Petition the President of the United States

The highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C. put an arbitrary, authoritative stop on a massive, widespread probe that its Los Angeles office had been carrying out from 2009 well into 2010.  The church of Scientology was given assurances by high level US Department of Justice officials that the investigation was dead via the church’s expensive, connected white shoe lawfirms.  With at least the imprimatur of the FBI Director himself FBI agents were instructed to falsely inform many witnesses and informants that the investigation was continuing long after the church had been assured by senior Department of Justice officials that the investigation was over.   These false assurances were provided in order to prevent the media from making the Department of Justice look weak or bought-off in the light of the many revelations of consistent criminal behavior being directed by the undisputed head of the church of Scientology David Miscavige.  As a result, the Department of Justice knowingly, and callously, put a number of informants at risk.  In effect, the Department of Justice made cooperating witnesses fair game for predictable church of Scientology retaliation tactics.

On a personal level, the 164 day siege of my own home began date coincident with one  Scientology Inc lawyer (former high level Justice official) going on record with a media outlet that not only was there not an ongoing investigation into Miscavige and his cult, but the lawyer had been assured by Justice Department officials that no investigation had ever even occurred.  And with that, Miscavige apparently felt immune to conduct the activity against me and my wife that is so over the top that only a madman or one knowing he had immunity would assay.  I have a well documented file, well placed, with similar stories from a number of other FBI witnesses and informants who were similarly left to hang and dangle in the wind.

Many local law enforcement officials have heard my complaints against Miscavige and the church of Scientology (tangible, current assaults upon me and my wife), in four different states, who have shrugged their shoulders and asked me, “where’s the FBI?  This stuff is clearly a pattern and crosses state lines daily.”   And each time, I have covered the FBI’s back by putting it back on the locals to stick to the narrow picture – granting the FBI’s stupid request that I keep the fact of their investigation quiet.  (I call the request stupid, because they continued to assert the church couldn’t know of their investigation more than a year after I demonstrated for them it was impossible that the church did not know by then – based upon people whom the FBI had visited and briefed and based upon whom I know those visited had subsequently spoken to).

I know precisely how the FBI was bought into submission by the church of Scientology.  I even warned the honest line agents involved  in November 2009 exactly how it would be done so as to proof them up from having their work sabotaged.

Unless and until President Obama appoints someone from outside of, and senior to, the Department of Justice – or until it is clear that this last appeal has fallen upon deaf ears – I will not be sharing all the particulars I know publicly.  But, those details one day will see the light of day even if I am not around to share them – I’ve made provision for that.

My attention was recently directed to a petition that appears on the White House’s web page. I ask that you sign that petition titled,  EXAMINE THE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CRIME, FRAUD AND ABUSE.


I also encourage you to make the link known to every person you have the ability to reach in person or electronically and that you urge them to also sign.

Whether the 5000 target is met or not does not relieve the Administration from its duty to investigate and remedy the filth and corruption going on between our Department of Justice and America’s most dangerous cult.

But, the more people who sign the more chance there is that justice might be done.

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  1. Does this mean that you *are* in favor of an FBI/Justice Department investigation into the ‘Church’ of Scientology? Have you had formal interviews with the FBI regarding current and past crimes committed in the name of the ‘Church’ of Scientology?

  2. The law should be immune to such corruption. History has shown that when it is not there’s a revolution in the making. Irony is the Brits are perhaps ther least likely to revolt (check our history, we suck at revolutions) and yet Were completely disarmed (toughest gun laws in Europe – no hand guns) and you yanks who built a country on revolution are armed to the teeth. When the law fails it’s not surprising people start to make their own law. (I do not advocate violence, vigilanty justice or revolution, I merely state what I feel is obvious)

  3. Enough is enough. Somebody has to put ethics in on this guy. I sighed the petition and I also sent my own petition to President Obama hard copy. The more TR3, the better.

  4. Thanks for the update on this Marty. I’ve signed the petition and will forward to all my friends.

    Ron Minor

  5. High Fives Marty.
    This is the kind of corruption on which careers are made and lost.
    It is absolutely impossible that the FBI listen so attentively and with such enthusiasm…and then it goes up their command channel and it is all DEAD and OVER with.

    Thanks so much for explicitly stating how behind closed doors and big $$$$
    Atrocities and abuses are allowed to persist.
    Now one could get away this kind of conduct in a Land of Laws.
    Where is the Law and Order ?
    Monique Yingling feathering her purse Miscavige’s “personal lawyer”

    Gerald Feffer Monique Yingling’s husband .

    How much $$$$$ hard cash has OSA INT paid Yingling and Feffer in the last 3 years ?

    Astronomical amounts for cover up.

  6. On it. Very disturbing Marty.

  7. Petition signed, and am getting the word out. Others I’m contacting are signing too. Based on the signatures added in the last 24 hrs or so, this is gaining some serious traction.

    Whether you are pro or anti-LRH, we all have to attend to business on this one.

  8. George M. White

    Sight is not responding for me now. Will try tomorrow.

  9. The Dept of Justice AND the FBI are overseen by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is a very powerful committee.

    I would recommend that in addition to signing the petition, that people contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
    In addition to whatever info you have for them, refer them to the petition and this blog so they can get a good picture of what’s been going on.

  10. Chad Braunersrither

    Signed and posted on facebook. I’ve already had 2 family members sign the petition as they had to deal with me while in the SO.

  11. As long as these particulars are kept secret people won’t know them????
    To buy the top level of the FBI takes one hell of a lot of blackmail.
    It would be typical of DM & Co to have investigated and documented a lot of dirty secrets.
    They don’t seem to let people outside the USA sign petitions
    Its apparently ok for the US interests to murder thousands in other countries for their interests in oil and whatever.
    You live in possibly the most currupt society on this planet.
    The CofS became what it fought. I think LRH covered that phenomena.

  12. DONE!

    For those of you in the Co$ who don’t like this petition as a remedy for the unconscionable abuses being perpetrated by miscavige, then write your real Knowledge Reports.

    How about this one. “We have recently discovered that David Miscavige does indeed beat his staff. We would like an immediate comm on him and removal from post if found guilty. We would also like anyone who knew of this gross violation of LRH Ethics and Justice policy similarly comm eved.”

    Or this one: “It is my understanding that tens of thousands of Sea Org personell man hours have been spent on special projects benefiting Tom Cruise. We would like this investigated immediately.”

    Or this: “I am aware that sea org and staff registrars are encouraging public to make enormous donations for off-policy projects, and then declaring bankruptsy when they can’t afford to pay their bills or their payroll. I would like a comm ev on any registrars committing this financial irregularity (crime).

    Miscavige is not single handedly destroying the quality of the tech or the worldwide repute of LRH and the Scientology Religion.

    YOU are contributing every time you fail to write real KRs on real crimes and abuses. YOU continue to allow miscavige to morph the church of scientology into a repulsive implant station by your silence.

    Speak now, or reap the results.

  13. Ralph:

    It doesnt take a lot of blackmail, just a lot of money. This IS a very corrupt society.

    Washington is controlled by lobbyists. Former government officials go to work in big lawfirms and then bring in clients on the basis of their ability to influence current government officials. You go hire those lawfirms and give them huge retainers and pay these people $1000/hour to schmooze and they have lunch/cocktails/dinner with the “right people” and your “problem” goes away. It’s much more 1.1 than in Third World countries where its just a straight up bribe/payoff. The “payoff” to the current government officials is they have a lucrative position waiting for them when they leave the government and move into (or back into) the private sector.

  14. My my… just how deep does this rabbit hole go?

  15. Did you even read the post?

    He said he is no longer remaining silent as the FBI requested. They asked everyone who was a witness not to say anything (yes, Joe, myself included — along with MANY other people you see posting on this blog). You and many others have complained that Marty and others were unwilling to report crimes to the appropriate authorities — but you guys who think you know it all often dont know anything at all.

  16. Thanks.

  17. Thanks Les.

  18. Thanks three times Chad.

  19. We’re coming into a presidential election year. If some enterprising reader of this fine blog could put together a little packet of info including Marty’s note above and a few of the most blatant Kult felonies and human rights violations, along with links to this blog and others for “further reading”, and then find ways to deliver this packet to the host of presidential aspirants on all three sides of the political spectrum, I suspect that these well-financed and highly motivated politicos will take this ball and run with it in ways we can scarce imagine!

    It will only take one presidential hopeful to ask, on a national stage, something to the effect of, “Is this administration being paid to hide and protect ongoing crimes by the Church of $cientology?!” for the lid to be blown off of this thing publicly once and for all!

    Seriously, these political hopefuls are more aggressive and funded than a corporate attorney bred with a great white shark–get this explosive information in their hands and they’ll take care of the rest!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  20. Thanks Mike.

  21. Thanks Ron.

  22. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Karen.

  23. Thanks Misha.

  24. Thank you Ron.

  25. Get a thetan.

  26. Thanks Sinar.

  27. Mrinder +1….Mike you are so correct!

  28. Also called “The revolving door”. Western countries often boast about how they put an end to corruption.

    Nope. It’s just more backhanded here. And it’s especially outrageous how this is happening in the USA.

  29. Marty, another plus 10000000000

  30. Marty, done and hard copies sent and passed data onto many. This insantity needs to be stopped NOW!

  31. Color me not surprised at all by the FBI. They are a corrupt bunch. This is what LRH had to say in the Criminal Mind HCOB:

    “The FBI agent or executive accuses others of graft and even sets up “Abscams” to manufacture the crime. But an FBI agent regularly pockets money supposed to be paid to informers and then screams to protect informer sources that do not exist.

    The FBI agent is terrified of being infiltrated and accuses others of it when, as standard practice, he infiltrates groups, manufactures evidence and then gets others charged for crimes his own plants have committed.

    The FBI acts like a terrorist group posing as law enforcement officers. Their targets seem to be legislators and Congress and public individuals who might someday have power over public opinion, such as Martin Luther King, Jr.
    J. Edgar Hoover, who organized the present FBI and is still deified by it—they have his name in huge brass letters on Washington, DCs biggest thoroughfare—and that town doesn’t even have the names of former presidents up in lights—has been shown by subsequent records to have been a blackmailer and traitor to his country. He carefully, personally, sat on the information for four months that Pearl Harbor was going to happen. Right up to the US entrance into World War II he was autographing his photo for pals in the deadly German SS. He even sacked an FBI agent (Tureau) who dared to catch some German spies.”

    Marty, I think your idea of signing the petition is good, however I have no faith in Obama whatsoever (based on all his lies and appointments of criminals in his administration since he took office). I will sign still sign the petition regardless. Maybe if enough of us OT’s put attention on him, something might change. Also, I agree wholeheartedly with LDW’s idea too! It’s time to write KR’s and send them to as many terminals throughout the org’s and help to wake up a few more.

