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Miscavige Surrenders at the Alamo

Latest from Tampa Bay Times: Video of Miscavige Surrender, attorney Ray Jeffrey and Debbie Cook. 

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Scientology Inc. v. Debbie Cook Updates

Village Voice live updates from San Antonio courthouse.

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Petition the President of the United States

The highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C. put an arbitrary, authoritative stop on a massive, widespread probe that its Los Angeles office had been carrying out from 2009 well into 2010.  The church of Scientology was given assurances by high level US Department of Justice officials that the investigation was dead via the church’s expensive, connected white shoe lawfirms.  With at least the imprimatur of the FBI Director himself FBI agents were instructed to falsely inform many witnesses and informants that the investigation was continuing long after the church had been assured by senior Department of Justice officials that the investigation was over.   These false assurances were provided in order to prevent the media from making the Department of Justice look weak or bought-off in the light of the many revelations of consistent criminal behavior being directed by the undisputed head of the church of Scientology David Miscavige.  As a result, the Department of Justice knowingly, and callously, put a number of informants at risk.  In effect, the Department of Justice made cooperating witnesses fair game for predictable church of Scientology retaliation tactics.

On a personal level, the 164 day siege of my own home began date coincident with one  Scientology Inc lawyer (former high level Justice official) going on record with a media outlet that not only was there not an ongoing investigation into Miscavige and his cult, but the lawyer had been assured by Justice Department officials that no investigation had ever even occurred.  And with that, Miscavige apparently felt immune to conduct the activity against me and my wife that is so over the top that only a madman or one knowing he had immunity would assay.  I have a well documented file, well placed, with similar stories from a number of other FBI witnesses and informants who were similarly left to hang and dangle in the wind.

Many local law enforcement officials have heard my complaints against Miscavige and the church of Scientology (tangible, current assaults upon me and my wife), in four different states, who have shrugged their shoulders and asked me, “where’s the FBI?  This stuff is clearly a pattern and crosses state lines daily.”   And each time, I have covered the FBI’s back by putting it back on the locals to stick to the narrow picture – granting the FBI’s stupid request that I keep the fact of their investigation quiet.  (I call the request stupid, because they continued to assert the church couldn’t know of their investigation more than a year after I demonstrated for them it was impossible that the church did not know by then – based upon people whom the FBI had visited and briefed and based upon whom I know those visited had subsequently spoken to).

I know precisely how the FBI was bought into submission by the church of Scientology.  I even warned the honest line agents involved  in November 2009 exactly how it would be done so as to proof them up from having their work sabotaged.

Unless and until President Obama appoints someone from outside of, and senior to, the Department of Justice – or until it is clear that this last appeal has fallen upon deaf ears – I will not be sharing all the particulars I know publicly.  But, those details one day will see the light of day even if I am not around to share them – I’ve made provision for that.

My attention was recently directed to a petition that appears on the White House’s web page. I ask that you sign that petition titled,  EXAMINE THE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CRIME, FRAUD AND ABUSE.

at, http://wh.gov/4Os

I also encourage you to make the link known to every person you have the ability to reach in person or electronically and that you urge them to also sign.

Whether the 5000 target is met or not does not relieve the Administration from its duty to investigate and remedy the filth and corruption going on between our Department of Justice and America’s most dangerous cult.

But, the more people who sign the more chance there is that justice might be done.

Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Casablanca

We interrupt the ongoing exposure of David Miscavige as the greatest suppressor in Scientology history for this News Flash. David Miscavige has directly responded to the posts over the last two days, entitled and subtitled King of Squirrels respectively. Apparently, unsatisfied with ending standard tech delivery behind the walls of his “church”, he’s sending goons clear to Corpus Christi to stop it where he heard it is happening.

The assault by his Scientology (OT Ambassador “VIII” John Allender and friends) Shock Squad was captured on video tape, which can be watched below.

Just a bit of background and context is in order.

