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On several occassions we have discussed the question, “why do Scientology Inc folk keep chugging the Kool Aid?”   Here are two examples where we have provided some answers:



Well, to hypnotism and overwhelm we can add the factor of brainwashing.  Check this out from an LRH lecture I just listened to called,  Upper Route to Operating Thetan, Ability Congress, 30 December 1957:

Now, brainwashing becomes very easy to understand if you understand the principle of survival. And the way to get this thetan in trouble is to make him do, and think he has to make an effort to do the thing he is doing, and therefore he engages continously in an effort, but he can’t do anything else  than what he is doing, but to tell him that  he has to make an effort to do it is the biggest trick that can be played upon a living being. You got that?  If you know that well, you really — you really got your wits wrapped around something…

…His difficulty, this thetan, is, here he is, and here’s — he’s doing something to do something that he can’t do anything else than do.  Do you get this as a super complication?  He’s making himself the effect of an action.   He says to himself, “I am making myself survive.”  When as a matter of fact, all he’s got to do is relax, and he’d survive.

Well, therefore, survival isn’t the most important thing in his framework; see, that’s not the most important thing.  We said it was very important and the common denominator of life in Dianetics, but it’s not the most important thing in his framework.  It must be that creating a difficulty is, so that he’ll have some randomity or some activity; a game.  And one of the best ways to phrase it is, well, he wants a game; he wants problems, he wants games, he wants things to do.

So therefore, he does this incredible thing of making himself the effect of his own effort to survive and we call that a game.

You understand, all there is to know about brainwashing is all you have to do is make somebody think he has to work hard and brace up in order to survive. That’s the single-denominator trick that is used in all brainwashing and not even the Russki understands it. He works like mad to do all kinds of wild, weird things and hocus-pocus and soul-searchings in order to get somebody brainwashed, and then he fails. 

Well, the only time he ever reached any goal or attained any success was when he simply made somebody survive harder.  We get people suffering just from this.

A guy walks into a camp where he’s going to be brainwashed, they say “hocus-pocus, fiddle-dee-dee, and we’re going to upset all of you” and so forth, and the guy says, “Well, I’ll live through it!”  Made him brace up to it. Brace up to what?

If you can make a thetan brace up to it, “rahhhhhh!” — why, you’ve really done something, see?  That’s really doing something.  But he does it becuse he wants a game. Because at once he wants randomity and activity, that he is doing a thing that he can do and he can’t do anything else but do, and he couldn’t do anything else but do if he tried; he therefore tries, and this folds back on itself sufficiently to make a complication that not even he could possibly understand — he has said for many centuries, and then we stuck our toe out and tripped him. But that’s what he’s doing. 

(bold face supplied for emphasis)

What message does Miscavige continously lay in with his hypnotic, overwhelming bi-monthly implants, but that survival is tough and requires oh so much effort – not to mention more cash than you could possibly afford to give him if you exerted more effort than an A bomb?  I think this case is closed.

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  1. Excellent reference.

    Very online with one of my stable data: A thetan can do anything forever. Hence, TR-0, the CCH’s, Opening Procedure by Duplication, etc. I have seen articles and statements saying that TR-0 and these others are brainwashing.

    BS! Why? Because brainwashing is telling people they can’t do anything forever. Per your reference above, it is telling them that it is work to survive. The TRs and objectives run this out.

    Why is it so damn difficult for someone to sit in a chair and confront another human being for a couple of hours? Why is it so damn difficult for someone to just give their hand to someone (CCH1) for a couple of hours? Or really look at a book and a bottle (Op Pro by Dup)? And yet, during the process, people find all kinds of reasons to NOT DO IT! What will they be doing otherwise? Watching TV? Playing golf? Why not just be there with someone for a period of time? Why does that really make people uncomfortable?

    Because it is running out all this shit. It is running out brainwashing, not laying it it.

    What Mr. D does is make life scarce. Scientology should be telling you that life is not scarce. You can sit there and look at someone else forever, if you want to, and there is no reason why you can’t!

    Funny, isn’t it? Being forced to sit there, ala Clockwork Orange (or MK-ULTRA, for that matter), versus sitting there on your own determinism, just being there. Yet the difference is freedom, and that makes all the difference in the world!

  2. Don’t agree. All it takes for people to believe and not do their own homework and not do any critical thinking. Take the word of anyone for it and don’t even know what a straw man argument is and how it works.

    To not take responsibility of doing the above and hand it over to someone else to do. Flashy PR. If you guys had the church again it would happen again and again and again. People don’t want to learn Critical thinking and wants to hand over their responsibility of data finding to others. They care about home stuff mostly and therefor you lose the church and the nation and now the world.

    It does not take any quote of LRH to prevent it. It takes an educated society on critical thinking and the willingness to find one’s own data and stand by it. Not to swallow fake data. People rather go on Belief than not and I see the independents are not much different in that regard. I am not saying all of them but many are.

  3. martyrathbun09

    If you understood LRH writings and lectures, you’d also understand he provided the best technology available on this planet to rehabilitate the faculty of critical thinking.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Grasshopper, thank you very much for the concise, emphatic, accurate summation of the effect of TRs ad Objectives. Ought to be framed.

  5. Summer Wind

    LFBD!!!!! Thank You! 🙂

  6. It’s a tough universe. Only the tigers survive and even they have a rough time of it.

    I was always confused by that one because I have no choice but to survive.

    And as always, DM just takes all of this and turns it into a hypno-control mechanism.

  7. People who honestly apply Scientology have cognitions and huge spiritual wins. Many people who were never in Scientology or those who had no such wins don’t understand this.

    Some people think that postings about mindcontrol is crazy but it really does exist. It isn’t political correct to post about it, but I am glad that you do.

    I believe there are different forms of mindcontrol. One is going into agreement and going with the flow (e.g. DM and his people and others systems) but there are also psychiatric implant technique. Hope you post more often about these techniques.

  8. Please take a look at this

    This new Idea Org needs $$$$$
    Cheap haircuts, massages, even eyebrow shaping. The controversial Church of Scientology is opening its doors to the public and pulling out all stops to get you to come on in.” A Current Affair” in Australia investigates why. http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/investigations/8218657/scientology-open-day

  9. Yes….


    Precisely what I was laboring under back then. TO THE LETTER. Force fed a continual hodge podge of “you will DIE without us” rhetoric. And when I last went to the orgs for help, thinking that life was kicking the teeth out of my skull, I was actually, unknowingly going back to the place that was kicking my teeth in and asking for more “help”.

    It is so clear now. Another great observation from NOTs Landing.


  10. Sapere Aude

    I love your thoughts – parallel one of my continual stable data about doing anything forever.

    You stated “brainwashing is telling people they can’t do anything forever.” I think it can also include telling people they must do something forever. It is the enforcement of a continual create or a continual refusal to create. The common theme is “continual” and it is the thetan’s own impulse. Whether that impulse is must do or can’t do – neither are the original postulate from that being. It is some other enforced idea.

    So the rest of what you wrote works either way. Doing the TRs and Objectives runs out both until you really can just be there.

    I never did the Running Pgm/Cause Resurgence Pgm or whatever it is now being called. I always thought it would be the person making the body doing this action repetitive until the circuitry blew and the being just was right there making that body run. No thought to time, why, outcome or anything. In PT it would just be one step at a time.

    I have climbed high mountains and it becomes one step at a time. I have been with others who quit. Even though in better physical shape than I they quit. Hell, I only had to confront and do one step at a time.

    I loved how you described it. Just wanted to comment that the circuitry runs both must have and can’t have. Finally you just get – in PT – create as a present time causation. Free to Be, to Do, to Have without significance or time. I had a lot of cogs on this blog topic, what you wrote and looking at this entire area in a new unit of time.

  11. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    Now look at us…

  12. martyrathbun09

    Great addition.

  13. Main Brainwash Trick: telling a person to do it for the greater good.

  14. This is the kind of statement that reveals the writer has never had what is called a “win” in Scientology, especially in auditing.

    Therefore they have absolutely NO CLUE what they are talking about.

    To run (ie audit) someone to a full End Phenomena on Op Pro By Dup (to name just one process) – and see that person come fully into present time for perhaps the FIRST TIME in who knows how long – is to observe something truly wondrous.

    When this occurs, it is as if the blinders come off for the very first time. Blinders one never knew one had. The person looks around the room, or the environment, with a sense of profound awe. From that moment on, the person KNOWS what “case” is, what the “reactive mind” is, and they have full reality on the degree to which it keeps every being on this planet in the equivalent of a hypnotic state.

    I’m sorry, Fancy. It isn’t LRH or Scientology that impedes “critical thinking”. It is the reactive mind, and I hate to tell you, everyone’s got one.

    What is so crazy about the current scene is that the solution to this problem (of the reactive mind) has been hijacked and is now being used to compound the problem. To the detriment of all.

  15. one of those who see

    Amazing the amount of case gain one can get on this blog! Wonderful post Marty and loved Grasshopper’s addition too.

  16. Virgil Samms

    Ya, and I am going to chime in here. I have more than noticed the wide difference of thetans who have taken a comm course and actually learned to sit and confront another person comfortably and who learned TR-1 and especially learned TR-2 against those who never had a comm course and the difference is night and day. People in the world cannot speak to other people. I have a hard time communicating outside of Scientologists. I can, but goddam it is a pain in the ass.

    Training people in communication was one of the most brilliant innovations of the 20th century, right behind the e-meter which was the most brilliant discovery. Now that a person learned how to and CAN communicate he is FREE to do, free to be and free to have.

    In the Church of DMonology it is an overt to communicate. Especially in the Sea Org. Get an overt off and see if you get an ack. No way.

    ML Tom

  17. Yeah, that’s Aussie Scios for you. Embarrassing to say the least.
    What a shambles they’re made and by their ongoing actions it appears it’s going to get even worse. The sooner the house of cards falls the better.

  18. Says it all…excellent reference

  19. Brainwashing, Implants. Roll out the FPRD Rundowns.

    Note: I deep 6’d the link to keep on topic – editor.

  20. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown:

    “Oh brother.” LOL

  21. http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/investigations/8218657/scientology-open-day

    I checked out the above link. OMG this org is completely devoid of life.
    massages, haircuts, eyebrows? LRH is doing backflips in his grave…and all of this justified by the way to happiness. Find me that precept!

  22. Watching Eyes

    They had their Idle Org opening not two months ago! It was such a screaming success that they now have to give body rubs to get people in the door. And don’t forget to get a waxing while you’re there. Then you see the hypnotized woman staff member saying it’s been so popular they’ll be doing more events like this. Hello? There WERE NO PEOPLE there. The place looked like a 21st century modern hotel……….that hasn’t opened it’s doors yet. Un -f’ing-believable.

    I can’t stand it. I have to turn the computer off and go do something else. Anything not to think of how DM has degraded LRH’s works.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Right AHEAD of the e-meter in my opinion. Without impeccable TRs, the emeter is useless.

  24. martyrathbun09

    I am with you on the wonder. When I got another through to that very point in 2008 is the moment I woke up and decided I was going to do something about Black Dianetics and Miscavige Brand Brainwashing.

  25. Great reference. Thanks Marty.

  26. “The average donation is a thousand dollars a year”…..

  27. This cuts deep on many levels:

  28. Absolutely creepy.


  29. Good stuff Marty, GH, and SA.

    I tend to look at things from an overall “ethics” viewpoint. So here is my look from that viewpoint.

    When you take into account that, per “Responsibility, Definition Of”, you are entirely the “cause” of any “effect that you might experience, then it comes back to one’s own considerations. Whether you “are having a good time”, or “surviving”, or “living in Hell”, is ultimately entirely by your own considerations and by your own choice. By believing or acting any other wise is due to being, to some greater or lesser degree, “out of valence”. Hypnotism or “brainwashing” seem to be achieved by getting the being to “hand over” his own determinism to some degree. To some degree, his own valence, considerations, integrity, knowledge, and understandings are no longer considered valid, even to himself. Because he is “no longer in, or creating, his own universe” he is left only with following orders (force) that are not even real to him, and he can no longer confront or be responsible for his own actions or their effects. He is truly an automaton, and “other determined”

    In my handling of people, form an ethics or supervisor point of view, one of the biggest areas I find I need to address, is that the person already knows the basics of “study” and “ethics”. They have to be reminded that they would not be in as good condition as they are if they didn’t have considerable skill in these matters. Ethics, data evaluation, learning, admin scales, and a good many other things, are something you already are basically “doing” or “being”. I consider that the data L Ron Hubbard provided are “tools”to help one “rehabilitate” and refine one’s understandings and abilities and actions.

    And to wrap this up, and just to change things up a bit…. a poem .

    They’ve Shown You

    They showed you the temple.
    They showed you the grave,
    and they told you that
    “You must behave !”

    They showed you the cross.
    They showed you the stone,
    and they told you that
    “You must atone !”

    They showed you your “sins”.
    They showed you your “shame”,
    and they told you that
    “Desire’s to blame !”.

    They told you of “honor”.
    They’ve told you of “pride”,
    and they told you to kill
    for the sake of their side.

    They told you of “evil”.
    They told you of “good”.
    They’ve said what you can’t do,
    and they’ve said what you “should”.

    They told you of “love”.
    They told you of “pain’,
    and they showed they can hurt you,
    again and again.

    You’ve lived all their lies.
    Too soon you’ve grown old.
    They’ve stolen your heart.
    They’ve stolen your SOUL”!


  30. martyrathbun09


  31. Sheesh

    This is just repulsive … cheap haircuts, etc.

