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Miscavige Surrenders at the Alamo

Latest from Tampa Bay Times: Video of Miscavige Surrender, attorney Ray Jeffrey and Debbie Cook. 

More coverage:

Tampa Bay Times Article and Video of Debbie’s testimony yesterday

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Scientology Inc.’s explains decision to withdraw injunction

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I will be adding links to the post as they become available. -Mosey

Scientology Inc. v. Debbie Cook Updates

Village Voice live updates from San Antonio courthouse.

Tampa Bay Times

San Antonio Express

Twitter feed  


Village Voice day one summary

Update: ID the Benchwarmers Contest


More Clues:


ID the Benchwarmers Contest


It seems the Creed of the Church of Scientology worked like water on the wicked witches of the west.  “OT VIII”s Allender and Ed Bryan have not been seen since; apparently given the mushroom treatment by Miscavige.

Camera man Bart Parr was also subbed out today for another fellow.

Pictures of today’s subs are below.

The first ones to positively ID each one of them gets a special prize from Mosey and me. 

If they have nothing to hide…

Twenty DMbots descended upon Corpus Christi Texas on Wednesday.  They were despatched to recover a veteran DM insider who only days before blew from Int. The individual headed straight for my place. 

Mike Rinder flew in from Clearwater as reinforcement.  The three of us were able to repel the twenty.  DM has gotten so desperate for resources he sent CCHR execs, and CC public with his shrininking corps of  “trusted” SO members. It’s tough for them to be effective when all they are able to do is repeat the same tired lines they hear at events like DM is the almighty one who has never done anything wrong and only has the best interests of everyone at heart.  One little problem,  many of those who spout his PR bs weren’t there and haven’t experienced the “non-public” DM for themselves.  Others, like Tommy Two Tone,  just blantantly and obviously lie. It is like trying to persuade a concentration camp survivor that the Holocaust never existed.  

Further details will be forthcoming as they unfold.

Uneasy lies the head of the guilty.