says it all: How Tom Cruise became the biggest kook in entertainment

  74. HN: Yep, Miscavige is the poster child for the boy who cried wolf. I just read an article in the Guardian that I linked to in another comment that gives the ultimate outcome of this sort of “PR” – you can start saying anything you want about the person because they are perceived as being so nuts that people believe ANYTHING that is said about them.

  75. Smart, Oracle!

  76. I agree Sinar.
    TC needs to come up the tone scale to teeth gnashing. 🙂

  77. OTVIIIisGrrr8!


    COB RTC David Miscavige was never “friends” with Tom Cruise. As the Pope of the Church of Scientology, COB does not have friends; he has juniors and parishioners. Tom Cruise is a parishioner who serves COB. In return, Tom received a burlwood pen and a few other gifts from His Oiliness COB.

    COB has made it quite clear that Tom Cruise is always welcome to do dinner theater on The Freewinds when his Hollywood career tanks, this as it appears to be doing after Rock of Ages.

    As for Greg Wilhere: Yes he introduced Tom to Naz and is now in a world of trouble for sullying the sterling repute of COB and that of the Church of Scientology.

  78. I read the Guardian UK article.
    T.C. is in a spot
    Had he got real with Naz and dumped D.M.
    we would be living in a much better World.

  79. And Miscavige is the biggest kook in religious entertainment.

  80. Yes. One of my favorite definitions from LRH and vital for folks to know:
    “Insanity is defined as the overt or covert but always continuous and complex determination to harm or destroy”.

  81. In fact, there are so many Internet Pages under, “Church of Scientology denies..” That there is an IMAGE PAGE just for the phrase “Church of Scientology denies…”

  82. Can you please tell me what “Cat 4 or 5” means? Thanks!

  83. When I first learned of all this – ashamed to say it was with the K.Holmes story, I thought well they are (DM) keeping the truth from Tom. He can’t be capable of this kind of cruelty to his fellow man. Then I remembered M. Headley having to one day call him Sir after years of calling him Tom, and I said hmmmm. Okay, so I read on with bulging eyes and a slack jaw – and then I came to the realization that TC is in it up to his eyelids. I work in a lawfirm and it is six floors and I can tell you that when something happens, in a NANOSECOND, it is all over the place.
    My point – there is no way that TC does not know about this and all of this and is a part of it and JUSTIFIES it. Haven’t read the article yet – still not out where I am, but I am sure I will have to go to they gym afterwards just to get through. And the Master is not even out yet. Lawd Almighty, the crack has just turned into an explosion. I have said it before and will say it again – YOU GUYS HAVE DONE SOMETHING INCREDIBLE AND HAVE PROBABLY SAVED MANY LIVES AND WILL SAVE MORE.

  84. Mike – I have been on the US Mag page all day. The comments are blowing up and Marty is being mentioned a lot. It’s all coming to a head. I need to remember to bring some popcorn to work for tomorrow.

    TC and DM have got to split the sheets. Will it be DM asking Tom to remove himself from the bus and go stand in front of it? Or will Tom renounce his beliefs and remove himself from the scrutiny? I can’t wait for the next hand to be played. And I need to subscribe to Vanity Fair to at least support this bold move.

  85. If this is the “tip of the iceberg” as Mr. Rathbun says it is, I’m going to need straight up bourbon to get through it. My God, the man made Valkerie and not even a dent.

  86. Church Of Scientology Denies Following Katie Holmes.
    The Church of Scientology has denied that Hubbard…
    The Church of Scientology has denied that they are spying…
    The cult of $cientology’s motto: Deny; Deny; Deny.
    The Church of Scientology denied to the magazine….
    ….by the Church of Scientology, though the church denies it….
    The Church of Scientology denies the legitimacy of any splinter groups.
    Officials of the Church of Scientology widely deny…..
    Church of Scientology denies auditioning …..
    Church of Scientology Denies Australian Slavery Allegations.
    The Church of Scientology has denied allegations …
    The Church of Scientology are denying claims ….
    Church of Scientology has publicly come out to deny ….
    though the church denies it ever existed……

    This is just from the first three Google pages that come up when one Googles “The Church of Scientology denies…”

    Clearly, the Church of Scientology is in DENIAL!

    So are it’s staff and current supporters.

    Denial: Denial is a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects thoughts, feelings, needs, wishes, or external realities that they would not be able to deal with if they got into the conscious mind.

