Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Casablanca

We interrupt the ongoing exposure of David Miscavige as the greatest suppressor in Scientology history for this News Flash. David Miscavige has directly responded to the posts over the last two days, entitled and subtitled King of Squirrels respectively. Apparently, unsatisfied with ending standard tech delivery behind the walls of his “church”, he’s sending goons clear to Corpus Christi to stop it where he heard it is happening.

The assault by his Scientology (OT Ambassador “VIII” John Allender and friends) Shock Squad was captured on video tape, which can be watched below.

Just a bit of background and context is in order.

This morning I had just completed Lori Hodgson’s first two STANDARD sessions, which incidentally included cleaning up the trauma of having been stalked, assaulted and threatened by “OT VIII”, “OT Ambassador” John Allender.  That assault occured the day after she returned from her first trip to Casablanca in December. For the back story see, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/lori-hodgson-is-back-in-the-saddle/

While on a lunch break, our quiet theta environment was interrupted by loud pounding at my front door.  When I opened the door, there was John Allender with three other Miscavige goons in full Miscavige squirrel regalia.  Check it for yourself – it is documented below.

After the Sheriff got done interviewing me and Allender and co separately, the Sheriff told me Miscavige’s boys wanted to make a deal.  If I did not bring CRIMINAL TRESPASSING, STALKING, AND CRIMINAL HARASSMENT charges, Allender and co would not bring “assault” and “criminal mischief” charges (the latter for having took the microphone Allender shoved in my face out of his hand and off its cord  – the former for a 250 pound guy who looks like Sonny Barger on a bender sticking his stomach into my path of progress in the doorway of my own home).

Apparently Miscavige just doesn’t get my repeated messages to him that I (and Mike Rinder, and others) just do not make deals with the devil.  I told the Sheriff I’d roll the dice.  Bring it.  Don’t worry about fees, I’m representing myself if the D/A decides to bring the counter-charges.

There will be a trial in the San Patricio County Courthouse, unless of course Allender and co plead no contest.  Should be interesting.

606 responses to “Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Casablanca

  1. On the last post I almost asked when DM would go ballistic! Guess we know now.

  2. Love the Douche Bag Cap Cam (DBCC) on Allender.
    Sorry, I have to laugh at these guys with their Tee-shirts and magnetic car door signage as “Squirrel Busters”. LMAO
    Sorry you have to deal with this shit Marty.

  3. martyrathbun09

    It comes with the territory I guess.

  4. Well that is fucking nuts!!!! John Allender and Mark Warlick are completely insane and I only hope you San Jose people who are even still involved with this squirrel church called C of M pack your asses up and move on down the road. You are a disgusting punch of punks who could not apply Scientology if it hit you in the head. Well that’s the suppression in San Jose…Rick Melrose that’s for you. You used to accuse computer companies as the source of all the darkness and suppression in the Bay Area well behold …….

  5. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. Rathbun’s dog speaks much sense. The prats in their infantile and ludicrous T-shirts (printed up with Scientologists’ “donations”, no doubt.) cannot even put together a valid sentence. And these are the best that DM – King Nutkin himself can offer up…?! Bushy-tailed tree rats.

    Heard something good on the radio this morning, think it’s relevant here. “The more you pick on others; the more you condemn yourself”.

    Actually, I’d like to hear more from the dog. Those growls were well-placed and heartily-meant. Guess it’s true – animals CAN sense evil…

    IEG x

  6. Marty {and I guess Mike} I am really proud of you.

    If you left the church, you left the church it is the same as if you left the supermarket you must be done shopping.

    Don’t make deals with the devil. Go and fight. I love it. I wish I could help you win more in some way.

    You have my postulate to kick ass.

  7. Former Flag Customer

    I am outraged, outraged at this dumb display by the traditional COS led by David Miscavige. This home invasion group is way out of line and is only displaying ignorant behavior. It really means that whoever sent this group is getting very desperate, and capable of insane behavior. I am shocked as a private citizen to see such blatant aggression pouring out in black vile at Marty.
    This CANNOT be tolerated. This stupidity. This is gestapo.

  8. Marty,
    I wish I were there now. These robots don’t even understand the definition of Scientology. Study of truth!

    Such a shame, they get implanted daily so it’s hard for them to SEE at all.

    I left the squirrel group and am now in the Independent field and am finally allowed to apply Standard LRH Tech.

    So sad for those goons.


  9. They want you to cooperate with them but already their T-Shirts are to provoke…

    DM is no smart man, really, he is not. You once said to the SP reporter that DM is smart. He is not.

    If I want you or anyone else to cooperate with me, I don’t provoke you. I’d try to get your agreement on something.

    Or he wants you to lose it. What was the purpose.

    Allender is a jerk and no OT.

  10. Who are these people? Why won’t they give their names if they came so far to see you? Very strange. Look like a retired motorcycle gang. Good luck with the trial!

  11. martyrathbun09

    Chiquita sure can.

  12. Maybe you need some security guards outside of your place.

  13. Man, these camera heads are dramatizing the good old days when rays were shot out of devices that looked like these to vaporize people. That Allender guy is a complete pussy. That is NOT how to drive in somebody’s anchor points. Flunk, pussy. Report to Crumming via Ethics. DM used to know how to do it and maybe he can hat you on it but, man, you suck at it right now if that is the best you can do.

    I can just see you clowns psyching yourselves up in your motel room, getting your cameras all nailgunned to your skulls, making sure the magnet door sign on your rental van is straight and that your soooooo cooool T-shirts are all nice and pressed. I mean you actually PLANNED this little escapade? THIS is what you and OSA and DM worked out? THIS?!!! To quote your OL, “Are you freaking kidding me?!!!”

    Someday you puds are going to look back on this video and be absolutely shitfaced at how stupid you look. The other guys are worse. They didn’t open their mouths.

    I am ending this comment because I am starting to feel embarrassed for you fools. OMFreakingG!

  14. If DM thinks he is entitled to your files and folders, why doesn’t he send the police to size these papers???

  15. They just don’t learn.

  16. Does DM really think that you turn your files over by people wearing offensive T-Shirts and provoking you.

    Why didn’t you call police right away?

  17. martyrathbun09

    Guards? We don’t need no stinkingggg guaaards.

  18. Marty, exactly how do we go about contribuing to your legal costs?

  19. I am embarrassed to say that I have been a member of this group called C of S and Scientology. This behaviour, these gang-bangers showing up at Marty’s house to harrass him, with their funny little camera hats and all, just shows how pathetic David Miscavige and his “team” are. This is tantamount to McCarthyism, anti-sematism, and anti-people. David Miscavige doesn’t believe in freedom of speech or freedom of anything – he just insists that everyone follow in his footsteps, laugh when he does and tremble when he speaks. Sorry buddy – when you do this stuff, you just show the whole world that you are exactly what Scientology is NOT, yet you also make it evident to everyone that YOU are truly heading up a cult, by definition, the one that you have and are creating. It’s a travesty against real Scientology. I am terribly embarrassed by it, and like every other oppressor, you’re simply heading for the same fate they eventually achieved. Don’t let them bother you Marty – DM is too much of a coward to come forward and do anything himself. He has to use others, force them to degrade themselves and stoop to low-blow antics. It’s not worth giving them the time of day. Slam the door in their face, if they keep knocking, call the police. Fuck ’em!

  20. martyrathbun09

    Don’t worry about it. I’ve been around this block before.

  21. @Marty:
    If the Keystone Kops were evil, I think this is what one might see. Great that you documented this vile bullshit on video. I’ve already posted a short article and link-back over on ESMB. The Anons will probably pick this up soon and this incident will be all over the Internet in short order.

    Home invasion is not the way to go in Texas with it’s Castle Law. Judge will almost certainly throw out any counter charges and tell that stupid fucker he’s lucky you didn’t shoot him.

    Good on you for holding your position and thanks for the report and video.

    Michael A. Hobson

  22. Dm doesn’t want cooperation. He wants to introvert, dominate and crush.
    If you understand that, his behavior makes sense.

  23. How about badges, then? ; )

    May I suggest “NUT BUSTERS”?

  24. Lucky Dilettante

    How do I arrange for a visit by these people to my home?
    I want to make a You-Tube video to advertise pesticides and other potent household chemicals. They could also be a great sell for secuity systems and
    toxic mace. The stammering guy with the backwards hat seems to need some training in basic English, but this can be set up. By the way, before they come over to my house they should be aware that I have several much, much larger dogs.

  25. Not more than a half hour ago I was outside, enjoying the beginnings of spring here in New England. Raking some of last years leaves out of my garden, marveling how little buds are making their way out of the soil in spite of all the snow we’ve had.

    And just — well, really loving being alive.

    AND I had the thought — so many many of my friends are still STUCK, buried and confused within the nightmare called the Sea Org and/or stuck on the treadmill of endless endless donations and contributions.

    NEVER having the time, money or spiritual energy to just go outside and spend an hour in a garden.

    EVEN now — all these many years later — I have to remind myself — YOU CAN ENJOY your life WH (insert any name here it will work for us old SO members) …

    AND NOW I come in — check out Marty’s blog and see this sad sad sight of John Allender and his croonies. All looking a bit pudgy, and well, just embarrassed.

    Once I get over the incredible indignation, I have to just be very sad.

    Not one of these men are inherently bad. No one is. But each of these men have forgotten what it means to be ALIVE.

    It must be horrible.

    Sending $$ to your defense fund.

  26. Marty, I don’t know Texas law, but in Arizona you can have the police tresspass anyone off your property, and if they return, even temporarily, they can be subject to arrest, nomatter where the police find them after the fact. I would bet Texas has similar laws. That would keep the camera hat boys off your property for good.

    Second suggestion, when finance allows, install secure gates so that foot entrance to your front door is not that easy.

    I know you probably wont carry a firearm, so I will not comment further on my ideas in that area.

    The Camera Operator Boy is howling.

    Prediction: Another dozen or so Church members will see this and leave. We will soon see some of them making appearances on this blog. Dave, keep it up. But, a suggestion. If you want to really harrass, trying sending men who are not over-fed and ready for a prostate operation.


  27. martyrathbun09

    Thanks WH. Really, I don’t need a fund. But I truly appreciate your concerns.

  28. Dogs react aggressively towards low toned emotions like fear. The main guy seemed nervous in his speech…
    …your not that scary are you marty?

  29. Claudio Lugli

    Dear Marty,
    I am really sorry this is happening. David Miscavige really lost it, what a reaction! And those guys are not even Staff Members????? He is using public to do this show?!??! And is really a BAD SHOW, what does he think Scientology is? A movie? A reality show???? What about those T-Shirts and caps ????? And the TR 1 of the guy??!!?? He was scared shit and he must have reharsed the part 1 billion times, and still can’t make it properly. The only reason for this is to prepare a video (the usual shit, freedom mag style) in order to show it at “private” events and meetings and I am sure “handlings” of disaffected, of course edited properly with the appropriate music from the Golden Era Musician ….. and an introduction by Jeff Pommerantz. By the way in Italy we say you have square balls men!!!
    Sorry I was not there.
    Claudio & Renata

  30. lunamoth, you are correct and Allender is all that and more. He is a big bully, always has been.

  31. Hi Marty;

    DM’s pathetic attempt to make it dangerous to be loud and vocal in delivering LRH tech.

    These clowns remind me of those videos back in the earlier days, back when all this began, when similar clowns were protesting at the homes and places of work of ‘critics’, and yelling out, ‘What are your crimes?’. Backfired then because it united all the ‘critics’ into one united group, and it will backfire again now.

    SPs just can’t learn, can they.

    If this keeps up, it’ll make a great news story!

    I presume you have innoculated your neighbours, as you know these clowns or their ilk will attempt to go at you from that direction.

    Much respect.

  32. martyrathbun09

    except, he ain’t so big.

  33. Hi — already sent. Buy your PC, Mosey, Chiquita, Tinkerbelle and yourself some great take out 🙂 – or whatever you want. It’s my present to you all. Surely it must be someone’s birthday, somewhere.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Claudio, next time. Love you two.

  35. Was that a Serv Fac machine on top of their heads? What a Putz Squad he had with him.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Was that Warlick? And isn’t he the Director of Special Affairs Los Gatos Org?

  37. martyrathbun09

    will report compliance. 🙂

  38. Those shirts, those hats, wow. Personally I think this is an experience anyone can laugh off. How can they expect anyone to take them seriously dressed like that? If they included a parody song off of Ray Parker Jr.’s original, I would invite them to my home.

    On a side note if anyone happens to have one of their shirts, please put it up on ebay. I want one.

  39. I realize they are coming after you for the last few days posts stating facts about Dave Miscaviage, but why keep trying to kick in Lori? What does she know, that they don’t want out? Can’t they just let people BE and go on worrying about how to get more donations from their recycled bridge efforts?

  40. John and Davey sitting in a tree..

  41. I will refrain from using the foul language that comes to mind after watching these goons on parade harrass one of the best standard tech auditors in existence. Marty, you handled it well. And more importantly, Dave is seriously loosing it. Who is at cause in this game, and who is at effect? It’s plain to see.

  42. yes he is the one down the stairs at your place. One of the guys in back of allender looks like Van Houmasan (that would be his last name).

  43. OTDT, these Putz’s are what run the South Bay area. Always has been and continues. Now mind you allender stirs them all up including warlick.

  44. Joe,
    Speaking of embarrassment. Wait until this video and evidence is before a jury. You harass the lady in California and then follow her to Texas to a private residence. Can we say open mouth and insert foot, leg and ass. These guys have Marty’s picture on their shirts and they think any jury of Texans will believe they weren’t there to harass or intimidate – insanity.

    These guys then continue to state they are doing an “investigation” when they are not legal PI’s and not a media group. Their word investigation is their idea to somehow give credibility to harassment.

    These guys should read the UN Declaration of Human Rights:

    Article 18.
    United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948
    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    We at least know there is TA being made. These are reactions to the fact that Marty and all Independent Scientologists are free to be, free to do, and free to have as they wish. The current KoS has no control and is attempting to exert a forceful control. Now the world gets to see the degree of insanity and force that the KoS uses to try and force itself into our lives when we don’t even want to be part of it.

    It looks like a middle school script for a video for youtube with the camera apparatus on their heads. It isn’t even a good mockup for a 12 year old and looks stupid on an adult. I don’t think this was “planned” – it was a reaction!

    Ah, but to wait for what happens next. How really dumb and stupid can these guys get? We’ll see.

  45. The big boy with the rehearsed glare looks like Jim Smith, a PI for DMA. This is right down his 1.5 alley.

    But damn Marty, are you ever impinging!! All I can say is: “Davey! You like these posts? We’ll do more for your entertainment pleasure and continue to expose you for what you actually are. Okay? Then send a bunch more of these assholes to my place. Arizona has some interesting laws.”

    ML Tom

  46. WH, I understand your feelings of sadness about these poor guys. But what I mostly feel right now is amused. I’m with Joe on the patheticness of the big fellas’ caper.

    Marty, I’m thinking right now about that guy you, Mosey, my man and I had dinner with one night at a lovely Mexican restaurant. A legal kind of guy, if you recall. I think he would be VERY interested in hearing about this encounter.


  47. Captain David Miscavige

    Chairman of the board and leader of COS is really stupid.
    He made himself his bad pr.

    Who would want to join his so called ”Church” wich in fact – always shows to be a ”mafia” world-wide organisation.
    (hope I do not insutl mafia people..lol)

    It remembers me an op about territory control..really..the same.
    The ”parishionners” belongs to the ”church” -so their money

    Ah ah the goodfather doesn’t get the marketing ”fibre”
    The t-shirts – and the cameras on the hat are really ”kitch”
    Never seen something so stupid and ”reatarded”

    Crazy people – with an OT8 – wow!
    I want to be OT 8 …..

  48. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  49. This is sooo funny. Give Chiquita an extra sausage from me ! I love your dog 🙂 “Come on Marty” … was so badly drilled . And then later “Marty, you can´t do that !” “Marty” – ” I just did it ” .
    This guys are not aware how they make fools of themselves. Could be a good southpark story.

  50. I’ve said this before but I will say it again. All the Church has to do to counter the so-called Squirrels and SPs is to blow the stats out the roof. Flourish and Prosper like never before. Have the ‘Ideal Orgs’ so busy that people are busting out the space. With thru expansion and Flourish and Prosper these so-called ‘SPs’ will be relegated to dust.

    OSA and others ask yourself why this is not happening. Why does the Church spend time and money on this type of antics? It is so childish it is almost funny, but is in truth a truly sad state of reflection of what is actually occurring in the Church. With no true expansion the Church is forced to put on spectacles such as this.

    This is further evidence on why I no longer support the current Church.

    Tom Price
    Los Angeles

  51. Sara Finning

    Did he really say the police don’t have standing (jurisdiction) on public property?

  52. I’d be happy to contribute, as well. Just say the word.

  53. Amen Joe!

  54. It’s so telling when you look at “who” was beating on your door! Is this the best he’s got? Pathetic Implanted Robots just doing what they’re told and never once being able to think on their own. Another example of what your donations buy! LOL 🙂
    Be strong!!!!!!

  55. Hi Marty!

    David Miscavige really miscalculated how his goon squad would be shown to the world with the video you have made of them. David Miscavige is an imbecile in need of a height adjustment and some brains. David Miscavige has got to be one of the most juvenile ecclesiastical leaders of our modern times, first he imprisons his followers then, if they can escape his lunacy, he has goon squads track them down and harass them! A really classy ecclesiastical leader that the Church of Scientology has there. F- David Miscavige and the goons he controls, f- all of them, each and every day, for they are the scourge of this planet – THEY are the enemy of mankind. David Miscavige is NOTHING but a short little punk that has deceptively stolen a lot of peoples dreams, there is absolutely nothing likable about him.

  56. I could be ashamed for them, and I am just angry. They not only showed a plain f%%^^ fascist attitude, they also contribute to destroy scientology reputation. That’s a lot of work for us…
    Marty, you are really on the good strategy.
    And for those poor souls….the real Bridge is far away from them!

  57. The last place I ran into him was the Los Gatos Org as the DSA. The guy is a wanna be CIA agent who thinks he is the bomb when it comes to invests. I wouldn’t trust that guy for one second or on any reporting line, he completely views reality as a conspiracy and therefore doesn’t duplicate very well nor apply the tech for that matter.

  58. Now I know what that creepy feeling I had all weekend was all about. Boy Marty you really pushed some buttons BIG TIME!
    King of Squirrels King of Squirrels King of Squirrels
    King of Squirrels King of Squirrels King of Squirrels
    King of Squirrels King of Squirrels King of Squirrels

  59. And he, like everyone else who tries to be a tough-guy bully, is really a wimp. He shows up with 3 goons. Dont forget, the reason they chose to be there today (apart from the last two postings) is because Mr. Tough Guy and his 3 Stooges are trying to intimidate a WOMAN!! Flew all the way from San Jose. Now, that’s an OT at work. May give rise to a new joke: “How many overweight male OTA’s does it take to muster up the courage to try and intimidate one woman?” They are using Miscavige Tech ™ — he never does one of his “SRAs” without having a group of “enforcers” with him.

    And do you know, these days he is terrified of going out anywhere alone. He has to have at least one hired body-guard to be with him at all times. He is scared one of the products of his tech might see him on the street and ask him a mean question.

  60. Just when you thought DM’s goons couldn’t get any more stupid!

    Don’t these guys realise what complete twats they look? Do they really think they are going to make you cave in and stop what you are doing?

    Anyway, well done on keeping your cool Marty. It is obvious that they are hoping to provoke you into a violent reaction, but you mustn’t play that game. Just film them and call the police. I can feel an almighty harassment law suit coming and they don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Of course, this sorry episode does prove one thing – you are getting T/A, so you must be doing something right. Keep it up!


  61. What heinous but accurate “PR” for the corporation that hijacked Scientology. These are “OT Ambassadors” and so-called Ambassadors of “Scientology” ?? Goofball outfits is right.

    It looks like Marty yanked the microphone when he realized the ludicrous outrage of the scene: this guy is a purported “OT Ambassador” sent by a “leader” with menacing thugs in tow spending “Church” funds on travel, airfare and insane teeshirts and signs on an SUV expenses to intimidate and interrupt people who quietly want to practice and learn Scientology in the peace of their homes?!?

    You live in the USA? !?!?

  62. This is really a sad but illuminating day.

  63. Sara — Yes, it was among his more rational comments during the whole episode I thought. Along with the one that wasnt caught om camera: “Oh shit, what do we do now? I thought he was going to let us in to see the folders. When they briefed us they only told us to put on our hats, cameras and T’s and knock on the door. Nobody thought about what might happen if he actually opened the door? AND he had a video camera!”

  64. What else can I say? Those guys are an embarrassment. Know your state’s (and Federal) trespass, stalking, and harassment laws and nail them every time, and take care of yourself!

    A little comic relief:

  65. Marty, did you take a microphone from them? It looks like that from the shadows on the ground after they leave your property.

  66. Marty, his tactics keep people from leaving in that area.

  67. I have it on good notice that DM was nearby watching.

  68. A Ser Fac machine!!! That’s bloody hilarious!

    Marty, if you ever needed any proof you were doing EXACTLY the right thing… what a bunch of clowns.

  69. Marty,

    The recurring thought I have is that those guys went and bought their underwater-camera helicopter hats, authentic wet-Tshirt contest funny T’s, super magnetic stick on official car-door signs and whatever other parphernalia they had in the back of their red mini van (couldnt they at least have gotten an SUV or even a car — not a soccer-mom van?) from the Acme Supply Store where Wile-E-Coyote picks up all his nifty stuff from.

    It really is cartoonish — they are left standing in the street as their latest bomb just exploded in their face and the RoadRunner just drove over them in a bus.

    And to think they flew from California for this magnificently executed caper!

  70. mrinder, lol so true, so true!

  71. Unbelievable … what a bunch of morons.

    Did anyone else catch this? … the Allender guy at the end says “Let’s do a tech inspection and clear this up.”

    ROTLMAO! Does it get any more ironic than that?

    I can’t wait for the leak from DEEP FAX . LOL.

