In Defense Of Tommy Davis

I know I have in the past, in moments of frustration, referred to Tommy in less than respectful terms.  I had a bit of a change of heart after Mike Rinder and I had a discussion about Miscavige’s standard operating procedure for handling the media.

For those who’ve more recently joined us, perhaps you did not hear the Tommy Davis meltdown with the St Petersburg Times.  Tommy’s interview in response to their 2009 Truth Rundown series investigation “annihilated” Tommy’s and Miscavige’s credibility – confirming for most intelligent listeners that Tommy was lying through his teeth and David Miscavige in fact did commit the serial psychotic and violent acts enumerated by myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht, Jeff Hawkins, Marc Headley, Claire Headley, Steve Hall, et al……

You can find the Davis meltdown here, particularly the first segment titled “there were witnesses to it”:

Tommy testified under oath as follows  in the Headley cases this summer.  In early 09 Tommy was minding his own business  deep in the bowels of Flag central files. Tommy was on a several month project to get those files in order (presumably, and this is my presumption, because he was busted to that lowly position after his blow from the Sea Org two years earlier) .  He was  fished out of planet-file to report to Linda Hammil (CO OSA INT) in order to handle official spokesperson duties, right about the time the church was informed Miscavige’s crimes against humanity were about to see the light of day.

This makes perfect sense, much like Mike Rinder was pulled out of filthy manual labor duty in 2007 to handle the BBC.

Tommy has been hell on wheels since, either talking to the media or cajoling and threatening former members who have foresaken Corporate, Radical Scientology.  Lies flow from him like the Niagra. Apparently, he does not want to wind up back in the caverns of manila folders.  A typical Miscavige leverage operation.

Then what is to defend about Tommy?   Tommy is a good kid.  I like him, and while I don’t like what he does for Miscavige, I will always like him.  Tommy  is simply PTS, Potential Trouble Source, somebody connected to and the effect of a Suppressive Person. In this case, obviously the SP is David Miscavige.

When acting as spokesperson, whether with the media or with fleeing members, Tommy is not allowed to think.  Tommy is not allowed to originate. Tommy is required to act as an automaton of David Miscavige.  He must do and say precisely what Miscavige tells him to do and say, exactly how Miscavige wants him to do and say it.

It is not an enviable position to be in.  While I can sit in judgment of how Tommy has coped with this situation, I recognize it is a very difficult place to be. It is not just me saying this.  Check out Mike and I discussing how Miscavige micromanages the defense of his image below.   You’ll perhaps get an idea of the kind of extreme stress Tommy is put under to bring about what you see in public.

At the end of the day, I look forward to Tommy’s four or five glorious days at Casablanca, a short week in which he is brought back to his own native, charming personality; the one that many of us once knew.

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  1. Tommy was a bright and shiny team-mate at CCInt. I remember him as charming and with perfect manners that endeared him to everyone he spoke to. He could be harsh, like everyone else (some day I’ll tell you about my routing out evolution!) and we have all seen his public persona (sorry BBC!!). Hope he is reading your article. Wake up, Tommy!

  2. I loved this video. I would love a couple hour conversation of you guys just talking. Great stuff.

  3. I like Tommy. He seems dedicated to his task and I am sure he loves playing all of that ‘Secret Service’ type stuff. Clean cut, smart suits and dark glasses He plays it very well, even though he may be brainwashed to some extent ( Apologies to existing and defected Scientologists ).

    Brainwashed Athiest.

  4. Wow King Tut is being exposed for what he is- a paranoid schizophrenic liar where he speaks from his mouth and his ars. BOTH STINK!

    Keep pouring it on!!! IT STINKS FROM THE TOP DOWN!!!

    It’s no wonder people are leaving in droves and people are staying so far away from this money sucking group!

    Rock on boys and girls.

  5. Floating Needle

    That’s a keeper!

    Thanks guys, good story!

  6. I never knew Tommy well, but ran into him at CC occasionally. He seemed to be a really nice, sweet kid, very polite and charming. He is almost unrecognizable these days – reminds me of “Mr. Smith” from the Matrix series. Miscavige has an obsession with attractive young people representing the Church, they are his alter ego, saying everything he wants them to say exactly how he wants it said. He just wants good-looking puppet-bodies to manipulate, because he is petrified, if truth be known, at the thought of being personally interviewed on national TV.

    Your description of how Miscavige “handles” the press is priceless – obsessively micromanaging behind the scenes while proclaiming he “has no time” to be interviewed. Interesting that he required nine months of preparation and drilling for that softball St. Pete Times interview he did. You know how much time I spent preparing and drilling for that AC 360 interview? Zero. In fact, I spent the morning being a tourist in midtown Manhattan. I’m sure it was the same with you guys. When you are speaking the truth, from the heart, you don’t need elaborate preparations, drilling and micromanaging. You just tell it. You only need all this prepping and drilling when you are lying.

  7. The description of Miscavige handwriting responses is hilarious! What a pathetic clown!

  8. Well, we are all basically good, and as LRH said somewhere on the BC, the ‘thetan can be dug up’.

    I don’t know if this applies or not, I suspect it does, a drug addict often has to crash to the bottom to recognize the ‘need of change’. Maybe it is the same with SOers, or any CofSer, that a major personal crash has to occur to shake them out of the box they have built for themselves. The more solid the box, the bigger the crash … ???

    In any case, the Reality Scale applies.


  9. It is impossible to act rationally when you aren’t allowed to have your own thoughts to act upon…PTS. Describes the couple that went to your house well too. If they haven’t locked in their overts too badly, maybe they’ll separate from that enough to realize the extreme other-determinism they operated from.
    Tommy’s locked his in pretty deep and on public TV at that. BUT, your post reveals that acceptance and forgiveness are here for him too.

  10. Marty — Thankyou so much for that link. I hadn’t listened to Tommy in full flight for a while… It is hilarious. What’s so funny about his rant is that it is SO rehearsed and SO illogical. Somehow he is “proving” that none of the incidents reported on about Dear Leader by multiple sources ever happened because he has multiple sources that prove you beat everyone! His “witnesses” that you did everything of course trump all the witnesses that said Miscavige did anything. This is Dear Leader logic at its finest.

    I too like Tommy the individual. I worked with him on many different things and he is a nice guy. Seeing him as a sock puppet repeating idiocies straight from the mouth of Dave is a rather pathetic sight. He protests and rants and raves about poor “Mr. Miscavige” and you know how that goes. Everything revolves around Dear Leader and his image and if there is anything that threatens the perfect alignment of hair on his head, it is the most immediately important thing on earth. And he goes off on a rant about what needs to be done and it is all transcribed and then Tommy has to drill it and then the key points from the rants will be checked off: “Did you tell him Rathbun is a fucking criminal”, “Did you explain to him how important I am and that they would not ask the Pope for an interview?”. Each thing he gets in is a brownie point. Each one he misses is another slap upside the head.