    Read more:

  87. One more thing in case some do not know, but you guys seem to be up on everything. Lawrence Wright is WRITING a book on Scientology. If none of you have read his article in the New Yorker, it is excellent a few years back about Paul Haggis. Goes on forever – after reading it, I looked for an interview with him and he said twice I will be writing a book.
    And the hits just keep on comin Mr. Cruise.

  88. 5. 6 months from now, after everyone has forgotten the story, publish a special Freedom Magazine attack on VF, Orth, etc., thereby resurrecting the story and reminding the world how creepy the CoS is.

  89. Category. As in a major hurricane comin’ down on the Cruise man.

  90. NOT-IS-NESS, 1**. trying to put out of existence by postulate or force something which one knows, priorly, exists. One is trying to talk against his own agreements and postulates with his new postulates, or is trying to spray down something with the force of other is-nesses in order to cause a cessation of the is-ness he objects to. (~PXL~~, p. 64) *2. not-is-ness** is the effort to handle is-ness by reducing its condition through the use of force. It is an apparency and cannot entirely vanquish an is-ness. (~PXL~~, p. 154) *3**. there are two different conditions of *not-is-ness**: one is just vanishment. The other one is an is-ness which somebody is trying to postulate out of existence by simply saying, “It isn’t.” A *not-is-ness**, in our terminology, would be this second specialized case of an individual trying to vanish something without taking responsibility for having created it. (~PXL~~, p. 100) *4. not-is-ness** is manifested as and is in itself the mechanism we know as unreality. (~PXL~~, p. 55) — Dianetics & Scientology Technical Dictionary.

  91. UHH, Entertainment Tonight – Tune In for Explosive News on Tom Cruise – their words not mine. Yeah baby.

  92. Not going to happen. The ones that were going to leave, left. The ones that are still there are has beens or he has something on them.

  93. Mike,

    Here’s a quote towards the end of this devastating piece:

    ” not even the best publicist in the world can save Cruise from his fate as the new Michael Jackson”.


    Media sharks love the smell and taste of blood in the water.

    You betcha, it really sucks to be Tom Cruise and David Mismanages BFF.

    Here’s a theory, though.

    Maybe they caught a rare brain disease by sharing those gold lame silk monogrammed thongs between tanning sessions……..

  94. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Let the cards fall where they will.

  95. Dave’s a regular Wile E. Coyote, selecting the wrong target every time. Now he’s out there in the desert with a wooden crate, madly assembling an ACME rocket-powered-grand-piano-slingshot-scandal-destroyer. But he’s got the instructions upside down (as usual). So while lifting the grand piano into place over the launching pad, he steps on the FIRE! button on the remote control… and off he goes — up, up, up and then down, down, down (with the grand piano trailing behind) into a canyon so deep he becomes a speck before he hits the ground. We see a puff of dust… then a larger puff as the piano lands on top… then, the faint echo of impact and the discordant reverberation of a piano chords playing “Sociopath Sonata cum Snot-ta.”

  96. Though undeniably this story about a church and a top movie star’s love life is extremely fascinating, the real issue for most of us here is Scientology. With more and more stories coming up internationally about the wacko leader of the CoS, the question that is not fully confronted is – how come a group of people who call themselves the most spiritually enlightened people around and the only hope for every man, woman and child in the world, have supported and enabled a psycho to run their church AND listen to and follow EVERY freaking order he gives? (yes, I’m talking to Yager, Heber, Leserve – and even Naz herself signed an agreement that she was told to sign and broke up with her boyfriend when told to). What about the SCIENTOLOGY SYSTEM promoted and eventually insisted that its parishioners give up their right to an individual point of view and do everything “the group” (whoever and whatever the fuck that means) asks of them? One day maybe I will tackle a full study of “Keeping Scientology Working” with all its subtle and also not so subtle messages, which range from one line which indicts the idea that it is the group which is everything and the individual nothing and then slams democracy and ends with virtually the idea that the individual needs to step in line with the great struggle to save the universe (and that rousing ending has always been used to justify “the crusade” and get EVERYONE in the CoS to walk in lockstep and follow EVERY order they are given from “command intention” and along with other references about “duty motivation”, etc imply that the group is EVERYTHING and without the group, the individual is nothing.). The PROOF of my last statement about the culture of Scientology? The product is right in front of y’all.

    “The practice of not-isness reduces understanding.”

