Black Dianetics – Clear Extortion

From HCO Bulletin 12 September 1978R (rev 2 Dec 85):







New Era Dianetics or any Dianetics is NOT to be run on Clears or above or on Dianetic Clears.


This applies even when they say they can see some pictures.


Anyone who has purchased NED auditing who is Clear or above must be routed to an AO or Flag to receive the special NED Rundown for O.T.s. They are NOT to be run on regular New Era Dianetics.

David Miscavige has ordered that hundreds of O.T.s be audited on Dianetics. Not just a session or two, but intensive after intensive. Four to five intensives on one OT I audited. An OT who had already been put through OT 5 three times in Miscavige’s implant factory, once known as the mecca of standard tech. The situation was exacerbated by one sec check after another to be sure the subject became interiorized to the point of wanting to pay more and more to end the misery. In the midst of all this drama, Flag personnel were applying duress to extract a cool half million dollars – not for services, but for straight “donations” for Idle Orgs, Super Power, and IAS. A significant part of the duress was reversing Ethics principles to threaten the future existence of the target’s family.

Our own Tony Phillips corroborated this type of treatment in response to the introduction of this series:

Here is an example of Black Dianetics.
While on OT7 on one of my “refreshers”  ( that is what they call your bi-annual checkup) I had to get an “advance program”. This meant that I first got 5 intensives of sec checking (approx 30k) this consisted of lots of grinding on o/w stuff. Sometimes the auditor would go over and over the buttons to try to get a read on me or to see why I wasn’t “f/ning”. (maybe no three swings) this was extremely painful and grindy and expensive. The expense just added to the BPC. Next was the R factor that I wasn’t Clear. (MID OT7) Then I proceeded to get three intenives of NED. I later found out there is a C/S series that talks about not mixing major rundowns. Here I am in probably the biggest rundown delivered in Scientology and am getting TONS of unnecessary sec checks which communicate= YOU ARE BAD AND EVIL. Next they invalidate the state of Clear just for fun on top of the first course of sec checks and I now have a bill for about 50k.
That is pretty hard to choke down.

Tony has previously disclosed on this blog the significant sums of money that were extracted from he and his wife Marie-Jo while they were subjected to this mental and emotional duress.

In the above-referenced HCOB, LRH used the terms “Urgent” in italics, “Important” in italics, and “NOT” all caps. And yet, the treatment described above has been proven to be the rule rather than the exception. How much more reverse can the subject be applied?

Any Class VI, Class VIII, Class IX or Class XII who violates this HCOB is knowingly driving the anchor points of an OT back into the MEST universe.

Any public who has had a NOTs RD – if it were 1/100th standard – knows why this HCOB should never be violated.

Yet, it has become standard operating procedure at Flag.

The inval, the eval, the collapsing and bottling up of one’s space accomplished by such Black Dianetics practices of putting O.T.s back on Dianetics (compounded with intensive after intensive of evaluative and invalidative sec checking and ethics handling) is enough to – and has – turned once winning and prospering Scientologists into the apathetic and in some cases even enemies of the subject. It is the abuse of Dianetics and Scientology for the purpose of making one more tractable, more compliant, and more at effect. Ironically, and sadly, the very aims of circa 1950 institutional psychiatry Scientologists are conditioned to believe is the present time enemy of mankind (and thus must forfeit the bulk of their savings to combat).

LRH said this about Black Dianetics in the Journal of Scientolgy issue 3:

In order to resolve insanity, it was necessary to release the natural laws discovered in Dianetics. When they were released it became possible to create insanity at will. And even more insidiously, complete control of a human being can be effected without insanity being demonstrated by him.

Can someone point to a single psychiatrist who has attempted to use the principles of Dianetics to create insanity? Or a government agent? Or a drug company researcher? No. The only one I have witnessed dedicatedly engaged in such a pursuit is David Miscavige. And it is all the more insidious as none of his victims would think to look internal, let alone at Miscavige, for the source of his or her travails.

Next, consider this from the PDC lecture Formative State of Scientology; Definition of Logic:

So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject, anybody that knows these techniques, is himself actually under a certain responsibility – that’s to make sure that he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor. That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.

To compound the felony, Miscavige has actively withheld the remedy for any person with uncertainty about his Clear status who has already progressed on the O.T. Levels. Obviously that includes those pre-OT’s implanted with uncertainty, where there once was none, by Radical Scientology C/Ss. The remedy was devised by LRH. It is a two question C/S that LRH wrote for such situations. I have successfully done the C/S on more than a dozen people, both while in the church and outside of it. That it is being actively forbidden from use within the church – instead creating bank to audit for pre-OTs – is perhaps the most egregious Miscavige crime I am aware of to date. It is so simple, and spot on, it never takes more than a short session to execute. And then, voila, no more question about Clear for the rest of the ride through the OT Levels. Miscavige is very much aware of it because I reported directly to him its successful application on prominent public members of his “church” while doing debug auditing as Inspector General. Prominent public members he urgently ordered me to handle because they were so ARCXen as to be on the verge of publicly parting with Scientology.

Compare this activity to what LRH said in the same PDC lecture quoted from above, on Black Dianetics:

It’s a very simple remedy. And that’s just make sure the remedy is passed along. That’s all. Don’t hoard it. Don’t hold it. And if you ever do use any black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and make it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself “the new order.” We don’t need any more new orders – all those orders as far as I’m concerned have been filled.

Please note that Miscagive himself directed that these words of L Ron Hubbard be edited out of his Golden Age of Knowledge edition of the PDC lectures,

Is there any doubt now as to his motivation?

I have openly shared the LRH C/S with C/Ses and Auditors who have inquired, and will continue to do so. I will not publish it out of respect for those who have not yet received it who need it. To do so would be as suppressive as publishing the Clear cognition.

To those who want to engage in a debate about whether this constitutes “verbal tech”, debate amongst yourselves. I am not withholding something that only a moron with a double digit IQ couldn’t remember, that I applied while in the church and continue to – successfully every time – outside the church. Particularly, when it is the REMEDY to Miscavige’s most heinous form of Black Dianetics at the upper end of the Bridge.

At the heart of Miscavige’s operation is terror of the idea of O.T.s reaching. And so, here is how the operation goes – from PDC lecture ARC, Force, Be/Do/Have:

Too much inflow is what’s wrong with the guy. He’s become the effect of energy. He agreed and agreed and agreed and even though he told everybody he agreed they still make him agree and they still used force on him. So he agreed and agreed and he agreed some more, and he still agreed, and they still told him; he agreed, and so they use some more force on him, just for variety.

So at this time he gets frantic about agreeing, and he says ‘but I’m agreeing! But I’m agreeing like mad! I’m a conformist to end all conformists!’ And so forth, so just for variety’s sake, the MEST universe just uses some more energy on him. It has no valve on it that said ‘this person has agreed enough.’ The end of that track is ‘It doesn’t matter what I agree to, I’ll be wrong,’ and the real end of the track is ‘Well I have no responsibility whatsoever, I’m completely insane.’


The result of all this is low-toned seriousness.

Having directed peoples’ attention toward confronting some fairly serious evil, let us not forget that the real objective of Scientology is quite the reverse.

From PDC lecture Flows, Characteristics Of:

And the more serious you take the game, the less chance there is of winning. The bottom of the tone scale is “Lose”, and the top of it is “Win.” This tells you it takes lots of space, and lots of unseriousness to win.

These things called “universes” are games. And really the most valuable thing that a thetan possesses is his spirit of play. His spirit of play is a sensation of play, and is not just energy. It’s a tremendous sensation. A guy has practically lost it if he’s here on Earth at all. Spirit of Play. It’s tremendous: he’s depending on all sorts of the soggiest, low scale emotions imaginable in order to get any sensation. In substitue for what? Spirit of Play.

254 responses to “Black Dianetics – Clear Extortion

  1. Alex Braverman

    David Miscavige is so going to be so pissed by this exposure of his illegal campaign! Truth shall prevail!
    Pop a vein Miss Cabbage.


  2. And people really PAY their hard earned cash dollars to go through this???
    Call me what ever you like but I just don’t get it.

  3. Anything “Golden Age” was taken to the dump long ago. I couldn’t trust it so out it went. The oldies but goodies, books etc, are safe & sound, not burned as I heard they were doing. Take that, Dwarf!

    DM is perpetrating a total, massively evil, con on the public; sell them one thing, deliver the reverse. After reading today’s blog I’m more convinced than ever that at some point the gov will get involved. A gov agency may not understand how evil DM is but they do understand fraud. The day will come.

  4. “The Master views the parts with compassion,
    because he understands the whole.
    His constant practice is humility.
    He doesn’t glitter like a jewel
    but lets himself be shaped by the Tao,
    as rugged and common as a stone”.
    -Lao Tzu
    Tao Te Ching

    Dear Marty,

    Thank you for Being there,
    for your selfless Sharing
    and all your Caring.


  5. In late summer 1978, I was amongst the “lucky” staff eligible for New Era Dianetics. There was a pilot being worked on New Era Dianetics and OTs were needed. I was OT III.

    It was laser sharp and crisp. My first 2 or 3 sessions were beyond this world.

    THEN it went bad. VERY VERY BAD. The headache was so severe I could only hold my head with the cans, moaning and begging to end the session.

    Thankfully, my auditor, not knowing what else to do after trying various lists, ended the session.

    Of course I red tagged.

    Then by the grace of the almighty I was needed to go on Mission. HEAVEN. I was free from that auditing.

    WHILE preparing for my Mission, doing clay demos etc this HCOB from LRH came out. A friend rushed it to me (I think it might have been Nancy Many, actually). We jumped up and down.

    Keep in mind, I had probably ONLY 3 hours tops of NED, as an OT.

    I simply cannot imagine how the halls of Flag and other Orgs are not littered with the dead and infirm. Oh wait. They are.


  6. “Is there any doubt now as to his motivation?” NOOOOOOOO. Hallelujah!

  7. I completed OT 4 in 2003. I went to Flag in 2007 for the Havingness RD. Instead I was told I was not Clear and “had to do Clear” and told there was a special LRH C/S for those who did OT levels but weren’t Clear. So all the money I had on account at Flag went for 3 intensives of Dianetics auditing, and for good measure was told I couldn’t leave until I was Clear. To add an extra dimension to this mess, I had gone deaf in one ear on the flight to Flag and despite origination that it was bothering me, nothing was done and auditing continued over this PTP. By the end of 3 intensives this thetan was feeling pretty miserable, squashed and uncertain. I finally spit something out in session that seemed to satisfy them and was allowed to leave, with less than 1/2 hour auditing time left on the books. The VGIs at examiner was for being allowed to leave!!

    So Marty, I’m assuming from this blog posting, that I was lied to, that there is no LRH C/S for OTs that involves more Dianetic auditing to ensure the OT goes Clear. It was the most horrific grinding auditing I’ve ever experienced. The two questions LRH C/S you mention sounds infinitely simpler, kinder and more freeing to the Clear and OT .

    Thank you for this particular blog subject. I’ve been waiting for this!

  8. Marty,

    I feel very strongly that what you have posted today, will be, for many, the very Rosetta Stone, the Sine Qua Non, the Raison d’etre in proving the case against Delerious Munchkin and his intentional covert destruction of the Scientology Church.

    I say the “Scientology Church” because he could never eradicate Scientology in total since it is now able to be practiced freely by those outside this corrupted church, and is in capable, caring hands in ever growning numbers by those, such as yourself, who care about and want to help their fellow man with LRH’s tools.

    The issue is now quite clear, and without any doubt. OT’s are not what DM wants to produce in high quantities, if at all. The idea of OT’s surrounding him must be terrifying to him, and it shows in the products he is manifesting from Flag.

    God help anyone still held captive in that upholstered sesspool of a cult, masquerading as a place of higher spiritual learning.

    My blood is up.


  9. Marty,

    Thank you so very much for this very excellent article. And, thank you for reminding me that Spirit of Play is what we’re about.

    Onward, and Upward…A Little Higher!

  10. martyrathbun09

    McGins, You are correct. It should have taken two to three minutes to do the LRH C/S; and no, it does not entail MORE Dianetics. It obviates the need or even thought of it.

  11. Very astute. Mr. David Miscavige is the master of tech degrades and suppressive invalidation.

  12. Floating Needle

    “Clear your MU’s” becomes more clear with each blog post. If anyone has ever wondered why there have times when it was really really hard to apply Scientology, Marty is making it clear here.

    Miscavige’s intentions are actually quite sickening. It’s one thing to be motivated by Power and Greed. It’s quite another to intentionally knock a person down while you’re pawning of your squirreled version of LRH’s legacy and charging a fortune to dig his own grave before he kills himself.

    This blog is probably blowing more charge than all churches and missions combined.

    Marty, thank you and Keep up the good work.

  13. You may have damaged some of my friends, Miscavige, but I laugh at your sad figure.

  14. Thank you for starting the examples of Black Dianetics with this issue. After all the straws I’d been batting away, it was the log that broke the camel’s back as far as I was concerned in regard to dm’s tech. My husband, Ron, called me in June to say he had just talked to 2 Flag Service Consultants who were based in LA. They had told him they had been put back on NED after OT VII and that it was “the right indication.” I immediately went “WHAT?!! That’s how you make a robot!” Auditing in a Class V org, it was the first whiff I got of the practice. I now suspect the first to receive it were SO OTs, so they could go forth and exclaim the “benefits.” Up to that time, my primary battle was over denying pcs their gains. C/S R-F: “Thank you for your origination, we’ll continue.” Now that I am aware of the horror stories of those going through OT VII, how many have run the level to EP, only to be told to continue (for monetary gain, of course)?

  15. Marty, I’m sooooooo glad you’re there!
    This post I’m printing and mailing to some OTs I now know must be suffering immensely. I think it will indicate to them like nothing else can.

  16. This is what’s going on: The hardest thing of all to confront is EVIL. People will explain it away, justify it, decide there must be something wrong with themselves or others, on & on & on rather than come to the correct conclusion that there’s something evil going on. And that the evil is coming from the one person who runs that cult: DM.

    Because they can’t/won’t confront the sheer madness & evil of what DM is doing, they continue to support him and they keep paying & paying. Meanwhile the hospitals and graveyards keep filling up.

