Nazanin and Cruise – False Report Correction #1

NBC Today ran a story about the coming Vanity Fair story on Tom Cruise and David Miscavige’s unnatural and twisted relationship.  They focused on the one aspect of the in-depth piece, the Nazanin Boniadi story, that VF has thus far teased about.  As noted Saturday, I will be correcting inaccuracies as they are published and aired by the media.

The NBC Today piece  asserted “…Cruise allegedly grew tired of her…”


Tom Cruise and David Miscavige had Tommy Davis and Jessica Feschback Rodriguez Davis ship Nazanin to the ‘church’ of Scientology for behavior modification because Nazanin began to put Tom Cruise into an extreme state of anxiety.  Scientologists understand this state as the ‘missed withhold phenomena’.  It is intense mental agitation caused when another person nearly finds out about a crime one has committed and carefully kept  a secret.  In Cruise’s case, Naz began to question whether her relationship with Cruise was an elaborate set-up operation personally directed by the supreme leader of corporate Scientology, David Miscavige.

Of course, we now know that Naz was right on the money.  And apparently it was Naz’ nearly finding that out that sent Top Gun into orbit.   Miscavige came to the rescue to have Naz hauled into Scientology Inc premises for behavior modification in the form of weeks of intense, overwhelming, and introverting forced confessions interspersed with hard, demeaning labor.

End of False Report Correction #1.

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  1. The twisted irony of being punished for unknowingly missing another’s withholds. As opposed to THEM getting THEIR withhholds pulled. nuff said.

  2. Love you Marty. I’m sure Naz will appreciate the correction.

  3. As the saying goes: You can fool some of the people all of the time…etc” Naz is certainly no fool, but TC and DM are certainly a couple little asswipe tinhorn crim misogynist tyrants.

  4. Was she a staff member or public at the time?

  5. Thanks for the clarification. Just shows one of the early campaign posters was also right on the money (The Church of) Scientology – it’s worse than you think.

  6. There goes Miscavige – misidentifying “source” and trying to kill the truth once again.

    Point seven of TWTH dude, “Seek to live with the truth”. It’s the only way.

  7. Tony DePhillips

    I love it Marty!! When got someone’s back you got their back!! Period!
    Sent little Top Gun into orbit!! Lol!!!
    Wake the F-up TC while there is still time…
    Time is getting very short for you……

  8. The DMonic Molester of Scn Inc just hasn’t been the same since Debbie kicked him in the balls on New Year’s Eve.

  9. morelivesthanacat

    Hey Dave,

    Marty is better at intel than you are.
    Marty is better at PR than you are.
    Marty knows the technology of Scientology waaaay better than you do.
    Marty gets predictable good results.
    You get predictable disastrous and destructive ones.
    But you know that already, don’t you?
    Just sayin’.
    Enjoy your scotch.

  10. As Sinar reported in the last post, this story has certainly gone viral, from NY to Los Angeles, Sidney to Toronto throughout the UK and more likely than not nearly every major (and minor) publication in-between. A google search reports literally dozens agencies reporting. I’m sure the Enquirer and US will have it at the grocery check-outs this week.

    Can Tom and DM really get past this one unscathed? It’s a bombshell.

    I can’t get the page to load (perhaps it’s overloaded), but according to Google’s headlines, the Belfast Telegraph, already reports Tom claiming it’s all a lie. Big surprise there!

    Misleading reports will abound, just keep a keen eye out for the 1.1 misleading lines, for example, San Francisco Luxury News headline: “Actress Nazanin Boniadi Auditioned To Be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend” … NOT. From all reliable sources, including VF, she hadn’t a clue in the beginning.

  11. Alex Castillo(long term certified SP}

    Dear Marty,

    No offence intended but your Knowledge Report correcting a false report is missing Place, Time, Form and how do you know that the report is false, i.e. were you there at the time and did you witness the event. I don’t doubt you at all but the report as written is incomplete without the above elements.

    Place, Time, Form and event, as you well know, make the truth be truth.


  12. And Amy I can not thank you enough. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your billion year contract.
    Cece Marie Gangle, Hutchens, Benedict, Prefontaine, Kruchko, Smith but my guy happens to be a Smith so add another some day.. But I’m only 60. I figure I have another 40 comeing (I forgot how to spell while I was remembering more important things), as do all us with good intentions and the correct order of importances in our lifes.
    PS You are looking v good these days It was a rough ride and you did it well.
    PSS Hi OSA! Someday you too can wakeup. Don’t you ever again dare send my daughter to me.

  13. Lets take a look at how things have worked out for the parties involved.
    Jessica Feschback: last I heard she was terminally ill in Hospice.
    Tommy Davis: missing in action, possibly tending his dying wife.
    Tom Cruise: his wife up & leaves with their child and gets a divorce in record time. Recent press in VF has him looking like a creepy weirdo who can’t find his own dates.
    Miscavige: the head of a group that shrinks more & more every day, Narconon falling apart, bad press just doesn’t stop and parishioners continue to leave.
    Naz: By the grace of God, never married Cruise. Career doing just fine! And she’s a spokeswoman for Amnesty International.

    To any lurkers: Who would you want to be friends with?

  14. Tony,

    Great link. I loved the comments below. A good representation of how the public feels about this kind of activity.

  15. Totally agree. Note a couple of apologist comments but not the usual orchestrated deluge, mind you it’s a moderated comments section.

    I have to wonder what goes on in Tom Cruise’s mind that he cannot see what’s happening. That his dependency on the church of scientology and in particular his best friend David Miscavige is screwing his life up. OK he has money and all that but happiness, he only seems to have the delusion of happiness. That sort of crazed manic happiness of the true zealot.

  16. I’m confused. So Nazanin was set up to be Cruise’s girlfriend, but went for behavior modification for making him anxious? I don’t understand. Can someone please assist with elaboration?

  17. Just for my own clarification:

    Missed withhold phenomena – if person A gets anxious around person B, person A committed the ‘crime’, but was nearly found out by person B? So the withhold is person A’s, and person B missed it, hence ‘missed withhold phenomena’?

    As an aside, I do find Tommy Davis a fascinating little character…

  18. Vanity Fair regularly published articles by Christopher Hitchens from 1992
    until his death in 2011. Mr. Hitchens, like Naz Boniadi, was an outspoken
    advocate of human rights. In 2009 he discussed the regimes of North Korea, Iraq and Iran in “Axis of Evil”. I find his courage and Naz Boniadi’s
    to be very admirable:

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  20. Oh really? I didn’t know he had any.

  21. Alex Castillo(long term certified SP}

    And I don’t have to beat my drum about being a long term Flag (before Demon Miscavige) experienced DSEC Evaluator to see that Naz is such a beautiful inside and out gorgeous being who deserves all the blessings one can muster from the whole of the Universe! Even a blind man could sense her beauty.