  32. The FBI had decades to act. I myself went to the FBI four times (twice in LA and twice in Riverside around Oct. 2010). I had prepared very well, with a nice cover letter and one inch thick of attachments. I had legal and law enforcement personnel review the docs before I submitted, to ensure that items were legitimate FBI issues.
    Much to my surprise, the Riverside FBI REFUSED to take my information package, based on the excuse that they didn’t deal with Human Rights/Trafficking issues. (the package had a dozen issues total, half of which dealt with HR/HT issues).
    I split the data up and went to the Los Angeles Office. Again the FBI REFUSED my data, even though they are in charge of HR/HT issues. They would not even allow me to slip the file in the opening of the security window. I could not see a special agent.
    I researched the subject some more and went to the LA office again, this time NOT mentioning that the issue was about Scientology. I was immediately allowed to see a special agent in a private room.
    Initially things went well, but right after he realized the complaint was about Scientology, he tried to knock down every single issue I brought forth. (I feel like outing his name right here, but I’ll resist the urge.)
    Seeing that things were not going anywhere, I packed up, went home and mailed the information, registered mail, to make sure it was in their hands.

    A few days later I decided to go to Riverside again, but this time with two old time Riverside activists (and my favorite people in the world) as witnesses. Now the FBI had no choice, because it was getting embarrassing. Five agents came out and spoke to me for about 20 minutes. I was given the assurance that something would be done about it, but based in Marty’s post above, it’s likely that they just parroted the company line.

    Not only is this dereliction of duty dangerous to the critics, what about all the people locked up at Gold Base and at the various RPF’s around the world, abused, possibly tortured, malnourished, with inadequate medical and dental care. Even the plain Sea Org member’s conditions are horrible.
    I have been shocked with stories about this cult just about every day during the last three years. Our government’s complete disregard for the safety, well being and liberty of our people is simply an outrage.
    We not only need more Scientologists to blow from the cult, but FBI agents to become whistle blowers.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the corroborative evidence. You probably already did so in the past, but can you send me that uncooperative agent’s name for the master file on obstruction of justice:

  34. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Carol. Did that big hunk of yours do it too?

  35. Petition signed, I hope this helps in lighting a fire under the ass of the Justice Dept..

  36. In order to sign the petition it says you have to create an account with Using Firefox, the account page wouldn’t load. So I switched over to Internet Explorer. Then the account page loaded but I still had trouble. Will handle this up on a different computer tomorrow.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Pat, Thanks. Took me a while to get through too, but finally did.

  38. martyrathbun09


  39. When all is eventually revealed about how much information the FBI has been provided and ignored/refused to act on its going to be the biggest story in this whole saga of the sinking of the Titanicm with Ca;ptain Dave at the helm.

    They had better keep their fingers crossed that POB or one of his minions doesnt do something really stupid that results in physical harm to anyone, because if that happens they will really have their tits in a wringer.

  40. Thank you Anon Orange.
    I have found it useful when dealing with Law enforcement or Government officials to always let them know that I am info’ing their seniors.
    For example, when dealing with LAPD, I like them to know I am ccing the City Council.
    It works wonders !
    Their police budget comes from City Council.
    Not only do City Council get involved but LAPD show a lot more helpfulness.
    In the incidents of the inept FBI bungling the receipt of the information ~~ a good tool is to let them know that all your package of Information and their conduct in refusal to accept it etc is also being sent to
    (an oversees committee)

  41. We signed. M&C

  42. CHUCK BEATTY >>>where are you ?

    Please send today’s Marty’s blog to your religious scholar friends….for INFO

  43. Karry and I both signed it too.

    To sign it, you have to create an account by clicking on the “create an account” button and filling out the short registration form. Then, they send you an email with a link to the Whitehouse petition page. If the link is not underlined and active on the email, (it was not in out cases) you have to “copy” and “paste” it into the address bar of your browser. When you go to the address in the link (Whitehouse petition page) it will thank you for signing and show your name among the others who have signed.

  44. Its blackmail still – enticing others to commit crimes with bribes and if they back out then they are the fall guy. But whatever category of debased crime it fits into its still crawling in the sewer.
    I’m actually a bit surprised that the CofS has enough money to buy the FBI.

  45. martyrathbun09

    Well done Scott and Karry.

  46. One hundred percent correct, and in my opinion this is the biggest problem in U.S. government today. As an example of what Mike is saying, it turns out that the lawmakers who planned the Medicare drug program left their government jobs to become lobbyists, only to later come back and lobby their former colleagues to protect it:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Six years ago, a group of lawmakers and aides crafted Medicare Part D, the prescription drug program for seniors that has produced billions of dollars of profits for pharmaceutical companies.

    Today, at least 25 of those key players are back, but this time they’re lobbyists, trying to persuade their former colleagues to protect the lucrative system during the health care reform negotiations.

    The role of big players like Billy Tauzin — the former Republican representative from Louisiana who is now president of PhRMA, the drug industry’s lobbying group — has been long understood. But a ProPublica analysis shows that the drug industry’s position is also being promoted by other foot soldiers from the Part D legislative process, from committee aides to top Bush administration officials.”

    “The most prominent members of this group include:

    “Tauzin, former chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, who was instrumental in ensuring Part D’s passage. As PhRMA’s president he reportedly earns more than 10 times what he was paid as a member of Congress

    “Former Sen. John Breaux, D-La., who fought against allowing drug prices to be negotiated in Medicare Part D. A year after the bill passed, he left the Senate to begin his lobbying career. He now has his own lobbying firm, Breaux Lott Leadership Group, which this year has received $300,000 to lobby for the pharmaceutical industry.

    “Former Sen. Don Nickles, R-Okla., who helped negotiate the final version of Part D, then left to form his own lobbying firm. Bristol Myers-Squibb paid the Nickles Group $120,000 this year to lobby for, among other things, “health care reform issues related to Medicaid and Medicare.”

    “Thomas Scully, the former Medicare chief who helped design Part D. Scully obtained a waiver allowing him to discuss job offers before he left his government post. Less than two weeks after the bill passed, he went to work for the lobbying firm Alston & Bird, where he works on behalf of drug companies.”

  47. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mike and Christie. Another first-hand witness.

  48. By the way, we did it this way using Firefox with no trouble. The site is kind of clunky with a few via’s (for security reasons) but it works.

  49. This news pisses me off big-time. I have signed it and am honored to do so. Hubby will do so tomorrow.

  50. martyrathbun09

    Can’t wait to see the hubby put his John Hancock to it – worth a dozen of us mere mortals.

  51. Yah the site seems to be very slow but we got through and got their email after 30 minutes or so.

    David and Mercy

  52. Ralph — not by the legal definition, but certainly morally. A few hundred thousand thrown at a problem like this will do wonders. And a few hundred thousand won’t make a dent in POB’s pocketmoney. Believe me there are no cuts in the John Lobb shoe budget. He will probably have a fitting when he is in the UK for the IAS event, though I suspect he is afraid to go on the streets these days so one of his assistants will arrange and pay for someone from Lobb to be driven down to the Manor to POB’s private quarters and offices (yes, they ARE in St Hill Manor — Ron’s home).

  53. Done. The rest of the James Gang to follow shortly.

  54. Signed it last night. Sending it out to all my friends and contacts.

  55. A musical interlude for your entertainment…

  56. martyrathbun09

    Way to go Mark.

  57. martyrathbun09

    Can always depend on the James gang.

  58. Done. 292 with a bullet.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Thanks neighbors:

  60. OSA/RTC/Office of COB and the former spokesman Tommy Davis repeatedly spout out the line “A small group of SPs”…it is always “”A small small bunch of enemy attackers”…minimizing that there are hundreds if not thousands of us who are really asking for the ABUSE and ATROCITIES and FINANICIAL IRREGULRITIES and CRIMINALITY (under the cloaking of “religion”) to STOP….this Petition is vital to show numbers of us who are Let’s show the numbers.

    I signed the petition in 2 minutes flat using firefox. Signing up for White House account takes seconds, if anyone has a specific bug, please explain. We need velocity and none bogged down with browser problems….

    If it is White House website problem, I will call their Systems Administrator and explain the bug first thing tomorrow.

  61. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Tom, we miss you.

  62. martyrathbun09

    For everything else and the hundreds you’ll inform:

  63. The petition page loads fine, but when clicking the “Create an Account” button, nothing happens.

  64. Done.

  65. Done! and posted on FB as well as e-mailed to others to do the same.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Gonna sign off for the night. By my reckoning we only need Delaware, Vermont, Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, the Dakotas and Wisconsin to have every state represented. Then the game is, what state reps the most conscientious citizens. I think Texas is right up there in the lead about now.

  67. I’m #56. I info’d some friends not likely to see it on their own.

    Now I read the backstory, context, above. 60 seconds of expletives not repeated here. What the founding fathers would think.

    Betrayal of the people by the people for all the wrong reasons. “[T]hat this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    Abe, it may be dead. It’s definitely in critical condition.


  68. I re-read Marty’s essay today.
    It is actually disheartening.
    I have noted how people speak of Mexican corruption.
    “It’s all bribery and corruption in Mexico.”
    How hypocritical is that ?
    No corruption in the US State Department and Department of Justice ?
    The big difference between the USA and a 3rd world country is that we are land with the Rule of Law.
    “And Justice for all ….”
    slogan should be replaced with
    “And corruption for all who have the $$$$$ and the high powered Washington DC insiders who have the connections.”

  69. “The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.” –Frank Zappa

  70. Wow. Thank you very much Marty for your support and friendship, and for posting this invaluable contribution to the petition response. Also, a big thank you to Mike Rinder too for his insightful comments. I went out a few hours ago to a media meeting and returned to a new landscape and another 150 signatures on the petition. What a difference M & M can make! And how a few words from the knowledgeable can silence the cynics and naysayers. Once again, our grateful appreciation.


  71. Theo Sismanides

    Right as of this moment that is 8.25 pm California time we stand at 328 votes… A lot of US indies and citizens probably signed within the couple of last two hours but now it went a bit down again as to pace… and speed.

    The easiest thing is to promote the link… some folks who can make so, please do it.. i have put it in 3 4 Indie groups and Free zone groups on Facebook after Steve posted it on the Indie Scientologists forum. ANd he also said let’s put it on the media.

    Marty we will make the target. Europe has to wake up though. I go to bed myself now. it’s 6.28 am.

  72. Done, will get others to do as well

  73. Marty, he just got home and you bet he is doing it as I write. So are our friends in the neighborhood, up in Phoenix and Sedona and Jerome. Oh and also across the country.

  74. Signed. There were close to 350 when I signed.

  75. tweeting digging etc. the usual will provide links here, spotted it yesterday.
    btw non US residents can also sign it yes?

  76. As mentioned before the wall of silence should end.
    Too much hard work keeping silent whilst those suffering seemingly alone need support still.

  77. Yes Mike, I did. And recognized a sea change, although, as I’m sure you’re aware, I’m not likely to accept an unsubstantiated claim as ‘proof’. Still, if Marty has decided *not* to silence himself for the sake of an FBI investigation which is apparently non-existent, I will be thrilled to hear what he *does* have to say.

    Maybe we could start with; What information have you *not* revealed because the FBI asked you to keep it under your hat?

  78. Maybe neither here nor there, but, thought you might be interested in the following, in light of recent postings!

  79. The Garcias are all signed up and propagating the request to sign far and wide. It’s a good thing we have not sat idly waiting for the higher powers to intervene.