    Man … these guys are soooooooooo off base.

    It is a total embarrassment.

    Body sculpting in a church … I’m shaking my head in disbelief

    Raul … the church has a new hat for ya.

  32. Fellow Traveller

    Chiming right along — while all the intelligent folk who were in the CoM may not be here, there sure are a whole lotta intelligent folk here who can and do communication. They don’t necessarily agree, but man, can they and do they communicate. (I should not have to clarify that all the intelligent folk here includes folk who were not in the CoM, but in an attempt to be duplicated and exercise some proper communication, I add it.)

    This is wondrous. It really is. Those who refer to this blog and “fix” in the same sentence are evidence of that.

    In the CoM, ehhh, I don’t see it. Don’t see it at all any more.

    Bruce Pratt

  33. Right on Sam …

    What org is she living on?

    Man, I spent over $1000 in my first year – and that was 40 years ago!

    New Comm Crse student enters courseroom for 1st night on course

    Course Supervisor: “Yeah, just grab that chair next to the masseuse.”


  34. Fellow Traveller


  35. Marty.

    Right, and the better the TRs the less the auditor depends on the meter to show him what is happening with the Preclear. I feel a really good auditor should “see” it first in the PC and simply consult the meter for verification.
    For certain things the meter is essential, but generally I feel that auditors should be trained to the point of being able to do a pretty good job of auditing without one.

    One should not totallygive over one’s responsibility of the session to an E-meter. After all you have to handle (audit) all the rest of your life and dynamics without one.


  36. martyrathbun09

    Well put.

  37. Well, don’t that beat all.
    I was just thinkin’ I could use a good bikini wax!
    Now I know where to go. And while I’m at it, maybe I can get a spiritual enema.

  38. Nice. Let’s do a duet!!

  39. I totally agree with you! That is completely disgusting! They have degraded LRH and his teachings. DM YOU MOTHER F_CKER! This had to be your idea. No one else in their right mind would do this.

  40. Grasshopper, you is now de Sensei! Great post!

  41. After all, the most important tool of the auditor IS the comm cycle!

  42. One of the big differences is between the being who thinks he was forced into this game by someone else and the being who has realized he is here by choice because he wants to play a game! The attitude of “Bring it on!” is way more fun than the attitude of “Don’t hit me again.” DM is forcing people down into the latter.

  43. Friend of Ron

    Thanks for the reference Marty and the additions Gh and SA.

    Looking back I can see how this applies to how I got through the dozens and dozens of end ruds questions I got during my route out after they had run out of sec check question. There must have been 50 if not 100 end rud questions. One would think it would create a horrible overrun. That might have been the intention for all I know but in fact it did not.

    I had realized towards the end of all the sec checking that if I take just one crazy question at a time and answer it in a new unit of time then I would get through it. Just forget what came before and what was ahead, take the question in P.T. and do nothing but answer THAT question.

    It really worked as I was so flat on the comm cycle the auditor could have asked me anything and nothing would have come up as I simply answered the question in a new unit of time, without giving any consideration that what I had said or done in the hundreds of previous sec check session. Just a present time question and a present time answer.

    It worked so well that after I had finished everything and they did not let me attest I still did not bog. They had me wait for over a month to put my “declaration” together; then when they were ready they had my wife come and tell me that she is divorcing me; then they videoed everything in front of two attorneys and after all that I was sent to attest at the Examiner.

    They probably thought they had killed my FN but they had not. Wonderful FN (probably 4 swings..:) and out I was.

    It really surprised me as well and I often wondered what the technical phenomenon was behind this. This reference and the additions by Gh and SA explain it.

    Just being there, handling one question at a time, in a new unit of time with no efforting one way or another. Once I had coged on that it was fun, just like a complete flat “Do Fish Swim” bullbait TR.


  44. WOW! So fitting…and yet, it’s never too late to wake up and take it all back again.

  45. Summer wind, I should reply to Bruces comment so it looks like I am getting TA action on you. Your comment keeps traveling down the line. It’s happened to me also and it’s a little frustrating.

  46. martyrathbun09

    VWD to you and thanks for sharing it with us.

  47. Windwalker,
    I loved the poem and what you wrote. Thank you!

  48. Friend of Ron

    What a Joy, your Creation!

  49. Expelled 4 Life

    Never thought I’d live to see the day the Church got people through the front doors using massage tables and beauty chairs. An average member spends 1K a year? To see good people embarrass themselves on camera like this is really sad.

  50. Karen, It’s a wonder Jims cat keeps any food down. Poor kitty. Love

  51. Marty,
    Thank you so much for this posting. It really does explain why the Kool-Aid drinkers keep chugging. They are braiuwashed . But never would I have arrived at this understanding without that LRH quote.
    People that have not been on staff (particularly the S.O.) wouldn’t necessarily know what it is like to go to your post to do your job, and have someone tell you (your senior – but Messengers and RTC reps are the worst) to do your job. You are NOT there for any other reason than that — but you are harangued to do it. Doesn’t matter if you have commends, have rising statistics, love your job, are excellent at it, or anything else — none of that matters. The guys with the big swinging d—ks will see you and criticize you and tell you to get your ____ together and DO YOUR JOB.
    It’s horrible and robs you of your passion to do what you are already doing.
    —–and shame on Melbourne org. That is a tragedy.

  52. I agree with you both.

    What is called “The Golden Age of Tech” teaches the exact opposite.

    That you *must* be totally dependent on an E-meter to the extreme of overt PC invalidation.

    The “drills” actually encourage meter dependancy.

    That along with the insidious alteration of the tech is the worst thing about them.

    They are just another form of “brain washing”.

    Like adding E to the “effort” of survival they do the same thing to actual auditing.

    At some point I realized that these “drills” were the most destructive arbitrary ever unleashed on Scientology since they directly affected auditor training and thereby *all* auditing delivery the two keystone factors of Scientology.

    Once these two points are effectively nullified or neutralized you can forget about getting good results or in many cases any result at all except poor results.

    And you can forget about anything else leading to Scientology because the roads that lead to Scientology now has been effectively blocked.

    Since according to Ron *All Roads Lead To Auditing*.

    When I realized that not only was blatant squirreling institutionalized but was being *enforced* that there was no reason to be a member of the “Church of Scientology”.

    Why would I want to be part of an organization that offered nothing but a shoddy substitute to Standard Tech?

    Worse and charge me thousands of dollars to get my case totally fucked over?

    I’d rather take my chances out in the field!

    At least I can be thankful I got my training as an auditor before the Golden Age of Tech so that at least I have a datum of comparable magnitude to evaluate how far off the rails the Church has gone.

    They are so fuckin’ gone that they are not even in the same fuckin’ galaxy!!!!!

    The words “out tech” and “squirreling” are currently meaningless in the context of today’s Scientology organization since that is their Standard Operating Procedure.

    Any gains they are making today are purely by some miracle or fortuitous accident.

  53. Main Brainwash Trick: other determinism.

  54. So true, Marty.


  56. Thanks Marty,
    That was a great reference. I used to feel bad because I HATED going to events. Because I felt implanted and brainwashed after each event. But god forbid I ever say that! Now I understand why. You’re the best! 🙂

  57. Sam — Yeah, it IS amusing.

    BUT, they have a problem.

    They claim there are 8 million Scientologists (ha…) and that then means $8 billion a year! It doesnt add up no matter how you slice this — because if they said each gave $50 per year (which would be $400 million a year — 8 million a week which is a pretty good estimate with FSO, IAS, SO Int, Scn Int and Ideal Orgs) nobody would believe that either. Hell one book costs that much in the Golden Age of Everything. So, this is fudged both ways. The actual number of Scientologists is a fraction of 8 million and they give considerably more than $1000 a year (If there are 40,000 and each gives $10,000 that is $400 million which is in the ballpark).

    They can’t lie straight in bed…

  58. That is awesome in a horrifying way – very well done on that! Yes, that is the way to do it! I did the same on one of my endless eligibility sec checks. Everything was flat as Kansas, but, you know, they had to check every. single. one. AO actually apologized to me for that!

  59. Absolutely, SA – Have/Can’t Have, not to mention the bracketed flows. Your point on the climbing a mountain is very, very true. Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” is a great example of that kind of persistence – I remember thinking about that when I was on a very long, marathon bike ride.

  60. (Intimate thoughts of a Scientologist)



    All the upstats are clapping!!!!!!

    Yes, that is the in-ethics thing to do.

    But wait…

    the OT levels are not producing that product.

    we are not clearing the planet.

    The definition of FN has changed. By whom? By COB!

    The books have been changed! By whom? By COB!

    Policies have been altered, cancelled, changed…

    By whom? BY COB!!!!!!


    Why am I not that knowledgeable?

    Int management consists ONLY of this Miscavige guy?…using reverse tech and current digital technology to show at the events with the spinning graphs through the roof, the booming music, the Jeff Pomerantz morphed voice that announces things that just aren’t true…

    and you listen intently…

    and it must be true because Miscavige defeated the IRS…

    and he found out the blind were leading the blind…

    and found the solution for it…

    memorizing stuff…

    and new big luxurious buildings…GOOD GOD WE NEVER HAD BUILDINGS LIKE THIS BEFORE! We will be recognized.

    and never did we realize that behind the scenes he was belittling good people…

    suppressing them…

    changing the tech around, just slightly enough to to change it…that was what was important…that we would buy into his changing of the tech…

    He was counting on the fact that we would buy into the inval that we as Scientologists didn’t really know what we knew despite out hundreds and thousands of hours of study and since none of us were truly possessed with the promised OT powers, there must be some reason that wasn’t occurring and we were stuck with the same old planet and the same old circumstances and stuck in a body still and the only magic that seemed to be occurring is what we saw at events, with the spinning graphics the stat graphs, and our incredible wins on the fourth dynamic in Columbia with the police and Japan with the Shinto and in Hollywood with Tom Cruise and company and…

    little did we know that he, David Miscavige, the Czar of management had essentially wiped out all management by taking over their minds…

    and the new game…




    FOR US…

    AND HIM…

    YES, that’s what Ron must have meant, he must know it, David Miscavige, after all, didn’t Ron train him and isn’t he in charge and I’m just a dumb old public trying to make my honest way up the Bridge so I can play an honest part in rectifying the wrongs of this universe?

    Is THIS what I got into Scientology for? Is L. Ron Hubbard dead? Is this universe doomed? Did we fall prey to LRH warnings in KSW?

    Oh, look…ahhhhhh…spinning graphs…David Miscavige…COB…the MASTER…leading the way…booming voice over…we are winning…yes, yes, yes, yes…………..we will get there.


    Does it take beating others? Demeaning? Tricking and fooling? Cajoling into donating huge amounts and THEY are the true heroes?

    Are the RICH the true anointed ones? Am I rich? No? Am I a loser because of that? It could seem? Am I strong enough? What is my status?

    Is this my church I gave my heart and soul to?

    I L O V E M E S T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so…nice and SOLID.
    Good to hold others in, like marching battalions of lemmings frozen in ice, yet marching, marching, marching forward towards the promised land.

  61. That is a bit tricky, Cat. Some things are for the greater good.

    You got me thinking, though – if the goal is money extraction, then selling a false or imaginary greater good is a con.

    If the goal is total, 100% dedication of life and liberty to a false “greater good,” then is brainwashing.

  62. Theo Sismanides

    Beautiful, great creation. I am happy we are up there in aesthetics and reasoning here!

  63. Spanky,

    I know the feeling exactly!

    This was what “Product Conference” was like when I did a short gig as an Exec.

    Aside from the hallucinogenic, unreal and delusional “targets” was the effort of others telling you to do the job you were already doing.

    After a while I used to avoid product conferences like the plague.


    I actually went exterior with full perception and a persistent F/N with VVGIs when I was busted off the post back to being lowly tech staff again 🙂

  64. martyrathbun09

    Great book.

  65. Un-freaking believable. Loved the echoes and completely empty… everything! Some “Ideal Org.”

    And the “$1000 per year” thing – ridiculous! Just to be an IAS member is $500 per year, and you get bupkis!

    Haircuts and eyebrows? Personal trainers? In the guise of “Way to Happiness?”

    I mean… really. Is there any question at all that this Church of XXX in Melbourne Australia has nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology?

  66. Thanks, Marty. Really, I am but a humble echo of what LRH said in (in this case) 1957.

  67. Amazing story, thanks for sharing. Goes to show that toughness and persistence had to be applied. It reminded me that Tommy Davis line of the “tough SOBs” are still in the SO is actually a reverse look as it seems tougher to maintain one’s integrity to go through the gauntlet and GTFO!

  68. Will that be cash or credit card? 🙂

  69. It’s Miscavige mathematics Mike.

    Using beauty treatments to get public into an org is absurd. The public in general see right through it. I wonder what the Scientologist think about this out there?

  70. Cowboy Poet

    Played like a Stradivarius…isn’t the rythm of the language and the meaning you can put into the arrangement of words and thought a wonderful thing?
    Love ya OTDT!
    You got a fan!

  71. It’s The Golden Age of Math, see? We were all blind before….

  72. Scott Campbell

    Great poem WindWalker!

    I never liked them for just that reason. HA!

  73. Sapere Aude

    Publius and Marty,
    The basic being is quite adept at critical thinking. Once you strip away the case, or accumulation of false pictures, reactive pictures, etc one is able to view in PT what is really there. Critical think can only occur if you can actually see what you are viewing. One can only view when truly in PT.

