How Miscavige Plans to “Clear the Planet”

by Mike Rinder

Here is the latest poster put out by the RCS (copyrighted to CSI who are apparently now the main fundraisers for the IAS).

It consists entirely of a quote from Chairman Mao that perhaps is more candid than he intended.  He clearly delineates HIS strategy for planetary clearing. It doesn’t involve training or auditing or Grade Charts or anything so messy and difficult that would require actual DELIVERY.

The “IAS” is going to “Clear The Planet” — hip hip hooray for the IAS. Hip hip hooray for “Chairman of the Bored” of Scientology Inc. (inclusive of the IAS and  every other entity that is part of the big ball of wax that rolls around under his thumb like an oversized booger).

Remember the days when Scientology was about what L. Ron Hubbard said? And even later when Miscavige at least pretended that was the case?

Well, here it is in big, bold, colorful letters: the pretense has dropped and the thin veneer of the facade has come down (to paraphrase Dan Sherman).

261 responses to “How Miscavige Plans to “Clear the Planet”

  1. Now “force” guarantees the future of Scientology? Oh my.

  2. Holy crap. What the hell took me so long to get out of there?

  3. What a ration of horseshit!

  4. I have more to say: There is not one single indication in that poster that scientology has ANYTHING to do with auditing, with the TECH. It’s all staged PR photo ops. Planetary clearing = IAS. Yeah, right.

  5. one of those who see

    Very perceptive Marty! You made me think… In my opinion Force is where the church went off the Bridge. Force was the beginning of the downward spiral.

  6. Gee, I wonder if he had a standard survey done on his public, the remaining undead, before embarking upon this campaign.

    One thing about David is that he is certainly defiant and (ir-)resolute!

  7. This shows unequivocably that it really is all about the MONEY!!!




    WOW, we can all just pay MONEY, $$$, and the job will be done?



  8. I thought clearing a planet involved actual clearing. How silly of me.

  9. one of those who see

    The only way to make a Clear, Mr. Miscavige is by Auditing. Therefore, the only way to Clear the Planet is by training Auditors and Auditing. My Auditor is Auditing and i am getting Auditing. What exactly are you doing????

  10. Miscavige has no option but to state, broadly and with fanfare, that you don’t clear a planet with business as usual” because there is precious little of that commodity left in Scientology Inc. today (due to his criminal policies). Interestingly though, that’s EXACTLY what LRH says in oh so many different ways.Here’s just one Micavige:

    “Do the usual.” L Ron Hubbard

    Also, there is a big fat, juicy ser fac underling the message. Miscavige has screwed it all up so just has to blame everyone else for his cock up. Total make wrong.

  11. Oh wait! Now I get it.
    This must be GAT III.
    Oh, he’s outdone himself this time!
    Go Davey!

  12. Contrubuting in any way to the DeMon and his booger has NOTHING to do with forwarding Scientology nor L. Ron Hubbard.

  13. P.S. Isn’t there a policy letter called “DOING THE USUAL”, THAT TALKS ABOUT HOW THE USUAL ACTIONS OF A POST GETS THE JOB DONE? I am not by my Organization Executive Course volumes, but I could swear there is a policy letter about this. I have used it, to dig myself out of emergencies!

  14. It’s getting pretty deep. Since when did the IAS have anything to do with clearing the planet? I’ve got a “touch of Defiance” for him.

  15. contributing

  16. With daring, defiance, phenomenal commitment to the IAS, in addition to the “force” – who needs auditors and auditing to clear the planet. I believe a wise man once said the only resistance to auditing the bank is from the aberration within it (paraphrased here, but concept the same.) That same wise person said the solution was to take an apparent infinity of MEST and reduce it to zero and the apparent infinity of theta and take it from zero to infinity. Now we see the reversal of 8-8008 to 8-0880.

    With enough force he plans to overwhelm all free theta. All should keep in mind that karma is a mean bit..! The good intentions of all of mankind does move to make the balance to suppression. Even if slow at times, the end too will come to this enforced suppression.

  17. So, now Darth Midget is an authority on the proper means of clearing a planet ? How odd, given that he has never cleared one that I have ever heard tell of – except, perhaps on the whole track where I do not doubt he has cleared more than one of *all life*.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  18. I will give it to you straight sons and daughters.
    Vending machines ( info kiosks in Ideal Orgs)will not Clear anyone,
    just ask the machine if you dont believe me. Next is talking to a wall
    will not Clear anyone,just ask the wall if you dont believe it.
    When your auditors face is glued to the meter, head and eyes going from one side to another, they are not watching a tennis match on a mini televison. Thats the 3 swing F/N , one swing is all it takes, Ron will tell you that.
    Whats dropped out is communication with another terminal, someone called an Auditor, no com cycle at all is dead communication. Live communication makes Clears, trust me on this.
    Final note, you can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool
    most people most of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. David Miscavige has a hidden agenda, this is behind the cant have.
    So children, thats the birds and the bees on Planetary Clearing.

  19. Everything he does is straight out of “The Sociopath Next Door”:

    “In general, there is an aversion to sustained effort and organized projects of work, and, of course, this preference for ease is extremely self-limiting where success in the real world is concerned. Getting up every single morning and working for a long succession of hours is almost never considered. Sociopaths feel that the easy scheme, the one-shot deal, or the clever ambush is much to be preferred over day-to-day commitment to a job, a long-term goal, or a plan. Even when sociopaths are found in high-status jobs, these positions tend to be those in which the amount of actual hard work done (or not) can be easily obscured, or where others can be manipulated into being the real workers. In such settings, a smart sociopath can sometimes keep things going with an occasional splashy performance, or by schmoozing and being charming, or by being intimidating. She poses herself as the absentee supervisor, or the “rainmaker,” or the invaluable “high-strung genius.” She requires frequent vacations, or sabbaticals in which her actual activities are somewhat mysterious. Sustained work, the true key to lasting success—keeping one’s nose to the grindstone, tolerating tedium, seeing to the details—is a little too close to responsibility.”

    Stout Ph.D., Martha (2005-02-08). The Sociopath Next Door (p. 190). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

  20. Wait, so they’re training Jedi Masters now?

  21. That’s some guarantee.

    Missions defecting,
    Staff defecting,
    SO defecting,
    Scientology membership in steep decline for past 10 years
    Missions and Orgs virtually empty,
    PAC Base (5 delivery Orgs) nearly empty,
    LA DAY & Foundation income stats below make break,
    AOLA income stats half what they were 20 years ago.
    AOLA Cl VIII courseroom closed
    No Super Power
    KTL/LOC- gone missing
    Primary rundown- gone
    GAT I (still incomplete) being replaced with GAT II- A screw up to fix
    Daves first screw up!
    OT 8- 3 different versions- all 3 missing Earlier LRH OT8 Data
    Gone missing- any further LRH research above OT8
    P/R lies on an almost daily basis
    Church abuses in viral expos’e in the major media.
    CoS legal goons threatening letters in the press
    DM in virtual hiding
    Deaths and cover ups of death in the press
    Church scriptures ridiculed
    BFF Tom Cruise- a laughing stock
    LRH organizational statistics- no longer used
    Policy- (LRH policy)- substituted out for DM’s whims- Hey you Org board.
    OT 7’s killing each other and themselves- Rex Fowler
    Crush regging- destroying lives, finances & businesses

    The actual stat list is much longer

    Impressive Dave. I think you may need to use even more force.

  22. “…Above all you do it with wholehearted and phenomenal commitment to the IAS” – meh, not a patch on Benny Hinn, who’s much more subtle.

    Benny Hinn version (done as a speech to the multitude): the Bible says that it is your duty as a Christian to spread the word of the lord. Blah blah blah, good christians, blah, blah, duty, blah, blah. So as you can see Christians must spread the word of the lord. Blah, blah, blah Heavan, Hell blah, blah. Donating money to my Ministry helps is spread the word of the lord. Blah, blah, satellites, blah, mega network, blah. So by donating money to my ministry you are spreading the word of the lord. Donating money to my ministry is the same as spreading the word of the lord.

    In short it is your duty as a christian to donate to my ministry. Works like a charn.

    Still I give DM points for being pretty upfront. I suppose he doesn’t spell out what wholehearted and phenomenal commitment” is but we all know it means.

    Give, give and give again until it hurts and then beg, borrow and steal to give (examples of such “phenomenal commitment” available on the Internet)

  23. Indulgences by any other name would smell as corrupt. Or something. Wow. The frog has been boiled. This poster proves it.

  24. “Daring”, “Defiance”, “Passion”, translates Getting deeper in debt.

  25. Glenn C. Briggs

    DM seems to be copying tactics of the political Left! He’s politicizing a religion – ain’t gonna work.

  26. I wonder what Phenomenal Commitment translates into?????

  27. Random comment: I wonder if they can be hired to buzz DM in his lair?

  28. The word “force” grabbed my attention, too. What is with the two militaristic pictures?

    Apparently, you don’t clear a planet with a wholehearted and phenomenal commitment to TEACHING and DELIVERING SCIENTOLOGY. No. Instead, “above ALL, you do it with a wholehearted and phenomenal commitment to the IAS.”

