Maureen Orth Smokes Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

Mat Lauer of the NBC Today show went full frontal on behalf of Tom Cruise trying to put a crack in Maureen Orth’s Vanity Fair story on Nazanin Boniadi.   As you can see, Maureen just decimated Cruise and Miscavige’s best shot at covering up the truth Orth reported.

see it here: Maureen Orth on NBC Today

For back story, and more on Scientology Inc’s cover-up network, click here.

Other breaking news:

Paul Haggis decries Scientology Inc attacks on Nazanin   at Village Voice

Miscavige Orders Body Alterations for Tom Cruise’s Scientology-order Bride on ABC Good Morning America.

84 responses to “Maureen Orth Smokes Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

  1. Paul Haggis’ response, as usual, is measured, intelligent and brilliant.

    Maureen Orth was cool and certain of her sources.

    The simple answer to all this is for Tom Cruise/Bert Fields to come out publicly and state there is NO non-disclosure agreement with Naz and that she is free to speak to set the record straight. If this whole story is “hogwash” and just made up by “bitter defrocked apostates” then invite Naz to speak up. Simple. Maureen should publicly challenge Tom/Dave/Bert to make clear there is no gag on Naz.

    Chances of that happening — about the same as Misacvige announcing that he invented his Ideal Org strategy as a gimmick to make money and trick people into thinking his “church” is expanding.

  2. Maureen took on Matt’s challenges and hits very well. Bravo.

  3. Also, the fact that Paul Haggis came out in defense of her and the truth of the article is huge. This man is a respected director and oscar winner and it speaks volumes that he is out there backing up the article. I think the interview went really well.

  4. “Miscavige Orders Body Alterations for Tom Cruise’s Scientology-order Bride on ABC Good Morning America”

    Now it’s sounding like Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein, YUK !!

  5. I watched Maureen Orth on the today show. Boy did she hold her own! She totally protected Naz and wasn’t backing down about any of the story. I for one, was very impressed.

    Wow, the very thing (Criuse, celebrities in general) that was supposed to make the church look legitamate, is now hurting the church BIG TIME!!

    What’s gotta suck big time is cruise isn’t a member of the sea org or a staff member that he can put in the “hole” or on RPF. This story has to be one of the biggest flaps to hit then BECAUSE of the world famous actor involved. In other words all eyes are on it because every be knows who Tom cruise is and this is shining a very bright light on scientology inc.

    What to do, what to do? Think dm might haul Shelly out to counter all this?

  6. martyrathbun09

    Miscavige never seems to learn: if you lie, it becomes your future; if you tell the truth it becomes your past. Every lie, denial and threat does one thing and one thing alone – gives the story more legs. An almost impossible task with a story that already makes Lebron’s legs look like last Thanksgiving’s turkey. But leave it to Miscavige…

  7. ***about the same as Misacvige announcing that he invented his Ideal Org strategy as a gimmick to make money and trick people into thinking his “church” is expanding***


  8. Me thinks we can start referring to the BFF’s as “Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-dee”. What a couple of twisted sisters……….

  9. You’ve got a good point- there isn’t anybody else to put in the hole for this flap. Right Dave? They’re either out or been paid off by you to shut up, or declared SP. Yes, Dave this sucks doesn’t it.

  10. Kool-aid drinkers do not ever think what tc does is a flap. Several people I knew told me proudly how great tc was with his interview with Matt Lauer years ago decrying psychs and psych drugs — all the while looking like the arrogant ignoramus that he has proven to be.

    People whose minds have been completely co-opted cannot think. It’s astonishing but true.

  11. Thanks DM and TC you’ve made it so easy for me to not be a Scientologist. My family and friends who have disowned me now have more justification. Very Well Done!