    As you know, more than I, it is not that complicated. LRH in HCOB 3 April 1966 Dianetic Auditing Course:
    “The whole answer to the mind is mental pictures and masses created by the thetan. There is no other source or cause of aberration. Unless a student knows this he will never make a good auditor and Scientologist. The only early way to get a reality on it is to audit secondaries and engrams and be audited through them. ” and …

    “It’s just a picture, secondary or engram. The whole of the technique is just finding the incident the pc is “in”, running the pc through the incident, beginning to end, several times and not letting him digress and letting him come up the tone scale past boredom to enthusiasm by doing so. When I think of the millions of words I have had to speak or write just to get that terrible simplicity across, I see it can be bent as technology in a thousand thousand ways.”

  74. Freedom Fighter


  75. Scott Campbell

    No wonder it’s hard to survive reaching the top of the Bridge in the Church of Scientology.

    Glad I didn’t try it in that outfit. Talk about effort!


  76. Sapere Aude

    Sam, Quicksilver, Mike, Valkob – come on guys. Give them a break. They are just trying to stop telling a lie and get straight on the BIS state. They had GAT word clearing on Bodies In The Shop. They really are trying to do the right thing you know. They understand the individual words Bodies … In … The … Shop. I am sure the I&R would correct them if this wasn’t correct.

    We should target the regging or lack of. Only $1000 per year average donos! I think they need there asses in the dumpster cleaning it from 10pm to 2am daily until they correct that obvious waste of a resource. That is just some SP putting stops on DM’s dream of filling that mausoleum that was built just for them.

  77. Scott Campbell

    Hey, the room just got brighter!


  78. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. Great reference! Intense photo with a great caption.

    Speaking of brainwashing…. A couple of weeks ago, my better half had an old long time friend come into LA for auditing at AOLA (he hadn’t had auditing for at least 25 years) and wanted to meet up with Gary while he was in town. They had lunch, caught up on years of what each of them had been doing and had a great time. He came over to the house where I made them coffee and served my famous (and delicious) maple walnut bars. Gary’s friend told me how close Gary and he were — so close and such good friends that they considered each other brothers. After he left, Gary said his friend told him “that I was a true OT VIII and how he could tell was because you feel so good around them.”

    With that introduction. Next step is, Gary’s friend goes into AOLA and sees the MAA to make sure it’s okay he’s connected to Gary who is an ex-S.O. ‘Freeloader.’ Apparently that was okay but then the MAA checked the computer and saw my name. To make a long story shorter, here’s the bulk of an email that Gary received from his friend yesterday:

    “In any event, I am going to cut communication with you because of your intimate (may as well be “familial”) tie to Kathy.

    I think that she is suppressive and that you have blinders on if you disagree. I’m basing my decision on her own words and my opinion of those words, not an SP Declare or someone else’s opinion about her.

    There is a website – http://www.scientology-cult.com/kathy-braceland-cl-vi-ot-viii.html – wherein she publicly attacks COB, attempting to malign his character with “Miscavige has invalidated every auditor, pc, Clear, pre OT and OT on this planet and introduced a hidden data line that only he is privy to” and seeks to make nothing of The Golden Age of Tech with “Miscavige introduced the Golden Age of Tech in the 90’s as well. The training that we all did prior to this was awesome! It didn’t need to be fixed.”

    That simply is not true. The Tech as LRH wrote it was not available in the books extant before the release of The Basics because they had been altered from their first printing. If nothing else, all auditors before that point were trained, to some degree, on false technology, on false Basics. That needed to be fixed; COB fixed it. He caused a restoration of the Tech, or, actually, he made the Tech available for the first time since LRH wrote it; it had never really seen the light of day.

    In fact, there was a Hidden Data Line that none of us knew existed: the actual Tech! That Hidden Data Line is gone thanks to the work of Mr. Miscavige and hundreds if not thousands of Sea Org Members, finding and restoring the lost Tech.

    I invite you to form your own opinion of anyone who would oppose that effort by saying it wasn’t needed or that a careful check of pcs who’d been audited under the old “Tech” was not warranted to ensure that they had gotten all the gains available, not intended to invalidate the gains that any pc had achieved.

    I have never met COB, but I know of no one that I admire more for Keeping Scientology Working than him. He is rightfully the Leader of my Church. I oppose anyone who attempts to knock him off of that post.

    It is my opinion that Kathy, in her own words, has clearly stated that she opposes him.

    You are intimately connected to her and support her. I can’t condone that.”

    And to think, I served him my famous maple walnut bars….

  79. Friend of Ron

    Thanks Sinar — in DM’s gang everything is in reverse, and so in it also goes for toughness: there the way through is the way out.

  80. WOW! Impressive example of “being there and confronting” and yet so demonstrative of the evil within the church.

  81. I was quite excited when I read the headline, as I’m quite fascinated with DM’s use of brainwashing/ thought reform within the cult however I’m not sure I’m reading the same passages all these commentors are raving about. I find the above very incoherent, rambling, and incocise. Before anyone says it, no I had no MUs. But I hope voicing my honest opinion won’t prevent my comment from being posted because it’s a very important topic, one that many Scientologists (and Exes) have been touchy about discussing and I’m glad Marty is opening up for further discussion.

    For a few years I’ve been reading about psychological manipulation, thought reform, brainwashing, Stockholm syndrome, etc… During some recent readings I did find a statement on brainwashing that I thought perfectly describes the SO today.

    “Because brainwashing is such an invasive form of influence, it requires the complete isolation and dependency of the subject, which is why you mostly hear of brainwashing occurring in prison camps or totalist cults. The agent (the brainwasher) must have complete control over the target (the brainwashee) so that sleep patterns, eating, using the bathroom and the fulfillment of other basic human needs depend on the will of the agent. In the brainwashing process, the agent systematically breaks down the target’s identity to the point that it doesn’t work anymore. The agent then replaces it with another set of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that work in the target’s current environment.”

    Now after sharing this with a few EX-SO we all agree it perfectly describes
    the environment within the SO. (Frame of reference, all these EX-SO were active from the late, late 80’s to early 2000s)

  82. OTDT you are real good. Another fan

  83. Friend of Ron

    Thanks GH,
    There is a juggernaut forming and you are contributing a lot of wisdom to it. The timelessness of that gives it sustenance.

  84. Cowboy Poet

    Um…. Hopefully you don’t mean “sing”. Could never seem to get my vocal cords wrapped around a song in any kind of an aesthetic manner.

    Co-create? Sure! I love to PLAY!
    I would love to have some of my poems set to music but I have not personally demonstrated much talent in that area so far. I’m open to offers.

  85. Scott Campbell

    Most blown out I have ever been was after my first comm course!

  86. Thanks guys.

    I love to slip in a poem now and then, when the timing is auspicious.


  87. martyrathbun09

    Exhibit 2, brainwashed.

  88. For those who may have missed it last time around I’d like to repost the article about North Korean Brainwashing as it was done back in the 1950s:

    Readers can judge for themselves if these techniques resemble what goes on in the Co$.

    North Korean Brainwashing is based completely on denying the target prisoners all positive emotional support, and exposing them to an all
    negative emotional atmosphere, and actually rewarding them when they acted to destroy their own ideals and emotional capacity, and

    The North Korean brainwashing camps were unique in that the prisoners were relatively well-treated in the physical sense. They had
    adequate food, shelter, and water, and were not physically tortured. In fact, their captors were careful not to make them angry, as this
    could have provided them with motivation to oppose the brainwashing process. (Clearly, DM has “improved” on the North Korean techniques by adding torture, sleep deprivation and food deprivation, as well as other forms of duress. – V)

    A study done after the Korean War, of 1,000 returned prisoners of war who had been “brainwashed”, found the majority never got back in
    touch with old friends and family. They were found to be in a condition described as in “mental solitary confinement”. All their bonds
    of affinity and relationship with others had been broken, and apparently they had lost their capacity to have positive relationships.

    The camps they had been in had no barbed wire surrounding them, and very few guards, yet escape attempts were very rare.

    At the same time,it was found that something like 28% of the prisoners had died in these camps, essentially by giving up their will to live.
    These camps had the highest death rates of any camps anywhere, ever recorded.

    Many of the prisoners just went to their quarters one day, sat in a corner covering themselves with a blanket, and died, often within two days.
    Usually no-one of the other prisoners tried to help them, because the bonds of relationship between them had already been broken.

    The researchers concluded these men had died of “extreme hopelessness”.

    Here is how it was done:

    1. Group members are all channeled into informing on each other. Informers are given rewards. This breaks the trust between the group
    members and isolates each person from the others. No-one can be trusted, because anyone might be or become an informer at anytime.
    Interestingly enough, no-one was punished for anything they had reportedly done. That was not the objective. The objective was to
    destroy the trust and emotionally supportive relationships the group members had with each other.

    2. Prisoners are organized into smaller groups of 10 or 12, and required to confess bad things they have done, and also to confessing
    good things they failed to do. They did not confess to their captors, but to each other, the other group members. This is a “reverse group
    therapy” process. This gradually eroded the caring, trust, and respect the men had for each other.

    3. Efforts are made to destroy loyalty to leadership and their country, and their own ideals.

    4. All positive support is withheld. For example, all supportive mail from home with any good news or encouragement was withheld. All mail
    with bad news was delivered – news of death, pending divorce, dunning letters for unpaid bills, etc were all promptly delivered.

    The goal of this kind of brainwashing is basically to completely ARC break (destroy the positive emotion in their lives) the prisoners
    with themselves, with their fellows, with
    their leaders, their country, and with life, and eventually their will to live.

    Some of the prisoners essentially became like their captors, and became apologists for the North Koreans. Most did not, but were severely
    emotionally damaged.

    Much of the information here I took from an audiobook called “How Full Is Your Bucket?” by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton PhD.

    They are founders of the field of “Positive Psychology”, which they promoted to businesses, but which has application to all people.
    Positive Psychology has to do with the study and implementation of methods for reinforcing and increasing mental health in any setting,
    instead of focusing on the sick, disordered, or pathological.
    It does reveal how positive or negative interactions between people strongly affect their “mental health”.

  89. Sunny,
    This quote: “The agent (the brainwasher) must have complete control over the target (the brainwashee) so that sleep patterns, eating, using the bathroom and the fulfillment of other basic human needs depend on the will of the agent. In the brainwashing process, the agent systematically breaks down the target’s identity to the point that it doesn’t work anymore. The agent then replaces it with another set of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that work in the target’s current environment.”
    Bingo. You got it. Thanks for that concise summation. It’s accuracy is a tragic truth for the S.O. as it is today. Not at all how it started, but what it morphed into with LRH gone.

  90. I have it on “good authority” that Foundation will be offering lap-dancers when the sun goes down….

    It ought to be pretty easy to “route bodies” in for these, especially on weekends. There will be small buses touring nearby college campuses and business and entertainment districts at night to provide transportation. Credit cards will of course be accepted. There will be a third shift established at the org, after Foundation hours, to accommodate this new program.

  91. Sunny V,

    Another very good summary of “brain washing” is found here:


    The best by far is:


    which you can down load.

  92. Quicksilver

    BIS?? LOL … hilarious!! Hahahahahah

  93. Quicksilver

    Holy Christ Kathy …

    From a real OT VIII that makes people feel good to something less than pond scum in a few days …. ridiculous!

    And that LRH … having all that tech hidden for so many years … that wascaly wabbit !

    Praise Mr. Miscavige for releasing us from this mystery. The messiah is born

    Davey, you’ve out done yourself this time!!

    Sheesh /facepalm

  94. Scott Campbell


    I’d take your famous maple walnut bars over the entirety of the “Golden Age of Tech” any day, as long as I had the beautiful company of you and yours to go with it.

    And don’t offer me a cup of your fantastic coffee or you’ll never get rid of me!

    Oops, too late!

    Love, Scott

  95. Kathy, he had it right the first time, when he was still in valence and was observing what he himself was actually observing. Everything after that was just a load of crap.

    He is obviously not maple-walnut-bar-worthy, my dear.

    love and kisses


  96. I can’t believe what I just saw. Imagine in the 50’s that LRH had just announced that the orgs were going to give haircuts and mannicures. People would have thought poor Ron had gone mad.

    Now, it’s SOP for the Church of Haircutology.

    I still cannot believe what I just saw. Surreal. Almost as if I was dreaming. Karen, I am going to bed now, and when I wake up, I do hope this was all a dream.


  97. “The average donation is around $1000 a year” ??

  98. Doesn’t a being naturally operate on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics – optimum survival?

    Then enforcement of that brings us right back to Marty’s OP.

  99. He uses MEST to hypnotize too.

    I just got the latest promo piece for the Superpower building.
    It’s got a pic of workers (slaves) on their knees putting in what must be one of the worlds largest mosiacs in front of the building, made of tiny little tiles.

    I keep going back to this Egyptian thing. If you a huge overwhelming MEST you must be powerful. Why would the average person question it. You have these enourmous monuments- you must be a god.

    He’s got all the Scientologists made into slaves building him monuments and pyramids. Their effort only serves to further enslave them and others.

    This is so far from LRH we should sue them for using the name Scientology.

  100. BINGO will be held on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.

  101. one of those who see

    I am speechless.
    I was thinking if I had left Scientology, lets say 10 years ago, didn’t read on the net, nothing. And then saw that video. I wouldn’t believe it. It would be impossible. They have gone overtly, completely off the rails!!!!
    Let’s see how far are hair cuts and massages from MAKING AUDITORS??????????

