More On Vanity Fair on Cruise/Miscavige

Second Vanity Fair tease on the story:  Video Taping of Scientology Celeb sessions.

The Tony Ortega Village Voice summary, including Claire Headley and Tom Devocht on Miscavige joking about the confessionals of Lisa Marie Presley, Kirstie Alley, and Tom Cruise.  Also includes Mike Rinder’s potential quote of the year:   Village Voice.

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65 responses to “More On Vanity Fair on Cruise/Miscavige

  1. Marty you weren’t kidding (not that I thought that) when you said tip of the iceberg, and Cat 4 or 5. The tracking of these stories looks like no one is buying the bullshit that the RCS spews out anymore. Remember? I told you I postulated an implosion!
    Can we come back and drink Margaritas on the deck and watch the SS Miscavige sink into the sea?!!!

  2. Hot damn … this is getting juicier by the minute! Good job, Marty!

  3. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Kudos, Mr. Rathbun (didn’t wanna say “very well done” and imply that you are my junior).

  4. Are you a Bowie fan ?


  5. Dave’s personal steward should be opening another bottle of Macallan right about now.

  6. maybe Buffett 🙂

  7. “Sanity is the ability to tell differences. The better one can tell differences, the more rational he is. The less one can tell differences and the closer one comes to thinking in identities (A=A) the less sane he is.”

    This seems to indicate TC’s level of sanity, if an admiring remark is somehow twisted into a “WTF — I’m not her junior” computation.

  8. Telling and very humorous comment by Mike. Coincidentally earlier today I was doing an interview and I was asked how I would characterize Tom Cruise’s support of Miscavige in light of recent developments. My answer — Leni Riefenstahl and Adolf Hitler. She was also in the film business — directed Hitler’s propaganda films and so went down in history as a Nazi. She said meeting Hitler was “the biggest catastrophe of my life. Until the day I die people will keep saying, ‘Leni is a Nazi.'”

    Despite all the atrocities that have come to light since 2009, Cruise, refuses to lift a finger for any of the victims. It’s even worse than someone continuing to support Jerry Sandusky after he was discovered to be a child molester. Instead of protecting the victims, Cruise not only defends the perp, he calls the victim a liar even though she didn’t say anything!?!

    I think Cruise is so far into the Miscavige rabbit hole, he can’t turn around.

    That’s why one day, Cruise, all washed up will say, “Meeting Dave Miscavige was the biggest catastrophe of my life. Until the day I die people will keep saying, ‘Tom is a MONSTER.'”

  9. The blanket brutal hysterical denial from the Church of Scientology regarding this woman being set up with Cruise, is stronger than usual escapism. Tom also denies it. I have a very strong feeling David Miscavige has some with holds from Tom Cruise about this cycle. Maybe he did not tell Tom the woman was in a happy relationship already when she was recruited, maybe he did not tell Tom how she was punished when she left, maybe Tom did not even break up with her! Maybe they told Tom she “blew”! Who KNOWS? Too creepy! But I can tell you this, there is something about this very murky cycle that Tom Cruise is only finding out about now.

  10. O.K. , now main stream and who really counts with the power is being rfactored. Vanity Fair is Washington’s monthly digest. Vanity fair is the almanac for celebrities planet wide. This is a very potent knowledge report. Michelle Obama, Maybe even her hubby, will be reading this on Sunday over brunch. Tom will not let this one go by with out looking.

  11. It is interesting that Naz brings up an incident where she could not decipher what David Miscavige said. I could relate to that. As he is a perfect specimen there is no consideration that perhaps the situation is that his TR1 sucks.

    In ’85, I ran into a similar scene where I could not understand his fast and low volume speech, while in a conference with Pat Broker. So he had me go to an audiologist and get a hearing aid, at some expense as well as time, which I used only when he was around for a couple of months. It was quite introverting at the time personally as I had not had the problem in interacting with others.. I ditched the hearing aid after some time and no one cared as it was only a problem with hearing the mutterings of David Miscavige.

  12. Indie-saurus-rex

    By ‘Cat 4 or 5’ are you referring to hurricane force winds? I’ve seen this phrase used the last day or two on the blog and find it confusing. Cat 4 and Cat 5 are types of ethernet cables! lol.