  80. Done!

    The inaction of your elected officials is quite outrageous …

    I hope this petition will be taken seriously by your government!

    Enough is enough!

  81. Mike,

    Totally agreed, the feds have been a major disappointment as there are numerous other old friends who have quite a bit of knowledge who don’t post on this blog persuaded to interview. The agents interviewing were highly intelligent and seem to know the workings quite well, with final instructions not to say anything about the interviews. This obviously has been defaulted by their inaction on the subject, after all this time.

    This petition seems to be the best idea to get some justice on a criminal cult going!





    thank YOU Graham Berry

    for being a bad mother fuc***

    ANyone and everyone, owes you a debt of gratitude for what you have done sir.

  83. Long time lurker, first comment. Really just popping in as someone completely outside all of the madness (Never CoS, Anon, any of it) to let you and yours know that some of us have noticed, are watching, and are rooting for you in spite of the fact that this situation has failed to get the media attention it deserves.

    I’ve signed and will be passing this around to anyone I can in the coming days.

    Good luck to all of you caught up in this directly.

  84. Good advice Karen 🙂

  85. Accept and think what you want. You are badly uninformed and misinformed, but it doesnt seem to concern you. Dont let me or anyone else interrupt your deludedly self-important existence. And if you think that anyone is going to explain themselves to you, you are even more deluded than I thought — if that’s possible… 🙂

  86. Thanks Curtis. Appreciated.

  87. Come on Marty, at least according to Scientology theory I *am* a thetan 🙂

    I just happent to be a thetan who doesn’t think that *you* answered my question but would be thrilled if you spilled the beans you say the FBI asked you to keep hidden.


  88. One link said the site was under maintenance, the other worked fine (short form). Signed up using Firefox, no problems with that browser, after the email arrived, using the link provided.

  89. I know at least two outraged citizens who did.

  90. Michael Fairman

    Done from Michael and Joy and out on Facebook

  91. The FBI, along with the rest of the federal govt., are habitual, compulsive, and psychopathic liars. They lie even when the truth would forward their interests. They have a long, long history of not only lying but also conducting operations that are illegal, such as sabotaging legitimate political movements. It is foolish to expect any sort of decency from the FBI regarding the Cof$. If anything, the Cof$ is an intelligence asset of the federal government as per the Wollersheim hypothesis … that the federal govt. co-opted Cof$ for two reasons … intel gathered from confessionals and agents, who, because they believe are acting on behalf of their religion, have the highest degree of motivation, are the least likely to be turned, are the cheapest to operate since they don’t require big money.

    While it will take longer to bring down the Cof$ and/or bring people like DM to justice and free those incarcerated at the Int base without govt. help of any sort, doing it without their help will be a better victory that doesn’t empower the FBI or other federal alphabet souper oinksters.


  92. I think you have reading/comprehension problems.

    Re-read what he wrote and see if you can figure out what it was that the FBI asked him not to disclose.

    Then go back to the beginning of this blog and start reading every post and every comment. It will fill you in on what you are so curious about. Report back when done,

  93. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I doubt their bills are scrutinized too much. During the Lisa McPherson criminal case, one of CoS’s pathologist-guns-for-hire, Cyril Wecht, was gouging them with massive phony billings. They got what they wanted (paid for), so I doubt anyone blinked before signing the check.

    During previous campaigns, spending $20M/year out of the IAS war chest for legal attack and defense wasn’t uncommon.

  94. I signed it and passed it on to some FB friends!

  95. markthehungarian


  96. P.S. extortion through legal threats is also a crime; it’s called barratry; something the ‘Church’ of Scientology excells at; per dogma.

  97. + 1 from me!!
    Common sense should tell that enough press coverage should have alerted the FBI by now, even without Indie testimonys, clearly there is something ‘amiss’ in the DOJ!

  98. “The “payoff” to the current government officials is they have a lucrative position waiting for them when they leave the government and move into (or back into) the private sector.”
    Are you really saying some politicians are in it for their own gain? 🙂

  99. Signed. Kuddos to the Obama administration for putting in this petition mechanism. Let’s see what he does with it.

    It would be really great if this is acted upon and the government indicts the bastards. However, whatever the government does, the church, DM, and their supporters are not immune to the laws of OW or economics. The Tsunami is reaching shore, and there is nothing that the church or DM can do to stop it.

  100. I’m in Ohio and signed it hours ago. I don’t usually sign petitions, especially not online ones, which tend to shotgun the point. But, this one is pretty simple and to the point.

    It’s easy to say yeah, I want that.

  101. Mike, he’s not only uninformed, and misinformed, he is uniformed and that is why he wants to know what you guys know.

    It makes sense that David sits back with perfect impunity doing whatever his little tinker desires and the FBI and DOJ do nothing. You know why? Because they absolutely love what he’s done and is doing with the place. LRH said long ago the AMA wants to shut us down. Now they are getting what they want. Miscaviage is bought off. He works for THEM. He is shutting it down and the FBI and DOJ do nothing because just like the meter drill “The TA is moving, do nothing.”

    ML Tom

  102. Andrew Organ/Stat

    Signature #409 here.

  103. Okaty, I’m #424 and Linda is signing it now. Passing it around to the rest of the guys out here.

    ML Tom

  104. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for doing this Marty.
    I signed it and will get others to also.

  105. Tony DePhillips

    It’s interesting how this puts us back at Cause instead of effect waiting…..for the “government” to do something.

  106. Done! I’m sending it to friends & family. I’m sure many of the Clearwater Residents would be all over this if they would know. Is there any easy & effective way to get this info to as many of them as possible?


  107. Petition signed and link forwarded to applicable people!

  108. Signed. Love, K

  109. Good idea Misha. Maybe the petition should also be printed, signed and mailed to US representatives.

  110. What word or symbol did you not understand?

    Word clearing is a good thing.

    Find your word.

  111. Still trying to log on. Will sign! If I could sign a 5000 times I would!

  112. Marty, that is what I call humor! 🙂 My signature has been on the petition since yesterday when Karen De La Carriere informed me it had been put in place to sign. Marty, I should say that someone sometime “Hey buddy, why don’t you get a thetan!” This is great Marty!

  113. Martin Padfield

    Yes Greebly, non-US can do it – I am proud to be signature # 483.

    Come on, people, we should reach the 5,000 target within days. F/B it, Tweet it, e/m whoever you have to.

  114. Go America Go! Unite and stand up for your country! Yeah! You’ll get those numbers in no time.

    From someone who doesn’t live in the US.

  115. It took me 2 hours to figure out how to do it but, I did. #490. I will spread the word. 🙂

  116. Vic and I have both signed…only 8 signatures from having 500, 10% of the goal! in 1 day! Woo-hoo, go Indies!

    Who has the data on getting refunds? I think its time I got my money back! Every time Marty is persecuted, I think those of us who have not gotten refunds should put our requests in. Cause and effect…think they will figure it out?

  117. Martin Padfield

    Joe Lynn would be “thrilled”. Joe Lynn is “not likely to accept an unsubstantiated claim as ‘proof’”.

    Well, that’s that then. Everybody contributing to this blog has obviously completely misunderstood everything about it – the actual purpose is to ingratiate and thrill Joe Lynn. Off to cramming with the lot of you! You obviously haven’t had Joe “Zinjifar” Lynn’s cognition of cognitions that the tech is all a pile of crap. Stay in cramming till you have.

  118. Did you sign the petition? If not, why not?


  119. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    signed here and posted on Facebook. 🙂

  120. Even from way out East on Cape Breton Island, another signature. (It takes a while for the electrons to reach out here so that’s why the lag.)

  121. Marty,
    I am in but I am dismayed to see so very few signatures. I am sure there are many more than 400+ people who can add their names to the petition.

    C’mon all you who know what real scientology is and want the world to know the TRUTH about Corporate “Scientology” i.e the truth about their criminal activities and the failure of the US Government to investigate and provide justice. Do not be afraid, do not be shy. If you know the truth and don’t act, you can be considered a supporter of criminal actions against your own people. You will not just be supporting Marty, you will be supporting many, many other people.


  122. Marty, I couldn’t register as although am an American citizen, it stipulated a zip code and state, so will write to the US Ambassador in the UK later and copy and paste the petition.

    Maybe non US people can write to their respective MP (member of parliament) to raise the issue with their country’s Foreign Secretary to raise it with the US government.

  123. martyrathbun09


  124. martyrathbun09

    UK is in the house.

  125. martyrathbun09

    Alex, we’re just getting warmed up.

  126. martyrathbun09

    Canada is in the house.

  127. martyrathbun09

    Portugal is in the house.

  128. martyrathbun09

    V and V, thanks a lot. As to your money, it is taxpayer subsidized robbery going on there.

  129. still on target for 239 sigs per day, which would mean reaching 5,000 before the IAS event, so DM can chat to everyone about it.

  130. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, now get that cowboy of yours active.

  131. martyrathbun09

    Well done Martin – I know you’re worth dozens.

  132. Marty, Perhaps forward this blog and comments to your Senator and Congressman/woman?

  133. martyrathbun09

    Awwwrrrriiiiite Lawrence.

  134. martyrathbun09

    Don’t give up.

  135. martyrathbun09

    France is in the house 🙂

  136. Go Washington State!

  137. martyrathbun09

    I am not going to say who is in the house on this one – but, believe me, it is cool.

  138. martyrathbun09

    Thanks MJ 🙂

  139. Me thinks that the gloves have come off.
    Petition signed and being forwarded. Thanks!

  140. martyrathbun09

    I know, I reckon Seattle alone is gonna eclipse most states.

  141. martyrathbun09


  142. martyrathbun09

    I omitted Kentucky from the awol states. You all are represented there, aren’t you?

  143. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Joe.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Thanks GH. I suspect this line to be a gimmick to make people think they can participate. But, let’s test it and see.

  145. martyrathbun09

    Is Hungary in the house?

  146. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Jeff.

  147. Awesome vid! I’m working on juggling calendars…will let you know soon.

  148. Martin, how did you do it? I want a LOW number….

  149. martyrathbun09


  150. martyrathbun09

    this comm cycle was over last night, please don’t feed the trolls.

  151. martyrathbun09

    I hear ya.

  152. martyrathbun09

    You show me evidence of a Jerome signature, and we owe you and David a night out on the town.

  153. martyrathbun09

    Greece is in the house.

  154. martyrathbun09

    You ought get the whole concert – dude can vibe in any genre.

  155. martyrathbun09


  156. Hehe – if your having trouble signing in/creating an account go directly to this link to register, saves the layer script from slowing you down.

    520 and counting…

  157. markthehungarian

    Yes, Hungary is in the house! And being a US Permanent Resident also helps… 🙂

  158. Holland’s in da house

  159. Have tried for two hours to get signed up. Used Safari, Firefox, internet Explorer. All just spinning icon now. Got through initially on Safari, was put through to the “figure out the words,” entered them but could not progress. So, I can’t register. Oh well, will keep trying.