  102. LRH used those books, had people study them and put them on checksheets for how many years? LRH trained auditors for how many years before COB fixed everything? This is madness.

  103. barneyrubble


    I know I know.. Thanks for the post.

  104. Tony Dephillips

    Love it OTDT.
    I saw the movie The Kings Speech again tonight. When he gave his final speech against Germany his reasoning was Might does not make you right.
    Dm doesn’t get it. He is like Hitler in his own way. He is trying to overwhelm rightness with his mighty mestiness.
    I say this mother fxxxer is going down.

  105. wow, sounds like a wind-up doll

  106. That’s why I successfully blew from the Int Base. I saw people break under the “route-out” procedure. I knew I’d go mad, trying to leave “properly” by routing out. The odds are so not in one’s favor.

    The thing is that you CAN walk out of there but none of us knew that. If that’s not brainwashing I don’t know what is.

  107. Kathy, thank you for posting Gary’s friend’s “communication” here. One doesn’t need any more evidence than that to see what supporting the Church of $cientology does to a person.

    He died a little when he wrote that.

    Just Me

  108. Watching Eyes

    I was thinking about that video from AU and realized DM’s new marketing plan. The Golden Age of Tech has evolved (actually devolved is more like it) into the GOLDEN AGE OF BODIES.

    He’s squirrelled the tech so there’s nothing to sell there. Now, go into an org and get a massage or get your hair done etc. The carrot to get people in is centered on enhancing bodies.

    Think about it, it’s all following DM’s lead. When was the last time he had an spiritual enhancement? But body enhancement? Lets see, he’s got a personal steward, personal trainer, personal chef, tanning booth, fancy cars and motorcycles to carry his little body around, fancy sound systems, his own doctor when he needs it, golfing & scuba diving for exercise & tailor made clothes and shoes. It’s all geared toward enhancing his body.

    The only question is, where does it go from here?

  109. Friend of Ron

    Sunny V,

    You might want to re-read theLRH reference given here from the viewpoint that in it LRH gives the solution to the problem. The statement on brainwashing you quote is certainly applicable as well but it focuses on describing the problem. The LRH reference, typically, provides the tech for solving it.

  110. Joe Pendleton

    That was a great reference and I always keep in mind how much I contribute to my own problems in the sense of my own agreements to play my created games. No matter how bad Miscavige is and has been, I do think that the key question is still why have Scientologists gone into agreement with it all. Of course, there’s no ONE answer and Karen #1 has made the case well as to what sustained brutality will do to people.

    I have just finished Jeff Hawkins’ book. Quite a read for an old time Scientologist such as myself. The most chilling moment coming when his second wife answered a survey question “wrongly” – she said she preferred to live off base – and was immediately chastised at a muster and taken off post and degraded and brutalized for this – absolutely chilling as to how totalitarian it had become on the base.

    But what really keep striking me towards the last half of Jeff’s story was how every one’s life in all respects came down to ONE man. Would Miscavige approve his promo campaigns? Jeff was on or off post depending on how ONE person felt about him. And not just what he did for a job, but where he lived, how much time he spent with his wife, or even if he had a right to be married or in the SO at all, came down to how ONE person felt. You can read Jeff’s recent blog entries on why he stayed (he talks about “the dream” – the overall goal that peopel still believed in that they were willing to sacrifice everything for).

    I would just like to add that there IS a cultural/groupl reason (s) behind why an individual like Miscavige can take over and keep power as he has for 30 years. And like Ghadaffi has done for 42 years now in Libya. Hitler was an absolutely terrible SP, but there were also German cultural factors/beliefs that led to the Nazi Party receiving the most votes in the 1933 elections. I would submit that one of the cultural Scientology factors was the “old favorite” of turning your life over to ONE man, deciding that ONE person had the answer to everything about life and giving that person power over ALL your dynamics. Sea Org members made that decision with LRH and that went on for 20 years or so, and so it is no suprise to me at all that this continued with Miscavige. Miscavige will eventually be replaced – by either an enlightened invidual – probably – or by someone who is just as much a megolomaniac as he is. But I would add that each individual has to make the decision never to put their life decisions in the hands of another person as Scientologists have done. Which is why I think that if Scientology has a future, it will be via a free church system, an independent alliance of free people.

  111. TroubleShooter


    There has been a great deal of inval on the tech terminals of Class V orgs who did the GAT. I for one don’t appreciate it as it negates the intelligence and ability of 100s of good staff around the world who produced great products.

    The performance of an auditor is actually made by auditing. audit audit audit 6,8,10 hours a day. They were not all robots made since the GAT so the generalization you make is offensive to those of us who carried LRH’s torch to make Clears and OTs since the GAT was released.

    The fact that the LRH talk to Basic Qual lecture did provide by Ron himself the future of drills for each auditing action gets overlooked in the message made repeatedly about the tech in general since these drills came out.

    Give the tech terminals – some of the most highly trained on the planet – a little more credit than you are please to be able to assimilate straight LRH and apply it. Many endured tremendous inval in doing so and yet still audited with their TRO IN and DO get real EPs.

    The kind of people who train and audit a pc are still the most valuable beings on the planet and don’t deserve to be lost in the overall message that we can agree on – cob has taken liberties with the tech that WERE seen and the best did not follow.

  112. Centurion — When I said NO, not only verbally but by my actions, I was asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”

    To my way of thinking at that time, there was nothing to be afraid of.

    The interceding years have proved there really wasn’t anything to be afraid of then, nor now, nor in the future. H

  113. Maybe this photo would have been more appropriate:

    And while I respect Virginia Stewart for confronting the task of taking “A Current Affair” through the Melbourne Org and showing them the ropes (figuratively speaking) perhaps it’s time she reflected on what she is now supporting by doing so, especially since she should have been in Switzerland at her father’s funeral.

    Allen Wright was a real Scientologist and would have known better than to pander to the media for any reason. After all, it’s off-policy.

  114. Looks like that image embed didn’t work. One more try:

    Eyes Open

  115. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Yeah, …Honestly apply Scientology = have cognitions and huge spiritual wins. How many complexities can be found before everyone can get back to this beautiful simplicity?

  116. Ok, lets take a look at this Kool-Aid:

    “That simply is not true. The Tech as LRH wrote it was not available in the books extant before the release of The Basics because they had been altered from their first printing. ”

    If the above is true, it would be easily verified by comparing the originals to both the LRH Life-Time editions and the DM era editions. Somehow, though, I don’t think that will happen, and the LRH “originals” will go the route of the “Golden Plates of Mormonism” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_plates)

    “In fact, there was a Hidden Data Line that none of us knew existed: the actual Tech! That Hidden Data Line is gone thanks to the work of Mr. Miscavige and hundreds if not thousands of Sea Org Members, finding and restoring the lost Tech. ”

    LRH – “There is no Hidden Data Line.”

    One or the other (or both) statements are FALSE.

    Make the originals available, or drop the sophistry…..

  117. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Thank you, Marty.

  118. Sapere Aude

    Unfortunately with one short leg and a string from the right hip to a pole. Can only go in a circle and thinks that is normal. Right leg keeps it walking in a circle and the string in case “it” thinks and trys to walk straight. Pesky critters would be troublesome otherwise.

  119. This is fantastic Kathy. It fits so perfectly. THE stable (false) datum that those with no KRC for the tech have adopted in place of real understanding.

    How eloquently he stated this. How thoroughly he believes it. How utterly perfect it is as a justification to not-is the facts.

    Why can’t they see that Scientology has its lowest public approval in history? Why can’t they see that all the critical tech stats are out the bottom? Why can’t they observe the alterations which have been clearly laid out, side by side, in this and many other sites? How do they justify the number of people leaving?

    They simply don’t HAVE to look anymore. Der Leader is God and is infallible and has cleaned up all the messes left by Ron and his SP transcriptionists. All will be well. Look at the beautiful golden palaces.

    I suppose that many enjoyed Nero’s fiddling.

  120. TroubleShooter

    Maybe this is the new revision by cob of waxing enthusiastic…

  121. Good post, Joe.

  122. Speaking of the E-meter I saw that JY Besnard has gone to the dark side… I guess they used his kids against him?

  123. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Any gains they are making today are thanks to those of us who won’t go along with becoming DeMon robots instead of just auditing like Ron did using the very basics of ARC, TRs and really caring for the being in front of you. That’s where the miracles come in.

    Unfortunately, those gains are short lived, because there is someone who is getting rid of the best staff people, especially the best (non-robot) auditors. That’s what an SP does.

    Marty is the best-ever demo, in my humble opinion and experience, of “auditing like Ron did.” That’s one fortuitous accident. And then there’s the ensuing fortuitousness, that we can audit outside the “Church.”

    Thank our lucky stars! =)

  124. plainoldthetan

    Thanks for the quote Marty.

    It reminds me of HCO B 8 January 1969 DRUGS AND “INSANITY,” NONCOMPLIANCE AND ALTER-IS


    Actually, the datum is a small bit from OT VIII data, being part of energy creation.

    It applies too well at lower levels, however, to leave it in such a stratosphere.

    It explains, for instance, why a pc, challenged by an ‘auditor’ who is breaking the Auditor’s Code, gets such a solid reaction in the reactive bank.

    Threatened by an apparent effort to destroy him instead of letting him find the truth, the pc reacts by mocking up hard below his awareness level. This does not, of course, make him insane. It just sticks him a bit in the session.

    Maybe this mechanism explains why Indies find it so hard to get an Innie to recognize what’s happening in the CofM.

    Davey has deceptively turned his own stat-crashing into an “external threat” that causes “true believers” to just mock up harder.

  125. A wise philosopher once said “What is true for you is what you yourself have observed to be true. And when you have lost that, you have lost everything”. Because Gary’s friend was willing to accept what he was told over what he had observed himself, he has lost not only his integrity, but his own voice. The email was obviously crafted by someone at OSA, not by a guy who had been off the Bridge for 25 years.

  126. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Love your attitude!

  127. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Dueling poetry readings at Indy party?

    Agreed that was beautiful, WW

  128. Tom, you’re right. Kathy, it sucks to have to hear that.

    Davey really has his hooks in good. He has fabricated a story that will be difficult to unwinnd. Funny thing is, it should be easy! KSW#1 is perfectly clear. PERFECTLY CLEAR! And yet, with the stroke of a pen, he has nullified LRH, KSW, re-written all the basics and soon the rest of the tech… all while carrying the banner of Savior.

    God help the spinning PCs that come up in the future.

  129. martyrathbun09

    We may have a Slam Coach there – so bring your poems and be prepared to perform.

  130. martyrathbun09

    You got it PoT.

  131. martyrathbun09

    He was always a zero. Now he’s a rimless zero.

  132. martyrathbun09

    I’m listening to lectures from the late fifties, where he is citing his books during the lectures, and telling those listening he was re-reading them. HYPNOTISM, OVERWHELM, AND BRAINWASHING – THE THREE HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE.

  133. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Tone level anyone? Being Bodies? One observation I’ve had for a while has been how tone levels inside the “Church” – starting with DM’s – have been sinking to below 0.0.

  134. martyrathbun09

    ” Sea Org members made that decision with LRH and that went on for 20 years or so, and so it is no suprise to me at all that this continued with Miscavige.” Inaccurate and very over-simplistic generality, in my opinion. My specifics? Between 1,500 and 2,000 pages of them on this blog from day one.

  135. martyrathbun09

    I think he died a lot.

  136. martyrathbun09

    I love it when you talk like a beer commercial.

  137. “The fact that the LRH talk to Basic Qual lecture did provide by Ron himself the future of drills for each auditing action gets overlooked in the message made repeatedly about the tech in general since these drills came out.”

    Ron talks about the drills in relation to Qual, NOT the Academy.

  138. Summer Wind

    Since being away from the church I find The Universe is not so tough and I also find that people are nicer to me because I look at them so differently.

  139. Watching Eyes

    Mike R.
    Incoming email.

  140. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, I didn’t mean to denigrate any Sea Org members’ committment to LRH and working toward a sane planet. I just meant that one did agree to follow all of LRH’s dictates as they were issued (my conclusion as I was an Org staff member and not in the SO) as well as to follow SO etiquette and always to be in step with command intention no matter what it was. I’m not saying that orders from the top were non-survival; from my knowledge, the vast majority of them were good. The only point I’m really making is that the “habit” of agreeing to let the actions on your dynamics be determined by another is a hard habit for a group to break and inevetiably that postulate leads to absolute authoritarianism. I’ve read most of your posts and they paint a picture of a group that largely supports a manaical leader – with of course a certain percentage of freedom fighters and “righteous rebels” if I may coin a phrase – and there always have been that type of individual and group, from before and after Spartacus to George Washington to Frederick Douglass to Gandhi and ML King – those people who say “no” to being owned by others.

  141. Excellent OTDT! You could put the background music Carmin Burane, Cantiones Profane” (the music that is always in the exorcist movies) for the final impact and implant effect! But it must be started at the I AM DAVID MISCAVAGE part.

  142. I have bad news. Neither DM nor most Scientologists are reading this blog. Only Rat-Joe does.

  143. RJ, I’m assuming you know that your second reference, the famous Brainwashing Manual, was written by LRH under a pen name. My old friend John Sanborn was with him when he wrote it and it was common knowledge around the old 1960’s Pubs Org that it was really an LRH book, although that was never publicly stated to be so. It was stocked and sold like the rest.

  144. martyrathbun09

    In addition to being ARC broken you are mistaken.