  72. one of those who see

    So many emotions running through me.
    1. I am so pissed off that you are subjected to this harrassment and That definitely is what it is.
    2. At the same time I am suppressing LMAO because of how rediculous they look in those outfits. Sorry, no longer suppressing the laughter.
    3. I am embarrassed as a Scientologist that an OT 8!!!! and company could look and act so stupid!
    4. Jim, they have an MU on the word Squirrel.
    5. How sad is it that people can be so blind?

    And there is Marty. The dignified Auditor taking care of his PC and carrying on. Now tears in my eyes.
    For some reason made me think of “land of the free. home of the brave.”

  73. mrinder, heck they probably got some public to rent them a private jet!

  74. Oh my friggin’ god!!! Who the heck are they to tell you to let them look in your pc’s folders??? True, that’s very in vogue these days, anyone and everyone looking in folders when in fact it is a VERY few posts that have that as part of their job. Just goes to show ya–they wouldn’t recognize Standard Tech anyway. Since when does any old guy banging on your door have any right to look in a folder? Or check the validity of your e-meter? That man Allender is disgusting and it is guys like him and his little thugs who go on and on and on getting the bad name for Scientology. “Hey hey hey–we’re SCIENTOLOGISTS!” Yeah, baby. Keep it up and help your mentor DM the Psycho One finish off the church for good. You tried to get into his valence but couldn’t quite hold it. Flunk. 😀 (In my book that’s to your credit though. You still have a chance to come to your senses….you really should.)

  75. Margaret, yes indeed I heard that about the tech inspection and thought to myself, are you fu–ing kidding me lol.

  76. You know, I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the planning sessions these guys had prior to showing up pounding on your door.

    “Squirrel Buster Productions” – That is funny! They are on the wrong doorstep. This Allender guy has an OT VIII cert. He is the best, the brightest, they have to offer. And this is what he does with his time?

    Let me just say this: The Church of Scientology produces rude, arrogant, people. If they are not arrogant directly, they are snide. I haven’t seen a video since Mike left where any spokesperson or interviewee who is a Scientologist acts in any other manner than rude and/or arrogant and/or snide.

    Tommy Davis, The “SO-ex wives,” David M himself when he is interviewed. The celebs who stood for interviews (who should know better).

    “By their fruits you shall know them.” Look at these fruits!

  77. Crashingupwards

    Your right Mike. He is there because of that girl Lori. No coincidence. Stalking, harrassment. ANY jury will see that. He made a huge mistake. He is their pawn and he will get burnt. Restraining order should be no problem, either.

  78. Mary McConnell

    This is terrible. This is abusive. John Allender is stalking Lori. I hope she gets herself a Temporary Restraining Order in TX and again, in San Jose County. or where ever she lives, required first to getting a permanent one.
    BTW, there are quite a few videos of John Allander as OSA at different protests. You can find them here.

    This is a funny one. Caught ‘ filming’ with the lense closed 🙂

  79. Doubt it was rented….

  80. That’s funny. 🙂

  81. Wow! That is an OT8? A product of LRH tech as perverted by DM.
    If thats an OT8 then our dog is going to attest! He’s much higher toned.

  82. Wow. Those are adult men and senior members of a purported Church of Scientology? No wonder there are so many conflicted opinions. These sinister individuals dressed in insane tee shirts with trembling, shaky voices claim to represent Scientology, which is in fact not what they pretend to be.

    With other mentally questionable antics of this Corporation’s “products” in the news, law enforcement and the US government had better take heed.

    These goons at Mr. Rathbun’s door are not Scientology the philosophy — they are hiding behind the trademark and pretending to be the Church. WHat are they really doing?? damaging infiltration real estate acquisition… and who knows what else.

  83. Marty, you do seem a bit reactive in this video. Why could you not see the humor, hilarity and absurdity in what they were doing? They made complete fools of themselves, you would have been much more effective if you’d been relaxed.

  84. Right on Lucy!!!

  85. Tom Tom — you forgot the “L-E” on the end of your name.

  86. Well…this video proves one thing the Corporation calling itself spiritual Sceintology is really doing.

  87. You beat me to to it, CD! Great post!

  88. Mr. Rathbun ACED it. Flying colors, equilibrium and admirable restraint.

  89. Michael Fairman

    What a spectacle! — Miscavige creating buffoons in his own image. I wonder if he and TC have similar matching T-shirts? “Squirrel-Busters”??? All they need now is fake electronic guns ala “Ghost-Busters”. How pathetic. C of M is the “fastest growing religion in America”? Most likely the most laughable joke in the world. This Allender is an OT VIII? — “Cause Over Life” and “Truth Revealed”? OMG! How sad that it and others like it bray they are defending L. Ron Hubbard and the Tech. Wish I’d been there. I’d be barking along side Chaquita. Marty try not to be embarrassed, but you grow in stature with each passing encounter. Love ya, Man.

  90. What a bunch of idiots! The T-shirts are ridiculous! My eyes almost fell out of my head!
    They remind me of some kind of BAD, 5th rate Hollywood spy spoof! Just waiting for agent 99 to arrive. Love the headgear boys!
    I am so GLAD I have left this insane cult with it’s suppressive idiotic leader and those that are stupid enough to follow him! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    Well done on the video Marty. I’m sure you will prevail!

  91. Totally!!!!

  92. Let me put this in perspective:

    Car rental-$75
    Two hotel rooms-$224
    Airfare for 4-$960

    And what did these assclowns get for it? They interrupted your day for 4:45 and will be facing criminal charges; no doubt will be paying thousands of dollars in legal fees. Anonymous gets more video evidence of the continuing harassment of critics, which it can show to more public to innoculate them from Scientology. (Can you imagine a bunch of preachers coming out to someone’s home, saying that they’re not practicing Christianity?)

    And your PC-and many more Scientologists- gets another taste of why they left the CoS.

    This qualifies as an OSA “operation”? What a sad, sad bunch of nerds. Just what do they think they’re actually accomplishing? (Other than looking ridiculous)

    I can just picture them sitting around planning this op; images of grandeur in their heads about what they’re going to do and how they’re going to get Marty to blow his cool on camera.

    So, what’s Allender’s OT Power? T-Shirt design?

  93. martyrathbun09

    Wish you were here.

  94. This is completely outrageous and really ticked me off due to the tone level and delivery of the Slappy Tech! David Miscavige is a joke as these are his official Oatee Ambassadors, directly from Koolaidville. What a great exemplary of the product of and the beingness of the top of the KoS Bridge! What is Greatness indeed(not)! What is small pettyness? The squirrel T-shirts are the King of Squirrels signatory originating in the 80’s, can you be more original?

    This is actually a great entry to the Doomsday Dave series on Marty’s blog, perhaps we can drag this subject out as it’s producing Tone Arm action and examine his grisly details for the next week!

    Stay strong – Marty, Mosey, Lori, & Chiquita! The increasing number of Indies have your back and are just a phonecall away…

  95. Francesco Minelli

    Marty, the osaboys are so funny that even your dog bite the balls would otherwise have the effect of having inspired a cylinder of helium !

    Marty,gli osaboys sono talmente buffi che neanche il tuo cane gli morderebbe le palle altrimenti avrebbe l’effetto di essersi inspirato una bombola di elio

    Francesco Minelli

  96. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Might help to post a NO TRESPASSING sign to further augment your position and their LACK OF.

  97. Hilarious! Everybody click on his link! CD you’ve got it going on!

  98. martyrathbun09

    There was a very good reason for pulling the mic. It’ll have to wait for trial though.

  99. martyrathbun09


  100. My take on it was that the guy shoved the microphone near Marty’s face and that he acted in self defence seeing a fist clenched around a solid object approaching his face.

  101. I can just picture them sitting around planning this op; images of grandeur in their heads about what they’re going to do and how they’re going to get Marty to blow his cool on camera.

    Yeah isn’t that a dandy scene? Humorous — but let’s not forget the serious implications. Remember, with every social travesty (like Nazi Germany or Tom Jones) there were signs and indications well in adavance, that people ignored or rationalized.

    Rex Fowler is a product of this Corporate Shamtology. Not easy to face, but …fact!! The bullets, his rage, his state of mind were REAL. Law enforcement, USA, FBI anybody? Are you listening??

    If anyone or anything is getting supposed “evolved and enlightened” adults to dress up like these clowns and break the law, and we’ve seen other instances of delusional *abuse* (Rex Fowler who murdered someone who protested his giving all his money to the monopoly of Shamtology) — what else is needed to realize that there is a SIGNIFICANT and REAL difference between actual Scientology and this operation of Corporate Shamtology calling itself that?

  102. martyrathbun09


  103. martyrathbun09

    CD, you da man.

  104. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Do you suppose that Allender is being paid to harass?

  105. Floating Needle

    Keep up the good work Marty!

    You’re getting some serious TA!

    Let me know how I can help… I’m behind you 1000%!!!

    Straight Up and Vertical Baby!

    Boy! Do I wish I was in Texas right now!

    You having ALL THE FUN!!

    If you’re still in the COS after watching that… GOD HELP YA!

  106. martyrathbun09

    Yeah – thank you and your big man too. It is the little things that count at the end of the day. We love both youse.

  107. You can’t really call him an SP as he has no ability to Supress anyone but himself.

  108. Well, I’ll be. My momma used to dress me and my brothers up in matching outfits too. If anyone reading this has lost all self-respect, I believe there’s a squirrel-busting squad looking for some new devotees.

    I don’t speak “dog”, but some theories about what Chiquita was barking:
    1. “Yeah, it’s like we told the person that called earlier: we already have a second set of the Basics!”
    2. “Hey Marty, could you get me a sweater with these guy’s faces on it for Christmas? And stitch “Douche-bag busters” on it?
    3. “Wow guys, when you get tired of licking DMs ass, why don’t come back by and…nevermind, I wouldn’t let you lick my ass.”

  109. martyrathbun09

    Klaus, can you review the video and comment please.

  110. Frickin’ hilarious!

  111. davemessenger

    Wow. These scientologists are absolutely psychotic and potentially very dangerous. If I were you I would have some heavy-duty pepper spray at hand in future, in case their intimidations turn violent.

    I would absolutely file restraining orders against each of these individuals once they are all identified. Get it all on official record. If they claim that they were filming a news story or documentary, then they need to show official press credentials.

  112. Mark A. Baker

    Good luck with the proceedings.

  113. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Carol. Someone else in Bay area is saying it ain’t Warlick. Are you sure? Or perhaps do I have someone on my lines running interference for them? What is Van Houmasan’s story – public, staff, etc?

  114. martyrathbun09

    They are very concerned about Lori because of people she knows. I have to leave it at that for now. But, I am letting Dave know here and now that I know why it is you are trying to harm this good woman. And I’m putting him on notice, it AINT gonna happen.

  115. Hehe – DM probably made them pay for the op themselves and told them they would get a 10% discount on their next patron status. Or they were all assigned liability for the last failed op and were on an amends project.

  116. martyrathbun09

    CORRECTION: They ARE NOT Scientologists.

  117. Marty, I’ve tried to figure out just what the point was they were trying to make here. At first I thought it was just another attack on you but thinking about it DM is attempting to put fear into anyone auditing outside of the ‘Church’. Knowing that you would post this encounter he thinks others would now be afraid to practice outside the ‘Church’. See what you’ll get? or something stupid. Sorry you had to go through this but it will surely backfire on the little weasel. I know you can take care of yourself but I sure wish I’d been there to help. You’ve got lots of friends. Love you, Sargio

  118. martyrathbun09

    Chiquita had her TRs in and didn’t want to contract anything from them.

  119. tt, you must be the fourth one in the video to the left of allender.

  120. I am merely a conduate

  121. This kind of action by Allender and the rest of the San Jose Keystone Cops doesn’t surprise me at all. I remember Allender and his staff as a bunch of goons that bludgeoned those about them that didn’t comply with their vision of how an Org or mission should be by massive attacks with KRs anybody that got in their way was fair game, everybody not in their group was a “clay pigeon”. I finally got out of their sights by becoming more trained in Scientology than they were and blunting their attacks.
    This bullying is part and parcel of Allenders everyday being, I guess it never got handled.
    As for Mark Warlick, I remember him from the case manifestations that he used to portray, full on Fu Manchu beard and a que, and them blowing up like a balloon. This guy abandoned his best friends because one of them got declared. The ugliness in this guy’s soul is hard to imagine, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t behind his friends demise.

  122. These goons I’m sure spent hours practicing “squirrel busting” TRs, which included spending hours in front a mirror making tough guy faces. Flunks would be given for letting the cameras slip off their heads.Then they had their TRs checked out by Angie and Rikki Jensen. COB was so impressed and distracted by their squirrel busting T-Shirts with Marty’s face on it that he passed them on their videos and he NEVER passes anyone on these TRs. Even the KoS makes big mistakes.

  123. Johnny Appleseed

    At your service, Johnny will spread the seeds that make religious freedom grow and these trees shall not ever be home to the great squirrel – David Miscavige.

  124. Dogs do great as ethics officers. I remember someone coming here saying that OSA showed them a detailed DA pack about me. After a few minor misdeamors the grand finale in the pack was a picture of our dog that I had posted on my website with the caption – “The Ethics Officer”.
    OMG – he has a dog for an ethics officer!

  125. Ah, yes, by their fruits. They’re are not OT VIII, they’re Section 8.


  126. Wow !
    I can’t believe it….the guy paid so much money to get up to OT VIII and that’s what he is now……a silly, idiotic 1.1er thinking he’s applying tone 40 or the arc triangle. My god I’m so happy I didn’t finish my OT_Levels in that Church.
    What do they think by proudly presenting themselves as Squirrels Buster, What a Pr, what will people not knowing the def. of Squirrel think about them ? Squirrel buster ? Poor animals !
    Marty, I’ll send you some money in the next days, still owe you some as the wins are not stopping since your sessions, they are coming in faster and faster.
    Never I had this experience in the C.O.S(quirrel) that wins are expanding at higher and higher speed !!!!!!
    Normally I lost them very fast after some Interviews with church terminals…
    You are totally right to call Miscavige the King of squirreling, this is the right indication and all Scientologists should be informed of that truth. It’s really an ultimate truth that goes through any wall and this story will be told in the next thousands of years “The greatest squirrel of history= David Miscavige” and parents will tell their kids if they will not behave they’ll call DM….LOL…..
    Thanks for your good work !

  127. On second thought I’m glad I wasn’t there. I’d of gotten ‘sudden’ all over them I think. Then I’d be in jail. Love

  128. martyrathbun09

    That you are expanding on your wins is music to my ears. That happens when people walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, as you can see this Allender cracker and his redneck friends do.

  129. Typical bully behavior. When I was in Junior High, a girl challenged me in the locker room, coming up with several cronies behind her. She slapped my face. I stood there trying to decide what to do. Well, I decided the best thing to do was to slap her back as hard as I possibly could. She looked shocked, and the cronies sort of melted into the woodwork. That is the power behind Miscavage–bullies and cowards.

  130. You could also have said, “A retreaded motorcycle gang.” LOL

  131. ROFL Lunamoth!

  132. martyrathbun09

    Interesting that more than one have noted Allender as a bully. He is spitting imgage of Miscavige: a punk with a big mouth.

  133. Surely they weren’t flown in on TC1??

  134. martyrathbun09

    Gary – you made me chuckle all these miles away.

  135. But zero humor…which was really called for…It would have been a much more dignified, impressive response – not that he did so badly, mind you, but a bit of wit would have gone a long way in those circumstances 😉

  136. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, me too Sarge; you scare the shit out of me and I’m fearless.

  137. Sarge — I would not waste a lot of time trying to figure out the logic of a madman!

    Based on experience, I dont think there is that much thought in this.

    I think Dave went on a vein-popper: “Did you see what that c***sucker Rathbun is saying now? Doesnt anyone care about defending me? You all just sit around and spectate while I do ALL the work. You are all total effect PTS Suppressives trying to destroy me. I am the only one that can do anything causative. I remember when VA was here and she at least DID something to deal with Mayo. They used to have Squirrel Busters that went up and harassed him. You assholes are all less competent than that SP VA. Or that piece of shit MSH. You can’t originate anything, so as usual, I have to think up what to do.” From there, Jenny Linson issued orders to Lnda Hamel who then called the DSA Stevens Creek who went and got this moron and had him and his 3 Stooges fly to Corpus Christi.

    And into the mix, someone pulled out another transcript of one of Dave’s rants where he said “Someone should go do a tech inspection at Rathbun’s — how can he accuse ME of being a squirrel. I BET he is worse than me.” And in the literal world of Miscavigeland, Francois or Tori (some of his typist/compliance getters) demanded “compliance” to that order [“No, COB was NOT joking when he said that. He would not have said it if he didnt mean it to be done.”] So, Warren McShane or Linda Hamel then added that into the “Mission Orders” for the Ghostbusters and off they went.

  138. martyrathbun09

    Mike ain’t kidding. This is about as accurate a scenario as imaginable, knowing the players.

  139. Gary — perfect response! You brought a big smile to my face. Thank you.

  140. 🙂 Love that! Should have been wearing their Squirrel Bustiers!

  141. Marty it is Mark Warlick (100 pounds heavier) I will find you a video with him in it. Also the Vanhoumasan (Steve is the first name) lives in the Sacramento area works locally and stays locally for the Mission in the South Bay and the org. Used to be Stevens Creek staff. All these people have worked together since before 1982. When the finance police came in and busted the then Stevens Creek mission many of these guys were declared. They have vowed to stick together. Unfortunately they can’t see! The DSA at Stevens Creek is Darlene Bright she works with them.

  142. There is no place on the tonescale for crazy

  143. No Ralph, on second thought I think they were driven in on the short bus.

  144. barneyrubble


    In answer to your question ” How many overweight male OTA’s does it take to muster up the courage to try to intinimate a WOMAN? I’ll tell you the answer is, the 3 phat males have to take 3 doses of Meth in the hotel room to have the courage to go over to Marty’s, and maybe some ecstasy for good measure.

  145. Lucky Dilettante

    (Can you imagine a bunch of preachers coming out to someone’s home, saying that they’re not practicing Christianity?)
    Mr. Fancy, I can’t stop laughing!

  146. Perhaps the ss (shock squad) ordered pizza? I am definitely not hinting anyone do anything.

  147. John Williamson

    Must bring back quite a few memories eh Marty? Remember in the not quite so distant past when YOU did this stuff to people? Think back about how you did this to SO MANY people happily in the name of your church? Why would you prosecute these people for doing the EXACT same thing you did for years?

  148. My favorite line: 1:49 — (Marty) “get off my property boy.”

    It’s the boy part … so Texan.

    The ultimate put down.

    EVERYONE in Texas calls each other Sir or Ma’m — doesn’t matter education, finances, or race.

    But “BOY” —

    That’s fightin’ words.

    But boy allender is too California to notice (sorry to those from CA 🙂 –


  149. Miscavige should watch out. Allender has COB qualities indeed.

  150. Carol — OK, this data fits with the scenario I laid out for Sarge on how this went down. I figured they were probably Darlene’s boys.

  151. CD, Hey, I know that guy! Love

  152. You are in Independance day aren’t you. Hope you get lots of acting offers. Hope you ‘re in comm with Jason Beghe.

  153. DeMonologists. The tape about bodies in pawn comes to mind. Do these people have children in the Sea Org? Is there a threat of disconnection if they don’t obey?
    The real problem I see is that most people will not differentiate between the good Scientologists and the bad much as we have seen with Muslims after 9/11.
    The “anons” are mostly happy to attack and destroy without differentiation.

  154. martyrathbun09

    I never did, Putz. I even busted VA’s and Jesse’s chops doing so.

  155. that is Mark Warlick and his beard is more pronounced now.

  156. you make that song noa you hear otherwise: No caek for you !

  157. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Carol. Miscavige is really setting himself up for some serious liability, ain’t he?

  158. Mr Fairman —
    Did you receive that particle I sent your way, say, about 3 weeks ago?
    Just curious.

    Thank you sir.

    Bruce Pratt

  159. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Carol. You are a hell of a sleuth.

  160. Yes you are so right. Scientology is so simple to apply in life and have fun and success with it, when there is nobody around making you wrong for applying or wanting to tell you, you’re not applying it right…or…and….

  161. Sorry this is happening to you, Marty. I say, take this all the way!

  162. Well all I can say is I had an Awesome day even with John Alender and his gang stalking and harassing me again….today I had 2 incredible STANDARD SESSIONS with MARTY and a 1 hour bike ride along the water then wrap the day up with a yummy chicken dinner with my dear friends Marty and Mosey. Can’t wait to get in session tomorrow!!!
    Happy PC Lori

  163. You have got to be shitting me. Please don’t ever let this video get wide use as a example of CoS harassment, because it will only have people laughing their asses off at doughy, middle aged, fat bodies make utter asses out of themselves. How many cameras did they need taped to their ball caps ? Really? The ridiculousness of it all is mind-blowing. Creating costumes for themselves is hysterical & car sign magnets!

    I thought Scientologist were suppose to do all these TRs, bullbaiting, confront, etc… So why did these fat boys seem nearly on the verge of wetting their pants during this whole pathetic escapade?

    Could this be an amends project? Seriously I know Miscarriage wants to harass Marty but he has the money & resources to hire people to do a much better job than this, or at least hired guns that don’t define the word douchebags. I have a feelings these guys hatched some brilliant plan to impress DM – this is it’s result. Ya think DM is going to be happy with these guys making the CoS’s former dark empire of harassment & intimidation the laughing stock of the Internet???

  164. LOL!

  165. We’ve all done it. That is one of the sad secrets that many find hard to confront. Marty did quite a few nasty things this lifetime. So wtf he seems to be helping people now and shaken himself free.
    LRH once said something to the effect that on OT7 you will have to confront how evil you have been. I think it was on a Class 8 lecture.
    On the upper OT levels you will need beyond any doubt to see that the dichotomy of good and evil is itself a trap.
    One of the auditing questions that I had the longest comm lags on was “Tell me an overt that you haven’t commited”.
    Marty is delivering Scientolgy now. That is the important point.