    Also, you don’t clear a planet with “business as usual”, which would be training auditors and auditing people. That’s dull. It’s out-of-date, not keeping up with the times. It’s not the Miscavigite way.

    This ad is nothing more than mind inculcating, brainwashing propaganda for the IAS, the Church of Miscavigism.

  29. Path of Buddha

    Before the IAS clears the planet, I would like to ask ” for a dash of daring”
    in refunding the $6,017 owed by Flag to my wife. It would also
    be great if they could refund the $1,500 given to an IAS
    representative who kept all of the money for himself in 1989.
    Let me see what the interest should be?

    May all with a ‘dash of daring” be well and happy!
    Now that is PASSION and COMMITMENT.
    George M. White

  30. I think it is time for the Scientologist’s to ask for transparency and to know exactly what the IAS is and what exactly does it do. I did not see it doing anything while I was in EXCEPT for giving me lots of propaganda and not delivering what it promised. Any lurkers out there – it is normal to ask the hard questions and see the PROOF. Of course, there will be no answer! Hip Hip Hooray for the IAS – the “new Scientology” – lots of glossy promo – but does nothing for the money it extorts out of people until they are flat broke! Kooky, crazy cult!

  31. You get case gain from donating. if you didnt feel it you didnt donate enough. It’s that De-Dinging” process Miscavige was onto in the 80s. I guess he found a lost LRH post-it note that says it works.

  32. I think it’s supposed to be a combination of force and intelligence and the balance between them that guarantees a civilization. My brain is telling me it comes from either the SHSBC or Melbourne Congress. I need some auditing to clear our the old noodle.

  33. I guess his days of pretending that he’s ONLY” the COB” of one entity of the church is over. Will scientolgy inc be over when the money dries up (and more peeps leave).

    Great post, mike. Marty – just finished your book – this newbie is interested! 🙂

  34. The church cannot even clear itself, let alone a planet.
    Planetary clearing goes back to the theta/entheta ratio Marty mentioned as a LRH reference the other day. And that requires delivery. LOTS of it. If the planet is ever cleared, it will be despite the church, not because of it.

  35. This is what I was thinking of:
    I mean, isn’t David Miscavige doing the same thing he declared people for in the 80s?

  36. “The force that guarantees the future of Scientology?”

    Future? How can there be a future for Scientology when Miscavige is doing everything he can to kill if off in the present?

    Oh, yeah. There’s still us. And when we grew Scientology in the 60’s and 70’s we didn’t have a billion dollars to work with.

    Apparently money is not the force that does the guaranteeing.

  37. Former Cope Off

    I may be well out of Scientology (and I may not be Hubbard’s biggest fan), but “business as usual” was exactly what the old guy prescribed, some may say stubbornly. I seem to recall Chinese schooling something called “Affluence Attainment” at one or two staff musters.

  38. Force is the primary weapon of mass destruction employed by Miscavige.

    “Unnamed Scientologists applied “lots of pressure” to stop The Master being made and have it changed once filming began”…

  39. “Business as usual”? Like training auditors and deliverying Well Done Auditing Hours in the chair?

    Instead, we are going to continue the “Con” and empty your pockets of every last cent you have or can borrow.

    Nail hit on the head with your analysis of this one Mike!

  40. “The force that guarantees the future of Scientology” which is to say that begging for money instead of delivery of Scientology will be the bottom of the dwindling spiral of DM’s squirreled technology that NOBODY wants. In the end after release of GAT 13, placards will be issued to all staff to just go beg on the streets to pay for D’s electric bill.

  41. Ok. Now the mystery has been revealed thanks to dm. We now know EXACTLY how the planet will be cleared. This poster lays (or should I say lies) out what it is that we do to Clear the planet.

    I am absolutely certain that the reason I do not get it from the poster is because I have misunderstood words, and not because our supreme (but diminutive) leader is a madman.

  42. It is not going to happen. I know now not one group will do the job of a sane planet. All groups working together for a sane planet will do the job. And even if some here don’t think so it also will take removing money from the equation.

    Why? It is the world works on exchange by dynamics and no where does exchange is said to be money. The universe is built that way too and it don’t use money as well for exchange. It alters people’s behavior for the most part negatively. (That has been proved by research); force is part of that as well.

    Caring for each other and helping each other by choice is the top exchange there is. Force is never part of it.

    I had a lot of cognitions over time because I had a hell of a lot of time since I been sick with auto immune that I had the time to read a lot and learned a lot.

    I know the church is dead. I know you guys are not big enough and you are behind the 8 ball because of the church PR. The only rescue of the tech I see besides you doing good with it is people doing an actual peer review research project with trained auditors. Then published in the science papers. Till then it is likely to be marginalized.

  43. A while back I received an email from the Int Landlord office soliciting support for Ideal Org fundraising. The email shockingly stated, as a quote:

    “It’s not about clearing the individual, but clearing the society by getting our social betterment programs into the public hands.” (paraphrased)

    It is obvious orgs have been hijacked and have abandoned training and processing, and instead have become Information Centers.

  44. martyrathbun09

    One place it comes from is a lecture I just listened to called The Free Being, 9 July 1963

  45. Let’s whip out our check books and credit cards! Hip hip hooray for Chairman Mao!

  46. “Doing the things that won, not new things untried as of yet”,,,,,if I recall correctly.

  47. martyrathbun09

    What a charming notion, the usual.

  48. Like things could get any more off policy….

    I can’t actually believe they’re now bold enough to say that you don’t do “the usual”, when in fact there is an LRH policy that says “when in doubt, do the usual” or something along those lines. I think the name of the policy is “The Usual”, but I don’t have my green volumes at hand. However, it doesn’t surprise me that they’re not advocating the usual, because crush regging of “pure donations” with no exchange is not the usual, nor is quoting “COB” instead of LRH the usual, nor is even having these stupid off-policy events “the usual”….

    It’s a good thing they warned the public that it’s going to be an “IAS Event”. I have feeling a lot of people are taking vacations that weekend just to avoid the gauntlet of registrars and vultures and flying monkeys…. Only clubbed seals show up at these kind of “events”.

    Like things could get any more off policy…. May the force be with us.

  49. That’s funny. To use Mike’s analogy (earlier postings) “I can’t believe I was sitting in that slow boiling pot with those other frogs for so long.”

  50. one of those who see


  51. What exactly does the word ‘Clear’ mean to Miscavige?
    It sure hasn’t got anything to do with auditing or applied Scientology.
    What an asshole that man is…

  52. Thanks Marty, you are exactly right. I was going to have to really dig around for it. I have the tape. I love this lecture. It makes it all so trivial.

  53. Oh Puke! This song is dedicated to you Demonology Miscaviage:

  54. Bert Schippers

    Sick, sick, sick.

  55. HCO PL 31 July 1971, THE USUAL. OEC Volume 0

  56. I went into my local org this morning to use the Qual Library, as I do from time to time. I can still do this as I’m under the radar. The parking lot was nearly empty. I didn’t see a single public inside the building. But there were lots of staff walking around, standing around, writing on their clipboards, talking with each other, etc. They paid no attention to me at all. And they seemed happy. That amazes me. How can they be happy with next to no bodies in the shop, and next to no actual products being produced? They should look worried, but they looked happy. Apparently they’ve swallowed DM’s PR fabrications hook, line, and sinker. Utter failure is right there in front of their noses, and they don’t see it. Utterly hypnotized.

  57. I think I know why the IAS need wholehearted and phenomenal support, it’s because the church of scientology is going in to overt lobbying.

    Ostensibly this is to promote freedom of religion, criminal and drug rehabilitation and so on.

    I believe they hope to get mainstream religions and such as the Nation of Islam and the Unification Church behind (and supporting financial) them. They will also push David Miscavige’s Scientology solutions in front of as many Federal and state grant boards as possible; it’s all about generating revenue. Finally they will push for greater protection from critics, of course the church never defends it always attacks so who knows what form that will take.

  58. Oh my freaking God, you had me with “How Miscavige plans to Clear the Planet”, but then you had to include this, “It consists entirely of a quote from Chairman Mao…”

    I’m in stitches…………….. lmao

  59. A little obnosis paints a scene in the not too distant future of boarded up Orgs with staff on the street ………….doing what they last did while ‘IN’ ………..BEGGING ON THE STREET.

    OMFG ……. you become that which you cannot confront ….which is the reality that staff has simply become beggars for the dwarf!

  60. … and then there is the flyer itself.

    Truly, truly unbelievable.

  61. What’s up with their new super-duper patriotic red/white/blue colour scheme? They keeping the same single S.O. member up 18 hours a day, while Micavige shouts, “MORE PATRIARCHY!!!!” ?

  62. He’s only interested in “clearing” people’s bank accounts.

    Let’s see an accounting of what you’ve done with the money Dave.

  63. Yet Another Lurker

    >> You get case gain from donating.

    Ah! I think I get it:

    No donation = no case gain = supressive person

    It’s so clear now!

