Ground Control to Major Dave

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.  We’re fishin’ and dishin’.  First in a series:

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  1. I would be careful fishing and or eating anything from the gulf. I been following that and that food is now dangerous. Many people are getting sick now.

  2. Tory Christman

    I love this! It Shows you two, having fun, Fishin’ and Dishin’—My thanks
    to you, Marty–and to all who help expose the abuses of the insidious Cult
    of $cientology.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all : ) 🙂 🙂

  3. Excellent – informative and entertaining.
    More Videos please!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Tony DePhillips

    Doing some nice chillin boys!!
    Loved the story about the copper grounding wires. Where is the HCOB for that dm? Talk about squirrelling!! Sheesh.

  5. Theo Sismanides

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans and Canadians or whoever celebrates the holiday!!

    It’s good to see you, guys enjoying the holiday and life fishing and dishin’. (I actually don’t understand dishin’, but it’s not that important, I see you happy, in that beautiful place).

    On the advanced tech of Miscavige and the copper thing, it’s amazing how out-tech this man is. The “grounding” might not be an incorrect or wrong thing, but the way he applies this whole thing is utterly crazy. No explanation, no tech theory background (let’s say it’s like the grounding of the battery and the 2 poles, positive and negative or something). It makes me worried about how shallow this man is on Tech and how he “applies” things.

    I sometimes felt the need to touch things when “electrified” or “being into something”. But there is some explanation to that grounding and that does not and cannot come from Miscavige. It makes it look like some weird, out of the blue, vodoo stuff. Especially the way he ordered it done and ordered Mike to go “ground” himself.

    So, happy Thanksgiving everybody again and thanks for the video. Good to see you guys.

  6. Mike, Marty, and ladies

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving. You have made a difference in so many lives. You are sincerely thanked from the bottom of my heart for myself and all those I know.

  7. If you tell people to get sick, they will sometimes get sick.
    That seems to be one of the purposes of the “news”.

  8. DM's unwilling understudy (sorry).

    YS YS YS!!!!! YS YS YS !!!!!! YS YS YS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YEAH! YS, YS, YS, YS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, you fools!, YS!

  9. Having gotten my ruds in on this ‘thing’ since I first heard of it, I am laughing so hard, I think I may have grounded out.

    Thank you Dave, you gibbering dweeb, for this definitive bit of DM Tech ™.

  10. How unbelievably cool. Two guys whiling away an afternoon discussing the head of a church that is number five on the list of the 10 most sinister organizations on earth. And with typical bassackwardness, DM has managed to take a datum that LRH was researching near the end of his life and twisted it to suit his demented purpose to make others wrong. Ray once told me that LRH had been working to develop mechanical means to bleed charge from a case, to be used on the Freewinds and it involved grounding as Mike discusses. In fact, there are actual studies now being done on an emerging subject called “earthing,” that deals with the purported benefits that come from connecting the electrical fields of the body to the electrical field of the earth itself. Here is a recent article about it:

    At any rate, that is where DM got the dramatiza– er, idea, that night. Of course he rolled it out as a hidden data line. Well, it is hidden no longer. The article contains what LRH was talking about. Maybe Sarge has more info.

    Hope you guys caught a 20 lb. turkey to enjoy this Thanksgiving. We all have a lot more to be thankful for this year than just a year ago, thanks majorly to you two!

  11. 🙂 Just two guys fishin’ and having a good time! The smile on your faces at the end is priceless. Nice to see you both. Hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving!

  12. If TV were like this, I’d get a lot more rest.
    Thanks guys, that was amazing in so many ways.
    And my cat is filling in the other blanks as you can see.
    Juicy stuff, difficult for me to describe just how good it feels to know, others know:)

  13. 🙂 🙂 Had to grin from the word go 🙂 🙂 The copper wire story was covered on this blog before but when Mike tells it it’s becomes that much more hilarious. Good Fishing 🙂

  14. M & M.
    Thank god.
    This classic You Tube has made my Thanksgiving for 2010 the best since I left. Much Appreciated.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving, guys. Enjoy the relaxation!

  16. What amazes me about this story is that not one of you questioned the clown:

    “David, hold on a little, where did you read about this?”

    The group standing there watching you holding the cable must be some of the highest trained individuals on the planet.

    It’s not that I don’t believe the story.

  17. Grounding rods are not an implant and even though they may restimulate electronic theta traps somewhat, their main purpose is control. They serve no other purpose and Davey knows very well as he was the first to try, see it not work and thus foist it upon his juniors (if he only thought they had just a little workability, he’d kept it for himself like yoga, good food, massage, rest, etc). The criminal may be stupid but at least knows he is a scam. Not only he knows, he actually endeavours to be the worst and brags about it. Mafia bosses and coke presidents seek status through showing off how cruel they are, how many they killed and how much they earn by the most horrible crimes. Davey is no exception: by bragging how smart he altered Tech, how much better than LRH he is and how much more money and status he has, he gets his minions to admire, monkey and parrot him; that’s power. He not only does so amongst management but also literally and overtly amongst broad public. In his latest promo he brags: ….For we not only redefine the phrase, “distraction free environment,” we provide a level of intuitive service and unparalleled comfort that….. It shows his staff how to act and it attracts the very 1.1 public he needs as that’s the only public to stay and donate, stay longer and donate more, the only public that can be hypnotized easily. It doesn’t matter if you call a suppressive entity the Mob, Corporate Church, CIA, Psychiatry, Hezbollah or any other name, the fact is that only chronic 1.1’s will stay around and controlled by criminal leaders. Higher they make a big fight, are kicked out and fight some more on blogs like this one, lower they quickly go into grief and apathy to fade out silently.

  18. It has been obvious since before the Golden Age of Tech, (the making or Robot auditors) that Miscavige is greatly ignorant of the fundamentals of Scientology.

    As-isness, vanishment by inspection, the magic of the communication cycle, the Condition Formulas and all other tools are in Red volume after Red volume after Red volume on how to handle any “enturbulation” or piece of active case restimulation.

    But Miscavige devises clutching a piece of MEST :
    A copper pipe.

    I don’t buy any “secret advice” this is based on….This is pure DM.
    One gets a viewpoint into the MIND of Miscavige.

    Hold on to a Copper Pipe to resolve enturbulence.


    I am reminded of the Charles Dickens quote
    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness . . . it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair . …….
    We of the Church that once existed have a leader at the helm that believes in Copper Pole grabbing therapy.

  19. I hate to disagree but grounding is an existing, valuable technology as old as mankind. It does calm people down. Just take a barefoot walk on grass or a sandy beach. Nothing to do with Scn, of course.

    Also, LOL, the copper wire was just NOT needed, Mike could have stood on the grass barefoot or even with his hand touching the ground and in an istant have the same electrical potential as Earth which has a calming effect and by the way normalizes hormone levels when sustained for a period of time. In one hour, it even starts to thin gluey blood, the cause of clogged arteries and eventual heart attacks. Many people have now grounded their homes and even their beds.

    Sure enough, MisCarriage will pervert this simple technology as well and the fact he is onto something here does not make him less psycho 🙂
    I loved the two of you telling stories while fishing. Should make this into a series. See you guys!

  20. Interesting how David uses valid data to punish people. People used to be naturally grounded before the rubber shoes. Walking on the ground barefooted or in lether sole shoes grounds the body. Not to be grounded makes the body become charge´d with static electricity and radiated electrical fields can then create weak electrical currents within the body which are harmful.

  21. An idea to OSA:
    Give the little thetan a present for his fantastic accomplishments.
    I suggest a strait-jacket with scn logo.

  22. Well, not only does he not understand Scientology, it appears that he has some basic misconceptions concerning electricity and power (energy) transmission. But then, that is what he is dramatizing being overwhelmed by, so what do you expect?

    Question for Dave: AC or DC?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving. Friendship is priceless.

  24. I second that!

    Tory, Mark, Mosey and Marty and every one else have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    You too Fancy.

    Try to avoid any Gulf Coast Turkey ’cause you never know whatever!

    Wow about Miscavige.

    Instead of OT he’s like totally OTL!

  25. Wow…
    Looks like that COB has no real tech knowledge of Scn but also not of electronic fields. I knew an OT3 that had a theory that all the power in the GPMs could be used for generating electricity. Could be possible that both of them did have MUs on the same subject.
    I have a tip for COB: do tough the wire while thunder storms are around. This charges up your enegery deposits.

  26. I can’t think of a single thing that would irk Little Davie more than to see you guys enjoying and getting on with you lives. Happy Turkey Day.

  27. DM is a psychotic squirrel on steroids.

  28. Priceless! Hallelujah!!

  29. Great video. I wonder what Miscavige has devolved into doing now. He’s had 4 – 5 years to get even crazier. One thing we know without a doubt, he’s not getting better so he can only be getting worse, way worse. Scary thought.
    def. devolve: To degenerate or deteriorate.

  30. Fabulous, so nice to see friends sharing ARC, chillin’ and chattin’, fishin’ n’ dishin’!
    Very Happy Thanksgiving! And many Thanks to You!

  31. Marty,

    Funny, just before you said that it sounded like an implant being dramatized, I was thinking, “that’s pure implant tech.” A basic rule of implanting is to get someone to hold onto something and not allow them to let go. Then you can add the wonders of the one-way flow, just make the being continue to hold onto something and flow into it until he goes into apathy from stuck flows. And he’s doing all this because he’s agreed to do all this. You’ve got him to agree that he needs to do it.

    Without that agreement he could just stop and change viewpoints.