  12. Now we will see just how ruthlessly Tom gets ethics in on himself and others…………… Go for it Mr. Cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TroubleShooter

    It seems standard for cob and his lies and deceptions to be exposed with Tom at his side. He used Tom to create false images to Scientologists and the world at large. He insulted every SO member and vet staff member in the world by naming Cruise as the most dedicated Scn’ist he knew. Tom used Scientology SO members labor to elevate his personal comforts. He even had the nerve to talk down to SO members as though he was senior to them!!!! DISGUSTING!!!! It’s all been a very public parade of lies that the two of them have been involved in while shielding themselvs with the protections of privacy given to religious groups. I remember how proud I was at one time to know our church was participating in battles that defended the rights to religious practice and freedom from religious persecution for all religions. What’s really sickening and eye opening is to see the twisted, immoral, deplorable application by them both of that freedom. Taking advantage of those rights and using them to get away with the very types of abuses that those who oppose such religious rights use to point out the dangers of it…good grief all mighty.

  14. This is a quote from the link below:

    “Miscavige eagerly awaited the Cruise reports and those of other high-profile Scientology members at his Gold Base head quarters, in Hemet. According to several sources, he often read them out loud to entertain whomever he was with. “I know he did it with [the reports of) Lisa Marie Presley, back in ’95, when she married to Michael Jackson, and I know he did it a number of times with Kirstie Alley. I saw and heard him,” Claire Headley tells me. “He loved to dish about celebrities,” says Tom De Vocht, Miscavige’s former close aide, who went on to run Scientology’s large operation in Clearwater, Florida, where Scientologists from all over the world go to study.

    According to De Vocht, Miscavige-~~ often joined by his wife, Shelly-would whip out a bottle of Macallan scotch at two or three in the morning in the Officers Lounge, play backgammon, and read the Cruise reports with a running commentary. “He’s probably got a lot of embarrassing material,”De Vocht says, adding that Miscavige’s comments were usually ~~ about Cruise’s sex life. “He would roll his eyes and say) ‘Jeez, can you believe it?’” All the while, Miscavige claimed to be Cruise’s best friend. (Scientology representatives dispute this account and insist that Miscavige has always “rigorously upheld the sanctity and confidentiality of ministerial communications.”)”

    It’s pretty sickening that there is no sanctity regarding your confessions. This lack thereof has filtered all the way down the org board to Mission level. The Mission Holder of a local mission gave me confidential pc data on a selectee of mine so that I could use that in disseminating to her Mother, I never used it of course but was shocked at the ease in which this was disclosed to me.

  15. Wow, think about the MWH phenomena that Tom Cruise is experiencing right now. I will bet the VF article has catapulted him out of any sorrows over being blindsided by his ex-wife. I wonder where in the world he can go that he won’t be thinking, “Are they gonna ask about it?” Imagine going on the publicity tour for his upcoming film and the emotions and phenomena that will be roiling just under the surface on the part of people interviewing him and on his part. Of course Anonymous will be there to help blow the charge.

  16. Words of wisdom, Lloyd. Words of Wisdom.

  17. Smokes them like a big ol cigar……

  18. Don’t bet on it. Miscavige always finds a new patsy to blame his newest self-caused disaster on. It sucks to be him, but right now must suck more to be anywhere within “holing distance” of him.

  19. MRinder, The Church’s letter response is exactly as you predicted it would be, right down to how VF failed to mention the unprecedented expansion of the Church.

  20. Lisa Marie sure got it right when she predicted : “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

    May I also add that matchmaking, whether paid for or free, is a noble endeavor. Life is so much better when you have a life-companion and a soul-mate.

    When you use lies and deception in the process and punishment when it doesn’t pan out – well, that is an entirely different story.

  21. First of all Matt Liaur is a dick, no integrety what so ever and a fence sitter. Second I saw GMA on ABC and Ms. Orth held like a rock saying she had all her facts checked and double checked with witnesses and lawyers she showed no fear of the smoke and mirror show of Mr. and Mrs. and Missing Miscavage. I’m waiting to see how long it takes for TC to bail. ARC as alway. Bill

  22. Bela: There is a cut and paste form letter that goes out and it says the following:

    1. Your story is false, malicious and untrue
    2. Your sources are all bitter defrocked apostates who band together to invent stories and corroborate them
    3. You failed/refused to interview any Scientologists because you are a biased bigot
    4. You already had your story written when you contacted us at the very last minute
    5. David Miscavige is the poor, victim of a vicious smear campaign by “anti-Scientologists” because he IS Scientology
    6. You missed the real story — under the brilliant leadership of David Miscavige Scientology is expanding like never before — see “Ideal Org” a,b,c,d,e,f,g blah blah

    Just fill in some flowery language and some specific “D/A’s” of the “bitter, defrocked apostates” and hey presto — a media letter done in no time at all.