  145. martyrathbun09

    Joe, I think what I am detecting is “dropped out time”. A group that “largely supports a manaical leader” evolved over 30 years. The inaccuracy bit I was commenting on is the association of LRH to DM. Agreed on the pack mentality of humans – it is by no means unique to Scientologists.

  146. Jeff,

    Writer’s write stuff all the time under another name.

    So what’s your point?

  147. Joe Pendleton

    Your points well made.

  148. Dearest Grasshopper,
    I just had a big, giant, major cog (realization) off of your comment. It was like getting additional steps to a PTS Rundown I did many years ago. Remember the “must have”/”can’t have” steps one would run on terminals? Well, when I received my “Burn Notice” I was cut off from talking to Scientologists. I had not built my life around Scientology comm lines as others have, so it wasn’t as rough on me as it would be for someone whose every comm line, employment, relatives, etc. were all Scientologists. So this phenomena wasn’t as obvious or noticeable. But, what it did do was cut me off from discussing Scientology with my friends. Things like we are discussing right here, right now, on this blog. What the Declare did was make communication SCARCE for me, I mean REAL COMMUNICATION, the kind you do with Scientologists, was incredibly scarce. I would write LONG letters to the IJC, some of them 10 or 12 typewritten pages long. I thought I did it because the declare was an injustice, but now I realize he was truly my ONLY terminal. The problem was, at the time he was not doing e-mail, so the comm lag on sending him a letter and getting a response was about 18 to 21 days. Yes, I would count the days. I wrote him so many letters and so much comm, that when the Basics came out, I got a phone call from him and he sold me my first set of Basic Books. I kept him on the phone for 4 hours!!! When he called, I was at a restaurant with my boyfriend, eating dinner. My boyfriend got so disgusted with the situation that he left the restaurant and walked home! The restaurant closed and I kept talking the whole time to the IJC; while I paid the bill, the waiters were clearing off the tables, the crew started cleaning, and I finally left, still on the phone, talked all the way home while driving, up the stairs to my place and talked until 2:oo A.M. Only the last 30 minutes was about the basics. Mike Ellis had to listen to 3 1/2 hours of how the declare was an injustice, how I didn’t have time for a defense, had gotten an MAA clearance (metered interview) for going into session immediately before my Comm Ev, false reports, missing data, there Black PR, etc. etc. He got more than an earful! He prefaced his comm with “Well, you didn’t always do the right thing, but I certainly remembered you, with all the comm you sent me.” He went on to say that I was one of a very select few to be called by him. (I thought it was odd to be an “SP” and be called by the IJC to be sold books and lectures.) I did buy the basic books; he called me back the next day and we did the credit card thing. But the point of all this is, when someone like me, a long term Scientologist, gets cut off the comm lines, comm gets very scarce and one does/can go PTS because it is a can’t have on comm, can’t have on friends, and in my case, a can’t have on one’s own child. I COULDN’T HAVE MY OWN KID. I had let his father take him to Delphi so he could get a good education. He left for Delphi when he was 10. He didn’t “disconnect” until he was 14. I had sent him a cell phone, fully operational, and his Dad made him send it back. I was too cowed to get a lawyer, put my foot down and get him back, because I still planned to get a new Comm Ev or do A to E; kept woffling on doing either one, and knew I might have to sue to get my kid back and thought that would REALLY finish me off as a Scientologist. So I let the suppression on my 2-D continue, and was very PTS, stuck to the Church and the cycle because of the Can’t Have being run on me, not only on communication, but my own son.
    It also explains why I communicate so much on this blog. I had 9 years of no comm of the kind that I really like, and when I found this blog it was so incredible! I started going way uptone. It didn’t occur to me until just now, that this blog was filling in the scarcity of communication,the scarcity of talking about the technology, sharing wins, getting off charge, getting acknowledged, feeling like I had real friends, all the things for which I used to go the org to get. This blog and the friendships here replaces all the comraderie that I lost when the declare cycle happened, and is replacing, now, 10 years of lost comm. Sometimes I have felt the need to apologize for so much communication on this blog, and would be amazed at those here, who could do a couple of words or a sentence or two! Now understanding the SCARCITY run on me, (by the Church), it all makes sense now. Also, recently I’ve noticed I do have the ability to just write a couple of words or a couple of sentences, instead of going for the Pulitzer prize!
    More cogs are coming: my comm level with non-Scientologists is coming way up, and because of that my income is going up. I always make lots of money when I am in communication, as my business directly depends on communication. WHEN THE COMM WAS SHUT DOWN, THE MONEY GOT SHUT DOWN. I was so apathetic about the can’t haves run on me with friends, my kid, auditing, training, etc, that I couldn’t even communicate to my customers. Comm got so scare that it got to the point where I couldn’t comm with anyone about anything. I was completely shut down. That is the state I was in when I found this blog. Not only was my comm shut down, I was destitute, because I hadn’t made any money in a long time. I kept invalidating myself for the no money due to lack of production, and would beat myself up, never suspecting until just now that my PTSness with the Church DIRECTLY related to my lack of money. In the last few weeks my money lines have really opened up, and am working on transactions (FINALLY) that could make hundreds of thousands of dollars in income for my business. It is very exciting! Now that I understand this aspect of my PTSness, the lid on the income and production should REALLY come off! Can’t tell you the incrdible amount of charge associated with this. This problem with the PTSness and money is very OLD, and there are aspects of this blowing that are whole track. Thanks for the auditing. My Tone Arm Is Floating!!!!!!! (more than 3 swings of the tone arm, LOL.) Thanks for the free addition to my PTS Rundown. There is no doubt there will be more realizations all day long! And it won’t cost me $1,000 an hour! (Flag L’s Rates).
    Gotta tell you another win! Just realized why I went so uptone when I found out that I actually could have a cause of action for suing the Church outside of the First Amendment! For Disconnection and what is going on with my son. In the Technical Dictionary, there is a definition for Suppression: SUPPRESSION is {“a harmful intention or action against which one cannot fight back.” Thus when one can do ANYTHING about it, it is less SUPPRESSIVE.} This is from HCO PL* 26 Dec 66. I felt lke I was the TOTAL EFFECT of the Disconnection policy in regards to my son, and it seemed like there was nothing definitive I could do about it, other than bitch on this blog. I am not a letigious person. I have never sued anyone for anything, even when cheated out of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars (This had occurred). But when I found out I could do something about it, as much as I hate lawsuits, I got REALLY excited. Now I realize it is because I felt less suppressed and more at Cause. Basically, it was SOMETHING COULD BE DONE ABOUT IT.
    I was less PTS! Probably NO LONGER PTS is more like it!
    My eternal gratitude for this win, Grasshopper, (I am thanking my auditor here); and to LRH for the wonderful tech of handling suppression!
    All my love,
    Lady Min
    P.S. For non-Scientologists, HCO PL stands for Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter.
    PTS means Potential Trouble Source. This is someone who is connected to someone or some thing that is suppressing him, holding him down in some way. People connected to a true Suppressive Person become a Potential Trouble Source, they will be “trouble” for others.
    The PTS Rundown is a counselling action intended to handle these connections to people who would suppress one.
    The can’t have/must have steps referred to, are steps taken after you have discovered who or what you are PTS toward, that handle being “stuck” to this person; because they deny you things that you want (can’t have); or enforce things on you that you do not want (must have). By identifying these things, one releases himself/herself from the hold this action has upon one that “pins” him to the Suppressive Person, meaning you can’t let go of the Suppressive. A scarcity of something can make one feel like he needs the person, for that thing which is being denied. In the example told above, I was “stuck” to the Church because I thought that was the only place that I could discuss Scientology with other Scientologists. This blog replaces all that communication for me, so I no longer “need” the Church for those things. I was also stuck to the Church because I felt like I had to rejoin it in order to be able to talk to my son. The potential lawsuit makes me feel less stuck to the Church because now, there might be some other way to handle it, rather than rejoining the Church.

    P.P.S. In my opinion, this is how Disconnection operates to make people PTS. It cuts them off from communication with loved ones, relatives and friends, and “pins” them to the Church as the only way to get back into communcation with those loved ones. I consider this extortion and coercion for making people stay in the Church, as people are afraid of leaving, because they don’t want to be DISCONNECTED. If you want to know why I keep harping on this subject, this is why. IT IS THE GLUE THAT STICKS PEOPLE TO THE CHURCH. If there were no Disconnection, there would be no one left in the Church! There would be no barrier for Independent Scientologists to relay to the Church Scientologists the information about what is really going on. With this barrier gone and the data relayed, the Church would empty out! If we could crack the Disconnection thing, it would all be over but the crying! And the only one crying would be David Miscavige. All his money sources would be gone. That is the real reason he would cry when the Church the empties out! No more extortion! No more coercion! NO MORE MONEY!

  149. Exactly what I was thinking…wow is right!
    Amazing you could stay in PT like that! VWD indeed man!

  150. +2
    Where are the auditors trained only from GAOT?

  151. 😆 bwahahahahaha 😆

  152. Is it possible he wrote a translation of the original or re-wrote it for some reason, maybe to be more readable?

  153. Glad you did. Thanks!

  154. Kathy~Looks to me like they made a form letter just for you!
    Let’s see how things turn out for the guy now. He should be scared…very!

  155. Thanks for sharing this. Along with many others, I have an unbounded admiration for the level of responsibility you have so openly and effectively assumed. It’s nice to have this insight into one of the motivations behind your decision.

  156. ARCX- I’m quite sure battle plans for the days and/or weeks are written straight from this blog.

  157. TS,

    I didn’t “inval” the tech terminals I invalidated the squirrel tech known as “GAT”.

    Also I suggest you listen to “A Talk on a Basic Qual” again.

    *Qual* is the key word here.

    There is no policy that prohibits the use of such drills in *Qual* yet there is in Tech.

    See HCOPL 16 April 1965 Issue II “Drills Allowed”

    (fair use)

    The only allowed Practical drills on any Scientology Course including PE are:
       1. Modified Comm Course for PE.
       2. Original Comm Course TRs 0-4.
       3. Original Upper Indoc TRs.
       4. E-Meter Drills contained in Book of E-Meter Drills.
       5. Dissemination Drills when I write and release them.
    NO other practical drills of any kind will be permitted.
    Other Practical Drills are abolished. Reasons: They consume time uselessly, suppress actual processes and mess up data and cases. I did not develop or authorize these drills and have now seen that they teach alter-is of easy processes. They are not needed.
    They make poor auditors. I have just reviewed this matter thoroughly and have traced several training failures to these Wild cat Drills. Further, I traced several failed cases on course to them.
    Somewhere along the line somebody went mad inventing “drills” and “TRs”. If this is permitted to continue, we will no longer turn out good auditors. The standard drills as listed above have proven sufficient for years…

    (fair use)

    GAT is also a violation of point 4 of HCOPL 7 February 1965 written earlier that same year.

    (Fair use)
    Four: Teaching Correctly the correct technology.

    (Fair use)

    As it teaches students incorrectly.

    One example is the *additive* of running justifications as part of rudiments.

    Additive is defined in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary as:

    (fair use)

    a thing which has been added. This usually has a bad meaning in that an additive is said to be something needless or harmful which has been done in addition to standard procedure. Additive normally means a departure from standard procedure. For example, an auditor puts different or additional words into a standard process or command. It means a twist on standard procedure. In common English, it might mean a substance put into a compound to improve its qualities or suppress undesirable qualities. In Dn and Scn it definitely means to add something to the technology procedure resulting in undesirable results. (LRH Def. Notes)

    (Fair use)

    Also in many cases the “drills” teach various procedures incorrectly. That is different from what is given in the actual HCOB the drill is allegedly based on.

    For example with the exception of question 1 which deals with listing errors on the LIC the auditor handles each line itsa earlier itsa as given in the instructions given in HCOB 19 March 1971 given in caps:

    (Fair use)
    TAKE ALL READING ITEMS OR VOLUNTEERED ANSWERS Earlier Similar to F/N as they occur.
    (Fair use)

    Yet the LIC drill has the Auditor attempting to find and clear words on the question “Has something been misunderstood”.

    There are other various *anomalies* to the drills when compared to the actual HCOBs again which they are purportedly “exclusively” based on.

    Such as asking the PC the exact same question again after the PC has answered it by saying “no” particularly on questions relating to withholds and overts.

    This is just a blatant example of the introduction of an arbitrary as covered in the following HCOB:

    (Fair use)

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Class VIII
    Any arbitrary entered into any line is a way to stop that line.
    An auditor doing a job of auditing suddenly enters an arbitrary such as “The pc now has a grief charge so he must have a withhold as I’ve just cleaned up ARC
    breaks.” Or any such wild think. This arbitrary would stop that pc’s case right now.
    You get all there is to know about tech from HCOBs, tapes, books.
    This is all.
    Here’s one—when the needle on an E-Meter read in the response to an auditor’s question, all you know is that the needle on the E-Meter read. That’s all you know.
    Now in the next few seconds you will prove out, as to whether the read was to the question or to something else like a protest. To assume anything else in regard to meter reads is an arbitrary and will close up that pc with a bang.
    That’s the data. Knock off all the arbitraries NOW.
    Punch in hard standard tech. Standard tech is that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries.
    Copyright © 1968
    By L. Ron Hubbard

    (Fair use)

    Such as *presuming* the PC has a withhold or overt just because the question read.

    These out points as in *out tech* which I have covered briefly are of course precluded by the *fact* that the introduction of such drills into any training given in Division IV is a direct violation of HCOPL 16 April 1965 Issue II “Drills Allowed”.

