Miscavige Surrenders at the Alamo

Latest from Tampa Bay Times: Video of Miscavige Surrender, attorney Ray Jeffrey and Debbie Cook. 

More coverage:

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  1. http://www.tampabay.com/
    scroll down and see Debbie’s testimony.

  2. Got my coffee, guitar music, friends, and a comfortable chair. All set.

  3. Thanks, Mosey.

  4. After digesting the additional testimony throughout the day yesterday, I am absolutely floored. The idea of such an incredibly competent, classy, beautiful and able woman being subjected to such degradation makes my blood absolutely boil. It is an abomination and an unconscionable assault on the better half of humanity. The church is no better than the Taliban. Miscavage you scum, you are a coward, an abuser of women, and don’t deserve to even exist in the same universe as Debbie or any of the other women you have attempted to break. I spit on you.

    Let me add my voice in urging those who can possibly stand up to do so now. This IS the time. To repeat a quote from Shelley:

    “Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number-
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you
    Ye are many-they are few.”

    Don Cramer

  5. Best of luck to you Mosey, Marty, Mike, Debbie and all involved! Bullies are always cowards, even billion dollar bullies with many lawyers.


    Is this for real???????

  7. And, as the day begins, the footnuke explodes. Like I said yesterday, “how’s that going for you, Dave?”

  8. Tony is reporting it, I have not seen it anywhere else.

  9. Here is the post from Tony:

    George Spencer started proceedings by addressing Judge Tanner, saying that Cook had made “false and misleading statements” about the church yesterday, that she has done “irreparable harm to our client.”

    “As we feared, the defendant has used the courtroom to…violate the agreement. She disparaged numerous officials not involved in this case.”

    “The extreme falsity of her testimony is shown by the simple fact that she didn’t have a positive thing to say about any of the people she worked with…” he said.

    Cook had “destroyed the value of the temporary injunction,” and therefore the church was withdrawing its request for one.


    Everyone in the court is stunned. Jeffrey asked for a short recess to talk things over with Cook and Baumgarten and then they’ll reconvene.

    Joe Childs looked at me and gave me a look that said, “Can you believe it?”

  10. I mentioned they might do this yesterday, as the only way to minimize the damage already done. They don’t want any more testimony, and will also eventually try and drop the suit, I believe. They have f*#!ed themselves and will only continue to do so if they want to press on with the case. I think it’s now a matter of how to get her sworn testimony in front of as many church members to and force even more pressure “from the inside” to keep the water washing away the sand. And of course Debbie can also now counter-sue for damages, which they would also try and settle since they don’t want any more in sworn-in public record for all to see.

  11. In other words, David Miscavige is not allowing corroboration of his abusive practice and stories from the Hole by Mike and Marty! Next step is to cancel the lawsuit so there is no venue bring the truth and David Miscavige’s sordid deeds like yesterday. Run Dave, Run..

  12. Looks like the TRO hearing became a TKO for Davey boy. Round one definitely goes to Debbie. Look for the Church to soon drop the whole lawsuit if they get a clue . . .

  13. I just listened to the court proceeding 9th of Feb and read otehr writes ups by Papers. I also looked at Debbie giving evidence, I must say without being ruid she does look very stressed out, and clearly extremly upset she looks very tired .I certaintly understand why the apearance I felt was
    showinn this, I also say I understand whyand she looked traumatised,
    She went through harrowing ordeals in that “Hole ” and nothing but
    prison .
    She is a tough cooky , Certaintly not some one I knew in early days Our thougths are with her all the way .and this exposure is what is needed and wanted.
    Marthy and Martin and team Thank you for all you do and care I know you will give Debbie under such a harrowing ordeal.I hope her family will come to terms knowing that she is out and learning as we going along to cope with her current ordeal she is going through , The result that something positive is going to happen out of this and the dictator will be brought to justice Its got to happen.

  14. The lawyers say she’s lying. Do they really not know? And if they do, aren’t they perjuring themselves or something?

  15. Its all apppreciated all the updates Really !!!!!!


  17. With the breaking news (of the church withdrawing), I sure hope Debbie goes on counter-attack and sues David Miscavige personally and directly.

    THAT would make my day!

  18. “I don’t care if the empire is burning, hold my fiddle while I go for a swim and work on my tan!” – ❤ Dave

  19. Here’s further update from Tony O:
    9:55 am. Jeffrey is saying that he wants to continue his examination of Cook on the record because he wanted to address her signing the NDA.

    Spencer says the court can’t continue: “This thing is over.”

    Tanner decides to allow Jeffrey to describe what Cook would testify to if she allows it to continue.

  20. “…saying that Cook had made “false and misleading statements” about the church yesterday, that she has done “irreparable harm to our client.”

    Who exactly is their client? RTC? Mr David Miscaviage?

    “The Church” is a generality.

  21. It’s over?



    Well, Debbie Cook ROCKED yesterday. Way to tell your truth Debbie!

  22. I agree….running like little bullies that kick ant beds and then run away.

  23. Final update from Tony O:

    Jeffrey came and spoke to us for a minute. I caught it on video, so I’ll post that a little later. For now we’re clearing out of here, and it may be a while before I have a connection again. But we’ll be trying to get an interview with Debbie and Wayne later today

  24. And if you go after him Debbie, don’t settle! Make him testify, make him stand before the court and perjure himself.

    Let the dozens of witnesses that have seen and experienced his abuse and degradation, testify.

    Miscavige can’t get in his own ethics and he’s derailed the church’s internal justice system. Time for the state justice system to step in. Go get him!

  25. Perjury applies only to witnesses who are sworn to tell the truth when they are giving evidence in a case. It doesn’t apply to lawyers trying to make arguments to persuade the judge on what to do. There are other forms of misbehavior that lawyers can get in trouble for in court, but not perjury.

    Lawyers don’t need to know the real truth of what happened in order to be effective. In fact, any criminal defense attorney does not want the client to say whether he is guilty or not; he’ll probably lie anyway. They just focus on finding the doubt that they can raise to get their guy acquitted.

    In this case, the attorney is probably trying to raise some basis for doubting the credibility of Debbie Cook’s testimony so that they can use it later on in the “real” suit — remember that this hearing is just about continuing the temporary restraining order that was put in place two weeks ago.

  26. The churches lawyers are evil low life’s and I hope Debbie’s attorney sues the shit out of Miscabbage. There is certainly a case there. the little prick and his attorney’s can’t handle the truth. Hell who could listen to this shit and not rule in favor of Debbie.

  27. It was getting too hot in the kitchen for Miscavige so he pulled the plug.

    God forgive if the truth came out in the court of law.

    Backfire at its best!

  28. this is amazing and I’m so glad that something is being done about all the illegal practices that is going on in the “church”?.

  29. Leave it to DM to rabbit from a process just as the TA starts to rock….definitely a “no-confront” case (like we didn’t know that already).

    But, the space is now expanded, opening up the possibility of more Time Place Form and Event to come in to view.

    4th dynamic engrams can take a while to run out……..

  30. I hope the fuck she does sues DM personally For all the damage to her state of beingness and traumatisation and what ever else it covers Let along what is did to her and husband / family during ordeal.
    I don’t know how that works in The US. IF the case by church vs D Cook gets withdrawn.
    If so I ask DM what are you going to do to cover up this exposed evidence thats in the open , what Lies will you tell staff and to any Public / and the Media / and your so called freinds if any left. Yr srewed and Hope you
    disappear ( I wont say How and what way I like you to go .). You and / Your so called pretense Cof S / Pr is fucked and all caused by YOU , Now its all over the Media and so it should be and for any one to think its a place for them Its NOT /watch out . Its a crimal operation and a disripute and All I say God Help if LRH was around. Wouldn’t have got this far .

  31. If DM is looking for a strong case, maybe he should consider filing a legal malpractice suit against the lawyers that let him move forward with this silliness . . .

  32. Mike Henderson

    Debbie on YouTube nailed it. The CofS could not stand her up there any more, and Marty and Mike testifying that they could substantiate all her testimony as to the “hole”. Joe Childs and Tom Tobin at the St. Pete Times, and Tony Ortega of the Village Voice get kudos for splashing this far and fast.

  33. Seems Not . Seems like trying to Max further confusion and spanner in the works .I would n’t say all lawyers are allways Law abinding citziens.

  34. Idiots who is going to beleive she is lying Come on.

  35. Super Mosey thanks for all your doing

  36. Rabbiting away . what cant they confront.

  37. Thanks Sinar, I have added link to original post!

  38. Hear Hear Second that view .!!!!

  39. Responsibility for the truth of their own criminal actions. As well as the squirreling and alterations of the tech and the reputation of LRH. But then, you already knew that. It is the sheeple that have to up their confront of evil and see the truth.

  40. Wanted to give the exact link since it could drop from the front page in a day or so. Debbie’s testimony is devastating: http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/ex-clearwater-scientology-officer-debbie-cook-testifies-she-was-put-in-the/1214690

  41. Sp’s dont have any confront, they rabbit when the heat is on and its turned on now for him, and they use others to do their dirty work as DM did .

  42. Thanks, Komra I have it linked in the main blog post.

  43. Marthy / Rinder in support to D ebbie would be perfect witnesses, How the fuck the lawyers thought they could get around their evdience is a fucking joke.

  44. love you

  45. DEBBIE COOK kicks DAVID MISCAVIGE in the nuts for the 2nd time this year!!!

    Walked right into that one, didn’t you Mr. Pope On a Box!!!

  46. A song to commemorate the day.

  47. Cook vs Miscavige


    Go after the jugular, he would do that to you.

    Give him some of his own medicine



  49. “The extreme falsity of her testimony is shown by the simple fact that she didn’t have a positive thing to say about any of the people she worked with…” he said (RCS lawyer in court)

    What piece of tech is this based on? I mean these are supposed to be Scientology lawyers.
    And besides, I beg to differ, she said someone tried to stand up to Mr. David Miscavige and was forced to lick the bathroom floor. Generality blown.

  50. Mother of Grendel

    Watching Debbie’s video finally broke me – I am completely and utterly disgusted and ashamed to have claimed membership and affinity for this group. Decades of association with this evilness and slime… I need a really long shower and an serious exorcism!

  51. Ms. Debbie Cook 2….David Miscaviage 0 !

    Awesome!…..I look forward to the knock out punch
    that is surely coming!

  52. This is why David Miscavige’s usual legal advisers said they would not accept such a case, this was the only possible outcome.

    The SA legal squad are certainly now very busy trying to cover their asses and having to deal with a raving lunatic who is trying to say it is all their fault for doing it wrong and how he would have done a better job,,,blah, blah, blah, rant, rant, rant. Someone should install more heavy duty copper rods for lil davey, he will need them.

    Speaking of lying:
    “The Church treated Ms. Cook with dignity and respect throughout her tenure on Church staff and since she voluntarily left in 2007 when she voluntarily entered into an agreement with the Church. The Church has honored its agreement and provided Ms. Cook and her husband with substantial compensation to assist them in their secular life. The Church is seeking relief from the court for Ms. Cook’s breach of contract.”
    Read more: http://radio.woai.com/pages/michaelboard.html?article=9741924#ixzz1lzxdDsnL

    Not necessary to point out the obvious words that defy all decency and humanity.

    Debbie and Wayne will need a good layer of protection from the juvenile, harrasive, invasive and harmfully intended actions that will be taken now, outside the courtroom.

  53. Beatings, hazing, kidnapping, imprisonment…aren’t these crimes? No sleep, questionable food, slave labor…where is the health department, or OSHA? Now there’s a threat of actions to prevent Debbie from earning a living and making her suffer for merely communicating to her fellow church members what she believed was standard policy and LRH intention.

    I am so glad that I am not involved in this any more and that I never joined the Sea Org. I do not understand how public Scientologists can support this activity. Are they really that blind? Why don’t they see this going on?

  54. Now that’s good: TRO became a TKO. Hilarious and true too.

  55. “Bummer”. HA HA! That’s what I thought. Watching blow by blow updates of DM getting his ass kicked sends me straight to enthusiasm. Now I’m bored again.

  56. so the injunction is withdrawn, but breach of contract is still proceeding?

  57. I agree with you Tom. I think now we know his weak point I can see the end for him very soon.
    Now I can see there is hope!

  58. “he pulled it in”

  59. I’m with you M of G. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved to tears by Debbie’s testimony and courage. Take that long shower, but don’t beat yourself up – this is the biggest TA action in Scientology history taking place. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve shed a few tears these last 2 days. In fact, if Mosey or Moderator would indulge me, I’d like to re-post what I said yesterday cos this is what it’s all about as far as I’m concerned:

    “WHY is this so important on a personal level for many? I guess everyone has their own story. Yes, there is the natural instincts almost everyone has to see truth prevail over lies, and justice to prevail over injustice.

    But let me just bring this down from macro to micro level for a moment. My 9 year old daughter still regularly cries herself to sleep at not being able to see her best buddy and solemate, whose parents have steadfastly refused to stop drinking the KoolAid since I left in 2009. I promised my little girl I will do anything, if it’s the last thing I ever do to enable her to see her BFF again, and I will dance with joy the day I can say to her “Hey, we’re going over to see Molly today”, in fact I’m crying now just thinking about it. I think about the impossibly optimistic Susan Talbot who nearly died from the stress of being disconnected from her daughter Mandy, trapped in the HGB building, getting that long awaited phone call saying “Hi Mum…”

    Yes, this matters, on every level. It aint about revenge or personal vendettas. This is not a joke, this is real. Marty, Mike, now Debbie, you are all heroes. Thank you and carry on!”

  60. More likely they did advise him of all the downsides and pitfalls and he made them do it anyways. Now after the fact he will blame them and the poor OSA staff who had the misfortune to be anywhere near it.

  61. I agree with you they need to start thinking on this now. Out side of the courtroom. I hope she start to use bodyguards I am not joking. They should have one at least.

  62. There is a chance that Debbie and Wayne’s action and testimony may cause some change within the Int Base and the “Hole” torn down and disposed of. Now that testimony is on the record in a court of law about it’s existence, this is very dangerous to DM and it would not surprise me if he has the place bulldozed and a field of grass planted there. He now has to be worried about Federal and Law Enforcement authorities deciding to investigate Debbie’s claims and the possiblity of a raid on the Int Base. This is what happened in the late 70s/early 80s when Scn was being investigated heavily by the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS and when Gerry Armstrong left with all the LRH Biography documents. LRH ran away and went into hiding until his death and the entire base was “sanitized” in case of a raid. LRH documents and “orders” were taken off the base and hidden in storage lockers around California to protect them and LRH from a possible raid. I know because I was responsible for one of the hiding storage lockers. No one but me knew where it was. Not even DM. So maybe these people will get out of the Hole sooner rather than later.

  63. +100 Sapere. I think the cat has been let out of the bag and the mouse has no where to hide.

  64. Stan,

    Not exactly. Miscavige put out a ‘contract’ (not really, just figuratively speaking) offering a pile of dough to whoever would agree to take it on, since his usual attys refused to. It has all been very closely orchestrated and managed by lil davey, regardless of any advice these attys might have tried to give him. He is a sociopath after all and is compelled to act the way he does, it never has to be legal, reasonable or sane, simply what his own distorted mind comes up with. He has enough money in the church coffers to carry them out. In that, Debbie, has wounded him badly by her email and now her presence in court and testimony. Looking forward to lil davey’s next foot bullet….laughing.

  65. Somehow things just appear a little bit brighter today. It just feels good to be on the right side of Truth.

  66. I don’t want to throw water on anyone’s enthusiasm here but this was a hearing on the TRO. Their withdrawal of their TRO petition is amazing to be sure but it is simply a part of the case still in court of her violation of the NDA. The TRO petition withdrawal does not suddenly allow her to run around spilling her guts as that could still be used as evidence of violating the NDA. The TRO was a ploy, a bad one to be sure and a damning one for Miscavige.

    Of course this is a first round win for Debbie and is demonstrative of just what’s to come if this case moves forward.

    Debbie’s letter to OSA is representative of her continuing intent to not bring harm to the Church. In it she clearly states she was willing to keep quiet, the crimes she witnessed and personally experienced. She is defending herself in court but this does not mean she will suddenly cross over to the independent side even if declared or commence disclosures to the public or media.

    This thing is just starting. Now if the Church drops the NDA suit altogether, the time will be at hand to see what Debbie’s position will be then.

    Certainly a gripping saga is unfolding and Debbie is in a position to expose Miscaviges crimes if she decides to pursue those options and if she has the available resources. That translates to money. Those that donated helped her get this far. That money is likely now gone. Legal actions, even when short are a vacuum for resources. If the NDA case is not also withdrawn, then more Doe Ray Me is definitely needed by Debbie.

  67. +100

  68. I think I will spend the day sending links to legislators, law enforcement and the media.
    Feel free to join – more than one letter helps impinge.

  69. Most of them still do not know. They are completely conditioned to not look at or hear anything negative about the church, and believe any of it is just lies. This goes beyond what has already been previously known and written about, in my opinion, because of who Debbie is and what happened to her and the fact it was a public hearing in court. This is why there has to be a way for people to organize and find a line to get her testimony in front of current church people, as it cannot be denied by any someone rational being. So how do we get it known and spread internally? the church will continue to fight and discredit until the last breath, as David Miscavige is the living embodiment of a computing psychotic and will not “give in”. This must be spread far and wide, even more so than Debbie’s original e-mail, as this is much more damning and further validates all of the other accounts of torture.

  70. expelled 4 Life

    I have a dream of the video of Debbie’s testimony playing on laptops and iPhones & Blackberries all over downtown Clearwater. I for one plan to make that dream a reality. Perhaps while standing in line at the Starbucks at the corner of Ft. Harrison and Cleveland on Saturday around 12pm. There are always dozens of Sea Org members there at that time. Or perhaps at the movie theaters where Sea Org members go for their upstat awards or maybe at Blockbuster video where the SO staff go Friday nights to get their DVDs for the night. Or perhaps on public property outside the Sandcastle where SO members line up to get on the bus or the public leave from. So many opportunities now to get the truth out. I see lots and lots of laptops all over downtown Clearwater looping Debbie’s video over and over and over again.

  71. Thanks for the updates Mosey! What a day!!! Sending my love! xoxo

  72. Bluebonnet,
    So fitting to show the two sided view. Yesterday they attempted to shut her up when she mentioned criminal actions by DM, saying he wasn’t connected to FSO. Today they say “extreme falsity” by nothing good stated. She was answered questions at a hearing they forced to happen. I don’t think that statement was originated by the attorney, more like he was told to say that.

    The issue was the validity of a document signed under duress. How many good positive people did he think Debbie met in that experience. It was a degrading experience leading up to her signing. I bet that attorney wishes he had never put his name, face or fingers near this suit.

    As to what piece of tech – oh, that is the hidden DM how to instantly make false statements in truth tech. He says it is truth and thus it is. He is the annointed one after all.

  73. Welcome Mims!!!:-)

  74. I look forward to any changes to make the Int Base less degrading. Along with getting rid of the “Hole” how about tearing down the razor fence and allowing staff who want to leave to leave with a thank you for your service.

    The razor fence and the “Hole” are shown in the photos at this site:

  75. Excellent idea. Perhaps this is the perfect ammunition for the Anons’ anniversary protest of the abuses of the church. Make it as difficult as possible to avoid seeing the truth.

  76. Link added to original post to WOAI blog which features where the church tells of decision to withdraw.

  77. THe FEDS should go visit the hole and whatever else the C of S is doing that is inhumane and outright wrong. Human rights? None exist when it comes to the RPF or the hole.

    Go find the hole!!!! Fast!

  78. I wept at Debbie’s, under oath testimony about the hole. I wept again thinking of the 100 other people who are prisoners there. I weep still at the twisted application of LRH tech and all those who have not at the chance to experience LRH/Scio like it was intended and delivered in the days before the mid ’80’s.