  166. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, Marty is a 45 man! Tone 45 buddy, keep it steady! We’ve signed up with the Ol Man for putting in Ethics on the planet and the Universe and you sure put a lot of ethics here.

    Tone 45, man! 45!!!

  167. LOL, “the short bus”. +1…that one needed more love

  168. ttasso — If you cant fgure out the response you get, then no amount of explaining is going to change anything.

    You probably sit around offering critiques on all sorts of things you have never experienced: “that guy on the news that was beaten by the police — he really should have not put his arms up to cover his face, the anguish would have played much better on TV if he had kept his face visible to the viewing audience.”

    Nobody has much respect for armchair quarterbacks asso. The only one who seems to think they have something useful to say are the armchair assholes themselves….

    Food for thought.

  169. Now that’s what I’m talking about! More freedom, more joy for the well meaning individuals. Kick some butt and corral some entheta. All in time to watch the sun set and a wonderful dinner in mutually good company. Y’all be livin’ the life!



  170. And how did they knew that Lori was coming to South Texas . . . . how?

  171. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Dan, good point on the cameras! It’s an implant dramatization, lol! hahaha. Those guys are freaking implanters.

  172. Yeah – I loved that too 🙂 I promise I’ll run out the ev. purp one day.

  173. Skin of an elephant you have for letting this post through.

    do you ever smile sitting back seeing everybody doing their thing and think: oh you people

  174. John Allender, married to Linda Allender, who was the DED who intentionally falsified the St Hill Size stats at Stevens Creek Org back in the early 90’s and who, after taking out those who tried to discover her falsehoods, eventually got declared suppressive for that action at Stevens Creek, now she’s OTVIII in the church of dave?
    John has risen to be henchman OTVIII and Linda, well, she is back in good standing, too, and both are bot PRODUCTS OF DM. Amazing how birds of a feather fly with DM. (snicker) John must be feeling really important these days. Wonder what DM has on him to cause him to degrade himself to this extent. slap slap slap…slap slap

  175. Hi OTDT;

    Looks to me that they are dramatizing a specific incident where beings were hit in the middle of the forehead by an electronic beam. Those who are interested in what that incident was called was all about, can find it in History of Man and in the R&D vol 9.

  176. lol…very witty indeed

  177. that reminds me. miscaviges dog must work the other way around than.

  178. Let’s say — You are recently widowed.

    Let’s say — You have been escorted off post and out of the org where you worked.

    Let’s say — You have been contacted by the IAS reg to take out a home equity loan to raise your status because COB has a really big situation.

    Let’s say — You decide to get busy dekludging your departed husband’s bedroom and you fill the trash can.

    Let’s say — You discover thereafter that your trash has been gone through and strewn over a wide area.

    Let’s say — No one comes forward and says, “Hey, I went through your trash,” and it’s never been gone through before in 26 years you have lived in that house.

    Let’s say — You personally pick up all the trash that someone(s) so carelessly and rudely threw about.

    Let’s say — You wonder to this day whatever in the world someone(s) would want with your trash …

    Let’s say — You wonder to this day who would want your trash …

  179. Friend of Ron

    Can we PLEASE not call them OTAs, as in OT Ambassador.
    It is kind of a tech degrade. I believe OMs would be more appropriate as a a term to refer to 8s from now on, who have graduated the DM Bridge — OMs as in Operating Miscaviges.

  180. Friend of Ron

    You got Chiquita and she scared the shit out of Shaggy who is now chasing Squirrels daily in our new place. Shaggy, BTW, will come to get some more OM (Operating Miscaviges) chasing lessons in the near future.

  181. Friend of Ron


    As the MAN would say, back in the day when the OSA guys still used his tech: “You are basically good and we will make sure you get through this alright.” But now the little DUDE rules and that is a whole different tech and very story indeed.


  182. Theo Sismanides

    Great writing Sinar. Yes What is Greatness (Miscavige’s edition)? I really wonder my friend!! What a bunch of unable to think for themselves bullies!

  183. Bigger dog. Doberman is a good choice.

  184. Lori,
    Thank you for putting it all in perspective – the whole thing is sickening and embarrassing, but, at the end of the day, you and Marty got down to business and created some more Theta in the world. Well Done !!!
    Marty, 100% for your cool/calm/collected handling of a difficult situation. I doubt that I could be anywhere near as calm in the face of such douche-bags.
    Well done on ALL of your products – you are definitely driving the cheese-ball King of Squirrels crazy – so keep poking him. I just love that you are able to drive him insane in the safety of his $70 Million mansion…


  185. @Carol: No, that’s not Steve Van Hoomissen. Steve is more striking than that nimrod who was holding that camera.
    Also, Steve and his wife blew, were declared for blowing, but I’m not sure how they got back in good standing. Some years ago now.
    Bay Area hasn’t been the same since you left!

    @Marty: No worries — not running interference. Just can’t see the shot of him well enough with those sunglasses. Hadn’t seen Mark in a looooong time, so I didn’t know he’d gained weight.

  186. Hilarious Ralph. But the sad thing is, it’s probably true.

  187. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Marty, just show to the world what those bullies are. You do good man, you alone and they come 4 of them with implanters devices on their heads. You do good bro! One man against a whole “church”. This is 45 man! This is 45! No guards, just chikita, lol! what a show man. And all you do is Keep On Scientology Working.

    Oh Homo Sap, oh Homo Sap, I thought with that Tech you could differentiate and cross the Bridge to Homo Novis. Nope. It’s still in you guys! You carry those Homo Sap genes. Let Marty alone. Mind your own church and let us alone. See who does better. Dare you have some competition here?

  188. Do you suppose DM will slap them until they learn how to do it right?

  189. “Yeah, it’s like we told the person that called earlier: we already have a second set of the Basics!”

    LOLLLL!!! 😀 😀

  190. I sure do talk a good fight!

  191. martyrathbun09

    Thanks man.

  192. Yep. Its really sad that a poor innocent dog whose nature it is to love his master could be so horribly abused.
    I don’t know the name of his dog but I’m sure that if you posted details about the harsh servility to which DM has subjected him then Animal Rights Activists across the planet would rise up to save him.

  193. Where’s the freakin’ FBI already?

    This shit needs to be stopped!

  194. martyrathbun09

    H, It is called the d-line (d for dumpster). Standard CDC, covert data collection of Miscavige’s unintelligence operation. Please see the movie, Other People’s Lives, if you have not already. An award winning foreign flick about the East German Stasi. It is the best portrayal I have seen to date of Miscavige’s Sea Org. I am sorry they had so little regard for the doctor and his wonderful wife – particularly after what you all did for LRH.

  195. That would be Steven M. Van Hoomissen.

  196. martyrathbun09

    It gets more degraded than that. Linda was Lori’s C/S in the implant factory.

  197. Mark Gibbs Warlick, 95 Church Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030, (408) 395-2331.

  198. Yeah, Lori! Keep up the great work …

  199. Whoah!

  200. It sounds like a segment from “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” but it rings true, Mike. I can just picture it!

    In reality: Here’s another Dear Leader footnuke! Another FP item for OSA legal this week!

  201. Homo Novis is not really where it’s at

  202. This is just a blip on their radar amongst many

  203. (d for dumpster). see my previous post

  204. Wow, watch the guy Mark Warlick (can that be a real name?(shrink into a spool of yarn while the voice on camera-who obviously has experience in the cult of Miscavige tells him one ugly truth after another is something to see. Notice the really uncomfortable body language of the dark haired lady behind him.

    Seems to me that Miscavige had to dig deep into the cesspool to produce these squirrel-buster dudes.

  205. My guess is that Steve Hall is going to have a really funny parody or something about this episode at the Indy Day festivities. Just my guess.

  206. You obviously haven’t run into that situation yourself before.

    It may take a few moments to assess the Situation. Having 4 people show up right in your face at your front door obnoxiously demanding to get inside, there is always the possibility someone is crazy enough to rush you.

    Heavy intimidation doesn’t always bring the best out of you.

  207. Acking you for confronting. In the end you are just guy just like me.

  208. Yep. The sad truth.

  209. I don’t know what you are saying

  210. Unfortunatly, it is nothing new. I know this as the sister of a former sea org member who had the termerity to exercise his civil rights and walk away. The drama that this David Miscavige dude has put my family through is worth a short story, but it is so outlandish that it would never be taken seriously as fiction. These guys with their head-cams and squirrel buster t-shirts? I mean who could make something like that up?

  211. Ingrid,
    That’s the correct scenario, but due to the flap in the late 90’s the cold, chrome steel faces checking out TRs and metering have changed.

    Rikki is in Anzo, having finished the RPF and Angie serves meals at the Int dining room, no longer on Tech lines. They were the scapegoat of the Lisa McPherson legal flap.

  212. I guess we will have to wait until “the other side” posts their video.

  213. Klaus — OTAs is short for OTAsses. But OMs is just as good!

  214. +1 Lori! Go girl!

  215. Mike knows whereof he speaks. I witnessed the same scenario many, many times. As I was reading Mike’s words, I could hear DM’s voice inflection and hand gestures. Priceless. Can you imagine Marty’s presence of mind to fire up his video camera?

  216. They’re the San Jose “Wild Hogs” wannabes. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0486946/

  217. Bob Peterson

    If I didn’t know better I would say that Little Davie is trying to do things on the cheap and these were the best he could find in the bargin basement. As it stands these oafs reminded me of a high school attempt, and not a good one either, at Gilbert & Sullivan.

  218. Hiring Hired Guns is trademarked by the KoS, Kassandra!

    It’s part of his “Power Formula”.

  219. H — Standard “d” line.

    We have a story too.

    Let’s say — Someone knocks on your door.
    Let’s say — He explains rather sheepishly that he collects your garbage twice a week.
    Let’s say — He further explains that a guy approached him and flashed a badge.
    Let’s say — The guy tells him that he is investigating people in this house for drug trafficking.
    Let’s say — The guy offers to pay the guys on the truck if they keep our garbage aside and take it around the corner where he will pick it up.
    Let’s say — The guy feels bad about it, so wants to get it off his chest.
    Let’s say — For the last nine months we save dogshit and mix it into the garbage for the guy around the corner. 🙂

  220. Beautiful Sinar.

  221. What a joke! These guys looks pathetic! This “OT VIII” behaves, talks and even looks like a robot. Simply bad PR!
    Marty, you definitely seems to be on the right path.

    Thanks for the show – the lion versus the scary rats.

  222. Long shot enturbulating intimitation ploy to gather evidence, or …

    Boy Allander collecting some Brownie Points to get on the supposed OT-9 to be released this year.

    Orders of Magnitude … Amateur Hour at its finest. These guys are just too stupid.

    And if DM was not behind it, then Allander & CO$’s finest just dealt him a major blow.

    Well done. Keep up the good work.

    Did anyone else catch this? … the Allender guy at the end says:

    “Let’s do a tech inspection and clear this up.”

    He’d first have to sign a Billion Year Independent Scientologist Contract.

  223. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Good point. An man on my street shot an intruder in his home (wounded him in the leg). It never even went to court.

  224. Oldest operation in the universe: a being must never change because of something he did in the past which must stay with him forever. Redo OT 2, you pud.

  225. I would agree with you there Foremost. Dobies are great guard dogs! Very intimidating. And they will back up their bark if commanded.

  226. Mirari, you pegged her correctly. That org was truly only run by Joy Overfelt, Botello was her name before she married Chuck Overfelt). Linda was in complete propitiation to Joy. The rest of what was left, were not on hatting, because most could not read let alone duplicate the tech at that time. The only aces were the auditors. If Linda did not like the way the CS was csing she would by-pass, leave her post as DED and cs the pc. Then of course the pc would end up at the reg’s being bludgeoned for more money.
    Oh and then there was the Dianetic book sales that was a joke, like 10,000 to central files all with the same last name. By hey they were St. Hill’s size!
    that org specialized in looking for who’s and why’s, mostly who’s.

  227. This whole freaking video and comments are more entertaining than the Daily Show and Colbert Report combined. God, that is funny, Mike.

  228. pronounced like beeeerrrrrrd???

  229. Sending goons= I am guilty of everything that Marty and Mike say.

  230. James Anderson

    Well Marty that was well handled your end, how dare they arrive and just assume you’d open your house to them their arrogancy just has to be seen to be believed.

  231. Howard Roark

    Cult-like behavior.

  232. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  233. mrinder, Dalene is not that bright. She takes her orders from Cathy True.

  234. Jane look at Steve on facebook and put a hat on him, grow a mustache and there ya go! Trust me he is back in so-called good standing. You are correct he blew but is baaaaaaaak. His FSM s MaryJo Hyland who get he and his wife to pay for their bridges and he has also applied for a job with Rick Melrose. so there ya go.

    Thanks for the ack. You know the Bay Area has some deep soul searching to do.

  235. This video could use some Benny Hill music. Poor Allender and company — no pride, dignity, self-respect or even independent thought. Well, I don’t feel too bad for their shame and embarrassment. They can stop being at effect and put in ethics on themselves at any time. Plenty of others have.

  236. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Holy cats, Marty!

    I was going to write and tell you that a Source mag showed up here today and what do you suppose the entire thing is about? Standard tech. How about that?

    Then I get here and find out you’re stirring up trouble again?

    Harboring a dangerous woman who might, ah, might, um … well, I’m not sure what she might do, but she’s clearly very dangerous. And that’s on top of trying to defend standard tech. Don’t you know only the church can do that? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on you.

    So then these little boys get a chance to come out and play at being toughs. They even had their little costumes on and everything, and you just ruined it all.

    You are such a trouble-maker. I think LRH would be very proud of you. I am.

  237. mrinder-Love your response to ttasso.

  238. Cindy Pinsonnault

    You rock, Lori. And so does your auditor!

  239. George White

    The great Mogallana, the chief disciple of Gotama Buddha outlines 2,600 years ago the qualities of a squirrel who is difficult to rebuke, admonish or censure:

    This person has evil wishes,
    lauds oneself and disparages others,
    is angry,
    resists advice,
    denigrates advisors,
    has meandering talk,

  240. Cindy — one thing she WON’T do for sure, which is the biggest crime there is. She won’t be listening to COB no more.

  241. “Squirrel Busters” what an oxymoron by a bunch of morons

  242. right on Garry that is where to find him.

  243. They got the picture all wrong on the T-shirts, it should be a picture of DM.

  244. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Bustin’ Nuts with Golden Rods

  245. Garry, I like your style thanks for the correction in the spelling.I just sounded it out. You are hired!

  246. I have to acknowledge this, Mike – that is brilliant!

  247. MARTY! HOT SHIT! Bert just I.D’ed the guy on the right. It’s Richard Hirst, OSABOT extraordinaire for Seattle’s own Ann Pearce.

  248. Thanks Mike! Great story about your “counter-d (d for dumpster) line.” Really nice the guy wants to get it off his chest and communicates it to you. L, H

  249. Now you’re just insulting motorcycles. Of which I have two.

    And gangs, me and my mates go out as gangs for Sunday breakfast. Hmmm, maybe more “bunch of old farts” and less “gang”.

    But still! I demand a retraction!

    Or maybe not 🙂

  250. I will confirm what Carol says. That is Mark Warlick and he has been connected to the south bay DSA for years. He is originally from Mountain View, not Stevens Creek. It creeps me out to have been connected to all of these guys.

  251. Thanks Marty! Now I understand … will find and watch the movie as hatting. L, H

  252. So true.

    If Marty is continuously subjected to these intimidating type of visits, it would be a good idea to have a Dobie right behind the door.

    A sign on the front to that effect.

    But then it might also prevent CO$ next time from shooting itself in the foot … lol

  253. martyrathbun09

    What your fees buy, eh? Flyin’ in from around the country.

  254. martyrathbun09

    What do you do on a list where every item reads? That is DM to the tee.

  255. Correct. I can double confirm. That is NOT Jim Smith.

  256. What douches. Anyway, forgive me if this has been addressed in previous posts already, but do you have or have you (Mahty) considered a simple/minimal a/v security camera or setup? Something which would be more geared towards recording what areas need to be recorded the moment it detects movement on your stairs/driveway/etc.? Eliminates the “I told you when you opened the door” crap…
    Perhaps next time, literally laughing in their faces and closing the door would be worth a shot? Not sure where or if that fits into Scn community cycle stuff, but it’d be interesting to see what they do with a completely different response, while still having been confronted, than they want.

  257. martyrathbun09

    Once again = mimicry on their part. When was the last time they pushed STANDARD TECH? DM is literally trying to mirror us. It is comedic tragedy. Can you pass the mag along? I’d be interested in seeing how they are bastardizing the subject to their own people.

  258. Scott Campbell

    Excellent comment as usual, S/A.

    I’m always thoroughly impressed by your Data Series Evaluation, Why finding, logic, general investigative and legal acumen.

    A good man to have around, you are.

    L, Scott

  259. Miscavige is the Foot Bullet King. If you rattle his cage just a little, he will beat his own head on the bars for an hour.

    It’s hard to believe these pawns would actually attempt to stand before a Texas judge and explain their insane behavior. Although pathetic, the fact is there was a lot of work and organize involved. They hired a PI camera man (the same one used many times in L.A. who was videoed admitting he was hired by a legal firm working for the “church”), made the goofy shirts, hats, signs, etc, flew all the way to Texas, bought cameras, rented a vehicle and hotel rooms etc.

    All this for what intention? What were they trying to accomplish? How was all this insanity coordinated?

    Intimidation? Human Right Violations? They felt it was their “duty” to prevent others from peacefully practicing their religious beliefs in their own home? They represent who? Do they work for food? Who feeds them?

    Can you just imagine these confused cowards trying to answer such questions and justify their bizarre behavior to a Texas judge?

    If this does go to trial, the whole thing should be videoed if at all possible.
    If it can’t be videoed I would even consider flying all the way down to Texas to watch, live, something that entertaining.

  260. Man, what an embarrassment!

    John Allender is a walking Tech Degrade of an OT and a Scientologist.

    Simply disgusting conduct.

    The result of their stupidity internally is seriously compromised integrity, and externally, one big foot bullet and a video splashed all over the world.

    Great PR guys – yeah, that’ll make inroads into society for sure.

    Years from now, these guys will be wondering what the f_ _ _ they were thinking and how they are going to dig themselves out of the hole they’re in.

  261. We both learn toghether it is almost as we are twins

  262. Scott Campbell

    Their leader…

  263. Marty ~

    This was a BULLBAIT. His intent was to Bullbait you and you kept your cool. You did well.
    DM the hypocrite, screaming via his Warren Mcshanes and Port Captains to Hemet Sheriff department because of Protestors on Highway 79 ~~
    He wants to use Law enforcement as his private army TAX FREE while he sends street THUGS to a PRIVATE RESIDENCE.
    DM’s actions might well have gotten Rex Fowler to blow his cool, but he ain’t going to set you up.

  264. “doth protest the overt”

    O God somebody kill my memory

  265. George White

    In those days, you were sent to review. This review consisted of techniques to convert the unwholesome states to wholesome states.
    Some never made it to review such as Buddha’s cousin who later tried to harm the Buddha.

  266. Take the largest reading item, TWC E\S to FN, handle all the reads, reassess to F\N. The Midget De-Oppression Rundown….I know a few who could benefit greatly…. 😉

  267. Marty and Mike,

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few months now. Still, I am shocked by the depravity of David Miscarriage and his putrid despicable thugs. On the other hand, I am very impressed by your obvious intelligence and your writing ability. You two are far greater people. Davey Boy probably has “What Is Greatness” imprinted on his personal COB toilet paper. God knows he could not wipe it with a real cob. HBy the way, have you noticed the strange affectation in Miscavige’s voice, the way he nearly hisses with each ‘s’ ? You hear it in Cruise’s and Travolta’s speech patterns also. Take a listen some time when you have nothing better to do. John is okay but Tom is a brown noser.

    Those things at your door have relinquished their right to oxygen by now. They are degraded beings. In some states, it is legal (in a sense) to shoot people inside your own home; not that I would suggest that. Of course, there are other mitigating circumstances such as assault and defending one’s life, but in my “writer’s mind”, it is easy enough to mock up.

    I am waiting for the day that Hemet looks like Waco, as the U.S. Army, the FBI and the ATF storm the place and expose the arsenal of automatic and other weapons while freeing Heber and the others held captive there. Witnessing the TV reports of this would certainly bring about a renewed belief in The Supreme Being. Until such day, God bless Daniel Montalvo and Mark Hedley in their efforts to bring about justice.

    I have noticed through the years that advice is rarely sought and even more rarely taken, but I still offer this: Please do not represent yourself in court, unless you are an attorney. A haughty supercilious judge is very aware of his/her having been to school and passed the bar and can be very biased toward people attempting to “do the job of a real lawyer”. I’d rather see you win than lose. Not knowing how much of the good old boy syndrome exists in Texas and not knowing whether they are easily influenced by a few beer bellied imbeciles, such as those turds at your door, I wish to see you the winner and the turds exposed as the fools that they are.

    Keep maintaining your objectivity and don’t let the emotion of situations such as these drag you into the dunghills that are ever spewing from the mouths of hired thugs.

    Thank you both and keep kicking ass!

    Billy Jack

  268. Bert Schippers

    Here’s another vid with Richard Hirst in it:

  269. That must be one hell of a Danger condition in South Bay and Seattle…..
    Too bad it didn’t “handle the situation and any danger in it”…..but then DMBots never were known for being able to find a correct “why”…..blind leading the blind all the way down. Hopefully one day they will be able to spot the true condition…..

  270. That’s funny his dog’s name is BUSTER.

    Only Miscavige would name his dog Buster and would make people salute it…

  271. Scott Campbell

    I love that, Mike.

  272. Great idea. We should all show up with our matching T’s with DMs mug on it and…geeze, I want one of those so-cool caps with the camera.

    I guess this is big Dave’s idea of a New Civilization. Wow…what a wonderful world it would be.

  273. Dirk Niblick

    Mike and Marty,
    I’ve read your blog for a while. I am not a Scientologist but I think it’s cool that you’re speaking out.

