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Expansion News

How would you like some expansion news without the hype, mind-numbing made-up figures, and fictional anecdotes?   Just some straight, Indies-style dope?

Monique “Mosey” Rathbun is a natural auditor.  From the day I met her she had an innate ability to listen interestedly, duplicate, understand and without evaluation or invalidation acknowledge in such a fashion as to communicate that she got it.  She exercised those abilities to help me out of the valley of the shadows of death.   Since then she has been audited to Clear. She has listened to all LRH lectures from 1950 through 1962 (including PDC and all Congresses).  She did that during her two hours of commute each day to and from her 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. job in the city.

And even while working those hours in the city she has managed to create an incredibly theta environment in our home.  I was reminded of her aura when listening the Science of Survival lectures again recently where LRH talks of the South American chapel where people lose their crutches simply by arriving there.  Now, for the literal types I will say for the record only two out of the dozens who have been here have originated that by simply arriving they blew long time, severe somatics. But all who have spent much time around Mosey I think will agree this passage from the same lecture applies to her:

Here you have a case, then, of a tremendous amount of theta automatically disenturbulating  a little entheta. Boom.  Now, theoretically, you could actually form a group of people who are sufficiently theta that a newcomer walking into their midst would disenturbulate just through association with these people…This theta is not something intangible. We can feel it.

Mosey has been so inspired by the wins she has contributed to at Casablanca that she decided some time ago to train to be an auditor and to devote her life to giving more people those kinds of wins.

Well, being a very responsible person she executed a transition plan so that none of her many happy clients in her health care profession would suffer from her pursuit of her dreams.

I am happy to announce that today is Mosey’s last day of outside work.

She joins me full time as of this weekend.   She is on Method One Word Clearing and the Student Hat.  She’s already completed TRs, old school hard way style.  She’ll be auditing lower level pcs by mid to late summer.  Maybe supervising a bit while I  am auditing.  In any event making this old, beat-up locomotive function a lot more effectively.

Where this train goes from there is anybody’s guess.

I said from the beginning that organizationally I am following LRH’s first discovery that lead to the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology, function monitors structure.

Well, welcome to function junction.

A little song that reminds me of Mosey and I know reminds the both of us of each person we’ve hosted so far in this journey and I reckon those we have yet to meet:

Latest Corporate Scientology Felonies

UPDATE: Village Voice coverage,

David Miscavige and his plumbers unit have been busy this week.

Miscavige had his boys obtain Mosey’s social security number.

Yesterday while I was in session repairing Miscavige’s Black Dianetics on a woman whom Miscavige is actively attempting to shudder into silence Miscavige’s agents used Mosey’s social security number to access our phone account.   The agent obtained access and downloaded our phone records.

Don’t mistake this announcement for any cause for worry.

I am simply making a record, loud and clear and in real time.

Whether authorities act or not doesn’t make much difference to me.   I never held up hope that any money motivated spectators would have the balls to go up against the “war chest.”

If anyone thinks any of this is having an adverse effect on me, stay tuned. May is going to make April look like a seashells and balloons picnic.

And, yes we’ll be expanding on the delivery of repair of his Black Dianetics all the while.  You’ll hear more about that in the next couple days. Our philosophy is simple.   It is quite well summed up in these words:

When I’m on stage, I’m trying to do one thing: bring people joy. Just like church does. People don’t go to church to find trouble, they go there to lose it.

– James, Brown, The Godfather of Soul, 1986

BTW, check out Micheal Fairman’s interview at the Village Voice,

Is Tom Cruise the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?

When the New Yorker announced David Miscavige is the primary target of a massive Federal probe into his decades long human trafficking and serial, institutionalized aggravated assaults, DM suffered a serious set back in his quest to rule Hollywood. I mean, how could he hob nob at Tom’s and John’s premiere parties with all the stars looking at him suspiciously as if they were sneaking a peak at Al Capone?

So, the audacious one figured he’d show them.  If he couldn’t be accepted, he’d just keep buying his way in. Starting with KCET studios in Hollywood:

Watch closely for his Hollywood cult friends frequenting his new digs, particularly Tom Cruise.

All but a very few people in this world, those very few being members of the vanishing cult, know that Miscavige has destroyed Tom Cruise’s career.

First Tom was unceremoniously kicked off the Paramount Studios lot.  Then he went to United Artists, and while desperately denying his who and his why and continuing to embrace him and it, he’s brought UA nothing but bad luck.  From Wikipedia on United Artists:

The Tom Cruise era

On November 2, 2006, MGM announced that actor Tom Cruise and his long-time production partner Paula Wagner were resurrecting UA[7][8] (this announcement came after the duo were released from a fourteen-year production relationship at Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures earlier that year). Cruise, Wagner and MGM Studios created United Artists Entertainment LLC and, today, the producer/actor and his partner own a small stake in the studio, with the approval by MGM’s consortium of owners.