    When you listen to Tommy as a spokesman, you are listening to unfiltered Miscavige. In his ear and out his mouth.

    Hopefully Tommy will come to his senses and blow again — but instead of going to Vegas he will make his way to friends this time.

    It will happen sooner or later. Those who blow once will blow again.

  11. Well said.

  12. In 2008 and 2009 I had several phone conversations with Tommy and he was lying throughout each one. Like others such as Jenny Linson, Lisa Schroer, Henning Bendorff and Angie Blankenship, he has made a decision to stop being himself and start trying to be what he thinks is an ideal survival beingness which has been put there by DM as something to strive for. It is a composite of what a tough SO member is as gleaned from the Ethics FOs. The thing is, it is just a mock up and never existed and never will exist.

    But some people make a deal with the devil and Tommy is one who did.

  13. Marty, you know a Tommy Davis I do not. So good for you in postulating his return to who he is and can become. Because when I saw him with John Sweeney in the Nightline shows, I saw one creepy and unlikable punk.
    If Mike Rinder can walk away, so can Tommy Davis. And we all saw the difference in Mike between the first and second interviews. The original Mike has returned, free of the suppression and back to his role as a champion of the best of what Scientology offers.
    And it goes for all those we saw on TV, creepy and scary. They are suppressed. But there is a better future for them and I hope it comes sooner rather than later. There was a common goal and purpose we all shared at one time and I wish them all well.

  14. Hail to Tommy Davis ! Leader of Anonymous, bringer of the lulz.

    May he wake up soon, he has earned a rest.

  15. You can even hear him thumping his finger for emphasis as he gets started and the just like a light switch, he shifts completely into Miscavige’s valence.

    As the saying goes, Mike Rinder blew, so can you!

  16. David Miscavige’s PR has been a radioactive slagheap for at least a decade. Even James R. Lewis, the academic who has been so chummy with CoS has now backed away public thanks to the Indies:

    I hope to see Tommy Davis leave CoS. There is nothing left inside of that monster trainwreck except more of the same spiral down into Hell.


  17. This reminds me of the quote from G. W. Cooke: “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it hardly becomes any of us to talk about the rest of us.”

    Good people can and do behave badly. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t call out the bad behavior, especially if it’s harmful, abusive, illegal, etc. and hold people accountable for their behavior as well as the results of their actions.

    I really appreciate the differentiation you make here, Marty.

  18. If Tommy Davis wasn’t likable on some level, he wouldn’t be the leader of Anonymous. 😉

  19. Gawd…even the fish are going PTS talking about Miscavige. Good to see you guys laughing about it. DM creates a dangerous environment that only he can “solve”. Thankfully, the rest of the world doesn’t operate that way….

  20. martyrathbun09

    I knew Tommy many years before his first TV interview.

  21. Ha ha! I hadn’t heard that before! Very funny, especially about the “whole track prison warden” and saying that to the Times writers – like they would understand that! All of the Tommy audio tracks are hilarious, yet embarrassing at the same time of what my church has become. Talking about square feet again instead of actually caring about individual PCs.

  22. martyrathbun09

    I know that was a little rough on the critter; but he survived and swam away pretty strong.

  23. Impartial English Girl

    Well, it takes a great man to offer some defense for l’il Tommy D – especially one who has borne the brunt of his DM-led rants on a number of occasions.

    But, I will admit, that I have occasionally thought that perhaps the reason TD is SO inept (and unintentionally hilarious) in his “official mouthpiece” role is because he ISN’T a naturally cruel and irritable shouty man at heart. And he’s probably very unhappy too. I do hope that he can change and find himself a better life – but such a massive wedge of humble pie must be pretty daunting too.

    IEG x

  24. “…I like him, and while I don’t like what he does for Miscavige, I will always like him.”

    DM cannot possibly comprehend the sanity in the above statement, from all that I’ve learned about him through you and Mike.

    I’d love to think that Tommy can come to his senses. But I won’t be surprised if OSA sends out an email slamming Marty and quoting Tommy (via DM, of course), saying how dedicated he is to the church and how evil Marty is, etc.

    One important reason I can see for Tommy NOT leaving the church anytime soon is his mom, Anne Archer. She would have to eat crow in front of the world and all of her celeb friends, big time. I don’t see that happening.

  25. Marty, I am really starting to think that your obsession with getting back at David Miscavige is more important to you than spreading Scientology.

    The only other explanation I can come up with is that this blog is really a promo piece for your auditing. We all hate Miscavige, I’m sure that’s a huge button for most Scientologists who are fed up with the Church, and you keep hammering on it. We know the guy’s a troll, we know we can’t attain true freedom without him, but what are you going to do to help us?

    I think it’s time to tell us once and for all: What are your intentions? Clear the planet? Or settle your grudge with DM?

  26. Tommy did more to crack the reputation of St. Davey’s Catastrophedral, lied worse, let more unfiltered hatred flush through the mainstream media, attracted more media attention with his shouting spree against Sweeney than any other doomskid. We owe him big time; when he comes back, he’ll become the Princepin.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Narconon can help you get off that stuff.

  28. martyrathbun09

    No she wouldn’t, she would be hero like Paul Haggis.

  29. martyrathbun09

    Good observation. I think there is something to that.

  30. I don’t hate him , I couldn’t care less about him if he is in prison. I hate the power he weilds over others and the misdeeds he commits. Other than that he is a joke of a man (oversteatement).

    Although I do dislike him enough to wish him some good old Bubba-love

  31. When one can take the experiences that they have had in life, such as those of Marty and Mike, and then really see how others could be caught up in the same hellish nightmare – well……..that’s UNDERSTANDING!!!! And that’s truly applying ARC ……so good for you guys. I’m sure it blew a lot of charge granting Tommy the beingness to “be a madman” and hopefully he’ll come back to being himself in the not too distant future.

  32. Whew — I was gasping on its behalf!!


  33. Impartial English Girl: Actually, man being basically good, no one is “naturally cruel” —

    Evil is developed over time and cemented by an unwillingness to think of others instead of oneself, to wrap oneself around and around and around in thick armor so as never to have any opportunity to self-reflect.

    In the mind and soul of someone who has succumbed to evil first … there is no space with which to view.

    Imagine being in a cement coffin.

    Not fun.


  34. Marty, that is a very wise post with Tommy’s redemption and recovery of his own true will considered minus the undue influence from the DM illusion he is obviously at odds with.

  35. Oh a sleeping drunkard Up in Central Park,
    Or the lion hunter In the jungle dark,

    Or the Chinese dentist, or the British Queen,
    They all fit together in the same machine.

    Nice, nice, very nice,
    Nice, nice, very nice:
    So many people in the same device.