    Quoting (just for fun) Tony De Philips:

    “I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but Nazanin is a very beautiful woman. I am a very skilled data evaluator and through my abilities of perception have seen what most cannot.”

    And, TERRIL PARK, you are TERRILBLY funny!


  22. This story has gone WAY viral- thank you for the correction — if it were even possible, it’s even MORE creepy!

    God, I didn’t really think Tom cruuse was a bastard- just brainwashed into a cult. Wrong. He’s a total bastard.

    It must SUCK to be tc right now.

  23. I think every one of us can recall an instance of this. Such as “Hubby is cheating” equals “what are YOUR overts?” (Really, truly, a friend of mine, not me, so please don’t go teasing hubby about this, huh? ROFL.)

  24. martyrathbun09

    “Little” being the operative word here. He sits in the lap of luxury in Austin Texas – driven out of the SO by Miscavige’s escalating insanity – but well taken care of by mom and dad and his surrogate daddy Dave. He continues to be the little little one’s boy; silently watching Naz, and the ones sticking up for her, taking the well financed counter propaganda offensive.


    Try reading how the corporate Church of Miscavige works and his close relationship with tom Cruise. All covered in previous posts on this blog.

  26. Alex Castillo (Long Term SP)

    Since he is so close to you, I hope one day you’ll be able to get to him, audit him with the standard LRH Tech he never knew and turn him into a real human being capable of confronting his errors in life!!

  27. Tony, that article also links to the author’s article 5 years ago where he gave data I hadn’t known about the Feshbachs and their method of getting rich–but remember it’s not an overt if the money goes to DM! ROFL

  28. And Marty probably enjoys his scotch more when he sips it!

  29. (My comment means that he enjoys life more….)

  30. Alex Castillo (Long Term SP)

    I guess my previous post didn’t make through, so here is an abreviated re-send.

    Your knowledge report correcting a false report is missing Place, Time, Form and event i.e. how do you know the truth? Did you witness those events and that is how you know that the press report is inaccurate? Is such information confidential and you can’t say? Unfortunately some of us old timers can’t accept info that does not contain Place, Time, Form and event.
    Force of habit I guess.


  31. Tony, yeah, especially the last sentence: The rise of Naz Boniadi is a classic.

  32. Hey Cece … great to see you here! Haven’t seen you in about 6 years.

  33. Meishayuri,

    It is kind of hard to explain, if you are not familiar with the Scientology landscape, and the subsequent alterations and perversions thereof.
    If a person operates with the idea that their life, and the relationships with others therein are ultimately of their own creation, then if someone “doesn’t like” an effect you created, it then becomes incumbent upon you, if you wish, to find the “flaw”, or “error” in your reasoning, ethos, or behavior and “fix” it.

    Within the Radical Church of Scientology, the “if you wish” part is removed and it becomes enforced and is used to introvert people, and keep them fixated (and spending money in pursuit of their next level of perfection.) The Founder of Scientology pointed out the flaws in the above rationale in quite a few lectures, as early as 1952-53. I wonder if anyone currently “in” the church has ever listened to any of them.
    Hope this helps.

  34. Marty — latest word on the grapevine.

    Jessica is recovered but she and Tommy have no intention of returning to the Sea Org.

    In fact, they are enjoying a European Vacation with Anne and Terry.

    Dave is scared shitless about what Tommy and Jessica know. They will be given the kid glove treatment. I very much doubt they will be sent a $350,000 Freeloader bill or receive a visit from Marion Pouw and Mike Sutter….

    Sooner or later his conscience will eat away at him.

  35. I have to think there was more to the “Missed” part than just the fact that someone else recommended a girl as a suitable life-partner. There’s a word for “matchmaker” in the movie, “Fiddler on the Roof,” I think it was Yenta. But I’m saying there’s something deeper than this–perhaps the intention to make a wife into a robot under one’s control? Or perhaps using a women as a sex object without any respect for her as a person? I could dig deeper but I think you see what I mean…

  36. I’d say that about sums it up!

  37. What is it the old cat says? E x c e l l e n t.

  38. Marty, it is very fortunate for others to have you as a true friend.

  39. Jesus fucking Christ.

    As Marty has suggested, it’s going to be a long hot summer.

  40. The tragedy is that David Miscavige has now managed to reduce the Church of Scientology into a ridiculously satirical caricature of itself.

    Images of cultish adherents kept line with punishments such as scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush, digging ditches and selling Dianetics books on street corners readily leap to mind at the mere mention of the word Scientology.

    The funny thing is that David Miscavige cannot destroy the truth. The reason for this is that his level of awareness is psychotic. His “self-evident” truth is also a self-fulfilling prophesy. That others are bad and out to get you is only a reality in his own universe.

    And he can’t do anything to stop it.

  41. A bit confused… the VF article suggests that she was made to do secchecks and mest because she broke a confidentiality agreement — telling a friend after the breakup. You are suggesting that Miscavige did it because she came too close to the truth. Any clarity on this? Thanks

  42. Lots of missing time in your comment meishayuri. Makes me wonder what you read, or didn’t read, or where you come from.

  43. Alex Castillo (Long Term SP)

    Mike Rinder,
    I was hoping Tommy would become a true member of the Human Race, realize what he has been part of, develop a sense of responsibility and justice and not just run away from the Monster. Sure he needs time to decompress but if he eventually comprehends how he was covering up/help cover up for the criminal, insane individual who has effectively destroyed persons and families for the last 30 years, then he needs to look at you, Mike and Marty. I have absolutely no fucking sympathy for him and will not until he comes to his senses and start helping the Independents bring down that insane, evil individual called David Miscavige.


  44. This blog, those featured in its articles, the commenters and those working so tirelessly to expose Corporate Scientology – inspire me in so many ways …

    I’m working more and more at living this quote to the best of my ability …

    “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. That makes it hard to plan my day.” E. B. White

  45. my money is on later. you and he were not from the same litter. But I would love to loose the bet.

  46. martyrathbun09

    I don’t think it gets any clearer than my post.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Well, I’ve spent three years creating a forum UNIQUE in the cyberworld for being meticulous about publishing ONLY truth. If you cannot recognize that, I would say a little too much ‘old timer’ has rubbed off on you. While the ‘old timers’ have created volumes of attack upon me, I just keep chugging along. If that isn’t good enough for you, then, well, it isn’t good enough for you.

  48. Alex, the response comming from TC’s camp in response to the VF article does not contain time, place, form and event info either. If your friend is in a fistfight and you want to grab someones arms, grab the other guys.