    Plus, with the wires running into the ground, you’ve got the “charge” running out of sight, so you get the “unseen consequence.” Creates a big alter-is and an unknown. You can’t perceive the result so you have to mock up a result, which is an alter-is of the as-isness.

    And so many implants were electronic. Copper can sometimes be a big restimulator, though it’s not the best conductor of electricity.

    No tech used to help a being. Just to restimulate and make wrong and introvert. No reach and withdraw to run the thing out. No hold a point or points in space then let go. No reversal of flows. No viewing as-is.


  32. Thanks Marty and Mike! Hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving! This explains and confirms my realization many moons ago of what a complete squirrel DM is! Love, Jan

  33. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy the day.

  34. Marty, Mike, Mosey and Christie have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We certainly enjoyed the video. Wow what a difference in weather, it is snowing here and sunny and warm where you are at. Thinking of you all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who post here. What a change this blog has brought about. Wonderful!

  35. John Wesley (one of the Founders of Methodism) was an early adopter and practioner of using electricity to heal. Here is a link to a fascinating short writeup on his activities:

    Lest we forget “our own” history, the FDA raided the Church in DC early on and absconded with all of the emeters, books, vitamins, etc. This was not too long after the FDA raided and shut down Wilhelm Reich, with his line of investigation in to Orgone therapy:

    So it appears to be a “hot” area for some (sorry, bad joke).
    From my own viewpoint, I would say that anyone whose behavior is influenced by impulses of this nature is clearly NOT self-determined in the fullest sense of the word. Your mileage may vary.

  36. This is a good indicator why the CoS is so vulnerable that just a few teenagers wearing Guy Fawkes masks can send it into a tailspin.

    Happy Thanksgiving, MR and MR!

  37. Looks like “fearless” leader is going to need more copper grounds to handle all the charge that loon in creating in his universe. Great video, good to be an independent, keep up the great work!

  38. OMG! Who knew that COPPER WIRE was the secret of the universe! LOL! My son and I are canceling all Thanksgiving plans. We’re gonna stay home and grab onto copper wire all day…just kidding. Have a great Thanksgiving, y’all.


  39. TD,
    The grounding rod thing is just a squirreled up manifestation of an otherwise legitimate concept I remember LRH talking about, how a PC can blow so much charge during some processes that he should be grounded, as the electricity coming out through the cans could hurt one’s hands.

    Forgot the exact location of that reference, but it’s OT stuff. It became real to me in one of my OT 8 sessions when I had a 32 face dial blowdown accompanied by extreme body shuddering. It was an appropriate time for me to start laughing at the pertinency of that statement. I coulda benefited from that grounding rod.

    But DM’s use is false and degrading and worthless. Just like the value of him flexing his meat appendages to try to demonstrate his superiority to others.

    DM’s OT Level = Operating Thug.

  40. You discount what oil can do as well. I talk to people down there that are getting sick.

    I am not telling him to get sick I am cautioning him. I just love the church think that says you are immune to oil and dispersant effect.

    I am no longer in that think mode. I dropped the brainwash.

    It like people telling me my gluten intolerance is in my head too. The universe still has rules that we have to live under. I don’t see many OT”s coming back or remembering. I don’t see LRH back either.

    I do see auditing can help people. Once in a while a miracle my happen but not regularly. I am still gluten intolerant. In fact it is worse now.

  41. Am I the only one with sufficient powers of observation to notice the grounding obviously worked?
    Who was catching all the fish?
    Get it?
    Come on people!
    Lets give a little credit to Davey boy.
    Mike, get in touch cause it may not be too late to package a grounding rig we can market at Bass Pro Shops around the country in time for Christmas.
    I see an infomercial based on this video.
    Late night TV here we come.

  42. Great video. Like Mike’s imitation of DM raving!
    You got it Marty. DM’s whole viewpoint is a dramatization of an implant!
    Happy to see you both relaxed and enjoying the afternoon!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both and all here!

    I am thankful for many things, one of which is getting the truth on the lunatic in charge of the wreckage that was once Scientology.

  43. What’s next on the menu…electric shock treatments?

    Marty and Mike, I loved the video. Looking forward to more.

    Happy Thanks Giving to all. As Indies, we have much to be thankfull for.

    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  44. Dave you win the Posting of the Day (so far)….

  45. Marty and Mike,

    I guess we’ll soon see the announcement that Book Store Officers (BSOs) around the planet will be taking advance payments for Golden Rods (gold plated copper grounding devices) and the very special limited edition Platinum Rods (copper grounding wires layered in pure platinum). I can just see the excitement growing in anticipation of the announcement of the Golden Age of Copper(tm). Another technical breakthrough and milestone for the CoM.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. Freedom Fighter

    ROFLMAO!! One more illustration of the insane squirrelliness of David Miscavage and the C of M.

    I recieved three e-mails recently that show how this insanity is spreading to the average Kool-Aid drinker in the C of M. I, unfortunately, deleted the original e-mail asking for information about “grounding”, but I still have the two that contain the compiled responses. Here’s one:

    From: mark []
    Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 6:40 PM
    Subject: Grounding: responses

    Hi Mark,
    I walk out in my yard barefoot every day- and usually sit or lie on the ground as well. I always feel better when I do. I am very sure something is discharging. Thanks for the links I have not checked them yet but will.

    Hi, Mark. I try to do this daily. (walking on the grass or lying on the grass so my skin touches it.) I got started on this from Doc Schulze. I do feel better doing it.

    I just received my Earthing pad from Haven’t tried it yet, but looking forward to doing so. There is a lot of info on this site about Earthing, plus a couple of books on it.

    Yes, I sit barefoot in a park or put my hands on a tree or the ground.

    I also have some conductive cloth from which is grounded.

    My wife had the same thing 7 years ago and switched to barefoot running. Now it is very popular. She is a daily runner and runs up to 7 miles on the weekend.

    I saw your post on RazzLine about Grounding. That’s just fascinating!
    How long have you been doing this? What wins have you had with it?
    I’m fascinated by it. I do realize there is an obvious difference in how I feel when I go without shoes, but I didn’t know there was a whole technology behind it! Cool!
    I was just curious about that wins you’ve had with it.

    Mark Acciani

    On another note, it keyed me out seeing the two of you sitting there relaxing and fishing. What an interesting contrast between that world and the one being discussed in your conversation, eh? Happy Thanksgiving!!

  47. Hi Marty!
    Great video, dm will be upset to see how happy and relax you spend time speaking about his lunatic personality, I love it.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  48. tunedal,
    What amazes me is that you haven’t read the stories, KRs, reports, letters and revelations on this blog, the sundry books, broadcasts et al to understand that questioning DM in this scenario results in summary removal from your position, separation from friends and family, isolation and eventual expulsion. All in a matter of minutes and enforced by variations in the ElectroMotiveForce fields that surround, halo-like, David EMFscavige. This guy can vary potential like nobody else.

    Of course the behavior is questioned. Have you not seen the thousands that ARE declared?

    I not only questioned I stood up and said WHAT THE FUCK !!! I was RPFed twice, put under a Non-Enturb order, yanked off post, forced to divorce, isolated, expelled and called really, really, really bad names. Now I’m returning the flow to you because I’ve apparently failed to ground the complex electromagnetic fields disturbed. Also, it’s winter here and my internal magnetics are messed up. So, does that answer your question?!

    If no, sorry, my house has underground power lines and it seems I’ve stepped in the wrong place. Hey, is that poo?!!

  49. “The DM dramatiza-er, idea” is exactly that. LRH would have researched an idea and see if true or not and where this data fit into the scheme of things. The way I see the case is handled by controlling, viewing, duplicating and as isness along with other procedures. We are spiritual beings and our considerations are senior to mest.

    The grounding would be for the body. Our bodies are mest. Every cell is mest and has electrical changes or it would be dead. The earthing being discussed has been know for thousands of years. In western physics we have polarity of positive and negative. Every molecule has this feature. In the eastern medicine they have ying and yang. Both show the duality and ev and flow of this energy. They can’t come together and they can’t fully seperate.

    But some basic knowledge of science of the mest and knowledge of theta and its characteristics would show merely grabbing the copper is not going to drain case. It might calm you if you only believed you were a mest body. You can rev up the body with caffeine and calm it down with minerals from the earth, walking on grass, etc. If his overts are restimulated – sorry DM – they won’t discharge to the earth.

    I don’t purport to know what LRH was looking or considering but I sincerely believe from my understanding of the tech that it wasn’t to discharge a dramatizing executive – which is what this story conveys DM is trying to do on himself. Sorry DM, I believe you have to be in PT and actually look at your overts to handle that. Then you must confront the evil purps behind. Don’t get to pass the buck to big copper wires for that.

  50. Joe,
    In the early 50’s there was the Beep meter, worked on with Volney Mathieson. On the PDCs is discussed the potential of ‘grounding’ the body. The body does have electomagnetic fields of incredible complexity. Each cell, each system, each ‘sub-brain control center’. Earth has a molten iron core that is a huge magnet, shifting and changing and the whole joint is surrounded by a field. Human bodies and the beings identified with them, are subject to a continual bombardment, an inflow, of varieties of wave/particles.

    No doubt LRH investigated this area. Equally NO DOUBT, David Miscavige has NO CLUE what any of that research actually means since DM has NO CLUE what Scientology actually means. He is completely identified with MEST, so, he makes sense he would use a copper wire, heavy guage, that grounds at the coarsest level of effort that of Chevrolets and train tracks, to give ‘therapy’ to theta beings. Hell, all he’d have to do is reverse the flow and instead of zeroing the potentials, he could up it on the send side, and use the line as a carrier wave for suggestive purposes. That would be an electronic implant.