    –Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    (Even if the “device” is of our own making, we are all still here, in it together…)

  36. Ahhhh – Tommy is only following orders.

    Well that’s alright then – as we all know, that’s a perfectly reasonable defence.

    Excuse my sarcasm, but surely HE knows that what he is doing is wrong? He must know that Amy and Haydn and Jeff and Marc and Marty and Matt and Mike and everyone else are not lying about what goes on at Int and the abuses meted out by DM?

    He is standing up in front of the media AND Scientologists (the worst part), telling lie after lie – how can he square this with being a Scientologist?

    Perhaps he IS a decent person, you obviously know him better than me Marty, but while he is acting like a tosser he won’t get any sympathy from me for any punishment he gets.


  37. Marty, Wouldn’t that be something if Tommy Davis blew and wound up at Casablanca. That would be the straw that broke DM’s back. He would go completely balistic. I’m sure DM would send more than twenty this time. The problem is that the more DM attacks Tommy the worse it will be for him. Ann Archer would not allow DM to pick on her son and the more people DM sends to ‘handle’ the more Indies would be taking a vacation in Texas. Warm up them cameras and make sure you have lots of fresh batteries on hand. I would like to acknowledge your defense of Tommy the thetan. After all he’s been duped like the rest of us and one day he’ll wake up much like Mike did. I’m sure Mike understands Tommy’s situation better than most. Tommy needs to know there’s a safe place to go with friends who will understand and forgive. Love

  38. You would indeed know better than myself here. I would admire her tremendously if she helped clean up the mess by going public! Same with Tommy.

    Hey, you gave that fish an engram! 🙂
    Nice catch, though!

  39. I don’t think I want to see DM go to prison. I think I want to see society do an OJ on him.

    Prison is just another motivator for him. He’ll get blankets, boots and three squares a day plus be shielded from the wolves outside the door hounding him (it’s hard to sue a prisoner in civil court).

    But if he were stripped of all his money, status and position… well then he’d have to fend for himself. True, there’s no Bubba, but there’s no blankets, boot and three squares a day either. And no shield from the wolves.

    In jail, he could maneuver himself to become important in that society and retain some of the status he craves. Outside, he becomes irrelevant, unimportant, ignored, friendless and everything he considers important has gone away.

    Poetic justice. Just like with OJ.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Or as WIlbur would put it, never evolving out of the first stage of egocentric and ethnocentric juvenility.
    Or as LRH would put it never seeing beyond the first and second dynamics.

  41. Mostly Tommy D. is a stooge now.
    Like ALL Sea Organization members and Staff and public of the CoS today are Stooges. Tommy was just unfortunate to have been plucked out of his cushy “President’s Office” post at CCI and “promoted” to spokeshole for the CoS. And thereby get up-close and personal with he who must not be named.

    He was a nice, affable and polite young man before this “promotion”.

    So it would seem to me the only exception to the stooge rule above, would be that there are some who really do relish and enjoy the power they can wield over others to dominate and overwhelm them.

    Probably a small percentage of those still in but still, some are just plain nasty folk and they are thoroughly enjoying the Miscavige era.

    I doubt Tommy is in that group. He’s a stooge.

  42. I agree Marty. I think Tommy is a wonderful, cheerful, naturally friendly thetan. I mean, it has happened to all of us to one degree or another, all this hate flow that gets translated down the orgboard by others, morphed into sadism or some arcane form of punishment just because you are being there and trying to clear the goddam planet. Then we go into the winning valence so that we can survive another day to realize LRH’s dream. What a travesty.

    I always understood that “Clearning the Planet” would be and could be a difficult endeavor and that it would be a restimulative activity, but I never, ever deamed it would be downright suppressive. Seeing where the suppression comes from blows a lot of charge and is priceless. Buying into it, as I did, is disturbing.

    ML Tom

  43. Ax,

    I think you read Marty wrong. “I was only following orders” has never been a valid part of Scientology when properly used. Real responsibility is the valid part. It’s one of those “understood” things where it’s not necessary to fully explain it every time when talking to people with similar viewpoints.

    Marty describes how Tommy allowed himself to become a robot, all a robot can do is follow orders. It’s indeed no excuse, but it’s a necessary observation to make to be able to get to the underlying truth in the layers below.

  44. Thanks for posting this. I worked with Tommy for a while in the LA area. My impression of him at the time was that he could grant beingness to others. He was pleasant and quite sane in our dealings.

    Looking at him now is like looking at someone who is desperately in need of an exorcism…some evil spirit has entered and now controls his body, forcing him to do all manner of hideous and unnatural acts.

    Obviously he’s simply taken on the valence of the overwhelming SP who seems to be the “winner” in their game.

    I do hope he has a moment of clarity sufficient to jar him into PT enough that he’ll start to really look at the data on PTS and recognize that he is one and who the “who” is.

    He’ll be fine when the wrong item (s) that have been forced upon him are purged and he is allowed to state the right item.

    As a matter of opinion, he’ll be quite a lot of fun to have on our expanding team of independent scientologists.

    I have one other opinion. I’ll bet Tommy isn’t out because his mom isn’t and his mom isn’t out because Tommy isn’t. Come on you two…communicate.

  45. What I find amusing is this constant effort to keep this psychotic sociopath happy.

    If I had known the Church was actually being led by such a raving lunatic I would have made my exit from the scene earlier.

    It actually didn’t dawn on me till I was on the “Truth Rundown” who this guy was after I supposedly “Black PRed” Management by writing all these KRs and other ethics reports on all their tech and policy violations and they asked me some tailored questions about any possible “evil purposes” and “overts” I had or committed against “COB”.

    My first thought was “who the f_ck is COB?”.

    As if “COB” was some single all powerful entity of some kind.

    At that time I was under the illusion that there were several Boards not just one.

    Like you know COB CST, COB CSI, COB RTC not some single entity who somehow assumed godhood.

    That supposedly had actual *Boards*.

    I must say when I discovered the truth about who “COB” was that I began making my plans for a smooth exit from the scene.

    So in that sense the “Truth Rundown” did produce the expected result.

  46. Well said!!


  47. Nauseating comment. So, true to my promise……..
    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    For anyone wanting a repayment/refund here’s where you need to write. These are government agencies and WILL respond to you. Your complaint will not be ignored.

    For the IAS here’s the one to use. It’s in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.

    For Flag or the Ship this is the one in FL. It’s under the Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    It’s time we add this one: The Pinellas County Division of Consumer Protection if you’re trying to get a repayment/refund from Flag or the Ship. Flag is located in Pinellas County.
    You’ll see the link on the left to “File a Complaint”. When you click on that, it says “Click here to file a complaint on a BUSINESS”. Use it. I’m starting to wonder if this group has more teeth than the Florida state Attorney Gen’s office listed above.

    Go for it. If enough of these show up on their desks, the CofM risks a government investigation. Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they drag their heels. A refund; you might not get it. Currently they’re being stinkers about that one and Kobrin is in glee writing denial letters. But, the key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to cc the above agencies.