  23. Maureen was very credible, though left open the possibility that she did talk to Nav, as she stated that TC and Scientology refused to be interviewed.
    I feel that Matt Lauer was doing his job…his questions didn’t reflect his personal feelings..

  24. David Miscaviage has no class and is the kind of guy who would sit around the rodeo bleachers and laugh at the poor sap that doesn’t last more than 8 seconds on the bull, then show his buddy how much he respects the clown.

    Maureen Orth has class. Her communication skills are superior to David Miscaviage.

    The little Hitler is from a different race or “breed” of people who only know one way to deal with the truth “lie and bully your way out of it.”

    I’m going off now to buy my copy of Vanity Fair. No I’m going to buy 2 copies or maybe 10 copies!!!

  25. Well, it seems that the jury of Public opinion as to who is more creditable: the “Church” spokespeople, or the “Bitter, Defrocked Apostates”, is in.
    They have done their due diligence, and decided who they are “with”.
    VWD to all of you, and I think there are many people of good will that are learning from this all, and have yet to weigh in.
    All that ls left is for Davey to “goof the floof”, as his toxic little world falls apart. Fortunately, many eyes and ears have been inoculated, and know what to expect.

  26. What a great recipe for manipulation. Convince TC that there is no one in the world more able and willing to help him with his problems then you. Then direct him into the biggest problems imaginable.

    Miscavige has been playing TC but good while snickering behind his back.

  27. interesting though what’s NOT being threatened. Haven’t read all the links, but haven’t seen any mention of libel…

  28. And for Corporate Scnists they’ll whip out HCO PL Signs of Success as further proof that Scn is expanding like never before. Ho-hum.

  29. When will other actresses step forward???

    Hearing Tom and the church lie and deny must piss them off.

  30. That’s right, we are not against Scientology – only against its management in the corporate Cof$. Thank you, Ms. Orth for speaking the truth!

  31. I dare one of these talk shows to interview one of us regular folk. You know, the ones who buy Tom Cruise movie tickets or used to. Instead of the news anchor saying the church line….aren’t all these sources no good apostates who all have something to gain from smearing the good ole church of scientology & our bud Tom Cruise, asking what Tom Cruise & the church of scientology has to gain from denying the charges! How about asking the thousands of us who were law abiding scientologists what happened to us when we dare think or ask why is our church leader beating people? Or why is our church telling our family members to cut off all communications with us? In truth, this is not a story of celebrities……it’s a story of living with the truth. The end never justifies the means. I believe that Marty’s story & the real punch line to this on going church of scientology story is a simple one…..Live with the truth!

  32. Tom said; “VWD to all of you,”
    Tom, please don’t speak to us as if we are your juniors;)

  33. Martin that was hilarious!

  34. TroubleShooter — Beautifully stated. Yes, yet another expose of the betrayal of our beliefs by “Leader #1” and “Leader #2” which involves others, staff and public alike, in lives of deceit and destruction.

  35. Maureen Orth is a serious, respected reporter who has written well researched articles for many years. She is the widow of NBC’s Tim Russert. Matt Lauer was doing his job challenging her, but she held her own because she had the truth on her side and was not swayed by the behind the scenes attacks on her and the story by DM, Cruise and their surrogates.

    Many of us have known this story about the Cruise wife auditions for many years having read Marc Headley’s and Amy Scobee’s great books. It’s great to see serious reporters picking up the story now and giving it legs.

    Too many holes in the dike for DM and Cruise to stick their fingers in…. There is a flood coming over the dike boys! Better get your life jackets!

  36. Here’s another scenario, not that Nazanin would want to go through this: By denying everything Miscavige/Cruise have made it safe for Nazanin to speak freely about it, because they could hardly sue her for violating a confidentiality agreement that pertained to events and information they claim does not exist and never happened.