  51. Joe,

    Just another thought. If bits and pieces of what LRH ever considered or researched and being put to use then maybe there are some others components to be dealt with. How about the little metal handles on the original Mathison meters – or even use those meters. Maybe we can regress to running/sweating in plastic exercise suits and liquid proteins instead of the proven purif activity. How about take any sentence and make a whole new area of tech from it. That would keep confusions and income rolling for a long time.

    As RJ likes to say – sheesh!!

  52. Ditto!

    Excellent history!

    The Miscavige show won’t last forever, so please try to get as many stories on camera as you can.

    There ought to be a sub-niche site or part of someone’s site, with Miscavige stories as the theme, all categorized by year, if possible.

    This is movie script material!

  53. Yeah but if Dave told me I was a ball of supernova entheta and as the last white hat, he could actually feel the whole track hatred lashing out like uncontrollable solar flares…..could someone at Int take away this guy’s nintendo and fantasy novel collection for a few days? Especially if you think this might be inspired by role playing games because this sounds like it’s right out of Final Fantasy. Someone needs some quite time.

  54. “Copper Pole grabbing therapy…”

    very apt!

    David Miscavige should have had “Individuation” 1959 lecture where LRH says the leaders HAVE to be put on the meter and have their transgressions run for their own sakes, I believe Jesse Prince was the last person to sec check Miscavige.

    No one even considers applying “Individuation” tape to him.

    That tape says what HAS to be done with Scientology leaders.

    On this theme, “Individuation” tape theme, I further believe that LRH’s 1982 period False Purpose Rundown comments/orders were also in this same vein.

    I believe LRH ordered that FPRD be delivered first to the top people at Int, and it should have included DM.

    Another very failed target/order unexecuted, and likely DM from then to now has had NO False Purpose Rundown, no Truth Rundown, and rather he’s manufactured and shifted blame to all those under him, so THEY are the ones at fault. Making it an impossibility for anyone to fault him.

    And in the actual tech lineup, it is DM who needs the sec checking, the FPRD and Truth Rundown.

    Or rock gazing tech, from the SP materials, is where DM might actually begin his case Repair Program.

    I would appreciate someone actually airing his tech auditing programs that have NOT been completed, since he is so NOT applying auditing tech to his life, that THESE facts about his own LACK of proper case advance NEED to be aired publicly in general terms.

  55. George,
    Electricity, all fields, originate with a viewpoint extending dimension points. All fields are in relative motion with differences of potential (the action of the points being reach and withdraw). That’s whether it’s a GPM or an AC generator.

    It’s an issue of ranges. The spectrum. Coarse, low level, effort on the order of the accretions that are atoms, and the range of electronics, are well and good for making toast or running a vacuum cleaner. They can even jar a body thoroughly.

    In order to affect a theta being, the level of frequency/wavelength has to include a ‘bridge’ from the coarse levels to the fine levels of upper range thought. The coarse has to be built up and the being has to be built down. Aesthetics are a bridging mechanism. Theta likes ‘purdy’.

    The body operates as a combination of theta, with MEST, (phi in the Dn Axioms) for ‘lambda’ (again, refer to the Dn Axioms). It can easily be converted to a ‘battery’ that operates on the coarse level. The Matrix is one such conversion scenario. Getting theta beings to identify with these coarse level efforts gets them to act as MEST. MEST bodies like toast and clean floors.

    The whole of the processes of Scientology are designed to get the theta being to un-identify with MEST (MEST is ‘effect’) and backtrack through the theta level agreements that brought theta beings to identify with MEST and return to theta to cause over its creation (effect).

    GPMs are indeed ‘batteries’. They are mental batteries. Indeed, various ones were implanted to enforce the agreements with MEST (CC e.g.) and keep the whole thing rolling along as an agreed upon automaticity.

  56. Brilliant! Should be included in the final scene of an upcoming movie, the scene when DM is led away to jail or similar.

  57. Michael,

  58. Jan,
    Speaking of moons, I wonder if DM’s Copper Rod ™ is tied into the moon cycles? That would combine the gravitic fields into the whole experience. If he was to somehow work all this into a Div 6 Intro Implant ™ then we’d have something!

  59. Yeah, maybe, but who wants to catch bass!!??

  60. Love the concept: Two fishing buddies telling stories about Dave.

    My two cents on this: David Miscavige has had some outside coaching about what is called Pranayama, or the Life Energy. From an Eastern perspective, copper rods placed into the Earth could serve as “lightning rods” into the Earth for unstable Life Energy. Cooper rods are primitive though. It is something a teacher might have a low level student use as a sort of spiritual placebo. The goal would be to get the student to communicate. A teacher would have a student use the rods and then ask him or her what they felt when they were discharging into the rods. The rods don’t do anything except to facilitate communication by making the student feel like they have dumped some negative charge into the Earth.

    IMO, the heavy gauge copper DM wants is purely an ego thing. In Eastern literature, it is understand that the big Avatars, or Gurus, generate enormous amounts of Pranayama, which can also be called Shaktipat, Kundalini energy, or Serpent energy. COB has probably had some Eastern teacher tell him that his spiritual energy is so great that only the Earth itself can handle its force via discharge by large copper rods. In terms of a play on language, Dave has made copper rods his literal terminals, this because he cannot communicate to human terminals.

    If I were working with someone who was trying to dump negative spiritual energy into the Earth by use of cooper rods, I would ask them why they were hiding secrets and trying to dump rage, shame, and other negative emotions in this manner. DM’s use of copper rods, as described by Mike, are a major “out indicator” in Eastern terms. Cooper rods into the Earth are the spiritual equivalent throwing a bag of trash out of a car window. In other words, copper rods are a lazy, irresponsible primitive way to shed anger and rage.COB is apparently trying to conduct, or transfer, the force and pressure of his overts and charge into the Earth, thus bypassing auditing, sec checking, or some other form of confessional or cleansing. Communication and confession are cleaner, better, and inherently more responsible.

    On a related note, Eastern practitioners sometimes use copper “Pranayama plates” (google the term). These are cooper tubes held in each hand. Each tube has a plate that is placed at the base of the spine and the back of the neck. The idea is to recirculate and intensify spiritual energy in the body by using this circuit. Meditation and energy-balancing by use of this technique is an interesting exercise. Unlike the cans of an e-meter, the Pranayama plates are used to balance and recirculate spiritual energy flows in meditation. This is a really old technique. DM may be looking for old techniques. If so, we might see him with a dowsing rod one day at Golden Era looking for the hidden gold he was supposedly screaming at Shelly about!


  61. Sinead O’Connor – The Emperor’s New Clothes

    I was waiting for an exuse to post this 😉

    It seems like years since you held the baby
    While I wrecked the bedroom
    You said it was dangerous after Sunday
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    And there’s millions of people
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    If I treated you mean
    I really didn’t mean to
    But you know how it is
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    I can’t bear to be in another city
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    But I really don’t think so
    You asked if I’m scared
    And I said so
    Everyone can see what’s going on
    They laugh `cause they know they’re untouchable
    Not because what I said was wrong
    Whatever it may bring
    I will live by my own policies
    I will sleep with a clear conscience
    I will sleep in peace
    Maybe it sounds mean
    But I really don’t think so
    You asked for the truth and I told you
    Through their own words
    They will be exposed
    They’ve got a severe case of
    The emperor’s new clothes
    The emperor’s new clothes
    The emperor’s new clothes

  62. Marty, Mike, Mosey and Christie,

    Great video! I can feel the contentment from here and I am slightly jealous…fishing in your back yard, very cool!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all out there! I am happy to be out here in the sunshine chillaxing with nary a care in the world. I’ve been building up these pleasure moments over the past few years.

    Yesterday, I forgot for a moment that I was out and had that sinking creepy feeling about making quotas (that were always too unreal) so that I could take Thanksgiving off which never happened and then I would spend the rest of the day ARCXing people because I was calling on a holiday. That should have been an indicator that the church was dead.

    So, I am hoping that all of you out there are indulging in as much warmth, laughter and plain old fun as you can. For those separated from family, my postulates are locked in on a speedy and stealth like escape in the not too distant future.

  63. Jim,
    I have read much of the things you talk about and I write about it almost daily. I understand but I am still amazed.

    Aren’t you wondering what this supposedly trained group of staffmembers was doing, standing there like idiots watching Mike holding on to a stupid cable? It’s like a Laurel & Hardy movie. What were they doing? Admit it, Jim, this is amazing, even to you.

    Of course I understand the situation and I feel sorry about your forced divorce. It sucks. Bloody hell, that must have been awful.
    Yes, I understand and I have respect for all those who didn’t follow Miscavige’s orders or left.

  64. tunedal,
    Having been there, witnessed this and yes wondered WTF, and continued on with study and auditing I have resolved many questions related to the area. I apologize for my short shrift response.

    All sorts of reasons are being looked at, the ‘cult’ thing being one and suggested reading of ‘cult experts’ being an effort at gaining ARC/KRC about ‘how come’ this goes on.

    My study and the answers I’ve arrived at are more to do with the basics of Scientology and in particular the Factors. Beings band together in groups. They create these organisms and agree to them and in large measure at this point in the whole time thing, put them on ‘automatic’. Having agreed, individuals are subject to those agreements and with a number of beings mocking up organisms, agreeing, they have quite a force. It’s not so easy to disagree. In fact, it has a potential on the other end of an initial huge backlash. Both in the present and in terms of restimulation. It can be and is overwhelming in many cases.