    I am intending and postulating that some authority frees those people NOW.

    The attorneys for DM had to be cringing in their heart at the truth of what the CO$ and DM are all about now, plus hanging their heads in shame at the truth of this whole situation.

  79. I think this is a great idea.

  80. What next? We shall see, but this first action has created a chink in the armor. I like this video as I feel that the action of Debbie Cook truly will a major win that will change all of our worlds for the better.

  81. So the church lawyers gave a statement to Michael Board saying that even if Debbie Cooks statements are ” true or false, her statement about Church staff clearly violates the ministerial privilege ” . Really ?, I guess I am going to join again the CoS, it would be funny.


  82. It seems that Debbie has all the power. If this goes to trial for the suit, more crimes will be revealed and more witnesses called and more media exposure of DM crimes. If they drop the suit, she can still talk to the press, if DM sends goons to harass her, it will make the press and only confirm her testimony of harassment. Debbie has the power – all the power. DM has nothing. He is totally vulnerable to exposure of his crimes and possible arrest if investigated by the authorities. All the harassment and suppression he dealt others is coming back at him like a mac truck and he can’t do a thing, but sit there and take it. I just can’t see how DM has any power at all in this case. He’s toast so long as Debbie presses on and doesn’t stop until he’s deposed.

  83. SA,
    As of last September the running track shown on this site, no longer exists with the palm taken out and grass/weeds growing on the circular track.

    This photo of the Hole was taken about that time:

  84. Thanks Mosey for staying at the wheel and keeping data up-to-the-minute.

  85. Thanks Tom, I have added link to original post

  86. Look up “Suppressive Reasonable”. It’s a common trait per LRH. It’s an inability to confront evil and it’s suppressive because it allows the suppression to continue.

  87. No way. If they harass her it all it will make the press and confirm her testimony of harassment. DM might try, because he’s obviously gone full retard, but if he does, he’s toast.

  88. Thanks, great insight, but I still think he has a case there!

  89. I worry that Dave will rush all those in the hole to the Freewinds ASAP, where they can be hidden or tossed into the ocean.

  90. Sinar,
    Thanks for the info. As long as there is razor fence there and my friend, Heber, is still held behind it I want the fence torn down. To think that the group with the purpose of spiritual freedom keeps the staff members physically behind such a fence is disgusting. Without the fence I am sure many who are allowed to route off staff would just vote with their feet and walk. I believe it is more ethical in that case to blow than compromise your personal integrity. I know you understand. Again, thanks for the update.

  91. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    S.A. You are totally correct in saying: “I bet that attorney wishes he had never put his name, face or fingers near this suit”
    That’s why the top lawyers wouldn’t touch it at the outset. I believe Marty brought this up in the very beginning of this suit topic.

  92. FBI satellites could monitor the area for activity, if they choose to, for movement of the “holees” and any attempt to destroy the property/evidence.

  93. The TBT video is also posted on You Tube:

  94. I think you have it correct, Ann.
    All Debbie needs to do is continue to write standard, on policy KRs regarding the out tech, out ethics, out admin and outright criminal activity with exact references (as any “scientologist” is required to do per policy).

    She does not need to talk to the press or Marty or any of us independents. There are more than enough “under the radar” folks who will gladly pass along any KRs which must be passed along to protect the church she still belongs to.

    She has already demonstrated that the internal KR lines are useless and she has the obligation, as a scientologist, to ensure that the out ethics, out tech and off policy actions of international management and the crimes of david miscavige become the subject of a committee of evidence, duly convened, in order to judge the veracity of her observations.

    To this point, it could be well argued, that she still has not breeched the “contract” she signed. The breech was brought about by miscavige when he decided to sue her in court for writing a standard KR, instead of handling it internally as a church matter…which is what he should have done.

    Of course, this whole affair is total bullshit because miscavige is a lying, abusive, sadist who should have long since been ejected from the church and from decent society for his personal crimes against people of good will.

    How will this play out in court? I dunno…where’s my popcorn, Sue. I thought you were in charge of the popcorn?

  95. I just listened to the San Antonio noon news on WOAI radio station. They announced the withdrawal of the TRO as a “GREAT VICTORY for Debbie Cook, who yesterday testified to torture and kidnapping”.

    Way to go Debbie!! And her attorney, and all the Texas Freedom Fighters, and Honorary Texas Freedom Fighters who helped!

    YEE HAW!!!!!!

    Looks like the TRO turned into TR-O for David Miscavige. He was confronted publicly with his crimes against Debbie Cook and other executives, AND HE BLEW!!!!


    (For you non-Scientologists, “TR-O” (Training Routine Zero) is a training drill in which a person, sitting in a chair, confronts another person sitting in a chair a few feet away, until he/she can be there and comfortably perceive the other person, and the environment, without flinching, laughing, getting angry, twitching, etc.) “Blowing” is a rapid and sudden departure from the area. In L. Ron Hubbard’s writings, he describes people blowing due to the exposure, or almost exposure, of their hidden crimes. “Case gain” is betterment of one’s mental or spiritual state due to training or counseling.

    We keep trying to tell you, David Miscavige, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS, but you just refuse to listen!


    Catherine von Ach
    Austin, Texas

    P.S. Debbie, donation on its way!

  96. Ka-boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mestsavage’s foot super nova just ignited.

    I just loved those lies about the CoS expanding several times over since Debbie left. If that was the case, then why am I looking at the latest Source Mag with about the same number of comps as last year, which is Emergency at best.

    However, that pusillanimous, pecksniffian, pint-sized pope has once again ensured his “works” are known to the world in even greater numbers. Now THAT is expansion I can certainly agree has taken place.

    My heart goes out to Debbie and her family. She deserves better for her contributions and dedication to LRH.

    I hope she goes independent soon. She will eventually have to.

  97. Mark,
    I can confirm what you said here. I was an evaluator in the Flag Bu when this happened. I was woken in the middleof the night and told i had to pack a bag because the whole FB was being moved to an undisclosed location due to an impending raid by the government. Me. Kerry Gleeson and most of the people involved in international management, including, believe it or not, all the data accumulated over the years at the FB were put on a flight which ended up in LA’s Cedar of Lebanon’s building. I didn’t know then, but we were running like rats in a sinking ship. And there is no doubt that Miscavige will do the same now that his ship is sinking.

  98. “At the same time, church counsel is pleased that Ms. Cook has admitted to the facts confirming both her agreement and the irreparable harm caused to the church through her actions. The church will use this evidence to seek summary judgment against Ms. Cook and her husband.”

    Funny, mr. church counsel guy, It isn’t harm caused by Debbie stating that david miscavige tortures people, throws them in the hole, beats the shit out of them, deprives them of sleep, humiliates them to the point of torture, violates both church policy and the law of the land, and basically acts like a sadistic little cult leader.

    It is the FACT that david miscavige DID this shit that is causing irreparable harm.

  99. San Antonio Express wrap up article link added to original post.

  100. Wow–what a last couple of days! Invigorating to say the least!
    Thanks Mosey for taking the reins of the blog while Marty Crockett and Mike Bowie are at the Alamo helping to blast those junkyard dogs to Hell!
    And God bless Debbie Cook. She always exemplified the best and highest of qualities.
    And God bless all of the individuals standing against this kind of abuse.

  101. Exactly Les. POB’s feeble attempt at damage control. Too little too late.

  102. Mark, what many who have now heard of the Hole may not realize is that those two double wide trailers that were converted into a prison were at one time the management building for the very top of Scientology Management internationally. This is where CMO International was located. This is where the Watchdog Committee was located. This is where the Executive Director International and his corps of Senior Executive Strata were located. In a pair of double wide trailers! Trailers for chrissakes. Meanwhile, DM had literally every other single building on the entire base either fully renovated or newly constructed from the ground up. He build a state of the art film studio, a film processing laboratory (at a time when the industry was converting to digital), a CD replication plant (when the rest of the world was going digital), audio studios that match anything anywhere in the world, a veritable palace of a building for himself and his tiny staff, yet the top managers were crammed into double wide trailers. That shows you what DM thinks about the management structure of Scn.
    I think you are right, Mark, that the days of those double wides are about to go the way of WTC I and WTC II.

  103. Mother of Grendel

    Martin, your comment resonates on a deeply personal level for me… and for the child in my life who is growing up without the father who chose Co$ over his own flesh and blood.
    Yes, this matters. Thank you,

  104. Talk about sending ya over the edge…now that this is plastered out to millions, can you imagine DM’s thoughts when someone even looks at him? And I mean anyone.
    “Do they know I’m David Miscavige? Did they see the testimony?”

    Miscavige—You have no future. None. You can’t even do your Rolling Thunder talks anymore. Who is going to listen? The prison guards?
    The only Rolling Thunder you’ll be known for is the sound your head makes as it thumps repeatedly into the corners of your cell in the middle of the night.
    Enjoy. There is no doubt you earned it.

  105. Anne,

    So glad you pointed this out. Here is the statement the church made. Miscavige is no dummy that’s for sure. Now it’s all about how the Church is a victim of a court that did not uphold the laws of the land. They have no intention of dropping anything and in fact are now suing for higher damages adding in Debbie’s testimony as further violations of the contract. The church’s lawsuit case has been made stronger it appears. Debbie needs more money in her legal fund, that’s for sure. Mosey linked this article. Here it is from Michael Board:

    Remember, this hearing was only about a restraining order to keep Cook quiet until the lawsuit is over. The church is suing her for violating a non-disclosure that she signed when she left. We’re talking about the email that Cook sent on New Years, which was critical of church fundraising.

    The church gave me a statement on today’s development. Here it is:

    The only reason the Church brought suit against Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten and sought a preliminary injunction was to uphold the agreement they made not to make disparaging statements about the Scientology religion, Churches of Scientology, its ecclesiastical officials and parishioners. The Church demanded such covenants from Cook for good and sufficient reason: Cook in the past had made similar false and misleading statements and the Church feared that she would do so again.

    The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization has withdrawn its motion for preliminary injunction to preclude the court being used further as a forum for the defendants to violate the rights of the Church and its members with more false and disparaging statements. At the same time, Church counsel is pleased that Ms. Cook has admitted to the facts confirming both her agreement and the irreparable harm caused to the Church through her actions. The Church will use this evidence to seek Summary Judgment against Ms. Cook and her husband.

    Using the court to disparage dedicated Church officials who are not even part of this matter is yet another example of the bitter hate campaign Ms. Cook is engaged in, much like the apostates she has joined. It is also evident from her testimony that the entire purpose of violating her agreement is to extort the Church for more money. The Church refuses to let her continue under the guise of judicial privilege to falsely disparage the Church. Further statements in violation of their agreements by Cook and her husband will increase the damages they will ultimately have to pay. The extreme falsity of Cook’s statements is evident from the simple fact that, incredibly, in three hours of testimony she did not have a positive statement to make about anyone she ever encountered in her decades long Scientology career. Moreover, true or false, her statement about Church staff clearly violates the ministerial privilege. The Church fully intends to use its ecclesiastical procedures grounded in Church Scripture to expose both Cook’s false testimony and her ecclesiastical transgressions.

    Cook’s agreement makes clear that all disputes Cook and her husband may have had were to be presented to the Church’s International Justice Chief for ecclesiastical resolution, and failing that, to arbitration. Cook failed to do either further breaching her agreement.

    Cook and Baumgarten have improperly used the court proceeding to entangle the court in fundamental ecclesiastical matters that it must avoid under the First Amendment. Courts cannot interfere with ecclesiastical ethics and justice proceedings even were Cook’s one-sided revisionist history true. She has already been expelled from the Church and a court may not interfere with that without violating the First Amendment. For over a century, the Supreme Court has made clear that courts must abstain from examining matters, which concern church discipline. Just last month, in a unanimous decision in the Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC (132 S.Ct. 694, 704 (January 12, 2012)), the Supreme Court reaffirmed the prohibition of judicial interference with religious liberties and the power to determine matters of discipline, faith, internal organization and explained why it is blatantly unconstitutional.

    The proceedings in this Court yesterday clearly violated these proscriptions.

    Ms. Cook left the Church clergy over four years ago. Since her departure, the Church has expanded many times over – and particularly where she served in Clearwater. The expansion is coincident with her departure. She has no knowledge of the Church today. She has not attended Church in years as a parishioner and has become a squirrel or a heretic. It is evident that Ms. Cook is extremely bitter that she is no longer part of the Church.

    The Church has always been true to L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings. Ms. Cook was expelled from the Church for violating Scripture. She and her fellow bitter apostates will never enter a Church of Scientology again.

    Read more: http://radio.woai.com/pages/michaelboard.html?article=9743742#.TzVVHSmO8Vg.twitter#ixzz1m0KAliiC

    This statement also wraps up the earlier contradictions of the Texas case vs the Florida repayments cases by stating there is no recourse outside the church for anything, it’s all done by arbitration internally and no one can override that per the laws of the land. Some recent repayment requests have been informed they violated the agreement and their claims are denied requiring they petition to the IJC for an arbitration. They didn’t violate anything from what I saw. He’s trying to make it the solution to all claims of any type, internal arbitration which of course means no justice or recourse ever and he has ultimate power of course.

    Debbie and Wayne’s battle is just beginning and anything they say further is going to add to the amount of damages being demanded by Miscavige. Will she ever be able to tell her entire story? I wonder what I would do if I were in her place?

    She is a brave soul. I wish I had a vacation house somewhere beautiful to send them after this is all over.


  106. This piece of shit (DM) is so scared of Marty and Mike and now it is evident. That’s my take!

  107. Grab your barf bags.

    The last paragraph of the RCS statement concerning the withdraw of their request for an injunction reads as follows:

    “The ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion has dedicated more than 30 years of selfless service for the good of the religion and ten thousand staff and millions of parishioners applaud that service. Further information is available at Scientology.org.”


  108. +1000000….Marty Crockett and Mike Bowie right on!

  109. Michael Fairman

    Anne Howe
    And she will get it. Right?

  110. Now that Debbie has whipped Miscavige’s ass in Round One and gotten him to “tap out”, I think its important to give her some physical attention.
    She needs to be given medical assistance as needed, the best food, rest,
    theta/extroversion, etc. This needs to be done in earnest. Miscavige worked hard to break this beautiful woman. She’s needs to fully recover.

  111. “The Church has always been true to L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings. Ms. Cook was expelled from the Church for violating Scripture. She and her fellow bitter apostates will never enter a Church of Scientology again. ”

    As a graduate of the Organization Executive Course and the Flag Executive Briefing Course, I would like to offer my expert testimony to the defence of Debbie and her husband.
    The statement that “the church has always been true to L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings” is blatantly false.

    Show me the reference where physical punishment is authorized, dave.
    Show me the reference where public humiliation is authorized, dave.

  112. Mosey,

    We’re getting a new link to the Village Voice with an interview with Debbie and Wayne:


  113. “She has done irreperable harm to our client.’ Yippeeeee!!!!!!!

  114. Your humble servant

    Sooner or later they will drop the lawsuit for damages as quietly as possible. The injunction hearing made it abundantly plain that the so-called non-disclosure agreement was signed under terrific duress. This renders any possibly binding nature of the agreement completely invalid. This means that Debbie is free to say whatever she wants. She can sing like a bird if she chooses to do so.

    Yes, in theory the underlying suit is still in place at this time and could be continued. However, the abrupt withdrawal of the request for a continuing injunction is a practical admission that they cannot win and that they would not win the lawsuit either.

    I never saw a more outrageous concoction of lies than the Church’s explanation of why they had dropped their request. Miscavige could just as well have composed a statement of similar length saying that Jews, Poles and Gypsies in Germany unfortunately self-destructed during WWII in spite of the German government’s best efforts to help them! Almost every sentence a blatant, provable lie.

    The lawyers who used their best skill and efforts to help Miscavige should be ashamed of themselves. Do they not grasp that they have been using their expertise to assist a psychopath in harming good people? If they did not before, I think they may understand it now.

  115. Thanks I have put the link in the original post! Thanks for the back up!!

  116. I don’t even have words for this. This breaks my heart. This video show so much strength from Debbie. This is something I have never experienced and this is not Scientology. Debbie, Wayne and all of you who have gone through this torture at the hands of this low life form, my God I am so sorry. We as public (anyhow myself) were told how wonderful being up at INT was and for me this is shameful, disgusting, dehumanizing, out and out torture of proportions I have never come to know. The world now knows the truth about the little man who stands on a box! thank you Debbie and Wayne.

  117. The church’s release (linked above) is obviously for internal consumption. It is hard to imagine anyone familiar with the case buying into that B/S. The lies in the release are exposed with its reading for any but the supremely uninformed or those deliberately unwilling to look.

    Naturally, this is what will be provided for the faithful to consume to assuage their concerns and fears, the rest of us are simply made somewhat ill by it’s noxious content.

    The disingenuous character of the release is staggering. It’s a little disturbing to reflect on the mind of the individual(s) authoring such a piece. It’s so far flung from the reality of the situation to be easily identifiable as propaganda with an eerie delusional quality.

    It is unsettling to recognize the level of depravity on display by David Miscavige through the Church, their attorneys and their P/R machine.

    The expose’ of the atrocities exposed in court is reminiscent of soldiers stories of brain washing, sleep deprivation and torture.

    The Church’s P/R release makes it appear that Debbie Cook is responsible for the case and the bad exposure. This is laughable on its face. They seek to blame Debbie for the bad press and completely omit from the piece that THEY brought this action. And yes, the obligatory, “She is lying and defaming these wonderful people in charge of Scientology. She was removed from post and things improved after she left.” Blah, blah, blah. Oh, yes, and don’t forget that she is also an “apostate”. Who believes this shit anymore? Everyone who leaves is painted with this brush.

    It is still not too late for those remaining to abandon ship. This abomination of a man by the name of David Miscavige is cycling downward at a rapid rate. Who but an evil insane man would pursue and provide the forum for the public airing of his crimes.

    Miscavige may or may not be near his end but he is certainly providing the means for his end. I do hope it is very public, not due to any malevolence on my part but due to the beneficial effects it will ultimately have for Scientology when this depraved dictatorial thug has fallen and the public sees it, much like the hanging of Saddam Hussein or the death of Miramar Gaddafi. There is a cleansing quality to it as the public see those held under their suppressive reigns for so long finally overthrow the suppressor.

    To be sure Mr. Miscavige, no amount of bomb proof automobiles, vests, armed guards or private bunkers will protect you. They didn’t protect these other men and they won’t protect you either.

  118. Mat, I totally agree

  119. DM has had people coming at him before. He told us one time about being in deposition and couldn’t stand the fact that two low lifes had gotten him on the record. Then there was the Lisa thing that Marty fixed. Ted Koppel had a shot at him 20 years ago. But until yesterday I don’t think DM ever had his ass handed to him like that.
    His head must have been rock slamming all night as he concocted his next move in this chess match to (for him) the death. The images of Marty and Mike up there today probably made his sphincter blow a gasket (if that’s even possible).
    If he pursues the case I am guessing he will try to have the venue moved to Florida based on the fact that the entire San Antonio area has been poisoned by Debbie’s scurrilous revelations and because that it, apparently, is the FSO suing and where they can pour the coals on DM’s First Amendment protection. (Though how torture is part of ecclesiastical scripture is beyond me. I never saw floor licking listed in the ethics gradients.)
    My guess is this will never come to trial based on what happened at a friendly ‘ol preliminary hearing. I wonder how much Spencer is getting per hour to have his strings pulled by the puppet master himself. After what happened after court yesterday I will be anything that he wishes he had doubled his rates, at least.
    DM could have simply let Debbie’s email drop and he could have turned his attention to his annual nightmare of the March 13th event coming up next month. There are Birthday Game winners to select (wonder how Walter Kotric feels about winning again when his stats for the year are down again), the years expansion statistics to tally up (or make up) and another hour long Shermanspeak presentation replete with reenactments of LRH’s life and battling with Gary Wiese in the editing bay to get the pix just the way he demands them. Believe me, folks, this fucker is under some seriously richly-deserved stress nowadays. The Anaconda mine doesn’t produce enough copper to discharge all the BPC he has going on right now.
    His best move is to drop the suit and have Karin Bow-wow issue a statement saying that Debbie has poisoned the world with so much negativity that the church is doing planet earth a favor by saving it from further irreparable harm. That should do the trick.
    Until her book comes out.
    Debbie and Wayne, do not worry about losing your clients, you have futures as bestselling authors.

