Miscavige Birthday Con Part II

Just when you thought the LRH Birthday couldn’t be more degraded by David Miscavige.

In the event you consider my use of the term con or my linking of David Miscavige as the master of the con are over-reaching, please review the following:

The Hijacking of the International Association of Scientologists

International Association of Shills


172 responses to “Miscavige Birthday Con Part II

  1. Why am I not surprised? Notice the truly dishonest positioning of this disgusting Gift-a-thon with LRH’s wishes for expansion for his Birthday. LRH wanted expansion of the delivery of Scientology services, not expansion of church members’ debts and frequency of bankruptcies. He also did not want expansion of the decadent opulent lifestyle that is showered on David Miscavige by the IAS at Miscavige’s command. Chalk about another one for the Squirrel King. Puke.

  2. David Lingenfelter

    Gift to LRH? Flush out the SP, NOT give more energy to him.

    Seems the proofreader needed some sleep. The last sentence has a homonym error.

  3. Tony DePhillips

    Man!! That is corny.
    That was one of the reasons my wife and I resigned was all this corny and continual financial pressure.
    What a game! My wife and I donated thousands and still I (like everyone else) was treated like a criminal every sixth months with all the sec checking. What a waste of money that was!! Sorry if I sound like a broken record but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    As an aside, it is so much fun just living life now. There are so many ways to grow and help others. You can do as much or as little as you want without being pestered all the time. Plus the junk mail stopped coming too!! 🙂

  4. How utterly embarrassing to think my deceased husband & I actually paid into that scam. We know it was off-policy and made no sense yet we gave anyway. Yes, it was years ago but does the embarrassment ever go away? I’m starting to think not.

    Note this down OSA. I still want that money back.

  5. Beyond disgusting. Quite a leap there, in the opening paragraphs: LRH said he wanted expansion, so we’re giving him … expanded IAS donations!

    Any mention at all of PURPOSE? How about production of org PRODUCTS? Uh, no. Donations, donations, donations. I guess that’s a “Scientologist’s” product these days. I coulda sworn LRH said something else. I must have had an MU. Oh, wait – I’ll bet all the LRH issues mentioning such things were sabotaged by the evil transcribers and typists! Thaaat’s it! Fortunately for Ron and the rest of the world, the Chairman of the Bullshit uncovered their insidious plot, and is working day and night to set things straight. You can see it in the stats! Auditors Made, Well Done Auditing Hourse, Releases, Clears and OTs, Value of Services Delivered, New People In… Huh? What’s that? Oh, those are old? Background data? Not used anymore? I see.

    I wonder if staff members (or anyone) ever see the original birthday game LRH EDs anymore. (No, I really don’t wonder.)

    As Marty’s said, prepare to deliver.

  6. I need a barf bag. Sorry, I take a walk now.

  7. A staff member from the local org who hasn’t talked to me in over 15 years called me to ask for a donation to the IAS recently. I told him that I wasn’t interested in donating to the IAS and it wasn’t on my list of charities that I would support with contributions. That I was more interested in supporting things like the local crisis nursery, the Winter homeless shelter, transition services for foster youth who were aging out of foster care, the SPCA, etc. He invited me to a upcoming IAS event and I told him that I wasn’t interested in attending a fundraiser for a charity that I don’t support. I sure that, even with that measured response, that I am now on the “people we hate” list.

  8. Oops. “Hours,” not “hourse.” Aiieee! I was possessed by a Mimeo Typist!

  9. Brad Greenwood

    This is insane! He is doing this at the very worst time. This greatly demonstrates his obsession with fundraising for dubious projects.

  10. What a totally degraded promo piece – how pathetic can it get?

    On the bright side though, it is just one more piece of evidence that the dictatorship is crumbling, perhaps more rapidly than we supposed.

  11. So now the birthday game is about donating to the IAS?! I have a suggestion for DM in his constant pursuit of degrading Scientology. He needs to create to IAS OT Levels. You can rise to higher states of OT by just donating money and you won’t be limited to OT 8. Imagine reaching OT 10 for a million dollars, OT 20 for 10 million. This might sound absurd, but at the rate he’s going it could happen.

  12. It’s a con alright. Here in Sweden there are very few left who still buy this IAS donations bullshit, very few. My estimate is that it is now down to 5% or less of the earlier active members.

  13. This must be an Anon shoop or wind-up. This can NOT be for real.

  14. Utterly despicable. Not a single mention of making Clears or Auditors, anywhere. Retch!

  15. moneca ryane

    Ha, ha, ha – I will donate one wooden nickel. Its about all this is worth.

    Looks like DM is working on building his get away war chest.

    And – like its been said a million times here, expansion is about delivery of services, not building Idle Morgue.

    Pass the barf bag yet again.

  16. Tom Gallagher


    UGH! I’m experiencing a Puke-fest…………

  17. Good God!

    Money is supposed to be created through SERVICE AND DELIVERY!

    Raising money through the IAS has NOTHING to do with the Birthday Game.

    The IAS is utterly off-policy. Although I do agree that at this point, COB will need a billion and a half dollars for his legal defense fund.

    Wake up OSA!

  18. Firebreathing Frog


    LRH told me once in a letter, to never ever reg donation – nor to give any.

    I asked him if I could show his letter, his answer was simply:
    “No Hidden Data Line in Scientology” Use and show policies instead.

    I have a copy of IMB116 with several reference on the subject, to handle it with Scientology, selling auditing and training and never reg donation.

    Today, an Off-Policy / Squirrel order is associated with LRH birthday game.

    What’s really hurts my guts, is that every thing David Miscavige does, he position it with LRH or as “In Policy” and/or “In Tech”. Or to get the “Tech Pure.”

    He HAS to say this to gain the agreement of the mob.

    And he is getting compliance to the most out-tech off-policy order.

    Utterly discussing.

  19. Bruce Q Hanmond

    “Expansion is the gift LRH most wanted for his birthday.” Sooooo….. How the heck does getting highest ever donations to IAS seem like a good substitute?

    It must have something to do with the fact that all horses sleep in beds.

    I am pretty sure LRH had highest ever VFPs or BIS or Saint Hill sized Orgs as the gift he wanted. NOT highest ever money so DM can keep a death grip on the subject of Scientology by destroying the independent field, harassing whistleblowers, generating worst ever PR scene and nightmare scenario flaps.

    Just say’n.

  20. Firebreathing Frog

    Sorry – disgusting

  21. Con, imho, is spot on. I recently had a mail from IASA where “D.D.” recommends members to think of donations as a “good tax”!

    From: IAS Administrations
    Subject: Why we did it!
    Sent: Mon, Mar 5, 2012 6:24:21 AM

    “…I really noticed since the IAS event in 2010 how much we get for our donations in terms of action and campaigns.

    “When I think about what we spend our money on in this society, such as taxes for our government, which could easily be R5,000 (US$650) per month on an average salary in Johannesburg, what do you get for that money?

    “Our roads are terrible, our medical aid non-existent, our government departments are slow and inefficient, and our education… well let’s just say that education has less value every single year than the year before, with less and less able people who leave school riddled with misunderstoods. Yet, one spends R5,000 (US$650) per month on that!?

    “Now look at the IAS.

    “How much have we donated monthly or yearly to the IAS? Compared to taxes?!

    “And what do we get for our donations to the IAS? Campaigns for The Way to Happiness, CCHR, IAS-sponsored Ideal Orgs―the list goes on and on.

    “Maybe that is why we still have problems in this world. We flow money to downstats and not the same amount to upstats! So what we get is downstats in our society!! Of course we have to pay taxes.