  37. For the record, this is not something LRH would have done.

    From HCOPL 27 October 1964R, “Policies on Physical Healing, Insanity, and Sources of Trouble”:

    PTS Type G:

    “g. Persons who claim that “if you help such and such a case” (at great and your expense) because somebody is rich or influential or the neighbors would be electrified should be ignored. Processing is designed for bettering individuals, not progressing by stunts or giving cases undue importance. Process only at convenience and usual arrangements. Make no extraordinary effort at the expense of other persons who want processing for normal reasons. Not one of these arrangements has ever come off successfully as it has the unworthy goal of notoriety, not betterment.”

    This is from 19-cussing-64 Mr. David Miscavige, you SOB. I know you were still on your mama’s tit when this was written, but surely the so-called leader of the church should KNOW and FOLLOW policy.

    Now – notice how effective Ron’s policy and warning is. Do you think your special arrangement with Mr. Tom Cruise came off? Off the rails, maybe.

    Mark Patterson

  38. Mike, thanks for the form letter! It made me laugh out loud. Every time DM and his minions come out with a “bitter defrocked apostates” defense, I slap my palm to my forehead. He should’ve learned ages ago that that response makes the “church” even more of a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.
    Of course, that’s what happens when you throw all your real talent – people who might encourage you to evolve in your strategies – into The Hole (leading to them blowing) and adopt the PR plan of “La La La I Can’t Hear You!”
    I feel so much for Naz. A young woman so cruelly manipulated by her very virtues – faith, trust and the desire to do good in the world. How dare CO$ continue to abuse her in such a manner. Paul Haggis is right on – they are attacking and bullying a young woman who has yet to open her mouth.
    For shame.

  39. Tommy? Jessica? JT? Kelly? Kirstie? Shelly?

    [audio src="" /]

  40. …and you never will see that mention. Ever. That’s what the world will find out as Cruise and Miscavige, two people historically proven to be litigious, do NOTHING about this except blow smoke.

    Cruise is going to have to say something publicly. “Hogwash”, “Lies in a different font are still lies…” spoken from a lawyer while you are in Croatia pretending that your world isn’t falling apart just ain’t gonna cut it Tom.

    It’s time to answer up.

  41. To be fair, I thought when I joined up with the church of scientology that it too practiced living with the truth.

  42. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wow, Solace! This IS huge, Perhaps a real opportunity to
    smoke out some of the remaining kool-aid imbibing celebs
    and get them into the Independent Decompression Chamber!
    Be quite a change from the cloaked one’s hidden lair, AKA
    The Chamber of Horrors (Church of Scientology inc.!)

  43. I wonder something. This VF expose had to have taken quit sometime to put together. I wonder if Katie got a heads up as to what really happened and was given the option to get out before shxt hit the fan. The timing of these two events is impeccable.

  44. Hard hitting interviews both.

    If Tom had a hard time getting dates before I can only imaging how difficult it’s going to be now, excluding bimbos, no intended disrespect to bimbos.

    So I guess Tom will be flying solo on the second dymanic for a while. Maybe his BFF, Miscavige, will give him a hand!

    I do hope that Nazanin recognizes that these two, Miscavige and Cruise simply took advantage of her apparent good nature. This is what con men do. Embarrassing no doubt but who among us has not been duped? I am unable to raise my hand.

  45. So, I just took a few moments to glance through the PR series, because if there is anything this situation with Naz is telling us, it is that TC and DM have gone rogue.

    It is obvious to me that Mr. David Miscavige has abandoned L. Ron Hubbard. The entire PR series is ignored. All efforts Ron put out there about how to handle, well, me, for example, and Marty and Mike and all of us, was chucked out – and frankly so chucked out it is obvious it has been abandoned.

    As a moved through the series, I just started shaking my head. You want to know the difference between L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. David Miscavige? Read Ron’s policies (even those that he eventually revised or cancelled) and then LOOK at what the church under Miscavige is DOING. Furthermore, LOOK at how what Ron predicted would happen if you screw it up IS happening now.


  46. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I do not think so. Mat Lauer pulled the smart and journalistic right thing to do. He challenged Maureen Orth hard and fast. The way Maureen passed the challenges made her and her story that much more reliable and trustworthy. He gave her the chance to prove she and her story is rock solid. I think he did a great job as a journalist.
    This reminds me of a story. A little bird falls out of his nest and sits on the ground shivering. A cow comes by and puts a nice warm cowpat right on top of it. A little later a cat comes by. It pulls the little bird out of the cowpat, cleans it neatly up and eats it.
    The Moral? No everybody that puts you in the shit means bad for you and not everybody who pulls you out of the shit means well.