The deal gave them control over production and development of films. Wagner was named CEO of United Artists, which was allotted an annual slate of four films with different budget ranges, while Cruise serves as a producer for the revamped studio as well as serving as the occasional star…

…On August 14, 2008, MGM announced Paula Wagner will leave United Artists to produce films independently.[1] Her output as head of UA was two films, both starring Cruise, Lions for Lambs[10] and Valkyrie, which despite mixed reviews was successful at the box office.[11] Wagner’s departure led to speculation that an overhaul at United Artists was imminent.[1]

Since then, United Artists has merely served as a co-producer with MGM for two releases: the 2009 remake of Fame and Hot Tub Time Machine. Throughout the past year, continued debt and credit issues forMGM Holdings, Inc., United Artists’ parent company has left UA’s future, as well as MGM itself, in doubt.

Could it be that Dave figures he’ll do for Tom what he did for jazz great Chick Corea?   Now, please do not confuse these two: Cruise and Correa.  Chick is an artist for the ages and a decent human being .

However, around the turn of of the millenium Chick’s disdain for the business end of things wound him up very close to bankruptcy.   Dave decided to be his savior and get his foot into the recording industry to boot.

Miscavige bought Chick’s old, dilapidated Mat Hatter Studio for about a million dollars more than its appraised value – nicely lining Chick’s pockets and subsidizing a good opinion leader to stay loyal to him.  Part of the deal was DM would gut the studio, upgrade it to beyond-the-beyond, state of the art standards, use it for the “religious” purpose of doing Golden Era Productions stuff, while giving Chick cart blanche to use the new joint as if it were his own; complete with wall to wall, slave labor wage Sea Org staff to cater to his every domestic and technical wish.

If you think I’m joking about Mad Hatter, let me give you Miscavige’s words to corroborate at least some of it.  They were spoken aboard the Freewinds in June 2003 to, you guessed it, his OT Ambassadors:

Alright, now let’s add to that.  We want to get dissemination items out for these people, too.  So to flank this we have a – Golden Era Productions has a huge movie-shooting studio, tons of recording areas where they do translated lectures, for the films, the mixing area – it’s pretty elaborate and it’s really big, and it’s also about a 24-hour operation.  

They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… 

…It’s five minutes from LRH Way.  And it’s all in addition to any other Gold areas.  Okay, and again for radio shows, news releases, radio ads, book-on-tape.  Okay.  There’s the first of the two studios at Mad Hatter, where we record those dissemination products.  Some of the things you’ve heard here actually were done there.  

And they’re fully compatible with Gold’s studios so they can do anything.  Of course it’s all based on Alice In Wonderland.  We can even do a TRs course in there.  Studio set up for any type of audio recording.  

Including CC’s there: new up-and-coming artists – another thing we can do to disseminate Scientology there.  A little serious about getting on the A/V lines of the world and keeping it expanding…  

…So that’s for— that’s sort of PR type dissemination, as opposed to just disseminating the Tech, the flanking PR. 

One has to ask himself on the KCET studio purchase, why, when Miscavige has spent upwards of one hundred million dollars on his studios at Golden Era Productions near Hemet,California?  And another many millions on Mad Hatter Studio?   The question becomes more significant when one considers that Miscavige has spent the last ten years effectively welding shut the doors to all local churches of Scientology prohibiting the delivery of the L Ron Hubbard Bridge to Total Freedom.  He has a need to promote what to whom?  Him to Hollywood?  Or is this Mad Hatter redux?

Has Tom Cruise become the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?

The Miscavige Ideal Student

Now that you’ve seen the Ideal OTA, Ideal OT VIII, and one hell of a lot about the Ideal orgs of David Miscavige, let’s take a look at his Ideal Student.   A year, almost to the day, after having come to Corpus Christi with 19 other Corporate Scientologists –  including Tommy Davis, Michael Roberts and the Duffs (Denise and Michael), Jan Eastgate, Chris Smith, et al – aboard Tom Cruise’s private jet on a mission to “intimidate” me so as to kidnap JB, Michael Doven has been rewarded for his failed mission.  Miscavige is now touting Micheal Doven as a celebrity of sorts: the first Golden Age of Knowledge Completion.