  97. Focusing on Cruise needing help getting women is kind of silly. That had nothing to do with thisthing. Right after his break up with Nicole Kidman, Cruise had affairs with CAMERON DIAZ and Penelope Cruz – uhm …. that was Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz (and I assume there were others) …. did Naz say “no” to a shot with Tom Cruise? … he does “OK” for himself I think. There are millions of women who would jump as soon as he snapped his fingers (do we need to be reminded of OJ Simpson and Mel Gibson, etc? – rich celebrities don’t have to be looking too hard for a date).

    The REAL issue here is how a church (in this case Scientology) decides to take over people’s second dynamics (and this now extends to everyone in the CoS, not just Cruise) and WHY it does that. It is a great feeling to be liberated on EVERY dynamic from the church of Scientology. I’m sure Naz, Paul Haggis and everyone who posts here feels pretty much the same way.

  98. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC deny that the Church of Scientology ever engaged in any so-called “wife auditioning” for Tom Cruise. The fact is rather that COB RTC David Miscavige has ordered the Church of Scientology to adopt the Islamic practice of arranged marriages for our most able parishioners.

    COB has a fundamental duty to ensure the survival of the Scientology religion. As part of this most holy duty, COB must work to guarantee that our most able parishioners are able to make large tax free cash donations unimpeded by some nagging bitchy spouse who has hidden crimes against making donations to the IAS.

    Some greedy and aberrated women, you see, will blather on about how their wealthy Scientology husbands should not give $10,000,000 to the IAS war chest when COB needs it most to fight that latest Psych attack on the Church. Such women will whine and complain about how they want a new home, diamond jewelry, or even something as banal and wog as dental work for a root canal they pulled in.

    Thus, the extensive sec checks and life histories that COB RTC David Miscavige personally supervised on potential Tom Cruise wife candidates had to do with the very survival of the Scientology religion in which the entire agonized future of eternity is at stake.

    As the FSM conducting this extremely important cycle of finding Tom Cruise a perfectly obedient Stepford wife, COB RTC David Miscavige received a 15% commission on the total payout once Katie Holmes chose to exercise her option to terminate the Scientology arranged marriage contract.
    We in RTC wish Katie Holmes well in her post-Tom Cruise life where she will surely fail.

    We in RTC are now interviewing for Mrs. Tom Cruise #4. Please send inquiries to:

    Religious Technology Center
    1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A.

  99. Tom is dashing downwards! Oh My Gosh! The merciless design of Fate.

  100. I hardly think this will be a game finisher for Cruise. The Oprah couch thing along with the run-ins Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields were my opinion more damaging. The public is used to seeing celebrity marriages crash and burn with lots of finger pointing. Cary Grant was married 5 times and I have to believe that since he was gay that the marriages had more to do with career and making the studios happy than real love. The public is pretty forgiving if you turn in a good performance in the right movie you can get back on top. Look at Robert Downey Jr. That said, I don’t ever see Miscavige getting back on top. The article by Haggis is more exposure of the dark and destructive nature of Miscavige and his team. In the end, I see Cruise as a talented artist who attracted an SP into his life and hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

  101. Mmmmm. The plot thickens.

  102. Doesn’t TC have a history of demanding retractions of false information?
    I don’t see that happening here. If TC merely is denying that something is true, that doesn’t carry the same weight as suing a magazine for libel and demanding a retraction.

  103. You know, this is kind of a minor detail, but I used to think desire for wealth and power drove Miscavige, but this week I changed my mind. That is too “rational” an explanation for DM’s insanity. Better than any other place, Miscavige is covered in unprecedented detail in “The Sociopath Next Door” which Marty recommends, and then Tango 23 recommended to me directly a few days ago. Now I’m reading it. This is the book that should be mandatory reading for every human being. It should be read to first graders and reread every year until age 100.

    Miscavige is devoid of any conscience. He just wants to “win” and he does that by taking… everything from everyone. That is his source of pleasure. Depriving people of their auditing gains, depriving them of their wins, depriving them of their certainty, confidence, reputation, children (through forced abortion), marital partner (by ordering them to divorce), self-respect, affection, honor, friends, money, hope, belongings, anchor points, peace of mind, family — whatever you have he wins by taking it from you. He’s the human equivalent of a black hole.

    But in reality, nothing is more vulnerable than a black hole because a being is ultimately more powerful than an object: a being can make a black hole explode (shatter) and here’s how.