  64. No, no you don’t understand it was Marty that screwed up business. Thanks to Maarty’s influence since 1986 business has drifted steadily away from what it should be until now this abberation of Maartyism business is the “usual”. David Miscavige is simply putting it right and ethics in so the job gets done that Maaaarty screwed up.

    No cash, no checks, no problem I can get you a secured loan to pay your donation for your eternity.

  65. HA! Cheers for a good memory, Min! If someone can exact PL, that’d be great. But I’ll second your thought. Well done!

  66. Your comment really reminded me of Phil Collins’ tongue in cheek song Jesus He Knows Me. “Get on your knees and start paying”

  67. Yep. The social betterment programs are the next big earner for David Miscavige. State and Federal grants and lots of money from private people desperate for a solution too. The actual results won’t matter so much as the revenue and bogus stats to show success.

    This is why the overt lobbying agency.

  68. IAS = I[diots] A[nd] S[uckers]! I once was such an idiot/sucker – was blind but now I see, was lost but now am found… thanks to those who enlightened me.

  69. one of those who see

    Off topic for a moment: Just found out! Jason Beghe is playing Henry Rearden In Atlas Shrugged Part II! This is so great on many levels!! Congrats Jason. Can’t wait to see the film.

  70. Oh…my god.

  71. one of those who see

    Poster after author was sent to Qual in the Independent Field:
    You don’t clear a planet with force, invalidation and the emphasis on Mest.
    You do it with:
    C/S, Auditor & Supervisor skill
    and the intention to restore the self determinism of your fellow beings.
    Emphasis on the Spiritual, not Mest.

  72. Maybe DM’s planning to do a runner!

  73. Is Orwell’s 1984 Miscavige’s bible? He has got NewSpeak and DoubleSpeak down to a fine art. “Daring, Defiance and Passion” all now equate to getting into even more debt to fund Dear Leader’s lifestyle. Freedom is Slavery (Int Base) Ignorance is Strength (Do not dare to look at anything critical) etc etc.

    As for “this is not business as usual” – this was IAS terrorist Ginger Smith’s mantra before every “special briefing”. Been going on for years. I guess it will only be business as usual when justice is finally done.

  74. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    This post should have been titled, “How Miscavige Plans to Clear the Planet of Their Net Worth.” What a friggin’ douchebag.

  75. This pamphlet is absolutely coherent!
    You … clear a planet … above all …. with a wholehearted and phenomenal commitment to the IAS.

    From the Contemporary Unabridged Co$ Encyclopedia:
    ☞ Meaning of Clear: Parishioners’ bank accounts and assets emptied, transferred to the Co$.
    ☞ The history of the IAS in a nutshell:

  76. He’s nervous. He KNOWS people are starting to hear the “violence” that he is capable of and he needs to start justifying. It is getting to be tooooo much and tooooo many. So – the poster – we need to be more passionate – we need to be strong and we need to be RUTHLESS in our defense of our religion and saving the planet. Now lets go kick some shit out of people Tom – are you with me. “yes Dave”.

    He is a sociopath and eventually will be brought down but as usual, they take a lot of lives with them before it happens. Mr. Rathbun’s recent post on those who have recently left, e.g. T. Davis and his wife is hitting DM where it hurts and he is “nervous”. But he is a sociopath and as fast as things change – that is how fast he will try to justify and maintain his status. But that recent article on the catering is great – everyone is talking and the internet is what will more than likely bring him down. I don’t know if he will ever make it to prison, where he belongs, but the “church” in his hands won’t last – not with the violence he is using. You would think he would clear things up, but he is incapable of that because he is a sociopath and that is a good thing – which will bring his ruin. Always takes so long though.

  77. Hitler Count +1

  78. The petite one is definitely stuck in some incident.

  79. OMG and WOW! That’s how you clear a planet now? I hope every scientologist will cognite or wake up and look outside of this bullsh-t…

  80. It won’t be long before Scientology Inc will have no Auditors left, and that will make clearing impossible, no matter how much “force” is applied. Just look at how many auditors are being made since the basics. And the few that are being made are robots thanks to GAT, and now supposed GAT II.

  81. I didn’t realise daring, defiance and passion were all synonymous with ‘parishioners funds’

  82. And further in the policy it states, “Not doing the usual resulted in desperate solutions.”

  83. Thanks for the reference. I will re-read it when I get home to my volumes!

  84. I appreciate you acknowledgement! Yes, THE USUAL has dug me out of more scrapes than I care to detail. It took me a long time to realize that if you just do the usual actions of your job, regardless of what that job might be, you get products, and then you actually get in MONEY. Apparently, a sociopath wants to bypass the usual, which in this case of would be auditing and training the population of Planet Earth, and jump to JUST GETTING IN MONEY!

  85. Great video. I’d never seen that.

  86. ‘you become that which you cannot confront’

    I like that. Where’s that from?

  87. Phenomenal commitment to the IAS? That’s disgusting!

  88. That was a bit of “tech” IAS reges and tours people were hip to. I’m not sure if they still say that, but I wouldnt doubt it in some form. Essentially- an OT can disagree with the physical universe “bill collectors” and donate every penny they have and can borrow. OT’s can also “create energy” (money). So if you can can give more than you have in the bank to the IAS you are “OT”. There was a guy who was on tour with the IAS as sort of an advance man or gopher who used to say that “last year he had donated more than he made” and “how is that possible?” “It’s OT!!”

  89. one of those who see

    I actually would be cool on that. LOL

  90. plainoldthetan

    I was struck that in the poster is a large-print inspirational quote that ISN’T FROM LRH. It’s the ultimate sign. Miscavige quotes have replaced LRH quotes in promo.

    Scientology Inc isn’t following LRH anymore. It’s only following the Deranged Demented Diminutive Dweeb. Glad to be out.

  91. I would kill Miscavige to do that wouldnt it? I mean, if he had to just do standard Scientology. His head would explode

  92. And of course it is coinciding with the release of The Master. The BBC quotes Harvey Weinstein as saying there has been a lot of pressure from unnamed scientologists and when it was in the making there was lots of pressure. It goes on to say that Anderson showed the Master to Tom Cruise and they are still friends. Weinstein went on to say that there are well known scientologists who feel this is an invasion of their religious privacy and it should not be done.

    I don’t believe that for a second – there are reports that Tom C. asked Anderson to omit scenes and he refused. The similarities posed by another news source are hard to ignore. We’ll see – it opens today in New York City. It may be that Cruise is not overtly showing Anderson his anger, because that would not bode well – but there is no way that he is happy about this movie. No way.

  93. hi mike, nice read. ive actually seen this coming myself for a while now, noticing how they have been trying to paing a freas new face on the ias. guess its miscavige’s next logical step seeing that the sea org does not truly function as intended. oh, and have you seen the ias rap music video “dauntless and defiant” on youtube. really quite funny and apparently written/produced by doug e fresh.

  94. “You don’t clear a planet with business as usual”?

    Is this David’s arbitrary on why it is O.K. to be so far off policy that Hubbard himself wouldn’t recognize a Church of Scientology if it fell on him? Oh, it IS falling on him! And Chairman Maoscavige is burying him in the rubble!

  95. Re: “every scientologist” I did mean every member under DM’s control in the church.

  96. Laughter!

  97. plainoldthetan

    HCO IL 10 May 1962 ROUTINE 3GA (EXPERIMENTAL) “when faced with the unusual do the usual”
    6205C15 NEW TRAINING SECTIONS SHSBC 153 “when faced with the unusual do the usual”
    HCO PL 31 July 1971 THE USUAL When in doubt do the usual

  98. When Ron ran the orgs and people were getting trained and getting up the Bridge, he and Scientology were attacked by various governments and their agencies. That was what the GO handled in the main. Miscavidge got rid of the GO and brought in OSA, who attack free thinking Scientologists and no more government attacks, despite actual criminal activities by the church and complaints by Scientologists. Maybe its more than an incident he is stuck in.

  99. There is a continuing and concerted push to get people into the orgs to see this MV IAS event. My guess is that the IAS income stats are down and his majesty’s targets for new donations were not met. So now the hammer is down on all concerned to squeeze that blood out of any available stones. I think there is a new definition for Clearing the Planet here, i.e. clearing out all assets and bank accounts of planetary inhabitants into DM’s control.

  100. David Miocavige is like a dealer now selling crack cocaïne.

    Please sue me.

  101. The world hates the church of Scientology. The world doesn’t trust it in any way, shape, or form. The world is disgusted by the illegal, corrupt, and morally bankrupt actions of this organization. The world is repulsed by its celebrities, by its current leader. The world doesn’t even know what it is, an organization cloaked in secrecy in the midst of the Information Age? The world is horrified by its reports of abuse and violence. The world is confused by its arrogance and its individuation from society.

    Tell me, Corporation, how can you ‘Clear a Planet’ that feels this way about you?

    This is a cross between laugh out loud comedy and tragedy of the worst kind.

    Deep breath …..

  102. Yes, it is FORCE.
    The ATTACKS use force.
    Punching, beating, slapping, throwing to the ground, clenching fist and slugging in the solar plexus.
    The signature of David Miscavige to hapless INT BASE “provisionally declared SPs” is ATTACK with FORCE.
    Even though LRH said that the dynamic principle of existence was SURVIVE ! ~~ I do sincerely believe David Miscavige has made the Dynamic Principle of Survival SURVIVE by ATTACK !