Get it people, four years after the release of the largest single cross order to Scientology Training in the history of Scientology, ONE person has completed Miscavige’s line-up to hell.   Is Michael auditing anyone?  No.  Is Michael even an auditor?  No.   Is he enrolled to become one?  No.   A year after having the opportunity to have his head screwed on straight by me personally, Doven has been taken OFF the Bridge.  Here is the exclusive interview I had with Michael last April where you can witness Miscavige’s ideal student acting like Miscavige’s Ideal OTA Allender:

Here’s the post giving the context and what lead up to that interview:

There is a reason Doven was awarded full time study by Dave (and called an “internationally recognized artist”) after his failed mission.  The clue is in the interview link – and Doven’s waffly, doubt-ridden, comm lags.  If he ever jumped ship – having served as Dave’s live-in spy to Tom for the ten years he was out of Scientology –  Dave and Tom couldn’t handle the fall out.  Having nothing but cowed, ill associates has its advantages.

De-Ding: Here Comes The Wagon

Ok, so here is how the King of Squirrels has come full circle by becoming what he so forcefully resists and resisting what he so forcefully becomes.

The walking GPM.

KoS holds court with admirers

I am going to start by repeating an excerpt from an essay I posted on November 2, 2010:

Miscavige used such an abuse as part of his own push toward power in the early eighties.  A couple of Mission Holders, most notably one Kingsley Wimbush, used Responsibilities of Leaders as an integral part of a process called “De-dinging.”   Wimbush would gather staff and public at the end of the evening in the course room of his mission. He would have them read The Responsibilities of Leaders.  He would then insist that properly interpretted the policy required all of those who depended upon his “power” (all staff and public) to flow “power” to Wimbush.   He told them that the power flow he desired was money, and he’d pressure the staff and public to fill his hat with bills, the larger the denominations the better.

With this information Miscavige grotesquely violated this provision of The Responsibilities of Leaders: So to live at all in the shadow or employ of a power, you must yourself gather and USE enough power to hold your own – without just nattering to the power to “kill Pete”, in straightforward or more suppressive veiled ways to him, as these wreck the power that supports yours.

Miscavige did so by writing the most exaggerated, alarming and vicious reports about Mission Holders.  In fact, he used the Wimbush abuse of The Responsibilities of Leaders to unjustly paint dozens of Mission Holders with the same color.  His reports were so “Kill Pete” in nature that he led LRH to believe the Mission Holders were in fact government operatives out to kill LRH.

Ironically, or perhaps predictably, once Miscavige rose to power through such shifts, he eschewed virtually all LRH policy, but for one: The Reponsibilities of Leaders.  Apparently, Miscavige recognized how one (Wimbush for example) could get people to do the most irrational and off policy things by fixating their attention on this one policy.


Now, here is what David Miscavige had to say about Wimbush and his de-dinging “tech” during this terrordome “briefing” to Mission Holders on 17 October, 1982 – while full-stride, headlong into his push for power:

“Earlier this evening both Kingsley Wimbush and Dean Stokes were here. They have both now been declared and we are pursuing criminal charges against them. They have been delivering their own squirrel tech while calling it Scientology. Kingsley Wimbush’s ‘dinging process’ is complete squirrel. You won’t find it in any tech, yet he has been calling it Scientology. That’s a violation of trademark laws and he now faces some serious charges for this crime. This sort of activity is NOT going to go on any more.”  – David Miscavige 17 October, 1982

Now, do you remember this bozo from last Monday on this blog, the Village Voice, The London Daily Mail, and Gawker?:

OT “VIII”, OT Ambassador John Allender.   A man so bereft of intelligence he travelled across state lines 1,500 miles in order to continue to stalk and threaten Lori Hodgson at my home in Texas, the same woman he was already under investigation by the San Jose Police Department for stalking and threatening.

What might motivate such a bonehead move?  Perhaps a Simon Bolivar wanna be with a Napoleon complex?

Hold your hats.

In 1982 when Kingsley Wimbush and his brother Bernie and their pal Clay Primrose were literally holding public Scientologists prisoner in the Course Room at Stevens Creek Mission, the public were so terrified very few raised a peep in protest.

But, there were a few exceptions.  One was  a young woman named Lori Hodgson.  Lori wrote up to management that the D of T (Director of Training) at Steven’s Creek was literally imprisoning public and passing around a hat at the end of each course period collecting cash for the executives of the org.

That D of T’s name?

You got it.  John Allender.

You’ve heard of the Ideal Org.

Now, meet the Ideal OTA:

Push Button McScientology – Incinerate the People


Mike Rinder has mentioned a shocking fact on this blog on a number of occasions.  Mike related that Miscavige made it clear to all Int Management personnel over several years that he wanted to replace all Div 6 and Div 2 personnel with machines.  Audio/Visual (A/V).  He wanted to bypass all living, breathing disseminators (public and staff) with movies.  Lots of them.  Miscavige spoke of this even as he was torturing Int Management into apathetic oblivion, replacing them with his own movies (his single-participant events). That began circa 2000/2001, and I saw him going in that direction myself, and speaking words to that effect.  First, carefully couched and implied, and then becoming more overt as he created the infamous HOLE where all Int Management Staff were imprisoned in late 03/early 04. (for description of the HOLE, see,, segments entitled “Miscavige’s Escalating Violence”, and “A Game called Musical Chairs”)


Well, thanks to the Resistance still lurking within we now can share Miscavige’s own words proving Mike’s testimony.  By the year 2006 Miscavige had the OTAs sufficiently mesmerized that they accepted and embraced his neutron bomb strategy (wipe out all people, and preserve the MEST) with adoring laughs and cheers.  Here it is, in Miscavige’s own (verified by his own staff against audio recording) words (bold face supplied for emphasis).  