  17. Thank you very much for this article.
    I just love it.
    Now, I can understand those OT VIIIs with their masses, seriousness, apathy and status valences. Poor guys !
    Imagine that, people being overrunned and put back into mest, and they even pay for it !!!!!!!!
    Hosanna Marty ! 🙂

  18. HI marty and others,
    While reading most of your articles, I have a or few questions. I came in Scientology in 1989. I was still a student and found out for myself that LRH wrote some incredible books, articles…. I got very interested and joined the SO a year later. I was very motivated and wanted to get Dianetics known widely. I did great at it…. I will spare the details so not to write a book here.
    Then later on (yearsssss later), I found out that some SO members were lying to get things done or to get money. I was surprised about it…… then of course, I started doing the same, some lies to Scientologists to get their money, to get them in to events…. well I handled it by being forced to write O/Ws for 3 weeks on the row, in a small security room. I wrote over 1000 O/Ws… I was not allowed to get a meter checks. I was being told “you have more going one…. you have crimes…. what are the other out ethics you have going on….. blablablabla……”. So I wrote more and more. I reached some more end phenoma while doing it but I tought that something was wrong. When I was allowed for a meter check, I did not get an F/N. Lol. I thought I had more but could not find more…. lol I am laughing about it now. So got a repair from a very competent auditor (class VIII). She cared very much……. 8 months later, I was still get a sec check, going in sessions one or twice a week. What a loss of time….. I also found out that I had been a scientologist especially while lying to scientologists. I don’t mean I was doing it daily but it was usually happening while the regging for the IAS, basics…. to get money and to get my quota and TO GO TO BED….
    Why are SO members (not all) and especially Tommy Davis, DM and others lying so much ? They know it will come back to them and hit them in the face…… and this is not what LRH would do or want. I know that for sure. Well I am only asking so maybe an article on the subject can be written here about it. I think I have some answers for it but I don’t have any LRH materials with me to confirm them.

  19. I would be surprised if that blog entry would have no impact at all.
    I would be not surprised if here and there you hear something explode the next hours or days.

  20. Marty thanks for making this public. I hold the view that DM’s pogrom directed against innocent Scientologists constitutes nothing less than Crimes Against Humanity. From Wikipedia:

    Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, “are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority. Murder; extermination; torture; rape, political, racial, or religious persecution and other inhumane acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice. Isolated inhumane acts of this nature may constitute grave infringements of human rights, or depending on the circumstances, war crimes, but may fall short of falling into the category of crimes under discussion.”

    A “de facto authority” defined above stands out to identify David Miscavige and his apparatus guilty of institutionalized Nuremberg-like atrocities. By exposing these crimes we are one day closer to ending the nightmares.

    While I do not condone torture I found myself, after reading this post, harboring the thought, “May DM burn in hell.”


  21. Wow, that was a blow down.
    Thanks Marty for pointing out how it is done. It gives a whole lot more understanding.
    I already had some wins yesterday – this is promising. 🙂

  22. WH,
    I understand completely what you are referring to. I didn’t go through this after having done OT III, thank the stars, my cat and any other thing, but did go through it after Clear.

    In one session of NOTs, one maybe 20 minute cycle, the entire mass, pain, agony of running Dianetics after Clear was handled. That was decades of BPC that had debilitated me spiritually, mentally and physically, handled simply by applying the HCOB in the opening piece and the simplest of steps of the original NOTs issues. (YES, the ones David Mayo compiled.)

    The above HCOB says clearly: “DIANETICS FORBIDDEN ON CLEARS AND O.T.s

    “New Era Dianetics or any Dianetics is NOT to be run on Clears or above or on Dianetic Clears.”


    DM’s practice, spread through out as a suppressive reversal/contradiction of this carved in stone admonition, is as black-hearted as could be. This is INTENTIONAL and an attack on beings directed by David Miscavige.

    He HATES Scientologists. HE HATES Clears. He HATES OTs.

    There is NO other LRH datum, NO other issue that changes the above. NO EXCUSE OR TECHNICAL DATUM THAT CHANGES THIS ISSUE.

    Glenn Samuels has pointed out that NED is forbidden on those who need it and enforced on those who don’t in DM’s squirrel cage.


  23. Tony DePhillips

    Beautiful post Marty.
    I like the part about remembering that it is about the spirit of play. The cult has become a “deadly serious activity” and out here we can expose the truth and have some fun and get the real show on the road.
    Thanks for being there for us.

  24. Felicitas Foster

    Wow, what a blow down. Thanks for pointing out how it is done.
    I had already some wins yesterday – looking for the next things to get unveiled. 🙂

    All you guys who have suffered from the treatments mentioned above:
    I feel for you and paraphrase LRH now: There is only one Tech that can correct itself – Scientology. Good for you that you are here and know the end of your travails is in front of you.
    Love to all,

  25. Marty, I had heard of so many that went back and were told they were not clear. I went back in 98 to get onto the Golden age of Solo Nots part A and B to see if I was missing anything. Answer to that was NOT…I had a session whereby the auditor asked when I went clear and I said look it up in my folders…this game is over. I got up and said bye bye.

    This is so criminal. I feel for those who truly agreed with this and paid for it. It would be the only way DM could control all beings. Very sick. I remember sitting in the HGC watching the indicators of those coming out of session thinking to myself “they are so black, I certainly don’t want any of that”.

    Thanks for bringing this to attention of all who post and all who lurk. Thanks for your persistence and love of mankind.

  26. theystolemychurch

    OMG! Wow…. after four of five “ccrd”s at flag… I bailed and never went back. I continued to “support” the “church” from a distance, but NEVER WENT BACK…. and had no plan to ~ either.

    I actually wanted the rest of the bridge, but after those experiences was actually afraid that they weren’t what people said they were. After all, how could they be when the “tech” was so painful at flag?

    This blew a TON of charge for me. Marty, you are the man… thank you.

  27. >And people really PAY their hard earned cash dollars to go through this??? Call me what ever you like but I just don’t get it.

    Friends who are Church-going Scientologists tell me that they have considered going outside of the Church for services, but are deathly afraid of getting declared. So they take what’s offered.


  28. Oh yes, and there was a Qual interview prior to being told I wasn’t Clear. It was confusing, included going thru all sorts of LRH quotes, advices, parts of HCOBs, etc while holding the cans, half deaf (not to mention what one goes thru as an exSO running the HCO MAA gantlet to even get in the door). And then was asked to spit out the Clear cog I’d had oh so many years hence – hell, by then couldn’t even spit out my own name!

    Anyway, thanks for your reply. It brought tears to my eyes.

  29. Marty, two honest questions – not pursuing an agenda here, I just really want to hear what you have to say.

    1) There are Church people who have reached upper OT levels who claim to be getting gains. If I’m understanding what you’re saying, these folks cannot truly be getting OT gains since the processes have not been done correctly – is that right? If so, what are they seeing that they interpret as gains? Or are they saying anything at all?

    2) You made an allusion to 50s-era psychiatry. Do you part with the Church’s view of psychiatry? (I realize that this could sound like a set-up, if I’m OSA, so I can say “See, Marty believes psychiatry is OK!” That’s not the case, I know a lot of the Church’s info on modern-day psychiatry is false data. But if this is too loaded to answer in public, I understand, and would love to hear in private email. If you don’t agree with the Church’s view of psychiatry, that’s quite significant in my book, in a very good way.)


  30. Jim,

    The old saying, “Be the best you can be,” takes on a whole new macabre meaning when referenced to this 1.1 whole track SP.

    He will go down in history as the “Hatiest”.

  31. 🙂 You Rock Carol!!! I’m sooo glad you didn’t fall prey to that BS!

  32. You know, being an “auditor” in the current church sure would be easy. You don’t have to get results. It’s like psychiatry, you can just grind on for years and not have to worry about specific end phenomenon. It’s all about the money, not the pc. If the pc’s having trouble, sec check him. He doesn’t have to improve. In fact, it’s better if he doesn’t. Then he would just have enough awareness to see what was happening and blow.

    I don’t know why they bother to say, “I’m not auditing you,” since they aren’t anyway. What’s the difference?


  33. martyrathbun09

    1) Give me the name of one who told you that face to face. What was his/her social tone level? What was his/her chronic tone level? Did you have any extrinsic evidence that they were living a happy and productive and ethical life?
    2) I haven’t been attacked (nor even insulted) by a psychiatrist yet. Miscavige is spending millions to destroy me utterly. Is David Miscavige a psychiatrist? Actually I received a psychiatric diagnosis from Miscavige via Davis: he’s fucking psychotic. He’s a fucking lunatic.

  34. martyrathbun09

    In my view an auditor should be continually striving to audit himself out of a job.

  35. TEG,
    Here’s a test for any who question the ‘hatiest’. Just do that. Question one his bizarro-world dictates.

    For example, any public who has gone Clear or above, if you meet him, or even write to him (it won’t get there but just the same the reaction will come down), ask ‘Sir, I’m on OT V, it says right here in this HCOB that Dianetics, NED, and so on are FORBIDDEN to be run. How come I’m CSed to run them?’

    If you get back a Clear invalidation, point out it says Clear or ABOVE. OT V is ABOVE. TR 3 the question, if you can get past the hate that flows when you ask the first one.

    Nasty. Hates. A ball of roiling entheta, viciously slashing at imagined enemies of a long ago past that are oh so ‘present’ in his dream-state delused environment.

  36. Hi Marty,

    Seems that all we see in Scientology marketing is smiling, bubbling faces talking about how good Scientology is. And there are some OT8 completion vids with people talking about how wonderful life is (tone 8, I think – I’m no expert). Personally, I’ve heard it at what I think is 4.0. I’m not saying it’s true; I can think of two OT8s I have known, one seems to have a pretty successful, happy, ethical life, the other is a complete screw-up. A very nice man, but not successful in his job or marriage. I personally don’t think either one are getting benefits from their OT levels, I just think they are conditioned to credit all the good to their work in Scientology and the bad to their failure to apply the tech properly. The handful of other OTs I know (1-7) seem to run the gamut of human experience, some doing well, others not-so-well.

    Anyway, I’m not asking this antagonistically. What you are saying has some similarities to viewpoints that I hold, and I want to hear about it from an Independent perspective.

    2) David Miscavige is definitely not a psychiatrist. I believe you need a high school education before they let you into med school. 🙂


  37. Actually, it is not as easy as you may believe. The current auditors live in deathly fear of being busted for calling an F\N that wasn’t an FN (three swings arbitrary) and also the TA MUST BE IN RANGE (between 2.0 and 3.0 on the TA Dial) for it to be a “real” F\N. This has lead to a number of “unusual solutions” to be entered in to the Session atmosphere that are very distractive to any actual case gain. For instance, in one case I heard that auditors are having PC’s take off their shoes, and aiming heaters a their feet, so they can “get the TA in Range” and call an F\N/ Some auditors have even gone so far as to rig a vent system to the heater so they can control the heat from the auditor chair during the session. Needless to say, this results in “high hours” for the auditor but for the PC’s……well, it isn’t Scientology.

  38. Fellow Traveller

    The simple insidiousness of this is still rattlin’ round what I call my brain.
    1) Not-is the simple handling that addresses a potentially bypassed situation
    2) Declare NOT CLEAR.
    3) Indicate this HCOB does not apply. You are not Clear.

    It only works because more and more loose more and more integrity.

    Kurtz (Marlon Brando):

    It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror… Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies!

  39. The year was 2003. I had completed OTVll on July 3rd, went to the ship, completed OTVlll. The day I returned, I almost died from inhaling sycamore pollen from a tree I was trimming. Stopped breathing. Ran inside my house to call 911 so my husband wouldn’t find me dead on the floor. Thought to myself, well, this is it. Ok, I’m fine. At least I gave it my all on the route to Total Freedom. Made it to the top. Started breathing again.

    Back at FSO in July 2004 to get some “review”, since, OTVlll had not “quite” met my expectations, and also, to do L11. Instead, I was told I wasn’t Clear. Blew up the lines during the first session of “NED” and refused this non Clear eval. Then, put in session and received those two questions you mentioned. Clear state was then “verified” and I was sent to the L’s HGC, a total mess and charged up with enough BPC to power a city. Never wanted to hear about Clear again (that was already the 3rd or 4th time since attesting to Clear in 1978 that my Clear status had been challenged). I was quite done with the subject.

    Finished L-11. Actually it was overrun and I left Flag a mess. Back at Flag again a few months later(Sept. 2004). No joy. Just another FPRD list which went no where and cost me $16, 385.00 for one intensive which I paid to have a Class Xll audit me, (after begging an RTC rep to let me be audited by a Class Xll, exclaiming I would pay any price if only someone could figure out what was wrong) a “handling” I was told would take care of all my “problems”. Left Flag still a mess. Gave up.

    Went to the ship 2005 as a last resort. Questioned by Margaret Supak on my state of Clear. The C/S, not sure I really made it…again. Then told I was Clear.., after back and forth “qual consults” with Margaret. Was told by her that I’d “never hear another word about my state of Clear. Left FSSO.

    Then back at FSSO..again, 2006. Got 3 intensives of FPRD, just “because”.

    2007, Sept. After Basics released some months earlier. Started reading Evolution of a Science and Dianetics. Decided I couldn’t be Clear because I didn’t fit the definition. By this time, I had not a clue what Clear was.

    2007, got myself back to the ship. Told Margaret that I didn’t think I was Clear because I didn’t think I fit the definition in the early books. C/S “confirmed” my “suspicions” and put me on NED. 2-3 intensives. Back and forth to qual consult at FSSO, nervous, not knowing if I’d “made” it, not “made it”, afraid to “hope” I had “gotten it this time”. Finally “they” determined that yes, I had made it. I was “now Clear”.

    I was then told I needed to “redo OTVlll” since I had just attested to Clear and it made sequential “sense(???) that I should. Redid OTVlll. Went home, certainty blown. Totally unsure of anything. Thinking to myself, once again. “I must not be Clear”.

    The rest is pretty much history. All the above, coupled with the insanities of all the off policy, out tech situations at Pasadena Org. 2008 August. Done.

    True story.
    Sherry Katz

  40. “It’s a very simple remedy. And that’s just make sure the remedy is passed along. That’s all. Don’t hoard it. Don’t hold it. And if you ever do use any black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and make it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself “the new order.” We don’t need any more new orders – all those orders as far as I’m concerned have been filled.”

    When was this removed from the lecture and what issue can I still find it in?

  41. Thank you for all of the references you listed. I never really understood why I didn’t have much interest in doing the OT levels and after hearing just a few experiences of those who did, I am glad that I waited. I feel for all of those who received this out tech and hope that they move forward to get this handled.