  49. It is common knowledge by hundreds of people that the CofM punishes staff and SO members by making them scrub toilets with a toothbrush. Not only has this been witnessed by many but my own husband can attest to his toothbrush cleaning episodes. However, its astonishing how that little prick Dave Miscaviage would stoop to such all time lows by having a beautiful celebrity woman do this. The fact that the CofM and Cruise’s camp are saying this is lies is complete bullshit, they have no choice but to say it’s lies as it’s so outrageous. I think the public are now catching on and realizing something stinks!

  50. Yes, [corporate] Scientology simply does not go both ways.

    Tom Cruise is smart, lovable, infallible, loyal, he ruthlessly puts “ethics” in on himself, and he sings well. If you upset him by asking anything resembling an intelligent question, or if you are not fawning over him like a moon-eyed groupie than you must have crimes, and you must be bad in some way. [I’m being cynical here.] Mr. Cruise appears very thin-skinned.

    They were apparently trying to make Nazanin into a fawning robo babe. When, to her credit, she doesn’t fawn enough, or when she politely asks the fearless leader to clarify himself, they tell her that Cruise would like a partner with “her own power” like Nicole, and then send Nazanin off to punishment detail. This is absolutely absurd behaviour by Cruise and company. Was Nicole not essentially ditched for “having her own power?”

  51. Alex Castillo (Long Term SP)

    Marty, my man,
    I hope you don’t mind having a cold pint of Guinness every now and then, just to remind you of your days in England.
    In my mind you are something else, you know that? I personally would be very happy to have you and Mosey sit down at our table as the best guests of our century. If you ever come to England, I would be absolutely gutted if you didn’t come to my house. At my old age, I dream of going to Casa Blanca and having a great time exchanging what I know for what you know, but my ability to get to Texas is very limited in terms of finance, so I just have to postulate that one day you will be around here, like Mike Rinder did.
    What you and Mike have been doing since you left David Miscavige’s Den of Evil aka Church of Scientology is what I would truly expect from a Scientologist who actually understands what LRH (barring his errors and mistakes) wanted the Human Race to have.

    Keep up the fantastic work you have been doing. I’m certain it will pay off soon.


  52. Strangely I feel that the very best thing that could have happened to scientology was david miscavige.

    Not unlike the invasion by the Red Chinese into Tibet.

    BOTH have caused the world to stand up and take notice.

    Tibetan Buddhism was a very guarded, secretive and cloistered philosophy/religion. The escape by so many top lamas including the Dalai Lama into India and later those that traveled and taught in the West, have helped to ensure Tibetan Buddhism WILL NOT die out, the Tibetan culture will continue and both are growing with a decidedly western tilt.

    Likewise — while scientology did have some boom times (relatively speaking) in the 70’s – it remained a much misunderstood religion/philosophy. Thanks to david miscavige and his unmatchable ability to create a nightmare PR flap every where he turns, not to mention his demolition of the workability of the technology of LRH — we NOW have the world’s attention on scientology.

    AND at the SAME time we have an ever growing force of those of us who were once IN scientology, now safely OUT of the corporate spider web and freely talking about the difference between REAL scientology and the travesty called scientology (that we call Corporate Scientology)

    People are INTERESTED in the real deal as most are smart enough to recognize that there MUST be something of value … and inquire about it.

    I never miss a chance to say exactly what I know and think of corporate scientology, tell my own celebrity stories (having been there at the almost beginning of Celebrity Center) and talk about the wonders of auditing and the training.

    We have a GREAT opportunity.

    We are older, wiser and have learned our lessons about being IN a cult …

  53. Meishayuri, Yes that’s the irony and hypocrisy of it all. If Scientology was REALLY being applied, both David Miscavige and Tom Cruise would have been recognized as the ones experiencing the anxiety (i.e. “missed withhold phenomena”), not Nazanin. Nazanin was absolutely correct to recognize the absurdity/creepiness of it all. But instead of DM and TC being called out for it (by others in the CoS), Nazanin was actually punished for noticing it.

    It’s just another example of how backwards the Church of Scientology has become, and why you’ll often read here that today’s Church of Scientology actually practices Reverse Scientology.

  54. Sheryl, She was literally punished for recognizing the truth of how absurd the whole situation was. It’s Reverse Scientology. In other words, DM (and presumably TC) were “withholding” the fact that they set this whole elaborate scheme up. Naz started recognizing pieces of the truth of it, and so DM’s and TC’s “withhold” (of setting up this elaborate scheme) was nearly found out — or “missed” — by Naz. As a result, DM and TC became very anxious — i.e. they started experiencing “missed withhold” phenomena.

    Instead of everyone in the CoS recognizing that it was TC and DM that were experiencing this anxiety (“missed withholds”), the lemmings around DM and TC literally punished Naz for starting to recognize the truth of the situtation. This is Reverse Scientology.

    If real Scientology were being applied, everyone in the CoS would have recognized TC’s and DM’s anxiety (i.e. missed withholds), and DM and TC would been seen as the source and problem of all of this (not Naz). And once recognized by others, it would have been obvious that minimally TC and DM needed to come clean and take responsibility for the absurd actions which led to their missed withholds.

    Does that help?

  55. Alex Castillo (Long Term SP)

    Hiya Marty,

    You have read me wrong, old amigo. If there is someone in this world that would attack what you have been doing for the last 4 years, and even before you left the Evil Den of Miscavge, it isn’t me. I am one those who is 200% with you. My post was not a critical one. Read it again (2 posts) and you will see that I am just asking for details the media would ask for. Personally I don’t give a fuck about what the media says about this sorry episode, I only care about your credibility, the one thing that will eventually make a difference when it comes to judging what David Miscavige is doing in his quest to upset the Human Race?

    I am totally on you side, Marty Rathbun, get that clear in your mind.

    Read my other post.

    Hasta luego, compadre.


  56. Alex Castillo (Long Term SP)


    You have no idea of who I am, so don’t interfere in other’s comm.


  57. Marty’s main point in this post is that TC, in reality, didn’t get tired of her, but he get “anxious” because of “missed withholds”.

    So, in your statement, both (a) & (b) are true simultaneously.

    a) “VF article suggests that she was made to do secchecks and mest because she broke a confidentiality agreement — telling a friend after the breakup.”: True.

    b) “You are suggesting that Miscavige did it because she came too close to the truth”: True. (b) does not contradict (a), because Marty is just giving additional information.

    The SEVERITY of the punishment was because they have “missed withholds” and were afraid the secret kept true would be revealed, not because she broke a confidentiality agreement.

  58. Wow, this whole thing between D.M. and T.C.
    is heading (no pun intended) for a finalie.

  59. Vanity Fair:
    Reportedly, Boniadi confided in a Scientology friend about the relationship, and when officials found out she was punished with manual, menial labor such as digging ditches and cleaning toilets with a toothbrush.
    A Scientology spokesperson told Vanity Fair, “The Church does not punish people, especially in (that) manner.”

    EXCUSE ME???