  120. Well done Marty , Mike and Debbie !
    they feared Marty and Mike testifyijng in court !

  121. Bluebonnet
    “The extreme falsity of her testimony is shown by the simple fact that she didn’t have a positive thing to say about any of the people she worked with…” he said (RCS lawyer in court)
    Did you notice the extreme irony of that statement by The Church Of Scientology’s lawyers? Look back over what the Church”s public statements have been, in response to ABSOLUTELY ANYONE who says ANYTHING the least bit disparaging about ANY aspect of the Church or any of its members.. Have you ever heard a single positive thing said by the Church about these people?

    How about just in this particular episode…

    They have attempted to totally negate every single possible positive aspect to ANYTHING that Debbie Cook ever did in her entire Scientology career.

    Touche David Miscavige… Hoist by your own petard!

    Eric S

  122. Michael- She’ll get it from me, I only hope others continue to contribute as well.

  123. Likely its being done already or about to be doneHe will be fast and furious on this Get there and document it, with pictures..Wonder what happens to the people he has put in prison there .

  124. Impartial English Girl

    Blimey. Someone’s certainly worried about what they know that Miss Cook knows… 😮 Was it just me, or did anyone else hear the distant “thwackkk!” of sh*t hitting fan…???

    Thank you for posting the links Mrs. Rathbun, it was very interesting to read what was happening. I wonder what will happen next?! Hope you all have a good weekend.

    IEG xxx

  125. Dan-Unbelievable data-The top execs crammed into double wide trailers!!!!!

  126. Dan,
    Good points, I wondered why these Int management orgs, the top managers of Scientology did not have a building (and no plans for one either). Instead, they were scattered into trailers of int finance & tech comps, cottages (200s), Int landlord in the garage, and the double wide Hole. This certainly was not shown in the “Worker’s Paradise” videos.

  127. Thank you Mark!
    I agree that a new dimension of possible state or Federal threats/attacks is now in the picture. That’s tangible ‘enemies’ to DM as opposed to his imagined ones + the Martians.
    I remember hiding documents in ’82.
    When DM replaces the ‘Hole’ with green lush lawn, several 100 people will be witness to that and someone WILL talk.
    To little Davey its just a bunch of more problems to ‘solve’, he just can’t win.

  128. More than likely Notification and images should be watched

  129. Hope this is thought of.Better jump on it asap.

  130. +1 and another YEE HAW!!!

  131. And Mosey Crockett for keeping us briefed!

  132. Freedom Fighter

    Boy, that was tough to watch. Debbie, thank you for what you are doing. I’m certain LRH is very proud of you for what you are doing.

    Miscavage, may you burn in hell a thousand times over.

  133. Freedom Fighter

    Yes, +100000

  134. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1!!!

  135. OMG! the church is LECTURING the courts on law!

  136. You gotta laugh about it: When I was on lines and on staff, COS always made such a huge deal about promotion and dissemination. Now we’re learning that they pay their members NOT to promote or disseminate. What’s wrong with this picture??!

  137. Exactly! Who do they think they are kidding?!
    As I’ve said before…pathetic.

  138. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1000!!!

  139. She certainly does.
    But I’ll bet making the stand she and her husband did will have an incredible healing effect.
    One thing that SOB now knows for sure is if he leaves one flicker of the candle lit, it’s coming back to bite him. He only hopes the others in that hole don’t make it.
    Whatever favor Miscavige has curried with the government, it is nothing to what they could sieze/confiscate with RICO charges and they’d have the added benefit of freeing these religious prisoners.
    Too bad Obama breeds such INDECESION in his ranks…

  140. You’re so right Matt. I wish Debbie & Wayne would take a week and go to an exclusive resort/spa type place. They would have great food, take walks in beautiful gardens, go swimming & have time to themselves without cult interference. Debbie could be pampered (like all girls like to do) and they could just relax. That’s my wish for them.

  141. Radical Taliban Scientology under David Miscavige gave some hate statements explaining their withdrawal, screaming and demanding “Religious” protection.

    Quote :
    Cook’s agreement makes clear that all disputes Cook and her husband may have had were to be presented to the Church’s International Justice Chief for ecclesiastical resolution

    The International Justice Chief is a rubber stamp puppet of OSA who are disciplined puppy dogs of RTC who is the execution arm of Office of COB, who are the little circle of Gestapo DM enablers.
    There is no power, no decision making, no evaluation, zero authority “IJC” is a meaningless title that signs the declares as ordered by the DM enablers and other thugs masquerading as “ecclesiastical” “church” personnel.
    I worked at OSA INT for 5 1/2 years. IJC”s direct senior and superiors are within OSA. Every declare is routed to OSA for “side checking” to ensure no legal issues and so on.

    To say Debbie should have handled disagreements with IJC is not only dishonest it is preposterous. It is saying that Debbie should have aired disagreements with Office of COB which would have gotten a Suppressive Person Declare.

    High fives for Debbie. High fives for Marty and Mike who’s presence there and impending testimony likely made Taliban Scientology re-think their demand for a permanent Gag order.

    Debbie, $$$$$$ coming your way, let’s replenish the coffers !
    ✩ ♥ ❀ ♫ ☺ ❀. ♥ ♪ ☼ ♪ ☼ ♥♥ !!
    ☪ ✿♞☭☂ ✈☃ ♥♥
    ✩ ♥ ❀ ♫ ☺ ❀. ♥ ♪ ☼ ♪ ☼ !!

  142. “Any management which operates as a censorship or a propaganda medium will inevitably destroy itself and injure the group.”
    HCOPL 9 Jan 51, An Essay On Management (OEC Vol. 7 p. 567)


  144. Thanks for this summation. I think you are right on the money.

  145. Thanks Dan, Greta, Sinar and everyone else.

    DM can bulldoze those trailers out of existence and plant wild flowers where they once stood, but one thing he can’t bulldoze is the 100s of people who were confined in those trailers and you are right, given the chance to speak out and be free – more of them will speak out and join the voices of people like Mike, Marty, Debbie, Tom Devocht, Amy, JB and others who were either held in there before or can attest in court to what happened. Federal agents and DA’s can be very convincing about telling the truth or face imprisonment on the outside world for perjury.

    Amazing that DM and his spokespeople claim with out a doubt that Debbie is lying in court, when they know for a fact she is telling the truth under oath.

    I would love to see DM under oath and see him squirm as he tries to lie his way through testimony. That would quicken his one way ticket up the river to the pokey where he belongs.

    His Karma is his Karma and it leads in only one direction.

  146. DMs Psychotic Break

    Speculation here but this may explain why the Cult’s lawyers dropped the TRO request- because the TRO and the NDA lawsuit claim the same harm was suffered by the CoS and Debbie’s defense is the same for both although the level of proof for granting the TRO is lower than proving she violated the agreement.

    So if the Cult continued with the TRO request and did not meet the standard to grant the TRO due to duress, this would make any argument they make on the NDA portion moot. In other words, if Debbie was able to prove duress for the TRO portion of this lawsuit then the Cult would have great difficulty in proving she violated the NDA.

    I’m guessing that the Cult’s lawyers were not prepared to counter a duress defense and want to attack that argument at trial where evidence rules may disallow some of Debbie’s evidence and weaken her duress defense.

    Whatever the reason, today’s action shows a significant weakness on the Cult’s legal strategy. This will not end well for them.

  147. +1000. Shame on those attorneys. I don’t know how they sleep with themselves after representing these abuses. Their reputations in Texas law are going to take a hit for sure amongst their fellow attorneys.

  148. A positively sickening part of the cult’s statement:
    “The Church fully intends to use its ecclesiastical procedures grounded in Church Scripture to expose both Cook’s false testimony and her ecclesiastical transgressions.”

    Is it just my sinister take on this or are they really saying they’re going to use Debbie’s PC & ethics folders in court? Some “religion”! IRS, are you paying attention?

  149. LDW “She and her fellow bitter apostates will never enter a Church of Scientology again.”

    But LRH ethics policy says to always leave the door open a crack. Oops, my bad, quoting LRH policy, what am I stupid or something, this is the “NEW CoS” and I’m probably quoting it out of context. Sorry.

  150. Yes, it’s especially amazing considering how tiny is the target.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  151. Mosey,

    Here’s a link to the International Business Times which as picked up the story:


  152. Thanks Mosey, for keeping us up to date.

  153. Dan so true. So true. Those who have been around DM for any length of time know exactly how he is reacting. That wasn’t an earthquake last night in California. Not even an aftershock. That was DM blowing a gasket and coming completely and madly unglued! I pity the staff who had to be around him yesterday.

    No wonder the supply of Scotch within a 20 mile radius of Hemet California was gone!

    Hopefully soon, those still trapped will be able to leave or get some form of freedom from the madness that is DM.

  154. Yahoooooooooooo!

  155. No problem….getting help on the on some updates Thanks Sinar and Tom!

  156. That and more. Maybe even get ready for round 2 of the Squirrel Busters and their Camera heads! Dave Lublow must have the cash register in his mind blowing a transistor at the amount of blood money he will be able to extract from a rabid David Miscavige!!

  157. Thanks Tom, I have added to the original post

  158. Right, backfire on the silencing, on the costs, on setting himself up for a counter suit, on pleading guilty by not countering Debbie’s statements, by not suing for libel and by not suing for contract breach. On top of that the whole world now knows even more sordid details and the gate is open to let even more out on greater air waves. Thank you so much Davey; nobody could have done it better!

  159. I See Greedy People

    It’s positive unholy but the world knows that about the “Church” of Scientology that baits people to fork over all their life, soul, work, money, years of service …then turns around and abuses them with the most heinous possible violation of trust .. fabricating solidity out of “confessions” and thinking out loud moments.

    Give them enough rope, if they do this, they will hang themselves. David Miscavige has proven to the world there is nothing more low, hypocritical and insane than his game.

  160. Mosey, Have you seen this letter from Debbie to Kathy True and Ben Shaw from mid-January? Wowza!

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it, you guys have to read it.

    Click to access c_scientology020912.pdf

    Debbie gave them plenty of warning of what was to come if she wasn’t left alone. Wow! This woman’s a firecracker. Now I know how she lasted 17 yrs as Flag’s captain.

  161. I saw this coming yesterday. Thinking last night about how out ruds those lawyers the Church hired must be with the Church, for with holding such information from them about the abuse and firing them into that court room unarmed to deal with that on the cuff. I figured today they would bow out of the case. That in itself creates really bad local P.R.. Those lawyers are opinion leaders in the community also. They got set up. I’m thinking it took them less than 45 minutes to wash their hands of it once they left the courtroom. Sheer luck the judge turned out to be a woman concerned with the welfare of other women. Well, there you go folks, there are a lot of caring people in the world and willing to help their neighbor in time of need.

  162. Margaret the link isn’t working

  163. If they do that The Codes of Auditing and Scientology practics will be against what its surpose to stand for and promote and in its writings and
    it will be violating if it does what its surpose to preach. Its a mockery of any thing Scientology stands for and to its people that follow.
    I have been witness to two cases where both were millionaire ‘s Him being the Top FSM in Australia and where they attempted to slander case data and make up and use false data aswell and try to present it in court
    But the family knew different / and it went against Scientology and also
    any one that he knew he told them what Scientology trys to do and to think twice before you carry on. It went against the church .

  164. I am curious about David Mustcavein’s planse for this years LRH Birthday Celebration.

  165. Pat,

    What the hell are “ecclesiastical procedures” going to mean to an Apostate (their words) ???? They already “excommunicated” her. Does DM intend to phone up Satan (his good buddy) and have special arrangements made for her in the Afterlife ?


    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  166. Reminds me of simliar words use by LRh once when he kicked Baron Barez off the Royal Scotsman for bringing drugs on board the Orders of the day ” Barez out May he go up in smock “LRH

  167. I sincerely hope I am there some day up the track at a ceremony wherein LRH calls Debbie Cook, Wayne, Marty, Mike, Ulf and many many more deserving souls to a grand stage so that they he can offer his extended hand to personally thank them for KSW.

    A celebration where he places on each of them an OT pin. A luminescent pin made of a metal so precious and rare that its make-up cannot even be identified on an earth Table of Elements.

    It’s a beautiful day for real Scientology and its future!

  168. Admission of Guilt by Miscavige Inc.

    From the Tampa Bay Times: “Church lawyer George H. Spencer Jr. said there was no point in trying for the injunction because the court had already allowed Cook to give public testimony that violated her nondisclosure agreement with the church.”

    Meaning…the abuse she disclosed is EXACTLY what David Miscavige Inc. didn’t want Debbie Cook talking about.

  169. Excellent interview with Debbie Cook:


    Debbie: I have grown up with Scientology my entire life. I feel that the Scientology religion and Mr. Hubbard are kind and caring and wonderful, and I really don’t want people who don’t know anything about Scientology hear these things that went on and for it to reflect badly on the church. Because really the reality is that these things are coming from one person. These horrible things are coming from one person, and maybe some others who have been made to join in and follow suit.

    Asked about the church’s statement, that her testimony was false…
    Debbie: I take very seriously being under oath, and I absolutely told the truth.

  170. Hi Mosey;

    High 5 for your moderating skills. A friend of mine said it best:


  171. Thus proving their client is really Darth Midget, since he is the only one harmed by all this.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  172. (News transcript of interview with Debbie Cook): I asked her about the Scientologists who denounced her on Facebook. Did some of them privately tell her they supported her after making a public show of spurning her?

    Debbie: Yes.

  173. George M. White

    Great news! Happy to see my donation went to something useful.

    The scientology lawyers are ignorant. The statement below is
    a joke:

    “The Church fully intends to use its ecclesiastical procedures grounded in Church Scripture to expose both Cook’s false testimony and her ecclesiastical transgressions.”
    Scientology scripture is now full of contradictions

    May all lawyers be well and happy!

  174. “Summary Judgement?” The last statement issued by the Co$ attorneys said Debbie admited to being in violation and would therefore ask for summary judgement, which means they want the judge to rule in their favor right now, before ever having a trial at all.
    *cough cough*
    Something tells me it ain’t gonna be that easy.

    Give ’em hell, Debbie!

  175. The light got WAY TO BRIGHT for the head Cockroach!! Turn tail and run little man!
    Your world is shrinking Dave!!!! I think I will celebrate your crumbling world with a shot of Single Malt Scotch Whisky!!
    Mmmmm….. Yes!
    What a great afternoon!

  176. Excellent point, DPB. This move was done to allow them time to retreat and figure out a larger strategy regarding the NDA. BUT THERE IS NONE! The bottom line is, Debbie WAS under duress and would have signed anything! And there are dozens of eye-witnesses willing and able to testify to it.

    Miscavige is so screwed!

  177. I’ll this one to Random Stranger………..

    However, there is a rumor that there will be live demonstrations of beating, kicking, slapping, choking and spitting on all four flows.

  178. Good going Marty! Well done! The valuable final product from your efforts here, are real justice instruments being utilized to handle suppression and defend honest people. Honest people have rights too!

  179. Yes, so far.

  180. 5 pm Eastern time, the link did work for me. It is a PDF.

  181. What Carol said +++ tears in my eyes

    “What we will call the aberrative personality does the following things:
    1. Everything bad that happened to the preclear was (a) ridiculous, (b)
    unimportant, (c) deserved.
    2. Everything the preclear and others did to the aberrative person was (a)
    very important, (b) very bad, (c) irremediable.
    3. Those things which the preclear could do (a) were without real value,
    (b) were done better by the aberrative personality or by others.
    4. Sexual restraint or perversion.
    5. Inhibition of eating.”

  183. Michael Fairman

    I’m sure they will

  184. Hmm, weird. Working for me.

    I’ll try putting it in the link behind my name “Margaret” above.

    I would cut and paste the whole thing here, but it was scanned and the text isn’t cut/pastable. If you still can’t get it Mosey, give me your email, and I’ll email it to you.

  185. If, for some insane reason, they choose to press on with the suit, I’m willing to be Spencer drops them as a client, as he now knows he absolutely cannot win, and could save face by bowing out and saying he was not provided the full truth by them in order to represent them. Otherwise his own practice will dwindle due to the infamy of pressing on merely for the money.

  186. “Evil insane man”
    “depraved dictatorial thug”
    “abomination of a man”

    Great post – 100% agreement – let it rip Anne!

    Somehow I think the last ones to wake up – the ones who still have their heads buried in the sand, who have continued to throw money into this little bastard’s pot – they may be the ones to be the most furious when they finally see how badly they have been fooled. Sort of like the last people to give money to a Ponzi Schemer (ref: Reed Slatkin, Bernie Madoff).

  187. Dan, you’re witty as ever (and so right on target):

    “The Anaconda mine doesn’t produce enough copper to discharge all the BPC he has going on right now.”

    Wonder when he’ll turn to that stuff they were smoking back in the day at People’s Park???

  188. Pat, I think that’s exactly what they are saying. It’s a blatant threat intended to ‘shudder (Debbie) into silence’. Blackmail threat, in other words. SOP for the CoS, these days.

  189. Love the Theta in this post – Beautiful (and much needed)!

  190. I’d like to see Heber call them on stage.

  191. Ann,

    I’m still trying to figure out how not being allowed back into any Church of Black Scientology is “punishment” ?!?!?!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  192. Very soon.

  193. Golden Age of Kicking?
    So I hope they get the Checksheets compiled before the 13th of March.
    Maybe they got a A/V DVD evolution running? What do you think?
    Starring TC (known from “Far and Away”) as “The Kick-Ass” and his BBF DM (known from “This is Scientology”) as the guy who is beaten up by “The Kick-Ass” for demonstration purposes.
    At least this would shift some charge.

  194. ++100000000000

  195. They are already signed Kha Khans in our hearts. 100x each of them

  196. Your Humble Servant

    I would bet that the lawyers for the Church, in this case, were kept on a “need to know” basis. I will bet that they were told virtually nothing of what might come up. This is just another example of a totally stupid strategy. The lawyers for the Church were likely blindsided, and quite agape at what they were hearing. They were likely TOTALLY unprepared for anything but submission by Debbie Cook and the Court.

    The church sent them into this fray completely naked and unarmed. The phrase “caught like a deer in the headlights” comes easily to mind. I quite doubt that we will see them working on Scientology’s behalf again.

    Just more victims of David Miscavige’s megalomaniacal idiocy.
    It is too bad that they were not warned that the driver of this train-wreck, David Miscavige, is also known as ” the lunatic antichrist of Hemet.”

    Eric S

  197. Some hi fives to all.

    (David Miscavige could learn from this guy ARC and 8C)

  198. LRH nails it, doesn’t he? My awareness and appreciation of his tech constantly increases as I see it demonstrated time and again. I must have read this reference a few dozen times by now, at least. With the true to life example and specifics we are seeing of just how it dramatizes thru David Miscavige, it hits me at a whole new reality level.
    I sincerely want to express my love and thanks to Marty, Mike, Debbie and Wayne, and all the others here…there are so many of you…who have endured the craziness and are examples of real, personal power and integrity.