    “But I feel that we have to, each and every one of us, flow lots more money to the IAS, and start flowing power to upstat activities and maybe we will one day have a more upstat society!!

    “So part of my monthly “bills” will be my IAS payment as of right now!!

    “By getting the Centennial Lifetime Memberships for our children, I feel that my husband and I have really postulated the future for them in Scientology! I am very pleased and both children are both very aware of their new status and so happy about it, because they are truly part of the team now!

    “Thanks to Ron for making the IAS a possibility for us, for putting Scientology there to handle a crazy world and bringing sanity and prosperity to us!”

  22. Ugh. Hope they get the lowest ever.

  23. TroubleShooter

    I just can’t find much to admire right now about those staff and public who are demonstrating their loyalty to the direction cob David Miscavige has taken the church. The above post and the earlier one showing the 15 point birthday game bonus for making a money target with the IAS is such a slap in the face a cold water dip a ride through the funny farm an assault on the tech and policy. I need a walk …it’s just so offensive and the blatent manner in which the crime of it all is being waved in everyones faces as the greatest show on earth.

    A friend and I were talking last night and we both saw what we believe to be non-scientology security now being posted and used in major locations where the fear of the SPs showing up is the greatest. cob David Miscavige’s is in terror at this point, desparate and terrified.

    The only thing that makes me feel good when I see such gross crap like that above promo is knowing that he’s going down in humiliating flames PUBLICALLY , the lies and crimes purged by the truth in the light of day.

  24. Wait… a pretty box AND a big birthday cake?

  25. Simply disgusting.

    LRH never sanctioned this sort of crap.

    The IAS – fraudulently bilking the church’s parishioners

    No exchange = criminal.

    The IAS is one of the biggest scams going

    I kick myself in the ass knowing I contributed to that group arrrghhh

  26. As appalling as this seems, I wonder if this isn’t total panic! Not sure as I am not familiar with the methods of donating. I have skimmed over a few ads similar, but as a bystander I find this really really obnoxious! Have they always been this obviously desperate!

  27. This gift a thon is to recognise that lrh wanted expansion. It is in addition to the expansion not replace it. It is like a celebration of the expansion. Another way to flourish and prosper. When expansion is so great why not donate?

  28. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I thought Debbie Cook wrote, that the IAS already had over a billion $ stashed up – and now they want more???! And they´re calling it “production” – “in the game where everyone wins”. Everyone??? Who wins the most? And they´re paying people to come, and act like scientologist, since not many real ones will be showing up…….GOOD LUCK! Hope you meet your target! Probably many more will be leaving the “church” after this. Unprecedented expansion my bare ass!!!

  29. Cowboy Poet

    Words of encouragement for those who have yet to cast aside the shackles…

    The Declaration

    I’ve been forgiven for my anger,
    been pardoned for my faults
    It never was in writin’
    but came to me in thoughts.

    I don’t need your holy blessings
    your approval or your church.
    To know that what I’m after
    Is above how you besmirch
    The things that really matter
    Those things that we all search.

    That you should think that you so own
    the monopoly on freedom’s throne.
    Is past the point of decency;
    it belies the rules of right and wrong.
    And consequently I disown
    Your authority,
    that now is gone.

  30. It is just LRHs – KSW….
    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia-

  31. With the gift a thon box in every org we can all celebrate the expansion and also know which org has expanded the most at the game conclusion. It stands to reason the org that is expanding the most also has winning public who flourish and prosper and can gift the most.

  32. This reminds me of one of my favourite Benny Hinn (Evangelical TV preacher) speech in which he said:

    “As a christian it is your duty to preach the word of the lord”.

    After a few sentences that reinforced that concept in with bible quotes he then explained that:

    “donating to my church is the same as preaching the word of the lord”.

    What we see here is:

    “LRH wanted expansion.”

    “The birthday game is about expansion”

    “Donating to the IAS is the same as expansion”.

  33. A friend of mine once told me that he asked Heber about the IAS well before he disappeared. He said Heber’s response was that nothing should get in the way of training and auditing. It was his nice way of saying that it’s a distraction and off-policy. No wonder Davey boy targeted Heber long ago.

  34. one of those who see

    A complete distraction from delivering Scientology, violates “Solve it with Scientology,” violates “What your donations buy.” Again, where is it written where LRH wanted Direct Donations pushed???? And…Childish and Boring. Another somewhat camouflaged high pressure reg cycle.

    On the other hand, was reading success stories last night from The Independent Field that brought tears to my eyes. People are winning and going free. So let’s see. I would choose….

  35. Management in the Church is indeed a thing of the past. The farmer mentality would be to use beans to grow more beans. This is what management is supposed to be doing. But Church management is long gone. No more “Get donations in for service.” It is just get donations in for “no service”. Exchange factor 1 is rip-off exchange or no exchange.

    When I was in management we always marvelled at the fact that IAS could make more money in one week than AOLA, ASHOD and ASHOF combined. Yet they didn’t give anything tangible or exchangeable in return. Then we spotted it, what IAS gave in return for the public’s donations was “hope”. It took a little while to spot it for what it was; a hustle using fear to bilk money out of parishoners.

    What a SCAM this has now turned into.

    ML Tom

  36. Note how suttle the cob mentallity seeps into society:

    “Thanks to Ron for making the IAS a possibility for us”

    Ron made the IAS possible??? How frickin clueless the sheeple are!!!! Ron had ZERO to do with the formation, operatioin, fuctions or structure of the IAS. I have read every HCO PL – never came across a single thing about the IAS.

    And what the hell is “Centennial Lifetime Memberships”??? Need a score card to keep track of this shit.

    This shows just how mislead the herd is….

    “…pressure and time…”

  37. One’s “production” is their I.A.S. donation? I will match David Miscavige’s donation to the I.A.S.! How much has he donated to the I.A.S.?

    Have they closed down that R.P.F. camp for little kids yet in Australia that was all over the news? Where is CCHR (another official begging team) when you need them? Where is the I.A.S. when you need them?

    “Donate to the Internal Revenue Service of the Church of Scientology”. That is what the flyer should read. Int Managment (David Miscavige) is running the Internal Revenue Service for the Church.

    Who is protecting the subject of Scientology and standing up for human rights The I.A.I.! (International Association of Independents) Which group has expanded? The I.A.I.! What are we giving L.R.H. for his birthday? We are practicing standard Scientology and we are getting ourselves and one another up the bridge. We are making ourselves and one another matter in the forming of a better world. We are holding on to our hats, our loyalty, our rights, and our ability to speak the truth and live with the trust.

    The I.A.S. does not have, and will never have, enough cash to suppress the entire planet. David has given them an unattainable goal.

  38. Great causes you support! Thank you for helping the children!

  39. Huh??

    ” When expansion is so great why not donate? ”

    Aside from Birthday Game stats being one big goose egg, please show me where this expansion is happening – no, not buildings – REAL expansion??

  40. Also I just cognited that this is a gift not a donation. This really blew me away. Now we have two ways to expand through the ias: gifts and donations. I hope there can be another type of ias status recognition for gifting like there is for donating. This is so awesome. We should all go for gifting the same amount as we have already donated. By my calculations that would be double the total amount already collected by donation if everyone met this target. If only I could get 10 percent fsm commission for coming up with the idea. Of course I wouldn’t keep it. I would divide it in half and gift one half and donate the other half but my double status would be simply OT.

  41. LOL,

    mum, you crack me up.