From recording of live event


That means that all we have to do is get every single person in the world into Scientology.  But at least its one cycle.  Okay, all right, (laughs). Now its one cycle that’s all you need to do. Okay so lets put aside the SPs, the job there is – the real problem we have and why we are so heavily onto AV. And you could say—what is the strat and you could almost you could almost sum it up into A-V.

And the reason is to bypass the need for brilliant disseminators everywhere in the world. So ah, If you take a look at a lot of the tech that was lost , PE – they didn’t have the tech but maybe the guy was just a bad lecturer. So we do a film on each one of these. Anatomy of the Human Mind, maybe he couldn’t really explain the time track, we are doing a film on it.  Dianetics Book One, maybe people are illiterate – we do films on every single part of it.  Our Div 6 displays I am going to tell you about in a minute. We do films on all of that, now ideally we would have every film for everything –and in such a format that anybody could have them and play them anywhere in the world…

… . Ok. Right. Ok. This here you’re going to find, upstairs.   Remember I said we reduced this down to push button and play. How big of an org do we want? – to put as many displays as possible in there. Now upstairs on the sundeck, they have built a mini exhibit, like you’ve been seeing in these fly-throughs…

… . Everyone has a basic introductory film that says what it is, and then behind that are what we call “back up films” – successes, different events that have, uh – different types of films on that subject, and ultimately we have 80 more of these back up films being produced, although they should be done in the next few months. So you’ll basically have your basic display. It’s got your basic film, and behind that, many other films that a guy could watch.  Get it on these displays, they’re not for somebody to walk around. When you see this routine going on – “Come here. Come here. Here.” He’s touring and I’m standing here explaining, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak.” You as an executive go up to the guy, and say, “yak, yak, yak, yak, yak” and choke him and take him away. (laughter)

Because what we want here – this has everything to do with open door, walk into the org, there you go. Now, we have somebody running that area, but it is walk over, let the guy do it. The last thing they want when they come in is this. “Do you like that? Have you cognited?” (Laughter)

… You’ll even see there’s a display up there that always has the latest event on it. So what do we want in an org, how many displays?   As many as possible. We want all of this to go AV, to take out the need to brief so many people internationally on what they are. We just take the one area and everybody gets is, meaning Gold AV, event goes out, everybody has a system, and we’ve now reduced it to baby simplicity, which is what it should be. ..

…. .  We’re actually getting every bit of Scientology back into use.  And also moving it into the field, which is why we’re doing things like this so we actually bring everybody on our org board and inject it out there.   We can do things we never – we never could do before.  I mean actually moving everything into an A/V level, an extremely professional level, without requiring any training at that level other than press a button, okay…


A Resurrection Story – Michael Fairman

 (Note: those unfamiliar with Scientology can get a very good translation of this post at the Village Voice,

Resurrection refers to the literal coming back to life of the biologically dead. – Wikipedia

First, a little context provided by the irrepressible Cowboy Poet (a comment he made on this blog yesterday):

We’re about to celebrate Easter, the Christian holiday celebrating Jesus’s rise from the dead–is exterior, I suppose. (Theologians might dispute my one sentence explanation but we’ll use it.) So now if one were so bold as to examine Christian history with the Church of Scientology history, he would find history repeating itself a thousand fold. I mean how many people here, people of good intention, were crucified and later went exterior when they figured out the truth of the matter? I rest my case. Happy Easter!!!!  – Cowboy Poet

There should be no mistaking that the intent of the Suppressive Person declare in modern corporate Scientology is the the public killing of the recipient.  Sort of like the crucifixion of old Roman times, don’t just kill them, hang em’ up so others will get the message.

David Miscavige – as is his wont – has evilized the practice so greatly as to have it blow up in his face.  He has enforced a firm policy over the past couple years – no SP declares are to be circulated broadly – intstead to be used privately so as to quietly stab the recipient in the back among his friends, family and associates. A sort of stealth crucifixion.