    Did email a radio station mentioned in the Village Voice, a Kansas City station (96.5 The Buzz) featuring “The Church of Lazlo.” Told them the situation, with reference to this blog and the petition. Maybe…. The email of that show is

    This whole FBI thing has the potential to backfire violently on the RCS, DM and FBI. Nothing like a lurid scandal to get the public ire.

    Anyone contacted Colbert and John Stewart? Might campaign them also.

  160. I’m 524
    It’s climbing nicely.
    Link posted on Facebook

  161. Done and sent on.

  162. Marty,
    That’s a big 10-4. He’s #506 and activated!

  163. Done! Am #357…Lisa

  164. Calling on Mexico and countries around the world

    Addition to my recent post:
    I am a non-US citizen and have been able to add my name to the above petition. It follows that everyone around the world who read this blog are able to do the same. As I understand it, the petition to ask Mr. Obama to look into the crimes being commited by Corporate scientology is not restricted to US citizens. Wherever you are, if you have been subjected to such abuse and criminal acts perpetrated by David Miscavige and his minions, you are entitled to sign the petition.
    You do not have to include your postal address. The field on the White House petition page which says: “ZIP code” is not mandatory. The fields asking for name and e-mail address are. Just sign up, then sign in and then add your name to the list.

  165. Calling on Mexico and countries around the world

    Yeah but, so much to do and so little time…


  166. Calling on Mexico and countries around the world

    I repeat, when you get to the White House petition page, IGNORE THE FIELD THAT ASKS FOR ZIP CODE. just give a name (yours-just to be ethical), give a valid e-mail address and sign up.

  167. martyrathbun09

    Hey Lisa.

  168. Hey Marty, I got on like a duck on a june bug. I was #18 yesterday & then send out in private email to a whole load of my friends, then posted on our Texas Indies FB page.

    I have also quite a few of my wog friends to sign, as they know I have been fed up to my eyeballs w/this Co$ crap for some time.

    I put posting on the Karry Campbell created Indies FB page – urging spouses and children over 18 to sign to increase the ranks.

    I am happy to see many, many of my sendees are listed on the petition.
    We just keep pouring on the coals with high confront & unreasonableness. I want this target met ahead of time… and I am pushing like a mo fo on my end.
    Much love to both you & Mosey, Mike & Christie — the ones of you that take the incredible heat for all of us..

  169. And sent LOTs of emails 😀

  170. martyrathbun09


  171. Calling on Mexico and countries around the world

    yeah, but so much to do and so little time…gotta make the target or else:))

  172. martyrathbun09

    I gotta feeling UK is gonna be the top foreign country.

  173. martyrathbun09

    We can always count on Michael.

  174. martyrathbun09


  175. martyrathbun09


  176. Who’s in Data keeping track of the stats? :))

  177. martyrathbun09

    You make Miscavige as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs. 🙂

  178. martyrathbun09

    Apparently people from all around the world.

  179. Marty,

    Done. #537

    I’ll at least round up a few more!

  180. Just a sidebar food4thought suggestion as a possible way to add more fuel to this fire… not saying this is necessarily a good idea because I readily admit that I dont know all the facts, but I thought it was timely to mention it.

    Marty, have you ever considered filing a FOIA request on the IRS for all the files mentioning your name personally?

    Your entitled to that, and only people who were personally involved in the IRS investigation can do so. And if you were to get those dox and release them into the public domain, some dirty little secrets might come out that would amp up public outrage that something needs done.

  181. If you really knew the truth about who you REALLY are you would know the TRUTH. Obviously you have been subjected to Miscavology, NOT Scientology. And you are giving yourself away by saying:
    “according to Scientology theory I *am* a thetan”. Those of us who ARE, just ARE, according to ourselves…Think about that. And when you have done that, start by reading Dianetics, then find someone outside the “Church” who can five you a Life Repair and then maybe you can do Grades O-IV, all genuine LRH Tech. Think about that too….

  182. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Tom.

  183. Ralph, your perception is incorrect. I live outside the US and had no trouble signing the petition, why don’t you get off your mountain and join the real world? maybe if you follow events as they occur you can make better judgements.


  184. Theo Sismanides

    at 7.51 am LA time the count was 554! Hehe! we are moving at a pace of more than 20 signatures per hour… I like that.. is not bad… 20 and more people around the globe sign up.. every hour! This means around 500 a day… at this pace we can easily make it!

  185. Marty, as you know, I am a woman of many Tex-isms or slang. I have not heard this long tail cat theory w/the rocking chairs, but I LOVE it. Am adding it to my repertoire going forward.

    BTW, I was # 26. I did not go check for the actual #, so missed it by few. Just didn’t want to mis-report, I might have KR written and lo, I wouldn’t want to experience that — certainly not on a Monday morning.

    Ciao to all….

  186. top of the vale


  187. Typo… I meant “Marty” made number 3.

  188. Don’t access Internet on a computer on Sunday’s. Too clunky for an iPhone. I will sign later today and spread the word.

  189. Me and Renata signed, and from what it appears from the comments on the INDIPENDOLOGO a lots of other italian Independents did sign too.
    We really need to spread the word and involve friends and allies that do not justify any kind of abuses in the name of “religious practice”. It needs to reach an end!
    Justice is needed here big times.

  190. Done by myself and all the pcs of my current HGC!!!

  191. finally managed it! Am gutted that Sam Domingo got a lower number than I did! I’m the one that has, ‘American living…’ which looks very silly. I actually put, ‘American living in UK…’

  192. And then I wonder who would be numer 2?
    (Number one must be Miscavige, obviously)

  193. LOL Kay….false report deserves a lower condition, everyone else knows this yet you chose to ignore….

    W/O love, A/MAA for Mondays

  194. Done!

  195. My bad. Was having some fun late Sunday nite!

  196. I’m signing the petition but, with the upcoming Pres. elections I’m not holding my breath. Obama needs a LOT of $ if he isn’t going to get totally steamrolled. DM, I’m SURE will be providing some of those $…

  197. At 12pm EST we’ve got 600! Hear the people sing…….

  198. Yea!

  199. martyrathbun09

    That’s a good bunch.

  200. martyrathbun09

    Thank you C and R, and the INDIPENDOLOGO people!

  201. “..we shall fight on the beaches,
    we shall fight on the landing grounds,
    we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall fight in the hills;
    we shall never surrender…”

  202. Done, from Europe

  203. I just signed the petition # 585. I’m from Canada. This is the first time I post a comment.
    I’ve been following this blog for some time now and find it very interesting.
    Have been out of Scn since 1981. My last contact was at Flag where I did OT3. My previous stay at the Base was in 1976. It was totally different atmosphere between those two.
    Congratulations for your blog Marty and for keeping me informed!
    Congratulations to all others who dare speak the truth!

  204. Very good points you make. What is that famous Franklin quote about lying down with dogs & getting up with fleas?

  205. Marty, I signed it, but it’s not going to cause anything to happen because the government has been massively corrupted by Scientology–for 20 years now. And as I recall, you were there if not part of the original project that corrupted the IRS in 1991. IIRC, you and DM marched pass a startled secretary into Fred Goldbergs office Wikipedia used to say:

    “Allegedly, Church officials, including David Miscavige, paid private investigators to acquire some unspecified compromising information on Goldberg during his time as commissioner, and then strode into his office without an appointment one day to demand terms.[1][2] The meeting was not listed on Goldberg’s appointment calendar, which was obtained by The New York Times through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).”

    Leading up to that meeting was two years of work by PIs Michael L. Shomers and Thomas J. Krywucki.

    Wonder what you could fill in on what they did?

  206. 633 signatures at 12:55 pm Eastern today.

  207. I am from Canada but would like to sign the petition, I am not a scientologist but find it hard to believe nothing is seriously being done about this apparently “church organization”

  208. “Whether you are pro or anti-LRH, we all have to attend to business on this one.”

  209. Theo Sismanides

    we are at 644 now at 10.20 am Los Angeles time! we are moving faster.

  210. Ah yes, we need MOAR Defeatism preached hereabouts, says OSA.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  211. Marty: Posted on my FB wall to all my friends – over 250 – none of whom are scientologists. Some old HS friends, mostly all buddhists and a few non-scio friends from CW.

    My CW friends I’m sure will sign AND get their FB friends to do the same knowing the abuses in CW!

    Many of my buddhist friends will sign in fact a friend from LA just emailed me to let me know of one of his current best friends who left before they were friends and how he knows all about disconnection.

    So — the circle widens as the noose tightens.


  212. Marty: I just rechecked my FB account and the link truncated the “whole” link leaving only access to the White House website for petitions in general. Someone would then have to type in the scientology petition which of course most people won’t do (the site btw is now down for maintenance — hmm)

    I noticed when you posted the link — it was short and sweet; however, when I clicked on it — it redirected automatically to the entire long long url —

    Should I just type the short url ending with 40s in FB? Or do you have some magic power (we know you do 🙂 — to type a short url that no one else could use?


  213. George M. White

    Still can’t sign in. Consider me in for the count.
    Will try later.

  214. I signed and shared with my Facebook friends.

  215. Done and sending out link to my contacts.

  216. martyrathbun09

    WH, the short url on the post itself is working for me at the moment, just tried it. Maybe give it another shot. Took me two hours to get it right last night.

  217. martyrathbun09

    Wonderful WH – many thanks.

  218. martyrathbun09


  219. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sue.

  220. Absolutely! The worst case scenario is that we have thousands of people who are publicly supporting an investigation into these abuses, which is not bad at all for a worst case!

    And, of course, lest any follower of DM feel smug that they somehow bought time from the Feds, the truth is that the days of DM’s occupation are numbered, and even more importantly, the tech LIVES outside the church, very nicely.

    But, man, it will be nice when “Scientology” and “The Church of Scientology” are completely divorced in the public mind, as they are in the Independent mind.

  221. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Byron.

  222. martyrathbun09

    Keith, yeah, I am all powerful. Best to keep an eye on what emanates from here and contribute to the motion.

  223. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sylvain.

  224. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Ann, and thanks for everything else you do with no request for public recognition. You are amazing.

  225. martyrathbun09

    Great, ‘preciate it.

  226. No worries. Martin and Greebly wiped the floor with both of us.

  227. OK — so I should just type out the short url into my FB wall – without clicking on it cause that’s when the LOOOONG one comes up.

    I’ll add an addition to my FB wall … the more visibility the better I say.


  228. Just tried the short url twice — comes up — can’t find the server.

    I’ll try again later but already I’ve posted three times to my wall so I don’t want to bore everyone.

    BUT — I did get already one reply from a friend in the UK — non-scio who will definitely sign and repost to his wall.

  229. Done-and I’ve spread the word to over 400 friends on FB.

    WWP has the word, as well.

    This is gonna happen

  230. Thanks Marty,
    We both signed and forwarded 50 email messages to our friends and family!

  231. Terrific!!

    I want it too.

  232. The petition has been sent to all major FZ forums. Still struggling to sign myself.

    I think some of the online news sites such as Gawker and Radar
    and similar sites should be informed. Anyone familiar with these?