  48. I know some COS members who have had their houses foreclosed on, lost their comm lines with their kids, been standing in the unemployment lines, bankrupt – they have had a major personal crash on every dynamic! Their life is in shambles yet they keep on defending! I don’t know how much more of a personal crash one have to endure to snap, but they don’t.

  49. I wonder what the statistics are of SO who have attempted to blow that they actually do succeed at some point of blowing for good? Certainly for an organization that keeps stats of everything from how many plates of rice and beans are served, to toilets cleaned and lets not forget the square feet of properties owned surely they keep track of how many staff have blown and those that are repeat blowers.

  50. Axiom 142
    As much as I would love give Tommy a good slap to wake him up it’s a wrong target.
    “The SP isn’t making trouble. He’s just poisoning the whole universe. But he isn’t making trouble; he’s just going squash! Anybody says anything to him – squash! It’s the PTS who makes the trouble.”
    I pity anyone in the position Tommy is in. It’s painful. I think we can afford some compassion.
    I wish I were perfect enough to say that I would never do what he has done/is doing but I can’t. If I believed strongly enough that I was protecting a good thing I would fight just as hard on the other side.
    Tommy is not a bad person. He’s doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons. There is some honor in that no matter how screwed up the result.
    And for the record I personally do NOT like Tommy and have not had good experiences with him. But I do understand what he is going through and would like to see him come out the other side.

  51. That fake beingness is the product of a computation also known as a service facsimile — an illogical computation resulting from a situation threatening survival which the person cannot itsa; by which he or she hopes to survive, dominate others, escape domination, make self right and others wrong — a cousin to the evil purpose.

    The service computation is the switch by which a Scientologist flips into being an SP. You’ve heard the lecture where LRH talks about how SPs become one?

    Miscavige runs an SP factory and that is the new VFP of his Church of Miscavige: suppressive persons.

  52. A recent visit by DM to Tom Cruise’s house today was recorded by one of Tom’s staff and leaked out.

    TC: (unintelligible) …
    DM: Tom, I need your help on something.
    TC: Yeah, anything Dave, what is it?
    DM: I want to put out a video of you and I talking about what’s going on with me and Scientology and the Church…well, all the same thing, actually.
    TC: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…yeah, sure! Ha ha ha ha….
    DM: I’m serious as a seven-year RPF! And I want it to be a fishing video…like those two SPs Rathbun and Rinder, only better!
    TC: Ha ha ha ha…did you watch it? I made my butler watch it, I didn’t want to get enturbulated.
    DM: Yeah. I want to blow those two out of the water! Hey, do you think you could get your special effects buddies to get two CGI mockups of those two idiots to come exploding out of the water on the end of our fishing line right as we’re closing the video when I make my final statement that annihilates them? We don’t have that capability at Gold right now.
    TC: Ha ha ha ha ha….ha ha ha ha ha ha….yeah, no problem. Ha ha ha ha! Kasploosh! Ha ha ha ha…BABOOM-SPLOOOSH! HA HA HA HA HA HA! Whew! Ha ha ha ha! What a shot that’ll make!
    DM: We need to drill it! LRH-style, with dolls! I brought two socks we can use as puppet dolls. And two fishing rods. Here, put one on, let’s do it!
    TC: Ah…ha ha ha…OK. Pow! Ha ha ha ha ha ha…
    DM: OK, here we go. I’ll be me. “Hey, Tom Cruise, that’s a mighty fine rod you have there!
    DM: OK, let’s get our TRs in. Let’s do it again.
    TC: I got it, I got it. OK. “Yeah, Dave yours is…
    DM: No, no, no. Sorry. Call me Chairman of the Board. That way everyone will know who I am…no…make it ‘Chairman of the Board, Scientology’.
    TC: Maybe we should just call each other Tom and Dave, after all, we’re just fishing. We can do an intro before hand that really pumps you up as to who you really are. Then switch to Tom and Dave afterwards…
    DM: Oh! Hey! See? That’s why we’re drilling this thing! OK, let’s do it!
    TC: “Yeah, Dave, that’s a really nice rod you’ve got there, too!”
    DM: Ah…actually…maybe we should disguise you…as someone else…remember how much trouble that last video caused? And the Oprah thing, and all that?
    TC: Oh…Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wheeeeuh! Yeah!!! OK! I’ll be ‘Bill’…or better yet…how about you get Heber to be fishing with you? That’ll really blow those guys out of the water! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    DM: Perfect!! OK, you’re ‘Heber’. But call me ‘Sir!’
    TC: OK. “Sir! Hey! Is that a whale on the end of your line??”
    DM: “Yes, yes it is, Heber, but that’s not important right now. What’s important is letting everyone see what really goes on behind the scenes in Scientology Management, and as you can see, I’m not beating anyone! I’m fishing with my teammates! We’re a team! Fishing!” Ow! Shit! I pricked my damn finger with the hook!
    TC: Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe you should not mention anything about beating anyone. That’s a touchy subject. Ha ha.
    DM: Ouch! Hey, maybe it should be Tommy Davis I’m fishing with instead. Heber might be too old to fish. Yeah, Tommy, Tommy, let’s use Tommy. He looks better on camera too! Yeah, you’re right, no beating talk! Here we go.
    TC: Ha ha ha ha ha! Great! OK, I’m ‘Tommy’ now.
    DM: “So, ‘Tommy’, how’s the fishing going?”
    TC: “Great, Sir! Just great! Wow, how do you find the time to take us out fishing like this?”
    DM: “Completing cycles of action, quickly, competently, with no Dev-T. Just cycles, cycles, cycles, cycles, milliseconds, microseconds, kilotons, fast, fast, perfect, done done DONE!”
    TC: “Of course you have a great team, too, right?”
    DM: Oh…I don’t think you should say that, Tom. OK, let’s define our targeted public here. This is for the general masses, so they’ll think highly of Scientology and we’ll dispel the black PR about me since I’m known AS Scientology. So, OK, only wog terms, wog terms. We don’t need to make a video for Scientologists or…damn! Wait’ll I get my hands on that $@#!! that gave me this rod, the damn reel’s jammed!
    TC: Here, use mine. I’ll use a pen.
    DM: Maybe we should have some writers come up with a script and then we’ll drill it and then I’ll drill Tommy. That sounds better, huh?
    TC: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whew! Yeah! Like…Ha ha ha ha. Yeah! It’s gonna be great!
    DM: OK! Great Tom, great! Man, are we in the game or what, Tom?!
    TC: Ha ha ha ha ha! Whew! Man, I mean…it’s like…all or nothing!
    DM: Hey, did you know Travolta agreed to work with me on that Larry King interview I’ve been preparing for?
    TC: Didn’t he retire?
    DM: Yeah, but we got to him at home and he’s agreed to come out of retirement just for me, for my interview. Hey! Maybe it should be Larry King I’m fishing with!!! Huh, what about them apples, huh? That’ll blow ’em out of the water! Marty and Mike come explodin’ outa the water right when Larry says something at the end about how much LRH liked me…
    TC: Wow! Whew! Awesome! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    DM: (unintelligible)

  53. Another aspect is that Tommy and all the other OSA staff that read these blogs or get briefed on them will have to think about where they stand personally when (and I don’t say if) “wog justice” will come down on them. Contrary to Radical Scientology justice there is a culture in “wog justice” to look at someone who has obviously repented with milder eyes. There is actually a culture of amnesty – and these guys would be smart to come out and take good use of it, the sooner the better.