The rationale is three-fold: a) he is declaring so many opinion leaders, the omnipresent Golden Rod would be the best advertisement for people to get the hell out of his “church”,  b) his black PR manifestos are so full of easily demonstrable falsehoods that they would “be made fun of on the internet”, c) the accused might try to obtain a comm ev (as everyone who is declared is entitled by Policy to) and the presentation of EVIDENCE at a  number of such trials would likely result in comm ev members leaving the burning house too. 

So to date, very few high profile Independents have ever seen their own declare orders. Well, leave it to Miscavige’s outfit to get careless with one of the highest profile declare orders ever written.  Michael Fairman’s badge of honor mysteriously wound up in his hands.  And not surprisingly Michael has a few things to say about it.  So, what follows are Michael’s publication of and commentary on his own declare order.  And with it goes perhaps the last, remaining shred of credibility such orders may have once carried.   And so Micheal’s crucifixion is converted by theta into exteriorization – may all future ones follow suit.

What follows is the declare order on me, Michael Fairman, It was sent to me through the not-so-underground railroad by a contributer to this blog. As you see it is dated January 15, 2011, the day before Tommy Davis and Mike Sutter showed up at my door without warning at the behest of my long time “friend” Lee Kessler, who also accompanied them. The very same goldenrod that TD inched out from between the covers of a manila folder,  as he  warned me that unless I returned this very day to the path from which I had strayed, I would be sued for the cost of re-shooting the tech and public films in which I had performed; lose my family and friends, and of course, forfeit my eternity. Accused — prosecuted — found guilty –and sentenced right there on my door step. And here is my certificate of doom.
I have excerpted the following two paragraphs (the specific allegations) from the declare and my comments follow each of them. My comments are in BOLD .
Paragragh 1
    “Michael Fairman has been pretending to be a Scientologist while covertly attempting to divert unsuspecting Scientologists in good standing off The Bridge to Total Freedom. He is not a Scientologist and has also participated in squirrel activities with a squirrel individual, declared SP by HCO, who “audits” with no valid certs, no pc folders, no examiner, squirrel E-Meter and virtually no element of a standard session per HCOB 4 Dec. 1977RA, CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UP SESSIONS AND AN E-METER and HCO PL 19 Mar. 1972, C/Sing OR AUDITING WITHOUT FOLDER STUDY.”
     Michael Fairman IS a Scientologist and continues to overtly attempt to divert unsuspecting members from the Church of Miscavige who are not really on the Bridge to Total Freedom. Being a Scientologist, I have also participated in activities with an individual who audits as I imagined Mr. Hubbard would have audited, because the results this individual helped me achieve were spectacular.
I had a a D of P and a PC folder. He used an E-Meter exactly like the one I used for 10 years ( however, his was not the same color as mine). This meter indicated FN’s to him, which he indicated to me, which I KNEW were F/N’s;  and I did go to the Examiner.
      Now comes a paragraph riddled with hypocrisy, gross exaggeration, lies and even worse, information from my sacred, confidential, never to be revealed PC folders that reside at the Flag Land Base. And how base this is!
Paragraph 2
   “Investigation into Fairman’s background shows a long unchanging pattern of out-ethics and of squirreling the most basic Scientology principles. He was found to have been committing gross out-tech on his Solo auditing, for example: falsifying his Solo session worksheets; omitting data from his worksheets; failing to communicate to the C//S uncertainties on reads and F/Ns which only came up much later; intentionally engaging in out-ethics activities with the purpose of restimulating his own case; and also repeatedly placing the life of others at risk by driving recklessly. He also has a track of financial irregularities and situations of out-exchange, and out-ethics behavior on the 2D, unfitting the ethical standards of a Scientologist and unchanging, preventing him from being able to get Standard Tech in and from getting case gains.”
Because of my “long unchanging pattern of out-ethics….”, I was brought to the Golden Era Studios  at the Int. base in Hemet (after a complete and rigorous personal history check) to perform in (from 1984 to 2004) the following Tech and Public films:
“What Happened To These Civilizations” (for which I received an award presented to me my the on and only David Miscavige)
“Evolution of a Science”  (for which I received another award)
“The 2D Film” (not absolutely sure of the title)
“How The E-Meter Works:
“Man The Unfathomable”
“The Story Of Book One” (which has played for years at the LRH Exhibition in Hollywood)
The Dianetics Documercial” (which played on commercial and cable late night television for over two years, and I was informed by reliable sources that these airings helped bring thousands of people to Book One) AND I was personally validated by DM at a Flag graduation after it was shown to the congregation.
“Body Motions Tech Film” (in which I played a gorilla-psychiatrist lest no one recognized me)
The Testing Tech Film (I was the nimble-fingered, dollar snagging D of P)
In addition I hosted the IAS’s 8th Anniversary Gala Show on the Freewinds and was presented with one of the first copies of “What Is Scientology?” I was invited to perform in the initial readings of Mr. Hubbard’s pulp fiction stories at Author Services.
I was a voice actor on four recordings of Mr. Hubbard’s pulp fiction stories at the Mad Hatter Studios.
And I performed for several years in Christmas Stories at Celebrity Centre Int in the company of many, if not all, of Scientology’s luminaries. (These events helped raise funds for the LA Police Dept to buy toys for kids.)
Not once, at any of these events, was an MAA attending me or looking over my shoulder.
As to “committing gross out-tech on his solo auditing” these were all immediately or eventually brought to the attention of my C/S or originated in a D of P. 
As to intentionally restimulating my own case,  and driving recklessly (my god, I live in Los Angeles!) I guess I still had some case gain to make in those areas. I have not reached the “ethical standards of a Scientologist”  or other Scientologists “in good standing”, who are, of course, perfect in-ethics, Homo Novis, super beings. 
As to “out-ethics behavior on the 2D”. A BALD-FACED LIE!  I was married to my first wife for nine years, my second, a year and my present wife eighteen years (we’ve have been in love twenty). Not once, NOT ONCE, did I go out 2D in any of my marriages. 
Now to the final straw. “He also has a track of financial irregularities and situations of out exchange…” This is a shaggy dog. Bear with me. 