  199. That’s precisely how I took it; a threat couched in religious words. Still a threat any way you look at it.

  200. A burning house does not give good tan.

  201. Legendary badass female warriors throughout history:

    16th Century BC – Ahhotep I
    1200 BC – Fu Hao
    1st Century AD – Boudicca
    225 AD – Triu Thi Trinh
    3rd Century AD – Zenobia
    13th Century AD – Tamar of Georgia
    15th Century AD – Joan of Arc
    21st Century AD – Karen de la Carriere and the Women Scientology Independents!

  202. The Whiskey tastes MUCH better than Kool Aid.
    Thank you, Marty. Thank you for KSW.
    It’s good to be here, Keeping Scientology Working.

  203. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the lawyers talked to Miscavige after yesterday’s fiasco. You just know DM was not forthcoming with his hired guns and didn’t tell them what they should expect Debbie’s testimony to be. You have to give them an A for their poker faces because there’s no way they weren’t floored by what they heard. And only then did they realize they’d been hired by a madman.
    Little did they know that $50,000 or $100,000 they got from DM would be served up with a shit sandwich for dessert. Mighty unpleasant ending for them.

  204. Yvonne Schick and Steve Hall,

    Your comments in the San Antonio Express article were extremely well said. Thanks for speaking up!!

  205. The Super SP Sadist Miscarriage talking on the phone with his best friend Tom Cruise all night.
    Tom: “They are so unfair to you, YOU have sacrificed your life for others with so little exchange. They should be ashamed!”

  206. I see it more this way:

    Next step will be David Miscavige running around like the brain-less halfwit he is, blaming everyone and everything for this stupendous cock-up of his name being mentioned in court. We all know how this one goes.

    The following step is when DM realizes that the whole lawsuit will go exactly the same way this hearing went, so that lawsuit will be dropped and about a trillion press releases will go out about how some staff member with a hidden agenda did it all and DM never had anything to do with it and he is now personally handling the issue. I’ll bet the scapegoat will be Kathy True, and Tommy Davis will be recalled to active service to fill the gap.

    Third step is George Spence privately tells his handlers to go fuck themselves and take their blood money somewhere else. And publicly says only “I am no longer the attorney of record in this matter”. (nice juicy mystery sandwich that one…)

    Fourth step is Debbie sues DM in his personal capacity for a gigantic list of abuses, rapidly followed by a very long list of other folks doing exactly the same.

    At that point it’s gonna look like one of those scenes in vampire movies where horde’s of Dracula’s wives descend on some hapless victim who fully deserves everything coming to him….

  207. Perhaps a “Traveling Museum of Int Base Degradation”, a la CCHR. Or a “David Miscavige Museum of Death”.

  208. OMG this was a funny read! Dan you are not that far off here you know. I am sure his head was RSing yesterday. Jan

  209. “It is the FACT that david miscavige DID this shit that is causing irreparable harm.”
    Very true. The concentration must be on handling that, not on hiding it.

  210. Mark Fisher has pointed out a salient fact: the David Miscavige spokes-poo-son, Karin Poo, has LIBELED/SLANDERED Debbie Cook by accusing her in a Church public statement of perjury.

    Hmmm, that would make an interesting issue at trial.

  211. “This has really been a learning process for me. I’ve never been able to talk to an attorney, and talking to Mr. Jeffrey I’m learning so much about the law and the protections you get under the law.” – Debbie Cook from Village Voice article.
    I realize that many staff members, especially ones recruited when they were young, have no idea about their rights. I’m glad that Debbie is learning this, but a little sad too that she is only now just learning this.

  212. It is always so enlightening to read your posts Karen. Thank you.

  213. +1! 🙂
    Yeah, how dare you!

  214. “(wonder how Walter Kotric feels about winning again when his stats for the year are down again)”
    I don’t think Walter would be to concerned. He is solidly disconnected to LRH management tech. And he is immune to low level feelings like a conscience relating to it. Since years he is part of the situation.

  215. From Tao Te Ching:
    “Those who enjoy killing cannot get their will of the world.”

  216. MoG,

    It gets better (but you already know that).

    I feel as you do so I’ll tell you what gets me over the humps: I remember why I joined the group and why I became a member. I remember the good things, I remember the wins, I remember the times when it was better. That’s when I realize I did join something good but it later became bad and I was conned.

    So don’t go beating yourself up now over this, y’hear? It’s not you that is the criminal in this

  217. Seemed like the perfect video for this wonderful day!

  218. Sinar, I agree 100%. Marty and Mike, waiting in the wings to testify, given their status and longevity and post titles and intimate knowledge of SP hole played a significant part in the sudden withdrawal.
    There is also the fact that a film crew (legitimate documentary film crew) associated with Austin University had rented for 2 days, THE most expensive broadcast quality camera equipment to record it all were there. It’s all on film of the highest quality. Copies have been distributed here there and everywhere, no putting the toothpaste back in the tube …
    Hurray for YouTube and Social Media ! 🙂

  219. Tony DePhillips

    The cult lead by david miscavige is truly lower than whale shit!!

    I had the stark realization last night that despite all the KSW crap shoved down our throats for YEARS, that we allowed a TRUE SP to take over the group right under our noses!!! What a MAJOR FLUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. Tony DePhillips

    Restart of drill!! LOL!!

  221. Mark,
    LRH played poker very, very, very well. In the end, with the game he was engaged in with the IRS/FBI/Great Health Monopoly LRH had cards that none of them, and most others, have no clue about. To this day.

    He certainly didn’t “run away” as you characterize it here. The cards he held, the cards he played and the final outcome in that piece of randomity with the entities in question…

    One thing for sure, LRH intended to set up Scientology for the long haul in terms of finance, materials secured, and a structure that would endure even an SP attempting to take it over for personal power. He had US as decent beings as “cards” up his sleeve to win the only game where everybody indeed has the chance to win.

    I’ve been studying the time track of cases and policies and briefings starting way back when in the the 60s. I’ve just studied 83 TC 381, CSC V Commissioner IRS, 200 pages of material, and the follow up of the establishment of ASI, CST, RTC, CSI, etc.

    The man could play cards. Very, very, very well. And that game of poker with those fellas, ask yourself; who won?

  222. Ann,
    You are using policy to open the door!!! That’s suppressive, using policy to stop. I mean, you are using policy to stop, that’s suppressive using policy to open. I mean you are suppressive, using policy.

  223. ecclesiastical …..? Grounded in Church scripture? And they are sending this out for Scientologists to know about also? Evolving from POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCES to ACTUAL TROUBLE SOURCES (ATS) on member’s lines with threats as to how they intend to do somebody in?

    These people are really tripping! I guess this will be the anthem at the next Event?

  224. A message to Tom Cruise.

    Tom in your interview done by Golden Era you communicated very intently regarding your commitment to KSW and LRH. I am sure you remember and I take you at your word and believe you spoke honestly that day.

    LRH has stated that fame is rock and so I ask you, if fame is just MEST then won’t you use yours to strike a blow to keep the technology free? Won’t you use it to assist LRH?
    Debbie Cook and many other good people are working hard to put things right. You are in a position to help. Fame is fleeting – please don’t waist this opportunity to use your MEST to strike a blow to recover the Scientology LRH envisioned for everyone.

  225. So…

    That looks to me like they are retreating to the First Amendment again…. wit the added little phrase introduced there that implies that ANYTHING that any Scientologist experiences as a member of Scientology, is “Ministerial Privilege”. First time I have seen that one. They seem to be trying to extend the “Ministerial Privilege” far beyond any kind of “confessional”.

    Ahhh… that is very slick totally stupid, but nice try… Miscavige.

    Imagine for example, suggesting that anything any Catholic, says to any other Catholic, inside or outside of the Church building, is covered by “Ministerial Privilege”, and cannot be repeated, to any “non-Catholic” without threat of excommunication. Also would be the implication that the Catholic Church would have the right to do whatever they pleased with the offender, and he/she would have no recourse to the law, because “it is protected by the First Amendment.”

    This is an outright attempt to “GAG” every Scientologist, and put any disagreements any Scientologist has with the Church, outside of the law.

    Methinks they might have just blown the hole in their armor even bigger with that one. I am hoping that they cannot possibly uphold that lunatic concept in a court of law, or even amongst their own members.

    However, if this ever gets used in a court of law in the United States, I hope to God that David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology loses, because should they win, David Miscavige will have paved the way to TOTAL SUPPRESSION, internal and external. Scientology’s religious status is being used as his “Cloak of Suppression”.

    David Miscavige with this penultimate “cleverness” has also just slammed the door permanently shut on any further “religious acceptance” of Scientology by any country or jurisdiction that has not already granted it. He has just proven those resisting acknowledging Scientology as a religion, totally right in their suspicions of it being used to put the Church of Scientology, and any of its activities, above the law.

    Well…. Lets bring it all out into the open so that we can confront it and deal with it.

    The “process” is still producing change… continue…

    Eric S

  226. “We come back” has been alter ised to “Payback” !

    “Get ethics in on the planet” has been alter ised to “Enforce gag orders meant to cover up our overts and witholds”.

    “Donate money to help us defend ourselves” has been alter ised to “Donate money to help us suppress people”.

    When you give great tools to unstable people bad things can happen.

    Double murder in Tennessee because some got defriended on facebook!

  227. Great stuff. Love it! Keep up the work Debbie. I just blogged about you on my new blog… check it out!

  228. Spencer/DM is saying that Debbie testifying in Court yesterday is a violation of the NDA. They are seekin Summary Judgment, i.e., no trial, just find her guilty and enforce the “contract”.

    The testimony she gave is just further damages and further violation of the NDA.

    Yep, this is DM’s gambit. She can’t defend herself against an accusation of breach of contract without breaching the contract and that contract, which DM is seeking to enforce, can’t be looked at too much since it’s “protected” by the First Amendment.

    David Miscavige is under the impression that the Wall separating Church and State is impenetrable. He isn’t much of a scholar and hasn’t really read the last 140 years of Supreme Court interpretation of the permeability of that Wall. Dave, you CAN be touched. You have been. You are going to get a lot more touching. And not a gentle pat. You fucking ijit.

  229. 😛
    good one

  230. Pat,
    This is bluster. There isn’t a single Court in the land that will listen to David Miscavige accusing Debbie Cook of “ecclesiastical transgressions”. It’s NOT their Jurisdiction. That is a violation of the First Amendment and “excessive entanglement” of the government with religion.

    It is as you say, a blatant threat of exposing her PC and Ethics files, in contradiction to sworn statements to the contrary that DM doesn’t/won’t do this. IF DM does it, well then he’s in clear, incontrovertible violation of the “priest/penitent” relationship of his 501 (c) 3 requirements and in egregious violation of PUBLIC POLICY, sanctifying that relationship.

    He will demonstrate, TO THE COURT, his “unclean hands” and as a matter of fact, expose himself to the factual crimes he’s committed in terms of “excess benefits” and we’ll see “intermediate sanctions” brought against him.

  231. Wise words, wise words.
    Look forward Tom. You can wash your hands clean.

  232. And that the legal strategy envisioned is to add her testimony to the damages accrued in her violating her NDA. Yep, they are saying that her defending herself in Court is a violation of the “contract”.

    See, David Miscavige figures he had her all sewn up. He’s going to try and get the Court to agree to this. Debbie can’t defend against the suit without violating the contract. He’s going to try and get the Court to see that the only option they have is to act as an arm of David Miscavige, the Pope on a Box, to enforce his contract. He’s going to try and use the First Amendment to get the Court to violate the First Amendment and act as his “agent”.

    This is Dave. He’s fucking nuts.

  233. +1

  234. Les

    … “She and her fellow bitter apostates will never enter a Church of Scientology again. ”….

    That line is another totally stupid statement. I would bet I could walk into any Church of Scientology in the world. Wouldn’t want to, but I could.

    The only possible way to uphold their threat would be to ask for ID from everybody before they get to enter the building. Now that is going to look real good to the public.

    So… what we have here is another stupid claim by the Church, that could not possibly have done anything except more harm to their credibility, if that is even possible any more.

    Eric S

  235. Big laugh!!! Thanks.

  236. it was mean’t BFF DM (above post)

  237. Tony DePhillips

  238. Tony – yes, restart of drill. A new unit of time, with oh so much more experience. Hey, it is a drill after all and you get better at it each time through.

  239. Dan, awesome statement. Karin Bow-wow LOL perfect description!

  240. funny!! You crack me up, Jim!

  241. Tony could you also put up Tom’ s Golden Era video? YouTube

  242. These double wides are not trailers, but mobile or manufactured homes. Though they’re not set as permanent buildings with foundations and are much cheaper to get. At the Creston ranch, Broeker got new double wides for staff quarters, dining and living areas. However using double wides as offices with the traffic involved wears them out pretty quickly as they’re more lightly framed and constructed.

    A trailer usually sits on tires and has a towing tongue still attached as in construction site temp offices.

  243. Tony DePhillips

    I want my cog fast on this one. No three times through please!!

  244. LOL- Figures I screwed up. Sorry.

  245. one of those who see

    Miscavige surrenders! Yes!!!!
    Debbie and Wayne ungagged Yes!!!!
    Well done to all the heroes!
    Just read the Church’s public statement. LIES!!! Just like the videos made about Paul Haggis and Marty. This statement alone will cause people to leave the church. Here’s just one line: “Using the court to disparage dedicated Church officials who are not even part of this matter is yet another example of the bitter hate campaign Ms. Cook is engaged in, much like the apostates she has joined.” Well anybody that has read her email can not in any way, shape or form call it a “Hate Campaign.” And their use of “apostate” as with their use of “squirrel” are simply lies.
    To David Miscavige and his Lawyers. The TRUTH shall set you free.

  246. “Show me the reference where public humiliation is authorized, dave.”

    Is it on the same page as LRH’s overboarding practice, LDW?

  247. LO- Absolutely and especially after Debbie’s testimony. M & M would have been the coup de grace for the day had they been allowed. Their stories will now ring with greater truth following Debbie’s electrifying statements to the court. You know damn well that there are plenty of people rethinking their positions because of this and saying Holly Shit, I thought they were making that stuff up but it’s true it’s really true, Holy SHIT.

    Welcome to the independents Y’all.

  248. Just re-read the interview Debbie gave to the press after the hearing.

    What a masterful strategy, Debbie. VWD. Not only did you get DM to walk right into a situation where his acts were further embedded into the record, you also lent further credibility to all the previous accounts of abuse from other execs, and shed more light on the source of it all: DM.

    And, on top of that, you have gotten serious further penetration into the COS field itself and created a situation where church members will find it harder to quietly ignore lies and violations of LRH policy on fundraising and opulent real estate projects.

    I sense something even bigger coming.

  249. A message of hope to DM:
    “Freedom’s just another word for nuthin’ left to lose”.

  250. I take it Jim that you don’t believe it’s immediately LAW when DM says it. Say it ain’t so! I flabbergasted or is that gaberflasted. Must be due the incompetence of his council. He should show up in court and show them how it’s done. Sorry again, I forget he would have to come out of hiding, my bad.

  251. Ann,
    It’s understandable. Policy is whatever David Miscavige says it is, or isn’t.

    I always smiled at him declaring “forever”, as I wondered what he was going to do to enforce it. There’s this guy, or girl, that used to be Joe, or Jan, but is now Rafael, and they are in session and they say “hey, I was Joe” and the auditor goes through the list of Declares from the past (the computer check will be part of DM’s newest version of Confessional Procedure and be in every auditing cycle as Confessionals will be all there is) and looks up Joe and and I’ll be danged he WAS declared forever. END OF SESSION.

    It’s all part and parcel of NO GAIN CASE that DM sees in everybody. No body changes, Scientology doesn’t work, and he means to see to it.

    Hey Dave. Fuck off. Seriously, take your money and fuck off. Take Lou with you. And that chicken shit pantywaist pretending to be a Scientologist – Tom Cruise.

  252. Firebreathing Frog

    Funny, when we get something bad, we must have done something to “Pull it in”.
    When DM is doing something bad, “they” are just SPs.


    David Miscavige, what crimes have you done to pull this in?

    Did you ever do a good O/W write up?

  253. Jim -love this comment!

  254. I think it’s right next to the policy making it no longer a technical crime to pull withholds out of session, or make people wrong for getting off their withholds…somewhere in there.

  255. SKM,

    A special hors d’oeuvre will be served at this MANDATORY March 13th event.

    It will be Skewered Dwarf, marinated in 100 year old Single Malt Scotch with a dash of Drambuie.

    Sinar, any other suggestions for the menu?

  256. Yes, just like irreparable harm was done to Hitler’s reputation when the US Army discovered Auschwitz!

  257. Firebreathing Frog

    Hey Dan, did you ever think of writing a book?
    You have a closed reader already.

  258. What? Are you trying to say that beating the crap out junior staff doesn’t really fall under “ecclesiastical privilege?” You mean like priests violating alter boys didn’t fall under “ecclesiastical privilege?”

    C’mon Jim, he’s The David. He can get away with fu%*#$ing anything, don’tyaknow.

  259. Ann,
    Yes, it’s true, I dawn beleeb it 🙂

    Dave doesn’t have to come out of hiding. I know where he is, eben ib he doss put hiss hands ober hiss ice.

  260. Random Stranger




    There were SO many screw-ups last year, I don’t even know where to begin. GOLD still hasn’t worked out of their Condition of Idiot yet, even though I spoon fed them the formula: GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! There’s no excuse for the suppressive fu@%-ups like when I waved my hand to make the video blast out of the screen into people’s ears like we practiced, instead of the audio matching up perfectly and exploding into the center of everyone’s heads it was off just enough, maybe a millionth of a second or less, but it still had the effect of making the image of the graph not appear as powerful as it does when the A/V cues get met. It’s these types of outright suppressive actions that make me look stupid.

    Let’s get to the specifics of the event:


    Important Points:

    1) Everything has to be perfect.

    2) I want a foot volume pedal so I can control the intensity of certain enunciations.

    3) I want secret cameras installed in the ceilings or chairs or wherever, so I can see parishioners and staff’s faces as I say things. I’m particularly looking for any muscle twitch, blink, grimace, side-of-the-mouth sarcasm, grimace, strain, sleeping, looking at something other than me or any suspicious actions. I will be personally studying these over the months following the event and I want that known.

    4) I want LRH’s photos a little smaller this year, I don’t want to detract from the main message, which is: DONATE. I don’t care if they donate because of LRH or the Man in the Moon, we just want the money. Do you realize how much money we need? Billions get spent every month by the Big Boys on war. We only have one billion total. They can outspend us and I don’t like that, it’s demoralizing. As a side note, remember this is the year we’re phasing in some busts and photos of me. I’ll have a separate program and directive on that, but get ready for Heavy Traffic on it.

    5) At next year’s event I want louder audio, more flashing graphics, bigger pillars, a new expensive product and service release, multi-spectrum lighting on my face, I want the stats to ZOOM upward on the video and the audio has to go, KAPOW! I want the podium clearly marked with the exact locations of my latest favorite hand positions. I want some of the pillars to spin and give off sparks whenever I say something of paramount importance. Expect voluminous detailed specs on this before the event.

    In closing, I want this event to rip everyone’s attention away from that dyke Cook AND deliver a blow against that Hammerhead Rathbone and the Village Voice Gay-Boy SP and the only way we can do that is if we increase donations to highest highest ever ever. Let’s use this event to do it.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  261. So the counter suit would be, extreme menal and physical abuse, sleep deprivation AND lible and slander.

    Well done dave.

  262. Absolutley agree.
    Debbie is running on theta postulates.
    David is running on case (bad karma).

  263. Debbie, this the 2nd time I’ve watched that and I can’t help but be brought to tears each time. You are one of the hundreds of wonderful dedicated people David Miscaviage has tried to bring down. He’s clearly beyond insane and should not be in a position of power to do this to good people such as you, et al. It’s sickening. Debbie you are like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and are leading the way for many other Phoenix’s to rise also. We’ll continue to support to your legal fund as needed to bring down the little monster down!!!!!!