    Thanks for the chuckles 🙂

  42. Maybe its just an op designed to kill off all the independents by making us all gag to death.

  43. Cowboy Poet

    Chairman of the Bullshit

  44. Another Layer

    “Looks like DM is working on building his get away war chest.”
    Great point!
    Yes, this added/inapplicable element to the Birthday Game has the feel of desperation to it. Who will be left to do the blow drill on Miscavige when he blows with his ill-gotten gains? Wait … perhaps he is cementing relations with Columbia, or some small South American or African country, in advance of buying a country that has no extradition agreements with the United States.

  45. ThetaPotata

    I remember going to an IAS event years ago where the speaker inferred that the IAS needs the money because in order to be sessionable you need to be well fed and there are starving children in Africa that can’t get their auditing because they’re not sessionable. Like a dummy, I thought wow… that’s really noble. Now, older and hopefully a little wiser, I realize that they would say anything. It was always just a stat push to see how much money they can pound out of the “Marks.”

  46. Gag-a-thon

  47. Secret footage of Tom Cruise being drilled for the next event:

  48. The insane-a-thon just gets more & more bizzare. Miscavige is so far past the point of no return he’s criminally insane.

  49. Firebreathing Frog: “LRH told me once in a letter, to never ever reg donation – nor to give any.
    I asked him if I could show his letter, his answer was simply:
    ‘No Hidden Data Line in Scientology’ Use and show policies instead.”

    Hello, do you still have this letter from LRH?
    Could you show us a copy of this letter, somehow, if the letter still exists?

    I heard from a friend that years ago there was a project running to collect all private LRH communication from the public.
    There were many ARCx in the field because of this and it didn’t make sense to us back then.
    Bot now it makes absolutley sense. It’s a kind of purge of LRHs legacy going on.

  50. “Thanks to Ron for making the IAS a possibility for us…”
    “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true.”

  51. Ronnie Bell

    I’ll take “What is Patron Meritorious status’ for $100, Alex.

  52. The Virtues
    L. Ron Hubbard
    “If one were to think over how he or she would like to be treated
    by others, one would evolve the human virtues.
    Just figure out how you would want people to treat you.
    “You would possibly, first of all, want to be treated JUSTLY:
    you wouldn’t want people lying about you
    or falsely or harshly condemning you. Right?
    “You would probably want your friends and companions
    to be LOYAL: you would not want them to betray you.
    “You could want to be treated with GOOD
    SPORTSMANSHIP, not hoodwinked nor tricked.
    “You would want people to be FAIR in their dealings
    with you. You would want them to be HONEST
    with you and not cheat you. Correct?
    “You might want to be treated KINDLY
    and without cruelty.
    “You would possibly want people to be CONSIDERATE
    of your rights and feelings.

    “When you were down, you might like others to
    “Instead of blasting you, you would probably want
    others to exhibit SELF-CONTROL. Right?
    “If you had any defects or shortcomings, if you made a mistake,
    you might want people to be TOLERANT, not critical.
    “Rather than concentrating on censure and punishment,
    you would prefer people were FORGIVING. Correct?
    “You might want people to be BENEVOLENT
    toward you, not mean or stingy.
    “Your possible desire would be for others to BELIEVE
    IN YOU, not doubt you at every hand.
    “You would probably prefer to be given RESPECT,
    not insulted.
    “Possibly you would want others to be POLITE
    to you and also treat you with DIGNITY. Right?
    “You might like people to ADMIRE you.
    “When you did something for them you would

    possibly like people to APPRECIATE you. Correct?
    “You would probably like others to be FRIENDLY toward you.
    “From some you might want LOVE.
    “And above all, you wouldn’t want these people
    just pretending these things, you would want them to be
    quite real in their attitudes and to be acting with INTEGRITY.”

  53. martyrathbun09

    Sorry for forwarding the op if that was their intention.

  54. Miscavige isn’t doing it for the money anymore. He’s trying to justify his pitiful existence with a ‘product’.
    Reminder Dave (and OSA squirrels) Money is not a product it’s an exchange for a product that the crippled church can no longer produce.
    Camouflaged hole much?
    Davey you know you’re on your way out; leave with SOME dignity man! Getting other people to beg for money for you is shamefully low – even for you.

  55. I guess DM lost out on the above, huh?

  56. Perhaps one needs to distinguish Apples from Oranges, mum. Wake up and smell the coffee!

    LRH wanted expansion of the religion Scientology in terms of more auditing and training, resulting in individuals moving up higher in their states of being. That’s what the birthday game is all about.

    Your gift a thon is a complete perversion of the LRH Birthday game, where he wanted no more MEST Birthday gifts – donations are MEST, no? In the early 80’s LRH birthday gifts received and seen by him, kept & put in storage over the years filled up a two story hotel building at the Int Base called Del Sol. These gifts were repacked and building renovated to house all of WDC, CMO Int and Exec Strata for years, until these guys were moved to the double wides “Hole” building.

    David Miscavige and the IAS is all about expansion of MEST as stated in legal documents, and press releases – empty and non existent Idle Orgs and the 9th Dynamic (cash) IASA reserves, DM’s slush fund for extravagant personal office building and luxury mansions, PIs, Squirrel-busters and expensive shysters in losing causes.

    It sucks to be David Miscavige!

  57. Ronnie Bell

    This gift a thon is to recognise that lrh wanted expansion. It is in addition to the expansion not replace it. It is like a celebration of the expansion.

    Mum, do you know the history of the LRH Birthday Game? It never had a single thing to do with anything but turning out an increasing number of auditors, and satisfied pcs. That was what LRH wanted for his birthday – not cash donations to some secretive slush fund that can hardly justify its existence, and which has shown little tangible product for all of the support its been given.

    “Expansion”? What expansion? Oh, you mean all of those pretty buildings with empty course rooms and HGCs? Let me tell you something, friend. It’s been well documented that the church’s stats on producing new auditors of every class, has dropped 95% over the last thirty years: http://www.friendsoflrh.org/Section2/

    How’s that for an LRH birthday present?

  58. Tom Gallagher


    This song’s for you:

  59. Tom Gallagher

    Question: Is mum an acronym for Madness Under Miscavige?

  60. mum,
    You give English mothers a bad name.

    Have you not noticed that there is no expansion in the David Miscavige Idle Orgs other than square feet of empty space, to celebrate about? What winning public are flourishing and prospering with David Miscavige crush reg tech are you referring to?

  61. Ronnie Bell

    Alright. You got me. Looks like I missed the sarcasm in your post (which I now see downthread). Use a ‘sarc tag’ next time, would’ya? 🙂

  62. +1 gag me with DM’s silver spoon!

  63. Hey, Tony, I had a realization yesterday morning that the church had kept us in continual missed withhold all these years over the facts that we:
    Failed to give that last cent in the pocket.
    Weren’t on course 26 hours a day.
    Weren’t on staff (you DB).
    Weren’t in the Sea Org (double DB).
    Took a day off.
    Went to a baseball game.
    Didn’t remortgage the house AGAIN! (I believe we’ve done at least six–LOL and Gawd Almighty.)
    NOT going to an event!
    NOT buying the umpteenth set of books and lectures.
    Plus all the other “naughty-naughty” situations that they blame, shame, and make you regret!

    This continual state of missed withhold cuts your reach, dumbs you down, and makes you controllable. They just grab hold of your neck collar and walk you down the path in the direction they choose.

  64. Ronnie Bell

    That is a perfect expression of the Code of Honor, Cowboy. Thank you.