  54. A new post everyday makes it hard to keep up. Just registering my opinion respectfully and humbly.

  55. Pingback: Top Posts —

  56. I don’t think the President’s Office job at CCI is “cushy”. These guys are responsible for handling Scientology celebs, and they are always in the hotseat. Something goes wrong with a celeb, and they are the first on the firing line.

    I don’t think any Sea Org job is “cushy”. No matter how it might look from the outside looking in.

  57. Thanks Marty & Mike,
    In hearing the TD “response” again brought many things up which weren’t obvious the first time. Perhaps this audio rebuttal piece would be a good drill to spot illogics for the Data Series course drills.

    The piece of saying that the SO are just tough SOBs is just pointless. Is he saying that those who stick around at least a couple of decades and got to very high positions are not tough? Pointing out that Dear Leader has minions to do things and implying that he can’t beat up people and get real estate at the same time just does not wash and saying that something just didn’t happen or getting angry about it just doesn’t fly.

    Just a lot of illogics to note for a drill and to many to write on this blog.

    The last segment on Lisa McPherson has Tommy saying that Dear Leader’s first post in the SO was an auditor. Had thought that he joined and was in CMO CW running projects. Does that make sense in the light of him beating up his PC at Saint Hill and being kicked out as an auditor according to credible witnesses on this blog?

    It is very generous of you to offer real Auditing to undo the reverse stuff!

  58. I’m not joking but I don’t think he’ll have ten people left to send or ten that will go.

  59. IO,
    It was just a touch assist! 🙂

  60. Hi Sarge!

    You personify what Ron intended. Aside from that, Mr. Davis is welcomed back to the fold. The fold being those good folks who improve conditions and understanding and tone levels, etc.

    I know this is rhetorical but “Isn’t that what it’s all about”?

    ML, Tom

  61. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    One of the very few stats that an actual SO Member can be found on outside of various Qual Stats such as Student Points, Course Completions etc… is titled SECURITY THREATS.

    You’d think that any recorded number marked on this graph would be represented by an actual physical threat to the base such as an intruder, drive by shooter, bomb scare etc.. Nope, the number marked on that graph represented SO Members who have blown that have yet to be recovered or yet to be handled on staying in the SO,

    There are many other dynamics to what made up and defined a Security Threat but I can assure you, my years and years of reporting this stat was NOT because I had holes in my fences!!

    — Jackson

  62. You and Mosey should crash the event just as he is introducing the justice.

  63. Lurker – you got it reversed due to countless reverse/Tech accumulated so far!

    It should read: … “we KNOW we can’t attain true freedom WITH him”…

  64. Good point WE. Here’s another TD & wife audio with lies on the policy of Refunds/Repayments to Larry Anderson!

  65. Yes, smoking crack is really bad for you.

  66. It is a nice thought to offer Tommy an olive branch. He will not get one from anywhere else so you have given him a comfortable place to fall back on. It is very much needed. This will upset DM because he cannot offer him a better situation. Only thing is, I think DM is occupied with other pressing problems. Unfortunately, as the Greg Wilhere’s, Mithoff’s, Yager’s and Lesevre’s have demonstrated, there is a great price to pay for embracing evil. No one is making them pay the price but themselves.
    The whole scenario is like Planet of the Apes. All the humans were silent and in Scientology we have people ape-ing Scientology. Think about the symbology of waking up as Charlton Heston and seeing the Statue of Total Freedom blown to bits. A lot of interesting symbolism here. All of us at one time or another have metaphorically kneeled on the beach and said, “Damn you! Damn you all to hell!”
    Maybe TC could produce “Planet of the Scientologists”

  67. Thank you for your persistence !

  68. Old Fox I’ll ditto that.

  69. This calls for flyers with photos of him & wife at Casablanca, posted around the museum?

  70. Nearly crying I’ve been laughing so hard. Perfectly written as said, seeing the characters clearly. F’ing hilarious!

  71. If I may use this forum for the following and with due respect……

    Dear Terry and Anne,

    I know that you have done so many things well and right that it’s difficult to confront the situation you and your good son now faces. Let’s look at the current scene with regards to your son. Okay?

    He and many others have been or are continuing to be under the influence of a mad man. That’s now a publicly documented fact. And let me define a mad man as an SP. That SP, David Miscavige, despite his public relations, has proved himself to be the greatest destructive influence on the goals, purposes, ideals and intentions of L. Ron Hubbard’s works and creation that, in my humble opinion, could have possibly come to be. All I ask you is for you two to look. It’s all on the table.

    Look at the actual stats. Look at the actual scene. Look at the actual products. Just, perhaps, look at your own son and his conditions.

    It is my fervent desire that you both, mother and father, do the right thing now. Extricate this loved being from an insane environment. He deserves better.

    So do you.

    Respectfully yours,

    Tom Gallagher

  72. I too like Tommy Davis, I guess everyone does these days, but I still think he is a very poor public relations person for anyone including the Church of Scientology.

  73. WE , just endet reading lurkers post and thought – now the message for IAS refunds should be posted – and there your are .
    You are great!

  74. Scott Campbell

    A public attempt at legitimacy via the moral cesspool of politics, the judiciary and the covetous acquisition of influence through greed and avarice…

  75. this is soooo funny , thanks for that good laugh

  76. Marty,
    Stop being nice to the kool-aid drinkers. The trolls don’t like it.

  77. Scott Campbell

    Great post, guys.

    I like these little Fishin’ and Dishin’ vignettes that you guys do. Not only are they entertaining, but they offer some real insight into the Modus Operandi of David Miscavige.

    In my opinion, you are doing a public service. So few of us ever get to observe a real SP up close and personal. By recounting DM’s actions regarding various scenarios from the past and present, you illustrate what Conditions and Exchange David Miscavige is in regarding his Dynamics.

    Seems like Confusion and Treason with a Rip-Off level of Exchange are the order of the day with that cat.


  78. Very interesting letter. Thanks for the post.

  79. “When acting as spokesperson, whether with the media or with fleeing members, Tommy is not allowed to think. Tommy is not allowed to originate. Tommy is required to act as an automaton of David Miscavige. He must do and say precisely what Miscavige tells him to do and say, exactly how Miscavige wants him to do and say it.”