    The subject of Clear was brought up earlier in the blogs and was a very hot topic. You have elaborated on that earlier posting and provided many references along with it. This is sure to reach many. Who knows, the lurkers might even post.

    It is good to name the condition and to impinge. Continuing on inside the church with ones blinders on can no longer be justified. DM’s intentions are evil, enabling him in ANY way is detrimental to Scientology and Scientologists. Look at the link Mike put up that showed what people thought of the latest ad from the church. It was a great ad…until the word Scientology was uttered and then “interest” plummeted.

  42. Marty,

    What a great, great, great post! I could quote your whole damn post for emphasis, but will limit myself to this: “And the more serious you take the game, the less chance there is of winning.”

    I’ll also add this message from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course: Disagree, disagree, disagree, disagree, disagree! Disagree with wrong indications and crappy auditing and black ethics and financial gang-rape extortion and gutless friends and criminal bosses and terrified family members and demands that you muzzle yourself before you wake up all the neighbors.

    To anyone reading this in terror tonight, I say (channeling Amanda Ambrose), get up off the damn floor and take your own life back. You are already free.

    Just Me

    P.S. At She would have kicked all our asses.

  43. martyrathbun09

    You’re damn right.

  44. Eman, Would you say that it is because at fear on the chart of attitudes under the truth section the recipients attitude is that “lies are best”? and so bites with this band of the tone scale.

    I personally prefer the death band myself.

  45. martyrathbun09

    It is in my PDC’s, the cassettes and transcript, copyright 1982.

  46. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, now YOU are talking!!!

    After Ethcis comes the Tech part!!

    This is a blow down for a lot of Scientologists.

    I think a true leader should know his Tech stuff eventually and just be humble enough to care about that and get it straightened out when it goes astray. And Tech has gone astray in the church. And that’s what you are doing now with this series.

    Straightenting out that squirrel stuff. With enough force and enough intelligence!! I am proud again to be a Scientologist. Thanks amigo Texicano!!! Ola to you!!!!

  47. martyrathbun09

    I’m weeping Sherry, literally. THAT IS THE BLACKEST OF BLACK DIANETICS. My opinion: L’s after OT Levels is barbarism. Vaya con dios.

  48. Tell your friends that getting declared by Davey is proof of courage outside. Tell them that Davey will never let them have the Bridge; outside is the only chance they have. Tell them that even if Davey would open the Bridge, they still would have to handle their PTSness to him.

  49. sherry, what was you expectations of ot 8?

  50. “These things called “universes” are games. And really the most valuable thing that a thetan possesses is his spirit of play. His spirit of play is a sensation of play, and is not just energy. It’s a tremendous sensation. A guy has practically lost it if he’s here on Earth at all. Spirit of Play. It’s tremendous: he’s depending on all sorts of the soggiest, low scale emotions imaginable in order to get any sensation. In substitue for what? Spirit of Play.”

    THATS IT ! Don’t become Homo Novis but Homo Ludens !!!

  51. Fellow Traveller

    Marty — Not to detract from the heinous travesty of Scn foisted upon Sherry, but you say “My opinion: L’s after OT Levels is barbarism. ”

    Well, I’d love more on that, especially having seen the percent of L’s pcs being “New OT8”, as of about 2006 or so. Most sure seemed to be “New OT8”.

    And your technical opinion carries some weight in these parts.

    Bruce Pratt

  52. You are right – that’s not Scientology. TA must be in range? Give me a break. An F/N is an F/N. You know, had I gone back to do more metering or training, I surely would have been drummed out, because there is no way I would have put up with it. The last session (or “not auditing you” session – it was an assess and indicate CS 53 at Flag in the early 2000s) was interesting. It was done by a Class XII – forget his name. I mentioned something about the Theta MEST theory – which is a core component of understanding Dianetics and subsequently Scientology – and he said “oh, right – that.” I had to jog his memory.

    There was no EP. I mentioned that I really did not have any reach for NOTS, and oddly enough, no one followed up! I guess it was because I was not really on lines, and in any event, I was not going to put any money on account.

  53. When I was suping I strived mightily to keep these 2 points of the Sup Code in (not always successfully….sorry:( ):
    “2. The Supervisor should invalidate a student’s mistake ruthlessly and use good ARC while doing it.”

    “4. The Supervisor at all times must have a high tolerance of stupidity in his students and must be willing to repeat any datum not understood as many times as necessary for the student to understand and acquire reality on the datum.”

    I just realized that most of the “Execs” AVOIDED STUDY like the plague….they were either “too tired”, “too PTP’d”. “had a study bug” or “had to get stats up” or, or, or….. Further, there were issues with them wearing the “student hat” while in the courseroom and not their “post hat”.

    This is where the “system” breaks down. It’s all in KSW #1 and Tech Degrades….

  54. Tara you Rock!!!! Love ya

  55. I sometimes wonder if DM isn’t a necessary opposing terminal to cause Scientology to explode outwards and spread, completely de-centralizing the subject. Sort of a Big Bang phenomenon.

    He’s certainly serving as a datum of comparable magnitude to understand the upside and downside of Scientology. (Please don’t be too offended by the “comparable magnitude” concept as applied here. Maybe merely a datum of comparison.

    Just an idle thought.

  56. I comes down to that wonderful scene in Lawrence of Arabia where everything is falling apart in Damascus because the tribes have no knowledge of what they just won. It is sort of like that at Flag and the rest of the Church. They have these things called emeters, and things called “sec-check lists” and things called “meter reads” and other things called “clear”. And no one seems to know how it all goes together, so it lies in ruin at their feet. DM helps by swinging the spanner.

  57. Out tech preceeded by out ethics.

  58. Simply Revolting

    Those lines:
    He HATES Scientologists. HE HATES Clears.
    He HATES OTs.
    That really is getting at the very core of the issue! Very well said!
    You know, I think we could even add:
    He hates LRH…

  59. Oh Sherry, this really got to me. I am so sorry this happened.
    My god the insanity of what is being done at FSO and FSSO and they way they treated you is just inhumane! Inhumane! These people do not even understand the basics of auditing and C/Sing.
    The C/S is supposed to “track with the PCs mind.” Instead these top-level c/ses are tracking with DMs mind and leaving a trail of destroyed thetans in their wakes.

    It just ain’t right. It has to cease and now because as we speak more thetans are going through the implant stations on their route to hell. This has to end!

    ML Tom

  60. Wow, that’s a story. I can’t believe what a being can live through; I’d never be able to stand such torture. Davey, you see, you can’t kill thetans, you can’t keep them in your cage, you can’t keep them on line, you can’t trap or damage them permanently and you can’t blackmail them. I know you’re terrified of Clears and OT’s and go nuts on the thought of them ever going free and now I understand why. The quality and quantity of overts you’re committing on them every single day are so huge that the punishment you’ll have to assign yourself will last so many lifetimes, you don’t know if you’re going to make it before the end of the MEST Universe. For sure you’d run out of gradients of SP grades for yourself, you’d run out of lakes to jump in, your spine will ache so much that you can’t walk out of them, you will be so depraved of sleep that you can’t even open one part of one eyelid to find your copper rods, there won’t be enough conditions below confusion to run and you won’t have any workable Tech to help yourself because you’ve altered it all. But take hearth, TC will be there with you all the way. His adopted daughter is sick and tired of it and will leave him to live with Nicole Kidman as soon as she is 18. So, he knows all about it and still chooses to fund your DeMonology; you’re one lucky bff.

  61. Whoo-raaah!

    ML Tom

  62. one of those who see

    Beautiful! Big hug from me. Clearly your intention is to free people. LRH Smiles.



    a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation.
    the future state of the wicked.
    hell ( def. 1 ) .
    utter destruction or ruin.
    Obsolete . loss

    I guess we know who DM is, then…..

  64. martyrathbun09

    Well don’t want to pontificate off the cuff; and don’t have the time to provide references at the moment. But, in short L’s were experimental processes never fully codified. They were developed to get rocket-ride case gain on people bypassed as cases during the 60s quickie grades era. Because they were so powerful, they got sold as a Flag RD to make lots of money which they did. Still though never fully codified. I believe one is handling a lot of OT charge with L’s regardless of level. If you do the Bridge thoroughly, L’s are superfluous in my opinion. To run them on someone who has already thoroughly completed OT VII is akin to running Dianetics on a Clear in that the fellow is going to have come up with something to run that is not there. Might as well just do the whole bridge over again – if one has the time and inclination.

  65. Regarding Tony DePhillips,

    The whole Seattle field and staff used to chant “Make Tony Pay!!!” at Idle Org fund-raisers. This is because he was a major OL and helped on as many projects as you can imagine.

    Well, Tony has paid and paid and paid. Helped and helped and helped. For decades.

    And for the crime of being there and telling the truth, they tossed he and his wife under the bus. Ironically, it is the field and the staff that will ultimately pay.

    To read of the above out-tech from Tony (and Marty), adds insult to injury.

    The church is an overt product.

    In present time, per a recent phone conversation, Tony has never sounded more relaxed, comfortable, active and happy.

    It’s called being OUT!

  66. I was one of the first people to do the Golden Age PDC Course, but I was smart and used my old cassettes on the course, and I remember this well! It’s the last service I did in the “church” I got tons of gains but that’s because I had ALL the data!

  67. What about TC?
    Has he experienced the dwarfs “C/Sing” about his Clear status?

    The dwarfs motto: Get rid of all who disagrees.

  68. It is still in the copyright 1986 cassettes

  69. I did the L’s in the middle of NOTs, between OT 5 and 7. Liken it to bashing a hornets nest with a baseball bat. The ensuing pneumonia wouldn’t go away for months. I laid by myself for weeks in Room 577 at the Fort Harrison, struggling to breathe. Three weeks of grueling repair lists did nothing to help. They finally sent me to an M.D. for antibiotics. The doctor they sent me to ended up being convicted for illegally distributing opiates to drug addicts. I think I had the same Medical Officer as Lisa McPherson (Janice?)

    I saw evidence to back up your statement that the L’s were not fully codified. The pack of technical reference materials used by the L’s auditors in session seemed to be a dog-eared and faded pile of loose leaf sheets, some written by hand.

  70. That’s about it, Cat – Great reference. We are not only the “Thinking Animal” but the “Playing Animal” – except for the fact that all animals play. Play is a common denominator of at least advanced life forms, and I would not be surprised to see an amoeba playing as well!

  71. You are right about Amanda – I met her in New York when I was a kid, and I tell you, it was an experience. She was incredibly positive and forceful, and she did not suffer fools.

  72. …preceeded by misunderstood words. 😉

    Sorry. I’m back on “Responsibility” again, and how ‘everyone’ knows what that means. LOL

    Marty, someday, you need to help me figure out if my smartass humor really is humor? or something far more sinister!~ Muahahahaahaa….. 😉

  73. This Black Dianetics Serial HAD TO bring up horror stories – I just didn’t expect them to be quite as bad.

    The “Basics” are “basically” DM edited versions to further destroy the workability of Scientology. I have no doubt after the edit you quoted above.
    Anyone, look at the first page of new Science of Survival – and then on an old version – do you see the difference? Right – the entire Acknowledgment Page to dozens of people, including Freud … REMOVED. The value of OLD books and tapes has just 100X’d!

    I wonder what justifications and pressure had to be brought down to the Gold staff to actually EDIT OUT LRH!!!! I’ve done my shit while in the SO – I don’t actually believe however, that I could have done that.

  74. Well done Carol.

  75. Tom,
    OK, I’m ready for it. What is this about ‘TA in range’?

  76. Bruce,
    It is truly horror. The issue says Clear or ABOVE. That begins at OT I. From Clear UP, NO Dianetics. This is basic tech now. Fundamental. There is very, very good technical reasons for it. It’s not equivocal. IT IS FORBIDDEN.

    This suppression is a direct, frontal (a la lobotomy type) attack on beings. It is as reverse and Black Dianetics as it gets. It is using Dianetics to introvert, implant, restimulate and leave, and is exactly what LRH was talking about in the original material.

  77. martyrathbun09

    Yes, Janis. Sorry to hear about your experience. But, damn you survived and look at you now.

  78. Sherry MK,
    My sincerest apologies for my insensitivity to your experience. I am stunned.

  79. WOW, Sherry – I am so sorry to hear about this.

    You have to wonder what the cuss you were doing all those years when you were getting Nots, doing solo Nots, getting the six month checks, getting the wonderful “elig” sec checks, etc., etc., to wind up at OT VIII and then told you were not clear.

    Again – it like apes and the monolith in “2000 A Space Odyssey.” What do they do with the tools? They throw them at each other!

    I keep coming back to one theme – the Church of Scientology is a lower toned mockery of Scientology.

  80. What a bunch of charge to release!!!!!! Severe out-tech on Clears and OTs goes back at least to 1982 with Sr. C/SRay Mithoff doing political C/Sing on whose orders I cannot say (because I don’t know) but they seemed to come through the CMO. That, however, is also an assumption on my part. I do know, however, that was C/Sing of public was politcally motivated. Whatever he said would have been accepted by techies. The illegal security checks, violating the non-interference zone started after that – not sure when. I can’t imagine David Mayo EVER violating the Ivory Tower rule and permitting executive C/Sing or politcal C/Sing. Ray, however, used this as a means to ascend and was held in high esteem. Ray and his wife were once good people but they were seduced by power and a very ugly power.
    I’m not saying that they did not happen, but I never recall hearing wins on NOTs during the 80’s even. I heard assertions which I later learned were false. Public were herded and I heard about NOTs public and OT VIIIs rummaging through garbage cans as they were homeless.
    I am not an expert on NOTS but can someone tell me. Was it EVER done right in the post David Mayo era?

  81. Michael,
    Not so ‘idle’.

  82. Fellow Traveller

    Thank you. I asked for your opinion. You took the time to give it to me. Thank you very much.
    Cowobberates my uneducated assessment.

    Yes that money maker is no doubt a primary factor in Ls to 8s.
    And the fact that the 8s buy them, it’s one symphony playing, er, cacophony, in my universe.

    Bruce Pratt

  83. one of those who see

    I was on lines, hadn’t read anything on line yet when the golden rod came out to bring in all your “old” books. I couldn’t do it. I just disobeyed. I just had too much ARC for those old books. And I think maybe in the back of my mind the whole thing reminded me of Fahrenheit 451.