    This video should tell everyone just how crafty and scary these guys can be. You guys might think it’s funny that they’re wearing “Squirrel Busters” stupid shirts but that’s the ENTIRE POINT. They want you to think that. By wearing dumb shirts and with stupid “joke” logos, they are really trying to put themselves at an advantage.

    1. They can shop the video around the COS. “Hey guys, this is a hilarious video. Look how stupid this guy Marty is! Look how he’s flipping out when we are just showing up and joking around! He has serious issues! He must be hiding so many crimes!”

    2. They can spin it in court. “Look, judge, we were just filming a funny video and this guy came completely unhinged. He is so completely out of it. We had NO IDEA that lady was in the house.” Four goons showing up looks threatening off the bat, but four goons in funny shirts, well, then it’s just a “joke.”

    3. If Marty doesn’t take it seriously and yell at them, then he has no leg to stand on when claiming that he is being threatened by stalkers who are genuinely harassing him. If Marty does take it seriously and yell at them, then they call him crazy and act like he is being out of line. He can either laugh at them and not be taken seriously himself, or he can yell at them and they can spin it as if he’s unhinged.

    This is messed up. As funny as the video might seem, it’s very calculated and very frightening to me personally.

    Anyway, kudos to Marty for trying to handle this as well as he could in a genuinely threatening situation.

  274. They probably had to pay the airfare themselves because they are doing some sort of a liability condition to the creepy leader. I can’t believe anybody can be so retarded to be walking around in those ridiculous outfits. I am sure the little creep (Miscavige) together with the other creep (Tom Cruise) designed those hideous outfits.

    BTW: If you had punched that guys lights out, I would not have blamed you the least.

  275. Scott Campbell


    I must say you handled those t-shirted douchebags admirably. I liked how quickly you got them off of your property without violence or HE&R. Excellent 8-C.

    Nice camera work in the face of all that entheta too. I hope the Dev-T didn’t cut across you production much.

    If you need anything, just say the word, buddy. I’ll do my best to help you.


  276. martyrathbun09

    The “Mad Max” goggles are a dead give away. Thanks Bert.

  277. Marty, The guy on the right with the webcam in his hat is Richard Hirst. He hails from Clearwater these days but is from Seattle and has a tech business here. He showed up at the Freezone convention last summer but seemed pretty bummed when I outed him to the others and he wasn’t able to stay under cover. He really seems to love playing spy and intimidator for OSA, and has done work for them for years.

  278. theystolemychurch

    Wow, Richard looks a LOT worse for wear!!!! But, you are right that would be him…

  279. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mark.

  280. Dirk, thanks for your input and expressed concern. While these goons are sent with the purpose of intimidation, they only succeed if they get into your head. Otherwise, like these 4, they are merely an army of footbullets waiting to be fired. And good ole Dave has an itchy trigger finger when he doesnt have it up his ass.

  281. Maybe this has been said before, as I didn’t get to all the comments, but WTF with those outfits and cap cameras?!

    This could have been a Saturday Night Live skit with Buck Henry, if their dialog wasn’t so lame.

    Fer cryin’ out loud, that’s all they got??!!

  282. John — No, that wasnt all they had. They also had an Acme magnetic car door sign. That was a nice touch that Wile E Coyote would have admired.

  283. This is nuttier than a squirrel in a Planter’s nut factory!
    Here’s a bit of help from Riverside: Marty if you need to make the case that these guys did not come on their own accord, but instead were directed by Miscavige, I’ve got just what you need. Here’s some pictures of the main cameraman (with the Sony HDV camera) that were taken at Gold Base on March 12. Camera guy came out of the base with a sound guy and started to do “camera wars” (or Facsimile one?), with a Los Angeles TV Channel 7 news reporter. He and his sound guy were circling the female reporter trying to intimidate her without saying a word. I tried to get them to respond but they were mute.

    I was impressed that she was not intimidated but instead turned the action right back on them. This circling of cameras went on for about 5 minutes. If this ever gets on TV you’ll see how creepy they were. I was also clowning around with them, but they didn’t crack a smile. I offered them a steak and then they thanked me for the offer and left. (I should have offered a bag of nuts)

    If you need the original pictures, you know how to reach me. Please help identify these two.

  284. I went to say, “The belly is a dead givaway too,” but then I realized there were three of them with beer bellies. Are beards and bellies a prerequisite for being selected for dildo duty?

  285. “His tactics keep people from leaving in that area”

    Here’s what I don’t get: Miscavige and Co. use bullying tactics to keep people around them. But what sort of people are going to stick around? Toadies and slaves.

    Neither of which are particularly good in the trenches, which explains the ineptitude on display.

    The folks with any backbone -read integrity- are gonna leave. So Miscavige just drives out the most competent people-and sets them against him. When he continues to act like the Sultan of Douchebagistan, all he does is set the most dangerous people against him, while surrounding himself with patsies.

    That is not Survival behavior.

  286. Dirk Niblick

    Right on, Mike, that’s totally true. That’s a good reminder… they’re only scary if you’re scared!

    Otherwise, they’re guys who are crafty and shifty, for sure… but they are ridiculous more than anything else. Well done by Marty on this one.

  287. That twit was OT8. What a bunch of losers.

  288. Thanks for sharing the wins. Well done on weathering the storm (or was it just a little squall?)

  289. Classic. 10 + 10 + 10

  290. Remember in the not quite so distant past when YOU did this stuff to people? Think back about how you did this to SO MANY people happily in the name of your church?

    We all came in that way, woke up, and left.

  291. Scott Campbell

    Good job Lori!

    Great to hear wins from an unflappable OT!

    L, Scott

  292. Hey Marty, Natalie’s got a line of uncult products including this great shirt for your dog! http://www.cafepress.com/Houseofnat/7783654

  293. Marty – what a bunch of pathetic mama’s boys !! These mama’s boys are too dumb to fight their way out of a wet paper bag let alone intimidate you and Lori. Allender can and does give the impression that he is bonkers. He is an OTVIII ??? – what a dismal advertisement for that case state. Yet another example of the overt products produced by squirrel DM tech – how blind does a person have to be to see that this is not the road to freedom but to slavery.
    If the TA is moving keep it moving.

  294. Rex Fowler was under pressure from a failing business and extortion charges-it was either try to off his business partner or he was facing posible jail time. So, he took a chance on trying to cover it all up with his half-assed plan. (See what happens when your ability to think critically is damaged?)

    John Allender, OTOH, does not have an existential threat coming from Marty. He’s a bully, and a ridiculous one at that. And at his core, he’s a pussy, just like any other bully.

    Actually, scratch that. He’s not a bully-he’s a toady doing the bidding of a bully. Toadies aren’t very competent, nor are they particularly motivated. John Allender is likely doing what he has to do in order to stay in the good graces of Miscavige.

    And not very well, in spite of the Fab T-shirt and Uber Nerd 2000 cap.

  295. Freedom Fighter

    I keep meaning to write some sort of comment about this stunt, but I can’t stop laughing. “Squirrel Buster Productions”? Seriously? Bwahahaha!!!!

  296. OMFG, this is the most cringeworthy thing I’ve ever seen.

    A bunch of wannabe RTC goons show up at the Shack for a “Tech Inspection?” Demanding to see PC files?

    Marty, well done on not cracking up with laughter at these buffoons – this is what DM has at His beck and call these days? Too funny. Except for the sinister purpose they were there for and the enturbulation factor of interrupting a session environment.

    If this is all the Co$ has to offer in the way of “PR,” no wonder it’s failing so badly.

    Tick, tock, Davey Boy.

  297. I thought that was the guy. Big old camera, asking obviously OSAish questions. The Palmer’s were kind enough to introduce him to me. I shook his hand, invited him in, told him to take as many pics as he wanted. He was visibly shaken, sat for a few minutes then got up and left, even though I invited him to dinner.

  298. one of those who see

    This is just fantastic!! Big smile!! Well Done Lori! Have a good one tomorrow!

  299. Wow. What an embarrassment that little caper was. Linda and Charlie, seriously, is this the best you guys have got? Allender is just a little weenie punk with puny TRs. He couldn’t impinge on my grandmother.

    And just so you know…there are even more of us out here following along than you know of. And just so you know…Marty’s blog has a higher rating on Alexa than Scientology.org. Check it out. More people are tuning in to read about how your boss is the King of Squirrels than are reading about your boss’s version of a “church.” Those are some real stats. And just so you know, I would love for Marty to audit me any day. I’m certain I’d receive more standard tech from him than any of those last sessions at Flag.

  300. becomingAware

    Marty – You are on the point. If you need anything I can help with, just let me know.

    Sad to see what the South Bay has become but I suppose it has happened at all the orgs to some extent. Back in a happier time for the Church I knew most of those people mentioned above.

    DM- You are such a little man spiritually to feel you must destroy to protect the power you seem to think you have.

    David Lingenfelter

  301. Good point AO. This is the same cameraman that was with LaBlow across the street from my house. Got plenty of footage of him too. He is building quite the repertoire.

  302. Fac One Machine.

  303. Tory Christman

    Hey Marty—aren’t you auditing there??? Not sure if you refer to yourself as “religious”…but THEY (C of $) are constantly trying to push: “You are interrupting a religious service and that is against the law”, when we picket. (And there are large fines for doing so, IF it can be proven. They never can, as we are not). However, this clearly does seem like it is interrupting your business. If religious, make sure you check your laws in Texas. They most certainly seem to be doing what they always threaten us with, when we are peacefully picketing. MORONS!!!!

  304. COF aka "Chariman of the Fraud"

    It must have been a l-o-n-g flight back to NorCal for these under achieving OTVIIIs. Their blood pressure must have been through the roof sitting in coach eating their crackers and drinking club soda while nibbling on their fingernails thinking what their “leader” was going to say to them (via the “Office of Scandalous Affairs” of course) . This mission surely was a week in the making at Hollywood and Ivar, moreover it was a COMPLETE failure!

    The sand is moving through the hourglass on DM at a slow steady pace….

    Keep flourishing and prospering Marty!

  305. Tory Christman

    “Nobody has much respect for armchair quarterbacks asso.”

    Good point, Mike. My Dad was a professional Quarterback (Chicago Cardinals, back in the day!) and later a Professional Broadcaster for NBC with Curt Gowdy—and he used to always say: “Monday Morning Quarter backs are a dime a dozen”. Everyone (who wasn’t in the game) knows the NEXT DAY what they *should* have done. DUH!

  306. @Carol: Agreed, the Bay Area definitely has some sort of deep search needed — and probably not within its soul. There is no soul here, nor has it any heart.

    Like Marty has said: the church is dead.

    Boy, am I ready to live my life.

  307. Mr. Fancy, Allender is getting worse. If he could see himself in a mirror he would be shocked. He lives his life at down right mean!

  308. There are times when a solid communication line is the best way to bring the other party into PT and understanding of who they are communicating to. You are a point in space that is able and willing to hold its position. (Us points can sometimes be gender-neutral but bulldog pugnacious.)

  309. Mother of Grendel

    It’s like the OT 8s / OTA’s are dramatizing the “kill them before they kill me” actions of the SP. And not just this guy – all the OT8s/OTAs seem to be continuously on the defensive, looking for any opportunity to neutralize the enemy. It’s like – wait… wait… it’s like their all in the valence of an SP!

  310. Marty-

    You rock man.

    “Get off my property boy.” Classic

    I am having a hard time with how the hell these four morons could even think they were being sane, rational, or anything else resembling analytical thought.

    “In the presence of suppression one makes continual mistakes.”

    John Allender is very very PTS. Poor guy doesn’t even realize it.

    Nice Marty. And nice Chiquita too.

    Like anything, the Church is taking part in a cycle of action. It is, most certainly, in the ‘stop’ stage of its existence. This video is an embarrassment to L. Ron Hubbard. It is an embarrassment to the Auditors of Planet Earth. It is an embarrassment to anyone who honestly made it to OT.

    Have a great day everyone


  311. A good summation of my sentiments too. 🙂

  312. I was interested in something Allener said, which is, he said he is going to be there-(Corpus Christi) for weeks. What does that mean? He can’t keep coming to your house. What would he do? Or was it BS?

  313. Sorry to be a pain. John’s wife spells her name Lynda Ann Allender. She & John share an ugly, dipilated house at 1113 Thornton Way, San Jose, CA 95128, (408) 294-0921. I’ve been told the young dope wielding the videocam is John’s son, Brandon. Lynda works with Mike Bach at World Research, Inc. in SJ. http://www.hoovers.com/company/World_Research_Inc/rfhhjci-1.html

  314. Sick bastards! If Dave and his gang had nothing to hide they would be creating auditors and clearing the planet on a daily basis instead of showing up in South Texas.

  315. Sleepy McGee

    Thanks Marty and Mike for exposing DM. I’ve been a Scientologist for 39 years and now I do understand why I started withdrawing from the church starting 22 years ago. I could feel the suppression coming down the lines 22 years ago.

    Wow. Crazy bums at your door. Good thing the bums left your property or your dog Chiquita was probably about to go over and piss on them.

  316. Ingrid — He also sad he was going to do a “tech inspection.” And “Bust some squrrels” (yet he was not banging on Dear Leader’s door).Dont think you can trust much of what he says. Just my guess.

  317. Yeah, and then for the next guy he called him “Big Boy”, he, he.

  318. That OT8 guy John Allender, reminds me of one of my last auditors at CO$ – zero ARC, neo-con/neo-miscavige breed of squirrelly hardline, “if you don’t bend over it’s an ethics matter son!” goose stepping, “LRH was too easy on people”, “I’m important, you’re not and your case is inconveniencing me”, nut job who’s KRC of the subject is that of a robot off some whole track implant station. Exhale.

  319. John Allender, what the hell are you up to? You told me 7 years ago, after I had been off lines for 12 years, that I would be on 7 in 6 months! I said yeah right. Just got back on lines to handle a failed marriage and wanted someone to talk to. I was actually suprised to see you there as last we talked you were borderline declared back in the Wimbush purge. Remember? Clay Primrose (ED, Stevens Creek) offered to tell you the OT3 story when he was about to be declared, and you told me you read “Bare faced Messiah” cover to cover?

  320. barneyrubble

    Correction, It’s Lynda Allendar, not Linda.

  321. Watching Eyes

    OSA people demanding to see a PC folder. Hmm. Now where is that commonly done? Where would this be allowed? In no establishment that delivers Standard Tech could OSA types demand and be allowed to see a PC folder. Yet those guys see nothing odd about asking for a folder. That speaks volumes all by itself. Those 4 guys are out of PT. They don’t know where they are.
    ps. Any people still “in” who watch that video might want to ask themselves what happened to the priest-penitent privilege in DM’s cult if OSA can see PC folders just by asking.

  322. Paul Christman? No kidding. I don’t remember his playing days but remember him with the great Curt Gowdy.

  323. They are “here for weeks and weeks…as long as it takes…”
    So I expect we will see more attempts at fail-tech, but the real motive is to interrupt delivery. There are a number of exigency plans to cover that eventuality, just hope there is /b/ackup to cover the lulz fest if they come a knocking again……

  324. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    CD, Absolutly LOL!!

    Mucho admiration,

    Gary 🙂

  325. Yeah, same guy following me and Mat around a few months ago in LA, too.

  326. They are all wearing dark sunglasses. Why do you wear sunglasses in the shade? No confront. They don’t have the balls to look you in the eye Marty.
    I wonder why that is. Why do you think that is John?

  327. Yes, and what’s with the baby blue t-shirts? A pacifier in their mouths would complete the picture of four babies who escaped from their nannies.

  328. You really can’t make stuff up this insanely bizarre. So much lulz here, it deserves to be memorialized in shoops.

    so i give ya’all an audience-appropriate shoop for your viewing amusement:

    Now excuse me while i go LOL and LMAO for atleast a week of this crazy shi-

  329. Tory Christman

    Yup—He played in the late 40’s early 50’s with the Chicago Cardinals and earlier was an “All American” (In the Football Hall of Fame) for University of Missouri. 🙂

  330. I think I’ll pass on both sides of that coin.

  331. Psst. AKA: The Lives of Others.
    Great film.

  332. On that Youtube clip- John Allender is trying to do to Marty what Anonymous was doing to him in the clip.

  333. If you hadn’t had your camera methinks they might have tried some other shenanigans. I think it was bit of green kryptonite there.
    Good move on your part!

  334. The lines just got easier to read between. Psycho-dog allender is trying to protect his bitch. She must have a shit-pile of crimes he wants to bury. However, his native valence is not “Top Dog” but “pussy” as evidenced by his inability to keep his TRs in (caves to Marty’s TR3’d “Who are you?”). Even the presence of 3 other curs couldn’t keep him from sucking his tail back between his legs to protect his no-balls from being bitten off (- again!)

  335. Jane Rustin, I hear you. Good on being ready to live your life! The church has been dead for years. The only thing surviving are the roaches.

  336. No Karen,
    unfortunately Marty didn’t keep his cool, he grabbed for and pulled the wired microphone attached to one of the douche-bag’s equipment…I applaud Marty for not taking it further, I understand the gun laws in Texas favor a “man and his castle” I’m not sure what I would have done if i were in Marty’s shoes, but I guarantee it would have been more then yanking a mic out of some blow-hards hand.

  337. mrinder, I think you are correct. Good eye.

  338. Don’t forget “short.”

  339. I hope you keep them deep in the doodie line by throwing in the odd bone. OSA, your name is shit in my book. May you be covered with that moniker.

  340. How do you parody a parody of a parody? They already did the full job, scooping all future parodies-in-the-making: Two alcoholic DBs (degraded beings) with beer bellies wearing $10 Elvis/Elton John sun glasses and double-naught spy camera hats—HATs mind you, camera hats, not just cameras… baby-blue mall-made t-shirts smelling of Old Spice and Whopper sauce, Irish Spring scented beards covering high-school acne scars, a mini-magnetic sign size 8 x 11 from Office Max, flanked by two nervous-Nellie-chicken-clucking assistants losing their feathers in the breeze created by their own trembling limbs (the well known “flight or flight” mechanism)—a tubby one afraid to get on the stairs and a skinny jumpy one hiding behind “King of the Cheese Dicks”—and all obviously as universally vacuous as four bags of hammers without the hammers.

    Well all in all, I’ve never seen anything so asinine in my life and I don’t think anyone else has either. ONLY david miscavige could have thunk up and ordered this piece of idioship, this video monument to the Eternal Foot Bullet. Surely miscavige thunk it while drunk. What a Legacy this Greatest of the Great Religious Leaders of the 20th Century will surely be remembered for. Let’s call this video: “Rejects from the Out House” or how about “Attack of the Homeless Fat Zombie Pigs” or “Return of the Pillsbury Dough Puppets” or “Why Beards are no Longer in Fashion” or “Pavlov Methods Works on Snails, Too!” or “What Happens When Feces and Boils Interbreed.”

    Hear me! Hear me! Does lipstick on a pig make it any more glamorous? (Please shout your answer now). Does facial hair on a Twinky make it any more formidable? (Go ahead…) And can a nice camera hat resurrect self respect in the totally abject and prostrated? (Don’t even answer that one).

    People, people. There is genuine reason for contemplation here. I can hear what you’re thinking. Years ago you heard the ugly rumors. And you thought they were lies, LIES! Until today.

    Yeah. You know where this is going. The scandal that caused early networks to drop Popeye.

    It was only the biggest scandal in cartoon history hushed up by old studio money. Morally bankrupt Whimpy finally forced to “pay the piper” for all those hamburger IOUs he chalked up to the Sea Hag and Alice the Goon. Before the housing bubble and the dot-com bubble, there was the hamburger bubble and it burst, oh how it burst. And who would have guessed the little Jeep was that kind of freak? And while this is no place to go into the sketchy details of those dark and steamy nights in the Associated Artists back lot, now — NOW my friends — you’ve seen the fleshy, incontrovertible proof of what happened as the clock struck 4 and-Haggie-wants-some-more. Not just one LOVE CHILD but four! Each, who’s hillbilly likeness and yellow demeanor reveal the uncanny genetic imprint of hamburger-hungry Whimpy, “Finally a Mother” Sea Hag, Alice the “Ever-Hot-for-anything-human” Goon, and the crazy-in-the-head Jeep bouncing on his corkscrew tail.

    YOU can dismiss rumor, Sir! But YOU cannot dismiss the four corpulent crossovers who made their Holy Pilgrimage to Casablanca wearing official david miscavige paraphernalia which they humbly donned in the final Burger King bathroom 15 miles outside of Ingleside.

    Please: A moment of silence before the hideous truth hits Ancestry.com.

  341. These guys are doing a silver cert inspection. Got to have some excuse to shut down any application of tech.

    Unfortunately, as their is no auditing apparently being done at the Idle Org in Stevens Creek, they have to travel to Texas to find someone who is using a meter and auditing.

    That is such an oddity that it goes all the way to DM to sort out and crush.

    So glad your PC took it all in stride and had her win. Well done Marty. You da man!

  342. Garry, word has it Lynda does not work for World Reseach anymore. She spends her time auditing in Portland and her son Brandon is the FBO of the Portland Org.

  343. scilonschools

    Marty , now you have some names and addresses i think you ought to send those brainwashed goons a reminder for some quality auditing, offer to waive the fee for the first session you kindly “gave them” at Cassablanca as a good will gesture!
    I think you could retire in luxury on the auditing fees just to get them human again!

    Well done all.

  344. Squirrel Busters “Productions”?? LMAO! What are they gonna do? Make movies of themselves? (the real squirrels). This whole scenario is just too insane for words.

  345. Wow, it’s too bad the T-shirt squad didn’t choose to do something more productive and useful with their day.

  346. Kathy Braceland

    I burst out laughing. Firstly, the fact that Miscaviage thinks he can intimidate Marty? ha ha ha ha…. And he sent THESE guys to do it? ha ha ha ha…. Squirrel Busters Productions? (insert more laughter) The guy wants to do a tech inspection? ha ha ha ha

    So, Marty’s last 2 posts consist of revealing Miscaviage’s acme brand squirrel technology. Then guys show up at Marty’s house (again) with a new twist. The other tactics didn’t work. What could possibly make them think this would? Sounds like a big cope to me. The end result of cope is drown.