  65. RJ 68 Reform Code
    The following passage was extracted from the audio transcript of
    Ron’s Journal ‘68
    , a
    talk by L. Ron Hubbard, beginning at 26:35 through 28:05:
    “You probably read something about the Reform Code, the Reform Code
    of Scientology. We sent out actually, I think, oh I don’t know the total
    international figure, I think in England alone, it was 100,000 mailing and we
    received back anything that the people thought should be corrected.
    “And this resulted in the Reform Code, in which the sec checks were
    cancelled and all old folders on this had been burned, and disconnection is
    cancelled as a relief to those suffering family oppression. It is no longer required
    in SP orders, and the person has to handle. The Fair Game Law was cancelled and
    the prohibition against writing down or recording professional materials was
    made. And this was actually the extent of the Reform Code.
    “The public at large generally thought we were all right. We didn’t have to
    do anything more, but these were just the small items that they did say, so we
    released them as a Reform Code.”

  66. Ronnie Bell

    “Donate to the Internal Revenue Service of the Church of Scientology”. That is what the flyer should read. Int Managment (David Miscavige) is running the Internal Revenue Service for the Church.

    What a spot-on observation. The IAS has indeed become the church’s Internal Revenue Service. How completely ironic that DM would choose to adopt the SP government model for the church.

  67. Hope this helps!

  68. Please tell me you’re kidding.

  69. Ronnie Bell

    Very nice. I’ve never seen this before. Where can I find it?

  70. I had a reverse cognition. I am nothing and the IAS is everything. I’ll be somebody if the IAS acknowledge me. Who is the IAS? We are! Wow I’m me. This reversing is IASing me.

  71. The backs of the donation boxes have a picture of Dave. When its his birthday, the RTC rep in each org rotates the box 180 degrees and sits them on the Payroll Officers desk. This makes it so much easier for staff to hand over the few bucks they do get.

    I remember a time during the Lisa McPherson trial. The FSO was paying so much money for the legal fees each week that the staff were getting little to no pay for months. One week the Finance Director came and saw me as the Treas Sec FSO and told me that the weekly FP (financial plan) had to include full pay. The reason – so they would have the money for the mandatory “donation” for Dave’s gift.

    Let’s see…. 3,500 Sea Org members times $20 = $70,000.

    What really pisses me off is that the FSO donated the most towards Daves “gift” and we were never even credited any extra LRH Birthday Game points!!!

  72. Hey, whatever happened to making a safe space so auditing can occur? Wasn’t that the purpose of the Sea Org? What kind of safe space has David Miscavige created? He has not made a safe space for ANYONE!
    Bitch slapping executives, ordered tortures and abuse. RPF camps for little kids. Protestors in front of the Orgs harassing staff. This is the product. If no clearing is occurring, “putting ethics in” is a futile effort! Where is the SAFE SPACE that was to be created so the auditing could occur? ALTERED IMPORTANCE! It is not SAFE for anyone to get auditing now with their P.C. and ethics files dribbled onto the internet as blackmail and punishment! Staff harassed and humiliated at staff meetings with session data. No wonder there is very little clearing! There is no safe space left for auditing to occur unless one is in the Independent movement! And you OSA people contribute DAILY to making the space UNSAFE for clearing to occur. You have flipped into ANTI clearing purposes and sub purposes!
    Find out who you really are!

  73. PersonalJudas

    This is a troll. People this vacuous can’t possibly exist.

  74. Well, what’s the poor guy supposed to do? It’s hard to expand delivery because auditing and training just don’t work as well as they used to. It’s these modern PCs and students. And anyway, Davy is the only one who can do anything right, and he can’t personally train and audit everybody. That’s just crazy, when he’s needed all over the planet for new Ideal Org openings.

    So, he expands what he can, which happens to be: IAS reserves not being used for humanitarian purposes. Straight up and vertical, man!

  75. Please! DM is an ‘only one’ which make him ‘everybody’, then giving him money makes everybody win. Get it? Especially if it makes you broke and proves you are a loser and he’s the winner.

  76. This boy is getting desperate! What next, homeless on the street corners begging for donations. It’s now becoming amusing especially since church members are going along with it for the sake of their Bridge.

  77. “No Hidden Data Line in Scientology”

    The higher up you go in Scientology Management, through the ranks from an AO through FB to Int, the more hidden data lines you encounter, until eventually “LRH left us Advices on this Matter, which are Confidential” is the ultimate justification to do some stupid, bizarre, off-Policy action.

    The LRH Advices are a hidden data line. I was once told that the fact that there were “# # #” marks at the end of an Advice meant “This means that it is *directly* from LRH and is an LRH order”.

    No you fucking idiots, it means “thats the end of the Telex”.


    The Hidden Data line has killed Scientology.

  78. Bruce Pratt

    De Merchant of Chaos, David Miscavage. is doing what he does. This abomination of the Birthday Game is timed to coincide, more or less, with the goings on in San Antonio. So, the Pope (on an applebox) needs to raise more money for more smoke, more mirrors, more distractions, more lies and of course more fundraising. If the public and staff are so involved in fundraising, they have less opportunity to LOOK. Call me cynical.

  79. Freedom Fighter

    Yeah, I saw an e-mail recently promoting the “LRH Birthday IAS Patron Ball”. WTF??? These guys have totally lost it. The church in no way resembles the organization that LRH built. The IAS is not covered anywhere in policy that was written by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Like an idiot, I dontated tens of thousands of dollars to this squirrel group calling itself the International Association of “Scientologists” and I want every penny of it back. It was gotten under fraudulent means as far as I’m concerned, so I want it back.

  80. PersonalJudas

    The promo piece is not what’s scary. What’s scary is the very real possibility that there are thousands of people who find this completely acceptable and in the same breath, call themselves Scientologists.
    The CoS has been reduced to a Mac religion, where belonging is all and is pursued at any cost. This is the lowest harmonic of the group dynamic. Anonymity in the herd.
    ‘Knowing how to low’ (in the bovine sense).

  81. Interesting. Why is there no obligatory ‘Thanks to COB’ at the end of this? This is his baby not Ron’s! Slight out-point?

  82. Though I have no certs in miscavige-ology, the study of miscavige, I sense this is simply his reaction to Debbie-gate to remind one and all that he has the resources to “squash her like a bug” and anyone else who challenges his rule.

  83. Which reminds me Marty, For the past several years I have seen Church representatives in one form or another in front of your home harassing your clients and your counseling business. They have web sites mocking and humiliating your guests and clients. Mocking you as a failure as a counselor. This must be costing you 300,000.00 a year in lost income to your profession. Which you spent 25 years perfecting and reached the highest levels of trust in the Church, which is evidenced by the fact that they only considered you fit to counsel their “most valuable Scientologist”. The evidence is all over the net in film and on web sites of their efforts to deny you the abilities and skills gains THEY SOLD YOU and certified you as being competent, to perform.
    Certainly if you are not qualified as they say, you are entitled for the 25 years invested in the activity, for your time and effort and sacrifice. They have invested staff and money and time into making your home unsafe for you to live and practice in. They have made it unsafe for you to travel! They have made it unsafe for you to leave you home, as then they work to harass your wife! They have made it unsafe for guests or clients to come to your home. This is ALL on orders and instructions of David Miscavige while he sits in that compound torturing people who walk on egg shells in his midst and taking a pay check for it! I hope you have copy /pasted the web sites dis crediting you and maligning your guests, clients and wife. And I hope the next justice cycle we see going down in a court room is for YOU
    being answered to for all the misery and losses you have born in working to right these wrongs which plague all of us.

  84. How intelligent ! 🙂

  85. martyrathbun09

    TO – thanks, but before each item in the litany you omitted a modifier: tried to.