In  early 1993,  I had  already finished my second round of NOTS (The first round was Mayo-tainted). I was debt free and had 8K in the bank. I had just married and my wife and  my FSM, Divona Lewis, were urging me to buy OT VI, VII and VIII. I found myself in the FSO office depleting my bank account and maxing out about a half dozen or more credit cards. With assurances from all that my career would leap into affluence after getting onto VII,  I increased the credit limits  on most of the cards to pay for the services, accommodations and airfare. My wife was to accompany me so we could conceive a child at Flag, and she purchased L-11 with her own money. This left me deep in credit card debt and she was broke.
When we ran out of accommodation funds, my wife helped create the Late Nite Cafe at the Sandcastle in  exchange for a room. She performed there Saturday nights  for fifteen straight weeks. It was always jammed with people from both on and off the base, bringing in quite a bit of change to the Org. She also performed the Flag Song to standing ovations every Friday graduation during that period. 
In July she completed L11 and conceived our daughter. One of the miracles of the rundown and by October I was auditing on Solo NOTS.
From January of 1994 to the Fall of 2004 I audited continuously on VII. However, we did not earn enough money together in that decade to support “The Level”. All our funds went for FP. I had to get handled at Flag in March of 1994 because of heavy restimulation from the Northridge Quake. I could not pay for it, and  I was “carried” by Flag because I was an “important person to the Church”.
In April, my daughter was born. Now I had to start reporting for “the six month checks” and pay the 6 month C/S’ing fees. I could make the air fares, but had to stay at my sister-in-law’s adjacent to the Sandcastle; ate there most of the time and on the base sporadically to conserve funds. Money flow from work was not making it. Credit card bills were crushing me and I had to use funds set aside for taxes to pay them. So in 1995 and 1996 I paid no income tax. In 1997, I declared bankruptcy to keep from completely being squashed.
All this time on Solo and in Ethics, I was constantly trying handle the financial PTP, but there was no appreciable increase of income. I could not afford the necessary intensives or six month C/S’ing fees, and was assured by one Flag President and two Flag Vice Presidents throughout this decade, that it would be taken care of because the valuable contributions I had made and was continuing  to make to Scientology. 
I originated over and over to the Flag VP’s that I felt out-exchange, and that it was becoming more and more difficult to accept the offers of being “carried”, but was told not to worry. I was assured that I had already exchanged with the Church in abundance. In the ten years I was on VII, aside from the initial service “donations” I personally paid for two intensives — money that was borrowed from friends and fully repaid. 
Sometime in 2003, I was presented with a bill for 28K, which included  the intensives I had used and several C/Sing fees. 
I stopped auditing in early 2004, but that is a story for another time. I continued with some studies –the VM, Course the PTS/SP Course, DMSMH and SOS Basics. My pensions and Social Security were just keeping us afloat. I did not have the funds to get back to Flag, the 28K debt to them had to be paid first,and by early 2008 I decided not to participate in ANY Church activities.
Well, lo and behold! In the Spring of 2008 I booked a TV series. By the Fall of that year, I was doing the series, AND was a regular on the soap opera “Young and the Restless” Also included in this period was a run on the series, “Sons Of Anarchy”. I  also finally travelled to New York City and handled a long standing estrangement with my son. We are now in great communication.
In the Spring of 2010, my wife and I moved into separate homes, a decision that was made in 1995. In addition I have completely handled my IRS debts. I owe them nothing and have paid all my taxes on time. 
In 2009 I read Paul Haggis’letter of resignation,  and began my research into the Church of Miscavige. 
I have been debt free since early 2010, and am supporting two households.
I make car and insurance payments on my Mercedes. Thaaaat’s All Folks!
So what “financial irregularities and out-exchange” are they  fucking talking about???
And what does this so called “investigation” have to do with my being a Suppressive Person????  What it is, plain and simple, is an attempt to defame my character in the eyes of the other dedicated, robotic, cool aide drinkers, who know who Michael Fairman really is. Well, my goodness,  Fairman  would NEVER see the“King Pin Squirrel”,  Marty Rathbun unless he was a dyed-in-the-wool perverted, out-2D, technical fuck-up! 
Well, here’s some news for all you automatons who turn purple at the mere mention of possible DM corruption and leap up like a jack-in-the box at the sight of the little Napoleon. You are on the wrong side of history. I know it with all the knowingness I know I possess,
And here’s a plea to those of you still left with a modicum of awareness. I urge you to read Plato’s allegory of the cave. No need to venture on to the dangerous internet, You’ll find it in his “Republic”, and ask yourselves: Who are those chained in the darkness and are able to look only at the projected realities on the parapet? Where, really, is the light of truth?
And as to not getting Standard Tech from the “individual squirrel”? May I reiterate. I had more wins and continuing cognitions in the four days with Mr. Rathbun than in years of Solo and eligibility and from plodding through scores of conditions formulas. He has helped me unchain myself completely and bask in the light.
And finally an anecdote:
When my daughter was less than a year old, the three of us traveled to Flag to clean up some  things in our marriage (the decision to live separately was made then) and hold a naming ceremony for her. My wife’s sister, mother and grandmother joined us to make it a holiday. 
A day or so later my wife, my daughter and I were finishing lunch in the Hibiscus restaurant. Also there, seated across the room, was David Miscavige and his entourage. As he and his  be-braided minions were leaving, they  passed our table. I stood up, greeted him, and invited him to meet my daughter. (We were passing acquaintances because of my many trips to Gold). He stopped, leaned down toward her stroller and said “Hi, Sky”. There was a moment of silence and then she gave a him a raspberry loud enough to be heard throughout the room. His entourage stiffened and became stone-faced. I paled as well and looked at my wife. Then Miscavige  laughed and that cued his minions to laugh as well, and they all left.
The thetan that is my daughter knew something then that my wife and I didn’t.
Now fifteen years later, Mr. Miscavige, in response to this piece of crap you have published on my behalf — PPPPPTTTTTTHHHHH!!!!!!