    Because I missed commenting on the last 2 posts, I just want to add here:

    Miscaviage has knowingly and calculatingly, with malice aforethought, altered standard metering and standard TRs to destroy auditors, to destroy auditor training, which means no auditing, which means no case gain. Orgs only exist to deliver auditing and training. He is busy on the inside taking the church down while Marty and the rest of us are actually Keeping Scientology Working with standard tech.

  347. Thanks CD!
    I’ll keep an eye on my on my Gabage can

  348. California Squirrel

    CD, Absolutely hilarious! You capture the nuance of David Miscavige so well!
    This is what I deem to be the best picture yet in the “True likeness” category.
    Very well done.

  349. plainoldthetan

    I agree with Centurion. Any on-the-fencer will see this video and land feet-first on the correct side of the conflict. If Miscavige sent these guys, it shows him in bad light. AND IF MISCAVIGE DOESN’T RAPIDLY AND PUBLICLY CORRECT THESE GUYS it shows shows him in WORSE light. It’s a shame that Marty’s got to keep a video camera by his door.

    “Constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price, actually. And we have stayed across the world a free organization.” — LRH 6012c31 GENUS OF DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY

    “sequitur victoria Vigilantibus” (victory follows the vigilant) — a guy I used to lose board wargames to.

    And the goofy Fac One projectors were priceless.

  350. plainoldthetan

    Hilarious! Section 8 OTs!

  351. Okay, I take back retreaded and substitute “retarded”. LOL (referring only to the guys in the videos.)

  352. These guys look like the king´s jesters. *loooool

  353. Here’s some more footage of John Allender:

  354. El Exauditor

    Maybe they are working themselves through “ethics” “delivering an effective blow”. That is usually the way they get public to do these things

  355. ClearlyMistreated

    Wow, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile! I know Richard Hirst from way back. What a douchebag.

  356. Joe Pendleton

    John Allender – back in the late 70s, you and Lynda were bright young, uptone auditors in training. What happened to put you in your current case state? Because it’s ugly, man. YOU’RE an OT8? I would think what you manifest as a being would have been handled on Grades 0 – 4. Honestly, you embarass me.

    PS – the camera on the top of the cap? Uhm…it’s not a flattering look. Well. maybe it goes with the T shirt.

  357. plainoldthetan

    There’s something I can say definitively about all the Church-side participants in this run-in. There were NO Operating Thetans involved. Even the most tyro staff member or parishioner would have said “gee, that sounds like a BAD idea”. Of course, the most tyro staff member or parishioner would have a sense of right/wrong and might even be able to grant Marty and his household enough beingness to have not participated in such shenanigans.

    A real OT would have been able to perceive the plans for the event as designed to deliberately cave someone in and drive them downtone. And therefore a real OT wouldn’t have participated. At minimum.

    Hasn’t this OT 8 ever read HCO PL AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL CLEARS?

    Or precepts 9, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19, and 20 of The Way to Happiness?

    Hey, Dave, look at the video! In your delusional self-important cash-cow-milking tech-altering machinations, you could issue instructions for THE OT HAPPINESS RUNDOWN. All you have to do is modify the LRH to leave out precepts 9, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

    You wouldn’t want your beloved OTs to discover that they’d been committing overts in the valence of Davey Miscavige, after all.

    When the bozos retreated back to their microvan, it reminded me of the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where King Arthur screams repeatedly “Run Away, Run Away”.

    But…this is just another bad Miscavige mutated PR video. In the same vein as the Int events, it started out with an obviously flawed idea, which was followed up with and cemented in place with gutless execution.

    Didn’t anybody say, “hey, if you guys do something stoopid on video, it’ll look bad for the Church”?

    And once more, my faith in canine instincts is justified. The dog knew they were there to harrass. So the attitude was immediately returned in kind.

    Good dog!

  358. Joe Pendleton

    GREAT point. Are these guys in fact violating Marty’s pc’s right to practice her religion? And Marty’s as well. This is quite a serious issue. Violating someone’s civil rights is a federal crime.

  359. This is just “RTC” doing its job, making sure the tech isn’t applied in any environment where DM doesn’t have full and total control. The fact is that the more Marty applies Standard Tech and Keeps Scientology Working, the more enraged the DM-cult is going to be that they have nothing to do with it ..

    Statistics are the key here. The more the stats go up, the more these sorts of incidents will occur. DM doesn’t want to see OT’s being made without their Church shackles, because his masters can’t stand the idea of OT’s being set loose in society. DM has to do what he is told – prevent OT’s from operating in society, at all costs.

  360. I think they have completely mis-underestimated Marty’s prowess, and integrity.

    Its pretty clear in this video that these guys can’t keep their TR’s in, are not on point, don’t have the Ethics presence required to blow Marty’s anchor points away, and so on. They came here to get some sort of blow or missed w/h reaction on camera, and failed dismally.

    Where the hell are the Sea Org members, if Marty is such a huge squirrel? The fact that not a single SO member showed up, in uniform, speaks volumes about what is going on – fact is, there aren’t any SO members left, right?

    DM: you are not sending SO members to handle squirrels, but instead some sort of goon squad from public lines? Where are your SO? LRH created the SO to handle precisely this sort of ‘squirrel’ situation: where the hell are they?

    Fact is, the most SO member of the video is the one whose house was invaded.


  361. Marty, you should get a couple of these and duct-tape them in various strategic places:


    I would suggest you put a few on your dogs collar, maybe a couple on a cap for easy self-deployment, and so on ..

  362. Keep a can of bear spray by the front door

  363. The T-shirts and the cameras are just Via’s designed to keep them all from thinking about anything Marty might have to say to them about their squirrel master. If they are too focused on keeping the cameras on their head and their funny t-shirts pointed at Marty, they can’t pay attention to anything he might have to say (i.e., TRUTH) that would bring them out of their DM-stupor.

    A real SO member confronting a squirrel doesn’t need any Via, because he’ll have TRUTH to deliver. These guys have nothing but lies and witholds, so they need all the MEST via they can get, to keep them all banked-up together.

  364. Correct me if I’m wrong but Lori and the other good folk who go to Casablanca do so because they want to. The haven’t been regged, and certainly haven’t been coerced, threatened or blackmailed to go see Marty and get counselling. Was Lori dragged kicking and screaming to see Marty?

    Now, why is it, with a billion-dollar Church at their disposal, with its unprecedent expansion and the Mecca of technical perfection, they would instead go see Marty?

    “So the ogre that might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    To put it another way: “So the ogre that might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

    Actually, re-reading KSW#1 in the light of recent postings and events is recommended. Looking at doomsday machines and 3-swing F/Ns in the light of this statement for example: “When people can’t get results from what THEY THINK (italics) is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble …came from orgs where an executive in each COULD NOT (italics) assimilate straight Scientology”.

  365. Of course! Why didn’t I realise! Separated at birth – CD and Marty!

    Talking of births (stream of consciousness don’t ya know), Maria is due to give birth to little Emily tomorrow – please give a big Indie rousing welcome for her (pics etc will be on my FB page).

  366. For me this intervention is looking like an amend project, the kind of things they do when in liability. “Do an effective blow despite personnal danger”. Then he would be running around trying to get his condition signed with pictures they took with their funny hat!
    “I went to the house of the squirrel and bla…” and “good people” would sign with a “very well done, John”. This guy knows how to fight back suppression!

  367. There’s more to it than that.

    Stevens Creek went Saint Hill Size in March 90. It quickly fell apart afterwards because it was mostly stat pushes that got them there such as crush regging. No stable organization, which was Lynda’s hat. Within two years Stevens Creek was crashed, most of the top execs had either left or blown. D/ED Lynda Allender blew but was quicky reccoved and “routed out standardly”. She then went to work for the Feshbachs (short selling slimeballs) in nearby Palo Alto, and it was rumored that she borrowed large sums of money from them to pay off her freeloader debt. She now works at World Research with Michael Bach which was spun off from the Feshbachs investment company back in the 90’s.

    As someone has mentioned here before, John Allender got declared in the early 80’s for invalidating clears in order to reg them for more services, i.e. “you’re not really Clear, so you need to buy these services…” Who does this remind you of?

    John Allender is a punk and a bitch. Was it just me or did anyone else hear his voice quiver like a scared punk when he was trying to bullbait Marty? It’s obvious Marty has the better TRs. John Allender is out of his league. Maybe he should stick to beating up high school girls. I couldn’t imagine being audited by someone like John Allender.

    John Allender is a bypassed case. Probably has no idea what “case gain” means.

    It’s horrific to think church money or IAS money was used to send these middle-aged, overweight idiots all the way to Texas to try to intimidate Marty. And those cameras on the hats – they look like they’re out of some cheesy science fiction movie. Did anyone else notice their antennae moving around? They made complete asses out of themselves.

    Props to Marty for filming this, keeping his cool and pressing charges.

  368. Sleepy McGee

    Marty, Regarding these bums showing up at your door, I think you outsmarted them in several ways with what you said and did. You were outsmarting them which will become even more evident as this thing unfolds more. I look forward to seeing their entheta backfire on them. This is only my 2nd post on your blog. I’m a Scientologist of 39 years.

  369. Four extra-large, beer belly-size “Squirrel Buster” tee shirts: $40

    Four one-way coach plane tickets from San Jose to South Texas: $859

    The ACME sign to go onto the side of the soccer mom mini van: $12

    Marty telling Allender to “get off my property boy”: priceless

  370. martyrathbun09

    Hey Sleepy.

  371. I did look at the video 1 hour ago and meanwhile had been eating and then smoking outside in the warm sun. Had a closer look at the terminals involved and by looking at the OT8 ambassaodor had a cold feeling. Like being in winter time outside smoking. Never had that before while looking at some “OT”.

  372. martyrathbun09

    Kinda like Deliverance meets Walmart?

  373. Lucky Dilettante

    Let me get this straight:
    So David Miscavige kicks Marty out of the religion because he is devoted to it and practices to the extent of giving up all else for a billion years.
    Now Marty who has promised to practice for a billion years goes to Texas and practices his religion. What else can he do?
    Now David Miscavige can’t stand the thought of Marty practicing his religion so he sends out an extermination crew who are trying to stop Marty from practicing his religion.
    The crew video tapes the event to show it to thousands of people in the inner circle who are going to stand up, applaud and whistle over the stopping of Marty from practicing the religion that they practice.
    Now David Miscavige is so upset at someone[Marty]who is practicing a more pure form of his religion that he doesn’t even want to talk to him about it.
    Now David Miscavige displays no similarity at all to any compassionate religious leader in history.
    David Miscavige and his shock squad show no sign of compassion or traditional religious forgiveness. Rather they bully Marty.
    Now this never stops because David Miscavige is so conceited that he thinks he is perfect.
    David Miscavige’s shock squad members are so blind, they cannot see that they are being used.
    So now Marty, after working for Scientology for 25 years and vowing to practice it for a billion years, can’t even take out his trash without running into a gestapo goon squad for a billion years.
    Now all of this is never to stop for a billion years.
    Well, it seems to me that Miscavige is really on the short end of the stick here. Marty has friends. My advice to David Miscavige is that he is the one who needs to STOP.
    There must be some sort of compassionate relief in the Scientology religion to which he can turn for help. David Miscavige is caught in an endless circle of insanity, and he must seek a remedy.

  374. T-Shirts-$80
    Car rental-$75
    Two hotel rooms-$224
    Airfare for 4-$960

    The whole thing caught on video for subsequent prosecution in a court of law: PRICELESS!!!!

  375. Phoenix Rising

    Hey John — you don’t get it do you?
    In your view, if there is blood on your hands, you can never change, you can never confront and take responsibiblity for what you have done, or for the bigger picture. In your view, you are forever tainted and a “sinner”.
    You have clearly never done a single Scn service in your life.
    Case gain is not achieved by sticking your head in the sand and saying “Nutting to do with me”. No one on this blog or in the Indi’s has ever claimed to be a saint — far from it.
    Wake Up.

  376. Deliverance meets Walmart and marries bringing ass-crack full circle to where it actually speaks.

  377. John Williamson

    To tell you the truth, I liked the OLD VM t-shirts better!

  378. martyrathbun09

    I got news, John is OSA.

  379. It pains me to call those guys “scientologists” or “OTs” because they are not. They are clearly far below liability as a Scientologist. Technically I would consider them as “The Walking Red Tags”. (Might be even the name of that gang.)

  380. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, I’ve even got OSA on my side on this one.

  381. martyrathbun09

    Ya think they’re adopting the winning valence?

  382. martyrathbun09


  383. Marty,
    I don’t know if you remember, when DMs crew came in to break and remove VAs RTC crew, I specifically remember DM making a huge deal out of the black fabric jackets we had at the time with red emboidered “Squirrel Busters”, a reminant of the 80s movement or “Mayo Campaign”. I remember DM saying clear as day “it makes RTC look like a hit squad”. 25 years later he is runing his own hit squad, exactly per his own words.
    I found this rather amusing.

  384. martyrathbun09

    Clever, but I take exception to the “Scientologist” title.

  385. martyrathbun09

    Yeah Amy, a “professional”. The way he was positioned in front of my door was to focus only on me so that the viewer of his video would not see the clowns in the absurd costumes.

  386. Marty,

    Let me know if you want to borrow Max.

  387. martyrathbun09

    The most tractable OSA public volunteers are about as effect as can be. One qualification is a very discreditable disqualification. It is continuously held over their heads, like a carrot: if you do this, you get that. It is sad.

  388. martyrathbun09

    Your dad was a wise man.

  389. martyrathbun09

    I like that team Indie one.

  390. Sapere Aude,

    Good stuff.

  391. martyrathbun09

    Mike, right. I am likely to do a complete post on this. It was antics that like this (which Misavige ordered VA and Jesse to do in the first place) that I was then ordered to come in, supervise them and prevent (after it flapped when AAC got an injunction against RTC) circa mid eighties (when I was Legal Exec ASI, and VA and JP were RTC). Miscavige is a rimless zero.

  392. Well, you know what Marty, OSA or not that poster is wrong. {LOL} Once again it is the Church of Scientology that has SOUGHT YOU OUT not you that sought them out. Let’s ask this question including to ask it to the church “How should anyone respond to 3 to 5 reporters with cameras on their heads standing outside a person’s door at 9:00 a.m. in the morning when they are in their pajamas?” I guess the Church of Scientology would answer “I don’t know”. Well that figures. Right?

  393. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. But, you know the problem with that is that Max will be so busy trying to court Chiquita, I’ll lose my own watch dog from the equation.

  394. wannabeclear

    The documentation of CoS OSA harassment is plentiful, many videos I’ve seen here and all over the ‘net, John Sweeney’s Panorama expose, etc. So, why is it that this particular example is so utterly ludicrous but at the same time so shocking to me? The actions of these buffoons are being financed by funds from unsuspecting, well-meaning people who think that their “donations” are being used to better the world. Instead they are paying for airfare, hotel, costumes, camera equipment and surveillance, all in order to stop one person who has been decried as inconsequential. This one video alone makes me, as a fundraiser, want to lobby the Attorney Generals in every single state where the CoS operates (as well as the IRS) to prove that they are misusing funds meant for “religious” purposes and that legitimate religions do not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to harass a single critic by appearing on his doorstep with a clown car camera crew. I’m not sure why but this video, more than any other I’ve seen to date, is completely infuriating to me!

  395. Right Christie — still makes me laugh this morning.


  396. Wow Martin, Maria and little Emily! Congratuations and welcome Emily!! H

  397. Keep your eyes on the prize.

    We drive. The dogs rush out,barking. No time to stop; we have a party to attend. In the rearview mirror, we see them snarling, turning on one another. A sad smile. The yapping recedes.

    Our smile brightens: the cake will be good.

  398. Still would like to get one of these T shirts they wore. Loved the picture of Marty attached to a squirrel’s body. Pretty friggin cute. What would they do if you showed up wearing one next time they came to the door?

    What a collector’s item.

    Nothing dissolves like admiration.

  399. TroubleShooter

    Carol I believe you mean Cathy False right?

  400. They are not Scientologists.

    They are members of the IAS.

  401. Hey,
    Don’t mess with my friend BIG Dave Miscavige.
    He’s not on an impossible mission.
    Don’t get into my NO FLY ZONE, BUSTER

  402. Crashingupwards

    The Church’s version of the “Publishers Clearinghouse” prize crew. Cameras, microphones, the unexpected knock on the door. But no oversized check. All stick, no carrot. Nice people. NOT.

  403. TroubleShooter

    Because it wasn’t really a tech inspection. I laughed out loud at that comment the Allander made about doing a tech inspection! He was clearly not even well “hatted” on camera use let alone being qualified to do a tech inspection. None of those guys are trained, I’m certain of it. Tech inspection – oh good one – mwahhhahahahahahahahaha.

    Is the latest effort to black pr you Marty to assert that you are auditing without a meter? What was that all about? I guess it was their “fart of war” interpretation – tell a lie that’s so outrageous that it would stick…?…oh boy.

    And WOW that this happened as well when addressing the area and person with your pc – TA action indeed! That’s the living lighting all right! Confronting and handling suppression – BAM, that’s how it’s done!

  404. Thank you for giving me a topic to speak about at the next Riverside Board of Supervisors meetin. Clearly this is an abuse of the precious tax exempt privilege that religious organizations enjoy. Members of other churches should be concerned as well.
    I do encourage everyone here to write to your state attorney general, local county supervisors, property tax auditor, county auditor and the IRS. They all have the authority to act and stop this.
    BTW, Int/Gold base is currently under a property tax audit that begun in Nov 2010. The tax auditor of Riverside tells me he still has not completed it, which is fine with me. He’s doing a very thorough job.

  405. Alex Braverman

    Greetings Marty
    ‘Long time for me between postings. I really feel the need to point out the obvious here, you are being stalked, Lori is being stalked and it is all being done at the behest of the leader of the ‘Church’. You have the proof right here – your very own blog readers gave it to you. These ‘Church’ controlled goons interrupted a religious service, a great big no-no. These same OSA goons tried to intimidate you into giving up pc folders (anyone watching Marty’s video – and still drinking the Kool Aid; think about that one for a moment). I know why you won’t accept any funds for your legal defense fund Marty, because you are going to be rich beyond your wildest dreams when you take this documentation to Court and win MILLIONS of dollars in compensatory damages from David Miscavige & The ‘Church’. Lori can do the same thing and get a few MILLION dollars for herself. Not to bad of a result for all of this ‘Church’ inspired shenanigans. I like to think of it as the lottery – brought to you by the Keystone Kops.

    Marty, I’m not going to take up anymore of your valuable bandwidth stating the obvious here, but before I close I would like to ask; would you do me a big favor? Next time these Miscavige directed goons show up at your door; Can you ask them, for me, if they would sell you one of those fucking awesome t-shirts so that we can take them into the shop and copy them? Imagine a bunch of us wearing them at the next big event featuring the short one, it would be hilarious.

    ‘Thanks Marty, and tell Chequita ‘woof woof’ for me!

  406. My niece got a Doberman, after 15 miles walk, he askes her “when do we start walking?” *lool

  407. I would bet they tracked her in the travel reservations system used by External Comm CMOI, under the guise of being a “travel agent.” SOP. They used to use a system called “Sabre”, I’m not sure if it’s the same one these days. With enough personal info (it doesn’t take much) they can view pretty much any flight reservation, AFAIK.

  408. My niece got a Doberman, they are quite tough, after 15 miles walk he askes her “when do we start walking?” *lool

  409. Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about. A Steve Hall Production!

  410. becomingAware

    I think that was the clever idea to justify the cameras to the police as I’m sure they figured Marty would call them.


    Let me get this straight: OK!

    So David Miscavige kicks Marty out of the religion because he is devoted to it and practices to the extent of giving up all else for a billion years. ACTUALLY, MARTY LEFT THE ORGANIZATION ON HIS OWN DETERMINISM IN 2004. HE WAS NOT KICKED OUT OF THE RELIGION.

    Now Marty who has promised to practice for a billion years goes to Texas and practices his religion. What else can he do? HE’S DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE SHOULD BE DOING.

    Now David Miscavige can’t stand the thought of Marty practicing his religion so he sends out an extermination crew who are trying to stop Marty from practicing his religion. YES, THIS IS WEIRD, HUH?

    The crew video tapes the event to show it to thousands of people in the inner circle who are going to stand up, applaud and whistle over the stopping of Marty from practicing the religion that they practice. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO STAND UP, APPLAUD, ETC., DO NOT PRACTICE THE SAME APPLIED PRINCIPLES OF THE RELIGION.

    Now David Miscavige is so upset at someone[Marty]who is practicing a more pure form of his religion that he doesn’t even want to talk to him about it. CORRECT — DAVID MISCAVIGE DOES NOT TALK TO A PERSON WHO PRACTICES A MORE PURE FORM OF THE RELIGION.

    Now David Miscavige displays no similarity at all to any compassionate religious leader in history. CORRECT — DAVID MISCAVIGE IS NOT COMPASSIONATE AS MANY HAVE NOTED ON THIS BLOG AND ELSEWHERE.


    Now this never stops because David Miscavige is so conceited that he thinks he is perfect. “CONCEITED” IS PROBABLY A MILD TERM BUT THINKS HE IS “PERFECT” IS ACCURATE.

    David Miscavige’s shock squad members are so blind, they cannot see that they are being used. MOST CERTAINLY THE SHOCK SQUAD MEMBERS ARE BLIND — FALSE INFORMATION CAN DO THAT TO A PERSON — AND ONCE BLINDED, THEY CAN BE USED FOR MOST ANYTHING.

    So now Marty, after working for Scientology for 25 years and vowing to practice it for a billion years, can’t even take out his trash without running into a gestapo goon squad for a billion years. TRUE. BUT WE HAVE HIS BACK AND CONTINUE TO HAVE HIS BACK SO HE CAN STANDARDLY APPLY THE PRINCIPLES OF THE RELIGION.

