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Bryan Ubaghs – Another Seattle Superstar

I had the pleasure of meeting Bryan Ubaghs (pronounced You Bozz) during the November Seattle Independents gathering.  A friendlier fellow you may never get to know.  A great artist.  A very productive long-term Scientologist.  And a valuable contributor to the blog under the handle Idle Org.  And on top of all that I  love the way he’s got Tony and Marie-Jo’s backs.


My story is a simple one. I entered Scientology in 1989, at the age of 21. It didn’t take much indoctrination to quickly decide that LRH’s tech was indeed what I had been looking for.


By age 41 I had been a Scientologist for twenty years. I had defended LRH and the tech many times by then. I had helped on numerous artistic projects, painting murals, playing drums with Bill Bertinot and The Fabulous Spontanes during ASHO events, creating artwork for Mark Arnold’s fiction writings, and too many other actions, along with commendations, to mention here.


I even tried my hand being on staff several times, although briefly.


If I had a dollar for every person I’ve body-routed, every piece of promo I’ve stuffed or every project I’ve helped on over the years, I’d be rich.


My point is that I fully support LRH’s goals toward a better, safer, saner earth.


And that is exactly why I have officially left the Church of Scientology as it exists under its current leadership.


Today the emphasis is on money. It is also on force. Force to join staff. Force to think like the group. Force to figure out how to pay what will easily amount to half a million dollars to attain the highest OT levels, keep the IAS coffers filled, and purchase brick and mortar Ideal Orgs (which absolutely have not been earned if we are honest about confronting the actual production stat trends over the long term).


On the subject of Ideal Orgs, I personally feel that they are simply a camouflauged hole. A very unusual, utterly off-policy “solution” to hide the fact that the course rooms are empty. That zero Scientology celebrities promote being in the church any longer in the public eye. That dozens of OT7’s and 8’s have not only left the church recently, but have gone online to publish their names, photos, contact information and personal horror stories regarding the above items I’ve mentioned.


The IAS has collected hundreds of millions of dollars over the past couple of decades, yet there are more big pharma ads for drugs today than ever before, by a long shot. 


But the thing I simply cannot ignore is that far too many long-time, highly-trained Scientologists are not only abandoning their church world wide, they are unanimously calling for the removal of one David Miscavige.


The glaring outpoint here is that you are not allowed to look at anything critical of Scientology or COB. You are not allowed to search the internet on these matters. You are not allowed to take full Knowledge, Responsibility and thus Control of the situation. You are not allowed to evaluate all of the data for your own, personal self.


Instead, others are deciding what is and isn’t “acceptable” information and then forcing this massive blind spot upon you, with threat of heavy “ethics” and even expulsion if you merely begin querrying the outpoints you may have noticed.


Well, this is NOT the work or intention of LRH. It is a trap.


Right now, differentiate between L. Ron Hubbard and current management. They are NOT the same thing, at all. 


The glaring outpoint is: You would be totally free to look at and decide upon whatever you please as a free citizen of America and other nations if current Scientology management had nothing to hide.


I’ve done the research. I’ve dared to look. And current Scientology management has a LOT to hide. It is a fact that the FBI is now investigating COB specifically. I’ll let you do your own research on that one. It’s too incredible to believe. Literally.


If you are currently afraid of being your full self, speaking freely and obtaining any data you like, anywhere……then you are utterly and completely in a trap. And you know it. You absolutely do.


That said, there is a massive, world-wide movement right now to free the tech and make it affordable and available to the masses on this planet.


For most people of earth don’t even know where their dinner is coming from tonight, let alone how to come up with impossible funds to go up the Bridge.


Please do not buy into the gross lie that Tony DePhillips is the kingpin of evil in the NW. Please have some dignity and integrity regarding this matter. Tony and his wife, Marie-Jo, have done more to help LRH in terms of cash donations, effort and energy than most in this city. It is ridiculous, shameful and massively unethical to declare these good people as “Suppressive Persons”. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing! Another camouflauged hole. And since the DePhillips’ departure, have student points shot upward? Have Clears and trained auditors been coming off the assembly line in sudden abundance? Have bodies in the shop advanced one bit? No. They certainly have not. And reports from across the world are that most Ideal Orgs are graveyards of inactivity, despite the flashy presentation and PR at events.


Fancy buildings will never hide the fact of massive unpopularity.


There are lots of friends on the outside. There is life on the outside. Many are going up LRH’s Bridge on the outside, minus the group-think, the heavy ethics, the forced introversion, the unbearable expense.


Best of luck. Your own integrity is very definitely far more important than anything your seniors in the church try to force you into agreeing with.


Truth be told, they are NOT your actual seniors, in any way, shape or form.


That is, unless you decide that they are.


Bryan Ubaghs