    “The Church does not punish people, especially in (that) manner.” ?
    Yes, the Church does! There are enough (knowledge-) reports about it published. Their denials are pathetic.

  60. DM sets up an elaborate internal system to procure a girlfriend for Cruise, using all the organizational guile he is capable of directing. Establishes a system of checks and balances (spying and sec checks) to ensure it runs flawlessly. And damn if Nazanin doesn’t get suspicious when her private conversations and incorrect thoughts are turned into attempts to make her the perfect Stepford Wife for Tom.

    It’s a process that hasn’t worked out to well for Cruise or Miscavige. So, I guess They’ll keep on doing it.

    Tom- Check HCOB 5 Oct 78- Notes On PTSness- NOTs Series 35 for a why. Look for connections to DM.

  61. YIKES — I had no idea that this would show up on Marty’s blog — that’s the lesson I should learn from simple clicking on stuff … as I did at the top of Marty’s blog (which comes up in my various blogs) and says — “reblog”

  62. I don’t think terminal illness or spending time caring for your dying spouse would preclude anyone from my friendship. I don’t know you Pat, but I guess that’s not quite what you meant 🙂

    I’ve heard Mr & Mrs Davis have done some reprehensible things; I’ve not been affected by them, so it’s very easy for me to say, but I wish them the best in dealing with Mrs Davis’ illness.

    If Tommy Davis is caring for his terminally I’ll wife, I find that laudable, regardless of his past (or indeed current?) behaviour.

  63. Alex Castillo (Long Term SP)

    To be absolutely truthful, as I would be if I was sitting across a table in front of you, with a meter in between, I would be telling you what I feel, which is that when you counter act a false report, you can only do it by relating exactly what took place on that incident, Place, Time, Form and Event.

  64. I remember long ago taking a leadership test to be able to be hired as a member of Kirsty Alley’s security detail. I answered the ad and said sure, I will take the test. I was routed to, of all places, ASHO Ethics Section. Huh? I was very puzzled that staff resources were being used to screen employees for a celeb. I mean, can’t these rich people set up their OWN staff sections to do this? But, ah! Now I know it was DM arranging all this. His fingers are indeed in the celebrity pie.

    Now, as I read this blog about the meddling that the the pint size pope arranges in the lives of his celeb lacky’s I can take it all as pretty damned accurate. DM is using public church funds to manipulate and procure “companionship” and all manner of things to his celebrity toys.

    Once again, I have empirical evidence of a first hand nature that backs up the information given on this blog. If I had found otherwise I would have stated so.

    What a sad state of affairs for an organization that is supposed to be setting a good example for society.

  65. RCS’s response to Nazanin scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush and digging ditche: “The Church does not punish people, especially in (that) manner.” Very unfortunate use of the word “especially”. It implies that the Church does in fact punish people.

  66. “But I’m saying there’s something deeper than this–perhaps the intention to make a wife into a robot under one’s control?”

    Not just perhaps, but of course! This is the continuing perverted old and traditional legacy of religions. A woman must be under the control of, and submissive to the Man. Women are an inferior species, they believe. They are property, and are to be treated as such. Equal rights and respect are not part of their belief system. The reality of the truth is not working out too well for either Tom Cruise or David Miscavige, is it.

  67. Apologies – reading down, it seems Mrs Davis has fully recovered and left the SO with Tommy, making my post irrelevant 🙂

  68. Possibly – and I’m only speculating here – Sheryl doesn’t get it cos it’s just SO insane, so bizarre it’s in the realm of “you couldn’t make it up”.

    The world’s highest profile actor uses a wholly discredited cult leader to arrange auditions for a new partner/wife for him. Auditionee Naz smells a rat and starts asking awkward questions. Cult leader arranges behaviour modification and demeaning physical work to make sure she doesn’t talk, with the total blessing of world’s highest profile actor. It wouldn’t make it into a film script as being just too wacko.

  69. KA, According to Marty, that was not the reason she was punished. Vanity Fair got it wrong too.

  70. Anon, on your side

    Yep, the COS may be known for toothbrush scrubbing, imprisonment, forced abortions, and misogyny, among other things. Like the SNL skits on the Hare Krishnas in the airports in the 1970s, I am sure there will be skits regarding TC and toothbrush scrubbing punishment for his “rejected” girlfriends. This is DM’s legacy. Fortunately, Scientology has Marty’s blog, and his well-written book, as well as the fast growing Independent movement. Ms. Boniadi is already known as a gutsy, classy lady. She does good works. Neither DM nor TC can harm her, and they are not worth a moment of her time. The more DM “soils” himself, the more worthy people will distance themselves from him, and more attention will be focused on the real Scientology.

  71. Theo Sismanides

    HereNow, that being true about DM I cannot say that for sure about TC…

    TC is Upper Upper Mgmt PTS.

    (new term)

    Now one thing I have observed is that TC has done the most damage on DM the last two months.

    We have to admit that inadvertently it is TC who is on another Mission Impossible and this time against DM.

    Is the being TC trying to communicate something to the world?

    I am now sure he is. Come and get him! That’s what he is trying to say. I don’t mind at all, all the foot bullets and I feel for Tom to be in that position.

    Boy, Upper Upper Mgmt PTS sucks!

  72. Good catch, thetabop. Not even in the Church’s denial can they hide their overts. Hilarious!

    “Reportedly, Boniadi confided in a Scientology friend about the relationship, and when officials found out she was punished with manual, menial labor such as digging ditches and cleaning toilets with a toothbrush. A Scientology spokesperson told Vanity Fair, ‘The Church does not punish people, especially in (that) manner.'”

    I’m a bit confused about this story. Can somebody post the story explaining how Nazanin ended up scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush and digging ditches? Was she so inculcated, she wouldn’t say “F off!”? Was she imprisoned? Was she in utter fear?

  73. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Also no offence intended, but didn’t Marty blow early in the fall of 2004? The Nazanin Boniadi operation didn’t start until November 2004.

  74. Not an unreasonable question. IMO, there are no unreasonable questions, and that everything needs the freedom to be questioned to shine light, and that skeptical questioning is sacred to truth-seeking spirits. It’s not enough to simply have faith in man or a religion, and its an unreasonable request to expect it.

    “If we are not able to ask skeptical questions to interogate those who tell us something is true, to be skeptical of those in authority, then we’re up for grabs for the next political or religious charlaton who comes along. – Carl Sagan May 27th, 1996 Interview with Charlie Rose.”

  75. Sheryl – My point is not about “the REASON for the punishment” but about the DENIAL of the Church THAT they punish people in that manner.

    Vanity Fair: “she was punished with manual, menial labor such as digging ditches and cleaning toilets with a toothbrush.”
    Church: “The Church does not punish people, especially in (that) manner.”