    If you add in to that mix, the truths of the subject of Scientology and the milieu of what one considers is the top most level of the application of that subject, the broad application for betterment, then the agreement factor is quite high. Agreement on the purposes of Scientology. The wavelength channel of that agreeement is pretty direct to the being, sitting as it does at the level of thought, truths, the real deal and so on.

    So here’s a guy, sitting on an agreement level close to theta itself, wanting to forward the purposes of the whole thing, and on the other side is a being assaulting him, USING that channel that is open for business. It can be and is meant to be ‘maybe’ making. In other words, it is designed by the assaulting entity (the SP DM) to lock the wits of those it is aimed at in the contest of ideas. Scn is good, this is bad. Is this Scn? I dunno, it was a minute ago, what the fuck is it now? Does anyone else see this? And so on.

    This comment space isn’t enough to as-is the whole thing but hopefully you’ll get enough to see another aspect of the mechanics of ‘how come’ as to your original question.


  65. Dan, LRH never mentioned grounding rods to me but he did tell me that when he dropped the body he was going to circle a star as rehab. I don’t remember what star but he did say he and others had done it before. We had grounding rods for electrical boxes but LRH never held one nor wanted to. This is totally DM’s thing. Happy Thanksgiving all. Love

  66. You gotta ask yourself why we are not just walking bundles of dramatizing implants 24/7. (Well, maybe we are, but I mean so dramatizing as to be DEAD, already!) After all, we all must have them.
    What I see as the difference is INTENTION! Davey uses all the tools at his disposal, including reverse Scientology and all the implants he can dredge up in his little steam-cooker mind, with the INTENTION to harm. As soon as he learns any datum, he applies it directly if it’s harmful; if it could be beneficial, well he just reverses it.

  67. Joe, thank you for this link and info. I’m very seriously ill, but noticed a dramatic improvement if I did gardening barefoot or walked on the beach. I was looking for the reason why this worked, now I know, and I will use this info to help me get well.
    Grounding seems like a very valid PHYSICAL handling tech. DM uses it for “case”. But I suppose DM doesn’t really understand thetans, the theta universe or the nature of case so he would do an a=a and see it all as the same thing, meat bodies and MEST.
    I find the info about LRH’s research into this field very interesting. In my search for the truth about Scn, I once came accross an article about a device LRH has supposedly developed to use in psych hospitals. I can’t find the article now, but apparently one could move the case away from a type 3 temporarily by using this electronic device, making him into a sane individual, get him out of the psych hospital and then audit the person for permanent gains. I’m wondering if anyone has any idea if this was really true, or any more data on this type of research.
    Well, maybe the copper rods do calm DM down on a physical level. I can’t even imagine the degree of agitation, BPC and generally violent, chaotic energy that DM must live with every day, inside his own universe. It can’t feel too good to be evil and/or insane. It’s interesting that in some small way he really is trying to destimulate himself, by hanging on to the rods, so he must have some awareness of his own suffering. It’s hard sometimes to see him as a being, but there you go, just like LRH says, we’re all basically good, and we’re all trying to survive.
    It’s a horrible irony that he destroys the very tech (and the very people) that could help him.

  68. Not so sure about copper holding one’s case at bay….
    But I hear it works wonders when used for plumbing.

  69. Maybe he’s got an MU on “charge”?

  70. I think I asked the same sort of question months ago. I have more reality now what the scene was like. I’ve had some of the same feeling I think, being on CLV staff and around for while. You feel somethings wrong, but if you complain or ask questions, or act “CI” you are obviously “SP”, or “PTS” and for sure have overts and withholds and evil purposes. Theres nothing good going to come out of it, in your mind when you are in that situation. You really almost have to exteriorize from the scene to disenturbulate a bit and be able to think freely.
    only then do the outpoints really come to view for what they are (for me anyway).

  71. Dan,
    Thanks for the info on earthing or grounding.

    I did work for Martin Reid for a couple of years after being busted by DM for working under Pat & Annie at the Creston ranch after LRH left and had to learn to install electrical systems per code. All electrical panels had to be grounded and so have installed quite a number of grounding rods. Those installed were 10 ft in length (and could be connected for deeper depth) – copper sheathed steel rods directly driven into the ground using a jackhammer & sledge hammer, starting on a ladder and working your way down.

    The end sticking up was chemically welded to bare copper 1/2 inch in diameter connecting to the panels or DM’s handles. The cine conference room as mentioned in the “upper Lodges” is right by MCI crew dining area and the Flagpole, very visible from the road and Main Guard booth. It was a favorite meeting room when having to meet with Gold and Int execs as food/drink & restroom facilities were nearby. Had heard about the grounding facilities installed from other old friends, but not in detail. Thanks Mike & Marty for more truth rundown and sports fishing entertainment! I think the most known & simple way of preparing redfish is “blackened redfish”

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  72. This blog is my metaphorical grounding rod 🙂

    Good to see the boys kickin back. No sign of razor wire, just the sound of crickets as the sun goes down..

  73. Wow! another DM “electrification process!
    Let me see if I can try to make some sense of this by using Nicola Tesla’s
    “Electrostatics is the branch of science that deals with the phenomena arising from stationary and/or slow-moving electric charges.” theories on this matter.
    DM discharges energy in the ground to be absorbed by the “planetary grid” thereby adding to that pool of energy much like a solar powered home that has its addittional metered unused power generated flowed into the commercial local grid and gets re-imbursed in dollar amounts for that contribution.
    Since this is a non metered transaction by DM he must be then seeking cosmic credits as the earth has a place in the scheme of this solar system and universe.
    What religion did he say he is practicing again?

  74. The utterly amazing thing is that our self-proclaimed “Savior of Lost Tech” has the temerity (read, stupidity) to publicly (as witnessed by Earth’s entire Scientology population—over and over and over) come right out and say it, in broad daylight as it were:

    This was the state of LRH’s books—those whose publication LRH himself oversaw, no less—prior to the Golden Age of Knowledge:

    “Even if you by accident picked the right one, the book itself was garbled beyond any comprehension, and so was a big mush: A=A=A.”

    After which he, while he’s at it and just for good measure, goes on to take a swing at LRH’s study tech as well, “And even for those who did persist, study itself became an engram, buried beneath fifteen dictionaries on a word-chain that extended into past lives.”

    There is no way to sugar-coat this. The Scientology religion’s ecclesiastical leader openly, and very quotably, disses our Founder’s pre-GAK books as garbled beyond any comprehension.

    These are harsh words. He’s not just saying that some passages might be hard to grasp, no he says that whatever pre-GAK book you pick up is garbled beyond any comprehension.

    Garbled beyond any comprehension.

    They’re all a big mush. In fact they are A=A=A (pure reactive mind, in other words).


    And since every speech comma is scrutinized before an event, this was no accidental attack upon Source. This was premeditated and cleverly choreographed (along with suitable animation). This open and oh so public invalidation of the Founder’s technology.

    Such a sad little man.

    “Jokers and Degraders” does spring to mind, along with a fresh understanding of that now famous DM why: The Blind Leading the Blind.


  75. I see your point, Jim. Thank you for writing this down and I read it all.

    It would be interesting to know more about your time on staff, I think. Did you publish this somewhere?

  76. Loping Wolf,
    I got exactly what you got out of the GAK event. A direct, thought-out and egregious attack of L. Ron Hubbard’s work. No question about it.

  77. What I find hard to assimilate is how blatantly, how openly (and quotably) he attacked. On video, viewable and viewed by all, staff and public alike (on pain of dire consequences, no doubt):

    Garbled beyond any comprehension.

    Ruling out even the slimmest possibility of picking up the stray LRH sentence here and there. No. Because these books were:

    Garbled. Beyond. Any. Comprehension.

    Beyond. Any. Comprehension.

    Any Comprehension.

    This, to me, crosses the line and heads on over into the unbelievable.

    As does the fact that these words did not cause a world-wide parishioner uprising in protest. Are they so anesthetized to the little one’s words that they don’t even hear what they hear?

    Had LRH heard these words, DM would not have lasted another heartbeat.


  78. This is funny, i loved it. Made my morning, . Fishing and telling a yarn , dear leader will need to do alot more grounding, the noose is getting tighter.

    PLease please, more more more videos, make a series, blew some charge,
    didnt need the copper rod neither.

  79. Anesthetized, hypnotized, sound asleep at the wheel.
    Look at all the waking-up on this blog (me included).
    Thanks for pointing out the OBVIOUS!

  80. Your gluten got worse while you were typing?

  81. Oh, I got it right after I wrote that.

    You are blaming Scientology for your gluten.

    Got it.

  82. When I saw the event I was in shock, not only for what you describe, but also for all the celebrities applauding and cheering… for minutes….?!?!?!? My first and immediate thought was: LRH was there when all the books came out and he never changed them and I never had any problems with them. Long word chains (wrong dictionary) never troubled me, but everybody cheering? You tell us that you’ve been selling gooble di gook Tech for decennia at huge prices – are you going to refund all of us now? You confess to have delivered huge Out Tech and everybody cheering??? You’ve been holding me up for 1 year for a huge Pro TR pilot and 2 years for an ha, improved metering pilot and now you tell me I missed the Basics so I couldn’t have gotten it anyhow, and everybody cheering……. One thing speaks for Davey: The single blind was indeed leading the others into blindness. But then again I already hated him for explaining what LRH thought and meant with F/N definitions and in the same IG Network ordering us not to think he was giving us verbal data.

  83. I just submitted a patent to the government for a solid metal toilet that when properely grounded is guaranteed to clear a persons body and mind
    at the same time. I’m making one with two seats in case Tom and Dave want to co-audit.

  84. Sarge lived with LRH on the Ranch at Creston in all those final years.

    Sarge says :

    We had grounding rods for electrical boxes but LRH never held one nor wanted to. This is totally DM’s thing.