  86. I just can’t believe it. I’m so happy that I’m out How can monex replace an auditor ?
    My god, this must a hell as a staff.
    The church only wants money from the public……
    so sad……………

  87. “both children are both very aware of their new status and so happy about it, because they are truly part of the team now!”
    Wow…if you don’t donate you aren’t part of the team.

  88. ThetaPotata

    Exactly… when you think of how the IAS has undermined the Orgs it’s amazing. They pound the money out of the Org public so they have much less for Org services. Then, the public are made to feel that they’ve risen to a new “higher state of being” because of their donations to the IAS. Who needs to get auditing? I’ve got the IAS, I’m going OT on the 4th Dynamic through financial donation. What a crock of shit!

  89. Tom Gallagher

    Is that you Random Stranger pulling a fast one?

  90. Question for COB followers reading this blog…Why isn’t an annual financial report available to members? Wouldn’t you like to know where your money goes? Don’t you think you have the right to know? Assuming everything is on the up and up…wouldn’t it be a powerful tool for enlightening public on all the outreach programs the IAS is funding and the need for contant fundraising?

  91. Just in:
    misroute – should be posted under a Debbie Cook v Corporate Scn post. ___________________

  92. That was the latest installment of savescientology.com

  93. The Way To Happiness Book

  94. Tom Gallagher


    Their pushing hopium.

  95. Ronnie Bell

    I really hope this person is just being sarcastic in the extreme. I doubt that a robot troll could even be that empty-headed.

  96. Your sarcasm is so funny. In the RCS the new activity is IASING not AUDITING.
    I was once at an IAS event where they were promoting the different status as kind of a bridge and people were telling their wins about achieving the next status. They had mind blowing wins like:
    I took the responsibilty for the future and iased 100 000 $ and the next day I pulled in 1 Million, I really feel OT now.
    and now I’m working on iasing the next status ! this is expansion ! I’ve lots of debts now but this is no problem as I achieved IAS OT STATUS 2 !
    LOL honestly got some problems to laugh about it, want to cry.
    But I can go to my ias reg and we will be iasing it out and I’ll achieve the next level oh, sorry status.

    Marty you really enturbulated me with that promo for LRH’s birthday.
    I’m really upset about this utter craziness !

  97. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks, Agustin. Been years and years since I read it. I should have asked my wife. She’s been having our kids study TWTH for years.

  98. “That you should think that you so own
    the monopoly on freedom’s throne.
    Is past the point of decency;
    it belies the rules of right and wrong.
    And consequently I disown
    Your authority,
    that now is gone.” – Cowboy
    Hear! Hear! Feels so good!

  99. I can just picture a staff member in the SO or a class V org voicing: Why is it ALL just DONATIONS NOW? What happened to using the tech and moving people up the Bridge? And a “Senior” listening and coming up with swift and sharp rebutal: That is an ENEMY LINE! You need to get with the program! You obviously have other fish to fry! You are off-Purpose! Go to ethics and I expect a full handling and …. and …

    Welcome to the Golden Age of Donations.

  100. Ronnie Bell

    It helps a lot, Red. I now have the LRH reference wherein he cancelled disconnection, in writing. Thanks.

  101. Li'll bit of stuff

    Enough, enough, ENOUGH of this INSANITY, MISCAVIGE!!!

    Let’s arrange a birthday celebration that LRH appreciates!
    one based on what he stood for!!…..being released from
    the chains that entrap one in slavery and ignorance
    A multiple helicopter flyover of the entire INT/GOLD bases.
    One billion flyers to be dropped over the 500 Acres of Scam
    to read : ” You are soon going to be able to walk free from the SP who has managed to convince you that your future
    is hopeless, unless you bow down to the dictatorial slavery, repressive punishments and insane threats of disconnection,
    all of which were cancelled and / or removed from active
    practice by Scientology founder, L.Ron Hubbard, BEFORE
    he was forcibly cut off and 3rd partied against his own loving
    family and devoted, long standing tech personnel.

    REAL, original, workable Scientology is now FREELY available
    as are the overwhelming majority of decent, honest, active
    auditors and public…….OUTSIDE the confinement of the SP

    The entire world has been made aware of your plight, and
    no matter how “hopeless” you may feel at the moment, just
    hang in there, a while longer. Hundreds of staff, who were
    in your position earlier, are now free and rebuilding their
    lives, and really happy again, while enjoying free and open
    comm with their friends and loved ones. REAL Scientology,
    of course, is intended to do all this AND REALLY move you
    up the bridge.

    No matter WHAT the SP tries to tell you about a pending
    raid, by ” SP squirrels” and any more threats if you should
    think of “making a run for it,” just stay cool, relaxed and
    focussed.( Keep your TR’s IN!!!)

    The reign of the violent, suppressive dictator is coming to
    an end. When you are confronted by even more insane
    demands and behavior (if that’s at all possible!) Just
    realize that the external pressure, being brought against
    him, is having the desired effect!

    We care about you, your freedom includes freedom to
    be, do and have a meaningful life again, just like the rest
    of us outside the chains that bind you and others who
    have been sent to the “hole”

    The INSANITY is ending soon. The nightmare is going to
    be dealt with. The dictator WILL be removed! REAL
    Scientology will be run and managed by SANE terminals
    again…..so you will be able to realize LRH’s dream……
    for real!! A world WITHOUT insanity.. WITHOUT criminals
    and WITHOUT war…where (you) the able may prosper..
    and (you) honest beings are free to rise to greater heights

    From your true friends (REAL, FREE SCIENTOLOGISTS)

  102. I can’t say for sure but the word “gift” may have come about from this:

    A couple years ago, when I was still there, and of course there was much going on in fund raising for the “Ideal” Orgs, there was a book being used as a reference for “how to raise funds” and it was not written by LRH. The book is called “Asking” and is about the “tech” (for lack of a better word) of how to get people to contribute monetarily to charitable cause. I don’t remember the name of the author.

    From the verbal data I received at a staff meeting, apparently the book says to use the word “gift” instead of “donation” when asking people for their contribution.

    They were using a non-LRH book to get the tech of getting straight donations (not in exchange for a service), because LRH never wrote anything about how to do this – BECAUSE he not only never said to get straight donations, he specifically said NOT to.

    So they needed to resort to someone else’s tech because the LRH tech on that does not exist.

    Dave Fagen

  103. Yes, Marty – tried to…and epically failed.

  104. ThetaPotata

    “Treas Sec FSO and told me that the weekly FP (financial plan) had to include full pay. The reason – so they would have the money for the mandatory “donation” for Dave’s gift.”

    Wow… that’s what I like about this Blog. Real insight into the aberration that’s occurred.

  105. Cured Robot

    The IAS is simply nothing more than a cover used by DM to propel the destruction of Scientology because people either a) have given so much money to it that they can’t afford to pay for their family/friends Bridgets to Clear/OT; b) staff are moonlighting more than ever as staff pay is suffering due to lack of delivery; c) people just stay away in droves upon encountering these fund raising tactics. DM knows that and he’s cleverly disquised it from the Sheeple, which is why we aren’t allowed to LOOK as he doesn’t want this found out amongst the many other actions he’s taking to destroy Scientology. Sometimes, I swear the guy is a government operative sent in to steer the ship into the rocks.

  106. economic torts are fascinating, aren’t they?

  107. You have chosen “What is Patron Meritiorious status”! The answer is:
    “One quarter of one of these.”

  108. Sue, the entire IAS is obnoxious and yes they have always been this obviously desperate as far back as I can remember. The buttons that are pushed work for them and so the buttons continue to get pushed.
    I would like a stat on how many who did contribute actually kept track of where their donation went? It fell into a big dark hole. To many I know of had breakdowns both financially and mentally.