  84. Caliwog, I spoke with several OT VIIs in Dallas in 2008. I went back onto Church lines as a “public” to see and experience for myself what it was like in 2008, since my last experience as a public Scientologist was in 1984, before I joined the SO. Obviously, the experience was useful in terms of giving me reality on the current scene.

    Along the way, I spoke with Jim – of Mr. Jim’s Pizza fame. He’s an OT I believe, in the Dallas area.

    How good is your confront? Mine is pretty good. And I saw him looking at me beseechingly, and under the surface I saw a great deal of pain from his being constantly squeezed dry for every last penny. It was pretty sad. I saw another OT in Dallas who was indistinguishable from a cocaine addict. He literally could not stop sniffing and his comm was so laden outpoints he sounded like he was completely crazy. He literally displayed the glee of insanity. He was heading up the fundraising for the new Dallas org.

    Get your confront up and you won’t need to ask Marty for his opinion on something you are totally capable of observing for yourself. That’s what the Indie movement is all about anyway: observing for yourself.

    In terms of psychiatry, modern Scientology’s stance on psychology suffers from the same aberration as people who condemn Scientology because of what the Church has done. The anti-Scientologist condemns the whole subject of Scientology because of what some criminals did in the name of Scientology. While many Scientologists condemn the whole subject of psychiatry for what some criminals have done in the name of psychiatry.

    Today, psychology has imbibed so many Scientology principles, much of it hardly resembles the psychology of old. For example, a strong branch of therapy now includes “communication based” therapy. In other words, it’s moving closer to auditing.

    Don’t get me wrong: I am not an authority on psychology. Nor am I beating the drum for psychology at all. Here is what I am beating the drum for: SANITY.

    And what is sanity? The ability to tell differences, similarities and identities.

    The fact is people DO go insane and handling the insane is NOT the mission of Scientology. Someone needs to do that job, and that job belongs to psychiatry. The problem is not “psychiatry”; the problem is criminality.

    Just like in the Church of Scientology where criminality is thriving; criminality thrives in psychiatry. And where ever it exists, it needs to be confronted and WIPED OUT.

    Criminal psychiatrists need to be prosecuted, just like criminal “Scientologists,” criminal Christians, criminal atheists, and criminal whatevers.

    The fact is criminals can move into and set up shop anywhere and everywhere. Dealing with them doesn’t require wiping out whole categories of groups. It requires rooting them out with a sharp stick and then beating their brains out against the hard concrete of the Justice system.

    That’s what it takes to have a planet free of criminality: constant alertness and willingness to fight back, while we continue to get in ethics and tech through any available means.


  85. What a great ‘con’, Summer Wind. You did good! Very impressive.
    Just Me

  86. Without getting into the details of OTVlll, let it suffice that on OTVlll, called Truth Revealed, one is supposed to determine truths. How one does this is “standard” from person to person, however, what one runs is unique and personal to each individual as determined by that individual.

    In my OTVlll, concerning a particular area of my case, my “truths” were consistently challenged by the C/S, to the point of OTVlll ending up to be simply a study in invalidation. In addition, I was given M-2 word clearing(on the meter) while literally in tears. M-9ed the same way, until I could “see” that what was coming up as truth for me, couldn’t be “right”.

    If you want to spin someone in, the above is an excellent way, which is exactly, on top of all the Clear garbage, what happened.

    In my 2005 trip to the ship, the Senior C/S Margaret Supak, after giving me 5 Qual consultant interviews personally, apologized for the above stating that “We certainly learned a lot from your experience.”

  87. martyrathbun09

    That’s some fine differentiating Steve.

  88. martyrathbun09

    Add to the equation, the average L’s case spends more on reviews than he/she does on the original RDs.

  89. Amanda gave a “concert” at the Cincinnati Mission circa 1975-6. On a banged-up old upright piano she belted out a song titled, “If You’re Tired of Getting Walked on Get Off the Floor”. Perhaps that was the refrain. Never-the-less it said it all for me.

    It resonates through my soul to this day.

    Tom Gallagher

  90. martyrathbun09

    I wonder what they learned. That you can’t kill a Thetan?

  91. Michael- I’ve given this thought many times. Sort of like a “Grand Scheme of Things” scenario. Somehow some point is being proved?

  92. I discovered, probably way back in 1971 – ‘that for every policy in scientology there is an equal and opposite policy’. I expect some tech reference can be found to go in whatever direction is needed. I’m happily sitting in my little bubble taking what is best from all ove r- a magpie of philosophies so to speak.

  93. Notice the book is from 1938, And this will sound familiar 🙂

    Characteristics of play
    To set the scene of the play that he will unfold gradually, Huizinga identifies 5 characteristics that play must have:

    1.Play is free, is in fact freedom.[7]
    2.Play is not “ordinary” or “real” life.[7]
    3.Play is distinct from “ordinary” life both as to locality and duration.[8]
    4.Play creates order, is order. Play demands order absolute and supreme.[9]
    5.Play is connected with no material interest, and no profit can be gained from it

  94. Show me proof an of a playing amoeba 😉
    I see what you did there.

    Homo means Human or man not animal.

    Homo Novis represents to me Elitist Fascist Ideas.

  95. so what you are saying is, that your expectation for ot 8 was to be able to determine truth? I’m a woman, not a man, I’m not here to figure you or your case out. I just asked a simple question, what was your expectation for that level? And based on your answer it is to determine truth. ok. thank you.

    My expectation of ot 8, truth revealed, well i wanted to know about implants lol 🙂 and how to handle them, etc etc. i’m all about the implants lol. i just figured you needed to handle them before you can go exterior stably, you know so as a spiritual being you know where you are going and how to get there, instead of being effect and hope you end up at target 2.

  96. Accepted and very much appreciated Jim.

  97. There was goldenrod on the “old” books? What, did they have a bonfire out in the parking lot?

    The CofM logo is the S and double swastikas…

  98. martyrathbun09

    That’s because you are ignorant of context.

  99. “Can someone point to a single psychiatrist who has attempted to use the principles of Dianetics to create insanity?”

    Unfair question Marty since most of the techniques under research are still classified.

    However if you study some of documents relating to Mk Ultra you’ll find evidence of Black Dianetics:

    Also check out some of the so called “enhanced interrogation” currently in use by CIA.

    “Or a government agent?”

    Actually it’s against the law to name any especially if they are still involved in covert ops.

    But one in particular comes to mind who is recently deceased and that is Jolly West and before that our friend Ewen Cameron who used “psychic driving”

    “Or a drug company researcher?”

    You and I both know that drug companies are not into cognitive techniques.

    Also Miscavige is not the only one using ‘Black Dianetics’ in the Church of Scientology field.

    Some WISE companies have been known to use some of these techniques to keep their employees in line.

    Especially the “tech” of accusing them of false overts and other techniques to introvert the individual such as giving them wrong indications and assigning wrong conditions.

    Though Miscavige is exclusively the only one out there completely invalidating the state of Clear and OT.

    Also he and RTC (or do I repeat myself) are totally ignoring C/S series 123 and auditing Dianetics over the possibility of past life Clear and OT.

    My think on this may be totally crass but I think the reason that Miscavige has these cases start back at the beginning again aside from the fact that he is an L1 R/Ser (goal opposed to Scientology) which is part of it but also because he is greedy and also after a person completes OT VIII there is nothing more to “deliver” since the OT Levels above that are not in any useable form.

    Look how long it is taking him to release super power which is in usable form and has existed in usable form since 1978.

    They just don’t have any auditors any longer who can deliver the RD.

    Worse his Golden Age of Tech which was supposed to create an “army of perfect auditors” has only created a platoon of useless robots who can barely audit a comm process.

    Never mind super power!

    In my opinion “COB” has virtually destroyed all tech delivery with that one stroke of genius and now he and any “auditors” left are just fucking with peoples heads pretending to deliver the “Scientology Religion” the “Government approved” version of “Scientology”.

    They are in treason or lower as an organization and they are way past the point now where they have “gone up in smoke” as Ron says in the HCOB ‘Out Tech’.

  100. one of those who see

    Hooray for Amanda!! Do you remember a song she sang I think it must have been associated with the Portland Crusade? I loved it and can’t remember what it was.

  101. This cannibaliztion of the “Clears & OT’s” was preceded by DM UNMOCKING one of the most productive marketing units ever (read Jeff Hawkin’s book.) The net result?

    No new public.

    Anyone remember Int Strat 86-3? “Service the existing field for ALL IT IS WORTH while building up the Organization and routes for new public in.”
    I think someone took it too literally.
    And forgot the part about new public.
    So now, with public Awareness of Scn at an all time high, Public perception is that it is out-tech, out-ethics and a mind controlling dangerous cult.
    I think the term is Epic Fail.
    BUT….it is more than that, as people have been upset, messed over and left in worse shape than if they never had had contact with the organization.
    Criminal Epic Fail.
    Friends don’t let friends have Black Dianetics…..

  102. Great insight. Fully agree.

  103. Tom you said “This has to end!”

    I suggest it has. We’re witnessing the slow-motion death of the “offishul” CoM. The reserves will run out. In fact a waterfall event is in process/progress.

  104. sherrymk,
    Humbly, and through my own tears – thank you.

  105. Tom,
    Amanda Ambrose, in a rehearsal for a concert I performed with her, taught me one of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a musician – how to listen.

    She did it with this look that said everything and just for my youthful thickheadedness, she explained it with words.

    The lesson: if I couldn’t hear every single nuance and expression of her voice, I wasn’t listening and I was playing too loud. It taught me how to play in a band as a drummer and know exactly what dynamics to play with other instruments and the melody. Priceless.

  106. “Seems that all we see in Scientology marketing is smiling, bubbling faces talking about how good Scientology is.”

    Cal-i-wog, the key word in that sentence is “marketing”. What else could they show? People going for cancer treatments? Funerals? People packing a moving van when their home was foreclosed after they gave it all away to the cult?

    Lies and PR: that’s how a cult markets their goods.

  107. Libran/magpie,
    And a heapin’ helpin’ of the Cynic, it seems the magpie has munched.

  108. Tom,

    I was just being ironic.

    Obviously, the lower you go on the tone scale the harder life becomes. The being might not be aware of how much effort is involved but it’s there. You’ve got all this misemotion piled on top of effort, effort, effort. More and more complexity and alter-is added onto more and more complexity and alter-is. There’s no such thing as straight A to B the lower you go. It can’t be easy at all being an auditor in DM’s church.

    But you have a point. And, though I like to play around, I do realize these guys are trying their hardest to do the best job they can to make the world better. And they deserve my respect for that.

    But, you just aren’t going to catch me being too serious about their plight. I don’t have to be sucked into a condition just to prove I understand what’s being communicated and experienced there. I’d prefer that those involved step out of the condition. I’d prefer that those auditors step away from the church so they could apply tech as it was intended by LRH.


  109. Marty,

    How about a section of your blog just for these Church of Miscavige real life Black Dianetics/Black Scientology horror stories?

  110. Wow, Steve, just an excellent post! Thank you for the concise differentiation and the succinct explanation. Simply brilliant…Vicki

  111. martyrathbun09

    Lot of truth in that post on the analysis of what is up with DM.

  112. Steve, that really was excellent. Thank you.
    Just Me

  113. Wow, Marty. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say that. That’s really different. Actually, now that I think about it, what it really is is very old-school LRH.
    Just Me

  114. The evolution of NED was very interesting.

    I had a friend (since deceased a very cool individual) who was on his HSDC Internship at Flag when the command change occurred on what were formerly known as steps A-D from “Scan through ….” to “Move through…” in May.

    By June all the NED HCOBs had been written up.

    (I can remember long nights spent in HCO Mimeo compiling the Course Packs)

    Later that same year Ron got very ill and they called in the Senior C/S FLB to audit him however any effort to run the new NED RD was a disaster

    So Ron being Ron decides to research why that you can’t run Dianetics on an OT and explains why this would occur and why this would apply to Clears as well.

    (I wasn’t there but I got this information off of someone who was there that is pretty reliable.

    Also Mayo’s claim in ‘Deflections’ that he “developed” NED is a crock of huey.)

    Anyway later that same year Ron found that considerably more than 2% of cases were going Clear on Dianetics and pandemonium ensued.

    Almost everybody who had run Dianetics or might have gone Clear in their earlier life ended up in a Clear check.

    (I was a punk kid back then so I qualified as a possible past life Clear)

    After I did my Clear Check I was so exterior and on such a persistant F/N that I was one of the ones constantly picked to do the new Reading Through an F/N Drill.

    I was pretty much blown out for almost a year until some SP ethics officer decided to assign me a wrong condition and kill my F/N.

    So I know what kind of cave in occurs even if you don’t directly invalidate the state from personal experience!

    In fact on the CCRD pilot we reviewed this one girls folder and couldn’t find any evidence she’d gone Clear so we tagged her for a not Clear R-Factor.

    It was our first session on the RD and we sent her in with a Class XII and we all waited just outside the door to see what would happen.

    Needless to say our first session wasn’t all that auspicious.

    The PC caved in and it took her auditor almost the whole day to clean up the BPC!

    So we all went to cramming by direct order of LRH!

    Meanwhile more HCOBs came down the pike about ….you know ….like setting up a case… before you dropped a bomb on ’em.

    How to verify if a case may have gone Clear in an earlier life, advanced and new procedures like 2w/cing for data, clearing up confusions and Mis Us and things that a “bunch of mutton headed auditors should know already”.

    (I could imagine the Ol’man saying to himself when he recieved our very first… er….”product”)

    Well it was a learning experience.

    Anyway one of the things hammered into us was if the case was a certain age to check for auditing in a past life before running *any* Dianetics.

    Things like that.

    Things they don’t do any more.

    But I digress.

    Personally I think the reason Miscavige is doing this aside from his e purps is cause the guy is stuck in his head and he doesn’t want any body out of it,

  115. Marty wrote : “Black Dianetics practices of putting O.T.s back on Dianetics … is enough to – and has – turned once winning and prospering Scientologists into the apathetic …”

    That’s exactly what I observed when I met a Scientologist I knew at the Sandcastle ( = Flag building for OT auditing ).

    This person had been taken off an OT level and put back onto Dianetics. And this person looked SICK, MEST-like and in APATHY – I was truly shocked.

  116. Haveyou not seen the pictures of Pasadena Org having a book burning?
    Yes. Bonfire out in the parking lot was exactlly what they did.