    Re the above, both HCOB 10 May 72 Robotism, and C/S Series 22 Psychosis, pertain to the above and are applicable to both Davis and Miscavige. While he may be a “good kid”, in actuality, we’re all basically good. But case is case and the bottom line is there’s no excuse for letting our banks run rampant out of session, whether it’s PTSness, psychosis, robotism, or anything else. In that I agree with the old man.

  80. I never met Tommy and I have nothing personally against him. If he left the Sea Org and needed help, Amy and I would help him like any other ex-Sea Org member trying to choose a new life.

    I will say this, if Tommy has to be in the Sea Org I’m glad he is the churches PR and spokes person. As Miscaviges mouth piece he has done more damage to radical Scientology than all the whistle blowers combined. I wish he would speak to the media every day.

  81. Thanks for another great video Marty and Mike. I could completely picture you all sitting there with DM writing out in long hand what to say! I can imagine it was hard to read what he was writing sometimes, because he does not have the greatest handwriting in the world!

    As for your viewpoint on Tommy Davis, I agree completely with you. I don’t know him at all. Never met him. But like the rest of us who worked closely with DM for years and years, we all did things and said things to others that we would not be proud of and would not do ourselves if given the choice.

    And like all of us who have left, there is forgiveness out here in the real world. There is love and forgiveness for those who seek it and take responsiblity for their past transgressions in the name of DM.

    So as was said earlier in this blog: “Mike Rinder blew and so can you!”

    Here is hoping that Tommy Davis and others heed these words and walk away into the open arms of your friends on the outside. Former comrades who understand what you are going through and will forgive you in the end.

  82. Sam,
    Wonderful post.

  83. Tom,
    We’re moving through all this, and getting up above. I’m not sure there’s any way else to go, but through. That means f’ing up sometimes. But the character you maintain is the deal and you are one hell of a man of character. I’m proud to have you with me on this journey, and feel soooo much better you’re there.

  84. I knew Tommy too. He was on KTL with me before he joined the SO. He was a great guy. Very sweet, funny and, at that time, seemed very sane. This is all so sad.

  85. Raul,
    Anyone would be a very piss poor PR person having to totally use Dear Leader logic to cover up or deny abuse, criminality as acknowledged by a US Court in the Headley case and deny truth.

  86. ExIntStaffMember

    The very few times I interacted with TD he was indeed a sweet guy. The fact that you acknowledge this – despite Tommy publicly attempting to rip you a new one at the behest of DM – is a tribute to your own greatness as a man. As you have observed, I don’t think Tommy is the psycho that DM is. I believe there will be a time – hopefully in the near future – when he finally can’t take it anymore and he will show up on your doorstep. That will happen when he – at long last – tires of telling the world that DM never, ever has done the things that DM must be doing to TD on a daily basis. Sadly, perhaps Tommy has already attempted to knock on your door and has been forcibly prevented from doing so. Many thanks for this posting on your blog. It brightened my day, as Virtues always do.

  87. Thanks Jimmy and the feeling is mutual, for sure. We have one hell of a journey ahead of us and need all of the character and characters we can muster (hint to all you lurkers), You either have an army of ten or an army of ten thousand and it would be a lot easier and a lot quicker with an army of a million.

    Are you down in Florida now?

    ML Tom

  88. one of those who see

    Had a cognition this morning. One of those ones where things become a simplicity. I realized what I am protesting. When facing challenges the Church descended down the tone scale to handle and into MEST, Force-Reactive. Instead of Disagreeing and in the face of challenges go up the tone scale and handle problems from a more spiritual, theta view point. The theta view point is there in the tech. We just have to choose to go that route.
    Marty’s differentiation is on the more theta route.

    I think it is quite an ARCX and very unbelievable to people that the Church took the route that it did. And therefore very understandable that it is taking some time for people to fully confront it.

    So, well done to all those who see.

  89. one of those who see

    Wow! Excellent

  90. one of those who see

    Hear, Hear!

  91. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    It’s quite “Lu Lu” to believe there were no Cush jobs in the Sea Org..


    Both posts created by the tool that never made it into the tool box — DAVID MISCAVIGE

    Hope that clarifies possible confusion.


  92. theystolemychurch

    I was thinking I was going to have to send you a good pair of needle nose pliers… to help with that fish hook! I kept looking at that and wondering? Can’ wait until I am sitting there fishing alongside some wonderful people!~ LOL

  93. theystolemychurch

    Per LRH it is called “What is Greatness” and I completely agree.

  94. theystolemychurch

    “We know the guy’s a troll, we know we can’t attain true freedom without him, but what are you going to do to help us?”


    Can’t attain true freedom? Really? Wow!

  95. theystolemychurch

    You are just awesome! Thank you! Your advice is so helpful… please keep it up!

  96. theystolemychurch

    Sadly, this recognition of Tommy Davis will get him into some serious trouble with his shithead senior… Sorry Tommy. Keep your chin up and we will look for you in the sunshine.

  97. Hey Mike and Marty, Thanks for the great posts lately. I don’t always get the time to get through all the comments, though I do get a lot out of this huge comm line when I can.

    I’m glad you guys can relax a bit during the battles; Are the fish in the canal any good for dinner? I’m BBQing a pacific sockeye tomorrow, even if it snows here.

  98. Steve: the “whole track prison warden” remark was clearly aimed at Co$ public and no one else.
    Michael A. Hobson

  99. Barney Rubble

    Will be out in your area Thursday. Let me know if you want a secret hook up.

  100. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that Tommy Davis is basically a really nice kid. It is so clear from hearing him and watching videos of him that he is so extremely unhappy and under the thumb of DM that he feels he has no choice but to comply with the command to make ludicrous, false statements and to deny, deny, deny, no matter how sad and silly it makes him look.

    I am waiting for the day when he can sit down with John Sweeney (as Mike did), and explain the duress he was under when he systematically goaded Sweeney into his apoplectic rage. It will be a wonderful moment of closure when Tommy finally comes to his senses. He’s blown once, the seeds of doubt and unhappiness have been planted deep. Eventually another emotional tidal wave will come, bringing those doubts to the surface again. And this time there will be many more resource out there for Tommy to mine. The continued defection of prominent high level Scientologists from DM’s Asylum of Ego, and the proliferation of blogs like this and like Jeff’s, mean that the next time Tommy decides to blow, he’ll actually be able to get away for good and find safe haven with people who know where he’s been and want to support him as he recovers in the aftermath of that trauma.

    Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  101. Tory Christman

    Yeah…another good one, Marty. I believe what you’ve written is true
    of just about anyone still “in”.