  109. This is what happens when the Org runs out of Patented Combs.

    Two words PA THETIC

    I did an Eval on why my business had tanked and stopped all
    giving money for the “latest emergency” Yes I became an Unperson
    Hip Hip Hooooray !!! Business recovered and is straight up and verticle stats

    Giving money to the fucking beggers creates more fucking beggers
    who have a billion dollars stashed offshore. Even with Christmas wrap
    and bows
    Arrrgh Barf Bag please

  110. Theo Sismanides

    Here is the list of Patrons and Patrons with Honors from Greece:

    Bogdanos & Co.
    Nikos Iliopoulos & Maria Bogdanou
    Efi Lampa
    Julia Malama
    Lambros Malamas
    Christos Matsakis
    The Papadopoulos Family
    Dimitris Paretzoglou
    Sosso Veneti- Spiliotopoulou
    Alekos Vougiouklakis

    As far as I know my best woman Xeni Deliolani went bankrupt long time ago though she owned one of the best pastries in Athens, the Deliolanis pastry.

    Bogdanos & Co. went bankrupt big time. One of the top Scientologists in huge debts and his company now with the crisis in construction didn’t make it. This I have heard and not 100% but I can hardly doubt it with this crisis on constructions.

    And Sosso Veneti a very good Scientologist got sick and of course went into disharmony with the money making machine.

    3 of the 13 have serious problems and the worse is that the IAS didn’t come to their help. It’s an one way flow, guys. You donate, we just collect.

  111. Ronnie Bell

    What a beautiful comm, L’il Bit. That is precisely what I’d like to say to every Scientologist still living on DM’s mind control plantation.

  112. Tom Gallagher

    Cured Robot,

    I’ve given this a lot of consideration and study, i.e., is POB a government operative. I’ve personally concluded he’s just a perfect classic example of an SP. 2 1/2%er par excellence! Never-the-less, the 2 1/2%ers in government are sure to just LOVE this (d)estructive (m)idget.

  113. This is also in the Admin Dictionary under Reform Code. It has been under our noses all along, in writing. I used the lecture and the Admin Dictionary refernce to handle my son. My belief is that those still in the Church don’t know about this, and would get into communication with us if they knew that LRH had truly cancelled disconnection.

    The actual Policy Letter cancelling disconnection is in earlier editions of the OEC. Of course, it was not included in later editions of the OEC Volumes.

  114. will do!

  115. Theo Sismanides

    Hey man, keep on creating such verses… just to read heals lots of stuff here! thanks

  116. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, To’s point is appreciated for its real empathy,
    as is your point, except that in your case, there appears to be a complete absence of any bodyguards! Methinks this
    is a pretty strong message to the little coward, who is so
    very afraid to face those he has wronged, without all his
    “paid protection” who “try to” on his behalf.
    As Mike always says: “It sucks to be Miscavige.”

  117. BTW I have seen many comments that many are truely
    convinced that D.M. is an agent of those guys with three letters
    to thier name. I dont think they are that smart. Most probable
    these guys are taking notes on D.M. study everything he does ,
    have teams of experts analyse every move. Then see how long D.M. lasts to destroy a once powerful religion. Then the guys with three letter names can make D.M.s of there own to unsurp and crush most any group or third world country and know exactly when to run with all the money. Damn clever !
    Reverse Scientology, Whoed have thunk it !!! takes your breath away.

  118. I grew up behind the iron curtain under one of the wackiest tyrant and what is going on in the church right now is is exactly the same. Psycho narcissistic leader, false stats, lies lies lies, complete suppression of individual rights, KGB like organization (OSA), imprisonment of those who do not confirm to some synthetic behavior, interrogations, personality cult, can’t leave, etc. And the whole thing is funded by the IAS. They are like the bankers who financed Hitler and the rest of the SPs in history.

  119. You know, about the Government Operative thing. I’ve wondered as well. I recently was watching a debrief from whistleblower who described the tactic of the Black Ops branch of the US Government getting dirt on him so they could manipulate him into performing terrorist acts against civilians in Iraq. The approach seemed very similar to a lot of the stories from individuals who have broken free from DM’s version of the S.O. Basically it goes like this – “Commit these overt acts or you’re life will become a living hell.” Like the assistant that was ordered to “Break Debbie Cook’s finger” what would have happened to her if she said “No” to Miscavige?

  120. You’re right, mum’s actually really funny!

  121. everyting which comes in my mind by this post isssssssssss……………

  122. Miscavige is all Serv Facs now. Debbie Cook exposes him as the crim he is with his never ending call for “more donations people” and he is like. Really? You think you can stop me from frowarding THE MESSAGE that is expanding Scientology far and wide? Well have this. My new strat to meet the quotas for LRH`s birthday on DONATIONS.

    Its really amazing how people still “in good standing” CAN NOT SEE THE PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Or see it but choose to remain quiet and “not make a fuss about it”

    The objective per the Ideal Org PL was if I recall correctly something like “A new Civilization already on its way.” Now the objective seems like it is (In Miscavige`s twisted mind) “a quiet cult where nobody can nor does protest about what I say”

  123. Sometimes, I swear the guy [DM] is a government operative sent in to steer the ship into the rocks.

    There is no such thing as coincidence or accident. As DM always says, “It’s intentional!”

  124. This continual state of missed withhold cuts your reach, dumbs you down, and makes you controllable. They just grab hold of your neck collar and walk you down the path in the direction they choose.

    Damn, that’s profound. And it’s the absolute truth.

  125. How have we missed such an obvious interpretation all this time??

  126. As ex-SO and staff I realized that this will pull every staff member off post and onto IAS fund raising for 13 days straight. I’m sure the heat will be intense to get each org’s and missions goal made to the exclusion of every other game.

    Kind of puts an end to the LRH Birthday Game, which I believe is one of the primary goals. It will successfully squash any staff Birthday Game enthusiasm, which we know makes DM practically giddy with glee.

  127. plainoldthetan

    The Birthday Game EDs didn’t make it into the 1991 OEC volumes. “The Ideal Org” did. More than coincidence? I think it was deliberate.

  128. Moving Forward

    This is so true! A big hidden data line I ran into in the SO had to do with org evals. They used to be done, per the Data Series, by programs chiefs and orgs were ONLY supposed to be managed using these. But orgs almost never got evals and they were never short programs to bring an org closer to ideal scene, expiring in 30 days (I believe that was the criteria). Instead, the very few that were released were often wrong, all-encompassing and were “run” for years on an org, but usually never as a priority.

    Whenever I inquired as to why that wasn’t being done any longer, I was told repeatedly that the change was due to “LRH advices”.

  129. Your humble servant

    This shows true desperation. The thing is in its finally throes. Little by little, word has gotten around that the money “urgently needed” for “absolutely vital projects” of the IAS was not urgently needed at all. Sadly, it was all a show. IAS flows are drying up. No one wants to hurt herself or her family donating just to further fatten up Dave’s slush fund. Those of us who gave so generously in the past were duped. We were given no accounting, but we trusted, trusted in the good faith, honesty and intentions of upper management, trusted that no one in Scientology management would ever lie to us. We thought we were really helping in a very significant and dramatic way. We didn’t know we were being lied to. Now the word is getting around.

    Although afraid to speak it out loud, the loyal donating public has a deep down feeling that something is wrong. They really don’t want to donate any more. Where is Janet Light? What happened to Super Power? Where is Heber Jentsch? Why is it that supposedly “Ideal Orgs” are almost empty? Why is it that if you dared to mention Scientology to the uninitiated public that they would probably laugh or spit? What was bought with all of those astoundingly generous donations over the years?