  264. Mike, Marty, Debbie, Mosey, and all of you heroes of the revolution.
    It will not be long before LRH’s Scientology becomes fully available, free of suppression, to all people from all walks of life without the insane influence of David Miscavige, a crazy man who thought he could out- do a man who meant to provide us with the technology to free the human race of INSANITY, WAR and CRIME. The evidence shows that DAVID MISCAVIGE is intent on perpetrating the opposite of what LRH wanted for this world. He has been clearly dramatizing the opposite: his behaviour and his influence upon others is INSANE, he is guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMAN BEINGS and the law of the land and he is fighting a WAR against those who do not agree with his clear violation of Scientology’s most basic concepts and principles, principles and policies that made Scientology accepted and made it expand from 1950 to 1981, the time when DAVID MISCAVIGE “helped” LRH die and, by devious means, getting rid of all LRH’S closest supporters by false reporting, and, by using duress, psychological and physical abuse became the “leader” of Scientology as it is known today.
    All new comers, attracted by what the REAL Scientology (as written by L RON HUBBARD) has to offer, be aware that what you know as the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY is nothing but a trap to get you to empty your wallet, your bank account etc in exchange for nothing. In the old days, when LRH was alive, when Scientology was the genuine article, there was a motto: “We always deliver what we promise”. That was true then and many, many people can attest to that fact, before DAVID MISCAVIGE usurped the control of Scientology and turned the whole wonderful movement into a money making machine which has been for many years selling a fake version of Scientology, and making millions of dollars from cheating his cult followers by telling them that he has “secret instructions” from LRH (hidden data line) and that he was the “chosen one” to keep scientology working.

    For all those who don’t know, there are many thousands of words written by the Founder of Scientology which contradict just about everything that DAVID MISCAVIGE and his followers have been claiming to be CHURCH POLICY. If you have been implanted by DAVID MISCAVIGE’s “truth” or you are wondering what this is all about, I recommend that you refer to source materials and read the original published works of L. Ron Hubbard.

    In this day and age, it should not be too difficult for an intelligent person to realize that Mr David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology is nothing but a money making machine, selling a fake product which is not only fake but dangerous to people’s healt, dangerous to their families and friends, but mostly dangerours to their wallet, bank account and credit card.

    And to end my rant, Scientology, in it’s pure form is the entire opposite of the above. It was meant to help everyone live a better life. And such technology is still alive and well in the hands of the Independent Scientologists, the very people DAVID MISCAVIGE IS INTENT ON DESTROYING. Take your pick folks.

    I am an old time Sea Org member. This is the truth. No Bullshit.

    Debbie and hubby, you are exactly doing what LRH would have wanted you to do! Carry on!

    Much love

  265. Your humble servant

    Thank you, Eric. It is entirely possible that you are right and that the Church lawyers were lied to as thoroughly as the Church is trying to lie to the public with its explanatory press release about why the attempt to obtain a continuing injunction was dropped. Yes, they may feel taken and used too, although their enormous fees could assuage that a bit.

  266. So the Church’s attorney claims that Debbie’s testimony yesterday violated the NDA? In other words, the Church believes that piece of paper prevents Debbie from saying the truth, under oath in a court of law, in a legal action that they brought against her!

    To support that legal theory one would have to go back, nor just before the Constitution, but before the Magna Carta at least. Miscavige must be stuck back in the Dark Ages or some whole-track equivalent.

  267. Ron,

    I truly understand your sentiments. Been there and done that in a similar family situation.

    Unfortunately your message is to a synthetic being, i.e., a valance.

    The being ‘there’ can’t hear you or see you, etc.

    Life goes on and we pick up the broken pieces. Best wishes to you and yours.

  268. Splog,

    I like your future postulate.

  269. Jim ,

    You said, “This is Dave. He’s fucking nuts.”

    I’ll add he’s fucking nuts cubed.

  270. ROTFLMAO – the site of David Miscavige and his missed withholds.

  271. Dear MOG–I’ve been on both sides of this issue, and my viewpoint now is that it WILL get handled. In fact, that technique per The Secret and per positive postulating, has me saying, “The problems are all handled and I am enjoying the warm circle of my family around me.” Meanwhile, love to you and child.

  272. Wow, Sinar.

    Devastating testamony.

  273. You’re great, Dan.

    “Debbie and Wayne, do not worry about losing your clients, you have futures as bestselling authors.”
    This was my guess earlier today. And once all this is over, she will write an inspiring book about the good things in Scientology. This may become a good third dynamic dianetics session for Scientologists and a good vacuum filler on the fourth dynamic.

    “The Anaconda mine doesn’t produce enough copper to discharge all the BPC he has going on right now.”
    : – )

  274. John P.
    I would like your take on this
    ~~~It is incredulous to us, who have been held against will, (which is essentially KIDNAP) and enforcement of lock down as Debbie was at the Hacienda apartments and in the SP Hole and INT base, how Radical Scientology screams 1st amendment
    “Religious Exemption.”
    Here’s a quote
    Just last month, in a unanimous decision in the Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC (132 S.Ct. 694, 704 (January 12, 2012)), the Supreme Court reaffirmed the prohibition of judicial interference with religious liberties and the power to determine matters of discipline, faith, internal organization and explained why it is blatantly unconstitutional.
    The proceedings in this Court yesterday clearly violated these proscriptions.

    What is your take on outrageous criminal acts being off limits in a Court Of Law?
    Example: Mark Nelson (from Denmark I believe) was a Clearwater staff member and was ordered beaten for 2 hours straight by David Miscavige. This was complied with and he was beaten for 2 hours straight. He was also ordered to clean a bathroom with his tongue.
    Can Radical Taliban Scientology really get away with calling this Religious Discipline ?

  275. great comment Jim.

  276. Tony Ortega says: “While you’re waiting, you should really see the January 15 e-mail that Debbie Cook sent to Kathy True explaining all the awful stuff she could have put into her New Year’s Eve salvo — but ended up testifying to in court. In other words, Scientology knew full well what she was prepared to say and walked right into it.”
    I say, “The church didn’t just ‘pull’ it in, they went after if with harpoons, grappling hooks, fishing nets, lassos, meat hooks, skid boards, corral chutes, ropes, and duct tape!”

  277. Me too Ingrid. Mad props to you Jimmie!

  278. In other news, a French appeals court has upheld fraud charges and a €600,000 fine against the Church of Scientology for cajoling followers into paying large sums for bogus personality tests and cures.


  279. lol Lynne 🙂

  280. Is it just me or does the Co$ always “get better” and experience “unprecedented growth” after these former slaves leave?

    They are like a child. A dangerous child.

    Well we don’t need you anyway. Because really who couldn’t use someone with 30 years of experience and popularity. What could they do with someone whom showed the most dedication and helped with its expansion?

    Davis Miscaviage in a word: you are a turd of a human

    Bed Man

  281. Excellent C/S for Debbie, Mat. Marty and Mike could probably help facilitate this.

    Marty and Mike: Just let us know what is needed and wanted regarding this and we’ll provide.

  282. +1 also.

  283. BFF approved! Go Dave!

    (Oh gosh I wet my RCS approved t

  284. Just donated to Debbie …and Marty.

  285. Jesus H Christ, why the hell would I ever want to enter that Church ever again, under the guidance of that sociopath “killing” people off right and left thru mental, physical, financial, emotional and out tech abuse! I want to live not slowly die for christs sake!! Only those of the utmost delusional qualities would think that the public at large would deign to want to cohabitate with such a monster. Once they find out they will stay away in droves, as they are finding out about you DAVID you iffing monster.

    Imagine if the Catholic Church had its Priests sign NDA’s about the activities of some of its Priests and their crimes against children, psssh! No NDA can protect DM against his crimes against humanity. He needs to be held accountable for what he’s done. I can just see it now those people who he has abused that are “in” sign affidavits like a bunch of programmed robots in fear (knowing they are lying), thinking they are protecting their religion and that everything Debbie and others are saying are trying to destroy this wonderful tech, NOT, but since they have no access to the truth just do it blindly, not knowing what they are signing away is the continued protection of the monster that is destroying it. If they only knew that this wouldn’t even be happening if it weren’t for David M!!! How ironic.

    If there were only a way that before the courts could accept such affidavits from those on the inside that these people have been certified by an outside entity to be able to read and view the other side of the story. Pipe dream, I know.

  286. I was in the courtroom as an observer. When Debbie started testifying about The Hole, Spencer’s head popped around dramatically toward the church attorney (Souter?) who never looked up from the computer where I suspect he was live-streaming straight to Miscavige. I swear the “thought bubble” over his head said, “you son of a b…”.

  287. I don’t think the fact that Debbie may speak out while in court was something the Church didn’t predict. I actually think they anticipated it. For the real trial they don’t have overwhelming evidence to convince a court that Debbie violated the original gag order. So a concept I’ve had growing at the back of my mind is that the hearing concerning the TRO may have been a tactical move to get Debbie to speak out.

    Other than a few specifics Debbie spoke of, the basic gist of the abuses can readily be found online. No matter what else one may say about DM and the Church, they are not usually stupid when it comes to legal battles, and I don’t think what ensued in the last two days was unpredictable by them, but rather anticipated.

    My uneducated legal guess is that they will throw all their artillery towards their original suit against Debbie with now further “evidence” and hide behind the first amendment to get a new precedent set which will make it impossible for anyone to violate that written gag order again. And then “DA” everything with “Debbie is just another lying apostate that is trying to get back at the Church because of her own crimes…” blah, blah, blah. They are and will be receiving further bad PR in the media, but I think they know it and are aiming at an ultimate victory where they can shut up anyone violating their gag orders, not just through internal justice procedures, but as established through the court of law.

    To me that is the only thing that would make sense of their current actions. If that is the case it is certainly a bold move on their part, but would have very silencing consequences for anyone in the future. I’m sure Marty and Mike have this all analyzed to a T and we’ll hear shortly, but the above is just an alternate food for thought, and if it has any semblance of reality, the more paramount that Debbie is getting all the support she needs!

  288. Random Stranger.
    Thanks. You always make me lough.

    #3 of the above agenda reminds me of that photograh here

  289. oups, can’t embed photos.
    Here is the link

  290. David Lingenfelter

    Karen # 1,
    You are a beautiful Tiger.

  291. David Lingenfelter


    He be blew one foot off. Guess he wanted to keep the other for the trial.

  292. Well writen, so true.

  293. Cof$: “The Church demanded such covenants from Cook for good and sufficient reason: Cook in the past had made similar false and misleading statements and the Church feared that she would do so again.”
    This isn’t a broad generality,is it?? LOL

    Cof$: “The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization has withdrawn its motion for preliminary injunction to preclude the court being used further as a forum for the defendants to violate the rights of the Church and its members with more false and disparaging statements.”

    What idiocy, blindness, and ignorance! Just wants me to shout out loud, “WAKE THE F… UP, PEOPLE!!!”


    1) Release all the SPs in SP hole.
    2) Bury any dead bodies found in the hole during clean up.
    3) Bulldoze the double wides.
    4) Buy more scotch. A lot more.
    5) Add “bathroom floor licking” to the list of Scientology ethics gradients.
    6) Re-publish the Scientology Ethics book one more time with the new ethics gradients.
    7) Release my wife from that big mountain vault that I had her hidden away in. Which one was it by the way?
    8) Find out which country in South America accepts Nazi war criminals.
    9) Find a new lawyer for the Debbie Cook case.
    10) Hit Yager a couple of times just on general principle.
    11) Grab copper rods.
    12) Make plane reservations to South America found in step #8.
    13) Pack golden tanning thong.
    14) Withdraw all money from bank accounts in the form of cashier checks.
    15) Sneak out of the int base at 3 AM and drive to airport.
    16) BLOW!!!

  295. Dan, just love your sense of humor and quick wit! Karin Bow-wow, LOL. DM is so yesterday to think his strategies work today,he’s so gone, wonder how long it will take him and OSA to cognite???? And what they will do for damage control??

  296. Blindsided, without a doubt, WW.
    This is a case the little fella must not lose, and in typically ruthless manner uses throw-away lawyers to test the opposition.
    Debbie hasn’t done anything wrong regarding her gag order, therefore the church’s legal team will be looking for weaknesses to exploit.
    That’s how the little fella thinks – in deception and low blows.

  297. Darling, you have got to learn to spell correctly, until then I bypass your comments.

  298. Hahaha —>
    Cof$: “The Church demanded such covenants from Cook for good and sufficient reason: Cook in the past had made similar false and misleading statements and the Church feared that she would do so again.”

    hahahah it’s a lie and quite a hilarious one, that’s what it is. The Corporation Shamtology makes people who witnessed upper level travesties sign those things.

    Sufficient reason? hahahaha “In the past” Debbie Cook was a POWER PRODUCING person, a friend to the subject of Scientology and many many many people who recognize her and respect her as such — for nearly 3 decades!!

    Is David Miscavige is running out of good lawyers? Or too many transgressions and getting more stupider. Oh those statements are a riot!

  299. Ulf,
    I see it slightly differently. Keep in mind that they filed the motion requiring this hearing. She was under oath to answer honestly. The very damaging testimony is the exact information needed to determine her state of mind when she signed the document. Once the signing is determined to be under mental duress is ceases to exist. I don’t think they thought it would be this bad. Going forward it is obvious to all that the “contract” and its validity is fully and wholly part of the case. Thus, all should expect even more.

    Now that they have said she had been declared she was now to be considered outside the church so they have lost the argument that this is an internal church issue between parishioners. No guys, remember you determined she was no longer part of the group and have gone public with this. I believe what we see is a reactive action and now the legal thought is trying to grasp straws to regain control of the situation from their viewpoint. Huff and puff all they want – I don’t think it will blow the house down.

  300. Interesting. Yes they are shrewd and ruthless. Yes but how many “lying apostates” can there be??? That line is wearing their credibility thin, as it well should.

  301. That is certainly a good argument Sapere!

  302. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC feel conned by our slick fast-talking Texas attorneys who promised us that this would be a slam dunk.

    Our high-highfalutin’ Texas legal team of Clemens & Spencer proved
    to be an abysmal failure. We in RTC would not recommend them to defend a simple traffic ticket. That is why we ordered those fellows to end cycle in that Marcab insane asylum in Texas that calls itself a court.

    The Scientology religion incurred irreparable harm in that courtroom. We are irreparably harmed in such way that the Tech itself cannot help. There is no standard auditing action, repair, rundown, or nerve assist that can undo the damage that was done to Scientology yesterday.

    Late last night, we in RTC also connected the judge to Big Psychiatry and found that she is secretly a member of the Fifth Invader Force. As a dramatizing wholetrack suppressive, the judge is committed to destroying the Scientology religion and to specifically allowing attacks on COB to disparage his good name and repute. That is why the judge allowed Debbie to go on and on and on attacking COB and Mankind’s only hope for salvation. Only a Psych would allow such utter filth in a courtroom.

    We in RTC got a serious R factor on why so many bitter apostates live in the Nation of Texas: The place is totally suppressive and destructive!

    Fueled by beer, bourbon, jalapeno peppers, and a steady diet of roadkill found outside of their single wide trailers, Texans are all 1.1’s who wear ten gallon hats, spurs, ride horses, and thrust red-hot branding irons into helpless cattle in a psychotic re-enactment of how they were implanted 894,901,653,567,102,359,965,097,753,128,466,666,757,082 years ago.

    We in RTC still plan on suing Debbie to force her to submit to binding ecclesiastical arbitration. Assuming we can find a judge who will play ball, this is far from over.

  303. And the beat goes on….. Lauri “Clueless” Webster sent me an email TODAY asking for money in the name of Superpower…. FOR GAWDS SAKES JUST SAY YOU NEED MORE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE LAWYERS!!!!

    Dear Friend,
    I hope this communication finds you well. I wanted to give you a small update on what is happening with this project. We currently have a tour out in the United States getting the incomplete statuses wrapped up as fast as possible and people are racing to finish their Cornerstone Memberships from Italy to Hungary to Australia, Mexico, the UK, Canada, Russia, Sweden and Germany, as well as others scattered across the United States! We are right on the home stretch and nearing the finish line. There is 5 weeks left until March 13th, LRH’s 101st Birthday Celebration, which is a very crucial time for meeting many targets and as you are a part of this group I appreciate all you have done to help thus far and I want to ask you now for a little more. Please do anything you can to complete up your next status or help others complete theirs before the time runs out on this once in a lifetime opportunity as it is making all the difference. I look forward to seeing you soon.




    “There is 5 weeks left until March 13th, LRH’s 101st Birthday Celebration, which is a very crucial time for meeting many targets…”

    What she is really saying is: “donate to the project and MAYBE it might get released, but I dont know and cant say and dont want to say that it might not.”

    I wish I could be in the audience on LRH’s Bday to hear the collective groans as the rolling thunder fades and the band stikes up and the audience realizes that YET AGAIN the targetS have not been met….

    “…time and presure…”

  304. There was a Scientology commercial shown tonight on NBC during GRIMM. Seemed fitting.

  305. No disrespect to any Independents, but Debbie > Marty in terms of being a face for Scientology. Marty may have been a face to SO members and some staff but Debbie was the face to thousands of public all over the world as the Captain of FSO. Having David Miscaviges laundry (dirty is there any other kind?) aired by Debbie really just confirms what all the other former execs have been saying all along thus giving it even more credibility.

    That said, David Miscavige’s church will either retreat and run fast and try to spray fire retardant on anything it will stick to in an attempt to appease Debbie into silence or … David Miscaviges service facsimile will get the better of him.

    I can’t really see him backing down now, the church won’t stop their enforcement of their disconnection policy on people still connected to Debbie. So I kind of see this as being a long battle, but one that could very easily end with Miscavige blowing or being indicted somehow.

    Well at least that’s my hope.

    It’s very evident by the church’s response and the many before it, that they base their whole position, mindset and strategy (and keeping their flock of sheep inline) around Goebbels:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  306. “The Church fully intends to use its ecclesiastical procedures grounded in Church Scripture to expose both Cook’s false testimony and her ecclesiastical transgressions.”


  307. Very good observation. I bet you’re spot on with Spencer’s “thought bubble”. That was the moment he realized what he’d taken on for a client; a conniving psychopath.

    What will be interesting to see in the days to come is if Spencer’s firm fires Miscavige. Tony Ortega wrote about an interview he did with Debbie after court today. At the end he asked her something to the effect if that was all the mistreatment. She said it’s a tip of the iceberg.
    You just know Spencer has to be wondering what else DM hasn’t told him. What lawyer in their right mind is going to go into a courtroom knowing he’ll be blindsided………again? Spencer risks his reputation being totally trashed. If he’s planning on retiring soon, maybe he won’t care. Doubtful.

  308. Love you Tony, but watch it on the lower than whale shit, I love those whales, amazing mammals…mi amore was one in a past life….

  309. Laura,
    Plus on that 🙂

  310. If he blows the other off he won’t have a leg to stand on…

  311. Les,
    Those words are a key phrase for the Dave – Counter Claim. Without any question this suit filed by the Dave is going to be withdrawn, as he is eviscerated and “drawn” himself for each moment it continues. To foil his running away, a Counter Claim can be filed by Debbie. That holds the Dave.

    Yeah, I’d include libel and slander for the public statements by the Dave’s spokes-poo-son, Karin Poo accusing Debbie of perjury if that’s possible in this particular case (i.e., can be part of a Counter Claim and not a separate issue to be taken up following the present suit.)

    Karin Poo, official Spokes-poo-son for David Miscavige, Pope on a Box (an applebox).

  312. Tony,
    Nope, no need to clean a clean. Hey, there IS blowing by inspection, at least in LRH’s Scientology, even if verboten in Dave’s stuff.

  313. “gone full retard” lol

  314. LMAO…

  315. Mike H,
    Good to see you on this blog. Nice to see an OC public here. Hope you and Donna are doing well. Give Donna my love.

  316. Yvonne,
    You are such a lady. I think the “thought bubble” had a bit more like “you f……..g son of a …..” The real question for Spencer is how much of this very public support of an inhumane psycho is he going to be part of and how to extricate himself from this mess with his reputation and cajones intact. He lives in Texas and I don’t think someone who supports a mean evil sob who makes someone lick the bathroom floor and abuses women is tolerated. Texan’s have a reputation of civility to uphold and a long history of doing just that. So, Spencer, do you sell the family name for a little coin? Does that make your family proud? There is far worse yet to be revealed.

    Thank you for being there in the court, Yvonne. You very well represented the rest of us, I am sure, in supporting Debbie.

  317. Isn’t great to see Debbie smiling again?!!! I love the video of the interview afterward with her attorney. There’s a post on Tony’s site where someone explains the details of a “summary judgement” and how it is very unlikely the church would actually be granted it despite Debbie admitting to signing the agreement. Did you see Debbie’s look of relief when her attorney said there’s no way the court would grant the summary judgement and this would go to trial where a jury would never side with the church but would go the other way?!! You could just feel the stress leaving her body and relief setting in.

    I’m sure the Church’s statement is being distributed widely in the updated DA pack on Debbie to the sheeple in the church who will never know what really went down or that they walked. That statement is all they will ever know about this case. I hope Debbie writes a book now and tells every last detail of her experiences with Miscavige.

    Congratulations to Debbie in her efforts to reform the church, this was definitely the Tipping Point.


  318. Louis Brandeis

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

  319. The promo piece lacks enlightment of any kind. Where is the personal benefit?
    “I need my stats up ’till LRH BDay, gimme some money or ask some guys you know to give me some. Many did already.”
    Do they study LRH at all?

    “I wish I could be in the audience on LRH’s Bday to hear the collective groans as the rolling thunder fades …”
    With some digital technology David Miscavie could handle the distance barriere while hiding in a bunker in Bolivia (or Bulgravia).

  320. Debbie’s email on Jan 15, 2012, link in the second Village Voice article, is quite revelatory when referenced against HCO PL HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA.

    As I read the email and Debbie’s real communication in it, I recognized she was clearly offering to parley. And David Miscavige and Co. clearly DECIDED to ignore this offer, and CHOOSE to act Debbie and Wayne on all fronts. They blindly started down a path that leads to nowhere.

    Well, the penny dropped this evening when I was reading the above reference. Particularly, under Point 6:

    “It is a long-to-find and hard-learned fact that people who engage in black propaganda have big bursting crimes to hide.

    They do not have little crimes. They have BIG ones.

    One’s own ability to confront evil may be too low to really grasp the black propagandist’s crimes or believe they exist.

    (Read this next bit real care like)

    Such people are often sanctimonious hypocrites. They are usually arrogant and will not parley (have conferences with a foe). They appear so terribly sure they are RIGHT that it fairly shakes one’s confidence that they could ever do anything wrong.”


    “But this makes them hard to suspect or detect. And it makes it hard to get anything bad about them believed.

    “But under all this are real crimes. Not stealing apples or pinching pennies as a child. Real crimes like extortion, blackmail, embezzlement and mass murder are sitting in their closets. Believe it. For in the course of your counterattack you may despair of ever finding anything.”


    “Always be ready to parley – this is have a conference and settle it. The arrogance of the black propagandist often forbids this. And when it does, it means longer and harder work and if well done, his downfall.” LRH

    Compare DC’s email of Jan 15 and the Black PR from CSI about DC over the last 6 weeks against the reference above. Add in the sworn testimony of extortion, blackmail, human trafficking, etc. and one gets a clearer picture of the real task at hand.

    “…time and pressure….”

  321. Well said, Alex.

  322. Z,
    Yes, this one:
    “The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization has withdrawn its motion for preliminary injunction to preclude the court being used further as a forum for the defendants to violate the rights of the Church and its members with more false and disparaging statements.”

    So, Dave sues Debbie, puts the matter before the Court and then says he’s not going to let Debbie use the Court as a forum, which he chose as the forum.

    This is public statement by the spokespooson is Shermanspeak.

    This is Dave getting a Rollback done to find out who started “pie face”.

    Dave, seriously, did you actually expect to get the Court to enforce your contract without some sort of response from Debbie? I mean, you’ve done some really, really stupid things, suppressively dumb, but I will grant that this one, as stated by the spokespooson, is one of the better ones.

    “We withdrew the motion for the injunction against any comment by Ms. Cook in her defence as it is apparent this person has no honor and will in fact speak in the forum we chose, in her own defense. This is heresy, a violation of ecclesiastical law, which proves that Ms. Cook is an apostate and an heretic. We feel confidant the Court will see this and hope they will do so in a Summary Judgement, unless of course they too are being paid by Big Pharma, which is obviously where Ms. Cook is getting her financing to defend herself, by speaking in the forum we demanded, and which we tried to preclude. Nonetheless, we shall forever support and champion Human Rights, unless the human is in fact an Illuminati, un-human, as Ms. Cook successfully hid from Mr. Miscavige for 17 years as a dishwasher at the Flag Land Base.”

  323. “Hey, Dave!” “You blinked!”

    ~ GAT (DM’s adulteration of the Tech).

    ‘Hows that working out for ‘ya Davey….?
    (You don’t have to answer, the truth is plain as day).

    Bottom line;
    “You blinked, you idiot!, YOU blinked!”

    You will NEVER regain the stature you once had……sad.

    Goodbye Davey, Goodbye…

  324. Oh yeah, Ms Cook is obviously just having DM sue her for the money he will eventually try and pay to her to settle the suit that she got him to bring. And in that settlement, a new NDA will be signed of course. One that precludes Debbie from using any known language, sign or gesture to communicate to anyone, anywhere about anything. Which she is clearly happy about as attested by this here video.

  325. martyrathbun09

    POST UPDATE: Check out latest from Tampa Times, link at top of post – video of Miscavige surrender, attorney Ray Jeffrey and Debbie Cook.

  326. Ulf, maybe. I’m not so sure though. I have a feeling that Debbie’s earlier response to them that they could go ahead and sue her because she didn’t have any money for a lawyer triggered miscavige’s “kick ’em when they are down and unable to fight back,” instinct.
    I think it may be possible that he simply thought he and his five lawyers were gong to totally introvert and crush her.
    He has absolutely no idea who he’s up against, or the vast amount of support she has earned by virtue of her courage.

  327. “It’s very evident by the church’s response and the many before it, that they base their whole position, mindset and strategy (and keeping their flock of sheep inline) around Goebbels”

    Spokespeople of the Church and OSA are not the average Scientologists.
    He is not even a OL for church members. He enforces only his image down the Org Board. But what will Mr. Miscavige do when more and more doubts are rising? And they do. Visit a church. Look for yourself.
    The thing he pulled in with this one is beyond his skills to handle the mess.
    He lost. In the end you can only fool the body, not the spirit. That’s why his whole attention is towards MEST.

  328. Great!

    Thank you so much for all your carring, Marty.

    And Debbie, love your attitude. Transparency == no W/H.
    It’s time to get the “reform code” IN.

  329. 14.5) Start opening new banks accounts, make false companies, take as much money as I can. Give some extra cash to Tom to make MI 5, MI 6, MI 7.

  330. 14.6) Make a deal with IMF in exchange of my personal protection

  331. Department of Justice and FBI: Are you paying attention?

    Better late than never…

  332. 14.7) Make all kind of “i am sorry notes” to all Exec Strata I burned their identities with false acusations

  333. 14.8) SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Change my Identity and get a plastic surgery
    THIRD MAIN OBJECTIVE: Ask Fidel Castro to give me political asilum at exchange of all the information I know from my buddies at CIA, IRS and White House

  334. 14.9 CONDITIONAL: If anything above fails: brive Rinder and Rathburn because they really nailed me down today.
    FINANCING FOR THE PROYECT: Get a loan from the USA TRUST BANK against all the Ideal Orgs and assets.
    MAIN PUROPSE OF THE PROYECT: Keep my a$$ alive.
    Send all the steps done with evidences to ROCKEFELLER FAMILLY.

  335. CP-You got that right!

  336. Tony DePhillips

    I love whales too!!

  337. Tony DePhillips

    This one?

  338. RS-DM is working stealthily towards total elimination of LRH and only he will be the ONE!

  339. Tony DePhillips

    Or this one?? 🙂

  340. Haven’t read every comment here, so apologize if covered already, but …… Miscavige/COS will eventually drop the whole case against Debbie. This case would move out of contract law,and OUT of First Amendment territory into extortion, kidnapping, false imprisonment and a number of other horrible crimes. Miscavige would be subpeoned and possibly charged as a result. In terms of tons of publicity generated alone, this case would be the most major disaster the COS has ever had.I’m still predicting the COS will offer to settle for a payment of one dollar and another agreeemtn, all of which I hope Debbie refuses. Frankly, I wish she would sue Miscavige personally (he was still her employer and church or no church, this kind of mental torture has to be covered by various workplace laws).

  341. V- so right-Debbie is wonderfully defending the Tech and LRH and really making sure the differentiation is made from this madman.

  342. Mark the video from viilagevoice is block. Check if someone already block the video on Youtube.

  343. Mark the video is fine. Already Tony explain to me thank you.

  344. SP’s do themselves in.

  345. OTVIIIIsGrrr8!
    Thank you for making me laugh !

  346. Sorry Jim, but I think you are misinterpeting my choice of words. My point is that there is possibly a massive cover his ass campaign going on by DM at the Int base right now due to fear that the Feds or someone else may be knocking on their front door at dawn one morning to look into what has now been testified to in court. That’s all. But it doesn’t matter because there are too many victims and witnesses.

  347. RS, there are miles and miles of black binders at the Int Base chock full of other such COB orders worded just like this, so I have no doubts in my mind whatsoever that this is an authentic COB despatch.

  348. This was all wonderful news today. I am predicting that the C of $ attorneys will next ask for Summary Judgement and such will be denied. Then their next step will be to word some kind of fancy make-wrong against the Court and Debbie and Wayne and with great fanfare announce such withdrawing their suit completely. I think Miscavige wants another motivator like being denied Summary Judgement, and at that point he will blow, i.e. drop the suit altogether. I’m speculating. But I think he wants out of the Courtroom fast as being in the courtroom hasn’t been very healthy for Miscavige so far. Debbie and her attorney lit his pants on fire and Marty and Mike are there ready with torches if needed. Nothing like good ethics presence. What else can Miscavige do now except run and hope his burning ass feels better later?

  349. I once heard of a Mexican curse: “May your life be filled with lawyers.” DM will be living that curse for a long time it appears.

  350. It doesn’t work for me when I click on it, but I was able to download it with a right click “Save As” and then open it and read it. Wow! Marty/Mike/Mosey, this needs to be a post all by itself! Debbie completely takes off the gloves here, cuts the crap and tells it like it is! This is what people REALLY need to read!

  351. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Davey boy.

    And now, I dedicate this song to my former “leader” David Miscavige…

  352. I love the Judge. She was awesome. The judge let her speak and that is when the light was shown in the dark corners.
    And props to Mat Pesch, Pat and Scott Campbell for noticing that Debbie looks exhausted and needs some TLC. It’s not easy waking up and even harder with 2 ton gorilla on your back.

  353. Yet more evidence that DM now wants OUT.

  354. P, He should bypass the weed and go straight to crack.

  355. No. I like painting better.

  356. Below is the text of Debbie’s letter to Kathy True on Jan 15 which Margaret posted above (the link is not working for some). When I first read it, I thought “Go Debbie! Tell it like it is!” But having re-read it, I must ask this: Debbie, why are you willing to cover up for DM instead of flat out fully exposing him? Because it’s bad PR? You actually sound naive about “Church” practices. You don’t realize that the “Church” is Dead.


    From: Debbie Baumgarten
    To: Kathy True
    Sent: Sunday, January 1 5, 2012 3:24 PM
    Subject: comm to OSA

    To: Ben Shaw, OSA Int, RTC

    My letter to Scientologist friends was sent out to thousands of additional people by someone else. I am also certain at this point that it was Marty and the Independents that worked so hard to get that comm into the press. I have steadfastly refused to talk to the press despite non-stop phone calls and reporters showing up at my work. And I wrote that letter to Tampa Bay Times to try and diffuse the situation.

    So think about it, is that really the work of someone dedicated to harming
    the Church?

    Think about what I could have done if my actual intentions were to cause real damage. I would have been granting interviews to those reporters flat out. And think about the things I could have told them. I could have told them all about the “hole” with bars on the windows and 24/7 security, not to mention the unbelievably disgusting, inhumane and squirrel things done within that confinement. There were over 100 people in “the hole” when I was there. The entirety of WDC, CMOI and Exec Strata along with numerous Gold execs. It was a true horror story and could cause serious PR ramifications if the truth was known about this without the slightest embellishment.

    Or I could talk about the beatings that I personally witnessed, including watching DM punch and wrestle Yager to the ground. I remember DM having Bob Keenen in UK march Guillaume, Heber, Yager out to the freezing water in the lake at St Hill and making them go in. Then there’s the demented name tags he gave people, the pie faces he made top execs wear, the caps with denigrating labels, the darth vader helmet and many other things used to haze and denigrate SO executives. Or I could bring up Mark Ginge Nelson being made to lick the bathroom floor clean at ASI because he dared to say he disagreed with beating other execs or that there is no policy covering “the hole”. These were his “huge crimes” for which he was physically beaten, I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point by now. There is plenty I could have exposed if I was out to damage the Church. I am not.

    However I see you are up to plenty of under-handed tactics with your lies and black PR. Handing out “Debbie Cook dead agent packs” to the field, having all your little OSA spies passing around messages listing ”the suppressive acts Debbie committed”, telling people I am starting a splinter group or that I connected to known declared SPs. That I am an “apostate”, defector”, etc, Or that my SP declare is on lines and coming down tomorrow or any of the other things I am hearing from Scientologists and the press, Maybe you are declaring me suppressive. That would be a really dumb move for you. But if so, then I would at least expect it to be laid out properly in an issue so I can be shown it and others can see it in writing. Do you remember the policy that “if it isn’t written it isn’t true”? Or how about PR Series I – “Never tell lies”. And these pathetic DA attempts in the press are making matters worse PR-wise as they have been grossly overused and misused.

    Our clients were contacted and told to disconnect. Now to make matters worse, our families are being messed with. Meanwhile no one has said one word to us. Do you really want to alienate me completely? I put out a simple message to not support anything not covered in tech or policy by L. Ron Hubbard and to go up the Bridge. How is that so horrible and despicable? Oh, I forgot, I dared to challenge DM. My OL is L Ron Hubbard. Why is it DM can’t come up with one LRH reference to support having to donate yourself into a hole to support the IAS or pay for opulent buildings for every org? Well? Could it be that LRH never directed this? Maybe someone in OSA should look up the SEF advices to see that LRH said about getting Scientologists to donate to things like this. Or how about the BIC advices and what LRH actually said about org buildings. There are some serious policy violations going on. I dared to give a few LRH references. But I am still an important part of the biggest cover up in Scientology history. And for that, I expect a certain quid pro quo. If you expect me to help you cover up actual crimes committed at the Int Base, then I expect that you keep your shit together and not fly off the handle with bizarre lies or manipulations of my family, clients and comm lines because I pointed out a few policy violations. So do it. Get your shit together, collect up all the “DA” pacts, cease with the “disconnection” program, leave my family alone and drop it. You expect me to “drop it”. DM ordered one of his staff to smack me to the floor while he watched and another one to break my finger and ordered me to be tortured in the hole for weeks, and I am expected to “drop it”. Well I complained about a couple of policy violations and I expect you to “drop it” as well. Get a grip people. There is much worse out there than Debbie Cook complaining about over-regging. I am helping you cover up some things that were seriously off the rails and could be very damaging PR-wise. I would at least expect you to not antagonize me further with your bullshit.
    – Debbie

  357. Reading Debbie’s Fax to OSA Int., I think I understand why David Miscavige took her to court. He counted on her still not saying anything, that could damage the church. He figured, she’d rather loose, than do that. That’s what he has observed for 30 years: people protecting LRH and his legacy no matter what. He’s whole « power » depends on that and nothing else.
    I remember being threatened to be sued by the Church many years ago. My main concern at the time was to make them not look as dumb as they and the whole thing was, in court.
    On top of the little rant figured, if he doesn’t stop Debbie, there will be others.
    There will be.

  358. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Michael, It goes without saying, thousands of well meaning Scientologists, including most of us here, have already made meaningful, if not massive contributions to the legal defence “fund”(ostensibly called the IAS!) against attacks from “suppressive interests” over the past 25 odd years. Is that billion dollars surreptitiously stashed away by David Miscavige in “reserves” not (ironically)contribution enough?

    As LRH had so often pointed out, there is very little NEW
    DATA, here, but it has/had never been properly evaluated
    before! ( the courts will hopefully,and eventually, embrace the opportunity to examine this “EXXON” in our midst!)

    Topic for broad discussion perhaps? WHICH is the REAL
    Scientology needing defence from the attacks of
    suppressives? HELLO WORLD, ARE YOU READING ?

    Can the Courts, with their resource to precedents in
    establishing prime face evidence of actual corporate
    activity, applying this to a blatant masquerade by the “Church of Scientology”, expose this monster, finally?

    Bottom line? Hand back the fraudulently obtained
    “donations” David Miscavige. It is perhaps, one of the
    most suppressive crimes you have ever committed,
    second only to destroying the legacy of REAL Scn,
    and thereby, the inestimable number of lives of patrons and their loved ones, ENTRUSTED TO YOU!!!

    Debbie, Big Kudos to you! This S.P.is almost history!!!
    Once he is gone, THEN shall we truly soar, free of his
    destructive influence. Take a much deserved, if short
    break from all this, knowing you’ve delivered a second, devastating blow to this wobbling sociopath, doing
    himself in, at every turn! VVWD! Sleep well!
    Luv & ARC to all! Li’ll bit of stuff ( means–“duplication”)

  359. In David Miscavige’s kingdom the percentages have flipped. Now 97.5% are degraded SP’s and 2.5% are good people but even they must be closely watched.

  360. Li'll bit of stuff

    Spot on, Eric!

  361. Yes, it may be so – all speculation at this point. Fact is that from a Media PR perspective Debbie came out the winner and so it will seem to the general public. I’m also sure internally she will be “apostated” just like anyone else who have gone openly critical. But regardless of all the PR aspects, which are in the large majority in Debbie’s favor, ensuring that any actual trial against Debbie is won is of absolute importance for all of us.

  362. Dear Debbie, Thank You, you have taken an awesome stand. I have no doubt you are forever In Good Standing with LRH!

    Carry on, and Thanks again!

  363. Nicely done Andy……your dead on with that!

  364. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes,Fish, Mosey’s done a wonderful job, here!
    In fact I want to send her one of those Davey
    Cwockett hats in appweciation! She’s another
    Weal hewo on the fwontier of the Alamo!

  365. Debbie’s attorney makes a good point; that if the set of facts were presented to a jury, they would find in her favour.

    So it isn’t a legal issue, it’s a PR issue.

    What is so bizarre is that this has been obvious to most, except the claimants leading to the conclusion that either the case has proceeded on poor legal advice, OR despite very good legal advice and ignored. The other possibility being lack of disclosure by claimant to counsel.

    And now that the case has been reported in local media, the next move is oh so predictable. The church will either ask for the case to be moved to another jurisdiction, or the case will be dropped citing inability to get a fair trial.

  366. Yes and perhasp Diana on behalf of LRH

  367. Please place the link the interview Debbie Cook gave to press

  368. Sinar, That photo gives me the heeby jeebies. It really does. When I was in RTC I used to have to go to DM meetings in that building, and watch horrific torture meetings held by him. He conducted character assassination on each of the top Scn execs, he frothed and threatened and ranted and raved. He beat people up. He removed staff at will. He split up couples and order divorce. He ordered gross violations of Scn policy and tech.That place, that space, is pure entheta. The man that created it (DM) is pure entheta.

    If, as a result of Debbie Cook’s testimony, DM does a rapid knee-jerk to get rid of the evidence, bulldoze the trailers and offload the staff concerned — then this is the best possible outcome. Remove the torture chamber and free those enslaved there. It would be a huge relief to all who have seen, experienced or been part of this.

  369. I can fill in some gaps on how these trailers came to be.

    Back in the mid 90’s DM decided that Del Sol, where CMO Int and IMEC was housed, was going to be turned into the new HGC with auditing rooms for the base. This was done concurrent to the release of the Golden Age of Tech.

    As part of this, a new CMO Int building was in planning and was going to be built opposite CMO Gold and just above Clipper Ship (Star of California). Int Management however, were in bad with DM. They had been under investigation for the last year or more and DM had had RTC crawling up the ass of every top executive (Marc Yager, Ray Mithoff, Guillaum Leserve). DM ordered that a “temporary building” be put up for CMO Int, as the RTC building was the key focus of renovations at the time, and with the new HGC as well, DM decided that Int Management could operate out of the new temporary spaces for a year or so, and then a new building would be built.

    The initial plans that were submitted for this temporary space were resoundingly rejected by DM and in the end what was done to comply with his orders ended up costing $500,000. DM then hit the roof about how a temporary building made of trailers could possibly cost this much. This became yet another reason for DM to beat up on and berate Int Scn executives.

    The temporary building for Int management has ended up being their home and prison for more than 17 years.

  370. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dan, shame on you! Just think of how your malicious, C/I,unjustifiable,vicious, sociopathic and totally inaccurate
    and false statements must have added to the hurt feelings of our dear exalted leader, not to mention adding to the “shitload”, no, make that “mountain” of GPM’s, mental mass, false accusations and other unpleasant situations, that our poor,well meaning, self sacrificing saviour,now has to endure! Of course, none of this could possibly, conceivably, ever have had ANYTHING to do with the anointed one? Surely not? Duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh???

  371. Marty, the snowball thrown by yourself and some others before you has become an avalanche – one that will bury David Miscavige forever. I am hoping for a class action lawsuit against this criminal and his minions: I cannot wait to see them put away! We are appalled by the crimes and atrocities against humanity committed by the Taliban, Sudan leaders, or Gaddafi; however, similar physical and psychological abuses are taking place in our own backyard, just a couple of miles away. I have done my part of informing my former Scientology friends over and over about Miscavige and his traits. At this point, I count in anyone who does not openly stand up and raises a voice as commonly guilty as Miscavige! I lost my share of loved ones by doing so but I believe it is the right thing to stand up for what you believe in…Much better in the long run…

  372. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey, Mosey,Not really typo’s,just some Elmer Fudd
    for FFT and just for your cute li’ll doggie(s) I’ll add
    Woof! Go ahead! Say it! Watch for the tilted head!
    Says it all, doesn’t it? Yep, we’re all earthlings here!

  373. Glad I’m not at Int today.

  374. As PCs and pre-OTs, all of our secrets are written down in PC folders. We have no secrets. It is perfectly reasonably to demand that our organizations have no secrets.

  375. Li'll bit of stuff

    Alex, you’ve told it bluntly and exactly as it is! Very
    well done! This should be posted FAR & WIDE
    for every one to see,grasp,duplicate & understand!

  376. Mother of Grendel

    Thank you, Lynne.

  377. Mother of Grendel

    Very true.

  378. I have seen your painting arts.
    A man with many talents and an interesting universe.
    : – )

    Love to you and yours.

  379. Accurate and applicable.
    Accurate and applicable.
    Accurate and applicable.

  380. What a disaster for Miscavige!

    On the other hand; I think he is now showing he is capable of at least apply one piece of tech He seems able to embrace, and apply, the datum that an SP ultimately will “do himself in” (assisted by some 3d auditing of course)

    if you, Dave, keep answering the auditing question a growing number of people are committed to guiding you to EP- the “3 swing” FN that you would demand of others. After session exams will be available to you at Court Rooms across the country.

  381. Random Stranger

    My inside source, Mega-Bite, has been able to pry a few of these out and slip ’em to me. He’s working on getting me a whole cabinet full of them but the security these days, whew boy! He has to photo them with a pen camera and then slip the micro-SD card out to me buried inside a good roads/good weather postcard. Good thing they haven’t implemented x-raying the paper. Damn, now they probably will. I slipped up again. Shit.

  382. For those that couldn’t open Debbie’s letter to OSA from Jan. 15, 2012 found at: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2012/PDFs/scientology021011/c_scientology020912.pdf, below is the text from it. This was entered into the court case as evidence, I believe from Debbie’s team, but not sure. It was mentioned (and linked to) in one of the Village Voice articles:


    From: Debbie Baumgarten [email address smudged out]
    To: Kathy True [email address smudged out]
    Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 3:24 PM
    Subject: comm to OSA

    To: Ben Shaw, OSA Int, RTC
    My letter to Scientologists friends was sent out to thousands of additional people by someone else. I am also certain at this point that it was Marty and the Independents that worked so hard to get that comm into the press. I have steadfastly refused to talk to the press despite non-stop phone calls and reporters showing up at my work. And I wrote that letter to Tampa Bay Times to try and diffuse the situation.
    So think about it, is that really the work of someone dedicated to harming the Church?
    Think about what I could have done if my actual intentions were to cause real damage. I would have been granting interviews to those reporters flat out. And think about the things that I could have told them. I could have told them all about the “hole” with bars on the windows and 24/7 security, not to mention the unbelievably disgusting, inhumane and squirrel things done within that confinement. There were over 100 people in “the hole” when I was there. The entirety of WDC, CMOI and Exec Strata along with numerous Gold execs. It was a true horror story and could cause serious PR ramifications if the truth was known about this without the slightest embellishment.
    Or I could talk about the beatings that I personally witnessed, including watching DM punch and wrestle Yager to the ground. I remember DM having Bob Keenan in UK march Guillaume, Heber, Yager out to the freezing water in the lake at St Hill and making them go in. Then there’s the demented name tags he gave people, the pie faces he made top execs wear, the caps with denigrating labels, the darth vader helmet and many other things used to haze and denigrate SO executives. Or I could bring up Mark Ginge Nelson being made to lick the bathroom floor clean at ASI because he dared to say he disagreed with beating other execs or that there is no policy covering “the hole”. There were his “huge crimes” for which he was physically beaten. I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point by now. There is plenty I could have exposed if I was out to damage the Church. I am not.

    However I see you are up to plenty of under-handed tactics with your lies and black PR. Handing out “Debbie Cook dead agent packs” to the field, having all your little OSA spies passing around messages listing “the suppressive acts Debbie committed”, telling people I am starting a splinter group or that I connected to known declared SPs. That I am an “apostate”, “defector”, etc. Or that my SP declare is on lines and coming down tomorrow or any of the other things I am hearing from Scientologists and the press. Maybe you are declaring me suppressive. That would be a really dumb move for you. But if so, then I would at least expect it to be laid out properly in an issue so I can be shown it and others can see it in writing. Do you remember the policy that “If it isn’t written it isn’t true”? Or how about PR Series 1 – “Never tell lies”. And these pathetic DA attempts in the press are making matters worse PR-wise a they have been grossly overused and misused.

    Our clients were contacted and told to disconnect. Now to make matters worse, our families are being messed with. Meanwhile no one has said a word to us. Do you really want to alienate me completely?
    I put out a simple message to not support anything not covered in tech or policy by L. Ron Hubbard and to go up the Bridge. How is that so horrible and despicable? Oh, I forgot, I dared to challenge DM. My OL is L. Ron Hubbard. Why is it DM can’t come up with one LRH reference to support having to donate yourself into a hole to support the IAS or pay for opulent buildings for every org? Well? Could it be that LRH never directed this? Maybe someone in OSA should look up the SEF advices to see what LRH said about getting Scientologists to donate to things like this. Or how about the BIC advices and what LRH actually said about org buildings. There are some serious policy violations going on. I dared to give a few LRH references. But I am still an important part of the biggest cover up in Scientology history. And for that, I expect a certain quid pro quo. If you expect me to help you cover up actual crimes committed at the Int Base, then I expect that you keep your shit together and not fly off the handle with bizarre lies or manipulations of my family, clients and comm lines because I pointed out a few policy violations. So do it. Get your shit together, collect up the “DA” packs, cease with the “disconnection” program, leave my family alone and drop it. You expect me to “drop it”. DM ordered one of his staff to smack me to the floor while he watched and another one to break my finger and ordered me to be tortured in the hole for weeks, and I am expected to “drop it”. Well I complained about a couple of policy violations and I expect you to “drop it” as well. Get a grip people. There is much worse out there than Debbie Cook complaining about over-regging. I am helping you cover up some things that were seriously off the rails and could be very damaging PR-wise. I could at least expect you to not antagonize me further with your bullshit.
    – Debbie


  383. Thanks for the latest update, Mosey. I wanna see this thing go to jury trial.

  384. George M. White


    Old proverb:

    “If it wasn’t for lawyers, we wouldn’t need them”


  385. False imprisonment is a restraint of a person in a bounded area without justification or consent. False imprisonment is a common-law felony and a tort. It applies to private as well as governmental detention. When it comes to public police, the proving of false imprisonment is sufficient to obtain a writ of habeas corpus.

    Just a thought.

  386. Tony Ortega mentioned in today’s article that he should have another big surprise for us Monday morning…..

  387. Obnosis, you beat me to it! I also just posted it below.

    My guess is that Debbie, over the last few weeks, has been coming to terms with the fact that trying to do an internal reform is impossible, when dealing with the insanity of Miscavige. I know it’s the same process that I went through, and probably the same process that most Independents went through. Also, like most of us, Debbie also hoped to avoid dragging the reputation of Scientology through the mud more than has already been done as a result of Miscavige’s reign of terror. But she’s realizing that that too is futile.

    To me, it punctuates the reality of how much damage Miscavige has done to Scientology over the years, and how important it is that Miscavige be removed from power.

  388. Hold on just one minute! If Dave takes Mr Pantywaist with him, who will be there to save all the accident victims on the side of the road??

  389. I hope Debbie goes after Miscavige directly and personally too. As her lawyer said, if it ever gets in front of a jury — especially with all of the corroborating witnesses — there is no way they will let Miscavige get away with this.

    Get’em Debbie!

  390. Stewed old crow?

  391. Yes he has pretty much tried to delete anything or reconigtion of LRH
    already. And theirs enough evdience to prove that . along with him getting rid of any one associated to LRH or was associated ever to LRH.
    Its otally mockery .
    How ever DM didn’t write the tech or develop it or did he write the books or any written Policy by LRH. No matter what he tries to do He will not get away with that .

  392. Orders written by COB or not who the hell care’s about what he wrote , When he is gone they are gone also and hope some one is fast enough to burn the fucking lot.

  393. LBS, I had the same exact thought when I got to the end of Alex’ post – it should be posted FAR & WIDE.

    When passion and raw truth are combined, the result is awesome to behold.

  394. Under Radar
    I agree, this are the two main assumptions DM had that caused him to risk suing Debbie:

    1) “He counted on her still not saying anything, that could damage the church. ”
    2) “the little rant (rat) figured, if he doesn’t stop Debbie, there will be others.”

  395. Debbie’s words in this video are powerul, I thought. She says:

    “If Scientology organizations were run strictly to Hubbard’s policies, that organization could be completely and utterly transparent, and it would be no trouble at all.”

    “I know from running Flag, that I would have been happy for anyone to know our financials, for anyone to come in … If all the walls in the whole place were glass, it would be incredible.”

    I know that as a former staff member, I felt this way too. As far as how the organization operates and works, what’s there to hide? Having a transparent organization would make a huge difference in so many ways.

  396. Lana-Thanks for the data-I knew he was behind this insanity.

  397. What is hard to comprehend is i all such trauma actiosn of otehrs that happened also and when these things were going on all this time for years and years., It tells you somethink of the amount of supression and control also . And one ask’s why no ass was getting it reported already
    to authories Who stopped it and covered any and all up.
    And now it had to get to this stage of D Cook’s actions and recent explosion and their own lawyers fucking looking like idiots at the case hearing.
    What ever, hopefully some asses will role and Dm goes up in smoke , ut not without landing in court first, and whilst saying that he will strike no doubt while the iron is hot and excuting actions on a 24/7 bases until done to get a clean sweep of the Hole. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least Fast and furious he will ensure any and all are gone out of the Hole and replace them elsewhere out of site out of mind/ and likley at same time work on removing any protenial evidence and destroy it. Any camera’s Rolling.

  398. Li'll bit of stuff

    hadley, now THAT would be special!

  399. No. It was the Co$ team that entered the above document into evidence.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  400. Li'll bit of stuff

    Publius, thank you for your mirrored comment and I
    really hope that Alex’s post gets the massive exposure
    that it deserves. It truly is a landmark statement as to
    what REAL Scientology is and does! Hosts? Yes?

  401. Er, it would be nice if you didn’t actually use Drambuie, and use something else instead. Ye see, it’s my family[1] that make the stuff and I could never live down the taint…

    [1] Yes, yes, I know that to get there is down the family tree 7 generations and up the other side with a few strange jumps in between, but family is still family and once a Mac Kinnon always a McKinnon

  402. is that a keyed in state or the product of full erasure…of the thetan

  403. Cured Robot

    If my memory serves me, I believe you will find that “hadley” is translating from German, and is still struggling with some of the nuances of the English language.

    Eric S

  404. Here is a song I recorded about 6 months ago in my own little recording studio otherwise known as my one-bedroom apartment. I am just an amateur but I want to dedicate this song to DEBBIE COOK for her courage and dedication to the CAUSE. Sweet dreams girl, you did GOOD!

  405. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I´m a public from Denmark. I must say the skeletons are rattling out of the closet now! For years I´ve felt extremely offended by constantly being asked to donate money for nothing on top of paying extreme prices for auditing. It just didn´t feel right and now I know why – because it wasn´t right as per policy. What triggered me was, when I was told not to go on the internet and read about Scientology. That´s a direct violation of the Human Rights, Scientology is fighting for. It just didn´t make sense. And where as I was blind, I could now see. And where as I was deaf, I could now hear. And where as I was dumb, I could now speak. And that´s what I´m doing right now. I realize that the best thing any Scientologist anywhere on the planet can do now is to speak up and demand that the gross out tech off policy criminal squirrel (DM) be dismantled NOW!

  406. While Debbie and Wayne probably need a break, I don’t think DM will give them one.

    I doubt he’ll sue them, as he’ll then be subject to a court room appearance, perhaps.

    But, as he is brutally 1.1 and sometimes 1.5 when in a good mood, he’ll use the OSA monsters and private eyes to do his bidding at a level we’ve not yet seen. Afterall, Debbie kicked him in the nuts sharply and he can’t overtly fight back, which is probably driving him more insane than we’ve yet seen.

    So……how tough is it for Debbie to sue DM the individual???

    And……is that a good strategy???

    Seems like this cycle isn’t over by a long shot because DM is still in power and removing him is the goal…

  407. Well, if the Co$ team did that, then THEY entered DM aka David Miscavige into the matter, didn’t they?

    I’m waiting for a judge to demand DM show up in court. I’m sure the court and a jury would love to hear from him. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  408. Hi Jim

    I have said it before, but damn all this religious jargon riles me. The proliferation of these terms,borrowed from the Catholic Church, is a strategy to position the “Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology” with the Catholic Church, as a “bonifide” religion.

    Yes, Scientology IS a Religious Philosophy, but all this added religious jargon just makes me want to hurl.

    David Miscavige is trying to slam in these borrowed terms for everything that he can possibly think of, in order to cement his claim to “religious protection”. It is the only shield that he has left and he is working it for all that it is worth. He has found a chink in the Law’s armor and is driving his Sherman Tank through the breach. If he is not stopped, it will not be long before he consolidates his power and proceeds to subjugate the legal system, and then the whole US government, and then runs rough shod over the populations of Earth.

    I know… A pretty bleak outlook.

    I feel that what we are doing here, in stopping this suppressive, is much more than “just a good idea.”

    We needn’t “get all serious” about it….
    but we do need to play to WIN.

    Our failure to do so will not be pretty.

    Eric S

  409. Ulf… Marty, et all…

    My take for what it’s worth;

    Miscavige is building a huge dam.

    Ministerial exception.

    He’s pegging everything on that.

    Debbie Cook, Headley’s…etc

    Without a doubt he wants to have his cake and eat it too as he is using this tactic in both offense and defense.

    I’m not sure if he anticipated Debbie’s testimony or not. His mind is a hard one to predict right now. I am sure that he will stick with ministerial exception as his best defense/offense.

    The big question for me is how strong this dam is.

    It would seem that as long as a case involves an individual/individuals and “the church”, “flag service org”, etc… the courts and Miscavige’s legal teams have the potential of brushing things under the “seperation of church and state” carpet.

    Obviously the recent supreme court ruling (Hosanna-Tabor… v. EEOC) has emboldened Miscavige to build this dam.

    I do wonder what they would do if a case involved an individual v. another individual. Say if Debbie Cook sued the individual (whomever that was) who wrote the statement accusing Debbie of perjury for libel. Hard to see Miscavige using “ministerial exception” in that case.

    Alamo it may be. Miscavige retreated but he ain’t done yet and I think this year is going to be a watershed in Scientology’s history bar none.

    Marty, as always, you only need ask.


  410. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dan, so very, very right here! To the point, mebbe it’s
    time to start THE reverse Miscavology chant, set to
    music and lyrics designed to set up unstoppable circuits in the minds of the erstwhile Sheeple, still
    caught in the hypnotic trance, replete with dilated pupils, dilated wallets and dilated asses, and with
    mandatory Not-Is Blinkers and Kool-Aid intravenous
    drips fully attached, just for security measures!

    Since the trance is pretty much in place, adding THE
    chant should be no real challenge to our Creative
    Gang here! ( for the faint hearted, we can always
    audit out THE chant later) What say Dan? Shall we?

    All reverse Miscavology suggestions considered!
    ie; DMwonzoutnow / repeat / repeat / etc, etc

    disclaimer: Although this is intended as a parody,y’all
    are free to interpret it any way you choose!

  411. She’s a great judge. The thing is, any judge they get for this case will allow this evidence to be presented. COB can’t get around it. Heee.

  412. Jim
    Yes… I can hear it all now… The lawyers for the Church shouting out in the court room, as the totality of their defense… “SHE’S A LIAR!.. SHE’S A LIAR! ” EVERYBODY WHO ATTACKS THE CHURCH IS A LIAR! We threw her out of the “Clergy” (barf) because she is a CHRONIC LIAR!

    All that said… I am not sure that filing a “counter claim” is necessarily the best strategy, as I believe it allows the “defendant” legal access to the “plaintiff”.

    Eric S

  413. Marty/Mosey, There are some additional after-the-hearing interviews of Debbie, Wayne and her lawyer, posted at Village Voice, that you might want list above. They are quite good. Link is at:


  414. If so, isn’t that bizarre? The Church lawyers claim that “we’re dropping our temporary injunction request because too much information has now been put out in the court record by Debbie” … but THEY THEMSELVES entered this letter into evidence, which puts it on court record? Huh?!

  415. JB that is so very funny! Especially the tanning thong, but did he forget the leopard skin one, he must pack that one too; you always need two for long trips. Thank you for the great laugh.