    Thanks for posting this Sarge !

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who post on this blog. !

  85. Happy Thanksgiving:) I watched the video this morning, and thought it was interesting, and was looking forward to the next in the series. DM must be impossible to work for and that’s is a crazy story. I really wasn’t going to weigh in originially as I feel other people on here are making the point quite clearly. However, I am working all day today, and my family is out of town, so essentially I won’t have a Thanksgiving, but my Manager and his wife drove all the way from Redondo Beach to Whittier where I work(about a 25 mile drive) just to give me a plate of Thanksgiving food. It was very thoughtful, and comes from someone who has never heard of Scientology(as far as I know). It made me wonder, if DM would ever go out of his way for people who work for them, since I read this blog frequently, I’m sure Elvis would have a better chance becoming President of the US, than DM doing anything like that.

  86. It had better have gold seats! Gold is the best conductor, with silver second and copper third. Those two aren’t third rate!

  87. Not to defend DM, but grounding has a hint of truth in it. The article Joe linked mentions Clint Ober, whom I read about in the 2003 book The Truth About Children’s Health by Robert Bernardini (good book IMHO), from which I hereby quote:

    “Avoid EMF pollution — sleep grounded. Do not sleep with electric blankets or with a waterbed heater on. These disturb the electromagnetic fields of the body. In fact, electromagnetic pollution is becoming quite a problem in our highly technological society. EMF (electromagnetic fields) have been implicated in a wide variety of illnesses such as sleep disorders, stress-related and autoimmune diseases including arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, lupus, cardiovascular disease and many more. The problem is that our bodies take on some of the electromagnetic charges around us, and we actually act like a battery and store some of these charges. Trouble is, our electrical system (our nervous system) operates on very low voltage. When we take on too much voltage from the environment, we get “overcharged” which leads to stress and overproduction of adrenaline and other stress hormones.

    “One solution is to be grounded. When we walk barefoot in the sand or on bare ground, the excess charge is pulled into the earth (the grounding agent). That’s one of the reasons going to the beach is so relaxing . . . we walk on the sand and have the excess electromagnetic charges dissipated from us. So we sleep better, digest our food better and are happier. Our whole body functions better. But most of us can’t go barefoot on the beach every day, and we all wear shoes with synthetic materials that don’t allow grounding. So what can we do?”

    “A researcher named Clint Ober discovered that if you are grounded at night while you sleep, your body will “discharge” and consequently rest better. You’ll get a deeper and more healing sleep, wake refreshed, and have more energy throughout the day. This lead him to invent a mattress pad that is grounded to the earth.”

    Ober had a company called Earthtether at one time that sold such a pad, but apparently it went out of business. But if one googles “grounding sheet” or “grounding pad,” one can find similar products.

  88. Loping Wolf — You state:

    “As does the fact that these words did not cause a world-wide parishioner uprising in protest. Are they so anesthetized to the little one’s words that they don’t even hear what they hear?”

    Personally, I quit listening many years ago. Hallelujah!

  89. Ron used to talk about students becoming “electrified” while discussing space opera and other whole track phenomema with each other. Maybe that’s the source of the M/U for the theta-challenged short guy.

    And what could be further from DM’s frantic drive to nullify and dominate everyone around him? Two good friends relaxing on the dock, fishing and shootin’ the breeze, that’s what. Eat your heart out, Davey!

  90. Bawahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

    Happy Turkey Day Mat!

    By the way its almost always Thanksgiving at the Int Base ’cause the Turkey’s almost always there 🙂

  91. You’re right OTDT … Ron made a brief mention in a tape (forget which one) of sitting on a metal chair while having the legs buried in the ground as a possible means of discharging. If I remember correctly, it would take eons.

    Now after thinking on this a bit further, would an ecclesiastical leader sitting on such a chair in a thong be considered mixing practices? 😛

  92. Fellow Traveller

    Great. DM transforms “his church” into the church of the copper phallus complete with acolytes in their black silk thong attire.

    Bruce Pratt

  93. Tory Christman

    ROTFLOL! Good one, Jim 🙂 🙂

  94. martyrathbun09

    Much easier and more effective to lose your electromagnetic baggage (permanently through the process of as-ising) to discover that the MAKER of energy (you) are something other than that storage cell. But, if you prefer the rods, more power to you.

  95. He also talks about exteriorizing and going to the Indian Ocean and cooling off in the water for a while. That always sounded relaxing.

  96. DFB,
    I’m sure he does. He probably has many MUs, too many to clear up. I mean, if there ever was such a thing as too many, he’s got ’em. How far south is DM? Below the South Pole? Yeah, I’d say.

    Below that?


    And it’s mud from there on down.

  97. To Mike and Marty,
    I’m sure if there was a workable time machine you had access to, you’d set it back to the moment when DM was pulling one of his ridiculous antics and you’d go after his jugular, expose him and win the day. I know you would.

    The COB Forced Charge Release Rundown. Marvelous.

    Oh, but if only we were all so very, very OT as that. We dream, we dream.

  98. Amidst the negative debris on the time track, there are often happy moments where one is filled with theta and relaxation, such as fishing, and one recalls the crazier or insane moments that one experienced/witnessed. This is relaxing. It is theta. Casting off entheta is one of the greatest things you can do as a being. It just feels good.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    It has been wonderful to communicate with so many of you.

  99. Marty & Mike,
    Made my day to watch that video, gave me so much pleasure on several levels. Love your style.
    David Miscavige is so toasted and roasted, hoist on his own pitard, so to speak. Good thing he grounds himself regularly else he might simply explode, especially when he sees that vid..hahahahhahaha!
    Loping Wolf and Erwin…spot on, felt the same myself.
    Everyone, Enjoy!!!

  100. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys–this video definitely made mine happier! Being one of the Little Guys down at the bottom of the pecking order I didn’t hear about this one–that’s one of the things about the control factor–no one who was there talked about that incident to their spouses or friends or associates, wondering themselves WTF???????? Is that in some HCOB I never saw?????

    Today makes me remember what Thanksgiving was like during the last several years when I was there. We did have a very nice meal–the galley crew did kick ass when they set about to do it. But then it was immediately back to work work work, New Year’s event coming up, everybody get cowed and scared and stay up later and later and start to redo everything, people with family in other countries worried that they will not get any gifts for them or if they will arrive in time…..but you have to keep working…thinking about your family is BS….. it was the true spirit of a religion—-not.

  101. tunedal,
    Thank you as well.

    No, I’ve not written down in one place my experiences on staff. I’ve gone on about them in various posts though! I doubt very much I ever will write a book of my time. I may however put together something on the working title ‘The Theory of Everything: The Factors and Axioms of Scientology’. It won’t have much math though.

  102. I get what you are saying Fancy. I’m just pulling your chain.

  103. You too Vince 🙂

  104. Youch. That’s a MIP* to erase, for sure.

    *Mental Image Picture

  105. That video was the highlight of my Thanksgiving. Whats funny is the further you get towards the end of Mike’s tenure the more the stories of Miscavige become like one of the joking stories LRH will tell the crowd during his lectures and have them laughing about “some poor fellow all fouled up.”

  106. This type of comment is extremely helpful. The degree of modern electromagnetic pollution is much higher than in the time of LRH. Science is just beginning to acknowledge the non-thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation. Having a tech expert point out the LRH references on a spiritual handling to this relatively new problem (at least on this planet) would be quite valuable.

  107. “More power to you” God that was the funniest thing I heard all day. Thanks Marty, I really needed that.

    ML Tom

  108. Chuck

    You said:

    “I would appreciate someone actually airing his tech auditing programs that have NOT been completed, since he is so NOT applying auditing tech to his life, that THESE facts about his own LACK of proper case advance NEED to be aired publicly in general terms.”

    If this information is in PC folders, or is in any way “confidential” then anyone releasing it would be playing the same game as DM regarding “publicizing” confidential material.

    It does not matter to me that the “PC” is David Miscavige. I do not countenance the use of “fair Game” in this regard.

    Yes, I feel that we definitely need to get DM off Scientology’s lines, but not at the cost of our integrity.

    Just my opinion.


  109. Jim;

    This is true in so many ways. I joined the SO to be the best I could and believed in the purposes, goals and in the tech. Always thinking that there was a lot I didn’t know would affect my considerations when I saw examples that were just not right.
    I too have been thrown off post, several justice cycles for disagreeing, told I was declared, RPFed (Really not fun. If haven’t been woken up in the night, hauled off and your world split apart, your face ripped off, and every stable datum you have on just about anything destroyed burned or at least shaken then you can only read about it and wonder. Those who have experienced know it does make you think before sticking your finger into that socket again!) Similar to what we see on those around DM that can’t fully see what is in front of their face or are unwilling to act on what they see. There is a mechanism of dependency that is being perpetuated by the unknowing.

    I personally had gone into agreement with the idea that some future bridge step would handle xyz for me; or that I would be more powerful than I was if I completed L10; I would be a better executive and apply the data series. I had postulated and agreed to a hidden data line – some future knowledge or bridge step could make me better. By this I lessened by ability at that time. This also affects how current SO members hesitate from acting when the insanity is right there. It is true that current Int staff and RPFers have a harder time in that physical environment but they are not helpless.

    The LRH datum on this is page 54 transcipts of the 3rd Axiom and Logic Lecture.

    “The church is quite correct in saying “Above all is Faith.” That is one of the thousand various ways of saying that Causee is Cause and shouldn’t be an Effect of its own Cause.”