    This tragi-comedy cannot go on much longer. This pathetic mockery of the so-called LRH birthday game, begging for IAS donations, is just one more sign that it is so. I will not be too surprised if this year’s International LRH Birthday Event turns out to be the last one.

  130. Another huge cognition happening here. I just can’t contain myself now I can see how this expansion really is working. 1. AIS – THE WINNiNG TEAM. 2. LRH wanted expansion for his birthday gift. 3. All orgs, missions etc will engage in action to achieve highest ever number of donations (I mean gifts) to recognise point 2 above. 4. The production stat could be ‘number of donations’ 5. This is just like Ron getting a huge number of gifts and he doesn’t care how much each one cost because it is the thought that counts. Wow! 6. The winning team really has a heart for organising this. Big cog here dial wide trance state. 7. This game won’t distract staff or public from bridge actions at all: everyone can afford a gift no matter how small and it will only take a second to drop the gift in the envelope and into the gift box. 8. Massive cognition blowing my mind here: this could even result in a Numbers count of active scientologists who gave a gift to Ron and filled in their name correctly and joined the winning team. 9. Wow we’d even know who didn’t donate. Gee one thing though I hope I haven’t got this wrong about the main stat for this game. I suddenly don’t feel so well like something wanna come out or something.

  131. Truly sick. This makes me want to puke. It’s like knows he’s a cornered rat and he’s trying to make a last minute run on the money. Completely shameful that the public aren’t screaming about this.

  132. OMG, what left is there to say!! It is amazing that those still remaining in the C of S continue to support a group that has less and less to do with LRH’s original intentions. Yet, they do everything possible to NOT CONFRONT what this group they are supporting is really all about (give me a C! give me an O! give me a B!, yea!)
    Confronting with money … where is that on the Tone Scale?

  133. I’ll join you in that declaration, Cowboy!

  134. mum,
    Is that “gift a thon box” the apple box in every org that the Pope of Scientology, or Pope on a box – David Miscavige stands on when he’s singing We stand Tall?

  135. That’s darn nice! Good harmonies and melodies, well integrated, well balanced sound – really fun to listen to!

  136. Ronnie,

    you can even listen to Rons Voice:

    (Second link, then download mp3 file.)

    And it’s a uncut version of this RJ68
    Clear as a bell to all of us.

  137. Completely shameful that the public aren’t screaming about this.

    You can bet that in their minds, they are. I can only imagine the inner turmoil a lot of public are now going through. Empty new buildings, forced and coerced “donations” to some nebulous protector organization with no accounting or measurable statistics, out-points on tech lines up the wazoo, weird and unusual ethics handlings, staff all manifesting that ‘hunted look’, good friends just suddenly dropping off the face of the earth, being told “Don’t Look!” at certain media reports, absence of well-known management figures now chronic and unexplained, and the regging, the regging, the endless f*cking regging, and the fear that if one dares to speak up, that their eternity will be taken from them…

    Frankly, only those who have chosen real freedom, over a cult-like despotism, are standing up and screaming.

  138. It is amazing that those still remaining in the C of S continue to support a group that has less and less to do with LRH’s original intentions. Yet, they do everything possible to NOT CONFRONT what this group they are supporting is really all about…

    It’s all based upon fear and control. Like HappyBaby said upthread, DM’s regime of terror and oppression is exactly like what she experienced in the former Soviet Union. People are cowed, and are just keeping their heads down, for fear that they’ll be ‘handled’.

    And the fake cheer leading for Dear Leader continues.

  139. “What is a million dollars!”
    I’ll take Patron Meritorious status for $200, please.

  140. Of course.

  141. davemessenger

    That’s a VERY small gift box for all the inflow of envelopes that Mr. Miscavige will undoubtedly be receiving. His Havingness Level must be very low right now. Poor little thing. The word “undersized” comes to mind.

  142. Captain Bob

    of course they are screaming, “Completely shameful that the public aren’t screaming about this.”

    They are screaming, only to themselves, flow 0. The “public” don’t know there is an independent field. They don’t know. They have no other choice since in their minds it is a monopoly. So they scream to themselves and try to justify the outpoints. How can you blame them, the “public”, after all we were there to.

  143. Captain Bob

    but of course, they do not have a choice. It’s in the data series, outpoints. How do you get somebody to see an outpoint? Got to have a datum of comparable magnitude.

  144. Ronnie Bell

    The actual Policy Letter cancelling disconnection is in earlier editions of the OEC. Of course, it was not included in later editions of the OEC Volumes.

    And DM claims to be in charge of Keeping Scientology Working. The magnitude of his overt of altering LRH’s tech simply boggles the mind.

  145. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks, friend. I’ll download that file for future use.

  146. “Knowing how to bow” (To the Pope On a Box)

  147. Absolutely! If you’re not helping, then you’re witholding: therefore you’ve got overts. It’s the logic of the madhouse:
    Q. What’s the temperature?
    A. Three foot six.
    Q. Isn’t that a measurement of length?
    A. We have a course that can help you with that.

    I used to get knocked up out of bed at midnight and 1 o’clock in the morning by the Ethics and Reg team. “There’s a big thing going down in the States at the moment, it’s confidential so we can’t tell you anything about it, and you’ve got to make a donation now. If you don’t, your name will be mud.” A pretty much word-for-word quote as I remember it. What happened to the money? Don’t know, it’s confdential. Years later, “What was that big thing that was going on in the States?” “Sorry, can’t tell you, it’s confidential.”

    Unbelievable as it may seem to you folks here, but I didn’t find out about Snow White – or any of the court cases – till I left the church last year! I’ve been Scientology staff and public for over 40 years!

    On one visit to the MAAs Office, during a pause, I nonchalantly asked what the Org Board of upper management looked like, “It’s confidential.”
    On another visit to the MAA, by way of the Reg, “You’re here because you didn’t buy the course.”
    On another occasion, “Why do I have to do this Ethics Program?” “Because the C/S has worked out that’s what’s needed.”
    The last time I tried to get back on the bridge at London Org, my folders had to be sent to St Hill every single day “to be C/Sed.”
    “Don’t you have a C/S here?”
    “They have to go to St Hill.”
    I was only going to do the Purif, but the Ethics part took two months to complete. I’ve done virtually nothing but ethics since 1975!

    Ethics, money, secrecy and loads of BS.

    All in the name of LRH.

    Richard Kaminski

  148. Ronnie Bell

    How do you get somebody to see an outpoint? Got to have a datum of comparable magnitude.

    And that ‘datum of comparable magnitude’ by all rights ought to be something approaching a desirable, or ideal scene, such as what we old timers experienced in the 60s and 70s.

    Sadly, too many of those new to the flock have never seen what Scientology really looks like. All they know of the church is what they’ve seen during the reign of Overlord Miscabbage.

  149. Deliberate indeed. It was proposed they be included, but the proposal was rejected.

  150. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Ronnie, I REALLY duplicated your reply, completely
    man, in every sense of where your’e coming from. BTW,
    I’ve been erratic with blogtime of late, but just have to
    say, incredible job and contribution you’ve been making
    here, since your sobering entry to the Indies. VWD,
    buddy, we’re all stronger for having you with us.

  151. Your perceptions are magnificent. I noticed as well, the box was very small. Only for intake of cash. Not accepting incense, voo doo dolls, pieces of meat or dim sung. Picky picky. Even the gods accept sacrifices of slaughtered goats.