  47. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Can’t wait for the response of Naz’s agent to interview requests with the statement that she cannot talk about it as she is bound by a confidentiality agreement. 🙂

  48. ” if you lie, it becomes your future; if you tell the truth it becomes your past”

    I love it.

  49. Maverick ! eject,eject,eject !

  50. But one thing for sure: when you are in the shit, don’t sing like a bird.

  51. and conde nast’s legal team would have extensively checked the article pre publication.

  52. It could have gone like this; “Yea it’s pretty funny, I’m so bad picking women some friends in the Church started match making for me.” TC End of story, except, that would have required a spirit of play with all interested parties in the know.

    Instead we find a “Mission Impossible” scenario, should you choose to accept it, and as always, if caught, OSA will deny any knowledge or involvement.

  53. well that will teach TC to call Matt Lauer glib wont it. I seem to remember LRH talking about keeping friendly relations with people somewhere!

  54. Hilarious … “Tom will be flying solo on the second dynamic for a while.” Probably quite a while! I doubt any eligible female would dare get involved at this point.

  55. There is always Lou. 🙂

  56. Gerhard Waterkamp

    ……or deny everything.

  57. Appropriate to most of what is discussed, but more so with what’s transpired in the past few days. I highly recommend the full read on this:


    “Definition: A criminal is one who is motivated by evil intentions and who has committed so many harmful overt acts that he considers such activities ordinary.

    There is a datum of value in detecting overts and withholds in criminal individuals:


    From all this we get another datum:


    You have to be very alert when criminals are around.

    From all this we get another datum:


    It is inconceivable to the criminal that anyone could possibly be decent or honest or do a selfless act. It would do no good whatever to try to convince him for he knows all men are like himself.

    Thus one gets another datum of value:


    One of the reasons he does this, of course, is to justify injuring others. Because everyone else is useless, worthless, criminal, an animal and insane, why then, he reasons, it is perfectly all right to injure them.

    Thus we come to another datum:


    This HCOB is simply some data on the criminal mind that might help.

    At the very least it should give some understanding of why some individuals insist with such apparent conviction that all men are evil, why all men are insane, why all men are criminals.

    And it also tells you how silly it is to try to argue with them. Who’s there?

    The criminal mind is a bitter and unsavory subject. The percentage of criminals is relatively small but the majority of grief and turmoil in the world caused by criminals is a majority percent. Thus the criminal mind is a subject one cannot avoid in research as it is a major factor in the distortion of a culture.

    It is a mind like any other mind but it has gone wrong. It is motivated by evil intentions which, even if idiotic, are greater than the possessor’s ability to reason. The criminal, even when he seems most clever, is really very, very stupid. The evil intentions get dramatized by senseless overt acts which are then withheld and the final result is a person who is more dead than alive and who faces a future so agonizing that any person would shudder at it. The criminal, in fact, has forfeited his life and any meaning to it even when he remains „uncaught“ and „unpunished“ for in the long run, he has caught himself and punishes himself for all eternity. No common judge can give a sentence as stiff as that. They know down deep that this is true and that is why they scream with such ferocity that men have no souls. They can’t confront the smallest part of what awaits them.

    When you understand what the criminal mind consists of you can also understand how ghastly must be the feelings or lack of them with which the criminal has to live within himself and for all his days forever. He is more to be pitied than punished. Neither bold nor brave, for all his pretense, he is really just a panicky, whimpering coward inside. When he bares his breast against the bullets, he does so with the actual hope that he will be killed. But of course that doesn’t save him. He’s got an eternity of it left to go. And his scoff of any such data hides the whimper for he knows, deep down, it’s true.