    Now all of this is never to stop for a billion years. OH, IT WILL EVENTUALLY COME TO A HEAD, NOT-TO-WORRY!

    Well, it seems to me that Miscavige is really on the short end of the stick here. Marty has friends. My advice to David Miscavige is that he is the one who needs to STOP. GOOD ADVICE. I’VE ALSO HEARD HE SHOULD JUST LEAVE THE ACTIVITY.

    There must be some sort of compassionate relief in the Scientology religion to which he can turn for help. David Miscavige is caught in an endless circle of insanity, and he must seek a remedy. ACTUALLY, SEE THE POINT JUST ABOVE THIS ONE. I DOUBT HE WOULD TURN TO COMPASSIONATE RELIEF IN THE RELIGION AS HE HAS FAILED TO DO SO FOR MANY YEARS.

  412. I believe Ollie Matson was on the Cardinals then. One of the all-time greats.

  413. Nono,

    Interesting observation of the omitted.

    The reason Dear Leader doesnt send SO Members is that he doesnt trust them.

    Anyone close to him has had many derogatory comments made about them. So, when Warren McShane has to sign off on the “Mission personnel” he has to look at “the COB traffic” to see if the person is OK. Everyone at Int has negative things said about them. Some lower levels have that too, but there are also blanket pronouncements “The entire FB is composed of DB’s that cant do anything. I would never send them on a Mission.” or “The FSO are all worker-oriented assholes” etc etc. So, when he issues the order to fire the “Squirrel Handlng mission to Marty’s” his closest sycophants are there to “get compliance” and they have access to every utterance he has ever made on their computers, so they look up what “COB said” about X person “You are a know-best asshole proposing that person, do you know what COB said about them….?).

    In the end, there is nobody who qualifies so they look around for sucker public to be enlisted.

    Or else Dear Leader said at the outset: “get an OT VIII public — they at least listen to my orders, and if there is any trouble it won’t pull RTC [me] in.”

    That’s how it goes down in the Vampire Empire.

  414. martyrathbun09

    Agreed – though I’d say concern about church liability may play a slightly larger role.

  415. 24 hours after this post hit, I am still laughing about those camera hats. Just needed to get that off to everybody.

  416. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot for laying this out with precision and for correcting the one falsehood.
    There is only one line that I do not think is 100% accurate: “Now this never stops because David Miscavige is so conceited that he thinks he is perfect. “CONCEITED” IS PROBABLY A MILD TERM BUT THINKS HE IS “PERFECT” IS ACCURATE.”
    In my estimation he is beginning to see that he is not “perfect.” Part of all this rockslamming behavior we are witnessing is evidence of that process. We have been in his head for two straight years. As much as people want to glorify past efforts to end the suppression, and as much as I should probably acknowledge them more, I know this guy better than he knows himself. Please take it to the bank, he is coming unglued. And it isn’t being accomplished by head on attacks with the same circus side-show tactics he uses. He likes that, it energizes him, and justifies his psychotic existence. For example, I could have (and certainly Mike could have) sued him back to the stone ages at any given time. But, we know he likes that. He gets to justify his crush regging machine that way – “see, I need the money NOW.” TRUTH to him is like water is to the Wicked Witch. Only difference is, he’s had a multi-million dollar, well-orchastrated anti-TRUTH shield in place for decades. So, we have had to penetrate 16 foot walls by way of the messenger or water boys sneaking it in piece by piece. Sometimes we’ve had to take a lot blows because we understand the process would not happen over night. But, collectively, we’ve got broad shoulders. As my man Heber used to say, “we are the anvil that will break all hammers.” Nothing harms him greater than seeing, over and over again, his repeated blows make us stronger. Oh, he knows he is not perfect, you can bet on it. And if you watch some of his more recent speeches real close you can even see it. And it is causing the gasket blowing phenomena we’ve been witnessing. The doomsday, super high tech, super well funded, vintage Nazi, SuperQuantum, Golden Age of Suppression vintage Nazi tank he has been busy building since 1981 is growing more inoperational by the day. And when it finally breaks down the punk has to crawl out and face the music.

  417. GetTheConcept

    Good point.

  418. (holy mackeral, I can’t believe I snuck this one out…)

    COB Secret Directive 1 January, 2011 (1/1/11)



    The year 2012 has been predicted by many as the year the world will end. If there’s any truth to this, then obviously we don’t have much time left and it presents the dichotomy of “now it really matters what we do” versus “it doesn’t matter what the hell we do”.

    My postulate to handle this conundrum is for us to go flat out with no holds barred. The main thrust of this Golden Age of No Holds Barred is to facilitate the creation and successful operation of KSW Field Enforcement Squads that literally permeate society with the purpose of hammering out of existence all the squirreling and incorrect technologies that are detracting from our mission.

    These roaming squads will consist of volunteer OT Ambassadors as squad leader with up to four additional members whose task it is to storm the field and enforce KSW on recalcitrant outcasts who have not complied with our demands to cease and desist their harmful activities, particularly, but not limited to those who are using the sacred technology of Scientology without authorization, psychiatrists, psychologists, other religions, cultish fraternities and people reading ‘self-help’ books in general.

    The idea is to ‘put them on notice’ and to ‘command them to comply’ with our demand to stomp themselves out of existence so that we can carry on unimpeded. LRH states clearly that these points are not pounded home hard enough and if it’s one thing we are determined to do before the world ends, it is to utilize our every waking moment to fully comply with Command Intention.

    Additional qualifications for this mandatory volunteer duty and the basic Instant Hat is as follows:

    1. The NOI Dedicated Dead-Face Glare
    2. Abdomen Bloat Exercises
    3. Good pair of sneakers
    4. Large head
    5. Irritatingly-Slow Staircase Descent Drill
    6. Use of intimidating R6 End Words such as: “boo!”, “ha!”, “yeah”, “huh?”
    7. A van or other vehicle with sign on side
    8. Reactively Symbolic Demeaning T-Shirts or jackets
    9. Rabies Shots
    10. Microphone Intimidation Drill

    By survey, the following Squad themes should prove to have the greatest degree of penetration:

    a) Coal Miner Fac One Squad: helmets with camera or lights on top will key in your target to wholetrack Fac One incidents and/or make them feel like they are trapped in an underground mine.

    b) Three Stooges Squad: obviously, this one requires some talent at buffoonery and stupidity but by experience has proven highly effective.

    c) Celebrity Omnipotent Mission Impossible Squad: TC has volunteered for this one and has already recruited Travolta, Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee. TC has personally financed the customizing of an intimidating black Lincoln Continental with flashing lights, matching plaid Kevlar suits and a voice-morphing loudspeaker system.

    Confidential applications are being accepted from further celebrities at CC and a second team is already in training consisting of Juliet Lewis as Wonder Woman, Ann Archer as the Wicked Witch of the West and even Conditional Affiliate David Beckham as Underwear Man. These iconic power-packed celebs could prove to be our most highly intimidating.

    d) The Uber-Filthy-Rich Squad: the team that’s lined up for this squad consists of the stratospherically high-rolling Feschbach brothers, Robert Duggan, Bryan Zwan and…occasional impromptu secret appearances by none other than myself, in various disguises such as ‘a video camera’, a ‘squirell’, a ‘monkey’, ‘Obama’ and ‘a miniature L. Ron Hubbard’.

    e) Priest Squasher Squad: this squad shall target priests and ministers of ALL other religions and philosophies except for the Nation of Islam which keeps our foot in the door towards taking over all of Islam, but include Christianity, Islam in general, Jews, psychiatrists, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, bird watching societies and PTAs. This squad will be led by Alfreddie Johnson and four specially selected members of the NOI, dressed in whiteface with large obnoxious flashing bow ties.

    The overall idea is for all these different but similar squads to show up at the enemy’s premise unexpectedly and by presence alone overwhelm, cave-in, rattle to their very core with CONFRONT and CONTROL, commanding the target, refusing to leave for at least two consecutive seconds, walking very slowly away when asked to leave, and even breaking into a scary dance or some other frightening and unpredictable move.

    As usual, we shall officially deny the existence of this operation. All who read this directive are under strict orders to destroy it by burning after reading, thus guaranteeing a leak prevention.

    We are in the right and we’ve got nothing to lose. Remember, 2012 is nearly upon us and if this planet becomes a lifeless ball of charred coal and you arrive at Target Two to report compliance, what will be your list of greatest accomplishments?

    Infinite KRC,

    David Miscavige
    CEO KSW Field Enforcement Worldwide
    A not-for-profit exclusive religious fraternity


  419. Friend of Ron


    What never ceases to amaze me is how they literally drive people into your camp. Seeing their actions and reading all the responses and reactions to their antics is ample proof of this again.

    For once donations are actually being put to good use, to promote that if you look for standard tech and real Scientology yours is the place to go.

    Even criminals are basically good, they leave clues to be caught. In this instance they spent money so people know where to go when they are sick of bullies and harrassment and want to travel the road to freedom again.

  420. Amongst lines of “Top Lines”, a ne plus ultra: “What Happens When Feces and Boils Interbreed.” A sideways explanation that is dead on.

  421. Mike,
    The one time I saw DM at the Sandcastle, when I was on course break, there were at least 10 white-uniformed female RTC members who ran advance for him in the lobby before he appeared and only did so after every student was back into the courseroom, except me. I was still right outside the door finishing my cigarette.

    One of the RTC advance girls saw me thru the glass, came out and with her Cold Chrome Steel persona and without looking at me said, “Zo, havink a shmoke, eh?”

    On to the game I responded, “Ah…yeah, marijuana!”

    She reacted slightly (a flunk I’m sure) with, “Oh! Noo! You can’t zay zat!”

    I had about 30 seconds to make it back across the lobby and into the courseroom in time for rollcall and by this time the RTC girls were all in a circle surrounding DM, blocking my swift ascent to the courseroom door. Dashing to beat the clock I elbowed my way through the circle and actually (OMG!) brushed the sleeve of COB! I glanced at the RTC Reps faces as I did so and they seemed shocked and frantic as to my audacity to penetrate their inner circle.

    I glanced back down the stairs as I entered the courseroom door just in time. From that vantage point I saw what looked like a Reverse Snow White and the Seven Dwarves gang.

  422. OTDT: Great story. What you didnt know, as soon as you were all safe inside the course room, Reverse Snow White stepped outside the door where you had just been to chain smoke a couple of Camel non-filters. He doesnt like public or Monique Yingling or Tom Cruise to know he smokes. Bad for his image. His vanity knows no bounds.

  423. Not sure what it means. It’s just interesting that John Allender often puts himself in a place where he is the recipient of a certian type of abuse and also travels long distances in an attempt to dish out the same type of abuse to others.

    Maybe the whole Anonymous thing did overwhelm him and he flipped into a winning valence thing actually, thats a good analysis.

    Only John Allender knows for sure whats going on in that out of valence, out of PT little OT8 head of his, but it does look like that to me.

  424. Yeah, he should have some material ready for such situations. Some good one-liners or something.

  425. Facsimile One dramatization – explains a lot

  426. Former Flag Customer

    Thanks, I’m just laughing on and on.

  427. Marty, +1

  428. Crashingupwards

    Marty, THAT IS LEADERSHIP. You said;
    “I could have (and certainly Mike could have) sued him back to the stone ages at any given time. But, we know he likes that. He gets to justify his crush regging machine that way – “see, I need the money NOW.” ”
    Its like raising children. They act badly and if you overreact, then your reaction becomes the issue and they often evade being held accountable for their behavior. Yours and Mike’s restraint is for the good of the subject itself and its members. LEADERSHIP.
    And whatever anyone else says on this Blog, you and Mike ALWAYS leave a safe space for others to enter when they are ready. You guys own both sides of this game. Another sign of leadership.
    This is just a matter of time. I am convinced.

  429. That figures, he’s committing overts in PT – backing up the KoS and being anti LRH.

  430. Who would send people into such a situation? What kind of person would send people to create this event?

    It is intended to enturbulate the recipient. Sometimes people do bad stuff when they are heavily enturbulated. Many people would physically attack these people. Some might bring a gun into the situation.

    Look at how dangerous it is to send people to do this.

    What kind of person would send you to do that?

    John, think about it. One of best “products” of this event you created would be if Marty flipped out and attacked you or one of your “crew”. David Miscavige would really like that- if somebody got hurt as a result of your actions. Why would he send you to create that situation?

  431. The hats, the shirts, the sunglasses. There is much ridiculousness.

    When you are trying to be intimidating and overwhelming and end up being funny instead, well, thats just a shame.

  432. Impartial English Girl

    Hey! My dog Jazz wants dibs on Chiquita! She’s just his type… He likes his laydeez feisty!! 😉

  433. The truth is, the Church of Scientology has allowed itself to dramatize this bullying persona for a lot longer than Miscavige’s reign. I first experienced it in the early 1970’s when I joined staff. True example:

    Foundation staff generally left the org at 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday nights, the only nights we had off all week. The ED of the org was a bully who was always trying new tactics to intimidate, control and command everyone. This particular caper of his involved posting HCO goons by the exit doors of the building, who used their bodies like armless linebackers to prevent anyone from leaving. It also included threats of expulsion if one attempted to bust through the line. All to try to get people to stay and produce more.

    Well, well, well…a challenge! I retired to my office with a plan. Across from my office was a window which led out onto a fire escape. I left my jacket on the back of my chair so the Goons would think I was still in the building and I climbed out the window, down the fire escape, onto a roof, jumped off the roof into the alleyway, went into the back door of the kitchen of a neighboring restaurant and out through their front door onto the sidewalk and ran laughing all the way home! Ha!

    I heard the next day they were running around the org for looking for me for hours, saying “He’s got to be here someplace, his jacket is still here!”

    No one ever confronted me about what happened, I was really surprised. Maybe it was because I usually had the highest stats for my post of any org in the West US.

    But back to the overall point, the bullying, intimidation, violence and similar operating philosophy of the Church in this regard, it’s somewhat puzzling to me. In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I saw lots of screaming, fist fights, head-buttings, threats, toxic attitudes, intimidation, Storm Trooper body language all with the encouragement of Flag upper management of the time. I even allowed my own personality to become poisoned with this bullying attitude and occasionally did similar things to others when I found myself in positions of power. WTF!

    For any generally social personality to engage in this type of behavior in the Church, I can only reconcile it somewhat by chalking it up to contagion of aberration causing a blind spot on the ethics of control, combined with some kind of desperate thinking that one is trying to do the right thing and 8-C the ‘planet’ towards salvation and a refusal to let anything stand in the way. I now see it as stupid as trying to play better golf by hitting the ball harder, a recipe begging for disaster.

    Miscavige has taken that incipient institutionalized seed of disharmonious behavior and nurtured it, fed it massive amounts of steroids, hooked it up to a Frankenstein machine, glorified it and taken it to a Hitler-like religious fervor, thus validating anything like it that ever took place prior to him becoming Der Fuehrer, engraving it into place permanently as THE way to operate in the Church. Thus you have KSW Field Attack Squads like the ones that slithered up and down Marty’s stairs.

  434. Lucky Dilettante

    Thanks for the corrections, clarifications, and comments. I was taken by surprise by the crew with cameras on their heads. It got me thinking about the broader picture and what the motivations are. I have a deep feeling now that Dave Miscavige really needs serious help. Before yesterday, it was just all sort of joke.

  435. DFB — “When you are trying to be intimidating and overwhelming and end up being funny instead, well, thats just a shame.”

    Quote of the day IMO.

  436. Good point. Tommy 2 Tone, honorary leader of anonymous, has already botched his explanation of his presence in the neighborhood.

    Then Mike’s parking lot comm ev committee members had their own ‘splainin’ to do.

    What’s an individual, possessed, to do? It’ll be some unusual solution for sure.


  437. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Grabbin’ their nuts, wishing they were free…

  438. Marty, looks like you are moving DM’s TA big time. LMAO. Probably the 1st TA action his case has EVER had.

  439. Put him on the running program?

    Invoke auditor rights and let Jimbo and Tom M have a crack at him first?


  440. OTDT — Had a new recruit at LA Day in the late 1970’s. He got violent and punched a hole in the wall with his fist. Routed him off staff immediately as we didn’t tolerate violence.

    I did, however, observe “group bait and badger” by a temporary CO from the CLO. Then, I left immediately.

    I love the use of “slithered” in your comment! H

  441. Ditto!

    Perhaps the videos shot by the punks is material for a perverse video to show the OTA’s for the next event? Showing expansion and up & vertical must be hard for him these days. It would be glutz PR and backfire on him.

  442. Totally agree. I would add without malice or agenda that I see man who is getting quite ill. I think there could well be a LOT to celebrate come Indie Day 2012.

  443. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I can just see the flight attendant walking up the aisle towards these guys wearing their t-shirts and hat cams/battlefield earth “learning machines”… (thought balloon = “WTF! should I offer them nuts?…”)

  444. Agreed John, The VM T shirts would be more appropriate for these guys coming in to provide the latest OSA (self created) disaster relief at ground Zero, Texas- for your boss, the King of Squirrels.

  445. Aha! The Tom Cruise FPRD List is what Miscavige needs:


    1. Have you been smoking behind TC’s back?
    2. Do you secretly have other lovers?
    3. Did you secretly make the paint job on your bike better than TC’s?
    4. Did you criticize TC’s Oprah performance for his failure to mention you?
    5. Did you covertly fart in TC’s special chair in the Silver Screen when he wasn’t around?
    6. How exactly did you Quality Control Check TC’s 2-D’s before routing them to him?
    7. Have you ever stolen any of TC’s shoe lifts?
    8. Have you ever been secretly angry with TC for his failure to get you an audition?
    9. Did you ever write a bulletin just for TC?
    10. Did you ever purposely buy a black thong for TC that was too tight?

  446. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Squirrel Bustiers! Tres chic a la nutz, nes pas?

  447. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    No one here can “suppress” our laughter, MWAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAA

  448. LRH wrote CS Series 22, PSYCHOSIS, and isolated the underlying cause. Then he developed, refined and published the technology to handle the Evil Purposes. He covered the severe case of ‘full stop’ at Power, OT III and NOTs. Came around again to address purposes on the L’s.

    All done in Model Session with the discipline of the Auditor’s Code and human behavior is resolved. Buddha’s cousin could do with some of this stuff.

  449. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    The source of their t-shirts and baseball caps might be interesting. Did they go to someplace like Cafe Press, or did they do a run off at DM’s fancy new (and hugely over-capacity) printing and fabrication plant?

  450. Dan,
    These guys must’ve watched this video:

  451. The thing is that when people become “dedicated”, they restimulate earlier time of “dedication”. Like wars, crusades, revolutions.
    So the guy enter scientology because he wants to improve and he looses sight of this purpose to life change to restim old aberrated purposes. So cases gains to give or to receive cease to be the intention, but some sort of 4th dyn drama of clearing the planet or the full galaxy or universe while they loose the ability to clear the PC in front of them.
    “Greatest purpose”, “helping COB” actually they react like under a führer, a duce… And you get totalitarism.
    Marty, you quote “Life of others”, I love this film, it really shows what is a totalitarian state.
    If DM had the political power, he would send all of us to Siberia in KL. The stogges would come with weapons. What happened with scientology has already happened with any big ideology on earth and probably elswhere!

  452. Was that Bridget Kelleher?

  453. It does seem that DM is flowing you power by means of his antics.

  454. ROTFLMAO. Steve … tears, you literally brought tears to my eyes. That was hilarious!!

    “…smelling of Old Spice and Whopper sauce…”

    Holy batsh*t, that was funny.

  455. Excellent response Marty. +1 x10

  456. Mrinder

    “How many overweight male OTA’s does it take to muster up the courage to try and intimidate one woman?”

    Well… lets see… At least 4. One to to act like an utter ass hole and three more to catch it all on camera. It would be interesting to have all the “churches” film documentation of their illegal harassments. They are so totally out of it that they document their own crimes!

    It is really tough to believe that they in any way figured that Marty would pass over his E-meter, PC folders, and the PC.
    Maybe Allender thought that he could do it with sheer OT intention. Probably the reason he wouldn’t give his name is that he was so far out of valence he couldn’t remember it.
    And the cover story? I’m with “squirrel busters productions….”
    Oh Puleeese!

    Some day we will look back and say, “Ah yes…. I remember them well… John Allender and his squad of “baby-blue-cartoon shirts”. Oh… What were they doing there again? That part is not so clear…Oh yes, he said something about being from “Squirrel Productions”, I remember that part.”


  457. Simon Bolivar

    Hi Marty, WWD! The “boys” have been slapped in the bum. ghghghgh I can’t stop laughin’ since yesterday. O my god it’s so funny.

  458. OTDT, I was only onlines at Missions in the 70s, so can’t really confirm what you are saying. But I suspect that Missions stayed Missions because they didn’t want to have to take on a militant approach. The Missions that I went to (and was even on staff at in the 70s) were very friendly and never became gestapo-like … at least not from what I experienced.

  459. OTDT, well stated. I always noticed the same type of bullying and intimidation done to others. I worked in the real world with real, good people who wanted to be where they were and who wanted to learn and it was not until I got into Scientology did I experience this brutal behavior.
    I truly attribute a lot of this to mis-understoods. Many of those souls on staff had good intentions when they started, however bought into the example that was set for them by their Seniors. This will lead to the door out.

  460. Orlando Furioso

    Hi Marty.
    I dont write wery good on english but i just want say to you;

  461. He’s not going to be crawling out, he is probably going to be coming out in a body bag – due to self inflicted reasons. After watching the last event, his hands kind of shaking, his hair different, his voice not normal, signs are all there that he has gone stark raving mad and is on a runaway case train that isn’t going to stop until it blows up. Yes we can all joke about Dave and his insanities, but I think we are close to the end of his reign of terror.

  462. I personally declared him in 1982 in Stevens Creek when I caught him undeclaring Clears. I asked him how many he undeclared in order to reg them and he told me he did 14 of them. I showed him HCO PL CLEARS, INVALIDATION OF and then read him step A of A-E. Then I wrote his SP declare and got it approved by IJC. From what I understand he did his A-E. He was a real loser then and is one now.