  233. (aside) – Jim get my hushmail account from Marty. I’ll be in Halifax soon and would love to have lunch/dinner or just a beer (except I don’t drink but you could) … unless you are only going to be on the island, I know it’s a long drive.

  234. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant !

  235. martyrathbun09


  236. I was able to sign the petition this morning but on a different computer. I just couldn’t create an account from this computer. I have no idea why.

    Sent it to Drudge hoping he’ll post it. Where’s Tony Ortega? What about the St Pete Times?

  237. Done. Up to #688. I’m asking friends/family for their support as well.

  238. Terril,
    The response e-mail ended up in my spam folder – you’ve probably already checked this, but just thought it worth a mention.

  239. “(Number one must be Miscavige, obviously)”

    How about LRH, it’s his version of the Tech that is fighting DM’s version at mo isn’t it?

  240. martyrathbun09

    Thank you for this, just one in a long line of incredible contributions you have made to humankind’s future.

  241. top of the vale


  242. John Hancock is from my hometown.

    I gladly gave mine.

    Big Love

  243. martyrathbun09


  244. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. 700! The the beginning of the end start. Human Rights abuses can NOT be tolerated to continue in the United States of America!~

    “Hi Dave!”

  246. Does anyone know if I can sign not being an American Citizen?

  247. Theo Sismanides

    12.20 pm Los Angeles time we are at 699! 55 in two hours… means 23 about every hour… giving us around 500 each day… at this pace in 8 more days we can reach the target easily provided we now find more and more of those on the fringes or more Media to spread the word and more allies from many other fields.

  248. I’m # 700!

  249. Theo Sismanides

    Let me add that this is now a BIG OUtPOINT… about the FBI stopping the investigation. We don’t know exactly what the SITUATION is, unless we fully pull the strings. The top of the FBI being bought by DM is one option of a Situation…. I have been long thinking of other options too. We just need to keep pulling the strings and find out.

  250. Marty, Got the petition signed (#697) and sent my son the petition (with Karen#1’s email she sent me) and requested if he would have any of his contacts sigh it.


  251. Martin Padfield

    I know – shocking Marty is only #3 !!!

    I’m guessing Lord Michael Rinder of Floridashire is 2nd. He who speaks from the rectal area must surely be # 1.

  252. Now there’s another thing I want you to remember. I don’t want to get any messages saying that we are holding our position. We’re not holding anything. Let the Hun do that. We are advancing constantly and we’re not interested in holding onto anything — except the enemy.
    George S Patton Speech at the beginning of the movie.

  253. Seems to me it is the Co$ that are “… habitual, compulsive, and psycopathic liars …” and that you have roles reversed between the FBI and the Co$. Hmm.

  254. Last year myself and some friends who also had Earthlink email found that Earthlink was flagging as spam certain messages with addresses or content that the RSC would consider “dangerous”. The practice seemed to stop after I reported it to the FCC, but perhaps it’s started again. All of you Earthlink customers might want to double-check your spam folders.

  255. top of the vale

    DM, with all tha booze he’s consuming, will do himself in with cirrhosis of he liver before any investigation is mounted.


    The one thing that kept the Irish from taking over the world is alcohol. The dwarf will follow suit soon…he can’t stop, he’s probably bathing in it!

  256. Marty and Mike !


    The Global and National Magazine, FORBES has this ~~
    Online Petitions at Call for Legalizing Drugs, Abolishing TSA, Talking to Aliens 26th Sept 2011 … house-gov/
    Last week, the White House added an online-petition feature to its official website, as part of the Administration’s commitment to devoting slightly more effort to making this appear to be a democracy than the previous guy did. “We the People” allows anyone to create a petition (well, not anyone) and promises that if you can get 5,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House will review and respond to the petition “in a timely fashion.”

    About 60 petitions are currently active. (Petitions don’t become searchable on the site unless you can get 150 signatures to start with, so there could be others below that threshold.) I learned about this because one of the petitions calls for abolishing the TSA, but there are a number of other interesting petitions as well.


    What else are people concerned about?


    • Not at all surprising, though, is that thousands of people also want Obama to “formally acknowledge” that the government has been communicating with extraterrestrial beings. Others want Scientology investigated, which I think is more or less the same thing.
    The above words “Others Want Scientology investigated” is a hyperlink to the petition !

  257. Sara !!!

    You do not, repeat DO NOT have to state a zip code.
    Many have no entered their zip code.
    It requires a name and an Email address….that is all !!!!

    Here’s an easier way to do it ~~
    Do this ~~
    directly go to this link to register, saves the layer script from slowing you down.

    THEN paste in this link and sign the petition

    Also for readers of this blog that want to sign anonymously, the White House does not care if you sign on as King Kong or Mickey Mouse.
    The Church is infamous for malicious retribution and it is understood why some would like to be anonymous.
    It is the head count of how many sign up with unique IP addresses.

    A hard copy petition is not going to count in this stat. That could be a Phase 2 program target. Please try again.


  258. WH,
    I’m only here for a week longer. Just down the road from Pleasant Bay, but wetting a line in the Margaree is on the agenda before I head to the other side of the earth for lovely winner/sumter, whatever it is that goes on there 🙂

    I’d love to have a cuppa in Hfx with you but I think it will have to next time.

  259. Marty,
    Question: “Human Trafficking” you wrote in your petition, does that include “Sex, human/children trafficking” especially in Thailand.? If so, I am also going to sign it.


  260. no problem just sign by letting the area fields empty

  261. I finally had to go the library to sign in -Now it’s done!!!!! Now I need to get some others.

  262. Reporting a DONE #721. Please, please, oh pretty pleeeeeze can I sign another 4,279 times?

  263. I just checked the list at #732, and we now have Delaware, Vermont, Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas on the list (not to mention many many countries)!

    The only two US states missing are:

    Rhode Island

  264. I realize this may be a dumb ass thing to say, but, that’s never stopped me from posting before … so …

    Some states allow for a public petition, I forget what it is called in California, proposition I believe, to be put on a ballot. My understanding is that such propositions become law automatically, once all the nay-sayers have had their nay-say.

    Given that the CofS is in California, mainly, and given that there are undoubtedly municipal, county and state laws that are being violated, can it not be put in a state wide proposition to have the CofS investigated by an independent prosecutor to bypass the local and state justice agencies that are negligent?

    Now, I did say it was kinda dumb ass, but if someone can check out the proposition law in the sunny CA, who knows, maybe we can go about things that way. The least that would happen if the propostion was put on a ballot, would be wide spread exposure of their crimes. Even just the publicity that there are Indies who are trying to get such a proposition in play may work miracles.

    If other states had a similar procedure, or even other countries, well, …


  265. If you can’t do anything about it you still can protest against it!
    I signed it and hope that finally it gets understood by the church that we don’t agree with their out-ethics !

  266. We just got Alabama on the list (#738 and 739). Now we just need Rhode Island, and we’ll have all 50 U.S. states, and nearly a dozen countries.

  267. Andrew Organ/Stat

    No, Marty, we are in Ohio, but I know some good people in KY and will get them to sign.

  268. Amen brother!

  269. martyrathbun09

    Thanks AO,but I saw we have Kentucky now too.

  270. martyrathbun09

  271. martyrathbun09


  272. GREAT work Marty & Mosey,

    I’ve signed in!!!! But, OMG is it a major TR 3 action!!!

    Thanks Carol for laughing & swearing with me in my bazillion attempts!

    Am passing this site on to everyone I know and will tell them to be tenacious!

    ML, Midge

  273. martyrathbun09

  274. martyrathbun09

    Yah, Ingrid.

  275. martyrathbun09

    Dave, if the shoe fits…

  276. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, but if you use your name, I love you. And if you put in your zip, you make a record of what areas are speaking up. So, please if you can do.

  277. martyrathbun09


  278. Done and forward to others. I am hoping Alaska will be on the map today and Israel by tomorrow!

  279. Petition signed.
    Marty, not to be a skeptic, but I am and can’t help myself:

    Are we kidding ourselves, or have we been lied to by the church for so long, to think that there are thousands and thousands of Scientologists in the world?

    I’m asking because I really am curious what the REAL numbers are, as far as people who call themselves “Scientologists” or have ever considered themselves at some time to be a “Scientologist.” I’m curious if the real number of honest to goodness, have been on-line and enrolled, or in the HGC…. type people is really closer to or under 100,000 ?

    Davey likes to throw the word “millions” around all day everyday. I’m thinking that due to his propensity toward lying, the numbers are really 1/10th of that or… 100,000 people. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of “bringing the church to justice.” But it would answer a few questions I’ve had for a while.

  280. martyrathbun09

    Alaska was on yesterday.

  281. martyrathbun09

    Good on ya Midge.

  282. In court tomorrow 2:00 Worthing Sussex UK, to fight for the right to use my legal representation to cross examine the so far unchallenged , ‘CoS’ style fabricated harassment allegations against me.
    Should be fun!!

  283. I have a great husband:-)!

  284. My hubby and I are in with our signatures…

  285. Ciao Marty, from Italy a lot of signs ! Minelli Family agree 100% .
    Francesco Minelli

  286. martyrathbun09

    Ciao to the Minellis. Thank you.

  287. Bite me. I’m realistic as I’ve been in the political area with the “church” and have seen that sausage made by the squirrel called DM.

  288. 🙂 🙂

  289. I had trouble too, George. But if you follow the link Greebly posted above, it will get you right in on the registration. The confirmation email takes a bit of time as well. When I did it last night, there was about a 20 minute comm lag. Typical of government work, lol.

  290. Wow Marty,
    to handle Co$ criminality you have to get the US administration above treason first … it’s beyond words.

    I’m on the petition list, too.

    By the way, the Russian secret service / intelligence agency is using the full spectrum of stalking & harassment “technologies”. Including – but not limited to – sending a vibrator to the target’s wife !

  291. Awesome!

  292. According to the US Census bureau data it was approx 50,000 in the US in 2000 and around 25,000 10 years later. (a real upstat for big dave)

    I would be surprized if miscavige has more than 15,000 left in his pocket who are still drinking his kool-aid.

  293. Just a thought:

    Every Suday in Tampa Florida when the Buckaneers are playing a home game, close to 70,000 people show up to watch a football game.

    There are in fact fewer than 25,000 actual Scientologists in the entire USA.

    So, it is no small wonder that congress is more interested in steroid issues in pro sports than they are about our plight.

    So…if our protest PR is going to be effective, we are going to have to make sure we make enough noise to get the attention of enough people that our shouts will be heard above the din of other games.

    5,000 signatures would be pretty friggin noisy.

    So…go to the website and join the chorus. Then email all your friends to do the same.

    In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “When injustice becomes law, resistence becomes duty.”

  294. Done. That makes it 770 and counting!

  295. I signed it, number #419! I also want to thank all of you and especially Marty, Mike, Tory and many others who paved the way for people like me. People who were looking for something to help with life’s problems and stumbled into Scientology. It is people like you who, with your personal stories about the abuses going on who made me really look at what I was about to get on board with. Keep it up please, you really are helping! And not just people needing help getting out but people who needed the truth to keep them from getting in…Lots of love to all of you!