    Thus we have another datum:


  58. Evil is what evil does. At the bottom of all this mayhem sits one evil man totally self convinced he is incapable of making a mistake and his flock of minions have to believe that; for them their guilt in complicity to horrendous human rights violations is a nightmare yet to materialize. This ever so boring yet very hard to exterminate behavior pattern will eventually be his own undoing.
    The juicy gossip while completely fascinating, actually deals with peoples lives, asperations and their attempted destruction. The players in this game have truth as their only friend – turn your back on her and well…

  59. It’s called FIRST POLICY (2 Sept 1970)


    Seems to be some kind of a misunderstood, or disagreement on that PL by both miscavige and cruise. Somebody want to cram them on it?

  60. Anon, on your side

    Many years ago (before my time), Lenny Bruce was put on trial for using the “F” word in his comedy act. He wrote about his trial: the judge, the prosecutor, the witnesses, used the “F” word over and over again. Thus, the trial became the story. The state’s attempt to keep the “F” word from being stated in a public place became a joke; the trial, which was a public place, became a forum for the use of the “F” word dozens of times.

    DM and his response to critics reminds me of this trial. DM attacks his critics with the same silly lies: “hogwash, lies, 40 million parishioners, no bullying, no punishment, no violence, no imprisonment,” etc. He claims all of his critics are “anti-Scientology ” and “bitter” “apostates.” Thus, DM keeps the focus on the critics and the truthfulness of their stories. Now, instead of a few stories about the CoS and it’s ugly behavior, there are hundreds, and there are thousands (if not millions) of people wanting to know about the imprisonments, the forced abortions, arranged marriages and so on. Matt Lauer’s interview, where he repeated the content of the VF story, has kept the story alive. Whether Lauer was trying to impeach the story, or not, makes no difference. The story now has reached his viewers, millions of them. Lauer probably increased the sale of the October issue of VF by many thousands. There is no stopping the truth. The only questions remaining are who will be the next celebrity to leave the CoS, and how long will it take the rest of Hollywood to abandon the CoS.

  61. I am disgusted that David Miscavige regards Tom Cruise as the SECOND most important person in the Church. On a list of “Who the Church could live without” I think Tom comes out to be more valuable than David. Even Tom has been made to regard his value as less than it is while being catered to like a full blown God. What is frustrating for me logically and math wise is this. If the Church brought Marty, Mike and Karen on as consultants at 2.5 million a year on a three year contract they could turn this entire landslide around and put the show back on the road. But David will sit in his custom office building and shell that money out to attorneys to deny deny deny. As much as he has, he is still not up to HAVE. He is stuck in WASTE. And he always will be because when you obtain riches through treason, it is unjust enrichment. And you just follow by wasting. Wasting the treasure and wasting your resources. But anyway, Tom, in case you ever get around to doing YOUR OWN investigation and putting on YOUR OWN department 21 hat, you have been far more beneficial to the Church of Scientology than David Miscavige. I have notice from an outside view that he has set you up for loss, after loss, after loss. Leaking your recruitment video. Tampering in your marriages. And the trust? Having spies report on you and secretly video taping your auditing sessions (illegal in California). David does not trust you. You have been roller coasting. I get dizzy just watching the news about your life that leaks or is purposely leaked into the market place. You have been SET UP for losses. You have a suppressive person on your lines and it isn’t the auditor who took you up the bridge.

  62. You got to hand it to Paul Haggis — all class — to take time out from his schedule and point out that a woman is being publicly attacked by the Church, even called liar when she has yet to even speak with any media. The artice is about her, not from her. Yet the idiots are boiling over super-frantic-hysterical saying, “She’s a liar, she’s a LIAR!!!” Some might wonder if Cruise McMonster and Dave McScabsandwich have some nasty secrets they don’t want out.

  63. Hopefully the next woman to show up will throw away his cell phones.
    In the meantime, David has to sit and worry what the next “external influence” will be on Tom’s lines. BOO!

  64. Vanity Fair and this blog make Tom Cruise/David Miscavige auditioning accusations go viral.

    David Miscavige and Tom Cruise call what they think is a bluff and put out numerous denials as well as invalidations against the accusers. These denials now include Tom’s attorney, Bert Fields, jumping in.

    Thus far, we’re kind of hanging at……”What happens next?”

    Is there tangible evidence yet to come? Will any credible, known actresses who were auditioned actually step forward and communicate?