    There are so many (knowledge-) reports out (e.g. Debbie Cook’s testimonial) that the denial is grotesque.

  76. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I would love to see Tommy Davis speak when he’s not reading a scripted and drilled performance that he’s going to catch hell for afterwards–just the open truth. I expect that his facial expressions and body language would be totally different.

    Does Dave really have a conscience? I think that it’s probably his fear at getting caught that’s nibbling at him.

  77. Theo, I understand your point, but based on the reply of his publicist to the Naz story, calling it all lies, in words I can bet DM wrote for him, tells me he is certainly acting like an asswipe tinhorn crim misogynist tyrant. PTS or not, he is still responsible for his own deeds and what he did to Naz is just disgusting.

  78. Alex,
    There are many good reasons why Marty does not give Time, Place, Form and Event.
    He does not give out private confessional information or what handlings he has or hasn’t done, or who he has helped.
    Unlike the Church, Marty upholds confidentiality.
    He knows more about this scene than anyone on planet earth but Marty would never violate the confidentiality

  79. i’m fascinated by Missed Withold Phenomina too, what’s it called when the withold is finally uncovered? whats that called when the agitation climaxes as the discovery is “un-boxed”?

  80. Alex,

    Marty said in his previous post: “Because of the nature of the bond of trust I share with Naz, there is not much I can share with you about her. ”
    I take it that this MIGHT mean that he has some sort of an agreement where she would need to request or approve stuff he has to say about her personal business. Not saying it for sure DOES. Sort of like (but I’m not saying this is the case) the agreement that real Scientologists make when they talk to people about their personal stuff . (code of a Scientolgist)
    I also agree with you that Marty does not give time, place, form and event in this report. So, agreed, it has that limitation in that one cannot have quite as much the certainty about the statement as one might have otherwise. But it one can still listen and use multi-valued logic to figure out where it sits on the scale of truth and falsehood from your own point of view. I’ll bet that you have already done that.
    I think this is what we’ve got to work with from Marty at this point.

  81. It sounded pretty clear to me.

    But I do have another question: How does that work that NAZ got “ordered” to do hard, demeaning labor for 4 weeks? Was she in the SO at that point?

  82. Marty did not “blow”, he *left*. Perhaps you do not know the difference ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  83. No, POB does not have a conscience. He is completely convinced that he is right about everything, and if something goes wrong in his vicinity, its because an SP sabotaged it. Never anything he did wrong.

    Tommy on the other hand, does have a conscience. He is not inherently an anti-social personality.

  84. Alex, The problem is you are not listening. He said yesterday, “Because of the nature of the bond of trust I share with Naz, there is not much I can share with you about her.” There’s your answer.

  85. Li'll bit of stuff

    Or is it? now they can get totally wrapped up in themselves. Who needs a woman in between?
    Oh the degree of mind control in play here is
    quite nauseating and the consequences for
    TC even more so. Yuck!

  86. KA — That denial is standard operating basis of the RCS. No matter how blatant a lie it is. “There is no such thing as disconnection.” “We are not trying to get money from people.” “We are the most effective human rights organization on earth.” etc etc etc

    TC is following in the same footsteps. “Lies in a different typestyle are still lies”. Just a generalized denial. And not a person in the world buys it.

  87. At this point, nothing potential about it.

  88. Marty,

    Have you ever threatened to release a file? I’m confused. I thought this is the leveraged used to keep the higher ups in line?

    Has DM ever released confidential materials?

  89. This may be true, Marty, but I am sure that you will acknowledge that many old-timers who post on this blog and elsewhere have also given and created a ton of support for you! This is because you respect LRH as a the source of Scientology, call BS on “Miscavology”, and have kindness in your heart of hearts.

  90. Another day and another escalating PR disaster for the BFFs.

    It sucks to be aligned with an asthmatic, dramatizing criminal psychotic midget with a billion dollar slush fund.

    ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ Tom Cruise. Then again, POB knows best……..

    “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)”.

  91. No one should be surprised that Tommy “Monster” McCruise had his rep “handle the flap” by saying “lies in a different font are still lies — designed to sell magazines.” Sure Monster, whatever you say. Oh yeah, and a sexual predator disguised as an actor is still a monster — designed to fool only himself.

  92. I understand your point but I specifically asked Marty (above) about the reason for the mest/sec check punishment and he insists that the reason is different than what was reported. I was just correcting the quote from VF that Marty said was wrong. Of course, $ci punishes people.

  93. To people who aren’t part of Scientology, the jargon is utterly impenetrable. It obstructs understanding, perhaps deliberately to reinforce an Insider vs. Outsider, Us vs. Them, In-the-Know vs. Ignoramus attitude that keeps the “insiders” feeling both superior to and alienated from the “outsiders”.

    So the use of the jargon ” ‘missed withhold phenomena’ “makes the meaning unclear: I had to read this several times, to tentatively figure out that Naz became suspicious that she was set up to be Tom’s girlfriend and that that accurate suspicion freaked Tom out to the point that she had to whisked away for punishment.

    If that’s the correct interpretation, then how interesting that all of Tom’s endless and expensive processing by the “tech” (is that the correct use of that word?) hasn’t developed in him enough inner security to deal with someone suspecting the truth about his life. Kinda looks like it doesn’t work.

    But to avoid getting bogged down in linguistics, the important thing is that the information is getting to the public. Since Naz herself wasn’t interviewed (although I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been and will be harassed as though she had spoken out directly to the media), it’s good that Mark and others like Paul Haggis are willing to stick their necks out to tell the truth, even if some of the terms are confusing to Are-Not-Now-and-Never-Have-Been-Nor-Will-Be’s, like moi, to quote Miss Piggy.

  94. Alex, if you wanted a private conversation, then you should have emailed Marty privately. But you didn’t. You posted it on a blog. Vicar has every right to post his comment.

  95. I get it Martin. I was asking Marty about the reason for the punishment and he said his take on it is correct and that VF had it wrong. It wasn’t because of her telling her friend about it –breaking the confidentiality agreement, as reported.

  96. martyrathbun09

    Quite the contrary. Few have; and I think the reason you falsely ascribe for them doing otherwise might be the primary reason for that.

  97. martyrathbun09


  98. Sorry–my clarification above was directed to KA not Mike.

  99. …El Wrong Hubbard…

    Perhaps you hadn’t noticed, but the majority of people posting here (including the site owner) are in accord with L. Ron Hubbard and the spiritual technology of Scientology, if not the corporate church, which it spawned.

    Much has been written here about the personal shortcomings of LRH, and nearly all of it has been openly confronted and acknowledged by those of us who still consider ourselves to be Scientologists. Again, that includes the site owner, who has graciously allowed you to post that little ad hominem.

  100. martyrathbun09

    Sorry – didn’t read that one closely enough.