    As much as I left because of “Dave”—-and ALL the crap he dished out to
    we OT 7’s…..I’d still give him the same consideration, IF he were to wake
    up and finally leave, which of course should happen ..mmmmmm……in
    just about 400 years. 🙂

    Meantime, I agree with what Mike and others have said, that Tommy has been a huge help to all of us out. He, along with little Tommy, have shown
    bright lights on the very abuses they try so hard to insist don’t occur.

    Did anyone know John Bezazian? (He was “in” back in the 50’s—and fought the group ever since he was tied down to ‘get off his w/h’s”. He passed away 2 days ago, FYI). May he R.I. P. My best, Tory/Magoo

  102. Tommy’s recordings confirm the same outpoint so excellently pointed out by Anderson Cooper. If Tommy can give all these details about Marty beating people up, why was nothing done about it then? Why was it allowed to happen so many times? Why didn’t anyone pick up the phone and call the police? That is complete proof of the church’s own complicity in the matter. That is called “caught red-handed.”

  103. The camera happy critter will become famous.

  104. Yes, especially priceless is mid-rant he snaps “Joe, look at me when I’m talking to you!”

    I had something of an epiphany about this. No doubt Tommy is basically good, but per Suppressives and GAEs lecture he has gone into a suppressive valence. To him it is the “winning” valence. There has been a lot of chatter on this board and others about why OSA continues to lie and cover up the abuses and crimes, and indeed perpetuate them. It is because, IMHO, it is still the “winning” valence. Somehow, collectively, we haven’t achieved the result of enough So, and especially OSA, realising that is simply isn’t winning anything, except widescale public ridicule for the “Church”. Oh well, back to work….

  105. Great to see you and hear that laugh. I really enjoy your talks.

    I could not imagine you turning Tommy away should he and when he turns up at your door step for help. I often think of the many friends left behind, and today wouldn`t mind even being friends with Ben Shaw, although… I can just see him sneer to Charlie Earl who in turn rolls his eyes and walks away. And Peter Mansell makes his chuckle and says something witty to Pat Harney and they all feel good with themselves. But however I play the circumstances, I can not help but like them (even Ben..a little) and wish for a re-union sans the SP influence.

  106. Why you think there’s no tickets at the door?

  107. Nah, he a very bad spokesperson for the Radical Church (he did us great favors with his PR flaps). But then again, only a bad to the bone SP could do a good defeatist job.

  108. Watching Eyes

    Thank you. If you’re living outside the US and trying to get a repayment/refund, make sure you cc the US Ambassador to your country AND your Ambassador to the US. A key point here is that the last thing the cult wants is to be on any government’s radar.

  109. +1 Kirsi

  110. Astute observation Martin.

  111. Found the source on this from 2nd Aug 66 “Suppressives and GAEs”:

    “Now the reason he got to be a bad boy was by switching valences. He had a bad boy over there, and he then in some peculiar way got into that bad boy’s valence….Man is basically good, but he mocks up evil valences and then gets into them…and one day he becomes the other fellow, see, in a valence shift or a whole complete package of personality.”

    From the same lecture: “In addition to that, he will not complete a cycle of action, but if he occasionally does complete a cycle of action and finds out about it, he will then reverse it…”

  112. Hi Lucy;

    That’s true, tragic as it is. I’m not sure if it was LRH or Mary Sue who once said, ‘We’ll pick them up next time.’

    I think in some of these particular cases, ser facs are too strong. Having invested so much, lost so much, asserted the ‘rightness’ to such a great extent, they are doomed.

    What they don’t care about, that in their race to doomnation, they are contributing to the attempts by some to doom the rest of us.

    Marty and others here have an understanding and hence empathy for TD. Well, I too understand and have empathy, but as far as I’m concerned, sit his ass on a pike for all to see.

    When his ethics change, then he can start working the conditions. Until then, he’ll get no kind words from me.

    Mean old Bobo

  113. Bodil — Nice comment!

    From ISE, 1974 edition, THE PURPOSE OF ETHICS:

    “Man of course has a tremendous reaction to something called justice or what he laughingly calls justice. But man has no understanding to back up any of his hangings that he commits himself to and in fact has no real justice because it has no end product. Its total end product, if you call it one, is punishment.”

    Above is described the two extremes — RS justice and wog justice.

    We Independents use the following from the same reference:

    “All that Ethics is for — the totality of the reason for its existence and operation — is simply that additional tool necessary to make it possible to apply the technology of Scientology.”

    We Independents look kindly upon “ethics change” and, thus, Move On Up a Little Higher. Hallelujah!

  114. Even weirder — why would Marty (such a “bad, bad guy”) be chosen to audit the most famous celebrity in the history of Scientology? That makes NO sense at all.

  115. Lovin all the middle-road goin on here.

    ML Tom

  116. Leak from DM meeting with Travolta:

    DM: Thanks for coming and helping me with this, John.
    JT: Glad to be able to help, Dave.
    DM: OK, let’s get right to it. Here, take this puppet, you’re Larry King.
    JT: Hey, it looks like Heber.
    DM: It’s left over from some training I was doing with Heber. Just mock it up as Larry.
    JT: Ha ha, I like the suspenders you’ve added.
    DM: I forgot to tell you, we’re fishing. Larry and I are fishing.
    JT: OK, “We’ve got David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Church of Scientology here on the fishing boat today!”
    DM: No no, John, I think Larry should say, ‘Ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology’ instead. Here, take this rod to make it more real. Ha ha, that’s almost a pun isn’t it?
    JT: “Fishing with David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology!” How’s that?
    DM: Oh yeah. OK, so…hey, remember how I was directing you in those Battlefield Earth scenes? OK, so can you just slump the puppet over, more like Larry’s posture?
    JT: Sure, how’s this?
    DM: More slouch, more slouch…
    JT: How about now?
    DM: Perfect. OK, let me have the first question on the list.
    JT: OK. “Mr. Miscavige, you’ve precided over the largest growth the Church of Scientology has ever…”
    DM: Wait, wait, wait. Don’t say ‘precided over’, say ‘orchestrated’ or ‘spearheaded’ or better yet, say ‘personally driven’ maybe ‘relentlessly personally driven the explosive growth’.
    JT: ‘With admirable dedication and at great personal cost, you’ve personally accomplished the highest levels of expansion your church has ever seen in its history’.
    DM: Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactly! Wow! Perfect! OK, “Thank you Larry. Yes, I have, but I’m not here to talk about me. I’d like to just stay on the subject of Scientology if you don’t mind.”
    JT: Um…hold on a second Dave, do you think he’ll ask about the beatings?
    DM: Beatings? There are no beatings to talk about, John. Jeez. Let’s not forward the enemy line here. Do the question.
    JT: OK, sorry. Ah, “What does Scientology have to offer the world?”
    DM: That’s the next question?? Hmm…maybe we should go over a few points about myself first after all, I did spearhead the largest expansion the church has ever experienced. I’m sure people are interested in that.
    JT: OK. “To what do you attribute your great success?” How’s that?
    DM: Great! Great! Add that to the list! Help me formulate a good answer…
    JT: Ah, how about something like, ‘I apply the principles of Scientology to get these types of results’ ?
    DM: Arf. No. Let’s not bring up Scientology quite yet. Let’s cover me first, just to get that out of the way.
    JT: OK, how about…
    DM: I got it! Here, ‘My work ethic, the long hours I put in, I get the least amount of sleep of anyone in the United States, I take no time off, I…”
    JT: I think that might be a little…
    DM: Don’t cut me off…’I take no other time for anything else, I found I have a talent for leadership, I’m no-nonsense.’ Give me the next question on the list.
    JT: Ok, let’s see…”I see you have a really nice motorcycle.”
    DM: “Yes, Larry, but I get no time to ride, what with being too busy spearheading the unprecedented growth of my church.”
    JT: (cough) “I see you’re best friends with Tom Cruise.”
    DM: “Yes, Larry, but we don’t get to spend enough time together, what with me being constantly busy spearheading the unprecedented growth of my church.”
    JT: “The erection of your vast array of brand new Scientology cathedrals over the last few years certainly is astounding!”
    DM: Whoah! Whoah! Maybe you shouldn’t say ‘erection’. Use ‘construction’. I actually did pound a nail in a board one time.
    JT: (sneeze) Dave, I really think you need to have some writers work on this script before we drill it. (cough) Besides, I really have to go now.
    DM: Before you go can you just help me write a really good closing line for my the end of my fishing video, where I pull that rat Rinder and that turncoat bum Rathbun out of the ocean on the end of my fishing line?
    JT: Ah…I really do have to go right now, Dave.
    DM: Wait, wait…how about having Larry say, “Your administrative skills are legendary…you’ve earned quite a reputation, having personally rescued the fastest growing religion in the two-thousand years from ruin!” Howzat?
    JT: Fine, I gotta go. (cough, cough)
    DM: (unintelligible)