    His effort (stuck flow) to take, take, take backfires in the face of genuine real-time confront, seeing each effort for what it is, really seeing who and what he is, and calling out what you observe. A live being is a Static, immobile, and so can’t be pulled anywhere it refuses to go.

    And thus, when a sociopath’s effort snags on the absolute immobility of a static, his own effort pulls himself out and to pieces… a.k.a. an explosion. And that’s what is happening before your eyes.

    We are getting better and better at the game and he has lost his touch. Please get and read the book, it is key to hastening DM’s demise. My dos centavos.

  104. martyrathbun09


  105. Yep it’s bad, really bad….I hope someone close to TC can wake him up as he is not inherently bad.

  106. Thoughtful, thoughtful as ever. I shall get and read the book. I agree with your comment here wholeheartedly. It is a much more accurate description of Dear Leader than simply he wants power and money.

  107. LOL, but I think it’s too hot right now for DM to order another wife hunting mission.

  108. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the truth, Truth.

  109. Is it Tango 23 you are saying should be read every year? Is it a book? I can’t seem to find it online

  110. Lol. Can forget last reply with question!

  111. Pingback: Nazanin Boniadi | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  112. So Naz cant talk about it, but they can deny it. I assume Naz can show the agreement itself at some stage…
    Showing the agreement wouldn’t infringe on the agreement I assume.

  113. The way Cruise was built up in church propaganda makes it impossible for David Miscavige to officially declare him an SP to the cult membership, at least not in the near future. That would be a nice Orwellian trick, but Cruise will very likely continue to be in the media and you cannot make him an “unperson” by removing all trace and memory of him.
    Miscavige could declare him and doubtlessly there will be enough blind or stupid enough to follow him, but he will lose another 20% of his membership who will wake up and wonder wtf is happening after Cruise was touted as the Freedom Medal of Valour winner. This would be a devastating blow to Miscavige.
    I believe Mr. Rinder is exactly right in the way he described what is going to happen. No more “secret briefings”, etc. But that’s about it. As long as Cruise stays under the radar, and pushes Miscavige’s party line, he will be left alone by Miscavige.

  114. I just bought it in the Kindle Store in I am now reading it on my iPad and it’s a great read so far.

  115. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  116. Without even realizing it, she tells the whole saga of Miscavige vs. Scientology and tells it perhaps better than anyone ever will without even mentioning Scientology. I think it might be the single most valuable book on Earth. In one book, she has brought the whole of psychology into the light. If every person on this blog reads this book, the time it will take to put Miscavige out of business would be markedly increased. We have all been working together for three years, auditing out an engram. If you think you understand what an SP is now, just wait.

    If there is a vaccination capable of immunizing a human being against anything like Miscavige, it is this book. It deals with the true source of the problem.

  117. enjoyed that Thoughtful!

  118. Neil, Tango 23 is one of our commenter s on this blog. The book name is The Sociopath Next Door.

  119. “Start by tossing out the idea that you are superior to others on Planet Earth.”

    Excellent, Just Me.

    Here’s some perspective on how “big” and “bad ass” Tom Cruise is. Perhaps he’ll watch this humbling video someday.

  120. 🙂 🙂

  121. Yes, and I would love to hear from Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz how the story arc of their “dates” with TC went….

  122. about a year or so ago a friend of mine poited to me the book by andrew morton – tom cruise, an unauthorized biography. while waiting to catch a flight I’ve briefly went through it. the info regarding the auditing of potential wives was very well documented, including names.

    not many people read morton. vanity fair will blow the lid off for the general public. I don’t want to be TC right now. his boat have a huge hole and it is sinking.

  123. No Izhar, the robots are being told not to read magazines, not to read Internet, and that is exactly what they are doing.

  124. I just feel bad for Adam Shankman who pick tc to star in his movie.

  125. Hi Steve, always good to get your viewpoint.
    Could you please put my name on the Indi 500 list?
    Cecilia (Cece) Marie Kruchko, OT IV, Treasury Secretary (Permantly Posted Status), Flag Banking Officer AOLA
    My operational e-mail is but I’m having a bit of a rough time getting anywhere on the internet right now. Thanks OSA?