    Scientology Inc within and kool aid drinking Scientologists are always on the attack. Wogs and Scientologists alike are the object of attacks and within the Church everyone attacks everyone with Knowledge Reports where you report every single deed and thought to “RTC” the upper echelon of the Church.

    Children are encouraged to snitch on parents, spouses reports on spouses, everyone and anyone attack each other all day long ! That is the culture ! The way Sea org members attack each other is beyond belief. You have to experience the RPF Gulag for a day to see the sadism of attack as the RPF attack each other with increasing punishments. In the RPF, the jailhouse guards are also RPF, so the inmates and RPFs can let fly at each other, much like the sadism of INT Base “SP Hole” where they scream and punch each other for further “Crimes.”

    The more enemies Scientology makes, the harder it attacks. Never before have so many been willing to speak publicly to the media, to testify in a Court of Law, to speak out on the Internet.

    As Scientology puts out its message of hate in it “Freedom magazines” and hate pages ~ the numbers of Scientology-haters increases exponentially. There is no turning back this Tsunami tidal wave of enemies Scientology has so industriously been producing all these decades. It cannot be reversed So what does Scientology do with massively growing lists of enemies ?

    There is only one answer. ATTACK MORE !

  103. Reminds me of the “secret” 3rd side of the bridge that the IAS super kool-aid drinkers were spouting years ago. You become more OT by donating larger sums of money to the IAS and the title of what type donation level reached is like its own OT level. Your freedom is tied directly to how much money you can beg, borrow or steal to give to the IAS, because it makes you soooo powerful on the 3rd dynamic. Really quite amazing how much money they could raise at that time. I would think that some of the gloss is gone on the concept of 3rd dynamic OT levels but I could be wrong. The folks going on the Maiden Voyage may truly believe that Spiritual Enlightenment is really just a matter of donating more money to the IAS.

  104. I believe that now more than ever LARGE donations are needed by the IAS to fund the team of lawyers who will be needed to keep DM’s little butt and big ego out of prison so the clapping seals can continue to worship him and his many brilliant accomplishments.

  105. I swear, somebody needs to walk up to that boy like a T.V. preacher and smack him on the forehead whilst commanding “Come up to present time!”. Who knows, might even work!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  106. miscavagesbitch

    Reblogged this on miscavagesbitch's Blog.

  107. Any old time Case Supervisor would identify David Miscavige as follows and straight from the dictionary definition:

    Computing Psycotic, 1. a psychotic who from his reactivity figures-figures. He’s inconstant in his conduct, he’s computive. He figures it all out, he’s got explanations. His psychosis is derived because these are crazy explanations. He’s obsessively solving a problem that does not exist. (SH Spec 83, 6612C06)

    As well……

    2. The computing psychotic passes quite commonly for a normal. Here the individual is taking dictation solely from a facsimile of some past moment of pain and is acting upon the advice of that “circuit” and is calling it thought. The psychotic personality is distinguished by its irrationality and its perversion of values. The distinguishing characteristic of the computing psychotic is his utter inability to change his mind. (AP&A, p.38)

    Mike Rinder, I’ll sign off by stating that there are perhaps a few less clubbed seals tonight because of your comments and observations.

    Thanks for your post. If I ever refer to you as ‘King Shit’, well, that’s a sincere compliment.

  108. No shit……

  109. Well, I guess if there was any doubt, or any hope remaining… it is clear to me now that the Church of Scientology has utterly ceased to exist.

    In it’s place we have this mutation, ‘Scientology Religion’. I was hoping, grasping for straws I guess, that there was at least one straw of the CofS left, one that could be grabbed and used to make the CofS whole again, but …

    Surely, even koolaiders can see through this.

    Maybe all those who were involved in the CofS 20 or more years ago are all gone, and all that is left are kids and newbies who know no better, I can’t imagine any other scenario where this would be tolerated.

  110. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – think of it, always.” Mahatma Gandhi
    A partial list of fallen dictators:
    Muammar Gaddafi; Hosni Mubarak; Saddam Hussein;Pol Pot; Idi Amin;
    Mobutu Sese Seko; Nicolae Ceausescu; Slobodan Milosevic;
    Jean-Claude Duvalier;Ferdinand Marcos; Fulgencio Batista; Antonio Salazar; Benito Mussolini; Adolf Hitler

    … there will be others.

  111. Hmmm … you might be onto something.

    Maybe DM’s Battle Plan is to do just that, bypass the original goals and purposes, and morph the CofS into the Scientology Religion, a lobby group, offering solutions to problems without actually doing anything, and getting ‘donations’ for it. Passing out 100,000,000 Way To Happiness Booklets becomes the doingness, for example. No auditing or training would even be necessary, just tolerated, and even then just for a while until the governments and other organizations start filling the bank accounts.

  112. we were in the same boat….you’re welcome sweetie pie 😉

  113. I just think if I were david miscavige how would I make more money for myself.

  114. True Les – Just for DM:
    Life isn’t like a box of chocolates, it’s more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today is likely to come back and burn you in the butt tomorrow.
    (borrowed from anklebiter – Rob, whoever he is/was)

  115. With such a poster, how can anyone still with Corporate Scientology have doubts as to whether LRH has been thrown under the snake-oil caravan by Miscavige and his jackals, and supplanted by a flashy fund-raising robot. Donations=clearing??? Give me a break.

  116. Inspiring words BUT each required effort and sacrifice to get them to fall. The same is true even for the tin pot dictator David Miscavige. He isn’t nearly so big as to run a country but simply wishing him away won’t work. It still needs the momentum.

    The Washington church of scientology International national affairs centre needs opposing. You may not instinctively wish to oppose it, you may instinctively agree BUT consider trhe motivation behind what the centre claims rather than what it says. Everything it says is suspect because it all comes from David Miscavige..

  117. Force! Oh, yeah. Doesn’t that fit in with EFFORT?!

    A very long time ago, there was a man named LRH. And he coined a term, “ARC”.

  118. Anon-onyourside

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus shutting down a main street in DuPont Circle, D.C., plus three congress people, plus one very low level FEMA person, plus one self-important DM equals one (1) article in the Washington Examiner and a story in the Washington Post blog (not the paper). Both the article and the blog talked more about The Master than the opening. Boy, has DM taken D.C. by storm!

  119. Benny Hinn perhaps?

    Sorry Michael Hobson I couldn’t resist that one. 🙂

  120. My comment was in response to an earlier post by Rinder. I have no way of knowing what happened.

  121. Bob,
    I assure you that your comment:
    “Surely, even koolaiders can see through this.”
    ……………is unfortunately false. But I’m with you in that I cannot fathom how it would be possible either. My wife has actually been through the gauntlet so to speak and viewed the Truth Rundown, Marty’s site and so on but remains with the CO$. She has been forced to commit crimes against those she cares about and cannot conceive of simply coming clean and confronting the truth. Those acts I’m sure are something that she would never have thought she would or could have done. She is owned by the CO$ and the Stockholm Syndrome is in full force as they contain the ONLY SALVATION POSSIBLE for her to be able to recover from her acts ……………or so she thinks. Very sad indeed. Time to move on, the fire is out and only charcoal remains.

  122. ditto, or as I also realized, “how stupid could I be!”

  123. The Church of $cientology does in fact represent everything that is horrible about humanity. The Sea Org will have a new definition before long …… “a delusional psychotic group which thinks they are something they are not.”

  124. One of a few songs that highlight how religion is used to abuse people. Another is called Satellite by The Hooters

    Consider the lyrics carefully..

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nonononono! Trust you F$^#*$G bitter frockless apostrophe’s
    to get it all wrong AGAIN! This is all straight from LRH! And I
    intend to prove it to you F@*^&%G numbskulls once and for
    ALL!!!! It took my OT brilliance to finally crack the F*^&$@G
    code of what LRH alluded to, but was unable to pull off!

    That is—–until now!

    One shot clearing! Finally!!!

    He was so close! But blind to his own genius! But NOT I.

    Noooooo! It took going from effect back to cause to finally
    unlock just HOW brilliant I really am to have solved this problem
    for all time!

    Ladies & gentlemen, after 30 years of trouble in trying to
    perfect the bridge for rapid clearing of this planet, I give you….
    the GAT 111 breakthrough of the 21st centuary……………………

    THAT, ladies & gentlemen, is the final solution to clearing the planet!!! (literally & of people!)

    Now… make it all happen folks…IAS ( I Am Scientology) makes
    your donations go exactly where ( I say it’s) needed. (MY
    totally camouflaged FORT DAVID VAULT in the mountains!!!)

    David COBM ( Cannibalist Order of Brainless Magnitude)

  126. No longer having a “bank” account.

  127. But I disagree with the idea that we have to have goals, work hard and produce some kind of statistical results. Does that make me a sociopath too? No, I believe the missing piece in the above is that I have survival intentions for others, while the sociopath does not.

  128. And I recall LRH having something good to say about the guy who takes it easy in a shack on the river, fishing from his back porch, etc.