  13. One bottle? I sense a crate coming on.

  14. Bert Fields as quoted by the BBC on the VF report, “long, boring and false”.

  15. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    DM needed elocution lessons … they don’t teach that in 8th grade … so he made it YOUR problem.

  16. The reak fun is the comments section of VF. The church of scientology inc apologists are very obvious. A few of them even admit to it being “old news”, to them maybe since they may have heard it on the church of scientology rumour mill but Naz is a new player on the main stream. Dead give away really.

  17. This story gets wilder by the day. Who knows what’s actually going on over there….

  18. yeh, and Cat 6 🙂 no, hurricane categories, with Cat 5 the most severe

  19. Oh I was mistaken, I asked because of your “handle” – username

    Bowie Song
    There’s a Starman waiting in the sky
    He ‘d like to come and meet us.
    But he’s afraid he’ld blow our minds………..

  20. Sinar, I had to say “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that last…” all the time — not because Dave Mcscrabbletwitch speaks too quietly, but because his mutterings are almost always incomprehensible:

    Start of COB meeting:
    DM: “She didn’t what’s the say on it.”
    You: “Excuse me, Sir.”
    DM: [glares sliently, then to the rest of the room] “He’s going to backflash me?”
    Bystander: “That’s bad… It’s blackflash, Sir.”
    DM: “I know it’s backflash, that’s what I said, Parrot! You want it?”
    Bystander: “Excuse me?”
    DM: “The fucking cracker… fucking…!
    Bystander: “Right, no, sorry sir. Yes, the cracker.”
    DM: “I know what I said DO you?”
    Bystander: “Yes Sir, you…”
    DM: “Shut up! (points to you) You!”
    You: “I apologize for back flashing Sir, and pretending I couldn’t hear you.”
    DM: (glares silently for a while, decides to go on) “She didn’t have the braided so he’ll tell for so inch.”
    You: (can’t think of anything to say)
    DM: “Answer the fucking question, pie face!”
    You: “I’m sorry I didn’t get that last.” …and now it starts over. Welcome to life at the top of Scientology.

  21. I did think of that Sinar. I did think he has the responsibility of making himself understood. That is repelling that he ser faced on you that way. I think it is obvious to many by now that the man has not had enough of his ser facs handled to make him a stable terminal in society. At least he didn’t beat you up. What a pathetic personal handicap to rise to the top in Scientology status wise and dramatize all of the case the movement promotes handling. That in itself is a ser fac on L.R.H. and all that stand by him and grow smaller as they can not confront and handle it. After all, he is just a spec of black magic.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Steve, Miscavige’s problem with you was that you saw and heard EXACTLY what was going on at any given minute.

  23. OMG, LOL!!!!!

  24. If the story is false, then I would expect Cruise to sue vanity fair. Go ahead cruise, sue! I double dog dare ya!

  25. Shelly likely continues to be the only Permantly Posted staff member in all of International Management — as Toilets and Toothbrushes In-Charge. To her credit she may use the DeMon’s own toothbursh to clean his own toilet every night. Surely, the DeMon has plans to trademark the T&T Process so that it can be franchised to totalitarian regimes around the world.

    The DeMon is about to loose his primary source of life, TC, without a replacement.

    With the house of cards showing signs of crumbling, a wild card in the mix is that Greg W and Shelly M could recognize the insanity of what their lives have become, and actually pull off an internal coup to depose and deliver the DeMon up to criminal prosecution. This would soothe their souls and make up a lot of damage in one fell swoop.

  26. This whole episode is such a farce.

    I’m trying to figure how the goon squad or TV can spin it at this point. Denial isn’t going to work.

    At some point TC is going to be asked about it, and either he faces up to it or he avoids it by becoming a hermit with cats.

    The only way it will go away is to ack it as being basically true and spin it somehow. TC may be able to pull it off for himself, but the CofS goonies are all goosed.

  27. Oops – “I’m trying to figure how the goon squad or Tom C can spin it at this point. Denial isn’t going to work.”

  28. +1, good critical thinking

  29. Bitter Defrocked Status-Obssesed Money-Grubbing Apostate


  30. Jim Carey has a ‘breaking news category’ message to the two love boys:

  31. Just finished the VF article and a lot I did know, but Cruise is just certifiable. He really is. DM is a complete sociopath. The wild eyed picture of him in the article – you have to contain yourself from laughing – especially if you have researched this lunatic. I truly cannot wait for a prime time show with people coming out and talking about the insanity of his abuses to these people. He is just out of his mind. Completely. Everyne around him must be walking in a perpetual state of fear – knowing how crazy he is – and that they have few options – no money, etc. It has to be terrifying.