    “Then they come down here and they say ‘And you’ve got to have Faith!’ Oh, that’s great, that is. That puts them into the position of being a causative agent and gives you to them as MEST. Because they say, ‘You’ve got to have Faith” The joke is on them — you’ve got Faith. Nobody can take that away from you. But they start telling you you have to have it and that says you haven’t got it. And the second its says you havent’ got it, you dont’ have it. It’s one of the neatest little invalidation mechanisms known. This runs over into all fields of invalidation. You could extrapolate all invalidations from this.”

    “Here’s the fellow, everybody likes him, he’s cheerful, he’s happy and somebody comes along and says, ‘You know, you should be careful the way you treat people because I’ve heard lately — you’ve just got to be good to people. You’ve got to be kind to people.’ And this fellow starts worrying. And he says, ‘Gee, I thought people liked me.’ He’s made self-conscious at this moment.”

    “There is almost no limit to what a human being can do as long as he doesn’t have this variety of stuff thrown at him in the guise of Affinity, Communication and Reality. People are postulating new realities for him. And every time he accepts one of these new realities, he’s sort of sunk.”

    “But he’s all right up until the moment — he can have any god’s quantity of engrams or anything else – he’s perfectly all right until he accepts one of these postulates that is handed to him, and adopts it to himself and by his own self-determinism says, ‘Well, from here on that’s the way it is.’ That’s a little boy suddenly saying to Mama, ‘Uh, I give up. I .. I’ll mind. I’ll mind.” He goes out of valence, ceases to be alive. He’s hit a static. He goes out of valence (and you can watch this either in yourselves or in preclears) and his reality goes boom! Perceptics shut off.”

    Jim, enjoy that little glint in your eye! The cognitions will flow and I am sure you will feel like I did upon seeing this. Later fellow thinker.

  110. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, I had same feeling many times, needed to “ground myself” cause I used to go into something and then felt a bit weird. However, some more data on that should be given as you are saying OTDT and maybe you can find the reference.

    However, the way Miscavige, just out of the blue without any “Tech grounding” invalidates everybody else with his newly found Tech is absurd and completely non-Standard. I agree and thanks for reminding about the ref. with the cans and their melting.

  111. Moving Forward

    This is so insane. Miscavige really does seem to think he’s ‘Source’ now and it’s too bad that people continue to buy into it. The CoS doesn’t even exist anymore, it’s clearly the CoM now.

    I only ever met Miscavige once, very briefly, so never personally saw anything of this sort. But I did observe some odd goings-on that I had previously attributed to subordinates being overly anxious, like making sure construction sites were white-glove clean (unreal!) on the off-chance that DM or Tom Cruise would stop by… This was quite a long time ago, but in particular, it seemed to be a huge deal to keep any of the ‘internet types’ like Ward or Henson, very far away from him, to the point of what seemed like paranoia.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for you, Mike (although my years in the SO make it seem odd to call you by your first name!) and I respect very much what you are doing to expose what is really going on in the CoM, especially in light of the personal sacrifices you’ve made.

  112. Theo Sismanides

    I agree with you guys, we are Scientologists so we can see into things, research as much as possible (I am not a Techie but I do have some idea now of how some things work and one of them is our bodies).

    So, surely one problem that is arising here is the electromagnetism that exists and pounds onto a thetan on a daily basis.

    Examples: My iPhone, has a lot more electromagnetic fields than normal cell phones.

    One thing that I am amazed in the last 10 years after I left the church, is that I never saw anything coming out of the church on cell phones, electromagnetism etc.

    LRH wouldn’t have left that area unhandled and unresearched. So, this is a valid question and subject. Body keeps now being pounded by electromagnetic fields far more than in the past. And the thetan too.

    The environment is much more “dense” with those fields which are not so easy to detect and AS-iS. Maybe some special rundown by a special auditor can be done. But those wavelengths are much more subtle.

    I am using my cell phone a lot and being an iPHone and having a WiFi at home I know I am exposing myself and my family to some excessive electromagnetism.

    This is a valid subject and it shouldn’t go undetected and unhandled.

  113. CD

    Thank you. Enjoy your input.

  114. Theo Sismanides

    Jim, yes, please do so!! And… hey… think twice on that book, man! I think we are all going to have a ball! Not too much math but some juicy writings the way you can analyze things. It’s time we do some research and analysis of things in the Tech area. It has remained stagnant since some time and there is people who don’t know anything about Theta who just write about almost everything. So, your viewpoint is more valid for me than theirs. Consider this…

  115. Theo Sismanides

    Chuck, this is true and I agree with you. I never got into Scientology for grounding myself or others. People should get those rundowns and DM especially if we ever care. True, as-isness is the way out. All I said is that grounding is a valid thing if nothing else can be done by a being who doesn’t have any auditing solution (and DM does not want to get audited for obvious reasons) so the body can destimulate a bit.

    These are two different subjects. If DM makes grounding a “Tech”, we all know why and surely can do better with auditing. No objection to that and you are spot on on the ref. of Individuation and leaders.

  116. Thank you, Jim. Looking forward to what you choose to publish.

    Do you think that a larger group of staff, say 15-20 of them, could have stopped Miscavige at any time?

  117. Theo Sismanides

    Jimbo, Jimbo, you did it again, now you get into the Factors and explainging things.

    I need more though to understand, hahaha.

    Like this one.
    “All fields are in relative motion with differences of potential (the action of the points being reach and withdraw). That’s whether it’s a GPM or an AC generator.”

    The action of the points being reach and withdraw. Couldn’t get this one exactly. Now you get into physics and differences of potential… OMG. Can you explain a bit? ….

    Maybe we can open the subject in Casablanca…. The whole subject of the Factors is fascinating but so consice that it threw me off many times. Obviously I am lacking some things to fully get it….

  118. Theo Sismanides

    Michael, wisely said, now my viewpoint starts shifting after your “implant” e-x-p-l-a-n-a-t-i-o-n!!!

    Thank you and thank you to ALL the Techies here!!!

    This is what is needed, some explanations cause not all of us can definitely get the very basics and we lose touch with the Tech and go into implants. It may sound absurd to some but there is gradients of understanding, even in Tech, and the basics are not there as we are NOT all Class VIIIs.

    Michael, your simple explanation cleared it up for me. Thanks again.

  119. DFB, yes, I understand this. I have asked this too before.
    As CLV staff, did you at the time ever discuss your concerns with another staffmember?

  120. Theo Sismanides

    J. Swift, thanks for the Eastern perspective, very interesting.

  121. 🙂 Mat you are a genius! ROTL 🙂

  122. As to those who ask, “How Could This Happen?” I recommend reading “Combating Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan. He understands a lot about cults and coersive persuation but personally I think SCN is more dangerous than most. This is because mixed in with the deception is TRUTH. And I was a sucker for those kernals, those moments of personal truth, the exteriorization. TRUTH can be very seductive.

  123. I clarify it here a bit as this is also important regarding auditing.
    If you have any type of electronic field you cannot suck out energy from that field by putting in that field a wire (antenna). The electronic field like radio waves induces energy into that antenna but that does not weaken the field. If that would be the case then the amount of receivers (antennas) would determine the amount of energy for the creation of the radio wave. That is not the case.
    And here auditing versus other practices (also current CofM practices) come into view. Other practices only stick a wire into the field and getting out energy from that field. They think they are releasing energy from the field but in fact like the antenna and radio wave only induces some energy into to wire. Thus they never can get rid of the electronic field. The very very brilliant thing Ron did is to develope a tech that actually “destroys” (as-is) erergy which is usually not possible in our universe.
    And that is the difference between Scientology and other practices.

  124. So fun Marty and Mike…
    Smiling throughout the video…
    Great idea!!

  125. I should add to the grounding discussion – early meters were powered by the mains and failing to properly ground them could have easily resulting in the PC getting charged up in a manner quite unconnected with what he was running.
    Even early Mk 5s were quite dangerously wired – a meter left on charge could have the cans connected to the live mains.
    I do also recall an early LRH reference to grounding a PC but it was more like a statement in passing than a suggested SOP.

  126. The U.S. Navy already has a lock on metal toilets, and they are very cold. So perhaps add a heater to your patent.
    ………. My attempt at humor …….
    Marty, thanks for providing this blog. It’s gotta be a lot of work keeping it going – so my thanks again. Landon

  127. Loping Wolf,

    Those early books were so garbled beyond comprehension that when I started reading them in 1970, I went exterior with a wide range of theta perception. And looking up long strings of words created such an engram for me that when I took an entrance exam for college my vocabulary score was higher than the average professor. When I first started Scientology I couldn’t even begin to pass a star rate check out.

    The proof is in the pudding. And obviously, reading LRH’s original stuff made me crazy. Only crazy people think they are out of their head. And delusional, because only someone totally deluded would think an entering freshman was smarter than the Phd’s who would guide his education for the next four (three) years.

    I am so thankful that der leader has given me the chance to find true enlightenment. He has given me the vision of a worker’s paradise. Think about it: we can build great things. Idol orgs are just the beginning. Der leader deserves something greater. Greater than the pyramids. After surrendering my ego to der leader’s will, I just want to don some thick metal jewelry and push huge stones day after day after day, purifying myself in sacrifice to His Greatness.


  128. If you tell people that some cheese is blue, they will sometimes get sick. Don’t mistake coincidence for cause and effect.

  129. Jim,

    A syllogism: Theta likes “purdy.” I like “purdy.” Therefor, elephants enjoy long, relaxing strolls along the beach.