  296. Signed. Call also going out to our contacts.

  297. How many signatures would there be if doing this were easy? I’ve tried on and off all day from five different computers and been unable to accomplish this simple task. If I’m this dedicated and failing what about those who try a few times and just quit? It’s got to be many times the number who have succeeded.

    I get to the site.
    Hit the “create an account”, which sends me to a page asking to match the letters.
    I match the letters, try to enter them, and nothing happens.
    Any suggestions? This has got to be happening to others. I can’t even get my foot in the door.


  298. Surely there has to be a way to get more media coverage to promote this petition nationally and even internationally. Independents in Australia and Germany are just 2 countries who would get behind this not to mention people outside Scientology who would be or are disgusted to know of the potential corruption in the FBI.

  299. Good luck
    Eric S

  300. Also, for people having problems getting signed up to sign the petition, I found that (I use firefox) I had no problem. What I did was, when on the link to open a account I right clicked on the link and had it open in a new tab. Then after creating my account and using the link from my email (just copied the password they give you into it) to start it and getting the ok from the page I then went back to the original tab and reloaded it. I was then able to sign the petition. Much easier than waiting forever for it to load. Hope this helps! 🙂

  301. You know Ferris, little smart-ass comments adds some entertainment value. Its sort of the modern trend. Article comes out and people “comment”, often with vial and foul (if not moderated) views, usually both for and against.

    Actually the comments here are often way more decent and to the point compared to the pure Nazi propaganda “Minerva” and the other DM gastrointestinal entities are coming up with.

    The only people who honestly wouldn’t want to sign that petition are people like you. Why, because you are paid by Davey boy. Therefore he is your buddy. I’m sure you don’t care, actually do you care about anything outside of your pay check? I’ll let you in on a secret – Davey boy doesn’t care about you either!

    When you don’t have to show up to court in person, it is so easy to force your slave staff to write affidavits attesting to the most flagrant lies. But, if the Church actually got investigated, and staff witnesses are brought up to swear only to tell the truth, maybe people like you will happily lie to the judge for your pay check, but I do believe that some staff members who have been indoctrinated to be honest, actually may break to the Miscavige pressure and actually start telling the truth. No doubt his inner circle will froth out one lie after the other, one denial after the other, but lies can only go so far.

    Sooner or later Davey’s underwear skid marks will be out of the bag and people will start to smell the enema coffee.

    Truth will prevail, no matter how much bribe and blackmail is used, and no matter how many Ferris Khans barking up meaningless phlegm to the wrong tree.

    Davey boy, you should be a little concerned just about now. You have 700 witnesses on that base. Can you induce enough fear in them to withstand a full investigation by authorities? Didn’t think so. So what is Davey boy going to do now? Oh, of course, send some more wrong-targeted staff to the Hole for failing to handle myself and others in the past.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”
    Albert Einstein

  302. Bozz,
    As an insider on the subject I can tell you it’s way below 100,000 people. Between years 1991 and 2000 the weekly International BIS (Bodys in the Shop, basically Scientologists on course or on auditing lines) averaged about 18,000. The figure did not include SCN Missions, but I estimate it was about 3000 – 8000 weekly in that sector. By now in 2011 it’s way below these figures. The international mailing list of so called “trained and processed” was about 120,000 names (this list included names of people who have had auditing or training of any kind, including Book One auditing and included extension courses). Of course, the list included only names of known addresses. However, Scientologists who move without providing a new address to their local church are obviously no longer interested and can’t be called Scientologists. The “million figure” is book buyers (people who have simply purchased Dianetics and Scientology books, but who never received auditing or did any training), but you can’t call them “Scientologists”. My current estimate is that there are no more than 30,000 active Scientologists (those still connected to the so called “official Church of Scientology”) in the world and this includes all staff members in any org. The independent and inactive Scientologists, including ex-staff members and ex-SO members no longer on lines, is way above that figure.

  303. A Proposition requires a petition with a certain percentage of voters to sign before something can be put on the ballot. In the case of California, we are talking about many, many 10’s of thousand of voters to sign the petition. It is very rarely accomplished.

  304. Can someone volunteer to gather specifics on delays and glitches on the website, compile them and open comm with the White House to pull down what gives? A cycle that advertises that it takes a person seconds to participate in that in fact takes hours is fraudulent.

  305. Thanks T.

  306. Wide awake.

  307. I’ll be damned.

  308. Surprise — Nice surprise to have you here. I agree with your estimates. In fact, the REAL number of Scientologists is easy — it is the number of members of the IAS, and that is ABSOLUTELY not more than 10,000.

  309. Christie,
    I hope the reason you haven’t posted is that you’re busy sending out emails to those 1400 plus active addreses I gave you last week.
    Shake em down, girl!!

    Mine’s in, Marty.

  310. Same thing happened to me.
    And after that I had trouble getting the petition page to accept that I was logged in so that I could actually click on the “Sign this Petition Button”.
    It seems that the page has been overloaded with traffic today.

  311. check your spam folder. Their validation link has been going to spam a lot.

  312. ANYONE having difficulty signing the petition, please scroll up on this site and see my simple INSTRUCT.

    And if that doesn’t work, Email me at and I will coach you through it.

  313. Are you on a MAC?

    I’ve had similar troubles all day.

  314. Done
    No problem ,using Internet Explorer

  315. Seeking As Isness

    Signed Sealed and Delivered 🙂

  316. Midge-You and I had the same experience, but Carol was there to “audit” the signing.

  317. I received a personal email yesterday which stated:

    “If you are having trouble accessing the Scientology petition at the
    White House website we have found that this short URL works the best:

    Short URL:

    Please use and distribute. Thank you. ”

    When I reached the White House website through the link, I signed up by filling in my first and last names, my email address and my ZIP code. Then I added the security code.

    I instantaneously received the following email from in my spam folder:

    “You’re only one step away from creating your account. Just click on the link below to confirm this is a working email address:

    IMPORTANT: If you created your account in the process of signing a
    petition on We the People, you still need to click on the “Sign this
    Petition” button on the petition’s webpage.”

    The rest of the information in the email was my email address, my assigned password, etc. I have not added that stuff to this comment.

    I clicked on the “Sign this Petition” button and my name appeared.

    I’m not usually very good at this stuff but I seemed to sail right through this cycle. I hope this writeup will help others. L, #107

  318. 🙂

    How about 20,000 signatures? That has a nice ring to it! Every time I refresh the page the number is climbing!!

  319. So far no luck getting my stat for Palm Harbor, FL. Have tried two computer with two different IP addresses. I just emailed the contact us button on the white house web site. I may be too conservative to be accepted by the Obama administration.

    My promise to you Marty is, I will get this done….somehow, even if I have to drive myself to the white house.

  320. The validation link is unique for each person, and it’s to prove that the email address you submitted was a real one and that it was actually yours. Anyone now clicking on the link just above will probably get a message saying that link has already been used and is no longer valid. So no shortcuts, but it does keep the petition system from getting spammed with a bunch of fake signatures.

  321. Andrew Organ/Stat

    Roger that. Welcome and thank you too, Marty.

  322. #821

  323. For Mac users, follow T. Sawyers post above…(except you have to control click on a one button Mac mouse.) After spending literally hours today trying to make this happen…finally success! Thanks T. Sawyer.
    –H. Finn

  324. + infinity. Thanks Raul. Another ’nuff said’.

  325. Well, I won’t say it was immediately “easy.” But it did work for me.

    Here’s what did the trick for me … after signing up, receiving my email notification, clicking on the notification link, then signing in … I LOGGED OFF AND THEN LOGGED BACK ON BEFORE VOTING.

    It simply would not let me vote before I did that.

    Don’t know that his will solve everyone’s problems, but it did the trick for me.

    Best of luck to all … it is worth the trouble. Sign the petition.


  326. Thanks Carol,

    They sing our tune.


  327. Double Done.
    I’m #472. My wife, Helma, is #833
    This shit has just got to stop!

    Ed Paulson

  328. I just remembered something!
    The fourth time that I went to the FBI, was at the Riverside office. The agents mentioned in passing that the Riverside Sheriff’s office had given them all the complaints I had filed with the Sheriff. At the time I thought: “Great, they’re cooperating”.

    But now, I’m thinking much more nefarious thoughts!

    Could it be that the FBI convinced the Riverside Sheriff to stop investigating Gold Base and told them something like: “OK guys, we got this!”; “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything relating to Scientology from now on.”; “It’s too big for you guys, we’ll deal with it, OK.” ?!!

    Of course, the Riverside Sheriff would be happy with that offer, pass the baton, and wash their hands clean.

    Come to think of it, the ONLY activity that the Riverside Sheriff did with respect to Gold Base (that I know of), is to force the captives to attend jury duty. The acted on this complaint fairly quickly and reported back to me promptly. A couple of weeks after my filing, they reported that 73 Gold Base residents had been called for jury duty and that 7 had actually attended. This was clearly a local activity that the FBI did not need to get involved in.

    The FBI overriding the Sheriff’s attempt at investigating could explain why things are so quiet in Riverside. Calm before the storm?

    If any Sheriff officers or FBI Special Agents are lurking here, please do the right thing. You MUST report illegal activities. Start with your internal affairs people, but after a couple of weeks, escalate as you see fit. Wikileaks is still working!

  329. Andrew Organ/Stat

    Elena Organ’s signature is #835.

  330. Thank you Elena.

  331. “Another Layer | September 26, 2011 at 6:57 pm | Reply

    The response e-mail ended up in my spam folder – you’ve probably already checked this, but just thought it worth a mention.”

    Thanks. Same for me. I reposted. Please let me know how it goes for you. 🙂

  332. Yeah!

  333. 848 and counting
    On another note if you see the “sign button” greyed out but you are logged in.
    Simply log out refresh the page log back and viola fixed.

  334. Glad I could help!

  335. Looks like we’ve got Puerto Rico! 🙂

  336. repeat from above…

    Anyone having petition sign-up problems, this might be the source of the problem:

    It was easy to sign in and “add my name to petition” using Firefox, but when I tried my spouse’s email address from my PC, it did not work.

    But when we switched her to another PC in the house that used MS Explorer, it was a piece of cake. Took 2 minutes. So, we had to use 2 different PCs to sign up.

    Maybe (I am no expert) if you try to sign up after your spouse or other family member signs up on the same PC, it may not work. At least it didn’t work for me and I tried 2 more completely different email addresses on the same PC that worked great the first time and it didn’t work for the 2 new and different email addresses.

  337. mary beth gallagher


    Mary Beth Gallagher reporting in.

    #854…Petition signed.

    My best wishes to you and Mosey and all the Independents and those I

    Keep up the good work.

  338. AO, from Marty’s post, it seems like the local FBI agents were going along fine … until the Dept of Justice influenced the FBI Chief at the national level, to cancel any local FBI investigations.

  339. Michael Brown, formerly Birmingham org staff, here.
    I’ve just signed up from Japan. #851

  340. martyrathbun09

    Hey Michael!

  341. martyrathbun09

    Yes, but his story is consistent. The lock was put on from above and all complaints, in the name of “consolidation”, were apparently disappeared.