    The PR against TC and DM is great. But, it won’t stop them.

    Patience is a virtue so I’m trying to keep my anticipation of what comes next to really bring credibility to this whole thing at bay.

    Thus far it’s at a “he said, she said” level. Orth and Haggis vs TC and DM.

    While I’d love to believe that these auditions actually happened, from where I sit, I have zero actual proof or knowledge of any wrong-doing.

    I can only speculate, based upon past observation, that TC and DM are in fact guilty of the above accusations.

    Patience……….young Skywalker. Patience. ………..

  65. Lisa Marie sings,
    from “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”:

    Am I a disruption to your corruption?
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rails
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    No longer elated, now you’re frustrated
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    I could not resist sharing!

  66. On a related note, Spiegel online has just picked up on the death of Alexender Jentzsch:

    As of this writing, it’s still one the front page on Spiegel Online, and I believe it has an article in this week’s issue.

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  69. Anon, on your side

    I agree, good job Marty! You have maintained your dignity in the face of great evil. Your adherence to the truth, even when it came to discussing personal issues, will free those who cannot free themselves. Your courage, and the courage of those who have posted here and elsewhere about their experiences in the CoS, and how they escaped, is awesome.

  70. Grasshoppa
    Right on! I was thinking of the same HCOPL. Thanks for writing it down.
    So basic of a policy violation, it couldn’t be any worse.

  71. I wouldn’t be surprised if McSandwich is already personally plugging the hole in that dike for that very reason of course. It sucks to be a sandwich.

  72. I was on staff at the PAC base at the exact time this was happening. It was “common knowledge” amongst SO members that these auditions were happening but no one really had evidence. It was insider knowledge with CC staff members that got to the pac base.
    If you were ever in the SO you know how the rumor mill works. Spoken under your breath but never spoken in public.

    TC was being audited on OT 5 or had just completed it. I had gotten the frame for his OTV cert and there was a shitstorm from the Pub officer at AOLA as some idiot spilled a tiny drop of water on the cert and she had to redo it.
    AOLA staffers were pleased that he had divorced Kidman as her father was a Psych and she had dragged him away from Scientology. Talk about negative PR on Nicole.

  73. Seems like ““bitter, defrocked apostates”” means those former members who had had enough of the lies and lost much of their spiritual hopes, lives, family, money and almost their self-worth.

  74. 😦 Pout, We have been wronged. The most beautiful spirits on this planet were suckered.

  75. Ha ! If they have made into a TV show – they would of made a lot of money.

  76. Add the release of “The Master” this month. Lots of oxygen being sucked out of the room; not much left for TCs movie promotion.

    Dan, not too long ago, you mentioned the Int Base briefing (psychotic break) by the Pipsqueak, following the mudslide. Were you aware that his break was actually caused by the fact that a visit to the Int Base by TC was interupted by the mudslide? There was another Int Base briefing durning that same era when the Pipsqueak ‘got off the withold’ of having been told he was ‘removed from post’ by LRH as cameraman for not being ready to film when LRH arrived. Apparently, he threw one of his temper tantrums at that time and remained on post. Were you actually on the film set when that incident occurred?

  77. GOD IF ONLY someone had a taple of Miscavige going nuts.

  78. BOOYAH!

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…

  79. I’m sorry, where did Lauer do or say anything “on behalf of Tom Cruise”? Ms. Orth had a story to tell. Lauer ain’t exactly Edward R. Morrow, but he asked some tough questions, challenged her a bit on a story that many, not familiar with the way the Scientology syndicate works, would find pretty incredulous.

    That’s his job.

    Ms. Orth did indeed come through with flying colors, and did in fact decimate the “church’s” lame protestations*. Lauer’s interview actually helped her get her message out, by asking some questions a skeptical viewer might be asking. I can’t see where Matt “you’re glib” Lauer is in the tank for Cruise or Miscavige.

    Just my take. Your mileage….well, you know….

    * I swear on my Mom, when I come to power, I’m not only going to revoke their Tax Exemption, I’m going to fine them $10k every time they use the word “apostate”….

  80. martyrathbun09

    Stay tuned. I’ll prove Mat is Tom’s boy in due time.

  81. Should be interesting…..

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