  117. If you actually do the OEC, you will that there is a rhyme and rhythm behind each and every policy. They are not designed in an arbitrary fashion to cancel each other out when needed. Problem is, most people never did that course and therefore do not see what policy applies to which situation. This is aggravated by programs which go against basic policy written by people who could never integrate it. U.S. Congress is similar. Of course, you have the Soviet Union in full restim for a long time in the CofS; that is when its not North Korea or Nazi Germany.
    I, by the way, have one fundamental disagreement with LRH. In the Data Series, he wrote that “there is no such thing as sanity totally opposed”. Well….I think you see it with DM. I’ve seen others in my day too but he takes the cake in a unique and special way.

  118. Thanks Marty.

    I never knew him personally but when I heard about this “SRA” thing I had a fleeting thought that this was a person who liked to cave in others.

    Not just like it.

    But actually enjoys it!

    “Sadism” on the Chart of Awareness.

  119. theystolemychurch

    Be careful here! Next event ~ he will announce that he – personally- created the entire universe – because he had to, with all those SPs everywhere and no one else would do it… because they are all busy trying to “get him”…. LOL LOL LOL

  120. I can corroborate what Marty says about the Ls being uncodified. The last work done on them was in RTRC around 1994 but never really straightened out or finalized. Lots of the issues were written by auditors pilot auditing under LRH in 1970 or so when they were first developed. Still never made into HCOBs. A major component of Ls training is studying case histories of the first pcs under LRH’s C/Sing.

    No doubt the stuff is dynamite, one way or the other. Some, like Trey Lotz or Pierre Ethier, who audit a lot of Ls could add to the discussion here.

  121. Yes, starting in 1989, when CMU (Central Marketing Unit) moved up to the Int base from LA where we had been stationed, Flag rundowns was given to us to market. I did the original marketing for the Case Resolution Rundowns there in the trailers next to the swamp. At the same time the Ls specifically were a TOP priority to be codified and re-released with fanfare. However, marketing could do nothing until RTRC did their function of first codifying and compiling the Ls materials and tech. Unfortunately, that evolution was bugged due to DM’s suppression on lines: some of the L’s materials had been written up by David Mayo. Of course, since Adolf Miscavige had banished David Mayo out of Scientology as a “suppressive person” (I don’t know that much about Mayo, but considering Miscavige’s track record, I am pretty sure at least 97 1/2% of all the people DM has declared, which numbers in the thousands I believe, were nothing but people DM targeted because they insisted on following LRH instead of DM)… because DM had named David Mayo as a bad guy, everything Mayo had done was consequently “out tech.” Thus, nothing on the Ls could go forward since anything Mayo did was “wrong.”

    Over the years there continued to be talk of “needing to re-codify and release the Ls.” Even Jackass Miscavige said it needed to be done… which was nothing more than him covering his own ass — he called for it to be done meanwhile he was also the one person stopping it from being done. That is classic DM.

    1989 was a long time ago. And 21 years later the Ls still haven’t been codified. The only person at all who has made progress on the subject is actually Marty. Marty is the person who was sent out to salvage countless VIPs, most of who’s cases were messed up on the Ls. Marty found that by applying the “Laws of Listing and Nulling” he was able to sort out any messed up Ls cases to shining results. Marty knows far more about this subject than I, I’m just giving you some on the ground viewpoint as it was experienced in CMU.

    Maybe Dan will chime in from RTRC.

  122. Freedom Fighter

    Boy. This is it. This is the meat of it right here. Reading the stories here and reflecting on my own, I feel like I’m witnessing the Scientology equivalent of the Nurnberg Trials or watching Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation video interviews with survivors of the Holocaust. I’d bawl like a baby reading some of these stories if I weren’t so pissed — so incredibly pissed.

    In another day and age, I’d put together a posse and see to it that David Miscavage was hung from the highest tree in the land. Nowadays, that type of thing is frowned upon and it’s just as well. It would be an easy out for him. It’d create a far bigger effect to see to it that the very thing that feeds him is ripped from his grimey little hands and he is left to shrivel up and die as the discusting cockroach that he is. The more of us who take a stand, speaking out, withdrawing our support, and flourishing and prospering like never before, the faster this will happen, IMO.

  123. Marty ~~

    This is the most comprehensive essay on the Destruction/Enforcement of the Clear attest cycle. It is wicked.
    The arrogance of Miscavige, anon tech trained person running his enforced haves and can’t haves in this pivotal point on the Bridge demonstrates his Evil intentions.
    When I was HCO “Sec Checked” “Not auditing you” HCO sec check on my Clear wasting thousands of dollars til I threw the cans and walked out, I was mentally upset at Ray Mithoff for permitting such hogwash.
    Only much later in studying the web, did I read how much DM had smashed and clobbered Ray Mithoff, Senior CS INT , even declaring him Suppressive Person.
    Miscavige removed and SP Hole’d Ray Mithoff, he decimated Senior CS INT office and then appointed himself as Tech CZAR changing the definition of an FN.

    I know of one FSO auditor who had to sec check the father of a daughter in a custodial battle to give up parental rights. Let’s call him Peter.
    Peter was being accused of sordid stuff.
    But the wife was a darling of RTC and even won an IAS medal although the previous year she had virtually dumped the Church and there were 4″ deep folders of her negative complaints on the Church. She was popular in the entertainment sense. Miscavige wanted her won back to the church, hence IAS medal.

    When this auditor finished all the Sec Checks and Peter was clean, the FSO auditor was nailed big time for having CRIMES.

    WHY ?

    The sec checking was supposed to give a POLITICAL
    The sec check was supposed to change the frame of mind of the father to giving up rights to see his daughter.
    That was what DM’s cult determined was the EP of the Sec Check.
    The objective of the Sec check was to get the pc into agreeing to give up parental rights to his daughter.
    And since that result did not pan out, the sec checker must have CRIMES


  124. Pingback: Scientologists vs. David Miscavige « Leaving Scientology

  125. LFBD…………………………LFBD…………………………..LFBD…………………………………LFBD…………………………..LFBD………………………………LFBD……………………………………..Floating T/A…………………
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    That makes sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. theystolemychurch

    My only disagreement is “there is no absolute”…..

    I am an absolute!

    No qual ever “handled” me on that….

  127. I am also convinced DM wants no babies so that those PCs and Clears and OTs can’t come back to haunt him.
    And those youngins that surround him, he has to keep them squashed down so they never realize who they were and kick his ass!

  128. Very well put, Thoughtful, as per usual.

  129. HA! “And with the refrain, I thrust home!”

  130. Sounds like an interesting book. Interesting points. I would argue with 3 and 4, but I do not have full context. Since it was published in ’38, perhaps Ron did read it. I wouldn’t put too much on that, though.

  131. No, I know what you mean – but in the Homo genus you also have Neanderthals, and I am sure they loved to play around!

    But, I nitpick – I like the idea of Homo Ludens!

  132. Thanks for the confront Marty and for putting both sides of the coin on the table. The knowledge supplied is useful and helpful.

  133. Windhorse:

    I remember a few other people I knew personally that returned from Flag the first public pre-OT’s to receive the new NOT’s Rundown. Among them were Howard Rower and his wife Mary Rower, Amanda Ambrose and Helen Geltman.

    Amanda and Helen may not have been so out ethics but Howard {who was a mission holder in N.Y.C. at whose mission I was employed} was having an affair with and auditor at the mission named Kathy Boyle. He continued to have this affair with her for 3 years following his return from Flag from being one of the first to get the NOT’s.

    Eventually and I say EVENTUALLY, not immdiately, but in 1982 he was declared SP, the mission was closed, he and Mary divorced and Kathy Boyle was sent to audit at a mission in Teaneck, New Jersey that later went out of business as well.

    Now, with all this high tech sec-checking going on in the Mecca of technical perfection a Class IX auditor was not able to find out from Howard that his crime of adultery was actually a PTP during the auditing? Unbelievable! Outrageous! It leaves a person in fear of what they will actually get should they choose Flag as the place to go Clear and OT.

    Then after this small glitch it was announced that the OT IV OT R/RD had been released to precede the NOT’s first which was then followed by the SOLO NOT’s.

    Point: If one is committing adultery in the middle of OT IV, OT V, OT VI or OT VII, what difference does it make? Adultery is adultery if one is being audited on Grade III!

    Yet, Howard not only went to Flag and got his NOT’s as an adulterer but came back to New York with a success story of how good the auditing was at Flag.

  134. Sherry:

    That kind of situation is the exact kind of situation people do not want to get involved in when they get involved in Scientology.

    I am a very brave and courageous guy. If I know I am Clear, then I am Clear. If I know I am OT, then I am OT. I would never play the game of running back and forth for “their” advice.

    As I have said earlier, the first time the staff at New York Org or ASHO or FOLO EUS or Flag showed me the Black Dianetics I was about to be delivered I showed MY SELF the door and walked through it to the street waving cheerfully to the Scientologists as I left.

  135. Kathy:

    Sometimes a person that does not join the Sea Org that is qualified to do so, becomes the WHY of their problems.

    It is just a matter of how well the person not wanting to join the Sea Org believes he or she can cover it up and how willing and trained the Sea Org that person deals with are to address the situation.

  136. That sounds really hot Summer Wind.

    Become a NED auditor today. Bring your own materials of your own choice with which to do so, and then audit in confidence knowing that you KNOW IT ALL.

    Holy Mackeral. Now I *HAVE* heard everything.

  137. You ARE serious, are you ??????? Add the mustache and he looks like a Nazi, talks like one and so I guess is one!

  138. A great post (thanks Marty) and some great commenting.
    Thanks all.

  139. I joined in 76. I have seen publics that had been on the Apollo doing service. They told stories like having 20 seconds water for a shower and things like that. Being a Scientlogogist at that time was not easy and comfortable. But seeing a Clear that attested at Apollo you did not see one thing: doubt!
    The times in my life I had attention on if I am Clear or not, if I did see what I did see or if I am nuts or sane are those I had been weak. One cannot generate power if one is in doubt about oneself. And that is the trick. If you doubt if your point of view is right then you have no point to operate from.

  140. As an OT VIII, I received the Ls from Pierre in 2007-2008.
    I had terrific case gain and when Pierre offered to train me on the tech, I jumped at the chance. Since then I have audited about 35 people on the Ls and have done over 1500 hours of Ls auditing.

    The Ls tech came from the GPM research that LRH did in the early 60s and he said they came from his research into OT 8-15.
    They were developed at the end of 1970 to boost the horsepower of FEBC grads who were supposed to go back to their orgs and boom their stats.

    The main thing that the Ls handles is the GPM bank, which is not the same thing as the OT case. LRH did say that if you audit the Ls on a Clear, you can practically clean out his whole OT III case. However that is not the only thing that the Ls handle by far, and people who are complete on OT 7 still have a lot of things that they can run on the Ls. There are several points on the Ls where you can address anything at all that you want to handle, absolutely anything.

    I gave a lecture at the last Freezone convention giving my understanding of the Ls and what they do. It is on YouTube if anyone is interested.

    A lot of the tech on how to actually audit the Ls is found in the LRH c/ses, as Dan said. This data isn’t necessarily laid out in the Ls HCOBs, but it is all there. Ls tech is really its own unique tech. These rundowns are not audited like any other rundowns. The techniques and procedures are different. There is a lot of auditor judgement required in the sessions because there are a lot of different ways you can go with something. It used to be a requirement that one be an experienced Class VIII auditor before being trained on the Ls tech. When Flag started to compromise on the auditors they were putting on Class X, auditors who had omissions in their training lineup such as Cl 6 or Cl 8, or who were just not that experienced, the quality suffered.

    Karen has written that Ls pcs that she audited on the ship with LRH csing were stable and never needed reviews. The rundowns were audited under LRH for many years and there was a definite tech on how to do them that was well worked out. Pierre has debriefed many of the original Ls auditors to find out precisely how it was done under LRH. The tech is there. Gradually over time, the tech on delivering the Ls was changed to the point where it is much more common today to find people that were completely butchered on the Ls, or just felt they were ho hum, than people that had the kinds of spectacular wins that are available on them. The Ls handle very charged areas. When you combine evaluative csing, altered and omitted procedures with gross mismetering of heavily charged items, you will get this kind of overt product as a result. The most common thing that comes up in repairing Ls is that a heavily charged item was restimulated, but not blown. The way that the Ls are misaudited at Flag pretty much guarantees that they are going to restimulate case and not blow it. This will rebound very badly on the pc sooner or later. The fact that someone can get so messed up when these rundowns are misaudited shows how much charge there is on them.

    I have corrected 3 Ls pcs, and Pierre has corrected over 30 Ls cycles that were done just in the last few years at Flag. Listing errors, wrong items, unblown items, and overruns are the most common things to correct.

    I have two OT VIII pcs right now who are on their Ls and are winning big time on them. They find plenty to run. The Ls handle things that are not handled anywhere else on the Bridge.

    These Rundowns have produced some of the most impressive wins of anything I have ever audited.


  141. Amen. And as I recall, Ron REALLY emphasized the word “tremendous” in that quote. Great to be remindd of that.

  142. Has the dwarf done or re-done the objectives?

    HE needs it – not being able to receive orders or being effect.
    The madman is COMPULSIVE cause projecting his own case on others.

  143. This letter is so important, so complete and awesome in its precision and so pertinent that I am taking the liberty of reproducing it in full, with Marty’s permission:…

  144. Bozz,

    No, I hadn’t heard about the book-burning bonfire of pre-GAT books. Shaking my head. I can’t believe how much I still don’t know about what has happened, even about things that happened in broad daylight.

    There really does have to be a multiple-viewpoint book, perhaps a series. It will be written. Possible title: Shit You Wouldn’t Believe That Really Did Happen.

    Just Me

  145. ExIntStaffMember

    This new Black Dianetics series and the gut-wrenching horror stories that its victims are now posting is powerful enough to warrant its own blog – one that is easy for ALL of its victims to find on Google. Thank you very much for tearing the mask off the satanic DM organized crime syndicate formally known as the Church of Scientology.

  146. I think we are all testament to that.

  147. martyrathbun09

    Not without the author’s permission.

  148. Come to Dracula!

  149. Please allow this simple individual from the other side of the planet to point out what he sees:

    Sherry, You first few sentences describe an Auditor’s Code Break, point number 1.

    Deliberate Auditor’s Code Breaks are one of the very few things that really are genuine Suppressive Acts (just my humble opinion of course).