    So glad this organization is here for those who need help. It is just horrible.

  32. Also, it is incredible the amount of media attention this is getting even with the conventions going on. KEEP IT UP. Jesus, what the hell happened to Cruise that he would treat people like this; e.g. Nicole – I mean he really loved her at one point and to treat someone and denigrate them to their children is just incredible. What is amazing is that he believes in SCientology and yet it is fine for him to have people working at his home 100 hours a week to make it perfection – now what the hell does that have to do with making the world a better place.

    It is incredible the rationalizations that these fractured people come up with when it pertains to them. It is also interesting that he is allowed to be a scientologist when his wife and child have left him and he still sees them – but the disconnect for all others continues. I cannot stand this man anymore.

  33. Any individual that has ever been involved with the church of $cientology knows intuitively that these accusations are not only true but probably more, unrevealed criminality lies just below the surface.

    I still can’t duplicate how a billion dollar corporation can be so divorced from reality, communication, how the world functions in the 21st century. We all know that most active parishioners will most likely not read this story/watch media reports about it … and the one’s that do and have the ‘audacity’ to express their concerns will be immediately tagged as PTS, CI, SFP, DB’s. This is the true mindfuck.

    Axiom 1 of Corporate $cientology: IT’S ALWAYS WORSE THAN YOU THINK

  34. I watched a detective explain a crime scene and he said one can never explain the horrors that enfolded in a crime scene – it is ALWAYS worse than what is explained. The physical and mental abuse that has yet to be told – and hopefully will one day be exposed – has to be beyond the pale. Just reading some of the stories by the “indie’s” is hard to take – it stays with you for a while before one is able to feel somewhat normal again.

  35. Of all the crazy, demented crap that goes on, all the massive squirreling in every conceivable means possible, the extreme pathological narcissism, I just have to weigh in that violating the auditors code in that way, openly ridiculing a PC over the sins he or she is owning up to, truly reveals just how devoid of common humanity that asshole is. The auditor – PC relationship when violated like that can completely ruin that PC’s chance of making any gains whatsoever.

    I am someone who was on staff for 15 years, mostly working as an auditor. I just can’t imagine violating the PC’s trust like that. Holy Shit! Are you kidding me?? Newsflash: The PC and auditor are collaborating together to handle what the PC considers to be non-optimum behavior. Hello! Do you have the slightest freekin’ clue, dude?

    If that most sacred trust, that inviolate ARC between auditor and PC is not protected, well, you’ve got nothing because what would be the point if one can’t even trust a fellow practitioner.

    And here we’ve got the ecclesiastical head of the Scientology religion crapping all over its most basic and sacred tenants.

    It totally pisses me off.


  37. And since no woman in her right mind would want to be Tom Cruise’s next 2D – I nominate Jenny Linson.

  38. I suspect the media sharks smell blood. . No doubt they’ll be trolling the waters for more celeb tid bits. I wonder who’ll be next. If just one celeb actually came forward … wow … unimaginable!

  39. I am with you, man. Every PC and every auditor in existence has been betrayed beyond all bounds by Mr. David Miscavige and that bastards that support him.

  40. Miscavige makes Scarface look like an altar boy. For example:

  41. Cat stands for Category, so yes, Category 4 or Category 5 – MAJOR!

  42. “What Your Donations Buy,” new version.

  43. Yeah, This is a little overboard even for the Church:

    The Church of Scientology, however, denied this to the magazine, saying, “The Church does not punish people, especially in that way.”

    That was suicide. They will never be believed again by their memebers, staff, or the media. But this was the hysterical denial. They did not tell Tom Cruise what they did to this girl after she left. And most likely, what they did to her before she arrived.

  44. Starman – movie in 1980s starring Jeff Bridges – theta

  45. 22. I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.

    The Auditor’s Code

    You’d think Ron would not have to spell out “personal amusement,” now would you?

  46. exactly!!!