    Why am I not surprised he is running with DM?

    ML Tom

  463. Right,
    Dianetics, SA, Objectives, Group Processing and many Assists are done without a meter, major case gain is gotten by PTS Tech, especially now. Inferring that auditing w/o a meter is squirrel, is soooo Davey.

    LRH made provisions for getting sessions done when folders are not available but somehow that would be out Tech? Just stating such idiocies proves the real squirrel.

    The hat of field auditor is only worn by Indies. Not only does Davey totally fail to wear that hat, he actively disrupts the only auditing in the field, ON CAMARA!

  464. Marty asks, “Who are you?” no response from 3 and only noise from one.

    All 4 looking very solid, maybe a better question would be “What are you?” Since they obviously are not up to being self determined individuals and may well have a group engram in common and are behaving as mest.

    Of course in this case the “what are you?” has to be delivered with some incredulity as in “WHAT!, ARE YOU!?” They obviously are not in valence as individuals.

    “We are the Borg” so to speak or ‘We are the tech inspectors” or some such.

    Just looking for the BD.

    It is a grim existence they are in for in their futures.

  465. Tory Christman

    Correct, Joe. My Dad, sadly passed away when I was 21–he 51—but I’ve heard stories about him, from people who knew him, and played with him, all of my life 🙂
    Correct, Marty—he was a wise man, which is why I use the nick I gave him before he died, “Magoo” ….due to his tiny eyes, and humor. He was not only wise, he had great courage…which helped me actually leave (I could feel him saying: “DO IT!”
    Thanks for mentioning that. 🙂

  466. Howard Roark

    Well stated.

    The IAS is not Scientology.

  467. And the music is going to be really loud.


    ML Tom

  468. Right on Mike.
    Every time you give me a compliment I print it out and tape it over a CofM commend on my wall.

  469. So am I Joe.

    So am I.

    If if their effort was to intimidate Marty or any of us.

    It was a total *fail*.

    I’d say if these guys wanted to really bust some squirrels that they go back to their orgs where there’s squirrels in abundance led by the King of Squirrels.

  470. Don’t for get ATS. (Actual Trouble Source).
    But by the book he would be declared pts type something for criminal….

  471. You have amazing resolve Marty. Best of luck handling the Dev-T. There’s more than enough MWH phenomena to keep a 1000 E/Os busy for a 1000 years oozing from that lot. Hope it all blows over soon and you can get back to what you do best – delivering Freedom.

  472. George White

    Fellow T
    Never heard of “Invoke auditor rights” ??

  473. martyrathbun09


  474. Marty,

    LOL, I was trying to be politically correct, made me get rid of that jacket and it was the only half way nice jacket that was not class a uniform I had.

    Good on expanding this, might be a really valuable point because it shows in a clear way the way DM operates … spurrs people on to do something questionable, if not directly ordering … lets it run for a while … and then uses it to strip people down by degrading and belittling. I wonder if the subject of the tech might have so much passion and emotion connected that this type of story might more exactly and precisely communicate the type of person and manipulative techniques he uses to break and keep unstable those near him. I know for myself, being in the old RTC, in a matter of weeks I was questioning everything about my personal ability and goodness. Any personal strength or foundation was shattered. Remarkable really to look back at it.

    I still remember vividly – 2-3 days after he took over RTC, and most of us were shipped out to Happy Valley, sleeping in the barn if I remember, one of his little messenger girlies struts in, catching half of us in our underware. She was embarrased, Gary Klingler joked, trying to ease her embarrasment: “Don’t worry, nothing here you haven’t seen before, bigger maybe, but nothing to be embarrased about.”
    The next day we were all called together, brutally berated for not having reported this, and he worked the crowd up into such a frenzy with threats of removal, offloading, demotion, declares, etc. unless Klingler was suitably punished, that our group, our team who had been very tight and built up over 5 years started screaming, pushing, spitting, threating consecutive declares, RPFs, off load to Africa, assinging his whole family to the RPF several times through, etc.
    For “J&D”, when DM is the biggest “sexual J&Der” I ever met.
    DM didn’t lay a hand on anyone.
    A tight knit group instantly turned on one of its most beloved members.
    This only took a few days.

  475. Good job Marty. The goons were sweating fear bullets.

  476. Marty,

    The mad minions of the psychotic height-challenged “pope” demonstrated their impotence and stupidity once again.

    All of this goes to show that David Miscavige needs to be isolated so that people of good will not be subjected to his anti-social and sociopathic dramatizations. That day draws ever near.

    Thanks again for all you and everyone else is doing to get the show on the road.

    ML, Tom

  477. Former Flag Customer

    You are saying that this has happened in the past. Why put so much effort into something that backfires?

  478. HOLLY SHI@T !!!
    What is going on here?!
    Are they REAL crazy?
    This is just absolutely batty !!!

    Marty, IHMO, Quote of the day:
    The doomsday, super high tech, super well funded, vintage Nazi, SuperQuantum, Golden Age of Suppression vintage Nazi tank he has been busy building since 1981 is growing more in operational by the day.
    And when it finally breaks down the punk (aka Dave Miscarriage, aka King of Squirrel, aka Dear Leader, aka Der Fuehrer) has to crawl out and face the music.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavidge & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH: http://www.savescientology.com

    By the way Dave boy:
    Where is HEBERT Jentzsch – my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavidge – your dear wife?

  479. Mother of Grendel

    Hmmm…. I know A really does equal A, but just because one, or a couple , of OTs are acting like idiots doesn’t mean ALL OTs are idiots. They seem to all have had cameras, but that doesn’t mean all camera operators are willing to make ridiculous idiots of themselves in public, or that they are all willing to kiss DM’s ass. Hell Marty had a camera too, but I don’t think DM would want his own ass anywhere near Marty.

    Just say’n.


  480. Cleared cannibals is in effect. The church will only be as good as the society from which it gathers it’s membership, and Fascist America is, so far, all we’ve got.

  481. Misunderstoods breed strange ideas…

    Perhaps Allender and Co. were told, before they went on this mission, that they all had to be fully hatted on their cameras…

  482. Tory Christman

    When I first escaped out, I traveled with Stacy twice. Each time her luggage was put through this *huge* metal tank. I asked, “What is this?”
    She: “OSA always calls ahead of time, every time, and “anonymously” reports these bags have drugs in them–so I have to go through this drug test”. It was her view that they (C of $/OSA) must have someone in the CC industry–’cause it was EACH time she’d use her Credit Card.

    So head’s up to anyone newly leaving? Use cash to buy any travel info, tickets, etc. 🙂

  483. The International Association of Scientologists is a Racketeering Scheme. Yoohoo FBI where art thou ?

  484. “Miscavige is the Foot Bullet King. If you rattle his cage just a little, he will beat his own head on the bars for an hour.”

    Good one Mat


  485. OMFG. Too much. Stop it. My gut is hurting….

  486. The specific reference is HCOB C/S Series 1 “AUDITOR’S RIGHTS”

    No auditor is required to accept a specific pc just because the pc is assigned to
    If an auditor does not believe he can help that particular pc or if he dislikes
    auditing that particular pc the auditor has a right to refuse to audit that pc. The auditor
    must state why.

    I am playing a bit here and am also making an underhanded reference to the fact that this particular pc may need to start at HCO first, but let Qual sort it out.

    Bruce Pratt

  487. nonono

    I do not believe for a minute that all those cameras were there to “watch” or film Marty. I would bet that there was a hidden agenda “from above” to capture each of them on film so that DM can see for himself exactly what each of them did or did not do. They are uneasy and stumbling and making mistakes because they are under the direct control of a suppressive. The videos have little or no value as a “PR” or “Dead Agent” tools. They are there as much to control or suppress the “Flying Butt Monkeys” themselves, as they are to intimidate Marty and Co.
    Maybe more of a dramitization of “Fac One” than we know. The suppression is backfiring on the perpertrators, and they likely don’t even suspect it for a second. It is an inverted “win win” situation for Miscavige. Inverted because, if he cannot make the suppression stick, it WILL REBOUND BACK ONTO HIM!

    Have you noticed this Dave?


  488. What about starting a new country somewhere, I don’t know, Oregon or maybe there’s an Indian Reservation (maybe around Santa Barbara, I like their latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates and the breeze from the Pacific is nice) who’ll lease us a chunk of land that legally is separate from the U.S. based on law and then the Native Americans grant us permission from their own nation to start a new nation on their property?

    How big does some land have to be to be a country? In Europe there’s a few small city size places that are countries.

    I wonder what it would cost to start a country? Like minimal do it yourself lawyering, practically, unless some attorney joined the plan.

    It’d be interesting to work out an Admin Scale on that and see what it looks like, you know, if it was bogus and hokey or if it would blow your mind that you used a cool piece of admin tech to display before your very eyes a vision of what could be brought about.

  489. “Actually your the one that’s busted because YOUR the squirrel”
    Operating Thetan VIII John Allender

    Operating Thetan- Cause over Life.

    Next up- “Na na na na na na you can’t get me” followed by “Mother jokes”

    My God. He’s like a child.

    The good news:

    Its always darkest before the dawn.



  490. Marty thank you for posting this video.
    Thank you for all you are doing, and thanks to Mosey too for the courage and the high confront.
    The Incorporated Church of $cientology does not have a clue of how many friends you have… included the many of their “in good standing” parishioners. How desperate they can be to do this…


    Silvia Kusada

  491. I could not stop laughing at the tshirts those idiots had they must be making amends

  492. Wow. The little rodent, big squirrel had that happening within days of his coup. And there are survivors to tell the tales.
    I had no idea. This rabbit hole ain’t a hole. It’a a freakin’ subterranean honeycomb catacomb.


  493. You can tell an authoritarian organization by this: How much does it reflect the personality, the ups and downs, and the stress and strain on its head? From tape “Groups,” given on December 1, 1950

  494. If anyone fit that description from History of Man it’s that guy.

  495. Free and Clear

    The Allender dude said “I’ve been reading your blog…”.

    Is there anyone that is not reading this blog?

    That’s it folks. It’s official. Even the fat slobs that get forced to come to Corpus to reluctantly harass Marty are reading his blog. EVERYONE is reading the darn blog. Have to say they are kind of lucky Marty does not have a jumpy trigger finger. This is Texas after all. I guess that’s why one guy stayed at the bottom the stairs, hoping to film his three friends getting perforated.

  496. AMIN.

    This is an important point. They look and act like street thugs. A Kind of Motorcycle gang look. How very religious that they are doing *RELIGIOUS* business.

    The upload to You tube already has almost 2000 hits.

    Marty ~~ uploading to You Tube every single lunatic episode is very effective.

    I have sent the video to all my Law Enforcement comm lines so that they see how this 501c 3 “tax exempt” religion carries on.

    Religion indeed.

  497. Just wanted to point out that they had a misspelling on their t-shirts. They misplaced the S.

    The correct words on their shirts was supposed to be:


  498. Thank God they don’t let those rocket scientists in OSA go hunting or we might see something like this:


  499. George White

    Thanks, I appreciate that. I could not go past it.

  500. I went through and reread the posts again this afternoon.


    Recommended reading for any who want great comic relief.

    I’m sure you could do without this type of distraction Marty but really, I showed a portion of the clip to a non Scn friend of mine. Their first response was, ‘Really, cameras on their caps, don’t they realize how stupid that looks?”

    Well, apparently not. And I 2nd or 3rd the motion on the shirts. I just have to have one of those. The only change would be to put your blog address on it on the diagonal stripe on the front in big lettering.

    Hell, I’ll slip a couple into the canteen as other items for sale there.

    I’m still laughing.

  501. George White

    How about DM? I’ll bet he could do with a lot of it?

  502. They will probabably accidentally lose them – just my guess.

  503. Sugar Plum Fairey

    Maybe DM was his OT VIII C/S!
    Let’s see, a failed Cl IV who assaults his PC on the ST. Hill Internship and a dubious OT VIII who got declared for ‘un-clearing’ people. Make a great pair.

  504. Wow – someone really kicked the shit out of Steven’s Creek. I was there on msn in 78 and it was packed. Some of those missions were old Saint hill size way back then.

  505. LOL JOHN DOE!

  506. They are not individuals – see “Nature of a Being HCOB”.

  507. Does that mean they will also have to be bussed in for their upcoming arraignment and trial as well? If they’re not in the Texas pokey that is.

  508. Wonder if the fruits have sent Dear Leader an extra SbP (Squirrel buster Productions) Tshirt as a courtesy/compliance report & award?

  509. Erm that was a bit to much I was refering to the fact you get to have a twin in Scientology doing certain courses.

    And jay for little Emily

  510. Yeah Mike, Good points Nono and Mike. Mike’s description is completely accurate of exactly how it is. And for the same reason, since about 2000 it’s become impossible to post anyone as an Exec Int, post any executives in CMO Int, post any executives in Central Marketing (not that there’s anyone left), post anyone in Gold, etc. In short, it is impossible to post anyone in Management thus there is no management. Not even veterans are immune to the black PR. No post can be manned, unless DM happens to say “Why don’t you make that him Books Exec Int? At least he sold all those books when he was…”

    But as you know, Mike, that kind of posting only lasts until DM walks in and sees the new appointee on post — the one he ordered to be posted — and then DM blows a gasket — “What the fuck is THAT mother fucker doing here? Who approved that posting? You guys are toast!” At which point the hapless target is busted into the stone age.

    And least anyone think new recruits are possible to post, DM just blows them out of the water too with “What does she know? You guys have been here 20 years and you are going to take orders from HER?”

    As I wrote today on a comment on my own website, within the Miscavige shadow EVERYONE is suppressive until proven not guilty. And the initials of the presiding judge sitting in that supreme court is DM.

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  512. That’s exactly right Marty.

  513. Kathy Braceland

    “So, we have had to penetrate 16 foot walls by way of the messenger or water boys sneaking it in piece by piece.”

    Yep, that’ll do it.

  514. That’s pretty darn funny Jim.

  515. Hey Emily!!
    Well done Mom and Dad 🙂

  516. Since we’re on the subject of T-shirts and ghost busters you all might get a chuckle out of this:

  517. WTF? Dumbasses.

  518. TroubleShooter


  519. I like cake.

  520. MArty, I am not violent or a tard. I do not have an itchy trigger finger, Id love the chance to help deal with these morons.

    Im 36 in OKC, own my own business and I hate the CoMiscaviage. You may or may not be a great guy, but I KNOW that DM is the worst of the worst and I really would love to help in some way destroy him and his minions.

    What can an Okie whos never met a Scieno do to help?

    Can I come to you and act as a bodyguard and cameraman?

    Im sure my wife would understand- being facetious.

    She thinks I am obsessed with Scientology and its destruction.

    EMail me or something, but I really would like to help in some way.



  521. I can do something that Allender cannot do…well, maybe a few million things. The one which stands out the most is that I can ignore David Miscavige. I do not need or want to do anything that the Napoleonic dictatorial rat pellet orders. Freedom does not include in the definition the inability to say “no”. Or the inability to NOT feel guilty for not following insane orders. Why would Allender agree to harass someone? Is that not illegal? TWTH: “Don’t do anything illegal” Contradiction personnified. Does cause over life also mean that a person’s voice sounds like that person is in fear? Mike and Marty are to be admired for their strength of not pushing those jokers down the stairway. Hey! Do you own a few bowling balls? Just a thought, albeit an evil one. Yep, I have the freedom to think whatever I want to.

  522. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marty, Gotta keep Chiquita safe! Can you image getting “Squirrel” rabies from “The Squadron of Four at your Door”? Sheeesshhh!!!

    (by the way Marty, when you filmed them at their spiffy socker-mom/rollin’ squirrel cage, did you see that they were all together doing the Lobster Quadrille? [just mocking the turtles] 🙂 )

    Alice In Wonderland
    Lobster Quadrille lyrics:

    “Will you walk a little faster?”
    Said a whiting to a snail,
    “There’s a porpoise close behind us,
    Treading on my tail.”
    See how eagerly the lobsters
    And the turtles all advance!
    They are waiting on the shingle –
    Will you come and join the dance?
    So, will you, won’t you, won’t you,
    Will you, won’t you join the dance?
    Will you, won’t you, will you,
    Won’t you, won’t you join the dance?

    “You can really have no notion
    How delightful it will be
    When they take us up and throw us,
    With the lobsters, out to sea!”
    But the snail replied, “Too far, too far!”
    And gave a look askance –
    Said he thanked the whiting kindly,
    But he would not join the dance.
    So, would not, could not, would not,
    Could not, would not join the dance.
    Would not, could not, would not,
    Could not, could not join the dance.

    “What matters it how far we go?”
    His scaly friend replied,
    “There is another shore, you know,
    Upon the other side.
    The further off from England
    The nearer is to France –
    Then turn not pale, beloved snail,
    But come and join the dance.

    Will you, won’t you, will you,
    Won’t you, will you join the dance?
    Will you, won’t you, won’t you,
    Will you, won’t you join the dance?

    Will you, won’t you, will you,
    Won’t you, won’t you join the dance?
    Will you, won’t you, will you,
    Won’t you, won’t you join the dance?

    (now davey’s turn to trot his stuff… do-si-do, left foot, right foot, insert foot, shoot foot… do-si-do…)

  523. Scott Campbell

    Interesting analogy Re: Miscavige’s C of S to NAZI tanks, Marty.

    The tanks the NAZI’s built were too underpowered for their weight and also ran on gasoline. They became sitting duck firetraps for the Allies smaller, lighter and faster tanks.

  524. Yeah Steve. I thought about that very thing when I was writing my response but it seemed like it would take too long and I would be being a “comment hog.” This is what led to the ultimate demse of Shelly. After everyone else had “failed” to post the base (with just that sort of arbitrary) he put Shelly onto it. Like all those that preceded her, she spent hundreds of hours going through “Dave’s orders” about each person and of course that then presented an impossibility. She too failed the test that could not be passed (except by him, but he didnt want that done) so she too bit the dust and was “disappeared.” STILL no ED Int, 7 years since this all began (interestingly THE post LRH said IN POLICY was the head of the Church and was to take over HIS hat at the head of Scientology). He never mentioned “COB RTC” as that is a complete invention of the little wizard.

  525. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    (Chiquita’s thought balloon when the Douche-bag Busters were at the door):
    —“I’m sure you’re probably who you say you are, but regulations require me to sniff your butt.”—

  526. Great Idea! We should tag the people also that joined in this domestic terrorism for the Church. How about the Manchu Bucks Klan?

  527. Good one, Lynne:


    And those damned commas!
    And, those damned commas!
    And, those, damned commas!

    At least we didn’t have to watch them play with their, uhh, food.

  528. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    ya gotta stop mincing your words! 🙂

  529. my bad… i see a vast difference between a church going scientologist and indie scientologist, and the generalization in the caption not being quit politically correct didnt occur to me to after i posted.

    (cough) pretend it says “Church of DM” in front of “scientologist”… thats the spirit of how i intended it 😉

  530. Click on the donate button at the top of this page.

  531. The 2D aberration is something that needs to be mentioned. On the Apollo there were almost no 2D rules under LRH. People slept with who they wanted and I hardly heard of even a Chaplain’s court. Out 2d was having sex with a minor and a few guys got rapidly RPFed for that. One guy was reportedly thrown off the ship at sword point by Mary Sue after giving a young girl a disease.
    The whole obsession with out-2D was a control mechanism and I haven’t seen an LRH issue condoning it.
    J&D is 1.1 on the tone scale and DM and his crionies manifest that. I am not advocating free love or orgies. From my observation 99% of Sea Org members behaved ethically on the second dynamic without any rules.

  532. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Now THAT was Thoughtful!!! Can I get your post on my Kindle? 🙂

    P.S. Their family tree IS straight up and vertical!

  533. Jim,

    Yum. Fuck the diet. Go for broke.

    Especially, metaphorical cake. No calories, total expansion. Spacation at its best.

    ps. expect an email. I’ve been exploring the conductivity of theta as a substance to understand how mental image pictures can be transferred so readily from being to being. Just what theta physics exists which allows “agreement” in the first place? How do beings connect at all?

    curiouser and curiouser.

  534. Contrary to some opinions there is no LRH injunction against execs or supervisors smoking in the course room.

  535. Michael,

    Otay. Will do. Roget (yes, Roget as I’m in de Acajun mood).

    Hey, check out the next tape to The Only One, from Dec 53. It’s called BEINGNESS (and he defines ‘granting’ thereof like I’ve never seen it before).

    Oh my!

  536. In addition to THE NATURE OF A BEING, see two tapes from Dec 53, in the Rehabilitation of the Human Spirit series (the 2nd ACC); THE ONLY ONE and BEINGNESS.

    Fairly blow socks off it will. Oh my!!

  537. That’s so apropos.

  538. While I would agree that Marty and Mike know DM’s modus operandi better than anyone, I would also consider that these characters successfully accomplished their mission which was to DISTRACT Marty and get him involved in the court. This is harrassment. I hope they haven’t already bribed the court system. They will not own up to being connected to DM and DM will say they did it on their own because they were outraged on Marty’s “squirrel behavior”. I would expect them to send in another crew with different t-shirts who “apparently” have no connection to the other group. And more harrassment. Not until you had a restraining order on ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS could this stop. Then they would send in others who don’t claim to be Scientologists but only only advocates for human rights or some such nonsense. DM knows no one cares about outrageous behavior by the Church. It will soon be forgotten and it won’t stick in court. His mission is to harass and distract and he will not be connected to it.
    Good luck with this.

  539. C. Gilliland

    I’ve been reading your blog for some months and this video really brought into focus for me something that’s been on my mind from the beginning. That is your calm and poise while dealing with these people. It says volumes about you , and the effectiveness of Scientology when applied in the correct way.

  540. Howard Roark


    This post made the top posts for WordPress blogs of the day.

  541. Mother of Grendel

    Hmmm… I never said that all OTs are idiots. I myself am quite intelligent. My observation was that the OT 8s (also those on OT 7) and OTAs that I know are dramatizing being in the valence of an SP, and have picked up a “shoot first, ask questions” later approach to anything that smacks of disobeying Fearless Leader. If you aren’t experiencing this, I envy you! And I mean that sincerely! I would like to believe that there are valuable beings coming off of the OT line. I just don’t see it in my environment.