This morning I had just completed Lori Hodgson’s first two STANDARD sessions, which incidentally included cleaning up the trauma of having been stalked, assaulted and threatened by “OT VIII”, “OT Ambassador” John Allender.  That assault occured the day after she returned from her first trip to Casablanca in December. For the back story see, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/lori-hodgson-is-back-in-the-saddle/

While on a lunch break, our quiet theta environment was interrupted by loud pounding at my front door.  When I opened the door, there was John Allender with three other Miscavige goons in full Miscavige squirrel regalia.  Check it for yourself – it is documented below.

After the Sheriff got done interviewing me and Allender and co separately, the Sheriff told me Miscavige’s boys wanted to make a deal.  If I did not bring CRIMINAL TRESPASSING, STALKING, AND CRIMINAL HARASSMENT charges, Allender and co would not bring “assault” and “criminal mischief” charges (the latter for having took the microphone Allender shoved in my face out of his hand and off its cord  – the former for a 250 pound guy who looks like Sonny Barger on a bender sticking his stomach into my path of progress in the doorway of my own home).

Apparently Miscavige just doesn’t get my repeated messages to him that I (and Mike Rinder, and others) just do not make deals with the devil.  I told the Sheriff I’d roll the dice.  Bring it.  Don’t worry about fees, I’m representing myself if the D/A decides to bring the counter-charges.

There will be a trial in the San Patricio County Courthouse, unless of course Allender and co plead no contest.  Should be interesting.

In Defense Of Tommy Davis

I know I have in the past, in moments of frustration, referred to Tommy in less than respectful terms.  I had a bit of a change of heart after Mike Rinder and I had a discussion about Miscavige’s standard operating procedure for handling the media.

For those who’ve more recently joined us, perhaps you did not hear the Tommy Davis meltdown with the St Petersburg Times.  Tommy’s interview in response to their 2009 Truth Rundown series investigation “annihilated” Tommy’s and Miscavige’s credibility – confirming for most intelligent listeners that Tommy was lying through his teeth and David Miscavige in fact did commit the serial psychotic and violent acts enumerated by myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht, Jeff Hawkins, Marc Headley, Claire Headley, Steve Hall, et al……

You can find the Davis meltdown here, particularly the first segment titled “there were witnesses to it”:  http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/church-response.shtml

Tommy testified under oath as follows  in the Headley cases this summer.  In early 09 Tommy was minding his own business  deep in the bowels of Flag central files. Tommy was on a several month project to get those files in order (presumably, and this is my presumption, because he was busted to that lowly position after his blow from the Sea Org two years earlier) .  He was  fished out of planet-file to report to Linda Hammil (CO OSA INT) in order to handle official spokesperson duties, right about the time the church was informed Miscavige’s crimes against humanity were about to see the light of day.

This makes perfect sense, much like Mike Rinder was pulled out of filthy manual labor duty in 2007 to handle the BBC.

Tommy has been hell on wheels since, either talking to the media or cajoling and threatening former members who have foresaken Corporate, Radical Scientology.  Lies flow from him like the Niagra. Apparently, he does not want to wind up back in the caverns of manila folders.  A typical Miscavige leverage operation.

Then what is to defend about Tommy?   Tommy is a good kid.  I like him, and while I don’t like what he does for Miscavige, I will always like him.  Tommy  is simply PTS, Potential Trouble Source, somebody connected to and the effect of a Suppressive Person. In this case, obviously the SP is David Miscavige.

When acting as spokesperson, whether with the media or with fleeing members, Tommy is not allowed to think.  Tommy is not allowed to originate. Tommy is required to act as an automaton of David Miscavige.  He must do and say precisely what Miscavige tells him to do and say, exactly how Miscavige wants him to do and say it.

It is not an enviable position to be in.  While I can sit in judgment of how Tommy has coped with this situation, I recognize it is a very difficult place to be. It is not just me saying this.  Check out Mike and I discussing how Miscavige micromanages the defense of his image below.   You’ll perhaps get an idea of the kind of extreme stress Tommy is put under to bring about what you see in public.

At the end of the day, I look forward to Tommy’s four or five glorious days at Casablanca, a short week in which he is brought back to his own native, charming personality; the one that many of us once knew.