  129. And indies are being contacted by people who want help getting out. One who contacted me took almost a year to get out of the financial ties and so forth but she made it. Others are now working on it. People are WAKING UP!!!

  130. If Tom was on the ball, he’d offer to present the Academy Award to the director or lead actors (Hoffman or Phoenix).

    Then he’d be “The Master” of PR.

  131. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ahhhh yes, Wendy! THAT rude awakening…that sudden
    dawning of deep embarrassment! “How could I have been
    such an ——-???” Easily, actually! Just as it was for ALL
    of us that became miscavigeoholics! Slaves to that next
    bottomless glass of kool-aid poured by enslaver supremo!

    Mercifully: “thanks to those who enlightened me.”
    —-amen to them, & especially all here on Marty’s blog.

  132. I just used ctrl-f on Indie 500 list ( )

    24 OT VIII’s


    Searched: OT VIII, OTVIII, OT 8, OT8.

    100 (approx) Classed Auditors.
    6 Class VIII’s
    One Class XII. One other, Pierre Ethier Not on the list, but free and producing like a juggernaut.

    Independent Scientology: Immune to attack.

    I am so proud to be part of this.

    I am next-to-nowhere on the bridge, and to stand next to people that obviously fought and won against Miscavige is AWESOME.


    FREEDOM. Owned 😉

    If you are on the fence, you are just giving yourself a sore bottom, JUMP!

  133. I’m beginning to think there is more to this strategy. By concentrating on “social betterment” programs and NOT on delivering an exchangeable valuable product to the individual, Scn is slowly becoming like traditional mainstream religions. Maybe that was the plan all along? Take the teeth out of Scn rendering it ineffective like so many religions before it.

  134. Li'll bit of stuff

    All true, Dean, and inspiration from Axiom, for sure!
    The karmic nature of this universe makes for one
    helluva “opposition,” though,wouln’t you agree?
    “Fear” at 1.O on the tone scale, it can be said, indicates one is in a state of withdrawal from imminent danger, in each case where counter-effort is perceived
    to be an overwhelming threat to one’s continued existence.

    In each instance of the uprisings against the above overthrown/assassinated dictators, this was precipitated
    by a retreat, a recognition, if you will, that the game was
    finally in a check-mate situation.

    I believe Miscavige, even in his deluded megalomania,
    has had such a realization. After all, If I’m not mistaken,
    nearly all his efforts these days, seem to be going into:
    “shut people up, with whatever means or however much
    it costs to HIDE the truth!!”

    The truth, in the end shall always prevail, Dean1

    as Marty simply advises…………”patience!”

  135. Jedi masters — that must be it. As an English professor once said, “Metaphors be with you.”

  136. All that battery of verbiage is lost on me.

    I do know of one bonifide 2.5%er that gets up early, makes you wrong for not getting up earlier, even if you come in on time, runs his company (and his peeps on a choker including his own family) as if its the last thing on earth he has to do.

    “SP’s aren’t just critical, they deny the rights of others. LRH” —– from a filmed interview circa 1967.

  137. I misquoted, “SP’s aren’t critical, they deny the rights of others.” LRH

  138. Probably a little bit off the topic. I just got a mailing from a very local group of my area. The purpose of this group is only to build or renovate bridges in countryside for local people. By doing that, people can walk or drive safely. This mailing (a quarterly) includes photos of completed bridges in the past 3 months, with details of where money were spent for building those bridges. Also listed are the bridges that will be completed in the next quarter. It is not a multi-page, glossy magazine, just a folded A2 size to inform the group’s donators what they want to know. A donator only pays 4 US dollars (roughly calculated by exchange rate) quarterly to help this group. I personally think this group does much better than RCS, charity-wise.

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    As Martin says, sitters:—-JUMP!

  140. This promo shows the slow progression of accepting the Pope on a Box as source.

    I’m sure many of you remember there use to be a “footprint” of everything LRH wrote. A way to track back who typed it etc. (it’s the old volumes).

    Now, the bottom of the promo says “From Closing Speech IAS Night Maiden Voyage 2012” – where the F^%K is the LRH?

    I actually feel sorry for Scientologists in the church these days because they obviously DON”T “know how to know.”

  141. I think it was a misprint. I believe he meant to say “Farce” not “force”

    As in, “may the farce be with you,” as you fleece the sheeple.

    More and more people every day are seeing the light and planning their escape. Every day.

    Once a year or so they re-implant someone to rejoin the implant station and they all rejoice.

    It’s pathetic, really.

    miscavige may very well escape with hundreds of millions in blood money. He will wear the MEST he’s acquired as mass in his eternal reactive bank.

  142. I agree, but I think the poster is using this definition of “force”:

    any body of persons combined for joint action: a sales force.

    The IAS is one giant sales force that takes in money and provides no exchange other than those pointless plaques, pins and “honor statuses”. No auditing, no training, no books, no nuthin’. The IAS represents the Criminal level of exchange.

  143. “I actually feel sorry for Scientologists in the church these days because they obviously DON”T “know how to know.”

    Sadly true.

    The authoritative statement in the promo insinuates LRH said that. That “sin of text” will be read by Miscavigists as if it’s scripture, as it was intended.

  144. Good point…

    LRH Definition of Clear – no longer having a bank on the First Dynamic

    DM Definition of Clear – no longer having a bank account on any dynamic

  145. I recieved an email from a L.A.area org titled “Dianetics Win”
    So it starts Dianetic auditing session resolves this public persons
    huge long time sit. Praises Dianetics several times., Big Big Win on Dianetics. At the end is BLESS YOU DAVID MISCAVIGE
    This is true

  146. Lynne, the passage is an explanation of David Miscavige. It has nothing to do with you. David Miscavige cannot confront actually working, doing the usual, doing work. So instead he tries to short cut with a PR stunt claiming it’s all going to get done by people supporting the IAS.

  147. I suggest you read the book. There are always exceptions to any rule. But in the main, SPs are not good workers. They cannot finish cycles of action. They select the wrong target. Any activity that helps people is destroyed by them. The alter to worsen communication when acting as a relay. They speak in generalities. They cow others and create accidents. They blow off good staff. David Miscavige, who I know personally, continually bragged about how hard he was working, and never getting sleep. When in fact, the reverse was true. He was going to baseball games, fucking off, watching porn, getting drunk, hanging out with his bff, going diving… he was a master at getting everyone else to do the work for him. So he totally, utterly and 100% fits the pattern described in the book. And in case I didn’t make it clear, it exactly describes every facet of his beingness, doingness and havingness. You should read the book. You will blow down.

  148. You have a valid point there! That is a serious outpoint. We know how to know. Log on the net, research, to people, speak to people, read books, read blogs, see the news, read the reviews. All of the things someone “on lines” is forbidden to do. They are actually STOPPED from knowing how to know. We were supposed to be in to this from the get go because we wanted to know how to know. Now we are SP’s for knowing how to know!

    We’ll find out David…..we toys can see EVERYTHING>>>>>>>>

  149. You don’t clear out the orgs and leave them empty with “business as usual” like tired old LRH tech and admin, rather you do it with a dash of deception, you do it with a touch of the treasonous, you do it with unparalleled brazenness, and, above all you do it with an emptyheaded and bankrupting commitment to my golden parachute,… the IAS, yeah that’s the ticket!

    From Closing Speech by His Royal Splendiferous Unholiness, and Ecclesiastical Sliminess Glorious Chairman Mushmouth at the 2012 Golden Age of Parachutes and Embezzlement Briefing

    Seriously I was wondering how long it would be before that squirrel deemed that his vacuous quotes would be used in promo instead of LRH’s words.

    I have it on good authority that GAT 2 will consist of the grades and OT levels being reduced to just 2 processes.

    “Give me (the IAS) that money.” Run until EP of PC in glee of insanity and bankrupt.


    “Why won’t you give me (the IAS) all of your money?”. Same EP as first process.

  150. Very appropriate song! Love Johnny Cash…

  151. He could save a few bucks if he could remember to unplug his copper rod vibrator after he’s EP’d the process.

    Sorry for the blantant tastelessness, I couldn’t resist.

  152. It would be helpful if someone would post the exact quote from Mao. Positioning foot bullet and all that! Imagine! Another quote from Mao is “political power comes from the barrel of a gun” or something like that. Remembering from my days in the 60s!

  153. If I remember correctly Business as Usual was LRH’s Mantra. Audit more and train more in volume. Deliver standard tech. Produce happy students and PCs. They will tell others and we will expand. That is the business as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. Run the Org Board like a well oiled machine. Pa-git-a Pa-git-a.

  154. A pinch of this, a smidgen of that… and a WHOLE LOTTA CASH!

    Sounds like a recipe for failure if you ask me (exchange condition one).

  155. Here’s a dirty trick that just happened to me. I have no proof that it was the Scientology SS OSA but I strongly suspect it was. My email account was hacked and my friends contact list was removed. In addition all my other contact lists were emptied. At the same time a letter was sent out to all my contacts saying that I had been mugged in Europe and lost all my identification papers and please send money to help me out of the jam I was in! I had recently forwarded some material from the Indie blogs to friends and associates. As I said I have no proof it was OSA but it definitely was date coincident. Needless to say I beefed up my password!