    I don’t care how it is justified or rationalized by RTC, RTRC, Int Management or God himself.

    Policy is senior to orders or even suggestions even by the ol’man himself.

    This is covered in the HCOPL of 9 August 1972 “Seniority of Orders”

    (Fair use)

    Any practice by which junior issues, such as directives, abolish networks or make off-policy changes can only result in the destruction of networks, orgs and tech. This is therefore a High Crime policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or abolishes anything set up in HCO Policy Letters or HCOBs….

    (Fair use)

    Thus the fact is that even it could be construed or *interpreted* that Ron actually suggested or even ordered such drills be introduced into Div IV training there is still *policy* that prohibits their use.

    And until the above policy again HCOPL 16 April 1965 Issue II is properly canceled it still remains in force and *all* those responsible for continuing this off policy action are still guilty of committing a *High Crime* by following an *illegal* order.

    Thus you can look at the fact that any auditor who continues to “audit” according to the dictates of the “Golden Age of Tech” is to a greater or lesser degree committing treason.

    I don’t care how many “results” they or you *claim* they are apparently getting.

    Ron himself says in RJ 67:

    (Fair use)
    The only time that Scientology technology is ineffective is when it is not used or when it is altered considerably.
    (Fair use)

    He also said that auditing is what you can get away with but as you know or should know this all changed after the introduction of Class VIII as course that for the most part is no longer being delivered for some reason.

    Is it because once a student actually does the Class VIII course they see the fallacy of the “Golden Age of Tech”?

    They may actually see that someone has introduced “other tech”?

    Anyway that is the way I see it.

  158. I knew LRH as a being one could trust impicitly.
    I left the CofS 28 years ago when I felt that he was, for whatever reason, no longer in full control and matters were becoming insane.
    Miscavage has quite deviously tried to reassign source to himself whereas he is not in the same ballpark as LRH by 200 orders of magnitude.
    LRH was not well educated in deviousness and treachery over the aeons of the track.
    DM appears to be far better educated in such matters due to his own experiences and choice of action.
    Most of the people who want Scientology are not experienced in the deviousness and treachery of DM.
    LRH created Scientology. DM leeched.
    We need to put the leech on ignore and get on with the tech 🙂

  159. Let’s not forget Las Vegas Night held in the Chapel.

    Remember to ask reception for your free Keno ticket and tokens when you come in.

  160. Very well stated Ralph.

    My personal opinion is that Ron tended to be too trusting in many ways and overlook a person’s faults.

    Not necessarily a major flaw but one that could be exploited by those small worthless being who are nothing but evil.

    I believe he said in one of the SOS lectures he himself violated his own Chart on occasion by allowing a 1.1 to “assist” him when he was working on the Chart in Palm Springs.

    Also you have to consider the fact that Ron was very much distracted by factors in the environment, wrapping up the OT Levels and publishing his own series of novels to worry too much about Management and a potential power push by RTC.

    Not only that but at the time there were all kinds of glowing reports about the successes the coup AKA New Management that were echoed in RJ 38.

    There was no reason according to Fast Flow Management that the Ol’man would have suspected otherwise according to the information and stats he had to hand.

    That said.

    I personally think the rabid squirrel’s days are numbered and that his PR isn’t working as well as used to.

    I mean you can only play this game for only so long without being found out.

    You are right.

    In the meantime we should just apply actual Scientology and just ignore the lil’ rodent.

    The path he’s going down right now none of us want to follow.

    Soon he’ll find himself in the “sticky dark all alone”.

  161. Actually Jeff, the original “Brainwashing Manual” wasn’t written by Ron, though he did apparently make some edits and modifications to a translation of the original. The edits and modifications were done under dictation (which is apparently what John Sanborn and deWolf remembered).

    The original (in German) can be found in Germany’s national libary published in 1947 under the title “Psychopolitics: On Democratization, Political Education and Cleansing” (“Psycho-Politik: Zur Demokratisierung, politischen Erziehung und Säuberung”). The author was Paul Fadkeller. You can look it up online here:

    Ron confirms this in Tech Vol III in a Bulletin dated 13-Dec-1955. In a section called “Brainwashing Manual”, he specifically mentions its origins being the “Psychopolitik” book, written by Paul Fadkeller and published in Germany in 1947. Ron had apparently been given an English translation of a Russian translation of this book at some point.

  162. Sapere Aude

    Nice summation. Efull. Thanks. E full.

  163. TroubleShooter


    I suggest you re-read my post again. You seemed to have missed my point.

  164. Thanks Marg,

    Another “critic” myth blown yet again though I could never figure out what the problem was if Ron had used a pseudonym.

    Much ado about nothing.

    As far as I understood it was translation of a lecture Beria gave at Lenin University in the late 30’s which you can download here:

    So it more likely that it was a German translation of a speech that was given in Russian.

    Maybe Ron was trying to protect his source by obscuring its origin.

    At least we can be thankful that he made these formerly covert techniques broadly available to the general public.

    Funny how when someone let’s the cat out of the bag they get slammed by the so called intelligentsia.

    Probably their effort at walking back the cat or something.

    While promoting plagiarists like Steve Hassan who omit such gory details as the fact that mind control isn’t restricted to cults but is also used by governments particularly their Intelligence Agencies which are basically another kind of cult.

    Who knows?

  165. Thanks SA,

    Got the link ya sent me.

    Thanks again ol’buddy.

  166. Thanks for that link RJ. I think you’re right that the speech by Beria appears to be the true source of the data in the manual.

    You wrote: “So it more likely that it was a German translation of a speech that was given in Russian.”

    I did a bit more digging and actually found an English version of a 1948 review of the “Psychopolitics” book by Paul Fadkeller (actual spelling is Feldkeller). The review was published in The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, Volume 43, Issue 4, October 1948, Pages 559-561. You can download it from: http://www.sciencedirect.com/ but they charge $30.00 for it.

    I plunked down the money, and long story short, the Feldkeller book does not appear to be related to the Beria speech or the Brainwashing manual.

    I kept digging, and at this point, I think the research done by M. Introvigne at CESNUR on this subject comes closest to the truth:

    My guess is that either Goff or folks in the intelligence community wrote/compiled it and sent it to the HASI in Phoenix under a pseudonym/anonymously. LRH edited it (as Sanborn remembers) and published it to make auditors aware of what they might run into.

  167. It is interesting that CESNUR would connect the dots to possibility of Agency involvement since it was originally an agent of theirs Edward Hunter who created the neologism “Brain Washing” in the early ’50s to justify their own research into mind control.

    Dianetics would be an obvious target for any possible disinformation campaign since it was Hubbard who warned about the US Government’s involvement in similar programs in his book ‘Science of Survival’.

    Like CENSUR I find the critics’ argument absurd that since Hubbard was familiar with the “Brain Washing” techniques this naturally meant he applied them to others because in order for these techniques to be effective they must be applied *covertly*.

    Also the tired old assertion which is favorite of the anti-cult crowd that any form Religious Indoctrination *must* be some form of “brain washing” is patently ridiculous since it would mean that religions would have been familiar with these techniques since the dawn of time.

    The fact is that most religions rely on faith or belief and by its original definition “brain washing” is a hybridized form of *political* indoctrination which consists of replacing the individual’s loyalties to a political system with another.

    Similar to the system of reeducation or reprogramming what has been called “deprogramming” used by the anti-cultists themselves. Many of who were originally involved in Mind Control projects.

    Just another egregious case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Or the criminal mind at work.

  168. T/S

    You basically wrote:

    “The performance of an auditor is actually made by auditing. audit audit audit 6,8,10 hours a day. They were not all robots made since the GAT so the generalization you make is offensive to those of us who carried LRH’s torch to make Clears and OTs since the GAT was released.”

    First of all as I wrote earlier I never attacked the auditors you say “carried LRH’s torch to make Clears and OTs since the GAT was released.”

    There is a difference between attacking auditors and correcting them.

    For some reason you seem to think they are one in the same.

    They are not!

    An auditor who is applying incorrect procedure is not really auditing.

    At best they are wasting time.

    Time that should be spent on actually Standardly auditing the case.

    Also the facts are that very few Clears and OTs are being made these days in Orgs which is why they now seem to be heading into the direction of becoming beauty salons.

    Confirmed by the fact that the Clears made a cumulative stat is now going *down*.

    I don’t care how good hearted you claim these auditors are.

    They are not in fact as you say “carrying the torch” but in fact turning out the lights on their way out.

    “The fact that the LRH talk to Basic Qual lecture did provide by Ron himself the future of drills for each auditing action gets overlooked in the message made repeatedly about the tech in general since these drills came out.”

    I’ve already covered this but I will cover it again more bluntly.

    These drills if any such drills were ever conceived of in the future were intended for *Qual*.

    He also said in the same lecture that not all auditors would need such drills.

    And I’m damn sure he never intended the abomination called the “Golden Age of Tech”.

    This is solely the invention of a psychotic after conducting what he called an “eval” which has no relationship to what is covered in the ‘Data Series’ where the supposed “why” is some kind of fabricated *situation*.

    Actually two “Lack of drilling” and supposedly the “Blind Leading the Blind”.

    Neither of these things are actual whys because in either case you can still ask “why was there a lack of drilling?” or “why are the blind supposedly leading the blind?”.

    Both so called “whys” raise more questions than they answer.

    Aside from the fact that they are both wrong!

    If these auditors who you say continue carry the torch for LRH where interested in auditing instead of just following orders while pretending to audit.

    They would have demanded as I and many others did that the “Golden Age of Tech” be canceled per the HCOB ‘How to Defeat Verbal Tech’ instead of meekly just going along with the program.

    Personally I suggest that if you have been trained under the rubric of the “Golden Age of Tech’ and consider it valid.

    That you get False Data Stripping immediately.

  169. Oh yeah… and Mr. Garcia.
    Oh… and there was that couple from Seatle. But that’s it.
    Okay, one auditor named kim. But otherwise, “most Scientologists” are not reading this blog. Only Rat-Joe.
    Well… there was some guy from west Texas, but he’s not a Scientologist, because he was declared YEARS ago.
    OKAY… one or two Italians, but they don’t count not being in the United States. Neither does Mike Rinder, he’s an Aussie.

    So… bad news. DM and most other Scientologists are not reading this blog.
    Granted there are a few hundred PI’s checking it, but that’s their job. Well, and more than half of OSA. And of course the army of attorneys. But generally… NO ONE is reading this blog! Seriously!

    Okay, me “ARCX”, I have read one or two posts, but that was strictly to varify the fact that NO ONE… NO ONE is reading this blog! And no, that lady in Austin doesn’t count, Marty obviously made that up and photoshopped the pic. In fact, all the pics are photoshopped by Marty and JB. Okay, Maybe JB reads the post too. But otherwise…
    (G.ive M.e A. B.reak) heheeh

  170. I am sure that if I had you on the meter, I would have said:

    Thank you very much, your TA is floating.

    I totally understand what you wrote. I am truly glad you had this win!

  171. Bozz, that’s right — nobody’s reading this blog. Except for Tinz and Jamie in the Hollywood Hills and Jason up out of Malibu and Karen in Los Feliz and Tory and her friends and some friends of mine in Santa Barbara and Hawaii. Oh, and maybe a coupla Boudros down on the bayou (Hi, Tara). Oh, there’s Sarge in Michigan. And Sam and Martin over in the UK. And Anna and George and some other Germans. And me and Michael in the Midwest. Wait, there are a few guys up in New England (you know who you are). And in Toronto and Vancouver, of course. And, how could I have forgotten, in Manhattan, but not really all that many. And Lisa and others in the Rockies and the other Lisa in Australia. And Natalie and Brad up in Minnesota. So it’s not very many. Not anybody at all. Nobody important, for sure.

    But even with those folks, this site hasn’t had anything like three or four million hits in less than two years. And absolutely, positively, nothing like 110,000 comments posted to it. Absolutely not! Move along, nothing happening here. Just a false rumor.

    Just Me

  172. Tory Christman

    Grasshopper and Cat, Marty and gang,
    Ok, can the ‘tech’ be used as mind control, this is really the question
    as brain washing entails physical pain. My opinion based on years of training and auditing, staff and OSA volunteering, is it CAN be used as mind control, the same as advertising can be, too. It depends on the person and how they use it.

    IF onr heads over to “confront” someone (usually in an anger body language way)….that’s mind control. That isn’t the tech in use. That’s some jack ass, pretending his “TR’s are in”,
    when in fact, he’s actually doing the opposite of what the tech says.

    When someone says “GIVE ME THAT!” (totally out of ARC, not really controlling using good control, at all) but insists, “My CCH’s are FLAT!” Are they? We’ve all seen this, haven’t we? Usually it IS one of the Executives “in” C of $, ordering people around. I watched it for years, and each time th0ught: “What about the basics?” It just didn’t seem like they were USING the tech. To me, people using the tech, in an abusive manner—is where people see it as mind control/ or brain washed people.

    I used to say, back when I was way “in”: “Can’t you please ask the Sea Org to at least smile when they walk by someone on the street, or better yet, say “hello”?” We were saying we had THE tech of the planet, yet the Sea org then, and still today, look like walking zombies. This isn’t “natter”…people on the streets have told me that, for years. That IS their observation. Is that “the tech”–or some idiots running their VERSION of the tech?