What Miscavige is Trying to Stop

You may have seen that I informed “OT VIII” OTA John Allender, his three companions, and their boss David Miscavige by extension, that they were interrupting the delivery of Scientology services at Casablanca. Allender annoucned that they would be here “for weeks and weeks” and his Sonny Barger wanna be sidekick, added “for as long as it takes.”  Based on information from excellent sources, the “it” is very clear. Miscavige has ordered me closed down by any means necessary. Even if that does inestimable damage to the image of Scientology in the process.  Miscavige is reading the successes, he is seeing that his institutional implants are being remedied and exposed in short order here in a very safe environment. Therefore, he “reasons”, make the environment unsafe.  

 Just so people are not confused about the intentions and PRODUCT of David Miscavige, let’s see an example of what it is that he is investing millions in trying to STOP.

April 6, 2011

What I’m about to write may not seem like such a big deal. And the truth is that it may only be a big deal to me. After all, it’s about my life and my freedom.

I’m clear.

I am clear. Simple statement. I am clear.

But one week ago, I could not say or write those words. One week ago I thought I had a difficult case that might never be resolved. You see, I attested to clear at Flag in 1979 and again in Washington, DC after a DCSI in 1981. After that, I was repeatedly sent to the bottom of the Bridge to fill in what I had missed, until 2001, after 11 weeks on a CCRD at Flag, when I was told I was not clear. Once again, it was back to the bottom of the Bridge, after a few sessions of Dianetics to “prove that I can run Dianetics.”

That day, I was made small and I was told that my own knowingness, my own perceptions, were just not true. One week ago, I was confused about my case and about myself. But what’s worse is that I started wondering if I could know anything and I started wondering if the tech could work for me. One week ago, I made long explanations and excuses about where I was on the Bridge. One week ago, I thought I needed strange and complicated tricks and props to get into and out of session.

That was one week ago.

Then, last weekend, I went to Casablanca, where Marty Rathbun gave me back what the church took from me.

I am clear. I have been for a long time.

I’ll write it again in case anyone missed it. I was clear. The church took that from me and drove me into confusion. Marty Rathbun, probably the most on-source and effective auditor I have ever met, gave it back to me.