    I’m really glad you came out the other end with integrity and found the great bunch of boys ‘n gals on this blog.

  150. OK – but anyone can read it here from Jeff’s site – and should!

    Click to access luis-garcia-letter.pdf

  151. I think you are referring to “absolutes are unobtainable in the Physical Universe.” Obviously you are bigger than that. 😉

    Feel free to write a success story…..

  152. He did not say “there is no absolute”. LRH said “There are not absolutes.” or “Absolutes do not exist.” Don’t remember which. He did not say “There is no absolute.” Therefore, you are in the clear. A pure static is absolute. Look up the word.

  153. All I can say is thank you Marty, this section put data where there was only huh? for me. Just another sad story: My mom did all 3 Ls these changed “her” dramatically as a Clear, prior to her OT levels, hmm, who is this now? She did original OT8, the beingness i knew as “mom” as-issed, gone, ok, who is this? She did “new” OT 8 during through, unimaginable reg cycles, wrong indications and messed up FNs she kept saying “there’s something awfully wrong” with her head in her hands. She left the ship sick after 8, refused the offered Rev. just miss being ‘home’ was the viewpoint voiced, huh!? She got home, got pneumonia, got lung cancer, experienced body death, she was unable to handle so, the ultimate causative MEST universe disconnection? As many so before her. Would you want someone else to have similar gains to yours? NO!!!! How about the hundred-plus thousands of dollars of debt left for the estate to pay? yeah I want that, for my heirs, NOT! How about, Would you want others to have the knowledge you now have? Live, learn, evaluate, look at the products, know and move up a little higher? yes

  154. martyrathbun09

    Trey, as you know I like you. As you also know, if you insist on promoting Pierre here, I am going to have to give a caveat emptor. If you want to to substitute one priest and one addiction for another priest and another addiction, by all means seek Pierre’s help. The way out is not the way back in.

  155. I think there is a lot of truth to this. I was blessed to be able to do my CCRD (or DCSI rather) outside of the church. The end result was a level of certainty about my state of Clear that I would have not believed was possible if I had not experienced it. I believe that this certainty has allowed certain abilities to turn on, or manifest themselves, that otherwise would not have turned on.

    Conversely, doubts about one’s state of clear could certainly suppress spiritual abilities. If you have doubts, you should get in session.

  156. What Tom said. Also, try method 8 word clearing this one:


  157. Thank you Jim, I love your postings and appreciate you.

  158. Like Herod and Jesus?

  159. How about black logic? Here’s how it goes: it is illegal to audit NED on Cleras and above. Ergo: The person never made it to Clear or above and is de-attested. Voila! Now it is not illegal to audit them on NED as they were not Clear or above in the first place.

    More black logic: After being de-attested and run on NED, they are not doing well and they are “out of PT” so they must not have gotten their earlier gains. Black logic: Have them redo everything on their lower bridge. Have them do it until they can “see” the viewpoint pushed by management and carry out commands as given to them. Ergo: 100 hours of objectives.

    More black logic: They are still not towing the line. They continue to go to parties, continue to have sex before marriage and, horror of horrors, they masturbate. Ergo: they have overts and withholds and must be sec-checked until they “see” the error of their ways.

    More black logic: Even after all of this, they complain that they don’t feel very good and they don’t make enough money to donate the IAS and they have pretty much been pauperized. So they lie to the reges and say they don’t have any money to donate. They must have lied about their attests all along the way and besides they continue lying to the reges. This must be a long-standing pattern indicating an overts case or they are PTS but good. Ergo: find the SP and sec-check the daylights out of them until they “come to their senses” and see that the Church knows what is best for them and has every right to demand their time, money, devotion and immediate compliance no matter how insane the demand is or how invasive it is in one’s private life.

    Private life? No such thing. Not any more. Saying that’s none of your business and get your nose out of my private life is re-classified as a no report. Ergo: more sec checking. interrogatories, rollback and so so.

    Black logic: Clears and above are rational and ethical beings. The Church is the most ethical enterprise ever. Any resistance is therefore irrational and unethical and any counter or other intention must be stomped out of existence. Ergo: If reason doesn’t work, then jump off a six foot fence and clear the road of bullies and naysayers and other fish to fry. Voila! Punch him in the head – he needs a good solid r-factor.

    Thats what I have seen along the way.

    Its warped. So warped it took me a long time to comprehend it as a form of logic. Since I’ve read Martys last two posts I have a name for it at last: black logic.

  160. Dear Marty, This was an unbelievable post for me and blew so much charge. I realized that my husband died while in the middle of OTV. There was a point in his auditing where he just refused to go in session and started playing cards on the walkway at Flag and started working as a chef helping in the kitchen at FLag. I also realized that while I was on L12, my auditor was validating my cognitions and today I am very sensitive to criticism. I spotted the actual time of the inval in that session….big win. Thank you for your integrity and commitment to us all.

  161. martyrathbun09

    Good on ya.

  162. Larry,
    There’s a tape on Level II, Moral Codes: What is a Withhold, that is really interesting. Have you listened to it recently?

  163. SherryMK, I don’t even know what to say…from one OT to another I have a high regard for you and all you have done to shed light on all the entheta, enturbulation, out tech, you have experienced. I look at it as you knew what was true and those csing and auditing you were under destructive orders. You won, Congratulations!

  164. And thank you for the “ack” it definitely added to my win. ML C.Ann

  165. Thank you Marty and commenters (and even lurkers!) for helping to C*L*E*A*R our third dynamic. Every posting and related comment helps! I have no further thoughts that I’m an isolated individual because yesterday I laughed and cried (tears of not only compassion but of joy) … again. It’s been a loooooong time. Hallelujah!

  166. Karen:

    It is uneblievable!

    It is like as if almost every person one knows, loves and trusts that’s in the Sea Org today on post, tomorrow “Off to the SP hole! Big crimes! WHEW! Big SP!”

  167. Years ago — I heard that in spite of being completely screwed over by this ex-wife AND the church — he was still an active scientologist.

    Amazing how deep the brainwashing goes. He didn’t even LEAVE after this set-up — so when others ask — why do they stay.

    The answer is : they have not YET had a personal ENOUGH reason to leave.

    Some never will.

    Others wake up without such a deep injury.

    It’s all a question of willingness ultimately to LOOK outside the box. Which takes courage.

    Once outside, there is never any going back INTO the box.


  168. Martin,
    I just read it. It is one of the most complete statements of the scene, all in one place, that I’ve witnessed. Superb. I love Luis Garcia.


  169. Sad but true

  170. Anna,
    ‘Black logic’. Excellent post.

    Here’s a datum I’ve used since I read it waaaay back when:
    “It is odd but all the “facts” you protest in life and ridicule or growl about are all one or another of the out-points.
    “When you spot them for what they are then you can actually estimate things. And the plus-points come into view.” Data Series 5, Information Collection.

    This Existing Scene you portray is a study in out-points. There’s another Data Series that rings loudly with this summation of ‘black logic’ and is described in the above letter Martin refers to by link, the one by Luis Garcia. That’s DS 11, The Situation.

    “Lots of people often with lots of authority, get mired into situations. They do not know they are in anything that could be defined, isolated or stated. They bat madly at unimportant dust motes or each other and just mire in more deeply.

    “Whole civilizations uniformly go the route just that way.

    “So do orgs, important activities and individuals.

    “One can handle exactly as above, if one practices up so he can really do the drill on life.

    “The only danger is that the situation can be so far from any ideal that others with fixed ideas and madness can defy the most accurate and sensible solutions.

    “But that’s part of the situation, isn’t it?

    “Data Analysis is done to make a more direct observation of exactly the right area possible. One can then establish the exact SITUATION.

    “It’s a piece of freedom to be able to do this.” L. Ron Hubbard.

  171. Wasn’t it, “Absolutes are unobtainable” ?

  172. Lawrence: I knew all of the people you named and liked Mary a great deal.

    However, I think as a point of curtesy thought it would be best not to name names when recounting the foibles etc of others. Karen #1 recounted a real horror story without naming names.

    When you name names, it becomes part of search engine function etc. In any case, I think it’s simply better decorum.

    I knew many of the staff in the NY Missions, including CC NY. Having done a few SO missions into the area.

    In any case, I might even know you but you’ll remain Lawrence no last name 🙂

    There is no guarantee really that anyone will be honest regardless of whether they have attained some higher state. I’ve found this, boo hoo, amongst buddhist practitioners as well.

    It’s ultimately UP TO YOU to be honest. No amount of teachings/auditing/ can MAKE you be honest.

    At least none that I’ve discovered.


  173. Anna,
    On the first point of black logic in your post: “Here’s how it goes: it is illegal to audit NED on Cleras and above. Ergo: The person never made it to Clear or above and is de-attested. Voila! Now it is not illegal to audit them on NED as they were not Clear or above in the first place. ”

    I get the black part of this, and it’s twisted insidious ‘reason’ and how this is foist off on others (the ‘three swing FN’ has similar brain-cracking ‘logic’).

    The opening piece references the HCOB on this use of DIANETICS/NED on Clear OR ABOVE; it is FORBIDDEN. What do you use on Clear OR ABOVE (and having done anything from OT I is ‘above’)? NED FOR OTs!!

    NOT NED! NOT Dianetics. New Era Dianetics FOR OTs. You’ve crossed the line at Clear or above, it’s NOTs from there.

    It matters not a tot, nothing, nada, zip and zero what else has gone on, but that one has gone on past that point – Clear or above. From there NOTs is the form of NED used and NED per se is FORBIDDEN for exact, valid technical reasons to do with the Upper Level case. That is simplicity. NED FOR OTs is precisely that. NED, as such, is for those who haven’t gone Clear OR above.


  174. Lawrence: Hubris is not the most endearing trait.

    Try compassion for Sherry’s situation.

    You know nothing about Sherry and therefore cannot possible equate your circumstances with her.


  175. to lawrence, you sound like an expert, were you in the sea org? this life, last life, down the the whole track?

  176. P.S. There IS a Rundown to ‘clean up’ a person gone past OT III that is referred to as the OT IV RD. This technical action is not widely known and if ever in the CofS(quirrel DoM), used. The only significant change to this tech that I can think of at this point (and someone can correct me if there are others) is the proviso that Dianetics is forbidden (NED) to be run exactly as stated in the HCOB opening this thread. (There are provisos for other technical points, Power being one I think of off-hand).

    In other words, there IS an LRH devised and worked out technical solution to the ‘apparent’ problem DM is ‘solving’ with his suppressive inval, eval and mind-making ‘solution’.

    Ignorance is not bliss. Get trained. Study – it is at LEAST 50% of this whole journey.

  177. tara, you are spot on lol 🙂 he cut the 2d line in the sea org as well as family time after he took over.

  178. H,

  179. LivesWell~Sorry 😦
    When you peel it all back and throw out all the justifications and time…it’s gut wrenching. I hadn’t even considered the estate aspect until now. What a long, horrible burden DM&Co have created.

  180. Are you going to quote Nietzsche ?

  181. My apoligies for flying onof the handle. It is good to be an animal sometimes 😉 It spices things up.

    With Regards CD

  182. Lawrence, I’m with Windhorse on this. You wouldn’t want someone doing this to you, would you? And Jim’s reference is excellent — definitely worth a listen or transcript read.

    Int-style seances, recitations of others’ session data, getting someone else’s so-called ‘withholds’ off in public — none of that feels to me like moving on up.


  183. Still calling me a Scientologist Caliwog 😉 ? Or onley on WWP ?

  184. Tara,

    I never thought of that!

    But it makes perfect sense and aligns with his insistence in invalidating past life auditing.

    Good catch 🙂

  185. Here’s a quick question for you, Mr. Very Brave and Courageous Guy, before I say anything else: Do you think you would be open to constructive feedback?

    Just Me

  186. Windhorse~A point I was just thinking of too, how it’s up to you to address what’s important. I see where seeking status instead of case gain ruins this completely though. If I want to become a better being, then I want to address those things keeping me from that. If I want to become 0T8 then I just want to run the processes that get me there. Very different objectives. Which also brings me to the money point. As a staff member I could arrange Class 6or8 auditors to audit me at an hourly rate MUCH less than intensive prices, so there wasn’t the money PTP constantly sitting there. No thought about it whatsoever. On a co-audit or when receiving student auditing while on my training, same thing…NO money problems or attention on how long it takes.
    Get rid of the status motivation and the time/money motivations or just skip it completely because you’re wasting time and energy otherwise.

  187. Grasshopper

    Here is one source for TA range as regards an F/N.

    From the “Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary”:

    FLOATING NEEDLE, 1. the idle uninfluenced movement of the needle on the dial without any patterns or reactions in it. It can be as small as one inch or as large as dial wide. It does not fall or drop to the right of the dial. It moves to the left at the same speed as it moves to the right. It is observed on a Mark V E-meter calibrated with the TA between 2.0 and 3.0 with GIs in on the pc. It can occur after a cognition, blowdown of the TA or just moves into floating. The pc may or may not voice the cognition. (HCOB 7 May 69 V ) 2. floating needles, free needles are the same thing. Once you’ve seen one you’ll never make a mistake on one again. For it floats. It ceases to register on the pc’s bank. It just idly floats about or won’t stand up even at low sensitivity. The TA goes to any place between 2 and 3 and the needle floats. (HCOB 2 Aug 65) Abbr. F/N.


  188. “I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.”

    – Bishop Desmond Tutu

  189. I have a question for everyone reading this, if you know or can speculate on the answer: I think I remember many years ago a quote by LRH being read to me about cancer. I’m not 100% sure but I think it was in the PDCs and I think it was one of the lectures numbered between 70 and 76. It had something to do with what cancer cells were trying to do and I think it had something to do with the second dynamic of these cells. The reason I am asking is that I am half-way through lecture 76 (on the most recent release of the PDCs) after listening to all of 1 – 75 and the first half of 76, and I have yet to see or hear anything about cancer or cancer cells. This reference, as I remember it, also may have given a basic theory of a spiritual remedy for cancer. So unless this reference happens to be in the second half of PDC lecture 76 I’m wondering if this data on cancer was purposely omitted from the PDCs, especially considering the data about a very unexpected amount of OTs who have gotten cancer. First I would need you, if you know, to tell me if I’m right about what I think I remember about this reference, whether it actually was in the PDCs and what it said. Ideally you would give the exact lecture it was from and quote it verbatim if possible. Thanks.