  152. HCOPL 15 NOVEMBER 1968
    Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is cacelled.

    Found on page 489 OEC Vol 1, pub 1971, which incidentally also has the HCOPL 21 OCTOBER 1968 CANCELLATION OF FAIR GAME.
    Page 486 of the same Vol has the HCOPL 26 AUGUST 1968 SECURITY CHECKS ABOLISHED, with a fascinating and utterly convincing list of reasons why.

    Richard Kaminski

  153. Quite so, Captain Bob, though in my case, I didn’t scream, I got stuck in understand/don’t understand, and went into apathy.

  154. Eileen Clark

    Like, gag me, totally with a spoon, it’s sooooo cool to, like, give all my money to the IAS and, like, they do so much that’s like so good. Everybody should, like, do it. It’s like what LRH would want us to do, like right?

    This pos promo makes me so furious. David Miscavige has gone to extreme extremes to make Debbie, Marty, Mike, et al, his executioners. The OSA and IAS is likely being flogged to death over the recent legal debacle and pursuant press and are simply passing it along. Sick, just sick.

  155. Eileen Clark

    This was perfect comedic relief…LOL!

  156. My sentiment exactly, pass the barf bag please. It’s granted an invalid would repete his overts to “right” himself. Here, for me, is the fuktard at it again proving to all Staff and Public on lines, Debbie (Captain) Cook’s New Years Day Letter rings of a screaming missed-withhold on billionaire COB.

    (also “let them eat cake” is factually true for Staff. They are starving. Seen this with my own eyes.)

  157. Brilliant spot Sam. And undoubtedly coached through that scene by…..?

  158. Firebreathing Frog

    No, I don’t have the letter anymore.
    It was taken from me when I was in the Sea Org in CLO EU
    We had a mission in 1984 from ASI if I remember well. Or CMO Int.
    They were collecting everything LRH had ever written, going through PC folders, collecting all letter from LRH, everywhere.
    Since I started Scientology in 1978, I had quite a few letter with the hand written signature of LRH, not the stamp that was put on LRH answers during the last couple years of his life.
    This letter was signed by LRH, so I was told I could not keep it, and it belonged to archive.
    I was promised to get a photo copy of it, but I never got it.
    But I well remember the letter like if it was yesterday.
    LRH even wrote he didn’t want any donation to handle his own affair.
    Just handle it with Scientology. Get people up the bridge.
    Give Exchange 4, no criminal exchange, etc. etc.

    I am still using this everytime a IAS reg come close:
    “Sorry, LRH wrote me to never reg or give donation. It’s off policy.”
    They really think I am an old nuts, “living in the past” as they say.
    Scientology has “evolved” since you old timer. “You from the stone age.”

    They know it’s off policy, but since it’s being pushed by Mr Miscavige and we have all this great event about it, and all these freedom medal winners, and all the good things the IAS do.
    It has really become “the greatest good for the great number”.
    Except they can not see the scam.
    Really sad.

    I still have a hand signed photo of LRH.
    This one, they didn’t took from me.
    LRH send it to me after I asked him when I joined the SO.
    His answer was:
    “Can I have a photo of you in return?”

    I never meet Ron.
    I know he was not prefect (as one comment from the next post mention.)
    But he must have had a lot of affinity and love as even if I never meet him face to face, I still feel the love he had for us all.

    Very Much Love.

  159. Random Stranger


  160. Random Stranger


    TO: All IAS Members, Non-Members, Everyone

    For those of you who have given everything they have and have no access to any other funds whatsoever, at popular request we’ve come up with unique additional causative actions you can take to raise even more funds so we can finally take over this planet once and for all:

    1) Sell your unwanted children.

    2) Mexico City street corner fire-breathing begging.

    3) Set yourself on fire and ask people to put it out by dumping money on you.

    4) Auction off one of your arms.

    5) Open a cathouse in Nevada.

    6) Forfeit one of your eyes to a rich medical university.

    7) Rip somebody off.

    8) Online counterfeiting lessons.

    9) Sing really badly until people pay you to go away.

    10) Give up sleep to flip burgers on the graveyard shift.

    11) Hire yourself out as a mercenary in Afghanistan.

    12) Mow Tom’s lawn.

    13) Kill yourself and donate your life insurance.

    14) Reverse mortgage your mother.

    15) Pickpocketing.

    16) Steal luggage at the airport.

    17) Sell your hair.

    18) Cash in those 5 cent returnable bottles and cans (applicable by state)

    19) Start your own gambling site (licenses still available in Aruba)

    20) Sell your skin. (it’ll grow back)

    Thank you! But hurry, the world is about to end and this is your last chance to save it!

    IAS Propaganda Gestapo

    cc: COB

  161. I think any future protests in front of Int and Flag and so on need to include signs like “WORD CLEAR THIS: ADVICE” and “ITS HEAD ON A PIKE TIME, DAVEY!”, and “HEY, CULTY, HAD YOUR HIDDEN DATA TODAY?” and so on .. we have to push those buttons, hard.

  162. What. ARE. THE STATS?

    WDAH versus C/GI == TREASON.


    There is no other stat you need to see.

  163. “No, I don’t have the letter anymore.
    It was taken from me when I was in the Sea Org in CLO EU
    We had a mission in 1984 from ASI if I remember well. Or CMO Int.
    They were collecting everything LRH had ever written, going through PC folders, collecting all letter from LRH, everywhere.”

    1984 – says it all.

    “I still have a hand signed photo of LRH.
    This one, they didn’t took from me.
    LRH send it to me after I asked him when I joined the SO.
    His answer was:
    “Can I have a photo of you in return?””

    My heart is smiling.

    Thank you for telling us this.


  164. Bert Schippers

    Time for a class action lawsuit against the IAS.

  165. I was wondering why DM was celebrating LRH’s birthday in Clearwater on March 10th, and other places – like San Francisco – are celebrating it on March 24th. Sure seems like Corporate Scientology wants to reg people twice and they’re using well-intentioned people’s devotion to LRH to make them empty their wallets.

  166. I’ve studied and taught graphic design over the years. One problem with the “winning team” graphic is that the picture does not match the words. That’s not a team running together. It is a horse race on a grass track. You can see the railing to the right. The riders are not part of a team, they are all individually competing against one another.

    On the other hand, maybe it is a fit. The orgs all seem to compete against one another for the LRH birthday game so it is a free for all. So the caption should more honestly read “Who will win this year’s race?” Then the picture and the words wouldn’t be at odds with each other.

  167. If only! Still, Moxon might be up for it, now that he gave up harassing Brian Mandigo by settling the civil case in DC. Whaddya say, Rick? Looking for some pro bono work?

  168. RR Head Scratcher

    What’s with the horse racing motif? Miscavige used it in a promo video a while back while he rattled off a la Howard Cosell cartoon character fast-talking straight up and vertical org expansion statistics. Here are the race horses again. Is it because David Miscavige is so diminutive, short and small and identifies with horse jockies? Or does Mr. Miscavige have a thing about betting and gambling at the races? It just makes no sense and is quite odd for a religious activity. Serious question.

  169. LOL! Got my thought – exactly. Catching up on my reading and wondered the same, “What’s up with the horse racing?” followed by, “Maybe it’s because he identifies with short-statured people (jockeys)?”

    I agree, makes no sense and horse racing, also a gambling activity, used as marketing for a religious activity is quite odd.

    Also was struck by the cheap and gaudy nature of the other “prop”, the Gift-A-Thon Box, what’s the cost to that, about $2.00 US by my estimations (and the help of wholesale cardboard, ribbon, and gift wrap sites on the web.)

    Again, David Miscavige further degrading LRH’s image and legacy by using it to continue to enrich his personal lifestyle.

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