  542. Seeing those perky goofballs being chased down the stairs by Marty is vindication and justice for thousands of people. It is vindication for L. Ron Hubbard, and for his family, too, and for the legacy of what real Scientology is. I just have to say, viciousness of the perpetrators aside, it is funny when those guys all decked out in cornball intimidation gear scamper down the stairs! Oh it is major multiple LOL!!!!

    And for all of those speaking out, you are singing it for the world!! Here’s to you!

    Sing it out, Boy,
    you’ve got to be what tomorrow brings.
    Sing it out, Girl,
    you’ve got to be what tomorrow needs.

    For every time
    That they want to count you out,
    Use your voice
    every single time you open up your mouth.

    Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls!
    Every time you that you lose it, sing it for the world.
    Sing it from the heart,
    Sing it till you’re nuts.
    Sing it out for the ones that’ll hate your guts.
    Sing it for the deaf,
    Sing it for the blind,
    Sing about everyone that you left behind.

    Sing it for the world,
    Sing it for the world!

    Sing it out, boy, they’re gonna sell what tomorrow means.
    Sing it out girl, with all the kill what tomorrow brings
    You’ve got to Make a choice, If the music drowns you out.
    And raise your voice,
    Every single time they try and shut your mouth.
    Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls!
    Every time you that you lose it sing it for the world
    Sing it from the heart
    Sing it till you’re nuts
    Sing it out for the ones that’ll hate your guts
    Sing it for the deaf
    Sing it for the blind
    Sing about everyone that you left behind
    Sing it for the world!
    Sing it for the world!

    Cleaned up corporation,
    dying in the Process
    Children that can talk about it
    Living on.
    Girl, you’ve got to be what tomorrow needs!
    Sing it for the world,
    Sing it for the world.

  543. So so true. Finding anyone “qualified” for anything, in any part of the Sea Org is impossible under DM’s insane stipulations.

    Not to mention the fact that most Sea Org members are no where on the Bridge themselves so Davey has to use his public “OT VIIIs”….

    Last I knew, you could count the number of OT VIIIs in the SO on a couple hands — if that.

  544. As long as we are applying ethics gradient #5, let me say that DM used to have signs on his desk written in his forceful style demanding himself not to smoke. He desperately wanted to give it up, but couldn’t. When he stopped resisting and succumbed to the Nicotine Gods then others who had also tried to quit, like Guillaume and Marc Yager, then started smoking again. (Hey, I heard that Miles Davis said that quitting cigarettes was tougher than heroin. Ironically, there is a product now out called CigRX that contains an ingredient found in tobacco that handles the urge. No, not nicotine, something else.)
    For a while, smoking was banned in all the buildings on the base and people had to go outside for their fix. Then DM began smoking indoors (that was really pleasant in CMU which was an airless storage attic before they converted it into the work area, pink lighted soffits and all, for the central marketing unit for all of Scientology). What happened after that was that other putzes like Lisa Schroer, Henning Benddorf and some other DM favorites (i.e., the most out of valence) would smoke indoors. So, yes, basically all of us were smokers at the base–second-hand smokers. DM could not overcome his cravings and it all devolved from there. If OSA is reading this, they could find this CigRX product and send him a box.

  545. Next to Science of Survival, my all time favorite book.

  546. Excuse me Mark? Is this 1.1? I have been taking an ass whipping on two forums with you on the anti MARTY / MIKE campaign. If you have flipped announce it, otherwise I am in Escondido a few miles from you and willing to meet in your own yard.

  547. OTDT, there is a guy in Sweden named Lars Vilks who started his own country along the west coast. I forget the name but you could google him and you would find it. He is the cartoonist who royally pissed off Muslims with offensive cartoons. He built giant driftwood sculptures called Nimis and it is the largest tourist draw to this beautiful nature preserve. The official brochures do not mention him, of course, since they want him out of there but cannot do anything about it. In a court case several years ago, they did get a judgment ordering Vilks to remove one sculpture and in honor of the birth of Alfred Nobel, he proposed to blow it up using 100 kg. of dynamite. The modern museum in Stockholm took the piece instead. He is quite a guy. Failing that, I agree that Oregon would be a great place. Or Vermont.

  548. It does highlight the need to create a safe space for auditing beyond the reach of asshats like this. Casablanca may well be safe and sound, but its but a few feet from the public road, and it wouldn’t take much of an investment to gradually step up the harassment until, eventually, the house just isn’t usable to create a safe space for auditing.

    Which leads me to a question I’ve been meaning to ask Marty and Mike (and others) for a long time: what are the long-term plans to solve the situation and bring Standard Tech back to the forefront? Is there going to have to be a “Project Phoenix”-type operation to revive the Church after the (inevitable) crash and burn of Miscavige and Co., or are the Independents going to find their own momentum, buy a few ships here and there, resuscitate the Sea Org Member hats, and start delivering Standard Tech back at sea?

    (In my opinion, this should have been done years ago..)

  549. Hello,
    I come here because your blog hit the top of the list today. I have a question to ask of you: After watching this video of these people coming to your door I read they are from a Church? What kind of Church would do this to a person? These men act very strange with blank stares while holding cameras at you. Why do they act this way, why? Thank you for any explanation you can provide to help me understand.
    Teo Kovick

  550. The Mad Hatter

    “David Miscavige Brings New Meaning To Hatting The ISA Goon Squad”

    I can’t wait to see Tom Cruise sporting one of those cool CAMCAPs.

    Or how about John Travolta’s new kid running around wearing a CAMCAP?

    How about the folk this Church keeps under lock and key, are they all going to get their very own CAMCAP?

    David Miscavige test drove an early prototype of the CAMCAP
    -but the only thing they saw at playback was a bunch of kneecaps & asses!

  551. Marty, LOL, probably true, on paper they might make a great team, chiquita tripping them up, Max picking them off the ground by the belt buckle and bringing them out by the trash.

    Max is working on his celebrity status, last monday his story made the front page of the Beaumont enterprise … lead story, he saved copies of the paper for you, chiquita and Mosey … trying to act all cool and stuff.

  552. Mr. Allender,

    I appreciate you believe your actions are right and justified, however I would ask you to consider the following with an open and honest heart:

    1) Is this the sort of behaviour lower-level Scientologists should expect from an OTVIII? As someone who wholeheartedly wants to make it to OT, I am sorry to say this is not the uber cool, calm and spiritually serene character I would expect from someone who I understand has attested to the highest level in Scientology.

    2) Whatever happened to good manners? I have read the policy on Manners and, in my humble opinion, did not feel that your manners were in at all. This is not OK. As Scientologists we should be setting a good example. As someone who has attested to OTVIII I expect YOU to set an example of what it means to BE an OTVIII. Surely that is your duty as an OT. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. “Arrogance and force may win dominion and control but will never win acceptance and respect.” – LRH, HCO PL 30 May 1971 MANNERS.

    3) What was the purpose of your visit? Really? Did you sincerely wish to inspect Mr. Rathbun’s e-meter, or his pcs folder? What authority do you have to make such a request? Is any old joe now able to demand a peep in someone’s folders these days? If that is the case, this is NOT OK. What happened to the Auditor’s Code, confidentiality and the priest-penitent privilege? What also happened to granting beingness, and allowing others the simple right to BE? If Mr. Rathbun is no longer part of the Church then the Church has no jurisdiction. So this is NOT OK. Yes, I appreciate you believe he is a squirrel, but there are many squirrels out in the world who have been doing their own nutty things for decades and yet I have not heard of you turning up on any of their doorsteps. Why is that? Could it be that the real purpose of your visit was simply to harass? To try and enturbulate Mr. Rathbun into losing his cool on camera? Only you can answer that honestly, but if that is the case then it is incredibly disappointing and, once again, not the sort of behaviour I would expect from a true upper-level Scientologist. Is this really your own valence I am seeing on this video…? Was this operation your idea? If not, whose was it? Are you following orders? If so, whose? What would make someone I truly believe to be basically good to undertake such an abusive, aggressive, low-toned endeavour?

    4) Are you open to the teeniest, tiniest possibility that, perhaps, just maybe, you may be operating on even the teeniest, tiniest bit of false data? “WHEN DATA IS FAULTY THE ANSWER WILL BE WRONG AND LOOKED UPON AS UNREASONABLE.” — LRH, HCO PL 11 May 1970 Data Series 2, LOGIC. Before you dismiss the mere possibility, please consider why the Church has such a poor image and reputation with the general public. Too much venom stains one with venom. Let’s face it, right now the CoS is drenched in it. Why is that? Could be it because “Black campaigns ARC break people since they depend on false reports and are thus out-reality.”? (LRH, OSA NW Order 15, Black Propaganda). Maybe, maybe not. Skip that for now. If you believe you are responsible for your own condition, then by extension this principle must apply to a group and its own members, mustn’t it? Can you recognise the Church has a responsibility, and is indeed responsible, for its own condition? Are you, therefore, also open to the possibility that the Church has pulled in the existence of the Indie movement? If so, why do you suppose that is?

    If you’ve made it this far, sir, I salute you. Thank you for taking the time to read my humble comments. I know you are a good man, and believe fully in the rightness of your actions. I only ask you to step back sometime and look, really look at the scene, apply the Data Series, and evaluate for yourself. “It is a wise man who, confronted with conflicting data, realizes that he knows at least one thing – that he doesn’t know. Grasping that, he can then take action to find out.” — LRH, HCO PL 11 May 1970 Data Series 2, LOGIC.

    May you be
    forever free.

    Do well,

  553. Love it. Well done, Lori. That’s what it’s all about. 🙂

    All the best,

  554. I have to say this —> this articles and the comments are awesome. I have not been able to read all of them yet but will do so at the end of the day after a great soccer game….. Semi final of the french Cup…. My city is in it….

    Another point, when you are in the SO or the CoS, you are all the time asked “what did you do or what are your overts, to pull that IN ?”……. man, what about asking DM “what did he do to pull all that shit IN ?”….. I am sure the answer would be “we are expanding…..”…….. WELL, I would say,…… we are not attacking LRH or the church or the tech….. so…… “What did you do DM to pull that IN ? ” He knows but can’t confront it….. then ….. “LOOK, confront…..”

  555. One last little comment:

    Harassment, in a legal sense, is not so much what is done, but is more the impact that it has on the person being harassed. From wikipedia : “behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is intentional behaviour which is found threatening or disturbing.” Now, we could say. “Ha! Wikipedia”, implying that it is not accurate or whatever, but that is a generality. Was the behavior of the clones intentional and was it meant to be threatening or disturbing? TRs aside and “confront” aside, was any activity or “peace” interrupted? Bring criminal charges for stalking and harassment and sue them as individuals and sue whomever they represent. Montalvo’s lawyer, if he has a good business mind, would take these on a contingency, don’t you think?

  556. martyrathbun09

    Mike, please send a copy.

  557. Jim,

    Very interesting tape. It touches on a bunch of stuff I’ve been looking at. A lot of what interests me falls outside the practicality he was dealing with, but which he comments on in that lecture.

    Interesting from that tape. Some of this explains why the members of the church act like entities rather than thetans:

    ” Now, we get around to what the—what life does that is quite different than MEST. And we get immediately up to this point: that MEST doesn’t get ideas and life does. Life can get ideas. Well, getting an idea is something like granting beingness. And by granting beingness to something, one has to that degree given it life. And now when one starts to tear down his automaticities, he is in effect destroying life. You see that? But he’s destroying life that he put there.
    It’s like the entities of the body. You can do a lot of speculation about the entities of the body, but in essence they are fixed ideas—at least they’ve degenerated down to fixed ideas. Now, they measure up, answer up, talk and do a lot of other things, but the point is that they’re just fixed ideas. Who put them there? Well, that’s unimportant.”

    So, who’s providing the ideas for church members? And why have members of a group whose purpose is to overcome fixed ideas to arrive at optimal analysis degenerated into dramatizing fixed ideas?

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  558. Marty,

    In my wildest dreams: I would love to see David Miscaviage show up at your door. These guys could hardly suppress their fear. Their communication line was completely stuttered. I was shocked by how quickly they wanted to get the fuck out of there when you told them to get off your property. You could just see the relief. They had their excuse to run–and they took it. No resistance.

    David and Marty. Mano a mano.

    God, how funny! The images evoked.

    Pay per view ready entertainment.

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  560. Hilarious.
    Big difference between reading and understanding.

  561. Hi Noob,

    I suggest you read “31 Factors.” It’s a tab (far right) at the top of this blog. If you have any questions thereafter, feel free to ask. H

  562. I knew Bridget before she joined the Sea Org. Even as ED she was tough, but not whacko. Then she became a rabid, tenacious, controlling, know-best freak of an IAS reg with tag-team partners to wear you down and insult you. Then she was bad.

    The ED I was referring to was a Peruvian guy named Juan Prentice, real dickwad, Mini-Mussolini ass-kissing stat pushing phony 1.1 poser power-hungry maniac who head-butted people.

  563. OMG that was to funny! I love it when you said “goof ball outfits” and “beat it” and to top it off, who’s bustin who, I said get off my property boy!” Please tell you were laughing on the inside when you were filming this!

  564. So you liked him 🙂
    He married a British girl named Aileen and eventually was recruited to be the CO LATAM. A few years later he blew. They got divorced and last I heard (about 20 years ago) he was living in an RV with a different wife.

  565. Mother of Grendel

    It is true that you never said that “all OTs are idiots.” I apologize for that alteration.

    It just seemed like a “red flag” when in the post you used phrases like ; “It’s like the OT 8s / OTA’s “… And not just this guy – all the OT8s/OTAs “, and, “their all in the valence of an SP!”
    It looked to me like you thought “all OTs/ OTAs” were the same in this regard.

    Thank you for the clarification.


  566. Well the “Squirel Busters” posted their own edited version of their anitics…they soon made it private but luckily someone had a copy…I’ve attached a copy of a link for you…


  567. So , posting here I see

  568. Oh yeah I remember the big anti-smoking purge that started with the smoke free nazis who infiltrated the AO and other Orgs in the late ’90’s.

    In fact there was one C/S who was obsessed with turning everyone who smoked into “non-smokers” as if an aversion to cigarettes was going to clear the planet or whatever.

    They went so far as to have the LCs remove Ron’s trusty pack of Kools and his ashtray out of his office for “PR” purposes and airbrush any offending cigarette that he might have been holding in any of his photos like the one that used to hang over the walkway to the Canteen from ASHO back when Non SO and public were allowed into that inner sanctum.

    The fact is cigarettes have 0 influence on processing so by that fact alone it should have been a non issue.

    Yet the smoke police entered all the Orgs and ended any use of the “red man’s curse” within the Orgs despite actual *policy* that allowed smoking in certain areas.

    Anyway if Skippy really wants to quit smoking.

    Maybe he can just stop inhaling 😉

    Anyway Joe your description of him walking into areas where smoking shouldn’t be allowed like clean rooms etc reminds me of the “smoking man” from the X-Files 🙂

  569. I think I’ll check him out, see how his country is doing.

  570. Pascal Dorion

    I wish I were there to handle these guys for you. I’d make them see how silly they are and keep’em there for an eon or 2. You’re too nice Marty! What a ridiculous bunch of bozos! You should get a dog, or a bear even! Where’s a hornets nest when you need one hey? You should’ve told them to wait until you got a “DM” FN, 3 dial sweep or sumtin… They got busted, good one. Sadly theny won’t be back for a while I’m afraid.

  571. martyrathbun09

    It took them two days to edit this from four camera angles? I’d take this one to court if I had to, but we’ll get all footage from all four cameras before this is over.

  572. Tory Christman

    “GET OFF MY PROPERTY, BOY!”<<<<<Favorite Line of the Month!


  573. Wasn’t smoking banned in ALL buildings in the State of CA (even including bars) in the late 1990s?

  574. I found this on youtube:

  575. A footbullet bonanza

  576. I meant to say late ’80’s instead which was just ahead of California’s anti smoking jihad when the Smoke Free Taliban took over the state 😉

    From what I understand Miscavige’s special friend and Van Susteren’s main squeeze John Coale helped bring about this state with his multi-state lawsuit against the Tobacco Companies.

    Lucky for Dave his habit is supported by IAS donations.

    As for the rest of us.


    Of course we can all thank John for burdening us with extra taxes.

    After that he tried to run the same extortion racket against Gun Manufacturers that failed.

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  578. Who’s the real Squirrel in this situation?

    Well, it depends on results.

    Who’s getting good results with their pre clears, pre OT’s and OT’s and bringing them up-tone further and to higher levels of freedom and happiness?

    David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology or Marty Rathbun and the Independent Scientologists?

  579. Hey Marty, you live in Texas. No jury would convict you if you decided to audit these tresspassers on process R2-45, especially not with your video recorder evidence. They would probably vote not only to aquit, but to give you a medal of some sort as well.


  580. Is there any independent scientific study showing the effectiveness of CigRX?

  581. Looking4Myself

    “Probably the reason he wouldn’t give his name is that he was so far out of valence he couldn’t remember it.”
    LOL! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while WW.
    Keep em coming 🙂

  582. Right on, atcause.

  583. Your humble servant


    I am sorry you have subjected to all of this trouble and this suppressive attack. It is indeed hard to understand why, if people were really in an advanced state spiritually, they would devote themselves to attacking a well-meaning and effective person such as yourself. It seems to me to be proof that they are not really advanced, as their certificates and status would seem to indicate, but they have faked their way up the levels they have taken credit for having achieved. They obviously are not honest and lack the capability of looking. For them to arrogantly and ignorantly call you a “squirrel” when they are supporting a leader and an organization that has been altering and suppressing the tech that Ron developed is abhorrent and does them no credit at all. They come across as mere stooges or tools of a psychopath, which is what they evidently are.

  584. gern gaschoen

    The Bridge has two sides – training and processing. The most winning valence in the universe is that of the Auditor – not the PC. These people are not Auditors, they are simply greedy for personal wins and haven’t delivered spiritual improvement to anyone.

    Until an emphasis is placed, rightly so and as per LRH Policy, on creating Auditors, this problem will persist. Scientology needs certified and actively producing Auditors more than it needs OTVIII’s .. especially considering that the cleared cannibal factor of American Fascists becoming more capable is well and truly a part of this problem.

  585. Good point Gern,

    One of the major points when the Church of Scientology went to hell was when they stopped promoting *training* and started pushing this 10000 Pre OT auditing away on new OT VII B.S. as if some elitist out ethics fat cat was going to effect world clearing by doing an occasional solo session.

  586. Apparently one of the guys is on a community project board, so the most excellent people at WWP found the email addresses of all the board members and emailed them the video – win.

  587. gern gaschoen

    Well there is definitely the fact that spiritual gains cross dynamics, no question about that – but this is exactly *WHY* Auditors are more important than PC’s .. those on the Solo OT levels are Auditors, true, but the PR of a theta comm line isn’t going to be obvious to those entering the lower steps of the Bridge, whereas the PR of an Auditor (and his Org) taking care of the PC’s who really, really need help, is a far better return on the investment.

    I personally realised I had to stop supporting Miscavige when I saw the Int WDAH’s stats, compared to CGI and Acadamy completions, for a 20-year period. Not acceptable to this Scientologist that the emphasis on lifestyle goodies and celebrity was made instead of focus on the hard work and in-ethics required to get someone certified Class V and pumping out the grades!

  588. “valences: personalities. The term is used to denote the borrowing of the personalities of others. Valences are substitutes for self taken on after the fact of lost confidence in self. Preclears “in their father’s valence” are acting as though they were their father.”

  589. Rory Medford

    Marty, they are testing your TR’s and looking for any chink in your armor.

    Keep it going despite their lame efforts to squash u and intimidate you.

    You are winning!!!!

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  591. lostinspace

    Hello all,

    Before I get started here I am going to admit up front, I am an ex who walked away never to practice Scientology again. I left before the big divide, before it was popular and anything much was on the Internet and totally before the Anon movement.

    Bitterness … no, on my part I feel was an informed choice. That being said, I also believe in Religious Freedom so I will not go into the reasons I elected never to practice again.

    What I wish to speak of and yes I am dating myself here is John and Lynda are still in, with one of their children I believe is still in the Sea Org.

    I hate the vids and watching Allender for this reason. I remember them as fresh faced kids before they were any where on the “Bridge”. They weren’t even a couple back then. They were enthusiastic, hard working and believed absolutely in what they were doing and idealistic.

    What reduced him into an angry mad man attack dog for Scientology makes me sadly sigh. Somewhere in there was the idealistic young person, I once knew. I don’t know the man in the vid. Yes, he made his choices as I made mine. This simply put, begs the question and my post maybe removed for this. In no way do I condone the official “Church of Scientology” practices of fair gaming anyone ever.

    The question in my mind, ‘is it the teachings or the leader’?

  592. lostinspace


    Sorry Mrinder did more then sit in an armchair. You attacking too? Sighs, I’m not willing to put my story out there but I did have difficult and expensive situations that happened to me too.

    I’m a realist, I fully knew what I said may ruffled feathers. It’s ok. All good. I am willing to live with that. Guess we are all entitled to our opinions. I think its a fair question. Again, my humble opinion in regards to the question being fair. I meant what I said when it all makes me sad, not even angry.

  593. Oh, MY GOD!!!

    Now I get was “he” was talking about when he said those eventful words in June 1996!

    “You’re the blind…and I am leading you wherever I want to.”

    Talk about major cogs!!!!!

    p.s.: excuse the irony — but I could not help myself!

  594. BestEventEver!

    I’d read up on Texas Castle Doctrine Law…

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  596. I recently looked up scientology and found all this hooey. Where does this david miscarriage oh sorry mistake, oh hell what ever his name is get the brass ones to do this to people. I really wish there were something I could do to help the cause but unfortunately I am not able now. I do wish you guys all the best and I pray that this david guy meets up with Karma really soon. Then he will be whimpering like the little stray that he is. Best wishes all.

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