Everything about my trip to Casablanca aligned to provide one remarkable experience. To say that Mosey is an exceptional hostess who creates a safe and caring environment is to give her half the credit she deserves. She was that and much more.

To say that Marty has Act One in, is a weak understatement. With the standard tech that LRH gave us, and superior auditing skills, Marty audits as I imagine LRH audited. He didn’t audit the meter, or a folder or a piece of paper, or even my body; he audited the being that is me. I truly understood for the first time how the auditor and the PC work together.

And if David Miscavige, or any other SP for that matter, has trouble sleeping at night, it is because he knows that Mosey and Marty Rathbun are freeing people. He knows that Marty is undoing the church’s carefully constructed suppression. He knows that Marty is something David could never be: a great auditor. And what did LRH say about auditors? I think it had something to do with them being valuable, yes?

“There is a higher goal, a better goal, a more glorious victory than gutted towns and radiation-burned dead. There is freedom and happiness and plenty and a whole Universe to be won.” — L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health

Thank you, Marty, Mosey, Chiquita and Cat.



And I leave you with this, just because it feels right:

Human Rights “Tolerance” Award Winner Tom Cruise

The Daily, a new internet news medium, just reported that perhaps Tom’s daughter has split with him and the “church” of Scientology.

(I understand there have been some problems with this link; in the interim some of it can be seen at Village Voice which is onto the scene,

I have dealt with so many mothers and fathers (Scientologists and non-Scientologists) whose Scientologist kids were turned against them – including the wonderful woman whom I am now auditing – that this topic is literally smack-dab in the center of my plate. 

I think it is significant, and ironic in a sense, that Miscavige’s best friend and closest confidant may be experiencing the backfire of this venomous “seize their children’s minds” technique perfected by Miscavige himself.

I also note the irony of the Simon Weisenthal Center’s prospective Human Rights award winner (for religious tolerance no less) in fact being so intolerant that he is apparently causing his own children to rebel.

I hope Conner doesn’t get the impression I want to see him busted for sharing the facts I did with The Daily. Quite the contrary, I want him to know there is a vast network out here of caring people that have his back in the event the Miscavige mind control tactics exceed his tolerance level.

Fact of the matter is the tactics Miscavige has employed to turn children and teen agers into unthinking and ruthless automatons are chilling.  A series on that score will follow as time permits.

To Isabella, may you fly free young woman.

To Nicole, Peace.

To Tom, Wake Up.

When Scientologists Attack – The Village Voice

After two days in the edit bay Miscavige had the OSA baby blue shock squad post a version of his take of the incident at my home on Monday.   I commented on the link to it someone posted on this blog, words to the effect that I would go to court with his version – but I’ll also get all the footage from all four of his cameras before trial.  Within minutes the “church” took their video edit down.  But not before some members of Anonymous mirrored it and spread it far and wide. 

Editor in Chief of the Village Voice Tony Ortega reported on the entire affair today,

UPDATE: Since been picked up by the Dail Mail in London:

While I suggest you read the entire story at the the link provided, and yes, please see the church’s edited version of affairs while you are at it, here is Mr. Ortega’s take on the church’s edit (that they broadcast and tried to squeeze back into the tube too late):

Three observations…

1. The Scientologists preface their video with a scene of Rathbun jawboning with employees at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, a Scientology headquarters. The point here is to suggest that if Rathbun can show up and demand information at the doorstep of a major Scientology installation, then Scientology is in its rights to do the same to him. But that hardly explains why a church would send a goon squad to intimidate a former member at his home as a way to disrupt his private religious practices.

2. The video is consistent with what Rathbun had told me earlier. When Allender gives his name, you can see a look of recognition wash over Rathbun’s face. It dawns on him that Allender has traveled all the way from California to disrupt Rathbun’s auditing of Lori Hodgson, who had told him that Allender, while still in San Jose, had intimidated her about leaving Scientology. Enraged, Rathbun then pulls the microphone from Allender’s hand.

3. To me, the creepiest part of this video comes near the beginning, and is not seen or heard on Rathbun’s version. You hear Allender telling Rathbun that the reason the group is there is to check his equipment. It’s a taunt, meant to rattle Rathbun about the fact that he is not allowed by official Scientology rules to deliver Scientology auditing using Scientology equipment (an e-meter) outside of the purview of the “church.”

To understand how chilling that is, let me give you an analogy. Imagine that Rathbun had been a high-level member of a Baptist organization who has left over a doctrinal dispute. And say that individual Baptists who share his views also shun the organization and instead join him at his house to hold Bible study or prayer.

Can you imagine the spurned Baptist organization sending a goon squad of four camera-wielding men taunting Rathbun that he shouldn’t be holding Bible study without first making sure his “equipment” — his Bible, say — had been checked out and approved by the goons?

The mind boggles, doesn’t it?
Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice.