Scientology Inc. v. Debbie Cook Updates

Village Voice live updates from San Antonio courthouse.

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Village Voice day one summary

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  1. Thanks Mosey! It’s great to be able to follow this with Tony updating the current battle of the Alamo!

  2. Also Clear Channel rep is tweeting, Twitter ID: MikeBoard1200

  3. I think it was an act of insanity for David Miscavige/RCS to file this legal action. The PR outcome alone will be devastating for them, even if they were somehow to win the legal battle. And I will be surprised as hell if they win the legal battle…

  4. With three cameras in the courtroom, does anybody know if this will be made public?

  5. could someone please come around and show me how to Twitter and how to feed it?

  6. As I hear more of what kind of conditions Debbie faced under the dictatorship of david miscavige, I think, how could anyone who is not themselves a suppressive defend this repulsive behavior by miscavige.

    How can anyone can call themself a human being, let alone a scientologist, and defend the perpetrator of such madness?

    Confronting that kind of overt and covert evil is the ultimate bullbait. Looks like M&M are up to the task.

  7. Wow!! Getting that opening statement on the record is a victory in itself. I’d be surprised if the media coverage doesn’t increase exponencially after that. I don’t think I’m going to get much work done the rest of the day.

    Don Cramer

  8. Thanks Penny, I have added link to the post!

  9. Sara Just click the link in the post, it should take you right to it.

  10. ray jeffrey told ” “Ms. Cook was beaten. She was tortured. She was degraded beyond belief. She was made to watch the torture and beatings and degradation of others. And not just one or two. She was confined in inhuman conditions…they signed this agreement just to get away.” . Yes Debbie, it was what we needed to listen from you, thanks. Whatever it happens after that, we have won. As Tony Ortega told in his up to date ” I am feeling CHINGON “.

  11. Thanks, he has some photos of the court, which is great.

  12. Debbie’s message just went from an “email to 12,000”, to probably millions internationally…and now she is telling “the rest of the story”… and not just to the press as a “disgruntled apostate and liar”, but in a courtroom under oath, AND at the behest of David Miscavige no less.

  13. Thank you for keeping us updated! This is Amazing!!

  14. Boomerang Dave…the correct estimation of effort you have certainly been denied.
    Did you drop out of the womb like this or was it acquired over time?

  15. Don’t be alarmed by the groaning, cracking and popping your hearing!

    It’s simply the foundation of David Miscavaige’s version of the C of S being battered by truth. Hang tight now! It will all be over soon.

  16. David Miscavige may have just graduate from igniting footnukes to foot planetbusters.

  17. What’s going on in San Antonio has been published in ALL (and I mean all) big newspapers in Switzerland:
    Switzerland is watching !

  18. Thank you! There is a large picture of Miscavige and right along side there is a picture of the Titantic! Amazing irony!

  19. Tom Gallagher

    Flash News Update from Gold Base, Gilman Hot Springs, California:

    David Miscavige, Scientology’s Pope, is overseeing church attorney’s Eliot Abelson and Kendrick Moxon beat, kick, slap, choke and spit on each other.

    The Pope is reportedly very pleased and enjoying an early cocktail hour.

  20. Laura Ann,
    Amazing, yes. But this is where the line in the sand was drawn. On one side those for honest spiritual freedom. On the other, the darkside, those with whom dogma and control of others is more important that spiritual freedom. We shall remember this day and thank all along the way that resulted in this day and this time. For Debbie and Wayne – you have my utmost support. Fitting to this is the following vid.

  21. legal arguments aside, Debbie’s hair looks GREAT!


  22. FCDC Class of 74

    Thanks Mosey for holding down the fort. Today is a pivital day yes history is made before our eyes.

  23. No Problem, trying to keep up with it all and get it out to you guys!

  24. David Miscavage Productions proudly presents;

    “Head to Foot Nukes”, the PR disaster of the last three decades.

    David Miscavage had his hands full, way more than tull, attempting to handle just Marty and Mike. Then Debbie came on line, full of vim and vigour, and so DM then had his hands even fuller. But, as long as Debbie didn’t align with Marty and Mike, maybe he could hang in there, maybe things would calm down.

    Well, we can see now that DM’s absolute worst nightmare is coming true, Debbie and Marty and Mike have set up a Wall of Fire that is not going to go away. And the poor fool doesn’t realize this is just the beginning of the end, much more to come.


  25. The church is frantically trying to counteract today’s bad press with three press releases already in the past few hours. That’s about the only way they can get any good press these days.

  26. one of those who see

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Mosey! Miscavige has met his match – the theta and intelligence of Marty, Mike, Debbie and Wayne backed up by all our postulates and love.
    When reading this in the Village Voice:
    “10:50 am. Jeffrey: “Ms. Cook was beaten. She was tortured. She was degraded beyond belief. She was made to watch the torture and beatings and degradation of others. And not just one or two. She was confined in inhuman conditions…they signed this agreement just to get away.”
    Tears in my eyes for our wonderful Debbie Cook. And a big Thank you to Mr. Jeffrey. This is exactly what needed to be said.
    For Debbie:

  27. Hey Indie fiends, even if we are not there in person, as OT’s we can make ours with the intention of owning and supporting Debbie, Mike & Marty. Magic happens when we unite as OT’s intending victory .

  28. chingón is Mexican slang for “fantastic”

  29. This just in from Donald Trump…”David, Your’e Fired!”

  30. Sorry for typo FRIENDS. Fiends might be the title of the other guys. Wish it wasn’t a us vs them sit, but alas it is.

  31. Hapexamendios

    A laughable effort at best. Nobody pays much attention to those since they’re clearly labeled as paid press releases and not real news. Most of those press release services will issue anything regardless of truth or quality as long as you’re paying their fees.

  32. “exponentially” 🙂

  33. More press:

    As far as I’m concerned, the “Church” already needs to start looking for somewhere to hide.

  34. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Mosey, thanks so much for pitching in to “make my day”
    for so very,very many of us.I can only imagine the content of
    conversations you and Marty must have had, just prior to him
    making his trip to the courthouse.What an inspiring opening
    salvo from attorney Jeffery! This is definitely going to be the
    Relaunch of THE TRUTH RUNDOWN with nowhere to hide
    Mr David Miscavige! Debbie Cook, you are going to set the
    first real precedent, backed by the steely resolve of Marty
    and Mike, who will add the most convincing testimonies yet
    heard from ANY former SCN Execs. The Judge will be seen
    and heard by millions across the world, when making what
    is hoped will be a land mark decision in the U.S. This may
    at last, become the turning point from which Miscavige’s
    cult will never recover! Days are definitely numbered, Dave!

  35. Thanks I have added it to the post above!!!

  36. Mosey, I really want her to win this!
    The crimes need to be stopped now.

  37. Karin Pinocchio Pouw has a new Scientology definition of “squirrel” and “heretic”: “anyone who opposes the gross out-ethics and squirreling of David Miscavige, in favor of clear policy written by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.”

  38. No one deserves to be subjected to any of this. DM and his attorneys are criminals, scumbags and the lowest of low lifeforms. Debbie and Wayne will win this. Thanks to Debbie, her attorney, Marty and Mike and all of us, this will be the undoing of this mad man!!!!

  39. I don’t mind the word “fiend” since it connotes extreme zeal. Better than CofS wimp. LOL

  40. To Undead: Thanks for the def of chingon. didn’t list anything.

  41. retired, extremely dangerous

    Howlin for you Little Dickie:

  42. Thanks to many in the independent field, Marty’s Blog and many others who are doing something about it, Miscavige’s 1.1 pokeface won’t fool the many Scientologists within the Church any longer.
    Debbie Cook’s E-Mail was the make-break-point to a Miscavige free Scientology.
    All the media, all the interest in this case will be seen even by those still in the church. And all this composed will blow his head down.

    Thank you all. Good job!

  43. +10000 thanks for posting this video, It has been an all time favorite of mine and is so appropriate. In reading the section on what Debbie was put through, I also cried.

  44. Updates from Tony and Mike Board on Debbie’s testimony if you haven’t seen them yet.

  45. yes, thank you Mosey. I have been glued to the computer all day!

  46. Mosey,
    YOU are awesome! 🙂
    It is VERY appreciated!

  47. Tom Gallagher

    The current Tampa Bay Times headline (4:30 pm EST) says it all:

    “Ex-Clearwater Scientology officer says church leader Miscavige ordered underlings to hit her, break her finger”

    David Miscavige, you are cowardly scum. Your hubris and arrogance is your undoing.

    Enjoy life behind bars. Bubba and his friends are wait’n.

  48. Oh my god. The info in the papers filed is far, far more damning from a PR and legal perspective than what Debbie put in her New Year’s Eve email to in house public. I think that Dave has finally said “Enough” and he is ready to get out with his millions and high tail it off to Bulgravia with Lou and bribe the police. Had he not been vindictive and sued the email would have simply run its course and had whatever effect it had on people. But now, the stuff that is coming up in this hearing before a trial even begins is going to stand people’s hair up on end not to mention raise their hackles. And what happens when the trial itself begins?
    DM is too smart to have let this happen. This is his way of routing himself off his apple box, out from behind the podium and off into the sunset and let the whole goddam thing collapse. DM, you are so damn complex to the bitter end. Why didn’t you just blow! No one would have come looking for you. You could have played people along for years by sending emails and videos from your mountain bunker and kept the pinballs bouncing off each other indefinitely. I think at this point he wants out.

  49. Oh, chills galore, so true!

  50. Reading Ortega’s description of what was on Judge Martha Tanner’s desk,
    made me relax, feel right at home in the court room and exhilaration set in.
    Yeap, this is IT. It CAN’T go wrong, even if the case would be lost.

  51. Eating and Sleeping every OTHER day? Such is the testimony of Debbie Cook.
    Holy crap. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse.

    The Village Voice blog is giving a “play by play” that is truly fascinating.
    Cat’s are truly being kicked in Cali. this day.

  52. Dan, right on…..”I think aat this point he wants out”, completely agree!

  53. All of these attrocities are now part of the court record. If David Miscavage and Co. lose this case … that may act as a validation of the claims of brutality.

    Unreal. How could anyone be so stupid? i don’t understand …

  54. This is becoming a great example of how a person who is committing overts will try to stop himself.

  55. Video from inside the court room is now on Tampa Bay Times website if you have not seen it.

  56. Ahhhh my favorite movie 😀
    And all my friends are standing on the desk. xxxxx 😀

  57. Very well done to Miscavige on bullying Debbie into a court room.
    Damn! All the shops are closed and I’m fresh out of popcorn 😦

  58. At this point and after today’s testimony I feel confident David Miscavige will not be walking out onto any more stages to address Scientologists.

    In fact would put him on suicide watch at this point. That is if anyone out at the Int. Base cares.

  59. retired, extremely dangerous

    A wise man once said that criminals always leave clues.
    This same Wise Man defined a criminal as one who is unable to think of the other fellow, unable to determine his own actions, unable to follow orders, unable to make things grow, unable to determine the difference between good and evil, unable to think at all on the future. Anybody has some of these; the criminal has ALL of them.

    I am sure there is no one out there what or who this reminds one of…..anyone?… to wager a guess? Hmmmm? Another clue? How bout this – This same Wise Man also says criminals are people who are frantically attempting to create an effect long after they know they cannot. They cannot then create decent effects, only violent effects. Neither can they work.

    Well, knowing that Little Dickie is blind to LRH definitions and this (italics) couldn’t be meeee…. must be someone else.

    I heard a friend of LRH say recently, “JUST GIVE ME 5 MINUTES ALONE IN A LOCKED ROOM WITH HIM!”

    So would we ALL!

  60. Saw it. 🙂 Thanks for the updates Mosey!

  61. Before I forget, by Spencer saying there is no connection established between FSO and Miscavige does that not open the door to doing just that?

    Seems to me that Spencer just made it OK to connect DM’s UNCLEAN HANDS to the FSO. Hmmmmm.

  62. In prison, everybody showers together, so watch it if you drop the soap!

  63. On the money Dan. DM has had it. No amount of lying, extortion, blackmail is gonna save him now. Debbie’s testimony is electrifying – it will sicken the world that anyone, least of all a woman, could be subjected to this. It’s ALL coming out now. Fence-sitters, radar flyers, THIS is what you have been supporting. D’yer get it now???

    Mosey – thanks for holding the fort so ably – hat’s off to you.

  64. “Spencer also told Tanner that the disturbing allegations being raised by Jeffrey were irrelevant and should not even be heard in open court.

    “Certain media, because of a fascination with Scientology, will report and sensationalize the most minor event into a controversy. And that is what the defendants are trying to do today,” Spencer said.

    Let me get this straight, sleep deprivation in the hole, kicking people, slapping people, putting them in garbage cans with Lesbo signs on them while 100 screaming lunatics yell for her to confess her crimes, being forced to the ground, orders to break her fingers… All of these things are “minor events into a controversy.”?????

    Are you friggin kidding me? That’s the best this asshole can come up with to justify miscavige’s crimes?

    It fully exemplifies what is truly important to both miscavige and his scumbag attorney. THE $50 GRAND! That’s what’s important here. It’s all about the money. Everything else is just a minor controversy. We gave her 50K to shut the f#$% up. That’s important.

    At this juncture, anyone supporting miscavige truly needs an SP declare.

  65. The Monster SP Miscarriage is going DOWN DOWN DOWN

  66. retired, extremely dangerous

    Link to Times courtroom video:

  67. Fibromyalgia. This is a condition which is often triggered by physical or emotional stress. The person is in pain, which seems to emanate from every joint, including the spine, but there is nothing wrong with the joints. On top of that she had pneumonia but denied medical care. David Miscavige took one of the most dedicated Scientologists and put her in a personal hell and then declares that she wasn’t under duress when she signed that horrid agreement. She could have died. How dare he direct the further abuse of this woman.

  68. I have always been the drum on the ABUSE.
    That I belonged to an entity that dramatizes atrocities and sadism as ordered by David Miscavige is still mind boggling to me. I still can’t believe my wilful lack of perception when so many out-points surfaced.
    In court today : (quote from Tony Ortega’s Village Voice:)

    tBut now they’re back to sadistic DM. An executive made to lick a bathroom floor for a half hour. DM telling one of his female communicators to break Debbie’s finger if she didn’t answer a question (it was bent back). Now we’re hearing about people being forced into an ice-cold lake

    A Sea Org member being ordered to lick a bathroom for half an hour with his tongue.
    David Miscavige’s communicator ordered to break Debbie’s finger if she did not answer a question.
    Sea Org members being thrown into ice cold lake.

    This is the “Church” of Scientology.
    It is no wonder that the Vatican considers the “Church” to be a demonic entity.

  69. If it is all about the contract, why isn’t the Church making an issue about her billion year contract?

  70. Me too, thanks, Penny! I’ll add that for my YT peeps…..what an exciting day for ALL —well, all out. 🙂 Love ya Tory/Magoo

  71. There it is, DM hanging himself with the rope provided for him. His motivator flow is so huge even the citizens of Texas are getting sucked into it, and that is a BIG state.

  72. I just can’t believe it.
    The criminals are sueing the victims!
    Why the f*ck don#t you ALL stand up and sue the hell out of this criminal institution.

    Bring them to court!

    If just 50% of you people leaving the Int. base would sue them for everything they did alltogether, this nightmare would be over in no time.
    Kudos to Debby.
    Seems like she has the balls to fight this through.
    At least she IS in the courtroom and she TELLS the story and it GETS into the court records.
    Don’t be afraid to admit to anything criminal YOU (I mean you EX-SO members) have done. Under these circumstances it would count nothing in a courtroom. If all you tell is true than it is completely understandable and even O.K. to sign anything and to do anything to get the hell out there.

    You would also be just too many witnesses to just brush you off as bunch of lying apostates. But just if you act TOGETHER!!!
    Get back your integrity.

  73. I just read some of the recent accounts of the testimony.


    The term “foot nuke” does not describe this. For DM, it’s more like a Foot Super Nova.

    Debbie is credible, stable and from what I can sense, an unimpeachable witness. DM probably wishes he was aborted just about now.

    Wait until Rathbun and Rinder get up there. This will get deeper into public lines and burn like an oil soaked brush fire. Testimony from such high ranking people will not go ignored. It will penetrate.

    Sic Sempre Tyrannis

  74. This what I am seeing, the top executives of Scientology, the best of Hubbard’s friends, gathered together in a courtroom in Texas. The promise, the hope, the dedication and purpose, right there gathered as defendants and witness’ to survive suppression of the David Miscavige. If this is not a telling chapter, I don’t know what is.

    I am deeply saddened by the trolls hitting the internet kicking from behind calling Debbie names and spitting out the “squirrel” curse word.

    This is NOT any valuable final product in Scientology. I don’t know how these people even came into this theater.

    The justice system in the Church, for a group of people who’s purpose is to “get ethics in on the planet”, has slid so far south that they are being bypassed by a Texas housewife in a court of law to establish order.

    This is the valuable final product of David Miscavige and his fans.

  75. What I’m waiting for is the Greta Van Sustern interview with Marty, Mike and Debbie on the show.

  76. Michael Fairman

    I agree 100%

    It’s been an amazing day for truth. My admiration and respect for Debbie, Wayne, Mr. Jeffrey, Mike and Marty and so many others here are out the roof.

    Isn’t it now time for those of you under the radar, on the fence or behind the bushes to come out and make yourselves known? CORRAGIO!

  77. Mosey,
    Thanks for the great coverage!

  78. Dan, Exactly! This is it for the reign of DM’s madness, he is DONE. What an ass! He just couldn’t leave it alone and let the stuff die. All his very dirty laundary is now out in the open for all to hear. I am sure he is going nuts where ever he is; hopefully getting on a jet to leave the country. I agree he and Lou should disappear together Bulgaria or somewhere.
    Debby I am in awe, you survived the most awful psycho BS; like many others.
    Thank you Mosey for keeping us informed. I can’t wait to hear more from Debby, Marty and Mike. XXXXOXOXO Jan

  79. Miscavige wanted to silence Debbie and so took her to court, Now information on his personal abuses THAT SHE WAS NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT SPECIFICALLY are discussed, recorded and reported on in open Court and will forever be available on line. Wow!

    Debbie’s story will resonate in the Scientology community in a way unique to other stories. Debbie spent years “rubbing elbows” with most, if not all, of the most influential (and other) public. Public knew her personally, not only as Capt FSO.

    DAing people that public had limited contact with is one thing, DAing someone (Debbie) that people (public) knew on a personal and professional level for years and years is a whole different matter – Good luck with that! OSA will inadvertently end up DAing themselves.

    I think this will penetrate the “mental fire-wall” of the public who have trained themselves to accept whatever Miscavige/OSA tells them. They will be forced, with smelling-salt, to confront the hi-jacking of Scientology.

  80. Does court resume Friday morning?

  81. Yes at 9:30 CST

  82. I See Greedy People

    Sara, a little Tiwtter 101 for you:
    to Tweet, you set up a Twitter account. You dno’t need to have an account to read what someone else is “tweeting” — so if you go to the link above (Twitter) it will have a “timeline” of “tweets”.

    a “tweet” is a shout out can be anything. In this case it is live coverage of the hearing.

    If you sign up for a Twitter account, you can also “tweet” (your own statements of 140 characters or less. You can post news, and links, or opinions. And you can also “RT=Retweet”…which sends a tweet you like out to all your followers.

    If you sign up for Twitter, find your friends and people and follow them, and some will follow you back.

  83. I am praying and hoping and wishing and lobbying that truth and the American Way will prevail. I also realize more than ever before that what corporate Scientology is doing has nothing to do with the original doctrine and Founder L Ron’ Hubbard’s intention and vision.

    It appears there is a Corporate infestation that took over the trademarks of Scientology that makes a travesty of the teachings. And they sure are trying to scam and make puppets of the US judicial system.

    DAVID MISCAVIGE IS A SADIST. The corporation calling itself Scientology is using his writings and techniques as both a bait to hook people and a shield to cover up lies and crimes of abuse. The facility with which they lie is pathological and must be profiled for public safety.

  84. Dan,
    I one hand I can agree that he wants out. Problem is this is the only game he has going round and round in his own head. Once in a while he thinks maybe I should get out. But, like a compulsive gambler, he thinks he will win more with just a few more turns of the wheel, or throw of the dice or a few more hands at the cards. That he has gone blitzo over this is evident by the shear chaos and damage he is doing to the repute of Scientology and LRH. In the end most will see the difference between the insane actions of individual(s) and the corporate group under dark control and the body of beings that merely find a tool for personal advancement.

    I believe the speed of change will fling him off the apple box. I those pulling the strings behind this suit understood the speed and impact of the internet then the PR outcomes wouldn’t have been a mystifying adventure. And then again, maybe he would just blow and get out of the way.

  85. Man, this is worth more than 1,000 intensives anywhere. The case gain on the 3rd and 4th dynamics is just beyond words. My emotions are all over the dial, obviously the process hasn’t EP’ed yet.

    Bracing for Epic!

    Thanks Debbie, and every single person aligned with truth and integrity who is participating and \ or tuned in. What is going down is not likely to be forgotten for a VERY long time.

  86. I was listening to Sean Hannity today and as part of his ongoing strife with Alec Baldwin, and Alec openly accused Sean as being a Scientologist because Sean is a Conservative heavy. The innuendo here was Alec pretty much openly calling Sean an abuser.

    So now, this is what Scientology has been reduced to. This means if you want to really invalidate soneone call him a Scientologist. God help us all. .

    ML Tom

  87. As published in The Scientology Handbook, from L Ron Hubbard’s essay on the attributes of the Anti-social Personality, here is attribute #8:

    8. Many antisocial persons will freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them.
    Their actions have little or nothing to do with their own volition. Things “just happened.”
    They have no sense of correct causation and particularly cannot feel any sense of remorse or shame therefore.

    Sounds like David Miscavige to me. A truly antisocial personality is insane by definition. Psychotic and out of present time. Not “oriented as to time, place and person”, as psychiatrists say.

  88. This is an important day in history — for human rights, for the U.S. Constitution, for plain human decency and universal codes of acceptable conduct.

    Thank you to all who have drawn the line in the sand against hypocrisy, theft and impersonation of a religious practice. Thank you to all who have drawn the line in the sand against abuse of themselves! and of human rights as perpetrated by an entity calling itself the Church of Scientology which in fact substitutes bizarre, cruel other practices while pretending to sell Scientology.

    Scientology in its pure form was researched and developed with the intention and for the purpose of relieving suffering. It is a tool, an applied practice, clearly definable, to liberate self and others from ensnarement of ignorance and mechanics of the mind and body. Anything that does the opposite (including “twisted and out of context writings”) is clearly another practice.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

  89. And my admiration and respect to you, and your wife, for your position on the front lines and the personal conviction that leads you both in your humane choices to make a better world.

  90. Bingo! and Tom Cruise’s son Connor was dropped by his agent yesterday for what has become the “trickle down” David Miscavige valence, i.e., hostile, self-righteous psycho hate speak.

  91. More news– Jan Eastgate charged with another offence related to perverting the course of justice.

  92. Jim, when I read that in the “play-by-play” of the hearing this afternoon, I started thinking of all the ways Miscavige can be connected to FSO, It was a virtually endless list: he has a residence there, he has literally spent years on the premises, the McPherson tragedy, his micromanaging of Debbie, his micromanaging of the Mecca development, the groundbreaking ceremony, that RTC income and his extravagances depend on FSO Ad Crse income, the RTC Reps at FSO, and on and on and on. This seems to be another really stupid legal maneuver to me. He has spent years successfully avoiding being named the Managing Agent of CSI and other orgs by claiming he has no part in the day to day running of things, when he is virtually the only one involved in the day to day running of things. Meanwhile he is strutting around as the Supreme Leader. I understand the difference between ecclesiastic supremacy and the legal status of managing agent, but if this becomes an issue I think this time it will be another one he goes down on.

  93. LDW, I believe what is really important to Miscavige is not the money but enforcing the agreement and shutting her up. At this point and considering how things are transpiring, I would like to ask, “Dave, how is that working out for you?”

  94. Ditto! – Karola

  95. Now we have sworn testimony, UNDER THE PENALTY OF PERJURY, that David Miscavige abuses and tortures his staff. This lawsuit from the “church” is the footbullet of footbullets. He could have just let it die out…

    Before Miscavige blows to Sotuh America and starts enjoying cocktail hour with Nazi war criminals, he should let everyone know where he has hidden his wife. She wants out.

  96. Tom…and that is the tragedy of this whole sordid mess. The PR concerning Scientology is going to sink to a super all time low. People are going to associate all the abuse with the subject itself. It just makes the job of real Scientologists who want to help people with real Scientology all the more difficult. I think this is becoming worse than the Meisner/GO Crimes mess.

  97. retired, extremely dangerous

    Tom M,

    It is DM’s eventual endgame to have being called a Scientologist the worst invalidation possible. Now being called a Micavigist will be so much better and admirable.

    P.S. Remember what that used to stand for in the old telexes?

  98. Haha! The insanity defense by the plaintiff! Lo que faltaba!! (That’s all that’s missing!!)

  99. Than you Mosy, for keeping us informed to the minute. Village Voice is providing an incredible service, so grateful T.O. is there. Mr. Jeffrey is doing an awesome job, he knows his sh–! Debbie, you’re doing great! As difficult as this has been, I hope htat you are blowing charge just being able to communicate about what happened. Such courage…we love you! I hope Marty and Mike get to take the stand tomorrow.

  100. Hey, I tried to warn him about his lawyers turning on him! But, nah ….

  101. Michael Fairman

    This just hit me like a ton of bricks. Debbie signed a non-disclosure agreement. Yet today she disclosed some of the most horrendous abuses she and others endured at Int and elsewhere, under the auspices of Miscavige and his “Church”. Disclosed in open court under penalty of perjury! My god, what then does she know for Miscavige to have “gagged” her? The mind reels.

  102. Thank you.

  103. Right on. And thanks for your hard work today, Mosey!

  104. I lived things like that in Latam, it is not only being done at the Int Base of Hemet.

  105. yah Karen, I hear yah. I remember when I went to flag for training on the new pro trs as mission staff. The course sup had the lower org/msn staff come in early b/4 course to clean the course room. I’m like jesus, I came here to study not clean, what is this. So I didn’t do it. Then one day after two months being there, I did a few other courses, a fellow lower org staff asked me why I didn’t help clean the course room. I told him as per above. She got sad and I said oh well, I guess I’ll help. So I did, I vacuumed.

    Reminds of the video at one of the recent earlier events where there is now a course you can do the freewinds to be “cause over MEST” and you pay for this course so you can clean the freewinds,,,,,,,,,,,,,LMAO

  106. It seems to me that David Miscavige’s high-powered attorneys must have known that this lawsuit would open a huge can of worms about the abuse Debbie suffered and would have advised him NOT to go down this path. But given DM’s insane need to be right, he ordered them to proceed as he directed. I can just see the attorneys shrugging and saying to each other “OK, no skin off our butts. We get paid anyway and can get more billable hours this way, and even if we lose no one will consider this a PR loss, since everyone knows the Church of Scientology sucks.”

    Nice going, Davey, you midget cretin. I just hope you get called as a witness so you can show everyone how brilliant and right you are.

  107. Hey Tom, no problem, we’re not THAT KIND of Scientologists.

    Me, I’m practicing saying that in front of the mirror 10″ everyday…..

  108. LDW- Don’t hold your breath on that one. She’s OT 8 and not likely to hold such and interview. Although I would love to see it.

  109. I’m with you on all that. Makes for quite an interesting read now in PT reading the MH conference back in 1982 and viewing the LRH death event in 1986. Dots get connected when one looks across the years from then to PT—–call it lock scanning if you will.

  110. POB better git a liking for tattoos real quick.

  111. Here’s a song for David Miscavige

  112. Theo Sismanides

    Mosey you are doing a great job! thanks for keeping the fort!

  113. It’s now over Tom. I sense it. The church is dead and he, the sawed-off anti-Christ wanna-be, killed it.

    Radical corporate Scientology is DEAD. Long live Scientology.

  114. Debbie and Wayne,

    Just a theta thought and song for you both and your team as you approach day two of this insane nonsense.

  115. Theo Sismanides

    There must be an end to all this torture and injustice.

    And it can very well be a Judge who is genuine and true to his/her oath to serve truth and justice. I hope is this judge in Debbie’s case! This time things testified by Debbie are too much.

    Thank you Debbie for all you are doing! You have the support of thousands!

  116. CP, well said. Nuclear footbullet, this one.

  117. Tony DePhillips

    This stuff is friggin amazing!!

    I really hope that Debbie and Wayne win.
    But..even if they don’t I woulod say that dm has footnuked himself into non-existense. I sense that there is an exponential wave emanating towards the destruction and unmocking of dm. It is like a nuke blast but the waves haven’t quite hit him yet.
    Debbie Cook, the leader of the Flag Land Base, the Mecca of Scientology testifying in open court that dm is a friggin sadist and SP!!!


  118. Licking a bathroom floor with ones’ tongue? Forced into an ice cold lake? Broken fingers? Jesus, what a complete mess this “church” has been turned into. First, the Tech isn’t delivered that I can notice. Second, the only exchange for donations is new or rebuilt cement. Third, any person leaving is frightened into not revealing what really goes on and paid off in cash not to tell! At least that’s the church’s intention. The torture, restraint and imprisonment are clear examples of what one is willing to go through to increase ones’ awareness and be at cause. And even so has to go through hell to get there! It’s an example of how valuable LRH Tech really is to us and how people endure such atrocities to achieve the results that we in the independent field achieve daily.

    There will be more who will come forward with similar experiences to Debbie’s. Many more.

    Current affairs bring into plain view the truth that LRH tech must be preserved, That in spite of any opposition those of us who are here must do all necessary to preserve our skills and abilities for the future. Reform of the church as I knew it long ago will be a mountainous task. Not as long as the leader and his crowd are doing what they are doing. Marty, Mike, Mosey and all, thank you for the blog, the truth, and the power to DO something about the attempted complete destruction of this most valuable technology. And thanks to all who post here, for being here. Those under the “radar”, wake up. It’s OK.

  119. You guys are keeping me quite busy today 🙂

  120. Tony DePhillips

  121. S.D.,

    I recall it’s called “the contagion of aberration”.

  122. Jim Logan:-
    “Before I forget, by Spencer saying there is no connection established between FSO and Miscavige does that not open the door to doing just that?”

    My thought is that Debbie while CO of Flag will talk about how DM
    screwed up Lisa’s auditing up and will comment on how Marty helped destroy evidence. And As Marty has already acknowledged that and is a witness, we have potentially a tank round foot bullet.

    IMO Debbie is Scientology’s Jean D’arc. She is defending the subject and philosophy.

    These links below, not posted here I believe tell one
    more of her spirit.

    Click to access 201…logy020912.pdf

    Click to access 201…logy020912.pdf

    I love debbie :)))

  123. As a point of fact, this court hearing is now what will be viewed upon as a ‘water fall event’.

  124. When you see news like this and other news, one has got to figure something is wrong with the tech, and one connects the dots on the history since the 1980’s. One has got to figure something is not right. And one has got to figure with so much bad news about scientology and high figures leaving and members reaching the highest states possible OT8 and they are leaving. And very few members reaching the OT8, and others below having to re-do actions. One has to figure something is wrong. And when we have this going on one has to ask themselves how on earth are we as scientologists going to clear a planet?

  125. You are right Roy. I would like to know who broke her finger. I escaped from
    the East Village without a broken bone. Grew up in the Haight Ashbury and the streets of Berkeley during the people’s park riots and anti war demonstrations and all kinds of other social conflict without a broken bone, or getting slapped, or even getting yelled at. Lived in shooting galleries in the lower east side without getting damaged, yelled at, slapped or having bones broken. It is a damn shame when a Sea Org executive goes up to Int and can’;t have the same social respect afforded to someone who grew up in the worst neighborhoods in the world.

  126. Is the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department paying attention? Maybe they should pay a visit to GOLD and demand entrance. There is credible first hand testimony of felonies being committed, right NOW on those premises!


    The testimony is truly amazing. The story was already known but now it is really out there on what the public consider credible venues. This is a P/R disaster for the Church.

    David Miscavige is causing tremendous damage to the Church and the subject of Scientology with this lawsuit.

    And all because he could not face up to his crimes (FELONIES) i.e., kidnapping, torture, brain washing, false imprisonment, mayhem.

    Does anyone out there consider this SANE MANAGEMENT? I must have missed the Policy Letter describing these actions. Maybe someone could provide a reference (sarcasm).

    The information coming out in court today is representative of;

    For those still in: This is what your donations buy, this is the product of your personal sacrifices and efforts, this is what your laudable efforts as contracted staff or Sea Org members support. Debbie Cooks revelations in court today and the atrocities the Church is attempting to cover up and suppress are the very activities your efforts enable. Now you have to ask yourself just what the basis of that command intention really is and do your support it?

  127. Fibromyalgia = one of the phenomena when the body/being experiences too much stress. ANY stress = more acidity in the body.

  128. A picture is worth a 1000 words. I’m not sure what a video is worth in those terms.

  129. There’s NO money in THAT!

  130. Valkov,

    Psychiatrists will have a field day with this ‘Miscavige’ case. Just a gut feeling.

  131. A stat to remember, while there are 9000 or so SO members or whatever the number in PT, there are 25,000 who have left or whatever the number in PT. What does that say for the billion year contract. And to book, those that left are the most highly trained and lots of them trained by LRH.

  132. Hey FBI, you have plenty of reason now to raid the Int Base!!!

    Don’t sit on your asses and then have to explain to the world why you didn’t act!!!

    Don’t allow yet another Waco!!!

    Hey Federal Bureau of Investigation!!!

    Stop the Scientology abuse before it’s too late!!!

  133. It’s over. And this is only day one of a ‘hearing’.

    POB, you might just have a problem with your visa. You idiot.

  134. Michael,
    Exactly, EXACTLY! Could it be more ironic?

  135. Cindy Pinsonnault


  136. Did anyone notice the “almost” Sea Org symbol behind the judge in the Tampa Times video? The “most ethical group on the planet” has been so defiled, the leader of it needs to have his ethics put in by a mere “wog” court!

  137. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “At this juncture, anyone supporting miscavige truly needs an SP declare.”

    Criminals will tend to band together. Soon, all that will be left in the church will be the criminals, justifying each other by their presence.

  138. If we look back DM, scuse, David Miscavige caved in when he had to do the LRH ordered sec check and when he met with Marty at Flag he promised to be good, which he DIDN’T (in big style). He caved when threatened to be deposited in the Lisa McPhearson case so I can’t wait until he gets pulled into a case, now or later and MUST tell the truth or perjure himself.
    He REALLY should get called as a witness on this case, while we are at it.

  139. I am so g–d—– proud that I contributed financially to Debbie’s defense via this blog. Reading everything today make me absolutely happy with what my money bought. Let it be known out there that no matter the outcome of this matter, there are so many of us out here that 100% have your back. Marty?Mosey/Mike/Christie/Debbie/Wayne – you don’t know how many friends (who are willing to go to action for you) you have.

  140. And to think so many of use were declared and cut off from family and friends for simply trying to take a stand against the abuse, financial crimes and tech alteration. Disgusting. Debbie’s testimony is more damning, in my opinion, simply because of her position and being a woman whom so many public respected. It also gives that much more credibility to everyone here. I wouldn’t be surprised if the church’s attorneys move to drop the charges tomorrow just to prevent even more testimony from becoming public record. It would be the only form of damage control left in this case, but they’re screwed either way, even if they “win” to keep the injunction in place until the trial.

  141. Just subpoena his travel records.

  142. Thanks for the coverage of this important event, Mosey. Very professional.

    “She named one man who she said was beaten and then forced to lick a bathroom floor clean after objecting to violence against others.”

    Horrifying! David Misgavige has sealed his fate. The laws of the universe will prevail, for sure, soon! I shudder that I was once a “cult member”! Yes, I had fantastic wins, but I was also totally betrayed by the “Church of Scientology”. I am recovering, nicely I might ad.
    Read more:

  144. Hey Dan,
    I agree completely. He has been systemically doing things that will expose his crimes to the world almost like it gives him a sick thrill. He is doing himself in and fast now. In early 2010 during my last times on the cans, I saw the writing on the wall and was at one point hysterically trying in a meeting with OSA about what was going to happen if someone didn’t do something. It was blowing down bigtime, “He’s going to do a Hitler, he’s going to commit suicide……” Back then my friends kept saying, No way, he’s too arrogant, he’ll abscond with the funds. No, he won’t. He is already committing suicide. Anyone who can’t see what he’s intentionally doing and thinks he’s finally being outsmarted really never understood what’s going on here. I cannot hate David Miscavige because I understand technically what’s going on. It will all be over very soon. He is taking himself out.

    I feel ashamed and shocked today as I read the newsreports, not that I didn’t even already know all the data, but because I have gone to a whole new level in my “decompression”. I flash back on so many overts I committed on my dynamics over the years when I allowed the group cult mentality to overrule my own self determinism so many times. In the name of KSW or “protecting the Church’s PR” as they come up the conditions to a time these ‘isolated incidents’ would no longer occur. Today I know I was a party to so much because I was there and went along and agreed to cult think.

    I will never be in any organized religion again, ever. I will never allow my dynamics to become inverted so I believe the space of the third dynamic extends out from the 1st and 2nd. I now look down from the 8th and 7th on the lower dynamics and am senior to any group think.

    I hope Miscavige does not prolong his own agony but I have a feeling he’s going to make sure ALL his crimes are exposed in the most painful way possible to himself. He is in protest against his own survival like LRH says. I think he is now playing chess with himself as he has no one else left to play with.


  145. T.P.
    The links are not working.Can you please repost the correct one?

  146. Karen, it is mind-boggling to me too as I’m sure it must be to many others.

    A 17 year Commanding Officer of the Flag Land Base, who always presented herself professionally, who had a bright, friendly, presence and projected an aura of competence, who during much of her reign embodied and made real the slogan “Welcome to Flag, the Friendliest Place in the World” – that this very valuable being was reduced by David Miscavige to such a broken state that she contemplated suicide – makes me wonder why we all haven’t gone down to that hell hole in Hemet with metal cutters, torn down the fences, stormed in and dragged that miserable little slug out of his cave and . . . (the rest is better left unsaid).

    Sorry, I haven’t heard the word “sudden” since Sarge last posted, but I guess that’s what happened to me as I read about Debbie’s testimony at the hearing. It was heartbreaking. All I could think was, what a betrayal of LRH and all the people who worked so hard over the last 60 years to make his dream a reality.

  147. Well nowwwwwwww Ann, think about how many OT VIIIs come here to chat every day. Cognitions do occur:)

  148. There’s a tremendous amount that this court case can expose but what I find stunning is that truth & justice are fundamentally on trial here too. It takes very little research to uncover that Scientologists and Scientology itself has the Policies of LRH as its operating basis. Yet Miscavige openly voilates the founding principles & policies upon which the whole subject of Scientology is based. Example being it’s a high crime to take another Scientologist to a civilian court without its own justice procedures exhausted. Why hasn’t Debbie been comm ‘eved, she’s in good standing isn’t she? When one really looks at the term “Scientology lawyer” (how can a lawyer who isn’t a Scientologist be a Scientology lawyer?) one can’t help draw the conclusion it’s a contradiction of terms.
    The most glaring outpoint of all is that Miscavige doesn’t own Scientology – he stole it. The money in the Church coffers does not belong to him.
    I wonder if truth, justice and the American way will hold up at the end of the day. A lot rests on this case, good luck Debbie.

  149. Anyone here want to make a small wager that David Miscavage bails out of this lawsuit before it completes? I was hoping Debbie would countersue so he couldn’t get away with that manouver, but … in any case, I have my bag of popcorn in the micro ready to pop tomorrow am.

  150. “At this juncture, anyone supporting miscavige truly needs an SP declare.”

    ‘Nuff said, Les.

  151. Yeee Hah!

    Get a rope..

  152. There is no doubt that David Miscavige is a sociopath, SP and all the other names we have for him.
    Now when I look at how many well meaning organizations, religions, groups have been infiltrated in the past, who then offered a WATERED DOWN VERSION of products or services I cannot shake the suspicion that DM is ALSO working on a higher-up agenda of destruction and on THAT plan his stats are indeed up and vertical.
    More data on that would be very welcome to get rid of this mystery.

  153. There are at least 50 ex members from Int who can both testify to the personal abuse they underwent by David Miscavige as well as being a witness to abuse to others – myself being one of them on both accounts. Some have already spoken out, but that amounts to about 10 of those 50 – and my numbers are probably shy. This is not even counting those incidents that trickled down to lower levels of SO bases – the FSO being one of them and certainly not disassociated with the subject of abuse, especially the 2007 – 2008 Basics evolution that Hy spoke of but at least another 30 ex-FSO staff could tell gruesome details about. The level of human abuse in the name of “making it go right” and executing (yes that’s right – executing) “command intention” is more than any normal human begin can distill all at once.

    Let’s focus on Debbie’s case, but all those who know the truth – now is the time to really take a stand on where your allegiance lies! Will you keep covering up human abuse only rivaled by historical atrocities, or will you speak out and support that which you yourself once believed was a true cause! I hope you do my friend, because otherwise it will be very lonely in the stars!

  154. When David Miscavige is in prison, I wonder if corporate Scientologists are still going to deny it and refuse to look. I mean are they actually going refuse to believe the media and court records that prove that he is actually in prison. What a bunch of cowards.

  155. Popcorn, hell! How about champagne? But what a karmic twist this is. What’s coming out of that courtroom is truly horrifying on so many levels, and yet… I feel like celebrating.

  156. I agree. It’s over. There is no way in hell DM is going recover from this. I just can’t see how. He just got his knock out punch. He’s wobbling on his feet; a couple of more good blows and he’s down for the count.

  157. They can’t deny it as they are in the majority witness to it. They can possible keep justifying it, which is what they are doing now. As long as the threat of David Miscavige is present, most will violate the inner most personal integrity to not get on the wrong side of DM, but should that presence of threat go away, you bet that a lot of them will jump on the band wagon.

  158. Says some. Lots of people on the outside still consider themselves Sea Org Members, mostly because it was formed up by LRH and because of the original stated purpose. It’s been dismantled actually, and made into a suppressive group by DM.

  159. Witnessing the total meltdown of an historic sociopath.


  160. So Scientology attorney George Spencer leaps up and objects, saying that this nightmare activity in order to leave is getting into doctrinal, theological matters. May be i am not so brigth but do understand the difference between theology and human rigths abuse.

  161. True!
    You know of course that what the Catholic Church did with the so called ‘heretics’ was far worse (complete loss of lives in a far higher order of magnitude).
    Just a few days ago I researched their ‘Opus Dei’ group. There are a lot of parallels to certain mores in the S.O., slave labor galore. Those hired into Opus Dei not getting ANY money at all, being chaperoned everywhere etc.
    That church better not pipe up too loud. Their own misdeeds might come to light.

  162. Marty has been right all along: The church of Scientology is dead.

    The world is not going to accept or overlook Miscavige’s misdeeds.
    Per what is coming out is court, those misdeeds are even worse than the things previously reported in regards to executives’ treatment there at International Management headquarters.

  163. because it’s legal and very hard to do unless you KNOW the legal rules. It ain’t so easy and while what you say is true,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it really does take a group of OT’s to pull if off…………

    I have been there in the legal battle. It ain’t about Justice. It is about the rules of the court and the UCC’s and laws of the land. No innocent person wins unless you know all the rules and the double speak of the rules. I’m sorry but that is the way it is. And until you have looked at the rules and been involved in an actual court case, you do not know. And the bottom line is be willing to experience anything…………

  164. He needs the “consequency rundown”.
    Too bad he didn’t collect enough money in order to set up the Super Power Building.

  165. wow Carisa…I feel like you read my mind.
    Thank you for stating all of that so powerfully.

  166. RED – as in get in OT 3,5 and 7 of RED 339R __ LC ?

  167. God bless you,Debbie Cook.


    John Pardillo

  168. Go Team Debbie. What a bad day for the Church! What a good day for the rest of us. Unbelievable. Debbie came right out and spilled the beans and the Judge let her and Spencer couldn’t stop her! Awesome day

  169. I also want to say thank you to Wayne Baumgarten.
    For all your support to Debbie, your love and personal integrity.

  170. Random Stranger

    Ok, so…let,s get this straight…here’s Debbie Cook, once revered and powerful leader of FSO and FLB for almost two decades, testifying that she had:

    1) Been physically beaten

    2) Mentally tortured

    3) Held against her will

    4) Humiliated and degraded

    5) Denied medical treatment

    6) As a result of this had experienced a mental breakdown as a result of the abuse

    7) witnessed Miscavige beating the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology International, again.

    8) Saw another executive having to lick the floor as punishment

    9) Put ou the pending word for the police to be called if her escape LANs failed

    10) Was so emotionally distraught from the mental abuse she considered committing suicide by slashing her wrists

    11) Had her finger bent back by a lackey enforcer at the direction of Miscavige with threats that it was about to be broken

    12) Was tricked and confined to a fenced in prison, under guard, surveilled by video security cameras

    13) Was made to stand in a trash can, whole slapped, degraded and screamed at while she was made toho,d a sign saying she was a lesbian and sprayed with cold water throughout the process.

    14) was under the threat of disconnection from family members.

    15) Yet after all this she was coxerced into signing an agreement that everything was just dandy and wouldn’t ever reveal the truth that things were NOT dandy-fine peachy-keen.

    This is what she was saying. Now, if an American citizen were subject to this inhumane and cruel treatment by any agency of any government or oranization of any kind in the world the perpetrator or perpetrators oxs these horrendous acts would be considered evil lowlife at the very least or better yet in shackles at the World Court in the Hague for extreme violations of human rights.

    The churches asinine approach this reminds me of how L. Ron Hubbard states in the Clearing Congress video about how some idiot says oh yes, we’ve got to help people and save them but then he kicks the little ‘bothersome’ kid in the face ’cause he’s too stupid to recognize the little kid is just a part of humanity as everyone and anyone else in the world. The church’s handling of this matter is proof theey are con-men and con-women (same thing) charlatan snake oil sales people phonies.

    But here’s 50 G’s to shut up about things ain’t so really peachy-fake-fine and you don’t lie for us, we’re going to take you to court and demand that you pay us a lot more than we gave you.


    Is this sweet justice for Debbie Cook ’cause she turned too long a blind eye after having personal knowledge of it being done to others? I don’t know, I’m not informed enough about what she did or not do behind the scenes to possibly make herself personally culpable, even if only her tolerance of it. Maybe she didn’t have any part I. It, again I don’t know but I fing myself pondering it.

    Atleastshe’s standing up now about it and to the degree she’s doing it is to be commended and automatically buys her amnesty and forgiveness for any and all actions she may be guilty of, if there are any to be forgiven for.

    This idiot Miscavige and all those who are currently empowering him should be brought to their knees and made to plead for mercy because they have recognized the error of their ways, Maybe pigs will fly first, though. I’ll personally bet on the pigs.

    I’m personally no longer a Scientologist, but I don’t like seeing good people mistreated or corrupted or intimidated by bullies, dickheaded arrogant slimedogs.


    1) “We were only playing”

    2) “She changed the color of her hair and totally confused me.”

    3) “Hubbard had red hair and he totatally confused me too.”

    4) “It was just a small ‘Lesbian’ sign, not some huge one.”

    5) “I told everyone who slapped her in the face to pull their punches.”

    6) “I thought she was simply kidding about that nervous breakdown thing.”

    7) “Well, we did remove all the razor blades, knives, scissors and other sharp objects from the vicinity of her environment while she was in captivity.”

    8) “We gave her a lot of mone, bathe highest honor we could have paid her. All she had to do was live up to the agreement she made with us, all on her own volition. No one bent or broke her finger, besides I believe that falls outside the jurisdiction of U.S. and International laws, doesn’t it?

    9) “we didn’t t really confine her, she was guarded and watched for her own protection against the onslaught of her brethren still in the church and were so mad she was leaving that we felt she was in jeopary.”

    10) “We origianny tracked her down in order to return her wallet, a pair of socks, a bonus check and to wish her one last thank you for her 29 years of service to the church.”

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC
    (No Proven Affiliation With Flag

  171. Hell yeah!

  172. Prexactly LDW!
    The nudge the gets them over the terror has occurred!

  173. From San Antonio Express: Asked by e-mail to respond to Cook’s allegations, church spokeswoman Karin Pouw wrote, “The defendants and their lawyer are trying to divert the court with false claims and wild tales to excuse her willful breach (of the contract.)”…“The Church treated Ms. Cook with dignity and respect during her tenure on Church staff,”

    Who the hell does she think she’s kidding?

  174. TroubleShooter


    It is a whole new order of magnitude of exposure in to the mind of mad man who had tried to derail Scientology.

    What happens when a dramatizing psychotic is told NO! to his dramatization…David Miscavige happens.

    Debbie we’re with you and yours in mind and spirit. Wayne, that couldn’t have been easy for you to sit through the story of what your wife went through. I’m so sorry for the rift this has caused you and your family but I believe they will all see the truth and that will bring you all together again.

  175. When I first saw Marty’s interviews with the St. Petersberg Times I knew that, if those statements were verified, I could no longer support the COS because, simply put, I hate bullies. I would never agree with or back down from any evil minded, mean prick who would use violence to control others, ESPECIALLY in the name of Scientology! Since then, those statements have been verified and, as the event call-in people from orgs say, “re-verified” in spades. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to signing my real name here. This will happen as soon as I have taken care of a few more details. Meanwhile, I have sent an untraceable contribution for Debbie Cook’s legal defense fund via friends who are all the way ‘out’. Right doesn’t make might. But Right does make might! Godspeed, Debbie! (“Godspeed”= success and good fortune.)

  176. Yes…priceless.

  177. Tony DePhillips

    To DM.

  178. David Lingenfelter

    My hat is off to you Debbie Cook.

  179. I was waiting all day for this. Way 2 F F!

  180. The only way you can “handle” lies in PR is further lies – a vicious downward spiral that only has one inevitable conclusion. Karin Pouw of all people should know, but then again, those weren’t her own words – every syllable dictated in her name by David Miscavige – Lying Chieftain of the Dishonesty Club.

  181. Good for you! Great to hear your voice!

  182. And lots are waiting for David Miscavige to fall so they can continue without the suppression he wreaks.

  183. +10000000000

  184. I blew out of the FSSO in 1991 while at the ship’s relay office in Clearwater.

    It was a cuckoos nest then and god knows what it is now.

    Then again I’ll answer that: An implant station.

  185. After forwarding Debbie’s email to my Scn. contacts, which included staff and public. Of those who IMMEDIATELY refused the comm, “unfriended” me or sent scathing return emails advising me to “Go to Ethics or get Sec-Check’d”, I realized they all had one thing in common: They have all donated (not just a little) but BOO-COODLES of money to Scientology and they have been doing it for years!!!!

    I’m thinking that confronting evil (for these guys) is probably easier than confronting being 2 or 3 hundred thousand dollars “wrong”. Especially after all those nights when the ” reactive mind” was trying to protect his/her finances until 3 or 4 in the morning, surrounded by vultures reading the Pirates and Bums reference over and over until he finally gave in being “the BIG BEING” that he really is, deciding to “make it go right” and just postulating that the debt will get handled in the theta universe because “outflow equals inflow, bla bla blah” …or did he just write the damn check because he needed to go home and get some sleep because he’d been up for 20 hours and he couldn’t see or think straight? .

  186. I have been at work most of the day and have just heard snippets. Having come home and rapidly read through most of the comments here and in the media, I am stunned by the stupidity being demonstrated by DM. In boxing terms, this is the weigh-in. A chance for the contestants to hurl insults at each other and to drum up publicity for the main event. This is the first time that serious damage and perhaps a knock-out has occured at a weigh-in. Keep in mind that when the case itself goes to trial Debbie has guaranteed that the world will be watching the main event and to Ulf’s point earlier, no one who witnessed the atrocities gets to be “under the radar”. You can be subpoenaed and you must testify under oath.

  187. sunshine disinfects

    Thank you, Debbie, thank you for being so brave and loyal to what LRH wanted the tech to stand for, for truly being a Scientologist and applying Scientology so that others can eventually “come out”. Myself included. You are really saving lives. Wayne, thank you for being there as Debbie’s support…….you must be going through a lot too.

  188. Here is some good news! The judge was a former volunteer at a rape crisis center. Clearly she would care about women being violated.

    166th Judicial District Court

    Formerly a practicing attorney with over 23 years of extensive trial experience. Reputation for conducting a fair and honest trial. Strong financial management skills. Positive, hardworking and an excellent communicator. Reputation for ability and fairness in community, resulting in cases solved quickly with least expense to clients.

    Marriage License Clerk, Bexar County Clerk’s Office under Jimmy Knight – San Antonio Texas
    Probate Clerk, Bexar County Clerk’s Office under Jimmy Knight – San Antonio Texas
    Legal Secretary, Joseph Dibrell, Attorney – Seguin Texas
    Legal Secretary, Charles W. Grace, Attorney – San Antonio Texas
    Martha B. Tanner, P.C., Attorney at Law – San Antonio Texas, 1968 to 1992
    Managed own law firm plus the financial administrative function for a law office of up to five (5) lawyers. Lawyer for a variety of cases, with emphasis in family law. Worked closely with staff in District Courts and District Clerk’s Office.
    Appointed to 166th District Court in April 1992; Judge of 166th to date.

    Incarnate Word College – San Antonio, 1960-1961
    St. Mary’s University, – San Antonio, 1961-1964
    Doctor of Jurisprudence, St. Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio, 1964 – 1968

    Member of State Bar of Texas
    Speaker for San Antonio College Continuing Education Program
    Member of Altrusa, an International Women’s Service Organization
    Formerly Volunteer in Pro Bono Law Project
    Formerly Volunteer in Rape Crisis Center
    Formerly Volunteer in Women’s Law Center
    Inns of Court
    San Antonio Bar Foundation

  189. Also a student from St. Mary’s University. She has had a fine education!

  190. I’ll pass on a little advice to those who read here from Peter Gillham, the vitamin guy LRH liked. And this relates to health conditions pandemic with Scientologists.

    I’ll paraphrase, sorry. “The body heals when it’s asleep”.

    Sleep deprivation underlies too many of these diseases and cancers among Scientologists. This came to mind while reviewing some of Debbie’s testimony.

    Fuck POB and his psychotic compunctions.

  191. btw Tony DePhillips, your video response was spot on… LOL

    I love my Scientology friends, and let it be known I love Scientology as discovered and written up by LRH [SOURCE] and applied standardly.

    Simply, the Technology, Organizational Policy and Ethics work, if you know it and if you apply it correctly.

    I was on staff for most of the 80’s, and for 32yrs a dedicated Scientologist. I’ve trained and applied the Tech and I know, no question, Scientology works. Only very recently have I questioned to look beyond status quo, well perhaps not just recently, but indeed Debbie’s email an impetus.

    I initially questioned the (Tech-Source) behind the Golden Age of Tech but was never provided a suitable answer, but I kept quiet. Now simply too much altered bullshit. Too much bullshit, too difficult now, and not fun.


    How about the Pro Meter Course, to name one. LRH never expected you to become a Pro on ALL the Meter drills before you could train on Academy Level 0 !! I’m pretty sure he never expected you to do all the Basics before you became an Auditor either.

    What the hell kind of route is this for new person? Do you really want to bring friends & family into this line up now?

    Still investigating and still not yet decided, this is all (for me) a lot of new shit to deal with to be honest… but I am resigned to follow Debbie’s tragedy. I do consider her, along with other executives I’m only recently finding out about, top opinion leaders in our Church.

    I just don’t know that the hell all is going on yet to be sure… this is a lot to confront, a lot to digest, but I will look for myself and I want to know, I will keep my integrity for myself and I will find my own decision point.

  192. Miscavige, f*ck you!

  193. Beautiful movie clip and I am crying. Debbie is putting alot of truth on the line that will squash this little disgusting bug.Of course, Marty and Mike have paved a big path for this to happen.

  194. Debbie – I appreciate your testimony today – I can see that it was not easy for you to do this. Nevertheless you did an awesome job ! Thank you very much . All my best wishes to you and your husband.

  195. Alaska Ronn,

    I appreciate your attitude and my only advice is to keep looking and doing what you’re doing and make up your own mind.

    A good way, though a bit time consuming to get the technical aspects of Scientology sorted out is to compare the material from 1958 – 1965 in regards to what LRH had to say about training up auditors and compare this to the auditor training line-up today and then ask yourself if today’s strategy’s align with LRH’s findings and strategies.

    Then please share what you find for others to be able to digest as well.

    Good luck!

  196. I was thinking the same thing!

  197. Why in hell hasn’t the FBI/DOJ gone and arrested that angry midget Miscavige yet?

  198. Thank you Mosey for staying up and keeping this blog alive!!!

  199. 🙂 You are welcome….it has been a loooong day!

  200. Even when you think you have heard it all, it only gets worse.
    I posted about a Sea Org Member Mark Nelson who was ordered to lick a room clean with his tongue above.
    Reading more from Tampa Bay Times it says ~~
    She said she saw Miscavige attack church executive Marc Yager, punching him in the face and wrestling him to the ground. She also recounted how church executive Mark Ginge Nelson was punished for objecting to violence he saw in “The Hole.”
    Cook said she saw Nelson taken to another room, where he was beaten by a Miscavige assistant and two other men for two hours. She said Nelson also was made to lick a bathroom floor for at least 30 minutes.

    David Miscavige orders that a Sea Org member beat for 2 hours straight for Disagreement.

    Beating for 2 hours straight is extreme ASSAULT and BATTERY.
    It is criminal. It is a felony.
    This kind of beating would be ordered by a mob gangster a la “Sopranos.”
    How can the Church scream for 1st amendment rights as a Religion while acting like predatory extortionists for $$$$ and thugs in terms of kidnap, holding against will, beatings and other atrocities.
    Religion indeed !

  201. Today its well worth it though! Marty is a lucky man!

  202. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Alaska Ron,
    It’s hard at the beggining but it gets better fast.
    Just remember that by keeping your integrity in, you are really progressing to OT. It’s easy to stay quiet. It takes courage and guts to speak out. I think most of us got into Scientology to become better people. Follow your own reality and keep communicating and you wil do great. You have a lot of friends here.
    Come out as an independent and come to the Indie party in July and have some fun and meet some of your new friends.

  203. To Debbie. I think you talk for all Sea Org Members and Ex SO Members also.
    You tell to the world the truth about what is happening inside the Church of Scientology one more time.
    I know LRH will be proud of you and I don’t have doubt that you work very hard in FSO. I witness this myself. I work with you many years.
    If you need more witness I am willing to go and talk if you need. I just left the FSO on Nov 2011 and I make a lot of money for the Corporation FSO from my work and I know a lot also about them.
    Debbie be strong!, you are and always be my truth Captain.
    Ml, Cristian Landivar

  204. Karen, What you say is so true. Is this what has happened to such a great thing that we all got involved with years ago?

    Whether or not Debbie and Wayne win in this hearing, there is no doubt about it that finally, DM and his abuse is now public record in a court of law that can be viewed forever. The bell has been rung about DM and cannot be unrung despite all the lying in the world from Karen Pouw.

    Much of Debbies testimony many of us have heard before, but to see it in public in front of a judge was very emotional.

    To all you OSA staff reading this blog and keeping tabs on what the independents are doing and to all the Sea Org members who are participating in this gross abuse of human rights I have something to say.

    SHAME ON YOU! Shame! You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves.

    Is this why you signed a billion year contract? To keep your fellow Sea Org members locked up under guard in “The Hole”? To make them lick bathroom floors? To physically assault your fellow Sea Org members?

    Shame!! Shame!! Shame!!

    To those of you on the inside, if you have any sense of decency left over, you all should band together and do something to free those held prisoner in the Hole. You should do something about David Miscavige.

    Group together and take some action!! Imagine what LRH would be thinking about what has been going on! Do you really think he would stand by while his loyal staff were being abused and mistreated like this?

    Stand up. Be real men and women and DO something about it.

    And to you DM, who is reading every word of this blog- the clock is ticking down on you. It is not too long before you end up behind bars trying to keep your butt cheeks clinched like you and Lymon Spurlock used to practice back in the 80s when you thought you were going to jail.

    Start practicing again.

  205. Speaking of the Vatican, I noticed the judge on the case is a graduate of St. Mary’s University.

  206. Very positive and supportive postulate. I salute you for that..

  207. Thank you Mark.
    Over 6000 of us signed a petition to the White House last Sepetember 2011 to ask why on earth Law Enforcement was doing NOTHING ?
    Of course, the White House, then replied nonchalantly, essentially doing nothing to further investigate.
    Here is what 6000+ signed (White House Petition)\

    We petition the obama administration to:

    WHEREAS, the FBI has 300+ recent complaints of Scientology crimes and atrocities – human trafficking, forced abortions and civil rights violations, and the IRS has evidence of private inurement violations justifying INTERMEDIATE SANCTIONS, and existing evidence on hand meets RICO statutes, WE REQUEST that the White House investigate and employ a Special Prosecutor to:

    EXAMINE why, with such an abundance of RICO evidence of Scientology being a corrupt and criminal entity, no law enforcement agency has moved forward;

    INVESTIGATE undue favor and pressure brought by lawyers for Scientology leader David Miscavige to stop the investigations;

    EXAMINE why around the world the “church” is investigated as a criminal entity while the U.S. Government does nothing?

  208. You’re welcome! Every once in awhile I hit a point where it all hits me deeper, at a new level. And it effects everything, how I study the tech now, how I view my entire life in the church, it’s like coming out of a coma and getting your mind back bit by bit and I start to realize how I got to that place. I have extreme tolerance for people having very different viewpoints about everything from LRH to the tech to Anonymous to “you name it” because I know people have to just go through it all and let things settle out and then land wherever they finally land for themselves. And everyone’s timeline and journey is different, there is no mathematical formula like “it takes so many months for every year in the Church, or in the SO or on staff’.” I wonder how the general brainwashed PTS Robot public is going to react when the church finally implodes and DM is no more. With so many stable datums pulled out from under them so quickly it’s going to be quite a bit of confusion and chaos. It’s a good thing they have all of us out here preparing the way. : )

  209. Dan,

    Could not agree with you more, your take on Dave is so spot on, he should have blown long ago.


  211. Has anyone sent that to Anderson Cooper.? CNN should be covering this.

  212. Bryan, I thought it was the feds who annhilated the people at Waco. It was Jim Jones who made his group drink the koolaid.

  213. Debbie’s reaction at the end of that video is truly heartbreaking.

  214. Yes, just because a church does something, doesn’t make it a religious act. Feeding people at the church cafeteria is not a religious act. If there were an outbreak of food poisoning, the city would have the right to check out the food-handling practices. The elevators have to be certified–they don’t hold themselves in the air by prayer. And no one in their right mind would call the things done to Debbie anything like a religious practice.

  215. It wouldn’t surprise me if the judge advised Debbie to file a criminal complaint.

  216. Oracle, Did I see you at People’s Park? Write me on FB.

  217. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Debbie gets to go on the stand and, under oath, tell the WORLD about the torture and degradation practiced by David Miscavige on high ranking Sea Org members. SPs eventually hang themselves with their own rope….

  218. Do I have a body in pawn 🙂 Beautifully stated!

  219. Tom Cruise are you still loyal to your sadist SP friend or to LRH?

  220. I never met Wayne but I know his parents. Sherry Baumgarten worked in RTRC for many years and was a very genuine, sweet, conscientious hard-working person. She used to tell me about her days as a child during the Battle of Britain and hearing the bombs going off. Wayne’s father Allan was very similar in character to Sherry. He must have been in his 70s and still ran around the base like a spring chicken. Very spry. Someone told me that he ran Self Analysis on himself every evening and had been doing this for decades. Decades! Must be SA is an unlimited process. They were both really, really fine people and I hope Sherry is receiving good care and that Allan is nearby. Just wanted DM to know the stock he is messing with down there in San Anton’.

  221. OMG, so right, Claire. It cannot be clearer how David Miscavige is on the path to self-destruction…Cannot wait to see the final fall: The End is near!

  222. Oops! I’m sure everyone understood what I meant, but when I said that “Right doesn’t make might. But Right does make might!”, I meant to say that “Might doesn’t make Right. But Right does make Might!” ….a loose quote from the musical, Camelot. A little nervous, I guess. Anyway, the fact is that we are on the side of what is Right, what is Good, and what is True. We will never abandon our principles, we will never quit, and for these reasons we shall not fail.

  223. In the Ethics book under suppressive reasonable, LRH states that there are no good reasons for outpoints except for Natural Disasters, SP’s and people PTS to Sp’s. Just a tip. Also investigate how DM really got into the position of “Leader of Scientology”. You can start with, where he admits to getting rid of execs he called “Suppressives” and reorganizing the church. It’s right there in plain view.

  224. yes, I know exactly what you mean about getting hit at a new level, coming out of the coma. It’s quite a confront process at times to admit we have been entwined in that and contributed to that motion, when our purposes are so opposite…mind boggling sometimes. And that is what makes me have compassion for my friends that are still struggling. I know they are blinded in the same way I was. That doesn’t justify anything for them or myself, it just grants understanding and hopefully they will wake up, peel away the layers and know we are here to help.

  225. I just want to say THANK YOU to Debbie, Wayne, Mike, Marty, Mosey, Joe Childs, Tom Tobin, Tony Ortega, the thousands of Anons that have demonstrated and the thousands of others who have made an effort to expose and make a stand against the suppression and human right violations of David Miscavige and those that serve him.

    The group that stands against David Miscavige grows every day. The group that supports him shrinks every day. This process continues to grow in speed and volume. The outcome is inevitable.

    IMHO it doesn’t matter what the court decides – Debbie & Wayne are heroes, they WON as soon as they stood by their personal integrity to face down evil. Miscavige will NEVER win. He is a constant victim of his own
    criminally insane mind. He is forever creating a false reality for himself in an effort to hide, rationalize and justify his criminal acts.

  226. Very well put Carissa, very powerful. This IS the tipping point. Since SP Times’ wonderful 2009 Truth Rundown series that finally woke me up from my cult-induced denial it was only a matter of time, and this is it – Judgement Day. David Miscavige – your crimes are being dragged into world view – you are naked and impotent. For God’s sake leave now before some dreadful Jonestown or Waco-style disaster. IT IS OVER. OVER. FINISHED.

    Equally pertinent Carissa was your point about the probable thousands of confused “PTS brainwashed robot public” that will need help adjusting and coming to terms with where they’ve ended up. It’s time those of us who really do want to help step forward and say they will – with comfort, support and if necessary shelter for ex-Sea Org. I live a stone’s throw from East Grinstead and will personally help any in genuine need, no strings. Martin

  227. And while I think of it; WHY is this so important on a personal level for many? I guess everyone has their own story. Yes, there is the natural instincts almost everyone has to see truth prevail over lies, and justice to prevail over injustice.

    But let me just bring this down from macro to micro level for a moment. My 9 year old daughter still regularly cries herself to sleep at not being able to see her best buddy and solemate, whose parents have steadfastly refused to stop drinking the KoolAid since I left in 2009. I promised my little girl I will do anything, if it’s the last thing I ever do to enable her to see her BFF again, and I will dance with joy the day I can say to her “Hey, we’re going over to see Molly today”, in fact I’m crying now just thinking about it. I think about the impossibly optimistic Susan Talbot who nearly died from the stress of being disconnected from her daughter Mandy, trapped in the HGB building, getting that long awaited phone call saying “Hi Mum…”

    Yes, this matters, on every level. It aint about revenge or personal vendettas. This is not a joke, this is real. Marty, Mike, now Debbie, you are all heroes. Thank you and carry on!


    Huh? Over the objections of Church counsel, Judge Tanner is allowing this testimony to take place in open court in front of the world. That is exactly how she takes immediate and aggressive action from her position. When all the testimony is done we will see what more she takes.


  229. Your humble servant

    You will not be disappointed with what this judge has to say when it is all over. She is taking it all in, although it is thundering at her with the velocity of a freight train. She has never seen anything like it, the concentrated, false, money driven evil on the part of the organized, so-called “Church of Scientology,” a pathetic perversion and counterfeit of the long-gone real Church of Scientology, of which she of course probably knows nothing. What she is hearing must be astonishing and profoundly disturbing to her.

    There is no question that Debbie Cook is absolutely credible. There is no question that she was subjected to fantastic abuse. If this judge does not find at the end that the so-called non-disclosure “agreement” is a worthless piece of trash then I will have misjudged her mettle. An “agreement” brought about under duress is no agreement. The $50,000 payment meant nothing in terms of its supposed “validity.” The money received was a mere down payment on the compensatory damages Debbie should be paid for the horrible abuse she suffered.

  230. Your humble servant

    Yes, we knew what you meant. Thank you.

  231. The links I posted that didn’t work are to two letters |Debbie
    sent to OSA terminals. Below is “exhibit B” that someone kindly copied.

    Here is the link to exhibit “A” which is still working on ESMB.

    Click to access 201…logy020912.pdf

    Exhibit B

    From: Debbie Baumgarten [something blacked out]
    To: Kathy True [something blacked out]
    Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 3:24 PM
    Subject: comm to OSA

    To: Ben Shaw, OSA Int, RTC

    My letter to Scientologist friends was sent out to thousands of additional people by someone else. I am also certain at this point that it was Marty and the Independents that worked so hard to get that comm into the press. I steadfastly refused to talk to the press despite non-stop phone calls and reporters showing up at my work. And I wrote that letter to Tampa Bay Times to try and diffuse the situation.

    So think about it, is that really the work of someone dedicated to harming the Church?

    Think about what I could have done if my actual intentions were to cause real damage. I would have been granting interviews to those reporters flat out. And think about the things I could have told them. I could have told them all about the “hole” with bars on the windows and 24/7 security, not to mention the unbelievably disgusting, inhumane and squirrel things done within that confinement. There were over 100 people in “the hole” when I was there. The entirety of WDC, CMOI and Exec Strata along with numerous Gold execs. It was a true horror story and could cause serious PR ramifications if the truth was known about this without the slightest embellishment.