  47. Steve,
    That’s exactly right, and DM had to assert that it was my problem, not his. I had no problem getting what Broker said at the time, but it was difficult to understand DM. However, issuing an order was the show as to who had the power and there was nothing wrong with his own inept mumbling communications.

    Perhaps what is needed is a teleprompter and some Shermanspeak to make DM’s communications much clearer! (not).

  48. Why are you surprised? DM is a mest being. Unlike us, he never saw Scientology as a way to actually help people. To him, it’s just as a series of products to be sold in exchange for more mest, and its customers are just marks to be conned and fleeced.

  49. As selfish on my part as this sounds, this has just been too much fun. Now if course it was hideous what Naz had to go through. I pray she feels SOME sense of validation AS NO ONE IS BUYING THE CULT’S BULLSHIT!!

    This thing has gone beyond viral and tom cruise is now the next Michael Jackson. Did anyone catch the story of tc with a bunch of adoring female fans (no mention of the story only the whole world is talking about) on a trip he’s on in Croatia? I was a publicist and that diversion was just laugh out loud funny.

    You know, the whole indie movie route helped bring back John trovolta’s career from the dead. Could work.

    No, I think it’s too late for that. And by the by, the by, tom, how does it feel knowing that your BEST FRIEND watched your auditing sessions and laughed behind your back? Incredible.

  50. Thoughtful, I’m laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! You could make millions with that routine!!!!

  51. If just one true A-list celebrity spoke out. My, how that would change things.

    But, celebrities are in a bubble and are coddled by their agents and publicists. It’s all about their career, no matter how many good people are being hurt in the CofS.

    Kirsty Alley? Are you watching?
    Travolta? Kelly Preston?
    Jenna Elfman? Jason Lee?
    Chic Corea?

    Nicole Kidman?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

  52. I am with both you guys. Every Scientologist has been betrayed “beyond all bounds” by Mr. David Miscavige. Every staff member, every Sea Org member, every Mission Holder, everyone who worked their butts off for the purpose of achieving the Aims of Scientology. And especially LRH who now, along with the rest of us, must witness his legacy being flushed down the drain, thanks to the law of Kharma finally catching up to Mr. David Miscavige after 30 years of wanton destruction of everything LRH stood for.

    Ron said that false reporting of a session was the vilest trick that could be played on a PC (hopefully semi-accurate paraphrase from recall). However, I think the misuse of PC session data, the Joking and Degrading that clearly went on, is way more vile.

    It will be a day of great celebration, floating TAs all over the planet, when this little weasel finally goes down. That day cannot come soon enough.

  53. Here is a good analogy of Corporate Scn Attorney’s from Business Insider.

  54. One is coming forward. Get your popcorn.

  55. She has all the personality of a Brillo pad. Soaked in gasoline. That’s on fire.

  56. And several others have already come forward. Jason Beghe , Michael Fairbanks, Paul Haggis, just to name a few.

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  58. Yes, it’d be an interesting DofP interview that’s for sure but standard tech is a ghost and has long since departed from the hallways of the RCS.
    Makes you wonder though, just what would be C/Sd for Cruise in this debacle that chases him, even in his sleep – whatever it is it’ll validate the missed withhold but good. He’s a cooked goose of that no auditor should be in doubt without some seriously honest ethics. This inflow not only on him but DM and all associated grows at an amazing rate. Power Violation at its best, now the game is getting him.
    Oh hum… couple of years from now – Tom who? Tic toc TC – your future is being set for you in concrete, there is still time to ‘trim the sheets’ though.

  59. Denial isn’t working, we need more denial. 🙂

  60. I wonder how sheltered Tom Cruise is from all this stuuf. Does he even know what’s been said? After all he lives is a church of scientology bubble. All he probably “knows” is that there’s “entheta” out there and he needs to make sure he stays away from it.

  61. Wow! Lmfao!! DM is a JOKE! I would give anything 2 kick his balls up through his teeth 4 all he’s done 2 others, both directly & indirectly! How a midget (no offense to short ppl) with a large inability 2 speak coherently ever achieved his position in this cult is beyond me. GOD will deal with him one day, hopefully sooner than later, for all the pain & suffering he’s inflicted on men, women & children to satisfy his sadistic, selfish & diabolical needs!

  62. Bingo, Dean Fox.

  63. Super LOL!

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