  130. Loping Wolf

    I think many of us here are part of that world-wide parishioner uprising in protest. I know that is part of what pushed me out. Some have longer comm lags than others. I had personally read many of the books and got a lot out of it. Maybe DM can’t read (we know he can’t duplicate and understand) and assumed others were as dumb as him. He didn’t get that warm feeling and glow of cognitions reading any of the books so he “knew” they were beyond comprehension. He didn’t have MU’s they must be someone else’s – the transcriptionist.

  131. Miscavige is nuts! Crazy! Insane!
    The copper rod scenarios are a blatant statement of his insanity. David Miscavige’s intention was NOT to better conditions, NOT to increase awareness, NOT to improve the well-being of others.
    DM was trying to elevate self while demeaning others.

    There is observable phenomena regarding energy fields.
    An interesting experiment which any person can do is “Water Dowsing”. Take two metal L-shaped rods, hold one in each hand (the short end), the long end pointing straight-out forward, then walk towards a bucket of water. The rods will cross when a person is near the bucket of water.
    The thin wire flag markers which are used for marking construction projects / gas lines / water lines work great when bent to form an “L”.
    I have tried this with more than 60 people and it has worked with everyone (except for one person who had extremely dry rough hands).

  132. Nothing like a good camp fire story! I enjoyed it very much, thank you M&M.
    Gracias, feliz dia del pavo!

    David Miscavige,
    Next time, before mounting your golden john, try feeding about 30 feet of copper wire down the toilet. Now using the battery clamps from a set of jumper cables that you will have secured to the cable, clamp each one on its own individual receptor–the two you have between your legs.
    Now sit down and flush the toilet.
    When your eyes are bulging out and you begin to gasp, you will have reached the EP.
    Speaking of Thanksgiving, you are truly a turkey.

  133. David Miscavige,
    I apologize. An oversight on my part since I’m used to dealing with men.
    You obviously don’t have the two receptors needed to run the process. Your case will require that the two cables be soldered to the inside of a 3′ long 1″ pipe.
    I’m sure you know where you can put that.

  134. martyrathbun09

    I think Hassan engages in a little mind control of his own with the clever manner in which he generalizes.

  135. tunedal,
    Let me answer the theoretical question you’ve posed with my own experience. Well, a shorter version.

    I personally came to a point under David Miscavige’s Int Base regime, where I triggered his defense mechanisms. I wrote several Staff Member reports of various types, on various individuals and situations. I did recognize there was suppression, however early on in my efforts, I did not have the source isolated. I missed that one, to my later chagrin (and unfortunately, the mis-evaluation for a couple of other fellows).

    Naivete, lack of KRC gained with experience and study, and ignorance of the actual politics at the Base (DM’s ‘juggernaut’) led me to a position where I was unwittingly in a lone frontal assault on David Miscavige’s bastion. My only partner was Annie, my wife at that time, and she was somewhat silent, playing the ‘long game’ whereas I’m a ‘strike a hard blow’ kinda guy (I’ve since learned more to appreciate the Eastern patience).

    Like I say, I triggered the ‘group’ response and was hauled before Mark Ingber, Marc Yaeger, Mike Rinder, Greg Wilhere, sundry others and not a few Security Guards on the periphery. I made one last sort of in-your-face ‘this is BULLSHIT!’ stand, and then was summarily removed from post, separated (temporarily at that point) from my wife and threatened with instant declare ‘if I enturbulated her’ and issued a Non-Enturb order within 24 hours.

    DM went to work on Annie, driving his now well-known wedges between us, currying her and showering her with favor, while I was now one report away from declare and off to the Running Pgm full-time, isolated and in bad odor.

    Just as this was all coming to pass, within that 24 hour period, I realized something for myself: I really did NOT know the subject of Scientology. I really, REALLY needed to know that subject since what I was facing was surely defined in it and I did not have a handle on what I was facing. I DID know it was bullshit, but not exactly what about it, that is, exactly what I know now – David Miscavige is a real, true, right down there at clinker level, Suppressive Person. I was being hit by the intentional generality of a number of people, but at the source of it was and is, a real SP, DM in this case.

    I knew it was suppressive, yes, but not like I KNOW IT TODAY, sort of thing. I gained certainty later. If I’d had certainty sooner, I would have been more cautious and perhaps, just perhaps mind you, have been able to secure Annie’s precarious state of being (she’s been pummelled relentlessly by DM for decades, and out-ruds/ethics on her part allowing the channel to be open for it to her severe adverse effect both spiritually and physically) and with at least two of us, possibly done something more to deal with DM ‘within’.

    BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, in all sober reality, I doubt very much either one or both of us could have seen him removed from within. He had at that time consolidated his position and had any number of willing persons to execute his orders. He was a ‘Power’ and with demagogic manipulation of the Group Ideal, Ethic and Rationale, he wielded that power to quash any slightest objection.

    In other words, at that time, and well up the line from that time, I don’t think any person could have gathered together enough other persons, with enough authority, to take DM out.

    It has taken some years for enough to become dis-illusioned to get together sufficient wherewithal, and that’s not within yet, to do what is being done today. That speaks of the consolidation of position the man succeeded in achieving.

    Those within today, as you have seen in the various posts on this and other sites, and their public statements and appearances, are weakened beings, beaten down, out-ethics making it possible, and not in any position to gather together sufficient authority to do the deed. It is very much like Hitler’s final days. He was an obvious madman by then, even to those closely surrounding him, yet, German forces kept fighting, and those around him stayed ‘loyal’, as thetans will do once they’ve given their word.

    So, no, I don’t see any group of 15-20, sufficiently aware, with strength of conviction, and certainy he’s a true SP, that will do anything to arrest this man within.

    My realization, mentioned above that I had within the first 24 hours? I needed to apply the Theta-MEST theory idea and withdraw, settle out, and glean the KRC from that chaotic enturbulence with life, gain waaaaaaay more KRC and learn Scientology, for real, and prepare for the next round. DM cooperated with my postulate to get the fuck out of there and regroup – he declared me suppressive.

    I’m back.

  136. Theo,
    I appreciate your enthusiasm.

    I’m absolutely NOT going to write anything to do any ‘research or analysis of the Tech area’ if by that you mean search for a better mousetrap. Dianetics and Scientology Tech, fully known, applied as worked out thoroughly by L. Ron Hubbard, is valid, works, and with the elucidated points of keeping that Tech working in, does exactly what it purports to do.

    There are today, way, way, way, way, too many beings who have been failed in application of that Tech by those whose job it is to do so. That is a question of correct application by hats clearly delineated, in Ethics, Tech and Qual of the valid tools at their disposal to sort out. In today’s churches, and for some time now, that Tech has been squirrelled beyond recognition and is in fact Reverse/Black Dianetics and Scientology.

    My reality is that no system will work to see that others will invariably achieve the highest states of awareness and rehabilitation of their own residing and abiding truth – the Ultimate Truth.

    As an individual, I have taken responsibility for my own traverse of the Bridge that Scientology offers. I have found unquestionably, so much more than I ever envisioned, while on that route. More than ‘bliss’, ‘enlightenment’ or some sort of ‘within but without’ with ‘super power’ to get a new dishwasher or have the bestest body I could be identified with. NOT material ‘everybody knows’ MEST type ‘success’, but a factual reduction of the infinity of MEST to closer to a zero, and the zero of me to closer to an infinity.

    It is NOT anything I expected – it is vastly more.

    IF I write a book, it will be to expound the Factors and Axioms, and that by applying the basics of making the words clear, the association with the ‘mass’ more apparent, and realizing that the Awareness Characteristics, up the middle of the Grade Chart, are such that one must climb the ladder to achieve the awareness – these Factors and Axioms, as LRH says in early tapes, don’t just ‘jump out’.

    They aren’t ‘koans’, but there is a difference between ‘analytical’ and theoretical grasp and real experience of them.

    It is my personal view that LRH as Source on these subjects and that line between he and another, is the original line and duplication on that line is vastly superior to any exegesis or ‘interpretations’. The less vias, the straighter the communication. The less systems, the more it’s a direct conceptual expression from one being to another, with all the nuance and intention unhindered by any MEST.

  137. P.S. Back – with friends. Way more than 15-20.

  138. It’s called Technical Degrades… All of it.

  139. Sapere Aude,
    I’m studying the 2nd ACC now and the area of ‘hoist by one’s own petard’ – effect of one’s own cause. The descriptions of the vast array of mechanisms and automaticities set up by Cause, so as to be an Effect and with the postulate to not know so as to be surprized sort of deal.

    Yes, the chair is still by the table every morning, earth spins, the body needs exterior energy and Jim Logan can type on his computer, that’s still there – automaticities all. Effects I’m part of Causing if not outright responsible 🙂

    But waaaaay less Effect of, and waaaaay more awarely Cause over. Ooops, where’d the fridge go?

  140. George,
    Precisely!!! Sorry buddy, I hijacked your comment to forward my own.

    Scn Axiom 51 is a succinct statement of what you’ve described, and pointed out as a fallacy of the DM Copper Rod Tech ™.


  141. Theo,
    Yes, I can explain this, but not within the confines of this thread. I understand your point too, of the Factors not ‘jumping out at you’. Those ARE concise statements. They ARE explained fully in the lectures. Still, one has to work up to experiencing them and that is by personal effort to study, audit, and study again, extrapolate, observe, and the whole gamut of efforts and work to get up the line. You understand what I’m getting at.

    On the subject of potentials and such, LRH describes in the PDCs among other lectures and writings, the extrapolation he made when viewing an electric motor. He saw two terminals of different and dichotomous characteristic, in proximity but yet separated AND, the fact that they were HELD apart. The ‘base’ held them apart. He then extrapolated theta as the base holding dimension points of differing ‘potentials’ (the dichotomy of plus-minus, which is an arbitrary assignment of character description) in proximity but apart.