  156. is just money…..putting high quotas then making the line up..and all the big fish they will give to Shairmein..who was Super Power Reg and then somehow become IAS Reg in DIV 6 for Flag…because was too much the IAS quota that she has to be full time and of course she knows all the big fish around the world..

    I have the opportunity the travel around the world before and I until now I still don’t see that expansion that Chairman of the Board is talking about.

    My advise to any scientogists that still in the corporate Church of Scientology is to stop their donations for this criminals campaigns

  157. This poster represents a death rattle of sorts. It also illustrates Miscaviges personal psychology bleeding out furthur into society.

    The very idea of devotion to the IAS being the sole hope for a cleared planet, as opposed to serving people with spiritual truth, is David’s narcism in print.

    I think what Dave is really trying to say is: devotion to me, David Miscavige, is the true hope for a sane world.

    Death rattle, this puppy needs hospice, dress the bed sores.

  158. Affluence attainment consists of, Hard work. In ethics. Standard tech. Doing the things that won, not new things untried as yet. Applying the formula of the condition one is in.

    Boy, that fuckin’ Chinese School really works!

  159. Thoughtful,
    Thanks for that I just cogged. The SP charisteristic “can’t complete a cycle of action ” forces the SP into unusual solutions. Not business as usual because business as usual is following the plan and actions to completion. The SP cannot complete plans. That’s why each years promises haven’t been realized. Each year “Super Power will be released”.

  160. HEIL DER POB!!
    (pie face)

    The Independent field doesn’t have any competition, me thinks.

    Sincere public stay away or leave, in droves. When do you suppose that madman unleashed will notice anything unusual is happening?

  161. Pingback: Mr. David Miscavige and the Substitute Bridge | Grasshopper's Blog

  162. Spot-on Mike. We’re on the same wavelength. I realized this morning that what Miscavige is doing is substituting his bridge of donation statuses for the real bridge. Instead of actually getting trained, you instead become a Patron Patutus Maximus. Instead of EP’ing Grade IV, you get to be a Humanitarian Doopus. I expanded on this on my little blog. It is interesting when you plot this against the Havingness scale.

  163. Or assholé, as they say in French.

  164. Gerhard Waterkamp

    This caused me a serious doubt condition. Should I vomit or laugh.
    Still not decided.

  165. They still say it, esp new lifetime donations.

  166. David’s recent status updates on Facebook:

    • “David is feelin’ murdery.”
    • “Another day, another torture.”
    • “Let them hate me, so they but fear me.”
    • “I wish the Independents had but a single neck.”

  167. Man, that is gross.

  168. …and what is even more gross is the number of Scientologists who read that without spotting the outpoint.

  169. I kept watching videos on youtube for like 8 hours a day until I felt safe from going back into the COS button pushing agreements. She needs to keep reading.


    One by one We weave the future
    Like wind washing sand ashore

    Two by two We talk ’til midnight
    Minding freedom’s sacred chore

    Three by three We gather in haste
    Confident as Sparta Guards

    Four by four our emotions sing
    Like aesthetic rebel Bards

    100 by 100 our numbers mount
    500 by 500 our postulates count
    1000 daggers to the heart

    And the enemy falls broken
    As “The Truth” is spoken
    And the Chairman of Sin
    Is expelled in the fires
    Of failed Art.

    9 – 15 – 12

  171. Hapexamendios, I like how you roll!! I loved your comment. I hope you can come out in the open some time so we can be in true communication.
    Your friend,

  172. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Yet another unusual solution coming out of David Miscavige´s mouth, with no quotes from LRH. LRH never sanctioned the IAS, in fact he never heard of it. He did say though that if it isn´t written in a Policy Letter or in a Bulletin or said on a tape it isn´t true and it isn´t the church´s policy. From this, one can deduce that the IAS is NOT the church´s policy. In the quote David Miscavige is asserting that the IAS is the church´s ONLY policy. How far out is that? – Makes one think!

  173. I’m gonna barf.

  174. Likes and Interests updated:

    Pillaging cities, exacting tribute, smacking captured Sea Org Members, reading Marty’s blog.

  175. I know, LOL.

  176. And yet Miscavige’s force is always by stealth. His is a stealthy force. He corrupted the tech very gradually over the years. If he had pushed his “Miscavology” too quickly, too many people would have figured him out. If he had just immediately started doing everything that he is doing right now 25 years ago when he seized the COS, there would have been a mass rebellion. He would have been run out of town on a rail. He needed to weed out the people who had personal power, run his rolling thunder group hypnosis events on staff and public for years, and hope to soften people up first. Miscavige is a criminal. He is also a wuss. His NAME does not even appear after the quote at the bottom of the IAS poster. He probably hopes that a certain percentage of parishioners will dub in that it was a quote from LRH or something. And that then later people will start to equate his words with LRH’s words. I think he really wants to steal everything LRH ever created, except that, criminal that he is, he can’t HAVE it, so he has to destroy it first.
    But force begets force. What goes around comes around. And he’ll never see it coming when the usual happens.

  177. Mike was certainly not off when referring to Chairman Mao:

    “People of the world, be courageous, dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed.”

    Mao Tse-Tung 1964

  178. To be more specific, it is non optimal force according to the situation. More specifically: IMO, increasingly more than optimal force coupled with O/Ws caused Co$’ downward vicious circle, described as downward spiral.

    However, IMO, even though this is good process description, in Scn, this process is a symptom: the underlying causes are the commands in the implants, which get fired when the discovery of the implants are approached and when the existence of the implants get threatened.
    (Just in case: I got this information before reading any confidential OT material).

  179. I agree that the poster is using this definition of “force”: any body of persons combined for joint action: a sales force.

    However, the “sales force” is implemented with “force” with the meaning used by Marty at the beginning of this thread. It is not an ethical persuasive “sales force” selling an ethical product based on needs and wants of the customer. It is force selling of overt product, as you pointed out: criminal exchange.

  180. Freedom Fighter

    [beginSarcasm] So that’s why I haven’t yet achieved Total Freedom! I’ve failed to submit everything I own, everything I’ve yet to own, and everything I don’t even own for generations to come to the IAS! If only I’d not been such an SP by keeping enough money to myself to put a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on my table (barely) and given it all to Miscav–I mean the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS. To think I felt guilty all those years for not being able to care for my elderly mother properly because every dime they could squeeze out of me went to the “war chest” to fight the “real” SPs. OMG!! [/ endSarcasm]

  181. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I just read that a squirrel´s brain weighs 6 grams……… maybe that could explain something?

  182. Freedom Fighter


  183. Freedom Fighter

    LOL! *sigh*

  184. P.S.: I mean “process” according to The American Heritage Dictionary:
    Process: noun: 1. A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result.

  185. Anyone that comes anywhere close to actually duplicating the tech has long since been “handled” as a renegade. RTC ie ‘they that have to be obeyed’ does not allow self determinism. No such products nor attitude aligning with self determinism is tolerated. That also includes the public – hence empty orgs and gleeful staff. Staying out of trouble is more important than anything LRH says, that also includes the public.
    Such a boring thing really and a hell of a harmonic on randomity – avoiding confront.

  186. You have to have a balance of Force and Reson according to LRH. You are right they use to much force but that is because little davey is insane!

  187. What I find really scary is that in DM’s mind he is winning, he knows he’s not insane, just misunderstood. He came from nothing and now controls a billion dollars, to him he’s won. He’ll never capitulate, he can’t, his end will probably be messy.

  188. > “At the end is BLESS YOU DAVID MISCAVIGE”
    I wonder when DM will start offering darshan like GM.
    (GM’s darshan means kissing GM’s holy feet).

  189. EnthralledObserver

    Forgive me for asking a silly question, for I am simply a WOG, but if an organisation’s ultimate goal was to ‘Clear’ the planet, then wouldn’t its ‘usual business’ have been designed specifically and directly to accomplish just that. Therefore, for Micav-idiot to suggest that you ‘can’t clear the planet with business as usual’… well, what and why the hell were they doing such things (usual business) in the first place…???

    Logic… Mr Damage Micavidiot… not your strong suit, is it???

  190. EnthralledObserver

    Sorry, I spelt his name incorrectly… should have been Miscav-idiot… my bad :p

  191. I feel your pain. Sad indeed. But she has been exposed to the truth. And that should help lay a foundation for her to wake up in the future, sooner rather than later. All you can do is take the high road, dont make her wrong, and try to keep exposing her to more truth in a way that might be received. Good luck.

  192. The Church of Scientology had better start Clearing the planet right away or the planet may just Clear itself on its own independently! 🙂

  193. Ask yourself what your own presence there and use of the Org tells them as well. Maybee your next visit you could help un-hypnotize them.
    But its an Interesting observation. Little or no pressure on them to produce, and most likley full faith that the IAS is indeed clearing the planet as we speak. They can relax a bit and just wait for crowds to line up at the door and the parade to pass by the Org with giant Thank You DM banners Being staff memebers, they want to believe their commitment and purpose is being advanced. Like everyone else, they will wake up. Maybee you can think of some things to say to them which would hurry their awakening.

