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Miscavige Brand Brainwashing

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On several occassions we have discussed the question, “why do Scientology Inc folk keep chugging the Kool Aid?”   Here are two examples where we have provided some answers:



Well, to hypnotism and overwhelm we can add the factor of brainwashing.  Check this out from an LRH lecture I just listened to called,  Upper Route to Operating Thetan, Ability Congress, 30 December 1957:

Now, brainwashing becomes very easy to understand if you understand the principle of survival. And the way to get this thetan in trouble is to make him do, and think he has to make an effort to do the thing he is doing, and therefore he engages continously in an effort, but he can’t do anything else  than what he is doing, but to tell him that  he has to make an effort to do it is the biggest trick that can be played upon a living being. You got that?  If you know that well, you really — you really got your wits wrapped around something…

…His difficulty, this thetan, is, here he is, and here’s — he’s doing something to do something that he can’t do anything else than do.  Do you get this as a super complication?  He’s making himself the effect of an action.   He says to himself, “I am making myself survive.”  When as a matter of fact, all he’s got to do is relax, and he’d survive.

Well, therefore, survival isn’t the most important thing in his framework; see, that’s not the most important thing.  We said it was very important and the common denominator of life in Dianetics, but it’s not the most important thing in his framework.  It must be that creating a difficulty is, so that he’ll have some randomity or some activity; a game.  And one of the best ways to phrase it is, well, he wants a game; he wants problems, he wants games, he wants things to do.

So therefore, he does this incredible thing of making himself the effect of his own effort to survive and we call that a game.

You understand, all there is to know about brainwashing is all you have to do is make somebody think he has to work hard and brace up in order to survive. That’s the single-denominator trick that is used in all brainwashing and not even the Russki understands it. He works like mad to do all kinds of wild, weird things and hocus-pocus and soul-searchings in order to get somebody brainwashed, and then he fails. 

Well, the only time he ever reached any goal or attained any success was when he simply made somebody survive harder.  We get people suffering just from this.

A guy walks into a camp where he’s going to be brainwashed, they say “hocus-pocus, fiddle-dee-dee, and we’re going to upset all of you” and so forth, and the guy says, “Well, I’ll live through it!”  Made him brace up to it. Brace up to what?

If you can make a thetan brace up to it, “rahhhhhh!” — why, you’ve really done something, see?  That’s really doing something.  But he does it becuse he wants a game. Because at once he wants randomity and activity, that he is doing a thing that he can do and he can’t do anything else but do, and he couldn’t do anything else but do if he tried; he therefore tries, and this folds back on itself sufficiently to make a complication that not even he could possibly understand — he has said for many centuries, and then we stuck our toe out and tripped him. But that’s what he’s doing. 

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What message does Miscavige continously lay in with his hypnotic, overwhelming bi-monthly implants, but that survival is tough and requires oh so much effort – not to mention more cash than you could possibly afford to give him if you exerted more effort than an A bomb?  I think this case is closed.