    Theta, as a more or less static, held two more or less motion things, in proximity, but apart. The two motion things had the characteristics of opposite polarity.

    If you study basic electronic theory in relation to the operation of the meter, a wheatstone bridge, then you’ll get the ideas of ‘difference of potential’ and how that sets up the situation to have a flow of current go across an area, and that resistence is used to set up the difference as well as control the flow and so on.

    From there, the idea of theta as the base in this whole thing will become clearer. A practical drill for you is to do some Double Terminal drills, some Matched Double Terminal drills (from the PDC/8-8008). Not TOO much, as it’s a very limited process, but enough to get the idea of holding two opposite polarities in proximity but apart with you as the base. You’ll find you mock up/create these two things (you as a viewpoing extend points to view) and can get a real flow going, if you keep them apart (a form of ‘resistence’).

    I took to heart the suggestion of LRH; follow his path. It’s proving to be excellent advice.

  142. Michael,
    I’ve been on that beach.

  143. Now that was purdy. Real purdy. If you weren’t such a tard, I’d say it was smart too. But purdy.

  144. Lady Lancelot,
    “TRUTH can be very seductive”.

    Now THAT’S a book I’ll write: How to Pick Up Chicks- TRUTH – the Secrets of Inphallible Seduction.

  145. I agree Marty.

    Hassan is part of the old CAN deprogramming crowd.

    His concept of “mind control” is restricted to cults and has very little to say about corporate or government mind control as if they don’t exist.

    In my opinion this is a very limited perspective.

  146. Hey Theo – thanks! Thanksgiving is a great holiday. Everyone in the US celebrates it, as it is a secular holiday that yet acknowledges that we all need to give thanks for our freedoms, our family, our friends, and our Creator. All cultures in the US celebrate it – there is even “tofurkey” for the Vegans among us!

    “Dishin'” is slang for gossiping, or idle talking.

  147. I love this video. Thanks!

    Reason 1: Here are two EX-SO, right-hand men of COB, fishing! Just enjoying a nice chat, fishing. “WHEN THEY SHOULD BE CLEARING THE PLANET! Don’t you CICS’s get any ideas; we are at WAR with the WORLD and we don’t have time to do something as off-purpose as FISHING! They’ll be f’ing BOWLING, next, you wait and see!” 🙂

    Reason 2: The exchange between Marty, explaining DM’s behavior in tech terms, and the look on Mike’s face as he does so is PRICELESS. “You can explain it anyway you want, Marty, but al I know is he is fucking crazy!”

    Reason 3: It is just great seeing you guys enjoying life.

    Re the copper wire: The proper handling for Dear Leader is not for him to grab onto a copper wire, it is for someone to give him the command: “Floor! Floor! Floor!”

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  148. Jim,

    I’d respond, but I haven’t slept for months. I’ve been trying to roll this large stone up to the top of the hill. Every time I reach the top, the damn thing rolls back down. Sort of like something else, but I just can’t think what. I’m such a tard.

    I really, really, really need to get that stone up the hill, and figure out how to make it stick. Otherwise, I will never make it to OT. Der Leader has just found another missing piece of tech called the Golden Age of Blood, Sweat and Tears. I’ve got all three copiously flowing out right now in this wonderful pilot program he’s launched.

    Thus the stone, which you have to roll completely naked (to prove you have no more resources in your pockets) up a steep slope where DM stands with open arms. I see his beaming face. I feel this overwhelming sense of love. I can’t wait to make it.

    Blood, sweat and tears.

    I reach the top. Something shoves against the stone, and it goes crashing back down the hill.

    I look at my dear leader, blood, sweat and tears flowing, and beseech him, “Please, I’ve tried so hard, My Master!!!”

    But, his love is tough love. His standards high. I have not given enough blood, sweat and tears to deserve his admiration.

    As I race down the hill to renew my efforts, other bodily fluids emerge, flowing out my bass.

    But who likes bass anyway?


  149. Theo,

    You are so right about gradients of understanding. Some of the most simple things, which we’re sure we understand at each level, suddenly take on new relevance as we continue to explore. Even though I had very good understanding of the simple term “reality,” about a month ago I had a huge cog about reality and the native state of theta.

    One of these lifetimes, I’m going to have to make it back to Greece. Spent some wonderful lives there.


  150. I just hope he doesn’t start asking people to ware tinfoil.

    BTW Marty, how deep is the canal?

  151. Man, what a squirrel!!
    From what I know the only time LRH mentions a heavy gauge wire in the ground came from an LRH advice to improve sound quality as part of “Clearsound”. This was what LRH did on recording heads of the reel-to-reels in order to get the sound to improve. Grounding is important in that context. To than take that data and apply it to the mind? I hate to say it but its clear that that guy is a gonner.

  152. The only thing that can have a “grounding” effect and be good for your health is being near the water.

    That and being near good intentioned, high toned, ethical and enlightened auditors. 🙂

  153. Fridge gone – Nooooooooo. Now where the hell is my fresh salmon. Not funny Jim Logan just because I caught the biggest salmon. Now you undo that “cause” or you will get 20 hours straight on the copper! Need to drain the dramo out of you.

  154. That piece of DM copper wire tech sounds crazy…..;)

  155. Fellow Traveller

    Arrest this heretic! Use the restraints made of black silk thong cloth.

    Oh. Wait. Tried that. Did not work then. Not working now…

    Perhaps, maybe….

    He speaks some truth….

    Bruce Pratt

  156. Fellow Traveller

    wow. JFC Jim — That is impossible to ack. At least my brain hurts trying to ack it. I mean, I think I get it. I just have NFC how to ack it.

    And you have my eternal gratitude for putting this set of unackable statements forth.

    Bruce Pratt

  157. Fellow Traveller

    I cannot propose a better theta – mest theory example.
    My god my heart aches. I have certainty that at some point me and you will truly rejoice in this. But that is not now.

    If you need something, I am only a phone call or email away.

    Bruce Pratt

  158. PASS on TR 2!!

  159. M,
    Oh my. RDTHLMBO :-0

    (Rolling down the hill laughing my bass off).

  160. Of course I speak TRUTH – it works on the babes. You’ll have to wait for and buy the book though for the Secrets of Inphallible Seduction. I got bills to pay! Big Pharma is late AGAIN (nudge, nudge BP) on the cheques.

  161. ASF,
    PLEASE, it’s DM Copper Wire Tech ™.

    Since RTC can’t manage trademarks, somebody has to!

  162. Hold on Jimbo!

    We’re still in the process of filing Miscavige Implant and Disorientation Tech™

    He’ll just have to hold onto his wire until we get that one through the Trade Mark Office.


  163. Robin,
    Well, get the copper, er, lead out!! Dave reads this blog!! He won’t be pleased.

  164. Well he can’t really do anything to me til his SRA™ filing is approved and his dispute with the CIA over Hole Tech™ settled.

    I gotta say that the boyz as busy as a little squirrel!

  165. Might even be in 8-80 or 8-8008.

  166. I could see an International event where DM unveils a “lost tech” taken from the UPPER UPPER OT LEVELS “beyond your wildest dreams” … And presents the theory of copper grounding. You are then regged to pick up your Mark I Copper Rod™ after the event for a paltry sum of $5000 retail, $3500 IAS.

    I mean, I really, really, really could see him having an event like this.

    What would be sad is if they also served kool-aid with the snacks and no one got the joke.

  167. Howdy! This blog post could not be written much better!

    Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He always kept preaching about this. I am going to forward this post
    to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a great read.
    Thanks for sharing!

  168. Hi Jim,

    start listening forward from 6:20 and you notice DM playing out his “HIDDEN DATA LINE”-card.

    Well… that’s what LRH indeed had to say:

    I have been licking the problem of insanity with mechanical aids.

    They are four of them, nothing to build.

    One is reduction of charge by grounding.

    And here is the SECRET HIDDEN DATA LINE, that only DM knows about…
    (in LRH handwriting 😉 )

    Makes one think, whether this was also a reason, why it took so long for SuperPower to be released…
    But that is speculation… or not? 😉

    ONE thing that is NOT speculation and DM IS and SHOULD be upset with, are all those BT’s, that “compromised” LRH – and DM is aware, that these Beings are still around and ARE coming back…
    Everyone above OTIII should be familiar with the concept.

    For everyone else interessted, or thinks this is waaaay to unbelievable – read:

    “History of Man”
    “HCOB 30 July 1980, The Nature of a Being” Source:

    Don’t forget… LRH delivered already High-Power-Processes BEFORE he started with all the “undercut-stuff”…
    Might that be the reason, why the PDC#20 was “edited” by DM and the reference to George Orwell 1984 was removed…?

    DM KNOWS IT – you know it now, too.

    PPS: There might come more…

  169. This is big time squirrelling by LRH, if you look at it from the viewpoint of Yoga and KHTK that spirit and matter are not really separate. There is no thetan that can separate from the body. There is only freeing up of fixed attention on the body.

    Per Four Chapters on Freedom: Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

    “According to yoga, consciousness or awareness is in the form of motion or vibration, but nirbeeja samadhi is not a state of motion or vibration. It involves stillness.”

    This reference validates KHTK position that awareness and motion are one and the same at the fundamental level. Motion is the form of awareness, and awareness is the nature of motion. They go hand in hand, and simply become more and more complex as evolurion occurs. Thus, there is no God separate from the Universe either. God and Universe are one and the same.

    What is called BT maybe nothing more than programming at macromolecule or DNA level. It can be sorted out with the practice of mindfulness to the point that one attains the level of samadhi.

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