  194. martyrathbun09

    Nothing to do with the ‘church’; it is a common scam a significant number of random people have been subjected to by common criminals.

  195. Bob, you might be onto something. And those who want auditing can get some, just like a catholic goes to confession. The difference being you give up confidentiality and your recorded. It does appear to be headed that way. LRH becomes Joseph Smith, hunted down and eventually killed, to DM’s Brigham Young. Who gets the University named after them?

  196. Hugs…….mmmmmwah! I owe ya 🙂

  197. “IAS – I Am Scientology” – Good one Calvin! So apt!

  198. Phenomenal Commitment = “No one leaves the room, until everyone has made his Giga-Patron-Bombasticus-Fantaticus-Megalomanicus-Bancrupcy-Roll-Ripupus-Goldcardus”

  199. BTW: If some former german coolaid-drinker in a state of hypnotism coughed up, say, 40.000 $ to the IAS, any ideas on how to jump on their feet hard enough as to make them want to repay it?

  200. Hehehe!

  201. In related news …

    Tony Ortega just announced that he’ll be ending his long-running coverage of Scientology in the Village Voice (and leaving his post as editor) to focus full-time on a book about the COS in its terminal crisis.

    Roger Ebert just tweeted a YouTube link to the Australian documentary “The Ex Files”, calling it background info for people who’ve seen “The Master.”

    Ebert has a gazillion Twitter followers. Applying Dave Miscavige’s stat-crunching methods, this means ONE GAZILLION PEOPLE have now been turned off corporate Scientology.

  202. With all due respect to my friends on this blog, I think most of you are missing the point of this promo piece (or maybe you’re just not commenting on it).

    OF COURSE, the way you would clear the planet is to train auditors in every increasing sufficient quanity and drive their production up, up, up. But regarding the point I made on the last post, Miscavige is a “genius of criminality” – a GENIUS in stealing money. He truly is.

    This promo pice is fuckin’ BRILLIANT. It not only hits the points of the last page of Keeping Scientology Working, and hits them HARD, but it hits them in an exact way to be used by Michael Roberts, Howard Becker, Bridget, etc etc etc

    “We are asking you here and NOW if you are fully committed to clearing the planet? We know you have been committed in the past and that you care and NOW we are asking you to make that committment PHENOMENAL and wholehearted? ………….. We are asking you to be even MORE passionate and courageous in your contribution in clearing the planet. NOW is the time to put aside all the other concerns of the one lifetime and really dedicate yourself to winning or dying in the attempt…. what would you do right NOW if LRH was here and asked you to make every single committment to clearing the planet that you possibly can? Will you at least work with me to see what more you can do? OK, how many credit cards do you have?……..”

    And on and on and on.

    And so what are you gonna say in the reg cycle? “This doesn’t fit into my financial plans? I don’t want to get more into debt?” How much more like a whining off purpose weasal can you sound like?

    “Your mortgage? Your credit limit? Your debt? This is ETERNITY we are talking about!!!!!! There may not even BE a college or country or banks when your grandchildren get to be 18!!!! Would you give ANY excuse to LRH if he was here as a reason for not CLEARING THE PLANET!!!!”

    Folks, this promo piece has nothing to do with clearing the planet. It has EVERYTHING to do with REG CYCLES and hitting every button to get every last cent from every last Scientologist and mostly to pre-empt them from using ANY objection as “reasonable” in the reg session.

    It’s about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and ……. yeah, you guessed it ….. MONEY.

    I predict it will be wildly successful in the short run. People are probably already calculating what the least amount is taht they can give to get out of the reg session “alive.” After 3 hours ….. “OK OK, so you can’t become a patron right now. We’re asking ever single Scientologist at least to put $200 a month on their credit card as a committed contribution, make it a monthly bill that you pay to clear the planet….”

    Remember, Miscavige is a criminal and he runs a criminal organization. They steal money, they take without giving equal exchange.

    The sad thing is there are so many good and caring people in the CoS who really WOULD like to produce the products of their posts and train auditors and audit people. But they’ve agreed to participate in a criminal activity and every day they agree to that ….well, it don’t any better, I can tell you that.

  203. Yes GROSS. When I was staff at Saint Hill we would get reports on Scientologists who avoided source ( RON) or made themselves out as source and they were handled post haste as SPs or Crazies.
    Now D,M. has installed himself as source and its like thats understood and OK? No way folks at the bottom of all front covers of dianetics books is the authors name, L. Ron Hubbard. Time to get with it , parading around as Jesus, emperor of Earth, and the like is delusional ,definitly mentally ill and off his rocker case which D,M.has suceeded in pulling off . BTW the IAS is only going to make D.M. richer than he already is and further degraded. IAS will go Ka Flooie and all those who got snookered will become the IAS most rabid enemy .
    ” The Master “comes out this week, check it out !

  204. If dm hadn’t messed everything up he wouldn’t need to do all these “unusual solutions” to handle his current scene. Exactly.

    He created the scene to which he now says cannot be handle by “business as usual”.

  205. Sorry to hear that Newcomer!!

  206. What does Miscavige read? Does he read the daily newspapers, like the NY Times or other media?

    Did someone do a news summary daily, and does anyone know what he reads, like does he read books, and if so, what books?

    I imagine OSA Int does a special version of the “OSA passarounds” (news clippings of all press related to Scientology and to himself) daily.

    Other than that, what does Miscavige read? Or does he?

  207. Damn Joe!
    I have sat through that shit many times and have given alot to be helpful and to “save the planet”. I have since realized that any “planet saving” will not be coming from corporate scientology. That help will come from Scientology delivered by free Scientologists and other people who are not Scientologists doing good things as well.
    The diminutive one is really fighting a fight he has personally waged with people of good will and making it seem that he is fighting to save Scientology as a con.
    You are right Joe he is a pro criminal and he knows how to sucker people into the trap by using their help buttons.

  208. The way i can see to guarantee scientology will exist in the future is by people learning scientology by doing courses and auditing in scientology missions and organisations independent from the CoS , that would guarantee scientology would be around for sure in future times because those whom duplicate scientology will know it in future lifetimes .

  209. we’ve heard similar things from other random people.

  210. I think it might be more appropriate to ask whether Miscavige can read at all.

  211. In the past I’ve made a few light attempts at opening their eyes, but without any success. As soon as they realize that they’re inflowing data that doesn’t align with their aberrated stable data and can’t be nullified quickly, they blow the conversation in one way or another.

    Meanwhile I’m certainly not going to let their hypnotized squirreling keep me away from the LRH materials that are readily available in their Qual library, especially after I paid them so much in past decades for what amounted to 90% out tech.

  212. I’ve been curious about that, too.

    Someone commented once that Dave is obsessively interested in reading everything about himself written on the Internet, which would imply that some poor staffers must be tasked with doing a daily roundup for his perusal.

    But that was a while ago. Lately the stream of online commentary calling him out by name has swollen to flood levels. And most of the mentions include some demeaning nickname or title or variant on his real name, so it’s not just a question of googling “Miscavige”. I really question whether he’s got the strength or stomach to sit there and read all of it. So I’m thinking it must be presented to him in digest or summary form. (He’d probably imagine it as the equivalent of the President’s daily national-security briefing.)

    Imagine being the person responsible for preparing and presenting the daily report.

    I can’t, honestly. So maybe he just doesn’t hear it.

  213. Of course he reads! Don’t be so flippant. Texts from Tom, depatches from SQB about how they “handled the hell out of the Marty situation”, Sherman’s latest biography of David Miscavige awaiting “COB approval” for publishing… all sorts of stuff. And not just books with lots of pictures either.

  214. Quickie Grades nearly destroyed Scientology.LRH got back on lines to salvage the tech spending millions of his own money to later forgive the Church, shouldering all the responsibility himself.
    If its true that GAT 2 replaces grades and OT levels with 2 processes
    thats Quickie Grades on Steroids nuclear powered.
    In the words of Obi One Kenobi ” I sense a great disturbance in the universe,like millions of voices crying out!”

  215. Also, DM seems to be copying tactics of the political Right! He’s worshiping money – ain’t gonna work.

  216. Martin – I’ve been meaning to count that up too.
    So I did: In addition there are OT VIIs – 28 on the list.

    I kinda lump OT VII & VIII together, so that total is 52 on the list. Now that’s significant on that list!

    One point of counting together is that parallels the so-called 10000 on and through OT VII at Flag. They continue to count the OT VIII’s on that 10000 count.
    (My wife and I are unannounced OT VIII’s and I suspect others.)

  217. This is a little off-topic, but I just stumbled onto the video of the 2012 LRH birthday event, and saw something very interesting. The presentation of the LRH Biographical Encyclopedia started with the following LRH quote: “In a very materialistic and cruel age, I am trying my best to do a job, to bring tolerance and humanity to this planet.” That’s a statement by LRH of his purpose, for which he built the Church. So, one would think that the current leader of the Church would be doing his best to forward that purpose. Yet, Miscavige, with his Idle Morgues, the Hole, and the beatings, is himself “very materialistic and cruel,” and has led the Church more and more in that direction. As for “bringing tolerance and humanity to this planet,” Miscavige has ordered his RTC minions to be “cold, chrome steel” — in other words, “intolerant and inhuman.” So, quite obviously Miscavige’s purpose is the opposite of LRH’s.