  342. martyrathbun09

    Best wishes to you Mary Beth.

  343. Alex C,
    The intent behind your not so helpful post was?.

  344. This may seem a little offbeat of a statement but it isn’t really. I realize there is such a thing as law enforcement, there are a whole bunch of police officers and such in the town I live in. Ethics and justice is a good thing. But for a police officer it entails daily overts. Shooting someone, tazing someone, subduing a running person, accidentally shooting someone, etc. etc. These ARE overts. Taking another’s life is an overt. Law enforcement therefore has O/W’s as a rule of thumb. O/W’s That can then be missed. What are the ARCx’s that follow worth to the Church of Scientology? Therein lies the truth about the Church of Scientology. Perhaps they can even pay someone to believe that money to fuel corruption will “help heal the ARCx’s”. It’s a lie of course, because I think LRH has said somewhere that an O/W is an O/W no matter how openly it was done. So, trying to buy the friendship of a law enforcement person that 1,695 missed W/H’s is a good thing? I don’t think so Ralph, and I am not saying you do either, but there is always a somewhere to start whether it be for a good cause or a even a bad one. 🙂

  345. My younger Sis. Couldn’t be prouder. I perceive this is going viral.

    Zoom zoom.

  346. Did they include batteries?

  347. Actually, I shouldn’t make jokes. I understood Russia wants to ban all Scn – books, practice, everything.

  348. You got it Marty. They may have “consolidated” everything in a nice round file.

  349. A quick review:

    “We petition the Obama administration to:

    Where’s the special prosecutor? This is Nuremberg trial stuff .

  350. Anita finally got hers done.

    Her problem is she failed to notice on their confirm email that there is a password on that email, which you are to use to access when you sign the petition. She was using her own email password instead.

    Also, her confirmation email did go to her spam folder.

  351. Reporting a done!

  352. Thanks! I’m sending this to my mother … a fierce free speech advocate. (Love your name.)

  353. Just got a buddy to sign as well.

    Let’s do this thing!!!

  354. Tory Christman

    Also, IF you have trouble creating a new account, it *May* be because you did one, long ago. If it says your e-mail is already used, just click on
    “I forgot my password” and they’ll send you another. Works great. 🙂

  355. Tory Christman

    Oh now says that link is “Unavailable” greebly. Check it out. Just FYI. Could be a temporary glitch, I hope.

  356. Tory Christman

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya just gotta love it! Finally….finally…we’re getting down to the brass tacks that “Dave” is doing to spend his hard assed life sitting on, due to ALL the abuses and crimes he has committed. (And no, the tacks are far from all, I’m sure). I just love that you all are coming together with the knowledge and connections….Knowledge IS power,
    and connections are everything. Oh baby, Davey boy—ticka tocka itsah
    alla comin togethhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Remember what I’ve told you, for 11 years now? “You can run but you cannot hide”. In honor of…..:)!!!

  357. Tory Christman

    And yes, Thank you Marty for putting this all together, and Mike
    for all you do, too and Karen, and, and, and…. :deep sigh:
    This is just getting better and better, the more time rolls on. 🙂
    Passing around the pumpkin pie…care for some whip cream?

  358. Perfectly! The petition, it has been signed!

  359. Great idea. Is the Village Voice in on this? Didn’t have time to read all the posts and realize this may have already been covered.

  360. Cookie Monster

    Michael aka OUaT… Check your cookies to make sure turned on. Sometimes my experience has been if they are off, site doesn’t “take” the matched letters, yet doesn’t info you either with a reply to turn on or check cookie status.

    Marty, have you gotten any feedback, response from the SqBs or other abnormal activity around you since posting this? Looks to me like at higher echelons of Fed agency(s) there is coordination of some sort with highest echelon of CofS, ie. DMCorp.

    (Corrected position of reply meant for Michael)

  361. Signed from downunder, got # 911 mmmm…

  362. Finally got it too – Mat and I have signed.

  363. “Site down for maintenance” is what I get when I tried to register an account at the White House registration process. Must be all those pesky lower 48ers in other time zones gumming up the works.

    I’ll finish it up tomorrow.

  364. Can’t say, Ferris.

    But I CAN say that Jan Eastgate, the President of CCHR, was arrested for covering up the rape of a child in Australia:

    Boy, that’s some, “Most Ethical Group on the Planet” you got there, huh?

  365. Isabelle Prunkl

    Hi from Vancouver Island, Canada – Hubby and I have signed the petition –
    Isabelle and Dennis Prunkl

  366. As a suggestion – something I’m doing – is to Google for forums of Human Rights organizations and post announcements about the petition with the link.

    There are probably dozens of Facebook groups too where a notice should be posted.

    If there’s a clever video person, a YouTube clip would be great.

  367. Theo Sismanides

    Alex we are now moving around 20 signatures per hour. In 8 days we easily reach the target. 935 and going!!!

  368. I have to say, when I first read this post I had a huge back off. POOOLice?
    No, that is not my bag. Then just by coincidence, I had a guest arrive at my place seeking refuge . He had been stalked and suppressed out of his home town by O.S.A. people for months, WHY? Because he was auditing people in the Freezone. For the love of God….
    He traveled thousands of miles to get away from the MONTHS of suppression and stalking to arrive in a safe space. After hearing about how the Church sent O.S.A. on a mission to suppress him, destroy him, ruin his life, I decided to sign the petition. BECAUSE,Honest people have rights too. Yes, we have rights too.
    If you don’t know your rights you don’t have any. Know your rights! For you O.S.A. staff that have no rights except to follow orders, ONLY IN YOUR MIND………you had better know our RIGHTS. One of them is to do whatever we feel like doing when it comes to religion. With, or without paying your goddamned tax bill! You have become the I.R.S. and A.M.A.! Check yourselves out!

  369. It is MY right to read, speak, offer shelter, share my thoughts, sign petitions, exchange ideas on forums, move up the bridge, have friends, be a friend, get trained….. without your permission and your tax bill. KNOW MY RIGHTS. YOU are interfering with Marty’s rights in Texas stalking out his home. YOU know YOUR RIGHTS and you think that is all you need to know? I mean, that’s the goddamned truth with you people isn’t it? FLUNK you oblivious M*&%^R F*%^&%S!

  370. And for that kid you chased out of Chicago, he is under MY wing now.
    And this is how I feel about him:

  371. 🙂 100 !!

  372. I don’t think that is someone you want to F&^K with anymore.

  373. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Shalom Anat, an Israeli that lives in Portugal.

  374. For all of you that , from the moment you were done with grade zero, you were ordered to listen, cried, keeping all the thing you knew inside, It is hard, but it is harder to ignore it. Get real and live with you. It will all turn out O.K..

  375. Cause we never ever take it “nice and easy”. We always take it nice and rough. David you are over half a century old and you have had no new education in this millenium. Not for nothing but you are HISTORY. And we are up to speed. It’s a time warp brother! You are yesterday! STUCK in “THE PAST”. This is street past:

  376. Sweden is in, finally, though probably some other indie Swedes got in before me. I read a quote from Frank Zappa yesterday that sums up what we can expect: “This is a nation of laws. Laws that are badly written and randomly enforced.”

  377. Um just trying to teach the lost ones through pictures because I get the feeling he can learn on some level via video? MAYBE?

  378. We are happy to give. That is what separates us from you.

  379. Finally a done…Just Me’s suggestion to sign out, then sign back in worked for me. Palm Harbor, FL #964

  380. Just received an email from a non-scientology friend that she tried the site but it was down. I’ve copied and pasted Karen#1 excellent instructions and sent to her and other friends not on FB.

    Will repost to my FB page Karen’s instructions


  381. Hi Marty,
    I signed petition 2 days ago and sent the details to others down under to do the same. All the best from across the big blue.

  382. Where is RJ when you need him…..the feds being used to cover up crime and silence critics and media….

  383. It´s better to reform the FBI and RS in one fell swoop. Increasing our level of responsibilty and while we´re at it, take along the US government as well. It´s not that hard, 80% is on our hand.

  384. My friend just emailed me and said she had no trouble signing thanks to Karen’s instructions.

    I’m posting them here as this thread is getting so long, people might not easily find her instructions. I suggest sending emails out with Karen’s instructions too:

    You do not, repeat DO NOT have to state a zip code.
    Many have no entered their zip code.
    It requires a name and an Email address….that is all !!!!

    Here’s an easier way to do it ~~
    Do this ~~
    directly go to this link to register, saves the layer script from slowing you down.

    THEN paste in this link and sign the petition

    Also for readers of this blog that want to sign anonymously, the White House does not care if you sign on as King Kong or Mickey Mouse.

  385. signed # 937 🙂

  386. Marty,

    I used Karen #1 instructions and links and it took about 5 minutes. I had to log on and off a couple of time but then it allowed me to sign.

  387. JM, I had had the same experience, I had to logon and off twice then I was able to sign.

  388. Finally! SUCCESS! Independence has come. My day is complete. I can go back to bed.

    Thanks for the help. Karen’s info made it possible to do this in about two minutes. Parallels what I did following instructions from a friend’s email.

    ps. Love the little red caption about reporting inappropriate petitions. Where was that when the CofS legal scammers were “petitioning” the FBI scum?

    Isn’t it interesting how the impure and foul rise to the top in so many human activities?

  389. Theo Sismanides

    6.15 am LA time… 987! We are about to break 1.000 in less than an hour, hehehe!

    From 12.20 pm to 6.20 am today we added 987 – 699 = 288 : 18 hours = 16 persons / hour which is not bad.. I hope Europe will do something better… we also need Russia and other places… let’s celebrate the 1.000 soon!

  390. martyrathbun09


  391. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Don.

  392. No, the federal govt. and the Cof$ are birds of a feather when it comes to being, on the organization level, habitual, compulsive, and sociopathic liars. Unlike the Cof$ tho, the federal govt. has armed goon squads that run around with black masks and kick down doors. They are totally out of control. It’s not just the IRS, ATF, or DHS anymore, either … on the instigation of the FDA, numerous raids have been conducted against people for commiting the heinous crime of selling raw milk right from the cow. The articles are all over the web including those from mainstream media sources, just do some searching.


  393. martyrathbun09

    Thank you

  394. martyrathbun09

    Appreciate it Rita.

  395. martyrathbun09


  396. martyrathbun09

    Hey Lana!

  397. martyrathbun09

    Way to go Jack.

  398. martyrathbun09

    Great Dan.

  399. martyrathbun09

    That they have collapsed terminals is one of the very reasons we exist.

  400. martyrathbun09

    You may want to hush me about you visitor.

  401. Not directly, not at this time. The chatter in the comments mentions the petition which establishes Tony is aware of this post and the petition.

  402. WH,

    Thanks for reposting this info. It’s what I used and it took a couple of minutes after I’d spent hours yesterday being frustrated.