  190. Jim, Tara, Windhorse and Just Me:

    Thank you to all 4 of you. That is very good advice as a matter of fact it should have occurred to me, but it didn’t. When and if it ever happens for me to recount something of the nature of like what went on at the mission that summer, it will be in the best way possible, such as the example Karen De La Carriere set.

    Absolutely no hard feelings, that is the best advice someone has given me yet.

  191. In this one, in L.A. at FOLO EUS and it was a most unrewarding experience. BAD NEWS not even worth discussing with anyone, except an attorney that can REALLY do something about it, not just blow hot air.

  192. My correction there Kathy, FOLO WUS not EUS.

  193. Personal attacks are not my business. So take your business elsewhere.

  194. I apologize, but I find those kind of circumstances annoying where people are so confused in Scientology that they run around like that.

    I just walked out the door, happily. I did not go back. They are the ones that came to my house looking for trouble.

    I am not a Scientologist any more. And it takes too long for some people to wise up. I just left.

    I still believe LRH was a great philosopher and I still follow his tech but there is great discord among people outside the church as to who is the authority over what.

    I see it the way I see it.

  195. Rinder Loyalist

    Blow me down, matey.
    And a whole lot of blow down too.

    There be wheelbarrows of sanity here. You are one eponymous named poster, sir.

    Rinder Loyalist
    Adherent to Standard, not gilded Ethics, Tech and Admin

  196. Jimbo,

    The RD is covered in C/S series 13R VIII Actions which is not confidential.

    The RD itself is in the Class VIII book and is also part of the HCOB ‘Case Supervisor Actions’.

    It is also known as the “IV Rundown” and correctly audited can produce incredible gains.

  197. Robin,
    Thanks! Good to have the tech back up! Smoooch.

  198. Bozz

    You added… “proceeded by misunderstood words”

    I had a look at that newly and found that if you go far enough back I think you may find that there were “out tech” and “out ethics” long before there were words, though I do see how misunderstood words are sometimes an important factor in the equation.


  199. Windhorse:

    Your criticism here makes sense a bit but let me ask you?

    If Marty or Mike or whoever is the person that belongs to the owner of this BLOG wanted to say something out of courtesy about David Miscavige and said “XXXXXXXXX Struck me in the SP Hall” or “XXXXXXXXXX Has be corrupting the tech”. Would you know who he meant?

    So before this turns bloody {LOL} say what you mean and mean what you say or don’t tell me, because I will overlook you.

  200. And Just me as well.

  201. martyrathbun09

    Tone it down pal. You are pissing off a lot of long-term contributors to the idea of moving on up a little higher.

  202. sportbwerazezlly264

    if wishes were horses beggars would ride264

  203. martyrathbun09

    Congratulations Luis. Within two hours of your post we are under spam attack. I posted this one for the edification of commenters who said “oh, everyone gets hit with spam, people advertise.” This ain’t no advertisement. It is Jack Torrence on steroids. Five phrases, over and over and over, no link to any product.

  204. This is truly frightening to me. Back when Int was Based in Clearwater, we had ALL the mimeo files, and every single issue ever published had it’s own folder.
    In that folder was LRH’s original writing of that HCOB, Flag Order, HCOPL etc.
    Some were in his own handwriting. If LRH ordered an Aide to add or delete something, that communication from LRH was also in that folder. So, it was clear what LRH wanted to say, and when changes happened, they were verified with either a Telex or Dispatch from LRH directing one of his Aides to Make the Changes.

    I have asked before, Does anyone know where those files ended up, where are they today????
    Those files are like the heart and soul of Scientology.

    Also, when we were in CW (Int Mngement) and LRH was at a different locations the Data bureau kept every single telex LRH ever wrote to or about anything — Where are those???

    I know Int at that time, even had some files of GO Policies, not all so I always assumed that GOWW had it’s orderly filing system for those as well.

    I recently found so many “changes” to HCOPL’s published in the NEW OEC Volumes, that I believe were released after his passing. I wish I had kept my “old” original seet of OECs
    Does anyone know what I am speaking of? Does anyone know where these mimeo files ended up?

  205. Hi GTC,

    I don’t remember Ron saying much about cancer on the PDC but he does say a lot about it in the Radiation Lectures and the book ‘All About Radiation’

  206. Big kiss back at ya Jimbo.

    Hey maybe us two can dress in leather in pose in front of our rides for Marty just like those two world class posers on the earlier blog post 🙂

  207. I know exactly what you’re speaking of Nancy!

    I was at AOLA when a CST mission came in and took every hand written C/S and instructions that were in various Pre OT folders including Staff who were on the original VIII course and FEBC.

    They also took any reel to reel tapes we had in Qual that were donated to the AO by a founding Scientologist of various ACCs and Congresses.

    They also took any fair copies of the original HCOPLs and HCOPLs from Cont Mimeo.

    In other words they cleaned the PAC out of any of the Original Tech and Policy and vanished.

    Rumor has it that they are in locked in the CST vaults in Petrolia.

    In other words being hoarded.

    The only problem with that is it doesn’t allow the average Scientologist to verify a current HCOB/PL, LRHED, FO etc. against the original like it says in the HCOB ‘How To Defeat Verbal Tech’.

    Honestly I think this is by design and is one of the main contributing factors to the current scene since it allows the little rat weasel Miscavige to act as a via to Source.

  208. I do not know the cancer reference but I do know that if you take any cancer patient and start feeding them REAL food (greens, veggies….no preservatives and no processed sugar, whitei flour, etc.) they start clearing up immediately. Most patients, however, will revert to donuts, etc. and there goes the health program.

  209. Marty,

    Of course, Dear Leader doesnt see the irony of this. Here they are, trying to overwhelm your blog so nobody can read it or post comments. This two days after they had pressured the police in Melbourne to send 5 armed people to arrest Michelle for her responsibility in creating an attack that shut down I dont approve of organized DOS attacks no matter who is doing them, but yet again, the pot is calling the kettle black. It’s like DM calling you a squirrel! Amazing the conceit and arrogance. They really do not SEE the world at all. DM ONLY sees DM (and maybe a little piece of TC?).

  210. Get The Concept,

    The reference is a lecture called “The Scale of Havingness” given on 29 Nov 1956 in the series “How to Present Scientology to the World”.

    “Cancer is not caused – never has been and never will be. It is not a caused mechanism by the external environment or some physiological activity. But certain cells of the body individuate and try to build a body when the second dynamic genetic line is blocked. They say, ‘We cannot go on from here. We cannot have any babies. There cannot be any more of this. And therefore we, completely independent of the body and its activities, must create a cellular entity.’ And they proceed to do so.

    “It always requires a second dynamic or sexual upset, such as the loss of children or some other mechanism to bring about a condition known as cancer. This is cancer at the outset. I have examined too many cases not to have recognized this, because it is present in every single case that had cancer that I’ve ever examined – real wild curve on the second dynamic”

  211. Those old mimeo files and a lot of LRH original stuff… It was in 1980, a project was done to “vet” R’s name out of a lot of traffic, those files and the datafiles and “advices” files were all done, anything that could be found that might implicate and endanger LRH (because of the GO bust). A bunch of the materials were just razorbladed out (of R’s name) and trashed. Traffic that was MonD (Messenger on Duty) was kept intact. Some of the stuff, especially the R originals from mimeo files, was given to Pers Comm who was Alethea Taylor at the time I think. Surely DM has burned all the stuff he could find, by now, to cover his tracks…
    Dan Garvin might know more about the mimeo files too.

  212. OK, RJ. That image made me giggle. I’ll look forward to that next year, OK? I’ll even take the photo. Shake?

    Just Me

  213. JM,


    Bring your camera!

    Now all we gotta do is talk the reclusive Jimbo away from his salmon fishin’ or whatever else he does in the Great White Norte 🙂



  214. This is such a monstrous tragedy. I remember cutting out all those little R’s.
    We all knew (at what was int at the time) that this was just wrong.
    During that clean up is when we found the “Golden Balls” in his handwriting, written in 1950. Everything up to that date had actually happened. But someone purposefully changed the ended, because it would not look good to the guy in current power. Just keep the faith, it does have a happy ending.
    But those files, years and years of files…. The originals…
    makes me want to cry. how are we going to put it back together again??

  215. Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to answer. I appreciate the perspective.


  216. Jean-François Genest

    Marvelous post & info Marty! Thank you.

    *If the instructions on a hair dryer state:
    “DO NOT submerge in water while the dryer is plugged in and turned on”,
    then David Miscavidge PURPOSELY orders his subordinates to make the publics and staff submerge the hair dryer in water while plugged in, turned on, and at the highest setting.

  217. Fellow Traveller

    Digress away. I love these anecdotes of “back in the day.” I really appreciate you take the time to relate them. Thank you. A lot.


  218. Unbelievable. I mean, really unbelievable.

  219. Marty, I like your blog for the reason that it shows what Mr. Missmange does, and how he ruins peoples live.
    It helps people make up their mind for leaving and that is good.
    Now, you do not know whether I like you or not, and I am not going to tell you.
    But you sure are a bit silly, and might have not gotten rid of some charge (maybe agreement with David Mismanage) or you would not have a problem with people who answer comments (after being invited by other readers).
    Treys answers is more of a tech answer that 98 % of all your blog will ever be.
    I have mentioned one time to you that you are way off by criticizing people who apply the tech and audit on a daily basis like Pierre does.
    What the hell is wrong with you? You are no different than Flag who says AO is not as standards as them, and AO who says ASHO is not as standards as them , and CCI who says all class V orgs are not as standard as them , and so on.
    I am sure you know how to audit, but you sure aren’t the only one.
    Your eval of the L’s is a sad one. Suppressive I believe!!
    Not codified??? What? Who cares? You mean codified like the supper seck checs.
    Can’t believe you are using something like that to talk away real wins by people who got it from good auditors.
    MD’s and scientists use this type of talk when saying that 100 people cured eating antioxidants is not scientific proven and thus the people did not really get well.
    My wife Hellen Chen (an OT V III), and one of the world’s best disseminator, in and out of the official church, is one of Trey’s PC’s on the L’s and winning like crazy.
    So am I , so is another OT v selectee of ours.
    Live is good in the L’s lane!!!
    Winning, the way OT’s win – with action in the physical universe, which would please to the extreme LRH.
    Anyhow, why don’t you just let people win? As an auditor and as a PC ?
    I don’t see any one on this blog criticizing he wins you and your PC’s are getting!!!
    Looks to me, you are the one who is still back in – the way out is not to stay in!!
    And if you think that this was anything but a friendly, full of love – not giving a hood whether you like it or not note, – let me know w- I will then officially tell you that you have a problem!


    PS: I do have a client from my bussniss/marketing consulting , a doctor, who has gotten L’s from pierre, and curently on OT III ,and loves pierre’s auditing.

    again. please , let scientologies improve thir lives teh way they want. no more codifying based one “one know it all” !! a million of groups aplying the tech the way they think is best and PC’s going where they think is best.
    ever heard of free markets, and ethics being build in automaticly ? (Mission and Ethics PL by LRH )
    Marty, don’t go by the road of David and Barack – it’s a road to nowhere.

  220. This is a reference I used to do my own personal survey on anyone I’ve known to have cancer and found it true. With Black Dianetics restimulating horrendous bypassed charge like it does, I don’t think this reference only applies to present lifetime either. Also knowing the genetic entity/genetic track to be different from the thetan’s track, it could be too that genetically you would be prone to such restimulation. That fact would make you even more likely to get cancer from Black Dianetics or Black anything per the definition.
    IMO of course.

  221. Thanks, WW. My reference is “F/N and TA Position” – C/S Ser 99 RA:

    Auditors have even been led to falsify worksheets (giving TA as in range when it actually was not when calling an F/N) because they might “get in trouble” for calling an F/N in the wrong range, such as 1.8 or 3.2.

    There’s more in the HCOB – PC indicators matter, of course.

    So, another squirrel point for Mr. David Miscavige!

  222. I think a pc should be audited on what the case needs. I’ve never seen anything in writing that the L’s have been replaced by something else. I don’t think the L’s, HRD, FPRD are part of the Grade Chart, one’s basic program, but they have been developed and have a purpose. For instance, maybe not everyone would need an HRD, but some would greatly benefit from it.


  223. How inconvenient for you that Sherry’s story makes you feel annoyed!

  224. Her “alleged” responsibility in creating the attacks. 😉

  225. martyrathbun09

    David and Barack?

  226. martyrathbun09

    In the event you don’t answer my question, don’t want the following to go unremarked:
    You said: ” You are no different than Flag who says AO is not as standards as them, and AO who says ASHO is not as standards as them , and CCI who says all class V orgs are not as standard as them , and so on.”
    If you say there are not differences between what and how people deliver, then Sir I pity you. A does not equal A does not equal A.
    You said: “Your eval of the L’s is a sad one. Suppressive I believe!!
    Not codified??? What? Who cares?”
    I do. That you don’t speaks volumes.
    You said: “Anyhow, why don’t you just let people win?”
    I am and I do. And I make it safer for them to do so in greater and great volume day in and day out.
    “please , let scientologies improve thir lives teh way they want. no more codifying based one “one know it all” !!”
    You are describing Pierre to a T. He has written directly to me that ONLY he has the “codified” “LRH” L’s material and he is not sharing it. He has set up a priesthood by LRH definition. That you are defending him and attacking me for expressing a viewpoint so vehemently is also telling.
    You are free to substitute one priest and one addiction for another. Vaya con dios my friend. Godspeed.

  227. Of course counselor. My apologies. So its clear, I have no facts on this at all, but I do not believe Michelle is responsible, this would more likely be done by someone who is not so prominent as she. Just look at the garbage sites about Marty and the spam on his site — everything is anonymous. Not one name attached to anything. Nobody in the C of M has the decency to put their name on anything and stand behind it — not even their Declare Orders.

    Thanks for making the point Heather. Should have been more careful about what I wrote.

  228. And just one other thought. Nobody inside the C of M can use the excuse that if they were known to be crticizing Marty they would be disconnected from their family, “lose” their Bridge, lose their job, be followed by PIs, have their family harassed or get unwanted pizza deliveries. So, it’s ONLY cowardice.

  229. Not sharing the tech? Wow! What an overt of omission. Like having lots of food and letting people starve. No excuse.

  230. Lawrence,
    I used to say that too. “Unbelieveable.”

    Re-read the characteristics of an SP.
    IT IS… BELIEVABLE. You must now… Believe.