    I could go on and on….but that’s where I see mind control coming in.
    And for me, the DAY I walked into ASHO for the first time, (as a Hippie, 1969) and saw all the Sea Org in Navy uniforms racing around….well, I’d spend 2-3 years picketing against the Vietnam war. So those uniforms didn’t thrill me. And the “org board” ..as a hippie, I wasn’t thrilled with that, either. Why mention it? Because–hang on.

    My friend I’d been told to ask for came and got me, and answered my questions re all of that. Then he said, “Let’s go meet the auditors”.
    We did, and I remember the second I said to myself: “I don’t care what these people do……..I want to be one of them”. That was the SECOND I switched off *my* critical thinking. Maybe you all didn’t have a moment like this, but I did—and there is where people say, “It’s mind control”. I didn’t switch off ALL of my critical thinking, but I think it created that sort of “I’ll do anything for this group”..which of course was built right in, too.

    And 30 years later…I escaped out, even then SURE they did *not* do “Fair Game”. Boy was *that* an awakening for me! My two cents…sorry if it isn’t as theta as the rest…but I think it’s important that these issues are mentioned, too, to help sort out what is what, and why, if we’re really going to help those still “in” get OUT, and those out trying to sort out what really is and what isn’t. Peace 🙂

  173. Fellow Traveller

    My dearest Catherine —

    Very well done. You just can’t keep a good thetan down. Add some competence and it’s a time bomb. You do tug at my heart strings.

    I am so pleased that this group, forum, activity, brewhaha (!) whatever has proven so beneficial. May you be a bright star others can see and use for guidance.

    Bruce Pratt


  174. Fellow Traveller

    Wow! That is some piece of personal history. I can relate to a lot of it. Thank you for sharing.

    Bruce Pratt

  175. Hey Tory, I get it. When you have someone yelling at you and pretending it is “Tone 40”, is it really tone 40? If someone who is “auditing” CCH1 is yelling “Give me that HAND!” “THANK YOU!”, is that auditing? Is that even CCH1? If someone gets so bogged down in CCHs that they try to fake a cog, and then the “auditor” buys it, and they somehow manage to “fake” an F/N by an non-observant examiner, did they really flatten CCH1 (or, more correctly, the CCH’s)?

    The answer to all is No. I never understood why anyone would ever want to falsely attest anything. You are either up, or down. When it is time to attest, the answer should be “of course!” with no hesitation. I remember the first time I attested to anything – ARC Straightwire. I didn’t even know what an attestation was. It read the statement, and it was not even a question. How could anyone look at an attestation of a grade and fake it? WHY ARE YOU HERE if you are going to falsely attest to something? Why do it? Why not get the result?

    I was lucky, though. I co-audited or had student auditing for at least 95% of my auditing. This makes a big difference. Having the meter running (as in taxi meter) in session is not easy, and it would have affected how I ran my case – it did when I was on OT IV.

    But I agree on “I want to be one of them.” My heroes when I was a kid were auditors. Really good auditors. The good ones have their TRs in and their shit together. You want to know them. I wanted to be one – and I did become one.

    Maybe I am unique. I never stopped my critical thinking, but I naturally did a “cost/benefit” analysis all along the way. Cost = sometimes out of control SO and brats in uniforms. Benefit = the tech, great wins in session, helping other people achieve great wins in session and on course. There have been costs all along the road. Less at my mission, because it was a magical place, but more when I went to ASHO and Flag and other places. Right now, of course, the costs are HIGH and the benefits FEW. So, here I am!

  176. Hey I agree Tory you can use the Tech for good or evil.

    Though in the latter case it really doesn’t work out well.

    What’s currently going on with the Church of Scientology proves this point.

    I’ve been around almost as long as you have and I’ve never seen so much bad press in such a short space of time.

    Believe it or not the Church used to get good press like speaking of Mind Control when Freedom before it became Davy’s personal mouth organ blew the lid on Mk Ultra or when they exposed the nest of Nazis called InterPol.

    Anyway if you are a trained auditor its pretty easy to figure out if someone is trying to manipulate and control you.

    Problem is hardly anyone in the Church these days *is* trained.

    They don’t know the tech so they become the effect of efforts to use it to manipulate and control them.

    Like the example you gave of CCHs.

    I mean if they hadn’t of read CCHs Auditing Attitude they’d think it was a means of dominating and controlling another being.

    Just like their poorly trained auditor.

    Personally I think people react to the perversion of Scientology therapy for despicable means more violently then say any other form of therapy because they expect more out of it and feel extremely betrayed when because it has been perverted it doesn’t meet their expectations.

  177. Tory Christman

    You’re most welcome, Bruce. Yeah….I have a *lot* of personal history–considering I was “in” for 30 y e a r s. Most of my adult life. And the funny thing is when I left, I said: “I’m not going to picket, speak out, make videos—NOTHING”. (I even called back my new friend, Stacy Brooks, to tell her that.
    BUT…good ol C of $ just HAD to keep picking at me, and in one second I found *my* voice. Way to go, OSA ops! You gave me my voice back, literally.

  178. Hmmmm….

    Pretty much explains why OSA has labeled many of us merely “disaffected” and left us to our own devices.

    I guess it takes a major foot bullet to learn a lesson 🙂

    Well Tory I’m glad you’re on our side.

  179. Tory Christman

    Good point! I never falsely attested to anything…and didn’t really even know people did, until I left. Me too, re co-auditing up as far as I could, and even FPRD, too. It does make a *big* difference. However, once I left….I was able to look at many things I’d never looked at, before, and learn things that helped me understand, just a bit more.
    Let me clarify–I did not mean I shut down ALL of my critical thinking, merely some in some areas. Let me ask you this, GH:
    So you never observed someone miss using the tech, while you were “in”, and didn’t stand up and say, “no ok, man. That’s out tech?” I find that hard to believe, for anyone who was part of the organization. I’m not insisting you did, it’s just hard to believe as those examples were everywhere, in many different divisions, as well as posts….certainly when the “Executives” arrived in full gear, terrifying most of their staffs.

    That’s what I mean by shutting down my critical thinking. IF I was *totally* using all of my critical thinking, I believe I would have years earlier said: “This is *not* what I thought it was, and left.
    MANY people did, in 1982. Many called me to tell me how bad things were when the Finance Police arrived, and how could I support that?
    Well, I’d gotten a letter from LRH, when I was routed out of the Sea org to get off of my medication for Epilepsy. These hags tried to insist I was a “Freeloader” and owed tons of money to them. I said, “Get me a pencil and a pen, as *I* am going to write to the ONE man I knew was sane” (Or so I thought, then. Still sorting that one out, FTR 🙂 I explained the full situation, and he wrote back: “You’re right. You are NOT a Freeloader. You owe for Staff Status 1 and 2. Continue in the HGC and we’ll see you up the line”.
    That moment, with that letter, I switched, really, from ONLY wanting to be an auditor—-to frankly, someone who *had* to “Fix* Epilepsy, before I could get back in the Sea Org.

    So even when the Finance Police arrived, my feeling was “I owe it to Ron to stay”. I knew those people were nuts—but didn’t someone have to stay and fix things? I felt I was one of those people.
    Others would say that’s delusion, not thinking critically,etc.
    So saying you never shut down your critical thinking at all?
    Well, that’s a miracle, considering the day-to-day activities that go on inside. To anyone lurking: Bail While you Still Can!
    And Grasshopper, happy you’re here and sharing 🙂

  180. Tory Christman

    The KEY thing that is different between then (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) and now is one KEY thing: The Internet and yes, Davey boy the abusive “leader”. Leader of what? The Few Sheep remaining loyal? Thanks to you all, and all the critics around the world, those “in” are fewer and fewer. (thus the tick tock, tick tock…:)

    Re press—as long as C of $ continues their abuses, there ARE people, around the world, many who were never even “in”, (and quite a few who know quite a bit, have done lots of research, and are willing to stand up and fight against their futile attempts to stop free speech), who shall continue to expose these abuses.

    Really their *only* possibility to succeed is to stop these very abuses, and we all know, this they cannot do. So? Party ON!

  181. Tory Christman

    Ok, great, great example of *exactly* what I was referring to, Marty, and although this quite possibly may tick you off, I’m willing to discuss it, as I feel I care enough about you and others to try to help bring about understanding. As I told you all, when I left, *I* called OSA and asked to speak with Mike Rinder!~ I told them “We need to sit down with these critics and have a round table discussion”.
    I said this because once out, once I met many of them, I realized one thing I hadn’t realized while “in”: THEY ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

    Ok, so you say “IF you understood LRH writings and lectures, you’d also understand he provided the best technology available on this planet to rehabilitate the faculty of critical thinking”.
    Well, so when you were being the tough guy for Davey boy—-wouldn’t you say your critical thinking ~~in that area~~ was somewhat shut down?
    How about the Guardian’s office, or Mary Sue? Wouldn’t you say they had part of their critical thinking shut down? The guys who broke into the Federal Gov’t offices, illegally? We can say (as I know I believed at the time)—“Well, they were out ethics people”. Sure, they went to jail. And they’ll say: “We don’t do that anymore”. And I say: BS! You KNOW they still do it. You’ve made many posts about it. So? When a good person starts doing bad things, I say their critical thinking, in that area, is shut down.

    Can LRH Tech rehabilitate it? My guess is out of a suppressive environment, yes, it can? I found so can other ways, too.
    But my point is while “in”….with LRH tech right there, it sure as hell did not for the many who didn’t rehabilitate their critical thinking, per their own actions. So for someone lurking, asking themselves questions, you would say what? The sad truth is until someone wakes up, they have no clue that any of their critical thinking may be shut down, or limited.

    Now those claiming “I’m an auditor and I would never do things like that”. Sorry, I’m an auditor, too, and no–I would never do things like that, either. But did I? Sure I did. My auditor asked me to open up some phony accounts he could use to “Handle the critics on the Net”. Sounded a bit odd, but when he said: “Tory, LOOK AT ME…TRUST ME”. I did.

    There went a little bit of my critical thinking. BOOM..down the drain.
    “OK, I’ll trust him. He’s a Class 8—-he’s a Senior C/S…he’s my best friend…..he wouldn’t hurt a fly”. Well? He was/is responsible for spamming the Net since ARS started in the early 1990’s. Long story—but I hope you see my point.

    I certainly don’t mean pound you, Marty, as I’m very, very happy with ALLLLL that you have done and keep doing. The very fact that we can discuss such issues is terrific. Granted it may ruffle a few feathers, but hey, freedom is our greatest weapon. Those still “in” have none. They cannot speak their minds, they cannot ask questions, they cannot listen to *anything* that may ask questions the group has decided isn’t Ok.
    We, however, can. Thank you for listening, thank you ALL for doing what you’re doing, and helping pass on light in what has often become a very dark subject. My Best! Tory/Magoo

  182. martyrathbun09

    Stopped reading after the “being the tough guy for Davey boy”…can’t imagine that statement of mine warrants a broadside. Posted your comm nonetheless.

  183. Tory Christman

    Oh come on……..please don’t take it that way. I thought you called yourself that on Nightline. If I miss called it, you tell me how to refer to what you spoke of. You know I don’t think that of you now, and frankly, you’ve kicked DM’s ASS seriously more than most…which is all that counts. But those questions, I do think are important to look at and discuss. I come in peace, not to attack. I’m sorry if if felt that way. Again, I thought they was how you described yourself. No? Erase it—but please don’t stop the comm—-that won’t help, ever.

  184. Hey Marty,

    I always thought that what you, Mike and others were doing at the time was what you thought was the greatest good albeit somewhat misguided at the time and possibly PTS.

    Though I may have disagreed at the time.

    I also felt the same way about Mary Sue and the GO who as you know yourself went extremely PTS to Government influence and suppression.

    People who don’t understand this really need a history lesson on what was really going on in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

    Maybe if some who are making the holier than thou criticism about the GO like Miscavige and the critics had sucked back some errant tear gas and been hit with a night sick or had their ass hauled off to prison for burning their draft card because they refused to fight in an immoral and illegal war or like the Church been harassed by various Government agencies like many others at the time and then asked nicely in court to see all the nasty files that contained false reports, disinformation and lies spiced with the occasional half truth about them garnered by illegal CIA domestic intel or an out of control FBI COINTELPRO and get rebuffed by some jive about “National Security” then maybe they’d understand the dynamics involved.

    Anyway that said Marty you should read the rest of Tory’s comment because it is actually very conciliatory.

    And Tory how much more critical thinking do you need than what Ron says about personal integrity?

    To paraphrase what’s true for you is what you observe and if it isn’t true for you than it ain’t.

  185. Thanks Tory,

    I think for one of our next birthday parties we should order a special David Miscavige piñata and invite Marty, Mike and the whole gang of former Int base staff to reverse the flow 😉

  186. martyrathbun09

    If she didn’t get critical thinking abilities rehabilitated in auditing, she did not receive Scientology auditing.

  187. Tory Christman

    LOL! Now *that* would be funny! 🙂

  188. Tory Christman

    Marty…..I brought up critical thinking as a point, that I thought would help to illustrate how people “in” have done things I doubt they’d ever re-do, now that they are out.

    Now you’re saying, “If she didn’t get critical thinking abilities rehabilitated in auditing, she did not receive Scientology auditing.”

    In the Nightline interview it says:
    “Rathbun admits he was violent on many occasions, but says it was because Miscavige urged him to be physical, an allegation the Church denies.

