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I want you to imagine a scenario for a moment if you will.

Imagine that with every step you ever took in Scientology the following ACT ONE was in.

Please read ACT ONE again. Here it is:

“The auditor and pre-clear are a group. To function well a group must be cleared. The clearing of a group is not difficult. It requires but little time. The relationship of the auditor and pre-clear is not parity. The auditor lends himself to the group as the control center of the group until the pre-clear’s subcontrol center is established under his own control center’s command. The role of the auditor ceases at that moment.


The auditor necessarily owns the pre-clear. He owns the pre-clear on a lessening basis until the pre-clear owns himself. If the auditor wishes to successfully own, to the end of NOT owning the pre-clear, he must not use the pre-clear to the service of the auditor for this establishes and confirms the ownership and inhibits the pre-clear from owning himself.


THE FIRST ACT of the auditor concerns himself. He assesses the task rather than the pre-clear and assesses the matter within himself. He establishes whether or not he desires the pre-clear to become established under the pre-clear’s own center of control. To do this the auditor may find it necessary to straight-wire himself for the removal of any reason why he does not want this pre-clear to be owned by the pre-clear. He then postulates to himself what he wants to happen with this pre-clear and postulates as well that he can do this task with this pre-clear. He must feel these postulates solidly. If he cannot he must discover why he cannot. Thus the first session’s first minutes with the pre-clear are concerned with the auditor himself. He should take time out from the pre-clear until he himself is established in his task and then readdress the pre-clear. “

– L Ron Hubbard, Advanced Procedures and Axioms

Now, when I say imagine that it was in, I do not mean “sorta in”, “a lot in”, “a little in”, or “most of the time in”. I mean, in unconditionally.

To get what I mean by completely in, please take a few minutes to review a segment of an interview I did with the St Petersburg Times in 2009. You can find it at this link, http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml

On the right hand side of the image, there is a list of topics. Click on the one entitled “Abuse of Trust.”

The conditions I describe in that video interview are Church of Scientology conditions making the definition of in-session unattainable – that is “interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor.” I mean, unconditionally “willing to talk to the auditor” with no consideration present that there are any adverse ramifications possible for what one might say to the auditor.

There is no such thing as “kinda in session”, just as certainly as there is no such thing as “kinda pregnant.” One is either willing (completely without the slightest allowance for concern of repercussion) to talk to the auditor, or one is not. One is either unequivocally interested and willing to look at whatever he is directed to inspect and arises and then discharge it by exposing it to the light of the auditor or he is not. If the pc has that 100% confidence it causes exact time, place, form and event to as-is. If he/she does not then that time, place, form and event is altered to that degree and tends to solidify and thus mass and energy and uknowingness accumulates in the universe of the pc.

There is one condition precedent for creating the condition of “in session.” That is, ACT ONE is IN.

Imagine ACT ONE being in with TONE 40. I don’t mean the corrupted, sacrilegious, low-scale force that Scientology Inc has foisted off on people as TONE 40. I mean TONE 40 defined: “Intention without reservation.”

Imagine now that every session you ever received was received with absolute confidence that ACT ONE at Tone 40 was in with your auditor.

Now imagine every session, every training action, every cycle ever “administered” under the name of Scientology was done so with the unequivocal intent to return free theta to you so as to return more of you to you so as to enhance your control over your own destiny.

Imagine further that ACT ONE was in with every person within the organization administering that auditing and training. That means the Case Supervisor, the Examiner, the D of P, the folder pages, the Ethics Officer, the Chaplain, all Qualifications Division Terminals, all Tech Division Terminals, all Div Six terminals. That also means all OSA terminals, Int Management,including its alter ego who micromanages it to suit his intentions and image.

Imagine further that ACT ONE was in with all Division Two terminals.

And, yes I know it is difficult, but also please imagine that all Registrars had their ACT ONE in with respect to you.

Absurd? Why? How could ACT ONE – the creation of a third dynamic for the spiritual betterment of the pc – mean anything when that auditor’s participation in it is dictated utterly by a larger third dynamic for other purposes, some detrimental to the pc? When that auditor reports in detail everything that goes on within the created auditor/pc third dynamic and subjects the pc to the effects that larger third dynamic wishes to create on that pc? When that auditor does not utterly control the auditor side of the e-meter, but instead subjects the preclear to the whims of another much larger third dynamic?

I don’t care if God wrote the policies that dictate the actions of that larger third dynamic, there is no ACT ONE if the auditor’s contract with the pc does not bind every single member of the larger third dynamic under whose auspices and control he is carrying out his auditing duties. And no matter how closely the members of the larger organization follow God’s policy, the moment any single one of the members of that larger third dynamic violates the pc’s contract with the auditor under ACT ONE, that contract is broken. And that pc is for it.

An unattainable absolute? Ok, imagine every org terminal who exerts any influence upon you went through the process of ACT ONE on you before he or she ever gave a command or suggestion? And imagine that each did his or her darned best at keeping that ACT ONE postulate clean and in with respect to you.

Now, if you haven’t already done so, lightly scan your history in and around Scientology organizations and imagine all departures from ACT ONE by all terminals connected with those organizations had not been present. Instead, each terminal did his level best to operate with ACT ONE in with respect to you.

Imagine where you’d be right NOW.