Daily Archives: March 27, 2011

The “Insignificance” of the Independent Movement

I hadn’t seen any of the anti-Marty church sites for a while.  Someone sent me a link to an article titled “The Insignficance of Marty Rathbun” at the following site:


Notwithstanding the comedic relief of the over-the-top adjective laced diatribes straight out of Miscavige’s dictaphone, I did find a couple of interesting things during the visit.

First, I noted the liberal  use of every variation of my name in the urls in their links section.   We are apparently so insignificant that Miscavige has ordered twenty-six anti-independent blogs and sites, most using my name and/or Mike Rinder’s name in their urls. 

Second, note that the majority of Miscavige’s links use my name, my blog title, my blog design, and even the same jpg image of Oscar, our Great Blue Heron friend – my common law trademark.

Clearly the intent is to divert as many people as possible from looking up my blog and what we offer.   

But, contemplate this tactic for a moment, directed from the self-appointed COB of the corporation charged by LRH with the purpose of protecting the trademarks of Scientology.

An element of trademark violation is the knowing attempt to use the name or images that identify a product or producer.   It is done in such a way as to create a “confusion” in the mind of the consumer.  Trademark protection is afforded so as to protect the “goodwill” associated with the name of the product or producer – and not allow some interloper to benefit from the work that created that “goodwill.”

I have taken measures daily to make sure the public knows that I am diametrically opposed to everything Religious Technology Center and Church of Scientology International stands for.  The last thing I want anyone to do is identify me with them.

On the other hand, has the “holder” and “protector” of the trademarks of Scientology become anything more than a vampire personality desperately – with great investment of money and personnel resources – attempting to create confusion in the minds of the public by use of the names and images of more legitimate producers of the real product?

On top of all that, Miscavige missionaires have had the temerity for going on a year and one half to promise high-roller public that they are going to “shut Marty” down for copyright and trademark violations.

I can think of only four  words for David Miscavige on that score.

Make my day, punk.