  126. Oh yes, Yolando Pecoraro, the then-19-year-old girl who was set up with the then-43-year-old Tom Cruise by his COS pimping service. She even “escorted” him to the ceremony to receive the Freedom Medal of Valor. When Tom and Katie got together, all event DVDs were sent back so that new ones with the video evidence of Yolando sitting next to Tom could be removed. Here’s the pre-edited clip showing Yolando sitting right next to Tom when he stands up to get the award:

  127. In mid-2004, my then-GF who was 22 got a phone call from Serena Schumacher from CC Int asking her to send pictures of her prettiest friends for a “special project”. They only wanted girls in their late teens and early twenties. A few other young Scientologist in girls I knew in Clearwater also got these phone calls. Only a year later did I put things together and realize this was how they pimped Yolando and Nazanin to Tom Cruise. And who knows how many other young Scientologist girls they’ve pimped him using this system… It’s sickening to take advantage of somebody like that.

  128. Done Cece. With 365 names now on the list of the first 500 Independent Scientologists, we don’t have too far to go to get to 500. (Wow, that was 4 to’s in 8 words). Marty created the strategy of coming out in the open — he encouraged us to do that from the start. I can’t say why, but I feel when we get to 500 names something magic might happen. So encourage your friends to get their names on the list.

  129. I never realized that DM has a speech impediment until I saw this video (I’ve never heard him speak).

    Maybe that’s why Naz couldn’t understand what he was saying on the first go-around and had to ask him politely to repeat himself.

    With all the resources at his disposal, I wonder why he hasn’t corrected his speech impediment?

  130. Do you think Naz actually has a copy of the thing? I thought all these COS agreements were only kept in THEIR files.

  131. Interesting comment, OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    Small comment about your comment. You said: “David Miscavige has ordered the Church of Scientology to adopt the Islamic practice of arranged marriages for our most able parishioners”.

    Actually, arranged marriages is not simply an Islamic religious practice, per se, but a cultural practice of many different cultures, most notably Arabic speaking populations who also often follow the Islamic faith, but also many other cultures. Of course, this gets confused a bit more, because Mohammed was, besides being a religious leader, also a cultural reformer attempting to change some bad practices of his times. Jesus of Nazareth was also a cultural reformer, One can dissect the work and the legacy of both these great men from the point of view of culture, or the point of view of religion, or both.

    This particular comment of yours interests me because I view it in a similar context as the use of the word Scientology to cover a broad range of practices, good and bad – rather than differentiating it between Church of Scientology and the independant practice of Scientology.

    There is doctrine, and there is practice, doctrine having to do with beliefs, and practice having to do with culture. Organized religions are quite often very complex cultural institutions than religions in the purer sense of belief only. A good example is the use of Christian churches to actually justify enslavement of Africans, to preach it from their pulpits, during the 1700-1800’s in the United States. Was it Christianity who was pushing enslavement? No. It was a tightly tied belief system that was a mix of religion and culture – which from the outside was hard to disentangle. Just as today, the word Islam, or the word Scientology is used with a very broad stroke to cover many things, both good and bad.

    The CULTURE of the official Church of Scientology has been shown to have become a criminal, self-serving set of practices. Lawbreaking, people-breaking, are condoned within the highest ranks – the ends justify the means through “use” of the “greatest good” doctrine. In many cases there is an attempt to use particular policy letters etc (largely out of context) to justify certain actions. However, it is also often the case that the cultural expectation is to “follow orders”. A great example is that most official Scientologists, I am sure, do not view ANY media that is said to be anti-Scn. Is this in writing, in any policy letter, or any utterance anywhere? No. Just like those Christian churches condoning slavery, the cultural practices were extremely strong, and may as well have been written in stone.

    Jesus would have turned over in his grave if he saw the many anti-human Christian practices done after his lifetime, until today. Mohammed would also have turned over in his grave viewing today’s terrorists. The fact that LRH would have turned over in his grave looking at the human abuses perpetrated by the official Church of Scientology has not altered one whit the actions taken by the church’s self proclaimed pope, David Miscavige. It is not about religion, except that religion in all these cases, is used as only a shield, defense and justification.

  132. Why is everyone walking on eggshells around Miscavige? He is what, 3 feet tall? And he apparantly is ‘beating up’ men much taller than him? What the heck? And what are the Feds afraid of? Where is Shelly?

  133. Hey jas1 I used to date a Serena Schumacher who was a Scientologist. We both were from Vancouver, BC. Is this the same girl? If so, do you know where she is now? I’d love to reconnect as it’s been about 10 years since we last connected. What a pleasant surprise it was me finding this little comment and reading it! 🙂

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