  218. What a piece of confused shit!

  219. The only thing that Miscaviage and his IAS shock troops know how to clear is bank accounts. Even then it is not done with any finess or technique, rather it is done with intimidation, invalidation, false validation and coercement. Big deal. My grandchildren could do that. All I would have to do is teach them the “Heaven and Hell” implant and they would have it.

    ML Tom

  220. Speaking of Bridget (IAS reg in LA), years ago a friend of mine, who knew her in the late 60’s before either of them got into Scientology, told me that she was originally a wonderfully sweet and gentle girl (she worked as an airline stewardess), but that soon after she got on lines at the SF Org she flipped valences, and started on the road to becoming the monster she is today. That’s what a heavy, save-the-world 3rd dynamic can do to a person who gets on an admin track before doing substantial auditor training and getting up the Bridge herself as a pc and preOT. In Bridget’s case, it was a true tragedy.

  221. I didn’t read all of the comments and someone probably mentioned it but if not, I had to say it.

    There is not even a slight nod to LRH in this promo – but that’s probably correct as LRH’s approach to clearing required actual Scientology. DM’s squirrel church of IAS requires no Scientology be used and in fact, one simply ‘buys’ their state of holiness.

  222. Theo Sismanides

    Marty let me say it could be the church…. Richard my yahoo mail was also hacked a few days ago and same letter was sent to my email list…

    The only thing is at the bottom of the email those guys were signing with my name and an “ML” in front of that… ????? ?

    Here is a copy

    I really hope you get this on time. I didn’t tell you about my visit to Spain with my family for a short vacation, but unfortunately we were robbed at the hotel where we lodged along with other folks. We didn’t bring our phones and the hotel telephone lines were disconnected during the incident. So I have access to only emails. Please I’m going to need some sort of loan from you for us to relocate to another hotel close to the embassy and also to get another flight ticket. Those thieves made away with our credit cards as well which is why this can’t be resolved instantly.

    We have been to the Embassy and the Police here are not helping issues at all and our flight leaves tomorrow..Please, Let me know if you can help us out? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    ML, Theo Sismanides

    How would hackers just sign ML, how do they know what it stands for? the only people using this are the SO and that is a clue.

  223. You should report it to the FBI.

  224. Theo Sismanides

    I am not sending so many emails to Scientologists lately and not signing up as ML, Theo Sismanides to my clients and non Scientology friends. So, there is something fishy here. If there were just hackers where did they find this ML thing? They would need to go over my email answers or originations and really look into some old emails.

  225. From the Tao Te Ching:

    Achieve results,
    But never glory in them.
    Achieve results,
    But never boast.
    Achieve results,
    But never be proud.
    Achieve results,
    Because this is the natural way.
    Achieve results,
    But not through violence.

    Force is followed by loss of strength.
    This is not the way of the Tao.
    That which goes against the Tao comes to an early end.

  226. How Miscavige Plans to “Clear the Planet”
    change that:
    How Miscavige Plans to “Rob the Planet”

  227. It’s possible the hackers looked at your sent folder to see if there was a particular way you sign off your emails. This is fairly smart but then this is a form of social engineering and to be successful you have to be clever enough to get people to believe you’re someone you’re not.

    That said it could still be the church, just seems a little bizarre. I expect the follow up would be to get the hapless victims to send money via Western Union.

  228. “Agreed, the significance of having 52 people out of 360ish, 1/6 of people who have chosen to operate as Thetans. Free Beings. Its NOT 20%. Its NOT 2 1/2%. Its a group created to further the aims of scientology.

    This is the future. This is growing up.

    Miscavige: Get diapers changed and throws tantrums.

    NOTE: Thats a significant amount of whole-track “persuasion” out of 360ish scientologists that operate as Thetans outside of group evaluation…
    Scientology is important, “help”, not “status” is YOUR stat.

  229. Amazing! With LRH never having uttered the word ‘IAS’, at least the old timers should smell a stinking rat.
    Criminals always leave clues so they eventually get caught. Well done DM,
    another nail in your coffin!

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  231. He’s actually very good at reading the auto cue / teleprompter for his speeches. What’s weird is the gibberish he’s known to come out with without a script. It’s like he’s verbally illiterate but he can read.

  232. Independent Scientology. Those who endeavour to operate ABOVE bank agreement.

    Need I say more.

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  234. That darn ‘robotic band’!
    (HCOB Robotism)

  235. Very well done!

  236. Well if they selectively sent emails rather than just spammed your contacts and they dug out a sign off that you say wouldn’t be that obvious I’d say you’re right to be suspicious.

    Any idea what motive Church of scientology would have in ripping off some old friends of yours on your behalf? Ruin your good reputation, cause trouble is all I can think of.

  237. Hapexamendios comment about GAT 2 replacing grades and OT levels with 2 processes was just a joke.

    A little bird told me that GAT 2 will also have Super Power processes. All of them run until same EP as GAT 2’s first process.

    GAT 2’s Super Power case cracker process:
    “How can you give me (the IAS) a lot more (money) than all of your money?”.

    GAT 2’s 2 Super Power processes:
    “Give me (the IAS) a lot more money than you have.”
    “Why won’t you give me (the IAS) a lot more (money) than all of your money?”.

  238. I was told some time ago by a friend that staff and public are fed the line that “The stats may be down, but we are building for the future.” This, of course, is the oldest con in the book used by religions forever to be miserable now and you will be rewarded in the afterlife, heaven, wherever.

  239. plainoldthetan

    I disagree; in the LRH Birthday event 2012, Miscavige mispronounced “seafaring” as “see-fahr-ing” multiple times. A sure sign of an illiterate.

  240. Sounds like a common Internet scam. Report it to your internet service provider, your email hosting service (gmail, yahoo, etc.), and of course law enforcement. At lot of these scams are run out of organized crime in Eastern Europe.

  241. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, destroy that account, cause turmoil and ruin my reputation as it went to clients too. THe ML, thing is weird.

  242. “His is a stealthy force. He corrupted the tech very gradually over the years. If he had pushed his “Miscavology” too quickly, too many people would have figured him out. If he had just immediately started doing everything that he is doing right now 25 years ago when he seized the COS, there would have been a mass rebellion.”

    Thus the similar story of Christianity, too. Their religion was slowly corrupted over time, starting with Paul (stealthily), and then “Saint” Augustine continued the trend and used force … political and physical. The weakness of organized religion and a hierarchical structure is that the group eventually determines what should be believed and what is heresy, and that Truth should not be an individual pursuit.

    Miscavige has a group of BELIEVERS now, not a group of free thinkers who think for themselves.

    Did you know in the 3rd century, there were Christian Scholars, such as Origen, who believed that the human soul exists before it is incarnated into a physical body, and then passes from one body to another until it is reunited with God?

    This was debated in the Christian church until 553 when he was officially anathematized, or cursed by the Second Council of Constantinople. His belief minimized the role of Jesus Christ, and downplayed the necessity for salvation in this lifetime. His work also challenged the Church’s control in intellectual and spiritual pursuit.

    History has taught, don’t challenge the authorities in the hierarchy of a church, or big trouble will brew. A more general lesson, taught the populace over time is, “Never question authority,” … leave the thinking to “the authorities”. Thus we have civilizations of robotism, people obeying and believing, not knowing why they do so.

    For a surprising parallel view of what has happened in Scientology history, I recommend the book, The Dark Side of Christian History. You’ll discover how Christianity got squirrelled by men, who lusted for power and control.

  243. Thank you Tony, I appreciate that! I look forward to that day coming very soon, I just have to handle some financial things first.

  244. By the zealousness shown in this promo, perhaps we could also call David Miscaviage, “Pope Leo XIII”, or one in progress.

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, Pope Leo XIII argued that the ends justified the means:

    “The death sentence is a necessary and efficacious means for the Church to attain its end when rebels act against it and disturbers of the ecclesiastical unity, especially obstinate heretics [defrocked apostates] and heresiarchs, cannot be restrained by any other penalty from continuing to derange the ecclesiastical order and impelling others to all sorts of crime … When the perversity of one or several is calculated to bring about the ruin of many of its children it is bound effectively to remove it, in such wise that if there be no other remedy for saving its people it can and must put these wicked men to death.” – Pope Leo XIII

    As Miscavige nears his certain fall, I can easily hear him saying these words. If he knew he could get away with it, I bet he would. Thank God the Church of Scientology never achieved so much power as to rule any country, as what happened in the 5th century with the Roman Catholic orthodox church.

  245. one of those who see


  246. Auditing is Dead! Real Estate is the new Clearing strategy. All Obey the Leader!

    wtf, this isn’t Scientology.

  247. Somehow the illogic of “falling stats = building” does not occur to them.

    Clubbed seals, indeed!

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  249. This is disgusting on so many levels. They don’t even pretend to follow LRH anymore.

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