    “I have admitted that I have engaged in stuff,” he said. “…It wasn’t in my nature, whatsoever.”
    That’s what I’m talking about as far as critical thinking being shut down at that time. I’m in no way saying this proves you never received Scientology auditing. Do you see the difference? My best to you, Tory/Magoo

  189. Tory Christman

    PS: Marty—what I’m speaking about isn’t just about you, nor did I mean it to be. We’re both on the same page re this utterly phony “church”, and DM. I’m talking about *tons* of people (self included) who ended up, due to being in certain situations, doing things that at the time seemed “Right”. Were they… how the Hell did that happen? That’s my point.

  190. Tory Christman

    That is SOOOO Pathetic that the “church” of $cientology is now
    offering “free hair cuts”??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (I know, I read the article about it—but it is outrageously telling of how bad
    off they *really* are!)

    I just drove by the Pasadena “Ideal Org”. Remember the big hooplah last summer I think it was, when they had the entire street closed off with TONS of people there?

    Well, as of 4 days after that “opening” it was D E A D.
    I’ve been by it often on week-ends, and during the week, either one, it’s D E A D. And it’s a 4 story building. Oh, it’s all lit up like a Christmas tree—every thing in it’s place. And not a soul in it.

    Sort of sad, when you think of the “old days” when things were bustling. I remember being at the original Celebrity Center on 8th Street! And ASHO on Temple Street, where I started. 200 people on the BC. Before I left, in 2000, there were 4 people on the BC. I was studying the “Data Evaluator’s Course” and the sup in the Academy was a young kid who knew nothing about it.
    So I asked if I could go study in the BC–as that sup was a Data Evaluator trained sup.

    What happened? He walked over to me, started SNIFFING MY HAIR and ordered me out of his course room: “GET OUT OF HERE! YOU HAVE SCENT IN YOUR HAIR!!” (all I did was wash it, promise!)

    I went out into the hall and wrote up to RTC: “you want to know why the BC has gone from 200 down to 4? Because the Supervisor is sniffing people’s hair! (Ok, I explained it a bit more…but honestly, isn’t that gross?) Ahhh, days I don’t miss, this is for sure! Happily—we’re OUT. If you’re lurking…COME ON OUT~~the weather is just fine and people are doing better than EVER! 🙂

  191. Tory Christman

    Thanks, RJ, for saying this:
    “Anyway that said Marty you should read the rest of Tory’s comment because it is actually very conciliatory”.
    That is very correct. My intentions are very conciliatory. I’m not here to attack. I’m here to share thoughts, and hear what you have to say about them.

    RJ: “And Tory how much more critical thinking do you need than what Ron says about personal integrity”?
    I guess some how I’m not explaining myself well enough. I am not talking about having more critical thinking….I was referring to when “in” that group, I experienced and witnessed people doing things that per the tech I’d learned, were out-tech. That’s one thing, and “Cramming” corrects those, for the most part.

    But then there are those instances—where things move from “out-tech” to outrageous. I’ve mentioned a few above. I’ve certainly made many videos about what all I did, while “in” C of $.

    When you’re “in” such a group—you are sure, positive, your personal integrity is IN. I know I always thought mine was, even when now looking back, I can hardly believe I was the same person, in a few areas.
    I was doing the best I could, at the time, for my group. Isn’t that personal integrity? There were many things I refused to do.
    I was asked to go “Handle a Mother who is super upset”. I asked, “Why?” “Because she wants to see her daughter (Out at Gold). I said, “So?” They didn’t want the daughter to see her Mom. This was SUPER odd to me, and I told her so. I said, as a Mother, IF someone told me I could not see my daughter or son, I have no doubt it would drive me to acting “Type 3” (as they’d claimed she was). I told the Gold PR not to ever call me again if it’s about issues such as that. That’s personal integrity.

    But what I’m trying to speak about isn’t that. As when you’re “in”…you are sure your personal integrity IS in, totally in, per LRH, even when you’re doing things that aren’t good. So where is the line? From all I’ve read….and experienced, it’s because people are in a group, run by “Dave”, and are ordered to do things that normally, not in that group, they would say,”No” If ordered to do it. But when they do it—that minute, or that hour, that time they stopped listening to their heart—-that is when their critical thinking was shut down. See?

  192. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, Steve Hall is writing, or may have already posted on Scientology-cult.com, how Scn Inc has become a suppressive group.

  193. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I think there are a lot of factors combining for that result. The result I think we agree on.

  194. martyrathbun09


  195. To answer your question re did I see anyone misuse the tech, of course I did. Did I bring it up? Where I saw it, yes I did. Sometimes there is the question of “is it, or is it not, out tech?” Or out admin. I got in trouble a lot, too, but because I knew my shit, I was never declared or even suspended. Even though I actively decried the price increases, the nazi-like actions of “some” SO members, the idiocy of overregging, and others.

    I do know that if I was to fully take responsibility for the reform of the SO, I would have to join the SO, and there was no way I was going to do that. I chose the training route instead, and then decided not to be a pro auditor because (as RJ will attest) NSO were not welcome in SO orgs, and the SO/RTC made being a field auditor virtually impossible. I also witnessed the horror of internships – endless internships. I looked at doing an internship as providing free auditing to the HGC, where they had no incentive of letting me graduate. So I didn’t do them.

    A great example comes from the early 80s – “De-dinging” and “subtle suppression” that came out of the Kingsley Wimbush Northern CA contingent. I was on the BC, and working near CC. There were people raving about it – “You gotta check this out! De-dinging!” It did not sound right to me. Did I immediately sit down and write it up? No.

    So, I saw an outpoint, but it was not fully formed. At that particular time and place, had it lasted a bit longer, I probably would have, and I would have addressed it to LRH directly. As it was, the ax fell pretty hard and fast. Wimbush, of course, was another mis-user of the Simon Bolivar PL, driving a Rolls Royce while his staff starved, and calling it “flowing power to power.”

    Another example is the David Mayo TRs bulletins, where he usurped Ron’s name when he blatantly re-wrote TRs remodernized and wrote “TRs Basics Resurrected.” I was on Level A of the BC at the time, and it was hell getting through the TRs. Hell. It was obvious Mayo wrote the HCOBs. He was respected – but it still pissed me off. I related my BTB-and-cramming episode in a different post. Suffice it to say, I rejected all BTBs. I saw these issues as loop-hole BTBs. And I worked through my course sup and ASHO qual as needed. This was all in the context of trying to get TRs down. Did these actions get the HCOBs cancelled or revised? No. Did they contribute? Could be. What I ended up doing with the TRs is I rejected the HCOBs and did exactly what LRH did on his demo tapes and session demos. I passed. LRH demos trump all.

    I am not holding myself up as a paragon of virtue on this. I saw lots of outpoints, especially while on staff. I was myself a “victim” of abused child labor laws, being on staff 100% full time when I was 16 and 17. Did I pull back and say “hey, I am a child! I should not be doing this?” No. I signed up for it, and was happy to do it. But when the shit hit the fan when I was on staff, I did write it all up – I have copies – and sent it off. I sent copies up to LRH Comm Int (I was in the LRH Comm network at one point), and LRH.

    I NEVER liked the “Trust us” approach the SO took. I never liked the “you should never look at all the SP group stuff because it is enturbulating” BS. I had copies of the AAC journals, and I still have a copy of the “Analytical Attenuation Center” spoof on the AAC Journal that someone put out – pretty funny. To me, “PTS” meant “Worthless and weak,” in that you allowed yourself to become the effect of an SP. What’s up with that? Of course, I was PTS up the ying-yang when I was on staff. Did not know it at the time, and found out later to much relief.

    Anyway, regarding critical thinking, to do what you did when the “Finance Police” under Wendall “We’re going to slam-dunk this planet!” Reynolds came into “power” was not a lack of critical thinking, it was the right thing to do, in my opinion. Why give up the ship just because an asshole comes in and riles the waters? It was a very, very tough time, though. No one knew if LRH was really alive. You had the mission conference and the Finance Police drammo. You had the AAC and David Mayo defecting. You had Captain Bill leaving and starting the “Galactic Patrol.” Crazy cussing times. Someone had to stand up for LRH, and it was not a weakness to do so. In fact, it was noble. Staying in did not mean you supported the abuses.

    As for me, I was on course, and I had already decided that I was in no matter what (into the tech, not the Church), and so I knew that if the BC was still standard, I would stay and finish the course. It was. But I also planned to hold off on coming back when completing a level until the shit-storm passed. As it turned out, I had a change in the lead Sup on the BC, who was wonderful, and so I stayed on. But, I never supported the abuses, never supported the Finance Police, and frankly, after my staff experiences, never trusted the SO fully. I always knew that solving problems from the inside is better than solving them from the outside, but leaving the church if the tech was irrevocably squirrelled was always an option for me, since I was 16.

    Your note from LRH says it all. Up until 1986, there was always the hope and knowledge that LRH would not let it get too far. And, the SO1 line (Standing Order #1, letters to LRH) was in. While LRH was alive and the SO1 line was in, the badness could be checked. And was checked, if not fully eliminated. After 1986, the decline started. I did OT III in 1986, and it went well. I did OT IV a few years later, and the decline had set in. I did some courses, pre-GAT, post 1986, and when I was doing them, it was okay. The GAT screwed up the tech side. There would be no GAT if LRH was alive.

    I know for a fact that there are a lot of people still “in” who are not happy with Miscavige and his actions, and with the abuse in general, who are holding out for some handling from within to take out Miscavige. In my opinion, some of these people may be refusing to look, but a number of them are operating off of incorrect data, the primary one being that there are still checks and balances in the church. The check and the balance went out of the church with LRH, and the post-LRH central command and control experiment as failed. It is taking a while for some people to see this. But, they will. It has been 25 cussing years, people. Time to get the show back on the road!

  196. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Marty. See? Communication *is* the Universal Solvent…..and ~that~ as well as true freedom, are for every person who is out—those are our greatest weapons, imnsho.

    Please never forget that, to all, including anyone lurking and still “in”. Most people joined Scientology for those 2 reasons or some versions of it, per what people have told me, and I know.
    It took us leaving to take back these back from what has now grown into a totally suppressive, dark group that is literally chipping away at people’s health and freedoms, every single day.

    Blessings to ALL who help expose the abusive “DM” and this insidious organization, and thank you Marty and Mike, and all here and around the world who help stand up for these very truths, in any form, in any way.

  197. Thanks Tory,

    I see what you mean.

    Personally I think it has less to do with critical thinking skills or evaluation of data and more to do with group think or more accurately overwhelm like the example I gave regarding the Golden Age of Tech.

    At the time I saw the video I instinctively knew there was something wrong with it but then I got back into the Scientology world back at the PAC and my doubts or reservations about it were cast aside because I was overwhelmed by its broad acceptance by public and staff.

    You get into the “well if everybody things its okay then it must be alright” sorta thing.

    I think its more that your critical thinking skills are cast aside in favor of going along to get along sort of on a herd mentality basis.

    There was a book written about it in the early twentieth century called the Madness of Crowds and other researchers who called what Ron and others called *group think* mass hysteria.

    Many labels basically for the same phenomenon.

    Also I believe there is another factor involved as well called the group or 3rd dynamic engram as well.

    Personally I think when “new management” or as I now call them the coup took over they didn’t do a full Board of Investigation or as they call it in nonScientology world a postmortem on what happened with the GO.

    Instead they just not-ised the whole thing.

    Miscavige made some vague and as it turns out disingenuous mea culpa and gave a bunch of false assurances to the authorities and then established OSA which it turns out became worse than the GO’s evil twin.

    So instead of fully as-ising the engram of the Church of Scientology being smacked upside the head with a mallet and being worked over with chain saws etc and watching its execs being hauled off to prison on charges of espionage!

    Miscavige kinda went all traffic cop by saying there’s nothing to see here folks lets move along.

    So as we both know according to the axioms when you not is something it gains persistence and OSA is a perfect example of this persistence and also a perfect example of a group engram bank that has infected the whole organization!

    At least back in the ol’days the GO was somewhat contained.

    You didn’t have the bulk of the “Church’s” expenditures being allocated to covert warfare and dirty tricks against potential enemies turning them into real enemies.

    This is nothing but reactive group think!

    On top of that since an engram is a moment of confusion you end up with a fixed aberated stable datum to hold back all this confusion.

    And this is what I believe Miscavige is.

    Also you could very aptly look upon him as a parasitic demon circuit.

    One people come to rely on in place of their own thinkingness or observation to perceive for them instead of perceiving things themselves.

    Whatever Miscavige says must be alright even if it is totally bat shit crazy because he’s the COB and was appointed by Ron which is complete and utter bullshit because Ron said he was a “trusted friend” in some legal doc turned over to some Riverside when there was a dispute over the Ol’man’s estate.

    A big lie but because itsa lie it has legs or persistence as well.

    All these lies or myths are the main reason I believe that as you say many Scientologists critical thinking skills shut down.

    Another factor is that Scientologists are not allowed to look at any data that hasn’t been approved or endorsed by the Church.

    Sorta like the RC Church back in its heydays of the Middle Ages.

    Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t always this way.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents on the whole scene Tory.

  198. Briana Volta

    Jeff, I know Hubbard wrote it and you know Hubbard wrote it, but don’t expect the hard core Hubbardites to admit that Hubbard wrote it. It would mean admitting that Hubbard lied, and perpetrated a hoax on Scientologists.

  199. Briana Volta

    If you compare the Goff version with the Hubbard version, you’ll see that Goff’s version contains terms such as “thinkingness,” and phrasings such as “on the broad field,” plus multiple references to Dianetics. John Sanborn knew what he was talking about when he explained the true origin of this text.

  200. Then why are you posting this to me Volta if its ostensibly to Jeff?

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