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Truth Revealed about OT VIII


Let me tell you why David Miscavige’s personal staff are currently jet setting all around the world desperately trying to drive OT VIIIs and OT VIIs back into the implant pen. Disappointed, confused, invalidated and in some cases simply broken OT VIIs and OT VIIIs have been coming to Casablanca in increasing numbers . While getting repaired and rehabbed we have been able to pretty much fully map the David Miscavige Black Dianetics version of “OT levels.”

We have discovered that David Miscavige has altered the Bridge in such a perverse and diabolical fashion that the “new” End Phenomenon of OT VIII lays in a dastardly implant. This explains why some OT VIIIs have dutifully agreed to start the Bridge over again like so many squirrels in a cage. And it explains why those who have not been successfully implanted have been left in a state of confusion (they had enough theta – and understanding of Scientology – left to resist being thrust from the prior confusion into the implant).

Sometime between 1988 when OT VIII was first released and early in the new millennium (if not earlier) Miscavige ALTERED the End Phenomena of OT VIII so as to reverse its effect. This truth has been revealed by the combined testimonies of more than a dozen OT VIIIs who completed the level as early as 1988 and as late as 2010.

Combined with the experience of a couple dozen folks who have spent decades on OT VII we have discovered how the NOTs band has been twisted to gradually create a confusion that serves as the prior confusion for the laying in of an implant on OT VIII. The operation is so dark and suppressive as to be difficult to confront. It explains why the NOTS band has been made more arduous the longer one is on it – the precise opposite effect of any auditing (including once NOTS and SOLO NOTS while L Ron Hubbard was around).

Let me draw some analogies for those not yet at NOTS or above. For those who are Clear but not OT, imagine your NED case becoming more solid and more arduous to address the further through NED you went. For those who have received Grades auditing, imagine each Grade becoming more difficult to confront and feeling massier and more suppressed as you move “up” the Bridge. Imagine in both scenarios that while the above is going on you are feeling progressively less self and pan determined and more other determined. Imagine that you are becoming more compliant and less free thinking and less and less able to differentiate and disagree.

Those who have entered the NOTS band and spent much time on it within Scientology Inc need no analogy. You have lived (or are living) it.

And we know the half dozen curve balls that have been entered into the NOTS band line-up by David Miscavige to create that effect.

The implant conditions an “OT VIII” to believe that he or she needs to start at the bottom of the Bridge over again, Purification Rundown, Objectives, etc, and an unhealthy dose of FPRD to boot. Miscavige’s bridge to nowhere is in fact not a bridge at all, but instead a squirrel cage. When you are done, you start all over again. He has “OT VIIIs” attest to something that carries with it awareness characteristics resembling those of someone newly entering Scientology at the very entrance to the Bridge. My post about OT VIIIs being routinely put onto Objectives was one of the most visited and commented upon posts in the 18 month history of this blog. See, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/ot-viiis-to-objectives-the-latest-in-reverse-scientology/

Now we know why it resonated with OT’s. Miscavige has convinced those who sit still for the implant that they need to gear up to slam their attention deep down the track and they need to up their confront for the task. The implication is they need this to apparently alleviate amnesia to get the answer to a question OTV III has always promised to answer. After OT VIII. And that is why so many OT VIIIs have felt such a deep-seated sense of betrayal and confusion upon completion of the level.

Now, wait a second! Didn’t L Ron Hubbard state that OT VIII Truth Revealed addresses and handles the reason for amnesia on the Whole Track? As a matter of fact here is what the currently published Grade Chart states under the “ability gained” column for OT VIII: Handles the primary reason for amnesia on the whole track.

We have experienced many tipping points over the past two years on our quest to salvage the subject of Scientology from the jaws of death. This point is different. This is the make-break point. The implant is known. Its remedy is simple. Beings can be and are being set free of this nefarious operation. They will continue to be forever. How do I know? Too many OT VIIIs already know the score. And believe me, they won’t forget. Because they now do know the reason for amnesia on the Whole Track – they have experienced it and survived it in real time – and they aren’t about to ever let it happen again.

I suggest none of us ever lose sight of what LRH said on the Class VIII course aboard the Apollo in 1968:

So anyway, Scientology is well named.  It is the road to truth.  It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT.  And all the mechanics of OT work out too. So, the subject is very, very well named.