  101. To people who aren’t part of Scientology, the jargon is utterly impenetrable. It obstructs understanding, perhaps deliberately to reinforce an Insider vs. Outsider, Us vs. Them, In-the-Know vs. Ignoramus attitude that keeps the “insiders” feeling both superior to and alienated from the “outsiders”.

    The jargon of Scientology is no more ‘impenetrable’ than the words associated with any other unique body of study. Sure, they’re unknown and undefined to most non-Scientologists, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be easily defined if the reader is truly curious as to their meanings.

    Ron Hubbard spent most of his life researching the human mind and spirit. Along the way, he discovered a great many phenomena that hadn’t previously been described (or named) by earlier writers and pioneers in the field. He had to create labels for these things, and he spent a great deal of time precisely describing them for others. He also developed a complete system of techniques to address the many mental and spiritual phenomena he discovered. That also spawned an ‘in house’ collection of new terms to describe the techniques and their usage.

    So no, the jargon in Scientology isn’t used for the purposes you describe, but to simply communicate the concepts, techniques, and phenomena that Ron Hubbard’s work describes.

  102. Theo Sismanides

    I agree, he is a Potential Trouble Source now for the church that is what I am saying. OK, maybe it’s far fetched what I am saying but HE is the person who can bring up or down the church worldwide. And as it looks like “he” is doing anything to bring it down lately. Very bad PR continues for 2 months now.

  103. Maybe it’s my case talking here, but ……. having never met Tommy and Jessica Davis, I do not wish them ill, however I certainly don’t wish them WELL. Their welfare is below being one of my least concerns in life. There are 6 billion people on Earth who deserve my concern MORE than they do. Means nothing to me whether they live long or die soon. If …. and I stress the word “IF” … they take responsibility for what they’ve done to help destroy Scientology and other people’s lives, then I will have some respect and caring for them. Until that time …….. I am a million times more focused on what I’m gonna do for breakfast this morning and a trillion times more focused on week one in the NFL come next Sunday.

  104. I have put forth the idea that the fearless leader David Miscavige is behaving as Ron sometimes did. To justify this, I suggested the stories of three people from Hubbard’s time, the intentions of two were questioned. I do not know that the intentions of the third, Sharone Stainforth, a ten-year old messenger aboard the Royal Scotsman, have been questioned, and I encourage reading her story.

  105. ‘s alright, bud. You’re still a very gracious host.

  106. Theo Sismanides

    I watched the whole thing, I speak quite some french so I could follow. Mike did an excellent job there exposing once more the brutalities of MacSavage. Kept his poise with the two cars there watching him and the interviewer and did predict that if they approached them, they would leave. Quite a good PR Mike, thanks.

  107. Well, i agree that more should do so.
    But I do think that there are quite a few people (including me) who post on this site and support your endeavors who are “old timers”, “Scientologically” speaking.

  108. Well, no doubt you will keep thinking whatever you think no matter what anyone says to you, but in the interests of the truth being told I will waste a little time giving you my perspective.

    I knew and worked with both.

    In short, I knew L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige is no L. Ron Hubbard (probably makes more sense to people in the US than you who from your moniker appear to be in Australia).

    L. Ron Hubbard had his shortcomings. He was, after all, a man. As he so repeatedly said. He was also willing to acknowledge that he had made mistakes.

    But what really makes Miscavige so much different than him is not perceived “personality traits” or whether Hubbard could get mad or not. It’s purpose.

    L. Ron Hubbard dedicated his life to attempting to help people live their lives better. What put a smile on his face and a glimmer in his eye was when he saw others being helped and doing better in life. He was absolutely NOT driven by money or power. Hell, he lived in a motorhome and trailer for years. No tanning bed. No entourage of flunkies. No fleet of luxury vehicles or over-the-top motorcycles. No IAS and “Ideal Org” fundraising. I could go on.

    Miscavige is a punk who has only ever given anyone (primarily TC) MEST objects. That is his contribution to the world. MEST.

    L. Ron Hubbard was a larger than life man who gave the gift of freedom and a better life to many.

    About the only similarities between the two is that they both had two legs, two arms, a body and a head — and even then, Miscavige’s is the miniatuarized edition.

  109. “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”

    SMH… Dude…

  110. “It’s a process that hasn’t worked out to well for Cruise or Miscavige. So, I guess They’ll keep on doing it.” So right but this time karma is going to be bitch for Cruise as he won’t be a be able to land any intelligent beautiful woman of grace and integrity, not a chance, he’ll have to settle for some dumb bimbo. The SP Dave has managed to destroy yet another person’s dynamics, it was just a matter of time….Marty tried to warn TC but he wouldn’t listen.

    No one is safe in the presence of this SP, no one, even Dave’s own wife, Shelly, has been relegated off to some underground prison, probably never to be seen of again and if she does, she will be mentally incapacitated.

  111. One of the reasons I started to read Martys blog was the fact he was offered money to discuss TCs auditing, but turned it down. From what I’ve been reading here, it does seem TC is a bit of a shit. If this is true, Martys refusal to divulge TCs auditing is the epitome of integrity.

    Given the churches predilection for doing just that, you advance your cause immeasurably by showing some class.

  112. Love you for this, Mike Rinder.

    Not at least for the good laughter at the end of your post.

  113. Paul Haggis chimes in on the Los Angeles Times on-line:

    The bombshell report marinated through Monday morning, when Vanity Fair got a supporter in Paul Haggis — the Hollywood director who memorably blasted Scientology, of which he is a former member, to the New Yorker.

    Haggis said he’s known about Boniadi for three years, and is horrified by the church’s treatment of the “General Hospital” player.

    “Naz was embarrassed by her unwitting involvement in this incident and never wanted it to come out, so I kept silent,” Haggis wrote in an email to Showbiz 411.

    “However I was deeply disturbed by how the highest ranking members of a church could so easily justify using one of their members.”

    The “Crash” director also makes the dizzying accusation that Boniadi is only one example of such treatment.

    “This story will draw attention because of our fascination with celebrity. Most of the others are just ordinary people whose stories, if told, would not appear in a magazine,” he said, “they live in fear of retribution, legal, financial or personal, even some famous ones.”

  114. Will you please clarify your source of information?
    I could not find the “4 weeks” neither in VF’s teaser nor in Marty’s 2 articles.

  115. You seem to be asking what are “missed witholds” all about. Lets say you slept with a stranger, and the next day your spouse asks you why you were out so late? That, is a missed withhold. That sinking feeling you have, and the immediate mind numbing excuses, fabrications (lies), etc., the irritability, the tossing of cooking of utensils across the room and sense of guilt after the question is asked is more or less the missed withhold phenomenon.

  116. Marty is saying that NBC Today had it wrong.
    Marty is not saying that VF had it wrong: he is not saying that breaking the confidentiality agreement had no consequences. He is saying that the SEVERITY of the consequences (punishment) of breaking the confidentiality agreement was due to the “missed withholds”.