    That’s going to be the hard part for people leaving the church, but I think it will help in accepting the FACT that it is first believable. Especially since it is all true.

  231. Well, I personally have not done NOTS, but anecdotally, I have friends and co-workers at the time who had tremendous gains from NOTS in the late ’80s. One person in particular went from asshole to human – it was quite a transformation. I worked for this person, and it was hell pre-NOTS. He gained his humanity during NOTS, and it was nothing short of astounding, to the point where we became friends.

  232. I agree with Ron on that one. There is no such thing as sanity totally opposed. Absolutes are like perfection – unobtainable. Modern sports, with their “perfect games” in baseball and bowling and “perfect 10s” in gymnastics does perfection a disservice.

    DM is a bastard, no doubt about it, but he is not perfect evil. Really, how does he compare to Goebbels, who had his wife kill his children and then herself when the Nazis were losing. Or Stalin, who killed 30 million people. Or Mao. Or Pol Pot. And even these people were not perfect bastards. The Christian devil is the personification of perfect evil, and yet God, who is true perfection and infinity, triumphs over Satan. And God, as the image of perfection, is our goal, our measure of what perfection should be. When Christians ask us to be “Christlike”, it means we are to act in a perfect, kind way. We can’t, of course, but we sure can try, making us better people.

    Let us not elevate Mr. David Miscavige beyond the twerp that he is. The power he has is merely the reflected power of LRH, which is the only reason Scientologists gave him any acknowledgement at all.

    And to theystolemychurch – no disrespect intended, but you are not absolute. You can always move closer to perfection, always improve. Even at our best, we are like parabolas – always getting closer and closer to the “X” axis, but never quite getting there. This is a good thing. If I am perfect and absolute now, I’m in trouble!

  233. I agree Bernie,

    The L’s were orginally called the Executive RD and were originally delivered to FEBC grads on the Apollo.

    Their purpose was to allow an exec to operate from an exterior viewpoint and prevent him from going PTS.

    The HRD was basically for cases who wanted the RD after reading the ‘Way to Happiness’ booklet.

    It was originally intended as an entry route onto the bridge if you read the original references regarding it.

    FPRD’s purpose was similar to XDn and L 12 and was basically designed to handle Clears who were stalled since they couldn’t be run on engrams and because they were effectively in the middle of the Non Interference Zone therefore technically incapable of recieving the L’s.

    The fact is that cases in most cases in Scientology Orgs these days are no longer being run on their Basic Program according to C/S series 2 but are being run on various “RDs” or recieving endless sec checking which is a major factor in creating all this BPC.

    In my opinion cases are no longer for maximum *case* gain but for maximum *financial* instead.

    This is also why co-auditing is also being discouraged unless it is to run hundreds of hours of unnecessary objectives.

    Worse they not only “deliver” these RDs unnecessarily but they are quickying them as well.

    For example in my final days at the Church I studied dozens of folders where cases were not set-up for these RDs or actions were ommited.

    In several cases on the PTSRD for example many PC’s never recieved a full DRD (the full NED RD per C/S Series 48 and later revisions) a 40x before staring the RD and the engram handling was ommited because the “case wasn’t up to running engrams” which is contrary to the facts given Time Track Bulletin 4.

    That and the blatant injustices occuring on a daily basis are pretty much a major factor in all this evident BPC.

    In sum PCs and Pre OTs are being denied auditing by being run on unnecessary RDs.

    Worse even if these RDs are needed. They are denied the gains they would have achieved due to quickying.

    Again the factor of “no auditing”.

  234. Mr. David Missmanage & Mr. Barak Obama, our dear President -they both are interfering ,interfering interfering …..

    Referring to the comment below:
    There are differences between auditors – of course, but not because of status or which org. Not even because of training level.
    Caring form the auditor and HIS knowledge, which he could have gotten from under the table just like you!!! Your training was unofficial, your mentors ( Sen S/C Int ) have been incompetent based on your statements – so what good is codifying for again ????? Gee!!!
    As said – “codifying” is authority shit talk – nothing else. The L’s done rightly will give wins on any level, just as any other auditing will.
    What do I care what people , like you or people who worked with Ron or DM on the admin lines ( or tech lines ) think as too often they want to be important based on what they know how it went down in the “old days”
    Most of them do not much in terms of getting or given the tech – never have – in or out.
    Codifying SCN is what killed it as a church and. We are a free people who use what works based on experience (as all Pl should be developed and yet never made king after it is developed.)
    Anyhow, believing and following you on some of your attitudes (not all stuff as I believe your reporting of what happened in the church is accurate and many, many, many of your handlings’ are great and even superb) would lead to the same ineffective and not winning scn crowd the church has created.
    So, just a suggestion – stick to exposing the Mr. mismanage, also called David and you will be of priceless value.
    I am defending no one – only giving factual wins I have seen in the field. What is your problem with that?
    Joe Howard even asked for the two (Trey & Pierre) to comment on these powerful rundowns!
    Trey answered now lets Pierre answer.
    Marty, people who have left the churches will soon need and want more than trashing DM. Frankly he is so unimportant already that it is silly to keep talking about him by people who have coged and left the church, beyond of keeping the flame alive for the ones still in.
    Your readers will want data , guidance, the ability to choose for them self, not some self appointed expert to tell them what is codified and what not, or someone to grade the ability of some process or auditor with scorn or by banning persons from telling how they do it.
    Sounds like old church stuff all over again. It is not going to happen (well a few will of course go into the frying pan form the fire thy have been it, but that is ok – let them fry ,after all they are immortal anyhow -so ,no harm done ?
    It’s YOUR platform,and for YOU to lose it. Don’t lose it by blocking the game AFTER the departure from the church. In fact actively promote it, or the few who will not leave your blog because trashing DM stories are becoming boring, will be old crouchy beings with nothing to show in a few years.
    So, move up a little higher – will you ?

    OT IV, L11, mid L 12
    Grad V, OEC,
    Power FSM, Elite FSM, Mission Holder
    But most importantly someone who cares nothing about needing anything codified by others.
    In the name of standard tech we went down, in the name of making tech workable we all will win!!
    PS: as for Pierre not sharing the tech: how could Trey have the L’s if Pierre would not be sharing ???

  235. Hear, Hear!

    or here, here

    or whatever.

    I totally agree GH.

    Let’s not create some synthetic valence of Miscavige as the epitomy of evil . Besides it not only does injustice to all those past and present epitomies of evil out there who really had to work hard at it!

    But it also creates a false beingness that any of could end up snapping terminals somewhere up the line.

    Let me ask you this:

    Is there anyone out there who wants to be just like David Miscavige?

    Nuff said 🙂

  236. martyrathbun09

    Helmut, That you equate David Miscavige with Barack Obama tells me convincing you of anything using logic will be an utter waste of my time. Enjoy your freedom my friend.

  237. Hey GH,

    I remember Amanda telling us once that she had hit an area she called the “asshole stage of NOTs” and was happy to get through it 🙂

  238. Hi Marty, great post!! I love it when u also show the LrH behind.

    I agree, we have been told that we need to agree, agree and agree. It is like a hynopsis, until we cannot observe and confront.

    Great reminder for anyone of us who tend to ‘nod our head’ in agreement without observation. That’s how DM became the monster, not enough people said NO to him on his way up. Too many people ‘agree’ with him. So today we have the tragedy of Scn collapsing.

    I see a danger also on this blog that we might become too much ‘agree, agree and Agree’ On your comments on the L’s, I don’t find u have uttered it justly, in fact I feared that u have strayed into giving opinions on tech matters and that is u becoming ‘source’ of what should be run and what should not be run.

    Source is LRH. And we are the CAUSE of the materials.

    I am OT5 and did my 2 L’s with Trey. Fantastic auditing and at the end of the whole rundown, I was almost in tears feel with appreciation that Ron has made this rundown available for a little tiny me to have so much wins from.

    How did Ron come about this rundown? I am a Class 4 auditor but I am no where near the technical knowledge of some veteran auditors so my only simple answer is: because he loves man so much, he simply wants to help.

    And of course that good intention is not enough, results are needed.

    I do not know about other people. But as an OT, I considered doing the L’s has changed my life completely.

    I can see that it is easy to go into crticism of L rundown when we see some people who did the L’s not doing well and I get mad myself when I see cases being messed up.

    But, L or any rundown or OT Levels is not there to ‘guarantee’ happiness or prosperity or superpower etc.

    We do have to take responsibilty for our case. ( No one owes us help. We need to help ourselves)

    Not differentiating and pointing out this point of ‘taking responsibility for our case’ tend to end up with an opinion and comments like yours — which by the way, because many people agree with you, there will be some blog reader deciding not to do the L’s and they would have missed the gains that they could obtain from L’s.

    I am grateful to Trey for taking up the task of learning the L’s and then delivering them to so many people in the independent field. I do not see Trey ‘promoting’ Pierre but acknowledging the who he learns the L’s from.

    Your attack on Pierre brings about ‘witch-hunting’ — who is the ‘bad’ guy and let’s get ’em. Even if Pierre and you have disagreements, and you think that his behaviour is unthinkable or uncomprehensible, that is based still on YOUR viewpoint and observation – not on anyone’e else.

    No one knows what caused the ridge between both of you except both of you – and as in 3rd party tech, there is usually a hidden 3rd party to cause conflicts.

    I do not know Pierre. All I know is that Trey is caring, compassionate and
    one of the best auditors I ever had and he himself looks very winning in his own L auditing and I am a totally satisfied L completion, with Stats going up the roof after finishing the L’s. So I conclude that however Trey learns from Pierre, he is helping more people than ‘harming’. And Pierre, indirectly or directly, has helped me.

    This blog is about getting people to just look, and don;t listen. I fear that your comments get too many people ‘listening’ but not really looking.

    As your post quoted on LRH, the same tech can be used in a good or bad way. A knife can be used to prepare a delicious meal or kill. You are in Power through getting such a following on this blog, but abuse of that power is also just a hairline away.

    Instead of somehow ending up negating the wins of OT’s who did the L’s or bringing up your quarrel with Pierre which most readers here do not any R (reality) on, why not celebrate the fact that tech is very much alive in the independent field and aren’t we so lucky to have it all? :)))

    Keep on doing what you are doing, Marty. It is helping many people see the real church. Wishing you continuous wins as an auditor as well!

  239. So, you disabled the rely button?
    And you don’t give a comment on why Obama and Dave are not similar in many ways (both are raping their public and do it well real well –just directed in the wrong direction )
    No comment – just a derogatory statement? I can see your great training with DM and how you have not forgotten how to be suppressive!!
    Suppressive can’t have a real communication or can they?
    Marty, com on move it up a little higher – I thought we are on the same side – not same opinion I knew that for long, but same side never the less!
    Am I wrong? I guess there is a first for everything!!

    PS: OSA don’t get happy that we are “fighting” we –at least I have no notion of a unified group outside the church – and Marty & I and the rest still will take you out no matter how much we disagree!!
    PSS: as said you are valuable beyond being price less, and am sure you contribute as a auditor very well as well, but what you said a bout the L’s is capricious at least and the way you have charge about Pierre is scary at least. By the way what to you think about Bruce Glaskow a class XII (probably misspelled) he is in china now? He audited lots and lots of L’s while in the SO!!

  240. Exactly RJ! Thanks for fleshing out the purposes of these rundowns, and the many ways “no auditing” can occur. I’m so glad you are here and not there!


  241. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I apologize if my comment served to invalidate your wins. Wasn’t intended to.

  242. Aw shucks Bernie.

    Now ya got me blushing.

    Thanks 🙂

  243. Nancy Many, you said: “But those files, years and years of files…. The originals…makes me want to cry. how are we going to put it back together again??”

    You can destroy paper. You can destroy buildings. You can edit tapes by LRH, you can re-issue all the materials. You can discredit all the people who know LRH, so everybody else thinks they have to look to YOU for answers. You can destroy families too, Mr. DM. You can play I’m the power, and make people treat you like a celebrity. You can do all sorts of things. Foolishly, you think that makes you great, and foolishly you have no idea of how many people SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU. You are secretly DESPISED, as you have despised LRH.

    The law, too, will finally catch up to you, Mr DM, and your cries of “religious persecution” will not save you.

    N, time goes forward. We must go forward. Perhaps these losses of ours will be part of the web that finally entraps Mr. DM and ransoms back Scn. No, not perhaps – I am sure it will happen. The price of freedom, the ransom back of Scientology. That won’t be free. DM charges a lot. but he seems to keep forgetting about what happens when the piper calls on him to pay….

  244. My wins will never invalidated. 🙂 But I am concerned other people might miss the gains which Ron has intended for us. The point is less of which process is correct or wrong, but did it achieve more happiness and gains for the person receiving it? 
    But u already know that, as that is how, as Helmut pointed out in his comment above. — you so brilliantly and suberbly debug so many mess up cases. 🙂 because u care for the person in front of you, not for applause or for some title bestowed on you, just for being concern that the pc gets help   — and more than DM would ever care!! 

  245. Goddess,
    Thank you for digging up this reference and posting it.

    It would explain recent events in my family and points the way to a possible handling.

  246. That’s pretty funny, RJ. This guy was an asshole pre-NOTS…

  247. Your right, I just found kathy boyle on this site while googling her name, cause i knew her years ago. I dont think she’s going to appreciate her overts on line.

  248. Lawrence: Windhorse is right, names on line can be searched.
    I just found kathy boyle on this site while googling her name, and hitting cached, it highlights the text I am searching for. Because i knew her years ago, and was hoping to find her again.. I dont think she’s going to appreciate her overts on line. Howard it dead but his 2 sons are alive..

  249. If what he alleges is true, they are Out-Tech, treasonous and suppressives, and that means he can dissconnect and call the Police and arrested for extortion. If he gave them that money he is stupid or involved.

  250. Undeniably imagine that that you stated. Your favourite reason seemed to be on the net the simplest factor to bear in mind of.
    I say to you, I definitely get irked while other folks think about concerns that they plainly don’t know about.
    You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also outlined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , other folks
    can take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks

  251. Thank you for risking everything to bring about truth. Black Dianetics is being used on the population. I am part of a non profit trying to help. Black Dianetics was also used on me and my children to try and extort money. I get emails from mothers that have children as young 7 that this is being used on. None of these people are scientologists and are innocent. I just happened to be dating a person that got involved with Natìon of Islam/ Scientology. If you can help in any way, it would be so appreciative. Thanks again for your courage.

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