  117. Priceless! H

  118. Marty, you’ve just sealed Tommy’s fate. Soon as Misscabbage reads this blog entry, TD will be thrown into the Hole because, of course, to a paranoid, fucked up A=A mind, Tommy’s now your ally.

    But maybe you knew that.

  119. Huck,

    I doubt if Miscavige would be so stupid as to chuck Ann Archer’s son in the hole.

    More likely he has him covered by some of his trusted watchers.

    This is what he does with high value targets when he doesn’t want to create a flap by disappearing them in his personal Camp X-ray.

  120. You are right of course, Sam.

    Maybe I was just in a bad mood when I wrote that, or perhaps it’s because lying to the people who are supposed to be on your side, and have given you their trust, is a BIG button for me.

    I’m sure that deep down, Tommy really is a good person. But that isn’t really a surprise, the vast majority of Scientologists I have met have been really decent, caring people.

    The point I was trying to make was that Tommy has surely seen enough to be able to see the truth, he just can’t confront it. I would love to see him leave the madness behind and end up at Casablanca Tejas. Not just for the embarrassment it would cause the Tiny Tyrant™, but for his own sake. We’ve seen him driven to the point of hysteria, he surely can’t be too far away from a mental collapse.

    For anyone who is still a member of the CoS, read what Marty, Mike and Sam say about a person who has been absolutely beastly to them. When did you last hear anyone in your ‘church’ show such compassion to someone on the ‘other side of the fence’?


  121. I love having found this blog. From what I understand most of you here are former members of the CoS, have left the church, but still believe in Scientology right? As somebody who has been watching the CoS for years and has seen those videos in which some of you were the crazy looking people that I was simultaneously pissed off at and also felt sorry for, I’d like to congratulate you and thank you. Thank you for standing up for yourself. Congratulations on summoning the strength to take that gigantic step. Now, please keep on questioning the things you were taught in the CoS. How do you think the church got to the place it is? Other religions have had some crazy leaders, but they’ve never gotten to this point. There was a reason DM succeeded LRH as leader, because he was the closest match in abilities, personality, and sanity. The whole religion was set up by LRH to begin with as a way to control people and take their money, the current version of the church has just gone further down that path. You do know that LRH stated on record that the best way to make money would be to start a religion, right? And you know that he was a science fiction writer beforehand? And you’re aware that he and his wife broke into government buildings to steal negative reports about CoS? That’s exactly the type of “controlling the message” behaviour that DM exhibits. He has merely taken Scientology to its logical conclusion, and quite frankly I’m glad that a more reasonable man did not take control of the CoS, because hopefully his excesses will show you the folly of the writings and character of LRH.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Most religions have gotten to this point and far beyond – only it was centuries ago and many folk don’t care much for history.

  123. This post on Tommy has really helped me. As an outsider, and horrified by the CoS stories I read, I found myself holding too much negativity towards the CoS executives. When I first saw Mike Pinder on YouTube in his former official role, I just defaulted to the mindset of… man, what a jerk he seems like. This was 2 hours before I even knew he had left the organization, by coming across another video. With Mike broken free and speaking up now, I began to feel empathy. But something still bothered me; I assumed upper management people were all ‘in on it’, as reflected by their behavior and assumed high salaries (I thought), and I just couldn’t fully release my anger towards him despite his obvious caring nature which I now realize. Then Mike stated in an interview that he too was just a paid slave, so to speak, with that patented low weekly salary. I read later that he was doing manual type of labor prior to doing spokesperson work? Whatever the case, that sealed the deal for me. I went from calling him a jerk, to now wishing I was his friend. Tommy still ticks me off a little, but this post about him really helps me put it all into perspective. Key is the opinion of ex-CoS members who reveal to me that Tommy has a good side to him, but he is being heavily influenced and probably just makes some bad choices, like we all do. And I assume now that his own wallet is probably empty of any decent salary. So I thank you for giving me some insight on how to thwart my own angry tendencies towards this organization, as a being a member of the public. The years are piling up though; I hope the goodness in Tommy will take reign soon. Else I might just start getting ticked off again. lol Does this all mean I am eventually going to forgive David himself? I sort of like not being an all-loving human right now. 🙂

    So as an outsider… you ex-CoS members have taught me two main things:

    -The CoS corporation itself has serious flaws, but the teachings and wisdom of LRH are not only valid but probably useful. Prior, I would turn my back on anything scientology related. Now I have learned there are options (aka, indies). On another ex-CoS site I even read quotes from Hubbard expressing his concern if greed and profits overcame the organization, etc. That info may have taken me years to come across. I think Hubbard did have some negative aspects to himself, but I am no longer cancelling out everything.

    -Pretty much all CoS ranks are subjected to hard work, unfair treatment, and low salary. At least the full-time working members. If I ever meet a CoS spokesperson in person, I will be sure and give them $100 or something, so they can treat themselves. 🙂

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