  117. It’s going to be hard for me to watch a Tom Çruise movie after all this. Maybe I’ll just watch re-runs of Beverly Hillbillies instead. Don’t cost nuthin’.

  118. “The basic overt act is making somebody else want mest.”

  119. Public.

  120. CommunicatorIC

    UC Irvine on Nazanin Boniadi:

    “Nazanin Boniadi ’03: Actress and official spokeswoman for Amnesty International USA, she graduated with honors from UCI’s School of Biological Sciences after winning the competitive Chang Pin-Chun undergraduate research award for her work on heart transplant rejection and cancer. Boniadi has a recurring role on CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother” and had small parts in “Charlie Wilson’s War” and “Iron Man.””

  121. “lies in a different font are still lies — designed to sell magazines.”

    LRH’s response:

    “Axiom 38

    1. Stupidity is the unknownness of consideration.

    2. Mechanical definition: Stupidity is the unknownness of time, place, form and event.

    1. Truth is the exact consideration.

    2. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event.

    Thus we see that failure to discover truth brings about stupidity.

    Thus we see that the discovery of truth would bring about an as-isness by actual experiment.

    Thus we see that an ultimate truth would have no time, place, form or event.

    Thus, then, we perceive that we can achieve a persistence only when we mask a truth.

    Lying is an alteration of time, place, event or form.

    Lying becomes alter-isness, becomes stupidity.

    (The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case’s own or another’s lies.)

    Anything which persists must avoid as-isness. Thus, anything, to persist, must contain a lie.”

  122. I did know Tommy fairly well. Worked with him off and on for a couple of years. Whatever and whoever he was to others, he was quite a friend, kind, intelligent and caring in my presence. His insane displays over the past few years made me puke. I could easily discard him at this point.

    I will tell you though, because of some pretty amazing things that have occurred over the past week, I am amazed at how easy it is to forgive the crap when someone who was an enemy does a truely honest doubt formula and submits it to me with sincerity. Frankly, the charge just blows and all is well.

    Quite amazing.

  123. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I found Tommy Davis somewhat withdrawn, almost creepy in his ways. Mike knows him a lot better, but I trust him not being too caring about others.
    I would not think he will ever come clean. He will just do what suits him best.

  124. Marty, Thanks so much for having this blog. It has been so informative and helpful and has saved lives. You are very wise. Silly Thetans 🙂

  125. Even Katie will, and her family too, poor souls. Listen, the positive in this, is we are together. They know!! And its no secret.

    Its a nutty thing to correct anything according to oneself.

    …isn’t that the saddest thing? …. “If all I knew was true. I would be … ”

    (Some are trapped, some are free. )

  126. Um, Katie! Gosh, she should be so on top of this having a Starbucks.

  127. Li'll bit of stuff

    100% Espiritu!
    Thanks for keeping true theta intent here! Marty, WE are focused on the half FULL glass here, for your info, and please refrain from
    lumping us “few” with the half EMPTIES.
    Sincere compliments to / for you, do not deserve
    a side swipe! Can we rather confine those to
    the subject of your “31 Factors”, as MANY of
    us “old timers” rigorously do? Or am I blind?

  128. one of those who see

    Excellent and important comment from a man who knew both LRH and DM.

  129. Helmuth,

    Quotes from VF’s teaser:
    “The process “… “reportedly comprised several arduous steps, including the creation of dozens of audition tapes of young actresses, filmed by Scientology officials under the shrouded pretense of a “special project.” After months of searching, the organization in the fall of 2004 settled on a stunning brunette named Nazanin Boniadi to be Cruise’s next girlfriend.”

    Quotes from Marty’s yesterday article:
    “Nazanin Boniadi is a good friend of mine. “ … “Because of the nature of the bond of trust I share with Naz, there is not much I can share with you about her.”

    From these quotes I deduct that doesn’t matter if Marty left some months before the Nazanin Boniadi operation started: The planning of the operation “TC’s next girlfriend” probably started before Marty left, Naz & Marty have an ongoing relationship, and my educated guess is that Marty have more sources familiar with the operation.

  130. Steve, you are correct. My apologies.


  131. windhorsegallery,

    As far as I understand, you are not allowed to reblog without the original blog’s owner permission. This is the right way to do it, because Marty is getting a notification and he might approve it or not.

  132. TC is my hero! What Tommy Davis, Karin Poo, Allender and cohorts couldn’t accomplish in a lifetime, he did in 2 months: breaking the media silence but good. TC, don’t stop now, you brought us over the tipping point; VVVWD!!

  133. Time well wasted Mike – very nicely said.

  134. +1000

  135. Thanks for all your responses. They are appreciated!

  136. What I don’t understand about this whole mess is that she was given a credit card from Tom’s production company:

    ” Boniadi moved into Cruise’s home and was given a credit card issued in the name of his production company as her only source of money.”

    Was there a spending limit on that card or what? Because if I had been given that card in New York City Tom would have had to file a missing person’s report on me .

  137. Hi Simi. Yes right about round the ‘You are NOT clear’ sessions. I could have simply gone to sleep but we have duties.
    I saw Marty posted your story and wanted to say hi to you but I was ‘hiding’.
    Thx for saying hi.

  138. Beautiful post! This says it all!

  139. Thank you Thoughtful. Despite Alex’s assertion otherwise, I do know exactly who he is, and he is a good guy. I’ll leave it at that.

  140. Well put Mike. I have my disagreements with LRH and believe he made his share of errors but I also feel his primary purpose was to help. While I am not of the mindset that all the tech is workable I do believe that model session and all that model session entails, combined with certain processes, is one of the great contributions to self improvement the world has ever known.

  141. Thanks MaBu — because there was a menu option “reblog” when I was on Marty’s site — I figured it was “allowed” to just reblog.

    WordPress is above my skill set frankly and just as soon as I can log back into my own blog, I’ll delete that unauthorized “reblog” from Marty’s site.

    My point, however, was more to call attention to the fact that I was shocked to see my blog showing up on Marty’s site — my blog is just some thoughts, not intended for broad consumption and I certainty didn’t want it to look as if I was trying to direct traffic to my blog.

    But thanks for the instruction.


  142. The policy to deny published reports of well known activities inside the Church, like scrubbing toilets, disconnection, money grabbing, DM’s involvement with Cruise, Naz, etc… and the policy of not taking legal action (like 1990’s Time magazine libel suit) to defend yourself from these “lies” is causing a landslide of publications to feel safe to “pile on” RCS and DM. The only defense of a lie is the truth and that is something David Miscavige cannot deal with. As more and more press realizes that the Radical Church of Scientology is a toothless monster, they are going to kick the s**t out of RCS and DM. A long hot summer and beyond.