    Or I could talk about the beatings that I personally witnessed, including watching DM punch and wrestle Yager to the ground. I remember DM having Bob Keenen in UK march Guillaume, Heber, Yager out to the freezing water in the lake at St Hill and making them go in. Then there’s the demented name tags he gave people, the pie faces he made top execs wear, the caps with denigrating labels, the darth vader helmet and many other things used to haze and denigrate SO executives. Or I could bring up Mark Ginge Nelson being made to lick the bathroom floor clean at ASI because he dared to say he disagreed with beating other execs or that there is no policy covering “the hole”. These were his “huge crimes” for which he was physically beaten. I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the point by now. There is plenty I could have exposed if I was out to damage the Church. I am not.

    However, I see you are up to plenty of under-handed tactics with your lies and black PR. Handing out “Debbie Cook dead agent packs” to the field, having all your little OSA spies passing around messages listing “the suppressive acts Debbie committed”, telling people I am starting a splinter group or that I connected to known declared SPs. That I am an “apostate”, “defector”, etc. Or that my SP declare is on lines and coming down tomorrow or any of the other things I am hearing from Scientologists and the press. Maybe you are declaring me suppressive. That would be a really dumb move for you. But if so, then I would at least expect it to be laid out properly in an issue so I can be shown it and others can see it in writing. Do you remember the policy that “if it isn’t written it isn’t true”? Or how about PR Series 1 – “Never tell lies”. And these pathetic DA attempts in the press are making matters worse PR-wise as they have been grossly overused and misused.

    Our clients were contacted and told to disconnect. Now to make matters worse, our families are being messed with. Meanwhile no one has said one word to us. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO ALIENATE ME COMPLETELY?

    I put out a simple message to not support anything not covered in tech or policy by L. Ron Hubbard and to go up the Bridge. How is that so horrible and despicable? Oh, I forgot, I dared to challenge DM. My OL is L. Ron Hubbard. Why is it DM can’t come up with one LRH reference to support having to donate yourself into a hole to support the IAS or pay for opulent buildings for every org? Well? Could it be that LRH never directed this? Maybe someone in OSA should look up the SEF advices to see what LRH said about getting Scientologists to donate to things like this. Or how about the BIC advices and what LRH actually said about org buildings. There are some serious policy violations going on. I dared to give a few LRH references. But I am still an important part of the biggest cover up in Scientology history. And for that, I expect a certain quid pro quo. If you expect me to help you cover up actual crimes committed at the Int Base, then I expect that you keep your shit together and not fly off the handle with bizarre lies or manipulations of my family, clients and comm lines because I pointed out a few policy violations. So do it. Get your shit together, collect up all the “DA” packs, cease with the “disconnection” program, leave my family alone and drop it. You expect me to “drop it”. DM ordered one of his staff to smack me to the floor while he watched and another one to break my finger and ordered me to be tortured in the hole for weeks, and I am expected to “drop it”. Well I complained about a couple of policy violations and I expect you to “drop it” as well. Get a grip people. There is much worse out there than Debbie Cook complaining about over-regging. I am helping you cover up some things that were seriously off the rails and could be very damaging PR-wise. I would at least expect you to not antagonize me further with your bullshit.

    – Debbie

  232. Yes, Mosey, thank you! 🙂

  233. Exactly!

  234. Well put, Bodil. Truth shall prevail.

  235. Sandy Richards

    I would like to re-post some of what I had to say some months back:

    I have never been in the sea org.

    I began my own search of WTF? in very early 2010, and had quite the
    shock of discovery.
    Prior to my search, I had always been a good little doobie, not looking, not questioning, no inquiries, just being quiet, maintaining a low profile.
    After the initial shock of looking was wearing off, with the month or so it took for me to ‘settle down’, came answers to ‘why?’ or ‘what happened?’ or ‘how come?’.
    Funny how seeking answers for your own self, lends itself to being able to see, which also keeps you from continuing to trip over things and thus the ability to pick your own self up, off the floor.
    I have dug down into the rabbit hole, with the many twists and turns, with many statements, documents, and photos to see….taking my own look, doing my own research.
    The amount of information out here is enormous.
    The many testimonies I have read, corroborating one to the other, was evidence enough. The sheer numbers alone of all those similar testimonies, was survey enough.

    My deep appreciation, and heartfelt thanks, to Marty, Mike, Amy, Matt, Karen, Jeff, Mark, Steve, Jason, Luis, David, Jesse and all the others along the way, for being able to see, step out, gather their wits, speak up and light the way for others, with the truth.
    Indeed, the truth shall set you free.
    There are no other words.
    I am forever grateful.

    in the big scheme of things with regard to organized Scientology
    (now seemingly with an alias of Crime, Inc.),
    I am just a regular person out here, without personal witness to the abhorrent treatment of others within this ‘church’, outside of my own experience with crush regging, inval/eval and an ‘unclear’ declare delivered, interfering in my non-interference zone, but nevertheless, regular or not,
    I draw the line, here and now, witnessed by you.

    I have been duped! I am furious beyond belief and I am ready to say it out loud…so, you better just step back, so you don’t get any of this on you….’cause here it comes:

    I am done with my connection by silence, to the corrupt organization calling itself the church of Scientology .
    What the church of Scientology is today, is most definitely a gross mutation of yesteryear. I am here to tell you, that what is going on within the ‘church’ today, is someone’s claymation of a really bad, tortuous dream.

    I am done with knowing of and not speaking out publicly (with my abrasive voice in print), about my opinion and views of these ‘church’ ordered mafia tactics, pirate like rape and pillage, the spying, the harassment, the covert and overt attacks, the manipulation to cover those attacks, the willful third partying, the very visible reverse of the Code of Honor, the infiltrations, the lies and the continual lying, the complete ignoring of basic data, the desire for material things that glitter, the hacking into, the willingness to harm others, the child abuse, the total disregard for families with the malicious (knowingly) splitting up of families, the obvious desire to be admired coupled with a pompous attitude, the stalking, the hiding, the cover-up of crimes, the prostitution of integrity for money or status or position or collecting ‘ahhhs’, the lack of compassion, the exploitations, the backstabbing, the theft of private information, the intimidation, the degradation, the ‘pretended’ care for others for a stat, the creation and use of live puppets, the endless supply of parishioner money used to purchase any and all ‘cover’ deemed needed for all the aforementioned gross activities (on all flows).
    The above ranting list I have given, is no doubt ordered and approved, not to mention demanded, by the leader of the ‘church’ of Scientology, David Miscavige.
    If this disgusting treatment of others, was not directly ordered by the small one, then you and I both know, it would not be happening, at all…..he is the leader. He does lead. And look at what is coming forth, emanating out from this leader….like mucus and froth, from the mouth of a rabid dog….it’s disgustingly obvious.

    The corrupt, criminal and immoral activities/persons, grouped together acting out their own versions of ‘Spy vs Spy’, veiled by that word, ‘church’ all the while justifying their actions with a cloak of ‘greatest good’ is just insane and just as contagious as a virus.
    (proper ‘conditioning’ needed, of course)
    If this is not ‘trickle down’ insanity, I don’t know what is.
    This is a very solid mockup of case, with no real responsible party….a ship destined to sink.

    What comes to mind right now, is a comment someone made on this blog a while back…(I forget who)…and three of the words in their posting just jumped out at me….”crimes of magnitude”.
    Those words really stuck…because I can only guess what those crimes might be, and the little I do know now is, in my opinion, enough to sink the Titanic all over again and I’m sure all I’ve seen is the tip of that iceberg.

    Reminds me of a time I was in a bank, when it was robbed.
    The detective interviewing me afterwards, had been delayed in his arrival, making all of us wait (as witnesses to the robbery) for more than an hour (we couldn’t leave until we had spoken with him).
    When it was my turn with the detective,
    I had asked what took him so long to get there and he said “I was investigating something worse than this.”
    I said “worse than armed robbery?”
    I could only guess at what that was.
    A crime of magnitude.

    Like I said, I’m just a regular person out here, but I can still smell sewer stench, even when I don’t know exactly where the sewer is….I just know it’s there.

    There’s more…
    I am done with ignoring the elephant in my own room, I’m done with not saying out loud my strong disagreement with a ‘church’ using federal and state tax dollars for medical care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), for dental care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), and the push for abortions (being pregnant has for some reason become an overt for those ‘within’).
    These things, in my opinion, are medical and dental free rides from Joe Public, the very ‘wog’ who is belittled by the elite from within. Joe Public who is footing the bill for a number of things for this ‘church’…..go figure that one.

    The entitlement mentality of this ‘church’ is pathetic to say the least, when the unbelievable amount they have in reserves is used as a personal cash-stash by an elite few.
    That the vast amount of ‘church’ reserves is hidden, while tax dollars are demanded, used and accepted, all the while no taxes are paid into the pool from which they drink, is
    in my opinion, criminal and may just spell ‘evasion’…..I believe it has been
    spelled that way before.
    Which reminds me, don’t ‘churches’ offer their members, an accounting of all their funds?

    Also, I am done with not saying anything about the little to no pay for staff, and with the taking of that little to no pay from staff, as gifts to others, without prior permission.
    (again, it’s that entitlement mentality)

    I am done with not saying anything about the theft of parishioner’s donations used to impress, seeking admiration from, certain celebrities. This is done using slave labor, to create ‘gifts of magnitude’, for reasons we do not know…..yet.

    I am done with knowing and not stating aloud, my repulsed reaction to the willful degraded accommodations, the no sleep forced upon staff, the imprisonment and the threat of imprisonment, and the intentional withholding of sufficient food from the staff…..all so as (in my opinion) to not dip into its own mega funds socked away for someone’s better use, and for what I believe to be the successful creation of a weak and malleable crew, while a very few (at the top of this so called ‘church’) live large and live well, on the backs of others.
    How easy is it to manipulate and control those who are physically weak from hunger and no sleep, pushed to cruel limits?
    Very easy, just look.
    (entitlement (now enter slave owner) mentality)

    I am done with knowing and not saying, how ridiculously stupid it looks, for a ‘church’ to rush to the aid of disaster victims, to hand out booklets (paid for by parishioners extra donations for that particular quest…the calls are made), when it is shelter, food and water that is needed. Nevermind that sometimes the victims of disasters cannot even read.
    Damned the torpedoes, it’s the photo-op! Let them eat cake!

    I am done with knowing and not saying out loud, that this ‘church’ does not practice what it preaches.

    I am done with not saying anything out loud about my vehement opposition to, knowing that self-prison ‘states’ are intentionally and knowingly, delivered to others as a standard level of ‘keep ‘em cowed’, on a daily basis, which is brainwashing 101.

    I am done with not saying anything about the ‘across the board’ squirreling of the tech which has caused untold damage. The numbers of deaths in the last couple of decades, among Scientologists (natural, self inflicted or otherwise) is astounding to me.

    I am done with knowing and not saying anything about the valence handed out, that might as well be injected, within those closed off rooms where filmed interrogations take place. Interrogations that are sugarcoated, softened in sound and renamed as ‘security checks’, or ‘eligibility’ or ‘six month checks’ for upper levels, which come to find out, is actual digging for future extortive/blackmail material…..freely distributed for use, if needed, of course.

    And I am done with not saying anything out loud about the existence of ‘church’ prisons in the United States of America and other locations, with the use of razor wire, which is someone’s nightmare in play…an indication of the criminally insane running the asylum, in my opinion.

    And what about the ‘churches’ missing persons, such as Shelly Miscavige (beloved wife of der leader, still wearing a wedding band…MIA?)…..where is she? dead? alive? hidden? muffled?
    And where is Heber?
    How many execs and staff, exactly are missing?
    Enquiring minds want to know.