  403. Lots of luck. As far as the IRS goes, they are not the worst anymore, nor are they really all that a big deal if you understand the tax codes … and by that, I mean an understanding of EXACTLY WHAT IT IS THAT YOU DO THAT INCURS LIABILITY FOR INCOME TAX. If you know not of what I speak, look up the words such as “incur” and “liability.” Bottom line, I will give you the 2 minute explanation:

    The income tax is, according to the US Supreme court, an excise tax, which is a tax on privilege. It is only MEASURED by the income derived from the use of the taxed privilege, and income has been defined as “net gain or profit.” If you are working at an occupation of common right in any of the several (now 50) united States, and if you are a citizen or resident, you may keep all that you earn since you are working by RIGHT … BUT … IF you are paying an income tax, i.e., subject to withholding from your paycheck and filing tax returns, you are somehow over into the area of privilege. HUH?????? WHAT PRIVILEGE??????

    Well, it has been staring you right in the face for a very long time … it is your participation in Social Security. Believe it or not, the govt. says that participation is 100% voluntary, and the IRS even deems form W-4 as voluntary. FOR REAL! If you are being forced into SSN use on the job, that is not the result of any law, BECAUSE THERE IS NO LAW FORCING SSN USE, but rather the policy of your “employer” and probably based upon ignorance and fear. Use an SSN and then refuse to file or pay, standby, the IRS will tear you a new one. DON’T use an SSN and they will simply LEAVE YOU ALONE and you will NEVER HEAR FROM THEM, period. Nor will you incur liability for FICA, state income tax, local income tax, medicare, or Obamacare. Why is that?

    Don’t use an SSN and your contract is between you and whomever you work for. Use one and you have invited the federal govt. in as a third party … a senior third party … that dictates terms such as minimum wage, maternity leave, equal opportunity “employment,” OSHA regs, overtime regs, sexual harrassment free workplace regs, etc. You have crossed over from merely being hired to being an “employee” with “benefits” and have traded right for privilege and are therefore the subject of the income tax.

    By way of bringing this back around to the Cof$ … the Cof$ has exchanged right for privilege via church incorporation and operates on the granted privilege of exemption. Part of the deal with that the Cof$ made with the IRS is to make all of its people “employees” who are therefore subject to minimum “wage” protection except for the Cof$’s grant of privilege, i.e., religious exemption, which is revokable by govt. Ultimately, that they operate on govt. granted privilege could easily prove to be their undoing. On the other hand, if you learn how to operate totally within the realm of your rights and stay away from privilege and the “universe” of legal fiction “entities” the Cof$ lawyers and all of their tricks, threats, and intimidations will be of zero consequence to you.


  404. 1000 now. I am from Far East area.

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  406. Martin Padfield

    Just cracked the 1st 1000 mark! 4000 to go.

  407. martyrathbun09


  408. Dear Marty! I like the idea with the petition to the president. But if you know from your times, it will have no chance – if you only say, that justice system and scientology are working together, it sounds great. But what I’m still missing are really facts, names and so on – you should have them, and also Mike Rinder! You remember name-want-get? I’s common and it means not only to figure out what you than want – it means, that you present the full story, not only some pieces! If you go back to late 80’s, where all began, you should have the real overview, when it starts with politicans, justice and who else became “follower” of Miscavige-Scientology – also Mike RInder was part of the leading team, where you are the right hand from Miscavige.
    I congragulate to your step to leave the cult 2004, but you should knew, how Scientology will react on this. So please be no victim – I have a better idea: tell us the whole story with names, time, place and so on – you should remeber the procedure … 😉
    And by the way: sorry for my English, I’m from Europe and forgot a little bit in the last years. Before I was 28 years in the cult, not in the Sea Org but ED and so I remember some mechanics of it!
    Best, Wilfried

  409. martyrathbun09

    There are seven hundred posts (many multi-paged) on this blog. If that is not enough for you, then please do not sign the petition.

  410. This was not my question – I’ll repeat: can you give us somme more names, time, place aso when the story began arround 1990? 😉

  411. Wilfried, the WHOLE story is contained within this website. Times, places AND names.


  412. Did a quick dart from behind the bushes and..

    ..did it! 🙂

  413. martyrathbun09

    Thanks my man.

  414. Interesting. Dr. Baden, especially, is frequently on FoxNews’ Greta Van Susteren’s show to give commentary on various autopsy-related issues.

  415. Shalom Izhar! Shana Tova to you!

  416. Congratulations to everyone. We have just topped the 1,100 mark in 2 ½ days. This morning we have done 100 signatures in about five hours so the rate is increasing exponentially with the number of sign ups. Soon it will be time to add more layers of PR and communication of submissions before (if necessary) moving over to House and Senate Committees such as Justice and maybe Foreign Relations, Finance, Ways & Means. IMHO we have all made a great start and Marty’s active support has been a major contribution. If Tony Ortega would do a piece on it that would give it another big boost.


  418. The story began in 1948 or so. To understand you will need to spend hundreds of hours reading.

  419. Isabelle

    Well done to you and Denis. I am close by in Vancouver. Good to see you guys here.

    Eric S

  420. Tory Christman


  421. Oh yeah, Thanks!

  422. martyrathbun09

    From Data Dir:
    Update on petitions signed as of Thurs. AM Sept 29th, as of signature #1606

    The top ten states:

    1. 255 California
    2. 91 Florida
    3. 86 Texas
    4. 64 New York
    5. 52 Washington
    6. 47 Illinois
    7. 39 Ohio
    8. 36 Oregon
    9. 33 Arizona, Pennsylvania
    10. 28 North Carolina, Virginia

    Any of the following states could bump one of the current top ten and move up:
    Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada,
    New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia

    This may not make sense to some, if they know they got
    six or so people to sign the petition and their state number
    did not go up six, so they should know
    that many are signing with no location indicated.

    329 location indicated

    and for those not in the U.S.

    34 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize

    (I’m off a few, but close enough to promote competition.)
    Tues had 1,004 signatures, tallied 998 (missing 6)
    Wed had 357 additional signatures, tallied 358 (over 1)
    Thurs had 245 additional signatures, tallied 245 (whoo-hoo!)
    (don’t want to go back and check for the errors….ha ha ha)

  423. I dare the FBI to be effective in this matter instead of being caught with it’s pants down by a certain cult-leader

    Yes FBI guys I am talking to you lot.

  424. martyrathbun09

    Update from Data Dir:
    Update on petitions signed as of Saturday AM, October 1st as of signature #1833

    100 signatures from each state, would put petitions at the 5,000 mark
    (this count is as of day 5, out of 30 days)

    The top ten states:

    1. 289 California
    2. 105 Florida
    3. 97 Texas
    4. 73 New York
    5. 63 Washington
    6. 52 Illinois
    7. 43 Ohio
    8. 38 Oregon
    9. 39 Arizona
    10. 36 tied: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania

    The top five states have maintained the same position for four days running.
    (California has steadily been #1)

    Any of the following states could easily move into the top ten:
    Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Tennessee

    This may not make sense to some, like if they know they got
    six or so people to sign the petition and their state numbers
    did not go up six petitions shown….they should know
    that many are signing/submitting, with no location indicated.

    380 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    and for those not in the U.S.

    37 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city with no state indicated

    (I’m off a few, but close enough to promote competition.)
    Sunday PM petition posted September 25th
    Monday, did not get a count
    very early Tues had 1,004 signatures, tallied 998 (Sunday and Monday counted)
    very early Wed had 357 additional signatures
    very early Thurs had 245 additional signatures
    very early Friday had 130 additional signatures
    very early Saturday had 97 additional signatures

    daily signatures steady going down….need a bump in the numbers coming in

  425. Graham Berry

    We have 30 days in which to get 5,000 signatures.

    As of the 9th day we have over 2, 055 signatures.

    In other words we have obtained over 40 % of the required signatures in less than 33 1/3 per cent of the permitted time.

    We can do it. Yes, we can do it. If everyone gives it the old heave ho despite the slow two step White House registration and signature process.

    Finally …


  426. Graham Berry


  427. Graham Berry

    “The threshold will not be applied retroactively.”

    Okay, now that we’ve all been woken up let’s get out 5,000 signatures before they change that statement too!

  428. martyrathbun09

    Keep getting signatures. Whether it is 2,560, 5,000 or more or less we take that to oversight and local representatives. There’s plenty smoke there for them. Clearly the Obama administration is prostrate.

  429. Today we will hit 3,000 signatures with 2,000 more to obtain during the next ten days.

    Surely we can do it. After all, there is also this petition which recently came as a complete surprise to me….. it has over 13,000 signatures calling for an investigation of Church of Scientology crimes and abuses… Does anyone know what is happening to this petition, where and when it is going?

    Meanwhile, there are still constant complaints about the White House website saying the link does not work, the petition site is under construction, etc. Some suggest we have lost thousands of signatures because of this. Others are even that there is a kind of Church of Scientology DDS attack going on. Is this possible? How do we address it? Telephone the White House switchboard at (202) 456-1111?

  430. martyrathbun09

    Better yet, why don’t we have them email you Graham if after reasonable efforts they are not able to have their signature recorded?

  431. Hi Marty and Graham,

    Long-time lurker here, this is my first post. I signed the petition a couple of days after Marty posted the link and felt somewhat hopeful as I watched the number of signatures reach over 1,000 within a few short days. When I posted a link to the petition on my facebook page, it was taking my friends to a blank page at the petition site – guess it was some sort of glitch?

    I have to admit that I had a sneaky suspicion that the petition could be “fixed” to prevent the signatures from reaching 5,000. Then it occurred to me that even if the number of signatures reaches 10,000, its unlikely that the government will do anything about it or address it in any way, shape or form – they’re too concerned about their careers, political/corporate ties and their families and I can understand their concerns (I’ve been dealing with a subtle, disturbing mind-f*ck campaign in my own home and neighborhood since I started voicing my opinion online 5 years ago-and I was keeping it light and humorous at the time, silly me…)

    Call me cynical, but I think its highly unlikely that the American gov’t will ever find the balls to do anything about Mr Miscavige and his cronies and crimes. I’m sure the Obama administration is well-aware of Mr. Miscavige’s crimes and would like to see him squashed like the blood-sucking insect he really is. I understand that the President has a lot on his plate right now, and perhaps Mr. Miscavige’s crimes against humanity just aren’t at the top of President Obama’s list of priorities. His main priority at the moment is to be re-elected and I hope he wins another term. But I still don’t think he will attempt to dethrone King Micsavage during his second term – too much risk involved, too much trouble. And when it comes to investigating DM and co. I’m sure there are “trust issues” within the administration itself, and like so many others faced with Cof$ retribution, they will continue to behave like ostriches and hide their heads in the sand. Its so disturbing and scary, its beyond my comprehension.

    I don’t want to discourage folks from signing the petition, but I have to admit that it feels like a huge waste of time. If the Obama administration is going to investigate DM and co. they’re going to have to do it secretly, under the radar – I don’t think they will risk making a public statement about it. Are there any American politicians who have been willing to speak up about this issue over the past decade? I can’t think of one off the top of my head. Marty probably knows more about this than I do. I believe the last American president who tried to make a difference was Jimmy Carter, and that was long before Mr Miscavige declared himself Captain of the Ship of Fools.

    Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest. I’ve learned quite a bit at this site, thank you Marty. Your honesty and bravery inspire me.

    Warm Wishes,

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