  143. Stepford Wife 🙂 …exactly.

  144. Golden Age Tech (and Etics?) claim another public humiliation for talented Scientology Celebrity, RJ Ellory Award winning Crime writer of Birmingham org.
    The neef to lie and fabricate srars eo validate yourself and invalidare others (DM’s Special trade mark!!)has unnreccessarialy gought shame to a creative artist.Roger is fairly high level scientologist and executive in Scientology Birmingham. Stat push got the better of poor Roger!.

    Whyweprotest (Beware ‘SP’ site but important info)

    Telegragh UK

    Guardian UK


  145. martyrathbun09

    It is ok Christine, you have blanket ok to reblog from here.

  146. If someone wanted to give the subject of Scientology a bad reputation, he would appreciate his great allies – minor Major Miscavige and Colonel Cruise ( of couch conquering fame ).

  147. At least some parliaments are awake regarding the ideal org con game.

  148. I still find it hard to belive that in the U.S. of A, this type of “mafia-like”
    behaviour by a self-sanctioned “church” is allowed to fester and thrive. What is even more alarming, is the level of public profile, and hardly any real media backlash until Ms Orth’s soon to be released article in VF. I hate to say it. but my mind wanders back to the image of Mr. Tony Scott’s suicide, only 2 days after meeting TC. And the look on TC’s face was sheer horror. Worth a movie don’t you think?

  149. What part of Marty Rathbun will *never* violate client (preclear or pre-OT) confessional (auditing) confidentiality don’t you get, “Steve” ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  150. That certainly points out differences between the two. A big difference is the ability to lead and inspire which Hubbard had.

    I do not mean to imply the two are the same, only there are some similarities. One similarity exists when it comes the absolute certainty that one is right above everyone else. You have mentioned this trait in Miscavige, and I am pointing that Hubbard too had this trait. The evidence for this is in his writing and in various first person accounts.

    As someone who has never met the Hubbard, but who was enthralled by his writing, I think it is a good idea to hear from many people who have met and worked him over the years in order to get a sense who he was. I appreciate you telling your experience.

  151. Christine,

    If you take a look at Marty’s site (Google: “Reblogged”, you’ll see more “Reblogged” showing up here (Howard Roark & Tara).

    I’m not a WordPress user, however my educated guess is that you can to reblog by default, but the original blog’s owner (in this case Marty) could deny you permission.

    If your blog is not intended for broad consumption, you can make it private.

  152. Have At it,

    I do understand that it can be annoying when trying to understand something and because of jargon being held up from it.
    I appreciate that you comment here what is your concern. I was reading much worse on other blogs, from vicious scorn till derision.
    Ronnie Bell explained it very well for you, so I am glad that I don’t need to find the correct words for it, English not being my native language (you probably can imagine, that I have my own share of overcoming “not understanding” when reading on various English sites).
    But one thing that I observed on this blog is, whenever someone asked about some jargon he/she didn’t understand, somebody who was reading jumped in to explain it.
    The subject of Scientology has a lot of jargon, and it IS used between persons who have studied the subject – that is very true!

    But I think there is also something else to be considered: There are hundreds and hundreds of jargons in other subjects too! Of course people talking with each other who are from the same kind of profession, sports, hobbies etc, etc are talking in jargon. When I would go on such a blog, I also couldn’t understand everything; and I also would not expect it.
    When relatives of mine, who are mechanics, are talking about cars, I certainly do not understand all. I have to ask sometimes and then get it explained. But I would not get the idea that they want to be superior to me. What the hell, they fix my car when needed, and I am glad they know their subject well!
    It’s with EVERY special subject or profession like that. A doctor once explained to me about a life threatening condition my mom was in. I had to ask questions about specific things and words to understand. He explained it to me. Was he superior to me? As a doctor in his profession for sure – and about THAT I felt certainly good; my mom was in good hands. As just a person? No! And yes, in such a case it is a kind of “us” (laymen) and “them” (the doctors) – but for sure I would not be frustrated about it.
    And so was the case whenever I got spiritual Scientology counseling and was benefiting from it (the real stuff, not the perverted version), and I was glad that the persons knew their subject well.
    Or just think about listening to a commentator in a – for example – soccer match. Only people who are interested in soccer can fully understand it.

    So maybe my viewpoint can give you some ease regarding your (harsh) judgment and annoyance. And of course, basically about how the “us” and “them” is sometimes used, you are very right, and I agree! It is getting often misused by evil or stupid persons to stir up conflict and war and to prevent consent, compromise and living peacefully with or next to each other.

    Do you still see me as an “ignoramus” insider? 🙂 – Karola

  153. Does anyone know what happened to SM? Ive read that her wiki page says that she haven’t been seen since something like 2006. If she had family that could report her disappearance as suspicious, the law could get involved and blow DM little world wide open.

  154. Ha! Ditto!

  155. Hi Cece,
    Wow! So great to see you here. Have been thinking about you here and there and wondered where you were at.
    I have never forgotten your story how you handled that bear that walked parallel to you kids in the Alaskan forest with pure admiration. I have used this strategy very successfully with barking or attacking dogs.
    AOLA auditor, Greta

  156. Pingback: Nazanin Boniadi | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  157. Thanks for your comment. That is the clearest explanation I have read so far. It really does explain the sinister nature of the phenomenon i.e. How dare you notice that I am a monster?

  158. I had the same question after listening to many of the old timers who worked closely with LRH like Hana Eltringham Whitfield and even LRH’s son and grandson.

  159. “Colone” Cruise seems to be more and more like colonel Klink of Hogans Heroes; ” Schultz! Close the gates! The War is back on!”


  160. Thank you for the link
    Scientologists in France came through as happy people,maybe a little “stupid” but genuine and caring,even though the marketing was heavy
    I saw 2 technical outpoints Word clearer accepted for a defintion of consciousness :the fact to be conscious…which is the same root.
    Dissemination of Book One was done with an Emeter,the registrar trying to show an Emeter reaction when finding a ruin;there is no need to do that as it put the attention on a machine,instead of just communicating with the new person.This way the journalist saw very easily that the registrar really wanted to find a ruin to push the button,instead of just wanting to help someone.
    Mike’s interview was very good,predicting the behaviour of the men that were following them,clerly impressing the journalist

    The bad part is that there was never any hint of ex-scientologist still practicing their religion outside the official church,no mention of Independents.To be truthful,they did not say either that ex-scn would automatically cease to believe and apply LRH procedures,but it was kind of implied.

  161. Pingback: September: another consecutive month of it hitting the fan over in Miscavigeville

  162. Greta AOLA auditor, I ________
    Love you and bunches of hugs your way!

  163. How did you get Sept 4th on your post.
    Its the 29th of Aug or have a entered another diminution of no DM. Oh DM Sad…..

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