    I also have been curiously interested in and follow the purchase of the ideal orgs, as ‘church’ property.
    The unsuspecting and very giving loyal, local public, who provide their presence to be morphed into the live puppets for the weekly shows, in order to be squeezed for money is truly sad.
    Week after week, they are called in, and squeezed to get more money to hand over (no matter any hardship created as consequence).
    Here it comes again….”Let them eat cake!”
    All of this, to purchase a building, and then unbeknownst to the public, the following turn of events will be more puppet shows, to collect more money to rehab that building.
    The rehab is to some insane level of glory to (fill in that blank).
    Rehabs ending with gold, glitter and automatons….and then, the third and most stabbing implementation of this squeeze machine, is the rent, to be paid right back to the ‘mothership’ for the use of that very ‘special’ building.
    All outrageous, all non-stop, an all demanding squeeze machine.
    Choose your real estate, make others pay for it in cash, title to you, then collect the rent.
    What a scam.
    Makes ‘ol Bernie seem like a 12 year old shop lifter, huh?
    Well, Bernie’s in prison and I bet it’s because he didn’t have the ‘veil’.

    And what a total embarrassment that there are supposed OTs ‘running this show’ within this ‘church’.

    Who knew the creme de la creme is just shit, in a good suit.

    Who knew that the VFP (valuable final product) of this group, would be morphed into having, as its valuable final product, a small army of blind sheeple just lockstep, doing the biddings for criminal intentions, without thinking….as evidenced by videos, photos, documents and testimonies, all online.

    So, after all I have read,
    after seeing for myself that the c of s is most definitely, literally FUBAR,
    after being able to compare 1971 to today,
    I AM DONE and remove myself from any and all connection to that corrupt organization, veiled with the word ‘church’.

    There will be many, many more who will wake up, take a look for themselves, gasp, fall down, get up and then walk out.
    No doubt about it.

    I’m done for now.
    Thank you for listening to me.

    I now turn this online podium, over to the next speaker.

    from the painfully shy and wallflower-like,
    Sandy Richards

  236. Message to David Miscavige:

    If law enforcement ever does their job and puts you in jail, which should be for the rest of your life, you’ll be treated a lot better than the people you put in the hole. So don’t worry, your future isn’t as grim as you might think.

  237. Why are they doing nothing? Easy. Wake up and smell the fascism. First off … assuming that there was anything to the OT levels back in the old days, Scientology would have been on the govt. intel radar screen for the purpose of remote viewing … both as an offensive tool for them, and to deny the general public lest whatever they are hiding is made known. Next … as per the Wollersheim hypothesis … the Cof$ would have been seen as a possible intel asset if co-opted … both for culling folders as well as having true believers trained in intel to do their bidding, thinking that they were doing the bidding of the Cof$. If they weren’t on the intel radar screen prior to Operation Snow White, that most certainly would have gotten the attention of the CIA.

    Of late, with the Cof$ in decline, with all their shennanigans exposed on the web, with almost nobody new coming in to the organization … there is STILL ONE SERVICE LEFT THEY CAN DO FOR THE GOVT…. and that is to become a poster boy for attacking the first ammendment … particularly freedom of religion. Seeing the Tampa Bay Times video drove the point home for me … for those confined to the hole, a KoolAid party may be seen as blessed relief, a way out.

    This may sound conspiratorial, but it is just speculation at this point … if a KoolAid party was in the planning, look for the timing to push something else that they want buried off the front page.


  238. StandingOvation

    Clap, clap clap, hip-hip-horray!

  239. Tony DePhillips

    Hell Yeah!!!

  240. “He REALLY should get called as a witness on this case, while we are at it.” Witness? Sorry Greta, I really want to see David Miscavige be called as the offender and be sued separately for mayhem, fraud, kidnapping, human trafficking, etc., any kind of crime he had been (and/or is) committing as a pretended church leader.

  241. Now Miscavige I see you even better.
    Not me alone.
    After seeing this video I understand Marty and Mike and Steve and all those ex-INT staff members much better.
    And now they are much more credible – thanks to Debbie.

    Why didn’t you use any Scientology to solve you problems, Miscavige?

    “Some of us are subject to those pressures and still go on doing our jobs. Others have long since succumbed and rave and torture and strut like the demented souls they are.

    To re-save some of them is a dangerous undertaking. Were you to approach many ruling heads in the world and offer to set them free (as only a Scientologist can) they would go berserk, cry up their private police and generally cause unpleasantness.

    Indeed, one did—he was later assassinated by no desire of ours but because of the incompetence of his own fellows about him. He could have used Scientology.

    Instead, he promptly tried to shoot it down by ordering raids and various berserk actions on Scientology organizations. That he was then shot had nothing to do with us, but only demonstrated how incompetent and how mortal he really was.

    – L. Ron Hubbard, What is Greatness

    Now they are shooting from any direction.
    You can’t hide anymore – neither the tech nor yourself.

  242. To Debbie.
    Thank you for all you do.
    You are surrounded by Scitentology Protectors right now.
    You’ll get any help you need and want.

    “When you hear people growling, when the lines are all awry, when the auditor has flubbed and the world of Scientology looks black, just remember that in the dozen years of sometimes despairing work and heart-breaking set-backs, the dream has yet come true. We have it now. We can and are clearing them all—and you.

    In Scientology just remember this when all looks dark:

    L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB 2 October 1962, When You Need Reassurance (excerpt)


  243. As we que up for the second day of testimony, I once again must thank Marty, Mosey, Mike, Jim, their loved ones and now Debbie and Wayne in a clear and public manner.

    Thank-you for your courage and confront.

    Please continue; the situation continues to unburden. We all have a stake in this whether we realize it or not.

    Love to all in the trenches (Hi Yvonne and Ken),

    Vic Krohn

  244. Thank you for posting this!!
    Great job Debbie!

  245. Hot damn!

    (Apparently, Sandy will be following up this first, mild post with a strongly worded letter.)

  246. Sandy,

    Wow. When you write it like that, it lays it all bare, doesn’t it?

    I don’t want to try add anything to what you wrote – it’s complete as it stands, but I did want to send you a huge ack for taking to time to write all down. Thank you very much (I’m still shaking a little – how’s about that?)

    Something I would like to see is that comment be a blog post in it’s own right, or even as a posting on Steve’s site. Yes, it’s that good and leaving it here in the middle of other comments doesn’t do it justice. Would you be OK with those webmasters reporting your comment?


  247. Seriously……If the Church just happened to win and successfully sue Debbie for $300,000…..I have no doubt in my mind that the money would be raised by all the good people on this blog (including myself) in short order… at the end of the day it will be a WIN WIN scenario in a sense (obviously not taking all the horrendous stress etc into account). Debbie doesn’t go bankrupt and her testimony will surely lead to bigger and better things. Wow, Marty, Mike, Mosey (you rock) Karen #1 and so many others who post on this blog and send out the message and support, you may be thousands of miles from me but I draw my energy and hope through all of you….Love to you all…Lise

  248. Because they’re suppressive too. If they arrested him, it would be a pro-survival action. They can’t do that. That’s my theory at least.

  249. Sandy,
    Thank you for your rant. It is pefect! And the last thing you are is “shy and wallflower-like”.
    What you were was a perfect Parishoner. You had faith in your religion. You played the game as it was laid out. You did nothing wrong. It just morphed on you and the rest of us, slowly but covertly morphed until we woke up. And wake up we did.
    Now payback is going to be one hell of a bitch.
    Love it Sandy.

    ML Tom

  250. I also thought it was that good, Sandy.

  251. If Tom Cruise doesn’t come out publicly against the SP before the SP is forcibly deposed, Tom Cruise is only going to be further ridiculed by the media and people of earth after the SP is deposed. He is going to look like an even larger idiot than he already does, so let him hide like a coward, trying to protect what’s left of his career, it will only backfire on him. Courage and confront will be the only thing can save him now, if he’s got any.

  252. I also want the same for them. I know Wayne at the FSO, I work with him on few things only. Wayne is a great man good ARC and good manners.

  253. Cynthia Durnan


  254. Those of you with specific knowledge, please consider reporting elder abuse.
    You might find that a very effective way of getting law enforcement into “the Hole”.

    Click to access citizens_guide.pdf


  255. That’s the Texas seal.

  256. Sandy Richards

    Thanks Mosey.

    I just wanted to re-post here, in response to Ulf
    “now is the time to really take a stand”

    I agree with Ulf….thought I’d take a shot at getting that ball rolling.

  257. Sandy Richards

    Thanks Tom!

  258. Hi Sandy

    Ah, I remember your original post now – as soon as I saw your photo in Mosey’s link it all came back. And you got 241 comments – quite obviously a lot of TA moved. But this blog carries *lots* of posts and it can get tricky to keep up 🙂

    Read newly in a new unit of time, your post still made me sit up and say “Wow”, so I’m glad you posted it again.

  259. I’m sorry if I get emotional here but what you say here is EXACTLY the kind of brainwashed B.S. from a professional slave that I have heard so many times in the last decades.

    I HAVE fought quite a lot of legal battles and I know when I see one that would be EASY, really EASY to win. All it would need is a bit of integrity and balls by those people that have been mistreated like no one has been mistreated before.

    Psychotic midgets like Napoleon, Hitler or David Miscavige would have never had a chance in the first place if somebody would have said NO to them. If you let them continue you really DESERVE their treatment.

    To get rid of some FALSE DATA spread by this church here:
    • NO, not EVERY judge is a criminal.
    • YES, you can win a case against criminals (I’ve done it many times)
    • Yes, there is a justice system at least in the Western World that works not so bad (at least much better than the Injustice System of the church)
    • And to pick one of the Church’s most hypocritical slogans, “Something CAN be done about it”, I say It’s TRUE.

    We just have to DO it.

  260. Random Stranger

    Damn iPad typing.

  261. This reminds me of all of those who stood up for the Truth Rundown. Those who defied “the rules” and reported to the press the crimes of Miscavaige.

    I remember those who still couldn’t believe it, too shocking and disturbing, wanting Mike to corroborate. And then Mike started speaking out publically.

    Despite this, many still bought the party line when they were hit with the salvo of Debbie’s email. Though it seems incomprehensible, there are those who instantly cut all comm lines to Debbie and did everything they could to get others to cut comm with her as well.

    After Thursday’s hearing, only those who did not want to see would be able to avoid the truth. This is a real calling card to anyone calling themselves a Scientologist. It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of whom you owe your support…DM or LRH?

    Debbie is sticking her neck out…she has responded to “why is your neck so precious” in a way that she feels will result in restoring LRH’s Scientology. She has contributed to taking down the corrupt empire in a big way. It is my postulate that those who love LRH will stand up in a show of force that rocks the world of Scientology. If the Berlin wall can come down…DM can too.

  262. disinfected,
    Good one. This might work to get Heber out, particularly if other governmental agencies aren’t budging, which they haven’t so far.

  263. Like all psychos and despots throughout history, David Miscavige is doing everything in his power to make sure he gets what he deserves. Being a history buff, I have SELDOM seen an exception to this. One of the following things generally happens.

    1. They commit suicide (Hitler)
    2. The mob gets them (at which point, they wish they’d committed suicide)
    3. The get tried for their crimes, get convicted and are either executed or put in prison for a long time.
    4. They get deathly ill and die
    5. If they happen to die a natural death, their successors (which are often family members) end of getting tortured or killed.

    David Miscavige will go to jail for his crimes. I know that now.

  264. The federal government of the U.S. is further down the road to absolute corruption than the so-called Church of Scientology is. It is populated with SPs and PTSes, and is in abject treason to the American people and its founding charter, the U.S. Constitution.

    It has become an SP org, and will do nothing to go after a sister SP org like Miscavige’s corrupt “church”.

  265. Pingback: Scientology Inc v. Debbie Cook Update | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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