  416. Thank you, SA.

    My read on Spencer is that he really is a decent guy. I think he got bamboozled by the DM team and was never told the whole story so that he could better prepare for it. I repeatedly assured Debbie and Wayne that there were leagues of caring people, known and unknown, who were in their corner. Thank you for being one of them.

  417. Can’t begin to tell you how pleasant it was dealing with the press on this cycle. They were fully engaged and VERY interested. They could hardly believe what they were hearing. I felt they all did a great job of presenting the story. The primary question they had was some version of “how will this affect the thinking of people still in the church?” And this was their sincere question, not just the thing to ask.

  418. Margaret,

    There is another letter from Debbie to OSA/RTC. It is exhibit C. Can you find and post it ? It was original posted on Tampa Bay Times site and migrated to Village Voice, but I cannot find it now. Important comm from Debbie to the Church.

  419. Mat Pesch
    You wrote a very educational post on another Blog and I am taking the liberty of cross posting here ~~
    Mat Pesch Posted this on Village Voice:

    Amy and I were fed rice and beans 3 meals a day for weeks before signing our “gag order”. Of course we were separated with personal guards on us 24/7. We were also at the Hacienda Gardens (where Debbie was at the end) which is surrounded by fences that have motion detectors. As brought up in the trial there are also video surveillance all over the property that is monitored by the guard in the booth at the gate. There is also a roving guard on a bike. Should the person escape over the fence the “blow drill” goes into effect to hunt the person down as was done with Debbie and Wayne. Of course we signed whatever was put in front of us with the hope of getting out of there without losing the ability to communicate with our families. Of course after we cooperated we still got declared as we left. This little route out procedure at the Hacienda prison routinely takes months and even beyond a year in some cases. Its “routine”. What isn’t routine is the torture that is routine at the International base. Extreme beatings, slop that makes rice and beans look like a gourmet meal, sleeping on concrete floors covered with bugs, electric and thus A/C turned off in the trailer known as “The Hole” out in the California desert where these Sea Org prisoners are supposed to live and sleep. People made to lick bathroom floors clean. People made to stand in a garbage pail for 12 hours with a sign around their neck saying “LESBO” while they are slapped, yelled at and water is poured over their heads. Individuals have also been strapped into chairs and slapped repetitively across the face with a fly swatter. People have been soaked and put in a small room with the A/C turned up all the way until they turned blue. Sounds like an Asian POW camp. No its the International Scientology headquarters as created by David Miscavige and executed by extreme cult members. That and much more has gone on for years despite being reported in detail by dozens of people to the FBI. The American government literally protects this tax exempt cult and criticizes other governments for not being nice to Scientology. People need to open their eyes. Scientology is a VERY extreme and dangerous cult with the stated intention of taking control of the governments and peoples of Earth – for the GOOD of all , of course..

  420. Being the betting type, I’ll start a pool. You can wager wither DM will take this to trial or not.

    My money is on the bet that he will withdraw. As megalomaniacs are inclined to do, he underestimated what he was up against. Remember he thinks HE is the smartest guy on the planet. He never guessed her basic goodness and purpose would pull in immediate help including a brilliant legal team that would work day and night to put together a brilliant case.

    There is no hidden brilliant strategy by DM or his legal team. It is exactly what it looks like – a legal and public relations disaster!!!

    DM didn’t want to shut her up and he doesn’t want the damages. He wants to punish her and squash her emotionally and spiritually. He thought this was his shot at that but he underestimated her personal strength and the strength of those who would rise to her aid. As well as underestimating the power of truth and rightness being on one’s side. And, finally, he underestimated the goodness of the people of Texas and their sense of fair play as represented by their legal system.

  421. Thankyou for your Posting Dizzy Mizz Lizzy ! Yeah loads need to know

  422. Yes/ I will also add I am sorry in regards to spelling errors for those remarking about them.

  423. Kind of cold to refer to it as the “Lisa thing that Marty fixed.” A woman died under horrible circumstances unnecessarily. A woman who devoted her life to LRH and scientology. From the point of view of many here her death was a direct result of DM and his reverse tech. I know Marty was doing what he was ordered to do but had he and a few others not been so good at their hats – DMs empire might have crumbled in 1995 and so much suffering would have been prevented. I know most involved felt they were saving the subject of Scientology from harm, but the fact is Miscavige manipulated it so it was his ass and evil empire that was saved.

    Debbies testimony deeply effected me, but so did Lisa McPherson’s silent autopsy photos.

  424. Bryan
    Am I wrong, but isn’t a suit by Miscavige against Debbie already in progress? This hearing that just occurred was a motion to keep her “gagged” from now to the end of a future trial.
    If Miscavige sends his goons after Debbie and Wayne, and it can readily be shown they are coming from the “Church”(which will be evident), won’t Miscavige be in deep, deep shit? I mean even deeper in shit that he already is?
    Marty or Mike what do you think?
    Michael Fairman (from Joy’s computer)

  425. Andy

    ….”Please do anything you can to complete up your next status or help others complete theirs before the time runs out on this once in a lifetime opportunity as it is making all the difference.”….

    I think Lauri is trying to use that line as a whip, because she knows that her stats will totally crash, and she will be sent to the RPF, or worse, the moment the “Super Power Project” is completed.

    Until David Miscavige has ALL the money, and ALL of the glory, he will never have enough.
    Satire to follow…

    The new creed of the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology:

    “We of the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology believe that we have the inalienable “religious right” to pillage the remaining Scientologists of anything of value and then scorch the ground where they stand. We will leave no stone unturned. We will totally destroy anyone who resists or balks. We will take no prisoners.”

    “We of the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology firmly believe that we have the Inalienable, God given right, to ruthlessly dominate the peoples of Earth, and have every intention of doing so.”

    “We also believe that the only entity in the universe that has the right to create or adjudicate upon these rights, or any rights, or their violation, is David Miscavige.”

    “David Miscavige, COB”

    Eric S

  426. It strikes me that the CoS withdrawing the suit is not the most desirable outcome. That would leave them free to sue again for different reasons. The best thing that could happen would be for both NDAs to be declared invalid because they were signed under duress. Just my opinion.

  427. FOS

    No I can’t really see him backing down either.

    But he has already lost the war. He may have a temporary win in the odd skirmish but his “cause” is lost.

    By David Miscavige’s continuing covert and overt attempts to harass and threaten and belittle and coerce Debbie Cook into silence, he is actually strengthening her case. The harder he tries to shut her up, the more he seals his fate.

    In spite of how it may look, I believe that David Miscavige is totally the effect of Debbie Cook, at this point. He is 100% reaction, and no “reason” being applied at all. There is only enough Theta left to keep his dramatizations active. I would hazard a guess that even his body is starting, or continuing, to shut down.

    It is simply a matter of time before that little bit of Theta that is left, blows…..

    Eric S

  428. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Thanks hadley! What has shocked me the most reading about Scientology on the internet is the fact that almost all of DM´s enemies are Scientologists, and he spends a lot of my donated money fighting scientologists. This I cannot accept!

  429. Michael,

    If DM sends his goons after Debbie and Wayne, that will just be monumentally stupid of him. We’ve just been through 6 months of SquirellBusters and god only knows what else before it. And it’s now all in public records (*Texas* records I might add) with the many times the cops had to go to Marty’s house, that trumped up arrest about the spectacles, etc etc

    So if the goons show up now, a really strong case can be made for an unchanging pattern of behaviour by DM, perhaps Allender could be subpoena’ed to appear before the court. Sending in the goons might even stretch to witness tampering (I’m not sure about that, I’m not familiar with US and Texas law) but one thing I do know is that courts all over the world really do not like it when people dick around with the system – that really pisses judges off.

    Mind you, we know that David Miscavige is obsessed with reading this blog. When he reads this he’ll probably feel compelled to send in the goons anyway. Just begging for the system to take him out of the game.

  430. Holy Kool Aid in a Cup! That explains a lot. ROFL! I had NO chance when I was Comm-eved and they only had one (1) totally unrelated KR on me as evidence. It didn’t matter. It was decided before they convened that I was to be “punished”. Fricking H!

    Thanks for solving that mystery for me. I was dumbfounded during the process when they presented me with the “evidence” and was completely disheartened when I got the results.

  431. isme2012,

    Do a survey of many Comm Ev’s , count how many you find that were conducted fairly, count how many went the same way as yours. Draw your own conclusions about the system.

    I did this for myself. What I concluded is that the entire Scientology Justice System is a complete failure and should be chucked out wholesale. It’s deeply and fatally flawed as it relies on the folks in charge being decent unbiased people hence there being no need for checks and balances. Well, a minute’s thought shows that this will never be and it couldn’t possibly succeed.

    I say treat is (Scn Justice) as a miserable failed experiment and replace it with the same thing everyone else gets to use – the Justice System in the society as a whole. My employer doesn’t get to make up their own Justice system, instead they are heavily constrained by the labour Laws of the land. Why should a Church be any different?


  432. We need some Papparazis at the int Base.


  433. Love to see him sue Debbie, or Marty or Mike or any of us for slander/libel.

    That would be just as comical as it gets.

  434. ‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers’
    Shakespeare, Henry VI

  435. No, Co$ has not brought David Miscavige into the case by entering that letter as evidence. They were only attempting to use it as evidence of intent to breach the “agreement” on Debbie’s part.

    *I am not a lawyer*

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  436. one of those who see

    Beautiful. Here at Marty’s Aesthetics are once again a part of Scientology

  437. one of those who see

    Hi Dizzy Mizz Lizzy,
    Welcome to the light! So great to hear from Denmark!

  438. GAT god awful travesty

  439. Don’t leave … don’t ever leave!

  440. Wow, Karen, I hadn’t seen that one. But I just found it! It’s at:

    Click to access b_scientology020912.pdf

    … and it predates.the other one and gives great background on what went down internally. It was sent by Debbie to OSA right after she sent the original email on January 1. This is very fascinating. Here is the text of the FIRST letter from Debbie Cook to OSA:



    —- Forwarded Message —-
    From: Debbie Baumgarten [email address smudged out]
    To: Kathy True [email address smudged out]
    Sent: Sunday, January 1, 2012 7:20 AM
    Subject: recent email

    OSA Flag, OSA Int and RTC,
    By now you have likely seen the email that I have sent out to my Scientologist friends. I am unwilling at this point to continue to lie or put up a façade that I support COB RTC and his violence and off-policy and out-tech actions.
    At the same time, I want you to think about the fact that I know and have seen far, far more than I covered in my email. My intent is to affect a change for the good of Scientology. I know you think otherwise, because I dare to say anything bad about the Church or DM. But with the way things are now, there is no way to write a KR on DM and have something done about it. It just won’t happen. However I can’t just do nothing either. I have nothing to benefit personally from this. Quite the contrary.
    I also want to make sure that you think about how fervently the press has been after my stories, which I have refused to date to get involved in. Apparently Tobin and Childs are very interested to speak to me, as it would support statements from Rinder and allow a whole new round of anti-DM articles to hit the presses. I have been approached by Tobin, Childs, Wright and a host of others. I have granted interviews or information to none.
    After having been frankly imprisoned and tortured at the Int Base it is very tempting to unleash. Suppressive “ethics” makes people bitter and ill.
    However this will not happen unless you yourselves force it.
    Please do not employ tactics such as heavy black PR about me, including the suppressive act of using embellished information about me from my PC or ethics folders – you know that is a crime. Please don’t force our families to disconnect or try to undermine our business. Please don’t have people on my front yard or any other “fair game” tactics.
    Right now, I have made a statement. There is nothing else planned. I am not joining any movement. I am not starting any movement. I will be working to earn a living and continuing my medical program. If you want a war all you have to do is to bring it on.
    Your call.
    Debbie Cook


  441. Thankyou Marty, Mike, Mosey and Steve Hall in particular for going being present, and Yvonne Schick too! Thankyou all!

    If there were a “Freedom Medal winner” of the week, award, for independents, Yvonne, you get my vote! thankyou for being there in particular!

    I’m not a Hubbardite, but Code of Honor, and sticking by one’s friends, thankyou for continuing to be Debbie’s friends!

    Hopefully somehow this insane chapter in Scientology history will come to a better end for those still left in the “Hole.” I would venture to say that the “Hole” will have to be razed, moved, dismantled, since otherwise media will be shooting shots of it from the Highway, to see if Scientology still practices “Hole” punishment at their “Vatican.”

  442. LOL!! Love it! It reminds me of the last event I ever attended when I finally listened closely to what the mini-Feuhrer was saying and realized I didn’t know wtf he was talking about.

  443. FFT, loved the video, those were some of the greats!

  444. Spot-on analysis, Andy! It’s too bad the only Scientologists that can still put 2 + 2 together are out HERE and none are left in THERE.

    “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”

  445. The attorneys were probably told the same BS that the church is telling everyone else: Miscavige and co are all angels and the saviors of mankind, and there are these bad, bad heretics and apostates who are all liars that try to harm the good good church because they have an axe to grind with them (and none of them ever held an important post, and they were demoted and expelled because they were not only incompetent, but suppressive and dishonest from the get go). I can’t imagine the attorneys having been told anything else. Do you think OSA told them at Miscavige’s direction that “we tortured this lady, we held her hostage, she witnessed some terrible things DM has done so we must shut her up”? No way. First of all, DM doesn’t think he has every done anything wrong. And second, if he would even think so, it would be someone else’s fault and he was totally right defending himself. So the attorneys must have been told the church’s “official” story, which is complete BS, and then sent to battle to win the case with that fairytale story.

  446. Michael Fairman

    Thanks. That’s what I think too. The hamster on his wheel just keeps going ’round and ’round.

  447. yeth, its weri hart tu traanslate from German into Englisch!

  448. Might want to keep them until the Comm Ev is done on littl’ Davey -if it ever comes to that- so the FULL extent of his off policyness, etc. gets known. Then they can be burned for good.

  449. COB: (C)himp (O)r (B)aboon.

    You be the judge.

  450. Miscavige is being openly accused of fraud, false imprisonment and assault, and that’s just to name a few. Why don’t his victims press criminal charges against him and have him stand trial? I don’t understand. With all the witnesses, it’s hard to believe he won’t be convicted. PRESS CHARGES! Jesus! Does he have to assault the whole world before he is arrested? Jesus Christ! No one gets away with this much crap and on such a public scale. The president of the United States would be impeached for just a fraction of these crimes of assault. Look what happened to Bill Clinton for getting a BJ. I understand if DM where some wife beating husband with a doormat for a wife, but he’s been doing it to church staff and it’s been broadcast in the media for years now. What the hell is going on? It’s surreal. It’s actually defies belief.

  451. Yea, I can just see the church lawyers dumbfounded when miscavige refuses to file charges for perjury. Geeze, I was going say it just couldn’t get any more ridiculous than this…but, knowing miscavige and his ilk, well, anything’s possible.

    Maybe he’ll say that beating staff is an integral part of the super confidential religious experience which only the truly dedicated initiates can be privy to, so it’s all just ecclesiastical, don’t you see?

    Debbie just didn’t “get it” don’t you see?
    It’s such an honor to be beaten by me.

  452. Perhaps DM’s only shot is heading toward something like a mistrial?

  453. Li'll bit of stuff

    hadley, have no worries about the spellings.
    Your comm. is getting through just fine.

  454. Michael,

    You’re absolutely correct.

    I’m just speculating whether DM will drop the suit and whether Debbie should initiate her own suit against him, if that’s even possible. Tony Ortega had mentioned a “big surprise coming Monday” and so my wheels are spinning.

    I’m not knowledgeable in the legal arena and so feedback is what I’m hoping to receive and learn from here.

    Whichever way things end up going, what just occurred over these last two days is creating the most happiness I’ve felt regarding Scientology in a very long time.

    Hip hip hooray!

  455. Summary Judgement. Please enlighten me. If they ask for a ‘Summary Judgement’, which I understand means they are saying all the proof necessary to judge the case is in, can the judge say, “Okay RCS, you lose.”?

  456. Bravo and carry on Debbie !

  457. Li'll bit of stuff

    YOU have the F#%(^$G confront to MOCK ME?


    (Uh oh…something’s wrong!…WW’s NOT kneeling?)

    (damm. maybe I should have said …before ZOD!!
    F*^#(@IG script writers! c*&%-s#$%^*s!!! They ALL
    know I’M a diehard Superman fan! Wait till we get
    back to INT. F(&)^%(g ungrateful implants! They
    complain about rice & beans??? I’ll show them!!!
    From now on, they’ll get nothing but the F*$%#*nG
    SHREDDINGS from F)%*#&%G Marty RathBONE’S
    F_%*$#U@ BLOG!!!! On second thoughts..NO!
    NO! NO!NO! Drat! That’s what I said to Ted Koppel!
    And D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y not A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G from
    RathBONE’S Blog!!! Shit there’s even a faint,faint
    chance that might cause some of them to F^%#$#&
    DE-PTS, or worse, F&*%$#( Wake UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    F&*%!! NOT F*&%%#$ going to HAPPEN!)

    OKAY! MR.SMARTY PANTS W W! You realize
    WHO I AM, RIGHT? ( I hope!)


    WTF???? The F)*@#% CI*%$S&*%$#@..HE JUST
    had the F*%@#@$ BALLS to turn around and F*&%


    ( Sigh! Oh well, you never know,Eric, stranger things
    have happened before in Scientology!!)

    Gotta get back to the sculpting now. Fun stuff all this!
    and it’s good seeing the “fun side” of W W too!

    All the best, Li’ll bit

  458. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Dizzy, very,very well done on those BIG cognitions!
    At the end of the day, it all comes down to one’s levels
    of awareness. I for one, wish that I had been MORE
    aware and didn’t need some prompting from a close
    friend, to actually have a good look behind the slick,
    believable PR of Miscavige! All Scientologists still
    entrapped, need to have this awakening experience,
    in whatever form it may take! But I’ll promise you this:
    You will never be easily suckered into cult beliefs,
    ever again. The collective wisdom of LRH shines
    through so many enlightened beings who regularly
    blog on this site, that it can’t help but rub off onto the
    blogger, that is, if one is a regular visitor! But I think
    you have already realized this, for yourself!

    What you said in your post, is exactly what you will
    find here on Marty’s site and though you ( as I,)may
    find Marty to often be a man of few words, make no
    mistake, he is laser sharp and misses absolutely
    nothing!! At the same time he is a man of enormous
    compassion and this is epitomised by the way he
    lives by the Auditors Code and is able to grant real
    beingness to all, with the exception of those who
    show up here with destructive intent. Although often
    cloaked in the most convincing ( to me, anyway )
    conversational “attire” Marty’s “street wisdom” seems
    to detect the real intent from a mile off and these
    individuals (plants, OSA spies, trolls and other trouble
    makers,) usually give themselves away and get sent
    packing, very unceremoniously, too!

    That said, this is a place you will find, generally
    very warm, friendly and fun loving and I’m sure you
    will make some good real friends here and that
    makes it easier to Move On Up A Little Higher.

    Welcome to your new expanded family!

    Li’ll bit of stuff ( from an LRH ref to “duplication”)

  459. To Windwalker / and Any one else making comments on me and spelling errors. I said sorry Openly. So to assume or prejudge what you think by memory and guessing who I am, I consider your remark insutling. Anyway all humans make mistakes,) Its not a pefect world.

  460. Li'll bit of stuff

    Whoa….Whoa… CR Are you a genuine Scientologist??
    If so, whatever happened to your granting of beingness?
    Methinks you owe “hadley” a sincere apology for very
    bad manners! Invalidation to someone doing their best
    to communicate in a language other than their own, is
    just a snide, cheap shot and deserves contempt!
    Please take this as an invitation to apologize and show
    some sensitivity in future.

    Thank you……Li’ll bit of stuff

  461. Hadley

    I apologize if my comment was somehow insulting. That was certainly not my intent.

    Eric S

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